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Damian Abraham has been many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ and food network host, one of the minds behind TV's "The Wrestlers", parent of 3... and undeniably, a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from various walks of life to find out how their world was influenced and changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK!

Episode Date
Chris Estrada the star and creator of This Fool
One of us, one of us! This Fool's Chris Estrada is here and he came to play! This week on the show Damian is joined by the star and creator of one of his favourite TV shows to talk all things punk. It turns out that Chris is a big fan of TOAP and has come prepared to go. From being neighbours with Despise You, to gangbangers calling you "Marilyn Manson", to choosing a side in the Bikini Kill/NoFX beef, to hanging with Ian at the Dischord house, to the punk divide in comedy: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don't miss the hilarious first season of "This Fool" on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)! Season 2 coming next year!

Also, check out more about Chris here: chrisestradacomedy.com 

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Also touched on:

Crass best before 1984

Punk loving rockers

Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2

The sin of listening to Shaved Women

No punks in high school

Dressing like you were into Snapcase

“What’s up Marilyn Manson?”

Nirvana’s importance in putting bands into the zeitgeist

Sonic Youth

East LA backyard party shows

Union 13

Generacion Suicida 


what happened to emo?

The Clash

Despise You

NoFX vs Bikini Kill

Love And Rockets NOT THE BAND

and so much more!!!!

Nov 24, 2022
Stephanie Phillips from Big Joanie and author of "Why Solange Matters"
Episode 431:
Don't go back home just yet, Stephanie Phillips is right here! Today on Turned Out A Punk, the author and Big Joanie frontperson stops by to talk punk and DIY. Join Damian as he sits down with one of his favourite music writers to talk: American alternative being UK mainstream, the importance of the forgotten histories, Rachel Aggs' genius, "who the hell are those guys" core and so much more! Don't miss this one!

Also, don't miss Big Joanie's fantastic new lp: "Back Home", out now on Kill Rock Stars!

Also, check out: steph-phillips.com, for more of Stephanie's writing!

Also, order "Why Solange Matters" from you favourite book store.

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Also touched on:

The Gossip: UK mainstream

The early aughts weekly British music press

Le Tigra

Sacred Paws

South London DIY

A tale of two UK punk scenes



Bands that exist only on a poster

Forgotten histories

Bam Bam

Sista Grrrl Riot

Be Your Own Pet

When heroes become peers


Nov 17, 2022
Walter Schreifels Sings The Hits with Jayson Green and Damian
Splits Vol 7:
For the first time in four years, Walter is back! What better way to celebrate Walter Schreifels' fourth appearance on the show than by inviting Jayson Green to join the party?! Listen in as Damian sits down with the two returning guests to discuss: calling Ian MacKaye about producing "Start Today", NY with David Blaine / Harmony Korine or Vegas with Chris Angel / Jonathan Davis, staying with Poly Styrene, dodging GG Allin's poop banana in Hated and so much more!!!

Also, don't miss the brand new reissue of Rival Schools' "United By Fate"! Out now on Run For Cover Records!

Also, check out Walter on tour with Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today now and next year!

Also, check out Jayson Green's awesome 24 hour Video podcast! 

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Nov 13, 2022
Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill, The Frumpies, Girlsperm and more
Episode 430:
Who's ready for a riot?! Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail is here! Listen in as Damian sits down with one of his heroes to discuss: hardcore, grunge, riot grrrl and all things punk. From having punk rock parents, to the cult of the Melvins, to Olympia's beef with Black Flag, to witnessing punk's breaking from both sides of the divide; DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!

Also, don't miss Bikini Kill on tour! More info at bikinikill.com

Also, don't miss the new Girlsperm's new "The Muse Ascends" LP, out now on Thrilling Living Records 

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Also touched on:

Did 60 Minutes cover the Pistols?

Rock N Roll High School double feature

living in the middle of nowhere

Mom being horrified at the Decline

“I’m going to teach you kids how to do the pogo!”

Choosing a book report over the Ramones and DOA

Find cigarettes and some punk tapes…

Following the skate punks

No Sisters

Slayer in ’84

Seeing Whitehouse

Beyond Possession

Getting attacked by Doc Dart

SSD being liked by the assholes

The Black Flag/ Beat Happening incident 

Kathaleen Hanna and Poison Idea

Hanging with Pig and Sonic Youth

“We have to make it back on time for JFA!”

Frightwig: “Flipper but girls”

Soul Asylum were amazing

The Screaming Trees were the world’s greatest band

Nation Of Ulysses

DC hardcore over everything

The NoFX beef

Born Against ruling

Nov 03, 2022
Thomas Mars from Phoenix
Episode 429: 
Where's Popeye?!? 'Cause we're blowing the lid off "The French Touch/ Punk Connection"!  Today on the show, Damian sits down with Phoenix's Thomas Mars to talk about all things punk! From the importance of French New Wave, to Amelie being trash, to skinhead violence, to the secret punk histories of: Phoenix, Air, Daft Punk and more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don't miss Phoenix's fantastic new album: Alpha Zulu. Available everywhere November 4th! 

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Oct 28, 2022
Alec MacKaye from The Untouchables, Faith, Ignition, The Warmers and Hammered Hulls
Episode 428:
It's time for Alec MacKaye! That's right, the DC legend returns to the show to talk: punk, hardcore and beyond! From the older MacKaye sister that brought the punk. to the influence of the original DC Trench Mouth, to Half-Japanese being the true punks, to the religion of Dischord, to forming Hammered Hulls, to mom loving The Cramps and so much more; DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! 

