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By Lindsay McMahon and Michelle Kaplan

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 Sep 15, 2020
Versatile and smart English pills.

 Jul 29, 2020
A little bit silly

 Apr 5, 2020
one of the best english podcast for who want to learn/improve this language. i think its good from intermediate to advanced. Keep it up!

Rafael Moraes
 Sep 22, 2019
These girls are freaking amazing! I always learn a lot with them. Thank you so much!!!

 Sep 13, 2019
I still have some problems with tenses ... can you help me please ?


Are you looking for a new and fun way to learn American English? Come hang out with Lindsay and Michelle from Boston and New York City and have fun while you improve your English listening skills! We are an English as a Second Language (ESL) podcast for intermediate to advanced English learners around the world. We will show you how to use everyday English vocabulary and natural idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk in American English. We will also give you special tips on American culture, customs, etiquette, and how to speak with Americans as well as conversation and commentary on study tips, business English, life in America and Boston and New York, how to apply to university in the US, dating, travel, food and more. You'll get TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC help also from The Examiner of Excellence, Jessica Beck. This podcast is for adult students who are professionals and university students as well as ESL teachers. Join the community to learn to speak American English like a native! Connection NOT Perfection!

Episode Date
AEE 1690: Group Conversation: Have You Experienced Road Rage?

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Are you an angry or aggressive driver? In today's episode, get native, natural group conversation, the entire All Ears English team discusses road rage. Listen in for our experiences with this common and very dangerous phenomenon.

Dec 06, 2021
AEE 1689: How to Get the Elusive Startup Visa to the United States with Tahmina Watson

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Where there's a will, there is a way. If you are a company founder or if you have a big business idea, the US is still a great place to immigrate. Today I interview Tahmina from Tahmina Talks Immigration Podcast about the many ways you can secure a visa to the US as an entrepreneur or a highly skilled employee

Dec 02, 2021
AEE 1688: How to Find Common Ground and Connection in English

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How can you find out in an English conversation if the person knows someone you know or follows a show that you love? In this episode, you'll build this super useful connection skill to have more vibrant conversations in English

Dec 01, 2021
AEE 1687: English Conversation: What to Say When You Need to Get Caught Up

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Life happens and we can't be everywhere all of the time. What can you say in this situation when you want to find out what you missed in a meeting at work or in your social life? Find out today.

Nov 30, 2021
AEE 1686: That's So All Ears English

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In this episode find out how to make a comment when something matches someone's personality. This can be a powerful connection skill. Learn how to do it today

Nov 29, 2021
AEE 1685: I Don't Have All Day! How to Get Someone Out the Door on Time in English

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Are you slow to get out the door? What if your partner or friend is fast? What can they say to get you moving? Today learn 3 new phrases to use to get someone moving in English

Nov 25, 2021
AEE 1684: Group Conversation: What's Your Love Language?

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Do you show love through words or actions? Do you prefer to receive gifts or acts of service? Today you'll hear a fast group conversation about love languages.

Nov 24, 2021
AEE 1683: Black Friday - Mountains or Mall?

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Black Friday is coming at the end of this week- today find out how it started, why plumbers are busy on this day, and how to start a conversation with a native speaker about their shopping plans for Black Friday

Nov 23, 2021
AEE 1682: How to Call Someone Out in English

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Natives sometimes want to call someone out on something if the person is behaving badly or if something good is happening. Today find out how to do this with a new advanced English structure.

Nov 22, 2021
AEE 1681: Don't Slide! How Learning English Is Like Football

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In today's episode you'll learn how the quarterback on a football field protects himself and why you should do the opposite and not protect your ego when you learn English.

Nov 18, 2021
AEE 1680: Don't Be Late! Two Words Lindsay and Michelle Hate

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Do you have a friend who is habitually late? Today find out how to say that you want them to arrive on time and more. Listen in for fun stories and quirks from Lindsay and Michelle today.

Nov 17, 2021
AEE 1679: Money Idioms Don't Grow on Trees

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What are your cultural ideas about money? this is a great topic to bring up with native speakers. Today get four idioms to talk about money in English.

Nov 16, 2021
AEE Bonus: How to Talk About Mysteries and Black Friday Deals

Sign up for the mystery deal!

Nov 16, 2021
AEE 1678: Damage Control! How to Apologize After the Fact

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If you offend or hurt someone unintentionally, how can you open up a conversation and apologize in English to make sure there is no resentment? Today learn this crucial skill with native phrases.

Nov 15, 2021
AEE 1677: What's Your Hometown Like?

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In this episode you'll get a fantastic way to make small talk conversation and then go deeper at a party, a dinner or a work event by asking someone about where they come from. Listen in today

Nov 11, 2021
AEE 1676: How to Learn English through Story

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Can you tell a good story in English that captures the hearts of your listeners? This is a skill you will need in business and life. Today Lindsay and Michelle talk about how you can build this skill to be engaging today.

Nov 10, 2021
AEE 1675: Do You Have a Poker Face When It Comes to Learning English?

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Do you like to play card games? Card game idioms are fun, sound cool and are used a lot in everyday native English. Today get five card games idioms in English.

Nov 09, 2021
AEE 1674: Tailgating Tips for American Football Games

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Have you ever been invited to a tailgating party? In this episode we break down this strange American tradition so that you k now what to bring and what to expect.

Nov 08, 2021
AEE 1673: Four Games to Learn Business English

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In this episode we ask the question- should adult learners play games to learn English? Today hear about the games we played with AEE listeners in the urban immersion adventure and how games like these can help you learn faster

Nov 04, 2021
AEE 1672: What Not to Do in an American Job Interview

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In today's episode we review an article about the things you should avoid in any work interview in American culture. Listen in to see if you have done these things today

Nov 03, 2021
AEE 1671: Can Personality Traits Be Changed?

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In today's fast group conversation about personalities, we share our favorite and least favorite personality traits. You'll also hear our opinions about whether we're stuck with them or if they can be changed.

Nov 02, 2021
AEE 1670: M or N? How to Make Your Name Clear on the Telephone

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Many letters in English sound the same, which can lead to confusion on phone calls! Today you'll learn tips to use when spelling words over the phone, so you can save time on your next telephone call.

Nov 01, 2021
AEE 1669: The Thrill of Getting to Know Someone Through Theme Park Talk

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Did your friend or coworker just visit an amusement park? This is a gold mine for connection. Learn what you can ask them about their experience in English to get to know them and build a strong connection

Oct 28, 2021
AEE 1668: 4 Idioms to Help you Play by the Rules in English

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Do you play by the rules or are rules meant to be broken? Everyone answers this question differently. Today get the key vocabulary you need to discuss your opinion on this topic with a native speaker

Oct 27, 2021
AEE 1667: Learn English with Netflix - Should You Binge or Take it Slow?

