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 Sep 25, 2020

 Sep 13, 2020

 Jun 16, 2020


Outkick the Show with Clay Travis brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to discussions on sports, politics, and entertainment.

Episode Date
OJ Simpson UNLEASHED The WOKE Agenda On The US
Apr 11, 2024
Will Caitlin Clark SAVE WNBA Ratings Or FADE AWAY?
Apr 10, 2024
Clay CHALLENGES Jemele Hill To DEBATE Over Men In Women's Sports
Apr 09, 2024
Dawn Staley Picks WOKE CULT Over Protecting Women's Sports
Apr 08, 2024
Keith Olbermann Goes UNHINGED After Sage Steele EXPOSED ESPN
Apr 04, 2024
WOKE NBA Has Turned Itself Into The NEW Bud Light
Apr 03, 2024
Jemele Hill Plays RACE CARD On Caitlin Clark
Apr 02, 2024
Woke Media SLAMS LSU Women With "Dirty Debutantes" INSULT
Apr 01, 2024
WOKE Sports Media Says Caitlin Clark Would Be A STAR In The NBA?!
Mar 29, 2024
Disney Calls Ron DeSantis DADDY
Mar 28, 2024
March Madness DESTROYS Woke NBA By Sticking To Basketball
Mar 27, 2024
Will Shohei Ohtani Go To PRISON Over Gambling Scandal?!
Mar 25, 2024
WOKE Culture Is Making Young People MISERABLE
Mar 20, 2024
Woke Media Creates FAKE HYPE For Women's NCAA Tournament?
Mar 19, 2024
Desperate Dems and Media Push Trump 'Bloodbath' HOAX
Mar 18, 2024
Refs Wave Off Buzzer Beater In High School Championship
Mar 07, 2024
How Long Will Fani Willis Last After Georgia Hearing?!
Mar 06, 2024
Clay Travis FIRES BACK At Stephen A. Smith To DEI Defense
Mar 05, 2024
Trump's Supreme Court Decision BREAKS Keith Olbermann's Brain
Mar 04, 2024
The Florida Gators FIRE All Diversity Employees
Mar 01, 2024
WOKE Mark Cuban BETRAYED Free Speech
Feb 29, 2024
Bud Light Sales COLLAPSE, Brand Is OVER
Feb 28, 2024
Dr. Phil SCHOOLS The View With FACTS On Closing Schools
Feb 27, 2024
How Joe Biden's BORDER CRISIS Led To The Laken Riley Tragedy
Feb 26, 2024
Texts EXPOSE Fani Willis' LIES About Relationship with Nathan Wade
Feb 23, 2024
Woke Google AI RACE SWAPS Founding Fathers, REWRITES History
Feb 22, 2024
WOKE Sports Media GOES SILENT On Kansas City Tragedy
Feb 21, 2024
Dreadful All-Star Game Ratings PROVES The NBA Brand Is DESTROYED
Feb 20, 2024
Woke ESPN Hacks Wants To DESTROY The Second Amendment
Feb 15, 2024
Pat McAfee & Bill Simmons CLASH Over The Future Of Sports Media?
Feb 14, 2024
Super Bowl's INSANE Ratings Prove NFL Is CURED Of Kaepernick?
Feb 13, 2024
Desperate ESPN Admits FAILURE With New Fox-Warner Streamer
Feb 07, 2024
Will Brock Purdy SILENCE Haters? Clay Travis Picks His Winner
Feb 06, 2024
College Football MUST ESCAPE NCAA's Sports Socialism!
Feb 05, 2024
Taylor Swift TAKES OVER Super Bowl
Jan 31, 2024
Mark Cuban Admits He BROKE THE LAW With Diversity Hiring
Jan 30, 2024
Clay Travis PAYS OFF Alyssa Milano's Baseball GoFundMe With One TWIST
Jan 29, 2024
Lia Thomas SUES Olympics To Overturn BAN On Transgender Swimmers
Jan 26, 2024
How Donald Trump WINS The Suburban Vote In CRUCIAL Swing States
Jan 25, 2024
Nikki Haley Is FINISHED, Donald Trump WILL BE The GOP Nominee
Jan 24, 2024
Will Netflix's WWE Deal Be THE END Of Failing ESPN?!
Jan 23, 2024
Nikki Haley Should DROP OUT, It's Time To ENDORSE Donald Trump
Jan 22, 2024
Get Woke, GO BROKE: Sports Illustrated Fires ENTIRE STAFF
Jan 19, 2024
Sean Strickland Goes SCORCHED EARTH, DESTROYS Woke UFC Reporter
Jan 18, 2024
Failing ESPN's Partnership With Failing NFL Network Makes NO SENSE
Jan 17, 2024
Bills and Bucs Roll to Set Divisional Round Matchups |
Jan 16, 2024
NFL Playoff Reactions + Iowa Caucus Tonight |
Jan 16, 2024
Will Alabama's Nick Saban Replacement Live Up To His Legacy?
Jan 12, 2024
Ugly ESPN FEUD Breaks After Aaron Rodgers-Pat McAfee BACKLASH
Jan 11, 2024
Pat McAfee BANS Aaron Rodgers From His ESPN Show?!
Jan 10, 2024
Clay Travis SOLVES The Jimmy Kimmel Vs. Aaron Rodgers FEUD?!
Jan 09, 2024
Failing ESPN Has LOST CONTROL In Pat McAfee Controversy
Jan 08, 2024
PornHub Reveals Popular Searches By State, Really DC?!
Dec 14, 2023
Trump VICTORIOUS As Jack Smith's Case Begins To Crumple
Dec 13, 2023
Media SILENT After Matt Araiza Civil Charges Are DROPPED
Dec 12, 2023
Donald Trump SURGES In Polls As Democrats' Lawfare FAILS
Dec 11, 2023
Hunter Biden CHARGED For Tax Evasion, Will Joe Biden PARDON Him?
Dec 08, 2023
Whose Campaign Is OVER After Fourth GOP Debate?
Dec 07, 2023
Riley Gaines Has MIC DROP Moment On Capitol Hill
Dec 06, 2023
Will Florida State SUE The CFP Over Playoff Snub?
Dec 05, 2023
Stephen A. Smith Joins Clay Travis To Discuss Crumbling WOKE SPORTS, Cancel Culture & More
Dec 05, 2023
Did The College Football Playoff Committee GET IT RIGHT?
Dec 04, 2023
Mark Cuban SELLS Dallas Mavericks So He Can RUN For President?
Nov 29, 2023
Woke Sports Is COLLAPSING As Deadspin FAILS To CANCEL A Kid
Nov 28, 2023
Crowds Go WILD For Donald Trump, No One Cheers For Joe Biden
Nov 27, 2023
Americans Are SICK Of Joe Biden, Will Trump WIN By A LANDSLIDE?
Nov 21, 2023
Who Will Qualify For The College Football Playoff?
Nov 20, 2023
TikTok Leftists APPLAUD Osama Bin Laden's Letter To America
Nov 17, 2023
Honoring The Fallen And Helping Veterans In Need | Frank Siller
Nov 16, 2023
Will Texas A&M Break The Bank To Land Dabo Swinney?
Nov 15, 2023
The Marvels Is WOKE Disney's Latest Miserable FAILURE
Nov 14, 2023
Big Ten COWERS To Mob, Jim Harbaugh Suspension Is A SHAM
Nov 13, 2023
Clay Travis On Lane Kiffin Audio Leak vs. DeSanto Rollins Mental Health Drama
Nov 10, 2023
Patrick Mahomes Vs. Joe Burrow Is The Next Manning-Brady Rivalry
Nov 07, 2023
Will Penn State EXPOSE Michigan As Cheats?
Nov 06, 2023
Patrick Beverley INSULTS Clay For $1 Million WNBA Challenge
Nov 03, 2023
Is ESPN Bringing Out The Long Knives For Michigan & The Big Ten?
Nov 02, 2023
Dabo Swinney Is A Failure? The Internet Is Driving People Mad!
