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steve oatley
 Nov 6, 2022
another enthralling eyewitness event this time in New Hampshire. Sasquatch appears to be in most states especially in heavily wooded environments. There are many theories on what a sasquatch is as they have many abilities that man has lost.

 Oct 19, 2022

 Oct 16, 2022
Excellent Sasquatch podcast

 Jan 30, 2022

 Oct 7, 2021


People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this to be ignored. Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. Listen as we speak with researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Additional episodes and exclusive content can be found on our website Become a Member today and receive access to additional exclusive shows posted weekly, our full back catalog of episodes, the ability to comment on Episodes and Blog entries, and access to our Forums. For the latest news, please visit our Blog. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Episode Date
SC EP:959 The Jersey Devil

I will be speaking to Stefaun and his father Mike. Both men have seen this entity. Both men describe it as a mix of several animals. Mike said “it had a shimmer to it, it wasn’t see through but it had a weird shimmer. We have had a lot of really weird paranormal things happen while we were out there.”

Mike and Stefaun have returned many times to get another look at it. I asked the witnesses if they have ever had something follow them home after going out to this area repeatedly.” Both witnesses said that they have and strange tracks appeared in their yard among other things.


Jun 02, 2023
SC EP:958 Living Next Door To The Minnesota Iceman

Mike writes “I lived next to Capt Francis Hanson (owned the iceman) growing up. My parents and myself are still excited speak with you. My father is a retired sheriffs deputy and my mother retired from Mayo Clinic.”

I spoke to the family and they have agreed to come on the show. Carl who is Mike’s father said “I will tell you why the Minnesota Iceman disappeared. The building Capt Hanson had this creature in burned down.” Carl and his brother worked part time on the Hanson farm.

May 29, 2023
SC EP:955 Hunters Encountering Cryptids

Trevor writes “Wes, I hope all is well. I’ve been carrying around this experience 20 years now hoping that what I saw in the woods while turkey hunting in southern Indiana.

While sitting beside a huge poplar tree on top of a ridge in the Hoosier national forest area of Martin county, that was blocking my view of anything coming on my right side. I was watching a few turkeys that were coming up the south ridge in front of me, they were startled by something and started acting strangely. That’s when coming from my right side I heard some small twigs and leaves rustling around and it was something of significant size by the sound of it. I slowly peaked around to see what it was and the thing I convinced myself of that I saw being a good sized bear somehow standing in a region of the country bears aren’t supposed to be.

Suddenly I realize the shoulders were way too wide to be a bear it almost had the features of a dog, long snout pointy ears, in all these years I’ve yet to find what I seen that day researching bears. Only a month ago did I hear the same almost exact story from your podcast American werewolf.

I don’t know why those cold black eyes didn’t choose me as it’s target but now I know what I saw was Dogman or something like him and am ready to release the burden of carrying this experience for good there’s more on how I managed to get away so please contact me and looking forward to sharing my experience.”

We will also be speaking to Frank. Frank lived in Estacada, Oregon. In 1989 he was 17 years old and hunting with four friends. Frank said "My friend talked about seeing two of these creatures. I did not believe him. I did not believe in Bigfoot.

Frank describes seeing this creature after hearing a limb break. Frank said "We all saw it. This thing paced us out."

May 20, 2023
SC EP:953 I Think We Snuck Up On It

Benny writes "Me and my buddy, Joe, where south of Bradshaw TX. This will be in the fall, 1989. We were crossing the creek in the truck with the headlights off . Had the dogs in the back trying to catch the scent of a coon crossing the road because the wind was up.

Joe said to flip the headlines on because there’s a game warden that usually sits at the top of the hill when you come out of the creek.

When I turn the headlights on something blew up in the fence line, right next to the truck, scared the crap out of Joe and he was headed up the embankment same direction we were going.

When I looked over, I initially thought it was a buffalo. I could see a shoulder and his back. It was on all fours. The back road, we were on had a quick left turn then right turn down the fence line that would put us in the path that it was headed.

When I made the right turn down the fence line, it turn right beside us and stood up and ran down the tree line about 5 to 6 strides then back into the tree line, heading down towards the creek
Somewhere around 7 foot tall never stood directly straight up, ran bent over freaking super wide at the shoulders, narrowed down to the hips and really muscular, butt and legs.

It was a brownish, reddish color, never saw the face the it’s left side in his back never got directly in the headlights.

It was a very bright Moonlit night with a storm coming in and the wind blowing. That’s why we did not unleash the dogs to run track.

Are usually come in from the north. That night we came in from the south wind in
front of us.

The water was running across the crossing with a bunch of rocks. Making a lot of noise because of the rain we just had that day. I honestly think we snuck up on it."

May 13, 2023
SC EP:951 A F***ing Kangaroo?

Tonight I will be speaking to Tim. Time writes "The first actual encounter I experienced was in the fall of 2020. It was a nice night. I had been working late which is often the case in my line of work. My wife and I have two pet rabbits who are fed a diet of Timothy Hay. We would get this hay from a friend who had a farm about 40 minutes away from where we were living at the time. Seeing that it was a nice night and the coming days were going to be quite busy for me, we decided to go for a drive and pick up some hay as we were getting pretty low.

The drive from where we were living to the farm went through a variety of back roads and farm lands. The way out was pretty standard. A lovely, peaceful drive after a bit of a stressful day. We picked up the hay and headed back pretty much right away. By this time it was a lot darker. Pretty much a pitch black night. Low hanging clouds prevented any stars or moon from being seen. As we were driving through an area of thick trees we spotted eye shine about 100 yards ahead of the car.

We both saw it pretty much right away. There's lots of animals out on these roads and we always would be on the lookout for any that we might see. We have deer, fox, coyote, skunk, raccoons and possums. There's some weasels out this way but they're pretty rare to see. So anyways, we spotted the eyeshine and were instantly wondering what we might be seeing.

Since the eyes were close to the ground we were thinking it was one of the smaller animals that are familiar to this area. But... a moment later as our vehicle got closer, those eyes rose up to about 7 feet in the air and this tall shape bounced away to its right - our left - and disappeared into the tree line. Though it was fall all the leaves were still on the trees and were yet to fall so in an instant it was completely gone.

Seeing it was such a bizarre moment. I still remember my brain not being able to justify what we had seen. I had spent a lot of time in Australia in my youth and have seen kangaroos in the wild. Seeing them bounce was the closest thing that I could correlate to what I had just seen. I turned to my wife and said: "Did we just see a F***ing Kangaroo?" She had no idea what to say.

I spun our Jeep around and passed by the location again but it was long gone. For days I wrestled with what we had seen and the only thing that I think it could have been was a Sasquatch. Then years later after finding your show I heard similar accounts of them being low to the ground and hopping on occasion.

The second encounter that I had happened in the spring of 2022 in Asheville, North Carolina. My wife and I were doing some pet-sitting on the western edge of the city. Near the house that we were staying in, at the front to be more specific, there was beautiful dense brush which led out into a forest. The trees and brush of North Carolina in spring were filled with butterflies, birds, rabbits and a host of beautiful life. We would hear a lot of noises coming from that area both day and night.

The house we were at had a little door for the cat to come in and out at will, and seeing as though the weather was really nice, the cat would be out at all hours of the day. During our time at the house there was a lunar eclipse that was going to occur. The night that it happened was clear, calm and beautiful. My wife and I sat out on the back deck and watched it happen. It was actually a blood moon lunar eclipse and as it progressed the moon turned a blood red.

When it got to be about midnight we decided to turn in. I was a little worried as the cat had not returned. As we went inside I suddenly felt very uncomfortable... like we were being watched. We got ready for bed and went to lay down knowing that the cat would meow if he wanted in. A few minutes after laying down we heard a horrifying scream/howl. The window in our bedroom was open and the sound... it tore through there.

Worried about the cat, I got up and ran outside. My wife followed. We went out to the back porch and listened as the scream/howl continued. It was coming from the forest area at the front. It just kept going for what seemed like the longest time. It was something that was so unnerving that I instantly felt anxiety coursing through my body. After a while my wife convinced me to go inside, convinced that the cat would be okay.

Reluctantly, I went inside. The screaming stopped. But... the worst part was that our bedroom was at the front of the house. The window in the bedroom faced the brush that led to the forest. Once we laid down my wife fell asleep almost instantly. I tried as hard as I could but... man I hate saying this, but it was like something was in my mind... like whatever was out there in the bush screaming was trying to get into my head... I felt like it was right outside my window, like right outside looking in. I can't tell you how intense, overwhelming anxiety and fear that I was feeling. I didn't sleep a single minute that night... and I was near frozen in terror until about 4:30AM when all of a sudden that feeling subsided. And when I say subsided, I mean it was just gone... instantly.

Even now just writing this my body is tensing up.

I have no idea what was happening that night but it shook me up man. There was something so familiar that was happening... like I felt like it was there for me. I know that sounds crazy but that was just the overwhelming sense that was running through me."

May 05, 2023
SC EP:950 American Werewolf

Tonight I will be speaking to Dave. Dave writes "I'm 57 years old and my first encounter was when I was 16 years old. The thing is, it wasn't a bigfoot, it was what I learned everyone is calling a dogman about 7 years ago. At the time I didn't know what it was and thought it was the only one. There is a lot to this story."

Dave and his friends had run into this creature on this property spanning 6 years. When the creature was disposed of Dave said "I didn't know what it was, I shot this thing thinking it was the only one. I remember telling the old man who owned most of the property around my house that I shot that thing. He looked at his wife and said "Honey they killed it, they shot it and he wanted to know where it was. So we took him there."

Apr 30, 2023
SC EP:948 Remembering Scott, ARK! ARK! Who Goes There!

I got an email last night. Dave writes "Hey Wes, this is Dave from episode 735 Ark Ark. It's with a great sadness to tell you my brother Scott passed away from heart complications on April 12th. I just wanted to thank you again for being such a great host and let us tell our story. I'll always be able to hear his voice thanks to you. Bless you. Dave." This reloaded episode is for you guys. I know Scott is listening tonight.

Here is the original email from Jeff. Jeff writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city.

It was myself, my brother, my best friend Scott, his brother and a mutual friend of all of ours. We built a half pipe in the woods and we skating it. One night we all started smelling something rancid and after awhile we all heard something crashing towards us.

Sounded like no other animal in the woods, it was charging at us and making a noise which I never heard before or afterwards in the woods. All I can say it was like an ARK vocal. It ran like a bulldozer, it was coming to our ramp. It was definitely bi pedal. Step after step going through bushes and trees, it was nuts. I have a lot more to tell and would like to talk with you and my best friend that was there. I never saw it, I ran. Scott saw it. Thanks for your time.”

I spoke to three of the witnesses and they have agreed to come on the show. Scott the witness mentioned above was within 6 feet of the creature. I also spoke to his brother Dave. Dave also saw the creature that night. All men describe the creature making a strange sound, Scott said “It was weird…kind of robotic…it was screaming ARK ARK and right before it chased us one of the guys thought someone was playing a joke on us and said ARK ARK who goes there! It got REAL really fast, this was no joke.”


Apr 23, 2023
SC EP:946 I Could See The Wrinkles In Its Face

Pat writes “On my bachelor party, Friday the 13 august 2021 after we all were drinking, a Bigfoot stormed through our camp and growling and stomping in an absolute territorial display.

It was probably more like the early hours of the 14th. This f—-r was stomping and growling At the same time. I could feel the growling and feel the stomping as well as hearing the stomping and growling! This was at the same time. Initially I thought it was my friend who was notoriously known for screwing with people, so when I got up I said out loud, “Grant, what the f–k are you doing?!” Then I heard a quick shuffle.

I saw movement above my head….. I have to go back. I have a giant Costco tent. Its more like a barn than a tent. We didn’t have the rain fly on it because this is august. Thought it was raining, but it’s rocks. Before the growling. I’m sorry it’s all scrambled. However, after I thought it was my friend and I yelled out, I saw out of the corner of my eye through the top of the tent was a face.

This face was larger than a five gallon bucket. It was quicker than a moment. This f—-r was looking down at me, and when I saw it, it was shocked I saw it. So, it looked at me and lurched backwards like it was scared. BUT, as it moved back it’s face changed from shock to absolute pissed off something fierce where I could see the wrinkles in its face.

Before it yelled and growled down at me like I can’t explain In text. I saw it’s teeth. It’s nose. Hair line. There is so much more to this story, but I saw it’s teeth, face, wrinkles in the forehead. I can’t sleep. This is why I’m emailing you this late because I’m tired of being sick and tired.”

Here is the image Pat sent me that was close to what he saw. Pat writes "It kind of looked like this only its teeth were clenched together with a taller forehead and darker but greasy looking skin"

Apr 16, 2023
SC EP:944 The Confessions Of Tony Merkel

Tonight my guest is Tony Merkel from The Confessionals Podcast. Tony talks about his recent film that is soon to be released called The Shape of Shadows. Tony talks about a new film he is working on focused on Sasquatch and his experiences while here in the Pacific NW.

Check out The Confessionals here:

The Shape of Shadows: They want you to believe the paranormal ends at the gates of a ranch in Utah. But what if it doesn’t? Tony Merkel and his crew go on a road trip outside the boundaries of corporate TV to show you Skinwalkers and UFOs in a way you’ve never seen before.


Apr 09, 2023
SC EP:941 Something Out Of A Nightmare

Come hang out with us. Merkel Media is heading to Washington state in a couple weeks to shoot our next fill investigating bigfoot encounter locations! While we are out there we are going to do an advanced screening of our next film “The Shape of Shadows” at Battle Ground Cinema on April 6th at 6:30pm PST!

After the advanced screening, we will be doing a town hall where bigfoot experiencers can share with everyone in attendance. Lastly, after the town hall, we will wrap up the night with a Q&A section hosted by Wes Germer and Tony Merkel.

If you are interested in this event then get your tickets now because they are going to sell out fast!


DATE: April 6th, 2023
TIME: 6:30PM to 9:30PM PST

Battle Ground Cinema
1700 SW 9th Avenue
Battle Ground, WA 98604


Tonight we will be speaking to Matt. Matt writes "Hello Wes, so I had a horrifying experience when I was 14 years old. I live in Youngstown, Ohio. I grew up on the Northside of town in the city. If you look up pics of the old steel mills in town you will get an understanding of what I am talking about.

So my buddy literally lived across the street from the mills. We would regularly go down there and just investigate the MASSIVE AREA. All but shut down and dilapidated. Well we had certain old buildings that we frequented and one we made into our home base. We spent weeks making walls and strengthening spots so no one could get in and especially the wild dogs that also frequented the area and were especially vicious. They travelled in packs of 6 or more. The building we went to all the time had no stairs so we had to jump up to get in. Made it safer for us. I was right by an active railroad. The other working steel mill near used it to get supplies in and out.

Fast forward to the summer and we were there one night. We always had guns as this was Youngstown, Ohio in the early 90’s. Murdertown, USA @ that time. Plenty of Bloods and Crypts. We had chosen an old factory building that was huge and we would have massive fires right on the floor of the 1st floor. We erected a wall of these metal U shaped things to give us privacy and safety. If anyone saw us from the railroad they would call the police and security and we would be in trouble.

Well, we were hanging out and we heard a pack of dogs coming and we thought it sounded like they were chasing something. We went out to see and they ran near us over a huge mound of coke that steel mills use in the steel making process. They ran over and we hear a fight ensuing. Vicious attack going on, all dogs involved. After 6-7 seconds we hear a louder dog above all the others and the beginning screams of the wild dogs started. Then to our shock @ different times wild dogs we’re literally being thrown over the mound in different directions. Finally all the wild dogs run away in the direction they came but as fast as they could possibly run, some limping, some with obvious injuries. We were shocked.

Then one of my friends screams “WHAT IS THAT?!…LOOK!!” At that moment, I kid you not, A GIANT Wolf like animal the size of which seemed quite honestly fake crawls on all fours to the top of the mound and is looking directly into the area the wild dogs ran, it lifts its leg and subsequently and substantially releases a urine flow that honestly seemed like it was released out of a garden hose. That right there, may sound amusing. It scared the hell out of us because it have the idea of just how large this thing was. My one buddy stumbled backwards into our makeshift wall and it then turns its attention to US. I cannot relay to you the amount of fear we all immediately felt. I feel it even NOW writing this to you. The hairs on my arm are standing up. It had yellowish amber colored eyes that literally glowed like they had a power source behind them. Looking back on it we agreed it was from the light of the huge bonfire that we had made in our home base. It growls next and it was so deep we all felt it. I said out loud that I just felt that in my chest. My 2 buddies said they were all of a sudden light headed and getting sick. I did not feel that as of that moment. But we all were horrified. It then did something so shocking, so alien to the status quo that we immediately felt in danger and ran inside the building and up 2 sets of broken, missing and falling apart concrete stairs up to a third level. We are all very lucky that no one fell to at least a broken bones type fall, maybe worse. It stood up on 2 legs, it’s back legs. They looked like a huge set of dogs legs but the large leg muscles were reminiscent of a body builder. But thicker. And just the look of its massive body was unbelievably impressive & intimidating. My one friend was crying he was so terrified. When we got to the third floor we had to smack and shake him to shut him up as well as cover his mouth until he almost passed out from lack of air.

We hoped it left. It did not. After what seemed like an hour but only one or two minutes we hear it climb up on the outside and start to enter the building. We first saw the shadow of it which was 10 times as large as the beast. We all froze, no one dared make a sound, we should have dropped down out of sight but we’re so terrified we just stood there staring. It came into the light and we saw everything on the animal. It was at the very least the size of a grizzly bear. Again, the size was so large it was hard to believe that we were not dreaming, that this was real, it was and it was happening 20 feet in front of us. It was growling, sniffing the air and it just automatically looked straight up at us. It knew where we were.

The whole time. It’s eyes glowing, the thing that stood out to us was it started drooling, but not a little. It was pouring out of its mouth, was it pouring from the idea it was about to eat? To kill us? It could have EASILY! It looked away from us and saw the stairs. We froze again and got a newfound feeling of horror. It was heading to the stairs to come up where we were. We started freaking out and looking around and had only 1 escape, an outside fire staircase going up to the roof. The part to go down had rusted and fell off however long ago. It hopped easily over the 3 steps missing and was instantly up on the 2nd floor. It was walking to the next set of stairs and at that moment we heard the most beautiful sound EVER! A train coming right by the building, slowly too, they had to see the fire because when they were passing the building they let loose the treason horn. And it freaked out the wolf creature. It looked towards the opening of the building and in 2 seconds was out of the building and gone! We all started screaming help which no one heard but also we just were screaming from stress and because we felt we were going to maybe be ok.

When the train could no longer be heard, the fear set back in and we thought every single sound was the thing coming back in. It did not Thank GOD! We then started to remember we had 3 pistols with us. We all took them out, took the safeties off and started to make our way back down to the second floor, waited 20 minutes and then to the first floor and waited probably an hour before we ventured back outside pointing the guns and flashlights in front of us the whole time. Remember, we didn’t have LED lights in the early 90’s. These were cheap plastic ones that only lit so much. But 4 of them helped light the way. We thought for sure every second we were making our way back to my friends house that it was coming after us.

We heard the wild dogs from a distance and started running. We ran until we got to my buddies house. Those of us that are still alive, talk about that night everyone time we see or talk on the phone. We will remember that until the day we die. I still am in awe that these things exist. Every time I see or hear a story about someone’s experience with one or more I freeze. I am instantly brought back to that night and I feel true fear again.”

Mar 31, 2023
SC EP:939 Salish Sasquatch - The Browns Property

Jonathan Brown returns to the show. I have talked about the Browns property on many shows. For newer listeners, I asked Jonathan to give us a history on his property.

We will be discussing ongoing activity on the property. I will share some stories of when I was on the property and what Jonathan recalls over ten years later.

I have always wanted to get his take on the night we saw the light and what sounded like a truck hitting the building we were standing next to.

Check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel. He has some great audio on there.

Mar 25, 2023
SC EP:937 The Helicopter Incident

Tonight we will be speaking to Joy. Joy had an encounter in the mid 70's, in Michigan. Joy and her sister were walking their dogs when a large creature covered in hair crossed right in front of them. Joy said "We didn't know what to call it besides a monster. I was seven years old at the time and the creature looked at us and turned and walked into the tree line.

We will also be speaking to James and Amy. Amy writes "My husband is a truck driver and I ride with him. It was dawn and we were on I-94. Early morning traffic on one side of the road was a bear curled up and looked to be sleeping. Which was strange to me with all the traffic going by. Quarter mile from the bear on the other side of the road were two dairy cows laying on the side of the road (dead). Another quarter to half mile from the cows were three deer on the side of the road (dead). None of the animals had any blood or looked as if they had been hit. No tire marks that I had noticed.

My husband and I discussed how strange it was and continued on our way to unload. We got unloaded, got reloaded and were headed onto our next delivery. We were on back to I-94 on a two-way highway traveling along the Mississippi River on highway 61 just past Lake city, Minnesota. We saw a black unmarked helicopter, blacked out windows, it looked like a two person helicopter with a cable hanging from it.

We couldn't see what the cable was attached too, at first. As we past by, we were watching in the mirrors to figure out what it was trying to pull up from the banks of the river. It had a huge white bag attached to it. It looked like it was have issues pulling it up. About 20 to 30 minutes later, both my husband and I got text on our phones from an unknown number. All the text said was...."we need to speak with you."

My husband and I just deleted the text and kept going. I'm not sure what all that was, But something is strange about it.

Mar 17, 2023
SC EP:935 Watch Out For The Wood Boogers

Marshall writes "My friend and I went walking from his family farm across the road to his grandfather’s hunting land which was formerly a dog training area, high fences, used for training dogs to run foxes and coyotes. They would trap them and then have the dogs trail them.

That all stopped many years before we came along. My best friend (I’m gonna call him Chad to protect his real name as he is now an army sgt and I don’t want this to have an effect on his career, we also no longer speak much it’s been more than a year since we last spoke.) Told me that we could go into the old fox pen to squirrel hunt that day. So we took off with a single shot 20 ga and a pump pellet rifle. We noticed several things were very wrong once we got in there. Firstly, there was absolute silence throughout the forest. We’re talking about a 20-30acre tract of land that again has 8ft fences all the way round and three main lanes that meet a fire lane that encircles.

There were no birds, no crickets no nothing. If I remember right it was early in the year march I think bc squirrel season had just reopened. It was cold and overcast, still we expected to see at least a bird but nope nothing. After about an hour of walking around, we came to the third lane (we went down the first, turned and walked up the middle lane, and then proceeded down the far lane which usually the deerhunters that since the fox pens closure don’t even hunt) about 5 minutes into our slow walk, we both had this electric feeling… seriously we thought lightning was about to strike nearby or something we were totally wigged out. We looked at each other and suddenly smelled the most godawful stench waft through the trees on a breeze. Within a minute of smelling that we hear/see what I can only describe as Paul Bunyan pissed off knocking down a tremendous pine tree.

It started with a roar , I mean “RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH” with the sound of the wood splintering started about 1/3 the way through the roar. We could only see the top of the tree from where we were it was I’m guessing about 200 yards away from us in the deepest part of the area near the border fence. We watched/felt the tree fall and went into full panic. We ran the half mile back to the farmhouse where his grandfather lived and we were so scared we were in tears. That was it for the first encounter. His grandad laughed at us saying something like “yeahhh heeehee , told y’all bout the woodboogahs”

Fast forward about 2 years and a couple months, I believe it was early spring – we were having abnormal flooding in the swamps due to torrential rain for days at a time. Everything was coming out the swamps, and our favorite passtime in the afternoons and nights was riding up and down the dirt roads of the local hunting clubs with buckets – the back creeks and ditch lines all ran together with the flooding swamp waters and pushed crawfish and catfish- etc up into the middle of the roads. We’d ride along with spotlights and jump out in our boots to catch them and then use them as fishing bait later on. One such night, we decided to walk up to the edge of the main road from his trailer house on the dirt road. It bordered a cotton field that split and became a soybean field.

We were walking back from spotlighting the soybean field and I had to pee, Chad told me he was feeling uneasy and wasn’t waiting for me so I started literally peeing as I walked backwards behind him. Midstream- something …MUCH bigger than a cow or deer EXPLODED out of the ditch line to my right. It was so heavy we felt the footfall all the way to the middle of the cotton field. The trees and brush erupted and we heard something exhaling super hard like “WOOOHFFWOOFFFF.”

It was cloudy and raining lightly but the moon was near full so there was some ambient light, enough that the cotton was illuminated in the field. When this thing took off it went straight across the cotton and what we saw from the road (we froze in fear for enough time to see it then bolted for his front yard about 300yards from where we were) was a HUGE black silhouette on two legs sprinting faster than Usain Bolt. We felt it’s footfall even as it reached the tree line on the far side of the field.

Mar 11, 2023
SC EP:933 My Grandfather's Property

Tracey writes "As a young person I grew up in Northern Oklahoma, My Grandfather owned property that butted up against the Cow Creek water sheds. To provide location it was about 30 minutes from Ponca, 15 Minutes from Pawnee and 15 Minutes from Red Rock.

Lake McMurty was about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction from Red Rock. At one point he owned 500 Acres or basically a square mile. Over time he had sold the property off down to 125 acres or what is referred to as a Quarter. The property had 2 good Sized Ponds on it and a Natural Spring that constantly ran towards the water shed with crystal clear water. No One was allowed to hunt on his property, and no one did. He Purchased the land around 1942 or 43. He raised cattle, pigs, Quarter Horses and Welch Shetland Ponies, goats etc... virtually anything he could sell ac the Stillwater Auctions. In the Early 80’s he sold off the property.

My First encounter was with my brother I was 10 and he was just about to turn 12, we were fishing at a neighbors pond with my dad and sister, my brother nor I was catching anything so we went snake hunting for ring necks and Horned Toads, as we were looking at the ground my brother said to me did you see that tree fall, I heard a dirt slide and my brother said lets go look as he thought he had witnessed an erosion event of a tree falling into a small crevasse from the edge of it, He ran over to the place where it fell, about 50 feet from where we were, screamed and told me to run as we were running back towards the pond, the tree, now looking like a bigfoot was running the opposite direction.

Mar 04, 2023
SC EP:930 The Creature At My Uncles Cabin

Kevin writes "To give a little more detail I had went up to my uncles log cabin on North Pond in Woodstock ME. We were up there using his place to go snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort about 20-25 minute car ride away.

My uncles place is on a dirt backroad and situated about 100 yards up from the pond. It was snowing for most of the weekend and the first night there we had lit off some fireworks out front of the house and towards the end of one of the fire works we heard a loud scream like noise.

We paused before continuing and looked around like what the hell was that but decided it must have just been a weird sounding firework. As soon as the next one went off we heard a much deeper and guttural roar that lasted about the length of the last four shots of an XL Roman candle. Now right across from the driveway which is perpendicular to the road my uncle lives on is a large cliff like slope that runs up about 35 feet almost straight up. At the top there are more trees and this was the direction it had came from and the direction we were shooting toward.

Next thing ya know and enormous log from a birch tree comes hurling down over our heads and into the driveway followed by another roar. It wasn’t more than 5 seconds before we were back inside doors locked and freaking out. We had been drinking some and we were arguing over whether it was noise from the fireworks, from a bear, whether the weight of snow snapped a tree limb. I mean we were thinking of everything. The rest of the night we wouldn’t even look outside but that was it nothing else. Fast forward to the next day we woke up at first light and went snowboarding all day. We returned around 4 pm and went inside to shower up and go back to the mountain to watch the patriots afc championship game at one of the mountain lodge bars. When we walked outside to leave, behind my friends jeep was the same log thrown at us the previous night, laid perfectly straight across the driveway behind the jeep!

At this point we all thought one of the others were messing with us while getting ready but no one owned up to it. We moved the log and drove to the mountain. After watching the game we drove back to my uncles. Upon arriving me and my friend who also smoked stayed outside to have a cigarette before going in. While out front on the stairs we heard what we thought were footsteps, like crunching snow and then the flood lights over the garage would set off and it would stop abruptly. We couldn’t see anything although these lights were pretty strong. It was a very eerie feeling being out front and uneasy for us both. We finished and went inside.

Now my uncles cabin was custom built, a beautiful home and custom picked out wood that was shipped out and hand picked from a catalog where they literally let you choose pre designed or custom features then come to your land and build it for you. After about ten years my uncle started spending more time up there so he built a two story garage to the right of the house and expanded the driveway. Now the lower level held his snowmobiles and a snow blower, lawn mower, etc. upstairs was a fully furnished game room with a bar a bathroom, wood stove, a futon, dart board, and a tournament style pool table.

This is where we spent most time just hanging out up there. We would drink play pool watch tv and then one person had a bed to sleep in up there. To get to the garage he also built a breezeway that connected the main cabin to the garage. It was like a hallway/mud room. On both sides were large pane windows so on one side you can see the lake through the trees on one side down hill a bit and the front driveway on the other.

We had sent my friend to the main cabin to get more beers at one point in the night and he said when walking back to the garage the moonlight was shining off the ice from the lake and reflecting through the trees. That’s when he said he saw it. At first he thought it was just another tree because it was back lit but it then put an arm which he thought was a branch down by its side. With an armful of beers he scrambled to open the door to the stairs for the game room, dropping and breaking multiple bottles and came up white as a ghost. Me being pissed off he was trashing my uncles place starts to yell at him and he just sat down silent staring blankly off into space. While asking what the hell was going on it was like he snapped out of it and as fast as he could pulled the blinds down on the back windows while almost closing his eyes as if scared to look outside.

We got his story and it was hard to believe at first and being 25 at the time we were of course breaking his chops. But then for the remainder of the night it sounded as if someone or something was circling the house. We didn’t hear this until we went to bed and the radio, tv etc were all turned off. We heard some other weird noises almost like a train whistle but there were no trains I knew of in that area. We had 2 or 3 days left in the weekend to go and the next morning we packed up, shut off the water to the house and rented a hotel room at the snow cap inn at Sunday river.

I had no clue what to think of all this for years until hearing some of your shows and it makes me wonder what else you might’ve heard from this area or what you might think it is.”“To give a little more detail I had went up to my uncles log cabin on North Pond in Woodstock ME. We were up there using his place to go snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort about 20-25 minute car ride away.

My uncles place is on a dirt backroad and situated about 100 yards up from the pond. It was snowing for most of the weekend and the first night there we had lit off some fireworks out front of the house and towards the end of one of the fire works we heard a loud scream like noise.

We paused before continuing and looked around like what the hell was that but decided it must have just been a weird sounding firework. As soon as the next one went off we heard a much deeper and guttural roar that lasted about the length of the last four shots of an XL Roman candle. Now right across from the driveway which is perpendicular to the road my uncle lives on is a large cliff like slope that runs up about 35 feet almost straight up. At the top there are more trees and this was the direction it had came from and the direction we were shooting toward.

Next thing ya know and enormous log from a birch tree comes hurling down over our heads and into the driveway followed by another roar. It wasn’t more than 5 seconds before we were back inside doors locked and freaking out. We had been drinking some and we were arguing over whether it was noise from the fireworks, from a bear, whether the weight of snow snapped a tree limb. I mean we were thinking of everything. The rest of the night we wouldn’t even look outside but that was it nothing else. Fast forward to the next day we woke up at first light and went snowboarding all day. We returned around 4 pm and went inside to shower up and go back to the mountain to watch the patriots afc championship game at one of the mountain lodge bars. When we walked outside to leave, behind my friends jeep was the same log thrown at us the previous night, laid perfectly straight across the driveway behind the jeep!

At this point we all thought one of the others were messing with us while getting ready but no one owned up to it. We moved the log and drove to the mountain. After watching the game we drove back to my uncles. Upon arriving me and my friend who also smoked stayed outside to have a cigarette before going in. While out front on the stairs we heard what we thought were footsteps, like crunching snow and then the flood lights over the garage would set off and it would stop abruptly. We couldn’t see anything although these lights were pretty strong. It was a very eerie feeling being out front and uneasy for us both. We finished and went inside.

Now my uncles cabin was custom built, a beautiful home and custom picked out wood that was shipped out and hand picked from a catalog where they literally let you choose pre designed or custom features then come to your land and build it for you. After about ten years my uncle started spending more time up there so he built a two story garage to the right of the house and expanded the driveway. Now the lower level held his snowmobiles and a snow blower, lawn mower, etc. upstairs was a fully furnished game room with a bar a bathroom, wood stove, a futon, dart board, and a tournament style pool table.

This is where we spent most time just hanging out up there. We would drink play pool watch tv and then one person had a bed to sleep in up there. To get to the garage he also built a breezeway that connected the main cabin to the garage. It was like a hallway/mud room. On both sides were large pane windows so on one side you can see the lake through the trees on one side down hill a bit and the front driveway on the other.

We had sent my friend to the main cabin to get more beers at one point in the night and he said when walking back to the garage the moonlight was shining off the ice from the lake and reflecting through the trees. That’s when he said he saw it. At first he thought it was just another tree because it was back lit but it then put an arm which he thought was a branch down by its side. With an armful of beers he scrambled to open the door to the stairs for the game room, dropping and breaking multiple bottles and came up white as a ghost. Me being pissed off he was trashing my uncles place starts to yell at him and he just sat down silent staring blankly off into space. While asking what the hell was going on it was like he snapped out of it and as fast as he could pulled the blinds down on the back windows while almost closing his eyes as if scared to look outside.

We got his story and it was hard to believe at first and being 25 at the time we were of course breaking his chops. But then for the remainder of the night it sounded as if someone or something was circling the house. We didn’t hear this until we went to bed and the radio, tv etc were all turned off. We heard some other weird noises almost like a train whistle but there were no trains I knew of in that area. We had 2 or 3 days left in the weekend to go and the next morning we packed up, shut off the water to the house and rented a hotel room at the snow cap inn at Sunday river.

I had no clue what to think of all this for years until hearing some of your shows and it makes me wonder what else you might’ve heard from this area or what you might think it is.”

Kevin writes "To give a little more detail I had went up to my uncles log cabin on North Pond in Woodstock ME. We were up there using his place to go snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort about 20-25 minute car ride away.

My uncles place is on a dirt backroad and situated about 100 yards up from the pond. It was snowing for most of the weekend and the first night there we had lit off some fireworks out front of the house and towards the end of one of the fire works we heard a loud scream like noise.

We paused before continuing and looked around like what the hell was that but decided it must have just been a weird sounding firework. As soon as the next one went off we heard a much deeper and guttural roar that lasted about the length of the last four shots of an XL Roman candle. Now right across from the driveway which is perpendicular to the road my uncle lives on is a large cliff like slope that runs up about 35 feet almost straight up. At the top there are more trees and this was the direction it had came from and the direction we were shooting toward.

Next thing ya know and enormous log from a birch tree comes hurling down over our heads and into the driveway followed by another roar. It wasn’t more than 5 seconds before we were back inside doors locked and freaking out. We had been drinking some and we were arguing over whether it was noise from the fireworks, from a bear, whether the weight of snow snapped a tree limb. I mean we were thinking of everything. The rest of the night we wouldn’t even look outside but that was it nothing else. Fast forward to the next day we woke up at first light and went snowboarding all day. We returned around 4 pm and went inside to shower up and go back to the mountain to watch the patriots afc championship game at one of the mountain lodge bars. When we walked outside to leave, behind my friends jeep was the same log thrown at us the previous night, laid perfectly straight across the driveway behind the jeep!

At this point we all thought one of the others were messing with us while getting ready but no one owned up to it. We moved the log and drove to the mountain. After watching the game we drove back to my uncles. Upon arriving me and my friend who also smoked stayed outside to have a cigarette before going in. While out front on the stairs we heard what we thought were footsteps, like crunching snow and then the flood lights over the garage would set off and it would stop abruptly. We couldn’t see anything although these lights were pretty strong. It was a very eerie feeling being out front and uneasy for us both. We finished and went inside.

Now my uncles cabin was custom built, a beautiful home and custom picked out wood that was shipped out and hand picked from a catalog where they literally let you choose pre designed or custom features then come to your land and build it for you. After about ten years my uncle started spending more time up there so he built a two story garage to the right of the house and expanded the driveway. Now the lower level held his snowmobiles and a snow blower, lawn mower, etc. upstairs was a fully furnished game room with a bar a bathroom, wood stove, a futon, dart board, and a tournament style pool table.

This is where we spent most time just hanging out up there. We would drink play pool watch tv and then one person had a bed to sleep in up there. To get to the garage he also built a breezeway that connected the main cabin to the garage. It was like a hallway/mud room. On both sides were large pane windows so on one side you can see the lake through the trees on one side down hill a bit and the front driveway on the other.

We had sent my friend to the main cabin to get more beers at one point in the night and he said when walking back to the garage the moonlight was shining off the ice from the lake and reflecting through the trees. That’s when he said he saw it. At first he thought it was just another tree because it was back lit but it then put an arm which he thought was a branch down by its side. With an armful of beers he scrambled to open the door to the stairs for the game room, dropping and breaking multiple bottles and came up white as a ghost. Me being pissed off he was trashing my uncles place starts to yell at him and he just sat down silent staring blankly off into space. While asking what the hell was going on it was like he snapped out of it and as fast as he could pulled the blinds down on the back windows while almost closing his eyes as if scared to look outside.

We got his story and it was hard to believe at first and being 25 at the time we were of course breaking his chops. But then for the remainder of the night it sounded as if someone or something was circling the house. We didn’t hear this until we went to bed and the radio, tv etc were all turned off. We heard some other weird noises almost like a train whistle but there were no trains I knew of in that area. We had 2 or 3 days left in the weekend to go and the next morning we packed up, shut off the water to the house and rented a hotel room at the snow cap inn at Sunday river.

I had no clue what to think of all this for years until hearing some of your shows and it makes me wonder what else you might’ve heard from this area or what you might think it is.”“To give a little more detail I had went up to my uncles log cabin on North Pond in Woodstock ME. We were up there using his place to go snowboarding at Sunday River Ski Resort about 20-25 minute car ride away.

My uncles place is on a dirt backroad and situated about 100 yards up from the pond. It was snowing for most of the weekend and the first night there we had lit off some fireworks out front of the house and towards the end of one of the fire works we heard a loud scream like noise.

We paused before continuing and looked around like what the hell was that but decided it must have just been a weird sounding firework. As soon as the next one went off we heard a much deeper and guttural roar that lasted about the length of the last four shots of an XL Roman candle. Now right across from the driveway which is perpendicular to the road my uncle lives on is a large cliff like slope that runs up about 35 feet almost straight up. At the top there are more trees and this was the direction it had came from and the direction we were shooting toward.

Next thing ya know and enormous log from a birch tree comes hurling down over our heads and into the driveway followed by another roar. It wasn’t more than 5 seconds before we were back inside doors locked and freaking out. We had been drinking some and we were arguing over whether it was noise from the fireworks, from a bear, whether the weight of snow snapped a tree limb. I mean we were thinking of everything. The rest of the night we wouldn’t even look outside but that was it nothing else. Fast forward to the next day we woke up at first light and went snowboarding all day. We returned around 4 pm and went inside to shower up and go back to the mountain to watch the patriots afc championship game at one of the mountain lodge bars. When we walked outside to leave, behind my friends jeep was the same log thrown at us the previous night, laid perfectly straight across the driveway behind the jeep!

At this point we all thought one of the others were messing with us while getting ready but no one owned up to it. We moved the log and drove to the mountain. After watching the game we drove back to my uncles. Upon arriving me and my friend who also smoked stayed outside to have a cigarette before going in. While out front on the stairs we heard what we thought were footsteps, like crunching snow and then the flood lights over the garage would set off and it would stop abruptly. We couldn’t see anything although these lights were pretty strong. It was a very eerie feeling being out front and uneasy for us both. We finished and went inside.

Now my uncles cabin was custom built, a beautiful home and custom picked out wood that was shipped out and hand picked from a catalog where they literally let you choose pre designed or custom features then come to your land and build it for you. After about ten years my uncle started spending more time up there so he built a two story garage to the right of the house and expanded the driveway. Now the lower level held his snowmobiles and a snow blower, lawn mower, etc. upstairs was a fully furnished game room with a bar a bathroom, wood stove, a futon, dart board, and a tournament style pool table.

This is where we spent most time just hanging out up there. We would drink play pool watch tv and then one person had a bed to sleep in up there. To get to the garage he also built a breezeway that connected the main cabin to the garage. It was like a hallway/mud room. On both sides were large pane windows so on one side you can see the lake through the trees on one side down hill a bit and the front driveway on the other.

We had sent my friend to the main cabin to get more beers at one point in the night and he said when walking back to the garage the moonlight was shining off the ice from the lake and reflecting through the trees. That’s when he said he saw it. At first he thought it was just another tree because it was back lit but it then put an arm which he thought was a branch down by its side. With an armful of beers he scrambled to open the door to the stairs for the game room, dropping and breaking multiple bottles and came up white as a ghost. Me being pissed off he was trashing my uncles place starts to yell at him and he just sat down silent staring blankly off into space. While asking what the hell was going on it was like he snapped out of it and as fast as he could pulled the blinds down on the back windows while almost closing his eyes as if scared to look outside.

We got his story and it was hard to believe at first and being 25 at the time we were of course breaking his chops. But then for the remainder of the night it sounded as if someone or something was circling the house. We didn’t hear this until we went to bed and the radio, tv etc were all turned off. We heard some other weird noises almost like a train whistle but there were no trains I knew of in that area. We had 2 or 3 days left in the weekend to go and the next morning we packed up, shut off the water to the house and rented a hotel room at the snow cap inn at Sunday river.

I had no clue what to think of all this for years until hearing some of your shows and it makes me wonder what else you might’ve heard from this area or what you might think it is.”

Feb 25, 2023
SC EP:928 Sending Hot Lead Down Range

Tommy writes “I am a retired lawman/judge still in my 50’s and going strong, when you become a cop at 18 and get your 30 you get to retire early and then go enjoy life.

I own a cattle ranch in Texas. One got real up & close to me in the Sabine National forest and I gave him a dose of hot lead as he followed me or skirted me down a logging road. He screamed and roared as he tore through the brush running the other direction, we tracked him for about 2 days and did not find him. I made the huge mistake of telling some of my co workers (other Law Enforcement Officers) about what I had seen and witnessed on my many trips into the woods.

I was set to be promoted to Sgt Investigator and when the date passed for promotion I inquired as to what happened? I was informed that when I shared some of my BF encounters with others I became no longer credible and therefore not up to the standards of supervision. I shut my mouth and did not share any BF info with anyone for sometime except others close in the know…. I had enough of that treatment so I ran for office as the local Judge or Justice of The Peace. Needless to say I began keeping my BF hunts, outings or excursions to myself or just my tiny little group.”

Feb 18, 2023
SC EP:926 "You Saw The Slurry Troll"

Tonight I will be speaking with Kenny who had an encounter when he was young. A creature came up to his window and stared at him. Kenny said "The window is 8 feet up and this thing was just standing there looking at me. Later my mother told me about things that happened on the property and told me she believed me.

