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 Mar 31, 2021
A great podcast covering urbanest topics most specially all things public transportation.


A review of the week's top stories at the intersection of sustainable transportation, urban planning, and economic development. Hosted by Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire.

Episode Date
Episode 389: A Tour of Canadian Transit

This week we’re joined by Reece Martin, who discusses transit systems around the world on his YouTube channel RM Transit.  Reece joins us to take an audio tour of Canadian Transit as well as discuss his recent visit to London to ride the Elizabeth Line.

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Jun 30, 2022
Episode 388: Parking Policy for Cities

This week we’re joined by Catie Gould of the Sightline Institute, to talk about Oregon’s plans for reducing parking regulations in cities. We chat about case studies from Portland OR and Fayetteville AR and the impact of parking lots on the urban heat island.

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Jun 23, 2022
Episode 387: The Megaregion

This week we’re joined by University of Pennsylvania’s Fritz Steiner and Bob Yaro and University of Texas’ Ming Zhang to talk about their new book, Megaregions and America’s Future. We discuss the idea of Megaregions and why they are so important for the future of our society and the planet.

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Jun 16, 2022
Episode 386: City Culture and Sports Stadiums

This week we’re joined by writer Dan Moore to talk about his piece in The Ringer entitled “What Do Cities Lose When they Lose Pro Sports?” Dan chats about why stadium deals are A bigger story about cities and how they can be harmful or potentially beneficial.

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Jun 09, 2022
Episode 112: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Lisbon Lego Tram

This week we're solo but that doesn't mean we don't have some interesting news for you!  San Diego billboards and Rotterdam roof parks coming at you!


Learning about Chinese Metros - That's Magazine

Rotterdam's roof parks - Surface Magazine

TXDOT wants to bury I345 - D Magazine

San Diego's billboard rules - San Diego Union Tribune

Texas activists battle billboard companies - NPR

Germany's 9 euro pass - The

Regulating particulates - Euractiv

Tire particles 2000x worse than exhaust - Guardian


Puppies and Butterflies

Lego Lisbon Tram - The Brick Fan


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Jun 07, 2022
Episode 385: Thinking Regionally About New York

This week we’re joined by Regional Plan Association President and CEO Tom Wright. Tom looks back at the history of the RPA, the current process for congestion pricing in New York City, and how the Triborough transit line got traction.  We also talk about the organization's thinking on climate change and more!


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Jun 02, 2022
Episode 384: Portrait of a Developer in St. Paul

This week we’re listening to a one to one conversation between St. Paul Developer Johnny Opara of JO Companies and Lea Hargett, Principal of Jog Associates. They talk about LISC’s Capacity Building programs that support developers of color, why Johnny got into development, and barriers people of color face in the market which includes the many different types of capital.


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May 26, 2022
Episode 111: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - A Safe Place to Bee

This week on Mondays we're joined by Jerome Horne of TransitCenter to share thoughts on Amazon deliveries, new bus networks in Boston, Segregation by Design's visualizations, and new infrastructure technical assistance and housing plans from the White House.

The News

Visualizing the legacy of America’s racist urbanism - Fast Company

Ethics of next day delivery - Guardian

Boston's bus plan - WBUR

Housing supply action plan - White House

Infrastructure Technical Assistance Guide - White House

Safe Streets for All Grant Program - USDOT

Puppies and Butterflies

Bee Bus Stops - BBC




May 24, 2022
Episode 383: A Communities First Infrastructure Alliance

This week we’re listening in on a one-on-one conversation between Stephanie Gidigbi Jenkins of NRDC and North Star Strategies and Helen Chin, President of the Communities First Fund.  Stephanie and Helen discuss why this is an important moment for infrastructure equity and the creation of the Communities First Infrastructure Alliance and its principles.

You can find the White House's Technical Assistance Guide linked here and Communities First Infrastructure Alliance Principles and organizations here.


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May 19, 2022
Episode 110: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Shop Dogs

We are Han Solo this week but wanted to clear the pallet for next week's guest. We chat about Oslo's environmental progress, LA's Universal Basic Mobility plans, and how people walking slowly increases perceived crowding.  The links the all the stories are in the show notes below!

Money for mergers in Flemish Belgium - The

Who rules transit? - TransitCenter

Oslo and Climate Change - The New Yorker

Norway may scale back EV perks - Bloomberg

Universal basic mobility pilot - LA Times

Car filters and particles - Reuters

Open JFK drive - SF Examiner

Rural criteria changes for Census - Associated Press

Denmark to label food for climate change - Food Policy Center

Green walls in offices - Medical XPress

Testing a full size autonomous bus - BBC

A perception of people congestion - Science Daily


Puppies and Butterflies!

Shop Pets! - Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine


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May 17, 2022
Episode 382: Measuring Transportation Insecurity

This week we’re joined by Alix Gould-Werth of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth and Alex Murphy Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Department of Sociology to talk about their work on the topic of transportation insecurity. We chat about what went in to the creation of the transportation security index and why we haven’t yet created a federal program for individuals like food stamps or housing vouchers for transportation.

You can find their paper Developing a New Measure of Transportation Insecurity: An Exploratory Factor Analysis at the Survey Practice website. Also Validating the Sixteen-Item Transportation Security Index in a Nationally Representative Sample: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis.

They also have an article at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.


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May 12, 2022
Episode 381: A Next Generation Transport Policy

This week we’re joined by Harriet Tregoning, Director at NUMO, and Yonah Freemark, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute to talk about their report, Charting Out a Next-Generation, Place-Based Federal Transportation Policy. We talk what needs to change about federal policy and the entities that need to pursue it.


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May 05, 2022
Episode 380: The 15 Minute Church

This week we’re joined by Travis Norvell, Minister at Judson Memorial Baptist Church in Minneapolis to talk about his book Church on the Move.  We talk about transforming church parking lots, creating bike commute reports for local radio, and how church has changed after the advent of the automobile.


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Apr 28, 2022
Episode 109: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Old Enough for Errands!

This week we're talking about smart homes, the metaverse, and kids running errands in Japan! We also chat indoor air quality and teen brains on driving.

Smart home company disappears - Ars Technica

How governments can use the metaverse - American City and County

Thinking indoor air quality - GQ

Americans believe suburbs are greener than cities - YouGov

Science of reckless driving - Discover Magazine

Teen Brains - National Geographic

Urban design for toddlers - Slate


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Apr 26, 2022
Episode 379: Outdoor Lighting for Pedestrians

This week we’re joined by Frank Markowitz and Leni Schwendinger to talk about the new book Outdoor Lighting for Pedestrians. We chat about creating legible nighttime spaces, what planners should focus on when programming lighted spaces, and the future of lighting and transportation.


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Apr 21, 2022
Episode 378: Repairing America's Broken Housing System

This week we're joined by Jenny Schuetz, a senior fellow at Brookings Metro to talk about her new book Fixer Upper. We chat about making housing decisions at the wrong scale, where housing reform would make the most sense around the United States, and how we could use MPOs to better organize regional housing.


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Apr 14, 2022
Episode 377: A New Public Engagement in Durham

This week we’re featuring a 1 to 1 conversation produced in partnership with Railvolution between Aidil Ortiz, Principal at Aidilisms and Mary Kate Morookian, a transit planner at Kimley Horn. Aidil and Mary Kate discuss the Durham Transit Plan and how they approached public engagement while centering the community in the process.


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Apr 07, 2022
Episode 108: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - A Pattern Language for Podcasting

This week on Mondays we talk a lot of different subjects including Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language and how where you grow up impacts how good you are at directions. Join us for an Idaho Stop won't you?

Where you grow up determines your directions - NYT

Omaha Plans for the future of Downtown - Omaha World Herald

Colorado Could Soon Allow Idaho Stops - Colorado Politics

Boomers Tell Millennials there's No Crisis - New Statesman

Tire Chemicals are killing fish - Toronto Star

Why Christopher Alexander Still Matters - Planetizen



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Apr 05, 2022
Episode 376: Ctrl Alt Delete for Transportation

This week we’re joined by Kevin Krizek, Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and David King, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, to talk about their book, Advanced Introduction to Urban Transport Planning. We chat about access, justice, and why this book is perfect for changing the conversation around transportation.

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Mar 31, 2022
Episode 375: Who Represents "The Community" Part 2

This week we’re joined again by Jeremy Levine, Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan. In part 2 of our conversation Jeremy talks more about his book Constructing Community: Urban Governance, Development, and Inequality in Boston. In Part 2 we discuss how people talk about “the community” and what public outreach and participation could look like in the future.


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Mar 24, 2022
Episode 107: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Gas Shock!

This week on the show we talk about the impact of gas prices and have some studies on urbanization's impact on getting to net zero! We also talk about insurance and wild fires.  Lots of different topics!


The NIMBY King - The Atlantic

Americans struggle with vehicle costs - Guardian

San Diego road pricing - Time Magazine

Is mass urbanization good for the climate - Anthropocene

Disaster Insurance - The Atlantic


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Mar 22, 2022
Episode 374: Who Represents "The Community" Part 1

This week we’re joined by Jeremy Levine, Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Sociology (by courtesy) at the University of Michigan. Jeremy talks about his book Constructing Community: Urban Governance, Development, and Inequality in Boston and describes how neighborhood groups, elected officials, and public servants all claim the mantle of representing “the community.” In Part 1 we discuss how he went about his research in Boston, and how groups coalesced around the idea of the Fairmount Corridor.

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Mar 17, 2022
Episode 373: Real Talk on Climate Action and TOD

This week we’re joined by Adie Tomer from Brookings to talk about how transit-oriented development and active transportation play into climate strategies over the long term. We talk about mitigation versus adaptation strategies and what solutions work best for each.


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Mar 10, 2022
Episode 372: The Annual Prediction Show with Yonah Freemark

This week we’re joined by Yonah Freemark, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute. We chat about the impacts of the pandemic on office work, rethinking federal transportation policy, and make our annual predictions on next year’s transportation policies and projects.

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Mar 03, 2022
Episode 106: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Land Use Proxy Fight

This week we're joined by Han Solo, but that doesn't stop us from having a wonderful conversation about Paris 2024 car free zone, why cities are fighting for a lot of social issues with zoning codes, the nightmare that is the American Dream Mall, why TX Governor Greg Abbott killed a road diet, and the divergence between American and European cities.

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Mar 01, 2022
Episode 371: Transit Project Costs and Solutions

This week we’re joined by Paul Lewis, Policy Director at the Eno Center for Transportation. Paul discusses their report on transportation construction costs, Saving Time and Making Cents: A Blueprint for Building Transit Better.  We chat about the project database they created for the research, the different level of scrutiny between highway and transit capital projects, and some of the ways agencies can create better governance structures and lower project costs.

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Feb 24, 2022
Episode 370: Planning for Underground Cities

This week we’re joined by Dr. Asal Bidarmaghz, lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Dr. Bidarmaghz discusses planning for underground infrastructure and why it’s so important for the future of cities.

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Feb 17, 2022
Episode 105: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Seamless Transit

This week we're joined by Ian Griffiths of Seamless Bay Area to talk about their work in the Bay Area and we talk about a few news items from the weeks before on housing and transportation.

Ann Arbor council divided on zoning investigation - MLive

Slower growth in Colorado - Colorado Public Radio

French slow rail - The

Sprawl declines with gas price rise - Anthropocene

Climate promises challenged by highway money - Bloomberg

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Feb 15, 2022
Episode 369: Treating Social Media Like a City

This week we’re joined by Sahar Massachi of the Integrity Institute. Sahar discusses his piece in MIT Technology Review connecting cities and social media platforms and how we should be monitoring and managing them properly.

We chat about the similarities between managing social media’s bad actors and the urban problems like black box highway modeling, speed management, and city building.

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Feb 10, 2022
Episode 368: A Grassroots Bus Network Redesign in Miami

This week we are featuring a one on one conversation between Carlos Cruz-Casas, Assistant Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works for Miami Dade County, and Grace Perdomo, Executive Director of Transit Alliance in Miami. Grace and Carlos chat about the Better Bus Project, an advocacy-led community driven redesign of the Miami-Dade bus network.

Feb 03, 2022
Episode 367: Reimagining Sustainable Cities

This week we’re joined by Tina Rosan, Associate Professor at Temple University and Stephen Wheeler, Professor at UC Davis to talk about their new book Reimagining Sustainable Cities: Strategies for Designing Greener, Healthier, More Equitable Communities. We talk about a broad array of topics including rethinking public meetings, urban power dynamics, and structural change in government systems.


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Jan 27, 2022
Episode 104: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - New Cities, New Towns, New Trouble
We're Han Solo this week on Mondays at the Overhead Wire!  We talk about Jennifer Homendy and the 94% rule, the need to stop fetishizing old buildings, Donald Shoup's sidewalk fix, and how some non-profits and foundations are taking a greater governmental role as governments atrophy. 

We also talk about moving the capital of Indonesia away from Jakarta, the future of underground cities, concrete block alternatives, and Fort Worth's river redevelopment plan.   

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Jan 25, 2022
Episode 366: Inherent Transportation Expertise

This week we’re joined by Anna Zivarts from Disability Rights Washington and Paulo Nunes-Ueno from Front and Centered. They join us to talk about the Disability Mobility Initiative and story map, as well as the Mobility Bill of Rights.  We also chat about why mobility experiments might make travel harder for disabled travelers and why a core part of anyone’s civil rights should be the ability to be safe on the road.


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Jan 20, 2022
Episode 365: A City is Not a Computer

This week we’re joined by Shannon Mattern, professor of Anthropology at the New School for Social Research. Shannon talks with us about her new book A City is Not a Computer: Other Urban Intelligences.  We discuss the ideas of smartness versus wisdom, the idea of maintenance as a way of absorbing information, and the city as a processing machine, just not in the ways you might automatically think.


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Jan 13, 2022
Episode 103: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Transit is Not a Business

This week we're on our own talking about empty storefronts (NYT), whether transit should be run like a business (Laurel in Transit), the ethics of building multifamily housing on arterial streets (Slate), and Tri-Rail's problems pulling into the station (Miami Herald).  All that right here on Mondays at The Overhead Wire.

Jan 11, 2022
Episode 364: Creating a Better Transit Board

This week on the podcast, we’re back at last fall’s virtual Railvolution conference.  Former BART GM Grace Crunican moderates a panel discussing the role of board members in transit agencies with Former MBTA board member Monica Tibbits-Nutt and former Houston Metro board member Christof Spieler. They talk about how to deal with board members with opposite ideas, how to help agency staff, and using the budget as a policy document.


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Jan 06, 2022
Replay: Designing Fair Transport Systems

This week we’re flashing back to an episode in March where we were joined by Karel Martens, Professor of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and head of the Fair Transport Lab at Technion. Karel talks with us about the philosophy underpinning the idea of sufficient accessibility and how he got to the idea in his book Transport Justice.

Dec 23, 2021
Episode 363: Not Just Wires, Pipes, and Roads

This week we’re joined by Michael Spotts, a senior visiting research fellow at ULI’s Terwiliger Center for Housing and head of Neighborhood Fundamentals. Michael chats with us about takeaways from the Shaw Symposium on Urban Community Issues, the definition of infrastructure, and the importance of taking a systems approach to important interconnected topics like transportation, education, and health care.


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Dec 16, 2021
Episode 102: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Christmas Markets

Our last show of the year!  Chrissy Mancini Nichols and Tracy McMillan join the show with an overarching theme of public health. We talk LA street vending carts, climate impacts of shipping, transportation insecurity, drought and water shortages, and Christmas markets in Germany.


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Dec 14, 2021
Episode 362: The Traffic War is Never Won

This week we’re joined by University of Virginia Associate Professor Peter Norton, to talk about his new book Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving.  Peter discusses the false promises of auto makers and technologists and the mobility solutions that are already in front of us.


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Dec 09, 2021
Episode 101: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Auto Nostalgia and the Oil Crisis

This episode of Mondays we're joined by Gabrielle Esperdy, a professor of architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a contributing writer for Places. This episode was produced in partnership with Places Journal.

Gabrielle discusses her piece 'Twilight of Autopia' in Places, which includes a deep dive into nostalgia, thoughts on the word sprawl, and the ultimate cultural impact of the 1970s oil crisis.

Dec 07, 2021
Episode 361: Infrastructural Optimism

This week we’re joined by Linda Samuels, associate professor of urban design at Washington University in St. Louis to talk about her book Infrastructural Optimism. We chat about how growth for growth’s sake is not the answer, learn from post modernist urbanism, and why systems should be more connected.


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Dec 02, 2021
Episode 360: Transit Expansion and Service in the Pandemic

This week we’re at the 2021 Virtual Railvolution conference.  Adelee Le Grand, CEO of the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit System in Tampa moderates a panel featuring Debra Johnson, GM and CEO of RTD in Denver and Peter Rogoff, CEO of Sound Transit in Seattle. Johnson and Rogoff discuss transit expansion plans and progress in their respective regions as well as how they kept things going during the pandemic.


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Nov 18, 2021
Episode 359: Streets are Not Just Pipes

This week we’re joined by Miami of Ohio Geography Professor David Prytherch. David chats with us about his recent journal article in Urban Geography: Reimagining the physical/social infrastructure of the American street.  We talk about businesses newfound interest in the street, equity and ethical discussions about rights to the street, and the new pandemic paradigm of open streets.

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Nov 11, 2021
Episode 100: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Double Infrastructure All the Way

Well it's finally infrastructure week. We definitely timed it to coincide with our 100th episode of Mondays. Tracy and I get into some of the lesser discussed details of the IIJA bill while also covering a few stores from the newsletter including, French bookshop protection, Vienna's urban flood protection, housing rejection in SF, indoor methane issues, and the idea of cluster commutes. And Chrissy joins us towards the end to celebrate it being episode 100.

Infrastructure details from the National Association of Counties.

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Nov 09, 2021
Episode 358: A National Perspective with Jannet Walker Ford

This week we’re joined by Jannet Walker-Ford, National Transit and Rail Lead at WSP.  We chat about high speed rail around the country, the benefits of trade and research groups, escalating transit project costs, and our current transport policy environment. 


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Nov 04, 2021
Episode 357: Culture is Designed Every Century

This week we’re joined by Dutch architect Ton Venhoeven.  We chat about Utrecht’s new tram station TOD, the difference between the 15 minute and Micro City, planning policy and its history in the Netherlands, and the future of cities.