Nov 01, 2023
Clay's Bet Against WNBA Champs Would Be Most Watched Women's Game Ever
Oct 31, 2023
Clay Bets $1 MILLION On High School Boys To BEAT WNBA Champs
Oct 30, 2023
Without Donald Trump, The Woke Left Is FRACTURED
Oct 27, 2023
Eventbrite Removes Pro-Hamas Events After OutKick Story
Oct 26, 2023
Bud Light BEGS Fans To Take Them Back With $100M UFC Deal
Oct 25, 2023
Megan Rapinoe Is CLUELESS About Hamas
Oct 24, 2023
REJECT EVIL: There Is No Moral Equivalency In The Israel-Gaza Crisis
Oct 23, 2023
The Tennessee Titans Are A DISASTER! Is It Time To REBUILD?
Oct 17, 2023
Clay Travis REACTS To Oregon vs Washington DRAMA
Oct 16, 2023
Why The Woke Left Can't Denounce Hamas Evil
Oct 11, 2023
Israel In Crisis As Radical Left Celebrates Hamas’ Evil
Oct 09, 2023
Texts From Mel Tucker Accuser REVEAL Financial Shakedown
Oct 06, 2023
Will Donald Trump Become The Next House Speaker?
Oct 05, 2023
Kevin McCarthy Removal Means NOTHING To A Broken America
Oct 04, 2023
Trevor Bauer EXPOSES #MeToo Fraud In VIRAL Video
Oct 03, 2023
Overhyped Colorado & Deion Sanders Are In TROUBLE?
Oct 02, 2023
NFL & CFB Gambling Picks For The Weekend, DIFi Dies At 90, Latest On Republican Primary Race
Sep 29, 2023
Republican Debate Reaction + Gavin Newsom Wants Trump To Win! |
Sep 28, 2023
Disney Regrets Going WOKE As Stock Plummets To Nearly 10-Year Low
Sep 27, 2023
Who Benefits From Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Buzz?
Sep 26, 2023
Leftists Cry RACISM After Coach Prime LOSES To Oregon?!
Sep 25, 2023
Dave Portnoy's Pizza Festival Faces Cancel Culture Onslaught
Sep 22, 2023
Dave Portnoy Calls Out Woke WaPo Reporter For Fake News
Sep 21, 2023
FAILING ESPN Moves Monday Night Football To ABC?
Sep 20, 2023
#MeToo Madness Comes For Russell Brand and Mel Tucker
Sep 19, 2023
Who Is Making Niche Social Media Celebrities MILLIONS?!
Sep 18, 2023
Aaron Rodgers DESTROYS Keith Olbermann
Sep 15, 2023
The Countdown To Joe Biden’s Impeachment?!
Sep 14, 2023
Mexico Reveals ALIEN BONES To Congress?!
Sep 13, 2023
Keith Olbermann CHEERS For Aaron Rodgers' Season-Ending Injury
Sep 12, 2023
Did Michigan State SUSPEND Mel Tucker Over A SHAM?!
Sep 11, 2023
Climate Change Protestors Get DRAGGED OUT Of The US Open
Sep 08, 2023
Failing ESPN Is COLLAPSING With The Rest Of Cable
Sep 07, 2023
FAILING ESPN's Ratings Plummet Amid Charter Fiasco
Sep 06, 2023
Clay Travis WRECKS Keith Olbermann
Sep 05, 2023
Sep 04, 2023
FAILING ESPN's Collapse Can't Be Stopped
Sep 01, 2023
Riley Gaines OWNS Keith Olbermann For Saying She Can't Swim
Aug 31, 2023
Mitch McConnell Freezes AGAIN! It's Time For An Age Maximum
Aug 30, 2023
Drop Out NOW! These Candidates Have NO SHOT
Aug 29, 2023
Donald Trump TRIAL Date Set, Can He BEAT Biden?!
Aug 28, 2023
Messi Changed Clay's Mind About SOCCER?!
Aug 21, 2023
Is It A MISTAKE For Donald Trump To SKIP The Debates?
Aug 18, 2023
Hunter Biden's Plea Deal REJECTED, It's Time to INDICT
Aug 11, 2023
US Women’s Soccer COLLAPSE
Aug 07, 2023
Indictment Looms for Trump in D.C.
Jul 27, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis Joins OutKick's Clay Travis To Talk Wokeism In Schools, 2024 Race, and More
Jul 27, 2023
Hunter Biden Plea Deal Rejected by Judge Doing Her Job
Jul 26, 2023
ELON MUSK Rebrands Twitter as X
Jul 26, 2023
Biden is Way WORSE Than Watergate
Jul 24, 2023
Trump trial date set in South Florida, We need cameras!
Jul 21, 2023
Lane Kiffin Says NIL Is a Disaster For CFB
Jul 20, 2023
IRS Whistleblowers Testify That Hunter Biden Got Sweetheart Deal
Jul 19, 2023
The Latest on Trump Charges Coming in D.C.
Jul 18, 2023
Woke Disney Stock Crumbles as 'Snow White' Absurdity Spreads + SEC Media Days
Jul 17, 2023
CNN: Top Dems Being Told Biden Isn’t Running
Jul 14, 2023
Bob Iger Does Damage Control as Disney Plummets
Jul 13, 2023
MSNBC host blames Joe Biden falls on his staff
Jul 12, 2023
Pat Fitzgerald Fired at Northwestern + Sam Ponder and Sage Steele Call Out Megan Rapinoe
Jul 11, 2023
Mark Cuban & George Karl! Angry With Your Boy!
Jul 10, 2023
NBA viewership proves league was first Bud Light
Jul 06, 2023
First Amendment Ruling Savages Biden Administration
Jul 05, 2023
Supreme Court rules on student loans and freedom of speech on work related products
Jun 30, 2023
Supreme Court ends affirmative action & NFL gambling penalties
Jun 29, 2023
NYT confirms Biden received protection from Cali charges
Jun 28, 2023
Trump audio from Bedminster, impact, Taylor Swift concert tour worth $1 billion
Jun 27, 2023
Joe Biden and Merrick Garland must be impeached, laying out the evidence as to why...
Jun 26, 2023
Mike Pence radio fireworks on Trump pardon question, Bud Light's continued fall
Jun 14, 2023
Trump turns himself in in Miami, analysis, Nuggets win title
Jun 13, 2023
Trump indictment analysis, Biden family avoids charges so far
Jun 12, 2023
Jun 07, 2023
Tennessee-Clemson, College World Series, Heat take game two, Tim Scott slices up The View
Jun 05, 2023
Nuggets dominate, SEC sticking with eight conference games in 2024, ending divisions
Jun 02, 2023
Joe Biden falls on stage at Air Force Academy graduation, Heat-Nuggets NBA Finals starts tonight
Jun 02, 2023
ESPN raises trans flag as network embraces men competing against women as corporate policy
May 31, 2023
Celtics Lose Game 7 and Soul to Miami Heat
May 30, 2023
Ron Desantis enters race for president, Dodgers nun disaster, Ja Morant spiraling
May 24, 2023
Target Facing BOYCOTT Over “Tuck Friendly” Swimwear
May 23, 2023
LeBron Causes NBA’s Stock To TANK
May 22, 2023
Biden vs. Santos analysis, Bob Huggins punishment, Are Warriors done?
May 10, 2023
Bills former punter, Matt Araiza 100% innocent of sexual assault allegations, now what?
May 09, 2023
Disaster WAPO poll for Biden, Bud Light collapse, Jokic shove
May 08, 2023
NFL Draft reaction, Steph Curry’s game 7 excellence, Will Levis proves Titans hate me
May 01, 2023
The NFL Draft is here, I love this day...