Kenny has a podcast called Melchizedek Chronicles. Check out his site at


We will also be talking with Z. Z writes "In 2003 I was just out of high school with nothing to do. I worked with my dad at a goldmine somewhat north and east of Fairbanks, Alaska.

One afternoon after a particularly long shift, we were driving off the mountain and I lit a cigarette and leaned my head back to look out the window. A couple hundred yards below us was a copse of tree trunks left over from a forest fire the year before. As my eyes rested on them I saw what looked like a burned tree start walking like a man up the valley just below us.

The valley is drainage for the mine and is full of a superfine mud that’s left after gold is processed—we called it slurry—it’s very dangerous to walk across and the area was fenced off so it was strange to see a man down there but it was late April and much of it could have still been frozen enough to walk on however he’d gotten in there.

I pointed it out to my dad who had to stop and lean over me to see and he saw it just as it cleared the tree line.

He said he didn’t know how he got down there but we agreed he looked pretty big. We were fairly exhausted so we drove home and I forgot about it for the night.

The next morning I asked a coworker if they’d caught the guy down in the drainage pond. His brother worked security so I assumed he’d have heard anything if there was anything to hear. He hadn’t but he asked what I was talking about and I told him what we’d seen. He laughed and said “ohhh, you saw the Slurry Troll”.

He then told me that nobody calls it a Bigfoot but people had seen it up around the mine since the late 80’s and there was a rumor it even attacked a guy around ‘95 but I never heard any corroboration. I did speak to one operator who saw it from the bottom of a tunnel but he wouldn’t say much beyond that it was at least 8 feet tall because he saw it leaning over to look down at him.

The miners don’t like to talk about it because it risks a highly paying job so I’m not surprised I never heard much else.

What we saw was a jet black silhouette that sort of resembled Shaq, the arms and legs were sort of skinny compared to the barrel body. We didn’t see any sharp features beyond maybe some hair on the forearms."

Feb 11, 2023
SC EP:924 A 10,000 Mile Journey

Tonight I will be speaking to Jake. Jake writes "My encounter goes all the way back to when I was about 12 years old in Greenfield, Tennessee, which is a small town in the northwest portion of the state. When I was growing up, I would spend a great deal of my time playing out in the woods.

This one time, which is when I had my encounter, I was walking along the sand creeks as I often did. These creeks run for miles and miles through the woods, and I was probably about a mile out from my house. Anyway, I was alone and walking around a bend when I thought I saw a bear. I had never seen a bear out there, nor had I ever heard of any being in the area, so I was really shocked to it see it. After I walked around the bend, I was probably fifty feet from it, which, being a kid with no experience with bears, I figured I was at a safe distance, so I stood there to watch it. I quickly realized that it had a deer underneath it and it appeared to be eating it, although it had its back to me, and I couldn't really tell what it was doing. After watching it for about twenty seconds, I realized it had arms and was pulling the deer apart. And right as I realized that, this thing stood up, and I knew then that this thing was not a bear at all. I immediately took off running back to my house and never told anyone this encounter until now. I never saw it's face or anything because it had its back to me the whole time, but it certainly wasn't a bear and it certainly wasn't a man. It was probably around 7' tall or so and had jet black hair. Actually, at the time, I didn't even think that I'd seen a sasquatch. I went years thinking there was some kind of monster living in the woods and didn't want to tell anyone out of fear of being ridiculed. I have gone back into those woods since then, although I never went back to that location. I never saw anything again, though, but I was always uneasy after that.

Fast forward a few years, I ended up joining the Army and became homeless after I got out of the service due to losing everything during a tornado. I then began walking between towns to look for work, but I wasn't having much luck at finding any work. However, I realized walking and sleeping under the stars seemed to be helping with my PTSD, so I decided to walk across America to see if any opportunities would arise, as well as being my kind of therapy. Alone and unsupported, I spent the next three years traveling on foot from Tennessee to Delaware, to California, to Florida, to Alaska, back to Florida, and back to California again. During that time, I had, what I believe to be, two other encounters. I never saw anything during those two encounters, but I did have rocks thrown at me and heard sticks banging against trees. One of those times was near Silver Creek, Mississippi and the other was just north of Rumsey, California."

Check out Jakes book called "Walking America: A 10,000 Mile Journey of Self-Healing"


You can also get it on Amazon:




Feb 04, 2023
SC EP:922 Those Monkeys Are Back

Tonight I will be speaking to two brothers that were hunting near Crater Lake in Oregon. They had a scary night walking down the center of the highway while two creatures were screaming and growling at them. The brothers ended up in a defensive position back to back and started shooting.

We will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff said “When I was around 11 years old I went to visit my grandmother. She was at the beginning stages of dementia. My grandmother said “Oh those monkeys are back” as she looked out the window. No one in my family listened to her because they thought she was losing it.

My cousin and I walked over to the window and there was three creatures walking in the creek bed. There was two that were upright walking on two legs and a little one wrapped around one of them. The creature in the front was bigger then the one behind him by at least a foot. The third one was small and hanging off of the creature in the back.

I remember being in shock and telling my uncle to come look but he just said “They are just bears.” At that young age I knew this was not bears. It wasn’t until later in life I saw the Patterson-Gimlin film and realized that is what I saw that day.”

Jan 28, 2023
SC EP:920 A Monkey In The Barn

Josh writes “I live in Western KY. Almost all the encounters happened within 5 miles of each other, several on the same property. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences. I’m not seeking fame, I just want to get these out there so other researchers can use the info to help them.”

Spoke to Josh and he shared over 20 years of sightings on his uncles property. Josh said “The first time my uncle was clearing trees off his property and I heard what sounded like a lion roaring. I heard it over all of the equipment we had running. I remember feeling like I was being watched and my uncle had this old barn on the property that had the roof falling in. I looked over and saw this….monkey a very large monkey standing in the doorway watching me. This wasn’t the only time I had run into these things. I really did not know what it was at the time.

Jan 21, 2023
SC EP:918 The Beast Of The United Kingdom

Tonight I will be speaking with Paul Sinclair. Paul is recognized within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in.

Paul is currently working on a new documentary called Wolfland, about unusual cryptid sightings in the UK.

Check out Pauls Youtube:

Jan 14, 2023
SC EP:916 The Butter Street Monster

Tonight I will be speaking to Leslie and she had an encounter in the early 1980's in SE Ohio. The locals called the creature in that area "The Butter Street Monster." I will also be speaking to John. John had an encounter on a jobsite in 1992 in PA. read the full encounters here

Jan 06, 2023
SC EP:915 Why Is That Guy Running?

Drew writes "I had an encounter with a Sasquatch 6 years ago in the Navy while on leave back home in Arkansas duck hunting. Visual sighting then what I assume was the animal in the woods about 2 hours later while hunting.

I remember the encounter vividly and it could have only been two things a large full grown naked African American male or a Sasquatch . I was not a “Sasquatch” hardcore believer previous to this but after the encounter I spent weeks racking my brain to come to the conclusion that the most likely case was that it HAD to be a Sasquatch.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I saw what I thought was a guy running across this open field. I was going to my area where I duck hunt. I stopped the truck and sat there watching this “guy” and I was shocked how fast he was running. There are large ditches in this area and he ran up and down those ditches like it was nothing. I thought it was weird but I thought it was just some guy. I got to the area where I duck hunt and I could not stop thinking about what I saw. Whatever I saw must have followed me there. It still bothers me.”

Dec 25, 2022
SC EP:914 Lance Corporal Shoots Sasquatch

John writes "I served as a US Marine from 1999 – 2003. While I was in I was stationed at Kings Bay Naval Sub Base in southern Georgia. I was part of a CQB (close quarter battle) team and was a DM (designated marksman). As a DM I carried a M40A3 (308) and a M9 (9mm pistol).

While serving at Kings Bay, I was called into my Platoon Commanders office prior to my team going to the LA (limited area). My Platoon Commander informed me that there were reports coming from lake D (a lake on base approximately 400 yards from the LA) of a wild animal being aggressive towards campers around the area. He asked me if I had a tree stand and ordered me to go to Lake D instead of the LA. He told me a DM from team 2 would take my spot in the LA. He said I was to locate, close, and destroy the animal and not to come back until I did. I ran back to my house and grabbed the necessary supplies, my hooch, tree stand, food, and water and headed to the north east side of Lake D. I had fished this lake several times and knew of a game trail closest to the LA that butted up to swamp land and the Saint Mary’s river. I arrived around 0900hrs and set up camp.


Read the full report at

Dec 24, 2022
SC EP:912 The Appalachian Trail Encounter

Alex will be a guest on an upcoming show. In 2006 he was hiking down the Appalachian Trail. Alex said “I thought some serial killer was following me. He matched me step for step. I stopped on the trail and caught sight of someone or something in wearing a black hoodie. I thought it was a person.

I kept moving down the trail and that’s when the rocks started whizzing past my head. I started running and this thing gave chase. It was knocking over small tree’s, it sounded like a bull dozer.

I will also be speaking to David. In 2009 David was returning from a funeral when a large creature stepped in front of his vehicle. David said "The driver coming in the opposite lane stopped and this thing went straight up a mountain side. I didn't know what it was but it looked like a man, a big man walking across the road.

Dec 16, 2022
SC EP:910 A Pissed Off Monkey With A Grudge

Lee writes "I’m reaching out because this past September my son and I had a run in with what we believe were multiple Sasquatch while kayaking the Lower Buffalo River, wilderness section.

We were on day 2 of our trip and we were specifically there to fish for smallmouth bass. It was around 4pm when we went through a narrow section and around an obstruction and all hell broke loose. This thing was at the rivers edge when it bolted through the woods like a bulldozer. The crazy thing about it is that it sounded like a pissed off monkey as it ran tearing through the woods.

We went a little over 2 River miles and made camp on a narrow gravel bar. While we were setting up camp we heard a tree knock across the River from us. We joked about it being Bigfoot and just kept on with setting up camp. After camp was established I broke out my weather radio to check our regional forecast for the next day due to a high percentage of rain in our area. After about 20 minutes of listening to several regional forecasts I cut the radio off. Right after that we heard a yell come off the ridge from us close to the tree knock location. Well from that point until 4am all hell broke loose.

We experienced rocks being thrown off the bluff into the river, more tree knocks, the pissed off monkey sounds multiple times, deep chatter, a log being snapped into, and a freaky sound that was like something singing. We had to set up a lighted perimeter and we pulled a cot out of one of the tents and set it up by the fire. We set up a 2 hour fire watch shift where someone would be awake the entire time. When the log snapped just inside the tree line behind us it was around 3:30 am. We were both awake and we decided to break down camp to show that we had intentions of leaving. Everything ended at that point and we were in our kayaks at first light. As soon as we were getting into our kayaks the last rock came flying of the ridge clipping trees on the way down and hit the river.

We were done and got off the river that day. The worst thing about it all was we were on a section of the river we’ve never been on so we weren’t able to run it in the middle of the night. We were stuck between the river and the woods on a narrow gravel bar. We literally had no where to go. I truly believe if we would have done one thing wrong we wouldn’t be here today. There was nothing friendly about that night and it seemed the pissed off monkey was extremely upset that we surprised him and held a grudge.

After returning home I contacted a Ranger friend of mine that put me in contact with a Ranger stationed on the Buffalo River. That was an extremely interesting conversation. I want to let people know there is definitely something on that river and my whole purpose reaching out to the Ranger was for safety reasons. I didn’t want to read about a family getting hurt on that section of the river and me not say anything."

Dec 10, 2022
SC EP:908 The Coon Hunter And The Devil

Happy Holidays! Tonight I will be speaking to Joe. Joe is from central Texas and 34 years ago he was hunting and came upon a creature with red eyes. Joe said "I thought I ran into the devil."

We will also be speaking to Ben. Ben had an encounter in New Hampshire. Ben said "I thought it was a guy dressed all in black but he was big and he had this ridiculously long arms.

Dec 03, 2022
SC EP:905 Bigfoot Of The Rockies

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason Frank. Jason had his world turned upside in 2007 while out turkey hunting. Jason and his wife found tracks they could not place with any animal that is known to science. He later became friends with members of the BFRO. His friends would take him to areas that are known for encounters.

Jason writes "I was born and raised in Western Colorado. While Colorado has always been my home, my father’s career as a gold miner required that the family follow the work and therefore we lived in North Central California, all over Colorado, and Moab Utah where my father worked at a uranium mine during the Cold War, before Moab was the tourist destination it is now. I was raised hunting, fishing, hiking, and all things outdoors in a family that has generations of outdoorsman and women, cowboys, miners, farmers and explorers.

As an adult, I joined the U.S. Army in the early 1990’s and served as an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division based in Ft Bragg North Carolina and a tour in Sinai Egypt. In 1993 while in Sinai Egypt, I was stricken with a serious and mysterious autoimmune disease that severely impacts my life to this day."

Jason wrote a book, “Hairys” True ongoing stories of Sasquatch in the Rockies. The book is available at

Also check out his YouTube channel "Bigfoot of the Rockies Outdoor Adventures."

Nov 19, 2022
SC EP:903 The Kentucky Massacre

Tonight I will be speaking with investigator David Eller for a discussion of his findings in Tennessee. David looked into the Kentucky Massacre and what he found convinced him the attack was not done by a known predator.

Nov 11, 2022
SC EP:901 The New Hampshire Incident

Andrew writes "Hey Wes, wanted to reach out to you about a situation I found myself in this morning about 3 am eastern time.

I live in the south western part of New Hampshire and last night/ this morning we walked into the woods to a spot I wanted to show him. On our way out to this location which is about a half mile up a rail trail along side a big pond, we made sure to be noisy to alert any black bear that may be around. We made it to the spot which turns into a peninsula surrounded by water. We made sure there were no animals or anything in this little peninsula and walked in. We were quickly closed in by two things that sounded to be bipedal and heavy footed. We had a very bad feeling so we loudly yelled “ okay we are leaving”. As we approached the rail trail, the sound of those two things on either side of us run across the trail into the woods across the way. We made it to the trail and walked back toward the car but this whole time, we could hear one of them walking along side us in the tree line. This is where it gets even more strange. Two doe about 100 feet ahead of us hop out of the woods and wait for us on the trail and walked out with us as this thing was still along side us."

Nov 04, 2022
SC EP:899 Creature On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to Steve. Steve is from Kentucky and he had an encounter when he was 13. Steve and a friend decided to camp on the property when something large and stunk kept saying "Ike."

I will also be speaking to Tristian is from from Missouri and he shot "something" on his property. Tristian said "The shoulders had to have been 5 feet across. It was on all four the whole time and it ran off screaming and roaring."


Steve has a podcast called "News Worthy??" check it out here:

Oct 28, 2022
SC EP:897 “Movement up the hill!”

Ric writes “I am a 22-year Army Veteran. It was the greatest joy in my life being a soldier next to being a father of two.

At that time, my MOS was 11B (Infantry) and my specialty was Infantry Scout. I attended One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Ft Benning, GA, where I was taught the skills necessary to be an effective scout. I did deploy to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo, OEF, and OIF.

In my heart, I know I served with integrity and honor. So it makes it a bit difficult for what I am about to tell you, but on the eyes and souls of my children it’s the Gods honest truth.


Oct 21, 2022
SC EP:895 The Creature On Grandpa's Property

I am currently trying to resolve the log in issues with the app. I know there was about 10% of the members that kept getting errors with the app. You might have issues logging into the website till Sunday. I apologize for the inconvenience but I want the app to run like a well oiled machine. This is also why you have not seen any new blogs because of the transfer of servers.

Tonight I will be speaking to Kody writes "I hope that you’re doing well; I had come across your podcast while listening to and researching to find the answer to the phenomenon that we all call Bigfoot… That being said, I had a run in with a creature that has me questioning everything that I’ve ever known in the woods.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and have fished and hunted my entire life. Although being born and residing in Texas, I grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma, hunting the mountains with my dad, uncle, brother and grandpa. The majority of my extended family still lives in a small area in south east Oklahoma so we normally go up a couple of times a year during the holidays to see them. Which in my case being an avid outdoorsman gives me the opportunity to deer hunt. I love being in the outdoors and had aspirations to be a wildlife biologist, but was turned towards a business degree when I was afforded the opportunity to play football in college. Every waking moment when I was out of class or practice I would be headed off to hunt of fish.

2008- Onto my story, I was redshirted due to a football injury in college and had time off between school and football practice in Texas. I called my best friend to go make a trip up to my grandads in Oklahoma just in time for the opening weekend of Turkey season (April/ May timeframe). We had a cold front move in the day before season had opened, which in turn shut down the turkey gobbling and activity. It was early afternoon and we both split up to different sides of the ranch in hopes of roosting a gobbler for the following day. I traveled up a canyon with hopes to travel up to the top of the ridge and get some higher ground to at least be able to roost one before it got dark. I jumped a creature (up out of its bed I’m assuming) at very close range (10ft away from me) that brought on a range of emotions and things that I cannot explain and have not discussed with anyone outside of my family and a couple of my very close friends. After the whirlwind of events during and after this encounter, years of strange things happening while I was hunting in the woods began to add up. I am familiar with every animal big and small native to North America and the creature that I ran into was like none that I’ve ever seen in my entire life or care to see again. I’m 6’7” and this thing dwarfed me and made me lock up like a baby. I’d like to discuss in detail if you have some time in the near future."

Oct 14, 2022
SC EP:894 I Was Being Stalked

John writes “January of 2017 I moved to Pikeville, Eastern Kentucky. The apartment complex I moved into was an old abandoned coal mine holler that had been converted which had an old coal road that went up a mountain and then swing around it with acre’s of woods.

Well, whenever Id sit in the picnic area to have a cigarette id notice around 10+ at night this howling out in the nearby hills which now i can say sounded almost identical to the Ohio Sounds. I’d hear one howl and then maybe 30 seconds later there’d be another one from another hill that was maybe a mile or so away, and then I’d hear another, and another, and you could listen to these call and responses for hours without end. Well by April I was trying to get back into shape and I love to hike so I decided I’d get up around 6 am and hike up that coal road and back. As I’m hiking up and it got darker and darker up that road I noticed this strange bird whistling at me. It was strange because of how loud it was, and I mean the pitch was just so loud and I thought to myself, “that’s a big damn bird!” And I whistled back. Wes, my grandpa was a Green Beret in Vietnam who partly helped raise me, and I’ve been in the woods of Illinois and Wisconsin my whole life and never encountered much that was weird, although my Grandpa did and told me stories here and there, but I wasn’t afraid of much. Well, I’m hiking up and not only is that whistling getting closer, and I mean close to where it was like ten feet from me in the treeline of woods. I turned on the flash light on my phone and couldn’t see anything it was so dense. But then I noticed this “bird” was keeping pace with me.

Then small pebbles started landing in front of me as I walked down. At first I thought it was just loose rock sliding down, but then it became apparent that something was tossing them right at my feet. At this point I’m about 300 feet up this old road in the pitch dark. So, I gently tossed one back, and then a big one, maybe 1/2 pound rock flung right at my feet. I froze man! Now, I gently yelled out, “is someone out there?” And that bird whistling started up even louder than it had before! Idk what overcame me, but I started belting out the St. Michael prayer in Latin and then the Hail Mary pretty audibly, and not wanting to turn back continued up that road. All of this whistling, keeping pace, and Pebble tossing just amped up as I was coming to a bend in the road that turned with the mountain. Idk what it was, but as I reach it with rosary in hand I got this bad bad feeling like something is really wrong here, and I spoke aloud and said, “idk what ya are, but im just walking here…” And the Pebble tossing got more intense and I could now hear “things” trudging through the wood at paces that I knew werent people. So I turned around and calmly began to go home. I thought that this could be bear or well hell a damn bigfoot. How loud the trudging was, combined with the whistling, and Pebble tossing I wanted to run the hell outta there down back into that holler, but if ya think that there’s an animal ya just don’t do that. And idk why, but something told me do not turn your back to them. So I’m trying to make it down while keeping an eye on what’s behind me, and the moments that I looked down the road towards the apartment complex something just leaped from the side of the mountain onto the road, and then down into a bunch of thicket. And I stopped and yelled, “what the fuck was that!” If it were a man he’d have fallen 400 feet down a vertical fall and broke his neck or something I mean it was steep! And covered in thicket and thorn bushes. And how loose the rocks were I mean if you did get a footing you’d just fall on your ass and slide and tumble down. Whatever this was got it’s footing and slid and trudged down with great volume like stomping through a huge snow drift. So there I am feeling like a fool the sun is begging to make the horizon pink up just a little at this point.

I kept thinking to myself that this is not how I’m gonna die! By this point I felt with all of the noise that had to be five to eight things in the woods stalking me. Honest to God I knew that I was being followed and scrutinized and that I had pissed something off with my presence! The pebbles were being tossed at an alarming rate, there were by now eight or so “big birds” whistling at me from about ten or so feet in the woods, branches were snapping, and it was like multiple freight trains just trudging through those woods! This is a steep hill I mean it is steep I cannot imagine men being able to do this without falling down the only flat surface was the road. When I got about 100 feet down before the apartment idk what overcame me but something told me to just book it for the farm lamp and I ran like hell until I got to it spun around. I stood there watching and couldn’t see anything! They had stayed up there, but were still just making all sorts of noise.

Idk what I started, but after that I felt like I was being watched whenever I was outside in that holler. If I went outside my apartment by my car to smoke pebbles would start getting tossed right at my feet in the parking lot from a mountain side, or a big bird would start whistling at me. And we had huge street lights shinning onto our parking lot. And as this is happening I’d take out a big old flashlight and shine into the woods. I did get eye shine a couple of times, but couldn’t make out faces of what they were which just creeped me out to no end. I went up the mountains couple of times in the day and found what appeared to be tree breaks, a couple of structures, sticks in the road. Now idk, these sticks were just laid ever so carefully in the road. What creeped me out was that they’d appear when I was coming back down. On one hike, idk I got dizzy on the way home. Now I do have epilepsy, but this was different. I’m hiking down the road and suddenly I got dizzy, the sound in my ears was like tv static, and I wanted to take my shirt off because I felt so hot, but I laid down in the dirt ditch for a few minutes and just felt drained of everything I just thought of my mother and picked myself up and forced myself down that road. When I got home I just collapsed in bed and slept for a good six hours. Now I think looking back that that was side effects of infrasound.

But then one night my roommate and I went out to one of the picnic areas to smoke and talk and as we’re making it back toward my building idk Wes the ground shook to the point I felt like I’d lost my footing like a giant was stomping in front of us BOOM BOOM BOOM and let out this scream I’ve never heard before or since it was like a woman mixed with a bear, a lion, and a witch all in one terrifying scream idk, but I JUMPED like three feet up and just ran up a picnic table and I could not look at it! We were stuck in that parking lot until the sun came up! Everytime we even made an attempt towards my building it would scream and we couldn’t find it, couldn’t see it! We had the sensation that it was behind this old 100+ year old white oak tree, but we made five attempts to go home and it was not having it. But when the sun began to rise we made our sixth attempt and then heard something just trudge up that mountain side in time that no man or woman could! I’m talking a 100 foot vertical hike that this thing scaled in seconds and just kept going until we saw trees moving at about 500 feet up. We never went that far out at night again and that was a lighted parking lot/picnic area in the middle of an apartment complex. After that I’d smoked at night at the door dealt with the whistling and Pebble tossing give it the finger and go inside. I moved to Louisville in June and never went back! I’m not afraid of the woods or anything, but I definitely will never go in them again without a 30-30 or something bigger!

The power just in the lungs of this thing it could have killed us if it had wanted to! I ldk what we did that night; we weren’t messing up in the woods or nothing and I feel like I was being stalked for having gone up there, but over residents went up there, but not at night. I have a deeper respect, appreciation of the mountains and the woods. Since all of this the guns I have and carry with me in the woods are enough to take down a bear, but yeah, like I said I will never go in the woods unarmed again.”


I will also be speaking to Brian. Brian said “I was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington state. We were running a training exercise and we saw what we thought was someone in a ghillie suit. This made no sense since we all had the same equipment and there was not any snipers present. This “guy” was huge he was about 7 foot tall, I am 6’4. I did not know anyone in my unit that big. We decided to track it and find who is was. That is when it stood up. I thought it was 7 foot tall but it was crouched. When it stood up it was closer to 9 feet. Five of us saw it that night.”


Oct 09, 2022
SC EP:891 Sasquatch Encounter Brigade

Jonny will be joining me tonight from Georgia. Jonny never gave Sasquatch another thought. He had a strange experience on his property with strange lights. Shortly after the lights showed up, Sasquatch showed up.

Jonny started a YouTube Channel where he post his evidence. The channel is called The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade. Check it out here:

Sep 30, 2022
SC EP:890 Somebody Save Me

Tonight I will be speaking to Casey who grew up on a ranch in Humboldt County, CA. Casey and his family have seen the creature on a few occasions. Casey said "A friend and I decided to camp next to the river on the property and something walked across the river and was coming to their tent.


Show Notes:

Sep 25, 2022
SC EP:887 Heroes Are Remembered But Legends Never Die

Until we meet again my friend



Sep 16, 2022
SC EP: 886 Something Out Of A Nightmare

Next week I will be traveling but I am going to pack my equipment and do some interviews. I am also going to try to do some video production.

I am packing up for PhenomeCon. If you are going to be in Vernal Utah next week stop by and say hi. Tonight I will be posting a rewind one of my favorites. Something Out Of A Nightmare

Bill writes “I was 15 it was second day of buck season. It was around 7am. It was snowing so the sun wasnt out full like usual. I heard what sounded to me like a damn bull running through the thickets. There was a deer run just next to it. My stand was about 25-30 yards from where the deer run shot through the thickets. I had clear shots all around. Our stands were built 360 around two giant oak trees.

Anyway I was seriously waiting to see a damn brama bull come plowing through this scrub. So I sat on the bench up there and figured whatever it is my chance of getting a buck were gone for next few hours. So I leaned back against the tree and put my 30.06 across my lap. My dad insisted we always loaded heavy with hollow points. My dad reloaded all out ammo. I’m not sure what grain he used in the shells. But I know you couldn’t buy them with that much grain powder in them.

Anyway. All sudden everything just goes silent. You know that Erie silence you hear when it is snowing. Like the snow absorbers all sound. No more birds, squirrels, nothing there was no sound. Lime mother nature hit the mute button. Then I saw movement. It was about 6 doe trying to sneak by. When they got near the thicket my jaw dropped. These doe jumped straight up in the air! And there legs were running in mid air as well. 4 doe sprinted away when the hoofs hit the ground. But what exploded out of the thorny thicket was these two massive BFs they were on top of these does in milliseconds grabbed them by the throats and snapped the does necks as if they were breaking twigs! These monsters were both reddish brown. Their faces were something out of nightmares. I froze. Did not move a muscle. I just watch as they threw these does probably about 150 pounds each over there should like I would have my book bag from school. And then they walked right under my stand. And stopped. Then what happened next it was all I could do not to piss myself. From right under me came this Unholy roar. That seemed to go on forever. The tree stand was vibrating from the sound waves. Then when the roast stopped, I heard the other go like humph!! And then they walked away with their prize over there shoulder. As they walked I watched them and it was if the trees swallowed them up and they were gone.

Next I heard running towards my stand, but it wasnt heavy. It was my dad. He ran to me when he heard the roar. He was running towards me with the intent to shoot anything to save me. My dad did three tours in Vietnam. He was running as if he was going into battle. I didnt recognize it when I was 15, but after my training in the Navy. I was a Navy Corpsman with 2nd Marine recon battalion out of camp legune NC.

When I saw there faces I became terrified because it triggered a memory from when I was like 5 or six. And something with that sinister face and teeth would stare through the window in my bedroom of that cabin. I was to terrified to run to my dad. I couldn’t even speak. I was frozen in fear. My mind must have blocked it out, until I saw them that day when I was 15.

My dad had to climb up to me in the tree stand and assist me down the tree. It was if my brain locked every muscle in my body. I couldn’t even speak for about 10 minutes or so. I was in shock. That roar right under me sent a fear through every fiber in my mind body and soul.”

Sep 04, 2022
SC EP:883 The Spider Crawl

Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “I am a Registered Nurse at the hospital here in town. My encounter happened on approximately November 17, 2020.

As Covid was in full swing many of us had to take our turns working on the Covid unit. My home unit had high risk patients so I was being swabbed twice a week to try and prevent Covid from coming onto that floor. Prior to leaving work on Tuesday morning, the 17th, I was swabbed for Covid prior to going home with the plan to come back to work that evening at 7 PM. As I was ready to leave for work that evening I received a phone call from the hospital. I was told I could not come to work because my Covid swab from that morning came back positive and I would need to quarantine for the next 7 days. My problem was that my Father-in-law, who would be considered high risk if he contracted the virus, was staying at our home during that time. My wife and he were not in the house when I found out I had the virus so I formulated a plan and called her. The plan was that I would get out of the house and go quarantine at our cabin at Rough River Lake, KY. She brought my Father-in-law home and met me in the parking lot at the grocery store. I waited out in the parking lot in my pickup while she went in and bought enough groceries to last me during my quarantine and came out to my pickup and she put the groceries in my tool box so we had no contact.

The next morning, my wife and Father-in-law went and got tested and were negative- thank goodness because I would have been the one to have given it to them and I did not want to have harmed them. The Drive from Owensboro to the lake was about 56 miles and it was really dark that night. I remember seeing only a sliver of the moon earlier, but by 9 pm or so when I made my drive it was just really dark with no moonlight that I could see. On the way up to the lake I had the radio off (it is usually on) as I was deep in thought about the whole situation. As I drove on I came to realize that my biggest fear would be laid to rest one way or the other in the morning when my wife and Father-in-law would be tested for the virus. I then thought about how I could actually make the most of the quarantine by calling people I hadn’t spoken to in a while and working on my book which I was working on at the time and has been published since.

The route I take to the lake once I get through Owensboro is Highway 54 east for roughly 25 miles. When I got through the small town of Fordsville, I turned left to go North on 261. This is an 11 mile stretch to get to a junction called McQuady where I would turn right on 105 south to take the rest of the way to the lake. Ten miles in on the aforementioned 11 mile stretch is where I had my encounter. I had been deep in thought coming through the dark, wooded area. I came to an area that had a row of trees along the road to the left coming off a ravine. When I passed the end of that there was a second ravine with trees about 30 yards back that came to an end roughly 100 yards farther than the closer ravine. What initially caught my attention was the yellowish/white eye shine of a deer off to the right side of the road. I started to slow up as this really nice white tail buck walked right onto the road in front of me and just stopped in the middle of the road. He was not looking at me and paid no attention to me coming toward him! He was gazing to the left side of the road toward the end of the second tree row/ravine I mentioned. As I got within about 20 yards of this deer and had almost come to a stop, I looked over toward where the deer was watching. You know how your car headlights cast light off to the left and right of the vehicle?

Well, in that cast off light I picked up what I would describe as very large orange eye shine, about 4 feet off the ground near the end of this stand of trees. It was coming from the back side of the trees around the tip or end of the tree stand, so It was facing me at about 9 o’clock position when I picked up the eye shine. I can only describe that I saw a dark creature, moving like a spider but about 4 feet off the ground, with a large head with eyes almost as large as silver dollars around 6 or 7 inches apart that shined orange. When I looked back at the deer standing on the road before me, it suddenly took off in the direction it was facing into open field. I then saw this spider creature turn toward the running deer and started to quickly move toward it. That’s when I about dropped a biscuit as this thing rose up onto 2 feet in fluid motion to take flight after the deer! I rolled my window down to see if I could smell anything which I did not, but I heard in the trees to the right side of the road, where the deer had initially come, what sounded like a large branch breaking, so I hit the gas and got the heck out of there.

I feel that there was a creature on the right side of the road in the woods that pushed this deer toward another creature at an ambush point and I came along at the wrong time. As fast as this thing took off, in an open field, I have no doubt it would catch up to the buck.”

Aug 26, 2022
SC EP:882 Beasts of the World

Andy writes “Beasts of the World is a seven-part series, which seeks to investigate the histories, evidence, and common theories surrounding the numerous cryptid creatures that have been reported around the globe.

In Volume 1. – Hairy Humanoids, we examine the diverse collection of hairy, bipedal, man-like monsters that are believed to inhabit the world’s remote and lonely regions and ask the question – do they represent a single species, or, could there be other lesser-known varieties of Wildmen, yet to be revealed?

This book seeks to classify some of these distinct kinds and proposes a separation (even when two or more ‘types’ or ‘species’, appear to be sharing a similar geographic area) based upon key physiological and behavioural differences. And so, we find that the Man-Ape – Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest, is something quite different to the Wildman – Almasti, of the Caucuses Mountains; and that the Relict Ape – known as the Yeti, is more akin to the Florida Skunk Ape, than the Chinese Yeren…

Are these mysterious monsters surviving Gigantopithecus, extant Neanderthals, undiscovered apes, hidden tribes, or simply folklore and fable, repackaged for the modern world?

Join me, as I go in search of these Hairy Humanoids and the many yet to be discovered Beasts of the World.”


Check out the book here

Aug 21, 2022
SC EP:880 Damn Dirty Yahoo’s
Aug 14, 2022
SC EP:877 This Thing Bent Down Over My Tent

A listener writes “I am a Tribal member with the Hoopa Valley Tribe and grew up here all my life, my homes about 20 miles from where the Patterson film was shot at Bluff Creek, during the summer of 2018 me a friend and her family decided to go camping at this little campsite off the mountain road of Bald hill.”

Spoke to the witness he said his grandmother was a medicine woman and had warned him not to go into this area after dark. The witness will be sharing the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s beliefs on these creatures. He also discusses the canine creature known as Dogman but they have a different name for it.

Aug 05, 2022
SC EP:875 The Kern River Monster

Nate writes "We decided to go night fishing for catfish in the Kern River canyon because it was too hot during the day. I decided not to go too deep into the canyon but to the first or second campground off the 178hwy. We arrived to lower richbar around 12:30am just after midnight. All three of us were armed, just for protection like we always do. Haul our fishing gear and started fishing with chicken liver as bait. By 1:30am we caught at least 6 catfish in a stringer.

We were happy that we didn’t really had to use the flashlight since the moon was out. As we were talking, we heard this roar. Roar so loud that we felt instant fear as it vibrate through our chest. I have heard many animals nothing like this. Then we all noticed across the river by a tree, this thing stood up, all black, tall 9-10ft, muscular. We all froze. It proceeded to push the tree next to it into the river.

The tree snapped and echo throughout the canyon. I grabbed my knife and cut my fishing line. My friend and brother also in a hurry brought their poles to cut our lines. As I’m finishing up with that, it jumped into the river and was swimming (more like walking through the water) towards us. At that moment, I drop the poles, pulled out my gun, and keys. Told the guys to run to the car. Understand that this river, Kern River, have killed many people, trying to swim across or drowned. We all ran to the car with left our poles, the fish and stringer, and tackle box. Running in fear to the Lexus and drove off. I must’ve been going 70mph. After a couple miles we came out of the canyons towards Bakersfield, I slowed down, and utter the first words. Wtf was that? We were in shock but asking that it snap the guys back. My friend said the .45 wouldn’t do a thing to it. We laugh but we’re all still in shock, how big it was, how it was swimming through those rapids, like it was in a indoor swimming pool.

Like the river current wasn’t an obstacle to get across. It shook all of us. Let me know if you like to hear the second story.”

Jul 29, 2022
SC EP:873 I Thought I Shot A Man

David said "In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other.

I wasn’t sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was mad and working himself up to attack me. I shot it and I know it was a lung shot. I could describe every detail about him. This has weighed on me for the last 40 years, I have only told one person about it. It bothers me that I shot but from the way it was acting I thought it was him or me.”

Jul 19, 2022
SC EP:871 Strange Creature At Grandma's House

Tonight I will be speaking with Chris. Chris will be sharing with us his families experiences back in the 70's in Kentucky. Chris said "I don't think anyone knew what it was, it was large and hairy and walked around like a man but it wasn't a man." The Smithsonian Institution makes a surprise appearance in this families encounter.



Jul 15, 2022
SC EP:869 Strange Man In A Ghillie Suit

In 1999 Bo and his father were hunting in South Carolina. Bo said “I was in my tree stand and at first I thought it was a bear but it did not walk like a bear it walked like a man. Than I thought it must be a huge man in a ghillie suit. I watched him take his foot and scratch his calf just like a man would. When it saw me it took off so fast. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was like on a zipline. It was so smooth and fast.”

Here is the link for Phenomecon. The event is in September, stop by and say hi.


Jul 09, 2022
SC EP:867 Encounter On The Mogollon Rim

Tonight I will be speaking with Aaron. Aaron will be sharing with us an encounter he had almost 30 years ago with his brother in Arkansas. We will also be speaking with Dan. Below is Dan's account.



Jul 02, 2022
SC EP:866 A Little Gravel In Your Travel

Tomorrow night I will be speaking with Roslyn who is from Georgia. She will be discussing her encounter near her home. I will also be speaking to Evan. In the fall of 2013, Evan was driving north on I-49 in South Louisiana.

Jun 26, 2022
AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer

I wanted to share this presentation in a podcast format. Sometimes when you are searching for answers it is important to look at other topics or genres. If this topic interests you, take a listen.

Richard Doty’s presentation centers on his assignment as a counterintelligence officer at Area 51. He will disclose never before publicly released incidents involving UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial contact and research projects.

Jun 20, 2022
SC EP:864 The Chewy Road Incident

Tonight I will be speaking with Miranda, Jeanette and Carol. The family is from Oklahoma and they will be sharing their encounters from their time on this property.

Jun 19, 2022
SC EP:861 What Did I Just See?

Justin writes "In 1991 and we moved back to Ohio. It was a your typical warm night in August sometime. The corn was fully grown. Me, my cousin and her friend were out riding in my 66 Chevelle.

We started down the hill on county road 1281. The road dips into a shallow valley where Buck Creek runs through it. And crosses and set of railroad tracks before heading up the other side. I crossed the tracks and started up the other side. As I crested the top I noticed eye shine. Not yellow like racoon or like deer. This was different and had my attention. As I got closer I noticed a dark shape in the bushes. This is a gravel road. And I was only doing around 15 mph. These eyes where a lime green in the headlights.

Jun 11, 2022
SC EP:859 I Thought They Were People

Tonight I interview Mike from CA. Back in 1975 he encountered these creatures. Mike also discusses a UFO encounter 20 years later. Check it out at…they-were-people/

Jun 03, 2022
SC EP:858 Paralyzed With Fear

Tonight I will be speaking to Matt and Eugene. In 1985 Matt and a friend were hiking in California. Matt said "I thought they were hikers, the man was really tall. As we got closer to where we first saw them I realized they were not hikers, whatever it was one was male and the smaller one was female."


Eugene grew up hunting and fishing his whole life. Eugene said "I live out in the middle of nowhere. I have always loved the outdoors and I hunt to feed my family." Eugene first sighting happened in 2014 while fishing with his son.

May 30, 2022
SC EP:856 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

Jeff Davis has a BS in Anthropology and an MA in Archaeology. He lived in England for nearly a year, while working on his Master’s Degree on the Vikings in Greenland. He also worked for several years as a field archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff spent many years in the U.S. military, serving in Italy, South Korea, Japan, Bosnia and Afghanistan in a number of positions, ranging from Infantryman to military historian, to putting on puppet shows at orphanages. Jeff has written several books on military history, ghosts, mythology, and archaeology. His best selling books were Weird Washington and Weird Oregon.

Topics To Be Covered:
Kennewick Man
The Solutrean Hypothesis (Origins of the Clovis People)
Alaskan Killer Bigfoot
Paisley Cave

Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Weird Washington: Your Travel Guide to Washington's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

May 22, 2022
SC EP:853 It Ran Past Me

Spoke to Brandon and he grew up in Georgia. Brandon talks about an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. This was not the last incident.


Check out Phenomecon 2022:

May 13, 2022
SC EP:851 The Runaways

Phil will be joining me tonight and over 20 years ago he was a runaway teenager. He lived in the Pine Barrens for some time. One night Phil and his friend had an aggressive encounter with a creature he had never seen before.

I will also be speaking to Jeanette. Over 30 years ago Jeanette and her boyfriend were fishing at a campground when they saw this huge creature stand up and walk away. Jeanette said "It was not a bear and it was not a man, I did not know what it was."

May 06, 2022
SC EP:850 The Desolate Highway

Tonight I will be speaking to Kyle. Kyle had a very recent encounter in PA. He is a long haul truck driver and had a very strange experience. Here is the full encounter

I will also be speaking to Timothy Renner from the Strange Familiars podcast to discuss his new book The Witch Cloud: The Haunted Bridges of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is available on Amazon and on

At the beginning of the show I played a clip from the Paranormal Portal podcast I was on. Here is the link


May 02, 2022
SC EP:847 Encounter In Connecticut On Family Property

A listener writes "I recently came across your podcast on Spotify and figured I would reach out to you. A few years ago I had two brief sightings and heard an odd vocalizations. At my home in CT. At the time I reached out to the BFRO and reported them. Eventually after years it was posted on their site as a class A sighting but after trying to get back in touch with them it's been radio silence. I love your show and have a few encounters I'd be like to share!. Let me know if you are interested in some more info!"

Apr 22, 2022
SC EP:845 Correlations Or Coincidences Part Two

Rick returns for part two as we deep dive into Sasquatch, UFO’s and the Paranormal. Timothy Renner from Strange Familiars Podcast joins the discussion. Are there correlations or coincidences?

Rick writes “I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields.

During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I’ve investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically.

I’m still with that organization. However, my wife and I also started the Virginia chapter of the North American Dogman Project (NADP). We’ve been investigating Dogman/ cryptid cases for the past five years. During my research, I’ve seen some cases that have “crossover elements” to them.”

Apr 15, 2022
SC EP:844 Retired Detective And Former MUFON Director

The listener writes "I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields.

During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I’ve investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically.

Apr 11, 2022
SC EP:842 Seeing Is Believing

Will writes "A childhood friend and I were scouting places to conceal a turkey blind in a very inaccessible location in northwest Alabama.

Having taken a 4 wheel drive in, then unloading 4 wheelers, and then again having to abandon those to walk where we wanted to be gives you an idea how deep we decided to go. Approximately 2 miles in on foot a large rock landed directly between my friend and I.

We both looked at each other thinking the same thing, someone is messing with us. However the we also thought the other unnerving thing, no one knows we’re here and no one is anywhere close. Approximately 30 minutes later and about another mile in I caught the second rock in mid air out of my periphery before it hit.

I immediately turned my head in the direction I thought it came and there that big bastard was. Only 70-80 feet away, no more than 30 yards."

Apr 04, 2022
SC EP:839 I Thought I Shot A Man

With my moms passing yesterday I will be playing a rewind from episode 820. One of my favorite witnesses. SC EP:820 I Thought I Shot A Man Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other.