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Oct 28, 2021
Episode 99: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Halloween Highway

This week we're joined by Josh Fairchild, Co-Founder of Transit Matters, a transit advocacy organization in Boston. Josh tells us about his recent trip to California and his experience with BART after a long flight. We also talk about our slate of news including the end of Alitalia Airlines, the idea of Planet City, Seattle's experiment with e-bike deliveries, and how the human brain navigates cities.


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Oct 26, 2021
Episode 356: Partisanship and Transportation

This week we're joined by Kelcie Ralph, Nick Klein, and Calvin Thigpen to talk about their recent paper 'Political Partisanship and Transportation Reform' written with Anne Brown in the Journal of The American Planning Association.  We chat about why they wrote the paper, what they found out about partisanship and transportation policy, and why all sides of the political spectrum have little understanding of induced demand.


Oct 21, 2021
Episode 355: Asphalt - A History

This week we’re joined by Kenneth O’Reilly to talk about his book Asphalt: A History. We chat about what asphalt is, how it was used for building, war, and economic expansion and how it impacts the future of the planet. 


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Oct 14, 2021
Episode 98: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Duluth, Like Duluth?

This week on Mondays we're joined by Chrissy Mancini Nichols to talk about a number of different topics including climate migration, low traffic neighborhoods in Birmingham UK, and reforming mega project contracts.



Climate Proof Duluth - MPR News

Birmingham Low Traffic Neighborhood - The Guardian

Yemen's Ancient Cities - BBC Travel

No More Mega Contracts for Mega Projects - Eno Center

Livability Awards for Highways - Washington Post


Puppies and Butterflies

Boji the Istanbul Transit Dog - Reuters

How Clement Street Survived - New York Times

Oct 12, 2021
Episode 354: Active Transportation Laws in Berlin

This week we’re joined by Roland Stimpel of The German Pedestrian Association Fussverkehr.  Roland chats with us about Berlin’s new mobility laws including the 2018 Mobility Act and 2021’s pedestrian law amendments. We also talk about SUVs, the struggle to find public servants, and Ampelmännchen, the traffic light man.

Oct 07, 2021
Episode 353: Depave Cities

This week on the podcast we're joined by Mary Pat McGuire, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois.  Mary Pat talks with us about what happens to water after it hits the pavement, the damaging environmental impacts of covering cities in pavement, and steps we can take to reduce runoff in green cities.

Sep 30, 2021
Episode 97: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Electric Chargers Among Us

This week on Mondays, we discuss a lot of different topics from HOLC map redlining to electric car chargers. We don't talk much about the infrastructure bill but I imagine that will be coming soon whether it passes or not! 


Who increases air quality guidelines - Guardian

40 years of HSR - La Croix Translated

The train the shrunk France - Ars Technica

Berlin buys out apartments - AP News

Redlining didn't happen how we thought it did - Governing

EV Chargers in Zoning Code - Urban Milwaukee

Do we need 500K chargers? - Motherboard

The economics of gas stations - The Hustle

Sep 28, 2021
Episode 352: The Community Knows What it Wants

This month on the Railvolution podcast we’re joined by Duncan Hwang, Interim Co-Director of the Asian Pacific Network of Oregon and Gauri Rajbaidya, architect and senior associate at SERA. They chat with us about community driven development in Portland’s Jade District and how it's connected to the rest of the region.

Sep 23, 2021
Episode 351: The Rules Require Death

This week we’re joined by Dr. Megan Ryerson, UPS Chair of Transportation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design. Dr. Ryerson joins us to talk about her research on cognitive workload, measuring the stress of cyclists at intersections. We also chat about transportation during the pandemic, the uneven power dynamics in traffic safety between cars and bikes/pedestrians, and how safety and an inability to navigate are access restrictions.


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Sep 16, 2021
Episode 96: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Find Your Solarpunk City

This week Tracy McMillan joins the show to talk about engineering climate change preparedness in New Orleans, Solarpunk cities, making Lego budget movies, and early Robert Putnam's thoughts on Italian social capital.

We also chat a bit about Metro Twin Cities new transit pass plan and Paris' new speed limit.

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Sep 14, 2021
Episode 350: The Built Environment Memory Hole

This week we’re joined by Tufts Professor Justin Hollander. Justin chats with us about a wide range of topics including VMT Taxes, using eye tracking software to measure the impacts of the built environment on people’s mind, and he reacts to the most recent census release.

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Sep 09, 2021
Episode 349: Active Transportation Parades

This week we’re joined by new Rail~Volution CEO Tamar Shapiro.  We chat about her previous work in transportation and city planning at orgs like NUMO and The Governor's Institute, how to measure transportation success, and the transportation parades before German soccer games.


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Sep 02, 2021
Episode 348: New Mobilities with Todd Litman

This week we’re joined by Todd Litman, Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Todd discusses his book New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies. We reframe the transportation investments we make, talk about sharing information, and discuss why air taxis might not be the future.


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Aug 26, 2021
Episode 95: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Connecting the Dots

This week on the Mondays show, we chat about a number of different big articles from the last few weeks including TXDOT's freeway expansions, using the Commerce Clause to rethink zoning, working from home and more! I'm Han Solo this week but I've pulled together a couple of the recent newsletter intros as well.

VMT tax is bad for health - The Hill

TXDOT's massive Austin expansion - KUT

Are we more productive working from home? - Chicago Booth Review

Could the Commerce Clause change zoning? - New York State Bar Association

Nashville's new transportation department - Smart Cities World

Self storage is an equity issue - MinnPost

Aug 24, 2021
Episode 347: The Feminist City

This week we’re joined by Professor Leslie Kern to talk about her book Feminist City.  We talk about the need to make more spaces for non-traditional relationships, feminist geography and intersectionality, and how care work taxes personal transportation budgets.


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Aug 19, 2021
Episode 346: Saved Mental Energy

This week we're joined by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett to talk about their book, Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives. We chat about the ambient stress and anxiety created by auto oriented cities, the mental energy saved by car light spaces, and the difference between engineering and ecological resilience.


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Aug 12, 2021
Episode 94: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Moving at the Speed of Congress

This week on the Mondays show Chrissy and I discuss the history of the Segway, why people want cities to die, new ways to measure intersection safety and some of the details related to the infrastructure bill.


Infrastructure bill overview webinar - Eno Center

Why did people want covid to kill cities? - NYT

A new metric for safe streets - PennToday

Bike representation in the movies - Slate

History of the Segway - Slate

Puppies and Butterflies

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Aug 10, 2021
Episode 345: The Heat is On

This week we’re joined by Dr. V Kelly Turner, Director of Urban Environment Research at UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation. We chat about how to think differently about urban heat, how to measure it, and how to regulate it.

Read her piece in Next City.

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Aug 05, 2021
Episode 344: No More Transit Hunger Games

This week Dan Baer, Senior Vice President at WSP talks with Kevin Corbett, President and CEO of New Jersey Transit. In this 1 on 1 conversation, Dan and Kevin talk about NJ Transit’s response to the pandemic, bus electrification, and much more.


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Jul 29, 2021
Episode 343: This Food Pyramid Would be All Cars

This week we’re joined by Zabe Bent, Director of Design for the National Association of City Transportation Officials.  We chat about how we think too much about the future and growth, the current MUTCD process, and how she would start the design an infrastructure bill.


Mary Pay McGuire in Next City on Pavement.


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Jul 22, 2021
Episode 342: Man's Best Friend on Transit

This week we’re joined by Dr. Jennifer Kent, Senior Research Fellow in Urbanism at the Sydney School of Architecture.  Jennifer talks with us about why we travel, the impact of dogs on our travel behavior, and the idea of “messy trips”.


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Jul 15, 2021
Episode 93: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Advocates to Electeds

This week on Mondays at The Overhead Wire, we share a bit of the news from the last few weeks, but then Mesa Arizona City Council Member Francisco Heredia and Charlotte City Council Member Braxton Winston talk with each other about their journeys from being an advocate to elected officials. This episode initially was shared on the Rail~Volution podcast, but now you can check it out here as well.


Let's talk more about pavement - Next City

Aging condos need better oversight - Bloomberg

Urban Mobility Report is back and still missing the point - City Observatory


Jul 13, 2021
Episode 341: A Guide to Open Mobility as a Service

This week we’re joined by Andrew Salzberg, Head of Policy at Transit App.  Andrew talks with us about Transit’s Guide to Open Mobility as a Service and discusses how policy can create a better travel experience for everyone.

The Guide to Open Mobility as a Service is found here.


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Jul 08, 2021
Episode 340: Coordinating Pandemic Transit

This week we’re joined by Robert del Rosario, Director of Service Development for AC Transit in Oakland California.  Robert talks about agency coordination during the pandemic, what’s needed to get riders coming back, and what sustainable revenue might look like going forward.


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Jul 01, 2021
Episode 92: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Full Day Rush Hour

This week on the show Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins to talk about the post pandemic rush hour, parklets and ADA, Charlotte approving their 2040 plan, and the most recent news about the American Jobs/Infrastructure Plan.


Charlotte Passes 2040 Plan - Charlotte Observer

Pandemic street changes and ADA - Eater | Bloomberg

Rush hour and remote work - New York Times | PNAS

Infrastructure Plan

Group of 10 makes a deal - New York Times

Biden smooths over misunderstanding - Politico

Don't forget what we're buying - Streetsblog USA


Jun 29, 2021
Episode 339: A Compass for Sustainability

This week we’re joined by Mark Perepelitza, Director of Sustainability at SERA Architects.  Mark chats with us about the meaning of sustainability, the company’s sustainability action plan, and their colorful project compass.


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Jun 24, 2021
Episode 338: Better Data, Better Planning

This week we’re joined by Alex Hoffman, Assistant Director for CID Planning at the City of El Paso.  We chat about using data to make planning decisions, the geography of place, and what the future might look like with more information.


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Jun 17, 2021
Episode 91: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Ten Senator Monte

This week on Mondays, Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show and we talk about the weight of EVs, Amazon's dangerous delivery algorithm, and of course the many infrastructure bills and plans.


EV's heavier than ICE vehicles - CNN

A universal travel pattern - MIT News

Big oil's bad day - New Yorker

Amazon's dangerous algorithm - Motherboard


Infrastructure Bonanza!

Sen. Capito talks collapse - Washington Post

A 10 senator deal - CNN

15% corporate minimum tax - Reuters

GOP backs VMT? - Transport Topics

Progressives draw red line on climate - Politico

House committee to take up $547B bill - Washington Post


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Jun 15, 2021
Episode 337: Putting City Character and Authenticity in Context

This week we’re joined once again by author Chuck Wolfe to talk about his book Sustaining a City’s Culture and Character.  We talk about sustainable travel and the “character” and “authenticity” of places.  We also talk in detail about the importance of context when considering planning for the future.

30% discount code: 4S21City

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Jun 10, 2021
Episode 336: Calculating Induced Travel

This week we’re joined by Ben Holland, Senior Associate at the Rocky Mountain Institute to talk about important strategies for reducing emissions in the transportation and land use sectors.  We talk about the disconnect between techno-optimists and urbanists in climate change approach, RMI’s new Colorado induced travel calculator, and the hard choices regions have on transportation and development.


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Jun 03, 2021
Episode 335: A Framework for Inclusive Healthy Places

This week on Talking Headways we're joined by Sharon Roerty, Senior Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Maki Kawaguchi, a Director at Gehl to talk about the Inclusive Healthy Places Framework.  Sharon and Maki talk about the importance of creating spaces that bring dignity to all users, the importance of evaluating existing spaces, and creating a data driven and people first approach to creating inclusive healthy places.


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May 27, 2021
Episode 90: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Bad Infrastructure Romance

This week Tracy joins to talk about the surface transportation bill put forward by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in addition to architecture and capitalism, the COMMUTE bill, lumber prices, and Dallas' new transportation plan. Oh, and SHARKS!


New transportation bill planned - Senate EPW

A response from T4 - Transportation for America

Capitalism shaping architecture - Fast Company

The COMMUTE bill - Streetsblog USA

Lumber prices - Vox

Dallas approves transportation plan - Dallas Morning News

Puppies and Butterflies!

The Battle of SHARKS! - CGP Grey on YouTube

May 25, 2021
Episode 334: Scooby Doo's Low Per Capita Emissions

This week we're joined by L'erin Jensen and Josh Cohen, hosts of The Movement Podcast at Transloc. We chat about why they got into podcasting as a way to talk about transportation, some of their favorite guests, and what's vexing them about current policy.

(Fixed 5/20/21 for audio error)

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May 20, 2021
Episode 333: Scheduling Cities and An Infrastructure Optimization

This week we're joined by Laura Schewel, Co-founder and CEO of Streetlight Data and Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT's SENSEible City Lab to talk about what we've learned from data during the pandemic. They also chat about what it would mean for infrastructure to be optimized if we rescheduled cities in a way that works for everyone at all times of day. 

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May 13, 2021
Episode 89: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Who's Moving Where?

This week on Mondays Chrissy and I are joined by Jed Kolko, Chief Economist at to talk about migration patterns around the country during the pandemic as well as reapportionment and the specter of remote work.

A few pieces from Jed to read as companion pieces.

The most urban counties in the US are shrinking - NY Times

Tech hubs held on to technology jobs - Hiring Lab

How the pandemic did/didn't change moves - NY Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Lady and Pups - Mandy Lee's Cooking Blog

May 11, 2021
Episode 332: Rethinking City Transportation

This week we’re joined by Christopher Puchalsky and Andrew Simpson of the Philadelphia Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability.  We talk about The Philadelphia Transit Plan, regional rail improvements, transit service levels, and agency coordination.

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May 06, 2021
Episode 88: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Cows Falling into the Drink

This week on Mondays we're solo, but have no fear we cover lots of ground talking about housing and transportation post-pandemic.  Won't you join me?


Permit problems in San Francisco - SF Chronicle

Saving cities from Gentrification - Next City

Senate housing supply plan - Vox

Downtown spending could drop 10% - Business Insider

Taking commuter out of commuter rail - CityLab

Greyhound connects America - National Geographic

German deal between airlines, railways - AP News

Puppies and Butterflies

Superyacht in a dutch town - CNN

Cows fall in water from floating farm - Dutch News NL

May 04, 2021
Episode 331: A New Conversation about Development Finance

This week we’re joined by Dan Nissenbaum, CEO of the Low Income Investment Fund.  We chat with Dan about Liif’s many projects including early childhood education, housing, and connecting transportation to community development.


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Apr 29, 2021
Episode 330: Main Street

This week we’re joined by Dr. Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Urban Policy and Health at The New School, to talk about her book Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All.  Dr. Fullilove chats about the psychology of place, the strength of weak ties, and how cities are a part of nature. 

Apr 22, 2021
Episode 329: Manual Undermining Terrific Community Design (MUTCD)

This week we’re joined by former Seattle Mayor And Executive Director of America Walks Mike McGinn. Mike chats with us about the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and why now is the time to speak up in order to make important changes. 

Apr 15, 2021
Episode 87: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Freeway Fight!!!

This week we're joined by Joe Cortright of City Observatory and Aaron Brown of No More Freeways to talk about the local fight against freeway expansion through Portland's Rose Quarter.  We chat about the freeway industrial complex, the ping pong of travel forecasting, and what new federal discussions mean for the movement.

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Apr 13, 2021
Episode 328: Street Commerce

This week we’re joined by Professor Andres Sevtsuk, professor of Urban Science at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning to talk about his book Street Commerce: Creating More Vibrant Urban Sidewalks. We chat the importance of location in urban retail, the city factors that might determine a store’s success, and why urban retail should be studied more in planning school.

Apr 08, 2021
Episode 86: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Infrastructure!

This week on the podcast Chrissy and I go over initial thoughts on the American Jobs Plan and discuss what we think infrastructure means and how we might pay for it.

Check out the White House American Jobs Plan fact sheet.

Apr 06, 2021
Episode 327: What Makes an Age Friendly Place?

This week we’re joined by Danielle Arigoni,  AARP’s Director of Livable Communities.  Danielle chats with us about how AARP is working in every state to help cities become more age friendly, how the pandemic is affecting older Americans, and how we can think more holistically about aging in place.

Apr 01, 2021
Episode 326: The Annual Prediction Show! with Yonah Freemark

This week we’re joined again by Yonah Freemark for the annual prediction show! Yonah chats with us about his new job at the Urban Institute, projects added to his transit inventory, and we make predictions about the coming infrastructure bill. 

Mar 25, 2021
Episode 85: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Not Enough Sand!!

This week on the show we are Solo again but have no fear, we keep it short and fun and topical.  FHWA asks TXDOT to halt I-45 work, we need more missing LARGE housing, and we're running out of sand!

FHWA Asks Texas to halt I-45 Expansion - Houston Public Media

Missing Large Housing - Alfred Twu

The urban river swimming renaissance - Pop Up City

A crisis of sand - Deutche Welle

Should peds wear AV vests? Tree Hugger (NO)

Cities could lose Metro status - AP


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Mar 23, 2021
Episode 325: Designing Fair Transport Systems

This week we’re joined by Karel Martens, Associate Professor of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion – Isreal Insitute of Technology.  Karel talks with us about the philosophy underpinning the idea of sufficient accessibility and how he got to the idea in his book Transport Justice.

Mar 18, 2021
Episode 324: Latina Leaders in Transit

This week, Angie Rivera-Malpiede, Board Chair of the Regional Transportation District in Denver talks with Cindy Chavez, Former Board Chair of the VTA and Current Santa Clara County Supervisor.  These Latina leaders chat about getting communities involved in transportation and leadership.

Mar 11, 2021
Episode 84: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Give Me Access!

This week on the Mondays show Jeff talks about a big range of topics including the environmental impact of internal combustion and electric vehicles in terms of materials consumed.  He also talks about broadband moves and transportation policy. 

Wastefulness of ICE engines - Guardian

US Mining conundrum - Reuters

Banning broadband networks? Ars Technica

Appalaicha's digital divide - CNET

UK tightens screws on Uber - Wired Magazine

A new era of transport equity - Politico

Climate transportation plan - Rolling Stone

A definition of equity - Bloomberg


Heidelberg’s move toward a car-less city - New York Times

First city to provide reparations - ABC News

Berlin's rent cap one year in - Deutsche Welle

Here comes the flying taxis - City Monitor

Portland, Replica part ways - RedTailMedia

Mar 09, 2021
Episode 323: City Legibility and Wayfinding

This week we're joined by Tim Fendley, Founder and Creative Director at Applied. Tim chats with us about lessons he's learned from doing wayfinding projects around the world including Legible London. 32

Mar 04, 2021
Episode 322: Less Congestion After Ride Hailing Cessation

This week we’re joined by UC Berkeley PhD candidate Matthew Tarduno.  Matt talks to us about his paper comparing congestion and economic impacts of ride hailing companies Uber and Lyft before and after the cessation of service in Austin Texas. 