Apr 27, 2023
Joe Biden Wants 4 More Years, Aaron Rodgers To Jets...Finally
Apr 26, 2023
Sage Steele STANDS UP For Riley Gaines, Draymond suspended
Apr 19, 2023
Draymond stomp, Damar Hamlin cleared to return to football, Desantis vs Disney
Apr 18, 2023
Jalen Hurts monster contract with Eagles, Bud Light panic continues, Stephen A. Podcast
Apr 17, 2023
WOKE BACKFIRE: Bud Light Sales Are In The Tank, Megan Rapinoe Wants Men In Women's Sports?!
Apr 11, 2023
Masters champ Jon Rahm, Bud Light hates its drinkers, OBJ to Ravens, what does it mean for Lamar?
Apr 10, 2023
Tennessee legislature battle over expulsion of members, where is the transgender manifesto?
Apr 07, 2023
The Masters underway, Nike hires dude to sell women’s sports bras
Apr 06, 2023
WOKE BACKFIRE! Don Lemon Under Fire For Misogynistic Texts
Apr 05, 2023
Trump charged with NYC felonies, appears in courthouse, discussion on this, UConn wins title
Apr 04, 2023
Budlight Goes Woke with Dylan Mulvany
Apr 03, 2023
Donald Trump NYC indictment analysis, Final Four picks
Mar 31, 2023
WHO ends rec for kids to get covid shot, Manchin goes after Biden in WSJ editorial
Mar 30, 2023
Nashville police response to school shooting was incredible, Lamar Jackson drama grows
Mar 29, 2023
Nashville school shooting, details and analysis, NCAA Tourney, Lia Thomas honored by ESPN
Mar 27, 2023
Sweet 16 picks, Desantis fires back at Trump, NCAA tourney sets ratings records as NBA ratings tank
Mar 22, 2023
Mar 21, 2023
THE LAMAR JACKSON SAGA: NFL Collusion, Racism, Money
Mar 08, 2023
JJ Redick goes off on ESPN’s fake racism narratives, Tucker Carlson Jan 6th clips
Mar 07, 2023
Djokovic DENIED ENTRY To USA Over Vaccine Mandate, Despite Pandemic Being Over
Mar 06, 2023
Pac 12 on the ropes as Big 12 looks to add members, Saban unhappy with new SEC schedule proposal
Mar 03, 2023
Keith Olbermann demands Disney World be moved and parts that can’t be moved be burned down
Mar 02, 2023
Black lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot gets destroyed in Chicago mayoral race
Mar 01, 2023
Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Hendon Hooker and Will Levis at combine
Feb 28, 2023
VINDICATED! COVID Came From The Chinese Lab-Leak
Feb 28, 2023
Feb 22, 2023
Alabama Star Brandon Miller Delivered Loaded Gun To Fmr. Teammate Darius Miles Before Shooting
Feb 21, 2023
Biden in Ukraine on president’s day, Bill Maher tees off on covid fear porn, CNN benches Don Lemon
Feb 21, 2023
NBA’s woke agenda collapses as league arrives in SLC silent about trans bills passed there
Feb 17, 2023
Don Lemon says Nikki Haley, aged 51, Is 'Past Her Prime'
Feb 16, 2023
DO NOT DISTURB! Aaron Rodgers Goes Off To Darkness Retreat
Feb 16, 2023
How many Super Bowls will Mahomes win? We missed a UFO and shot a missile into Lake Huron
Feb 14, 2023
Disney earnings PLUMMET, Kevin Durant to the suns, + Super Bowl bets
Feb 09, 2023
Clay Travis Listened to Biden's SOTU LIES So You Didn't Have To! 🤦‍♂️
Feb 09, 2023
🇨🇳 CHINESE SPY BALLON INVASION 🎈, Kyrie to Mavs, Brady to Fox
Feb 06, 2023
Chinese spy balloon floats across US, Kyrie demands trade, Tony Romo “work ethic intervention”
Feb 03, 2023
My opinion that the WNBA stinks and is overhyped drives the left wing sports media insane
Feb 02, 2023
Tom Brady RETIRES 🐐 WHO IS THE GOAT: Jordan or Brady?
Feb 01, 2023
Trump vs Desantis, Steph Curry doesn’t want “poor” people in his neighborhood
Feb 01, 2023
Djokovic Wins Aussie Open, Bengals-Chiefs 49ers-Eagles, and More | Outkick The Show With Clay Travis
Jan 31, 2023
NFC and AFC title gambling picks, Aaron Rodgers says he’s a villain
Jan 25, 2023
BRADY RUMORS! Is Tom Brady Headed To The Miami Dolphins?
Jan 24, 2023
NFL divisional round reactions, is Dak done in Dallas now? Jeff Bezos Buying Commanders?
Jan 23, 2023
NFL playoff breakdown and gambling picks, NHL hides from employee
Jan 20, 2023
MEDIA Attacks Player For Rejecting PRIDE
Jan 20, 2023
NHL GAY PRIDE Controversy, Trump's Return to Twitter & More | Outkick The Show With Clay Travis
Jan 18, 2023
Cowboys win a playoff game!, what now for Tom Brady?, NFC and AFC final four set
Jan 17, 2023
NFL Wildcard Weekend Reaction, Cowboys-Bucs tonight, is Lamar done with the Ravens?
Jan 16, 2023
Biden EXPOSES Himself With BOMBSHELL Classified Documents Story
Jan 13, 2023
Joe Biden kept classified documents by his Corvette in his garage
Jan 12, 2023
Is Georgia a dynasty, Lamar Jackson out for playoffs?, another athlete collapses and dies
Jan 11, 2023
Georgia smokes TCU, what does CFB look like in 2023? Biden had his own classified docs
Jan 10, 2023
CFB title game breakdown, NFL playoff picture, Biden admin has been violating first amendment
Jan 09, 2023
NFL won’t replay Bills-Bengals, how does playoff picture look now? Prince Harry has lost his balls
Jan 07, 2023
Idaho murder arrest, chilling details, Damar Hamlin recovering after collapse on MNF
Jan 05, 2023
2022 data, Republicans won popular vote 51-48 nationwide, Trump NFT, Tik tok ban battle
Dec 15, 2022
My Idaho murders obsession, Desantis vs. Trump polling, Biden 22% approval in TN
Dec 15, 2022
Mike Leach passes at 61, SBF arrested, charged with eight felonies, so far
Dec 13, 2022
Pray for Mike Leach and his family, Twitter revelations on Trump suspension
Dec 13, 2022
Clay Travis Slams Biden For Choosing Britney Griner over Paul Whelan
Dec 09, 2022
Joe Biden trades The Merchant of Death for Brittney Griner
Dec 09, 2022
Georgia senate run off today, vote Herschel if you hate the job Biden has done, Jon Robinson fired
Dec 06, 2022
CFB playoff set, did committee get it right?