I wasn’t sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was mad and working himself up to attack me. I shot it and I know it was a lung shot. I could describe every detail about him. This has weighed on me for the last 40 years, I have only told one person about it. It bothers me that I shot but from the way it was acting I thought it was him or me.”

Mar 20, 2022
SC EP:836 Sounds With Jim Sherman

Jim Sherman is a High School Teacher who searches for Sasquatch. Jim says “I had an experience when I was camping with my father. I was terrified of being out in the woods alone after dark. I started to really investigate the subject of Sasquatch.

Jim has captured some of the best Sasquatch audio. I will be playing some of Jim’s audio. We will discuss capturing the audio and Jim’s insight on this subject.

Subscribe to Jim's YouTube channel:


Mar 12, 2022
SC EP:835 What Are We Chasing?

Dianne writes "As it came closer it stopped right behind the wood line. I could see the massiveness of this creature. It had to be over 9' tall and shoulders 4' across. I could only see parts of it. It seemed to know it was obscured by the trees. I could see the torso area of shiny black hair. At that point I lost my nerve to keep looking and frankly if I would have seen it's face I probably would have had a heart attack. My body went into what I've coined LIQUID TERROR. My insides felt like jello. I decided to pretend everything was just ok and with shaking hands I started beading again. It actually helped me calm down but IT WOULDN'T LEAVE. I thought if I ignore it it will go away. No such luck."

Mar 07, 2022
SC EP:832 Its Face Was A Man's Face

Tonight I will be speaking to Gabriel who is from California where his encounter happened. This took place 32 years ago. Gabriel and his friends had a run in with a creature but not before finding something strange. Here is the full report:

Feb 26, 2022
SC EP:830 U.S. Marine And The Creature

James writes “Around 2006 I was about 16 and I had a girlfriend that lives about 2 miles away from me in ft. Drum which is a very small town puts of okeechobee." James describes running into a creature. Mike will also be coming on and sharing an encounter from MI in 1981.

Feb 19, 2022
SC EP:828 The Squatch Watchers

Tonight I am joined by the Squatch Watchers. David, Taylor and Tate will be sharing their experiences on a property they have been investigating in North Carolina.

Check out their YouTube Channel here.

Feb 12, 2022
SC EP:828 The Squatch Watchers

Tonight I am joined by the Squatch Watchers. David, Taylor and Tate will be sharing their experiences on a property they have been investigating in North Carolina.

Check out their YouTube Channel here.

Feb 12, 2022
SC EP:828 The Squatch Watchers

Tonight I am joined by the Squatch Watchers. David, Taylor and Tate will be sharing their experiences on a property they have been investigating in North Carolina.

Check out their YouTube Channel here.

Feb 12, 2022
SC EP:827 Put One In The Chamber

*Due to a technical issues and some podcast player not playing the show, I am uploading this again.


My guest is Josh. Josh comes from a military family. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounter with us along with other strange things that happen to him on the military base.

Feb 07, 2022
SC EP:827 Put One In The Chamber

*Due to a technical issues and some podcast player not playing the show, I am uploading this again.


My guest is Josh. Josh comes from a military family. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounter with us along with other strange things that happen to him on the military base.

Feb 07, 2022
SC EP:824 The Face In The Window

Tim writes“My first encounter happened in the state of Vermont. Between Clarendon and Tinmouth. My father was with me. And we was deer hunting. To start from the beginning.

My father was a minister and he had started a church in Rutland. We had a family that had started coming on a regular basis. And it was almost rifle season and we didn’t really have a place to go. So in conversation with this family and my father, we got invited to go out to there farm. This would be my first hunt. Like I said, we didn’t really know where to go. But the man told my father that they had deer on there property and if we wanted to go, we were more than welcome to hunt there. I was excited since this would be my first time hunting and my dad was going to let me use my aunt’s old rifle. She was short and the butt of the stock had been cut so she could shoulder it. I had shot it before. And I could shoot it quite well. It was a Winchester model 54 and chambered in a 30-06 caliber. My dad was using a ruger chambered in a 7mm Magnum. We got up early that morning.

It was November and cold. We left our house early because dad wanted to get out and get settled in before it got to light out and things had time to get quiet. We got out to the property, found the barbed wire gate and dad got out opened the gate and drove the truck in and closed the gate behind us. There was what we called a two track road that we could drive on. It had grass in the middle of it and we drove a ways in and found a place where we could get the truck off so the man if need be could get by if he chose to come out. Vermont is mountainous and rocky and lots of ridges and ravines. We got out threw on some warm insulated hunting clothes on and loaded up and started walking up and over ridges. Dad as we walked said that the highest ridge would give us the best advantage to see. By the time we reached the ledge of the highest ridge daylight was breaking. Dad pointed out a huge sugar maple that would be good to sit up against and I made my way to it. Dad said that he would go down farther on the ledge and still be within eye sight if I needed him. I cleared the leaves where i was going to sit at up against the trunk of the tree so if I needed to move , I could without any noise. The mountain was still behind me and it was steep so I was expecting deer to feed among the ridges and ravines for acorns. I bunched my knee’s up against my chest so I could use them as a steady rest. It wasn’t long and I could hear something coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. 4 does came full tilt running and ran down the ledge I was sitting on and they never stopped.

They ran through some spruce tree’s and was out of sight. It wasn’t long and something else was coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. Now Wes, I noticed just from feeling the ground with the steps it was taking that this wasn’t deer. I literally froze , and didn’t move a muscle. Whatever it was , was behind the tree I was leaning against. From this point on. Things went into very slow motion. I heard what sounded like a nut hatch bird sounded like on the side of the tree. I heard dirt or bark hitting on my left shoulder. Moving my head extremely slow a looking up and over my left shoulder was a HUGE and dirty hand. This hand had enormous fingers. If I was to compare the size of the diameter of the fingers I would have to say that they were as big around as the packaged eckrich sausage is that you see in the grocery store meat coolers. They were extremely dirty and a dark grayish black in color hair on top of the back of the hand that wasn’t really thick hair because you could still see the skin. From where my head was I’d have to say that the hand was every bit of 5ft above me. I seen breath as it was breathing as it plumed out from behind me. I literally lost all bodily functions. I soiled my pants as well as wet myself. It emitted a very low but vibrating growl. I don’t know if you have ever heard alligators during the breeding season where they do a low growl and the water literally vibrates off there backs in the water. But it was very similar. I could feel it inside myself. It then took off down the ledge where the deer went. It moved with such a speed that you cannot comprehend. The hair looked black at the base and where it was longer it looked almost a deep brownish red. It was every bit of 9ft tall and the shoulder width was massive. Probably 4 and a half to maybe 5ft .the hair on the back where the shoulder blades are located looked longer in length. And it had mud matted in the hair wherever it had been sitting. I never at one time thought about the rifle that I had in my hands. After it took off my Dad came running over to me and asked me if I was ok. He said that he would have shot it but was literally afraid that if he did then it would have probably killed me. We cautiously made our way back to the truck. Which wasn’t easy with the way my pants was.

I vomited before I got into the truck and we left. We got to the gate opened it and closed it and never returned to the location. I was shaking violently on our way home. We pulled into the driveway and dad shut the truck off and told me. Don’t you ever talk about what had just happened. We would be ridiculed in town and school for me. This happened in 1979. I just told my wife whom I’ve been married to for 26 years. This encounter has given me a paranoia every time I’m around woods or I’m outside in the dark.” 

Jan 29, 2022
SC EP:823 The Hypnotic Eyes

I will be speaking to Will and he had an encounter while hunting in Alabama. Many years later Will was hiking with his family in TN. Will said "When me and this creature locked eyes I felt like I could not move.

We will also be speaking to Emily and George. Emily writes "I believe I had an encounter. I was camping in a van in the Mark Twain national Forrest last month while hunting with my boyfriend and friend.

Jan 17, 2022
SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?

Robert writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90’s. I think it’s still a hotspot but most people won’t talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one.

I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the bear off. I was walking back down a gravel road as my car was broke down. It actually jumped into the road, slid in the gravel before coming to a complete stop. Turned towards me and bluff charged me twice to push me out of the area. It was 7.5 to 8 fat tall, browns oh red with white hair which made me think it was an older one. Right before it turned towards me I could see it looked like it had “road rash” on the back of its left shoulder.

You could see it had hair missing as it looked scabbed over. Kind of like the aftermath of sliding in gravel while wearing shorts for us. There are a lot more details about that encounter but too many to type up.”

Jan 09, 2022
SC EP:819 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles IV

I was scheduled to take off the week but I wanted to stop by and wish you guys and gals Happy New Year! Be safe out there!

Dec 31, 2021
SC EP:818 The Yellow Towel

Tonight I will be speaking to Adam. Adam writes “I had an encounter with a male and female “Bigfoot” in the summer of 2003. It’s very difficult to go into details while writing. But I would love to speak with you personally about what happened.”

Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on. The incident took place in 2003 while hiking in the Mark Twain National Forest. The Mark Twain National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in the southern half of Missouri.

We will be also speaking with Estevan and his wife. They had an encounter in Virginia while camping.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dec 20, 2021
SC EP:816 I Saw A Monster

Tonight I will be speaking to Darren and he will be sharing an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. Darren talks about finding a structure in the woods and this monster came from around the structure. Darren and his friends were about 30 feet away from the creature. Darren said "At the time I did not know what it was..."

Dec 12, 2021
SC EP:814 Bigfoot Odyssey 168 Hours

Tonight I will be speaking to Kerry Arnold about his documentary called 168 hours. Kerry filmed this week long expedition with 10 people in South Florida. Check out Kerry's channel at:

Dec 06, 2021
SC EP:812 A Higher Call (Holiday Show)

A little Holiday show for everyone. On 20 December 1943, Franz met the B-17 bomber named "Ye Olde Pub" and its pilot Charles "Charlie" Brown for the first time. Franz had shot down two B-17s earlier that day and he soon caught up to a wounded B-17 flown by Charles Brown.

Lining up to finish the bomber and shoot it down, he noticed the tail gunner never moved the guns. Upon further inspection of the airplane, he saw through large holes in the fuselage a frantic crew trying to save the lives of their fellow airmen.

Franz is quoted as saying "and for me it would have been the same as shooting at a parachute", in reference to a statement by his commander and mentor Gustav Rödel; "If I hear of one of you shooting a man in a parachute, I'll shoot you myself!". Stigler motioned to Brown to land his airplane in neutral Sweden because of the extensive damage. However, Brown didn't understand, and decided to keep flying towards England. Stigler escorted the B-17 and its crew to the North Sea coast, protecting it from German anti-aircraft gunners.

Dec 03, 2021
Video Message: Happy Holidays

Holiday Thanksgiving message and update for this week!

Nov 26, 2021
SC EP:811 The Thermal Camera Incident

Tonight I will be speaking to Greg and Charles. The guys were hiking in the Daniel Boone National Forest at night when they had an encounter with a creature. The men were able to see the creature through Greg's thermal camera. The night did not end there.

Nov 22, 2021

Deep in the darkest heart of the Philippines sits a terrifying creature. As night falls it begins the hunt for human blood, stalking its prey in the shadows of your town, neighborhood and even your own home.

Its tongue drips in hunger, emitting a tick-tick-ticking noise from the vast darkness. This is the aswang, the most feared creature in Philippine folklore.

According to Philippine folklore, an aswang is an evil, shapeshifting creature that shares the grotesque characteristics of werewolves, vampires and ghouls. It has no consistent image or description because its appearance varies per region. People have often characterised them based on hearsay, which is why the term aswang has commonly been used as a catch-all description for most evil creatures that lurk in the night.

But sometimes….things are not quite as they appear.

“To the superstitious, the Huk battleground was a haunted place filled with ghosts and eerie creatures.” -Air Force Brigadier General Edward G. Lansdale

Nov 12, 2021
SC EP:807 The Little Monkey

Tonight I will be speaking to Mark. Over the last 30 years Mark has had two sightings of the creature. Mark is from Nebraska and moved to Colorado. He spent most of his life as a hunter. One of the encounters that Mark had was with a smaller creature.

Nov 07, 2021
SC EP:804 “It’s a Boo La, Boo La!!”

Tonight I will be speaking to two guest. Dylan who was in GA for a visit got into an argument with his girlfriend and decided to take a walk in the woods to clear his head ran into a creature he did not think existed.

We will also be speaking to Ed who had an encounter in 1977 while hunting in California.

Oct 29, 2021
SC EP:803 Sierra Sasquatch

I will be speaking to Jaime Avalos and he writes "In June of 2006 I would see something that has forced me to question who we are and where we fit in the web of life. If you told me prior to this event that I would be scanning the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in search of something that science says does not exist, I would of just laughed at you.

Now I spend many hours in the wilderness alone, without a gun, food, use of lights or many other creature comforts. Through the years I have thought about the best way to be able to have sustained contact with these indigenous people as well as creating a formula that would help me locate them throughout the seasons. A measureable, repeatable, predictable formula that would work anywhere. A scientific approach. The resulting data has been promising."

Oct 25, 2021
SC EP:800 I Am Not Sure What We Saw

In the summer of 2005, I had moved back home. So had my friends Ryan and Kelly. The 3 of us grew up in the same cul de sac with each of our houses being one house apart. Kelly had just finished college and me and Ryan just needed to move home for whatever reason. We were all about 23 or 24 years old. One day, I believe it was in August, we were out playing softball with some friends at the local high school. Kelly’s girlfriend helped couch the team so she had a key to the fields. When we had finished, we were all going to go home, clean up, and then meet back up with everyone at Applebee’s. Since Ryan, Kelly, and I lived in the same cul de sac we had driven together. When we got home, Kelly went to his house, but me and Ryan went to Ryan’s house to have a beer and smoke a cigarette. We’re sitting on his back patio just hanging out when Kelly calls to see if we were ready to head out. We told him we had been chilling having a drink. He came up to join us. (We we’re not drunk or on any drugs during this. We had 1 beer and we’re smoking cigarettes).

Ryan’s back yard is where this happened. His back yard has a concrete patio directly out from the kitchen. It’s on ground level. Extending along the back of the house from the patio is a concrete basketball court with a hoop at the far end. His yard is completely fenced off and the gate was closed. The yard itself goes slightly up hill from the patio/basketball court with a shed in the corner of the yard. There are flowers lining the fence. They had been doing yard work so there were various tools around. There was a wheelbarrow lying on its side under the hoop and a shovel leaning against the house near the kitchen door. On the patio was a patio table which is where we were sitting. Kelly sat with his back to the basketball hoop, Ryan was to Kelly’s left, so his right side was to the hoop facing the shed, and I sat to Ryan’s left directly facing the basketball hoop.

As we sat there talking, the sun was going down. We didn’t have any lights on except for the light coming out from the kitchen. There was a faint light from that pre dusk just before the sun sets.

This is where things start getting weird. So, as we’re sitting there I notice that there is these lights up in the top of the evergreen trees behind the shed. It looked like someone had two flashlights and was moving them in circles next to each other. Those trees are pretty tall. I pointed it out to the other two. It was weird enough to take note of, but we were just like, that’s weird, but whatever. Not weird enough to freak us out or anything. Then, like 2 minutes later, from behind the wheelbarrow crawled this creature. I was facing towards it so I pointed and was like, “What the f*** is that?!?” This creature looked at me with as much surprise as I had. I looked at this thing in the face. Next, it took off running fast up the hill, and it sounded like a horse of a race track. Like it was heavy. It ran hand over feed and it was booking it up the hill and then it jumped OVER THE SHED into the trees where the lights had been shining.

Oct 14, 2021
SC EP:798 No Creature, No Deer and No Light

Tonight I will be speaking with Johnathan. Back in 2018 he had a very strange encounter happen to him while driving back to his cabin in Virginia. I have personally heard many accounts like this and I am happy Johnathan decided to come on the show and share it. Johnathan said after the encounter “I am left with no creature, no deer and no light. All I have is confusion. This incident has bothered me ever since.”

Oct 09, 2021
SC EP:796 The Stand Off

A listener writes “I’m a private person, a 20 year military combat veteran and have only told this story to two other people. My wife and my cousin.”

Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He said “I bought some property in Oregon and wanted to get away from everyone. I was dealing with PTSD. I was staying in a trailer while I was working on building a home on the property. One night I thought people were messing with my equipment. I armed myself and ran out of the trailer. I was face to face with these creatures. I have NEVER seen anything like this.”

Oct 01, 2021
SC EP:794 A Strange Place To Camp

Read Charlie's full encounter here

Check out the Sasquatch Chronicles Shorts on YouTube


Sep 24, 2021
SC EP:793 Law Enforcement Officer Encounters Sasquatch

Tonight we will be speaking to Dan. Dan is a former law enforcement officer and back in 1995 he had an encounter with a creature while camping on the Oregon Coast.

Sep 19, 2021
SC EP:790 We Ran For Our Lives

Mark writes "My first sighting was in October 1st I was out bow hunting with one of my buddies and 20 years later I ran into something else I didn't know what the hell it was for sure what it was and I shot this deer and the tracking string went where it wasn't supposed to go up in the trees and then I start finding part for the dear I don't know man it was crazy."

Spoke to Mark and he said "In 1989 my friend and I were walking along the train tracks and we ran into this thing. It wasn't a bear and it was too big to be a man. It started walking towards us."

Sep 11, 2021
VideoCast: Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

This is a VideoCast if the video does not play, download the CastBox . You can also watch the video at

Duane Ollinger has sunk everything he has into hunting for what he believes is a vast fortune of gold on his property. But with each step he takes closer to finding the treasure, the land seems to hold on tighter, stopping him in his tracks.




Sep 08, 2021
SC EP:789 I Thought It Was A Large Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Scott. Scott was a small boy in the 70's and he lived in Ohio. Scott describes running into a creature he thought at first it was a large man with a fur coat.

We will also be speaking to Jennifer. Jennifer was with her family on vacation in Georgia. They rented a cabin and Jennifer said "At first I was not sure what was going on at night. Something was throwing rocks at the cabin."

Sep 05, 2021
SC EP:786 My Father Shot It In Our Front Yard

Wade will be my guest tonight. Wade writes "The childhood experiences with my 5 sisters and 1 brother all older have being horrifying to all of us when we lived in Rainier Oregon. Dad was a pipe fitter and worked on a new nuke plant there. Mom was a stepford wife so to speak. Not long after we moved there odd things one could explain..starting with the 3 other houses that no one came out at night.

Animals disappeared and or twisted and put in trees. Lots of foot prints. The lumberjacks dad hired kept leaving. The well drillers pulled off twice. And then it got way worse. Bangs on the house, broken windows. We think there were 5 for sure....they all looked different and had NO fear of us. This was over a 3 year span. It had a life long no BS effect on the family. I talked to my older family about Rainer and it was way worse than could 10 year old to grasp. I went back there 2 years ago. It continues to this that day. It's hard to piece together so so many things over the years. There were a hell of a lot of stuff people knew back then. And we were warned by the very old couple dad bought the land from."

Aug 28, 2021
SC EP:785 Pastor Films Creature (Audio Version)

I noticed the video was not playing on Spotify. Here is an audio version of the show. If you have an Apple phone, It should be in the Apple Podcast Player. if you have an android check out CastBox it is a free podcast player app. You can get it from the Google Play Store. Every Podcast Player plays the video except for Spotify. I hope this helps.

Aug 26, 2021
SC EP:785 Pastor Films Creature
Spoke to the witness who took the video and he has agreed to come on the show. A listener writes “Hey everyone, So, I wanted to share my video with y’all , that I took a few Saturdays ago on 7/24.

First of all, I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I’m a pastor of a small country church for the past 15 years and I’m also the lead vocalist for a Christian rock band called: Stained Red.

I live in Royse City Texas and The morning of the sighting was very hot and dry and I was basically just outside early in the morning sipping my coffee about to go in my prayer room, when I noticed a couple fields over from my farm something moving very quickly to the North.

So, I thank God that I grabbed my phone and began to video this creature. I also noticed that it had a white tail doe on its back. ( I did have my phone on zoom) But notice how quickly it crosses the fence, which I measured at 48”, but no hair to be found , and the ground was to hard and grassy for any foot prints.

The grass was 3’ at fence line, but it was still moving very gracefully. I couldn’t get any closer when I was filming because I was already against my fence line to my prayer room. And honestly I was a little scared to go down and look for it, not knowing if it had babies down in trees that it might try to protect.

Tell me what you think, your friend IronMan of Stained Red . I would believe that it was about 7.5’ tall easy and very heavy. God bless you all!!!”

It will be uploaded to the podcast players shortly.

Aug 23, 2021
SC EP:782 I Did Not Think It Was Real

Tonight we will be speaking to Patrick who comes to us from Louisiana. Patrick has been hunting his whole life and grew up thinking Sasquatch was nonsense, made up bedtime stories for people to tell their kids. In 2003, he was hunting and was chased out of an area by a female creature. Patrick said “I could not believe what I was seeing.”



Aug 13, 2021
SC EP:780 The Cobble Creek Monster

A listener writes “I had an up close and personal encounter with a big foot back in 1984 when I lived in Massachusetts he was 10 feet or less to my car‘s windshield he was about 8 feet tall hair all over except for the face he had huge round bright red eyes black face and he looked like a gorilla with a round head.”

Spoke to the witness and she has agreed to come on the show. She said “It walked up to my windshield and I was eye to eye with this creature. The creature was not aggressive at all. Something strange happened during this face off I still cannot explain.”

Aug 07, 2021
SC EP:778 Military Encounters | What Is A Box Witch?

Tonight we will be chatting with Nick who is currently serving in the United States military. He is going to share with us his experience while training at Fort Polk.

Nick said “It was a strange night and I wasn’t the only person to experience this thing, whatever it is. I have also seen the lights on Fort Polk. There is a term that is used among solders and we call it the box witch.” The term has nothing to do with a witch but Nick will explain why they call it that.

Nick said I’ve started a side project of collecting Soldiers stories, specifically what they’ve experienced with “not normal.” It’s on Instagram @Tales_From_The_Gridsquare.”


Jul 26, 2021
SC EP:775 Sasquatch In Afghanistan

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack. Jack is military veteran and will be sharing an experience he had when he was talking with a Taliban leader about seeing these creatures in Afghanistan.

I will also be speaking to George who is also a military veteran. George writes "In 1978, I was in the USAF stationed at March AFB, in Riverside, California. I was raised in the West side of San Antonio, Texas. I was in the Military Police, Security Police while in the AF. I was very close to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and I would go to one or the other every chance I got.

George shares what happen to him. Check out the full story at:

Jul 16, 2021
SC EP:774 I Hit It With My Car

Doug writes "The reason I am emailing you is because a few months ago here in Arkansas I was driving down a two-lane highway just after dark when something that I could have swore was a orangutan with reddish hair came hauling ass up onto the highway from out of the woods and it had a raccoon hanging out of his mouth."

Jul 12, 2021
SC EP:771 A Caveman Stole Our Fish

Steve writes"As I said first sighting when I was about 10 years old in East Central Kentucky on a fishing trip with my dad, my dad's best friend and his son who happened to be about my age.

Me and the boy had picked out on s'mores over the campfire that we had built on a sandbar in the middle of the river because that's where we were camping. Approximately 3:00 a.m. I woke up with a bad stomach ache (probably from all the s'mores I gorge myself on) and was outside of the tent and stoked the fire back up when about 10 mins later I heard some swishing in the water as if somebody was walking in knee deep water against the current, it came up to within approximately 20 ft of me but did not come onto The Sandbar but stopped short to reach down and grabbed one of the two fish baskets and lifted its head up looked at me as if to say "I'm taking these fish, please and thank you" then walked back downstream with the basket of fish and I had no idea where it went after getting out of site of the fire glow. I got no ill intent from it, I was freaked out but not in a scared way.

Told my dad about it when he got up..and he told keep quiet about it until we could be alone and talk openly.. which we did 2 days later.

I have had one other siding which was a fleeting glimpse of a Sasquatch running back into the woods from the edge of a field, and have had two or three other weird experiences that later in life I've come to a tribute to Sasquatch experiences."

Jul 03, 2021
SC EP:769 Wildlife Biologist Shoots Dogman

Matt writes “Back in 2019 I had an encounter and actually shot what I believe is commonly referred to as the Michigan dogman.”

Spoke to the Matt and he works for the government. He said he thought it was a huge wolf. He watched it from a distance and noticed it was stalking him. The witness decided to shoot it. He said “I know I hit it in the head. It shook like it had been hit hard in the head, that’s when the strangest thing happened. It stood up on two legs, like a man. I was in shock.”

Jun 26, 2021
SC EP:768 Father's Day Reloaded

Jessie had an encounter with two creatures while hiking with his dog. He said one of the creatures appeared to be female while the other one looked very much like a male. The story doesn't end there.

Jun 20, 2021
SC EP:766 Encounter In North Texas

TJ said "In 1979 I was hunting in North Texas. I saw this creature, it was about 50 feet away. It was massive and it was so close I can tell you it was male. The hair on the arms were hanging down about 5 or 6 inches long. The one thing that really stays with me is the red eyes. I took off to get away from the creature and get to my brother and the creature chased me. I was able to get away from it.

I told my brother what I saw and he did not believe me. When my brother found the creatures tracks he was shocked. He did see the creature but he did not tell me what he saw until many years later.

A good friend of mine lives near me. He has had major problems with these creatures. He never believed in these creatures until he saw them. I would like to discuss what is going on this property"

Jun 14, 2021
SC EP:763 Kryder Exploration

Tonight I sit down with Robert Kryder. Robert had an encounter when he was 14 years old. He spent most of his later years working in archaeology and treasure recovery. In 1995 while investigating an area he was looking to do a dig on he filmed a large black figure on a hill watching him. Robert said "For years we had been running into these creatures but it wasn't until years later I started really investigating Sasquatch."




Jun 05, 2021
SC EP:761 The Creature Was Talking

Mike from Mississippi was out hunting when he had a run in with a creature he has never seen before. Mike said "This thing was talking....gibberish but it was talking. I was in shock. I did not really believe in Bigfoot before this."

Read the full account at:

May 29, 2021
SC EP:759 It's Right There!

Pansy will be joining me tonight. She is from Kentucky and writes "I have now seen Sasquatch two times where there is no doubt, and 2 other possible sightings. I'm not crazy and I'm not seeing things! I grew up in the country hunting, fishing, playing paintball and hide-and -seek in the woods, riding 4 wheeler and horses all through the woods. I'm also the daughter of a retired taxidermist, I know what all the animals look like from the inside out, I'm not mistaken on what I have seen."

May 21, 2021
SC EP:757 The Science Of Sasquatch

John from episode 754 will be returning to the show. John will be sharing his background as a scientist. He spent the last two weeks refreshing himself on Dr. Melba Ketchum's paper. What is wrong with the paper, what is right about the paper and why other scientist refused to accept it. Go to to get a copy of the paper if you want to follow along.

May 14, 2021
SC EP:755 The Most Terrifying Night

John writes "I stepped out of my tent and turned on my spot light and Wes I’ll be honest I pissed my pants I was so scared. About 10 yards stood a family group of 4 or 5 creatures that stood about 10 feet tall the small ones were about 6 1/2 feet tall they screamed and whooped and threw rocks and it got much much worse. This is the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had and I haven’t gone back to this property since. I can’t tell you everything through email because this story would take about an hour or so to fully describe what I saw that night.”

May 07, 2021
SC EP:753 Unexplained Mysteries And Encounters

Tonight I will be speaking with John, he comes to us from Texas. John and has family own a large amount of land. John said "We have all sorts of odd and strange things happen on that property.

I thought we had poachers and what I saw was not a man." I will be back on Sunday for the members I have a great show for you guys.

May 01, 2021
SC EP:751 Surrounded And Pushed Out Of Camp

I will be welcoming Tanner and Hunter to the show. Both witnesses share their encounters. Hunter's encounter really scared him and his friend enough to leave camp.

Read the full account at

Apr 24, 2021
SC EP:750 Hulu: Sasquatch

Hulu: Sasquatch - Journalist David Holthouse calls the urban legend “the craziest story I’ve heard heard,” and he’s just crazy enough to look into whether the tale actually happened in Hulu’s Sasquatch, as seen in the exclusive trailer above. Tonight we will be speaking to the director Joshua Rofé on his new documentary. A must see!

We will also be speaking to Rob who is a Canadian and a Veteran of the military. Rob shares with us his strange encounters in the Canadian forest. Rob has had two sightings of the creature.

Apr 18, 2021
SC EP:748 The Dogman Phenomenon

For decades, the creature described as a man with a dog’s head, or a dog that walks upright has been spotted by many eyewitnesses. Join me as we examine the Dogman phenomenon.

The Beast of Bray Road, also known as the Bray Road Beast and the Wisconsin Werewolf, is a purported humanoid wolf-like creature allegedly witnessed in or near the rural community of Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Named for the farm road in which it was first allegedly sighted, Bray Road, reports of the creature in the 1980s and 1990s prompted a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, to assign reporter Linda Godfrey to cover the story.

Apr 11, 2021
SC EP:746 Does Sasquatch Have A Language

Tonight, we will be discussing the many vocalizations that Sasquatch make. Do these creatures have a language? Take a listen and lets discover the answers together.

Apr 07, 2021
SC EP:744 Father And Son Encounter Sasquatch

A listener writes "Because of my interest in Bigfoot my wife and kids like to rib me quite a bit about it. And because we lived in Nevada for the last 18 years (although in the process of moving to Idaho), I assumed there would be no chance of my ever coming across one anytime soon since I had not really heard of any sightings in Nevada.

So in mid-April of this year (2020) my 19 year old son, Dylan was driving my truck home alone from his friend’s house and came running in the house at about 11:40 pm and yells “Dad! I just saw a bigfoot or something outside the gates to our development- I swear!” Well I found that hard to believe, but since I do love all things bigfoot I decided to at least take a look."

The father went out but did not see the creature at the time, although he would later see the creature.

Apr 03, 2021
SC EP:742 I Shot It Out Of Fear

Spoke to Kris and he said “We have family property in East Texas. After my dad passed away I would visit the property just trying to find peace after his death.

I ran into these creatures on three different occasions and the last time I was sure they were going to kill me. I was in tears and shaking….I fired. I hit it center mass. I watched it fall and moan almost like a human. I did not mean to shoot it I was trying to scare it off…I struggle with this….

Mar 27, 2021
SC EP:740 Hide And Seek Champion

Darvill said “18 years ago, I was in the Uinta Mountains. We were hunting and having fun. I remember seeing this big guy dressed in all brown. I thought he had on a brown sweatshirt and sweatpants. I watched him more and thought someone was dressed in a bigfoot suit.

While hunting you yell at each other in a whoop or woo sound just to say I am over here. I made that sound and this thing jumped behind a tree. It happen so fast. I did not think at the time how impossible it was.

Confused I sat there waiting for him to come out. I finally decided I was going to walk towards the tree. As soon as I did this thing took off. It was not a man, it was something I had never seen before.”

I will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff had an encounter with a white creature when he was young. Jeff said it was strange I didn't know anything about Bigfoot. I had no idea it was in the Ozark Mountains.

Mar 19, 2021
SC EP:738 It Was Too Big To Be A Man

Tonight, I will be welcoming Johnathan to the show. He had an encounter in Utah in 2020. Johnathan said "I was camping with my family and we kept hearing this bonking sound in the woods. I had no idea what it was.

Long story short I ended up seeing what I thought was a guy in a ghillie suit but the suit looked strange, it was too thick. That is when I saw the muscles flex on this creature. I never really thought about Bigfoot before this moment."

Mar 04, 2021
SC EP:737 I Quit Hunting After That Day

Ted who comes to us from Idaho, he had several strange incidents happen to him over the years. In 2003 Ted and his hunting partner were in between this creature who was in the valley below them.

As the two hunters were communicating via two way radios, the creature was heading Ted's way. Ted said "I never hunted again. I gave it up. I thought it was some guy at first but this was no man."

Mar 01, 2021
SC EP:735 ARK! ARK! Who Goes There

Jeff writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city.

It was myself, my brother, my best friend Scott, his brother and a mutual friend of all of ours. We built a half pipe in the woods and we skating it. One night we all started smelling something rancid and after awhile we all heard something crashing towards us.

Sounded like no other animal in the woods, it was charging at us and making a noise which I never heard before or afterwards in the woods. All I can say it was like an ARK vocal. It ran like a bulldozer, it was coming to our ramp. It was definitely bi pedal. Step after step going through bushes and trees, it was nuts. I have a lot more to tell and would like to talk with you and my best friend that was there. I never saw it, I ran. Scott saw it. Thanks for your time.”

Feb 22, 2021
SC EP:732 Physical Effects And Symptoms

I will be inviting Ken to the show and he had an encounter in 1962 in Montana while hunting. Ken said “I thought it was a man but I knew it was impossible for a man to move like that.”

Damien Nott will be returning to the show. I interviewed Damien on episode 723 The Strange Light Phenomena. One of the encounters he had with the lights almost killed him and he has been suffering from what appears to be radiation sickness. I wanted to discuss it on episode 723 but I wanted to make sure he was ready to talk about it.

Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations) began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO’s. His goal is educate those who are interested in the phenomena, as well as those who may find themselves having had an experience or encounter of their own.

Feb 13, 2021
SC EP:730 Where the Footprints End II

Tonight I will be chatting with Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin. Their book is called "Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume II: Evidence."

The guys write "Despite continued attempts to uncover the truth, proof of the bigfoot phenomenon has eluded researchers and cryptozoologists for decades. Witnesses regularly describe seeing and interacting with something like a large, undiscovered hominid... and yet, such sightings regularly produce evidence directly at odds with conventional scientific explanations. It seems impossible to reconcile these peculiarities—among them mystery lights, UFOs, unusual sounds, mindspeak, cryptic stick signs, and anomalous footprints and trackways—with the notion of flesh-and- blood creatures evading detection in the modern frontier.

As remarkable as the discovery of a manlike primate would be, what if bigfoot is something stranger still?"

Also check out Tim's Podcast:

Feb 06, 2021
SC EP:729 Leave Or I Will Kill You

I welcome David and Jeff. While hunting in Oklahoma they were stalked and harassed by a creature. After one of the hunters shot at the creature he thought this encounter was over. Several creatures returned and circled the hunters camp. Read the full encounter here:


Feb 01, 2021
SC EP:727 They Took My Flesh

On this episode, we are joined by Tony Merkel from The Confessionals podcast, who will be our Sasquatch Chronicles guest host, while Wes hosts an episode of The Confessionals for Tony as part of this special swapcast! Tony brings guest Michael to the show, who shares with us all about a life riddled with unusual experiences pointing to him possibly be an alien abductee at the age of three. Michael was visited by entities at that time, and later came to understand that they were Grey extraterrestrials. He lays out a series of events which followed as he grew older that sometimes left him feeling so terrified he was afraid to go to sleep at night. The feeling of ice cold hands grabbing him eventually became a tell that alerted him he was being attacked. Once while he was sleeping he found himself in a type of sleep paralysis state from which he could not awaken, and all the while he felt like something was peeling the skin off of his feet. When he finally came out of it, hediscovered he really was missing chunks of skin! Michael also describes another instance when he felt the ice cold hands grabbing his ankles and pulling him off his bed, only to drag him down the hall. What happened as he was being dragged is hard for himto describe or understand because it seemed like he was being taken into a whole other realm. Michael shares as many bits and pieces of these abduction events as he can remember on this week’s swapcast episode, ‘They Took My Flesh.


If you want o hear me on The Confessionals, come listen to at


Jan 25, 2021
SC EP:724 The Sounds They Make

Patrick writes "It was October 13th 2016. I was bow hunting in my deer blind outside of St Clair Missouri just off the meramec river. Times were tough.

I had just gotten laid off and my older sister who's land I was hunting on had just lost her job and her husband was disabled so there was little money. I was hunting for food to feed us. I had been scouting for several weeks and had been seeing deer every day. For about a week prior to the 13th I had noticed the deer had seemed to disappear. I thought that they had gone into an early rut and the bucks were chasing the does at night and running them ragged.

Check out the full encounter at

Jan 15, 2021
SC EP:723 The Strange Light Phenomena

Will-o’-the-wisp appears in traditional legends of numerous countries and cultures; notable will-o’-the-wisp include St. Louis Light in Saskatchewan, The Spooklight in Southwestern Missouri, Marfa lights of Texas, the Naga fireballs on the Mekong in Thailand, the Paulding Light in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Hessdalen light in Norway.

Damien Nott will be my guest tonight. Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations) began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO’s. His goal is educate those who are interested in the phenomena, as well as those who may find themselves having had an experience or encounter of their own.


Link to Damien's YouTube Channel

Australien Skies


Jan 11, 2021
SC EP:720 What I Saw Is Not Supposed To Exist

Tonight I welcome Leann and John. Leann had an encounter in WY. John had an encounter in Ontario Canada. Leann assumed she saw a naked man crawling across the highway. John witnessed the creature avoiding the spotlight on the property.

Jan 02, 2021
SC EP:718 The Christmas Show 2020

Merry Christmas everyone! It has been a rough year to say the least. Join me tomorrow night as we look back at some of my favorite guests from 2020. The Christmas show is an extra long show, I hope to see you all there!

Dec 21, 2020
SC EP:715 These Monsters Chasing Me

A listener writes "Long story short, 10 years ago I went on a 30 mile hike through the Big Cypress National preserve and encountered 7 different bigfoots 3 of which I saw. Beginning this last year I have been going back out into the swamp and have gathered some interesting photos and videos."

Spoke to the witness and he describes a long night of several creatures around his camp upon leaving he saw two large creatures watching him, the creatures began to harass and stalk him.

The witness said "I was a runner and I could out run anyone back in the day, I have never ran so hard in my life and every time I looked back this creature was right there.

I thought I was going to die. As I was leaving I saw a smaller one sitting in a tree watching me. I stopped and looked up at it. I continued to run. I was so exhausted and overheated as I came out of the woods, I was in bad shape. I ended up going to the hospital. I was mumbling monsters to the EMT's and medical staff, this has haunted me for the last ten years, I cannot get it out of my dreams at night."

Dec 11, 2020
SC EP:713 Dead Mountain

The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains between 1 and 2 February 1959, in uncertain circumstances.

Tonight I am joined by Kerry Arnold from the Bigfoot Odyssey to discuss the Dyatlov Pass incident. There have been many theories put forth on what happen to these hikers. Tongiht we share our take on what happen and the answer might surprise you.


Check out the Bigfoot Odyssey YouTube Channel


Dec 04, 2020
SC EP:712 The Michigan Encounter Reloaded

On Friday night we heard from Rick who had a recent encounter in Michigan. Rick spoke about his fathers encounters. I spoke to Scott who is the father and he shared what happen to him growing up on a farm in a rural area. He saw the creature a few times and many strange things happened on the property.

Nov 30, 2020
SC EP:709 The Mogollon Monster

Ron shares an encounter he had on the the Mogollon Rim. The Mogollon Rim is a topographical and geological feature cutting across the northern half of the U.S. state of Arizona. It extends approximately 200 miles (320 km), starting in northern Yavapai County and running eastward, ending near the border with New Mexico. It forms the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. Ron describes being stalked for most of the night around his camp by an unknown creature.

Nov 21, 2020
SC EP:708 It Looked More Human Like

A listener writes “I was born and raised in Lee County AL. One morning on the way to work in about 2008 I saw a Bigfoot standing in a pine thicket. It was about eight feet tall and looked like a hairy human. Didn’t look animal like to me but more human like.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I grew up in Alabama hunting and fishing and I have never seen anything or heard anything regarding Bigfoot. The state had just clear cut this area where I saw this thing. I have been camping, hunting and fishing in this area. I never believed in Bigfoot and I was in shock looking at this creature. It looked like a huge hairy human, it looked at me and I looked at it. It wasn’t a bear and it wasn’t a human being. I would say it looked more human like.”

Nov 15, 2020
SC EP:705 A Country Boy Can Survive

Jake writes "I live in granbury texas, I have had several encounters happen to myself and my family, I took a picture of a foot print I found in the woods when I was a teenager, which has a crazy story to it.

I wrecked my truck one night driving home from one of these things running out in the road, I've been chased on foot by one and even had rocks thrown at me, my father chased one through the woods in his truck once."

Nov 06, 2020
SC EP:704 Living Next To Skinwalker Ranch

Roland writes “I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen some strange things, I grew up 2 miles from Skin Walker Ranch”

Roland returns to the show and shares strange events from his life. I was speaking to Roland last night and he said “As a kid I was playing next to Skinwalker Ranch and I think something followed me home.” The story that he shared next was disturbing. Roland will be sharing some of the more scary accounts living next to the ranch.

Nov 01, 2020
SC EP:702 The Unnatural Fear

Tonight I will be speaking to two eyewitnesses. Jacob writes "I'm 32 years old Oregon woodland firefighter. I have hiked around a lot of woods. I am also a skeptic, I'm not sure what exactly it was that I saw or experienced.
I will also be speaking to Roland. Roland writes "I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen some strange things, I grew up 2 miles from Skin Walker Ranch"

Oct 26, 2020
SC EP:699 The Uninvited Visitor

Tonight we will be speaking to two witnesses. Stephen comes to us from AR. He had an encounter while driving with his family and this huge black creature rushed his car. Stephen said " We bought a piece of property in the middle of no where and we have had several strange things happen. We will also be speaking to Mark who had an encounter in 1984 in Canada.

Oct 16, 2020
SC EP:697 A Whirlwind Of Weirdness

Cindy writes "Hi Wes, I've thought a lot about sharing what has been happening here and to be honest, when it all started I had no idea what was going on!

We have lived in this house for 20 years. It's in a Beautiful area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. When we bought this house, we were traveling 9-10 months of the year... only coming home occasionally. This pattern continued until 2015 when we started a different path. My husband is a Speaker, Professor and does work for the State Department, so he was still Very busy.

At that point, I was home alone 98% of the time. I started to hear noises in the woods At night... and Knocking! The Master Bedroom has a Balcony off of it that faces in to the woods. It's at least 14 ft off the ground."

Cindy goes on to share her encounters with these creatures and how the aggressive behavior would ramp up.


Oct 09, 2020
SC EP:696 Fishing Trip From Hell

The witness is a veteran and has agreed to come on the show. Chris writes “Wes, I recently discovered your podcast and have been listening and enjoying it.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and believe enough evidence has been found to prove their existence. On to my possible encounter.

In June of 2006, my fishing buddy and I were on Lake Ouachita (pronounced wosh-i-taw) in Arkansas. We hit the water around 1900 that evening, launching from the Joplin recreation area boat ramp. The breeze was calm and the moon was bright, a perfect night for fishing. Around 2200, we had been fishing the perimeter on one of the many islands on the lake. This particular island has a nice long inlet on one side that has a finger protruding just off center and we always catch some nice fish there. This evening was no exception. After landing my second bass, there was a loud splash from a decent sized rock being tossed in the water.