Also. don't miss Hammered Hulls' fantastic new "Careening" lp! Out October 28 on Dischord Records!!!

Also, don't miss Hammered Hulls on tour! More information here: dischord.com/tours

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Oct 20, 2022
Tony "Pointless" Croasdale from R.A.M.B.O.
Episode 427:
Give my regards to South Street; Tony Pointless is here! Join Damian as he sits down with the R.A.M.B.O. frontperson to catch up and examine the theatrical predilections of Philly punk and hardcore. From DIY venue washroom nightmares, to taking a joke on Tragedy as far as it will go, record collecting correlation to mental health and so much more: join us for the longest Turned Out A Punk ever!

Also, check out R.A.M.B.O.'s fantastic new record:" Defy Extinction", out of November 4th. Pre-oder it here     

Also, check out the new video for: "The End Is Nye" here

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Oct 13, 2022
Autry Fulbright II from OFF! returns to the show
Episode 426:
Autry is back! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend Autry Fulbright II to discuss: leaving ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, and walking away from band life, only to come back and join OFF!. From return to touring gratitude, to creative motivation, to Mr.Beast's potential Mogwai super fandom: don't miss this one!

Also, don't miss OFF!'s brand new lp "Free LSD", out now on Fat Possum Records!!!

Also, don't miss OFF! on tour this fall! More info here

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Oct 06, 2022
Eric Bachmann and Matt Gentling from Archers Of Loaf
Episode 425:
It's TOAP Vs. the Greatest of All Time because Eric Bachmann and Matt Gentling, from the legendary Archers Of Loaf, are here! Listen in as Damian sits down with the two and discusses: punk in Asheville, why majors never made sense, the tape scene, DMT and Florida punk, two versions of a fatherly discussion about the Circle Jerks and so much more! Don't miss this one!!!

Also, don't miss Archers Of Loaf's first album in 24 years: "Reason In Decline". Out everywhere Oct 21 on Merge Records.

Also, Check out their fantastic new single: "Aimee".

Also, don't miss them on tour in 2024, more here.

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Also touched on:

Pick a number between one and ten

thinking the Dead Kennedys were corny based on the name

Asheville punk

Sonics on the radio

Two sides of a“fatherly” reaction to the Circle Jerks

Iron Beagle

Devo and Clash on the radio

The difference between metal and punk

No Wave


Major labels 

Sep 30, 2022
Parry Gripp from Nerf Herder
Episode 424:
Alright Squadies, time for Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show, Damian is joined by a songwriter beloved by his whole family: Nerf Herder’s Parry Gripp! Listen in as the two discuss: the journey from hearing the Ramones on Dr. Demento as a kid to collaborating with him Weird Al on a song. The all too short ride to the top, Weezer’s tenuous punk connections, hoagie anthems for Wawa, the power of “It’s Raining Tacos”,  writing the themes for Buffy the Vampire, Superhero Squad and more: don’t miss this one!

Also, don’t miss the 20th anniversary reissue of “American Cheese”, out now on Fat Wreck Chords!

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Also touched on:

Dr. Demento

The Ramones

Wax and Weezer

Avant Garde 

The Pinkerton effect 

Winding up on Fat Wreck

The cult of Wawa

The Superhero Squad theme

Sep 21, 2022
Tim Barry from AVAIL
Episode 423:
Better get your, better get your, better get your THOUGHTS STRAIGHT! Today on the show, one of the greatest to ever do it, Tim Barry is here! Listen in as Damian goes from punisher to peer and gets to chat with one of his favourite frontpeople about all things punk. From mystery french punk bands, to the end of regionalism, to the lessons Chumbawamba taught us: this is not to be missed!!!!

Also, don't miss Tim's fantastic new album: "Spring Hill". Out now! More info and tour dates here: https://www.timbarryrva.com

Also, don't miss Avail's reissue of the classic lp: "Satiate".
Out now! More info and tour dates here:

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast here: http://www.turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

Going to England and seeing a mystery french band

riding BMXs, listening to metal

From Four Walls Falling to Gut Instinct to Fugazi: a study in punk’s regionalism

The universalization of cultural experience 

Screen limits

Jello was right!!!

Over The James Fest 

An alternate universe AVAIL as Jam Band 

Not being able to see it while you are in it

Living a lot of lives 

The phase of life as seen through Ian MacKaye 

Loving Larry Livermore

Literal shit over the UPC code on “Dixie”

Major labels and Chumbawamba   

Meeting Thomas from Strike Anywhere 

Why competition in punk sucks

Sep 14, 2022
Monte Melnick Ramones Tour manager and author of On The Road With The Ramones
Episode 422: 
Seeing the Ramones thousands of times is a fantasy for more people but for Monte Melnick: it was his reality for 20 plus years. Join Damian as he sits down with Ramones' Tour manager and co-author of the essential "On Tour With The Ramones" book to dig deep on the Ramones and their archetypal role in punk. From the pre-band glam days, to the two sides of Johnny, to the adverse effects of the tempo and volume on Joey's health, to why you should never lend mics to Suicide: the is not to be missed!