Feb 25, 2021
Episode 83: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Earmarks and Sausage Making

This week Erik Weber of Hip joins the show to talk about federal policy changes at DOT, how federal housing policy is actually real estate policy, the origins of the lawn as the American Dream, and how travel, not just housing, has become more segregated.

Dear Colleague Letter - Streetsblog USA

Problem with housing policy - Sightline Institute

Travel segregation - Brown University

Origins of the lawn as American Dream - History Channel

Glass Gem Corn - Business Insider


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Feb 23, 2021
Episode 321: A Second Bay Crossing

This week we’re joined by Sadie Graham, BART Program Director for Link21, a rail network planning program for the SF Bay Area. Sadie chats about planning for a second bay crossing and the potential for a suite of projects to improve regional connectivity. We also talk about the frustrations of long term capital projects including politics, costs, and getting it done before you retire.

Feb 18, 2021
Episode 82: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Donuts and Freeways

This week on the show Jeff talks about the Amsterdam donut model of economics, how Denver is using medical professionals to respond to some police calls, how Nevada might allow tech companies to create cities and obsession with new towns, expanding I-45 in Houston, and a better way to do for-profit affordable housing in Charlotte.


Feb 16, 2021
Episode 320: Mopeds to Go

This week we’re joined by Haley Rubinson, Vice President of Business Development at Revel.  We talk about why mopeds work for urban mobility, the dominance of automobiles in discussions about transportation, and if land use plays a part in adoption trends.

Feb 11, 2021
Episode 319: Shared Mobility, Vaccines, Vacations

This week we’re again joined by Shared Use Mobility Center Founder in Residence Sharon Feigon.  Sharon talks with us about what she hopes the focus will be for the next administration, how shared mobility has fared during the pandemic, and her plans for the future.

Feb 04, 2021
Episode 81: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Scott Bernstein on Poverty Reduction

This week we're joined by Scott Bernstein, Founder and Director Emeritus of the Center for Neighborhood Technology.  Scott joins the show to chat with us about some of the ways cities and public agencies can work to reduce poverty.  A penny saved is a penny earned.  This is Mondays with Scott #1

Feb 02, 2021
Episode 318: Open Source Electric Bus

This week we’re joined by Erica Eggleton, a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington to chat about her work on Route Dynamics, an open source program that estimates the energy demand for electric bus routes run by King County Metro.

We talk about how Route Dynamics calculates electric bus energy consumption and how it might be useful to transit agencies.

Jan 28, 2021
Episode 80: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Addicted to Linked In

This week on the Mondays show Dawn Miller, VP for Policy and Partnerships at Coord and Chrissy Mancini Nichols join the show.

We chat about Mayor Pete's Senate hearing, Sacramento's move away from single family zoning, and Dallas' new mobility plan.

We also talk a bit about DOT political appointments and Bernie's Wild Ride.

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Jan 26, 2021
Episode 317: Transportation and Law Part 2

This week we’re headed back to the Iowa Law Review’s Symposium The Future of Law and Transportation. In Part 2 of this series, Professor Jonathan Levine moderates a panel of four including Professor David Prytherch, Professor Jamila Jefferson-Jones, Professor Tara Goddard, and Professor Vanessa Casado Perez on the topic of Rights of Way and Public Space.

Jan 21, 2021
Episode 79: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Stop Sign Line

This week Tracy McMillan joins the show to chat about what a Biden Administration can do for localities, climate change in the Great Lakes, Paris' participatory budget, and what the commute means to everyone.

Odds and Ends

Using Federal Power to liberate localities - Washington Monthly

Stop lines don't stop traffic - Route Fifty

Paris' participatory budget - City Monitor

Climate change and winter festivals - Detroit Free Press | National Geographic

Did the pandemic kill the commute? - City Lab


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Jan 19, 2021
Episode 316: Intro to the City

This week we’re joined by Professor Sean Benesh to talk about his new book Intro to the City. We chat about his love of Pre-Colombian cities, how being an ordained pastor connects to his urban thinking, and some thoughts about opening your mind when it comes to place.

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Jan 14, 2021
Episode 315: The Answer is the Arterial

This week we’re going back to the 2020 Rail~Volution conference where Peter Calthorpe gave the keynote speech with Allison Brooks of the Bay Area Regional Collaborative.  They discuss the next generation of TOD and housing on major arterials. 

Jan 07, 2021
Replay: The First Shoupista

This week we're replaying one of our most popular episodes in the last few years. Patrick Siegman of Siegman & Associates joins the podcast for spirited discussion about parking. We chat about the etymology of the word parking, the legend that is Donald Shoup, and why the topic of parking gets so personal.

Dec 24, 2020
Episode 78: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Mayor Pete

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols and Jerome Horne join the show to talk about the nomination of former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to the post of Transportation Secretary. That's it, that's the topic on this end of the year Mondays at The Overhead Wire.

For those interested in some of the items I mentioned in the show to check out, the links are below.

Mexico's Right to Mobility Amendment - City Fix

Oil Companies and Car Companies Turn - The Atlantic

Climate Warnings on Gas Pumps - Earther

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Dec 22, 2020
Episode 314: Infrastructure Only Limited by Our Imagination

This week we’re talking with Katy Knight, Executive Director of the Siegel Family Endowment. We chat about the endowment’s recent Infrastructure report entitled Rebuilding America: The Road Ahead which discusses a future where digital, physical, and social infrastructure connect. Katy talks with us about the importance of governance, the two way conversations we should be having with elected officials, distributing investments intelligently, and the importance of greater thinking about social infrastructure.

Dec 17, 2020
Episode 313: Location Does Matter

This week we’re joined by Carrie Makarewicz, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver, Prentiss Dantzler, Assistant Professor at Georgia State University, and Arlie Adkins, Associate Professor at The University of Arizona to talk about their paper in Housing Policy Debate:  Another Look at Location Affordability: Understanding the Detailed Effects of Income and Urban Form on Housing and Transportation Expenditures. The paper looks at how households with varied incomes spend on housing and transportation based on location and it’s the most recent iteration of a debate about whether location impacts people’s transportation spending. 

We also chat about the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, a continuously collected household dataset started in 1968, the idea of housing as critical infrastructure, and the equity implications of access to jobs and destinations.

You can read the paper by emailing Carrie or downloading from the journal site.

Dec 10, 2020
Episode 77: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Zero Fares, Zero Emissions, Zero Losses

This week on the Mondays show we're back on Election Night!  Danny Katz of Colorado PIRG learns live on the air that his ballot measure won and Missoula Montana Mountain Line GM Corey Aldridge tells us all about their zero fare program, their coming zero emissions buses, and what an election win (they won!) would mean for the transit agency.

Dec 08, 2020
Episode 312: Building Community in North Philly

This week on the podcast, Nilda Ruiz and Rose Gray of Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) join the show to talk about how they’ve been able to build community through TOD while promoting health, wellness, and a green future.

Dec 03, 2020
Episode 76: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Future Federal Transport Policy

This week on the Mondays show we're back to our election night YouTube show chatting with our friends about federal transportation policy!  We're also joined by our co-hosts Chrissy Mancini Nichols and Jerome Horne!  Hope you enjoy it.



Dec 01, 2020
Episode 311: The Energy Efficiency Megatrend

This week we’re joined by Roger Duncan to talk about his new book with Co-Author Michael Webber called The Future of Transportation, Buildings, and Power.  We chat about buildings can get to net zero energy, the changing structure of public utilities, and the energy efficiency megatrend.

Nov 19, 2020
Episode 75: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Lessons from the Field

Again our friends from election night!  That’s right, we’re sharing some of our election night shenanigans from the live stream we did on YouTube.  You can still find the original 7 hour video there to see everyone’s backgrounds and setups but we’re cutting it down here into some more bite size bits.

On this Mondays we’re sharing our discussions with Odetta Macleish White from the Transformation Alliance in Atlanta, Robin Hutcheson of the City of Minneapolis, and Darnell Grisby from Transform.

And hosting we’ve got Jerome Horne, Chrissy Mancini Nichols, Houstonians Christof and James and of course myself!  I hope you all are enjoying these discussions if you missed them.  The full video and backgrounds are on our YouTube channel with a timeline so that you can skip to your favorite speaker if you’re so inclined. 

Nov 17, 2020
Episode 310: Transportation and Law Part 1

This week we’re headed to the Iowa Law Review’s Symposium "The Future of Law and Transportation". In this episode, we are sharing a panel on transportation and land use featuring Jonathan Levine, Audrey McFarlane, and Sara Bronin.

Jonathan Levine of the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan discusses his paper ‘Transportation Policy Entrenchment: Institutional Barriers to Accessibility Based Planning”

Audrey McFarlane, Associate Dean of Faculty Research & Development at the University of Baltimore School of Law, discusses her paper “Black Mobility and the Refusal of Funds: Structural Racism and Mass Transportation Decision-Making” which she wrote with Dean Julius Isaacson, also of the University of Baltimore School of Law.

And Sara Bronin, Thomas F. Gallivan Chair in Real Property Law and Faculty Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Law, University of Connecticut School of Law discusses “The Failed Federalism of Street and Vehicle Design Standards”

We hope you enjoy this episode and will be back with a few more through the end of the year. 

Thanks to Greg Shill and the Iowa College of Law for allowing us to rebroadcast the audio.

Nov 12, 2020
Episode 74: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Texas Election Night

This week on Mondays we're taking some audio from our election night live stream and sharing it with folks.  Chrissy Mancini Nichols and Jerome Horne join us on election night as we talked with local agency folks in Texas about their ballot measures. 

Nov 10, 2020
Episode 309: From Docked to Dockless

This week we’re joined by Kyle Rowe, Global Head of Government Partnerships at SPIN.  We chat with Kyle about his work with Seattle DOT transitioning from docked to dockless bike share, the impact of ride hailing on micromobility adoption, and the future of his industry.


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Nov 05, 2020
Series Preview: Densely Speaking - Infrastructure Costs

This week we're doing another series preview sharing a podcast we enjoy here at The Overhead Wire. Densely Speaking is a podcast by Jeffrey Lin and Greg Shill discussing cities, economics and law.  You can subscribe to Densely Speaking wherever you get your podcasts.

On this episode!

Professor Leah Brooks, economist and Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the George Washington University's Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Affairs, joins the show to discuss Infrastructure Costs, her working paper (joint with Prof. Zachary Liscow, Yale Law School).

Jenny Schuetz, a fellow at the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program, joins as a guest co-host.

Note: The views expressed on the show are those of the participants, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the Federal Reserve System, or any of the other institutions with which the hosts or guests are affiliated.

Nov 03, 2020
Episode 308: Disabled by a World Full of Stairs

This week we’re joined by Sara Hendren, author of the book What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World. Sara chats with us about how we think and talk about disability, reframing independent living, and designing a humane world for everyone. 

Oct 29, 2020
Episode 73: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Garfield Halloween

This week we're on our own as we prepare for our election night extravaganza! We cover Charlotte's City Council squabbles, take a trip to Helsinki, and think about how pollution causes neurodegenerative diseases.

Odds and Ends

Charlotte council can't get along - Charlotte Agenda

Personal sustainability in Helsinki - New York Times

Air pollution and children's brains - Guardian

A path to progressive transport - Transport Politic

Elon's tunnel in Vegas won't hit targets - Tech Crunch

Puppies and Butterflies

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - YouTube

And join us for the Election Live Stream my YouTube channel.


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Oct 27, 2020
Episode 307: The Ghost Road

This week we’re chatting with Anthony Townsend about his book Ghost Road: Beyond The Driverless Car.  We talk about the potential scary future financialization of transportation could create, how the pandemic has shot delivery automation into the future, and what the potential future of self driving vehicles could mean for urban form.

Oct 22, 2020
Episode 306: Delivering Goods Autonomously

This week we’re joined by Matthew Lipka, Head of Policy at Nuro.  We chat about how autonomous delivery can help get people goods they need, the difference between transporting goods and people, and whether people can still pick their own produce.

Oct 15, 2020
Episode 72: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Zero Emissions Neighborhood

This week we're solo as we bring you some news from the last couple of weeks.  Small business suffering, zero emissions neighborhoods, and a Venice that doesn't flood.

Odds and Ends

Self driving years away - ReCode

Connecticut zoning challenged - CT Mirror

Zero emissions neighborhood - Fast Company

A dry Venice - AP

Electric bike subsidies - Kinder Institute

Small business losses - Salon

Oct 13, 2020
Episode 305: The Increments of Neighborhood

This week we’re chatting with Brian O’Looney about his new book Increments of Neighborhood: A Compendium of Built Types for Walkable and Vibrant Communities.  We chat about the housing types in the book, whether big data has a role in housing, and why the basic economics of building matters.

Oct 08, 2020
Series Preview: Land Matters Podcast

This week on Mondays we bring you an episode of the Land Matters podcast from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy hosted by Anthony Flint.

On this episode:

The Coronavirus pandemic and growing outrage about racial injustice have underscored the centrality of healthy, well-located, and affordable housing in society. Author Kim Vermeer and smart growth advocate Andre Leroux assess efforts to create more housing options to address longstanding economic and racial disparities.

From the Land Matters show notes:

A behind the scenes look at what makes cities tick. Whether financing infrastructure, adapting to climate change, or building more affordable housing, a big part of innovative solutions can be traced back to land.

Oct 06, 2020
Episode 304: Uber's Transit Moves

This week on the podcast we're joined by Chris Pangilinan, Head of Global Policy for Public Transportation at Uber. He talks with us about walled gardens, Uber's partnerships with transit agencies, accessibility on transit and much more. 

Oct 01, 2020
Episode 71: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Blue Bike Tires

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols and Tracy McMillan join the show to talk about climate change, Netflix taxes, and Dutch shared bikes!

Odds and Ends

The great climate migration - New York Times

NCDOT purchases rail ROW - News and Observer

Houston to Dallas HSR - Houston Chronicle

Towns sue streaming companies - Hollywood Reporter

Europe's blue bikes - Fast Company


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Sep 29, 2020
Episode 303: A Community Champion

This week on the podcast we are chatting with Stephanie Gidigbi, Director of Policy and Partnerships for the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Stephanie joins us to talk about federal policy, connections between transportation and race, the importance of performance measures, and much more!

Sep 24, 2020
Series Preview: Foot Notes Podcast

Foot Notes is an original new podcast about the intersection of walkability and race. Over the course of five episodes, you’ll hear from a variety of transportation planners, researchers, and advocates about the ways in which our current approach to walkability perpetuates racial inequities, and what solutions may be out there. 

Lily Linke is the host and creator of Foot Notes. She is an artist, educator, and urban planner with a particular passion for creating equitable public spaces through innovative community engagement. She currently lives in Somerville, MA and has recently completed her Masters degree in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University.

To subscribe to Foot Notes, look for the purple upside down walk sign when you search Foot Notes on Apple Podcasts or go to

Sep 22, 2020
Episode 302: Right of Way with Angie Schmitt

This week we’re chatting with Angie Schmitt about her new book Right of Way: Race, Class, and the silent epidemic of pedestrian deaths in America. Angie talks with us about why she wrote the book and what she hopes folks can take away from it.

Sep 17, 2020
Episode 70: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Armageddon Layercake

This week we're joined by Joe DiStefano of Urban Footprint to talk about free transit, innovation in cities, building dams for new water resources in Colorado and their work on COVID-19 resources.

Talking Headways 183 with Joe

Odds and Ends

Innovation in time of COVID - Fast Company

Free transit trial in LA - LA Streetsblog

What Can a Body Do - The New Yorker

Colorado water needs - Denver Post

COVID hot spots - Urban Footprint

Sep 15, 2020
Episode 301: Bringing Back the Carpool

This week we’re chatting with Dani Simons, Head of Public Sector Partnerships at Waze. Dani chats with us about Waze’s focus on carpooling, how the company uses data to support its users, and her impressions of other country’s transportation progress.

Sep 10, 2020
Episode 300!: Town Planning in Practice and a Celebration

This week is episode 300!!  I can't believe we made it this far! So to celebrate we're sharing chapter one of our recently released audiobook Town Planning in Practice by Raymond Unwin. This classic from 1909 was one of the first to discuss town planning and urban design at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Sep 03, 2020
Episode 69: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Machinations of Evil

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show to talk about ADUs, heat solutions, curb management and more!

Odds and Ends

Permanently affordable ADUs - Fast Company

Euro cities deal with heatwaves - BBC

Portland's new zoning code - Sightline Institute

Discrimination in appraisals - NY Times

Will curbside pickup last - Stateline

Seattle childcare law - The Urbanist

Puppies and Butterflies

Beer Garden history - Wine Enthusiast

Seinfeld on NY - NY Times


Sep 01, 2020
Episode 299: Transit in the Pandemic

This week we're joined by David Huffaker, Chief Development Officer for the Port Authority of Allegheny County in the Pittsburgh region. David joins us to chat about transit operations during the pandemic, emergency planning, the agency's equity index, and the future of streets.

Aug 27, 2020
Episode 298: Ian McHarg and Design with Nature

This week we’re joined by Billy Fleming, Wilks Family Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s McHarg Center to talk about the center’s book Design with Nature Now.  We chat about Ian McHarg’s influence and legacy since the original Design with Nature, the influence of his work on GIS and the environmental movement, and how the center seeks to find where design fits into the larger discussion of human life and policy like the Green New Deal.

Aug 20, 2020
Episode 68: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Duckberg Money Bins

Chrissy Mancini Nichols again joins the show to talk about recent news!

Houston climate plans focus on people - New York Times

Changing the housing narrative - Shelterforce

Dutch city focuses on cooling city - Guardian

1980 Motor Carrier Law led to big box - Business Insider

A trick to get more bike lanes - Bloomberg

Modular apartment buildings - Fast Company

Census ending early - New York Times

Aug 18, 2020
Episode 297: Just Sustainabilities with Julian Agyeman

This week we're joined by Julian Agyeman, Professor at Tufts University, to talk about his work on equity, justice, and environmental sustainability in transportation and urban planning.  We talk about food, the idea of belonging in cities, spatial justice, and reframing our language around the ideas of equity, dignity, and justice.

Aug 13, 2020
Episode 296: "Stupid Ambitious" in Costa Rica

This week we’re joined by Andrea San Gil Leon, Director of Agile City Partners, and environmental journalist Jocelyn Timperley to talk about transportation and climate action in Costa Rica.  I came across their work after Jocelyn wrote an expansive piece for BBC Future. We chat about Costa Rica’s climate action from forest conservation to eco-tourism and the country’s transportation challenges and potential.