I looked back to my buddy giving him the WTF look only to notice he was giving me the same look. As we were about to say something to each other, there was another splash in front of the boat. Now we knew that neither one of us had done this as a joke on the other as we were facing each other when the second and third splash occurred. We exchanged a few words while scanning the bank looking for who was throwing these rocks when the fourth splash was made to our left and very close to the boat. I remember my buddy saying “oh shit” and pointing to the crest of the island shortly after that splash.

My eyes followed to where he was pointing, and standing next to a large pine tree was a hulking figure. While neither of us could make out any details, we knew it was massive. As stated earlier, the moon was bright and almost full that night, and what we were looking at was standing in the shadows of the tree it was beside. There was low, deep growl unlike anything I have ever heard before. This thing grabbed the branch it was standing behind, tore it from the tree, and began walking to our right, down the ridge towards the front of the boat carrying this limb.

Oct 04, 2020
SC EP:694 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma II

Cater will be returning to the show, he has investigated and created many eyewitness reports for the BFRO. This is part two of our conversation.

Carter writes “For those that believe, or want to believe, this book should be a good place to start. I cover basics of investigations, mine, and others theories, as to who they are and what they may be capable of behavior wise.”


Sep 27, 2020
SC EP:692 The Explanation
Sep 24, 2020
SC EP:691 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma

Cater agreed to come on the show, he has investigated and created many eyewitness reports for the BFRO. Should be a great show!

Carter writes “For those that believe, or want to believe, this book should be a good place to start. I cover basics of investigations, mine, and others theories, as to who they are and what they may be capable of behavior wise."


We will also be speaking to author and bigfoot enthusiast Greg Walter. Greg Walter is also an entrepreneur, veteran, research historian, U.S Coast Guard and veteran who spends most of his time hiking trails throughout the Pacific Coast. Greg had an encounter with a Sasquatch and spent a lot of time with many different Native American tribes trying to find answers for what he saw.

He will be sharing his encounter along with what he learned from Native Americans. Greg wrote a book called The Ridgewalkers.


Sep 20, 2020
SC EP:689 Strange Hooded Snowmobilers

Tonight Ethan shares an encounter he had in Minnesota while ice fishing. He describes two creatures staring at him. The creatures were so tall he thought they were standing on their snowmobiles behind the reeds that were six feet tall.


We will also be talking to Lenny who is from Washington state and he describes a strange encounter he had being bluff charged by something.

Sep 13, 2020
SC EP:686 Municipal Court Judge Encounters Dogman

Shane who is a Municipal Court Judge in Ohio writes “When I was a teenager I was stalked and chased by what I later found out to be a Dog Man. If you are interested in hearing about my encounter, let me know.”

Sep 04, 2020
SC EP:685 Red Eyes At My Window

Tonight Wyatt who is 12 years old and he will be sharing his encounter along with his father Wes. Both have experienced strange things on their property in Oklahoma. Wyatt said "I something large looking in my window and it had red eyes, I was scared". A short time later Wyatt saw something else on the property. We has also experienced strange things while hunting near his property.

We will also be speaking to Nathan and father Dan. While on the school bus in a rural area of Utah, Nathan saw a strange creature in a farm field. Dan and Nathan went back to investigate.

We will wrap up with Dan who is from Oregon. He was driving on McKenzie Pass and had two separate encounters.

Aug 30, 2020
SC EP:683 Terror At Caddo Lake

Three brothers decided to camp at Caddo Lake in Texas during the off season. The first night they were stalked and harassed by something. The following day they had a run in with a strange creature. It was a camping trip they will never forget.

Aug 23, 2020
SC EP:681 The Foo Fighters Reloaded

Tonight we will be speaking to a retired police officer in California who encountered strange balls of light on his property. Jeff discusses seeing these lights on his property and he decided to investigate. Much like the Foo Fighters the lights seem to be intelligently controlled.  We will also be speaking to Bo Kennedy from The BUMP Podcast. Bo will be sharing his encounters with us.

The BUMP Podcast is a place for Believers of the Unexplained, Monsters, and the Paranormal to share ideas and encounters about all that goes BUMP in the night.

Aug 16, 2020
SC EP:679 The Murderers Creek Incident

Murderer’s Creek, Oregon was named in the 1860s, or so the story goes, after a party of eight prospectors who were exploring its banks were murdered. On tonight's show a group of hunters have a couple of run ins with a creature who has been watching them.


Check out Justin's wife's podcast: The February Room
The fly tying vise is like a campfire...bust one out, sit back, and listen to the stories unfold. Our vise is located in the "February Room", a Montana basement where the juices flow, and wild and wooly experiences are recounted. Hosted by Lauren Karnopp.

Aug 09, 2020
SC EP:678 The Hunting Lease

Tonight I will be speaking to three guests. My first Cassidy had several strange experiences on a hunting lease in Wisconsin. I will be playing some sounds tonight that resemble what the witness heard. Cassidy talks about something walking up to his trailer on the property and tapping on the windows. I will also be speaking to Travis who had an encounter with several creatures while on a trail in Pennsylvania. We will wrap up with Matt who is a truck driver from Western Pennsylvania and witnessed a creature on the side of the road. Matt said “I wasn’t sure what it was the eyes were red, which confused me. I never looked into Bigfoot before this and did not realize their eyes could be red…it was strange.”

Aug 08, 2020
SC EP:677 The Story Of Robert

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I had an encounter in 1979-1980 in Goshen, Virginia. We were at the Boy Scout Camp and got up early to try and see deer. I lived outside of Washington, D.C. so catching sight of a deer would have been a highlight for a young kid.

As we walked through the woods near our cabins, there was a thick morning fog. We were being lead by one of the Scout leaders, it was a small group of maybe four or five people. As we walked along for maybe 10 minutes, I felt that there was another person or group with us. It was not the feeling of being watched but more like we were walking along two parallel paths in the woods. I recall hearing the irregular sound of sticks cracking etc. I wasn’t familiar with these particular woods so I wouldn’t know what was normal or unusual.

As we stopped to look at some tracks, I recall looking into the woods and seeing something but not seeing it. It was as if something (a man-like creature) was standing flush against the trees..

Aug 02, 2020
SC EP:675 It Looked Like A Primitive Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack who had an encounter when he was young. Jack says "I lived in a rural area in Pennsylvania. I remember going down this road and I had this bike and the chain would always come off. I looked down at my chain and had a feeling I was being watched I looked up and saw this thing watching me. We will also be speaking to Will who is from Canada and he had a recent encounter. Will says "I thought it was a basketball player with a hoodie on. It had a small tree or branch in its hand and when it dropped what it had in its hand I noticed the deltoid muscle was the size of a basketball. It reminded me of a primitive man."

Jul 27, 2020
SC EP:673 The Skunk Ape Lives

I will be having three guests on tonight. Orrin who is from Washington describes seeing this small creature on two legs cross on front of him and his family. We will also be chatting with Gabe who had a strange encounter while camping in Washington back in 2017. We will wrap with with Stacy Brown who will share his encounters and talk about his new documentary called The Skunk Ape Lives which is available on Amazon

Jul 19, 2020
SC EP:670 I Thought I Was A Dead Man

A listener writes “I was running my airboat on the upper St. Johns River, Florida doing what I like to do best frog jigging on a Friday night.

It wasnt the first time I was out on the river at night,I use to run the north and south parts of the river all the time.I still do but I rarely go at night and if I do it’s with 5 or 6 other boats..Anyway I was coming up on the oak’s.The oaks are located right next to Duda’s property.Just a wee south of Lake Winder. I figured I would pull up into the oakhead and drink a few cups of joe before I started to gig.Out of the corner of my eye I saw something bolt into the cabbage palms.I figured it to be a hog,I really did not know what it was the last thing on my mind was it could of been the big guy.Anyway I ran up on dry ground about 15 yards spun my boat around so it was pointed toward the river and shut it down.I just poured a cup of joe when I heard something about 10 yard behind me. It sounded like it was wrestling with a cabbage palm or maybe rolling around in a bunch of palms.that’s when I heard something hitting the ground and making a God awful noise then out of know where I heard a thump right next to my boat.

I looked but did not see anything then again I heard it behind my boat then something hit my rudders I turned on my head lamp and saw mud on my rudders I then saw a bunch of mud fly over me and hit my bow I shined my light in the direction of where it was coming from and I saw his face and a good portion of his body he was pissed all I could think was my holy father please deliver me from evil.I lost all feeling in my body I just about passed out I was lost I didnt know what to do. I was in total shock I figured I was about to be ripped apart by this giant he was huge, I looked at him for 15 to 25 seconds it seemed longer I paired him with the front of my boat and this thing was huge. He definitely was a he, it had Male junk he had brown hair not very long and a leathery face. I just about peed my pants I was so scared.

I never in my natural born life moved so fast to crank my boat and got the heck out of there I was amazed my boat cranked as fast as it did I was waiting to get pulled off my seat and got the tar beat out of me I was amazed my boat started, I gunned it I really dont even remember starting it .I almost sank my boat when I hit the river. I just went north knowing I would be in the lake.I was scared to drive home so I parked in the middle of Lake Winder and took a few sips of drink to calm my nerves and try to talk my self out of what I saw, I stayed there until first light. I was afraid to try and head back down the narrow part of the river in fear the big guy could snatch me off the boat and kill me, sitting in my front seat of my boat I sit 9 feet above the ground I was just about eye level with him during my confrontation.

I have never been back to that spot again I was asked by a researcher if I could bring them there which I said I would but only during the day and I would be armed. It really ruined my life I use to love going out on the river and loved going camping and couldn’t wait to do it with my sons when they got old enough but you wont catch me out there at night, the sounds it made and the size it was is forever etched in my memory forever just writing this is got me crying from emotion.”

Jul 10, 2020
SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home

"I think something followed me home and we have had several other weird things happen, my wife and two small kids seeing things that are alarming.”

Jul 03, 2020
SC EP:667 Exploring the Unexplained

Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific researchers of folklore and legends today. A natural storyteller, he’s the award-winning, Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages). He also hosts the New England Legends weekly podcast, which has garnered over 2 million downloads since it was launched.

Always one for chasing adventures, Jeff has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, he’s explored the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, he’s searched the catacombs of Paris, France (where he encountered his first ghost), he faced his life-long struggle with basophobia on his birthday by going skydiving, and he’s been ghost hunting all over the world from a former TB asylum in Kentucky, to medieval castles in Europe, to an abandoned prison in Australia.

Jeff got his start as a journalist in 1997, where he learned how to connect with people from all walks of life. For his work, he’s interviewed thousands of people about their encounters with the profound.

Jun 26, 2020
SC EP:665 Eerie Florida

My guest tonight is Mark Muncy. Mark has written numerous books regarding everything strange in Florida.

Most know Florida as the land of endless sunny beaches, but the state is home to numerous eerie legends and mysterious creatures. The Everglades is home to the elusive Skunk Ape, a strange bipedal creature recognized by its odor.

An uncanny doll reputed to have a life of its own greets visitors in a Florida Keys museum. An ancient monster is reported to roam the rivers in the northeast corners of the state, and in South Florida, a man built "America's Stonehenge" via mysterious means.

Jun 21, 2020
SC EP:663 I Thought that is NOT a Bear

Bob Strain is a retired firefighter/paramedic with a lifelong interest in the outdoors. When he was 18 years old, he had a daytime visual sighting while hunting in remote Idaho.

Many years later, this experience, along with others, led him to pursue this mystery and become involved in investigating to the extent he is today.

Jun 14, 2020
SC EP:661 DEVOLUTION With Max Brooks

Max Brooks is an American actor and author. He is the son of comedy legend Mel Brooks and actress Anne Bancroft. Much of Brooks’s writing focuses on zombie stories. He is known as the godfather of the cultural phenomenon of the zombie genre.

His first book, The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), published by Three Rivers Press, describes in depth the origin and lives of zombies. The book was followed up by The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks (2009), a graphic novel depicting several of the events detailed in the first book’s latter section.

In 2006, Brooks followed with World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which deals with the war between the human race and zombies. Paramount Pictures acquired the movie rights, and Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment, produced the film.

The #1 bestselling author of World War Z returns with a horror tale that blurs the lines between human and beast, and asks, What are we capable of when we’re cut off from society?

Max has a new book out called Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre

Jun 08, 2020
SC EP:659 Where the Footprints End
Timothy Renner and Joshua Cutchin will be my guests. They co-authored the book Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: Folklore. It is available on Amazon.
May 31, 2020
SC EP:658 It Reminded Me Of A Man

Spoke to the witness and had a brief conversation, he said "while driving in York, Pennsylvania I saw this huge creature. It was bent down next to a creek. I stopped to look at it and other drivers pulled over. The creature stood up and had this look like it was upset it had been seen. It had something in its hand. The creature turned and looked at us. It reminded me of a man...a large...hairy man.

May 29, 2020
SC EP:657 The Bridgewater Triangle

“The Bridgewater Triangle” hosts an unusually high volume of reports involving strange happenings, baffling mysteries and sinister deeds. From ghostly hauntings and cryptid animal sightings, to UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, this 200-square mile region in Southeastern Massachusetts serves as one of the world’s most diverse and well-known hotspots for paranormal activity.

Chris Balzano who hosts the podcast Tripping On Legends will be my guest. Chris Balzano is a teacher and has been investigating the unknown for many years. He has authored many books that are available on Amazon.

He was in the movie The Bridgewater Triangle which is available on Amazon.

May 24, 2020
SC EP:655 An Anthropologist Encounters Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to two guests. James writes "When I was younger my family would have reunions in the summer at my grand parents house and the kids would camp out in tents in the early morning hours before day light a few of us would wake up to howls in the distance not really loud but like they were far away we heard this almost every night.

When we visited our parents just played it off and teased us that it was the boogie man eventually my parents was transferred to Pennsylvania from Virginia we moved to the next county over from the one my grand parents lived we lived in a very rural area.

I made a friend that lived about a half a mile from me we met at the mom and pop store it was early summer, school was out he asked if I liked to fish and said yes so we rode our bikes to a dnr service road about a mile up the rode was a train trestle that went over a good size creek.

We explored all day, we did this for about two weeks everyday. We decided to do a weekend camping and fishing trip and go deeper into the woods to find a better place to fish. The first day was good we made camp got fire wood then started to fish things got really quiet no birds or squirrels we could here pebbles hitting the water from the ridge above where the gravel road we heard something moving around we thought it was a black bear because we have seen one earlier that week about a mile up the creek.

We started to holler go away bear and make noise to let it know we were there so we had a radio and turned it on we built a fire pit and started a fire it was getting dark so we ate about 11 pm we went to sleep we were woke up a few times that night to what we thought was a bear snooping around the camp.

What I now know as wood knocks we woke up that morning and our fire pit was wrecked and our fishing poles were scattered around but we just really didn't think about it but later that day was going to change our lives again pebbles started falling from the ridge above the movement now was like something was pacing back in forth above us every now and then we heard a huff and rocks would land behind us in the woods we still had no clue what it was a bout an hour later this thing starts coming down the ridge like a tank through the woods about 20 yards up from us and walked right into the creek.

It looked at us growled then 2 strides to the other side and went into the woods on the other side we both was shaking all over and both peed our pants could not move then my friend hollered let's get the the F out of here.

We ran and left everything we ran all the way to my house my parents was like what's the matter we were white as ghosts. We told them and they wanted to go there the next day I didn't wanna go so they called the dnr office and they sent a officer to talk to me and my friend.

We reluctantly took him there and he found foot prints and cast them but told us it was a bear but I know what I saw and it was no bear I have only to my family about this and got teased alot about it so im so glad for you and your show thank you wes for what you do ."



I will also be speaking to Kathy Strain. Kathy Strain is a West Coast investigator who studies the role of bigfoot and Native American cultures.

She holds a master’s degree in anthropology from California State University, and is employed as the Forest Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest, located in Sonora, California, where she continues to study sasquatch.

She has worked in archeology, and is an author who in 2008, published the book “Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture,” a compilation of stories about the “hairy man” phenomenon in North and South America.

May 17, 2020
Upcoming Show: Strange Property

A listener writes “I have had one sighting of Bigfoot in the open. And several bizarre encounters around a private piece of land In north Texas and a possible UFO landing spot.”

May 14, 2020
SC EP:653 Collecting A Specimen With Matt Pruitt

Matt Pruitt joins us tonight and discusses collecting a specimen and determining the value of evidence. Matt is apart of The North American Wood Ape Conservancy. The group is trying to actively collect a specimen. For more information check out the North American Wood Ape Conservancy.

May 10, 2020
SC EP:651 It Chased Our Truck

Jay writes “I grew up on a big cattle ranch in eastern Oregon where I hunted and farmed from a young age. I pride myself in saying that can track a cotton ball in a snow storm and guiding many hunts for people for bear, elk, and deer. I have seen and experienced every predator in the Pacific northwest and know what track they lay, and how old. But one experience changed my life forever and I feel maybe you could bring some insight, and or knowledge.

I would like to get into the mountains as much as possible and find new spots or fishing holes. I was traveling east on mountain roads in between cascadia and sisters on a road system on the north side of green peter and foster dam. I would stop occasionally and walk a little bit of the road to ensure it wasn’t overgrown or sunk in. It was around the first of May nobody goes up where I was because it can be a bit dicey. But i would check if there was any spots i could drop off the side and fish or gold pan. I did this until i hit a dead end. I was literally in between sisters and Cascadia when i had to turn around and head back to another road system. On the way back I rounded a corner and saw a pile of rocks on the road. They were stacked in a pyramid.. big from small, top to bottom. They were not there on the way up, but almost in the middle of the road on the way back. So I parked the my jeep, I was about 30 yards from the pile.

I exited my jeep and walked to the pile, but was in shock.. this is how the Iraqis would mark IEDS, and almost in shock. There was and embankment going up to my left almost vertical about 30 feet, and tapered off a little bit to the top of the hill, and almost a sheer drop off to my right. As I studied the rock pile for a few seconds something started to charge me from on top of the mountain on my left. I’m always carrying a gun so I drew my pistol and held it where the sound was coming from and as soon as I drew it, it stopped. I was frozen with my pistol held where the sound came from with the mentality I’m about to smoke this bear. I have about 30 feet to move left or right while dumping 230 grains of hollow points in it, but it never showed. It froze when I did.. I held that position for about a minute when I decided to start moving towards my vehicle. As I moved towards my jeep I could hear it parallel me on the ridge above out of sight but I never dropped my weapon. That’s when i knew something else was going on. I have experienced bear, cougar and every predator in our mountains and a bear wouldn’t have known if someone drew a pistol. So I was thinking human possibly? But didnt know, because how would it know to stop when I drew down? As I got to my jeep and held for a bit to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, or hearing things.. I switched to off hand with my pistol while holding up the mountain, started my jeep and drove off.

I was so confused when I drove off that I headed straight to my hunting partners house and told him we needed to head up there to see what’s going on. When we got back up there the rock pile was still there.. and we heard nothing but silence for the first few minutes.

It was around 10 minutes of studying the rock pile and seeing strange tracks behind us going up the cliff when we heard whoops. They were in sequences of 3 directly to our south. It was just a whoop, whoop, whoop. It happened until towards the Bend of the road to the north started doing a whoop.. this was also in a sequence of 3. We were super confused, then around the Bend of the road on the east side the whoops started there… and both spots in between whoops started, but at this point there was only 1 whoops per area. It sounded like a grouse mixed with Hercules or hulk. Idk… but not right..we decided to get out of there.

We went back 2 days later with a fire team and track whatever it was. When we got above the cliff it was like a nuke went off. Tree barks everywhere… loke 8-10 in dug firs pulled from the ground and shoved top first into the ground. Root was and all. Tree breaks on break breaks. I’ve never seen anything like it. The strangest thing was we found 3 separate tracks, human like barefoot tracks different sizes. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered and from this day I will not go into the woods alone. Some of the guys I was with say wiccans and their summer solstice festival, some say bigfoot. I can only say what the tracks tell me, and no human could have came at me that fast down the mountain, and stop when I drew my pistol.”

Kelly writes “We was riding dirt bikes in the back country of Central Utah. When we stopped to gauge the trail things were just weird. Dead no birds nothing my little brother pointed out to me. My cousin walk up the trail to see how bad it gets when he call my name to come look. As I stated walking I had a really weird gut feeling. As we’re walking up hes walking down. He catches something out of the corner of his eye to left up the Hill. Screaming as he drops to the ground faster than I’ve ever seen anyone I see a large tree coming horizontally at him breaking smaller trees as it went. I looked to see what was going on and I saw the biggest thing that I ever seen. There is so much more to this encounter id be typing all day I’m not very good with emailing I apologize for the grammar and spelling and punctuation.

May 03, 2020
SC EP:649 Hunter Encounters Sasquatch

A listener writes “I had 4 encounters on 3 different properties, 2 of which I know was Bigfoot and 2 that couldn’t have been anything else and nothing else makes since. All these encounters took place while deer hunting here in northeast Alabama. I also have a strange story about the balls of lights that my grandma told me about on the property we’re I had 2 of the encounters.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I was hunting and the neighbor had a huge dog.I thought this large dog had its back to me in the treeline and I was mad because he was going to ruin my hunt. I looked away scanning for deer and when I looked back at what I thought was the dog I was shocked. It was now standing on two legs staring at me. I was in shock and could not wrap my head around what I was looking at.”

We are also going to speak to David and his son who had an encounter in Utah. David's son ran ahead of him on the trail and saw a creature on the trail. His son screamed and David thought he was hurt as he caught up to his son he heard something very large tearing through the woods.

Apr 27, 2020
SC EP:647 Into The 400

Luke writes “Hey Wes, I am from Connecticut. I wanted to reach out to you specifically because of some odd experiences that keep me wondering what really happened that night.

It was about July and I was feeling ambitious so I decided to camp up in Northwestern hills solo in a hammock. The Wyatenoic state forest seemed remote enough. As darkness set in, I was circled in my hammock and heard a grunt just out of sight. I left soon after with the fear of being too deep in the woods without any real protection from cougars, bears.. I want to add the other event that took place in Dudleytown on December 26 2018.. I wanted to check out the place and explore the ruins.

We were not too far into the woods when my buddy started to go back towards the car due to increasing paranoia about something in the woods. Ill admit I wasn’t concerned as him, but there was something large that seemed to parallel us. As he walked back I stood in the woods looking around and taking in the beauty. I closed my eyes for maybe 30 seconds just happy to be there.. After that I walked back to my friend who was moving quickly up the trail with stone walls.. I turned around and a small black figure moved from the trail to behind the tree.. It was the same size as my friend who is 6 foot but was much smaller in build than him.. I was perplexed because it seemed rather lanky and kept me guessing if I saw a shadow figure.”


We also be talking to the guys from Into the 400. It is available now on Amazon. Check it out here

Follow along as four researchers investigate a private property in the Ozarks known as "The 400" where they uncover compelling evidence that a group of Sasquatch may inhabit the area.


We will wrap up with Jarrett. Jarrett writes “I was camping at my property, 22 acres in western PA. I go there every once in a blue moon. Since this quarantine, I figure it it’s a great place to isolate on the weekends.

Briefly my tent was around 50 ft away from my car. In the middle of the night my car alarm goes off.. I’ve had the car for 2 years through hail and snow storms the car alarm has never gone off. It starts going off in the middle of the night.

I had a gun in the tent with me, I run out without knowing what’s going on and shot a round into the air. All I can see is a figure running away from the blinking lights of my car alarm. This is 8ish feet tall at 4am in the middle of nowhere.”

Apr 19, 2020
SC EP:644 Cliff Barackman

Cliff was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Throughout his youth, his interests were drawn towards both the physical and biological sciences, as well as to music. These interests later brought him to dabble in a wide variety of sciences in college before later deciding to pursue his degree in Jazz Guitar.

Cliff can be heard performing guitar around the Portland area, when he’s not busy in the field. Cliff’s interest in the sciences drove him to a teaching career where he could share his love and appreciation of the natural world with young people, and particpate in the occasional sing along.

While Cliff was navigating his life, his growing interest in the bigfoot phenomena drove him to travel to other parts of the country to look into the mystery. By extensively travelling the West Coast, he found himself unsatisfied with living in Southern California and wanting to live closer to bigfoot habitat. After living in various parts of California and Washington State, he eventually settled in Portland, OR where he lives today.

Apr 10, 2020
SC EP:643 Let The Stealer Steal No More

James writes "I had on my uncle small farm in Ozark County, Missouri. This happened during the summer of 2017. My uncle owns and operates a small beef cattle farm where he has cows, chickens, and goats.

I was visiting my family that live in the area because I live in Kentucky now. We was talking and he was telling me about how some of his chickens a had been pulled out of there pens and disappeared over the last couple weeks. We both agreed there may be a coyote or two getting into his chicken pin. I like varmint hunting so I agreed to spend a couple nights out there and see if I bag the coyote for him. I had brought my .300 AAC AR build to shoot with some of my family. It was equipped with a day and night sight because I mainly use it for coyote and smaller game hunting. Well one the second night I was posted up in the top of his barn that has a small opening on the second floor that faced the wood line.

I was scanning the woodline with the night setting when I noticed something moving some small trees about 150 yards to my left. So i focused on it. As I watched this 7 and half 8 foot tall creature stepped out. It was covered in dark hair. The moon was almost full so I had alot of illumination to help my night sight. At first I seemed like someone in a ghillie suit. But I quickly realized it wasn't as it cover the halfway to the chicken coops in just a few steps. I yelled out stop or I'm going to fire. The thing stops and I can see it stare directly up at me and bare its teeth. It let's out this ungodly roar and barrels toward me. I quickly switched my weapon to fire and open up on it at about 75 ft.


I empty my first mag and was reloading my second when it slammed the side of the barn shaking it. It aimed down and emptied another half a mag directly down on it. It looked up at my yelled and again and made a beeline straight back into the woods. My heart was pounding. I have done 2 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and this rattled me to my bones. I waited till morning to climb down and make my way back to uncle's house. I told him what I saw and what I did. We went back and couldn't find blood but found some partial tracks.

We ended up calling our family friend who was a Missouri Conservation Officer and he came out. I told him my story and with a serious face and tone he told me dont tell anyone and hed handle it. Well there's my story."


Al in Connecticut writes "Hey Wes, I had a short encounter, I know what I saw and I am a huge skeptic...WAS." Spoke to Al and he owns a farm in Connecticut. He said after weeks of animals coming up missing he saw what was taking his animals. Al said "It was so strange I had doors to the cages and whatever was taking the animals had hands because it had to open the doors. Early one morning I went out to find several doors open and I felt like I was being watched. I was saw what I thought was a tree stump. Something wasn't right, I picked up a stick and threw it at it and this thing stood up and took off running on two legs. It was huge."

Apr 05, 2020
SC EP:640 Quarantine Trivia Game

James “Bobo” Fay from the podcast Bigfoot and Beyond returns to the show along with Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast to play the Quarantine Trivia Game. There will be a surprise guests as well.

"Due to extensive community transmission of COVID -19, the CDC urges citizens to refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately," Quarantine Trivia Game for you guys. I hope you enjoy it.

Mar 29, 2020
SC EP:639 James “Bobo” Fay Part II

James Fay, or Bobo, was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, and has been interested in the Bigfoot mystery for as long as he can remember. As a teen, he became an avid surfer, a skill set he would eventually use to investigate reported Bigfoot sightings in remote areas of the country.

While in college, Bobo spent his downtime in the woods attempting to locate a Bigfoot. Following college, he took logging jobs on Native American crews to absorb their knowledge of the Sasquatch legend. In addition, he increased his Bigfoot knowledge by taking jobs building roads and commercially fishing in Northern California.

Bobo says that he saw his first Sasquatch while on an investigation with veteran Bigfoot researcher John Freitas in 2001. Since his initial sighting, Bobo claims to have glimpsed Bigfoots on a few other occasions, but it was this first visual sighting that moved him the most.

Mar 27, 2020
SC EP:638 Caesar From Planet Of The Apes

A listener writes “I am originally from Miami, Florida. I lived with my grandparents in Clewiston, Florida which is right by lake Okeechobee. They lived in an unincorporated community called pioneer which is about 23 miles from Clewiston. And about 80 miles from Big Cypress preserve.

A very rural part of the country indeed. I was about 10 at the time the encounter. It occurred during the summer time. So bearing this in mind many of the canals in the area were low of water. My grandparents owned a couple of acres of land, so they were far apart from neighbors. I loved being outside trying to find different animals and trying to catch black racers, rat snakes, and different turtles in the area. The surrounding area around the property were full of palmettos which were towered by evergreen trees. I would like the fence in the back of the property to go catch reptiles. I walked a half a mile deep in the woods and hit a small dry creek bed, which is where I found different animals from time to time. The creek extended to about a mile which fed into a canal. As I was looking for reptiles heard the brush move from across the creek bed. I was used to rustling in the wood, so I didn’t pay attention until I saw something step out from the brush out of the corner of my eye. What I am about to tell you still haunts me to this very day. What stepped out was 7 ft tall ape looking thing. Its fur was a deep reddish brown. It was almost boxy in shape with legs longer than its body. It almost seemed designed to live in the swamp. I just froze. I knew it would not be wise to run through this brush.

So I did something that learned from years of watching nature documentaries. I crouched down and pretended I was eating leaves. I remember seeing a documentary about Diane Fosse, and I recalled she would do this as to not provoke the silverback. I was too scared to do anything else, and whatever I was doing was keeping me alive. Every so often I would glance up at it, and it was just standing there tensely examining me. It would also look back and forth almost over me almost to assure I was alone all the while making a huffing sound. The only thing separating us was a dry creek bed. Which may have been 15 ft of space. It was doing this for about 3 minutes, but it felt an eternity. Then that’s when it went down on its haunches and squatted. I felt the courage to raise my head and look at it. We were just examining each other. At this time I noticed it was female due to the breasts. I also noticed at the time that she wasn’t alone. I saw small arm draped over her shoulder. We just kept looking at each other for about another 5 minutes. The whole time my body was telling me to run. Like some primordial instinct saying danger, but my mind remained extremely calm. At the same time I was expecting to smell a stench, but none ever came.

I only thought this because I have heard what a skunk ape was and heard the stench they exude, but she wasn’t smelly. After five minutes she reached behind her never taking her eyes off me the whole time and held her baby. It was looking at me with intent. Examining me like its mother. It couldn’t have been more than a month old. It was kind of small but bigger and more advanced than a human infant. She must have given birth to it last month. I felt as if she was teaching her baby what a human was, but at the time I think she may have been confused what I was considering my skin is dark brown like hers and I had long curly black hair. While she was holding her baby, I could notice scars on her face. I figured she was old. Never did she bare her teeth at all during this encounter. About 6 minutes later she stood up and turned her body, slung her baby on her back, and stared down the creek bed when I noticed a bigger one of these things was standing 50 feet away. He was staring directly at me with disgust. This one bared his teeth at me.

He looked kind of like Caesar in rise of the planet of the apes only taller and more muscular. He may have been half a foot to a foot taller than her. I noticed the stench and she also began to reek of this smell. I can only describe it as hot garbage, and dead animals mixed into a vat. I later concluded maybe they only smelled when they’re stressed, or angry. They both started to puff up. Meaning that they were trying to make themselves bigger than they were. The female then positioned herself between me and the male. As if to almost protecting me. Maybe it was all those motherly hormones in her that told her this. The standoff lasted for maybe at least two minutes. Then the male walked back in to the brush on the side where the female came out of. She then without looking back at me began to make her way back in the brush as well. I think she was making sure that male didn’t follow me, I have no idea. I turned to leave very quickly and didn’t turn back till I was back inside the house. I never went back in the woods ever again behind my grandparent’s property. I tried telling my mom what happened, but my mom was more of a city woman, so she did not believe me. That really hurt me. I did however tell my grandma what I saw, and she simply said, “I believe you”. I never knew if they had any encounters with them considering none of them ever came on the property.”

Mar 22, 2020
SC EP:635 Stalked In The Woods

James writes "I've seen what could have only been a Sasquatch in Huntsville AL. Back in the 90s and since I've been living here in Washington state I have had three times things happen to me that can only be describe as weird and not normal animal behavior."

Mar 19, 2020
SC EP:634 Lakota Tribe Member Part Two

Tom writes “Hey Wes I just listened to episode 628. I have some stories that line right up with what that guy was saying about the little people. I’m happy to share if you’d like to hear them.”

Spoke to the witness and he shared with me several stories about the little people, lights and Sasquatch.

The Lakota are a Native American tribe. Also known as the Teton Sioux, they are one of the three tribes of the Great Sioux Nation. Their current lands are in North and South Dakota. They speak Lakȟótiyapi—the Lakota language, the westernmost of three closely related languages that belong to the Siouan language family.

Tom returns tonight to discuss little people, strange cryptids and giants.

Mar 16, 2020
SC EP:632 James "Bobo" Fay

James Fay, or Bobo, was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, and has been interested in the Bigfoot mystery for as long as he can remember. As a teen, he became an avid surfer, a skill set he would eventually use to investigate reported Bigfoot sightings in remote areas of the country.

While in college, Bobo spent his downtime in the woods attempting to locate a Bigfoot. Following college, he took logging jobs on Native American crews to absorb their knowledge of the sasquatch legend. In addition, he increased his Bigfoot knowledge by taking jobs building roads and commercially fishing in Northern California.

Bobo says that he saw his first sasquatch while on an investigation with veteran Bigfoot researcher John Freitas in 2001. Since his initial sighting, Bobo claims to have glimpsed Bigfoots on a few other occasions, but it was this first visual sighting that moved him the most.

Today, Bobo makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, California. He continues to take odd jobs in unrelated fields, most of which are centered on trying to spot a Bigfoot. His close relationship with the community in which he lives helps him keep his "ear to the ground," and he collects dozens of local Bigfoot sighting reports each year.

Mar 08, 2020
SC EP:630 Camping In A Boneyard

Johnathon writes “I would like to tell you my experiences. I grew up in a small town or village (depends on how you define Either or ) Slana, Alaska. Growing up me and my family didn’t have power or running water.

My first experience was when I was 7 so to get water for the house we would have to load buckets in to the old station wagon drive down to the river. My job was to sit in the back and hold the jugs so they don’t tip over not like hold them on my lap but just hold them still. I remember pulling out of the pullout at the river and looking out the back window and seeing a (as I put it to my parents) big hairy dude stand up out of the ditch on the other side of the ditch. He had vary thick brown and dirty wight hair on his chest and on what we would consider his beard.

Of course my parents didn’t believe me said I was just imagining things.

The scary experience is what I’m really hear to tell you about to say nothing ever tried to interact with us would be a misrepresentation of the reality of living out there. From small things like sitting in the outhouse and having acorns thrown at you to coming home to find something has ripped your door off the hinges taken all your food and trashed your cabin (normally blamed on bears) witch is rare but does happen.

One day my friend mat came to visit me and my family from the city so me and my sister decided to take him camping up in the mountains. Me and my sister packed up with a shotgun an SKS with her dog Lucius food and couple tents set off. to get to the trail it was a 2 hour drive plus a 3 hour walk to get to where we wanted to camp. When we got to the clearing we noticed moose bones but we thought it was just a hunter’s camp but now looking back Hunter’s wouldn’t have left the antlers. We set up the camp and it was an uneventful day the dog was happy running around it wasn’t tell we all laid down for the night it was me and mat in one tent my sister and her dog in the other tent. It was about midnight when I woke up to branches breaking outside of my tent I called over to my sister did you hear that she called back that I was just hearing things then it sounded like something ripped a tree down. We jumped out of the tent we could hear things circling the clearing we were in running around. We could tell that they were on two lags it’s a varey distinct sound but at the time we were thinking wolves trying to get the dog so we built up the fire and shot off a couple rounds from the SKS cuz we had bear slugs in the shotgun.

It dies down for about 15 minutes then it starts up again just running around the camp then we realized that they were not making any noise no barking or growling bears and wolves make lots of noise when they are we fired off a bunch more rounds but they didn’t leave this time mat came running over saying something was touching the tent he was in we ran over and we found the dog in the tent he had peed on himself and refused to come out he is a big boy to pit bull American bulldog cross about 90 pounds was still young at the time. He has been around bears wolves and links nothing has scared him but now he won’t move. So we decided it was time to leave we packed up the camp we went to the tree we put are food in then we could see shadows in the fire we never heard them walk up on us it was like the running was just a destruction. I had to carry the dog so my sister had the shotgun mat had the pots and pans and the SKS my sister was up front with the flashlight and mat was in the back with a flashlight so me and the dog were in the middle so nothing could try and grab him.we could hear them following us all the way down the mountain but half way down we had to take a break when mat put the pack down it made a loud clang then we heard something Sprint off it was standing only about three feet away from mat and we had no clue it was there. The dog never stopped crying but they seemed more interested in mat we made it back to the car and drove away very fast.

We never got a good look at what they were and we shot at the noise but I don’t think we hit any thing. I think we accidentally walked in to where they were staying for the night. There is more experiences but this email is already long winded so thank you for your time.” 

Fox is my second guest. He comes to us from Florida and will be sharing an encounter he had camping with friends, and some strange things that happened to him while hunting.


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Mar 01, 2020
SC EP:628 The Little People

Ed from Indiana writes, “Listened to one of your shows tonight. He said he saw a little green man. I had an experience similar to his. I was arrowhead hunting here in Indiana, in the banks of the Ohio River.

I had crossed over with a friend’s neighbor to the Indiana side. Just caught a ride over with him, and his wife on their boat. My plan was to walk from West Point Ky, back to New Albany Indiana. Well, I mean I started out across from West Point. This was the summer of 93. It was a great day, and I found lots of points. Some places were overgrown with poison ivy, and sumac. I had anticipated this problem, and had food, and essentials in plastic bags, so I could swim, or wade if I needed to. I stopped for about two hours to rest, and eat. I found a small runoff area, that had cut a channel down from the cornfields, to the river bank. So, I’m sitting there, just resting after I had eaten. I was facing south towards the Ky bank just enjoying the quiet of the river. I heard something off to my left,coming through the small willows that grow in a band, along the middle part of the bank. I’m sitting back up in the runoff so I couldn’t see what it was immediately.

I was thinking it was a beaver at first, they love the young willows to eat. Then around the edge of the runoff, two small “men”, for lack of a better word, come walking around the edge of the runoff. It was just like you, and your guest, stated. They weren’t green though, they were more like small Native Americans. Not proportioned like a dwarf, or midget, but like a grown person. Say about the size of a four year old child. The one in front saw me, and he made this buzzing type sound, the other stopped when he did this. I say he, because they appeared to be male. In breechclout, with leggings. It was like looking at woodland era Native Americans. He looked at me, made the sound, the other stopped, and the one in the lead just stood there, staring at me, and me at him. Then they just turned and walked away. Not in a hurry, or alarmed, they just turned and left.”


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Feb 29, 2020
SC EP:627 I Put My Gun Up And Fired

Dustin from Colorado writes, "Two years ago my oldest daughter of 9 at the time keep begging me to take her bear hunting so I did and all we did is drive the side by side around because taking a 9 year old out and blowing on a call hoping to have a bear come at you at a dead run and hope your gun shoots true and the shot is effective and the dam thing don't get pissed and kill you is stupid with a 9 year old girl in tow.


Well fast forward to last fall I had a big bear coming into the water hole I had sat at for a few days, but the timing never was right to fill my tag. My kid keep begging to go and being the mean dad I am I said no. so one day my kids where at my fokes house while I was working and my oldest went to my dad and told him she wanted to go out hunting tomorrow with me but I wouldn't let her and why is that papa. Well he told her it's not safe to take your kids at a younger age out predator hunting. Deer and elk hunting is safer but not bear and he told her this story that I had never heard until that evening but the strange thing is I have memories about some of it even before dad relayed it to me that day but we will find out why. When I was 5 years old it was still legal to bait in bear with bait barrels in Colorado so one afternoon dad was babysitting me his only kid at the time and mom was running late from work to relieve him so he could go hunting so he scooped me up and out we went now I can't tell you where he was hunting at the time due to me not asking. so anyways we get there, and he was just going to put the few pig heads in the barrel and head home and hit it first thing in the morning on his own. Well he walks me into the area, and he had a few of the pig heads with him he places them in the barrel, and he placed me down and said stay. so, he turned around to walk the 30 ish yards to the Honda 3-wheeler for the other pig heads. He only went 10 to 15 yards and I started screaming for him and he flipped around to find me hauling ass down to him. He scooped me up and walk back to the bait station to see what he told my daughter at the time was a bear running of in the timber. But later that night when I asked him about that story, he said I'm not going to lie to you son it was a f&%$#$% bigfoot walking off with the pig heads. It came up took the heads out of the barrel with you sitting 5 yards away. All I remember is seeing the pig heads and riding on the gas tank of the 3-wheeler and seeing a barrel not much before are after but he said the barrel was in a tree about 3 feet when we arrived and he had to pull it out of there and reset it. So there's my first experience with them. My dad has a few more very hair raising story's that he had years prier but they are his story's not mine and I will talk with him about sharing them with you over the phone. I have returned to those areas and had my own experiences also.


My second one was in around spring of 2007 I was upriver ridding my four-wheeler and I was in this area where I could see down 300 to 400 yards below me into this meadow and there's a tree line and above the tree line is a road. Well I stopped and was sitting, and I looked down to that meadow with my binoculars to see a dark figure walking across the meadow towards the road. My first thought was holy shit moose but after further monitoring it. It was on two legs swinging its arms in a kind of way I've heard a few people on your show say crazy bag lady kind way only this thing looked like it was frolicking through the meadow like something on the little house on the prairie. So I'm not sure what I'm looking at then 2 dirt bikes come screaming down the road above the tree line and this critter turns towards my direction and starts running still on two legs then dropped to all four and it runs right to the timber line then does this barrel roll looking deal into the timber and was gone no smell no noise.


I later ran into something else. I'll be honest with you Wes this was no bigfoot, but I don't want to say dog man I'm still on the fence with that critter. So its 2013 and myself and my wife are out shed hunting in one of my favorite places out in mule deer country north of my land in this place that I called slaughter gulch due to the unreal amount of dead deer you would find everywhere back then. Yes, the place is packed full of coyotes and mountain lions but you did find a lot of dead coyotes also at that time so anyways my wife and I where out. It was a beautiful day we had been walking all day with lots of luck well we got back to the four wheeler and she wasn't done so she took off walking up the draw nearby and I stayed at my machine I busted open a cold one and was sitting looking at our trophy's for the day so far and trying to think about where to head to next. Then straight Infront of me to the west I saw movement about 200 yards out in between two huge boulders so I put up my binoculars and could see a dark figure with points on top of its head that well looked like ears on a dog. I could kind of make out eyes and a noise so I pulled the binoculars down and look at it with my naked eye then put the binoculars back up and once I found it again with the binoculars its ear twitched and it turned its head to reveal and canine nose then looked back at me for a second and ran towards me on all fours a few feet then dropped into this huge wash in between it and me and that was the first and last I saw of it but to this day my wife will even tell you my attitude that day change bad for a few hours. I have never been as scared as the day I saw that. I mean one month later I got hurt at work and literally was staring death in the face for a few weeks and I was not as scared as that day not even with the encounters I have wrote so far. Going to continue to wright to you. There was no smell or sound to this one. I'm pretty sure its to blame for most the dead deer and dead coyotes. Because I have noticed a huge drop in the dead deer, I found out there and I continue to shed hunt out there never seen it again but have had other issues after that with my dog out there. But even to this day I avoid that area ill ride two miles out of my way up to the top and glass the bottom but I wont walk in there anymore.