Dec 06, 2022
Pac 12 title game tonight, Patriots whipped, Mac Jones flips out, LA mask mandates coming back
Dec 03, 2022
CFB 12 team playoff approved for 2024, Kanye praises Hitler
Dec 02, 2022
Conference title gambling picks, CFB playoff rankings reaction
Nov 30, 2022
US wins and NFL reaction
Nov 29, 2022
CFB playoff picture, Michigan smokes Ohio State, US-Iran, woke world comes for Elon and Twitter
Nov 28, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving, CFB gambling picks, Michigan State-Michigan fall out, Zach Wilson benched
Nov 23, 2022
NFL playoff picture after 49ers beat down of Cardinals, NHL goes full woke on trans issues
Nov 22, 2022
US gives away win vs Wales, Vols dominated, CFB analysis, headed to Michigan-Ohio State this weekend, Trump can come back to Twitter, Bob Iger back in as CEO at Disney
Nov 21, 2022
Washington beats Eagles, Republicans win House, elect Kevin McCarthy Speaker today
Nov 15, 2022
CFB reaction, nine playoff contenders emerge, who makes it? NFL breakdown, awful UVA murders story
Nov 14, 2022
Desantis & Rubio with historic red tsunami in Florida, Nevada & Arizona counting continues
Nov 10, 2022
Titans-Chiefs, Georgia, Notre Dame, LSU big wins and analysis, CFB playoff picture
Nov 07, 2022
Tennessee at Georgia, Bama at LSU, Kyrie Irving suspended as Nets owner shills for Chinese genocide
Nov 04, 2022
Eagles at Texans, five days until midterms latest gambling odds, World Series no hitter
Nov 03, 2022
Tennessee is number one in CFB for first time since 1998 season, mid-terms are six days away
Nov 02, 2022
Tennessee should be number one tonight for the playoff rankings, 7 days until midterms
Nov 01, 2022
CFB top ten, SEC power rankings, who should Auburn hire now that Harsin is fired
Oct 31, 2022
Headed to Knoxville for UK-UT, CFB weekend looms, picks galore, Republicans surge as red wave builds
Oct 28, 2022
Ravens-Bucs tonight, Dr. Oz now big favorite as Fetterman campaign implodes, Herschel and Masters
Oct 27, 2022
Fetterman debate disaster, Republicans now big favorites to win Senate, Elon buys Twitter
Oct 26, 2022
Bears dominate Pats, Texas A&M mess, Biden goes all in on minors having transgender surgeries
Oct 25, 2022
CFB top ten and SEC power rankings, House of the Dragon ends, 2022 midterm outlook
Oct 24, 2022
Christian McCaffrey to 49ers, Blake Masters takes the lead in AZ
Oct 21, 2022
Cardinals-Saints on TNF, covid shot mandates are coming for your kids
Oct 20, 2022
Dr Oz leads in PA, Masters, Herschel surge, Dems panic as odds markets show Red Wave 20 days out
Oct 20, 2022
Bama-Vols, Outkick top ten, SEC power rankings, 21 days from midterm, House and governor’s outlook
Oct 18, 2022
Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole in practice, Colts-Broncos play truly awful TNF
Oct 07, 2022
WAPO: federal agents say enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with multiple felonies
Oct 06, 2022
Herschel Walker drama, Brady & Gisele divorce rumors. Jesse Kelly orders $75 tequila shots
Oct 05, 2022
SEC Power Rankings & Top Ten, Tua's Concussion, Dems Rip DeSantis, Seahawks Attack Blind Veteran
Oct 03, 2022
Kyrie says covid shot decision cost him $100 million, Cowboys beat Giants, Braves under fire
Sep 27, 2022
Vols are back!, A&M-Arkansas wild ending, Miami and Texas, my top ten and SEC power rankings 1-14
Sep 26, 2022
9 CFB gambling winners for this weekend, Kyrie Irving tees off on covid shot
Sep 21, 2022
Titans disaster, Bills romp, Eagles flying, Atlantic argues for end to men’s and women’s sports
Sep 20, 2022
Wild endings in the NFL, Oregon Fans Taunt BYU With ‘F The Mormons’, Top Ten In CFB/Power Rankings
Sep 19, 2022
Chargers-Chiefs fall out, headed to Penn State-Auburn for Big Noon Kickoff, Desantis vs. Newsom
Sep 16, 2022
Chargers @ Chiefs Bets, Citadel Comes After Your Boy, DeSantis Sends Immigrants To Martha's Vineyard
Sep 15, 2022
Biden Celebrates High Inflation, MNF Reaction To Broncos 64 Yard Field Goal, USA Today apology?
Sep 13, 2022
SEC power rankings 1-14, Notre Dame and A&M collapse, Texas nearly pulls off Bama win, Dak hurt,
Sep 12, 2022
USA Today Calls Clay A ‘Right Wing Extremist’, CFB Picks Week 2, Get Kids Out Of Masks & more
Sep 07, 2022
Week One CFB Is A Wrap, Dawn Staley Is Stupid For Canceling BYU Series, Eliza Fletcher Awfulness
Sep 06, 2022
College Football Opening Weekend Reaction
Sep 06, 2022
BYU Racial Slur Collapses, CFB Gambling Picks, Newsom's Family Backs DeSantis, 5th Covid Shot Out
Aug 31, 2022
Peter Doocy Grills KJP On Vaccination Idiocy, Scott Frost Nebraska Mess, NBA To Test The Unvaxxed
Aug 30, 2022
Rodgers & Rogan Tees Off On Covid, Bills Punter Released, Braves Mascot ‘Blooper’ Wrecks Kids & more
Aug 29, 2022
Trump raid affidavit released, confirming this is a massive nothing burger, it’s college football eve
Aug 27, 2022
Novak Djokovic not allowed in country over covid shot refusal, Newsom donates $100k against Desantis
Aug 26, 2022
Biden student loan plan is unconstitutional, insane with inflation rates as they are, Braves on fire
Aug 24, 2022
GOP Ticket Should Be Trump-DeSantis, Nick Saban Worth Billions & Is Still Underpaid, Clay Loves GOT
Aug 23, 2022
Fauci steps down, Baker vs. Browns, Big Ten expansion rumors, Brady/Gronk to Raiders almost happened
Aug 22, 2022
Liz Cheney smoked by nearly forty points, LeBron staying with Lakers, CDC admits covid failures
Aug 17, 2022
DOJ "accidentally" seized Trump passports, Dr. Jill Biden has covid, NBA shuts down for Election Day
Aug 17, 2022
Trump raid, AP Top 25 is out for CFB, crushing covid on social media, trans girl rushes sorority
Aug 15, 2022
Third World Dictator Nonsense From DOJ, CDC Walks Back Everything On Covid, Elizabeth Warren idiocy
Aug 12, 2022
How Is Merrick Garland Allowed To Lead Trump Charge, FBI Deserves Criticism, NFL Preseason Underway
Aug 11, 2022
Trump surges in wake of FBI raid, Scott Perry’s phone taken, Deshaun Watson, Notre Dame independence
Aug 10, 2022
Breaking Down The DOJ’s FBI Raid On Donald Trump From A Legal & Political Perspective
Aug 09, 2022
Jemele Hill, Jalen Rose ESPN Nonsense, Bill Maher Under Fire, Cale Gundy Has Clay Blocked, Inflation
Aug 08, 2022
Fauci wants kids in masks, MLB cowardice on Toronto Blue Jays, Novak Djokovic should play the Open
Jul 25, 2022
Biden has covid despite four shots, Novak can’t come to US Open, Kirby Smart gets ten years $112M
Jul 21, 2022
American Military gone woke, LeBron says Boston fans are racist, MLB ASG was great, Biden ratings
Jul 20, 2022
ESPN screws up Home Run Derby, ACC in danger zone Jim Harbaugh is pro life, Elon Musk-Twitter
Jul 19, 2022
Lia Thomas nominated as NCAA Woman of the Year, Left bringing back masks, Dr. Fauci retirement news
Jul 18, 2022
ESPN's Desperate Attempt To Save Stock, Manchin A No Go On Tax Increases, Newsome Disrespects Biden
Jul 15, 2022
AOC Outraged By Heckling, Grandma Jailed For Jan 6, Tom Brady Parenting Comments, Unvaxxed Royals
Jul 14, 2022
Senator Hawley ripped as transphobic, Inflation hits 9.1%, LeBron fails to walk back Griner comments
Jul 13, 2022
Peter Doocy Grills KJP On Vaccination Idiocy, Scott Frost Nebraska Mess, NBA To Test The Unvaxxed
Jul 12, 2022
LeBron on Brittany Griner, Zach Wilson cougar-gate, Trump & Desantis 2024 race, etc
Jul 12, 2022
Banning Djokovic Is Mockery Of Science, Joe Biden's 33% Approval, Twitter vs Elon Musk, Mets-Braves
Jul 11, 2022
Chicago shooting, WNBA vs. NBA salaries, NFL Sunday Ticket, trans insanity, Kavanaugh protested
Jul 08, 2022
Conference realignment craziness, ESPN hates America July 4th column, Nadal injury, Brittany Griner
Jul 07, 2022
Roger Goodell grilled over Jack Del Rio fine, Uvalde police husband detained