Also, don't forget to grab the new expanded 2022 edition of "On The Road With The Ramones", in stores now!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

The layers of edifice around the Ramones

Butch and the Glam Era

the extremely different sides of Johnny

Never lend mics to Suicide

The effects of the speed and volume on Joey

The wear and tear of punk

The oder of the music

Getting booked with metal band



A real break up... for real

Hardcore and the Ramones


The archetype for a punk band

Green Day


Sep 09, 2022
Clem Burke from Blondie AKA Elvis Ramone
Episode 421:
The doctor is in the house! Today on the show, the doctor of rock, Clem Burke is here! Listen in as Damian sits down with the legendary drummer to discuss witnessing the birth of punk first hand and the journey that led him to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. From being caught in the middle of the Patti Smith/Blondie divide, to his brief time as Elvis Ramone, to producing power pop classics, to Iggy's love of a bad show: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also, don't miss the wildly amazing brand new Blondie "Against All Odds: 74-82" boxset, out now on Numero Group!

Also, don't miss Blondie and the Damned on tour this fall!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

Josh Kantor is the BEST

Split Squad: a powerpop Voltron

Covering Beefheart and Zappa at 10am School Assembly

Iggy and The Stooges were the OG punks

Working with Sky Saxon

Sweet Revenge and Club 82

The Superheroes in the New York Dolls 

The much maligned but awesome Checked Past

Being proven right about Heart Of Glass

The Colors

The Marbles had some songs!

Dr. Feelgood rule

Elvis Ramone and being in the Ramones… briefly

Johnny’s motives for making music

Studying the Ramones with Mike Watt

DJing with Marky 

Hangin’ with Allen Ginsberg on the Iggy Pop tour

The Target video


Sep 01, 2022
Margaret Cho
Episode 420:
Today on T.O.A.P., it’s the notorious C.H.O.! That’s right, comedy legend Margaret Cho comes to the show to talk about punk! Listen in as Margaret and Damian sit down and chat about the journey from Rock Against Reagan shows to discussing film with John Woo and Chow Yun Fat. Foiling a theft of GG Allin art, the witchy powers of the McDonald Bros, Answer Me! being the gift that keeps on giving and so much other goodness: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don’t miss Margaret on tour this fall! More information at margaretcho.com

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

Going to the Rock Against Reagan 

Barrington Hall

Self-harming as art

Maybe missing the GG show is a good thing?

Foiling a robbery at the Museum of Death

David Cross: King Of Punk

Steven and Jeff McDonald are powerful witches

Paula from Frightwig working at the family bookstore

Are Penn and Teller the Residents?!?

Shit in the pit: The Farm

Almost dying in the mosh for Pulp’s Common People 

Being in the White Trash Debutants 

Working with John Woo

Face Off

The secret union of Degrassi Jr. High fanatics 

English Kitchen Sink drama

Answer Me! and Tarantino 


Aug 25, 2022
Tony Bee from the Adolescents, The Abandoned and ADZ
Episode 419:
Never mind Reflex, forget Montana, worry not about Adolescent and who's Candena?! Because the great Tony Bee is here! That's right, the legendary singer of the Adolescents and the man of 1000 punk names is on the show today to talk about being a punk lifer. Listen in as Damian sits down with Tony to discuss his journey. From the origins of LA punk, to being on both sides of the LA punk/hardcore divide, to a shoot out at the Pig Children house, to using education to avoid drugs; THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don't miss the re-issues on the Adolescents' Manifest Destiny and Cropduster on Concrete Jungle Records. More info at www.adolescents.shop

Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

Eddie and the Subtitles invent sludge in ’81

violence at shows

Pig Children 

The Adolescents break up… for real… for the first time

The Abandoned 

Slam books: the original international social network

Jack Grisham and the mutual dislike of each other’s bands

Nearly being murdered for being a punk

Having to live by the cover of night

Cannabis vs. Booze


Aug 18, 2022
RIP Gord Lewis
Gord Lewis was a guitar hero, Canadian music icon and punk rock innovator. As a member of Teenage Head, he was one of the very first to pick up the banner of punk in Canada and changed the course of music in the country forever. Join Damian and Chris O'Toole as they celebrate one of their favourite bands and remember the humble greatness of Gord Lewis.
Aug 11, 2022
Chris Steele from Alexisonfire
One of the greatest to ever wield the four strings is on Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show, Alexisonfire’s bass monster Chris Steele is here to talk punk. Listen in as he and Damian sit down and have their first in depth conversation after nearly 20 years of knowing each other. From the influence of Iggy Pop, to the struggles that come from growing up in a touring band, to walking away from music only to return with a profoundly different sense of self: this is not to be missed! 

Also, don’t miss Alexisonfire’s fantastic new album: “Otherness”, in stores and streaming  now! And don’t miss Alexisonfire’s upcoming tour! More info at: theonlybandever.com

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast over at tunredoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

The brilliance of Iggy Pop’s brevity

The kid from the baseball team on the bus 

Misfits in a parking lot

Better career planning than Blockbuster

Playing with sober for the first time on the last tour

An industry trying to get you fucked up

Living in chunks of time

Walking away from music

The travelling around the world for 2 years

Falling in love with street food in Sri Lanka

The grind of touring and addiction

Returning to a band as a new person

The importance of friendship in a band

Aug 03, 2022
Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service and Pinwheel
Episode 417:
This is why we do this thing! Ben Gibbard is here and ready for a Turned Out A Punk party! Listen in as he and Damian discuss: punk heroes as religious icons, indie rock plus sincerity equaling emo and what was the Northwest's proto-punk? From going to Undertow shows, to high school with MxPx, to the Mono Men ruling and so much more: don't miss this one!