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Do you learn English with Netflix or another streaming service? Today find out if you should binge by watching a ton of episodes at once or if you should take it slowly. Which is better for learning! Find out today

Oct 26, 2021
AEE 1666: Let's Switch Gears! How to Use Car Vocabulary to Talk About Making Changes

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When you talk about changes in your career, you want to be able to describe a smooth transition. Today learn how to use car vocabulary to describe changes in your career and your life

Oct 25, 2021
AEE 1665: Cook Up Your Listening Skills for Fast Conversations

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Do you like cooking? You won't believe how often natives like us talk about this topic! Today Aubrey and Jessica join Lindsay for fast, native conversation that you will definitely be able to have in real life. Listen up so you're ready to connect- whether you can cook or not!

Oct 21, 2021
AEE 1664: A New Hampshirite and a Marylander on State Identity

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What is a demonym? Its the word you use to talk abotu someone from a specific state or city. Today learn the most important state demonynms in English so that you can lively conversations about culture and politics with native speakers

Oct 20, 2021
AEE 1663: Color Idioms for Business English

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Red light! green light! In today's episode you will find out how native English speakers use color idioms especially those involving the colors red and green in office situations

Oct 19, 2021
AEE 1662: 5 Steps to Overcome Your Inner Resistance with Wally Bressler

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How can you get on the right track to living your dream life and having the career yo u want? You must first work through what's holding you back. In this episode we interview Wally Bressler who will show us how to identify our inner hidden identities and change them to become more successful in life and business.

Oct 18, 2021
AEE 1661: Does Michelle Share Her French Fries?

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Do you like to share your food? How can you ask someone if you can try their food? Today get all of th natural vocabulary you need for food sharing in English

Oct 14, 2021
AEE 1660: How to Be Trustworthy While Upleveling Your Business English

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When you use English at work, you need to offer a balanced and nuanced perspective on projects. Today get a super high level grammar form to do this so that people will trust you at work

Oct 13, 2021
AEE 1659: Believe It or Not, this Phrase Brings Connection in English

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Today you will learn one key native phrase that you can have in your back pocket that will bring connection and show that you understand the other person

Oct 12, 2021
AEE Bonus: Who Is the AEE Ambassador Winner?
Oct 11, 2021
AEE 1658: How to Listen Someone Into Existence with Professional Mediator Doug Noll

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When it comes to communicating with someone who is upset, words don't matter. In this episode Doug Noll will show us his 3-step framework for responding to someone in conflict. Listen in today to learn the secrets of human connection and communication.

Oct 11, 2021
AEE 1657: The Illusion of Fluency and Scientific Learning with Jeffrey Puccini

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Are you under the illusion of fluency? In this episode I interview Jeff from Interlink International Institutes and he shows us 3 scientific principles that you can apply when you learn English to be sure you reach the level of fluency and confidence that you're looking for

Oct 07, 2021
AEE 1656: Fast Group Conversation About Children in Nature

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Let's get better at understanding fast, native group conversations. Today Jessica and Aubrey join Lindsay and Michelle to talk about teaching kids to appreciate nature. Listen in to practice with a lively group conversation today

Oct 06, 2021
AEE 1655: How to Use Past Participles to Be Polite in Business English

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Today you will learn how your grammar can affect how you come across at work. Learn how to use the past participle to be respectful and build connections with colleagues.

Oct 05, 2021
AEE 1654: 3 Idioms from the American South with Steel Magnolias Podcast

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What makes the American south different from the rest of the United States? In this episode I interview Lainie and Laura Beth from the Steel Magnolias Podcast and they share three things that only Southerners say.

Oct 04, 2021
AEE 1653: Good Game! How to Size Up the Competition in English

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In this episode we answer a listener question - how can we talk about the competition in English? Find out how to do it plus learn why sports are so important for business relationships

Sep 30, 2021
AEE 1652: Is Your English Up to Snuff?

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In today's episode you'll learn native and natural ways to talk about standards. What happens if you and a group member don't have the same standards? Find out what to do today

Sep 29, 2021
AEE 1651: Alphabet Idioms in English

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In today's episode get four fun expressions to say something that might sound boring and make it interesting. We go from a to z with new expressions today.

Sep 28, 2021
AEE 1650: Flip the Switch on Your Approach to English Conversation

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The number one reason you get lost in a group conversation when the topic changes is because you are taking on a passive role. Today find out how to do the opposite and drive the conversation in English

Sep 27, 2021
AEE 1649: Whip Up a Cup of Coffee and Listen to Lindsay and Michelle

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In today's episode we answer a question about the phrasal verb whip up. Learn how to use it, and then find out how you can figure out if words are really used or not. Get more details today

Sep 23, 2021
AEE 1648: How Present Perfect Leads to Job Interview Success

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When you are in a job interview and the interviewer asks you what you have done, you don't need to give all of the details right away. Learn to use the present perfect to talk about your accomplishments today.

Sep 22, 2021
AEE Bonus: Who's Ahead of the Pack?

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Sep 21, 2021
AEE 1647: How to Give Someone Permission to Interrupt You in English

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Interruptions happen all of the time in American English in goups of two or more. Sometimes you don't mind being interrupted. What can you say to make sure the person knows you don't mind? Find out today

Sep 21, 2021
AEE 1646: How to Respond to Someone's Mistake in English

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Don't be so hard on yourself! What can you say in English when someone makes a mistake and it's not such a big deal? Find out in this episode today.

Sep 20, 2021
AEE 1645: The Duolingo English Test with Josh MacPherson

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Did you know that if you want to go abroad you may not have to take the IELTS or the TOEFL? Yes, there is another exam out there- today we have our guest Josh MacPherson on the show to tell us what we need to know about the Duolingo English test

Sep 16, 2021
AEE 1644: Let's Pencil It In! How to Make Tentative Plans in English

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Sometimes when you make plans you need to say that they are not 100% firm. How can you do that in a tactful and polite way so that there are no misunderstandings? Find out today

Sep 15, 2021
AEE 1643: How to Use End Up to Talk About Your Past in English

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Context is king when you build business relationships. Today find out how to use end up + Verb + ing in natural English conversations with your colleagues

Sep 14, 2021
AEE Bonus: Join the Live Webclass! Do You Catch My Drift?
Sep 14, 2021
AEE 1642: Would You Apply for a Job on TikTok?

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In today's episode we review an article about a new trend where people are submitting video resumes on TikTok. What does this mean for the future of business and job applications? Get our take today.

Sep 13, 2021
AEE 1641: A More Interesting Way to Say Thank You in English

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When someone does something nice for you, what can you say to express your gratitude in business or in everyday life? Today we answer a question from our listener Reza on this exact topic. Listen in today.

Sep 09, 2021
AEE Bonus: Live Webclass and Two Ways Native Get Wacky with English Pronunciation

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Sep 08, 2021
AEE 1640: You Can Say That Again! How to Agree with Personality in English

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When you agree with what someone says, don't just say "I agree." Use one of this native expression to show empathy and agreement in English for a better and more fun connection

Sep 08, 2021
AEE Bonus: FYI, Join the Contest!