Jun 23, 2022
Megan Rapinoe's clown show, Ryan Clark is a coward, Joe Biden's bike fall, NBA finals ratings tank
Jun 21, 2022
Warriors reign supreme, NYT tells The Athletic to avoid politics, EA Sports CFB video game, and more
Jun 17, 2022
George Washington University Erases Colonials, Fauci has covid, Elon supports DeSantis, and more
Jun 15, 2022
Jack Del Rio fall out as NFL goes full woke, January 6th hearings go after Trump, stock market tanks
Jun 13, 2022
Jack Del Rio fined $100k by Redskins, 8.6% inflation, January 6th Trump obsession, Warriors-Celtics
Jun 10, 2022
Media ignores Kavanaugh assassination attempt, Jack Del Rio crushed, Jan 6 hearings, NBA Finals
Jun 09, 2022
Kavanaugh attempted assassin caught, ESPN attempts to stifle Sarah Spain story, Deshaun Watson NYT
Jun 08, 2022
ESPN’s Sarah Spain calls Rays players bigots, LIV golf vs. PGA, LeBron silent, NBA Finals ratings
Jun 07, 2022
Phil Mickelson joins Saudi backed tournament, Tampa Bay Rays players refuse pride jersey, NBA Finals
Jun 07, 2022
Biden guns address, Celtics down Warriors, Deshaun Watson update, Special Olympics and trans issues
Jun 03, 2022
$35M Pulled From Tampa Bay Rays, What Is A Woman?, Depp vs. Heard, Tomi Lahren To Outkick
Jun 02, 2022
Depp-Heard verdict reaction, SEC talk, Biden wants masks back on planes, Hunter Biden porn videos
Jun 01, 2022
NYT says mask mandates don’t work, Jimbo vs. Saban, Top Gun: Maverick, Penn trans swimmer speaks
May 31, 2022
Detailed timeline emerges on Texas school shooting, Warriors to NBA Finals, Memorial Day weekend
May 27, 2022
Details on TX school shooting show no protection, MLB refuses to apologize, Heat demands gun control
May 26, 2022
Texas school shooting, Beto interrupts gov presser, Steve Kerr woke hypocrite, Primary results
May 25, 2022
MLB must apologize, Josh Donaldson, SEC scheduling debate, Lebron’s kid ripped for white prom date
May 24, 2022
MLB should apologize to state of Georgia, ESPN loses 8 million subscribers, Warriors dominating
May 23, 2022
Nick Saban apologizes for throwing A&M and Jimbo under bus, Musk allegations surface
May 20, 2022
JIMBO VS. SABAN analysis!, skateboarder fires back after transgender champ, Warriors dominate Mavs
May 19, 2022
Pennsylvania senate race nailbiter, Elon Musk on leaving Democrat party, Ministry of Truth shut down
May 18, 2022
Bezos vs. Biden, Elon v Twitter, Jordan Peterson vs SI swimsuit issue, Deadspin idiocy after Buffalo
May 17, 2022
Buffalo shooting, Suns Game 7 collapse, 20 shot outside Celtics-Bucks, Fauci on Trump, Disney tanks
May 16, 2022
Trump back to Twitter, Tom Brady to Fox, NBA heads to UAE, where gayness is punishable by death,
May 10, 2022
Supreme Court protests at justice homes, Charles Barkley athletes vs fans, Ja Morant knee allegation
May 09, 2022
Titans tried to get Rodgers, Brady admits he fumbled, 9 mo abortion insanity, Depp-Heard trial
May 05, 2022
Roe-Wade leak, Chappelle attacked, AJ Brown trade, Tannehill mentor flap, NBA abandons woke politics
May 04, 2022
NFL Draft, Sage Steele sues ESPN, Ministry of Truth, GDP falls, Fauci says the pandemic isn’t over
Apr 28, 2022
Musk says Twitter erred in suppressing Hunter Biden story, student loans cancelation, NCAA prez out
Apr 27, 2022
Ideas to make Elon Musk Twitter world better, Ben Simmons roasted, 75% of kids have covid antibodies
Apr 26, 2022
Elon Musk Buys Twitter, What does this mean? Dive in now:
Apr 25, 2022
CNN + canceled, Djokovic rips Wimbledon bans, Desantis vs. Disney, Jay Wright retires at Villanova
Apr 21, 2022
Left wingers lose their minds over mask airplane removal, Netflix tanks, Wimbledon bans Russians
Apr 20, 2022
Hero judge strikes down airplane mask mandate, USFL debuts, Kap begs for job, Apple adding DirecTV Sunday Ticket per reports, Boston Marathon bans Russians, Twitter battle between Musk and Twitter board
Apr 19, 2022
Twitter implements poison pill vs. Elon Musk, Paul George out with covid, USFL launch in Birmingham
Apr 15, 2022
Elon Musk, Breaking down all the angles on the biggest first amendment battle in modern history
Apr 14, 2022
Airplane mask mandates, woman glues herself to floor at NBA playoffs, NYC subway shooter captured
Apr 13, 2022
Inflation hits 8.5%, Cam under fire, CNN+ disaster, Tony Dungy ripped for supporting fatherhood, masks back in DC, Bomani ratings failure of epic proportion, Saudi TV mocks Biden, Jussie rap song
Apr 12, 2022
Masters recap, Dwayne Haskins death, Elon turns down Twitter board, Lakers fire Vogel, airline masks
Apr 11, 2022
Masters under way, Tiger on the course, KBJ confirmed, Flores lawsuits adds names, Acuna vs. Freeman
Apr 07, 2022
Lakers Out Of Playoffs, Flag Football Coming To Summer Olympics, Boris Johnson Tees Off On Men In Women’s Sports, 28th Anniversary Of Rome-Everett, Masters Gambling Picks, Shanghai Dog Walking Story, Experts Who Discussed Hunter Biden Laptop
Apr 06, 2022
UNC-Kansas tonight, Elon makes run at Twitter, Kap hypocrisy, Lakers season tanks, UNC owns Coach K exit, British women oppose cyclist, NYC mask and ad absurdity, Hunter Biden secret service cost, $20 gas over Trump per Sharpe
Apr 04, 2022
Final Four picks, US World Cup Draw, Woke Bracket Challenge Final Four, Schefter and Won get paid, Brady-Arians, Disney woke madness, border opens, Bruce Pearl Wins and Losses convo, transgender kid surgery endorsed by White House
Apr 01, 2022
Desantis dinner, USMNT can clinch World Cup bid tonight, OJ on Will Smith, Disney eliminates words boys and girls, Hunter Biden laptop was real per WAPO, 4th covid shots are here, transgender cyclist gonna dominate women, 21 states sue over airplanes
Mar 30, 2022
Will Smith vs. Chris Rock craziness, Final Four set, Riley Gaines, women’s swimmer at Kentucky, speaks out on Penn transgender swimmer issue
Mar 28, 2022
Sweet 16 picks tonight, Elon Musk needs to buy Twitter, Deshaun Watson meets media in Cleveland, Kelvin Sampson most underrated coach in college, USMNT ties Mexico, Ginni Thomas controversy, Costco pizza
Mar 25, 2022
Kyrie wins, NYC ends vaccine mandate for athletes, 10 airline CEOs say masks make no sense on planes, Deshaun Watson has another grand jury, USA Today says KBJ is Jackie Robinson, Ice T gas tweet, WAPO insanity, Texas red truck tornado driver ID’d
Mar 24, 2022
Tyreek Hill to Dolphins blockbuster, KBJ can’t define a woman because she’s not a biologist, Herbreit and Michaels to TNF, AFC talent domination, Hispanics moving to GOP in big way
Mar 23, 2022
ESPN goes full woke, Penn transgender swimmer is Jackie Robinson per NBC, KBJ hearings, woke bracket challenge, Desantis awards 500 swim champ from Florida, Mets-Yankees unvaxxed can’t play in NYC, Bomani tanks on HBO, Phil out for Masters
Mar 22, 2022
NCAA Tourney reaction, Deshaun to Browns, Ryan to Colts, Jameis to Saints, NICO to Vols, ESPN don’t say gay, Penn transgender swimmer, Babylon Bee account locked
Mar 21, 2022
Wentz to Washington, Colts after Jimmy G?, Broncos trade for Russ is genius, conference tourneys begin, Jim Nantz talk at MBA, parachuting spiders
Mar 09, 2022
Russell Wilson to Broncos, Aaron Rodgers sticks with Green Bay, AFC vs NFC QBs, Calvin Ridley gambling issues, Pearl and Auburn SEC coach of the year, Eric Adams pre k masking
Mar 08, 2022
Aaron Rodgers drama, Ukraine energy mess, Brittney Griner arrest, new all time high for gallon of gas, Florida against kids getting covid shot, Amazon hires Herbstreit for TNF
Mar 07, 2022
SOTU fallout, MLB lockout, Desantis tees off on masks, FIFA, Apple, EA on Russia exclusion, winter of death over?, Hawaii ends masking, kid covid death rates, Yahoo sports to merge with gambling company?