Also, don't miss the new Death Cab For Cutie video for "Here To Forever", off their upcoming "Asphalt Memories" LP! More info at Deathcabforcutie.com

Also, grab a shirt for the podcast here at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on: 

A tape with Bad Brains and the Descendants 

A Devo lovin’, military man, hippy dad

AC/DC: the greatest rock band ever

The Mono Men

Moving to Bremerton

Bad Religion 80-85 as The Velvet Underground And Nico

MxPx and the religious punk divide

Undertow RULE

Liking Fugazi but loving Minor Threat

Ian: never made a mistake

Looking for someone to give us rules

Vulnerability in anger

The Sonics as the area proto-punk

Post Nasal Drip

The Britpop/ American indie influenced Pinwheel


Jul 27, 2022
Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks, Bad Religion & Redd Kross
Episode 416:
Greg Heston is here! Today on the show Damian sits down with the legendary Circle Jerks guitarist to talk punk! Listen in as the two talk about the open & accepting early days of LA punk,  the not so accepting times of early hardcore & so much more! 

Also, don't forget to see the Circle Jerks on tour & grab the reissues of their classic LP’s on Trust Records! For more info, check out circlejerks.net

Also, head over to turnedoutapunk.com & grab a shirt for this show!

Also Touched On:

Leon Russel or Redbone and the Clash

KROQ and punk

Going to see Dickies and The Middle Class

A couple joined at the nose

“Is this guys going to give me shit”: Meeting Jeff in photo class 

Forming Redd Kross

The Masque

Greg Greg

The invasion from behind the Orange Curtain

The Back To The Known

Calling Cards and Overthrow Magazine


Jul 20, 2022
Jeff and Steven McDonald from Redd Kross
Episode 415:
Turned Out A Punk’s gots the hits! Today on the show Damian is joined by the coolest sibling in punk: The McDonald Brothers! Steven returns to the show, after his first godly appearance on the show 8 years ago, and this time brings his older brother Jeff along for the fun. Listen in as the three discuss Redd Kross’ journey from reluctant Black Flag teen proteges to becoming one of the World’s greatest rock and roll bands! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED

Also, don’t forget to grab the fantastic reissue of Redd Kross’ godly “Neurotica” LP, out now on Merge!

Also, check out the repost of Steven McDonald’s show defining first appearance on TOAP! (the episode before this one in the feed)!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast from turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on: 

Intimidated by Jeff

Ramones show up to save Rock’N’Roll

Beach Boys

Jan And Dean: true psych

The Dogs

The Bay City Rollers: proto-punk

Was John Doe in Zolar X

“What’s a Feeder?”

Crystal meth under a 7” label

Jeff doing the Black Flag/Bangles show 


Death Rock rising

The difference between Paisley Underground and Punk


Marketing to Rodney on the ROQ

John Waters

“Like Jesus getting out of a spaceship”: Seeing Joan Jett hanging out at the Whiskey

Cops vs. Punks

Perry Ferrel: Charles Mason meets Whatever Happened To Baby Jane


Jul 13, 2022
From The Vaults #2 - Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, Melvins, Tenacious D)
Welcome to "From The Vaults"; each episode features a classic Turned Out A Punk interview. Today on the show, it's the great Steven McDonald and one of the all-time greatest episodes of this podcast. 

Also, don't forget to check out the reissue of Steven and Redd Kross' classic: "Neurotica", out on Merge Records!

Also, catch Steven on tour with the Melvins the summer and fall! Check you local listings for dates.

Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com
Jul 10, 2022
Nathan Williams from Wavves, Spirit Club and Sweet Valley
Episode 415:
No one ducks Turned Out A Punk forever! Today on the show, after 7 years of chasing, Wavves' Nathan Williams sits down with Damian. Listen in as the two old friends discuss Nathan's journey. From unknowingly going to Kid Dynamite shows with Lil Ugly Mane, to lectures from Stereolab, to the Pitchfork Sweepstakes, to dealing with the Hipster Runoff era and tons more!! This is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss Wavves on the "King Of The Beach" 12th Anniversary tour! Get tickets at ghostramp.com!

Also, get a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com!

Also touched on:

Video games as music discovery devices

Why wasn’t Fucked Up on Wavves’ GTA V punk station?

The redemption of pop-punk



The Ugly Mane connection

Parents finding out about Guttermouth 

MxPx and a wholesome tourbus afterparty

The religious punk escape hatch

Metalcore and more

Spacebags and sewer shows 

being a trve phreak punk

The local gods: Run For Your Life, Dratz and Danny Tanner (band)

Poway being a different world

Blink 182 at the Casbah

Sticker packs

Playing a mandolin in Portland

The Pitchfork Sweepstakes 

King Khan and the Shrines

Stephen Pope RULES

And so much more goodness!!!!

Jul 06, 2022
From The Vaults #1 - Jeremy Gara & Richard Perry (Arcade Fire)
Welcome to: From The Vaults! Each episode features an early Turned Out A Punk interview. Starting off with the first two people invited on the show: the Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara and Richard Perry! Listen in to hear the story of how two Southern Ontario Hardcore kids wound up in one of music's most important groups.

