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A Podcast Republic user
 Nov 3, 2023

 Mar 27, 2022
I have been listening to this podcast for years. I have learned a lot about security by listening to this podcast. early on, some episodes were way over my head, but over time I've learned a lot.

 Mar 7, 2022

Security Lover
 Dec 17, 2021
Outstanding info, from sci-fi to propeller-head episodes, Steve is great!

 Sep 8, 2021


Cybersecurity guru Steve Gibson joins Leo Laporte every Tuesday. Steve and Leo break down the latest cybercrime and hacking stories, offering a deep understanding of what's happening and how to protect yourself and your business. Security Now is a must listen for security professionals every week. Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.

Episode Date
SN 978: The Rise and Fall of - Apple Password Manager, AI Coding
Jun 12, 2024
SN 977: A Large Language Model in Every Pot - Problems With Recall, End of ICQ, Email @ GRC
Jun 05, 2024
SN 976: The 50 Gigabyte Privacy Bomb - Google AI Workarounds, Microsoft Recall
May 29, 2024
SN 975: 312 Scientists & Researchers Respond - 3 Chrome Zero-Days, Free Laundry
May 22, 2024
SN 974: Microsoft's Head in the Clouds - 4-Digit Pins, Long Range Navigation, Microsoft
May 15, 2024
SN 973: Not So Fast - GPS Vulnerabilites, VPN Flaw
May 08, 2024
SN 972: Passkeys: A Shattered Dream? - IoT Default Passwords, Passkeys
May 01, 2024
SN 971: Chat (out of) Control - Fuxnet, Android Quarantine, Gentoo
Apr 24, 2024
SN 970: GhostRace - AT&T Breach Update, Cookie Notices, Router Buttons
Apr 17, 2024
SN 969: Minimum Viable Secure Product - Dlink NAS Backdoor, Privnote, Crowdefense
Apr 10, 2024