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 Aug 23, 2023

 Jul 21, 2023
My favorite podcast! Amazing insight and excellent advice.

 May 20, 2023
People and a show that actually care to love you and tell you the truth!

 May 5, 2023
Thanks team, I've been listening since 2020; started on Baby Step 1, now on Baby Step 6! Killin it.

 Apr 2, 2023


The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Join as Dave Ramsey and his team of experts answer your questions on the top problems holding you back. Listen now or ask your question live by calling 888.825.5225 weekdays from 2–5 p.m. ET. Learn more at

Episode Date
What Is Your Relationship With Money?
May 27, 2024
You’re the Only One Who Can Change Your Financial Future
May 24, 2024
Your Life Will Suck if You Wait on Washington To Fix It
May 23, 2024
Fortune Favors Those Who Get Up and Go to Work!
May 22, 2024
No One Gets Peace From Disorganized Chaos
May 21, 2024
Quit Trying To Calculate Your Way out of Debt!
May 20, 2024
Give Every Dollar a Name Before the Month Begins
May 17, 2024
Build a Life You’re Not Exhausted By
May 16, 2024
THIS Is How You Become A Millionaire In America Today
May 15, 2024
Will You Be Proud Of Your Decisions 20 Years From Now?
May 14, 2024
It's Time To Take Full Control Of Your Finances
May 13, 2024
Freedom Isn’t Found by Borrowing Money
May 10, 2024
Don’t Be So Desperate That You Make a Stupid Decision
May 09, 2024
Why Slow and Steady Always Wins the Race
May 08, 2024
Freedom or Debt? You Get To Choose
May 07, 2024
The Real Reason You’re Broke May Not Be What You Think
May 06, 2024
Don’t Believe the Lies, Anyone Can Build Wealth
May 03, 2024
Set Boundaries & Stop the Pattern of Stupidity!
May 02, 2024
Deal With the Behavior Problem, Not Just the Math Problem!
May 01, 2024
When Are You Gonna Get Sick and Tired of Being Broke?
Apr 30, 2024
Ditch Debt and Solve for Freedom
Apr 29, 2024
Find Out How To Make Your Money Work for You!
Apr 26, 2024
Why Debt Is Never the Solution to Your Problems
Apr 25, 2024
Know Where Every Dollar Is Going Before the Month Begins
Apr 24, 2024
Draw a Line in the Sand When It Comes to Borrowing Money
Apr 23, 2024
There Are No Shortcuts to Financial Responsibility
Apr 22, 2024
Stop Sabotaging Your Future
Apr 19, 2024
It's Not a Math Problem, It's a Me Problem
Apr 18, 2024
Don’t Rationalize Stupid Money Decisions!
Apr 17, 2024
Patience Is the Key to Lasting Wealth
Apr 16, 2024
Be Planning for the Future Before It Catches Up With You
Apr 15, 2024
What’s Holding You Back From Changing Your Life?
Apr 12, 2024
Most Americans Go From Payment to Payment... Be Weird!
Apr 11, 2024
Why Your Money Isn't A Math Problem, It's A YOU Problem
Apr 10, 2024
Normal Sucks! You Don’t Want To Be Normal
Apr 09, 2024
There’s a Way out of the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle
Apr 08, 2024
Don’t Let Your Failures Hold You Back From Your Future
Apr 05, 2024
These Bad Decisions Will Steal Your Wealth
Apr 04, 2024
Decide To Change RIGHT NOW
Apr 03, 2024
If You Want To Be Wealthy, Do What Wealthy People Do!
Apr 02, 2024
If You Don’t Deal With the Core Issue You’ll Always Struggle With Money
Apr 01, 2024
Is It Ever Too Late To Build Wealth?
Mar 29, 2024
Recognizing You Have a Problem Is 90% of Solving the Problem
Mar 28, 2024
Teach Yourself To Say “No” Today so You Can Say “Yes” Tomorrow
Mar 27, 2024
This Is What It Means To Live Like No One Else!
Mar 26, 2024
Sacrifice Isn’t Easy but It’s Always Worth It
Mar 25, 2024
Own Your Mistakes and Decide That You’re Going To Be Different
Mar 22, 2024
Do You Have Too Much Month Left at the End of the Money?
Mar 21, 2024
Are You Ready to Find Freedom With Your Money For The First Time?
Mar 20, 2024
Why You Have To Be Laser Focused To Win With Money
Mar 19, 2024
This Is Why You Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Financial Decisions
