Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

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Category: Society & Culture

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 Apr 5, 2024
I started listening to conspiracy podcasts because I tend to fall on the more sceptical side of this stuff and wanted to at least hear another side. As it turns out these guys do make an honest attempt to look at issues critically.

 Oct 25, 2023
Maybe you need to watch the youtube stuff, because it seems like it's maybe 1/4 of the story? Also, just way too many of IHR's incredibly annoying ad breaks for me to persist past ep 10

 Jul 26, 2023
One of my fav podcasts. I just love the banter and discussion of a wide range of topic. Always enjoyable.

 Jul 9, 2023
I enjoy it

 Mar 7, 2023
was once my favorite podcast. recent years it's nothing but anti American, everything and everyone is racist, white people are the worst I used to love all the "how stuff works" shows but "STBYM" & "TECH STUFF" are the only ones listenable


From UFOs to psychic powers and government cover-ups, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know ... an audio podcast from iHeartRadio.

Episode Date
Disclosure: The Epstein Files
Apr 24, 2024
CLASSIC: How Jeffrey Epstein Broke The Law and Got Away
Apr 23, 2024
Strange News: The Cybertruck Debacle, Historic Conviction in International Psychic Scam, Loans for the Dead, the Secret World of Extra Passports
Apr 22, 2024
Drugs as Weapons
Apr 19, 2024
Listener Mail: Best/Worst Candy, Human Cloning Puns, Eclipse Headaches and a Full Body Taste
Apr 18, 2024
Oh, Man. It's The Supplement Episode.
Apr 17, 2024
CLASSIC: The Mysterious Death of Biohacker Aaron Traywick
Apr 16, 2024
Strange News: Robbing Graves For Drugs, Identity Theft, LA's Greatest Heist, South Korea Will Pay You To Have Kids
Apr 15, 2024
What is Fertility Fraud?
Apr 12, 2024
Listener Mail: The West Lake Landfill, Cloning, and Supplements
Apr 11, 2024
What is Operation Solar Warden?
Apr 10, 2024
CLASSIC: The Kurim Case
Apr 09, 2024
Strange News: Operation Skyhawk, Books Bound in Human Skin, and... Havana Syndrome is Russian?
Apr 08, 2024
CLASSIC: Who were the Si-Te-Cah?
Apr 05, 2024
Listener Mail: Political Cults, Lex Meets the CIA, Vacation Recommendations and Canada Agrees With Us
Apr 04, 2024
The Bhopal, India Gas Leak
Apr 03, 2024
CLASSIC: What's happening at Pine Gap?
Apr 02, 2024
Strange News: The Moscow Attack: Conspiracy? The Curse of the Colonel, and the Baltimore Bridge Collapse
Apr 01, 2024
The Mysterious Lake Mead Bodies
Mar 29, 2024
Listener Mail: HVAC Refrigerant, Rigging Votes, Royal Conspiracies and Cloning
Mar 28, 2024
A History of the Antichrist
Mar 27, 2024
CLASSIC: Everyone Knew Non-stick Pans Were Poisonous (And No One Told You)
Mar 26, 2024
Strange News: Nickelodeon Scandal, A Shootout in Arkansas, A Double Amputation Insurance Scam
Mar 25, 2024
Bad Blood, Part Two: China's Plasma Economy
Mar 22, 2024
Listener Mail: The Two by Two Cult, Credit Card Skimmers, and Cartels
Mar 21, 2024
Medicine or Poison? The Story of PB Pills
Mar 20, 2024
CLASSIC: Agent 355: Washington's Secret Spy
Mar 19, 2024
Strange News: The Boeing Whistleblower, Kate Middleton, Drugs and Robbery in Atlanta
Mar 18, 2024
STDWYTK presents The Passage: Hoover's Confession
Mar 15, 2024
Listener Mail: Tainted Polio Vaccine, the Winchester Dam, a Potassium Update
Mar 14, 2024
Were Viking Berserkers Real?
Mar 13, 2024
CLASSIC: Above Majestic, with David Wilcock
Mar 12, 2024
Strange News: Smuggling Greenhouse Gas, AI Ruins Willy Wonka, Houthis Cut The Internet -- Or Did They?
Mar 11, 2024
Bad Blood, Part I: The Factor VIII Scandal
Mar 08, 2024
Listener Mail: Corruption in Illinois, Magnets, Foreign Real Estate Grifts
Mar 07, 2024
Who Were The Knights Templar?
Mar 06, 2024
CLASSIC: Why do so many people hate Nestlé?
Mar 05, 2024
Strange News: Wendy's "Definitely Not" Doing Surge Pricing, Alex Jones Update, Gangs and the Military
Mar 04, 2024
The Tainted Polio Story
Mar 01, 2024
Listener Mail: Russian Space Weapons, Star Wars, Longer Life for Pets and a Potassium Grift
Feb 29, 2024
Spies in the Sky: More Strange, Secret Satellites
Feb 28, 2024
CLASSIC: The Future of Censorship
Feb 27, 2024
Strange News: Satellites, Sting Rays, World Powers Move on Antarctica
Feb 26, 2024
The Colonial Parkway Murders
Feb 23, 2024
Listener Mail: Purple Street Lights, Burger King Sauce Concerns, the Unsolved Death of Thomas Wales
Feb 22, 2024
Mysterious Inventors, Part II: Murdered For Science?
Feb 21, 2024
CLASSIC: STDWYTK Live: Secrets of The Federal Reserve
Feb 20, 2024
Strange News: New Cryptid Just Dropped, Chernobyl's Wolves, A Lawyer Saves The Day
Feb 19, 2024
That Unclaimed Land: Terra Nullius
Feb 16, 2024
Listener Mail: Hey Google, Operation Overmatch, Healthcare and Cartel Firearms
Feb 15, 2024
Every US National Park is Apparently Haunted
Feb 14, 2024
CLASSIC: The Dark Alliance: Did the US government and druglords kill Gary Webb?
Feb 13, 2024
Strange News: CERN Wants a New Collider, Deepfake Scam, Bears on Crack, A Toothbrush Hack, and More
Feb 12, 2024
Squonk: The World’s Saddest Cryptid
Feb 09, 2024
Listener Mail: Massive Reaction to Oklahoma Cannabis and Human Trafficking, the Apple Vision Pro, Music Inspired by STDWYTK
Feb 08, 2024
Thailand's Worst Serial Killer is a Woman: The Story of "Am Cyanide"
Feb 07, 2024
CLASSIC: The Strange Story of the GhostNet
Feb 06, 2024
Strange News: Mexican Cartels Carry Heavy US Ordnance, Taylor Swift, Bayer to Pay More than 2 Billion in Latest Roundup Trial, Woman Non-consensually Running for Presidency
Feb 05, 2024
Did A Harvard Astronomer Find Wreckage From Outer Space?
Feb 02, 2024
Listener Mail: Carbon Monoxide Crisis in Utah, Hunting Ghosts, Ghost Kitchens
Feb 01, 2024
The Project For The New American Century: Part Two
Jan 31, 2024
CLASSIC: Ancient Civilizations in Antarctica?
Jan 30, 2024
Strange News: A Human Trafficking Conspiracy in Oklahoma, Kansas City Update, the Nicholas Rossi Saga Continues
Jan 29, 2024
The Project For The New American Century: Part One
Jan 26, 2024
Listener Mail: Missing in Missouri, Corruption in Illinois, Australian Insight
Jan 25, 2024
Venezuela Versus Guyana
Jan 24, 2024
CLASSIC: Real Life Super Powers Part II
Jan 23, 2024
Strange News: Three Deaths in Kansas City, AI Does Carlin, Corporate Sex Trafficking
Jan 22, 2024
Introducing: The Godmother
Jan 20, 2024
Radical, with Mosi Secret
Jan 19, 2024
Listener Mail: A Humble Farmer, A Blood Scandal, Aliens in Miami
Jan 18, 2024
Hearing Ghosts: What is electronic voice phenomena?
Jan 17, 2024
CLASSIC: The Bunyip and Beyond: Meet the Cryptids of Australia
Jan 16, 2024
Strange News: US Couple Dead in Smoldering Home, China Regulates Gaming, Hundreds of Families Discover Missing Loved Ones Buried in Mississippi
Jan 15, 2024
Does India have assassination rings?
Jan 12, 2024
Listener Mail: Smuggling Snacks, Missile Silos and the Paranormal, Letters From Home and More
Jan 11, 2024
The Rise of the Ghost Kitchen
Jan 10, 2024
CLASSIC: Sex Cults and Rocket Science: The Jack Parsons Story
Jan 09, 2024
Strange News: The Mouse Moves Public -- or Does He? An AirBnB Scam, a Tale of Two Secret Spacecraft
Jan 08, 2024
CLASSIC: The Beatles Conspiracies
Jan 05, 2024
Listener Mail: First-Hand Experience with the Red Sea Conflict, Burner Credit Cards, AI Questions
Jan 04, 2024
Space Fungus!
Jan 03, 2024
CLASSIC: The Secrets of the Hidden Chinese Pyramid
Jan 02, 2024
Strange News: Zombie Deer, We Need to Talk About The Supreme Court, Cigarettes and 'Terrorism'
Jan 01, 2024
CLASSIC: Behind The Scenes of Atlanta Monster and Up and Vanished with Payne Lindsey
Dec 29, 2023
Listener Mail: PB Pills, Free Tablets, Community Takeovers?
Dec 28, 2023
What if plants are cultivating YOU?
Dec 27, 2023
CLASSIC: Is the Ark of the Covenant Hidden in Ethiopia?
Dec 26, 2023
Strange News: Mortgage Company Hacked, Operation Prosperity Guardian, Dolphin with 'Thumbs'
Dec 25, 2023
CLASSIC: Do angels have a language?
Dec 24, 2023
CLASSIC: The End Of The World with Josh Clark
Dec 23, 2023
CLASSIC: Italy's Satanic Murders
Dec 22, 2023
Listener Mail: One For The Witches, Cochlear Implants and Hearing Voices, The Hidden Lithium War
Dec 21, 2023
Mysterious Inventors, Part I: Crazy Cars and Creepy Islands
Dec 20, 2023
CLASSIC: The Control Group with Bret Wood
Dec 19, 2023
Strange News: Alabama's Fast Food Slave Trade, US Sweets Banned, Congress Draws A Line
Dec 18, 2023
What Happened to Glenn Miller?
Dec 15, 2023
Listener Mail: UK Disaster Prep, Airplane Safety, and North Sentinel Island
Dec 14, 2023
Ghost Minds and Grief Tech: Should We Bring Back The Dead?
Dec 13, 2023
CLASSIC: The Hollywood Sex Cult - NXIVM
Dec 12, 2023
Strange News: Long-term US Official Exposed as Cuban Spy, QAnon Queen Trolled, the 23andMe Hack
Dec 11, 2023
Extraordinary Rendition: Yes, The Government Can Kidnap You
Dec 08, 2023
Listener Mail: Did OpenAI Build a Non-human Entity? Water Treatment, Mandela Effect and Google Maps
Dec 07, 2023
What is Exercise Flintlock?
