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By David Introcaso

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The Healthcare Policy Podcast website features audio interviews with experts on current or important health care topics. While there are any number of healthcare-related podcasts and other online programming these offerings typically present a vested interest viewpoint. My podcasts are produced independently, i.e., without any conflicts of interest and moreover are intended to help listeners better understand the inter-section between research and policy analysis and political realities. Listeners are welcomed to forward program comments and suggest programming topics. Comments made by the interviewees are strictly their own and do not represent those of their affiliated organization/s.

Episode Date
Upcoming Interviews in August: Medicaid Reform and Social Determinants (July 30th)
I'm back. First, I've been asked on more than one occasion why I (as a general rule) do not interview...
Jul 30, 2021
Dr. Lawrence Krauss Discusses His Recently Published Book, "The Physics of Climate Change" (July 8th)
Listen Now In late May I interviewed John Kotcher regarding his survey that showed physicians worldwide had a limited understanding...
Jul 09, 2021
More on the Climate Crisis (June 29th)
Today Stat News posted my essay with Walt Vernon titled, "Public Reporting, The First Step in Addressing the Health Care...
Jun 29, 2021
Harvard's Eric Reinhart Discusses Why Mass Incarceration Makes Us All Sick (June 24th)
Listen Now The US prison and jail population is the largest in the world at two million. With 4.2% of...
Jun 25, 2021
240th Podcast: Brian Alexander Discusses His Recently Published, "The Hospital: Life, Death and Dollars in a Small American Town" (June 22nd)
Listen Now In The Hospital, Mr. Alexander provides an account of Bryan, Ohio's Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (or CHWCs)...
Jun 23, 2021
Ms. Priti Krishtel Discusses the Biden Administration's Support for a Temporary WTO COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver (June 10th)
Listen Now Last October India and South Africa appealed to the World Trade Organization to temporarily waive patent or intellectual...
Jun 11, 2021
Dr. Robert Phillips Discusses the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine's Recent Report, " Implementing High-Quality Primary Care" (June 8th)
Listen Now Podcast listeners are aware US healthcare significantly underperforms. Among numerous other statistics, despite spending approximately twice what comparative...
Jun 09, 2021
John Kotcher Discusses His Recent Survey of International Health Professionals Regarding Climate Crisis Advocacy (May 27th)
Listen Now Despite a long history of engagement in various political and social and issues, for example, from the nuclear...
May 28, 2021
CUNY's Nick Freudenberg Discusses His Just-Published Work, "At What Cost, Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health" (May 20th)
Listen Now As the book's dust jacket notes, At What Cost, Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health [ recently...
May 21, 2021
Phase 3 Study of MDMA Proves Clinically Effective (May 10th)
Listeners may recall I interviewed Dr. Rick Doblin in October 2019 regarding the potential therapeutic benefits of LSD, psilocybin and...
May 10, 2021
The Arc's Nicole Jorwic Discusses President Biden's Care Economy Proposals (April 28th)
Listen Now Over the past several weeks the Biden administration has incrementally released proposed infrastructure policies under the title, "Build...
Apr 29, 2021