Go here to join the contest:

Sep 07, 2021
AEE 1639: Pros and Cons of Adult Education in a Fast Group Conversation!

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In this fun and exciting group conversation, Jessica and Aubrey join Lindsay and Michelle to discuss their opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of going back to school as an adult.

Sep 07, 2021
AEE 1638: Time Crunches and Business Lunches

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When you have a business lunch with a colleague or a friend, how can you let them know what your time constraints are so that you finish the lunch on time? Find out how to navigate this tricky connection skill in Business English today.

Sep 06, 2021
AEE 1637: The Global Movement Towards a 4-day Workweek with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

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What will our work lives look like in 20 years? or even in 2 years? Today we have author the author of the book Shorter on the show to describe the worldwide trend in shorter workweeks that he is observing and what this means for all of us as global professionals

Sep 02, 2021
AEE 1636: Hats Off to the Chef! How to Compliment Someone's Cooking in English

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When you attend a work or social gathering and you love the food, what can you say? Today get high level native phrases to say that the food is great to build stronger relationships at work or in your social life.

Sep 01, 2021
AEE 1635: You Do You! Should You Always Be Your Authentic Self?

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In today's episode you learn a natural English expression that embraces authenticity. Is it always the right move to try to be unique and authentic? Today we share our opinions and give you more ways to say this in English.

Aug 31, 2021
AEE 1634: Geek Out with Michelle and Lindsay

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What is the difference between the word nerd and geek. Let's dive into a lively conversation about the key differences and find out how these archetypes have changed since the 1980's. Listen in today.

Aug 30, 2021
AEE 1633: How to Listen to Messy Directions in English

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When you get ready to play a game or participate in any activity, you may hear instructions. Don't expect these instructions to sound like the structure you were taught in your textbook. Find out how to listen to natives give instructions in English naturally.



Aug 26, 2021
AEE 1632: When to Hit Send On Your Job Application

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In today's episode we review an article on when is the best time to submit your job application. Can you guess when it is? Find out today and get our thoughts on the best strategy.

Aug 25, 2021
AEE 1631: Do You Bend Over Backwards to Learn English?

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In today's episode you will learn a super natural expression in English for your social life and your work life about how to articulate that you have done everything you can to accommodate a situation. Listen in for native vocabulary today.

Aug 24, 2021
AEE 1630: Level Up Your Color Vocabulary in English

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At your level, you should be able to describe colors in more depth for better and more precise conversations. Today get 4 ways native speakers add depth to their color descriptions.


Aug 23, 2021
AEE 1629: How to Banter in English and Shout Out to a Super Listener

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When can you use the phrase "what can I tell you?" Find out today why Michelle says this phrase so much on the podcast and how you can fit it into your next English conversation.

Aug 19, 2021
AEE 1628: Rockets, Brain Surgery, and English Vocabulary

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This idiom is not rocket science! Stick with us today to learn a few new English expressions to say that something is not that hard.

Aug 18, 2021
AEE Bonus: 'Face' Idioms and Exclusive IELTS Live Classes

Sign up for this exclusive list!

Aug 17, 2021
AEE 1627: How to Be Playful with Your English

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In this episode you'll learn 4 new English expressions that originate from the playground but can be used in business or everyday English. Listen in to make your English more fun today.

Aug 17, 2021
AEE 1626: Take a Bite Out of the Commentary Sandwich

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When people are sharing stories and the group goes off on a tangent, how can you stay flexible, add to the conversation and know when to bring it back to the main topic? Build these connection skills in English today.

Aug 16, 2021
AEE 1625: California English with Grant Barrett from A Way with Words

Today we have a guest on the show. Grant Barrett is a linguist who is based in California. He will tell us four things that are interesting to know right now about California English and how it's changing. Visit their site and subscribe to their show at


Aug 12, 2021
AEE 1624: How to Express Your Wants and Needs in the Business English World

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Expressing what you need, want, or expect is complicated in the workplace. What you say will depend on the level or urgency, your level in the company and so much more. Find out exactly how to do it correctly today.


Aug 11, 2021
AEE 1623: Look Alive! How to React to a Native Speaker in an English Conversation

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The quickest way to surge forward with your English connections is not to learn fancy grammar structures- it is to learn how to react to what the speaker is saying. Listen today to find out how to react in four different situations.

Aug 10, 2021
AEE 1622: Do You Finish People's Sentences?

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In today's episode we'll talk about the connection skill of finishing people's sentences- but it is not the right thing to do in every situation. Find out how to do it and when to avoid it.

Aug 09, 2021
AEE 1621: Visit, Stop By, and Swing By - What's the Difference in English?

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The word visit is not appropriate for every situation in English. What if you don't plan to stay long? In this episode get new ways to say that you are coming to see someone in English.


Aug 05, 2021
AEE 1620: How to Clarify When Someone Doesn't Understand in English

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When you explain a technical point to someone and they repeat it back to you to make sure they got it, what do you if they didn't actually understand? Find out how to explain it and maintain the rapport in this episode.

Aug 04, 2021
AEE 1619: Zoomies! What to Do When You Hear English Slang You Don't Know

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When you are in a conversation and someone drops a slang word that you don't know the meaning to, what can you do? Listen for how natives handle situations like this today.

Aug 03, 2021
AEE Bonus: Make a Wish! Vocabulary You Need to Talk About Birthdays in English

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In this bonus episode Lindsay and Michelle talk about how they like to celebrate birthdays. How should you acknowledge other people's birthdays? Should you call or just send a text? Get all of the details today.

Aug 03, 2021
AEE 1618: Are American Ambitions Changing?

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Today we reflect on the a trend we're seeing in American society where we're placing more value on balance in life and defining ourselves less by our work. Is this a permanent shift or a temporary change? Find out today.

Aug 02, 2021
AEE 1617: Maybe Learn New Ways to Make Suggestions in English?

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In your classrooms and textbooks you spent years learning the traditional ways to make suggestions but sometimes you want a more native and natural way to suggest something. Learn how to do it today.

Jul 29, 2021
AEE 1616: Non-boring Ways to Say Something Is Boring in English

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When you are bored by a person or situation you might want to make a comment. Today get four new English vocabulary words to describe something that bores you in an interesting way.

Jul 28, 2021
AEE 1615: How to Give the Gift of Confidence to Someone Asking a Question in English

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When people feel they can come to you to ask questions and they don't feel intimidated, you will have better relationships in both business and life. Find out how to show people you are open to their questions in English today

Jul 27, 2021
AEE 1614: How to Handle Zoom Meetings in International Business with Peter Yawitz

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On the show today we have best-selling author and New York Business consultant Peter Yawitz back on the show to talk about how you can respond to the new and emerging challenges that have cropped up in the post pandemic era with business meetings on Zoom.

Jul 26, 2021
AEE 1613: Peanut Butter, Baseball, and Bowling with Lindsay and Michelle

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How can you show someone you know them using the phrase "you strike me as" without offending them? Today learn how to use this phrase carefully to build connection in English conversations.