Also, don't forget to check out Arcade Fire's "We", in store everywhere now!

Also, check out the new, Richard Perry produced, Sadies album "Colder Streams", in stores July 22!

Also touched on: 
The pre-Arcade Fire bands - The metal band that was the Rosetta Stone of Toronto indie rock - Going to shows at ‘Who's Emma’ - The Importance of Godspeed You Black Emperor - The "What Would Ian (MacKaye) Do?" guilt. - Food Not Bombs - The lost genius of Okara - Chris Colohan is the greatest dude ever - Shotmaker - Sharing the pit at an Assuck show on the front lawn of a frat house with hardcore legend Tony Erba in the 90's - Brokencyde
Jul 04, 2022
Bartees Strange
Episode 413:
Don't worry about going to Toronto more often because right here is where you need to be! Today on the show, the amazing BARTEES STRANGE sits down with Damian to talk about punk! Listen in as the two discuss the search for a place to belong & be yourself. From basement shows as religious rites, to the dangers of joining a random skatepark band, to the uniqueness of DC as a musical centre & so much more!!!! This is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss Bartees' fantastic new "Farm To Table" LP, OUT NOW on 4AD!

Also, catch Bartees on tour!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Only want to hear Anarchy In The UK

The DISNEY Sex Pistols show

Norma Jean

Tooth And Nail: Christian kids’ way out

Brad from Home Depot’s band

Hating sports but being good at them

the Punk/Football divide


New York band issues

Making a band for a goal versus as a passion

Different approaches

No guitar stores in DC

Jun 29, 2022
Jayson Green from Orchid, Violent Bullshit and Panthers
Episode 412:
This is why we do this thing! Today on the show Damian is joined by Orchid’s Jayson Green to talk about punk! Listening in as the two friends catch up & dig deep on the journey from CTHC to the dawn of “Meet Me In The Bathroom” New York. From Team Stagedive, to the rise of Hatebreed, to begrudgingly originating a subgenera, to Vice's New York takeover & so much more! This is not to be missed!

Also, check out jaysongreen.org for Jayson’s 24 Hour Video Podcast, music and more!!!

Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Reluctance to claim your innovations 

Glam metal from the cousin in the attic 


Geoff Garlock

Getting into Rev through Quicksand

Minor Threat: “This is too much” 

Being really into Shakespeare 

Jesus Christ Superska

The Pist 

Brutally Familiar stuck in the Ska scene

CT Hammer Dancing: fact or fiction?

Stealing “Vulgar Display”

Metal vs. Hardcore

Jamey Hatebreed booking all the shows

Two By Four

The muscle men in Tyrant Troopers shirts

New Haven: Yale and a mudertown

Switchstance ruled

Cornerstone (the band)

Pat Break

Making yourself like the CroMags

The Youth Of Today Euro Tour

Path Of Resistance 

Follow Through

Tenfold shift from Earth Crisis to Youth Crew

Jesse Standhard’s “Team Green” mixtape


All I Ask: Deadguy and Coalesce

Meeting Will Killingsworth 

Amendment Records

Clean Plate Records

Acme and Morser

Violent Bullshit

Mark McCoy’s influence

At The Gates and In Flames

Signing to Ebullition Records

“We should do every type of record and then break up”

Los Crudos

The REAL origins of the “Meet Me In The Bathroom” scene

The Strokes are The Stranglers 

Giving Steve Aoki his first DJ gig

Touring with TV On The Radio

Having one of the lowest scores ever on Pitchfork


Jun 24, 2022
Colleen Green
Episode 411:
Get ready for a real cool time! Today on the show, COLLEEN GREEN stops by to talk all things punk. Listen in as she & Damian discuss: poetic & not so poetic ways of hearing about punk, Sublime changing everything, being DIY until she dies & tons more! This is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss Colleen's latest fantastic record: "Cool"! Out now on Hardly Art Records!

Also, don't miss Colleen on tour in the UK right NOW! More info and dates HERE
Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Green Day as first exposure

Learning the lyrics to be cool

Waxing poetic 

Loving Sublime

Veruca Salt holding up better than Bush 

Rosie Rocks

Daddy’s Music Junkie

Knowing that you were going tp be a singer your whole life

If I knew then what I know now…

Having to do everything yourself


Explosion rules!

Jeff the Brotherhood rules!

Jun 21, 2022
Scott Vogel from Terror, Despair and Buried Alive Part 2
Episode 410:
Grab your boots, charge your hair and get ready for a good time; SCOTT VOGEL is making his return to Turned Out A Punk! Listen in as the Buffalo Hardcore God sits down with Damian again to discuss music & why he thinks punk is junk. From making Tony Victory pay the cover to see Snapcase, to a debate about whether or not Group Sex is a hardcore record, to Hatebreed changing everything, to stagediving to protest Fugazi: this is not to be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, don't miss Terror's album "Pain To Power", OUT NOW on Pure Noise Records, & don't miss Terror on tour in Europe NOW!

Also grab a shirt for the podcast here: turnedoutapunk.com
Jun 17, 2022
Jason "Wee Man" Acuña from Jackass
Episode 409:
While there's no question that someone getting hit in their genitals with a paddle is great entertainment, is it also art? Today on the show Jackass' Jason "Wee Man" Acuña sits down with Damian to discuss: punk, skateboarding and art. From watching stabbings from the top of a skateboard ramp, to skateboarding becoming a sport, to the stunt he wouldn't do, to manifesting Keith Morris: don't miss this one! 