Aug 06, 2020
Episode 295: Valuing Black Lives and Property

This week we're joined by Andre Perry, Metropolitan Policy Fellow at Brookings, to talk about his new book Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America's Black Cities. Andre talks with us about growing up in Wilkinsberg PA and how he crunched the numbers of Black property devaluation in US cities.

Jul 30, 2020
Episode 67: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Two Sides of Telecommuting

This week on the podcast we have a bunch of things to chat about!

Odds and Ends

Asheville Reparations - Asheville Citizen Times

45,000 underutilized buildings - Harvard Business Review

Wealthier Americans have higher emissions - TreeHugger

Positives of telecommuting - Scientific American

Negatives of telecommuting - The Conversation

Naming heat waves - Fast Company

Barcelona taking properties - CityLab

Equity and interchanges - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Jul 28, 2020
Episode 294: Social Determinants of Health

This week we're joined by Dr. Georges Benjamin, Director of the American Public Health Association. Dr. Benjamin joins us to talk about the determinants of health and how certain investments can change health outcomes for the better.

Jul 23, 2020
Episode 293: Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions

This week on the podcast we're joined by Rob Goodspeed, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Michigan. Rob joins us to talk about his new book Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions. We chat about early origins of scenario planning, planning vs forecasting, and metrics used to compare scenario effectiveness.

Jul 16, 2020
Episode 66: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Ghost Kitchens

This week on the show Tracy McMillan joins us to talk about her move to Phoenix, what we're up to during the pandemic, and flood maps!

Odds and Ends!

Ghost Kitchens - New Yorker

Changing Flood Risks - New York Times

Search for your flood risk -

Advocates withdraw freeway support - Willamette Week

Phoenix dealing with climate change, heat - Washington Post

How Americans spent stimulus money - Route Fifty

Urban job escalator has stopped moving - MIT News



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Jul 14, 2020
Episode 292: The Urban Mystique Part 2

This week we're back chatting with Josh Stephens, Contributing Editor to the California Planning and Development Report.  This week we chat about race, housing, the Olympics, and LA in the movies.

Jul 09, 2020
Episode 291: The Urban Mystique Part 1

This week we’re joined by Josh Stephens, Contributing Editor to the California Planning and Development Report about his new book The Urban Mystique.  We had a long conversation about LA, the availability of bars, opposition urban commentators, and historic propositions that might need an update to stay connected to the times.

Jul 02, 2020
Episode 65: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Federal Transport Bill

This week we're joined by Kevin DeGood, Director of Infrastructure Policy at the Center for American Progress.  We talk about the bill that just got out of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and will be going to the full house.  We also have a couple of odds and ends as usual.

Odds and Ends

West Coast electric corridor - Seattle Times

Denmark's historic agreement - Bloomberg

Danish buses go electric - electrik

Coronavirus doesn't favor density - US News and World Report

10 years since Miami 21 - Miami Herald

Mobility justice - MinnPost

New car free district in Shenzhen - Dezeen

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Jun 30, 2020
Episode 290: Resiliency in South Florida

This week we’re chatting with Jim Murley, Chief Resilience Officer for Miami-Dade County Florida. Jim talks about climate change, sea level rise, and how South East Florida is responding with policy and planning.

Jun 25, 2020
Episode 289: Congestion Pricing in the United States

This week on the podcast Brianne Eby of the Eno Center for Transportation joins the show to talk about their new report on congestion pricing.  We talk about the purposes and goals of congestion pricing, the right frame to talk about reducing congestion, how congestion pricing is part of a larger toolbox, equity implications, and the US cities might be the first to adopt pricing as a policy.


For more, follow us @theoverheadwire on twitter

Jun 18, 2020
Episode 64: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Transit Solutions

This week on Mondays, Chrissy joins the show to talk about transit solutions amid coronavirus. We're thinking about the reasons why people fear transit, why they shouldn't, and what agencies can do to protect riders and workers.

Odds and Ends

The first restaurants - History Channel

Original park design - St. Louis Magazine

Germany requires EV chargers at gas stations - Reuters

CAHSR consultant change - Sacramento Bee

If you want any facts or figures from the main topic, feel free to message as I have about 35 of them...

Jun 16, 2020
Episode 288: Designing the Megaregion

This week we’re joined by Jonathan Barnett, emeritus Professor of Practice in City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. We talk about his new book Designing the Megaregion: Meeting Urban Challenges at a New Scale.  Jonathan chats about where the idea of Megaregions came from, Ian McHarg and environmental planning within the landscape, the importance of transit connections in these regions, and how we can coordinate Megaregions administratively.

Jun 11, 2020
Episode 287: The Biggest Real Estate Manager

This week we're joined by Danny Pleasant, Former City of Charlotte Transportation Director and Assistant City Manager. Danny joins us to talk about the connection between city services and street networks as well as a transportation expansion in the city. 

Jun 04, 2020
Episode 63: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Voices of Black Mayors

This week I didn't want to say much because at this time people don't need to listen to me talk right now.  But I did want to share some of the voices and speeches given by black mayors. CityLab put together a piece with quotes and I took the audio so you could hear their voices.

We also shared a few articles

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Op-Ed - Los Angeles Times

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice - Corinne Shutack on Medium

The Black Urbanist - Kristen Jeffers

Stop Killing Us: Tamika Butler on Medium

Violence Against Black Americans a Moment of Reckoning for Planning Profession - Planetizen with lots of links to black voices.

Jun 02, 2020
Episode 286: A Network of Rose Lanes

This week we're joined by April Bertelsen, Transit Modal Coordinator with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to talk about the Rose Lanes Project.  April chats about implementation, public engagement, and the benefits of the pilot project approach.

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May 28, 2020
Episode 285: The Digital City

This week we’re joined by Germaine Halegoua, an Associate Professor of film and media studies at the University of Kansas to talk about her book The Digital City: Media and the Social Production of Place.  She talks about how people use digital media to relate to cities whether that’s images on Instagram or through Google Maps. We also talk about how data exchange can be exploitative and how internet infrastructure is used as a commodity rather than a utility and how that affects equity. And finally there's a discussion about smart cities and how they try to create top down culture.

May 21, 2020
Episode 62: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Streets for Success

This week we're joined by Chrissy Mancini Nichols to talk about some of the solutions cities are discussing to help businesses out during the Coronavirus. 

Odds and Ends

AirBnB slump could return housing to cities - Guardian

Nashville to raise property taxes - Bloomberg

Santa Monica a harbinger of things to come? - LA Times

Theme of the Week - Coronavirus Solutions

Making us rethink public space - NBC

Restaurants want to open, need space - NYC Streetsblog


SF restaurants could take parking spots - SF Chronicle


Put restaurants outside - Slate


Philly should be 24 hour city - Inquirer


New opportunities for downtown districts after pandemic - ASLA Dirt



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May 19, 2020
Episode 284: California High Speed Rail's Next Steps

This week on Talking Headways we’re joined by CAHSR Northern California Regional Director Boris Lipkin. He talks with us about the California High Speed Rail project and the recently released draft environmental work. Boris also gives us his thoughts on megaregions, megaproject management lessons, and the agency’s ability to use future funds available through stimulus programs.

May 14, 2020
Episode 61: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Institutional Control

This week on the podcast Tracy McMillan of Nelson Nygaard and Chrissy Mancini Nichols of Walker Consultants join the show to talk about density and the coronavirus. Though we end up talking more about institutions because density, while a big current topic, isn't in our minds why the virus is spreading.

Odds and Ends

100,000 retail stores could be gone - USA Today

Amsterdam to use the doughnut model - Fast Company

Making pollinators citizens - The Guardian

Main Theme Discussion - Density

The Risks, know them - Dr. Erin Bromage

Just wait on density talk - Dr. Lisa Schweitzer

Density not the problem - CityLab

A history of blaming place for problems - CityLab

France says no to short haul flights - IRJ

Density could be good for us after the pandemic - NY Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Jerry Stiller - "You Want a Piece of Me"

You can't tickle yourself - Horizons

May 12, 2020
Episode 283: Housing and Golden Gates

This week we're joined by journalist Conor Dougherty to talk about his book Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America.  Conor talks about growing up in San Francisco, his literary inspirations for the book, and the arc of some of the real characters in his book.

May 07, 2020
Episode 282: Houston Mayor Turner's Complete Communities

This week we’re chatting with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.  Mayor Turner talks about the city’s Complete Communities program and how they are coordinating each city department to support historically under resourced neighborhoods.

Apr 30, 2020
Episode 60: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Slow Streets

This week on Mondays Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show to talk in more detail about the pandemic and slow streets. We take a bit of a deeper dive on the subject and think about how physical distancing might be a good metric for thinking about streets and  for people and commerce.

Main Theme - Streets for People

Oakland slow streets - Curbed SF

New Zealand tactical urbanism - Forbes

100 miles of slow streets in NYC - Streetsblog NYC

Milan has a post virus plan - Guardian

Paris plans for bike lanes - Forbes

Muni's post virus plans - SF Streetsblog

Odds and Ends

Large fall in CO2 - GreenBiz - Grist

Census after a natural disaster - Texas Observer

Colorado counties build own telecom - Colorado Sun

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Apr 28, 2020
Episode 281: Oakland's Coordinated Coronavirus Response

This week we’re joined by Warren Logan, Policy Director of Mobility and Inter Agency Relations for the City of Oakland. Warren talks with us about Oakland’s Coronavirus response including how they came up with initiatives to respond to the crisis and some of the specific implementations such as the Slow Streets Initiative.  We dive deep into public engagement and how to think about coordination between different departments in new ways.

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Apr 23, 2020
Episode 280: Laws Prioritizing Cars Over People

This week on the podcast we chat with University of Iowa Law Professor Greg Shill.  We were invited to talk at Manny’s in the Mission in San Francisco by the Urban Environmentalists group, an affiliate club of YIMBY Action.  Greg chats with us mostly about his recent research and writing on the normalization of motordom and how we can’t really opt out of it, the idea of automobile supremacy, the legal subsidies to driving and even the tax benefits associated with cars.


Apr 16, 2020
Episode 59: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Teddy Bear Windows

This week we chat about racial disparities in Coronavirus deaths, the coming housing crunch, and have some fun naming the Western States Pact.


Viral modeling of traffic - Inverse

COVID-19 racial disparities - AP Newswire

Coronavirus housing - Curbed

Odds and Ends

Don't flush the wipes - Smart Cities Dive

Puppies and Butterflies

Teddybear in the window - New York Times


Apr 14, 2020
Episode 279: Improving Behavioral Health Through Transportation

This week we’re joined by Gail Nehls and Leslie Patterson of Envida, a nonprofit transportation and home care organization. We chat about how transportation can help those with behavioral health concerns such as opioid addictions and schizophrenia, how innovation can change people's health outcomes, and the systems people need in rural areas to thrive.

Apr 09, 2020
Episode 58: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Silver Linings

Tracy joins the show again to chat about pandemic economics, e-bikes in New York, and infrastructure spending.


Infrastructure bill - The Hill

E-bikes now legal in NY - Fast Company

Pandemic working paper - MIT News

Odds and Ends

Fuel economy rollback - LA Times

Ann Arbor's carbon neutral plans - M Live

Who is sheltering in place - New York Times

Story of the Week

Infrastructure spending ideas - World Economic Forum

Puppies and Butterflies

Paper Machet animals in Flagstaff - Arizona Daily Sun

Apr 07, 2020
Episode 278: Setting Up Cities for Electric Vehicles

This week on the podcast we're joined by Chris Nelder of the Rocky Mountain Institute and the Energy Transition Show podcast. Chris chats with us about what cities and utilities need to think about as they electrify transportation and how rules and regulations might make it harder than it needs to be. We also chat about how municipal utilities like Seattle are ahead of the curve and whether your local gas station might disappear.

Apr 02, 2020
Episode 57: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Pandemic Logistics

This week on the show Tracy McMillan joins to talk about the recovery bill, HEB logistics, and why pigeons win the urban bird game.


Transport Stimulus - Eno Center

HEB logistics - Texas Monthly

Internet speeds - Tech Crunch

Odds and Ends

Pigeons take over - Inverse

Italy on lockdown - The Conversation

HSR patient transfer - NPR

Story of the Week

The trips not taken - Streetsblog USA

Puppies and Butterflies

Strutting Goats - Twitter

Mar 31, 2020
Episode 277: Corridors Where the Bus is King

This week we're joined by Lindiwe Rennert, Transit Planner at the City of Boston.  She chats with us about her work on the Warren Street corridor; the creation of bus priority for the many riders on the corridor, and how to get feedback on projects.

Mar 26, 2020
Episode 56: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Urban Design in a Pandemic

This week Shut Ins Local #101 meets again to talk about quick transportation thinking from Seattle and Bogota while discussing urban design in the time of a pandemic.


Seattle designates curbs for pickup - City of Seattle

Bogota expands bike lanes - Smart Cities World

Austin Judge throws out council vote - KUT

Odds and Ends

Cleaner air, less traffic - New York Times

Utah pushes forward with renewable plan - Utility Dive

Grocery workers deemed essential emergency - The Hill

Story of the Week

Design in a pandemic - Curbed

Puppies and Butterflies

The online TP calculator - CNN

Mar 24, 2020
Episode 276: The Annual Prediction Show with Yonah Freemark

This week we're joined by Yonah Freemark of the Transport Politic for his eighth appearance on the show.  We look back at past transit predictions and then make a few more for next year. We talk about building subways around the country and cheer ourselves up about the state of transit as well. 

Mar 19, 2020
Episode 55: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Shelter in Place

This week we're joined by Tracy McMillan and Chrissy Mancini Nichols. We chat about the Coronavirus and some of the changes we might see after it passes. We chat about 3d printed homes outside of Austin and some of the reasons why transit is hard to do in the US.


Why is US Transit so hard to build - Motherboard

Austin 3D printed houses - Fast Company

Poverty Reduction Plan - WHYY

Odds and Ends

Amazon nixed green shipping - Bloomberg

Equitable home sizes - Fast Company

Story of the Week

Satellite Carbon Analysis - NASA

A new housing bill from CA Sen Scott Weiner - LA Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Cat Tracker - National Geographic

Arnold's PSA - CNN

Penguins - Chicago Tribune

Mar 17, 2020
Episode 275: The Communist Leanings of Charlotte (Streets)

This week we’re chatting with Geoff Boeing, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Spatial Analysis at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at USC. Geoff talks all things data and streets, focusing first on data usage, moving on to street network design, and then to urban design.

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Mar 12, 2020
Episode 54: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Tunnel Vision

This week I'm solo on the podcast talking about corporate landlords, Austin Transportation, the BQE tunnel, Indianapolis' transit mayhem and more!


Indy transit threatened - Indianapolis Star

An $11B tunnel for NYC? - New York Times

Sunnyside Yards plan - Wall Street Journal

Odds and Ends

Austin expanding I-35? - Austin American Statesman

Texas high speed rail deal - RFI

Heathrow 3rd runway stopped - Guardian

Story of the Week

New Mobility + Transit - Traffic Technology Today

Germany's pedestrian plan framework - City Fix

Corporate Landlords - New York Times

DC plan for free transit - Washington Post

Free transit reaction - GGWash

Puppies and Butterflies

Oldest buildings in US cities - ArchDaily


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Mar 10, 2020
Episode 274: Housing on the Bus Yard

This week on the podcast we are chatting with Adrienne Heim and Rafe Rabalais from the SFMTA about the Potrero Yard electric bus and housing project. We chat about modernization, planning, electricity use and much much more!

Mar 05, 2020
Episode 273: It Came from TRB! Poster Session Part 2

This is our last week at TRB and we're back on the poster board floor talking with professors and students about their research. This week they cover topics including trip routing with smart phones, stop sign impacts on safety, how rain affects bus travel times, transit agency equity analysis, and much more.

To find out more about the presentations or people, links are provided below.

Rebecca Kiriazes - Georgia Tech - Research

Yousteena Bocktor - McGill University - Research

Patrick Loa - University of Toronto - Research

Margarita Novales - Universidade Da Coruna Spain - Research

Torrey Lyons - UNC Chapel Hill - Research

Sultan Ali  - Florida International University

Travis Moe/Nicolas Farenchak - University of New Mexico - Research

Andrew Schouten - UCLA ITS

Josef Szende - NYCDOT

Feb 27, 2020
Episode 53: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - A Different Look at Loading Docks

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols is back on the show and we talk HS2 in England, London's congestion, Los Angeles data and disparities in urban areas in the United States.


LA wins Uber appeal - Los Angeles Times

HS2 Moves Forward - Guardian

Rose Lanes in Portland - Portland Oregonian

Rich cities vs growing cities - New York Times

Odds and Ends

Moscow subway microbiome - Genetic Engineering and Biotech News

Cincinnati solar farms - Smart Cities Dive

Bike commute joy - SSTI

Story of the Week

London's Congestion - Guardian

Puppies and Butterflies

Seattle Tree Singers - The Stranger

Feb 25, 2020
Episode 272: It Came from TRB! Poster Session Part 1

This week and next we’ll be sharing poster presentations from January’s Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington DC.  Each year professors and students from around the world come to present their transportation research in a great hall of knowledge that some believe is the best part of the conference. Getting to talk with folks about their work is extremely satisfying.  If you want to learn more about any of the following researchers work, check out our show notes in your podcatcher of choice for links to their work.

1. The 85th Percentile - UCLA Luskin School - Brian Taylor and Yu Hong Hwang - Research Link

2. A Proactive Approach to Redefining Child Road Safety - and Vision Zero - University of Colorado at Denver - Wes Marshall - YouTube Presentation

3. Who is Distracted by Distracted Pedestrians? - Rutgers University - Professor Kelcie Ralph

4. Enhancing Cybersecurity in Public Transportation - University of South Florida- Kevin Dennis and Sean Barbeau - Research

5. Results of the Flower Street Bus Only Lane Pilot - UCLA Luskin School - Cassie Halls - Research

6. The E-Bike Potential: Estimating the Effect of E-Bikes on Person Miles Travelled and Greenhouse Gas on Person Miles Travelled and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Emissions - Portland State University - Mike McQueen - Research

7. Evaluating Uses of Curb Space in NYC - Harvard Kennedy School - Daniel Comeaux

8. Are Cities Prepared for Autonomous Vehicles? - MIT - Annie Hudson - Research

9. Lessons learned from the large-scale application of Driver Feedback Signs in an urban city - University of Alberta - Mingjian Wu - Research

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Feb 20, 2020
Episode 271: Part 2 - Unnecessary Literature Reviews

This week we’re joined by Professor David Levinson of the University of Sydney for Part 2 of our TRB discussion. This week we chat about the creation and politics of research journals and his new book, The 30 Minute City.