Dec 06, 2023
CLASSIC: Henry Kissinger, America's Darth Vader
Dec 05, 2023
Strange News: The UK Has A Monster Problem, Saudi Arabia Conspires to Hook You on Oil, A Naked Guy at Disney.
Dec 04, 2023
CLASSIC: What is Agent Orange?
Dec 01, 2023
CLASSIC: Stanley Kubrick: The Man and the Myths
Nov 30, 2023
Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction
Nov 29, 2023
CLASSIC: The Mystery of North Sentinel Island
Nov 28, 2023
CLASSIC: Who created the opioid epidemic?
Nov 27, 2023
CLASSIC: The Ariel School UFO Encounter
Nov 24, 2023
Listener Mail: Massive Recalls, Chicken Nuggets, the Balfour Declaration and the Shadow of Upton Sinclair
Nov 23, 2023
Who Killed JFK? with Rob Reiner
Nov 22, 2023
CLASSIC: The Kennedy Curse
Nov 21, 2023
Strange News: Volcanic Eruptions on the Rise, Emergency Pizza, Superpigs and Missing Window Planes
Nov 20, 2023
CLASSIC: What is the Key of Solomon?
Nov 17, 2023
Listener Mail: The Mushroom Update, Bizarre Schuylkill Messages, Desalination, Colorado Bigfoot
Nov 16, 2023
Will Plants Stop Photosynthesis?
Nov 15, 2023
CLASSIC: The Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan
Nov 14, 2023
Strange News: The Great Chicken Nugget Recall, Blinding Lasers at NFT Concert, Tires Are Killing Salmon
Nov 13, 2023
CLASSIC: How can you become a ufologist?
Nov 10, 2023
CLASSIC: Can a President pardon himself?
Nov 09, 2023
CLASSIC: Will Google start impersonating you?
Nov 08, 2023
CLASSIC: Conspiracies That Turned Out To Be True
Nov 07, 2023
Strange News: Eyedrops, Real Estate, Site 512 and Celine Dion
Nov 06, 2023
CLASSIC: Did Buzz Aldrin see a UFO?
Nov 03, 2023
Listener Mail: DARE, Abyssal Zones, Eat More Insects
Nov 02, 2023
A Hacker Saved The Internet
Nov 01, 2023
CLASSIC: Expats and Espionage: The Story of Operation Chaos
Oct 31, 2023
Strange News: Massive Dime Heist, Big Bang Science, US Drug Stores Close
Oct 30, 2023
Earwitness: The Toforest Johnson Case, with Beth Shelburne
Oct 27, 2023
Listener Mail: E-girls and Military Recruitment, Diego Garcia, A Horror Story
Oct 26, 2023
How Witch Hunts *Actually* Worked
Oct 25, 2023
CLASSIC: What is Multi-level Marketing?
Oct 24, 2023
Strange News: Drug Cartels Ban Fentanyl, A Cure for Forever Chemicals, Bigfoot in Colorado and a Catalytic Conspiracy
Oct 23, 2023
Who Wants To Live Forever?
Oct 20, 2023
Listener Mail: DEFCON, the QAnon Queen, a Haunted House and Divine Intervention
Oct 19, 2023
The Boy Scouts Abuse Scandal
Oct 19, 2023
CLASSIC: From Rock to UFOs: The Tom DeLonge Story
Oct 17, 2023
Strange News: Gaza Evacuation, Social Media Misinformation, and the Rise of New Weight Loss Drugs
Oct 16, 2023
Companies Started By Cults, Part II
Oct 13, 2023
Listener Mail: The Return of Order of Nine Angles, Letter From a Hydrologist, and the Dangers of Drug Analogs
Oct 12, 2023
The Tartarian Conspiracy
Oct 11, 2023
Strange News: Thailand's Most Prolific Serial Killer, Space Junk, Tupac, Resource Extraction and the QAnon Queen
Oct 10, 2023
CLASSIC: The Cult of the Garbage Eaters
Oct 10, 2023
Cosmic Conspiracy: The New Space Race
Oct 06, 2023
Listener Mail: Hearing Voices, Hacking Everything, and Med Beds
Oct 05, 2023
Have You Experienced Divine Intervention?
Oct 04, 2023
CLASSIC: Children and Prison
Oct 03, 2023
Strange News: Saltwater Invades New Orleans, Danish Artist Forced to Repay Museum, Germany Raids Occult Neo-Nazi Sect
Oct 02, 2023
The Cop City Episode
Sep 29, 2023
Listener Mail: Did the government tap your phone? The seedy Reedley Biolab, Fyre Fest and Atlanta Recommendations
Sep 28, 2023
The Stuff Casinos Don't Want You To Know: Live in Vegas
Sep 27, 2023
CLASSIC: Google, the Pentagon and AI
Sep 26, 2023
Strange News: Armenia Under Attack, A Missing Jet and Murders in LA
Sep 25, 2023
How Hearing Voices Works
Sep 22, 2023
Listener Mail: Astral Travel, Real Estate as Crime, Voluntary Adrenaline
Sep 21, 2023
The Underwater Internet
Sep 20, 2023
CLASSIC: What is the Windsor hum?
Sep 19, 2023
Strange News: Secret Service Agent Speaks Out on JFK, FDA Calls BS on Decongestants, Mexican Congress Views (Alleged) Alien Corpses
Sep 18, 2023
The Wagner Update
Sep 15, 2023
Strange News: Harvard Astrophysicist Finds 'Spaceship Wreckage,' Rise of Superpigs Update, Massive Auto Recalls on the Horizon
Sep 14, 2023
The Future of The Past: Who Will Control History?
Sep 13, 2023
CLASSIC: Have psychics solved any actual crimes?
Sep 12, 2023
Listener Mail: Can You Be Anonymous Online? Murders at the Brooklyn Mirage. A Haunting Story From Disney's Haunted Mansion.
Sep 11, 2023
Oh, The Places You Can't Go
Sep 08, 2023
Listener Mail: Ghost Weddings, Bob Berdella, Maldives and A Proxy War
Sep 07, 2023
How Corn Took Over America
Sep 06, 2023
CLASSIC: What is Predictive Programming?
Sep 05, 2023
Strange News: Flannery Associates Revealed, A Hunt for Nessie, and Worms Move Into Brains
Sep 04, 2023
How To Build An Urban Legend
Sep 01, 2023
Listener Mail: Divine Intervention, Smoking Wet, Billionaire Names and Deadly Mushrooms
Aug 31, 2023
Is Reality a Computer Simulation?
Aug 30, 2023
CLASSIC: DNA and Crime: The Original Night Stalker
Aug 29, 2023
Strange News: Wagner Leaders in Plane Crash, Fyre Festival, and Modern Moon Missions
Aug 28, 2023
A War For Chips: The Semiconductor Episode
Aug 25, 2023
CLASSIC: The Murky World of Serial Killer Memorabilia
Aug 24, 2023
Speak to Us: Voicemail Edition
Aug 23, 2023
CLASSIC: From the Past to the Modern Day: Does torture actually work?
Aug 22, 2023
Strange News: Peruvian Aliens, the Sackler Family and Prison, Robotaxis and Newspaper Raids
Aug 21, 2023
Does Aspartame Give You Cancer?
Aug 18, 2023
Listener Mail: Celebrity Murders, Jewish Exorcisms, Billionaire Hobbies and Trading Card Heists
Aug 17, 2023
Is the US Navy Covering Up Radioactive Waste?
Aug 16, 2023
CLASSIC: Are frogs really changing gender?
Aug 15, 2023
Strange News: 'Death Cap' Mushroom Poisoning, Criminal Bear Apprehended, Mysterious Leprosy Outbreak in Florida
Aug 14, 2023
Sad Oligarch, with Jake Hanrahan
Aug 11, 2023
Listener Mail: Skyborg, Misdiagnosis, Madlib and More
Aug 10, 2023
UFOs and Congress
Aug 09, 2023
CLASSIC: Imperialism and Iran
Aug 08, 2023
Strange News: Mystery Company in California, Japan's Were-collie, the Lunar Codex
Aug 07, 2023
Billionaires Have Strange (and Dangerous) Hobbies
Aug 04, 2023
CLASSIC: What are Ultraterrestrials?
Aug 03, 2023
Big Sugar, with Celeste Headlee
Aug 02, 2023
CLASSIC: Is the Palace of Versailles haunted?
Aug 01, 2023
CLASSIC: Uncaught Serial Killers, Part 3
Jul 31, 2023
The EBO Post: Fact vs. Fiction
Jul 28, 2023
Listener Mail: Skyborg, Public Schools, and Divine Visitations
Jul 27, 2023
The Exorcist Files, with Ryan Bethea
Jul 26, 2023
CLASSIC: Behind the Curtain of the Music Industry with J. Prince
Jul 25, 2023
Strange News: Long Island Serial Killer Suspect Arrested, NPC TikTok, and the Murder of Tupac Shakur
Jul 24, 2023
Studio Conspiracies: Behind the Scenes of the Silver Screen
Jul 21, 2023
Listener Mail: Vibes, Palau, A Haunting in Atlanta and the Sinister Google Sign-in
Jul 20, 2023
Was Public School Created To Make Factory Workers?
Jul 19, 2023
CLASSIC: Is democracy impossible?
Jul 18, 2023
Strange News: Gorillas Love Smartphones, Canada and Sterilization, the Taliban on Twitter, Surveillance in France
Jul 17, 2023
The One Where We Ruin Canned Seafood
Jul 14, 2023
Listener Mail: UAP Arms Race, the Death of Officer O'Keefe, What Could Go Wrong when Corporations Vote?
Jul 13, 2023
The Mysterious Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Jul 12, 2023
CLASSIC: Cambridge Analytica and Facebook
Jul 11, 2023
Strange News: Aspartame and Cancer, Steroid Olympics -- and the White House Wants to Block Out the Sun
Jul 10, 2023
Weird Finance, with Paco De Leon
Jul 07, 2023
Listener Mail: Propaganda, Body Brokers, and Letters From Home
Jul 06, 2023
Are "Vibes" Real?
Jul 05, 2023
CLASSIC: Could a thought be alive?
Jul 04, 2023
Strange News: Corporations Get The Vote, A Navy Cover-up, and the Russian Coup that Wasn't
Jul 03, 2023
Tipping: A Conspiracy Afoot?
Jun 30, 2023
Listener Mail: Winchester Mansion, A Hotel Of Terror, Update on VW Conspiracy
Jun 29, 2023
Bone Valley, with Gilbert King
Jun 28, 2023
CLASSIC: Several Terrifying Things You Just Ate
Jun 27, 2023
Strange News: Fake Priests, Body Brokers and the Titan Sub Disaster
Jun 26, 2023
Should Any Books Be Banned?
Jun 23, 2023
Listener Mail: Can AI hallucinate? Glioblastoma and Cellphones. An Incredibly Upset Australian.
Jun 22, 2023
Lava for Good Live: The War on Drugs - Did Anyone Win?