Jul 22, 2021
AEE Bonus: Confident Phone Calls in English, and a Free Live Webclass!

Grab your spot for the free, live webclass:

Jul 21, 2021
AEE 1612: Context is King When You Re-Introduce Yourself in English

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When you run into someone that you have met before, maybe at a conference or even at a party, how can you share the context of how you met to make them recognize you in English? Find out how to do it for the best possible connection today.

Jul 21, 2021
AEE 1611: How to Pump Yourself Up in English

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Before you enter a big presentation or a meeting or even just a long day, what can you say to yourself in English to get motivated and ready? Today get new English phrases to give yourself a pep talk in English.

Jul 20, 2021
AEE 1610: How to Make Sense of Statistics in English

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You want to have interesting conversations in English about current events and issues in society but do you freeze when someone throws out a number? Today get a 4-step framework for listening to statistics, understanding them, and responding in a group conversation.

Jul 19, 2021
AEE 1609: Don't Talk My Ear Off!

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In today's episode we answer a listener question about how to use the phrase "head off." Learn about the many ways we use this expression and other head and ear expressions in English conversation today.

Jul 15, 2021
AEE 1608: How to Report on Something You Heard in English

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Do you ever hear native speakers say, "She was like or he mentioned"? In today's episode we'll highlight four ways native speakers pull in other conversations and comment on them. Listen in for natural and native English today.

Jul 14, 2021
AEE 1607: How to Start Your Answer with Confidence and Personality in English

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When you get asked a question- you want to start your answer off in a strong way. If you want to state your answer in the affirmative there are 5 natural ways to say yes that will show confidence. Learn what they are today.

Jul 13, 2021
AEE Bonus: Live Webclass Invitation Plus What to Say When You Cut Someone Off on the Phone

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What should you do or say in English when you talk over someone accidentally on a call because of a bad connection or bad reception? Find out in today's episode.

Jul 13, 2021
AEE 1606: How to Take a Mental Health Day in English

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In American business culture, the concept of the mental health day is becoming more and more accepted. What can you say in English when you just need a day off? Find out today.

Jul 12, 2021
AEE 1605: Ew! Gross! How to Express Disgust in English

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Small words can be powerful when it comes to English conversation and connection. Today learn simple ways to say that you are disgusted by something in English.

Jul 08, 2021
AEE 1604: How to Take the Reins in an English Conversation

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In today's episode we talk about how and when to take control in a group conversation to move from the vague and superficial to the specific. Listen in today for this super high level English skill.

Jul 07, 2021
AEE 1603: How Talking About Dance Can Help You in the Business English World

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Did you know that even the topic of dance can be a way to build relationships in business? Today find out what the common line dances are in American culture and how to ask your colleagues or native speaking friends about their dance experiences.

Jul 06, 2021
AEE 1602: How to Drop an English Proverb into Your Conversation

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Do you ever feel like you want to share a deeper thought in the form of a proverb or saying to build the connection but not sure how to introduce it? Find out how to do it and maintain an English conversation today.


Jul 05, 2021
AEE 1601: Don't Beat Yourself Up in English Conversations

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Are you hard on yourself especially when it comes to your English? Today get three new English phrases that native speakers use all of the time on this topic and find out how to give yourself a break.

Jul 01, 2021
AEE 1600: How to Talk About Politics and Washington with the Right Acronyms in English

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In today's milestone episode, learn how to say common government acronyms by getting the chunks, then immersing yourself in the news and talking about the events in a lively native English conversation. 

Jun 30, 2021
AEE 1599: How to Change It Up When it Comes to Online Work Meetings in English

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Do you have Zoom fatigue? How could you suggest that you change the meeting format at your workplace? Today get some ideas on ways to suggest new formats to meet with your colleagues in Business English.

Jun 29, 2021
AEE 1598: How to Make Your Friendships Sticky in English

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How can you talk about being there for someone or supporting them in English? Today learn a few easy ways to express that you would drop everything for someone.

Jun 28, 2021
AEE 1597: Textbooks Teach You Get, But Natives Use What?

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Your textbooks and classroom teachers might teach you to use the word "get" but there is a far more natural way to say this. Find out what it is and how to use it today.

Jun 24, 2021
AEE 1596: Is No News Good News? Find out Today

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When you are waiting for something important, the expression "no news is good news" can be really comforting. Learn more about this English expression today, and find out why it is so common to use about healthcare in American culture.


Jun 23, 2021
AEE Bonus: Don't Take All the Credit in Business English

Take the Business English quiz and get your Business level at


In your workplace you probably have to work on a team. In this bonus episode you'll get new vocabulary for talking about teamwork in English plus find out how to get your business English level in 2 minutes with our simple quiz.

Jun 23, 2021
AEE 1595: How to Start Strong with your English Teacher

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Today, we answer a listener's question about online English tutors. Listen in for our answers, and get tons of ways to connect with your English tutor in your first meeting to build a strong connection.

Jun 22, 2021
AEE 1594: How to Be Natural in English from the Get-Go

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How can you talk about the things that have been happening for a long time in English? Today get this classic connection skill to refer to the past and things that have been going on for a while in English.

Jun 21, 2021
AEE 1593: How to Paraphrase in English Like a Native

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Find out what to listen for when the person you are talking to quotes or summarizes what someone else said in English. Listen today so that you'll be ready to respond with confidence in your next English conversation.

Jun 17, 2021
AEE 1592: How to Keep Your Chin Up When You Learn English

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Let's face it, you need to expand your English vocabulary. In today's episode you'll get 6 new expressions that have to do with the face. Get new ways to get your point across with fun face vocabulary.


Jun 16, 2021
AEE 1591: A More Confident Way to Check Your Understanding in English

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Understanding language is a two-way street! Today get new and high-level ways to make sure you understand what you're hearing and further the conversation in a smart way.

Jun 15, 2021
AEE Bonus: How to Carry Yourself with Confidence at Work

Go to to get your business English level

Jun 15, 2021
AEE 1590: Kicking and Screaming All the Way to Kickball

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Today we show you a winning English expression to use when you just don't want to go somewhere. Find out how natives use it to sound more interesting today.

Jun 14, 2021
AEE 1589: How to Connect in English Over Something You Want to Avoid

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In many situations, especially challenging situations, you may have times when you want to make plans for a negative scenario and express that you don't want something to happen. How can you say it in English and build the human connection? Find out today.

Jun 10, 2021
AEE 1588: Is Youth Wasted on the Young?

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Today learn a common English phrase that natives use when they give advice plus Lindsay and Michelle talk about the importance of mentors and getting clear words of wisdom when you make a big decision in life.

Jun 09, 2021
AEE 1587: Never Ever Go Shoe Shopping with Michelle

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Today we answer a great question from our listener- how and when can you use the words never and ever in English and can you ever use them in a sentence together? Find out all of the details you need today.