Feb 13, 2020
Episode 52: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - #TransitMascot

This week on Mondays, Ian Griffiths of Seamless Bay Area joins the show to talk about connecting the dots on transit agency integration, a national architecture executive order, and a little bit of the details on Amazon's HQ2.


Seamless transit - SF Chronicle

Federal architecture order 1 - Architecture Record

Part 2 - The New Republic

Unaffordable Rental Housing 1 - Reuters

Part 2 - Harvard JCHS

Odds and Ends

Paris streets and cycling - Eltis

Suburbs around the world - CityLab

10 Day hospital build - Core77

Story of the Week

LA and Tokyo - Archinect

Bezos and the Musk - Bloomberg

Puppies and Butterflies

The coyote and the badger

Submit a transit mascot for your agency using #transitmascot

Feb 11, 2020
Episode 270: Part 1 - Complicated Measures and Public Policy

This week we’re joined Professor David Levinson of the University of Sydney. Professor Levinson spoke to us at the Transportation Research Board conference in Washington DC about his work on measuring access, pricing, understanding the growth of cities, and transport as a utility.  This is part 1 of 2.

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Feb 06, 2020
Episode 51: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Red Wagons and Red Lines

This week Laura Bliss joins the show  to talk about SB50's demise, the closing of Market Street to cars, and a red wagon in Germany full of cell phones creating digital traffic.

Sharon Feigon also lets us in on what's happening at the Shared Use Mobility Summit in Chicago.


The demise of SB50 - Los Angeles Times

New transportation bill coming? - Politico

Market Street goes free - Streetsblog USA

Odds and Ends

American houses have more bathrooms - The Atlantic

UPS electric vehicles - Engadget

Degraded air quality in US Metros - Environment America

Story of the Week

Creating traffic jams with phones - The Verge

Vacancy Taxes - WBUR

Feb 04, 2020
Episode 269: Combining Urban and Academic Institutions

This week we’re joined Ben Levine, Executive Director of the Metrolab Network.  We chat with Ben about the partnerships that Metrolab forges between cities and academic institutions, data collection and usage, as well as the Civic Innovation Challenge.

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Jan 30, 2020
Episode 50: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - 60 Seconds to Glory!

This week Laramie Bowron joins the show to talk about Nashville, the Menino Mayors Survey, Andy Byford and more!

Swiftly's State of Public Transit Report - Swiftly


Andy Byford resigns - New York Times

Paris warehouses get urban makeover - Wired

Cities annexing to pump up census #s - New York Times

Odds and Ends

Household travel in EU - Eltis

Oregon DOT launches new office - Smart Cities Dive

China bans single use plastics - Core 77

Story of the Week

Nashville's transit plans derailed - TransitCenter

US Mayors know of safety issues, not solutions - Fast Company

Jan 28, 2020
Episode 268: Technology and Mobility in Miami

This week we are chatting with Alice Bravo and Carlos Cruz-Casas, Director and Assistant Director respectively of Miami Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works.  We chat about better buses, managing the right of way, privacy and data, and their contactless fare payment system.

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Jan 23, 2020
Episode 49: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Back from TRB

It's a Solo show with Greedo this week. We're back from the winter break with some news to share!  Also if you want to get on the list for the "Bus Only" soccer scarf, email me at


Governor says no more freeways in Texas - D Magazine

Mass timber in the news - Arch Daily | Vox

London throat - BBC

Odds and Ends

Farewell to Guardian Cities - Guardian

Barcelona's zero emissions zone - Guardian

Story of the Week

SB50 is Back - Los Angeles Times

America's long distance transportation problems - Brookings| Texas Monthly

US land use mapped - Visual Capitalist

Puppies and Butterflies

Transit Supply

Jan 21, 2020
Episode 267: An Operating System for the Public Right of Way

This week Hugh Martin of Lacuna joins the podcast to talk about his passion for open source ways to operate city streets in the future. As more and more transportation operators look for space on city streets and perhaps in the air, government needs a way to distribute access fairly based on public priorities and policy. Hugh talks about why he’s so passionate about this future for cities and gives us some food for thought on the current state of the relationship between cities and transportation companies.

Jan 16, 2020
Episode 266: AV Policy and The Future of the Bus

This week we’re joined by Laura Wiens of Pittsburgh for Public Transit to talk about their report on AVs called “Wait, Who’s Driving This Thing”  Laura chats about vehicle data, the future of bus drivers, the frameworks we need for a positive implementation and blows our mind by comparing the movement for micro-mobility and transport choice to the charter school movement. 

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Jan 09, 2020
Episode 265: The Transport Gardener

This week we're joined by Grace Crunican, former GM at BART. Grace chats about her long and distinguished career as a leader in transportation and what it takes to lead, to mentor, and gives lessons for the next generation of advocates and public officials.

Jan 02, 2020
Flashback: Episode 85 - You Can't Surf After the Storm

This is one of my favorite episodes ever.  I hope folks enjoy this flashback for the holidays. We chat with Alisa Valderrama and Rob Moore of NRDC all about water.

Dec 26, 2019
Episode 264: Train Daddy Loves You

This week we’re joined by Ben Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas.  We take a look at New York transit issues including who controls the MTA, why subway rides are getting faster, why he started writing about transit in the city, and the L train un-shutdown.  We also chat about the 14th Street busway, bad airport transit, and the Mayor’s fascination with ferries. 

Dec 19, 2019
Episode 48: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - So Much Bad Service

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show to talk about Miami's Velocia app, Jakarta's transit expansion, the urban media landscape and much more!


Bloomberg Media purchases CityLab - Mother Jones

Restaurants on the "streets" of NYC better reviews - WaPo

Indonesia's $40B Metro expansion - South China Morning Post

Odds and Ends

Headphones to alert pedestrians - Fast Company

Wolfhagen Germany goes 100% renewable - The Conversation

Amazon's Ring privacy problem - Gizmodo

Story of the Week

Velocia app rewards active transportation - Fast Company

Indonesia's $40B Metro expansion - South China Morning Post


Dec 17, 2019
Episode 263: A Rail~Volution History

This week we're back at the 2019 Rail~Volution conference in Vancouver BC. We chat with GB Arrington and Steve Dotterer about the early days of Rail~Volution and what the conference has meant to transportation in the United States over the last 25 years. They also tell stories about conferences past from when Al Gore came to Portland to having to move the conference date due to 9/11. Join us for a look at the past and the future. 

Dec 12, 2019
Episode 47: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Classified Streets

Tracy McMillan of Nelson Nygaard returns to chat about climate change, gas price sensitivity, and free transit.


Gas price sensitivity - Haas Energy Institute Blog

Free transit in Kansas City - Jalopnik

The future is transparent wood - Horizon Magazine

World News

Land sold for Egypt's new capital - Reuters

Largest 3D printed building in Dubai - Construction Dive

Story of the Week

Climate change converts - Deseret News

Climate plan for Dallas transportation - Dallas Morning News


Dec 10, 2019
Episode 262: The Zero Emission Delivery

This week we're joined by Giacomo Lozzi of Polis to talk about a report he co-wrote about zero emissions sustainable government procurement. Giacomo talks about how cities such as Rotterdam, Oslo, and Copenhagen are trying to measure and manage the emissions they create through the procurement of goods and services.

Dec 05, 2019
Episode 46: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Lithium and Solar Towers

This week Jeff talks about potential sustainability solutions and some really cool curb management trials.


TfL is suspending Uber's license in London - The Verge

Solar company seeks to reduce cement, steel emissions - Wired

Story of the Week

Curb flow reduces double parking - Smart Cities Dive

Bastrop's new code - CNU Public Square

Climate change's lithium problem - The New Republic

Zombie miles and Napa Weekends - Jalopnik

Dec 03, 2019
Episode 45: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Crash Not Accident

This week we're here on our own before the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States.  We don't do a story of the week but we review a few big stories from the week before.


Briant Park chairs - Gothamist

Ride hailing emissions - Transport and Environment

Americans aren't moving - Brookings

Silver Tsunami - Zillow

HUBZone using old poverty data - Washington Post

Housing Department Renamed Inlivian - Charlotte Observer

Crash not accident - Forbes

Nov 26, 2019
Episode 261: The Sidewalk Barrons

This week we're joined by Antonoia Malchik to talk about her book A Walking Life. Antonia talks about the speed and shallow organizing brought to us by social media, the experience of making  a pilgrimage on foot, the importance of walking and nature in human well being, and what a Hollywood Sidewalk might be. 

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Nov 21, 2019
Episode 44: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Integrated Travel Project

Gillian Gillette of Caltrans and Jeroen Kok of Rebel Group join this week and talk about the California Integrated Travel Project and the Market Sounding report they did to look at the future of integrated payment systems.  We also went over the usual news and reviews from the previous week.


Milwaukee workers no longer required to live in city - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Coastal cities made to plan more housing - LA Times

220 Acre park near downtown Charlotte - Charlotte Agenda

Odds and Ends

Will Kansas City have free transit? - Kansas City Star

Cities sue FCC over fees - Bloomberg

Story of the Week

What does transportation equity mean? - University of Toronto

How transit scaling shapes cities -

How megacities of Europe stole a continent's wealth - Guardian

Puppies and Butterflies

Jeff Tumlin to run the SFMTA - Streetsblog SF

Funny clip from Utopia on Australian Broadcast Channel - via Brent Toderian tweet

Nov 19, 2019
Episode 260: Test Before You Invest

This week we’re joined by Tony Garcia of the Street Plans Collaborative to talk about their new report for TRB entitled Fast-Tracked: A Tactical Transit Study. Tony talks about figuring out how to build transit projects, the activists that have been making things happen, and how you determine whether projects are tactical or not.


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Nov 15, 2019
Episode 43: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Housing + Transportation = Health

This week I'm on solo talking about the NTSB and Helmets, walkability and the economic ladder, and affordable housing's impact on bond ratings and health care.


NTSB gaga over helmets - Streetsblog NYC

Children in walkable communities have leg up - UVA Today

Housing's effects on health care costs - Bloomberg

Odds and Ends

Housing and bond ratings - Bloomberg

Seattle has less car ownership - Seattle Times

Story of the Week

Apple's $2.5B housing push - Curbed SF

Augsburg mobility flat rate - Intelligent Transport

Democrats blind spot on cars - Huffington Post

Housing pushback - Willamette Week

Providence shows way on environmental justice plans - Grist


Nov 12, 2019
Episode 259: The Urban Freight Lab

This week we're joined by Dr. Anne Goodchild of the University of Washington's Urban Freight Lab. We chat with Dr. Goodchild about what's missing from the urban transportation discussion, the ideas they are testing for better deliveries, and the future of streets. 

Nov 07, 2019
Episode 42: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Cerulean Blue

This week we're joined by Grayline Group's Joseph Kopser. We talk about transportation data, Minneapolis 2040, drones, freight, and more!  


Uber and LADOT trade blows - C|NET

NASA wants a major city to have drones by 2028 - C|NET

Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto move forward - Globe and Mail

Odds and Ends

Real estate commissions - Seattle Times

Tulsa attracts remote workers - Next City

Story of the Week

The first map of America's food supply chain - Fast Company

How Minneapolis passed 2040 plan and defeated NIMBYism - The Atlantic

1.5M packages in New York each day - New York Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Human's home towns - Inverse

Nov 05, 2019
Episode 258: Peering into the Future of Livable Communities

This week we're back at the Rail~Volution conference in Vancouver BC for the closing Plenary. GB Arrington moderates a panel with Minneapolis Council President Lisa Bender, Managing Director of the Transformation Alliance Odetta MacLeish White, and President and CEO of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Mac McCarthy. The panel discusses the legacy of Rail~Volution along with what is happening now in communities that are making change for the better. From addressing race and housing to climate emissions, this session shares lessons learned and the potential for more.

Oct 31, 2019
Episode 41: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Bus in the Hole

This week we're here with Han Solo to talk about drone deliveries, wildfires, self driving cars and much much more.


Minneapolis passes 2040 Plan - Star Tribune

Sound Transit Board doesn't include subway alternatives - Seattle Times

Zoox co-founder says cities are target for AVs - Business Insider

Waymo head says boxes going AV before people - Bloomberg

First drone delivery - Newsweek

Recycling for streets - Core77

Story of the Week

Air quality getting worse - Bloomberg

SUV sales offset electric vehicles - SSTI

Sprawling suburbs cost extra - LSE

ULEZ in London a success - Intelligent Transport

The Future of the Bodega - Curbed NY

Puppies and Butterflies

Driving rats - Salon

Oct 29, 2019
Episode 257: Ride the Bus, Save the World

This week we're joined by Steven Higashide, Director of Research at Transit Center, to talk about his new book Better Buses, Better Cities: How to Plan, Run, and Win the Fight for Effective Transit. Steven talks about how he got interested in transportation issues, his favorite bus ride, and what we can do to change the way buses operate in our cities.

Oct 24, 2019
Episode 40: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Don't Just Focus on the Bears

This week we're joined by Laramie Bowron to talk about transit only lanes, parking levys, and housing oligopolies.


Gov Newsom vetoes complete streets bill - Cal Bike

A new transit caucus - WBEZ

Oligopolies hold back affordable housing - Washington Post

Odds and Ends

Cars banned from Market Street - Curbed SF

The Glascow effect - Guardian

Story of the Week

Every bus needs a lane - Curbed

Nottingham's parking levy - Forbes

Bonus Reads -

Auto Emissions Mapped

Congestion Pricing Parking

Puppies and Butterflies

Ancient Khmer city found using lidar - Newsweek

Oct 22, 2019
Episode 256: A Book Club for the Future of Transportation

This week we’re joined by Steve Raney, Executive Director of the Palo Alto Transportation Management Agency. We talk about a book club he organized based on the Three Revolutions by Dan Sperling that discussed lowering transportation emissions in regions. We talk about the complexity of transportation policy, the organization of local advocacy networks, and potential mechanisms to lower emissions.

Oct 17, 2019
Episode 255: Advanced Approaches to Planning TOD

This week we’re joined by Brooke Belman, Deputy Executive Director for Land Use Planning and Development and her colleagues Sloan Dawson, Land Use Planning Manager, and Thatcher Imboden, TOD Manager to talk about the ins and outs of transit oriented development at Sound Transit in Seattle. They talk about the 80-80-80 policy, urban design and coordination of TOD planning with light rail construction.

Oct 10, 2019
Episode 38: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - It's Just Politics

This week on the Mondays show I talk about the importance of thinking about access instead of mobility and floating farms. These things go together!


T4 says no new funding - T4America

A freeway LID is feasible in Seattle - The Urbanist

Story of the Week

UPS gets FAA approval for delivery drones - The Hill

14th Street busway a go - Streetsblog NYC

Floating farm creates local dairy - Mother Jones

Thailand PM considers moving capital - Guardian


Oct 08, 2019
Episode 254: The Right Way to Prioritize Projects

This week we’re joined by Beth Osborne of T4 America and Chris McCahill of the State Smart Transportation Initiative. We talk about how states like Virginia and Hawaii are using data on access to score and prioritize transportation projects for funding. Beth and Chris also talk about how easy it can be to get the data and that connecting people to jobs seems to be a goal that is bipartisan.

Oct 03, 2019
Episode 37: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Public Utilities

This week we chat about public utilities a lot! Join us as we cover the gamut of transportation policy on the Mondays show.


Beijing's new airport - Fortune

Baidu self driving buses - Asian Review

Uber's CEO talks future - The Verge

Odds and Ends

Gas station for electric cars - CNBC

Personal carbon trading - Eltis

Story of the Week

High Line at 10 - Architect

Challenges for women riders - Metro Magazine

Green new deal - Curbed

Oct 01, 2019
Episode 253: Integrated Trips for People Not Vehicles

This week we’re joined by Arielle Fleisher Transportation Policy Director at SPUR, Adina Levin, Executive Director of Friends of Caltrain, and Ian Griffiths Co-Founder and Director of Seamless Bay Area to talk about transit fare integration and policy. We chat about what fare policy is and isn’t, best practices of fare integration from around the world, the difficulty of regional advocacy when there are sooo many meetings to go to, and what's next for the Bay Area.

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Sep 26, 2019
Episode 36: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - This is Our Planet

This week Laramie Bowron joins the show to talk about climate change, transit ridership and potential transit related Halloween costumes.


Report shows how cities can cut emissions - National Geographic

Indianapolis and Ottawa open transit lines - Streetsblog - OnSite Magazine

CA Allows for Statewide ADUs - CAYimby

Odds and Ends

Flight shaming heats up - Reuters

Governor orders transportation aligned with environment - Streetsblog CA

Amazon's 100,000 electric van order - Wired

Story of the Week

Concerns from investor surge - Urban Institute

30 minute commuting principal - CityLab



Sep 24, 2019
Episode 252: Sidewalk Labs and Toronto's Waterfront

This week we’re joined by Eric Jaffe, Editorial Director at Sidewalk Labs. Eric chats with us about Sidewalk’s Quayside project on Toronto's waterfront. We chat about the potential for innovative ideas, some of the push back they've been getting on data management, and some of the history as well. 

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Sep 19, 2019
Episode 251: Designing Ninja Proof Seats

This week we’re joined by Lily Bernheimer of Space Works Consulting. Lily, a Streetsblog/Open Plans Alum, talks to us about her book The Shaping of Us: How Every Day Spaces Structure our Lives, Behavior, and Well-Being. She talks about her research in Environmental Psychology and how humans have evolved to respond to the spaces where we live. Listen in to learn about ninja proof seats, mystery novel models of building, and more on biophilia and human connections to nature.

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Sep 12, 2019
Episode 250: New Thinking on Economic Development Investments

This week on the podcast we're joined by Adie Tomer a fellow at The Brookings Institution and Noah Siegel, Interim Deputy Director at the Portland Bureau of Transportation to talk about their new collaboration on a project called the Economic Value Atlas. The EVA is a new data and mapping tool developed to think about regional investments in a more coordinated way, pulling away from the race to the bottom of incentive based economic development. 

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Sep 05, 2019
Episode 249: Gordon Price and The Village at the Edge of the Rain Forest

This week we're joined by Gordon Price, former Vancouver City Council member and former director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University. Gordon talks about Vancouver's historical importance as well as its future. We chat about transport, the great west coast melting pot, and what folks should check out if they go visit the city.