Mar 18, 2024
Why You Need a Firm Financial Foundation
Mar 15, 2024
Cleaning Up A 20 Year Financial Mess Takes Time
Mar 14, 2024
Are You Going To Be a Victim or Take Control of Your Life?
Mar 13, 2024
Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?
Mar 12, 2024
YOU Control Your Financial Destiny, No One Else Does
Mar 11, 2024
Doing This Will Make You A Net Worth Millionaire
Mar 08, 2024
Your Financial Situation Is Not Hopeless
Mar 07, 2024
True Maturity Is The Ability To Delay Satisfaction
Mar 06, 2024
If You Don't Choose Your Pain, It Will Choose You
Mar 05, 2024
Your Emergency Fund Is A Force Field Between You And Life
Mar 04, 2024
The Best Way To Build Wealth Is To Save Early and Often
Mar 01, 2024
Debt Will Keep You From Being Wealthy!
Feb 29, 2024
If You Follow the Trends You’ll Fall for the Traps
Feb 28, 2024
Avoid Decades Of Financial Stupidity With These Simple Steps
Feb 27, 2024
Don’t Get Trapped in the Cycle of Debt!
Feb 26, 2024
When You Play the Game of Debt You Lose Every Time
Feb 23, 2024
You Can’t Hack Your Way Into Wealth!
Feb 22, 2024
There Is Hope in the Midst of the Struggle
Feb 21, 2024
You Can't Stay On This Path Of Financial Destruction
Feb 20, 2024
Prepare For Your Future Instead of Paying For Your Past
Feb 19, 2024
To Build Wealth You Must First Change Your Behavior
Feb 16, 2024
Increasing Your Income Jumpstarts Your Wealth-Building
Feb 15, 2024
THIS Is How You Set Yourself Up for Success
Feb 14, 2024
You Don’t Have To Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck!
Feb 13, 2024
Navigating Financial Anxiety and Uncertainty
Feb 12, 2024
Hope Is the Key to Winning With Your Money
Feb 09, 2024
You Have To Get to the Root of Your Debt Problem
Feb 08, 2024
Don't Cheat Tomorrow for Today's Whims
Feb 07, 2024
Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?
Feb 06, 2024
Don’t Be Middle Class Fancy (aka Broke)
Feb 05, 2024
Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy!
Feb 02, 2024
There’s a Freedom You Can’t Put a Price On
Feb 01, 2024
Being an Adult Means Delaying Gratification
Jan 31, 2024
Drop the Excuses and Embrace the Suck!
Jan 30, 2024
Your Income Is a Key Ingredient to Building Wealth
Jan 29, 2024
Choose Peace Over Payments
Jan 26, 2024
You Can’t Complain Your Way to a Better Life
Jan 25, 2024
Living a No-Debt Lifestyle Will Give You Peace
Jan 24, 2024
Saving for the Future Starts Today
Jan 23, 2024
What’s My Next Right Step With Money?
Jan 22, 2024
Bonus Episode: Break the Cycle: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Jan 20, 2024
Anyone Can Set Themselves Up for Financial Freedom
Jan 19, 2024
You Can't Outearn Your Stupidity
Jan 18, 2024
If You Can’t Pay for It, Don’t Buy It!
Jan 17, 2024
Normal in America Sucks - Don't Be Normal!
Jan 16, 2024
Quit Looking for a Shortcut!
Jan 15, 2024
This Is How You Set Yourself Up for Success!
Jan 12, 2024
You CAN Break the Cycle of Debt Holding You Back
Jan 11, 2024
This Is What's Stopping You From Becoming Rich
Jan 11, 2024
Winning With Money Is 80% Behavior
Jan 09, 2024
Now Is The Time To Turn Your Financial Ship Around
Jan 08, 2024
Introduction: The Ramsey Show
Jan 06, 2024
Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle
Jan 05, 2024
Escape the Gravitational Pull of Stupid
Jan 04, 2024
Don't Buy Crap You Can't Afford!
Jan 03, 2024
How Are You Going To Change Your Life This Year?
Jan 02, 2024
You Have To Sacrifice Now To Win in the Future
Jan 01, 2024
How Do I Get Started Investing?
Dec 29, 2023
Anyone Can Become a Millionaire in America Today
Dec 28, 2023
Learning To Set Boundaries With Family
Dec 27, 2023
I'm Buried in Debt
Dec 26, 2023
Special Replay: The Annual Giving Show from 2022
Dec 25, 2023
Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else!
Dec 22, 2023
Take Control of Your Life!
Dec 21, 2023
THIS Is the Key to Getting Out of Debt