Jun 08, 2021
AEE 1586: How to Flex Your English Muscles

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This isn't heavy lifting! Today find out how to take phrases you might hear in the gym and apply them to other situations in English. This is the sign of a high-level speaker so listen to get the skill today.

Jun 07, 2021
AEE 1585: Why Showing Support is Just as Important as Speaking in English

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Speaking is not the only way to build connection. In today's episode we show you a clip of a group conversation with our team and we highlight three ways in which you can support the speaker in a fast group conversation for a great connection in English.

Jun 03, 2021
AEE 1584: Don't Do It By Yourself - Learn Today with Lindsay and Michelle

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Today we answer a listener question. What is the difference between do it yourself and do it by yourself in English? Find out today and get many ways to use both expressions in English.

Jun 02, 2021
AEE 1583: Take a Deep Breath with Lindsay and Michelle
Jun 01, 2021
AEE 1582: Can't Get Enough of All Ears English?
May 31, 2021
AEE 1581: Four English Expressions to Share the Essence of Something
May 27, 2021
AEE 1580: Are You a Chocoholic? One Fun Suffix to Show Your Personality in English
May 26, 2021
AEE 1579: Find the Simple English Framework You're Looking For
May 25, 2021
AEE 1578: One English Expression to Show Someone You Know Them Well
May 24, 2021
AEE 1577: You Got It, Dude! How to Use TV Nostalgia to Connect in English
May 20, 2021
1576: How to Understand a Fast,Technical Explanation in English
May 19, 2021
AEE Bonus: Android App Is Live - Special Dedication to Beta Testers

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May 19, 2021
AEE 1575: Be a Heavy Hitter in English with These Natural Phrases
May 18, 2021
AEE 1574: Small Potatoes and Vegetable Idioms
May 17, 2021
AEE 1573: This English Word is a Secret Weapon in Songs and in Life
May 13, 2021
AEE 1572: Speedbumps and Hypotheticals in English Conversation
May 12, 2021
AEE 1571: The 3-step Formula to Express Yourself in English
May 11, 2021
AEE Bonus: A Shiny New Android App to Practice Your English

Go to

May 11, 2021
AEE 1570: 3 Things to Consider When You Break a Grammar Rule
May 10, 2021
AEE 1569: Enough with Thoughts and Prayers - Our Perspective on Guns in the US
May 06, 2021
AEE 1568: How to Track Pronouns in Fast English Conversations
May 05, 2021
AEE Bonus: I Feel Like You Need This Webclass!
May 04, 2021
AEE 1567: Are You Guilty of Doomscrolling?
May 04, 2021
AEE 1566: How to Talk About Makeup and Beauty Across Cultures in English
May 03, 2021
AEE 1565: Is Learning a New Language in Your Blood?
Apr 29, 2021
AEE 1564: Why You Must Start with the Social When You Learn English with Benjamin Dent

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We are social creatures. How can you make your English learning social right from the start to see better and faster results? Today our guest Ben Dent from Hallo will show you 3 ways to do it.

Apr 28, 2021
AEE Bonus: This Webclass Makes You a Native
Apr 28, 2021
AEE 1563: How to Understand Not Just What But Why in Fast English Conversations
Apr 27, 2021
AEE 1562: This Episode Screams Natural English!
Apr 26, 2021
AEE 1561: Neil Edgeller from BBC Learning English - Tips For Using News Language in Everyday English

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Today Neil Edgeller from BBC Learning English joins us to share his expertise teaching English through the news. Listen in for his advice on using language in the news in your everyday English.

Apr 22, 2021
AEE 1560: How to Ask Someone if They Are Mad at You!
Apr 21, 2021
AEE 1559: Are You a Giving Person? How to Talk About Generosity in English
Apr 20, 2021
AEE 1558: What Do Tomatoes and Details Have in Common?
Apr 19, 2021
AEE 1557: It's Tax Day! How to Take Your English to the Bank
Apr 15, 2021
AEE 1556: Post Pandemic Predictions on Shopping, Groceries, and Handshakes
Apr 14, 2021
AEE 1555: Connect Grammar to Reality in English With this Tactic
Apr 13, 2021
AEE 1554: 3 Ways Flashcards Make You Fluent Forever With Gabe Wyner

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Today you'll meet Gabe Wyner, creator of the Fluent Forever method and app for learning languages. Listen to his tips for using flashcards, and start learning vocabulary that you'll never forget.

Apr 12, 2021
AEE 1553: Something to Chew On: How to Make Decisions in English
Apr 08, 2021
AEE 1552: Avoid Flawed Pronunciation With Today's Tips About Past Tense
Apr 07, 2021
AEE 1551: Are You Wearing Sweatpants? How Will Fashion Change in the Next Few Years?
Apr 06, 2021
AEE 1550: Prepositions and Pancakes
Apr 05, 2021
AEE 1549: Don't Get Left Behind When the Conversation Escalates
Apr 01, 2021
AEE 1548: English Pronunciation Myths Debunked! Learn 1 Way to Say the Past Tense
Mar 31, 2021
AEE 1547: Advanced English Grammar - Don't Be Afraid of the Whether
Mar 30, 2021
AEE 1546: Staycation? Mocktail? How to Combine Two English Words
Mar 29, 2021
AEE 1545: How to Understand a Fast and Funny Story in English
Mar 25, 2021
AEE 1544: Who Are the Nomads of American Culture?
Mar 24, 2021
AEE 1543: Why the "T" in American English Pronunciation is a Chameleon
Mar 23, 2021
AEE 1542: Do You Know English Like the Back of Your Hand?
Mar 22, 2021
AEE 1541: 3 Tips for Thriving in a New Country with Sabreet Kang

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Language learning is wonderful but in order to succeed you have to keep the right mindset. Today Jessica Beck interviews Sabreet Kang, author of “Generation Zero.”

She is here to help us talk about how to find freedom and comfort for living in a country that’s not your own.