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Aug 29, 2019
Episode 35: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Road is Not Your Personal Storage Space

Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show this week to talk about land value taxes, cities using fines as revenue, and waze's effects on LA.

Two jobs! BART and Capital Corridor Transbay Tube 2 Project.


Addicted to fines - Governing

Vancouver widening sidewalks - Globe and Mail

Ride hailing data sought in England - CityLab

Odds and Ends

Architect must pay Venice - New York Times

Cities and ransomware attacks - New York Times

Bird shuts down infrastructure pay plan - Smart Cities Dive

Story of the Week

Case for the land value tax - Governing

Is Waze ruining LA? - Los Angeles Magazine

Puppies and Butterflies

Hasan Minhaj talks transit - Phoenix New Times

Pay your parking ticket with cat food or school supplies - Washington Post

How about dockless everything? - Washington Post

Aug 27, 2019
Episode 248: The Farm Bill with Dan Imhoff

This week we're joined by Dan Imhoff to talk about his book called The Farm Bill. Dan chats with us about how he became interested in the Farm Bill, how initially he was excited about protecting wild habitat but got pulled down a rabbit hole of subsidies and perverse incentives.  Dan also talks about how the Farm Bill as it’s currently put together is a reflection of our broken legislative system and how we incentivize farmers that get bigger and produce more while the smaller farmers suffer. 

But how does this relate to transportation and/or cities? Ultimately 70% of the bill’s funding is aimed at the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) and food stamps, which is important for a lot of nutrition policy in cities. And to look into the future of what cities can do to help, we only have to look as far as what Seattle has done to think outside the usual policy silos.

For more information about us check out or follow us on twitter @theoverheadwire


Aug 22, 2019
Episode 34: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - School Mobility Education

This week Tracy McMillan joins to talk about safe streets, that pink emoji house, and public and institutional engagement.


Moody's credit ratings on climate and transit

Denver Mayor calls for safer streets - Streetsblog Denver

The hot pink emoji house - Guardian

Odds and Ends

Small businesses at core of growth - ICIC

Salt Lake for free transit - SL Tribune

Ignore livable city rankings - The Conversation


PA Secretary of Transportation changing conversation - Governing

Rethinking public consultation - CityLab

Puppies and Butterflies

Woman steps into the bus lane to push cars out - Seattle Times


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Aug 20, 2019
Episode 247: Electric Bus Opportunities and Barriers

This week we're joined by Camron Gorguinpour, Global Senior Manager for Electric Vehicles at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. We talk about Shenzhen's 16,000 electric buses and what world cities can learn positive and negative from their implementation. We talk about infrastructure needs for electric bus operations at a fleet level, the impact of street maintenance, and procurement and implementation issues.



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Aug 15, 2019
Episode 246: Access as a Metric

This week we are joined By Andrew Owen, Director of the Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota. Andrew chats with us about how to measure accessibility and their work on mapping access to jobs by transit and bikes. 

Access is a way to measure how easy it is to get places – often jobs – in how much time. Taking into account both transportation and land use, access as a metric can be a powerful tool. On the podcast, Andrew describes the evolution of the metric and how it has been applied. 

For more about The Overhead Wire, visit our website;


Aug 08, 2019
Episode 33: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Elephants in Elevated Trains

Tracy McMillan joins this week to talk about Burning Man, 3D sidewalks, telecommuting, and whether GPS affects our brains.


Mass telecommuting tax break - Curbed Boston

Feds could help remove freeways - D Magazine

Lessons from Burning Man - Governing

Odds and Ends

Wuppertal hanging rail is back - Guardian

Cities need chief data officer - Dallas Morning News

Homes fastest in flood prone industries - New York Times

Story of the Week

3D crosswalks - Smart Cities Dive

Is GPS ruining our brains? Vox

Elephants and Butterflies

Metro bus gif shows truth on dedicated lanes - Fast Company

Aug 06, 2019
Episode 245: VMT and Electric Utilities

This week we're joined by Fred Dock, the former Transportation Director for the City of Pasadena California.  Fred talks about his work over the past 30 years, Pasadena's move to measuring VMT and other metrics over level of service, innovation in smaller cities and more!

Aug 01, 2019
Episode 32: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - No Durian on the Train with Laura Bliss

This week Anna Muessig returns and we're joined by Laura Bliss of CityLab.

Laura's CityLab News

NIMBYs vs YIMBYs - CityLab

Should EVs pay per mile? - CityLab


CA bypasses fuel standards - Route Fifty

Madrid keeps central car ban - CityLab

Neighborways built to connect slow transport - Indianapolis Star

Odds and Ends

Curb cuts for all of New York - 6sqft

Facial recognition banned from HUD housing - CNet

Story of the Week

Digital Twins - CityLab

 Was the automobile a terrible mistake? New Yorker

Jul 30, 2019
Episode 244: Charlotte's Transit Oriented Zoning Innovations

This week we’re joined by Monica Holmes, Placemaking Manager for the City of Charlotte and the project manager for the rewrite of the TOD zoning ordinance. Monica talks about why the transit oriented development part of the zoning ordinance was the first part of the code rewrite as well as all of the details about the new point system created to promote economic mobility, the environment, and new transportation.  She also shares how TOD was built in the past and what will be happening along all the city’s transit corridors in the future. 

Jul 25, 2019
Episode 31: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Vanlord

This week we are going solo. We talk about using cars for housing, childless cities, and federal transportation funding.


Where have all the children gone? - The Atlantic

SF to open homeless navigation center for car dwellers - Hoodline

Affordable housing in RVs - Yes! Magazine

The Vanlord of Santa Monica - Santa Monica Daily Press

Capital improvement grant hearings - Curbed

Federal transit funding delays cause harm - T4 America

Odds and Ends

A vision for bike highways in Seoul - Korea BizWire

Why no moon cities? CityLab

Record temperatures from heatwave - Curbed

Story of the Week

Urban planners should look at restaurant data - MIT News

Digital twins - Governing

A new vision for I-45 - Houston Chronicle

The symbolism of your daily commute - Quartz

Federal reserve bank looks at gentrification - Philly Inquirer

How gentrification benefits - City Observatory



Jul 23, 2019
Episode 243: The View from North Vancouver BC

This week we are joined By Bowinn Ma, Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for North Vancouver-Lonsdale BC. Bowinn talks about creating better transportation options for her constituents, new transportation technologies, and the importance of political engagement.

Jul 18, 2019
Episode 30: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Utopia with Avery Trufelman

This week we're joined by Tracy McMillan and Avery Trufelman! Avery talks about her new podcast in association with Curbed called Nice Try! And the gang talks about utopian cities, new transportation bills, and Pokemon Go!

For any of the stories we covered click on the links below.


GREEN Streets Act introduced in the Senate -  T4 America

Seattle's best in nation ADU reform - Urbanist

ICE mining data from DMV photos - NY Times

Odds and Ends

Berlin could do euro a day transit pass - Guardian

Social workers in Spain using Pokemon Go for depression - Quartz

Why Amazon nixed New York - CNBC

Story of the Week

The law insists we drive - Atlantic

Rewards programs for transit riders - Wired Magazine

Behind the new cities epidemic - Guardian

Puppies and Butterflies

Friends around subway lines - Wired Magazine

Jul 16, 2019
Episode 242: Highways in the Sky with Dr. Astro

This week on the podcast we are joined at the Michelin Movin On conference by Dr. Anita Sengupta, an aerospace engineer who has worked for Hyperloop and is the co-founder of Airspace Experience Technologies, a company looking to produce vehicles for passenger flight. Dr. Sengupta talks with us about her work on the Mars Curiosity Mission during her time at NASA, her hopes for her new company in the VTOL space (vertical take off and landing) and her hopes for the future of transportation.

Jul 11, 2019
Episode 29: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Housing in Space

This week we review some of the news from the previous few weeks.


Oregon votes to legalize duplexes: Sightline Institute

California to sue cities that don't plan for housing: Curbed

Considering a subway for Portland: Portland Oregonian

Odds and Ends

EVs in Europe required to make noise: Smart Cities Dive

Volkswagen worries about traffic collapse: Forbes

100 years of planning trees could reduce emission: National Geographic

Story of the Week

Supreme Court could consider inclusionary zoning - Intercept

Property rights claims gain momentum - Route Fifty

Trump wants to deregulate zoning - Curbed

Quayside plans released - New York Times | Wired

Millennials can't buy a house - The Atlantic

Puppies and Butterflies

Crazy hail storms in Mexico - NPR

Jul 09, 2019
Episode 241: Who's Riding Transit in 2019?

This week we're joined by Amy Silbermann, Director of Planning for Port Authority of Allegheny County, the transit agency in Pittsburgh, and Steven Higashide and Mary Buchanan of TransitCenter. They are here to talk about a report called Who’s On Board 2019 which discusses transit ridership trends around the country.  They talk about what we should understand about understanding riders, Pittsburgh’s work to improve routes (downtown and to suburban communities) and the need for political and public support for changes to improve transit systems.

This episode first appeared on the Rail~Volution podcast. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

Jul 04, 2019
Episode 240: City Journalism with Nate Berg

This week we're joined by freelance urban issue writer Nate Berg. Nate talks to us about his love of writing about highways for good or bad, his piece for Curbed on the history of the Bauhaus, our collaborative piece on urban transportation data, writing about housing in Japan, and his process for writing articles.  

Jun 27, 2019
Episode 239: Real Time Information Deep Dive

This week on the podcast we’re joined by Candace Brakewood a Civil Engineering Professor of the University of Tennessee and Jonny Simkin of Co-Founder and CEO of Swiftly. We talk about real time transit information including its history, benefits, shortcomings, and potential futures.

Jun 20, 2019
Episode 28: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - A Suburban Definition

This week Chrissy joins the show and we have a blast chatting about the definition of suburbs, electric buses, and Ian McHarg's Design with Nature.


Portland considers bus lanes - Willamette Week

Ian McHarg's Design with Nature turns 50 - CityLab

Money laundering pilot surprising in its effect - Quartz

Odds and Ends

Transbay Terminal opening again? Curbed SF

Riyahd opens transit system - Cision

Sagrada Familia gets building permit - Fast Company

Story of the Week

How do we define suburbs? - CityLab

Why aren't electric buses taking over the world? - Wired

Listener Questions and Comments

Children in Autonomous Vehicles - Blue Ribbon Panel

Puppies and Butterflies

Every NIMBY's speech at a public hearing - McSweeney's

Jun 18, 2019
Episode 238: Intelligent Transportation Futures

This week we're joined by Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO of ITS America. He talks about how we can use technology to reduce collisions, how we should spend infrastructure money, and what policy should focus on and change from a transportation and technology standpoint. He also talks about the problems with the communications spectrum and how conflicts are arising as technology improves vehicle communications.

Jun 13, 2019
Episode 27: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Lentil Soup That Could

This week we're joined by Chrissy Mancini Nichols to talk about drones, zero passenger vehicles, CAFE standards and more!

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New York's new payment systems - Wired Magazine

6/10 Californians want upzoning near transit - LA Times

Seattle looks at pricing - Seattle Transit Blog

Odds and Ends

Plans to take federal USDA workers out of DC - McClatchy

Auto companies send letter to Trump Admin - NY Times

Paris accords can save lives - NY Times

Story of the Week

NASA tests drone traffic - NASA

Planning for zero occupancy vehicles - Fast Company

Puppies and Butterflies

Vancouver's plastic bags - Vancouver is Awesome

Sending lentil soup on the subway - Gothamist

On demand pogo sticks - Curbed SF


Jun 11, 2019
Episode 237: The Pulse of Richmond Virginia

This week on Talking Headways we’re joined by Maritza Pechin, a planner with AECOM who works with city staff in Richmond on long-range planning. On the podcast, Maritza talks about the Pulse BRT and the broader bus network redesign that was rolled out at the same time. She also discusses how the new system is bringing people back to transit, how the city might tackle housing affordability, and what big ideas the city is considering for the future.


Jun 06, 2019
Episode 236: Transit Oriented Bus and Rail in Chicago

This week we chat with Kendra Freeman of the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council, an independent non-profit focused on shaping the Chicago region. Kendra talks about her work with Elevated Chicago and how they are trying to bring equitable TOD to rail and bus corridors around the region as well as the original impact of the city's TOD ordinance. She also chats about next steps in pushing the city to consider equity in its update of the ordinance and how they can support entrepreneurs with strategic investments.


May 30, 2019
Episode 235: High Impact Investing in Low Wealth Communities

This week we're joined by Maurice Jones, President and CEO of LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation). Maurice talks about working with communities and existing businesses to develop talent in the workforce, breaking down barriers to entry in certain professions such as property development, and the history of policies and practices that intentionally excluded certain populations from opportunity.


May 23, 2019
Episode 26: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Limousine Liberals and Penthouse Progressives

Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show again and we chat a lot about SB50! We also talk about infrastructure and bike lanes.


SB 50

Tabled until January - Los Angeles Times

SB50 Urban Footprint Analysis - UF

Kim-Mai Cutler tweet thread - KMC Twitter

Infrastructure Week

PIRG releases report - Frontier Group

Repair Priorities - T4America

Odds and Ends

CA HSR Funding Dropped by FRA- Reuters

IM Pei passes away - NPR

Facial recognition banned in SF - Vox

Thanks to our Patreon supporters!

Story of the Week

Bike lanes need barriers not just paint - Curbed

Puppies and Butterflies

Tram Bowling - Wired Magazine


May 21, 2019
Episode 234: The Humble Curb

This week we're joined by Stephen Smyth, Co-Founder and CEO of Coord. He talks about the need for digital infrastructure to be a new layer on top of physical infrastructure in order to inventory our existing assets including curb space. We chat about the tools Coord has created to measure and document curbs, how they work, and how this seemingly innocuous space will change over time with regulation. We also have a little futurist discussion about street space and learn how regulations might change when fleets are operating on the street rather than mostly individual vehicles. 


“We talk about mobility as a service, we think of the service as a fleet. Going forward if we look at this as a regulation technology issue, cities and public agencies will be interacting with businesses for a given individuals trip or delivery versus the individual themselves. I think that’s an important shift, and actually it may make it easier to change regulations because there is a layer in between the interaction between the city agency and individual which can create resistance to change potentially. I think that if more trips are delivered by businesses instead of individuals in private cars we can innovate more quickly.”



May 16, 2019
Episode 25: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Modern Fortifications

This week we're joined by Tracy McMillan and we talk about alll kinds of stuff! Surveillance and city fortifications and aging in place! The show discussion links are below...


I-405 traffic gets worse after widening - Curbed LA

Campo dedicates money for I-35 expansion - Austin Monitor

Facial recognition data leak - TechCrunch

Denver homeless camping initiative - Pew Trusts

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Odds and Ends

Uber IPO - NY Magazine

Germany testing an e-highway - DW

Story of the Week

Da Vinci's City - The Conversation

Future of Housing nothing like today - Fast Company

Puppies and Butterflies

WePark in parking spaces - Curbed SF

E-Bikes could transform how we age - Fast Company

May 14, 2019
Episode 233: Urban Innovation and Circulation in San Diego

This week we chat with Colin Parent, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, an advocacy organization that promotes public and active transportation in tandem with sustainable growth. Colin is also a city council member for the City of La Mesa. As Colin notes, much of the renewed interest and support for transit and transit-oriented development is being driven by one thing: the housing crisis. We learn how the mayor of San Diego is pushing more housing and less parking, and the long term benefits of advocacy.

May 08, 2019
Episode 24: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - $2T for Infrastructure?

This week on the show we're joined by Tracy McMillan!

The show notes are below...

The News

What to make of White House infrastructure meeting - Brookings

Quadratic voting - Bloomberg

LA pushes for a Green New Deal - Los Angeles Times

A new way to calculate affordability - USC

Odds and Ends

Houston's data driven housing problem - Houston Chronicle

3 people make most of the complaints - Daily Bruin

San Diego switches transport plans - Planetizen

Story of the Week

The importance of shade - Places Journal

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May 07, 2019
Episode 232: Transportation Professionals Will Make or Break the Planet

This week we're at the Shared Mobility Summit from earlier this year in Chicago. Laura Bliss of CityLab moderates a panel of agency leaders including Stephanie Pollack, CEO of MassDOT, Randy Clarke, President and CEO of Capital Metro in Austin, and Sadhu Johnston, City Manager from Vancouver British Columbia.

The panel talks about whether it's too late to address climate change through transportation, how the introduction of ride hailing will work with local regulations in Vancouver, how Austin has been watching the evolution of shared mobility from TNCs to scooters, how buses matter for the future of transportation and much much more.

If you'd like to skip to the conversation portion past the presentations, fast forward to 41 minutes.



May 02, 2019
Episode 231: Transportation and Patient Care

This week we’re joined by Brian Ebersol and Eileen Everhart of Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania. They talk about how health care is about more than just patient care at hospitals and how transportation and wellbeing figures into planning for treating the whole person.

Apr 25, 2019
Episode 230: Techno Beats and Designing Swedish Streets

This week we're joined by Swedish urbanist Alexander Stahle. He talks about how cities in Europe have a lot of the same problems we do in the United States and what some places are doing to make streets safer and more active. He also chats about how his company Spacescape uses data to think about the value of urban form and where new metro lines should go. Alexander also talks about a new street design guide he's helping to create for Sweden.

Apr 18, 2019
Episode 229: The Life of Your Transportation Data

This week we're at the 3 Revolutions conference in Davis California chatting with Warren Logan of SFCTA, Mollie Pelon McArdle of, and Regina Clewlow of Populus. We chat about all things data; how it's used, privacy issues, the correct geography to collect it, regulations and much much more.

Apr 11, 2019
Episode 23: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Han Shot First

This week I'm doing a solo show reviewing the news because I'll be gone the rest of the month and wanted to share a few things with listeners. Below are the articles we cover in the show. Hope you enjoy it!


Go Triangle Ends Durham Orange LRT - News and Observer

New transit payment schemes - Engadget - Smart Cities Dive

Facebook faces housing discrimination charges from HUD - NYT

Lightfoot elected mayor - Chicago Streetsblog

Idaho Stop Legalized - Streetsblog USA

Denver announces new DOT - Denverite

Story of the Week

Experimental walking directions - Gizmodo

Manhattan Congestion Pricing - NYT

Tallest tower planned - Guardian

Self driving cars considered unthinkable in 50 years - Vox

Ciclovia 25 years - National Geographic

Rockefeller bows out of 100 resilient cities program - Bloomberg

Puppies and Butterflies

20 Minute Nature Pills - Fast Company

Apr 09, 2019
Episode 228: Underinfrastructurized

This week we are sharing an episode we recorded live for attendees at the Safe Streets Summit in Miami where we talked with Alice Bravo, Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works for the City of Miami and Chris Sinclair, Founding Principal at Renaissance Planning.  We cover a lot of topics including transit oriented development, multi-modal system productivity, new fare payment systems, using data in planning, frequent bus networks and much much more! 