Jun 21, 2023
CLASSIC: The Great Volkswagen Cover-up, with Scott Benjamin
Jun 20, 2023
Strange News: Secret Chinese Spy Station in Cuba, UFOs in Vegas, A Saturn Moon is Habitable
Jun 19, 2023
What is snake oil?
Jun 16, 2023
Listener Mail: Gremlins, Race Horse Deaths, and Solving the Toothpaste Heist
Jun 15, 2023
Cryptids of Ohio
Jun 14, 2023
CLASSIC: What was the Chappaquiddick Incident?
Jun 13, 2023
Strange News: The USA has UFOs? A Slow Collapse, and Psychedelic Cryoptography
Jun 12, 2023
The Stuff Hotels Don't Want You To Know
Jun 09, 2023
Listener Mail: An Apartment Collapse, Big Pharma vs. Healthcare; The Rise of DarkBERT
Jun 08, 2023
Silenced: The Radio Murders, with Oz Woloshyn
Jun 07, 2023
CLASSIC: Was Benjamin Franklin a serial killer?
Jun 06, 2023
Strange News: AI Debt Collectors, a Toothpaste Heist, and a Mysterious Boat Accident
Jun 05, 2023
CLASSIC: Ernest Withers: Civil Rights Hero, FBI Spy
Jun 02, 2023
Listener Mail: Human Expansion, Tipping in America, and Shoutouts
Jun 01, 2023
A Conversation with Johnny Drinks
May 31, 2023
CLASSIC: A Digital Cult? The Strange Story of Bentinho Massaro
May 30, 2023
Strange News: The Rise of Blood Boys, A Narcocorrido Ban, and a Jail Break Foiled
May 29, 2023
Yes, the Government Can Take Your Stuff
May 26, 2023
Listener Mail: Three-Parent Babies, Vancouver Drugs, and Hotel Secrets
May 25, 2023
The Setagaya Family Murders
May 24, 2023
CLASSIC: Are exorcisms on the rise?
May 23, 2023
Strange News: The Kenyan Death Cult. A Mormon Whistleblower and a Staged Plane Crash
May 22, 2023
The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
May 19, 2023
Listener Mail: The Great Coin Shortage, A Sobering Plea, and More
May 18, 2023
The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich
May 17, 2023
CLASSIC: The Modern Vampire: Longer Life Through Younger Blood
May 16, 2023
Strange News: The Nashville Toe Sucker, the Canadian Drug Pop-up, and the Rise of Three-Parent Kids
May 15, 2023
A Bridge in Scotland Kills Dogs
May 12, 2023
Listener Mail: Spy Balloons Have a "Season," A Temporal Tizzy, and What Happens When Banks Fail
May 11, 2023
Wrongful Conviction, with Jason Flom
May 10, 2023
CLASSIC: How The US Secretly Tracked UFOs with Jeremy Corbell
May 09, 2023
Strange News: White House Meets on AI Concerns, Woman Orgasms During Orchestra Performance -- and It's a Bad Time to be a Spy
May 08, 2023
La Llorona is Older Than You Think
May 05, 2023
CLASSIC: Cryptocurrency Conspiracies, Part II
May 04, 2023
Michael Talks to Errbody, with Michael Colyar
May 03, 2023
CLASSIC: Cryptocurrency Conspiracies, Part I
May 02, 2023
CLASSIC: Is someone using sonic weapons in Cuba?
May 01, 2023
The Strange Case of Benjaman Kyle
Apr 28, 2023
Listener Mail: Smurfs and CERN, A Possible Cult in LA, and Solving Wartime UFOs
Apr 27, 2023
The Houston, Texas Lovers' Lane Murders
Apr 26, 2023
CLASSIC: Hollywood’s Abuse Epidemic
Apr 25, 2023
Strange News: Baby Powder and Voting Lawsuits; Deputies Plan Murders; US Feds Arrest Leaders of 'Secret Chinese Police Stations'
Apr 24, 2023
Listener Mail: The Psychedelic Devil's Bread, Invasive Species and Q Hydrogen
Apr 21, 2023
Astroturf and Cancer
Apr 21, 2023
UFOs in the Korean War
Apr 19, 2023
CLASSIC: Should we be conCERNed?
Apr 18, 2023
Strange News: Furbies Reveal Plan For World Domination, Pentagon Leaks Rock Uncle Sam, and More Details on Ye's Donda Academy
Apr 17, 2023
What is the RESTRICT Act? TikTok and Beyond
Apr 14, 2023
CLASSIC: Is there really a lost civilization in the Grand Canyon?
Apr 13, 2023
Conspiracy, Congress and Crime: The ABSCAM Story
Apr 12, 2023
CLASSIC: What exactly are "Ghost Lights"?
Apr 11, 2023
Strange News: A Death in St. Petersburg, International Sperm Donor Sued for Incest, US Actor Works for Russia
Apr 10, 2023
How Ouija Boards Work
Apr 07, 2023
Listener Mail: The Sinister Truth Behind the TikTok Ban, Juggalos, EMTs, and Medically-assisted Suicide in Canada
Apr 06, 2023
The COVID Lab Leak
Apr 05, 2023
CLASSIC: The Strange World of Inexplicable Skeletons
Apr 04, 2023
Strange News: Astrotrurf is Potentially Deadly, the Nashville School Shooting, and Columbian Police vs. the Occult
Apr 03, 2023
Illumination Global Unlimited
Mar 31, 2023
CLASSIC: Biomedical Big Brother
Mar 30, 2023
CLASSIC: STDWYTK Presents: See You Next Time
Mar 29, 2023
CLASSIC: Are there any real underwater military bases?
Mar 28, 2023
CLASSIC: What happened to Commander Crabb?
Mar 27, 2023
High Strange, with Payne Lindsey
Mar 24, 2023
CLASSIC: Secrets revealed? JFK in 2017
Mar 23, 2023
Should We Reverse Aging?
Mar 22, 2023
CLASSIC: The Sordid, Secret World of Televangelists and Megachurches
Mar 21, 2023
Strange News: The SVB Bank Collapse, Tennessee's Lt. Governor, and Poison in the Toilet Paper
Mar 20, 2023
Witness Protection: Facts and Fiction
Mar 17, 2023
Listener Mail: Don't Trust Doorbells, SL-1 Nuclear Incident and a Frightening Conversation with Your Favorite Bot
Mar 16, 2023
Charles F. McGonigal: FBI
Mar 15, 2023
CLASSIC: Off-World Implants with Jeremy Corbell
Mar 14, 2023
Strange News: Keanu Fights Fungi, Mr. Beast vs. Walmart, and Russia's Shadow Oil Fleet
Mar 13, 2023
East Palestine and Beyond
Mar 10, 2023
Listener Mail: Super Pig News From the Frontlines, Subatomic Time Travelers, and Horror Movie Recommendations
Mar 09, 2023
No One Dies At Disney
Mar 08, 2023
CLASSIC: Did a cult try to run South Korea?
Mar 07, 2023
Strange News: Mexican President Sees an 'Elf,' US Marshalls Hacked, Update on Fighting Asteroids
Mar 06, 2023
Cannibals and Conspiracy: What Happened to Michael Rockefeller, Part Two
Mar 03, 2023
Listener Mail: FEMA and Conspiracy, Eggs, and the US Wants Prisoners to Sell Organs
Mar 02, 2023
Cannibals and Conspiracy: What Happened to Michael Rockefeller, Part One
Mar 01, 2023
CLASSIC: What is the Dragon's Triangle?
Feb 28, 2023
Strange News: Australia's "Hive of Spies," Fox News Gets Sued, and the Rise of SUPER PIGS
Feb 27, 2023
Let's Start a Coup! Ep 1 – A Basket Full of Fascists
Feb 27, 2023
CLASSIC: Titanic Conspiracies
Feb 24, 2023
CLASSIC: The Gulen Movement
Feb 23, 2023
The Strange Story of Adam's Calendar
Feb 22, 2023
CLASSIC: Can You Really Delete Your Internet History?
Feb 21, 2023
Strange News: Balloons, UFOs and Other Explosive Distractions
Feb 20, 2023
The 2022 Twitter Files
Feb 17, 2023
Listener Mail: Balloons or Baloney? Another Government Worker and Politics as Religion
Feb 16, 2023
Do cops have their own gangs?
Feb 15, 2023
CLASSIC: Real-life Superpowers
Feb 14, 2023
Strange News: FBI Agent Caught Working For Oligarch, Man Sues Due To 'Friend Zone,' Secret Russian Satellite is Disintegrating -- and No One Knows Why
Feb 13, 2023
The Mysterious Death of Dag Hammarskjöld
Feb 10, 2023
Listener Mail: "Adam's Calendar," Glitter in Tasers, and the Grim Allegations of Coerced Death in Canada
Feb 09, 2023
The Egg-spiracy
Feb 08, 2023
CLASSIC: Inside America's Zone of Death
Feb 07, 2023
Strange News: Bacteria in Eyedrops, a Tesla Road Rager, and "Bring Back the Dodo!"
Feb 06, 2023
Oops, All Voicemail
Feb 03, 2023
Listener Mail: Stuff the Military Doesn't Want You To Know, Haunted Planes, "AI" and Art
Feb 02, 2023
How To Be A Skeptic, Part Two: Friends and Family
Feb 01, 2023
CLASSIC: It's Our Lucky Day, With Archer's Dr. Krieger
Jan 31, 2023
Strange News: Russia Triggers Doomsday Clock, Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster, Gene Therapy will Amaze and Terrify
Jan 30, 2023
Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?
Jan 27, 2023
Listener Mail: Mental Health, Synesthesia, Sonic Booms and Terrible Puns
Jan 26, 2023
Is AI coming for you?
Jan 25, 2023
CLASSIC: STDWYTK Presents: How May I Help You?
Jan 24, 2023
Strange News: "Tax the Rich," say the Rich; Getty Sues AI Companies; Serial Killer Wants to Join Russian Military
Jan 23, 2023
Could airplanes be haunted?
Jan 20, 2023
Listener Mail: Iran, Augmented Reality, the Disappearance of Max Loughan, Birth Rates
Jan 20, 2023
How To Be A Skeptic
Jan 18, 2023
CLASSIC: Top-secret Bunkers with Garrett Graff
Jan 17, 2023
Strange News: Utah is Sick of Mystery Electronics, Brazil and Coups, and Fungal Infections
Jan 16, 2023
What is the Line of Actual Control?
Jan 13, 2023
CLASSIC: Utsuro Bune: Ancient Japanese UFOs?
Jan 12, 2023
The Overpopulation Conspiracy
Jan 11, 2023
CLASSIC: Missing 411 with David Paulides
Jan 10, 2023
Strange News: Cremation Scams, Infrastructure Terrorism, Japan Begs People To Move
Jan 09, 2023
Who killed the Shermans? Part Two: Suspects and Questions
Jan 06, 2023
CLASSIC: What about the other pyramids?