Mar 18, 2021
AEE 1540: Why Coffee Is the Ultimate Connector and How to Talk About It in English
Mar 17, 2021
AEE 1539: Is That Vintage? English Vocabulary to Ask About Hand-me-downs
Mar 16, 2021
AEE 1538: Future Phrases that You're Bound to Use Instead of "Will"
Mar 15, 2021
AEE 1537: Business English and Bunnies--What Do They Have In Common?
Mar 11, 2021
AEE 1536: Special Delivery! Four English Idioms To Up Your Level
Mar 10, 2021
AEE 1535: How To Nicely Tell Someone You Hate Something They Love In English
Mar 09, 2021
AEE 1534: How Unclenching Can Help You Succeed In Business English
Mar 08, 2021
AEE 1533: Vocabulary to Make Strong Impressions at Work
Mar 04, 2021
AEE 1532: We Applaud You for Listening to this Episode
Mar 03, 2021
AEE 1531: It's Not Worth the Hype! How to Say That Something Is Overrated in English
Mar 02, 2021
AEE Bonus: Don't Miss this Webclass! Idioms for Taking Risks
Mar 02, 2021
AEE 1530: Are You a Softie? How Describe What a Person Is Really Like in English
Mar 01, 2021
AEE 1529: How To Promote Yourself In English At Work
Feb 25, 2021
AEE 1528: These Future Phrases Are A Taste Of Things To Come
Feb 24, 2021
AEE 1527: Noise Vs. Sound In English
Feb 23, 2021
AEE Bonus: Debunking Myths and a Webclass Invitation
Feb 23, 2021
AEE 1526: Bang A "Uey" and Go For A Drive In English With Lindsay And Michelle
Feb 22, 2021
AEE 1525: How to Refer to the Future Like a Native in English
Feb 18, 2021
AEE Bonus: Get Fired Up About the Android App and Join the List
Feb 17, 2021
AEE 1524: Why You Should Not Tell a Woman to Smile
Feb 17, 2021
AEE 1523: Keep It Real! Use This Filler Word to Sound Natural
Feb 16, 2021
AEE 1522: A Post Valentines Way to Show Flexibility in English
Feb 15, 2021
AEE 1521: Don't Split Hairs About Split Infinitives in English
Feb 11, 2021
AEE 1520: What Has Shaped You? How to Describe Formative People and Events in English
Feb 10, 2021
AEE 1519: Find Your Inner Child! How to Connect Through Game Nostalgia in English
Feb 09, 2021
AEE 1518: Be Bigger! One Key Way to Improve Your Business Presentations on Zoom
Feb 08, 2021
AEE 1517: Are You Glued to All Ears English?
Feb 04, 2021
AEE 1516: It's a Shame to Focus on Perfection When You Learn English
Feb 03, 2021
AEE 1515: How to Use Body Movements to Describe a Feeling in English
Feb 02, 2021
AEE 1514: How to Never Miss the Meaning of a Gesture
Feb 01, 2021
AEE 1513: How To Add Your Opinion With A Short And Easy Adjective In English
Jan 28, 2021
AEE 1512: Mark The Moment-How To Talk About History In The Making
Jan 27, 2021
AEE Bonus: Get the Best Bang for Your Buck and Improve Your English Fluency
Jan 26, 2021
AEE 1511: Test Your Phrasal Verb Knowledge With Today's Trivia Game
Jan 26, 2021
AEE 1510: How to Be Gender Neutral When You Give a Compliment in English
Jan 25, 2021
AEE 1509: Don't Be A Diva- Listen to Today's Episode About Italian Words in English
Jan 21, 2021
AEE 1508: First Lady? Second Gentleman? Should Titles Evolve Over Time?
Jan 20, 2021
AEE 1507: How to Attract Good Luck in Life
Jan 19, 2021
AEE 1506: Haven't Learned Enough Slang? Better Late Than Never
Jan 18, 2021
AEE 1505: Phrasal Verbs for Money that Really Pay Off
Jan 14, 2021
AEE 1504: Why You Should Always Go for the Long Shot
Jan 13, 2021
AEE 1503: Up Your English Game with These 5 New Words
Jan 12, 2021
AEE Bonus: Live Webclass! Jeez Louise! How to Express Surprise with Slang in English
Jan 12, 2021
AEE 1502: How to Sing Someone's Praises in English
Jan 11, 2021
AEE 1501: Don't Slack Off! English Phrasal Verbs for Work
Jan 07, 2021
AEE 1500: What Were You Like at 15?
Jan 06, 2021
AEE Bonus: Learn Native Slang with Today's Game and Get a Webclass Invitation!
Jan 06, 2021
AEE 1499: Can You Learn American and British English at the Same Time?
Jan 05, 2021
AEE 1498: You're Breaking Up! Using Phrasal Verbs For Telephone Conversations
Jan 04, 2021
AEE 1497: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of 2020
Dec 31, 2020
AEE 1496: Three Ways To Do Self Study As A Business English Student With Skip Montreux

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Do you practice self study when it comes to learning English?

Have you considered this as a way of complementing the other ways in which you learn? Today we’re talking about self study when it comes to Business English with Skip Montreux and how you can make this an effective learning method for you.

Dec 30, 2020
AEE 1495: Sort Out These Phrasal Verbs For Talking About Problems
Dec 29, 2020
AEE 1494: This Episode Is Definitely Worth Your While
Dec 28, 2020
AEE 1493: Be a Peach and Listen to this Fruity Episode
Dec 24, 2020
AEE 1492: You’ll Be Really Into these Phrasal Verbs for Education
Dec 23, 2020
AEE 1491: The Sassy Side of Thank You
Dec 22, 2020
AEE 1490: Honor the Moment and Elevate Your English
Dec 21, 2020
AEE 1489: Pick Up These Phrasal Verbs For Travel
Dec 17, 2020
AEE 1488: How To Use Only In Four Different Ways In English
Dec 16, 2020
AEE Bonus: It's Taking Ages! Find Out What's Coming in 2021
Dec 16, 2020
AEE 1487: How To Talk About Important Moments In History In English
Dec 15, 2020
AEE 1486: Mini Fridge, Mini Fridge, Mini Van--How To Talk About Small Things In English
Dec 14, 2020
AEE 1485: How To Be A Well Rounded English Learner
Dec 10, 2020
AEE 1484: What Are You Lacking In Life?
Dec 09, 2020
AEE 1483: One Powerful Connection Word To Show You Are Listening
Dec 08, 2020
AEE Bonus: Celebrating 200 Million Plus 4 Ways to Accept Praise in English
Dec 07, 2020
AEE 1482: Is Bad Always Bad In English?
Dec 07, 2020
AEE 1481: Three Bulletproof Ways To Enter A Group Conversation In English
Dec 03, 2020
AEE 1480: This Episode Isn't Going to Listen to Itself!
Dec 02, 2020
AEE 1479: Knock Some Sense Into Lindsay About Overusing This English Phrase
Dec 01, 2020
AEE 1478: It's About Time! Use a Clock to Give Directions in English
Nov 30, 2020
AEE 1477: How to Learn English Like a Small Child
Nov 26, 2020
AEE 1476: Don’t Apologize for a Job Well Done
Nov 25, 2020
AEE Bonus: Special Invitation Plus How to Use Interactive Questioning to Succeed
Nov 25, 2020
AEE 1475: Step Up to the Plate and Learn Baseball Idioms in English
Nov 24, 2020
AEE Bonus: Election Update! 3 Ways Americans Have Disgraced Democracy
Nov 23, 2020
AEE 1474: How to Improve your Internal Monologue and Turn Shyness into a Strength
Nov 23, 2020
AEE 1473: Tips for Nailing Job Interviews with Tina Crouch

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Want to nail your next job interview? Tina Crouch is an ESL teacher who focuses on helping students prepare for job interviews to get the dream job. Today Aubrey Carter interviews Tina to get top tips for you.