Apr 04, 2019
Episode 227: Innovation in a Food Desert

This week on the podcast we chat with Vanan Murugesan, Director of Design and Innovation at Pillsbury United Communities.  Vanan talks about the role of community centered design in creating a nonprofit grocery store in North Minneapolis called North Market. We also chat about pros and cons of the farm bill, technology and convenience, and new initiatives in workforce development.



Mar 28, 2019
Episode 22: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Going To, Not Through

This week we're joined by Chrissy Mancini Nichols to talk about Gwinnett County's transit election, Level of Service, and transportation data privacy.


Gwinnett County rejects MARTA tax - Governing

Amsterdam new homes can't be rented - CityLab

More US cities end recycling - New York Times

Seattle passes zoning changes - Curbed

Visit our Sponsor too - moovel

Story of the Week

Getting rid of level of service - Brookings

Privacy issues come to the forefront - LA Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Seiichi Miyake’s tactile blocks - Curbed

Mar 26, 2019
Episode 226: The Potential of a Fiberoptic Future

This week we're joined by Susan Crawford, the John A. Reilly Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard School of Law. Susan talks about her new book Fiber which focuses on how cities in the United States are trying to build communications networks with this seemingly limitless technology but get push back from regulators and incumbent companies alike.

Mar 21, 2019
Episode 21: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - A Global Hum

Urbanist Ed Parillon joins the show to talk about autonomous technology, Scott Weiner's SB50 bill, pied a terre taxes in NY, and Gavin Newsom's housing plans that could take away transportation funds.

Visit our sponsor - moovel


Boeing Crashes Are a Warning to Drivers, Too - Slate

Twitter Thread on Boeing Technology Issue - Sumner

Pied-à-terre Tax Could Help Pay for MTA - Curbed NY

Gavin Newsom’s Ideas to Spur More Housing - Streetsblog CA

Story of the Week

How Three Cities Ended Chronic Homelessness - Fast Company

How Santa Monica Is Luring People Back to the 3rd Street Promenade - LA Magazine

Spotlight Mobility

Scott Weiner updates SB50 - Curbed SF

Puppies and Butterflies

A mysterious global hum - Guardian

Mar 19, 2019
Episode 225: The Land of 10,000 Comments

This week we chat with Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender. Lisa, a planner by profession and now a two-term city councilor, chats about public participation in the Minneapolis 2040 planning process locally and the discussions that led to the passing of the city’s comprehensive plan last December. She also talks about streets as public spaces and how Minneapolis 2040 plays into the city’s vision for transportation. Finally, we ask Lisa about the public discourse overall at public meetings and in planning.

Mar 14, 2019
Episode 20: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Your Childhood Street Memory Map

The week friend of the show Tracy McMillan from SafeTREC joins to talk about making money off of mobility, autonomous buses, the Lyft IPO, outdated city equipment and much more!

The News

Autonomous bus testing in Singapore - Bloomberg

Cashless retail could be outlawed - CityLab

Uber not criminally liable in crash - Smart Cities Dive

Visit our sponsor, moovel.

Story of the Week

Automakers struggle to make money on mobility - Bloomberg

Cities running on software from the 80s - Bloomberg

Kings of Dallas Sprawl - D Magazine

Spotlight Mobility

Information available now on Lyft IPO - Reuters

Puppies and Butterflies

Risk, Fear, and Freedom

As always you can reach us on twitter @theoverheadwire or at

Mar 12, 2019
Episode 224: The Annual Yonah Freemark Prediction Show

This week we're joined by perennial favorite Yonah Freemark of the Transport Politic. We rate his predictions from last year and give predictions for next year, some of which are already in peril! He chats about his zoning paper that has gotten a LOT of attention from housing advocates, high speed rail and California's current dilemma, and Amazon's New York departure.

For Yonah's previous episodes, check out 45, 61, 88, 132, or 169

Mar 07, 2019
Episode 19: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - It's Cold in Chicago and Duke Sucks

Chrissy joins the show and we talk about Duke rejecting Durham light rail, NY's move towards congestion pricing, Berlin's new transport app, and anchor institutions.


Duke rejects light rail - News and Observer

de Blasio endorses congestion pricing - Streetsblog NYC

UPMC joins health providers to think about housing - NextPittsburgh

Join moovel at SXSW - Link

Daimler and BMW join forces - The Verge

Story of the Week

Netherlands pays people to bike to work - Huffington Post

de Blasio endorses congestion pricing - Streetsblog NYC

Spotlight Mobility

Berlin's all in one app - Fast Company

Mar 05, 2019
Episode 223: Designing 3D Cities and Computer Generated Architecture

This week we're joined by Matthias Buehler of Vrbn and David Wasserman of Fehr and Peers. We talk about the City Engine program and how to create realistic cityscapes for movies and planning applications. We chat about the time it takes to code details, how much collected urban data sets can be used, and what these types of programs could be used for in the future.

A few notes from David and Matt


Complete Street Rule on Github

Future of the Curb and City Engine - ESRI

Software for Bike Planning - People for Bikes

Procedural Modeling for City Design - YouTube


Vrbn Company

Interview with Matthias Buehler - Gnomon Workshop

Independence Day and City Engine

Making a Favela - Ronen Berkman

Feb 28, 2019
Episode 222: Mapping the Land

This week we chat with Jerry Paffendorf, Co-Founder and CEO of Loveland Technologies. We chat about how they collect parcel data from all over the country, how parcels were measured historically, and how they can be used to create better transparency in cities. 

Feb 21, 2019
Episode 18: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Tax Policy, Amazon, High Speed Rail

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins the show to talk about Amazon, California High Speed Rail, and other top news of the week.


Amazon pulls back on NYC plans - New York Times

Governor Newsom to focus on Central Valley HSR Segment - Streetsblog CA

Swiss reject anti-sprawl measure - Reuters

Story of the Week

America's forgettable midrises - Bloomberg

California high speed rail "worst practices" - Eno Center

Midsized City Magic

Denver married couples taking on roommates - Denver Post

Spotlight Mobility

Were the parking taxes on purposes - Sightline Institute

Email congress about the parking tax - Coalition for Smarter Transportation


Feb 19, 2019
Episode 221: Where's My Bus? When Will It Arrive?

This week we're joined by Jonny Simkin, Co-Founder and CEO of Swiftly. Jonny talks about what his company does to crunch data at transit agencies and the impacts they've had on transit agencies outlook on service. He also chats about potential futures for mobility as a service and data privacy.

Feb 14, 2019
Episode 17: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - I Hate Selfie Sticks

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols and I talk about infrastructure embarrassment, good congestion/bad congestion, and the green new deal.


Tourism sites charging entry fees soon - Washington Post

New York seeks designers for odd lots - Curbed

The Green New Deal's flaw - Slate

Bolivian Lithium - National Geographic

Story of the Week

The Infrastructural Humiliation of America - Tech Crunch

Topography of Wealth in LA - Nick Underwood

Who Got What

Chrissy in ITE Journal

Spotlight Mobility

Good Congestion/Bad Congestion - CNU Public Square


Feb 12, 2019
Episode 220: Bus Lanes at the Crossroads of America

This week we are joined by Sean Northup, Deputy Director of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization. Sean chats about the Indianapolis Red Line, the first of three BRT routes that will crisscross the region. Those lines and other transit improvements are being funded in part by local, dedicated funding which was won after a long and arduous process.

Feb 07, 2019
Episode 16: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Underpants Gnomes and State DOTs

This week we have a full house! Chrissy and Anna join the show to talk about the news from the week in cities.

Read our original article brought to you by moovel and written by Nate Berg - The Transportation Data Tug of War


World cities sprawling too much too fast - The City Fix

Young mom dies after falling down subway steps - New York Times

Utah State legislators want housing built, using transport as stick - Salt Lake Tribune

Story of the Week

The Curb of the Future - Uber Under the Hood on Medium

Should Transit be Free? - TransitCenter

Zoning Reform Impacts Property Values in Chicago - Urban Affairs Review

Spotlight Mobility

Dallas rejects highway widening - D Magazine

Puppies and Butterflies

Cloth seats around the world - Twitter

Feb 05, 2019
Episode 219: Does Your Street Bring You Joy?

This week we are at the Brooklyn Podcast festival talking with Ryan Westrom of Greenfield Labs and Ford Smart Mobility. Ryan chats about his report Design Principals for Living Streets and the history of parking. Audience members are asked to give us their favorite streets and I throw in a little Marie Kondo for good measure. 

Jan 31, 2019
Episode 15: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - The Commute Bread Line

This week Anna and I talk about Uber and Lyft taking share away from transit, congestion pricing in LA, and Viadoom!


Shutdown ends after La Guardia suspends flights - NPR

Corporate money and affordable housing - Curbed

Mayors want incentives, just not for other mayors - Next City

Visit this week's sponsor, moovel.

Story of the Week

Uber and Lyft cause transit decline - Streetsblog USA

LA Considers Congestion Pricing - Los Angeles Times

Spotlight New Mobility

Viadoom just never happened - Seattle Times

Puppies and Butterflies

Quote of the week - Yes Magazine

Wedding registries turn to down payments - CityLab

Jan 29, 2019
Episode 218: Bus Driver and Housing Activist

This week we're chatting with Laura Loe of Share the Cities. Laura chats about her work as a bus driver and as a housing advocate in Seattle.  We talk about how to talk to NIMBY parents and the community that comes along with a bus line.

Jan 24, 2019
Episode 14: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Oooo Smart Cities!

This week Chrissy and Jeff talk about Smart Cities and Garages and more!

Don't forget to visit our sponsor, moovel

The News

Gavin Newsom Says Housing for Transport Funds - Los Angeles Times

NCUTCD says no walk signals - Streetsblog USA

Center City Connector Gets the Green Light - Curbed Seattle

Story of the Week

Alibaba unveils "City Brain" - CNN

The Garage is Our Favorite Room - New Yorker

Spotlight New Mobility

Scooter Regulations Work - New York Times

Jan 22, 2019
Episode 217: The Future of Transportation Data

This week on the podcast we're joined by Regina Clewlow, CEO and Co-Founder of Populus. We talk about some of the research Populus has been working on including on shared and micro mobility and we learn more about the transportation data cities need to operate more efficiently. We also discuss what the media is talking about in terms of new transport technologies and what the best jurisdiction level might be for regulation.

Jan 17, 2019
Episode 216: Cleveland BRT's 10th Anniversary

This week we talk with Interim CEO of the Cleveland RTA Dr. Floun'say Caver and former CEO Joe Calabrese about the Euclid Avenue HealthLine bus rapid transit line on its 10th anniversary. The line which connects two major regional employment centers was the product of input from numerous community stakeholders and has been widely deemed a success. We chat about how the line has influenced development on the corridor, the ridership growth on the line, and the potential for expanding lessons learned from the corridor to the rest of the region.

Jan 10, 2019
Episode 13: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Viva Las Vegas

This week on Mondays at The Overhead Wire Chrissy and Jeff chat about food deserts, the L shutdown, delivery congestion and more!

The News

Sam Zimbabwe now head of Seattle DOT - Seattle Times

L Train shutdown not happening - Second Ave Sagas

Cap and trade for transportation - Scientific American

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Story of the Week

Grand Rapids disappeared single family zoning - Next City

Dollar stores overwhelm grocers - Eater

Spotlight New Mobility

Delivery congestion - Time Magazine

Puppies and Butterflies

195 Gigapixels of Shanghai - Urban Demographics

Jan 08, 2019
Episode 215: Urbanism and Architecture - When Nerdy and Niche Get Big

This week we're joined by Kelsey Keith, Editor-in-Chief at Curbed. Kelsey tells us about some early memories of New York, how the internet has changed and shaped urbanism and architecture media, and new longform pieces tying together Texas and California in unexpected ways.

Jan 03, 2019
Episode 214: Trains, Buses, People

This week we're joined once again by Christof Spieler who recently wrote a new book called Trains, Buses, People. Christof talks about how transit isn't a mystery and we all know what makes it work. But ultimately we're not having the right conversations. We also review Christof's time on the Houston Metro board and why it's important to have people who ride the bus and think about it all the time as a part of the agency discussion.

You can find the book Trains, Buses, People at

Dec 20, 2018
Episode 12: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Synthetic Data Replicants

This week we're joined by Anna Muessig of Gehl to chat about using data and tearing down the BQE in New York. Check out the links below to read along with our discussion.


Dutch reach - CityLab

Hiring managers discriminate on distance - HBR

Oregon considers four units per parcel - Willamette Week

Visit our sponsor - moovel

Story of the Week

Portland to try Google's Replica data program - Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Apps know where you are - NY Times

Spotlight New Mobility

Tear down the BQE - NY Magazine

Puppies and Butterflies

Kids in Oslo plan transportation - Geospatial World

Dec 18, 2018
Flashback: Walt Disney the City Planner

This week we're going back to Episode 27 to bring back an episode I had made just for kicks in 2014.  It's Walt Disney the city planner.  Hope folks enjoy it again or for the first time if you hadn't heard it before.

Dec 12, 2018
Episode 11: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Gingerbread Cities

This week on Mondays at The Overhead Wire Chrissy Mancini Nichols joins to talk about bad Muni, holiday cities, and lots of mobility discussions.

The News

Madrid bans cars from central city - Guardian

A new AV Start bill? - The Verge

Minneapolis passes 2040 plan - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Story of the Week

New CA bill for density near transit - LA Times

Building slow lanes - Forbes

Spotlight New Mobility

Should Cincinnati built its own app - CityBeat

Puppies and Butterflies

The Laughing Room - MIT News

Dec 11, 2018
Episode 213: This is not the TIF You're Looking For

This week we chat with Professor Deborah Salon of Arizona State about location value capture. Deborah talks about the difference between location and land value capture and we go over the main points of a research study on the subject she wrote with several colleagues. We also chat about where location value capture shouldn't be used and whether certain mechanisms such as TIF take too much value for individual projects.

Dec 05, 2018
Episode 10: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Does that Particulate Matter Matter

This week on Mondays at The Overhead Wire Anna Muessig of Gehl joins to chat about her trip to Australia, Minneapolis 2040, and we have fun discussing mobility monopolies.

Below are links to stories we talked about this week.


Modern Trains - Streetsblog USA

New York considers banning cashless business - Guardian

Death of Montreal Bagels? Globe and Mail

Story of the Week

Minneapolis' radical rezoning - Curbed

Lina Hidalgo to run Harris County - New York Magazine

Spotlight New Mobility

Becoming the Amazon of Transport - The Conversation

Puppies and Butterflies

The first condo - Price Tags

Dec 04, 2018
Episode 212: Personal Relationships and Place

This week we're joined by Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California, and Director of USC’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) and the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII). We chat about a broad range of topics including the Environmental Justice Screening Method and how that research was turned into California environmental policy. The importance of community organizing in getting agreement for legislation, his new book The State of Resistance, as well as his views on rent control as public policy.


This episode was first aired at

Nov 28, 2018
Episode 9: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Climate Change and Virgin Trains

This week on Mondays we talk about closing down the GM plant in Youngstown Ohio, climate change, more on housing, and Virgin Trains USA.  We have a bit of a technical issue but hopefully you still enjoy the show.  Below are links to the items we discussed.


Three Big Climate Takeaways - Vox

All Cash Purchases Must be Disclosed - 6sqft

Trump Administration floats sharing census information with law enforcement - Washington Post

Story of the Week

Why affordable housing is scarce in progressive cities - Curbed

$17 trillion could be saved with compact development - WRI

Spotlight New Mobility

Bright line will change name to Virgin Trains - Miami Herald

Puppies and Butterflies

Bruce Hallman and the SF Faces - Mission Local

Nov 27, 2018
Episode 8: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Boomers and Amazons

This week we talk about Baby Boomer housing, Amazon, and decriminalization of transit fares.


Decriminalizing Fare Evasion - The Hill

Autonomous Delivery Vehicles - Fast Company

Amazon Won't Save Your Town - New York Times

Story of the Week

Baby Boomers Not Buying Homes - MNN

Spotlight New Mobility

Portland's Little Big Shift - Sightline

Puppies and Butterflies

Sharing a home with older residents - Guardian

Nov 20, 2018
Episode 211: Verkehrsverbund - A Seamless Journey

This week we're joined by Professor Ralph Buehler of Virginia Tech who talks with us about the German transport concept of Verkehrsverbund (VV). The word translated to English means "transport network".  We discuss where the first VV was formed and how more integrated systems could make transport in the United States more efficient and connected. There's also a discussion about docked bike share as well as how we can think about mobility as a service platforms in the future and their relationship to existing transport systems. 

Nov 15, 2018
Episode 7: Mondays at the Overhead Wire - Nobody Likes Scorpions in their Pants

This week we're joined by Chrissy Mancini Nichols to talk about the election, scooter data, and cities from scratch.

Below are some of the pieces we covered...


Clickwork in Nairobi - BoingBoing

Rep. Peter DeFazio sees a bill - Washington Post

Scooter corrals in Santa Monica - LA Streetsblog

Atlanta approves the gulch - Curbed Atlanta

Story of the Week

Cities and scooter data - Wired

Nevada and the bitcoin city - NY Times

Cities from scratch - Bloomberg

Nov 13, 2018
Episode 210: The Return of Urban Manufacturing

This week on the podcast, Kate Sofis, CEO of SFMade joins us to talk about the resurgence in urban manufacturing.  We talk about what types of goods are manufactured in cities like San Francisco, the zoning codes that allow manufacturing to thrive in strong housing markets, and how cities have changed the narrative on manufacturing in more urban locales. 

Nov 08, 2018
Episode 6: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Keeping Your Data

This week the team talks about voting and San Francisco's fight between billionaire's over homelessness measures. We chat about how in Estonia you can keep your data and more about MIT's Moral Machine experiment asking people around the world about the trolley problem.

Here are the articles we covered...