Also, don't miss Jackass 4.5 on Netflix!

Also, pick up a t-shirt for the podcast here: turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

Jackass as performance art

The different types of punk

The South Bay

Circle Jerks

Stabbings at shows

The Big Brother Magazine Era

Skater culture around for more than just skaters

The advent of the skateboarding parks

Keith Morris

Wrestling Sami Zayne


Jun 14, 2022
Al Barile from SSD and Gage
Episode 408:
How much podcast can you take!?! Well, you better be ready for a whole lot more because AL BARILE from Society System Decontrol is on the show! Join Damian as he sits down with one of the architects of American Hardcore to discuss: where it came from and where it went. “Hating punk”, accidentally causing problems for Ian, who bootlegged "Kids Will Have Their Say", still believing in straight edge, cannabis reluctance & tons more. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, stay tuned for a HUGE SSD announcement later on this week!

Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

John Taylor from Ontario, Canada: getting a fake ID 

Seeing Mission Of Burma

Least likely to rock

Cliff Cunningham’s punk records 

Bon Scott’s vocal delivery

Hating La Peste and the Real Kids

Magazine in Lynn, Mass

A riot at the Rat

Guitar is work

Work is fun

Being in a band is a team

Still believing is straight edge

Never talking straight edge with Ian

Get them to 30

Missing the Youth Crew thing

No wanting to be the next Pastiche 


Getting rejected by Elektra… without ever submitting a demo

Gerard gets the SSD reissue going


Jun 07, 2022
Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers)
Episode 407:
Let's drop some acid, burn some bridges & let our freak flag fly because Butthole Surfers' PAUL LEARY is here! Listen in as Damian talks to the Texas guitar god about being in one of punk's wildest bands & beyond. From a former friend smashing Sid Vicious' face, to the Butthole Surfers' obsession with Michael Stipe, to the dangers of shotguns on stage, to Billy Gibbons lunching with Culturcide: this is not to be missed!  

Also, don't miss Paul's fantastically strange new solo record on Shimmy Disc: "Born Stupid", OUT NOW!

Also, find out more information about the up coming Butthole Surfers' documentary at buttholesurfersmovie.com

Also, pick up a shirt for the podcast here: turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

The first Sex Pistols show in Dallas

Losing a friend over him smashing Sid in the face with a beer

Marching Plague

Stalking REM

The original 9:30 Club


“We managed to piss some people off without even trying”

Stickmen With Rayguns: the real deal

Don't mess with Bobby Soxx

Loving the Vandals

Bands that don’t smoke pot: “Why are you even in music!?”

“We were hungry and they had soup kitchens”: Going to SF

Working with the Meat Puppets


Jun 03, 2022
Washclothdave Ovalpants: A Spongebob Squarepants Review Show - Episode 2
Following the debut on the end of TOAP Ep 403, the stand alone 2nd episode of "Washclothdave Ovalpants: A Spongebob Squarepants Review Show" is here! Join hosts: Dorian, Camden and Damian, as they dive into the undersea paradise known as Bikini Bottom and discuss the second episode of Spongebob.  
Jun 02, 2022
Tim Kasher from Cursive, The Good Life, Slowdown Virginia and Commander Venus
Episode 406:
Let's go outside & burn our shirts! Today on the show Cursive's TIM KASHER is here! Listen in as Damian & Tim discuss a lifelong journey in punk. From Grass Records getting Creed-y, to the Dogma '95-esq TRC 112, to the rise of midwest emo: this is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss Tim's fantastic new album: Middling Age, out now on 15 Passenger Records & Thirty Something Records in Europe!!!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Digital Sex and midwest weirdness

Grass Records

The internalized Ian 

Wind Up Records and being label mates with Creed

Slowdown Virginia 

Alan Meltzer: Indie rock label impresario turned professional poker player

Brian Wilson… of the Beach Boys



Small Brown Bike

Cranky Records

Are labels still important?

May 31, 2022
Kevin Hegge, the Director of TRAMPS! & She Said Boom
Episode 405:
KEVIN HEGGE is here! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend & the director of the incredible new documentary TRAMPS! to talk about: art, punk, style & growing up in Toronto. From the real history of New Romanticism, to the ups & downs of filming your heroes, to an evolved understanding of the Sex Pistols' cultural influence: this is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss the Inside Out's Centrepiece Gala screening of TRAMPS! on May 31! In-person at the Tiff Lightbox in Toronto or on-line! More info HERE!!!

Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at Turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:


Growing in NoFX country, Ontario

An evolving understanding of the Sex Pistols

A greater understanding of British Punk

The first Pet Shop Boys show

Meeting Bruce La Bruce 

Getting to work at Rotate This

Fashion vs. Style

Never document your heroes!!!


May 27, 2022
Brian McTernan from Ashes, Battery, Be Well and Miltown
Episode 404:
Does it make you feel big & strong to flex your muscles in between song? Well, for this Turned Out A Punk: don’t sing along because BRIAN MCTERNAN is here!!! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his vocal heroes to talk about punk. From the Ambassador of New Zealand’s skinhead son, to the DCHC/ Dischord Divide, to life on Lost & Found Records plus so much more: don’t miss this one!!!