Nov 19, 2020
AEE 1472: This Episode Is Calling Your Name! Personification in English
Nov 18, 2020
AEE 1471: How you Can Help Create Language Justice with Jamila Ball

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What is language justice? What is being done to break down barriers and create multilingual communities? Today we have Jamila Ball, from Jamii Linguists, on our show to tell you how you can get involved with the language justice movement.

Nov 17, 2020
AEE Bonus: Live Webclass! How to Activate Your Listening Power in Groups

Click here to register now (spots are limited)

Nov 17, 2020
AEE 1470: Shape Up Your English
Nov 16, 2020
AEE 1469: Don't Overdose on Your Adverbs in English
Nov 12, 2020
AEE 1468: Follow Your Shadow to Sound More Natural in English
Nov 11, 2020
AEE 1467: The Trick to Giving Away Your Secret in English
Nov 10, 2020
AEE 1466: Eliminate Apologies to Deepen Connections in English
Nov 09, 2020
AEE 1465: How To Pull No Punches In English
Nov 05, 2020
AEE 1464: What's More Important to You- Quality or Quantity?
Nov 04, 2020
AEE 1463: Don't Get Left In The Dark
Nov 03, 2020
AEE 1462: Is the Office Dead?
Nov 02, 2020
AEE 1461: How to Use Accountability and Liability to Talk About Responsibility in English
Oct 29, 2020
AEE 1460: How to Talk about 'Cancel Culture' with a Native Speaker
Oct 28, 2020
AEE 1459: How Americans Shop for Groceries
Oct 27, 2020
AEE Bonus: A Special Group Episode and a Common American Idiom
Oct 27, 2020
AEE 1458: This Episode Has a Certain Je Ne SaiS Quoi
Oct 26, 2020
AEE 1457: We Can't Help Using Contronyms in English
Oct 22, 2020
AEE 1456: Crank Up the Volume to Use Natural Phrasal Verbs in English
Oct 21, 2020
AEE 1455: Seven Ways to Describe a Beautiful Woman's Hair in English
Oct 20, 2020
AEE Bonus: Two IELTS Tips that Boost Your Everyday English
Oct 20, 2020
AEE 1454: Let's Practice Not Caring!
Oct 19, 2020
AEE 1453: Why Natives are Talking about 'Karen'
Oct 15, 2020
AEE 1452: Language Study Tips for Travel with the World Wanderers
Oct 14, 2020
AEE 1451: How to Be Resilient with One Key English Expression
Oct 13, 2020
AEE Bonus: A New Way to Listen to Us from China
Oct 13, 2020
AEE 1450: Know Yourself to Assess your English
Oct 12, 2020
AEE 1449: A Natural Way to Offer Two Options in English
Oct 08, 2020
AEE 1448: Are You Having Deja Vu? How to Talk About It in English
Oct 07, 2020
AEE 1447: 5 Steps to Clear English Pronunciation with Hadar Shemesh

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Today our guest gives us five tips for overcoming this and working to improve these pronunciations out in the real world.

Hadar Shemesh is our guest today and she is a speech coach from the Influency Podcast. She lives in Israel and helps people all around the world with learning English.

Oct 06, 2020
AEE 1446: Don't Be Just Fine When it Comes to this Contronym
Oct 05, 2020
AEE 1445: How to Talk About Internet Trolls in English
Oct 01, 2020
AEE 1444: Do You Have Hat Hair?
Sep 30, 2020
AEE 1443: Grab a Political Quote and Make a Joke - Part Two
Sep 29, 2020
AEE 1442: Five Ways to Use the Podcast to Improve your English Speaking
Sep 28, 2020
AEE 1441: How to Draw Someone's Attention in English
Sep 24, 2020
AEE 1440: Avoid Confusion with Two Opposite Ways to Use Off
Sep 23, 2020
AEE 1439: How to Set Boundaries and Take Control in Your Business English Presentations
Sep 22, 2020
AEE 1438: How to Use the Word Commitment To Maintain Privacy and Be Concise
Sep 21, 2020
AEE 1437: How to Formalize Your Business English Grammar
Sep 17, 2020
AEE 1436: What Do Lip Balm, Toy Hoops, and Moving Staircases Have in Common?
Sep 16, 2020
AEE Bonus: Free Live Webclass: How Natives Shift Tones in English Meetings
Sep 16, 2020
AEE 1435: Try for a No to Get a Yes in Business English
Sep 15, 2020
AEE 1434: Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder? Find Out Today
Sep 14, 2020
AEE 1433: Get the Lay Of the Land When It Comes to Business English
Sep 10, 2020
AEE 1432: The Tiny Words in English That Make a Big Difference
Sep 09, 2020
AEE 1431: Get in the Head of Your Audience with your English Presentation
Sep 08, 2020
AEE Bonus: Webclass Coming Up Soon! Business Reality Check for Morning Greetings
Sep 08, 2020
AEE 1430: Grammar Day! We Appreciate Your Asking Tough Questions
Sep 07, 2020
AEE 1429: All Up In Your Head About Culture
Sep 03, 2020
AEE 1428: Data or Data? Coupon or Coupon? English Pronunciation Differences and Debates
Sep 02, 2020
AEE 1427: Is It a Spat, a Quarrel, or a Tiff? How to Talk About Arguments in English
Sep 01, 2020
AEE 1426: Do You Research or Investigate?
Aug 31, 2020
AEE 1425: Boomtowns and Roadtrips
Aug 27, 2020
AEE 1424: English Euphemisms and How They Lead to Your Fluency
Aug 26, 2020
AEE 1423: Get a Second Wind with Today's Episode
Aug 25, 2020
AEE 1422: Are You in Rare Form?
Aug 24, 2020
AEE 1421: Don't Poke the Bear and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Aug 20, 2020
AEE 1420: Yes Indeed! How to Respond in the Affirmative in a Fun Way
Aug 19, 2020
AEE 1419: Want Something to Be Over With? How to Say It in English
Aug 18, 2020
AEE 1418: Do You Have a Chip On Your Shoulder?
Aug 17, 2020
AEE 1417: This is Real English, Though!
Aug 13, 2020
AEE 1416: Are You Going Bananas? What Does That Even Mean?
Aug 12, 2020
AEE 1415: Got 5 Minutes? Get a Head Start and Mental Shift
Aug 11, 2020
AEE 1414: Should You Say Scent or Smell? Plus How to Use This Topic to Connect in English
Aug 10, 2020
AEE 1413: What Is the Difference Between So Much and Too Much?
Aug 06, 2020
AEE 1412: What Unique Movie Phrase Can Make Someone Feel Exclusive? Find Out Today
Aug 05, 2020
AEE 1411: Are You a Crier? How to Talk About It in English
Aug 04, 2020
AEE 1410: Vocabulary Is Half The Battle for Connection in English
Aug 03, 2020
AEE 1409: Business English: What to Say When You're Going Away
Jul 30, 2020
AEE 1408: Good News or Bad News First? How to Frame Ideas in English
Jul 29, 2020
AEE 1407: An Awfully Good Episode About Oxymorons in English
Jul 28, 2020
AEE 1406: How to Make Fun of Yourself in All Your Glory
Jul 27, 2020
AEE 1405: Why We Are Protesting in a Pandemic
Jul 23, 2020
AEE 1404: Is Something Off? How to Share Your Intuition in English
Jul 22, 2020
AEE 1403: Grab a Slice and Learn Pizza Vocabulary in the US
Jul 21, 2020
AEE 1402: How to Use Famous Political Quotes to Make Jokes in English
Jul 20, 2020
AEE 1401: How Trump Fuels the Culture Wars with Fear
Jul 16, 2020
AEE 1400: Don’t Give Away the Ending! How to Keep TV Show Twists a Surprise in English
Jul 15, 2020
AEE 1399: Moving Out? De-stress Your Move with These Native English Vocabulary Terms
Jul 14, 2020
AEE 1398: How to Answer Authentically in English When Someone Asks How You Are
Jul 13, 2020
AEE Bonus: Why You Should Set Boundaries in Business Plus Get On the Invite List
Jul 13, 2020
AEE 1397: Grammar Part 8: Ideal Conditions for Being the Life of the Party in English
Jul 09, 2020
AEE 1396: Does Culture Shock Scare You? The Wandering Ravens Are Here to Help
Jul 08, 2020
AEE 1395: How to Build Your Relationships Virtually and 3 English Phrases to Get Started
Jul 07, 2020
AEE Bonus: The Ball Is in Your Court: Get On the Exclusive List
Jul 07, 2020
AEE 1394: How to Zero In On Deeper Conversations in English
Jul 06, 2020
AEE 1393: Why Does Police Brutality Happen in the United States
Jul 02, 2020
AEE 1392: The Mother of All Episodes On How to Make Something Big in English
Jul 01, 2020
AEE Bonus: Something Awesome Is Coming! Plus 3 Email Mistakes to Avoid
Jul 01, 2020
AEE 1391: Can Accents Be Hallucinated? Carrie Gillon from Vocal Fries Lets Us Know

