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 Nov 15, 2021
These are excellent brief answers.

 May 11, 2021
Not very useful, as it only has the last 50 episodes available.

 Feb 5, 2020

 Mar 15, 2019
short, punchy, Bible based q&a. Very encouraging!

 Jan 19, 2019


John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

Episode Date
God’s School of Prayer
When God puts us in the flames of suffering, he often intends to rescue us from self-sufficient comfort and awaken in us desperate, earnest prayer.
Jul 06, 2022
Politics, Patriotism, and the Pulpit
We need pastors who will regularly remind us that our greatest allegiance is not to any political party, ethnicity, or nation, but to King Jesus.
Jul 04, 2022
Who Is the Man of Lawlessness?
Paul teaches that Jesus will not return until “the man of lawlessness is revealed.” Who is this man of lawlessness?
Jul 01, 2022
Roe v. Wade Has Ended — Our Pro-Life Work Has Not
The Christian pro-life cause goes far deeper than legislation. We aim not only to change laws and behavior, but to change hearts and eternities.
Jun 30, 2022
Sustain Your Prayer Life with Sleep
Satan will try to put us to sleep in prayer. And he does so, most commonly, by tricking us into staying up too late the night before.
Jun 29, 2022
Is God Present or Absent in Hell?
Is God present in hell, as John seems to say in Revelation 14:10 — or is he absent, as Paul seems to say in 2 Thessalonians 1:9?
Jun 27, 2022
What’s the Center of Our Holiness?
Scripture describes the process of sanctification in many different ways. How can we weave the various strands together into one coherent picture?
Jun 24, 2022
God’s Love and My Sickness
Because Jesus loved Lazarus, the Gospel of John tells us, he did not come to him right away, but lingered and let him die. How is that love?
Jun 22, 2022
Crucial Texts for Our Hardest Battles
When temptation strikes, we need more than a vague sense of God’s goodness — we need specific promises. Pastor John shares his favorite passages for fighting sin.
Jun 20, 2022
Is God More Honored or Dishonored in the World?
If God aims to be glorified in this world, why is human history and the daily news filled with so much that dishonors him?
Jun 17, 2022
The Pervasive Problem of Loving Money
The love of money often lives where others least suspect, like in the hearts of Pharisees, miracle workers, and those who seem most moral.
Jun 15, 2022
How Do I ‘Wrestle’ in Prayer?
Paul speaks of wrestling in prayer, and many of us use his phrase. But what might our prayer lives actually feel like if we wrestled like the apostle?
Jun 13, 2022
Counsel for Wives with Harsh Husbands
“Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them,” Paul writes. But what can a wife do if she finds herself with a harsh man?
Jun 10, 2022
Eight Essentials for Christian Living
How does God bring us from the grace of new birth to the glory of heaven? Pastor John explains eight essentials for Christian living from 2 Thessalonians 1:11–12.
Jun 08, 2022
Did Jesus Tell Us to Give to Every Panhandler?
Jesus tells us to give to those who ask, but Paul warns the church against giving to the lazy. How might we apply these teachings when we meet a panhandler?
Jun 06, 2022
Did Jesus Disregard the Sacrificial System?
If there is no forgiveness without shed blood, how could Jesus forgive sins apart from the sacrificial system and prior to his own death?
Jun 03, 2022
Prayer in the Age of Global Hate
In an age of hate, Christians testify to God’s grace by praying for all kinds of people: high and low, white and black, Democrat and Republican, friend and enemy.
Jun 01, 2022
How Will I Find My Ministry Calling?
When God grants us a ministry, does his leading come to us through internal impulses, external affirmation, or some combination of the two?
May 30, 2022
Should We Pray for Unbelievers or for Evangelists?
Does Scripture ever command us to pray for unbelievers, or does it only command us to pray for the evangelists who speak to them?
May 27, 2022
The Easiest Step of Love
Prayer is the easiest step of love, and it is also the most powerful. God can do far more for others in response to our prayers than we could ever do on our own.
May 25, 2022
Have I Sinned If I Fall Short of Excellence at Work?
God is honored when we do our jobs with technical excellence, and he is also honored when we give ourselves to the kinds of excellence that cannot be measured.
May 23, 2022
How Do I Not Provoke My Children?
How can we require obedience of our children without provoking and discouraging them? Pastor John offers eight pitfalls for fathers.
May 20, 2022
Do Answered Prayers Depend on My Holiness?
Throughout Scripture, God warns that he will not hear the prayers of the disobedient. So do answered prayers depend on our holiness?
May 18, 2022
For Christians Whose Testimony Seems Boring
We will never plumb the depths of sin and grace merely from past experience. Only God’s word can tell us how lost and dead we were, and how found and alive we are.
May 16, 2022