So fast forward to 2016 I have heard whoops out in the timber. I have smelt bad smells worse than a 3-week-old dead elk in July, kind of smells while bow hunting and bear hunting for years. So, I made buds with a coworker. I have never really felt like I could talk about the fury one's to anyone that would take me serious besides my dad and uncles and with them it was taboo to talk about the fury ones and there other native monsters. so, my new buddy and I worked the same shift's 7 on 7 off day's and night's and we got to talking one day when he saw one of my bigfoot book's laying on the seat of my company truck. So, he jumps in, He says to me, "dude you believe in bigfoot," and I said ya if you laugh, I'll beat you into the gravel. He said no he believes to. So, after many weeks of talking about bigfoot with him, and him turning me on to your Facebook page. He goes out and buys a side by side and asked me to build it up for him, so I put some light bars on it a lift kit and a few other things. Once I was done with it, I called him to come get it. So, he came out and said lets ride tonight and hang out. So I took my four wheeler and he brought out this so called bad ass military guy who turned out to be fake he never served or even signed up to serve so anyway. We headed out upriver I think we put 25 miles on the machine's and stopped cooked some burgers and just BS for a few hours. Around 10 pm we headed to the pickups. There was a set of pond's that we stopped at on the way up and looked for bear track's earlier that day. when we started to approach the pond heading back I caught eye shine in my light bar then my machine dropped down a water bar in the road and once it came back up the eyes stood up and stayed. So my first thought was it must be a bear drinking then stood up, On his back legs to look at us. then it started running and the eyes stayed at around 6 plus ft high. and Wes bear cant run like that so boom its him!! The fury guy so I flipped around backwards on my four wheeler with it still rolling and started digging into my bag for my big spotlight once I get ahold of it the machine has come to a stop and my buddy rolls up next to me and said what's the deal bud. I look at him and said eye shine he said "so" I looked him dead in the face and said "f#$%^& tall eye shine running". he goes "oh crap" jumps out I have always carried my H&K USP 45 and that guy has way to many gun's to list I think he had a 40 on him that night so any way we go walking across the field and his tag along guy stayed at the side by side per my command. I didn't like nor trust him so me and my buddy keep walking spotlighting the trees and BOOM eyes peaking from behind a tree. You could see the hand's holding the tree, and this thing peaking around the tree. so, we are staring at it and it's staring at us then I hear the rack of a hand gun and I turn back and look at my buddy with his gun loaded and in position for action. I calmly but in a loud sort of way I say put it away and he says "it's for protection," and I said his "name" PUT IT AWAY NOW!! so he does we look back in time to see a tall figure run deeper into the timber. We back up slow and get back onto the machines and head out my buddy claims that once he gets back to his machine his friend said what's the deal? He told him we just saw a bigfoot! and that dude melted down freaking out!! I went back up a few days later in the day light there's cattle tracks everywhere, so ground evidence was gone but I think I found the tree. If it was the right tree it would have had to of stood 8ft tall. I have a picture of a footprint in that location from a few years later. My dad told me that back in the mid 90's there was some small logging in that area and he had heard that there equipment was always getting messed with at night and strange noises could be heard in the later part of the day .There is a huge pile of logs that showed up in the middle of the meadow out of no where one day and some of the logs I cant even get my arms around them. I have pictures of the various log piles.


My fifth, Is with my same coworker. We had been out multiple time's ridding with nothing to report so later that fall myself and my wife went camping in a different area up river and my coworker planed to show up later and stay for two nights. So, after 2 days and 2 nights of ridding and fishing and multiple nap's my buddy shows up later in the evening and talk's me and my wife to go for a night ride. So, we go out my wife him and I. I tell you what I about left the guy because every puddle/creek any kind of dirt we came to he had to find a way to avoided it he says he must keep his buggy clean. The only reason I bring it up is because it will be used later in this trip, so after hours of laying my coat in puddles for him to keep his shoes clean we get up to where I had my experience in 2007 my wife is the first to notice! The smell the worst I have ever smelled. So, we stop and sit a while and we hear a few tree knocks and very strange noses that left me very confused. I kind of wonder if it wasn't a hunting party there where grunts and some strange chines jibber talk. We headed back to camp about an hour after that I had a very uneasy felling in my gut that night. The next morning, we load up my four-wheeler and his side by side and head back up just to ride and after avoiding any kind of dirt/mud/bird poop, we get to the same location as the night before. I take them down into where it is. It's really nice country its full of elk and bear there's a huge creek that splits into 2 creek crossing's one after another. We cross that and sit in a spot that I use to camp years ago all the time. We eat lunch have a beer or two and right before we leave my buddy said hay can I shoot my shotgun here? I said do it! So, he kill's a tree reloads kills it again. We head out back to camp. After dinner and its dark. he pipes off and said, "let's go back up and see if we can hear them noises." So, against by better judgment I load up my wife and we head up and as we are leap frogging mud puddles I'm getting this bad feeling just chewing at me and the further we get up there the harder the feeling chews at me. So yes, I want to hear them noises again I want answers but dangit I had my wife in tow, and even native Americans would say you keep girl's away from these big guys. In mid ride I stop my machine get off tell my buddy if we are doing this she goes back first. Something's bad and it has had a mouth full of me this whole ride so far. I'm not doing this, so we turn around and get to camp well he's not giving up so against my better judgment I leave my wife behind at the camper 20 miles away she's safe there. We load up in his side by side and after a hour of a bad feeling chewing on me and the pure boredom of riding with this guy who will not get dirt on his machine we get to the double creek crossing and right before we cross. A owl comes and lands in front of us on a branch across the first creek crossing and if you follow native American folk lore that could be good or bad sign. The one I follow that's a bad sign. We cross making sure we don't get any of that clean water on that machine. Right across the creek is where we stopped that day and he shot his gun, so we pull in turn around and parked on the road shut the buggy off and get out. I put a lantern on the toolbox in the bed of his machine he kind of wanders around for a minute. a few minutes go by and he said we should record just sitting here and I told him he's pissing in the wind. That creek is to loud and that's all it will pick up. so behind us the road come's down towards us at a angle and just to freak him out and get a laugh I told him to look up the road and he did, at the same time I said picture a monster running down that, at you! He responds with a "F you pal." so I go to the front of the machine to relieve myself, he stayed at the opposite side of the machine at the back, talking to me so for the shits of it. I let out the best whoop I have ever done! and he cheered me on for it. So, all done I come back to my side of the rear of the machine to continue talking with him. A few minutes later in the conversation he lights up a cigarette and with that pause in the conversation comes this huge crack of a limb getting busted right behind us, about 30 yards both of our eyes get big. We sit for a bit and once we start talking again there is this huge thud right behind my buddy and he starts yelling, "f this lets go." so we both jump into his machine and right before he takes off I shine my spotlight through the back of his buggy to see this huge dark figure with its arm's down. He punched the gas as we came to the creek crossing he never slowed down it was a wall of water on the buggy with both crossings and as we flew up the switch backs I had to tell him to calm down before he wrecks and send us back down the mountain to that things feet. The whole time out of there that goofy basterd was screaming there not supposed to be real and if they are real, they don't live here in Colorado. So, after that wild hairy ride hitting every puddle and lighting him 3 smokes he asked for another. I told him to stop and light one himself we are in the clear now! So, he stops and we are both really shook up. He lights a smoke and we head back to camp. The next day after he leaves I leave my wife back at camp so she can sun bathe and I fly up to that location for answers what I find is a big limb that both my hands couldn't reach around that was broke off at least 12ft up on the tree and a rock right next to the peal out marks of his buggy that I could barely roll let alone pick up there was no smell with this big guy. I'm willing to bet he was in there earlier that day when he was shooting and realized it was the same dumb rednecks that came back and that was his polite way of saying get the heck out.


In the fall of 2018 I was with my same buddy and my youngest brother in-law and we headed up to where me and my buddy had are first experience together. well the forest service had done a lot of work up there on the ponds and one pond in particular had a lot going on there. Their was tracks witch I have pictures, there was a log thrown in the middle of the pond right after they finished digging it and my buddy is a big guy and him and my brother in-law couldn't pick it up we found the other end of the log and there was no drag marks just foot prints. so we get to a good look out and for a few hours its silent then around 8 pm the coyotes start going off all around then out of nowhere there's tree knocks and the worst deepest howling that completely shut the coyotes up. All I could say is it sounded like a wolf imitation but to me it sounded like a damn hell hound and the whole place goes silent and the same change happens to my brother in law he was almost brain washed quiet and he stayed that way even a few days later when he arrived home he just wouldn't talk but he's fine now.


Last spring of 2019, Wes I'm not sure what this is but I will tell the Division Of Wildlife was even looking for this thing. There were dogs killed, goats and chickens this thing was seen in daylight just moseying around by multiple people even a D.O.W agent saw it so I was told. So I have a very nice flock of chickens and ducks well when one of my mallard hens took to hatching her second batch of chicks the first batch a weasel got to them days before they where to hatch well I think it was a weasel anyway she made a nest up in the oak brush in my back yard and she hid herself good so after a few weeks her and the eggs just up and disappeared no egg shells like before on the first attempt her and the eggs gone. A month after that my daughter, my same brother in law from the prev encounter and myself where heading out to shed horn hunt. My wife calls me to say there is a huge bobcat in our yard, so I told her to shoot it. So she runs out in the front of my house 22 mag in hand and my mom behind her on the phone talking to me. So when my mom and wife get to the front of the yard after locking up the livestock they see this thing disappear behind the rimrock wall that borders my land and my mom still on the phone says "Dustin this isn't a bobcat or mountain lion ".My father is a taxidermist so mom knows what them critters look like. Once myself and my kid and brother in-law get home my wife tells me what she saw it was a tan cat thing with very long legs, no tail, very tall pointy ears but the strangest of them all it had a canine muzzle. I have security cameras around the house but of course it didn't catch that critter. So I set up a trail camera right at the horse water trough that my wife seen it at. So after three days of it being set up we took it down and the images where very hard to explain. It took video of me setting it up of course and my brother in-law testing it out and one of the ducks in the water trough but after that the only thing it videoed was me anytime I walked by it, it had me but not the ducks that swim in there all day long, I saw my kids dancing in front of it and the many deer and elk that we know drink from there hell we got them on my security camera drinking there but not on the game camera. Two days later myself and my brother in law where on my back wraparound porch talking about the next days shed hunting plans when just over his head on top of the rimrock wall under a cedar tree I could see this thing looking at us. So told him I would be right back and went inside grabbed my 223 rifle and stepped out to find it still in the same spot I put the gun up found it in the scope and oh god the face on it ugh I touched my gun off and we heard it hit and it jumped back but once we got up there to where I saw it all I found was blood I never found a body and there has not been anymore animal killings after that."

Feb 21, 2020
SC EP:625 Dragged Off By A Monkey

Happy Valentines Day! Tyler from Indiana writes “I have a few encounters myself with something I can’t explain but my ex-girlfriend had a monkey thing try and drag her to the woods when she was about two years old.

Her uncle came outside when she started screaming and it let go of her then it grabbed their dog and drug it up a tree her uncle grabbed her ran inside got a gun and shot it and killed it. They called the sheriff’s department and they came out and told them to dig a hole and burn it then cover it up and as far as to my knowledge its still there in the ground because they said nothing came and took it out.. They said there was more then one of them but they only shot one little one.

I thought she was pulling my leg but when I went to her grandmother’s house she pulled out the newspaper clipping of the event happening its a small town in Indiana..”


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Feb 14, 2020
SC EP:624 The Abomination

I will be welcoming Cliff to the show. Cliff is from Louisiana and has hunted his whole life. Cliff had an encounter with a wolf like creature he stumbled on while hunting. He said “I don’t know…I just don’t know but this thing terrified me, when it stood up it was 13-15 feet away from me and it was big. It turned and looked at me and it felt evil, I raised my gun and it took off. I have never seen anything like it before and I have never seen anything run as fast as this thing did.


FABRIK, who you'll recognize from their song "Black Lake" played on our outro, is working on their second album. Let's show them some support!


Dave (bassist for FABRIK) writes, "Our second album, Impermanence, is ready for release. We’re so proud of it that we think it deserves to be on vinyl. So, we’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign for you to pledge and pre-order your copy on vinyl or CD, along with a few other goodies."


Check out the Kickstarter page here:


International Bigfoot Conference 2020


Three Rivers Convention Center, 7016 West Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336


Admission tickets are good for all three days of fun and films with access to all speakers and vendor tables. Come on out and get in on the weekend of friends, filmmakers and serious researchers from all over. For those who will only be popping in for one day, a $25 ‘One Day Pass’ will be available at the door.


For tickets and more information visit:


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Feb 09, 2020
SC EP:622 What Was That?

Tonight I will be speaking to three eyewitnesses. My first guest Carl comes to us from Ohio, and he shares with us an encounter he had as a child outside their rural Ohio home.


Our second guest Scott (also from Ohio) writes, ""My encounter took place in the fall of 1983 or 1984. Me and a friend were coming back from getting Pizza around 6:30 at night as you know in the fall the sun goes down early so it was quite dark along this stretch of road. This road was 2 lanes with a 3-foot berm that was 2 or 3 feet lower than the fields beside the road. we were coming around a corner and we saw a dark mass standing on the side of the road. When we got closer we could see it was brown and very tall, my friend had a Subaru that had a sunroof in it and when we drove by it looked down at us it's head was over the road and I look through the sunroof and its head was right there. I couldn't make out any facial features but the eye shine was red. We just looked at each other and said did you just see that we both agreed we did and agreed not to say anything about it. Because people would think we were crazy.


I did go back to the location the next morning and looked around but I didn't see any tracks just some mashed down grass.


Judging from the distance from the road it had to be a least 9 and a half to 10 feet tall"


We'll wrap up tonight with Jason from Upstate New York who shares a few encounters, including a strange object in the sky.


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Feb 02, 2020
SC EP:620 This Thing Was Looking In My Deer Blind

Winston writes "I had an encounter in 2010 from central Texas. I saw this thing from head to toe....within 30 to 40 yards from me. No obstructions between us. I seen it all....muscles moving under the fur, the mid tarsal break halfway up the foot, it’s face....everything." Spoke to the eyewitness and he said "I was heading towards my deer blind and I smelled what smelled like a dead animal. This thing was looking in my deer blind....I was shocked... I drew what I seen and put a quick me side beside it for comparison"


Check out the episode page on our website to see Winston's drawing here:


I will also be welcoming Pat to the show who is a military veteran from Canada. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounters with us. When I spoke to the witness he said "I wanted to tell you about this strange black dog I had a run in with in Afghanistan. It was jet black and seem to show up out of no where. I think it was more of an entity than a dog." I have heard about two dozen accounts of veterans describing these large jet black dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have searched the web but it is hard to find any information on it.


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Jan 26, 2020
SC EP:618 I Thought It Was A Man

I will be welcoming two guests to the show: Cathy had an encounter in Washington State, and Chris had an encounter in Canada. Both witnesses thought they were looking at a bear until the creature got up on two legs and walked off. Cathy said “I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, I thought it was a strange bear until it popped up on two legs and walked off like a man.”


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Jan 19, 2020
SC EP:616 I Chased This Creature Across A Walnut Orchard

Tonight we speak with Norm who is a retired California Highway Patrolman. Norm goes into great detail about what he saw back in 1958 on his father's property. He said “We were doing work for my father on the property when this thing showed up. Keep in mind this is the late 50’s and no one talked about Bigfoot or Sasquatch like they do today.

I got a great look at it, we tried to keep up with it in this 1941 pickup. I would be happy to come on and share what I saw many years ago. I eventually became a police officer and never spoke about what I saw. There was other strange things going on that property but it was always blamed on something else."


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Jan 12, 2020
SC EP:614 A Creature Interrupts The Hunt

We speak to Devin, Todd and Mason from New York. Devin writes, “I was using my hen call and I was getting no response from anything it was pin drop quiet with a slight fall breeze every now and again would pick up. I came to the edge and I could see the shelf and it was empty no turkey’s so I went down to see if I could find a track. Once I popped over the edge it hit me the feeling of like I am being watched looking for tracks.

I ignored it thinking it was just a squirrel or something so I ignored it continuing my investigation for the disappearing Turkey. I looked for about 10 minutes duck walking around looking for tracks when I stood up next to this tree looking down into the ravine with my gun propped on my boot like Daniel Boone would with his Kentucky long rifle. This overwhelming feeling like I was being watched was still in the back of my head when my brain said “TURN AROUND NOW!” so I did and as I turned from the corner of my eye I saw a massive red, brown auburn blur retreat from the edge which I just dropped down from.

My first though was oh it was a deer but then it occurred to me why didn’t I hear leaves crunching or it running through branches? So I said maybe it was my eyes playing with me so I tried to recreate the “blur” and I couldn’t. I will not lie when I say at 17 in the woods with the cannon I was carrying at this moment I was scared shi#less. My heart was racing and the adrenaline kicked in. I raised that shotgun to my shoulder and I started walking back along this shelf heading south back to the camper because it came right out to the driveway within eye site of our camper.”

He went on to say “A lot has happened, we returned to the area and this thing or things are still in the area. I have found a lot of strange structures what appear to be hunting blinds. My friend was roared at.”


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Jan 05, 2020
SC EP:612 The Last Show

The last show of 2019! Doug from Utah tells about a strange encounter he had while working as a hunting guide.


We'll also be talking to Matt from Arkansas who writes, “When I was a child at my grandparents farm. I was playing outside when I saw a little animal as I approached the little one a big one came from behind a tree.

He motion for me to come to him I backed away then he pointed at the baby then pointed at me and wave for me to come. I started towards him and he stepped towards me then my grandma yelled for me to come to the house he heard her and blended behind the tree that when I noticed there were more and they all disappeared.

The baby crawled like a cat. Both my brothers had encounters so has my dad. I was also hit in the head with a rock once. I lived in southern Arkansas when this all happened.

Sorry for the messiness of the email doing it on my phone. If you would like to hear the story I would like to tell you about it I’ve never told anyone because I felt crazy.”


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Dec 28, 2019
SC EP:610 Encounters With The Strange

Patrick from Ohio writes “I’ve debated sending this email. I honestly wrote off this particular experience as an over active imagination as a youngster but after listening to your podcast for about a month now I am wondering.

When I was about 10 I saw a “predator”-esque large human shape in a tree in my backyard. I had not seen the predator movie until 2 years later or so but when I did I immediately went back to what I witnessed.

I have also experienced ghosts, angels and demons. And when I saw some glowing red eyes out of a back window at a small church I was a pastor at I initially thought it (again) my imagination. However, I gotta say I think it may have been something different.

Not sure if this is any interest to you but having heard several other folks offer similar stories has suggested a different potential answer to these experiences.

Just thought I would briefly share it with you.”


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Dec 20, 2019
SC EP:609 I Do Not Hunt Anymore

Kevin from Texas shares a terrifying encounter he had while out hunting, which caused him to give up hunting all together. Here is an excerpt from his original email, "...I stood up, turned and took step back around the island of brush in the little clearing/secondary cover heading towards the truck, which was still running by the way, that is when I heard, then felt and then briefly and vaguely saw the scariest thing I have ever encountered, anywhere. It was the longest 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of my life. It felt like I was moving in slow motion


I heard the raspy, gruff high pitched scream almost simultaneous during my standing and about face to move in it’s direction, and looked up at an angle in the place where I thought it originated. I did not see anything, but I definitely heard it. I could feel the steps it took as it started to run away. Looking back, I think it was startled in my sudden change of position or was having issues locating me. Anyway, I looked up, what would be up, what the hell would be up? What the….hell…was that? I stepped forward once and I drew my gun and pointed in the direction almost immediately. Then started to back up and point my gun in the direction of the running sound and the outline of the figure I could see running on the other side of the brush island..."


Russell Acord returns to discuss Travel Channel's "Expedition Bigfoot" first episode.

Episode Two: “With one team member down, Russell and Mireya must forge ahead and return to the forest to hunt down their leads. Their intensive investigations uncover the group’s first pieces of potential Bigfoot evidence.”


Check out "Expedition Bigfoot" HERE.


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Dec 15, 2019
SC EP:607 Expedition Bigfoot

Tonight "Expedition Bigfoot" debuts on the Travel Channel. Russell Acord will be stopping by to discuss the new show and what we can expect. Here is a description of the show “An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot. The three-week expedition, based on science and expertise, may finally pull the elusive beast out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality.”


For more information on "Expedition Bigfoot," check out their page HERE.


Bill will also be joining the show and sharing encounters he has had on his property in NY. Bill said "We always had strange sounds and odd things go on that property. It has been in my family for years. My son saw what was causing all of the strange occurrences."

See the drawing Bill's son did of the creature he saw on our website HERE.

Dec 08, 2019
SC EP:604 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles III

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying some time off and spending time with loved ones. As is now tradition for this time of year, tonight we’ll be looking back at some of my favorite episodes from this past year for the “Best of Sasquatch Chronicles Volume III.”


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Nov 27, 2019
SC EP:603 Strange Encounters

Blake, who has lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia has had several encounters. He writes, "My first encounter was in 2011 in Highlands, NC, the Nantahala, in what was basically my back yard. I didn't know what it was until later. I sort of let it go. My next encounter was with a friend outside of Fletcher, Nc. We were charged by a (roughly) 7 foot individual in the dark... then lights appeared and my paradigm started to change after that. I had to figure out what this was. So, in 2013 I started my investigations almost daily."

Nov 25, 2019
SC EP:601 This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!!

Tonight we will speaking to three eyewitnesses. Mike from Virginia writes “Summer of 1989 a few friends and I “6 to be exact” decided to go to a very rural gravel backroad to party, drink etc. In my home state of Virginia. We all piled in my buddies Toyota 4wd pickup and headed out, it was a terribly hot and humid night, but very clear with a full moon.

One of my friends was a female, who would sneak out to be with her boyfriend “One of my other friends with me”. We arrived somewhere close to 11PM and began to drink, laugh, and kid around. We had the radio going, but not very loud at all. Out of nowhere we heard a HUGE CRASH, sounded just like something fell out of a tree “Looking back I’m convinced that’s what it was” immediately after that we could hear VERY heavy footsteps. I’ve been in the woods all my life, and have heard about everything walking. This thing was different, it was MOST DEFINITELY walking on 2 legs. It circled us for what seemed like FOREVER roughly 50 to 75 yards deep in the treeline. The area is so thick I had a 1 million candlelight spotlight and it wouldn’t penetrate the cover. It was making VERY unusual deep grunting/growling sounds. One thing I noticed looking back was there were NO usual forest sounds. No cicadas “Which flood Virginia” in the Summer. No frogs, no crickets, no whiperwills NOTHING. We tracked the sounds to about 150 to 200 yards behind us, all of a sudden this thing let loose a ROAR that I could NEVER even attempt to explain. We FELT IT from that distance, it scared us to DEATH.

Immediately after the roar it stepped out of the treeline to give us our first glimpse. This thing was MASSIVE at least 8ft tall and 4ft wide. This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!! It climbed what looked to be a 30ft bank up to the road in about 3 steps. Immediately we scrambled to get in the truck, I was driving and floored the gas spinning gravel. It was on top of us in a matter of seconds, one of my buddies hit it with a 30 ton bottle Jack that was in the back of the truck and it just bounced off. It scared us so bad that 3 of us lost control of our bladders. The girl I mentioned earlier that snuck out, she had a nervous breakdown she was FRANTIC!! We had to take her home to her parents “Who had no idea she’d even left the house” and try to explain to them what had happened.”

We'll also be speaking to Dustin who had a strange encounter with his brother in Michigan. We'll close the show with Delbert from Colorado who had an encounter while fishing with friends.


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Nov 17, 2019
SC EP:599 I Was Looking At This Creature

Shiloh writes So I'm writing this because my uncle has urged me to do it. I had a big foot encounter when I was 17-18 driving home late one night. It was literally right in front of our farm. I've also had three other incidences where I've heard monkey sounds in our words and have been screamed out on two occasions When taking care of my uncles dogs. It always happens the same time of year. And I'm getting ready to take care of my uncle's dogs again and I figured I would say something at this point because it's pretty much like clockwork that the same things happen. My uncle also had an encounter while burning Grass along his Fence line."

Melissa writes “In December of 2017 I saw a being from my back porch. I have told no one but my husband and I only told him because I wanted to protect him, make him aware to be on guard.And then I didn’t even tell him exactly what I saw, just to be careful because I saw a shadow of a huge animal about 150 feet from our house. My mind was overwhelmed and for a long time I called it a shadow but, in reality it was the creature I was looking at. It doesn’t feel right to call it a Sasquatch or a bigfoot, It looked and felt way to ominous to be just an undiscovered hairy hominid.

It was early December, possibly late November, around 7:30 pm, dark outside except for an exceptionally bright moon, they mentioned the bright moon on the news earlier and that was the only way I would have seen it. My husband was going somewhere and I walked out talking to him as he was leaving, I glanced to the right and saw it and to this day I have no idea what I was saying at the time, I stopped talking and just stared. The next thing I remember is looking up at my husband and he was looking down at me like, well, go on, what is the matter with you? We talk about everything but, all I could do was say, be careful, I love you, have a good time. He looked at me funny and said ok. I watched him get in his truck and leave, to make sure he wasn’t out there and I couldn’t see it anymore, so I went inside and locked the door.

I could only see it from the bottom of his bicep up, a huge bicep, I kept focusing on that. Because the moon was shining on the white siding of a building next door. Here’s the thing that shuts me up, the siding was only on the second story of that building, above a garage door opening where, now abandoned, big trucks were stored. I am trembling now. Dear God, how tall does that make it? The shadow was the darkest black I have ever seen and the whole silhouette was that same color. The only movement was from side to side, like it was gliding on a skateboard. It had a protruding brow ridge and mouth and the nose was completely flat in between, it was a side view.

Nov 10, 2019
SC EP:597 Bigfoot Odyssey

Kerry Arnold of “Bigfoot Odyssey” returns to the show and it has been so long since I have had him on he recounts his encounter again. Kerry shares what he has learned since his encounter and also an upcoming expedition he has in Florida. its going to be a great follow up show!


Check out Kerry’s YouTube channel “Bigfoot Odyssey” here.

Nov 03, 2019
Bonus Show: Randy White “The Manster”

i am traveling this week. I met hall of fame legend Randy White while I am down here in Dallas. I could not pass up the opportunity to interview him. This will be a bonus show, it has nothing to do with Sasquatch but if you enjoy football you will love this interview.Randy White is a former American football defensive tackle. He attended the University of Maryland from 1971 to 1974, and played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys from 1975 to 1988. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame (1994), the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1994) and the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame.

Oct 25, 2019
SC EP:593 Terror On The Job Site

Spoke to Doug and he had a scary encounter on a job site in the California mountains. Several creatures showed up and were very aggressive. Doug was bluff charged trying to leave the area. There was damage to his car from the rocks being thrown.

I was trying to figure out why there was so much aggression towards a guy working. The answer might surprise you.

Oct 25, 2019
SC EP:592 Confessions Of A Retired Police Officer

Kurt writes “I had an incident in 1995 in Northern Michigan that I would like to run by you. I was jogging and this thing got up and took off running. It looked like shaquille o neal in a ghillie suit. I have never disclosed this to anyone but my wife…… but now that I am retired (training units only), I’m not so nervous about speaking about it.”

Spoke to Kurt in depth about his encounter including other strange calls he has been on. One account Kurt relates was a call where the home owner said there was a prowler on the property. When the officer’s arrived they said there was large canine tracks around these peoples home. These tracks were larger than normal and there was scratch marks on the side of the house about 8-9 feet up.

Kurt relates “I got a call one time about a lady who said someone was walking on her roof. When we arrived we walked around her property and could not find anything. There was a lot of snow but as I shined my light up on the roof I saw what appeared to be footprints on this ladies roof. It was odd….I remember getting in my patrol car not sure what to make of this.”

Kurt will be sharing this and many more incidents that he encounter as a police officer. Join me as we pull the curtain back and take a look at law enforcement from behind the scenes.

Oct 20, 2019
SC EP:590 Big Game Hunter Shoots Sasquatch

Spoke to the witness and he said “I am a seasoned hunter, I have been a hunting guide in several states. I want to discuss with you about a time I shot one of these creatures in Idaho. Myself and several other hunters saw this thing including a deputy sheriff. I ended up shooting it as it came towards our camp.

I know some people say it looks human….this did not look human.

This wasn’t the first time I have seen the creature. Several years back my father and I had a run in with one in Colorado.

We will also be speaking to Amanda who is from Texas and will be sharing a strange encounter she had while doing trail maintenance.

Oct 13, 2019
SC EP:588 Vietnam Veteran Encounters Sasquatch

Eli said “I had two encounters the first one was when I was on leave for my 2nd tour in Vietnam. I was deer hunting and had a deer run up to my deer blind and lay down. I could not figure what it was doing. Shortly afterwards I saw what it was running from. I could not understand what kind of creature I was looking at and there was more than one. My second encounter happen about 16 years later and it became violent.


We were camping to going grouse hunting in northern Minnesota. Something picked up our tent with all of us in it and threw it a couple of feet to the side. I ended up shooting what I am sure was a bigfoot, three times with #7 bird shot from 20 to 30 ft away from me and my three companions”


*Truck Diver Interrupts The Creatures Hunt


Armando is a long haul truck driver and he stopped on the side of the road in Texas to use the bathroom. The driver’s little dog ran off into the woods. The witness said “I kept calling my dog to come back but he wasn’t coming back. I heard wild hogs and it sounded like they were running.


I heard one of the hogs make a sound and I thought oh my god they are killing my little dog. I went into the wood line and saw my dog and he was whining. He would not look at me, he was looking up in the tree. I looked back and up to see what he was looking at and I saw this monkey in a tree. It was huge! This thing vocalized and another one came running. This one was much larger and it was carrying something. I realized he was carrying a 200lbs hog in his arm. The one in the tree screamed at me and then the larger one screamed/roared at me. I thought I was dead. I just held my dog and was shaking…..”


Oct 06, 2019
SC EP:586 The Creature Never Took His Eyes Off Me

A listener writes “Thought I’d share an experience that I had back in the mid 80’s. Probably not as exciting as many of those encounters that I’ve heard on your podcast, but non-the-less interesting.

The entire experience was at least a 10 minute observation which I shall never forget. I am now 56 years old. This took place when I was in my early 20’s. Up in the high Sierra Nevada mountains, tucked away at about 7000 feet in the John Muir Wilderness, is a popular lake named Huntington Lake. I frequented this spot as I am an avid fisherman, hiker and love to explore. This lake has easy access with “the” main highway running through the area. So in the summer months it is quite populated with tourists and such. I would often fish the lake and hike the area.

When hiking I often times would exit the trails and go off on my own, equipped with essentials and, of course, a compass. I was coming down the mountain from an afternoon hike and found a beautiful scene too lovely to not sit and take in for a while. A small rock face, or ledge if you will, perched just 12 – 15 feet overlooking a mountain meadow surrounded by redwoods. A mile and a half down from there you could see Huntington Lake, which seemed so small considering it’s actual size. It was about 4 pm and I was sitting there, and had been for at least an hour, when I saw movement just to my left where the redwoods quit and the meadow began. Granted I was approximately 15 up on the rock ledge but the movement was not more than 25 feet or so from the rock ledge. At first I thought it was a bear or a deer due to the size of what I was able to see. As I watched further, it came out fully into the open, sniffing the air, reaching for various plants and bushes….nearly in complete silence. it would pull up a plant, or off a branch…and nibble on the leafy parts. Nope. Not a bear! Certainly not a deer! It was in the open and foraging about…unaware of my presence. The small cliff I was sitting on/in was somewhat concave so it kinda wrapped around me to a point so my perch must have been somewhat concealing. If this would have been a bear I would have been concerned. I was floored. Taken. Nearly mesmerized I could not believe nor comprehend what I was seeing! And it wasn’t like the creature was difficult to see. It was a matter of 20-25 feet from me as it worked it’s way toward the rock face that I was sitting on. The hair was orange. Similar to an orange cat. The hair under the arms from the armpits to about the wrists was longer, about 4 or 5 inches long. The skin light gray. Standing at approximately 7 feet tall, this thing was blowing my mind. I was too amazed to be afraid.

It had this permanent expression on its face like it was worried or sad. It wasn’t worried or sad….just had that look on it’s face. The face was nearly human. No ape looking attributes at all really. That is the part that freaked me out the most. It looked like a depiction of a Cro-Magnon. It was male. Undoubtedly male. Round – faced with a slightly pointy head…but not extremely pointed. Another thing that fascinated me was his eyes. They were the same orange-gold color as the hair. Mind – blowing. I still stand in amazement at what I saw. As he worked his way toward the rock cliff and me, I noticed him sniffing the air more frequently and looking around more. I figured he possibly had picked up on my scent. At this point he was no more than 20 feet from me. I would guess perhaps even closer. But I was up about 15 feet atop him on the cliff. Figuring that I had better make myself known to him rather than scare him…I softly said “Hi” and raised my right arm and waved it back and forth. He was startled and I could clearly see his eyebrows raise. He zoomed in on me instantly Freaky! He stood there not moving. I was feeling, for the first time, like “OH SHIT!”. What was this thing going to do? Or more specifically, do to ME? His eyes were larger than a human’s eyes but not by a whole lot. I could see whites on the insides and corners of the eyes. He stood there for what seemed like a minute but was probably less. Just looking at me. He didn’t seem angry or agitated. Mostly surprised that I was there. I was staring at him as well…probably for the same reasons. He then started walking off. His body turned but not his head.

He never took his eyes off me as he walked away. A part of me was glad that he was leaving me in peace. But the curiosity part of me didn’t want him to. He was still looking at me as he was walking away. I raised my arm and slowly waved and said “Don’t go.” This is going to really seem stupid but non-the-less true. He stopped for a moment and very slowly raised his right arm ever so slightly…then walked into the redwoods. I was relieved but stunned. I cannot believe that I asked it to stay! I don’t know what I was hoping for in doing that. I do believe that this being was very intelligent. It had a curiosity and wonderment just as we do. I also believe….no, I KNOW, that this creature could have pounded me into the earth like a hot knife goes through soft butter. But yet it chose not to. I am more than grateful for that.”

Sep 29, 2019
SC EP:584 She Was Feeding The Creatures Live Animals

Mike writes “I was born and raised in Natchez Mississippi and I had two encounters with what I know understand to be a sasquatch.

One encounter happened when I was about 7 years old and another time when I was maybe 20 or 21. As a young boy, I watched a neighbor give a cat and a raccoon to one of the giant creatures and there was a second one that crawled from behind her house like a giant spider and it gave me nightmares for quite some time. Another encounter happened when a friend and I were driving and we witnessed what looked like King Kong chasing a doe and a buck across the highway on a cold winter night we were heading to Fayette Mississippi from Natchez."


Tonight, Timothy Renner talks about the Albatwitch Day Saturday, October 12, 2019

Check it out:


Also check out Timothy's work at:

Sep 21, 2019
SC EP: 581 HorrorHound Weekend Interviews

We spent a few days in Indianapolis to attend HorrorHound Weekend, and spent time with some great people. I was able to do a show with several guests while I was there, and wanted to include everyone who was unable to attend. My mic was damaged in transport so my voice sounds hollow...


Several people sat down with me on the final day including Bob Gimlin, Travis Walton, Claudio Bergamin, Amy Bue, and Justin Snyder.


Bob Gimlin:


Amy Bue:


Travis Walton:


Claudio Bergamin: |


Justin Snyder:

Sep 13, 2019
SC EP:580 Confessions Of A Pastor Part 2

Randy returns to the show. Tonight we discuss how Randy became a pastor. He had several life experiences that led up to where he is at in life. Randy started out in life working in a night club, what led to him becoming a pastor will surprise you.

Sep 07, 2019
SC EP:578 We Shot The Green River Monster

The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded. We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open and searching for new territory.

My friend and his cousin came down to the riverbank to do some target practice with their 22 rifles. They would walk up stream a ways, throw pop cans in the water, then run back down stream and wait for the pop cans (targets of choice) to float by.

While blowing the cans to smitherines, my friend’s cousin’s gun jammed.

They walked around a tree line, across a field and back up to their car which was sitting on the side of the road. They opened the trunk, sat on the back bumper, and began to dislodge the shell from his 22 rifle. As they were reloading they heard limbs snapping, they looked up and back toward the tree line they had just walked from. The tops of the trees were swaying wildly.

My friend’s cousin asked, “who let the elephant out?” They decided to check it out.

They closed the trunk and jogged back down across the field then walked quietly around the line of trees and back into the opening on the river bank where they had been standing moments before.

“Sam” not his name..said when they came into the opening something started screaming at them. They jumped and looked toward the scream….Standing on top of a deadfall was a creature covered in hair, his arms were above his head and he was waiving them back and forth in a left, right motion. Sam’s cousin spun the barrel of his rifle around and shot 5 times.

Sam said all five shot’s hit the creature in his chest area. He said he could hear the bullets landing almost like the sound of them hitting the water. The creature dropped his arms and fell straight back behind the deadfall. He hit with a large thud, then silence. The silence was very short lived. Sam’s cousin, started screaming, “I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“He dressed up in a monkey suit to scare us and I’ve killed him.”

Sam told him, I don’t know what you’ve killed but it’s not our uncle. They were both in shock so holding onto each other they walked slowly over to the dead fall and looked over it to the back side. The creature was laying on its back and not moving. One of them (not sure which one) said, what the heck is it?

This stirred the creature, he opened his eyes and jumped up. They jumped back, turned and started running. The creature “galloped” away in one direction, the two cousins in the opposite. I say galloped because of the way he was swinging his arms.

Sep 01, 2019
SC EP:576 Confessions Of A Pastor

Spoke to Randy and he said “I have never seen a Sasquatch but I have dealt a lot with demonic possession. I have many accounts that made the hair on my arm stand up. Many people come to me with accounts of running into these creatures.”

Randy writes “I have two encounters to share, both happened in Kentucky, one was right outside of Louisville city limits.


The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded. We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open and searching for new territory.

My friend and his cousin came down to the riverbank to do some target practice with their 22 rifles. They would walk up stream a ways, throw pop cans in the water, then run back down stream and wait for the pop cans (targets of choice) to float by.

While blowing the cans to smitherines, my friend’s cousin’s gun jammed.

They walked around a tree line, across a field and back up to their car which was sitting on the side of the road. They opened the trunk, sat on the back bumper, and began to dislodge the shell from his 22 rifle. As they were reloading they heard limbs snapping, they looked up and back toward the tree line they had just walked from. The tops of the trees were swaying wildly.

My friend’s cousin asked, “who let the elephant out?” They decided to check it out.

They closed the trunk and jogged back down across the field then walked quietly around the line of trees and back into the opening on the river bank where they had been standing moments before.

“Sam” not his name..said when they came into the opening something started screaming at them. They jumped and looked toward the scream….Standing on top of a deadfall was a creature covered in hair, his arms were above his head and he was waiving them back and forth in a left, right motion. Sam’s cousin spun the barrel of his rifle around and shot 5 times.

Sam said all five shot’s hit the creature in his chest area. He said he could hear the bullets landing almost like the sound of them hitting the water. The creature dropped his arms and fell straight back behind the deadfall. He hit with a large thud, then silence. The silence was very short lived. Sam’s cousin, started screaming, “I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“He dressed up in a monkey suit to scare us and I’ve killed him.”

Sam told him, I don’t know what you’ve killed but it’s not our uncle. They were both in shock so holding onto each other they walked slowly over to the dead fall and looked over it to the back side. The creature was laying on its back and not moving. One of them (not sure which one) said, what the heck is it?

This stirred the creature, he opened his eyes and jumped up. They jumped back, turned and started running. The creature “galloped” away in one direction, the two cousins in the opposite. I say galloped because of the way he was swinging his arms.

(This is my opinion, not theirs)

I think the creature was in shock, I think he was running but using his arms as if he was on all four. He was running on two but his arms were swinging as if he was using them to touch the ground. The story extends, They raced home and got their dad’s 30-30…..Tracked it….. with more info coming from a neighbor the next day.”


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Aug 26, 2019
SC EP:574 Run And Don't Look Back

Jessica writes "I wanted to write to you because my fiancée and I have had a few eerie encounters in our travels through New Mexico and during my time being stationed in South Carolina. I'm now former Air Force, recently separated. I will state that I have never been exposed to anything abnormal or out of the ordinary in my time growing up in California."


Todd writes "Early summer of 1983 I was in love. I took a romantic moonlit walk with my girlfriend on the 17th green. We sat down at 1:00 AM and started to talk. That lasted maybe 2 minutes when we were interrupted by an angry animal in a big oak tree behind us just 25 yards.

Whatever it was it shook that big tree side to side as if was jumping all inside of it, I heard it grunting and short yells like a gorilla and it really screamed like an African lion and a silverback gorilla at the same time.

I was really scared and yet I was calm at the same time, I knew we had to get back to the clubhouse and get into my car 400 plus yards NE. The moon lit the way and the dense fog near the ponds along the way were eerie as the landscape was a downward slope and a straight shot to the road.

I stood up and told my girlfriend to grab my hand and never let go,I knew we could die at any moment and I wasn’t sticking around to find out.

That thing was still shaking that tree and I said softly, run, as we ran 100 ft or so I heard a sickening thud. I mean it was like a something really big hit that grass. I knew that thing was coming after us. I glanced over my shoulder, omg it was tall and wide in the shoulders, it darted towards our way and I noticed it slammed it’s the long arm on the ground and grunted like a bear, it was no bear.

I think it had red eyes I can’t exactly be sure because I had recurring nightmares long after this happened. I was skinny and ran long distance at school, she was a little heavier and she had no problem keeping up. All I could hear from her and I was fast breathing as the tears rolled down our faces from sheer fear.

I distinctly heard to thing forging behind us and not giving up, thank Thank God we didn’t trip and fall. The clubhouse was getting closer we went along the left side and ran across the street into the parking lot I had a four on the floor, Ford Bobcat Pinto and the hatchback was all glass and I had a sunroof in which Kathy was slamming her hands down on it screaming it’s coming hurry open the door. I manage to get my key in the door and opened it and started the car and opened her door, by the time I shifted into first gear and popped the clutch as fast as I could she was already in and I glance out my drivers window and saw this massive hairy dark thing race along the clubhouse and on-road to get us and it yelled that God awful yell again and I could see it was really mad..I raced along Skyline Drive towards Duluth Heights and we both didn’t speak until we went to Mc Donalds and got a coke and sat in a booth staring at each other in shock.. we both pissed ourselves. we were shaking and thankful we were alive."