Jan 05, 2023
Who killed the Shermans? Part One: Death Imitates Art
Jan 04, 2023
CLASSIC: Moving to Mars with Marshall Brain
Jan 03, 2023
Strange News: Nuclear Fusion?! Lensa, and a Mysterious Fire in Brooklyn.
Jan 02, 2023
CLASSIC: Is Money a Religion?
Dec 30, 2022
CLASSIC: The Search For Bigfoot
Dec 29, 2022
CLASSIC: Could we still discover unknown large animals?
Dec 28, 2022
CLASSIC: What was the Black Hand?
Dec 27, 2022
CLASSIC: Serial Killers on the Loose: Part 2
Dec 26, 2022
Companies Run by Cults
Dec 23, 2022
CLASSIC: What is red mercury?
Dec 22, 2022
Does China Have "Police Stations" Abroad?
Dec 21, 2022
CLASSIC: Unacknowledged: An Interview with Dr. Steven Greer
Dec 20, 2022
CLASSIC: Facial Recognition with Jonathan Strickland
Dec 19, 2022
The 1752 Calendar Heist
Dec 16, 2022
Listener Mail: Cloudbusting -- and What To Do If You Find a Random Firearm
Dec 15, 2022
FIFA Is So Cartoonishly Corrupt
Dec 14, 2022
CLASSIC: What the heck is a Toynbee Tile?
Dec 13, 2022
Strange News: Massive Coup Attempt in Germany, Chinese Police Stations and More
Dec 12, 2022
The New Chronology Theory
Dec 09, 2022
Listener Mail: Forcing the Mentally Ill into Hospitals, Hallucinogens and Religion, Strange Lights in Michigan
Dec 08, 2022
Space Ghost: The Return of the X-37B, Part II
Dec 07, 2022
CLASSIC: What happened to Hitler?
Dec 06, 2022
Strange News: Black Hole Beams at Earth, Tax Sites Snitch to Meta, and San Francisco Deploys Robots with Explosives
Dec 05, 2022
Space Ghost: The Return of the X-37B, Part I
Dec 02, 2022
CLASSIC: ConspiracyStuff LIVE: The Future of Surveillance
Dec 01, 2022
Is the Moon Messing with you?
Nov 30, 2022
CLASSIC: Where are the world's most frequent UFO sightings?
Nov 29, 2022
CLASSIC: Did Hallucinogens Create Religion?
Nov 28, 2022
The World's Infamous Prisoners: Thoughtcrime
Nov 25, 2022
Listener Mail: Secret Vietnam Tech, How the US Became Hooked on Cars, and the Truth about Monopolies
Nov 24, 2022
The World's Most Infamous Prisoners: Violent Crime
Nov 23, 2022
CLASSIC: The Mysterious Lake City Quiet Pills
Nov 22, 2022
Strange News: Team America, FTX Crash, and the Mystery of the X-37B in Space
Nov 21, 2022
How Secure are Security Clearances?
Nov 18, 2022
Listener Mail: Nicholas Rossi's "Hospital Tattoos," Tennessee Spirits, and Mysteries of the Moon
Nov 17, 2022
How Federal Classification Works (and why it’s a problem)
Nov 16, 2022
CLASSIC: Did the CIA invent counterculture?
Nov 15, 2022
Strange News: Mysterious Ghosts on Camera, Kanye, the National Park Service Begs You To Stop Licking Toads
Nov 14, 2022
The PROMIS Affair - Digging Deeper
Nov 11, 2022
Listener Mail: Space Junk, The Feds Roll Up, and the Terrifying Reality of Precrime in the US
Nov 10, 2022
Rent To Own: Brilliant Business or Brutal Corruption?
Nov 09, 2022
CLASSIC: Die Glocke: The Legend of the Nazi Bell
Nov 08, 2022
Strange News: Delphi, A Meat Heist, Pelosi Conspiracies, and the FBI Raids a Journalist
Nov 07, 2022
Behind The Scenes: Inside Our Book
Nov 04, 2022
Listener Mail: Reincarnation, Late-night Modems and Ben Goes Off The Grid
Nov 03, 2022
ShotSpotter: Part Two
Nov 02, 2022
CLASSIC: The Sick, Sweet Secret of the Sugar Cover-up
Nov 01, 2022
Strange News: Ye Update, A Bizarre 911 Call, and Ben Goes Missing
Oct 31, 2022
CLASSIC: Did the US abandon soldiers in the Vietnam War?
Oct 28, 2022
ShotSpotter: Part One
Oct 28, 2022
Digging Deeper Into Food Deserts
Oct 26, 2022
CLASSIC: Does China Have Psychic Child Soldiers?
Oct 25, 2022
CLASSIC: What happened to Elisa Lam?
Oct 24, 2022
Propaganda At Home: The Smith-Mundt Act
Oct 21, 2022
Listener Mail: Glitter Insider, Shotspotter, Fishing Scandals
Oct 20, 2022
The Silurian Hypothesis
Oct 19, 2022
CLASSIC: The NSA: Fact, Fiction and Fright
Oct 18, 2022
Strange News: Superorganisms in Your Mouth, the Overview Effect, and Police Making Dangerous Portraits with DNA
Oct 17, 2022
Creatures of the Night: Alleged Monsters Around the World, Part II
Oct 14, 2022
Listener Mail: On the Frontlines of Iran, Peanut Allergies on the Rise, and Holy Land, USA.
Oct 13, 2022
Creatures of the Night: Alleged Monsters Around the World, Part I
Oct 12, 2022
CLASSIC: Grimoires: Fact and Fiction
Oct 11, 2022
Strange News: Plants Swing Machetes, Cheating Fishermen, Possible Serial Killer in California
Oct 10, 2022
Who's Buying All The Glitter?
Oct 07, 2022
Listener Mail: Conspiracies About Conspiracies, Shotspotter, the Nature of Fact
Oct 06, 2022
A Monster in Belgium: The Dutroux Affair, with Matt Graves
Oct 05, 2022
CLASSIC: The Hemp Car Cover-up
Oct 04, 2022
Strange News: Big Pharma, Mysterious Airport Moans and Bret Favre
Oct 03, 2022
The Bizarre Tale of the Circleville Letters
Sep 30, 2022
Book Excerpt: Assassinations
Sep 29, 2022
Vigilante Justice: The Story of La Sombra Negra
Sep 29, 2022
CLASSIC: Did Sheldon Gosline Discover a Lost Civilization?
Sep 27, 2022
Havana Syndrome Update, with Jack O'Brien
Sep 26, 2022
Strange News: The Pentagon Will 'Review' Its Own Psyops, NPCs and Inequality, Autopsy Crimes in Kansas
Sep 26, 2022
Listener Mail: Martian Helicopters, Quran Translations, Frightening Shipwrecks, and So Many Bad Jokes
Sep 22, 2022
What is "Clearing" a House ?
Sep 21, 2022
CLASSIC: The Mystery of the Cagots
Sep 20, 2022
Strange News: Alleged Chess Scandal, "Baby Shark" as Torture, and Russia Proven to Spend Millions Rigging Your Government
Sep 19, 2022
The Calvine UFO Photograph
Sep 16, 2022
Listener Mail: Food Deserts, Hijacking Planes, and the World's Most Dangerous Prisoners
Sep 15, 2022
Modern Cults, Part II: The Creativity Movement, Kashi Ashram and Angel's Landing
Sep 14, 2022
CLASSIC: The Search For Noah's Ark
Sep 13, 2022
Strange News: Animal Attacks, Tragic Love with a Hologram, and NASA Plays Pool in Space
Sep 12, 2022
Modern Cults, Part I: Black Hammers and More
Sep 09, 2022
Listener Mail: Rare Blood Types, PROMIS, and Poop in the Mail
Sep 08, 2022
Who's Hiding the Broccoli? A Conversation with Jordan Harbinger
Sep 07, 2022
CLASSIC: Is the Military on Drugs?
Sep 06, 2022
Strange News: Governor Warns against Drinking City Water, Texas vs. The Bible, and Legal Rights for Plants
Sep 05, 2022
Hairy-handed Road Rage: A British Ghost Story
Sep 02, 2022
Listener Mail: A Surveillance Meet-Cute, A Second Coming and The Dolphin Illuminati
Sep 01, 2022
Cartels as Corporations -- and Governments
Aug 31, 2022
CLASSIC: What is Project Iceworm?
Aug 30, 2022
Strange News: Roomba Snoops, Loose Poops and Meta is a Snitch
Aug 29, 2022
Aug 26, 2022
CLASSIC: Catholics, Children and Conspiracy: The Epidemic of Abuse
Aug 25, 2022
Would the US really invade the Hague?
Aug 24, 2022
CLASSIC: What’s the US National Radio Quiet Zone?
Aug 23, 2022
Is there a real "truth serum"?
Aug 19, 2022
CLASSIC: The Hidden World of Psychopaths
Aug 18, 2022
The Strange Story of Bob Lazar
Aug 17, 2022
CLASSIC: Did aliens appear over Los Angeles?
Aug 16, 2022
CLASSIC: How could the CIA have faked the moon landing?
Aug 15, 2022
Listener Mail: Big Brother At Work, Standardized Tests and a Crucial Guinea Pig Correction
Aug 13, 2022
The Clintons and Corruption, Part II: White Water, Dirty Money and Larger Problems
Aug 12, 2022
The Clintons and Corruption, Part I: Origins and Body Counts
Aug 10, 2022
CLASSIC: Sport Conspiracies, Part II
Aug 09, 2022
Strange News: Alex Jones Goes to Court, It's Raining PFAs, Massachusetts Forgives Last Witch
Aug 08, 2022
Banks Are Buying Your Neighborhood, Part II
Aug 05, 2022
Listener Mail: The Airbag Black Market, Thermostat Shenanigans, and the Case of the Somerton Man
Aug 04, 2022
Banks Are Buying Your Neighborhood, Part I
Aug 03, 2022
CLASSIC: Sports Conspiracies, Part I
Aug 02, 2022
Strange News: Fast Food Founder Buys Everyone Lottery Tickets, Holes in the Ocean Floor, Scary Algorithm Predicts Crime with 90% Accuracy
Aug 01, 2022
The Great Bitcoin Crash
Jul 29, 2022
Listener Mail: Make More Poor, Banks Buy Your Neighborhood, The Future of Infrastructure
Jul 28, 2022
Is LaMDA alive? Part II
Jul 27, 2022
CLASSIC: Cannibalism: Fact and Fiction
Jul 26, 2022
Strange News: Amazon is Snitching, Heists in LA, and "Mutant" Soldiers in Ukraine?
Jul 25, 2022
Is LaMDA alive? Part I
Jul 22, 2022
STDWYTK Presents: The Tale of the University Six, Part II
Jul 20, 2022
CLASSIC: Human Experimentation: MIT and Cereal
Jul 19, 2022
Strange News: Oklahoma Murderer Implicates Bigfoot, Shinzo Abe Assassinated, People Blame Terrible Events on CERN
Jul 18, 2022
Alien State, with MJ Banias
Jul 15, 2022
Listener Mail: Permaculture, the US vs. the Hague, and an Amazon Conspiracy
Jul 14, 2022
CLASSIC: Is Sesame Credit Dangerous?