Would You Have Supported Prohibition in 1913?
In the early twentieth century, many Christian leaders lent their approval to the cause of Prohibition. Would Pastor John have done the same if he lived back then?
May 13, 2022
How Greatly Am I Loved?
In Christ, God has chosen us from eternity, and called us in time, so that we would boast no longer in ourselves, but only in him and his great love.
May 11, 2022
How Do I Make Christian Hedonism My Own?
Some teachers influence us so deeply that we find ourselves imitating them without trying. So how can we move past imitation to make biblical truth our own?
May 09, 2022
Why Dead Men Must Die
Paul says we all were dead apart from Christ, but he also says we died when we were united to Christ. In what sense, then, do dead men die?
May 06, 2022
God Saves to Make Much of Himself — Doesn’t That Lessen His Love?
Nothing but God can forever satisfy hearts that are made for God. And so, in great mercy, God loves us in a way that makes much of himself.
May 04, 2022
Should Gospel Disagreements End a Friendship?
Christians can disagree over many doctrines and stay friends. But what should we do when a friend rejects a doctrine central to the gospel?
May 02, 2022
My Spouse Died Prematurely — Was It My Fault?
How might Christians process feelings of guilt over the death of a loved one? Pastor John offers counsel to a new widow struggling not to blame herself.
Apr 29, 2022
How God Makes Much of You
In Christ, God makes more of us than we could ever imagine. And he will go on doing so forever.
Apr 27, 2022
Does Faith Cause Regeneration?
Does faith bring about the new birth, or does the new birth bring about faith? Pastor John offers three reasons why getting the order right matters.
Apr 25, 2022
Does God Delight in Justification or Holiness?
Does God delight in his people based on Christ’s work alone, or does his delight also depend on our own holiness?
Apr 22, 2022
Why God Makes Much of You
When God makes much of us, he does it for his sake, not ours. And that makes his love far greater than we could have imagined.
Apr 20, 2022
Shame: Its Uses and Abuses
Some shame condemns and destroys, and some shame heals and restores. So how can we tell the difference between misplaced and well-placed shame?
Apr 18, 2022
What Are Church Traditions?
In his letters, Paul speaks not only of teachings he delivered to the churches, but also of traditions he passed on. What kind of traditions does he have in mind?
Apr 15, 2022
The Heart of Fake Happiness
Many nominal Christians go to church, believe God loves them, and yet are on their way to hell. So what marks the born again from those who only think they are?
Apr 13, 2022
Should Pro-Lifers Embrace Embryo Adoption?
In America, there are hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos, left over from in vitro fertilization. How might Christians weigh the decision to adopt one of them?
Apr 11, 2022
Does Romans 7 Describe a Christian?
What kind of person does Romans 7:14–25 describe? Pastor John offers nine reasons to read Paul’s description as part of the Christian experience.
Apr 08, 2022
What’s Lost When We Only Pray Alone?
The church of Acts often gathered together to praise God and intercede for his people. So what might we lose if we pray only by ourselves?
Apr 06, 2022
Should We Dramatize Jesus’s Life for Television?
God gave us a book about Jesus, not a video. So how might Christians think about dramatic portrayals of Jesus’s life in television or movies?
Apr 04, 2022
Do Christians Still Have Evil Desires?
If God’s wrath comes against evil desires, and not only evil behaviors, why will his wrath not come against Christians, who still battle evil desires?
Apr 01, 2022
How Fleeting Pleasures Sidetrack Our Love
A lack of love for other people doesn’t show that we’re trying too hard to please ourselves — it shows that we’re far too easily pleased.
Mar 30, 2022
I’m Too Distracted with Life to Meditate on Christ
How can we turn our attention away from regrets, dreams, and other consuming thoughts so that we can set our minds on things that are above?
Mar 28, 2022
On Permanent Birth Control
If two spouses agree that they do not want to have more children, would it be sinful to pursue permanent forms of birth control?
Mar 25, 2022
How Does God Lead Us in Daily Decisions?
How do I follow God’s lead in my daily decisions? I know he’s my shepherd, and that he’s leading me, but how do I know if I am following him?
Mar 23, 2022
In Our Racial Differences, How Is Christ ‘All’ and ‘in All’?
To be a Christian is not only to trust Christ and treasure Christ, but to be indwelt by Christ. And that new identity transforms all our relationships.
Mar 21, 2022
What Should We Make of Healing Ministries?
God still answers prayers for physical healing today. But how should Christians evaluate the claims of so-called healing ministries?
Mar 18, 2022
When Will Christ Heal My Body?
We know that Jesus has purchased both our forgiveness and our physical healing at the cross. But what kind of healing can we expect in this life?
Mar 16, 2022