Moral Machine - MIT Technology Review

Billionaire War - Wired Magazine

Own Your Own Data - Smart Cities World

Platform Urbanism and Walled Gardens - Fast Company


Also visit our sponsor - moovel

More News Items

Electric Delivery - Seattle Times

Rise in TNC Traffic - Tech Crunch

Cars Still Banned from the Seine - CityLab


Nov 06, 2018
Episode 209: The Housing Last Policy

This week California State Senator Scott Wiener joins us to talk about a number of issues near and dear to our heart including housing and transportation. We talk about what's holding California housing back and several of his bills that address this in the Senate including SB35 as well as the potential return next year of SB827 which would upzone housing near frequent transit. We also chat about the potential for state level discussions on congestion pricing as well as a far future idea of getting transit alignments right. 

Oct 31, 2018
Episode 208: One Zone to Rule Them All

This week on Talking Headways we’re joined by Eric Singer and Andrej Micovic, Associates at Bilzin Sumberg in Miami who talk about the creation of the RTZ ordinance. They also talk about how the recent TIF districts and the county’s Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan interact with the RTZ and what’s important in writing planning code.

Oct 18, 2018
Episode 207: Waiting for the Ghost Bus

This week we're joined by Dr. Kari Watkins, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech and co-founder and "Chief Motivator" of OneBusAway, an open source platform for real time transit info.

Kari talks about her research into the role of technology in the evolving transit experience, possible "dangerous futures ahead" - such as zero-passenger vehicles - and the "best future" of high capacity transit on dedicated right of way, fed by robust bike and sidewalk networks and TNCs for low density areas, all supported by timely information and payment - mobility as a service.

Also check out Rail~Volution for information about this year's conference starting Sunday.


Oct 18, 2018
Episode 5: Mondays at The Overhead Wire

Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from 

This week Anna Muessig of Gehl joins to talk about her trip to Copenhagen, AVs, and Uber's move into congestion pricing advocacy.

And don't forget to visit our sponsor moovel.

Featured Discussion Articles This Week


London Reducing Vehicles in the Core - Weekly Standard

Anthony Foxx joins Lyft - Medium

Ford Plant gets redevelopment plan - Star Tribune

Saudi $500B Megacity Controversy - Buzzfeed News


Tree Superhighways - Fast Company

Uber Support for Congestion Pricing - Seattle Times


AV 3.0 Guidelines - USDOT

Kevin DeGood Tweet Storm - Twitter


Cities and Film - ArchDaily

Oct 16, 2018
Episode 206: Future Fare Media and the Clipper Card

This week we're joined by Carol Kuester and Lysa Hale of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Electronic Payments Department. Carol and Lysa talk about the Clipper transit fare payment card and how it works along with coming updates to the system.  We also chat about fare simplification and what it means to different people, whether Clipper can be a first step towards mobility as a service, and what happens to all the money that floats through the system on any given day. 

Oct 11, 2018
Episode 4: Mondays at The Overhead Wire

Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from 

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols of Walker Consultants joins to talk about developers and parking, bike share data, and we go through the week's news.

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Oct 09, 2018
Episode 205: Bicycles as a Rolling Signifier

This week we’re chatting with Dr. Melody Hoffman, professor of communications studies at Anoka Ramsey Community College at the American Planning Association Midwest Conference about her book Bike Lanes are White Lanes.  We discuss how bike lanes are flashpoints for neighborhood gentrification fights, bicycle advocacy history and the women’s movement, and how bikes can be seen as rolling signifiers.


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Oct 03, 2018
Episode 3: Mondays at The Overhead Wire

Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from 

This week Chrissy Mancini Nichols of Walker Consultants joins to talk about TNC regulations and neighborhoods. We also play the game WikiCity and discuss why October is the best month.

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Featured Links This Week

America’s Middle Neighborhoods - Next City

Re-emergence of Neighborhoods - CitiesSpeak

Google Climate Tool - The Atlantic

Gas Tax Repealers Launch HSR Measure - LA Times

Invention of the Scooter - CityLab

Tokyo Metro Song on YouTube

Oct 02, 2018
Episode 204: Data Systems for Better Mobility

This week we're joined by Chloe Spano, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation at Cityway. She discusses how Paris has reduced driving in the city using data and the importance of data in putting together mobility services of the future.

Sep 26, 2018
Episode 2: Mondays at The Overhead Wire

Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from 

This week Anna Muessig of Gehl joins to talk about her trip to Detroit. We also play the game WikiCity and discuss Paris' car free day in October.

Featured Articles This Week

Things I Learned on Foot - Guardian

How Connected Is Your Community - NY Times

Paris Going Car Free for a Day - Fast Company

Philly's First Ever Augmented Reality Mural - Philadelphia Magazine



Sep 25, 2018
Episode 203: Bringing Back Denver's Union Station

Bill Sirois, Senior Manager for Transit-Oriented Communities with Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD), joins us this week to talk about the success of the transit agency’s TOD program. The Union Station redevelopment—the unique funding, extensive planning, and successful execution—is the focus of the conversation. But Denver has done so much more. Bill also discusses the construction of over 38,000 housing units near transit since 2005, other interesting examples of TOD in the region, and what comes next as the current period of transit expansion comes to a close.

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Sep 19, 2018
Episode 1: Mondays at The Overhead Wire

Welcome to our NEW SHOW on the Talking Headways Podcast Network called Mondays at The Overhead Wire where Jeff Wood and a rotating band of amazing co-hosts talk about the top stories from 

This week Anna Muessig of Gehl joins to talk about why autonomous vehicles should focus on pedestrians and Domino's Pizza as a pothole filling enterprise. We also play the game WikiCity and wonder who should be the voice transit in a city.

Featured Articles This Week

Left Behind America - Frontline

What America's Mayors Think About Domino's Pothole Filling Stunt - Eater

Autonomous Cars Need to Think More Like Humans - Fast Company

Sep 18, 2018
Episode 202: The Anatomy of an Urban Cell

This week we're joined by planner and author Robin Renner. We talk about his wonderful book Urban Being: Anatomy and Identity of the City.  Robin talks about how living in a number of places around the world got him to think differently about cities and how that led to his categorization of urban clusters. I ask how his work can be used by cities and he gives us a look into his thought process and the different geographies of the city.


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Sep 13, 2018
Episode 201: Building the Dutch Cycling City

This week we're joined by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett to talk about their new book Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality. They chat about their trip to the Netherlands and their experiences in a number of different cities and how they relate to the North American context.  We also chat about overflowing bike parking, why bikes are often left behind, and how street design is better than signs.

To purchase the book, visit Island Press

Sep 06, 2018
Episode 200: Urbanism as a Way of Life by Louis Wirth

This week on the podcast it's our 200th episode!!!! We have a bit of a dance party in the intro before getting to the good stuff. We read in full "Urbanism as a Way of Life" by Louis Wirth from the Journal of Sociology in 1938.  The piece is introduced by Dr. Lisa Schweitzer, a professor at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy who believes this piece and others sometimes get overshadowed by Jane Jacobs. So let us change that shall we? I really hope you enjoy this episode.  If you do please send us an email at


Copyright © 1938 The University of Chicago. This podcast is published by arrangement with the University of Chicago Press, and was produced in the year 2018 by The Overhead Wire.

Aug 30, 2018
Episode 199: Recycling Capital for Public Good

This week we're joined by former President and CEO of the Low Income Investment Fund (Liif) Nancy Andrews. Nancy and I chat about community development, poverty reduction strategies, and the Bay Area Transit Oriented Housing Fund.

Aug 22, 2018
Episode 198: Setting Real Goals and Accelerating Change

This week we're joined by Doug Farr, President of Farr Associates and author of the new book Sustainable Nation. Doug chats about the arrangement of the book by different patterns of urbanism and how we can take a bottom up approach to change our cities. He also chats about the forced boredom of the Burning Man festival and why Alexis de Tocqueville's 1835 work Democracy in America is still relevant today. 

Aug 16, 2018
Episode 197: The Uber Effect

This week we're joined by Andrew Saltzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research at Uber. Andrew talks about growing up in Montreal and his previous transportation work at the World Bank. We also chat about the importance of transportation policy at the city level and Uber's support for congestion pricing as well as the issue of geometry in urban places. 

Aug 09, 2018
Episode 196: Infill is Brain Damage

This week we’re chatting with Susan Henderson of PlaceMakers about the use and benefits of form-based codes. We talk about the focus of these codes, how they are used to support transit, and how a code can affect the streets around them. Susan also discusses why people might push back against form-based codes and how to frame conversations about them and their benefits.

Aug 02, 2018
Episode 195: The First Shoupista

This week Patrick Siegman joins us to chat on the topic of parking. We chat about the etymology of the word parking, the legend that is Donald Shoup, and why the topic of parking gets so personal.

Jul 26, 2018
Episode 194: When is My City Going to Fit Me?

This week we're joined by Mikael Colville-Andersen to talk about his book Copenhagenize. Mikael tells us about how his children influence his work and his feelings about bike culture. He also shares his dislike of e-bikes and scooters as well as the innovations that he believes help move bikes as transportation forward.   

Jul 19, 2018
Episode 193: The Eternal Rush Hour

This week we’re back at Michelin’s Movin On conference talking with Greg Rogers, Director of Government Affairs and Mobility Innovation of SAFE.  Greg talks about autonomous vehicle regulations around the country and some of the limits of techno optimism.  We also discuss a bit of what we liked and didn’t like at the Movin On conference and prospects for the future.

Jul 12, 2018
Episode 192: Highways and Partisanship

This week we're joined by Clayton Nall, a professor of political science at Stanford University, to discuss his new book about the interstate highway system and political partisanship called The Road to Inequality: How the Federal Highway Program Polarized America and Undermined Cities.  We chat about how partisanship affects the way people vote for transportation projects and the history of political change in the transportation world.

Jul 05, 2018
Episode 191: The Logistics of Urban Deliveries

This week we're joined by Tom Madrecki, Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility at UPS. Tom talks to us about what urban mobility means to a logistics and delivery company like UPS. He talks about the costs of congestion to the company and how streets that make single occupant vehicles the first priority are not good for active transportation and deliveries.

Jun 28, 2018
Episode 190: Textbook Value Capture and TOD

This week we talk with Stan Wall of HR&A Advisors. We talk about his previous work as the Director of Real Estate and Station Planning for WMATA in Washington DC such as how planning, funding and redevelopment at the NoMa transit station happened. Stan also talks about his favorite projects and what value capture actually means.

Jun 21, 2018
Episode 189: The New Atlanta Way

This week we’re joined by Odetta MacLeish White of the Transformation Alliance in Atlanta. She talks about displacement pressures along the Beltline, history of segregation in planning, and big changes coming to advocacy and equity in the Atlanta region.

Jun 14, 2018
Episode 188: The Cost of a Subway

This week we're joined by blogger and transport journalist Alon Levy. We talk about how Alon got into transportation, subway costs and price comparisons, and the thinking behind a new Boston commuter rail electrification plan.

Jun 07, 2018
Episode 187: A Shift in the Short Trip

This week we're joined for a second time by Shared Use Mobility Center Executive Director Sharon Feigon. Sharon talks to us about the newest trends in shared mobility including scooters and e-bikes and we talk about whether the animosity towards ride hailing has waned. We also chat about the issues cities and transportation companies are coming across as they try to create mobility platforms and whether car share usage is going down due to more options in the market.

May 31, 2018
Episode 186: Bonus Episode - The City as Mobility Operating System

Recently we moderated a panel in Austin during South by Southwest hosted by moovel and the Rocky Mountain Institute. The panel featured a number of folks from all different backgrounds discussing the future of mobility platforms in cities. We had representatives from the private sector, public sector, and advocacy voices to balance out the discussion and I think it was a good one folks will enjoy. 

Jason JonMichael - City of Austin

Hilary Norton - FastLA

Karina Ricks - City of Pittsburgh

Nat Parker - Moovel

Tim McHugh - Portland Tri-Met

Jules Kortenhorst - CEO Rocky Mountain Institute

Meg Merritt - Nelson Nygaard


May 29, 2018
Episode 185: Building a Culture of Ridership

This week we’re joined by the Executive Director of the KC Streetcar Authority, Tom Gerend. Tom talks about some of the challenges in creating the streetcar and a broader regional transit network. He explains the value capture funding mechanism that’s funds 100 percent of the streetcar’s operations and maintenance—as well as some of the project design and construction). The KC Streetcar is unique in a lot of ways, including its lack of a fare. Tom explains the rationale behind the decision to make the streetcar free.

May 24, 2018
Episode 184: Extraordinary Innovation at LA Metro

This week we're joined by LA Metro CEO Phil Washington to talk about the many interesting things the agency is working on. He discusses building affordable housing near transit, testing new ideas like microtransit, and the origins of Metro's Office of Extraordinary Innovation.

May 17, 2018
Episode 183: Planning for Godzilla in SimCity

This week on the podcast we’re joined by Joe DiStefano of Urban Footprint.  We talk about Joe’s work with Calthorpe Associates doing regional planning as well as creating digital tools for big planning ideas.  Joe also talks about the importance of planners having information at their fingertips in order to make decisions as well as being the ones in the room to remind everyone plans are about people.

May 10, 2018
Episode 182: Media Has Shaped the City

This week we're joined by Shannon Mattern, Associate Professor of Media Studies at the New School in New York City. Shannon discusses her new book Code+Clay ... Data+Dirt: 5,000 Years of Urban Media. We talk about how she came up with the idea to teach a class on the intersection of media studies, architecture, and cities, her favorite research, and how the perfect future interface humans are looking for does not exist. There's also a discussion about mapping and how digital mapping can leave out aspects of space that should be considered.

May 03, 2018
Episode 181: Climbing the Ladder Together

This week, we’re joined by Somerville MA Mayor Joseph Curtatone. The mayor talks about Somerville’s proximity to Boston, its amazing density and variable housing types, and how the community is working together on plans for future transit-oriented development around the Green Line Extension. Mayor Curtatone also talks about how that process is being monitored and can be recreated in the future. Finally, the mayor looks back at how the city has transformed yet maintained its unique character over his 14 years in office.

Apr 26, 2018
Episode 180: The Evolution of Federal Livability Policy

This week we're joined again by Mariia Zimmerman of MZ Strategies. Mariia discusses how she got into transportation and urban planning after growing up in rural Minnesota and how livability policy has changed over time at the federal level. She also talks about the evolution of discussions about transit oriented development from initial proof of concept to a greater discussion on equity.

Apr 19, 2018
Episode 179: Data will Respirate the Future City

This week we’re joined by Los Angeles DOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds.  We chat about how she got into transportation planning and how we can innovate for everyone.  There’s also a discussion about the future of streets, air rights of way, and how cities can handle partnerships with mobility providers that benefit cities.  And finally we talk about pricing and what that means for cities as well as how to address changing revenue sources as cities evolve.

Apr 12, 2018
Episode 178: The Three Revolutions in Transportation

This week we're joined by Daniel Sperling to talk about his new book Three Revolutions. We talk about the possible sea changes happening in the transportation world with electrification, automation, and shared rides. I ask him about the importance of regulations, how he got his epiphany that shared rides are the future, and what this revolutions means for auto manufacturers.

Apr 05, 2018
Episode 177: Peak Experience with Jarrett Walker

This week Jarrett Walker of Jarrett Walker and Associates joins the podcast to talk about communicating difficult issues in transportation and planning. We talk about Jarrett’s excitement about urban change in Portland Oregon where he grew up and the importance of humanities majors in the transportation profession. We also talk about why NIMBYs feel the way they do and how we can think differently about our language and approach to housing and transportation.

Mar 29, 2018
Episode 176: Mobility is Like a Heavy Metal Band

This week we’re at the National Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago.  Jeff Tumlin of Nelson Nygaard moderates a panel of experts on new mobility including Carla Bailo from the Center for Automotive Research, Krista Huhtala-Jenks from the Finland Ministry of Transport and Communications, Dick Alexander from Trandev, and Justin Erlich from Uber.  They talk about the new business model of shared mobility, actually moving people versus selling things, what are the pieces that go into transportation and mobility services as well as the future of moving people around.  You might also hear amazing references to MacGyver and heavy metal bands.

Mar 22, 2018
Episode 175: Albuquerque - An Example for Midsized Cities

This week we chat with Brian Reilly, former Economic Development Director in Buffalo, NY and Cleveland, OH and the Principal of the planning consultancy Doing Good, about integrating transportation and land use in Albuquerque. As Reilly explains, the city’s new bus rapid transit line ART is just one project but it forms a frequent and reliable backbone for Albuquerque's entire transportation system. Today, the city is focused on redevelopment along the Central Avenue corridor where ART runs, part of the historic Route 66. Reilly also talks about how the city is approaching poverty reduction from a transportation angle.

Mar 15, 2018
Episode 174: Building More Than Just a Transit Line

This week we’re joined by Jonathan Sage Martinson, former Director of the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative in the Twin Cities.  We talk about how the collaborative got started, how they supported planning in the Green Line light rail corridor between Minneapolis and St. Paul, and how one member even got the FTA to change a much discussed cost effectiveness rule.

Mar 01, 2018
Episode 173: Pro·pin·qui·ty - The State of Being Close to Someone or Something

This week we’re joined by Robert Cervero, Erick Guerra, and Stefan Al to talk about their new book called Beyond Mobility. They talk about the idea of recalibrating cities and how we can put people first when we think about transportation and the built environment. We also talk about silly regulations such as one parking space per toilet seat and some of the examples of good transportation and planning we can borrow from around the world.  

Interested in checking out the book? Use the code “4Beyond” at and get 20% off. 

Feb 22, 2018
Episode 172: The Smartest Station

This week on the Talking Headways podcast we’re joined by George Karayannis, Vice President of CityNow, a smart city arm of Panasonic Corporation. George talks about smart cities and how to think beyond shiny technology and what it means to think about the future. George also discusses what CityNow is setting up at Pena Station Next, a new smart city concept on Denver RTD's A Line commuter rail that incorporates ideas such as district energy, smarter streetlights, and intelligent power management in buildings. He talks about how and why the station location was chosen for this innovative project.

Feb 15, 2018
Episode 171: This is Not Mapping Just for Humans

This week we’re joined by Christof Hellmis, Vice President of Strategic Program at Here Technologies in Berlin Germany.  I was invited to CES in Las Vegas by HERE to check out the next generation in data and maps and got to sit down with Christof to talk about data and transportation.  We chatted about how mapping and location will be important for new transportation technologies and old and I ask questions about equity and data and potential privacy concerns.  At one point Christof goes on to say this isn’t just mapping for humans, it’s maps for everything. 

Feb 08, 2018
Episode 170: Houston Spreads Like a Spilled Bucket of Water