Aug 23, 2019
SC EP:573 It Huffed At Me And Ran Off

Jeff writes “Hello Wes, I absolutely love listening to your show. I wanted to share with you one of my two encounters with Bigfoot several years ago. I live in a town called Bluff City, Tn.

The first incident was back in January 2008, and I was 15 years old at the time. I remember it like it was yesterday! It was a cold, crisp night and there was at least 3 inches of snow on the ground. Where I grew up at was on an old road that ran through the middle of a holler and it was rather secluded. We’ve always had many things there on that road happen and it was conmen that none of us would go out after dark. For one the road had only one street light on it so besides the light at my parents house and the single street lamp it was virtually pitch black on the road. We also had plenty of wildlife back in that holler. There were coyotes, bobcats, bears ( and I had came upon several bears walking threw the fields and woods there), deer, the occasional mountain lion. So plenty of animals and all of our neighbors had hunting dogs and cattle and horses. I say all of that for the significance of the story. But going back to the cold snowy night in January.

I stepped outside with my dog to walk it so it could do it’s business and it started there. It was about midnight and my dog would always go out on its own, rain, snow, you name it the dog didn’t care at all. But that night the dog refused to go out. I pushed it out the door for it just to stand there and whine and scratch at the door. This was highly unusual because the dog had never acted like that before. Like it was genuinely scared. So I grabbed the leash and took it out to the front yard. Our yard at the time in front of the house was about a full acre and I had walked the dog to the far end of the yard. Back behind our house was a 19 acre horse farm that belonged to our neighbors. From where I was at you could see a very good amount of the field. So here I am at midnight in all the snow and thank God it’s a full moon night. Having the full moon and all the snow it was lit up like daylight outside so you could see everything! I noticed after standing still for about a minute or so I started to smell a rather odd oder. It’s was one like I had never smelt before. It was musky and pungent and just completely odd where we where at. I mentioned all the wildlife we had in the holler because I had been around all of it. Hunted it all too. And none of those animals ever had a smell like this. That’s when the neighbors dogs who had been barking like a mad fool suddenly went completely quiet and my dog ran behind me and laid on the ground at my feet shaking like a leaf.

I froze and stood as still as I could trying to listen knowing I would hear anything moving with the snow being everywhere. That’s when I heard the walking and shuffling. I turned around and faced my parents house and all was black because I was the only one up at the time always being the night owl that I am. But I faced the house and the 19 acre field behind it and started to look for the source of the sound. Normally I wouldn’t have been so still like I was but this was an odd shuffle that I heard. Because I could distinctively tell that whatever it was, was walking on two legs. There is a difference and I always learned to listen for that in the woods at home so I could tell the difference between game, and a fellow hunter. We all hunted the same land so it was common to run across the occasional hunter. But this was a slow heavy step that I was hearing. Or so I thought it was slow. That’s when I seen it come from behind a line of trees that was in the middle of the field and it was walking through a clearing of about 100 yards or so. It’s was huge. Even though I knew I was about 100 to 120 yards away I could tell that this thing was massive. It the time I was 6’ even and weighed around 280 pounds so I wasn’t very little at my age. But seeing this thing made me feel significantly small. I would say it was anywhere around 7’ or taller. It’s stride was huge. That’s why I said I thought it was a slow heavy step. Even though it was taking fewer steps it was making a quick pace across the field with its long gate. It was taking probably a 6’ step every time.

I could clearly see that it was extremely hairy, you could see the hair swaying on its arms has they swung back and fourth as it walked. And it had a large cones head that was hairy as well. I stood there until it got to the middle of the field and it registered on my mind what I was truly seeing. It was a Sasquatch! I had always believed and had done plenty of research on it. I knew it would be better if I stayed quiet and just watched it go but my curiosity got the better of me. So I let out a small, shrill whistle to see what would happen and the thing stopped in its tracks, turned around and faced directly towards me! I was terrified but yet mesmerized at the same time. I had always heard that these were intelligent creatures so I simply raised my hand in the air almost just as an acknowledgement, and honestly to try and make myself look bigger. But as I did this something amazing happened. The Sasquatch raised its hand in a mimicking fashion and stood there as long as I did with its hand up! When I lowered my hand down again it lowered its hand and then turned back and headed towards the end of the field! The field was surrounded by a 4’ tall barb wire fence and this creature stepped over it like it was nothing.

That’s me moment I lost sight of it was when I grabbed the dog and ran for the house as fast as I could! I woke everyone up to tell them what happened and they have called me crazy every since. But I know without a shadow Of a doubt what I saw that day. Unfortunately for me it snowed again very hard that night and when I went out the next morning and into the field to find the tracks the snow had covered it up except for two wide ruts where it’s feet drug across the top of the snow. But there where no distinguishable tracks to see. I have had another encounter with a Sasquatch as well, and I also had a friend with me witness it the second time. But I won’t go into detail yet on that one since my first encounter was so long and this one is even longer! I have cold chills typing this up to send to you but I know what I saw. And I will never forget what I happened.”


Chris writes "I live in a very rural county in Kentucky. One night, after hours of playing poker, I was leaving a friend’s home at about 2 or 3 in the am.

As I stepped off his porch I heard a noise next to the tree line in front of my jeep. The distance between the porch and the tree line is about 15 yds with his driveway the only thing in between. Looking toward the sound I expected to see a deer or coon or something like that which is nothing strange in the area. What I saw was something crouched down like a baseball catcher. When my eyes landed on it , it stood. Couldn’t see facial details due to the moon backlighting everything from behind the tree line but it was around 7ft tall. It had very broad shoulders, a narrower waist and had arms reaching down to the knees.

It felt like it lasted forever, us looking at each other, but probably only lasted 7 – 10 seconds. It then huffed at me then ran off into the trees. I think I surprised it by noticing it and the huff was it saying “dont follow me a$$hole.”



Aug 17, 2019
SC EP:571 Running With The Night

Tonight I will be talking to three guests. My first guest Adam is from Florida and will be sharing an encounter he had with his parents while driving. They saw a Skunk Ape on the side of the road. Many years later Adam and his brothers ran into something much worse.


Jack writes "I am a retired U. S. Army (Rank Removed). I have had three combat deployments, including one as a commander in Iraq. Here is a synopsis of my encounter…

It was the summer of 1988. I was a cadet (officer in training )through ROTC in college. I was at Ft Lewis, Washington for the summer. We were on maneuvers in the woods early in the morning. Our platoon was being trained by two Army Special Forces Non commissioned officers.

We were on patrol in the middle of nowhere… probably 10 miles from the housing area of base. We had been choppers out as part of the training exercise. I still remember the name of the training event… “Adventure Challenge.”

While out in the woods on patrol, we all heard something walking parallel to us. I was so dark- I could not see my hand! This thing continued walking… crunching while we walked, stopping when we stopped. Finally, our green beret instructor went out there. After about a minute, he comes running back telling us to get out of there. All we had were M16s with blanks… we were training, so no live ammo. I have more to tell if you want to hear.”


Emily writes "My husband and I had an encounter with something large in the woods of Southern Missouri on June 2nd of this year. In the afternoon I heard a huge tree fall in the woods in the direction of the river about 5 minutes after my husband left me at the camp to walk down to the water. About 30 seconds to a minute after the crash I heard 3 tree knocks, a pause and then 3 more with the same pattern on the opposite side of the river. A couple of times we heard snorts that sounded like wild hogs but never saw anything.

I had gone to the tent around 10:30pm. My husband stayed around the campfire until around midnight. He went into the road after putting out the tiki torches and fire and heard a growling. He is not one to be freaked out by noises and such but he was a little unnerved by it. He got into the tent and told me about it. We talked for a couple minutes before saying good night. Less than 5 minutes after we stopped talking we both heard rustling in the leaves from a distance, we both lifted our heads and listened intently as the footsteps came closer. We both agree the footsteps were heavy. I have hunted in the woods before and it was not a deer. I would describe the sound as walking in the woods with boots on. My initial thought was maybe this is The man we rented the camping site from messing with us and it's part of the experience, but then realized he would be stupid to do that for fear of being shot. Bigfoot never crossed my mind. I was frozen in fear! It walked directly behind our tent. Probably within 3 ft of our heads. It sounded like it walked around the campfire ring and then off into the woods toward the water. We were absolutely silent while it was in the camp. As soon as we realized it had walked away, I began shaking uncontrollably! I have never felt fear like that and have never reacted to fear that way. My husband was trying to reassure me when we heard it returning about 2 minutes later. I grabbed the key fab to our van and hit the lock button so the lights would light up and hopefully scare away whatever it was. I did that 4 times and it walked off into the woods on the other side of the road behind our tent. We heard what sounded like a fight going on between two animals in that direction and I hit the lights again a couple times and the noises stopped. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep in the tent anymore so we moved into our van for the rest of the night. I didn't look for Bigfoot signs because again Bigfoot didn't cross my mind until we got home that evening and we honestly thought it was probably a bobcat, but after looking at pictures of bobcats we both agree a bobcat wouldn't be big enough to make the sounds we heard. My husband has never been a believer in Bigfoot. I have been a believer for years but have never had an experience like this. I played several videos of animal sounds for him trying to identify the growl he heard. He said no to everything except supposed Bigfoot growl. He said that is very close to what he heard. In the same video of the growl you can hear footsteps of the creature and they sound almost identical to the steps we heard that night.

We heard snorts again the next morning but could very well have been hogs. I sent a text to the owner the next morning asking if he knew what it might be. He said most likely deer...or Bigfoot! Then he listed several other animals he knew were on the property. I know none of the animals he listed could make those sounds...except Bigfoot.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this experience since it happened. A couple days after we got home I sent a text to the owner of the property and told him about the experience and asked if he had ever had any experiences and if he was serious about his Bigfoot comment. He said he was intrigued and wanted to know more so I shared our story. (I get the feeling he knows more than what he has told us) He said he did catch something on his trail cam the night of June 2nd and then directed me to his Facebook page where he had posted it. It was an orb. The time stamp says 11:11pm. 45 minutes before our encounter. I thought it was creepy! I'm convinced more than ever that it was Bigfoot that visited our camp that night. I just had to share!"

Aug 11, 2019
SC EP:569 Something At The Ranch

A listener writes “I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible but I have had about a half dozen encounters with what I used to think, but now KNOW, was a Sasquatch or something thereof.

My cousin and my brother have spent the past week talking about all of our encounters here in AZ up off the Mogollon Rim and out at our family ranch north of Wickenburg. My cousin Chris came upon your show less than a week ago by accident and we have each listened to about 35-40 of the episodes since. He and I have talked over the past few days and because of what we’ve heard on your show, we are CONVINCED that what we’ve encountered is similar to those on your show. The timing worked out where my brother, who is active in the military, is in town and staying with us so the three of us have been reliving these experiences trying to find answers.

The first memory was at our family ranch out in the middle of the desert where the nearest house or living human is a 45 minute drive down a dirt road. I was about 14 or 15 and my brother is two years younger than me. He and I heard the horses making a ton of noise down in the pasture in the creek that runs alongside the mountain the ranch houses sit on. We walked to the edge of the slope of the mountain where we could see below and saw the horses huddled together in the middle of our fenced in pasture. We caught glances of what we thought was a coyote in between the brush so we yelled down and made some noise. As soon as we did, this thing took off down the wash towards the Hassayampa river. We saw it running and it was big and black. It ran kind of like a dog but was 90-100 yards away below in the wash so it was thought to tell. It darted between the mesquite and the brush but it was jet black. If it was a canine, it was the biggest one we have ever seen. Running on all fours, it’s back had to be at least as high as my chest at the time but it was very bulky. When we asked our grandpa about it he said it was a bear but we have never seen a bear move that fast or agile.

We had another encounter while sitting on the porch of the ranch house at night a few years later. My cousin and I were sitting on the porch with a girl from Germany and the rest of the family was inside. About 30 yards away, just outside of the light coming from the sliding glass door, we heard some movement for a few minutes, then the deepest growl I could have possibly ever imagined. It last for a few seconds and my cousin and I slowly got up on our feet. We looked at each other terrified and pulled our guns out. The SECOND I cocked the hammer back on my revolver, the growl turned into this terrifying scream. It didn’t sound like the typical woman scream you hear about, it sounded like a dinosaur. We threw open the door and slammed it shut and our family told us we looked like we had just seen a ghost. Neither of us slept that night.

Around the time I was 19, my brother and a different cousin of ours had walked about a mile up river to do some target shooting with a shotgun. We didn’t have a lot of time before dinner so we were only shooting for 10-15 minutes before we headed back home. Walking down the creek we saw a jet black raven sitting in the middle of the creek. It was huge and wasn’t afraid of us. It had to sit 2.5′ talk and I have never seen a raven out there in that area. We walked by and didn’t think anything of it but as we got close to the house we saw a massive black creature on the side of the wash in the brush. At the time we all thought it was a bull but even then we thought it was pretty strange to see one off on its own that close to the house. 10-15 seconds later, when we turned to look back at it, it was completely gone. We asked our grandpa about a big black bull and he told us that we didn’t have any.

I was 23 when I went camping off the Young road up on the Mogollon rim with some buddies. After the sun went down, we had a fire going and started hearing what we all thought was a woman screaming off in the distance. Over a minute or two the scream got closer until it was just outside the firelight and less than 30 yards from us. We were all freaked out since it sounded like this woman was dying. We called out and shined our flashlights towards it but never got a response or saw anything. Over a period of an hour, we heard some noises near by but eventually it got quiet and then we started hearing the screams again but the were moving away from us. We all slept in the truck that night and left the next morning.

My last encounter was again, near the Mogollon rim with my cousin Chris, his wife, and a friend from work as his wife. The story is pretty long but we had heard screams in the forest during the day and after the sun went down we started to hear whistles coming in from at least 3 different positions getting closer to us. We saw red, green, and white lights coming down one of the hills that bordered the wash we were camping in. They were very soft lights like a glow stick in the distance. We would hear branches breaking and someone walking up the road. We would go out to look and couldn’t ever find anything. The whistles and noises would ebb and flow but during a period of quiet, our friend and his wife went to bed in their tent. The noises started up again and our dogs went so crazy we had to put them all in our trucks. My cousin, his wife, and I sat on his tailgate near the fire hearing at least 3 distinct whistles coming from different areas like we were being flanked. His wife didn’t read too much into it but we were terrified. I’ve got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. When one of the whistles got within 40 yards and right on the creek, I whistled into the dark and immediately, this thing immediately whistled right back to me in the exact same tone. The three of us panicked, we woke up our friends, packed up our camp within 10 minutes and left there in the middle of the night.”

Aug 04, 2019
SC EP:568 Run Like Hell

A former military police officer of 20 years will be joining the show. He shares an encounter he had on base in Alabama.The witness said “I was out of my nightly run around the base and it was surrounded by woods. I had my head phones in when I got a strange feeling like I was in danger. I took my ear buds out and realized something huge was pacing me in the woods.

It took me a second to figure out why my steps had an echo but it was this thing and it mirroring my moves. I ran like hell as fast as I could and this thing kept pace. As I cleared the woods I looked back and that is when I saw it…..”

Aug 04, 2019
SC EP:566 Strange Experience In Iraq

Spoke to a military veteran last night who has agreed to come on the show. He shares an encounter he had in Oregon. He has also experienced some very strange things in Iraq during the war.

A small portion of the show will be Sasquatch related but I believe he has earned the right to come on and share whatever he wants to share. He said “I am sure I ran into a Jinn over in Iraq. I have no other explanation for what I saw, this thing…guy walking straight up a wall.”

Jul 27, 2019
SC EP:564 Visitor On The Farm

A listener writes “So this started in the summer of 1982 in Yamhill County Oregon my parents were divorced and me and my sister had gone out to visit my dad for the summer.

Now we’d only been there a few days and one of our chores was to go up to the barn and feed the cows about 1/2 Mile to a quarter mile away. On the way back now mind you we had dogs that darted in and out of the trees and they were real low pine trees low to the ground and the dogs are really friendly mid-size dogs. Anyway on the way back in the clearing we were walking through the clearing and out from the pine trees that were so thick you couldn’t see through someone/something tossed a rock at us. Now it wasn’t a big rock it wasn’t throwing overhand it was like an underhand toss. My dad was at work my dad’s girlfriend had just come out of the house because we could hear the door slam. We were way back in the woods and nobody around really known we were there yet so for somebody to be screwing with us it was highly unlikely.

Anyway after the rock came out at us the dogs that would usually lick someone to death if they showed up at the house come shooting out from the trees and surrounded us and herding us down the Hill. Well we didn’t think nothing of it too much, I mean it was weird but we didn’t know what to think you know I was 12 my sister was eight. So the summer wore on and we hear strange sounds coming out of the forest I thought it sound like a woman screaming my sister thought it sounded like a howl but we also hear it sounded like a baseball bat hitting something. Well I decided to stay and live with my dad for a year ,my sister went home in the late summer. We had a spring that ran through the yard that kind of just made it a little muddy I went by there one day to feed the horse and in the mud it look like a huge footprint. I went and got my dad and he wouldn’t even look but when I got down on the ground and looked at the footprint I could see ridges like you would see you in your handprint but only in a footprint. So I went up to the barn and I went to check on the horse well the horse was nosed into a corner and had been there all night it looked like she had kicked up the dirt like she was trying to fight something off and she had scratches but I couldn’t tell what they were. The dogs on the other hand wouldn’t let me go in the barn and my dad seen this and became very angry cuz he’s just wasn’t a nice person.

When he got up there the dogs ran off cuz they knew better and we went up in the barn and I had left the big doors open where you load hay in when you stock the barn. But something had been up there and made like a nest out of a bunch of the Bales , it was real easy to get in the barn from the big doors my dad could jump from the hill into the barn because it was that close, it was just wide enough for pickup. Well as a summer wore on i heard lots of weird noises coming out of the forest and you know you would think you would see something but you really didn’t or get the feeling of being watched. About mid-January the coyotes started howling and they would start howling every night about 10 and our dogs would run out in the backyard and bark And howl and carry on. Well this particular night the dogs come plowing back in underneath the porch.

Now they would crawl under there and they’d make a lot of noise and see I slept in the basement by the window by the porch so I always heard when they were making noises and this night they were whining and hiding and trying to get farther up underneath the porch and I rolled over to grab a shoe to bang on the cement wall to get them to shut up and as I looked into the window there was Bigfoot staring at me right in the face 4 feet away and I have had that image burned into my mind since I was 12 years old. I tried to scream I couldn’t scream I freaked out threw the blanket over my head seems like forever but was probably only a minute or two went to look again and he was gone. So at first I thought maybe I was imagining things so I looked out my window and I could see the footprints by the window I was a size 8 in men’s as a twelve-year-old already and this was a good twice the size of my foot.

I thought this was going to be it at last I’ll show Dad in the morning cuz I didn’t dare wake him up in the middle of the night cuz he would have beat my ass. But as bad luck would have it it started raining. Now I got a real good look at this bigfoot because the porch light was on the Barnyard light was on so I got a really good look at his face I guess I couldn’t tell you about the hands of the chest all I could tell you is the face the eyes are so human-like the bridge above his eyes and his mouth and nose. I have a real close picture that’s really close that I’ll send to you in an email that I found somebody drew or whatever that’s about real close to what I seen. so I tried to tell my dad the next day but of course you blew me off and as spring started coming about March and April. now my dad was a guy that got stressed out a lot and he got mean when he was really stressed 1 of his ways to deal with it as he would go walk in the woods. He would be gone a minimum of 3 hours and one time he was gone almost 12 hours. This particular time he’d been gone only 45 minutes he come back in the house he told his girlfriend I wasn’t allowed to go outside he grabbed his 30/30 rifle and a 45 Long Colt pistol and said he had seen something and would be back. he never did say what he seen but after that I wasn’t allowed to go back out by myself in the woods.

I have had some other experiences in different states but not like this.”

Jul 21, 2019
SC EP:562 The Rock Throwing Howler Monkeys?

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains. A good friend of mine lived out in the country and asked me to come over because he was sure there was howler monkeys in the woods behind his home.

I was curious so I went to see if I could hear these “howler monkeys” that he was talking about. After several nights of being out there we heard strange vocalizations but never saw anything until the last couple of nights. We have rocks thrown at us and we saw two of them. One of them was huge, biggest thing I have ever seen and it reminded me of a human covered in hair but it was a really big human. There was one night we saw something, I think unrelated and it was so strange I don’t know what to think. It is so odd I am not sure if I want to discuss it, stranger than Bigfoot.”

The eyewitness has agreed to come on the show and share his encounter.

Jul 15, 2019
SC EP:560 I Almost Shot It - William Roe

Here is some bonus content. I hope everyone enjoys the William Roe encounter from 1955.


I, W. Roe of the City of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta make oath and say,

(1) That the exhibit A attached to this, my affidavit, is absolutely true and correct in all details.

Sworn before me in the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, this 26th day of August, A.D. 1957.

(Signed) William Roe

(Signed) by W.H. Clark

Assistant Claims Agent

Number D.D. 2822


Ever since I was a small boy back in the forest of Michigan, I have studied the lives and habits of wild animals. Later, when I supported my family in Northern Alberta by hunting and trapping, I spent many hours just observing the wild things. They fascinated me. But the most incredible experience I ever had with a wild creature occurred near a little town called Tete Jaune Cache, British Columbia, about eighty miles west of Jasper, Alberta.

I had been working on the highway near Tete Jaune Cache for about two years. In October, 1955, I decided to climb five miles up Mica Mountain to an old deserted mine, just for something to do. I came in sight of the mine about three o’clock in the afternoon after an easy climb. I had just come out of a patch of low brush into a clearing when I saw what I thought was a grizzly bear, in the bush on the other side. I had shot a grizzly near that spot the year before. This one was only about 75 yards away, but I didn’t want to shoot it, for I had no way of getting it out. So I sat down on a small rock and watched, my rifle in my hands.

I could see part of the animal’s head and the top of one shoulder. A moment later it raised up and stepped out into the opening. Then I saw it was not a bear.

This, to the best of my recollection, is what the creature looked like and how it acted as it came across the clearing directly toward me. My first impression was of a huge man, about six feet tall, almost three feet wide, and probably weighing somewhere near three hundred pounds. It was covered from head to foot with dark brown silver-tipped hair. But as it came closer I saw by its breasts that it was female.

And yet, its torso was not curved like a female’s. Its broad frame was straight from shoulder to hip. Its arms were much thicker than a man’s arms, and longer, reaching almost to its knees. Its feet were broader proportionately than a man’s, about five inches wide at the front and tapering to much thinner heels. When it walked it placed the heel of its foot down first, and I could see the grey-brown skin or hide on the soles of its feet.

It came to the edge of the bush I was hiding in, within twenty feet of me, and squatted down on its haunches. Reaching out its hands it pulled the branches of bushes toward it and stripped the leaves with its teeth. Its lips curled flexibly around the leaves as it ate. I was close enough to see that its teeth were white and even.

The shape of this creature’s head somewhat resembled a Negro’s. The head was higher at the back than at the front. The nose was broad and flat. The lips and chin protruded farther than its nose. But the hair that covered it, leaving bare only the parts of its face around the mouth, nose and ears, made it resemble an animal as much as a human. None of this hair, even on the back of its head, was longer than an inch, and that on its face was much shorter. Its ears were shaped like a human’s ears. But its eyes were small and black like a bear’s. And its neck also was unhuman. Thicker and shorter than any man’s I had ever seen.

As I watched this creature, I wondered if some movie company was making a film at this place and that what I saw was an actor, made up to look partly human and partly animal. But as I observed it more, I decided it would be impossible to fake such a specimen. Anyway, I learned later there was no such company near that area. Nor, in fact, did anyone live up Mica Mountain, according to the people who lived in Tete Jaune Cache.

Finally the wild thing must have got my scent, for it looked directly at me through an opening in the brush. A look of amazement crossed its face. It looked so comical at the moment I had to grin. Still in a crouched position, it backed up three or four short steps, then straightened up to its full height and started to walk rapidly back the way it had come. For a moment it watched me over its shoulder as it went, not exactly afraid, but as though it wanted no contact with anything strange.

The thought came to me that if I shot it, I would possibly have a specimen of great interest to scientists the world over. I had heard stories of the Sasquatch, the giant hairy Indians that live in the legends of British Columbia Indians, and also many claim, are still in fact alive today. Maybe this was a Sasquatch, I told myself.

I levelled my rifle. The creature was still walking rapidly away, again turning its head to look in my direction. I lowered the rifle. Although I have called the creature “it”, I felt now that it was a human being and I knew I would never forgive myself if I killed it.

Just as it came to the other patch of brush it threw its head back and made a peculiar noise that seemed to be half laugh and half language, and which I can only describe as a kind of a whinny. Then it walked from the small brush into a stand of lodgepole pine.

I stepped out into the opening and looked across a small ridge just beyond the pine to see if I could see it again. It came out on the ridge a couple of hundred yards away from me, tipped its head back again, and again emitted the only sound I had heard it make, but what this half- laugh, half-language was meant to convey, I do not know. It disappeared then, and I never saw it again.

I wanted to find out if it lived on vegetation entirely or ate meat as well, so I went down and looked for signs. I found it in five different places, and although I examined it thoroughly, could find no hair or shells of bugs or insects. So I believe it was strictly a vegetarian.

I found one place where it had slept for a couple of nights under a tree. Now, the nights were cool up the mountain, at this time of year especially, and yet it had not used a fire. I found no sign that it possessed even the simplest of tools. Nor a single companion while in this place.

Whether this was a Sasquatch I do not know. It will always remain a mystery to me, unless another one is found.

I hereby declare the above statement to be in every part true, to the best of my powers of observation and recollection.

(Signed) William Roe

Jul 11, 2019
SC EP:559 The Uninvited Guests

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “I live near Washougal, Washington. I was teaching someone how to cold camp, no fire no lights. One night we ran into a group of them. They surrounded us but they were not aggressive. I had no idea what was going on that night or what these things were. They seem to watch from the treeline. We passed one going to our camp. It was dark and I remember thinking, I don’t remember a tree being next to that trail. I realized it wasn’t a tree. Long story short we left. I went back the next day to get all of my gear and there were tracks everywhere. I decided to follow some fresh tracks and that is when I ran into one.”

Jul 07, 2019
SC EP:558 Weekend Campfire Chat

Bonus Episode: I am working on a round table show with Tony Merkel from The Confessionals and Brent Thomas from The Paranormal Portal. We have several topics we are going to cover in an open discussion. Do you have any questions or comments I will read on the air? You can ask any question you want for the podcasters.

Jul 07, 2019
SC EP:556 The Unexpected Sasquatch Encounter

Here is Sundays early release. I will be speaking to four guests tonight. My first guest writes “I’ve recently started tuning into your podcast. My dad told me about it Friday and today I’ve been able to listen to it. And I’ve been listening since 9 this morning. I wanted to share my experience/encounters with you. My name is Sebastian.

I have a couple experiences in Illinois and one in Idaho. The first instance took place when my brother and I were walking through the woods out by Staunton lake in Illinois. We went down the spillway and were walking the trails back behind the lake. We were about a mile into the woods and my little brother decided he wanted to stop and rest. So I went to walk a little farther ahead. I walked maybe 50 yards away from him before I realized it was dead silent. Which it wasn’t before. There were birds chirping and squirrels running around and just sounds of activity maybe 5 minutes prior to me realizing. After I realized it was quiet I slowed my pace. And took maybe fifteen more steps before I heard a branch break up the hill to my right. And right after I heard the break there was a low toned grunt that came afterwards. I was 13 at the time. And my little brother was 9. I heard the grunt and immediately took off running back towards my brother. I came barreling past him and all I could say was run. We ran all the way back to the road and made the mile walk back into town. He kept questioning me about why we ran. And I told him about the noise. He didn’t believe me. Well 3 or 4 weeks later we were at the same lake. It was about 9:30 to 10 at night. We were night fishing. We weren’t having any luck so we decided to throw rocks and sticks and anything else we could find across the little cove into the woods on the other side. We had a fairly bright lantern that lit up the other side of the cove, but just to the base of the tree line. We couldn’t see anything else past the tree line. Well maybe 20 minutes after we stopped throwing rocks and everything we heard some movement just out of eye sight on the other side of the cove. And then rocks started coming out of the tree line towards us. None made it to us, they all just hit the water in front of us. At the time I thought it was just people.

That’s still a possibility. It wasn’t super remote. I’m not sure what happened out at the lake. And I’ll never know for sure. But my experience in Idaho is a little different. I’m getting goose bumps just typing about it. In 2016 I moved to Idaho with the girl I was seeing at the time. I was 19. We moved to Idaho falls in south east Idaho. Well it was late September and my girlfriends parents and I got into a little argument and I wasn’t wanting to stay there that night. So I packed a blanket and pillow into our 2001 Honda Accord we had, and drove about 8 miles outside of town into the mountains. It was a bright moon and plenty of stars. No light pollution. So it was very well lit. I eventually found this rock road off the main road, and I took it for about another mile. And then a red dirt road came off of the rock road and went back further towards the mountains. I had never been there before so it was all new terrain. I decided to take that dirt road. And it was full of twists and turns and it eventually lead me down the side of the mountain on the backside from where I came in at. It lead down to a valley in between these two mountains. And it had a small river running through it. I got down there and decided that was where I was going to sleep for the night. I shut the car off and the lights. I didn’t have any service on my phone, so I was playing games and smoking cigarettes in the car to try to pass time. It was about midnight. Now from the front of my car to the creek bank was about 6 feet. And I could tell from looking that there was a small drop off from the bank down to the creek. Maybe 3 feet or so. And there were bushes along the bank. The creek itself was maybe 15 feet away. Well anyway something told me to look up from my phone. I’m not sure why I did it. Or what possessed me to look up. But something told me to look up. And when I did I seen this very large hairy man like looking thing standing with it’s back turned to me in the creek. Maybe 20 feet away. Just into the creek. It was a dark brown. Not quite black. Hair was maybe 2 inches in length. I didn’t see arms passed the elbow at first. Then I realized they were kinda bent up. Like it’s hands were by its mouth, so I couldn’t see the forearms. I’m not sure if it was eating fish or what it was doing. But I got terrified.

So I flipped the headlights of the car on. When I did that it instantly dropped to the ground. Quicker than I’ve ever seen. It was there then it wasn’t. And in a matter of maybe 2 seconds it went from 20 feet to peeking at me through the bushes right at the edge of the bank. 6 foot away from the front of my car. I could see it’s eyes, and the skin around the eyes. But nothing else. Massive eyes. Almost like baseballs, but just a little smaller. And we locked eyes for what felt like an eternity. But in reality probably no more than 3 or 4 seconds. After those few seconds went by I started the car and slowly started to reverse. When I did it didn’t move, flinch or nothing. Just kept my face in its sight. I backed up a little bit to where I’d be able to drive off and floored it. Sped up the mountain. Almost rolling off in the process of trying to get away. Now I’m a big guy. I’m 6’5 and 280 lbs. I’ve been training in martial arts for the last 9 years now. I know I can hold my own against certain things. I was the same size at 19. I’m 22 now. And I felt helpless. Like I could have fought with everything I had, and it not even register on this things scale, not even faze it. It was immense. I’ve been 15 feet away from a grizzly before while in a vehicle. And I though that was massive. But the grizzly had nothing on what I saw. My shoulder width is just a little over 2 feet. The shoulder width of this was easily two to three times mine. And it was easily a foot and a half to two feet taller than I was if I had to judge it. The back wasn’t necessarily like cut and lean, but I could tell there was a fair amount of muscle in the back. And the back of the arms looked muscular. And it had the cone shaped head. I’ve shared my Illinois encounters with other people. But never my Idaho encounter. And your show made me want to reach out.”


Check out Ron's website

Jun 29, 2019
SC EP:554 Sasquatch In The Desert

Ann writes, “Last year, in spring I had an experience that has significantly and profoundly affected my life in such a way that I am no longer able to enjoy the past times that I have been so deeply in love with since a child. In place of the lengthy carefree and joyful, stress free experience that our mountains have been my visits are now anxious and brief. I am frightened almost to the point of giving into a need to flee. Never do I go exploring outside of eyesight and its so bad that I feel no joy or peace there anymore. It just feels like I dont want to go there, to stay away.

I believe I was stalked and followed by a creature. This has left me pretty much paralyzed with fear. I am an outdoors woman deluxe…reduced to being afraid to venture out beyond the confines of my own yard. I know it was a Sasquatch. All the way down to my soul I know what it was.”


We will also be speaking to Jim who is a Bigfoot Researcher, and he will be sharing his encounters with us. Jim said, “We experience a lot of strange things but the area we go to is known to be haunted but things got really strange when I went on a ghost hunt in Tombstone, Arizona..."

Jun 23, 2019
SC EP:552 Boy Scouts VS Sasquatch

A listener writes “My cousin and I were in a church sponsored scout troop in St. Louis, Missouri. We decided that we wanted to go to scout summer camp and since there weren’t enough in our troop that wanted to go we hooked up with another troop in Hillsburo that was also with our church.

We paid our fees and were taken south of St. Louis to Hillsburo and then that Monday morning we arrived at S-F Scout Ranch ( pronounced S bar F). Our troop was assigned a camp site and we went out and made ourselves at home. We followed a path for a couple of hundred yards out from the camp building and here and there there were paths that branched off to the various camp sites.

Ours was one of the outlying camps and was at the end of the lake that was there. The lake was huge. It wasn’t too wide you could canoe across it in a few minutes but seemed miles long. From out camp we could just see the lake through the trees. Paul and I were just a couple of inner city boys on our first scout camp. Tents were already set up in a circle around a table and fire pit. Our scout leader brought what he called a fly, a tarp supported with poles that we put up over the table to have a dry place to eat when it rains. There was a short pole on the table the went up to the center of the tart where there was a small hole for the pole to go in and it brought the tarp up to a point over the table. The camp supplied a plywood box with a padlock for us to put our food in that we picked up every day at the px. We never locked the padlock since there weren’t any bears around but there were raccoons, skunks and other varmints.

The first night I found out how heavy a sleeper Paul was. Normal midnight hijinkage with the new boys the others tried to tip my cot over from the out side of the tent. I heard them coming stealthy like and kept them from pushing mine over but Paul was already asleep and they dumped him over on the floor and ran laughing. Paul picked himself up and as he got back in the cot he asked what happened. This was all by flashlight since there was no electricity at the camp. The next day Paul didn’t remember being knocked over and talking to me. Heavy sleeper.

The third night is when the encounter happened. I, unlike Paul, am a light sleeper, now more than I was before that night. I was awakened by something late at night. Didn’t know what it was and couldn’t hear anything at first then I thought I heard something moving around the table. So I got out of the cot and put my left hand on the pole by the door of the tent and with my right I slowly pushed open the tent flap. At first I thought I saw someone at the table but in the moonlight and it being under the tarp I could quite tell what it was. At first I thought it was a bear, but I remember the camp people telling us there were no bear in the area.

Suddenly there was a crack and a soft grunt and I could see, my eyes were adjusting to the moonlight, that it was a bigfoot and that it had pried open the food box from the side and bent it up off the hinge. Suddenly I was soo scared I couldn’t move. I watched a sasquatch from about fifteen feet from the side over it’s left shoulder as it was moving something white from the box to it’s mouth. Bread… it was eating our bread. After watching for a while I realized I wasn’t breathing and not wanting it to know I was there I slowly exhaled and took in a breath. Still frozen in place I watched it eat an entire loaf of bread and then start rummaging in the box for more. It found our donuts and ate those.

And then suddenly there was a scream of BEAR from across the camp. The sasquatch was leaning over the table and as it had been eating it would straighten up some and it’s head would disappear into the pointed center of the fly and I couldn’t see it’s head but when it was lower it would turn from side to side as it chewed. It was darker under the fly since it was out of the moonlight but I could see the profile. I could not see eyeshine and the eyes did not glow red. When the scream of BEAR rang out the sasquatch stood up straight and when it did it ripped the pegs out of the ground and the fly began to collapse around it’s head. It let out a yell and swung it’s arms around and the fly fell across the table. It turn away from the yell and it noticed me there. It paused for only and instance and then walked quickly towards me.

I thought it was coming after me but it was really going between my tent and the next one over. It’s foot got caught on the loose rope and peg from the collapsed fly and pulled it for a second and it seemed to turn that was and pulled it’s leg out of the rope and then disappeared between the tents. I don’t know what came over me but as it went by I stepped out of the tent and watched it disappear into the trees. Lights began appearing from all over the place as everybody but Paul had been awakened in our camp and the adjoining camps. The boy who yelled Bear said he just saw the dark shape since it was all he could see under the tarp outlined by the moonlight on my tent and then he ducked back into his tent. I tried to convince everyone that I could see what it was and that it was a bigfoot. Sasquatch wasn’t really used then and in Missouri it’s called Mo Mo the monster.

The next morning there were no tracks since it was a heavy traveled area and I didn’t really feel inclined to go searching for proof in the woods on my own. We had a canoe trip planned for that day and a campout on the other side of the lake. We went and during the night it began to rain and since there was the threat of lighting hitting the lake we hiked in the dark around that massive lake in the rain. The whole way I was searching the woods for the bigfoot. I could hardly sleep the rest of the week and couldn’t wait for the camp to end. The sasquatch was big but not huge. I was able to walk under the fly without ducking down but our scout leader couldn’t. He had to duck and little so it must have been just below 6 feet at the edge. The sasquatch was hunched under the tarp and it’s head would disappear in the peak as it ate. When I stood up it was tall enough to collapse the tarp on itself so it must have been 7 feet tall or more. When it turned and walked past me I was looking up at it’s face and it seemed to tower over the tent. I could feel each step as it went by and it looked big and thick. Lots more detail if your interested and I am willing to communicate more on the encounter.”


Jun 21, 2019
SC EP:550 The Little Green Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Kevin who is originally from Ireland. He shares some Irish folklore, along with an encounter he had with a little green man. What we might first assume in a America to be a little man in a green suit or a leprechaun, Kevin explains that something is lost in translation because what he saw was what most would consider to be a 2-3 foot tall little grayish/green alien. Not only did he see it but his family saw it. Kevin said “In our culture we would leave it gifts to leave us alone. My aunt said it had the head of a porcelain doll because it was so smooth and the face did not move.”

Kevin goes on to say, “I came to America and joined the Marines. I served this country but my strange experiences did not stop in Ireland I have also seen a Sasquatch.”

Jun 14, 2019
SC EP:549 The Stinky Homeless Man?

Tonight is going to be jammed pack with guests. We start off with Daniel Benoit who will be sharing information on his conference coming up in Virginia. Since it is the weekend I decided to bring Bingo on and see who knows more about Bigfoot. Will Daniel win or Sasquatch Chronicles prodigal son Bingo?

Check out the conference on Facebook.


Timothy Renner from the Strange Familiars Podcast stops by to share some historical accounts of Sasquatch.

Check out the Strange Familiars podcast here.


We will wrap up with Jim who grew up in a military family and shares strange run ins with what he called a "stinky, hairy homeless man. *Spoiler Alert* It was not a human.

Jun 09, 2019
SC EP:547 Tree Jumping Creature

Tree Jumping Creature

Spoke to a witness who has agreed to come on the show. He said “Many years ago I worked on cell towers in remote locations. We were in Pennsylvania and I stepped away from the job site to use the bathroom. There are no bathrooms in these remote locations so we used a 5 gallon bucket and a plastic bag. I heard leaves moving around but could not tell where it was coming from.

I finished what I was doing and about 40 feet away this thing jumped from the tree, it didn’t fall, it jumped down.It was huge, I mean it was really huge.

This is during the day and this thing jumps from the tree and lands. It turned to look at me. This has upset me most of my life. I am not sure what to say, he looked like the ugliest human ever but much bigger and covered in hair. It turned and looked right at me. This thing snarled, growled and showed its teeth. It than turned and walked away. I was in shock. We had been hearing strange noises prior to that like whoops and knocks but we were so busy working we didn’t pay attention. After that day I never went back.”


The Rock Pile

Randy Harrington returns to the show to give us an update on a property he has been investigating with Shane Carpenter along with others. They are putting together evidence on what they have found so far. Randy is known for thinking outside of the box. I had him on a few shows where he talked about setting up a fake campsite and watching it from a distance. Randy says “The creatures sit on this ridge line above our camp and throw rocks at us almost every night. So we decided to give them ammunition to throw at us. We investigated the area during the day and found where they were throwing rocks, so we setup rock piles and marked the rocks with a black marker. Each pile we marked the rocks so we could tell exactly where they were and what pile of rocks they were using. The results were interesting to say the least.”


The Green Lights

A listener writes “Wes, I’ve been listening to the show for about 4 years and I have to say that I am really impressed with the platform you’ve built and the community you’ve brought together. I’m currently a desert rat living in Las Vegas, NV and I wanted to share my personal story of encountering orbs.

I have never had a Sasquatch encounter but I definitely believe there is something out there especially with some of the accounts that have been passed down through my family.

My encounter took place in Marietta, GA. I was 17 at the time and I had taken a late night flight into Atlanta to see my dad for Christmas. I landed around 9:30pm and it took about an hour to drive to my dad’s house. My dad lives at the end of a cul-de-sac with about 3 miles of forest behind his house. His home is 2 stories with a basement. The main floor overlooks the forest and sits about 30 ft off of the ground with large bay windows overlooking the back deck and the surrounding forest.

Once I settled in my dad went off to bed around 11:30pm. I was set up on the couch in the living room that overlooked the woods. Still on Vegas time(3 hours behind) I was wide awake and was sitting comfortably on the couch reading a book. I looked up from the pages and noticed a faint green glow way off in the trees. I thought at the time it was an insect or a lantern but that thought quickly changed. Over the next 15 minutes the light became more defined and appeared to wobble through the woods. As it got closer I could clearly see 3 distinct orbs all lightly bouncing and wobbling about 10ft off the forest floor. As they got closer I began to feel intense fear and the realization that I could not look away became very distinct. These three orbs floated closer until they got to the backyard gate to which they steadily floated up until they were eye level at the bay windows. They were roughly basketball sized, with a pale green luminescence with a slight haze coming off of them. They were lightly translucent and were frankly very beautiful. I felt mesmerized but gripped with fear. They began bobbing up and down in a random sequence slowly and then more vigorously. At this moment I passed out and have no recollection of anything else that night. I woke up with a significant pain on my left forearm and horrible migraine. I noticed a small metallic object a few centimeters under my skin that was blueish silver in color.