Jul 13, 2022
STDWYTK Presents: The Tale of the University Six, Part I
Jul 12, 2022
Strange News: The Georgia Guidestones, Gentleminions, Plastic-Eating Worms, Bladder Surgery and Botox
Jul 11, 2022
CLASSIC: Did Teresita Basa avenge her own death?
Jul 08, 2022
Listener Mail: Cartels and Animals, Blood Donation Bans, A Cult Called the Body
Jul 07, 2022
Academic Journals: Corruption and Conspiracy
Jul 06, 2022
CLASSIC: Wikileaks and the DNC
Jul 05, 2022
Strange News: Japanese Drug Loopholes, Mysterious Deaths in the Bahamas, Someone Crashed into the Moon (and No One Will Admit It)
Jul 04, 2022
Alternate Reality Gaming, with Jeff Hull
Jul 01, 2022
CLASSIC: Banks, Drugs and Money: Part 2
Jun 30, 2022
Wagner: Russia's "Shadow Army"
Jun 29, 2022
CLASSIC: Banks, Drugs and Money: Part 1
Jun 28, 2022
Strange News: Surviving a Kidnapping, Puppet Arrested in DC, China Aims to Censor All Social Media
Jun 27, 2022
Messiahs, Abuse and Espionage: Adnan Oktar’s Sex Cult
Jun 24, 2022
Listener Mail: Real-life Telekinesis (Sort of), Hatchet Drones and Immunology
Jun 23, 2022
Cautionary Tales, with Tim Harford
Jun 22, 2022
CLASSIC: Could someone erase the world's debt?
Jun 21, 2022
Strange News: Is LaMDA alive? Cartel Corruption, Predatory Banking in Utah
Jun 20, 2022
The Rare Earth Metals Gold Rush
Jun 17, 2022
Listener Mail: Fish in Florida are on Drugs, A Disturbing Rash of Brain Tumors in New Jersey
Jun 16, 2022
The Hazards of Standardized Testing
Jun 15, 2022
CLASSIC: Free Wifi: Gambling with Your Privacy
Jun 14, 2022
Strange News: Historic Cancer Breakthrough, and a Company Decides Not To Put Drones in Schools
Jun 13, 2022
How To Citizen, with Baratunde Thurston
Jun 10, 2022
CLASSIC: Crime, Kidnapping and Organs: The Red Market
Jun 09, 2022
The Dangers of Outsourcing
Jun 08, 2022
CLASSIC: Are there secret space programs?
Jun 07, 2022
Strange News: Uncle Sam's Top Secret Plans Exposed (Sort of), AI Cartoons, A Brutal Religious Heist
Jun 06, 2022
The Future of Private Space Travel
Jun 03, 2022
Listener Mail: The "Most Dangerous Man" and the Looming Threat of Trigger Laws
Jun 02, 2022
The Corpsewood Manor Murders
Jun 01, 2022
CLASSIC: Berenstein or Berenstain? The Mandela Effect
May 31, 2022
Strange News: Digital Product Placement, Cop Car Corruption, and The Why People Are Hoarding Food
May 30, 2022
Censorship in China
May 27, 2022
CLASSIC: You're Worth About A Dollar: Targeted Online Ads
May 26, 2022
Congress and UFOs: A Conversation with Jeremy Corbell
May 25, 2022
CLASSIC: Chemtrails
May 24, 2022
Strange News: Poop Transplants Make You "Younger," Canada's QAnon Queen, A Meaty Conspiracy
May 23, 2022
How to Change People's Memories
May 20, 2022
Listener Mail: Why the Mob Hates Drought, Lucid Dreaming, and Time Travel
May 19, 2022
Nigeria's "Forest of Horror"
May 18, 2022
CLASSIC: Ghosthunters: The Warrens
May 17, 2022
Strange News: Mysterious Deaths in the Bahamas, a Wicked Bible, A Supreme Court Leak
May 16, 2022
Wealthy People vs. Taxes
May 13, 2022
Listener Mail: Union Edition
May 12, 2022
The Love Canal Tragedy
May 11, 2022
CLASSIC: Who was the Original Night Stalker?
May 10, 2022
Strange News: Water Crisis, A Mysterious Death, Nationwide Food Supply Disasters
May 09, 2022
Serial Killers On The Loose: 2022, Part II
May 06, 2022
CLASSIC: What are Jinn?
May 05, 2022
Serial Killers On The Loose: 2022, Part I
May 04, 2022
CLASSIC: Money, Mystery and Millionaires: The Panama Papers
May 03, 2022
Strange News: Russian Oligarchs are Endangered, Musk Buys Twitter and a Man Threatens Merriam-Webster
May 02, 2022
Nazi Billionaires, with David de Jong
Apr 29, 2022
Listener Mail: Alien Pregnancy, What Happens to Your Medical Info, and the Corpsewood Manor Murders
Apr 28, 2022
The Strange Story of Ong’s Hat
Apr 27, 2022
CLASSIC: Missing in National Parks
Apr 26, 2022
Strange News: Google Unblurs Russian Sites, Infowars Files Bankruptcy, Self-driving Car on the Lam
Apr 25, 2022
The Vampire Tunnels of Springfield, Missouri
Apr 22, 2022
Listener Mail: Rampant Phishing Scams, Alternative Funeral Rites, Cannabis and the World of Dreams
Apr 21, 2022
What’s the deal with tinfoil?
Apr 20, 2022
CLASSIC: Beyond Flint: The Looming Lead Crisis
Apr 20, 2022
Strange News: Alien Pregnancies, COVID Scams, Fake Federal Agents
Apr 18, 2022
The Lonnie Zamora Incident
Apr 15, 2022
Listener Mail: The Killenworth Mansion, the Strange Story of Marcus Hutchins, the Problem with Medical Implants
Apr 14, 2022
Union Busters, Part II: The Present and the Future
Apr 13, 2022
CLASSIC: The Fermi Paradox: Where the heck are all the aliens?
Apr 12, 2022
Strange News: Russian War Crimes, Population Decline, the Rise of Male Birth Control
Apr 11, 2022
Union Busters, Part I: An Origin Story
Apr 08, 2022
Listener Mail: Eastman Explosions in Tennessee, The Dangers of Being Prepared, Hank's Episode Ideas
Apr 07, 2022
How many nukes are out there?
Apr 06, 2022
CLASSIC: Technology and the Occult
Apr 05, 2022
Strange News: Declassified UAP Report Released, An Odd Workplace 'Benefit,' and Gangs Infiltrate LA Law Enforcement
Apr 04, 2022
Body Brokers
Apr 01, 2022
Listener Mail: Trouble at the Post Office, the Center of the Universe, and the Halifax Toe Tickler
Mar 31, 2022
The Return of Lucky Yates
Mar 30, 2022
CLASSIC: Alchemy | with Damien Patrick Williams
Mar 29, 2022
Strange News: Bringing Brains Back From The Dead, Deep Fake Update, Benzene Is In Everything
Mar 28, 2022
Back From the Dead: the Future of De-Extinction
Mar 25, 2022
Listener Mail: The Government's 'Secret Internet,' Night Drones, Sonic Booms and Sky Trumpets
Mar 24, 2022
The Hunt For the Tasmanian Tiger
Mar 23, 2022
CLASSIC: Flat Earth Update
Mar 22, 2022
Strange News: De-Extinction, AI Avatars in Politics, and Digging the World's Deepest Hole
Mar 21, 2022
CLASSIC: The Rise of the Superbug
Mar 18, 2022
Listener Mail: The Center of the Universe, The Fraud Triangle, and the Tricky Business of Counting Nukes
Mar 17, 2022
The Future of Digital ID
Mar 16, 2022
CLASSIC: Cattle Mutilation
Mar 15, 2022
Strange News: Stolen Heads, a Mysterious Z, and a Broken Stone in Japan May Have Just Released a Demon
Mar 14, 2022
What is SWIFT?
Mar 11, 2022
Listener Mail: Red Summer, Solving the Sonic Boom Story, and the Gang Gets into Elden Ring
Mar 10, 2022
Russia and Ukraine: The Long Road to War
Mar 09, 2022
CLASSIC: Why You Can't Win Arguments Online
Mar 08, 2022
Strange News: Tin Foil Hats Make a Comeback, Marines Busted in Human Trafficking Ring, Life Really Does Flash Before Your Eyes at Death
Mar 07, 2022
What is Acquired Savant Syndrome?
Mar 04, 2022
Listener Mail: Did Walmart Smuggle Explosives? Did Woody Harrelson's Dad Shoot JFK? What is The Brook?
Mar 03, 2022
Neuralink: Putting the Cloud in Your Head
Mar 02, 2022
CLASSIC: What is Gnosticism?
Mar 01, 2022
Strange News: Credit Suisse Leak, a Counterprotest Song, and Living at Disney FOREVER
Feb 28, 2022
The Strange History of Rocky Flats
Feb 25, 2022
Listener Mail: Sonic Booms, Metaverse Time Travel, and Critical Race Theory
Feb 24, 2022
What are Sanctions?
Feb 23, 2022
CLASSIC: Porter Ranch: Fossil Fuel Cover-ups
Feb 22, 2022
Strange News: Wordle Saves Lives, Cybercrime, and Qanon Hates Butterflies
Feb 21, 2022
Does junk food target children?
Feb 18, 2022
Listener Mail: Mysterious Fishing Club, Terrorism in the Metaverse, Trouble in Ottawa
Feb 17, 2022
What is ecoterrorism?
Feb 16, 2022
CLASSIC: Ghosts and Infrasound
Feb 15, 2022
Strange News: China Censorship, Robots on the Border, One Guy Hacks North Korea
Feb 14, 2022
Project Azorian, or: the CIA Steals A Submarine
Feb 11, 2022
Listener Mail: Grandfathers on America's Most Wanted, North Korean Museums, and... is Facebook in your head?
Feb 10, 2022
CLASSIC: Does the UK control the US?
Feb 09, 2022
CLASSIC: Congress 101
Feb 08, 2022
Strange News: Cartels in Your Produce Aisle, Explosions in Sacramento, Celebrity NFTs
Feb 07, 2022
Should We Fear the Metaverse?
Feb 04, 2022
Listener Mail: What is the Oculus Temple? Parents in the CIA, and more on New Brunswick
Feb 03, 2022
Presidents and Substance Abuse
Feb 02, 2022
Feb 01, 2022
Strange News: Big Brother in Your Car, Cloning Pets, Georgia Imprisonment
Jan 31, 2022
The Strange Story of Secret Museums
Jan 28, 2022
Listener Mail: Secrets of Predictive Analytics, Train Robberies and Havana Syndrome
Jan 27, 2022
Gangsters of Capitalism, with Jonathan Katz
Jan 26, 2022
CLASSIC: The Future of Poverty
Jan 25, 2022
Strange News: 5G may Ground Planes, Suspicious Deaths in Pakistan, CROWS AND LASERS
Jan 24, 2022
Why do CEOs make so much money?