Also, don’t miss Be Well’s band new “Hello Sun” EP, out now on Revelation Records & go check out Be Well on tour this summer!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Showing Suburbia at a birthday party

the DK’s “In God We Trust” sounds wrong at both speeds

The Ambassador of New Zealand’s skinhead son

Going to Uniform Choice, Soul Side, Immoral Discipline and the Flaming Lips for a first show

“If you get hurt, mom’s never going to let us back again!”

“Just sing”: joining Battery 

Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl’s basement

Quitting… the first time

Ashes: tragedy and triumph

Matt Squire: from Worlds Collide to One Direction

The late 90’s DIY recording boom

Recording Texas Is The Reason

The Dischord Divide 

Amanda MacKaye and Swiz as the bridge

The best show ever: Fugazi, Verbal Assault and Soul Side

Learning about your emotions from Rites Of Spring

Gut Instinct

Tim Owens bailing

Operation Ivy 

Lost And Found Records

the Youth Crew Revival and mixed feelings

May 25, 2022
Peaches AND A Special Bonus Podcast!
Episode 403:
Today on the show, PEACHES is here to teaches!!! That’s right, listen in as Damian sits down with the Canadian music icon to discuss: punk & the city of Toronto. From seeing Teenage Head at UCC, to the greatness of the New Music, to acting on stage with Steven Page: this is not to be missed!

Also, don't miss Peaches on the Teaches Of Peaches 20th anniversary tour! Check teachesofpeaches.com for more information. 

Also, stay tuned at the end of the episode for the debut of "The Washclothdave Ovalpants Podcast"

Also, pick up a Turned Out A Punk shirt over at turnedoutapunk.com 
May 21, 2022
John Doe from X, The Knitters and The Randoms
Who cares that your whole fucking life is a wreck? Today on the show, it’s the return of JOHN DOE! Listen in as Damian reunites with John to continue a decade long conversation about all things punk. From Baltimore being the reason, to the Doors as proto-punk, to Dallas Good being the greatest of all time: don’t miss this podcast!

Also, don’t miss John’s fantastic new Fables in a Foreign Land LP!! Out May 20th on Fat Possum

Also, pre-order the new Sadies record now!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Aging out of Coachella 

Baltimore is a tough town

The death of the labels being a good thing

The Doors

Working with Ray

Talking Turnstile

Working on Roadside Prophets 

The Indie Movie Era

Making movies

The Punks Do Good


Dallas Good was the greatest

The Sadies continues

Changing approaches to songwriting and production


May 17, 2022
Alice Bag from The Bags, Castration Squad and Cholita
Episode 401:
Don’t let your monotony set in! Today on the show Damian joined by the Bags’ ALICE BAG! Listen in as they discuss the dawn of LA punk & beyond. From dealing with Kim Folwey, to the Weirdos being the most underrated LA band, to the effects of violence on the punk scene, to people fighting cops with street signs: this is not to be missed!

Also, check alicebag.com for more information about all things Alice!

Also, pick up a this for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Punk magazine at the corner store

Nickey Beat

Glam but with strict parents 

Sharing french fries with Rodney Bingenheimer

Kim Fowley and Venus And Razorblades

The Weirdos are LA’s greatest band

The Zeros

The Screamers 

The ups and downs of the Decline

The “100 Punks”

Hardcore invasion 

“Punk Is Dead”

The effects of violence on the development of the scene

Fighting Cops with street signs

Castration Squad

leaving punk and coming back


May 13, 2022
It's Episode 400 and Fred Armisen is here!
It's episode 400, let's get weird! After having most of the plans for TOAP 400 fall through, Damian is faced with a moment of melancholy & contemplation. Luckily, Countdown To Chaos' Fred Armisen still shows up.... & he has to deal with Damian's shitty mood. Does this sound like a party or what!?!?

If you want a shirt, grab one at turnedoutapunk.com
May 10, 2022
Reassessing Pop-Punk with Tony Molina
That ain't no pop-punk, you punk. You wanna talk about the real junk?  Today on show Damian is joined by, power popping punk torch bearer, Tony Molina to reassess pop-punk! Join them as they wade into this much maligned and misunderstood genre and discuss why some of the best hooky, catchy punk gets overlooked.
May 03, 2022
Damian vs. Max Creeps
Long before The Fartz, 10 Minute Warning & the Fastbacks: Max Creeps were the kings of Seattle punk. Join Damian as he sits down with both members of this pioneering, albeit completely overlooked, band. From the album decades in the making, to past life meetings, to being stolen from by everyone: Don't Miss This Episode! 

Find out more information on Max Creeps, including merch & the brand new video for "The Internet Killed Me": HERE!!!!!!
Apr 29, 2022
Tom DeLonge from Angels & Airwaves, Blink 182 and Box Car Racer
Episode 399:
Get your thoughts off that Carousel because TOM DELONGE is here! Join Damian as he sits down with one of the most influential people in the last quarter century of rock music to talk all things punk. Listen in as they discuss the journey from being the most hated punk band in San Diego to forever altering the genre around the world. Riots at 7 Seconds shows, the dangers of touring with Unwritten Law, beefs, pranks, O & why Stiff Little Fingers are the worlds greatest band: DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

Also, don't miss Angels & Airwaves' "Lifeforms", in stores now!!!!