About 4 years later I was back in Vegas doing an evening hike at calico basin. I summited one of the small mountains and was admiring the night sky when I caught a faint green light in the darkened sky. I could see the rising constellation of Orion at the time and I observed this green light stay perfectly still for about 5 minutes. I became gripped with fear again and quickly got off the mountain and went home. I removed the metal object in my forearm and it was incredibly difficult to do so. I ended up making a small incision and using forceps had to pull it out as my flesh had grown around it. There were tissue fibers attached to it and it was incredibly difficult to break those fibers to remove it. I have attached a photo of the scar left behind by removing this object. The object itself was blueish silver but with almost a dark grey patina. It was hard and almost felt like steel or iron but typically the body will push those heavy metals out of the skin if they are embedded.

I am a skeptic and an atheist. I have no belief in most supernatural things as there is little physical evidence to support most claims. I cannot stress how little I actually believe as valid but this experience I cannot rationalize my experience and science tells us it is not only likely but it is statistically impossible for life to not exist outside of our planet. I am not sure if this was extraterrestrial in origin or perhaps a more rational terrestrial event but either way I am only left with questions and a mind grasping to connect the dots.

Thank you for reading and for everything you do Wes!”

Jun 02, 2019
SC EP:545 Shots FIRED!

A listener writes “I shot one in 1995 deer hunting in the area around Oregon caves out of cave junction where I live. Have had a few other encounters and photos of footprints while hunting wild mushrooms, let me know if you are interested...”

He said he was hunting and the night before they kept hearing someone or something around their camp. The next day he found a large boulder to sit on that over looked a clearing. He sat for awhile... then something stood up. The witness said “He was looking directly at me and I could see everything. I do not remember chambering a round. This thing started running so fast and I started shooting. I know I hit it 3 times in the back. It fell to its knees and got up and just ran off. I realized it was running in the direction of our camp and my friend was at the camp. I heard my friend start shooting. I ran back to the camp while it was leaving. The following night was a nightmare. Several of these things showed up and they were mad. I fired off almost all the ammo I had that night. The next morning we left. There are other things that happen.”


Our second guest writes, “June 2009, early summer here in West Virginia. I lived in Ohio County on the outskirts of Wheeling. Which I know is a major city, yet it’s surrounded by thick tree on top of tree strangling wilderness.

I lived approximately five miles outside of town back in the rural suburbs on a gravel road with two other neighbors. The property line of my house pressed right up against the Spidel Golf Course of Olgebay Park. I could see the 18th hole flag from my porch. There is a large tree in the middle of my yard, the yard itself slopes downward it’s some what of a hill. A few things happened leading up to this encounter, now I’m not gonna say I never believed in Sasquatch. I’m an open guy, I’ve had some run ins with the paranormal. From things that happened in my child hood to my early adult life. Yet I thought that this was a Pacific Northwest phenomenon, I had never heard of these creatures in Appalachia. If I knew now what I knew then, talk about going down the Rabbit Hole. All that opened up to me after seeing these things. I can’t rightly remember what day it was, all I know is it was around 10 pm. And my wife at the time, and I were about to leave the house and go to Blockbuster before it closed. I walked out onto the porch and let my cat out, he was a big ole tabby. And wasn’t afraid of damn near anything. As I walked down the three steps of the porch, I saw a flash of white and my cat had zipped back up the stairs and straight back into the house as I had left the door open.

I just shook my head and began walking the path around to go down the other stairs to where we parked the cars. I stopped in my tracks, this overwhelming feeling of being watched. I’m not gonna lie I was petrified, yet I lifted my head up and started scanning the barrier of thickets and bramble that marked my property line. I saw some eyes looking back at me, the light from my porch making these eyes shine an orange like color, almost red. I stared at it, as it stared at me. I was about forty feet from the creature. It stood leaning against a tree, not just leaning it had on arm wrapped around the tree itself and even as it stared at me it would slowly rock to the side. I myself couldn’t move, I was frozen in place and the fear that gripped me. Was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It didn’t make any threatening motions, nor did it purse it’s lips or any of that monkey stuff. It was ape like and yet humanlike. The stare down only lasted two minutes, but it felt like an eternity. My wife called out to me from inside the house, the creature took it’s eyes off of me and looked towards my doorway. I too looked back at the door way, and then my head snapped back to the creature. It was no longer standing there, it was now walking away up a rolling hill side. In the light of the moon I could make out it’s back muscles and butt. It was like a guy on steroids. It kept walking until it disappeared into the tree line at the top of the hill.

I tried to tell my wife about it, but she just thought I was trying to scare her. She would eventually believe me, as this wouldn’t be the last time we saw it or others. A few weeks would pass before we saw anything more, but upon seeing it. It opened my eyes up even more to the on goings around me. From the sounds I heard to things, I would notice. From something slapping the house in the middle of the night, to finding big rocks on the roof of my back porch. Blood curdling screams, that sounded like the came from not to far away. I’m not a hunter, but I do know the woods around me. I am however an avid fisherman, and I spend a lot of time down on the Ohio River and the creeks that bleed into it. I was a boy scout as a kid and we had to identify animals and their traits to gain badges. And I’m telling you there is no animal like this animal out there. I tried telling my family, my dad said no such thing. And my mom had a good chuckle. I apologize for not giving you more to go on. Hope to hear from you soon.”


And our final guest writes, “We have had several strange occurrences during the past two years. The following have been occurring:Our dogs in our kennel have been barking non-stop all night, every night for the past year up to about 3 weeks ago (see below).

On one occasion, one dog kennel (chain link fencing) was smashed in as if a bear or other large creature had tried to get at the dogs. We have had bear sightings in the past two years. However, that bear was shot and killed by a local farmer about 1 1/2 years ago (prior to this incident). No other bear activity since that time to our knowledge.

Our next door neighbors have also heard whoops and other odd noises. The gentleman that lives there is a true frontier-style woodsman and has lived on the land all his life. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, he is extremely familiar with the land and surrounding properties. These are noises he is unfamiliar with and has never heard on the property before.

My wife and I have heard whistles, whoops, grunts, and tree knocking. Upon arriving home one evening, there was a very loud tree knock as we exited our vehicle. We have heard what sounds like two men having a muffled conversation behind our home a few times. Often, after dark specifically, there is an occasional wet dog/skunky smell in the air and noises in the surrounding woods.

Our motion sensor lights have been tripping almost nightly (until 3 weeks ago). On the property and surrounding properties, there are large rock formations that are tall and deep enough for animal dens."


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May 26, 2019
SC EP:543 Dogman In The Graveyard

“Hi Wes, Love the show I listen every night before bed and while I’m driving. I’ve had multiple weird encounters with things in the woods and paranormal activity. I’m 41 and grew up in Nova Scotia Canada and also lived in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Anyway my first encounter was when I was about 14. (1992) It was the beginning summer and a very dark night. My brother and his friends had a campfire in the field past our backyard. There are a ton of deer and coyotes. Anyway they left in a car to go to town and my mom sent me down there to clean up and get the left over food and condiments. Also to make sure the fire was out. I grew up in the woods and I wasn’t scared of anything until that night. I was picking up after my brother and friends and I heard a growling noise from the woods. It was so loud I felt it in my chest and body. I was thinking bear at the time. Which I’ve never seen around our yard or woods. I froze and looked into the woods it was pitch black. I started to run to the house (dropped everything) ran into the field behind my house and I could feel this thing chasing me. It felt big and on two feet running after me like a person. It growled and heavy breath the whole time behind me. I was a fast kid but it could have gotten me if it wanted. It stopped chasing me as soon as I reach the garage light.

I ran into the house in a panic and my mom asked what was wrong I said something was out there. She was going to tell my dad I told her no because he would have went out with a gun and I knew he’d be in trouble. My brother and his friends Were all gone. I made sure it wasn’t them playing a trick on me. I didn’t think of a Sasquatch until many years later when I heard there here and I heard other people’s encounters. I didn’t believe In Bigfoot back then. I’ll add I had a nightmare that very night that a lot wolves came into my house and we’re going around looking for me. Woke up in a sweat and panic. The next day my dad said the food was gone and everything Else by the campfire was spread all over the place in a mess. Anyway I’d love to tell you my other encounters if your interested. I’ve kept them to myself for years. If you look up Nova Scotia it’s very paranormal here.”

Spoke to witness and he opened up about seeing this werewolf walking on two legs coming out of the cemetery by his home, unfortunately his father was laid to rest there. He said he had never told anyone this before but looking back he said he felt like that creature chased him home a year before. He said he never understood why his nightmares consisted of wolves chasing him and breaking into his home. The witness will be sharing a lot of strange encounters.


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May 19, 2019
SC EP:541 Houston Live Show Recap

Tony and I sit down and share our thoughts with the live event. Some funny moments to share with you gals and gals than we are back to work with encounters. Thank you again to everyone who came out. Hope you enjoy some behind the scenes.

May 16, 2019
SC EP:540 I Quit

There was technical issues with capturing my presentation at the live event. I will recreate it and tell the story about the day I quit the show and put it out for everyone when I get back into town. Bob flys out tomorrow morning and I told him how much it meant to me for him to be there with me when I told that story. He teared up a little when I said it to him and I told him to cowboy up or he was going to make me tear up. If you didn’t love Bob Gimlin before, you will after hearing this and it has nothing to do with filming Patty. If you love the show you will understand why there is still a show after hearing what I have to say. If you meet Bob in the future be sure to thank him. I got an opportunity to have a real heart to heart with him and tell him what he means to me.

May 15, 2019
SC EP:539 It Looked Directly At My Gun

Rob writes “I am from the state of Georgia. I had a encounter back in February 2019. I had been scouting for some wild hogs when I came upon a smell that would run a buzzard off a outhouse.Trying to find the source and looking down at the ground I caught movement to my right and looked up to see this creature some 80 feet from me. Dark brown eyes as dark as his coat. Scared 10 years off me.”

Spoke to the eyewitness and while scouting an area he came face to face with a Sasquatch. He said “I just could not believe what I was seeing, I think it was just as surprised to see me as I was seeing it. It looked at my gun and looked back up at me.”


Howard writes “I wanted to relate to you a sighting I had as a child in Tahlequah Oklahoma. My mother originally from California was adopted by a couple who lived in this area. It is a beautiful region with the Illinois river literally in there back yard. We live in the central part of the state and as a child we would go and visit my grandpa Pete and his wife. They lived a cabin that they had built because Grandpa Pete was a Cherokee elder so everyone in the area was of Cherokee decent. This place was a kids paradise. On the day I saw the Man at the river I was 11 and my brother 13 we had went to play in the old cabin they moved out of a few years back. As I said you could see the river from the old cabin. We were just being kids and playing when my brother said look at the guy by the water. I finally figured out what he was looking at that’s when I noticed it was covered in hair it was about 100 yards away so detail is tough. My thought never went to bigfoot as I didn’t know what that was at the time Im now 48. Being a smart ass kid this guy was clearly on my grandpas property so I yelled HEY. This is where it all went south this man turned and screamed like the sounds I heard on the Jurrasic Park episode in east Texas. Then it bolted running down the tree line eventually disappearing. I really just thought it was a person so we started back playing as kids do when out of no where the neighbor come running to us ordering to get to the cabin. Once we got inside Grandpa Pete and the guy went back outside. They were speaking Cherokee so I had no clue. When Grandpa Pete returned he asked what we saw so we both told him the same thing. We were not aloud past the first cabin for the whole weekend when asked who the guy was he said the river belongs to them right now so don’t go down there they are just passing through.”

May 06, 2019
SC EP:537 Do Not Point A Weapon At These Things

Dylan writes "Wes, I want to tell you about an experience that I had with Bigfoot around Lena Lake in Washington state in the Olympic National Park.

It was during a camping trip that I had with my dad and the interaction occurred while we were sleeping in our hammocks. We both awoke to what I first assumed was a bear because of the breathing noise it made. It wasn't until I looked through the gap in my tarp that I realized that the creature was standing and had arms. This camping trip was cut a little short because of some other concerns that we had while we were hiking. My dad and I only spoke once about this the next morning and after he told me that he was convinced that we had a bear problem I decided not to tell him what I saw.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to hear more about the experience and why we decided to cut our trip short. To this day I haven't told anyone about the encounter because I've always thought of Bigfoot as a dumb joke and I never wanted to sound like a hypocrite to my friends."


My second guest is Joe. Joe writes "Hi Wes, I’m from Ohio. I’m a huge fan of your show and I have been wrestling with the idea of mailing you and telling my story. But I guess if I’m going to tell anyone (outside my family) it would be you.

Im an avid outdoorsman and have been spending as much time in the woods hunting, fishing, and hiking since I was six years old. My brother and I started out as our fathers hunting dogs, tromping on brush piles kicking up rabbits and pheasant for our dad and I’ve been hooked ever since. My Bigfoot story starts a few years back when we started hunting a new lease. Our second season in, It started out with hearing what sounded like someone talking far off in the woods , but you just couldn’t make it out. Which seemed odd but there are some(not many) but some people who live around the area. I brushed it off the first time, then a few days later my brother and I went hunting again and I heard the same thing, I was beginning to wonder what it was and was going to tell my brother about it, but I didn’t have to say anything to him. When I came out of the woods that evening he meet me at the truck and the first thing he said was “did you hear those people talking?” Not wanting to tip my hand I said I thought I did but couldn’t make it out,,, and he said “yeah same here. But it got kinda close and it was like they were talking gibberish!” That ride home was spent talking about what we both heard and then I introduced him to ur show. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to believe but he was about to get on board really soon. We both hunt pretty often and two weeks later we had both been to the woods multiple times and each had a few more “odd” things go on. A few more talking episodes a whoop or two a rock clacking incident, a few weird things but nothing that was definitively anything.

All could possibly be explained away essentially. Then one morning about 3weeks after the initial incidents I had a work commitment and couldn’t join my brother in the woods. At about 530-6 in the morning I get a call from my brother, hoping nothing went wrong as I knew he’d be walking into his stand I answered and he immediately sounded upset. After a few minutes of calming him down, I finally got it out of him that something had “screamed at him as he was almost to his stand”. My brother is a tough guy, always was the bigger brother, my protector. And I had never heard him sound as scared as he was in that call. He told me it was like nothing he had ever heard before, it sounded like it was wanting to rip him apart he said. He also said there was something that sounded like grunting and growling together after the screaming, he said he could feel it shaking in his chest. He wanted to run, and hide all at the same time. He chose getting up in his stand and waiting on the sun to rise. He called me from his stand. He made me stay on the phone with him until he was ready to walk out.. I should probably mention that this is taking place in mid October. Ohio’s hunting season starts the last weekend of sept and my second time in the stand(which was day two of the season) is when this all began. It had been a pretty wet year so the majority of the leaves and foliage were still hanging on. My brothers stand was in a pretty thick area of our property. So as I tried to keep him calm and quiet and have him listen for things moving around him. Suddenly as we were on the phone he heard something and shushed me and said he thought he heard something. It was approaching that point in the morning when the woods seem to suddenly appear b4 ur eyes, that special morning time. Suddenly he panicked and said something exploded out of some brush about 75yds away and sounded like a freight train going thru the woods,, luckily going away from him and not towards the car. He waited till he couldn’t hear anything else and high tailed it outta there. A few days later after the shock of it all kinda subsided we went back to our land and tried to find some signs of the thing. Other than a few broken branches there wasn’t much and needless to say my brother, who I credited for even going back, wasn’t wanting to stay real long. So we got his stand and left the area.

We stayed outta the woods for a few days, but the rut was about to start and we couldn’t stay away forever. We’re just to big of hunters and as I was thinking about it and discussing it, my brother and I convinced ourselves that if whatever made those screams wanted to hurt him it could have done whatever it wanted. It was probably just a warning. So we decided to give whatever it was that side of the property and we’d move to another part of the lease and just be careful. So back to the woods we went. A few hunts later, about a week or so, I was in my stand enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Now the woods at this time end of October early November are starting to thin out a little bit. It was one of those days when a strong breeze makes it look like it’s snowing leaves. It was about the last hour or two of the day when I heard it again,, the chatter. Only this time it was a little higher pitched than I remembered. I was on full alert at this point, then I started to hear something that sounded like it was approaching,, but it just didn’t sound right.. now my stand sits on top of ridge there’s about 30yds of flat(that is loaded with oaks) then it goes into valleys on either side. On my left which is the side my stand is on,, on the hillside there is two natural shelves one about 20ish yds down (which by the way the bucks love to cruise and scent check) and another about 50-60yds down. I can always see the closer shelf but the further one down is hard to see because of all the brush. But I do have two shooting lanes cut down there for gun season. Anyway just laying out what I’m looking at. So like said I could hear something coming my way but sounded weird. As I’m studying the woods the chatter and sounds start to become clearer. The chatter sounded like two monkeys chitchatting and the sounds seemed to be coming from the up in the trees and something walking on the ground. Suddenly I swore I could see the trees moving out in front of me to left. And it seemed as soon as I thought I was seeing that, I heard a noise I never heard in my life. It was like a grunt and huff and deep bark all rolled into one. And after that everything went silent. It was eerily quiet, no sound no movement nothing. Sat for what seemed like an eternity, probably two minutes lol,, but then the wind started moving and as a bigger gust came along the leaves began snowing again and I heard it again only in two tsk tsk sounds and at that point I heard some limbs breaking and what sounded like two tree stumps landed with two distinct thuds and was followed by two clearly running down the hill sounds. I never saw what made that noise but definitely sounded like two separate things running away and wasn’t bounding away like deer or anything else in the woods I had ever heard b4. Those ended kinda quickly. After the initial shock of that my attention immediately turned to what made the deeper grunts and tsk sounds. It sound like it came from the lower shelf but out in front of me. I studied and studied the woods for anything!! Any sort of something wrong in the woods, any sound any movement anything. Then the usually bane of my existence in the woods, the squirrels that seem to constantly run all around my stand came again. One of those furry bastards came from the other side of the flat and started down the other side towards the sounds.

I was looking at the squirrel,, staring in the direction of the noises when suddenly the squirrel, which had got pretty close to where I thought the sounds came from, shot up a tree and immediately began barking his head off. As I again began studying the woods I caught the slightest movement.. a movement that changed my life. I finally remembered I took my crossbow that day instead of my usual compound, so I slowly raised and looked through my scope and saw it. A hand, just a hand that was wrapped around a big oak holding on. I stared at it and stared. Not believing it at first I looked off the scope blinking and looked again and it moved. Repositioning itself very slowly and methodically. I stared into that scope looking on both sides of that tree looking for what that hand was attached to. When suddenly very slowly and methodically a face began to creep around the tree looking directly at me. I was frozen and knew that she was looking at me and immediately knew by her expression that she knew I was seeing her. She looked panicked for a split second then immediately withdrew her face. At this point I’m in a state of disbelief not believing what my eyes just saw. It was dark skinned and had longer hair hanging down on the face but not very much hair on the face. I continue to stare down at the tree. When she moved her face back she also pulled her hand back. I sat there looking intently for what I instantly knew what I had saw. There was no mistaking it. Finally the long wait was interrupted by a loud clacking sound. Like someone taking two rocks and banging them together rapidly. It came in three quick bursts and was followed by a quick higher pitched whistle. This definitely got my and the attention of the mother that was below me. She made a sound like she was shushing the little ones down the hill. Or what I assume was the little ones. She then peeked her head out from behind the tree and was looking at me again. I instinctively lifted my bow and looked down at her and her face had taken on new much more fierce and clearly was not happy I was there and I assume wasn’t happy I was so close to her and her babies.

She then stepped from one tree to another,, to another every few minutes whenever the leaves would start falling heavy again. I’d catch glimpses of her and see her for a second or so. she was about 7ft tall and had a bigger but still somehow lean build. I could see breasts on her, which is why I keep calling her mom. Another long pause with her outta sight, but I knew she hadn’t left the area. The exact spot she was in she would’ve had to either drop down a weird drop off which I felt I woulda heard, go back the way she came, or cross thru one of my shooting lanes. I was scanning the area with my scope looking for anything and that’s when she stepped into the lane and turned to face me. she was about 80-100yds or so away, and when she did this I was looking at her through the scope and I regret doing that now. I don’t know if she took it as aggression but as she stopped and turned she stood there for a sec and then got into a (for lack of a better way of saying it) an aggressive stance and began to growl and show her teeth to me and took two or three steps towards me. I lowered my bow instantly and even went as far as to hang it up on my extendable hanger. As I did that she stopped gave me one more mean look and walked briskly away. I could hear her moving down the hill, I then heard a louder whistle and heard the two (I assume babies) start moving down the hill away from me. They cleared about 400yds of downhill in a matter of seconds and when I could barely hear them I heard a loud grunt and suddenly a giant pop and crashing. Sounded like a larger tree being pushed over and snapping. I felt very shaken and extremely unwelcome instantly. After the woods settled down for a second and I was able to shake the shock and shakes enough to climb down from my stand and made the walk back to the vehicle ASAP.

On my way home I tried calling my brother but he and his fiancé were at a function and he wasn’t able to answer me, so I left him a message and just hoped he would call me back. He unfortunately didn’t and the next morning he went hunting and went down the hill and past where I heard the Bigfoot exit the area I wAs in the night b4. On his stand he finally took some time to check his voicemail and heard my abbreviated story and on his way out was intrigued, searched around for a lil bit, and saw a tree that was broken and fallen. I’ll include a picture he took of the tree. It’s a tree that for no other reason should have been broken or damaged, as it was a perfectly healthy tree and there were no storms or anything else that could have done what happened to this tree. It has been two years since this has happened and I and my family have still been hunting this land. We have been extra careful and have adopted a live and let live attitude about this property.

I and my brother have each shot deer and left them as “presents” for the Bigfoot. We love this piece of land and we also have our children who we bring with us to hunt (but we never let them hunt alone) and we can’t help but be hunters and enthusiasts about the search for an unknown species. As we’ve hunted over the last few years we have both shot deer and have left them over night, only to find significant blood trails that lead to pools of blood, hair everywhere, but no deer. We looked on these as “peace offerings” and haven’t ever pushed the issue on finding these deer. We have always had an extra agenda on our minds, and we have had a few more experiences (also floating lights which we were able to get a pic of one) and “things” go on.. but nothing like what I saw that day. I believe that our land is more of a summer into fall location, bcuz as soon as our land loses its leaves and we get into full winter the activity drops off and as full winter hits we lose all activity. We are pretty close to the Tappan Lake region(like two miles or less) which has had its fair share of sightings and claims over the years. And is about 20miles from the famed salt fork state park. I am more than a believer, just like you Wes. I am “knower” that we as humans share this land with an unknown biped.

I also believe that our government is definitely aware of these creatures and is actively protecting them, monitoring them, and possibly even protecting and possibly moving them as they see fit. I’ve saved this last bit for the ending of my message to you as it may be the most unexplainable part of my experiences. This past fall I was in my stand for another hunt when I heard a helicopter approaching. Odd, but not totally extraordinary. But as it came closer I could see the heli beginning to slow down about 3/4 to 1 mile away and began slowly circling a smaller in size area. Suddenly the chopper blades became extremely loud and making an odd but very loud, bum bum bum slow and steady sound as it circled and began lowering. As it started to drop out of sight all of a sudden there was no sound anymore!! Even though I could still see the heli for a few seconds b4 it dropped out of visuals. And when I say no sound I mean no sound whatsoever! Then there was about a 5min gap of zero sound from the area where I knew the helicopter had circled down.

I was dumbfounded by all of this, and as u know 5mins in the woods can seem like a day when exciting things are going on. When all of a sudden the extremely loud bum bum bum erupted again and I saw the heli rise up from the same spot. It lasted for about 30 seconds as it slowly rose and circled again then the sound of regular chopper began again and the heli moved around behind and I lost sight of it, but could still hear it and even though I couldn’t see it the loud bum bum bum sounds came and went again where I couldn’t see it. Only this time I heard something else. As the loud noises came the second time I heard some loud huffs and smaller scream/whooping noises accompanied by crashing and what sounded like something throwing something big and some more crashing noises from out in front of me. For some “visuals”.... the heli came from my back and to the left to out in front of me to the left. It then circled back from the same way it came,,, my left and circled behind me to 45degrees to my rear right shoulder. The noises I heard came from in front of my right shoulder about 45degrees. Just so you can picture it...... Now my rational thought immediately tried to explain this away as maybe there was an emergency that an emergency rescue or life flight was being executed. That seems logical as there are boaters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in the area. So I began to research that. I have friends who work at the two closest hospitals that would and are able to accommodate life flights and they both looked into the matter and neither had any flights come in within a week b4 or after the date in which this happened. So I struck out to try and find another resident of the area that had heard or saw anything weird. It had been about 4-5 days since the incident and a few people had heard something weird but no one close to where I knew the heli had went down. The area I saw the noise come from was particularly weird. I knew there was a home pretty close to that area and so I went there to try and start a dialogue. I started out as “neighbor” who had just got permission to the neighboring property and was wanting some hunting and property line info. The man and woman were extremely nice and were more than willing to help. We chatted for a about 10mins when I started to put out there that I was hunting another property close by. At the first mention of that there demeanor instantly began to change. We had ventured about 100yds or so from their house as we were chatting. And as i saw their attitude change I immediately decided to drop the bomb on them.

I said I was hunting and had saw a helicopter circling around close to their property and they immediately shut down!!! They started walking back to their house and I kept right with them and began asking every question I could about seeing it hearing it, what they saw and everything else I could. They didn’t answer a single question. They just kept saying they didn’t know what I was talking about and were actively trying to get away from me. I went as far as sticking my foot in the door to keep them from shutting it in my face. The last thing I heard from these people was “we didn’t see anything, and if we did we wouldn’t tell you!!!” This obviously piqued my interest quite a bit. But I’ve yet to get any farther with anyone else around the area either....??? So Wes that’s my long story. Sorry for the lengthy message but as I was writing you it just kept coming out, and believe it or not I’ve left out some stuff. If you’d like to chat I’d be happy to, if not I understand. I’m sure you get a lot of people that contact you. Im just happy that there is someone like you who does what you do and helps people out as much as you do. You truly are a much needed outlet for people like us who come away from these encounters and “strange things” not knowing what or how to feel or deal with the stress of it all. Thanks again Wes have a great week."

Apr 27, 2019
SC EP:535 Taken

Richard writes "When I was about 12 years old my Father had enough confidence in me to allow me to wander the forest near our home hunting for squirrels. Behind our home was undeveloped mountain property of several thousand acres.

There were old homes and farms on the mountain, long years ago abandoned when the families died and dependents moved away. Most of this land was purchased by timber companies and hunting and walks in the woods were O K. I had been taught at an early age in hunting methods and gun safety by my Dad. He took me on exploratory trips into the woods to show me good places to hunt and blaze trails so I could find my way home. Dad was a very smart man and a wise father. He didn't want to find it necessary to search for me and lead me back home at night.

One of these locations became my favorite. Very large beech trees filled a little valley and my access was one of the ridges that formed this place. There was a nice creek at the bottom of this ridge and the babbling of water helped cover the noise I made walking in. The trees were very tall and the canopy was very full, making entry feel like walking into a large covered room. In the fall of the year little red berries in the beeches made this place a favorite with gray squirrels. I adopted this place as my personal hot spot and mental relaxing den. Squirrels or not I enjoyed spending time here sitting on a log and admiring nature around me.

Squirrel season opened around September 15 and I could hardly wait each year for the season to open. A few classmates bragged of sneaking out before opening day and harvesting a few early. Not under Dads watchful eye, I would follow the game laws or not be allowed to go all season. When opening day arrived during the 1957 or 1958 season I would rush home after school, grab my shotgun, and off I raced. After a few successful trips I went to my personal spot one evening to find nothing at all. No squirrels, no birds, no anything was moving. After waiting an appropriate time in my 12 year old brain, I decided to expand my territory. Crossing the bridge across the stream. In this area timber had been cut a few years back leaving few full trees, and extremely thick undergrowth, bushes and briars. I found a game trail (old logging road) circling the base of another ridge. It was quiet there just like I had found earlier, plus the undergrowth was very thick making eyesight limited. I had traveled 200 or 300 yards off my normal route and found nothing to investigate. I decided to turn around and walk very slowly back the way I came in. If quiet I might find game moving. Since I got out of school at 3:00 pm, it was almost time to return home for dinner anyway.

As I got near the little bridge that would take me toward home, I heard an unusual noise. I listened carefully but did not recognize the sound coming from the thick undergrowth. It sounded somewhat like birds or squirrels scratching in the dry leaves looking for buried nuts or worms. I decided to investigate and determine the source of this rhythm noise. Ground cover dead leaves were very dry, making it very difficult to make any progress through the laurels, briars and undergrowth without announcing my presence. I eased myself into the brush making far more noise than desired. As I got closer to the noise, it got louder but couldn't see the source. The brush I was entangled in was almost as tall as me. Finally I parted the tangle in front of my face, I saw the source of the mystery. In front of me, lying on the ground was an extremely large animal in deep sleep. This animal had been careful to not leave a trail into the thicket it was concealed in. Had I not heard the breathing noise, I would never have discovered this hiding spot . What I saw was this large animal lying completely surrounded by thick brush, weeds and briars. It looked like a large rock that had been dropped into tall grass that gathered against all sides. The source of leaves being stirred was the breathing of this creature. With each breath the leaves were blown around as it exhaled. I could see no movement of the animal other than breathing. The color of the fur or hair was cinnamon brown. I had seen some cattle in this color, but this thing appeared to be larger than a cow.

I tried hard to see more details but was unable to see enough to eliminate guesses. It appeared this thing was laying straight down with feet and legs folded up under it. It had made great effort to be concealed. The head and neck were pushed up under the bushes so I could not see details. It's breath was coming out of the bushes near my right boot, but I was wedged tightly enough that I could not see. At least I knew which end was the front. All I could could see well was the surface of the back. Considering bulk I could see of the body, I would estimate weight in the 700 lb. range or more. I smelled no odor nor heard any noise other than snoring.

Please keep in mind I was 12 yrs. old and so excited my heart is trying to jump out my throat. I was trying to determine what this animal was. In my range of knowledge the only thing I could think of was a cow or bull. I brought my 20 ga., double barrel up in front of my chest and began backing out one step at a time. I tried to form a plan of action if this thing woke up with me bound up in bushes. If it came at me I had two barrels of #6 bird shot. My plan was to shoot at the eyes, therefore blinding it and slowing it down. Better than no plan, I thought. Thank our good lord, I got out of the thicket and back on a cleared path.

As I started my walk toward home, it occurred to me I had crossed no fences. In fact I did not know of anyone with a pasture close enough for cattle to wander into this area.

In 1957 or 58 I had no knowledge of a Sasquatch or Big Foot. I had not heard any stories or news about these creatures. Therefore I did not consider them when this event took place.

No, I told no one of this event. Dad would be furious if I shot someone's bull. He would confiscate my beloved shotgun. If I told any of the guys at school they would make fun of me for my story or tell everyone I was afraid of a cow.

At 12 years old the mind is an amazing thing. After a few days I hardly remembered the event, and then forgot it all together.

The only event after this I can think of happened many years later. Don't know if this had any relation to my story. I was always proud of my father and never heard of anything he was afraid of. I went to visit him one evening and he had a story for me. He had been exploring deep in the same forest I used to hunt in. He had a Colt woodsman .22 pistol that he tools with him on most walks and hunting trips. He continued to say he had wandered into some deep woods that he had never explored before. He told me that he was so far afield that he became worried that there might be something in those woods he did not know about. He was so uneasy that he pulled his trusty Colt out of the holster and carried it in his hand on the walk home. For a man raised in a dense forest and hunted his whole life this was not normal. In fact he spent over 4 yrs in the Navy exposed to the worse battles of the pacific during WW 2. I never knew him to show fear in any situation. I wonder what he saw in the woods that he wanted to tell me about.

I am now 72 yrs old and began enjoying your Big Foot videos. Within the last month I listened to an account on your program that sounded similar to me and my memory came flooding back. Had not thought of this encounter in 60 yrs.


I speak to a lot of people off the air regarding different experiences. The show is 99% Sasquatch related. I spoke to this witness yesterday and heard about 20% of his encounter and I’m fascinated and want to hear the rest. Indulge me as we go off trail.

A listener writes “I was abducted at age 5, have awaken on an exam table, paralyzed, Have been through time warps in the desert and seen flying saucers go in and out of the ocean, land in formation, hang in the sky at close range. I’ve had a lifetime of encounters with disembodied entities and have battled ghosts for my very body. If you are interested, I have a 54 page book I’m working on. I’m a 70 year old disability rights advocate and musician, author and public speaker. I’ve been an NPR commentator, been published in chicken Soup, been on the CBS News with Walter Kronkite and been in a BBC documentary on the US Disability Rights Movement. I’m a serious guy.”

Apr 21, 2019
SC EP:533 Chanting In The Woods

A listener writes “I have an encounter that happened many years ago in Washington State. Index to be more precise.

My encounter isn’t terrifying (at least not now. It was when it happened.) It’s a bit puzzling and all these years later I can’t explain it.

But I did hear some things which culminated in seeing something cross the trail. I’ve never gone public with this and have been met with skepticism by the few people I’ve told. But I know what happened over the course of a few weeks in 1989.”

Spoke to the witness and she has agreed to come on the show. It is a very interesting encounter because so many strange things happened beyond the sighting. One thing the witness brought up was hearing chanting in the woods or what sounded like chanting. I heard this before by two separate hunters


My uncle is a big fan of your podcast and he encouraged me to email you about my supernatural experience with a wendigo (possible Sasquatch).

I grew up in small town in an incredibly rural region of southern Ontario. My house was situated in a forested environment with the Niagara escarpment snaking up my front yard. It is a land of unspoiled beauty that has the capability of hiding many secrets in its depths.

My family always told me stories about the beasts that lurk in the woods, real and supernatural, but it wasn't until I had my own experience that I became a believer in the old legends.

It was mid-autumn of 2012. At this time of year the sun slinks away early in the evening, the only light being the crescent of the moon. My sister and I have always enjoyed exploring the woods that surrounded our house, and on the night of my experience we were out galavanting in the early hours of the moonlight. My uncle (the same one who has convinced me to write this) had walked from his home a few kilometres away from ours and we had excused ourselves from the adult conversations. Our whole lives we had been warned about not venturing too far away from our home, especially in the darkness, so we mostly stayed around the perimeter of the unforsted part our house-land.

Despite the events occurring seven years ago, my recollection is still shockingly vivid when I take myself back to that night. The air was slightly cool, but warm enough that I only needed a raincoat (sometimes it's cold enough to snow at this time of year). It was a good evening all together, my sister and I were getting along as we laughed and played in our yard.

We were completely unbothered and unaware of what was about to happen. In what I then thought was a brilliant idea I encouraged my sister to come with me and enter the thin strip of woods (about 25 feet apart) that separated our property and an unused driveway on the adjoining land. It was covered in young trees and surprisingly sturdy grasses, that in the fall got so dry and brittle that they could hold you up when falling on them.

We spent the next few minutes matting the grasses down enough so we could walk into the centre of the woods. Standing there we were about 5 feet from our property. I started to feel strange, I decided that it was about time to get back to the house as my stomach was turning. Taking one last opportunity before going home I shoved my sister hard intending for her to be kept from falling by the grass. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case and she fell hard on her back, shocked by the tumble. It took her a few moments before she reacted, as she was in a state dumbfounded shock. This had never happened before. I stood there worried that she would take off back home and tell my mom.

I got on my hands and knees eye-level with her, before she could even bat and eyelash or say a word I was there trying to convince her that she was okay and that there was no reason to say anything to mom. If she did we would never be allowed outside together. Due to my age and stubbornness, I was reluctant to apologize. I did help her up and brush off the dirt on her backside. We stood there for a few moments, in the darkness I could see her big blue eyes, she was chattering,endlessly as only she can. I debated with myself, what I should do. If we go home like I had wanted to moments before, she would get me in a trouble, but if we stayed out against my better judgment, I knew something bad could happen. I was her older sibling, I needed to keep her safe.

Before I could reach my final judgment, the sense of unwaryness exploded,tingles traveled from my neck down my spine. Both of us stilled, the flow of words from her mouth was abruptly silenced as I smacked my hand over it. I didn't expect that out of her quietness would grow a fear in me so deep, I rarely visited the forest again.

It started out quieter, the slosh of heavy footsteps on a the unpaved laneway. The gravelled stones tinkling across each other as if they had been slightly kicked. This sound quickly grew louder. It almost sounded as if the small rocks were being cracked under each footstep. My sister and I stood there. Neither of us cowered, we were frozen in fear.

The sound of the footsteps was soon deadened by that of heavy breathing, grunting. Disgustingly inhuman. We were held in an unmoving trance as the beast came into view. A mass of tangled, slightly curly fur. A body so big it would have dwarfed my burly grandpa (who was 6'4). It's body was illuminated by the dim light our house cast upon the yard. I was the first to break, I yelped, terrified. Despite its size the thing was surprising quick, its large head wiped to the side. Although I couldn't make out it's eyes, my sister and I could both feel the its gaze rapt on our unmoving forms.

It was at this moment I found control over my limbs. Selfishly, I pushed my sister behind me, closer to the creature. And I ran, screaming for my mother, someone to come and save us. I barrelled away from my sister to the front stairs. She wasn't far behind me. The shock from me pushing her must of helped her move. As we mounted the stairs our hands fumbled at the front door handle as we trembled in fear. Finally, we got inside still on edge.

Our family was abviously shocked by the state we were in. They weren't exactly receptive when we tried to explain what we had seen. They tried to tell us it could have been a bear (far too short, our little black bears could never stand that tall) or maybe it was a person (still too small, not burly enough and wouldn't most people say something instead of scaring two people?) My sister and I remained steadfast, we knew what we saw. We went so far as to beg our uncle not to walk home that night, we didn't want what was out there to get him.

Over time the shock of what we saw has worn off, but both myself and my sister still maintain unquestionably that, that was the most terrifying moment of our lives. Even after we experienced a break and enter while we were alone together. I've racked my brain for what it could have been. At first I was convinced it was a Sasquatch, but years later I'm now not too sure. At this point in my life I'm nearly convinced it was a wendigo. Purely on the fact that it still gives me the shakes when thinking about, as I've always been told they inspire fear in their victims.

I have a feeling I will always remain somehow marked by this experience. Even though it was years ago, it is often a point of conversation with my family. At first I'm certain they thought we were trying to joke with them, but seven years later they now realize our moments with the beast were very much real. It made believers out of the two of us and has opened our eyes to other strange happenings we have witnessed.


Steven writes "Hey Wes. I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a month now and really appreciate your effort in getting people’s stories out there. I had a pretty bizarre experience about 12 years ago and figured you may like to hear about it. There’s some backstory that I didn’t discover until recently and will share that as well if you’re interested.

This happened in Barnstead, NH. One night me and my girlfriend at the time were walking to another friend’s house. This was in a small, private community built around a man made lake. It’s a pretty wooded area with a lot of summer houses scattered about with a few street lights here and there. So there are spots sometimes for a half a mile that are shrouded in complete darkness. We were approaching a T in the road with one of those few streetlights across the way. Had it not been there I wouldn’t have seen anything. Anyway, as we stepped into the light and started to make a right there was a loud cracking in a tree above me.

At first I thought it was a branch breaking so I jumped backwards out of the way. Then this thing hit the ground and I just froze. The best way I can explain this is that it stood up and shook itself off kind of like it was startled. When this thing stood it was about seven feet tall. Then it kind of went on all fours and took off into the woods across the street.

I’ve never in my life seen anything move so fast. I don’t know if it was trying to land on me on purpose or what the deal was. I’ve grown up in rural areas most of my life and have heard or seen all kinds of animals at night and this was obviously not normal. I wondered for years what this could have been but finally I’ve drawn a conclusion.

This coupled with another experience I had a couple miles away from that same spot AND sightings conveyed to me by others have led me to believe this was definitely a Sasquatch. I’ve done some research and I think there is a strange breed of this animal exclusive to the NH area roaming around.”

Apr 14, 2019
SC EP:531 It Had A Man’s Face

Tonight I will be speaking to three guests who all have very different encounters. Matt writes “The encounter happened during July of 95. I live in NC near the Uwharrie mountains now. Back in 95 I lived at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains. Wilkes county to be exact. Me and my friend Mike were headed from the bottom of the mountain to a friend’s house on the top of the mountain.

We decided to take the scenic route, late afternoon. The scenic route was a pavement to gravel road called Big Ivy. It was paved at the base of the mountain. But as soon as you started up, it turned to gravel. It was hot even on the side of the mountain, and we were smoking cigarettes. So we had the windows open. We got half way up the mountain, around dusk, and rounded a curve to the left. The road had a drop off to the right, and a very steep bank to the left. As we came around the curve I noticed something walking up onto the side of the road on the right.

At first in the dusk, I thought it was a real tall man in a trenchcoat. I said to Mike, “Who’s the trenchcoat”? I looked back and immediately stopped the truck. I saw it wasn’t a man. But whatever it was, it was 7-8′ tall. It just stood there stunned as we were that the other was there. The orange hair on it’s right leg had several places where it was matted together. It had a man’s face more than an apes. At least that’s the way I saw it. With hair up the cheeks of it’s face It had a slight grin on it’s face. Almost like it was smiling. I’m not sure if it was a male or female. I looked at it with awe.

Mike however was on the side of the vehicle closest to it, and went into a panic. Kicking the floor board, pushing himself back into the seat. He started yelling “Get out of here”! Startled by his panic, I turned to look at him. Causing me to miss the Bigfoot cross the road right in front of the headlights. When I looked back, he was climbing up the bank on the left, with ease.

This bank is so steep, I would have to climb up it on my belly. The Bigfoot went right up in no time flat. I ignored Mike’s yells, and got out of the vehicle. I immediately caught the smell. The smell of water rot, BO, and urine. Foul. I heard him crashing thru the brush on top of the hill. I stood around for a few minutes. Got back in the truck and we left. Excitedly telling our friend about the encounter. He dismissed us and our story. I went back to the spot after work the next day. Saw no trace of what went through there. There is a house on top of the hill. So I couldn’t go on top of the bank and look. But it was hot and dry so no footprints on the side of the road. There is a spring box on the side of the road, will a constantly running overflow pipe. That water supply on the side of the mountain maybe why he was in that area."

I will also be welcoming to the show Shawn and Shawn writes “I’m from Alabama, born and raised but I moved to Utah for college. I’ve had a few different experiences in both states as well as nearby western Georgia. The Georgia experience is the one I’d like to share.

I had recently moved back home to Alabama after finishing in Utah. I had been employed at a lawn maintenance company while going to college. This company is a Fortune 500 and is located in all 50 states and in every city of marginal populations. They handle fertilizer and weed control as well as aerations/dethatching, insect control and services for trees and shrubs both residential and for commercial accounts. I arranged to be transferred to a branch in Georgia as I was moving back to Alabama. My dad has recently been diagnosed with cancer and my mom needed help with the property. They live in a two-story house my dad built on a nice sized portion of land, it’s in the boonies with houses here and there but mostly it’s Alabama soft wood forests in all directions for miles and miles. As an only child helping became my torch to carry with all the animals and miscellaneous yard work not to mention driving my dad to the doctor or picking up groceries and paying the bills.