Mar 02, 2022
State Of The Union REACTION Live With Clay Travis
Mar 02, 2022
Mask mandates and covid vaccine mandates vanish as Biden SOTU nears, FIFA on Ukraine, Kyler Murray mess, NYC stupidity on Kyrie Irving, oil and gas payments still allowed with Russia
Feb 28, 2022
Ukraine, Russian athletes speak out, new SJ nominee, Aikman, Buck, Al Michaels money like crazy, CDC changes mask rules, Joy Behar, imbecile extraordinaire, Art Briles to Grambling
Feb 25, 2022
Ukraine Is A Mess, Is Taiwan next? Analyzing the Invasion
Feb 24, 2022
Trump interview, Juwan Howard mess, Aaron Rodgers drama, Phil Mickelson ripped, NYC ending vax mandates, Daytona 500 beats NBA ASG, Winter Olympics tank, Ukraine, Deadspin go fulls dumb, Nashville ends mask mandate for kids
Feb 23, 2022
CFB playoff, transgender swimming issue, Hillary vs Kamala, BLM Louisville hypocrisy, Canadian trucker arrests, Draft Kings hammered.
Feb 18, 2022
Fauci too risky for kids out of masks, Stafford fall video, Titans need a new stadium dome, Twitter Always Favors Far WOKE Left Wing Loser Takes, Tafoya under fire,
Feb 17, 2022
Enes Kanter vs Colin Kaepernick media treatment, NY absurd covid rules for Kyrie, Vols whip Kentucky, Canadian trucker donors exposed, Deshaun Watson trade teams expand, Cooper Kupp vs. Rodgers for MVP, Disney World mask mandate over
Feb 17, 2022
Novak says no to covid shot, Canada has a dictator now, Durham investigation, Matthew Stafford hall of famer?, Ukraine mess, Brian Flores lawsuit, UK-Vols tonight, 46 states disapprove of Biden, Al Michaels and Eminem, Stafford no look pass
Feb 15, 2022
Rams win Super Bowl, Stafford, Kupp, OBJ, Burrow, ref analysis, no one wears masks, halftime show, Ukraine invasion this week?, Hillary spied on Trump, DC ends masks & vaccine mandates
Feb 14, 2022
Super Bowl Picks, Mask Mandates Crumble, Stafford, Burrow, Harsin, Unvaxxed Rodgers Wins MVP
Feb 11, 2022
Harden-Simmons, Brady out of retirement, AU Harsin mess, inflation soars, Jemele to CNN, Biden new lows, Oscars no vax
Feb 10, 2022
Brian Flores disaster statement, Stacey Abrams school mask photos at Outkick, Auburn Harsin mess, Arch Manning down to four schools, Ivy League supports transgender swimmer, Blue state govs come out against masks, Lincoln Riley vs OU
Feb 08, 2022
Super Bowl in LA, ESPN covers for China, Joe Rogan, Stacey Abrams mask insanity, Canadian truckers are winning, YouTube bans Virginia mom.
Feb 07, 2022
Winter Olympics begin, hypocrisy abounds, Bryan Harsin drama at Auburn, Jimbo fired up over NIL, Shaq comes out against vaccine mandates, Jon Stewart backs Joe Rogan, Nashville vs. Brentwood/Franklin data proves masks don't work
Feb 04, 2022
Aaron Rodgers drama builds, Brian Flores allegations challenged by Elway, Dolphins owner, Jeff Zucker fall out at CNN, DeSantis vs. Fauci, LA mayor claims he held his breath, Portnoy vs. BI, Euro countries end all covid restrictions
Feb 03, 2022
Brian Flores lawsuit analysis, Jeff Zucker fired at CNN, Texas A&M recrutiing class on fire, Rogan regulation suggested by White House, 300k jobs lost, Army discharging soldiers who refuse covid shot, Justin Trudeau vs. truckers, Whoopi suspension
Feb 02, 2022
Tom Brady retires, Cali governor lies about mask at 49ers-Rams, Whoopi Goldberg under fire over holocaust comments, Harbaugh to Vikings?, Joe Rogan vs. CNN, Florida poll results, Georgetown Law loses its mind
Feb 01, 2022
NFC-AFC Championship games, Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow, Joe Rogan controversy, Gavin Newsom maskless at 49ers-Rams, Canadian truckers, 70% want return to normalcy in country, US men's soccer Canadian whipping, Nebraska mascot changes
Jan 31, 2022
Bonds, Clemens and Schilling screwed by MLB hall of fame, NYT decides to cover Penn transgender swimmer, Stephen Breyer is retiring, Biden says black woman will replace him, Ukraine border vs. US border, Virginia masking battle, Israel covid data
Jan 26, 2022
Sean Peyton leaves Saints, Biden vs. Doocy, Auburn number one, Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan, OSHA scraps vaccine mandate, YouTube vs. Rand Paul Clay and Buck interview, Ukraine mess, police officers murder high, masks vs. no masks data
Jan 25, 2022
My NFL playoff gambling picks, Masks and covid vaccine passports ended in England, Senate filibuster shenanigans, Derrick Henry officially back, Starbucks ends vaccine mandates, NYC and LA murders skyrocket
Jan 19, 2022
The NFL's final eight teams are set, NBA owner doesn't care about genocide in China, NHL covid data proves vaccine futility for athletes, Darren Rovell, big MLK fan, Saban on voting rights bill, Gorsuch anti-mask, filibuster and voting rights absurdity
Jan 18, 2022
I Survived Omicron & Fact Checking Pfizer CEO's Lies
Jan 15, 2022
Georgia-Bama title game, Stetson Bennett monster win, CNN is "fact checking" me, Pfizer CEO speaks on vaccine, gets removed from social media, Fauci testimony vs Rand Paul, voting rights speech as Dems struggle under Biden
Jan 11, 2022
Bama-Georgia national title game breakdown, Chargers-Raiders wild OT, NFL wild card set, Titans Packers are one seeds, NFL coaching fires, covid pivot by Biden administration, transgender Ivy league swimming battle, Novak Djokovic wins appeal
Jan 10, 2022
Supreme Court hears covid vaccine mandate case, Georgia vs. Bama looms, Outkick NFL six pack, Baker Mayfield trade drama, jobs miss estimates, again, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell stupidity, January 6th memorial absurdity
Jan 07, 2022
Kamala compares Jan 6th to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, ESPN mask policing athletes, NCAA requires booster
Jan 06, 2022
Derrick Henry is back!, Aaron Rodger tees off on MVP voter, NFL looking into new Super Bowl location, Chicago teachers refuse to teach in person because of covid, Novak stuck in Aussie purgatory, Howard Stern coronabro
Jan 05, 2022
Covid cases hit over a million a day, Stanford shuts down crowds for indoor athletic events, NYT finally recognizes failures of kids and covid policy, Baker on MNF mess, I-95 snow disaster, Ripped Bezos, Bud Dupree Walgreen's fracas
Jan 04, 2022
Bama Georgia dominate, Titans current #1 seed as Derrick Henry nears return, AB walks off field, AOC maskless in Miami, covid all time highs, Matt Coral injury, Chiefs-Bengals ending Jamarr Chase on fire, Aaron Rodgers league MVP
Jan 04, 2022
CFB signing day, NFL covid disaster, Machin shoots down BBB, NFL supporting defund the police charities, England hits new covid high, Elon Musk vs. Elizabeth Warren, Bubba Wallace ESPN lies
Dec 15, 2021
NFL, NBA, NHL covid rates soar, Liz Chaney text messages help people she's attacking, Cuomo has to give back $5.1 million book money, Bears may want Ryan Day, Cali statement mask insanity is back