Jan 21, 2022
Listener Mail: Rocky Mountain Flats Nuclear Site, Fire in the Sky, Hazards of Retail
Jan 20, 2022
CLASSIC: Nightmares, Shadow People and Sleep Paralysis
Jan 19, 2022
Strange News: Mysterious Deaths, Farts, Chimera and Theseus
Jan 18, 2022
The Death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jan 17, 2022
Havana Syndrome. Part II: Global Controversy
Jan 14, 2022
CLASSIC: Serial Killers on the Loose
Jan 13, 2022
Robots in Court: China's AI Prosecutor
Jan 12, 2022
CLASSIC: What is the Highway of Tears?
Jan 11, 2022
CLASSIC: Superstars and Satan: Music and the Occult
Jan 10, 2022
Workplace Surveillance
Jan 07, 2022
Listener Mail: Fake Towns, Foster Care and: What the heck is the national debt?
Jan 06, 2022
The War on Drugs, with Ethan Nadelmann
Jan 05, 2022
CLASSIC: Did Osama Bin Laden really die in 2011?
Jan 04, 2022
Strange News: Blowing Up Teslas and Posting Tweets with the Power of Thought
Jan 03, 2022
CLASSIC: Prophecy, Predictions and Prescience
Dec 31, 2021
Listener Mail: The New Silk Road, Near Death Experiences, and Strange AM Signals
Dec 30, 2021
CLASSIC: Big Pharma: Conspiracies and Cover-ups
Dec 29, 2021
CLASSIC: Petrodollar 101
Dec 28, 2021
Strange News: Amazon and Phones, Poisoning an Island of Mice, and the Future of Breathing Through Your Butt
Dec 27, 2021
The Doris Duke Case, with Peter Lance: Part 2
Dec 24, 2021
Listener Mail: Creepy Dolls, Tornado Cash, and Sears in the Arms Trade
Dec 23, 2021
The Doris Duke Case, with Peter Lance: Part 1
Dec 22, 2021
CLASSIC: What happens when we die?
Dec 21, 2021
Strange News: Australian DNA Profiling, NY Listening In to Prison Calls, and AI is Building Super Guns
Dec 20, 2021
The Rise of Memetic Warfare
Dec 17, 2021
Listener Mail: Reincarnation, Fairy Tales, and Memes as Lifeforms
Dec 16, 2021
People Knew Asbestos Was Terrible Since 1930
Dec 15, 2021
CLASSIC: The Monster with 21 Faces
Dec 14, 2021
Strange News: China Hunts Lunar Mystery Object, Earth's Black Box, Hawaii's Poisoned Water
Dec 13, 2021
Listener Mail: Doris Duke, the AMIA Bombing and a Death in Groom Lake
Dec 12, 2021
The Art of Money Laundering
Dec 10, 2021
The Legend of the Thunderbird
Dec 08, 2021
CLASSIC: Unsolved - Tamam Shud
Dec 07, 2021
Strange News: The Pentagon Doubles Down on Aliens, QAnon Still Waiting For Prophecies, Havana Syndrome Update
Dec 06, 2021
The Astroworld Disaster
Dec 03, 2021
Listener Mail: Past Life Memories, Predicting the Future through Dreams, Stories of Spycraft
Dec 02, 2021
A World Without Plastic
Dec 01, 2021
CLASSIC: Capital Conspiracies: Washington, DC
Nov 30, 2021
Strange News: Crowdsourced Looting, Dumb Passwords, and the US as a 'Backsliding' Democracy
Nov 29, 2021
CLASSIC: Can hallucinogens cure addiction?
Nov 26, 2021
Listener Mail: The Knox Mine Disaster, Lucid Dreaming and a Mysterious Lab in Idaho
Nov 25, 2021
CLASSIC: What's Beneath the Antarctic Ice?
Nov 24, 2021
CLASSIC: Shills 101: Online Manipulators and You
Nov 23, 2021
Strange News: Your Job is Stalking You, Vigilantes Fight Crypto Scams, and AI Makes Sex Tapes
Nov 22, 2021
CLASSIC: How World War III Might Start
Nov 19, 2021
Listener Mail: Haunted Pianos, LED Lights, Astroworld and the Shadiest Church's Chicken
Nov 19, 2021
Listener Mail: The Voicemail Edition
Nov 17, 2021
CLASSIC: What is Qi?
Nov 16, 2021
Strange News: Virgin Condor Births, Ethical AI, Facebook and Facial Recognition
Nov 15, 2021
The JFK Episode, Part Two: Down the Rabbithole
Nov 12, 2021
Listener Mail: Memes and War, Recurring Dreams and Blue-blocking Cosmetics
Nov 11, 2021
The JFK Episode, Part One: The 'Official' Story
Nov 10, 2021
CLASSIC: What is "Skinwalker Ranch"?
Nov 09, 2021
Strange News: Someone Stole a House, A Joker Attempts Mass Murder, Soon We May Talk To Whales
Nov 08, 2021
Cults: Indoctrination and Escape
Nov 05, 2021
Listener Mail: Gerald Cotten, Lucid Dreaming and Ghost Stories
Nov 04, 2021
Crypto, Crime and Conspiracy: The Death of Gerald Cotten
Nov 03, 2021
CLASSIC: What is media manipulation?
Nov 02, 2021
Strange News: JFK, Crypto Scams and the Arrest of a Robot Artist
Nov 01, 2021
Flame Witches and the Will O’The Wisp
Oct 29, 2021
Listener Mail: Ghost Stories, Santa Claus and the New Chronology
Oct 28, 2021
Is 'witchcraft' on the rise?
Oct 27, 2021
CLASSIC: Who killed Robert Kennedy?
Oct 26, 2021
Strange News: Robo-dog Snipers, New Zealand Just Fired Their Wizard
Oct 25, 2021
Spies and Spying Part II: The Present and the Future
Oct 22, 2021
Listener Mail: Planned Obsolescence, the Cow Urine Surplus and Ghosts
Oct 21, 2021
Spies and Spying Part I: The Past and Present
Oct 20, 2021
CLASSIC: The Deep Web With Alex Winter
Oct 19, 2021
Strange News: Spies and Sandwiches, a Principal's T-shirt, NY Gasses the Subway
Oct 18, 2021
The Death of Leah Freeman
Oct 15, 2021
Listener Mail: Mysterious Handprints, the death of Winston Smith, Ghost Stories
Oct 14, 2021
Luxottica: One Sunglass Company to Rule Them All?
Oct 13, 2021
CLASSIC: Is there a real-life warp drive?
Oct 12, 2021
Strange News: The Pandora Papers, YouTube and Anti-vax, a French Serial Killer
Oct 11, 2021
CLASSIC: The Rise and Fall of the Comics Code
Oct 08, 2021
Listener Mail: The Looming IATSE Strike, a Sunglasses Cartel -- and why do UFOs need lights?
Oct 07, 2021
The True Story of the Men in Black
Oct 06, 2021
CLASSIC: What is genocide?
Oct 05, 2021
Strange News: Rolls Royce Wants To Nuke The Moon, Creepy Clowns and the Rush To Mine The Ocean Depths
Oct 04, 2021
Seismic Anomalies, with Sarah Wayne Callies
Oct 01, 2021
Listener Mail: Guan Yu, the Tytler Cycle, and a Ghost Story
Sep 30, 2021
Majestic 12: An Origin Story
Sep 29, 2021
CLASSIC: False Flag Attacks
Sep 28, 2021
Strange News: Gabby Petito, Potty-training Cows and Google's Bizarre Time Crystals
Sep 27, 2021
ABCs in Europe: Abnormally Big Cats
Sep 24, 2021
Listener Mail: Big Almond, Fitbit and the Nature of Addiction
Sep 23, 2021
Guantanamo Bay, Part Two: The Future
Sep 22, 2021
CLASSIC: Big Data and You
Sep 21, 2021
Strange News: The US vs. Prince Andrew, China Moves World's Largest Guan Yu Statue, Facebook Makes Ray-Bans
Sep 20, 2021
Guantanamo Bay, Part One: An Origin Story
Sep 17, 2021
CLASSIC: Operation Gladio: Invisible Armies and The Secret War
Sep 16, 2021
A Cartel Runs the Maple Syrup Game
Sep 15, 2021
CLASSIC: Did a UFO crash in Kecksburg, PA?
Sep 14, 2021
Strange News: The Satanic Temple Vs. Texas, President Calls For 9/11 Transparency, the World Ignores the Coup in Guinea
Sep 13, 2021
Are video games addictive?
Sep 10, 2021
Listener Mail: A Suspected Serial Killer on I-80, UFOs, and the Right to Repair
Sep 09, 2021
The Melungeon Mystery
Sep 08, 2021
Strange News: China's Internet Gaming Ban, Capybara and Classism, Humans are Evolving New Arteries
Sep 06, 2021
What happened to Portlock, Alaska?
Sep 03, 2021
Listener Mail: Legal Drugs in America, Drone Birds, and the Iron Law of Prohibition
Sep 02, 2021
UFOs and Clubhouse, with Roderick Martin
Sep 01, 2021
CLASSIC: Are the police targeting minorities?
Aug 31, 2021
Strange News: OnlyFans, A Hiking Murder Mystery, and The Real Reason Fast Food Ice Cream Machines Are a Pain
Aug 30, 2021
The Death of Thomas Merton
Aug 27, 2021
Listener Mail: Martians, Hand-written Letters and Grave Robbing
Aug 26, 2021
STDWYTK: Live from Podcast Movement
Aug 25, 2021
CLASSIC: North Korea: Fact and Fiction
Aug 24, 2021
Strange News: Embezzlement in Florida, Viral Police Videos, Crustaceans are Horny for Plastic
Aug 23, 2021
Fast Food Conspiracies, Part 2: A Frightening Combo of Money, Food and Scale
Aug 20, 2021
Listener Mail: Ben Disappears, the Lake Michigan Mothman, Strange Things in Sacramento's Water
Aug 19, 2021
Fast Food Conspiracies, Part 1: The Rise of Mass Production
Aug 18, 2021
CLASSIC: Diamonds: The Conspiracy
Aug 17, 2021
Strange News: Cigarette Company Wants to Ban... Cigarettes? 2,000 Year-old Fast Food, Conspiracy Website Wants You To Change Its Mind
Aug 16, 2021
The Troubling Future of Advertising
Aug 13, 2021
Listener Mail: Insider Info on Private Hacking Software, Serial Killer Rumors in Atlanta
Aug 12, 2021
The Rendlesham Forest Incident with Toby Ball
Aug 11, 2021
CLASSIC: Legal Drugs in America
Aug 10, 2021
Strange News: Ancient Viruses Reemerge From Glaciers, QAnon and Crisis Actor Conspiracies
Aug 09, 2021
India and Sterilization
Aug 06, 2021
Listener Mail: Bizarre Blood Experiments, The DuPonts and Devil's Road, Colorado and Facial Recognition
Aug 05, 2021
The Legend of Duendes: A Latin American Cryptid
Aug 04, 2021
CLASSIC: The Prohibition Conspiracy
Aug 03, 2021
Strange News: DNA Breakthrough in Atlanta Child Murders, Billionaires Aren't Yet Astronauts, and COVID-19 May Impair Long-term Intelligence
Aug 02, 2021
Lobbying, Part 2: Free Speech and Dark Money
Jul 30, 2021
Listener Mail: Secret Scientists, Hidden Blackhawks, and the Mystery of Melungeons
Jul 29, 2021
Lobbying, Part 1: The Dirty Business of Democracy
Jul 28, 2021
CLASSIC: Does Being Wealthy Make You A Bad Person?