This branch I transferred to in Georgia was about an hour away and only serviced areas in Georgia. One of our commercial accounts was for large tracks of Pine woods for Mead Paper. Some of these 100s of acres went specifically for paper pulp production, some equally sized portions Mead sold to furniture/construction companies but Mead still owned the actual land the trees come from and maintained the upkeep or a better way of saying that is, they hired other companies to take care of it.

We had been hired by Mead to do Mauget treatments(pronounced Moe-shay or Moe-jay think French accents). A Mauget is essentially a treatment for trees that involve drilling(taping) roughly 1/12 the diameter of the trunk, equally spaced with about 6 injection points. We could inject iron if the soil was low due to the forests being reused so often, fungicides and insecticides. We were there because pine beetles had been eating up acreages of trees for the construction/furniture profits.

These jobs typically take weeks to complete and had crews of 1 salesmen who was responsible for the account and 3-4 technicians. It was one of the only jobs we did where the sales rep helped with applications. State and federal laws govern how to prepare and clean up while doing tree injections. We don’t want iron capsules contaminating the soil or the poisons drifting into water supplies. We would get to the parcel of land around 7:30am with a google map loaded showing the target area. We also had the trees marked off by surveyors who would come in and designate the initial area and through out the weeks come back and mark the rest of the areas with ribbons while we were in other areas.

I was the salesman of the account and met with a representative from Mead on-site 3 days before the job was to start so I could get a view of the land and work out the quickest way possible. He was running about 10 minutes late and I was in the truck calling in sales to our office. It was late February roughly 5:00 pm. I was parked on a dirt logging road, both sides of the road was going to be the area we treated. The road went down further about a half mile and ended with a cleared area for trucks to park or turn around. I got off the call and just had an uneasy feeling so I decided to drive down to the dead end and turn around so when the Mead rep got there our drivers sides would be next to each other and we wouldn’t need to get out to have a conversation. I didn’t know why but I didn’t want to get out and go for a walk inspecting woods this close to dark.

When I got to the turn around I could tell this area hadn’t been used in a long time, the grass had grown up, there was no loading or logging equipment just a few boxes of ribbons left from the survey crew to use during the job. It was still light out but dark enough for the headlights to come on in the woods. I sat in the lot facing towards the road so I could drive and meet him when I saw him coming with the bed of the truck close to a mound of dirt pushed up right at the boundary of the woods behind me.

I heard something crack really loud behind me off in the woods. I figured it was a limb break off a beetle infested tree. No more than 5 seconds later I heard thumping, the best way to describe it is someone running on a hard or compacted floor with extra large shoes flopping down with each step. I turned and put my right arm behind the passenger seat so I could look out the back window. I saw a single pine moving very rapidly back and worth, I could only see the top 60% of the tree because of the large mound of dirt moved to clear the area. It continued for about 10 seconds until I heard a loud series of knocks coming from the driver side off in the woods. I looked to my left and thought I saw a dark figure moving toward where the clearing becomes the road. Then I heard walking behind the truck, immediately I heard three distinctive “whoops,” I mean it was clearly a “woooowhooop, whoop whop!” that came from the same area I saw something walking. Then my truck was pelted with tiny pebbles once I left and looked at then they looked like little tiny pieces of gravel. Something was tossing pebbles from the wood line behind me. I put the truck in drive because things were really starting to freak me out and I heard the loudest yell I can ever remember. It wasn’t guttural but it was low and very reverberating as soon as it finished from behind the truck I heard what I can only describe as a shriek but it was very throaty and raspy.

That was it for me, I pulled off and I was getting ready to get on the paved road to leave I saw my Mead contact parked waiting for me. He apologized for being late and we talked about the area and job. He told me flat out he hates coming to this area. I asked him why and he told me about Chris Thompkins. You might know this name if you follow Missing 411. He was a surveyor who went missing working with his crew pretty much in this same area in 2002. I hadn’t heard anything about it. He explained Chris was surveying with his crew spaced about 50 ft apart, he was last in line and just vanished.

I told him about the noises I heard and he said he had experienced similar sounds back there and told me he saw a large animal run across the road on two legs and drop to all four when it made it into the woods.

The first few days of the job went great but day 4 the survey guys asked us on the way in if we had taken their boxes of ribbons. I told them we wouldn’t have any use for them and I saw them in the clearing where everyone parked. He said someone must have came back there and took them because they couldn’t find them. They left for the day and said they’d come back tonight and lay some down for us to complete in the morning. We only had about 15 trees left in the area since they couldn’t mark any the rest of the day so I sent all but one technician home early. It was about 5:30pm when we finished and we’re picking up the injection caps from trees. He heard it first and asked what the hell is that!? It was the same yell I had heard about a week earlier. I told him I didn’t know and let’s finish grabbing the trash so we could leave. That’s when I heard something whiz throw the air. The cap injectors are cylinders that get a hole punched in one end and I was hearing the wind pass over it as it went through the air. I didn’t see it but we heard it. Two more where thrown and that was enough for us. We walked a pretty fast pace back to the truck and packed the truck up with the drills and spent caps. We sat and listened for about 30 minutes it was about 6:10pm. There was dozens of yells and whooping and that strange shriek. As we were leaving the cleared area we saw a large animal peering around a tree about 15 ft from the dirt road. It was rocking to our left and bobbing back behind the trunk over and over. The only knocking we heard was as we were leaving down the dirt road towards the main paved road.

To cut the reading down I’ll condense the rest. The job started going slow because the survey ribbons kept getting torn off the trees and just littered the ground. We would find clumps of them wrapped together sometimes just laying in the middle of the clearing. They started using blue paint to mark and that’s when some drills started getting broken and trees we treated we would find, I mean they were pushed over. That’s the only way I can say it. Not all of them not even most of them but a good number the further back we treated.

We ended up completing about 70% of the area and Mead canceled the rest. The rep would only tell me we did a great job all things considered and they were going to let the land “sit” for awhile. Ever since I always wondered about the missing surveyor and if any of us were in any real danger.”

 James will be also sharing his encounter. James writes “During the winter of 1993 I shipped off to Fort Leonardwood, MO for basic training and would eventually become a transportation expert in the National Guard. Fourteen months later I would then enlist into Active Duty after attempting a semester of college. I would find myself at Fort Knox, KY. About a year and a half while in my second unit the Brigade would move out towards western Kentucky, not far from Central City to conduct a month long field exercise. This is where I would witness one of these creatures.

Last one day a battle buddy and I headed for the showers which were located near the entrance of the training area. The building was located over a hundred yards from the staging area where all large vehicles were to park. A road ran from the gate in front of the building towards the staging area which then split off into two separate directions. In the fork of this intersection was located the ammo/ fuel point. The road the split off to the left separated the staging area and the fuel point. At the back end of the staging area was a row of conex containers. Behind these containers was a hill. Near the end of the containers and not too far from the fuel point was a street light. Now this row ran about a hundred yards which came to a deep raven. We parked our vehicle, a HEMMET (10 Ton cargo truck). I was a PFC (Private First Class) at the time and my battle buddy was a SPC (Specialist) so he told me to go take my shower first, which I did. When I finished and headed back it was starting to get dark. I climbed into the drivers side of the vehicle and waited for him to return. We were facing the shower building and how I was seated I was facing out the passenger window looking at the end of the containers near the street light. It didn’t light up a huge area but I could see part way up the hill and the end of the containers.

After a while I noticed “someone” come walking off the side of the hill. At first I didn’t think much about it believing someone was lost while doing night time land navigation. I watched for about five minutes till the figure walked behind the containers to never be seen again. As I continued to watch somethings started to make me question what I was looking at. They were tall and broad, wasn’t carrying a weapon of any type, and wasn’t wearing any battle raddle, especially a pro-mask (gas mask). Then I noticed that their pants weren’t bloused into boots. The figure had their head down, walking back and forth as if they were looking for something. Then they walked behind the containers where the top of their head reached the top of the container and really noticed how big this individual was.

I am 6’3″ and if I stand in side a conex with boots on, stand on my toes and reach up I can grab the top of the conex.

During this field exercise the majority would return to the rear for the weekend while each unit kept a small crew back to watch everything. Half way through the exercise my battle buddy and I was sent to the fuel/ ammo point. I took this time to walk over to where I saw the figure to see if any tracks could be seen. I found nothing which wasn’t a surprise for several reasons; it had rain by that time and the ground was so compacted that a HUMVEE would hardly leave a track there.

There was no interaction between the subject and myself. I haven’t had any other encounters either.”


Apr 06, 2019
SC EP:529 The Beasts of Britain

Andy McGrath, is a Cryptozoology ‘Enthusiast’ with over 25 years of research and obsession about the unknown creatures living right under our noses, here on this tiny island in the North Atlantic.

From a wildlife point of view, the accepted fauna of The British Isles were discovered and catalogued in their finite and immoveable state in the 19th century. Nothing has really been added to this list or considered worthy since and the continual reports of Water Monsters, Bigfoot, Mystery Big Cats and UFC’s (Unidentified Flying Cryptids) are largely ignored or used as newspaper fillers to entertain us.

Andy’s focus is on current research and recent sightings, pictures, videos and eyewitness accounts of the many cryptids of the British Isles.

Although vast advancements in science and technology have brought great discoveries in other lesser known parts of the world, our island lies largely underexplored and overlooked. At night, outside of the busy cities and next to the unlit lakes and lonely mountains it is an island in darkness, where nobody ventures into the woods anymore and the pervading paradigm scares all but the most foolhardy scientists away from any serious investigation of the many yet to be discovered – Beasts Of Britain

Author of Beasts of Britain, Speaker and field investigator, he is also currently working on his own TV series under the same name: Beasts of Britain and his new podcast: Beastly Theories, featuring low key interviews with researchers around the world, whilst also continuing his passion for writing about cryptids and out of place animals in other parts of the world. His new Beasts of Britain map(featuring the beautiful art of Brett Manning) is now also available to purchase online.

The second edition of Beasts of Britain will be released in February 2019, featuring new artwork, photos, chapters and expeditions; and his new title: ‘Beasts of North America’, is planned for release in December 2019.


Check Out Beasts of Britain On Paperback

Mar 31, 2019
SC EP:527 The Paranormal Portal

An extra show for the week. Tonight I will be speaking with Brent Thomas who hosts The Paranormal Portal Podcast on YouTube. We chat about many topics tonight. I hope you enjoy the show.

Brent writes "Paranormal Portal is a Paranormal Internet Radio Show that features all things paranormal on, IheartRadio, Tune In and available for streaming on Paranormal Portal airs live on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm - 9pm PST on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we do our Bedtime Stories From Beyond, which are our shorter format episodes that cover just a few stories and thoughts. The Portal is live 7 Days a week at 7pm PST Right here on our YouTube Channel!"


Subscribe to The Paranormal Portal: Check it out here

Mar 28, 2019
SC EP:526 Terrifying Night On The Appalachian Trail

Spoke to Glen who is a retired law enforcement officer. Glen said “I was injured on the job so I have taken some time off. A good friend of mine and I decided to take a long hike down the Appalachian Trail. We were warned by the park rangers not to hike the trail, they made the comment “We don’t work in anything less than a 4 man team. A lot of strange things have been going on.” Now I didnt really believe in bigfoot. After the night we spent on the Appalachian Trail, I changed my mind on a lot of things. It still haunts me to this day.”

Aaron writes “Hey man my gf, and I had 2 interesting encounters during our trip to LBL. Went in with the intent to show her some wood booger’s, ended up running into what I can only assume was a demon/witch lady near a cemetery.My gf refuses to really talk about her because she had said hi to her as she walked past but the lady ignored her but looked up smiled and said hi back to me when I said hi. Her eyes were black but my gf describes her differently than I saw her said she got super cold but never saw her face her hair hid it but I saw short hair.

Then later that night we went back in, and I believe around mile marker 26, 3 deer were off to the side of the road 1 was a really nice buck I slowed way down and in the corner of our lights we caught what I thought was a 4th deer so I didn’t think about it but my gf freaked and as I looked up this massive light grey/whitish dog creature leaps up what had to be a 30-40ft hill in 1 leap I was like wtf I stopped turned my light into the woods to follow the creature for a moment we lost sight of it.

I looked at the deer, there eyes reflected yellow in the light but when I looked back into the woods what I originally past over as a tree originally looking in had reddish eyes in the light But it was tall I wanna say 9 maybe 10ft. I would like to know what you really know about that place. I did 10 years in the army, 4 of which were in a long range surveillance company. 13 months in Kandahar province among others, rural villages people would warn us of giants in the mountains, which really to me confirmed the Kandahar giant story to me the people genuinely were feared these things, and my buddies that had been in awhile all had some creepy stories So why not a big wolf man, wood booger’s, witch’s, etc. if you have any info on that area that hasn’t really been mentioned on the show I’d loved to hear back from you. Fascinated me that so many apex predators live in that area. I want to go back.”

Mar 24, 2019
SC EP:524 I Thought I Ran Into The Devil

A listener writes “I am from Indiana. I grew up with these things being around my property. I have seen them twice but have had glimpses of them numerous times. I have so much to say. I purchased a home a few miles from where I grew up. Something else has shown up, this sounds crazy but it was a werewolf. It killed my dog…this is crazy but I am telling you the truth. Have you heard of this before?”

Mar 17, 2019
SC EP:522 “Bigfoot Research”

A few weeks ago I put a challenge out there to the bigfoot researchers to come on and give a presentation on this Bigfoot Research I keep hearing about. I think 2 individuals responded.

Paul Graves is a researcher here in Washington State and he has agreed to come on and give a presentation on what Bigfoot Research evolves. Paul is great guy and I know John Bindernagel thought very high of him. What will you learn? You will have to wait and see.

See Pauls work below:

The Game Camera Photo

Trackway NearSunnyslope, Washington State

Mar 10, 2019
SC EP:519 John Bindernagel Tribute

Feeling a little down and thinking about the Doc.


John Albert Bindernagel (December 22, 1941 – January 17, 2018) was a wildlife biologist who sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America's Great Ape: the Sasquatch (ISBN 0-9682887-0-7). His second book, The Discovery of the Sasquatch – Reconciling Culture, History, and Science in the Discovery Process, was published in 2010.

Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph, and received a PhD in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.He moved to British Columbia in 1975largely because the region was a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. Over the years, he collected casts of tracks that he believed belonged to Bigfoot. He also claimed to have heard the creature near Comox Lake in 1992, comparing its whooping sound to that of a chimpanzee. Bindernagel believed that the Bigfoot phenomena should receive more attention from serious scientists, but remarked, "The evidence doesn't get scrutinized objectively. We can't bring the evidence to our colleagues because it's perceived as taboo."

Bindernagel was a true pioneer in the field of cryptozoology and was a regular on the classic History Channel show MonsterQuest. Bindernagel and Dr. Jeff Meldrum often appeared together on the show and had a real-life friendship. Together they formed the bedrock of the Bigfoot Research Community. Bindernagel was a familiar face on the History Channel appearing on a number of their specials.

Feb 28, 2019
SC EP:518 Creepy Encounter With Something

A listener writes “Hello Wes! I listen your show all the time I’m a big a fan of your show and Bigfoot. About 2 years ago I became fascinated with Sasquatch. I don’t have a Sasquatch encounter but I do have a paranormal encounter. One night in October of 2015. Me and a buddy of mine came across the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 3 am we encountered a woman in a sparkling prom like dress who seem to have been waiting for my buddy. She was lifeless no emotion and stared at my buddy. I’d love to go into more detail and be able to tell you over the phone. Thank you Wes”

Spoke to the eyewitness this afternoon. He has agreed to come on the show. Its the first time in a long time I have had chills listening to someone recount what they saw and what happen to them. This is an incident with multiple witnesses. The encounter takes a strange twist and it goes to show you that you can run into more then just Sasquatch during the witching hour.


We will also discuss Sasquatch encounters.

Feb 24, 2019
SC EP:515 I Shouldn't Be Alive

Spoke to the eyewitness who is from the U.K. but she was in California for business. She shared some very interesting details about what she saw. She said “When the male rushed me the female stopped him and they were chattering back and forth, a very strange gibberish.” She has agreed to come on the show, her account is below.

A listener writes “Dear Wes, My Brother suggested that I email you to tell you about an encounter with a group of hairy things, possibly Sasquatches, that I had back in the late 80’s when I was working in California. In brief, I was trying to take pictures of Sea Otters at a beach near Big Sur when a group of six one male, two female and three smaller creatures came down out of a creek and the male waded into the water and started pulling seaweed out and throwing it back to the females that were chewing at its roots and rubbing it into the fur. This was about 100 metres away from where I was sat on some rocks.

The group noticed me when I tried to take some photos and the male charge at me whilst the females were screaming. The male stopped about 50 metres away from me and seemed to be having an argument with one of the females as they were gibberish away to each other. The last thing I remember was that it swung its body round to face me again, screamed so loudly that my insides were vibrating and slammed its fists into the beach. I think I must have fainted, but what I have never understood is that I came round about about an hour or so later with my jacket pulled over my head and quite badly bruised about ten metres from my car and could only assume that I was dumped there.

I drove back to the hotel I was staying at and they called the police who came and took a statement. I was forcefully told that what I had seen were bears nothing else. When I argued with the man he got really agitated with me and asked me whether we didn’t have Officers like him in positions of authority where I came from. I replied that we did but that they weren’t allowed to tell us what to put into a statement. He then asked whether I understood English to which I replied that I was English. He just looked at me and told me that I had seen bears and not to say anything different to anyone else if I didn’t want to get kicked out of the country.

I don’t know whether this is the sort of thing that you would be interested in as I am not from the US and this happened nearly thirty years ago now but I would be happy to write this up in more detail if you think it would be of any use to you.

I haven’t spoken to anyone else about this other than my brother who is a primate photographer and suggested that I contact you.”

Feb 16, 2019
SC EP:514 Encounters On The Property

A listener writes “I first encountered Bigfoot in 79. I was 6 years of age. I grew up in Byhailya Miss 20 miles from Memphis on a small farm house 15 archers or so. It was me my mom 3 older sisters and my nephew a year younger than myself. We had chickens with a small coup a about 15 birds. An old smoke house, old barn and a nice garden.

The landlord had about 60 cows in the back of the property in a large pasture. We also had two dogs and this place had no running water. It all started when me and mom went to the eggs out of the coup,so she could get back in to watch her stories on tv. Me and my nephew would watch with her lol. So when we came back in and began to watch tv around noon. The phone rang, it was our neighbor and her good friend ,that lived about 2 miles away.

She said a creature had came on her property and picked up her small child as she was hanging clothes on the line on the side of her trailer house. She said the child wondered to the front yard, when she heard it cry frantically. She said she went to the front of property to see this creature with her child under its arms as it started off with the kid down her driveway. She picked up a garden hoe and gave chase,hitting this thing in the back it drops the kid and runs off ,down the road to the woods in our direction. She calls the Sheriff and then calls my mother to warn her knowing me and my nephew were little. I saw my mom go into full alert mode.

Locking down the house all doors and windows locked ,loading rifles and shotguns. Scared the hell out of me and my nephew. We never locked a door or window, we never had too. We knew she had guns they weren’t loaded. I didn’t know anything about a monster they were make believe but my mom had to believe her or knew of this thing. How can a person call and tell you they saw a monster and you not bat an eye. My family encountered the creature that night with gunfire.”

Feb 09, 2019
SC EP:511 It Was No Damn Bear

Now I was scared for him. “Dobbs!” I yelled. “Dobbs!”

My voice echoed through the woods. I scanned the area with my light but didn’t see anything else. Keep steady, I thought to myself. He could have just dropped it. Or maybe the other Ranger, what’s-his-name. They were likely at the tower together. Or maybe scouting the fire they had spotted. 

“Dobbs!” I screamed this time. The sky now was now a little illuminated by the tell-tale orange glow of fire. “Dobbs, can you hear me?”

​Then I heard a man’s voice say, “Shut up!” 

His sudden voice surprised the tar out of me. If hadn’t been so exhausted I’d have jumped up a tree right then and there.

“Where are you?” he was close but I couldn’t see him.

“Shhh! Keep quiet! It’ll hear us!” he said to me.

I located where the voice was coming from, about 10 feet away and a little behind me, then swung the light at him. I saw Dobbs under a thick patch of cedars up against a big rock, huddled on the ground.

 “Turn the light off and get over here,” he whispered.

I was moving to where he was and clicked off my flashlight when it occurred to me what he’d said. ‘It’ would hear us.

He had his big revolver in his hand so I raised my carbine and crouched beside him. That’s when I saw ‘it.’ 

We were right at the bottom edge of a roughly oval clearing, sloping steeply uphill toward more deep woods. The fire light from above and to our right was brighter, so I figured the fire must be just over the ridge, maybe a quarter mile ahead. 

At the far edge of the woods, maybe 30 yards away I saw a tall (can’t guess but easily over 6 to 7 feet tall) outline of an upright figure backlit by the glow from the fire. As if it knew where we were it was turned slightly towards us.

I could not make out facial features but I could see it had large eyes that were reflecting the dim light. If I had thought of it I would have made a mental note of how tall it was in relation to the nearest tree, but all I was thinking was that this time, this was no bear.


For information about the Live Show go to:


Feb 01, 2019
SC EP:510 Creature At My Window

I will be having two guests on tonight that describe seeing this creature come up to their bedroom window at night. Both witnesses were children and young adults when this happened. One witnesses is now a long haul truck driver and I asked him what is the strangest thing you have ever seen while driving long haul? His answer might surprise you.

Jan 27, 2019
SC EP:507 Stalked in the woods

I will be releasing the public show tonight. I am working on a special show for the members on Sunday. I really think you guys and gals are going to like it. Tonight we will be talking to Ned who is a retired law enforcement officer from New York. Ned’s encounter took place many years ago and it started when his car broke down. Ned struggled for many years on what he ran into that night. It is very interesting to hear the ambush behavior Ned describes.

Dylin who is from Louisiana will discuss his encounter while he was a truck driver for a logging company. Dylin had stopped his truck and trailer on the job site around 2 AM. As he was adjusting his straps on the side of the trailer he heard his driver door close. He felt something on the other side of the trailer messing with his straps. He thought a worker was messing with him or it was the wind until he looked up and saw the creature.

Dylin writes “I could definitely make out an elongated pointed head and the whole left side of its body was covered in what looked like matted wiry hair and the one arm and hand I can make out has sausage like fingers, a forearm that’s larger in proportion that it’s bicep and it’s all hairy there is a difference in fur and hair and this was definitely hair. It reminded me of the beginning stages of dreadlocked hair that’s been unwashed and starts to kink up. I’m standing here frozen in fear trying not to breath, scream and piss myself at the same time. You just don’t expect these things during the daylight much less at 2am on a high traffic road standing right next to your vehicle between you and the cab of your vehicle which is the only area of safety you have. I can feel it’s sizing me up it’s head is steadily moving up and down but at the same time I feel it’s more curious than it is aggressive.”

Jan 18, 2019
SC EP:506 The One Who Runs and Hides

Bill writes “Wes this sighting took place when I was a teenager. I’m fifty two now and I still remember it for the most part. Me and a buddy was on are way to are favorite fishing spot at the time. We lived near a dam. It was late summer.

So the dam was low which maybe accessing the inlet possible. Now above the inlet was miles of private land that connected to next dam that was located in the mountains. To access the inlet you had to hike down into the bottom and walk through bottom ground that is underwater in spring. Well we were crossing a fence on the high side and as I crossed over I looked ahead and below us toward are destination in the tall willows I saw something bent over low digging or scraping in the dirt. It was hairy reddish color. I stoped and was trying to figure out what I was seeing about that time my buddy looked and saw what I was looking at. At the same time the creature must have heard us. To this day I remember this point and will never forget it.

It stood straight up still with its back to us kind of turned a little glanced at us and took off running through the willows and brush up through the bottoms through crap so thick a man can’t get through. Just ripped right through it and disappeared. I’m pretty sure we saw a big foot. If you would like to talk or want more info email me.”


Carl writes "Im a retired deputy sheriff and have had 2 road crossings as well,and have heard the wood knocks and whooping noises. I even had a large tree about 75 yards from me pushed over on a calm day while deer hunting. As i became aware i realized id experienced them around me my whole life."


Chris Merola and he has agreed to come on the show. He describes buying a cabin in the woods of Connecticut that no one lived in for 11 years. He said when he first moved in he was terrified because of the things he was hearing outside late at night.Chris says “I setup trail camera’s all over the property trying to get a picture of these things and I never got any pictures of a Sasquatch. Frustrating….I finally decided to put one camera on my door behind the screen door. I captured what I think is one of these creatures. Here is the video.

If you skip ahead to about the 5min mark you can see something move from the middle of the screen to the right. It is not conclusive but it is very interesting. Especially knowing Chris lives in the middle of no where and he was trying to bate these creatures with food. Chris goes on to say “I am not the only one who has heard and seen them in the area. We were screamed at by one of them and both my son and girlfriend ran into the cabin. I have seen them numerous times. I have also seen some very strange and weird things from these creatures. I do not know what to say, I do not think they are from here. My opinion of course.”

Chris documented the incidents that happen over the years to him at his cabin. He wrote a book called The One Who Runs and Hides: A True Story. Check it out on Amazon.

It is hard to put everything that happen into an hour long show and for some of the listeners some of what Chris has to say might rub you the wrong way but I can tell you a lot of what he talks about lines up with witnesses I have spoken to including the two brothers (We need help show) in Indiana.

Jan 14, 2019
SC EP:504 Mill Race Monster

Dave writes “I had an experience while canoeing. It happen from an area where an event happen 40 to 50 years earlier. You can google the Mill Race Monster in Columbus, Indiana. I knew nothing about big foot before my experience…..changed my life.”

Spoke to the witness and he was canoeing on the Flat Rock River when he got stuck in a wood jam in the river. He pulled the canoe out of the river. The witness said “I was dragging the canoe when I started smelling something terrible. It smelled like a dead animal and rotting garbage. It was so bad I almost started dry heaving. The forest erupted, it sounded like king kong was breaking trees and screaming at me. I had no clue what was going on. I grabbed the canoe and started dragging it back to the river. That is when all hell broke loose…..”


On November 1, 1974, the Columbus Police Department received a series of panicked reports from no less than two sets of eyewitnesses, all of whom claimed to have seen (and even been attacked by) a huge, bipedal, green-skinned monstrosity that took to skulking near the waterways inside Indiana’s 83-acre Mill Race Park.

These encounters would alarm locals and lead to what some consider to be the biggest “monster hunt” in the history of the United States.

My second guest tonight is Shane. Shane writes “when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old, I had my first encount with this creature. I was coon hunting with two older friends in Barrow County, Georgia. At this time I had been hunting on this 3,000 acre tract of land for about two months.

It was about 9 o’clock at night when the incident took place. It was a fairly cold night and very dark in those woods. We had smelt a terrible odor to which, at first, we had contributed to that of a skunk. After we passed through the area and out of the odor, we began to hear movement in the brush off of the trail behind us. We kept moving deeper into the woods some distance behind the hounds which had , by this time, was trailing a raccoon. The noises behind us kept getting closer and louder. We had first thought it was one of the dogs that had come back in to us for some reason. This was unusual to us as all of the hounds we had were champion coonhounds and would rather die than give up on running a raccoon.

We began to curse and swear as we thought it was one of our hounds. We soon discovered that it was not one of our dogs. We could plainly hear each dog’s voice in the front of us as they were bawling away in pursuit of the raccoon. My friend Hubert, jokingly said that it must be the “Werewolf” that was following us. He told Ray and myself to turn off our hunting lights and wait for a signal from him. At his signal we were to point our lights in the direction of the noise moving ever closer to us. Hubert had a .22 rifle that he carried that was for shooting the coon out of the tree after our dogs treed it. Hubert made the comment that if he didn’t like what he seen in the beams of our lights that he was going to start shooting. At the signal Ray and I turned our lights on high and shined the beams in the direction of the noise. There in the light was a tall dark figure that ran off as soon as the lights were upon it. It was huge and ran upright on two legs just like a man. This stunned all three of us and Hubert never fired a shot as he was not sure as to what we had just seen. This was not a man nor was it a bear. It was too large and bulky to be a man and was too large to be a black bear. Besides, a bear only walks on it’s hind legs a short distance and awkwardly at that.

This thing was sprinting away, leaning slightly forward as it moved. It was breaking branches and tree limbs as it ran away up a wooded hillside. It was soon out of hearing distance. We did not care to investigate it as we were too scared and shocked to do so. We then, after we calmed down, made our way to get the dogs and get back to the truck. Ater hurriedly putting the dogs in the dogbox and putting away our gear, we were soon on the old logging road getting out of there.

One the way home, Ray and Hubert began to talk about more experiences as well as footprints that they had seen on this tract of land. I continued to hunt here for many years afterwards. I never again saw or heard anything again. We did continue to smell that same odor that we smelt when we had the encounter. It always unnerved me a little everytime we hunted in that area. Was what we saw a Bigfoot? I think so and will continue to believe so till my dying day.”

Jan 07, 2019
SC EP:502 Monkey-Bears at the window

Happy New Year everyone! I have three guests tonight. A summary of their encounters are below.

Case writes “I live in South Western Pennsylvania. I have had 2 sightings in my life. One was locally where I live (2014) the other at my camp in Clearfield county in (2013). The first was what made me realize there’s Bigfoot in our state.

I was hunting at our camp which is 2 miles from the nearest paved road and we get very little traffic back there even in hunting season. I was still hunting along the spring that flows through the bottom of a valley below our camp. In the bottom is a 100 yard wide by 200 yard pine thicket. It is so thick through there I usually just carry my rifle slung under my shoulder shoulder and just hunt with my pistol (.357 mag) cause shots are under 30 in the thicket. Upon exiting the thicket I noticed 2 doe in front of me at about 50 yards. I retrieved my rifle and was watching these deer through the scope. They were not alerted to my presence and didn’t seem spooked cause they just fed along towards me.

As I looked for a buck I hoped would be following the doe they fed into a mountain lion thicket to my left. I was just getting ready to take a step farther out of the pines when I noticed something to my right almost at the top of the valley about 140 yards away. When I seen it I thought to myself that’s the biggest bear I have ever seen in my life and threw the gun back up to look at it. My scope is a 3×9 and I had it set on 4 power for when I exited the pines cause I knew shots could range from 25-175 yards. This thing was squated down on its haunches behind a tree and it was looking down the hill at me. It had its hand stabilizing itself on the trunk as it peered around at me. When I looked at it I realized it wasn’t a bear. It didn’t have a snout but a nose. This thing looked almost human.

I got a 10-15 second look as we stared at each other before I saw it’s expression change into this oh $h** look. It stood straight up then like a athlete finishing a squat turned to the left take a step and a half on 2 legs and disappear into the Laurel at the top of the valley. I have alot more details I haven’t gone into here ingrained into my mind I haven’t gone into here but would like to share my experiences with you.”


Matt writes “Wes, I was at my cousin’s in Tionesta, PA for Christmas dinner. I stayed until almost 9:00 pm visiting after. On my way back home, in Oil City, is about 16 miles of mostly deserted rural roadway.

There is a section of Gamelands, state owned public hunting lands, numbering about 10,000 acres on both sides of the road. Driving back home it’s a slight downhill on the left side of the road and it goes uphill to a ridge top and dense, hemlock and mountain Laurel covered steep river hillside, all hundreds of feet above the Allegheny River.

We had been hunting archery and rifle some behind my cousin’s house above Tionesta Lake, a Corps of engineers flood control lake, so we had been seeing deer on the way home numerous times, especially in this one stretch of road that travels through the Gamelands, so I generally drive a little bit slower and am a little more attentive in areas we frequently see the deer to prevent hitting them.

So, here I was driving home, watching for deer, when a young deer, I would say a yearling or early fawn from this year came stumbling/sliding into the road, like it had been tripped or pushed. In seconds, a huge, hairy figure jumped off of the bank and landed in the middle of the other lane next to the deer that was just regaining it’s feet. In one motion, it scooped the deer up in it’s left arm, which caused it to blat loudly, similar to a spine shot deer that needs finished off to prevent it’s suffering.( I had been only going 30 mph roughly through that stretch and had jammed on my brakes and had stopped.) In just a moment, it took it’s right hand and grabbed the deers head and just twisted and broke it’s neck effortlessly. It seemed to have been so concentrated on catching the deer, it didn’t notice me right away.

After it dispatched the deer, it turned slightly to it’s left, towards me and, having my high beams on, I saw it well, only 15-20 yards from my bumper. It’s lips parted slightly and it let out a low, rumbly growl and just hurdled the far guardrails, easily and must have sprang at least 20 feet in that one leap. It was a dark auburn to black, but it seemed to have reddish highlights in front of the headlights. I only got to see part of it’s face, the left side and from the back really well. It was 8 ‘ or so tall, longer from the waist to head than waist to foot, didn’t seem to have a cone shaped head from the angle I saw it from, hands had to have spanned a foot or more across, it was at least 4′ across the shoulders, legs as big as my waist and I am 6’ and 270#. I know without a doubt this was a Sasquatch, flat nose, had pointed canines, upper and lower on the left side when it’s lips parted, not really pronounced, but noticeably pointed. It had fairly long hair, it’s face was bare from it’s protruding eyebrow area to it’s lower lip. Gray/black skin, kind of looked like supple leather, not worn, really.

I just sat there for several minutes to get my composure. As much as I wasn’t quite sure what I saw those years ago, I’m convinced it wasn’t a black bear, but I am positive that this was a Sasquatch."


Joel writes "We have some things going on at my house. Strange noises I have recorded. My six year old told me she saw a Sasquatch at her window before. It had creepy red eyes. It was black but had brown hair mixed in. It’s nose was flat. It scratched at their window. It hides, meaning it disappears and then appears I believe she means it ducks down and then stands up. She also said, and this is the wierd or creepy part, that it had blood on its teeth. I asked what she meant and she said it had red on or around its teeth. She also said it motions to them like come with him.

The blood on its teeth sounded out of place and I know she’s young but when she told me this I believed her. I wonder if you’ve heard this before?

This is the same girl who told me when she was three she saw a “monkey bear” with red eyes and a flat nose. She had a fever when she said this but I believed her and what is a monkey bear with red eyes and a flat nose? I have pics of foot prints, hair, and recordings from my house. I have a pic of what I think is a Sasquatch a guy gave me two-three miles from my house. If you can’t look into these or want to talk that’s fine but have you or anyone else heard of this type of behavior and details my daughter told me? Activity at my house has gone way down and I believe they keep their distance from us but we still hear them and experience things from time to time."


Dec 30, 2018
A Christmas Short Story

A scary night in the Smoky Mountains

Dec 24, 2018
SC EP:500 Survivorman Les Stroud

Join us in celebrating Sasquatch Chronicles’ 500th episode on Friday, December 21. We’ll be welcoming Les Stroud to the show, and he sits down to talk about his journey as Survivorman and what lead him there, what he’s up to now, and of course, Sasquatch. Les will share with us some never before heard experiences, his opinion on what the creature is, and will give us some firsthand insight into some of the most memorable moments from Survivorman: Bigfoot.

Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known for his hit television series “Survivorman,” where he uses his skills and knowledge to survive completely alone in the wilderness for up to 10 days with limited or no ready access to water, food, and supplies. He is the “only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone.”

Les began his rich career as an outdoorsman in 1990 as a guide for Black Feather Wilderness Adventures leading canoe excursions into the Northern Ontario wilds. The time he spent there would lead him down the path to creating his first documentary, Snowshoes and Solitude, which was named “Best Documentary” at the Muskoka Film Festival and Best Film at the Waterwalker Film Festival. Stroud would go on to produce a collection of “specials” for The Discovery Channel Canada which laid the groundwork for “Survivorman” as a full-scale series, spanning 7 seasons and inspiring a long list of subsequent “survival”-themed television programs.

His interest in the “Sasquatch Phenomenon” (as he likes to refer to it) began at a young age and continued to grow as he spent more time in the outdoors, especially in remote locations which offer few, if any, concrete explanations for some of his more mysterious experiences.

Stroud dedicated an entire season of Survivorman to the mystery surrounding Bigfoot. He started the journey from a skeptic’s perspective – equally questioning and open-minded – in the pursuit of bringing legitimacy to the discussion of whether or not Sasquatch exists. He remains actively interested in the subject, subsequently conducting a handful of interviews expanding on his beliefs and divulging details from some of the unexplained encounters he’s had while out in the wilderness.

To find out more about Les and what he’s currently up to, connect with him here:









Dec 22, 2018
SC EP:499 Dead Men Tell No Tales

Spoke to the witness he said "Wes, I basically grew up around these things. My family and I lived on the reservation and my grandfather and the other elders would talk about these creatures. There was one that would smack the house almost every night.

One time he hit the back window and moshed his face in the back door. I looked up right at this thing. My dad was scared and his patience was running out. One time it hit the back window so hard hits arm came through. My father grabbed his shotgun and I heard him fire several rounds. He calming came in the home and called a family member and asked him to bring his truck. I later found out he killed it and then disposed of the body. It didn't seem that big.

Things around the property started getting bad. Aggression from these things picked up and horses and other live stock were being killed. We had to move. There are so many details and accounts I would be happy to come on and share what has happened to me and my family. I can tell you they are not human and they are not a monkey."

The guest describes investigating a missing person report. The witness said "Later in life I started to investigate reports around the area. One report we looked into was a missing man. He decided to go "squatching" as his wife put it about 8-9 miles from where he lived and it was very rural. We found the missing man or pieces of him over several miles. We also found large Sasquatch footprints around his vehicle, they were different sizes. You could piece together what happen to this guy. No doubt in my mind these things killed this old man. I can go into greater detail."


Dec 16, 2018
SC EP:497 Do not pull over

Jim writes “I was driving north on I65 in southern Indiana through endless farmland. I was contacted by my dispatch team and told to check my reefer unit on my trailer. They said it was giving them alerts that my cargo temp was too high. I pulled over next to a thick wooded area off of an exit ramp. As i was running diagnostics on my unit, I became aware of the sound of breathing and was overcome by a smell most foul. I reached into the sidebox of my cab and hit my worklights and what I saw standing over me was stuff of horror films. It was HUGE! I froze in place as this thing stared me down. Finally the engine on my reefer unit started up, scaring me and it. I left as fast as my rig could move. I cant explain the feelings of fear being that close to this creature.”

Spoke to Jim at length about his encounter and he said that he had encountered something strange a few years back when he was driving home with his young child. Jim said “I was driving down this back country road in Oklahoma and I thought I saw a coyote or a wolf walk out on all fours. This thing stood up like a man. I jerked the truck to miss it and this thing reached out and tried to grab my back bumper. I do not know what it was it was a wolf on a mans body. It was evil whatever it was, it looked evil. The road I was going down has a speed limit of 25 mph and I was doing 90 mph trying to get away. I am a long haul truck driver now but I was in law enforcement and I have seen some of the worst things you can imagine from mangled bodies in car accidents to just about anything you can think of and this scared me more then anything.”

I will also be speaking to Mike who is a current law enforcement officer. He shares an encounter he had while doing an investigation.

We wrap up with Shirley, Shirley writes “My story, at age 12, I am now 65. There was always an overnight camp out and I remember how excited all of us kids were as we climbed on the bus and it seems like forever to get to wherever we’re going to camp out but I remember they said it was on the edge of the Sierra forest and there was a river or a Creek If we dared to get in it. We didn’t know what that meant but all the more. it was suspenseful. The river was beautiful, but it was too wide for us kids to cross and the water was freezing cold.

On October 21st, at the overnight campout in 1966 the night before I turned 13, all of us kids along with the counselors sat around the fire. We learned how to make baked potatoes and hotdogs on a stick. We made s’mores and roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories.

One of the counselors disappeared we thought they had gone to the restroom, but in the middle of one of the other councilors telling a story they jumped out and scared the heck out of us and we all fell out laughing after we discovered it was the counselor. It was now time for bed. All the kids slept on the riverbank sandy beach. I knew it was going to be cold in the morning on that beach, so I slept near the camp table. Sometime later I woke up to go to the bathroom. Before I

got out of my sleeping bag. The first thing I grabbed was my flashlight as we were all required to bring one with this in the event we needed to go the bathroom in the dark.

I unzip my sleeping bag halfway down. I grab my flashlight and I turned it on. As I continued to unzip more, I rolled over to my right, flashlight in hand and I turned and saw a very An unbelievably tall and big silver/white hairy thing standing near the picnic table between me and the other kids that were on the beach. At first, I thought it was the counselors playing a prank, but I realized it was too big, too tall. And when I say this, I really mean it was way too tall and way too big. I remember looking at it and I looked all over and I saw it’s right side was facing me showing me that the arm with way way too long. I’m no biology expert but as I said I’m a voracious reader and I know how our bodies are supposed to look.

I looked directly in its eyes, I guess it looked in my direction minutes on my flashlight on and I was puzzled and afraid but not terrified. There was no specific look on its face it just looked and basically ignored me. It looked like a person in the face. Part way down on his forehead around the eyes to just below the chin was no hair and the ears were covered with hair, I mean, all I could see was the eyes, nose, upper lip and mouth was skin I don’t recall in my memory what color the skin was and the rest was hair. I say hair because it was not fuzzy like a bear, dog other kinds of animals it was like our hair. It was straight but I can’t recall how long it was I just remember it covered all of its body except the hand I could see or rather the palm. I remember on the right side that was no hair on the palm. I have no concept of how much time went by, I recall looking into its eyes then looking down at my friends sleeping on the beach and there was dead silence and I recall flashing my flashlight while I was looking at them on the beach and flashing it back at it and it was gone. I heard it walking away, or shall I say I felt it walking away, because I could feel the vibration in the ground, you know kind of like when a big rig truck passes by your house and you can kind of feel that vibration.

it was at that point I decided I didn’t really need to go to the bathroom and I slowly zipped up my sleeping bag to cover my head, you know as kids, we think if we can’t be seen we can’t be caught and I recall I was shaking. My flashlight was still in my hands but I don’t recall if it was on and I didn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.”

Dec 09, 2018
SC EP:495 Don’t Look Behind You

I will be having a couple of eyewitnesses on the show tonight to share their encounters along with Timothy Renner. See everyone tonight!

Timothy Renner returns to the show to discuss encounters from his new book Don’t Look Behind You: Following Ghost Roads Into the Unknown.

Timothy Renner’s book, “Beyond the Seventh Gate”, explored the history and mysteries of the infamous Toad Road – an area in York County, Pennsylvania which is home to a variety of paranormal activity. “Don’t Look Behind You” expands on that volume, presenting more cases of strangeness from the area.

Renner’s continuing research has brought forth more stories and new witnesses describing bigfoot attacks, UFOs, venomous snakes, Mothman, orbs, buried treasure, and even a creepy Toadman lurking in the nearby creek. To these stories, Renner adds his own experiences of oddities, weird synchronicity, rare animals, unexplained lights, and other high strangeness.

Dec 03, 2018