Dec 20, 2023
Don't Get Scared Then Get Stupid With Your Money
Dec 19, 2023
The Annual Giving Show!
Dec 18, 2023
You Can't Outrun Your Debt
Dec 15, 2023
Don’t Fall Into the American Nightmare of Debt
Dec 14, 2023
Most of Your Poor Financial Decisions Start With You
Dec 13, 2023
Make Your Decisions Based on Your Desired Destination
Dec 12, 2023
If You Want To Win You Need To Account for Risk
Dec 11, 2023
You Can Have a Great Christmas on a Budget!
Dec 08, 2023
Learning To Let Go of Your Financial Mistakes
Dec 07, 2023
Stop Stepping Over Dollars To Pick Up Nickels
Dec 06, 2023
Do You Know Where All Your Money Is Going?
Dec 05, 2023
If You Follow the Proven Plan, This Stuff WORKS
Dec 04, 2023
How Can I Get Ahead With My Money?
Dec 01, 2023
Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle
Nov 30, 2023
Making Good Financial Decisions Is Hard (but Worth It)
Nov 29, 2023
Patience Always Pays Off in the Long Run
Nov 28, 2023
Personal Finance Is 20% Knowledge, 80% Behavior
Nov 27, 2023
The Best Calls of the Year So Far (Part 5)
Nov 24, 2023
The Best Calls of the Year So Far (Part 4)
Nov 23, 2023
Quit Making Yourself a Victim!
Nov 22, 2023
What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed About Money
Nov 21, 2023
Intensity and Intentionality Are the Keys to Building Wealth
Nov 20, 2023
Don’t Rob From Your Future Self!
Nov 17, 2023
More Payments = More Problems
Nov 16, 2023
Getting Out of the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle
Nov 15, 2023
You’re Doing Better Than You Think!
Nov 14, 2023
Financial Freedom Helps You Solve for Peace
Nov 13, 2023
Today Is the Day to Chose What Your Future Looks Like
Nov 10, 2023
Overcoming Your Bad Financial Decisions
Nov 09, 2023
Does Your Life Need a Radical Shake-Up?
Nov 08, 2023
Choose the Hard Sacrifice That Leads to Freedom
Nov 07, 2023
Focused Intensity Over Time Will Move the Needle
Nov 06, 2023
You And Your Spouse Have To Be on the Same Page
Nov 03, 2023
You Can’t Win With Money if You Don’t Know Where Your Money Is
Nov 02, 2023
Break Free From Broke!
Nov 01, 2023
What Happens When Parents Misbehave
Oct 31, 2023
Don’t Use a Math-Based Solution to a Behavior-Based Problem
Oct 30, 2023
Don't Solve A 30-day "Uh-Oh" With A 30-year Commitment
Oct 27, 2023
It’s Not About What You Did, It’s About What You Do Next
Oct 26, 2023
Think About the Future When You Make Decisions Today
Oct 25, 2023
Rich People “Ask How Much?” Poor People Ask “How Much a Month?”
Oct 24, 2023
Hard Work Is the Key to Success
Oct 23, 2023
You Can’t Live Your Dreams if You Don’t Prepare for Them
Oct 20, 2023
Don’t Let Financial Drama Throw You off Track!
Oct 19, 2023
Anyone Can Become a Millionaire (Even You)
Oct 18, 2023
When the World Goes Crazy, Control the Controllables
Oct 17, 2023
Don’t Believe the Lies – YOU Are the Hero of Your Story!
Oct 16, 2023
Short Term Convenience Has A Long Term Cost
Oct 13, 2023
Nothing Will Change Till You're Ready To Change
Oct 12, 2023
Stop Losing Battles And Win The War With Your Budget
Oct 11, 2023
THIS Is The Best Way To Avoid Bankruptcy
Oct 10, 2023
One Year Of Sacrifice Changes Everything
Oct 09, 2023
Get Control of Your Money!
Oct 06, 2023
If You Want To Win You Have To Go Against the Grain!
Oct 05, 2023
Quit Chasing the Latest Financial Trends!
Oct 04, 2023
Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand – Pay Off Your Debt!
Oct 03, 2023
Find Freedom from Student Loans And Anxiety
Oct 02, 2023
You Can’t Blame Your Way to a Better Life
Sep 29, 2023
The Best Calls of the Year So Far (Part 3)
Sep 28, 2023
Slow & Steady Wins the Race
Sep 27, 2023
Don’t Let Your Dream Become a Nightmare
Sep 26, 2023
Are You Making Stupid Money Moves in the Name of Desperation?
Sep 25, 2023
Financial Freedom Requires Sacrifice but It’s Always Worth It!
Sep 22, 2023
The Best Debt Resolution Program Is YOU!
Sep 21, 2023