Jul 27, 2021
Strange News: The Pegasus Leak, AI and Bourdain, India Proposes Population Control
Jul 26, 2021
NASA Was In Bed With The CIA (And Everyone Else)
Jul 23, 2021
Listener Mail: Oakville Blob, Dark Side of Twitch, and the Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids
Jul 22, 2021
The Mystery of Forgotten Religions
Jul 21, 2021
CLASSIC: Is clairvoyance real?
Jul 20, 2021
Strange News: Haiti's President Assassinated, One Billion Sea Animals Cooked Alive, COVID-19 Scams in India
Jul 19, 2021
The Life and Death of John McAfee
Jul 16, 2021
Listener Mail: Exxon Lobbyist Goes Full Supervillain on Camera, Ray Gricar and Jerry Sandusky, an Unsolved Murder in Oregon
Jul 15, 2021
Interview with Jeff Keating: Pee Wee Gaskins Was Not My Friend
Jul 14, 2021
CLASSIC: Who hacked Sony? (Pt. II)
Jul 13, 2021
Strange News: Ads in Your Dreams, Magic Mushrooms Physically Repair Your Brain, and the FaZe Clan's Crypto Scandal
Jul 12, 2021
UFO Files: Why is the Navy worried about releasing the secret UFO documents?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: Project 1794 - A Real-life Flying Saucer
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: How can you become a ufologist?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: Did Buzz Aldrin see a UFO?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: What is "Skinwalker Ranch"?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: What are the Phoenix lights?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: Did aliens appear over Los Angeles?
Jul 10, 2021
UFO Files: Betty and Barney Hill: The UFO Case that Changed Everything, with Toby Ball
Jul 10, 2021
Disclosure: Uncle Sam Acknowledges UFOs
Jul 09, 2021
Listener Mail: John McAfee is Dead, Newspaper Slogans and the Mystery of John Lang
Jul 08, 2021
Mengele and Twins: Rumors of Nazi Experiments in South America
Jul 07, 2021
CLASSIC: Who hacked Sony? (Pt. I)
Jul 06, 2021
Strange News: Miami's Condo Collapse, Birds Aren't Real, and Mysterious Fossils Change Our Concepts of Early Humanity
Jul 05, 2021
The Devil Made Me Do It: Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson
Jul 02, 2021
Listener Mail: Backmasking, the Death of Thomas Merton and the Hideo Kojima Conspiracy
Jul 01, 2021
What happened to Willie McRae?
Jun 30, 2021
CLASSIC: Big Oil: Conspiracies and You
Jun 29, 2021
Strange News: Public Tells Jeff Bezos to Stay in Space, the Makeup Industry Scandal, and the Hazard of Fake Resumes
Jun 28, 2021
Mexico's Own Bermuda Triangle: The Zone of Silence
Jun 25, 2021
Listener Mail: The Big Hole, In-Q-Tel and a Real-life Jonah
Jun 24, 2021
STDWYTK: Cheesepiracy!
Jun 23, 2021
CLASSIC: What is the TPP?
Jun 22, 2021
Strange News: El Salvador Gets into Bitcoin, Watermelons on Mars and Sabotage on Trains
Jun 21, 2021
Wilderness Therapy Nightmare: Anneewakee with Josh Thane
Jun 18, 2021
Listener Mail: Cheese Conspiracies, A Close Brush with a Cult, and How Your Phone Spies on You
Jun 17, 2021
STDWYTK Goes to the Dentist
Jun 16, 2021
CLASSIC: What the heck is Stonehenge?
Jun 15, 2021
Strange News: Canada's Residential Schools, US COVID Investigations, and a Mysterious Death in Japan
Jun 14, 2021
In-Q-Tel: The CIA Gets Into Venture Capital
Jun 11, 2021
Listener Mail: UFOs in South Georgia, a Cheese Photo Arrest, and the Horror of Assault Kit Backlogs
Jun 10, 2021
Is war an economic necessity?
Jun 09, 2021
CLASSIC: Who's winning the War on Drugs?
Jun 08, 2021
Strange News: China Monitors Uyghur Emotions with AI, Privacy Experts Break Down Social Media Stalking
Jun 07, 2021
The World's Strangest Restricted Areas
Jun 04, 2021
Listener Mail: The Hidden Folk, Electroconvulsive Therapy and Resistentialism
Jun 03, 2021
The Rainbow Warrior: When France Bombed Greenpeace
Jun 02, 2021
CLASSIC: Are there real devil worshippers?
Jun 01, 2021
Strange News: A Serial Killer in El Salvador, Cicadas and Parasites, and an Organized Crime Boss is Rocking Turkey's Government
May 31, 2021
The Rise of Ghost Guns
May 28, 2021
Listener Mail: Gobekli Tepe, College Police and Disappearing Objects
May 27, 2021
Conspiracies, Community and Critical Thinking: An Interview with Langston Kerman
May 26, 2021
CLASSIC: Do intelligence agencies run cults?
May 25, 2021
Strange News: A Real Estate Conspiracy, Would-be Superheroes and the Pentagon's Weird Promise to Talk about UFOs
May 24, 2021
The Strange Story of Jeffrey Alan Lash, Part II
May 21, 2021
Listener Mail: Mink and COVID, Masonic Lodge Burnings, and Elon Musk is Building a Company Town
May 20, 2021
The Strange Story of Jeffrey Alan Lash, Part I
May 19, 2021
CLASSIC: Is the middle class going extinct?
May 18, 2021
Strange News: Iraqi Prank Shows, The East Valley Rapist and the Colonial Pipeline Hack
May 17, 2021
Beatles Conspiracies with Brian Ray
May 14, 2021
Listener Mail: NCIC Security Problems, TikTok Cults, and Stories of Haunted Objects
May 13, 2021
Remote Viewing Session: May 22, 1984
May 12, 2021
CLASSIC: Could robots really run the world?
May 11, 2021
Strange News: The Rise of Ghost Guns and Mysterious Death of Aviva Okeson-Haberman
May 10, 2021
Haunted Houses: What's Going on at the Emily Morgan Hotel?
May 07, 2021
Listener Mail: White House IP Addresses, Abandoned Soldiers in Vietnam, and the Mysteries of Parasomnia
May 06, 2021
What was Operation Outside the Box?
May 05, 2021
CLASSIC: Can people purposefully collapse the stock market?
May 04, 2021
Strange News: The Love Has Won Cult, TikTok Troubles and a Scandal at the Post Office
May 03, 2021
What is the Jersey Devil?
Apr 30, 2021
Listener Mail: Ibogaine and Addiction, Bill Gates and COVID Conspiracies
Apr 29, 2021
The Nuclear Black Market: AQ Khan and the Smiling Buddha
Apr 28, 2021
CLASSIC: Fire in the Sky: Tunguska
Apr 27, 2021
Strange News: Prince Philip Loved UFOS -- and What's Going On in Myanmar?
Apr 26, 2021
Nevada's Corporate Innovation Zones: When You Job Becomes Your Government
Apr 23, 2021
Listener Mail: A White House Press Imposter, The Sinister Side of Childhood Games, and Hypnotherapy
Apr 22, 2021
Apr 21, 2021
CLASSIC: The Jesuits: Fact and Fiction
Apr 20, 2021
Strange News: Disaster in Iran, Clearview AI, and the Cargo Cult of Prince Philip
Apr 19, 2021
The Dark Side of Rehab
Apr 16, 2021
Listener Mail: The Military Infiltrated Sports, Cary Grant did Acid, Weirdness Continues in Canada
Apr 15, 2021
India's Massive Farm Protests, Part 2
Apr 14, 2021
CLASSIC: Can you really be anonymous online?
Apr 13, 2021
Strange News: The Race for the Arctic, National Debt and a Cocaine Submarine
Apr 12, 2021
India's Massive Farm Protests, Part 1
Apr 09, 2021
Listener Mail: GameStop Squeeze as an Inside Job, Astrology and Prediction, the Questionable Fate of the Tasmanian Tiger
Apr 08, 2021
Can an Object be Haunted?
Apr 07, 2021
CLASSIC: Are people really murdering scientists?
Apr 06, 2021
Strange News: Czech Billionaire Dies in Helicopter Crash, UFO Produces No Sonic Boom, A Darkness From Space is Eating Nearby Stars
Apr 05, 2021
Boxing and Crime: The Kinahan Saga
Apr 02, 2021
Listener Mail: UK Royalty and Mental Health, the Gulf Breeze Six, the Survivors of Romania's Cold War Orphanages
Apr 01, 2021
What the Heck is an NFT?
Mar 31, 2021
CLASSIC: Gabon's Ancient Nuclear Reactor(s)
Mar 30, 2021
Strange News: Deep Time, a Mice Plague and COVID Squatting
Mar 29, 2021
The Episode Where We Ruin Sunscreen
Mar 26, 2021
Listener Mail: Gut Tests, Personal Surveillance and Knighstscope
Mar 25, 2021
Davos & The Great Reset, Part II
Mar 24, 2021
CLASSIC: A Ghost Story
Mar 23, 2021
Strange News: Cheer Mom Makes Deep Fakes, North Korea Ghosts the US, Texas Rangers Promise to Stop Hypnotizing People
Mar 22, 2021
Davos & The Great Reset, Part I
Mar 19, 2021
Listener Mail: Murders in Canada, MKULTRA and the Unabomber, Organized Crime and Boxing
Mar 18, 2021
The Devil and The Rain: The Case of Don Decker
Mar 17, 2021
CLASSIC: Banned Books of the Bible
Mar 16, 2021
Strange News: China's COVID Testing, Online Magic and the Sigil Engine, a Swarm of Icelandic Earthquakes
Mar 15, 2021
What is the Golden Dawn?
Mar 12, 2021
Listener Mail: The Minerva Research Initiative, India's Farming Protests, and the Hazards of Commercial Gene Mapping
Mar 11, 2021
What is the Military-entertainment Complex?
Mar 10, 2021
CLASSIC: Nazis, Lost Civilizations and Ancient Man: The Ahnenerbe
Mar 09, 2021
The "State" of Hawaii: Union or Occupation?
Mar 08, 2021
Who killed John Parsons Wheeler?
Mar 05, 2021
Listener Mail: Wolves of Idaho, Cartels and Meth, Why You Should Be Aware of Private Intelligence Agencies
Mar 04, 2021
Power, Water and Texas: What happened?