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Have you ever heard of accent hallucination?

Have you ever assumed that somebody was from a certain part of the world based on how they looked? We have all made assumptions about people, and this includes the type of accent that they have.

Today Michelle Kaplan interviews Carrie Gillon from the Vocal Fries Podcast.

Jun 30, 2020
AEE 1390: How to Alert Someone When You Have News That Will Surprise Them in English
Jun 29, 2020
AEE 1389: Grammar Part 7: A Simple Way to Sharpen Business English Communication
Jun 25, 2020
AEE 1388: 3 Steps to Get a Job Abroad with Ilya Brotsky from Van Hack

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Would you like to find a job abroad in an English-speaking country?

If you’re like most people, the thought of relocating and finding a new job can be a bit overwhelming.

Today we’re going to help you to figure out how to find that right job in the location that’s right for you. We have a special guest on, Ilya Brotsky from Van Hack, who will help us to prepare for living and working abroad.

Jun 24, 2020
AEE 1387: How to Never Forget a Language with Polyglot Lýdia Machová

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Have you ever tried to learn a new language and then forgotten some of it?

Do you ever find that you lose motivation or interest along the way?

Today we have a very special guest on our show, Lýdia Machová from Language Mentoring, who is an expert at learning new languages.

We’re going to go through various ways to ensure that you can be successful at learning and remembering this new language, and ensuring that you stay motivated along the way.

Jun 23, 2020
AEE 1386: The Importance of Making the Most Out of Your Life Experiences
Jun 22, 2020
AEE 1385: It Goes Without Saying That You Can Be Obvious and Still Connect
Jun 18, 2020
AEE 1384: The State of Stative Verbs- Don’t Get Flagged as a Lower Level Speaker
Jun 17, 2020
AEE 1383: Feeling Stuck with Your English? This Episode Has Your Name On It
Jun 16, 2020
AEE Bonus: Why Today Is Happening: A Timeline
Jun 16, 2020
AEE 1382: Is It Bad to Be Selfish? Plus 3 Self-Centered English Vocabulary Words
Jun 15, 2020
AEE 1381: How to Persuade a Difficult Audience in English
Jun 11, 2020
AEE 1380: Grammar Part 6: A Few Tips to Add a Little Polish to Your Job Interviews in English
Jun 10, 2020
AEE 1379: How to Know the Difference Between Answer and Respond in English
Jun 09, 2020
AEE 1378: Don't Take it Out on Me! How to Keep Your Anger in Check
Jun 08, 2020
AEE 1377: 3 Tips to Thrive in a New Country with Mitch from Small Talk Japan
Jun 04, 2020
AEE 1376: Grammar Part 5: How to Avoid Misunderstandings with Infinitives and Gerunds
Jun 03, 2020
AEE 1375: On the Quest for a Desk or Any Other Item? How to Say It in English
Jun 02, 2020
AEE 1374: Why Saying 'Relax" Is Not the Best Way to Calm Someone Down in English
Jun 01, 2020
AEE 1373: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back in English
May 28, 2020
AEE 1372: How to Succeed at Game Night in English
May 27, 2020
AEE 1371: Grammar Shouldn't Make you Tense Part 4: When Textbook English Grammar Leads you Astray
May 26, 2020
AEE Bonus: Webclass Invite Plus Three Cues It's Your Turn to Speak
May 26, 2020
AEE 1370: Construct vs. Establish: What's the Difference?
May 25, 2020
AEE 1369: Take 2! How to Make a Mistake and Still Be Smooth in English
May 21, 2020
AEE 1368: The Origins of Colors with Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl

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Have you ever wondered where color names in the English language came from?

You might be surprised to know that certain colors or shades are not necessarily common or don’t even exist in other languages.

Today we have Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl Podcast. Her focus on today’s episode is on the origin of color names.

You will learn how certain color names came to be, and how you can level up your English by going deep into a topic such as the nuances of colors to expand your vocabulary.

May 20, 2020
AEE 1367: How to Be Indirectly Direct in English
May 19, 2020
AEE Bonus: Say What? A Webclass on Fast English Listening?
May 19, 2020
AEE 1366: Aussie English Slang Words with Pete Smissen

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We have a special guest today, Pete Smissen from Aussie English, who is going to help us to understand the difference between some common slang words used in his home country of Australia.

Understanding the differences in words such as these as well as cultural differences can be a helpful way to have conversations and for you to make connections.

May 18, 2020
AEE 1365: The Health Battle from Coast to Coast in the US
May 14, 2020
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AEE 1345: When to Pronounce the S as a Z in English with Jennifer Tarle

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Have you heard words in English that sound like they use a “z” sound?

When you see these words is it confusing because they actually use an “s?”

Today we’re going to look at words that have a “z” sound but don’t actually use this letter in their makeup with guest Jennifer Tarle from from Tarle Speech and Language.

Apr 09, 2020
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