Dec 14, 2021
Time to let players play with covid, omicron good news, NFL action, Derrick Henry back for playoffs, Rams vs. Cardinals, NYT editorial calls for normalcy, Fauci and Psaki are imbeciles
Dec 13, 2021
Bob Costas and CNN! tee off on NBA over China, murder rates skyrocketing in 2021 again, NBA begged Enes Kanter to not wear anti-China sneakers, LSU offered Jimbo $125 million, Chris Cuomo CNN fallout
Dec 08, 2021
Pats outlast Bills, UPenn transgender swimmer is kicking women's asses, Biden vaccine mandates keep losing in courts, 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Don Lemon advised Jussie, Kyle Rittenhouse v. LeBron
Dec 07, 2021
Alabama Beats Georgia, Manny Diaz Kicked To Curb, US Olympic Diplomatic Boycott, De Blasio Worst Mayor Of All Time, Succession Is On Fire Season 3
Dec 06, 2021
WTA pulls all tennis tournaments from China, Supreme Court Mississippi abortion case argument, In-and-Out burger refuses to follow Cali covid mandates, LeBron double vaxxed and has covid, huge majorities believe covid came from a Chinese lab
Dec 01, 2021
Brian Kelly to LSU, Enes Kanter Freedom, Chris Cuomo scandal, boosters for life per Pfizer, New Twitter CEO propaganda, Kamala Harris to Supreme Court? Jussie Smollett trial, Mark Stoops, Josh Heupel staying put, college coaching salaries
Nov 30, 2021
Lincoln Riley to USC, Michigan crushes Ohio State, Bama survives against Auburn, CFB playoff picture analysis, LSU and OU need coaches, Waukesha media lies, travel bans over omicron, Florida data
Nov 29, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse trial analysis, Aaron Rodgers vs, Big Bird, Inflation hits 31 year high, Yellowstone deliverse monster audience, OBJ free agency down to three teams, CFB playoff committee rankings
Nov 10, 2021
NFL Top 5, bottom 5, taunting in Bears-Steelers, Cali and NY way more covid cases per capita than Florida, Dan Mullen under fire, Preds Mike Fisher supports Rodgers, Yellowstone debut, Raiders messes, Scott Frost back for Nebraska,
Nov 09, 2021
Virginia Republicans dunk on wokeism, Braves win World Series, Jemele Hill dunked on savagely, CFB playoff rankings, Aaron Rodgers tests positive for covid, details on Henry Ruggs car crash
Nov 03, 2021
Youngkin vs. McCauliffe in Virginia, Braves vs Astros game 6, Ruggs DUI manslaughter charges, NFL top 5 vs bottom 5, no trade for Watson, Kaepernick vs, Urkel and Carlton, Desantis on Clay & Buck
Nov 02, 2021
Derrick Henry injured, out for surgery, Braves-Astros, SEC power rankings, Outkick top ten for CFB, Southwest Airlines LGB controversy, Kaepernick idiotically compares NFL combine to slavery
Nov 01, 2021
Cody Bellinger crushes Braves fans everywhere, woke Netflix mob attacks man like like Chapelle, Sinema opposes tax increases, Baker out with injury for Thursday night.
Oct 20, 2021
Titans big win over Bills, Washington State fires coach over vaccine requirement, Top 5, bottom 5 in NFL, Jefferson statue removed in NYC, Kyrie sits out over vaccine, Fauci on CFB, Braves
Oct 19, 2021
TN fracas fallout, Jon Gruden mess, Coach O fired, Fauci called out, Biden violates mask mandate.
Oct 18, 2021
100 year+ murder increase record in 2020, Coach O on hot seat as LSU heads to UK, Gilmore to Pats, Fields is Bears QB1, Urban Meyer fallout, covid deaths greater in 2021 with Biden, suicide bomber out of prison, LA requiring covid vaccine passports
Oct 06, 2021
Urban Meyer mess, Sage Steele under fire at ESPN, NFL top and bottom five, Senator Sinema harassed/confronted, WWE Raw awesome night
Oct 05, 2021
NBA players speak out on covid vaccine mandates, NFL top five and bottom five, Cowboys crush Eagles, Biden Generals contradict him on Afghanistan advice, Budget mess
Sep 28, 2021
Football Monday: OK Top Ten CFB, SEC Power Rankings, CFB Playoff Race, Stafford Outduels Brady, Josh Allen On Fire, Titans Beat Colts, Cols-Gators, Aaron Rodgers, assasssin, rookie qbs big time struggles
Sep 27, 2021
Packers win, NFL top 5, bottom 5, Manning brothers, Maskless Emmy rules per LA, ESPN radio disaster, Big sports gambling business move, Vermont covid cases surge, KFC in New Zealand
Sep 21, 2021
Outkick CFB top ten, Penn State rolls, Bama survives, UCLA crumbles, SEC power rankings, Lamar beats Mahomes, NFL reactions, Titans win in Seattle, Emmy's hypcocrisy, San Fran mayor lunacy, NYC rules vs Penn State
Sep 20, 2021
Giants vs. WFT, Gary Patterson wants TCU fans to pay players, Target coronabro goes after woman without mask. Nick Minaj vs. Fauci, Peyton and Eli should call Ole Miss-Vols, black man and family forced from restaurant over vaccine papers in NYC
Sep 16, 2021
LA demands covid vaccine day after Newsom wins recall vote, CFB gambling picks, Urban denies interest in USC job, Biden job approval at 42% in new poll, Dr Fauci is world's sexiest man per Guardian, Bama-UF and Auburn-Penn State headline weekend of games
Sep 15, 2021
NFL opening week analysis, Outkick CFB top ten, SEC power rankings, Oregon, USC, Razorbacks, Kyler, Stafford and Jameis soar, Mac vs. Tua, Biden vaccine mandate absurdity, Fauci wants only vacced on airplanes
Sep 13, 2021
CFB ratings soar, Stephen A on vaccines, Joe Manchin shoots down Bernie budget, CNN ratings disaster, Fauci vs Desantis, Joe Rogan back and fine, US soccer big game, headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas tomorrow
Sep 08, 2021
Football Fans Declare Independence from Covid, A New and Stronger Crimson Tide, Backwards Roll on Ivermectin by Rolling Stone
Sep 06, 2021
First Take Fallout, NBA New Vaccination Policy, Bill Belichick on Cam's Release
Sep 01, 2021
Australia Cracks Down on COVID, Mike Richards Cancelled (again), & We're Headed To Mar-A-Lago
Aug 31, 2021
Maria Taylor Hypocrisy, Alex Berenson on COVID, Bus Tour Kicks Off
Aug 30, 2021
Afghanistan epic mess, Jameis gets Saints job, cop says he saved "countless lives" by shooting Ashli Babbit, CFB playoff on life support per WVU president, Bonnetta leaving Fox for new TV show, CFB almost here
Aug 27, 2021
Disaster in Afghanistan as 12 soldiers die in attack, natural immunity works better than vaccinated immunity, Ryan Tannehill tests positive for covid after double vaccs, Pac 12 not expanding, $30 million a year for Rachel Maddow, LSU-USC in Vegas
Aug 26, 2021
Big Ten, Pac 12, ACC alliance is big pile of nothing, Biden support tanks, Herschel Walker running for Senate in Georgia, LSU mandates vaccines or negative tests for fans, Kellerman out at First Take, Jameis!, Travis Ettiene out, maybe for the season
Aug 24, 2021
NFL's absurd covid protocols roll in Cam and Vrabel, Braves on fire, poker challenge in Vegas, masks on kids has no basis in science, Oregon-OSU requiring vac or negative test for CFB fans, Taliban mock US, Biden support plummets, Pelosi fundraiser, Trump