Mar 03, 2021
CLASSIC: The Future of Drones
Mar 02, 2021
Strange News: Massive Protests in India, Hidden Messages in Art, and Airplane Engines Falling From the Sky
Mar 01, 2021
Ancient Flying Machines
Feb 26, 2021
Listener Mail: Ancient Mercury, Flu or COVID, Why the Marshall Islands Matter
Feb 25, 2021
Contaminants in Baby Food
Feb 24, 2021
CLASSIC: What are you actually eating?
Feb 23, 2021
Strange News: The Pentagon May Have Experimented with UFO Wreckage, The Skelecaster Hoax, and the Collapse of the Texas Power Grid
Feb 22, 2021
What's Going On with the Falun Gong?
Feb 19, 2021
Listener Mail: Parler and Social Media, Mattress Firm Update, the (Potentially Terrifying) Future of Augmented Reality
Feb 18, 2021
What is Adrenochrome?
Feb 17, 2021
CLASSIC: When the Police Become Your Army
Feb 16, 2021
Strange News: Hacking into Your Water, Naked Mole Rat Accents and the Cop who Hired a Hitman
Feb 15, 2021
The Philadelphia Experiment
Feb 12, 2021
Listener Mail: Radioactive Brine, Australia's Stolen Generation, and an Inside Scoop on Fracking
Feb 11, 2021
Mystery, Mayhem and Nukes: The Story of the Marshall Islands
Feb 10, 2021
CLASSIC: Was Thomas Henry Moray the Next Nikola Tesla?
Feb 09, 2021
Strange News: The Myanmar Coup, Solving the Mystery of Dyatlov Pass and Saying Goodbye to Adobe Flash
Feb 08, 2021
What is the Latitude Society?
Feb 05, 2021
Listener Mail: How to Talk About QAnon, The Mattress Store Conspiracy, Private Contractors and the Military
Feb 04, 2021
Reddit vs. Wall Street: Peasants invade the casino?
Feb 03, 2021
CLASSIC: The World Beneath Our Feet
Feb 02, 2021
Strange News: Has someone stolen the Ark of the Covenant? Chinese COVID-19 Conspiracies and Mexico Exonerates Corrupt Military Official
Feb 01, 2021
Ireland's Vanishing Triangle
Jan 29, 2021
Listener Mail: Parler and Cambridge Analytica, A Spectre in the Bed, and Berlin's Horrific Experimental Child Placement Program
Jan 28, 2021
The Open Skies Treaty
Jan 27, 2021
CLASSIC: Alternative History and You
Jan 26, 2021
Strange News: Putin's Secret Hideout, Nebraska and Ethanol, Buying the Lizzie Borden House
Jan 25, 2021
Psychedelics, Machine Elves and Kesha
Jan 22, 2021
Listener Mail: A 14-Minute Death, the Online Alt-right Pipeline, the Terror of Issei Sagawa
Jan 21, 2021
Secrets of Livestock Industry, Part II: The Animals and the Bug
Jan 21, 2021
CLASSIC: Can human beings create disaster?
Jan 19, 2021
Strange News: COVID-19 Relief and UFOs, Armed Forces and the Inauguration
Jan 18, 2021
Child Soldiers: A Hidden Horror
Jan 15, 2021
Listener Mail: UN Abuse Scandal, Mushrooms as Medicine, Getting Kidnapped by the CIA
Jan 14, 2021
Strange News: Julian Assange, Tensions in Iran, Dippin' Dots and COVID
Jan 12, 2021
The Attack on DC, Part II: The Aftermath -- an End or a Beginning?
Jan 11, 2021
The Attack on DC, Part I: Breaching the Gates
Jan 08, 2021
Listener Mail: Randonauts, Reality, Magic and the Transmundane
Jan 07, 2021
The Disturbing Origins of Generally Good Things
Jan 06, 2021
CLASSIC: How could aliens contact us?
Jan 06, 2021
Strange News: The Nashville Explosion and Super Gonorrhea
Jan 04, 2021
CLASSIC: It's Our Lucky Day, With Archer's Dr. Krieger
Jan 01, 2021
Listener Mail: Vaccines and the Military, Microwave Energy and How to Teach Intuition
Dec 31, 2020
Secrets of the Livestock Industry, Part I: Why is meat so cheap?
Dec 30, 2020
CLASSIC: What is the Octopus?
Dec 29, 2020
Strange News: The Al Jazeera Hack, the Future of Aging and the Wide, Weird World of Gaming
Dec 28, 2020
STDWYTK Presents: How May I Help You?
Dec 25, 2020
Listener Mail: A Photo of a UFO, a Zodiac Cipher and a Nazi Conspiracy to Tune Music
Dec 24, 2020
The Port Chicago Disaster
Dec 23, 2020
CLASSIC: The Future of Death
Dec 22, 2020
Strange News: Counterfeit COVID Vaccines, Coups Happen All The Time, and Everyone Just Got Hacked
Dec 21, 2020
The Ghislaine Maxwell Update: Who killed Robert Maxwell?
Dec 18, 2020
Listener Mail: Microwave Weapons, the Vanishing Triangle and Kazakhstan's (possibly) Illuminati-inspired Capital
Dec 17, 2020
What happened to Rebecca Coriam?
Dec 16, 2020
CLASSIC: Were there really 'lost races' of man?
Dec 16, 2020
Strange News: Monuments, Surveillance and Secret UFO Contracts
Dec 14, 2020
Secrets of the Founding Fathers, Part II
Dec 11, 2020
Listener Mail: Weather Modification, the Denver Airport and a Bizarre Leap through Time
Dec 10, 2020
Secrets of the Founding Fathers, Part I
Dec 09, 2020
CLASSIC: Is taxation legal?
Dec 08, 2020
Strange News: The Amazon Protests, the Disappearing Monument and (Another) Murdered Iranian Nuclear Scientist
Dec 07, 2020
The Wide World of Food Conspiracies, Part II
Dec 04, 2020
Listener Mail: Occult Rocket Science and the Mystery of the Lake Vostok Squid Monster
Dec 03, 2020
Putin's Strange New Law
Dec 02, 2020
CLASSIC: The Great Game
Dec 01, 2020
Strange News: The Future of Cannibalism, Green Slime in Canada, and a Mysterious Monument in Utah
Nov 30, 2020
Did the prison industry push gangster rap?
Nov 27, 2020
Listener Mail: Standardized Testing, the Terrifying Tale of Georgia Tann, and the Amazing Minds of Corvids
Nov 26, 2020
What on Earth is happening to Britney Spears?
Nov 25, 2020
CLASSIC: Neuromarketing: Science or Science Fiction?
Nov 24, 2020
Strange News: Laser-guided Lightning, Election Fraud, and Putin Wants to Give Himself Lifetime Immunity?
Nov 23, 2020
The 1969 Berkshire UFO Incidents: What actually happened?
Nov 20, 2020
Listener Mail: Veterans Targeted, Bitcoin Billionaires
Nov 19, 2020
Foreign Investment and the Housing Crisis
Nov 18, 2020
CLASSIC: Deep Underground Military Bases
Nov 17, 2020
Strange News: Immortal Worms Invade Virginia, Cruise Lines Begin to Reopen
Nov 16, 2020
Operação Prato: Brazil's Bizarre UFO Investigation
Nov 13, 2020
Listener Mail: A Mysterious Curse, Conversion Therapy, and the Murder of the Notorious B.I.G.
Nov 12, 2020
QAnon and Conflict Journalism, with Jake Hanrahan
Nov 11, 2020
CLASSIC: Cults (You’ve Never Heard Of)
Nov 10, 2020
Strange News: How To Drop Your Own Charges, The Oreo Doomsday Vault, and City-wide Exorcisms
Nov 09, 2020
Why does the US let Saudi fugitives flee the country?
Nov 06, 2020
Listener Mail: Narconon and Scientology, Getting Kicked out of the Freemasons, and the Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam
Nov 05, 2020
Natural Disaster and Revolution
Nov 04, 2020
CLASSIC: The Pineal Gland Conspiracies
Nov 03, 2020
Strange News: COVID-19 Study, Ex-President of Burundi Gets Prison Time for Murdering Another President, and Female Mutant Crayfish are Taking Over the World (mainly Antwerp)
Nov 02, 2020
White Supremacy Infiltrates the Military
Oct 30, 2020
Listener Mail: Dangers of the Troubled Teen Industry, How the Sun can Destroy Modern Civilization, and Massive Protests in Nigeria
Oct 29, 2020
When We Become Our Phones
Oct 28, 2020
CLASSIC: Exorcisms: An Introduction
Oct 27, 2020
Strange News: A Fake Spy Almost Made Billions, an MC is Arrested for Fraud, the Water Wars Begin
Oct 26, 2020
Inside Scientology with Mike Rinder, Part II: The Future of the Church
Oct 23, 2020
Listener Mail: The Library of Alexandria, Cursed Objects from Pompeii, and How Your Voice gets Hacked
Oct 22, 2020
Inside Scientology with Mike Rinder, Part I: An Origin Story
Oct 21, 2020
CLASSIC: Ghosts 101
Oct 20, 2020
Strange News: Drones and Shotguns, Paris Hilton and the Troubled Teen Industry, Harry Reid Doubles Down on UFOs
Oct 19, 2020
The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry, Part II: Pollution and Extinction
Oct 16, 2020
Listener Mail: Lyme Disease Conspiracies, Hazards of the Foster System, the Bible and the Bronze Age
Oct 15, 2020
The Mystery of the Kensington Runestone
Oct 14, 2020
CLASSIC: Could a solar flare destroy civilization?
Oct 13, 2020
Strange News: The US President Has COVID-19
Oct 12, 2020
The Hidden History of Assassins, Part II: The Modern Day
Oct 09, 2020
Listener Mail: A Mysterious Website, LEGO Bricks in the Ocean, and Warnings From Anonymous Plastics Scientists
Oct 08, 2020
The Hidden History of Assassins, Part I: An Origin Story
Oct 07, 2020
CLASSIC: Soviet Psychotronics
Oct 06, 2020
Strange News: Building Material on Mars, Sharks and COVID-19, Crows Wage Unending War on Owls
Oct 05, 2020
The Mystery of the Bronze Age Collapse
Oct 02, 2020
Listener Mail: Ergotism, Social Media and More
Oct 01, 2020
The Reality of Reality TV
Sep 30, 2020
CLASSIC: Serial Killer Cults
Sep 29, 2020
Strange News: Revelations from Venus, the FinCEN Leaks, and Facebook Whistleblowers
Sep 28, 2020
Corruption, Conspiracy and Champions: Crime in the NBA
Sep 25, 2020
Listener Mail: ICE and Hysterectomy, Eternal Blue, the End of the World on YouTube
Sep 24, 2020
Plastics, Microplastics and Conspiracy
Sep 23, 2020
CLASSIC: Cicadas, Ciphers and Codes: The Weird World of Cryptography
Sep 22, 2020
Strange News: Orcas Attack, AI Writes Op-eds, and Portland Bans All Facial Recognition
Sep 21, 2020
Sep 18, 2020
Listener Mail: Reiki, Cruise Ships and Iron Mountain