Aug 23, 2021
Tebow cut, career likely over, booster covid shots coming for all, NYC vaccine passports, Raiders require vaccines for attendance, Braves on fire, Afghanistan disaster, fun announcement coming n AM on Fox and Friends
Aug 17, 2021
Joe Biden's Afghanistan disaster, TN gov says all parents can choose whether their kids wear masks
Aug 16, 2021
Field of Dreams game was awesome, Deshaun Watson criminal charge investigation, Afghanistan collapses, Alex Berenson on the Clay and Buck Show
Aug 13, 2021
New Orleans joins NYC vaccine passport insanity, Field of Dreams game, mask madness, Braves in first place, US men's soccer in top ten, Dak shoulder issues, Stanford requiring weekly covid tests, kids aren't in danger from covid based on data
Aug 12, 2021
School board battle over masks, Wentz may not miss any games, Baylor punishment comes down after five years, Cowboys on Hard Knocks, Budget down to Sinema and Manchin
Aug 11, 2021
Andrew Cuomo resigns, Top 25 in CFB, Rand Paul banned by YouTube for mask comments, speaking at school board meeting, one year ago, the battle to play CFB
Aug 10, 2021
Dinger controversy, Kirk Cousins vs Lamar Jackson NFL covid QB mess, Obama party, Olympics done, Peyton to HOF, mask stupidity, Bobby Bowden RIP, 3 million kids missed school last year, Cuomo on ropes, Fauci hypocrisy
Aug 09, 2021
Mask madness, Wentz out 5-12 weeks, US women lose to Canada, US men beat Mexico, Top HS QB headed to OSU, Kamala least popular VP in our lives, Bills threaten to move to Austin, DC mayor lies, NFL covid insanity,
Aug 02, 2021
ESPN and Big 12 go to war, Suni Lee wins gold, Big Ten expansion candidates, Democrats have lost their minds on masks, NBA players profiting off Chinese slave labor via shoe deals
Jul 29, 2021
Texas and Oklahoma to SEC, which moves are next for Big Ten, ACC, Pac 12, & Big 12, Krysten Sinema says $3.5 trillion budget is too much, Aaron Rodgers presser, Deshaun Watson practices, Lamar Jackson has covid again
Jul 28, 2021
Simone Biles quits on your team, gets praised on Twitter, Aaron Rodgers back with Packers, Olympics viewership tanks, Deshaun Watson has ten criminal complaints against him, 24 accusers, insane CDC brings back masks
Jul 27, 2021
Texas and OU headed to SEC, NFL's absurd covid policy, Deshaun Watson gets zero penalty, Jon Rahm, US men lose to France, Olympics dud, Cleveland Guardians, Bennifer is back!
Jul 26, 2021
Giannis is new face of NBA, Rand Paul vs Fauci on radio show, Maria Taylor bolts ESPN, US women's socccer whipped after kneeling pregame, LeBron Space Jam 2 China disaster, Aaron Rodgers future mother in law weighs in on Packers drama
Jul 21, 2021
Dow drops 900 points as British covid numbers set off alarm bells, Peyton and Eli to MNF on ESPN2, SEC media days underway, 1619 project head praises Cuban equality, LA masks, Deshaun Watson story vanishes
Jul 19, 2021
LA mask mandate stupidity, Red Sox-Yankees canceled for covid, White House big tech collusion, Brooks vs. Bryson, Richard Sherman apology, Tom Brady torn MCL, pregnant man emoji
Jul 16, 2021
Richard Sherman drunk, threatening suicide, Dwayne Haskins punched by wife, Hook 'em controversy, MLB ASG ratings tank, BLM sides with Cuban government, Jen Psaki says WH is censorsing Facebook, NFL goes woke, Mcgregor injury
Jul 15, 2021
Richard Sherman in custody, Notre Dame mandating covid vaccines for media, 93k drug overdose deaths, most ever, up 30%, Twitter lets Cuba's dictator threaten democracy, MLB ASG, Biden voting speech
Jul 14, 2021
Stephen A Smith apology tour, MLB Woke All Star Game, US basketball beaten, Pop mad, NBA Finals ratings tank in game 3, Manning on ARod, ESPY hits all time viewership low, Cuba protests, Black Widow movie review
Jul 13, 2021
Stephen A under fire for Shohei Ohtani comments, Cuba protests, McGregor leg breaks in loss, England-Italy finale, Novak on fire, NBA Finals continue to tank, Ronald Acuna injury, Noem vs Desantis
Jul 12, 2021
CDC masks in schools battle coming, Stephen A makes $12 million a year, Rachel Nichols lawsuit vs. ESPN?, BLM says American flag is symbol of hate, Afghanistan withdrawal, Rory club stolen, Apple after NFL Sunday Ticket
Jul 09, 2021
NBA Finals ratings tank, Olympics will have no fans over covid, Tucker Carlson spied on by NSA, Tampa Bay on title fire, Haiti president assassination craziness
Jul 08, 2021
Trump sues big tech, ESPN dumpster fire burns, Jemele Hill calls me an idiot, The Match was awesome, Ozzie Guillen tears up on becoming a citizen, door to door vaccine checks coming
Jul 07, 2021
Rachel Nichols loses second job to black woman, loses woke off for second time. WOJ is racist. EVERYONE at ESPN is racist! IT's Wokeapalypse Now!
Jul 06, 2021
College kids getting paid, Trump investigation fails again, Reggie Bush, NCAA is dead, Headed to ATL for Braves on 4th of July weekend, Bryson v. Brooks, Bobby Bonilla Day, Dan Snyder fine
Jul 01, 2021
Bill Cosby out of jail, CWS attendance record set as Vandy and Mississippi State battle for title, Giannis out for playoffs, first black billionaire wants $14 trillion in reparations, NYC mayoral race disaster results, hammer thrower hates anthem
Jun 30, 2021
NC State absurdity, US hammer thrower wants to be Kap, Buffalo Wild Wings out of wings, Scottie Pippen says Phil Jackson is racist, Apple Daily closes in Hong Kong, Bill Maher is "angry white man" per MSNBC, just 4% of Dems believe covid is over
Jun 28, 2021
NC State-Vandy covid madness, Jalen Rose's racism, Britney Spears, Mumford and Sons leaving band, Duke professor, week one of Clay and Buck complete
Jun 25, 2021
Vandy's wild CWS win over Stanford, Jalen Rose racebaiting idiocy, China shuts down Hong Kong press freedoms, Defund the police is dead, Jay Williams breaks out the I WAS HACKED defense, Rudy Guiliani law license suspended, CP3 back from covid
Jun 24, 2021
MLB pitcher checks, defund the police dies in NYC mayor's race, Suns up 2-0, Jay Willams whiffs on Celtics coach, high school student wins Supreme Court case against her school, Carl Nassib, NFL Network for sale
Jun 23, 2021
12 team CFB playoff advances, Sinema ends filibuster debate, voting bill goes down, Carl Nassib announces he's gay, NYC mayor race, Jack Leiter deals, team loses, CWS, Herschel Walker for Senate
Jun 22, 2021
Supreme Court on NCAA antitrust law, new radio show debut, Desantis favored 2024 candidate, trans weightlifter to Olympics, Rahmbo, Ben Simmons disaster, Brady tees off on Jimmy G, Durant near miss for ECF
Jun 21, 2021
NFL covid policies, Hunter Biden, serial racist, CWS odds, FIFA punishes Mexico for slurs
Jun 18, 2021
US Open underway, NFL covid protocols, Machin voting bill, Naomi Osaka out of Wimbledon
Jun 17, 2021