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Code Blue is kind of a sick song.

Fuck, these guys are fucking fucks

Dinosaur Jr.

“We were assholes.”

Identifying with Guttermouth, The Vandals and NoFX

The owner of Cargo’s bet with his son…

Skinheads and violence

Unwritten Law: someone is getting punched

Riot at the 7 Seconds tour

Don’t go to the basement with GG Allin

The LEGEND of the San Diego God “O”

The first demo

Cruz Records

Almost signing to Epitaph

Going to see the Dead Milkmen

NoFx, Offspring and Face To Face LIVE

The Action Sports’ era of punk

Millencolin and passports 

Modest Mouse and Seasick Steve

Stiff Little Fingers rule

Apr 22, 2022
Checking In With MVP!
It's the 20th day of the month of April! MVP stops by the show to celebrate the release of his new song and catch up with Damian. Listen in as they talk: his WWE comeback, working with Westside Gunn, Wale and Smoke DZA, his impending hardcore band, what it will take to get Jimmy Lloyd into the Hurt Business and more!

Check out MVP with Smoke DZA and 80 Empire on the brand new track "Legalize It"! Streaming on all platforms now!!!! 
Apr 20, 2022
John Dwyer from Osees, Thee Oh Sees, Coachwhips and Landed
Episode 398:
Don’t lie awake until you fall asleep because JOHN DWYER is here! On today’s show, Damian sits down with the Castle Face Records impresario to talk about all things punk! From rocking out to Dropdead in Providence, to rocking asses with the Coachwhips in Tokyo, to rocking faces in Toronto with The Hospitals: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don’t miss John & the Osees on their upcoming tour! More information found at: theeohsees.com

Also, grab a shirt from this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

The Misfits

Metal as a gateway

Angel Rot

United Mutation


Dropdead: still the best

“Complete discharge”

loving live 

getting stuck in a Slayer riot


Hiding beers on stage

Krang: Lightening Bolt, V For Vendetta and Jon

Spaceboy: post-B’last stoner rock

The man in the bush

Apr 15, 2022
Steven Page from The Transcanada Highwaymen and Barenaked Ladies
Episode 397:
The Toronto DIY god STEVEN PAGE, is here! Today on Turned Out A Punk Damian sits down with one of Canada's most iconic songwriters to talk punk! Listen in as they discuss: Throbbing Gristle, The Jam & punk's impotence to outsider kids. From buying the "Business As Usual" compilation, to going platinum with a DIY tape, to prowess being worthless, to lead singers having to "wear it differently": THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Don't miss Steven Page on tour or "Live From Home"! More info here: https://www.stevenpage.com

Also, grab a shirt form this podcast here: turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Aware of punk from the press

The “Business As Usual” Compilation 

Loving the Jam because they also seemed to have missed out on stuff

Social/Sonic Barrier 

Prowess is worthless

Suspicions about the Clash

Billy Bragg as inspiration 

Violent Femmes

Lyrics are important

The Townie, uptight, nature of early 80’s Toronto

Scarborough sucked

Hearing Johnny Cash and hearing him for the first time

Postcard Records

The “Big Gold Dream” documentary

“The Canadian version of…”

The Yellow Tape: The birth of a true alternative music industry

The Canadian Music Mafia and SXSW

“13 Engines can’t make it! Can you guys do it?”

The “Buck Naked” tape

The “Pink Tape”

Dressing like clowns and clowning the industry

Chris Murphy planting a seed of doubt

“The sellout threshold”

Signing to Sire to be a part of it

“Seymour Sign”

Inglenook: Toronto’s Rock and Roll High School

Outsider Angst and band dynamics

The viciousness of the NME

Lead singers have to wear it differently 

The Skydiggers

Corky And The Juice Pigs


Apr 03, 2022
Sulynn Hago from Propagandhi, Career and Ink & Sweat
Episode 396:
SULYNN HAGO IS On The Show This Week! Join Damian as he sits down with the Propagandhi guitar god to learn the art of shredding metal free! Listen in as they discuss: the power of Adele, punk giving you permission for foolishness, the wild world of Florida punk & tons of other goodness! DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!

Also, check out Propagandhi on tour this May: https://propagandhi.com/shows

Also, pick up a shirt from this podcast: www.turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

Being away anytime a band comes to town

The punk booms as on-ramps

The changing ways we listen to music

The power of the Adele flex

One Man Army

The No Idea Era

The uniqueness of Florida punk

Touring to Chicago just to go to Chicago

Lights Out (FLA)

The religion of punk

Shredding metal-free

Ink & Sweat

Classical guitars can change your life

Finding Propagandhi

Mar 29, 2022
Kembra Pfahler, Performance Art legend and from the band: The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black
Episode 395:
Awesome Siblings Week on Turned Out A Punk continues! Today on the show, arguably one of the most important & extreme artists to emerge from punk, the great KEMBRA PFAHLER! Listen in as Damian sits down with one of his artistic heroes to talk about her incredible journey from Southern California surfer kid to New York City art icon. The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black, No Wave, Joe Coleman, the influence of Adam & Jawbreaker, The Screamers, her mom’s reaction to “Sewing Circle”, the importance of surfing & tons more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!
PHOTO BY: Jean Toir

Check out Kembra on instagram: @Kembrapfahler_  !

Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast here: turnedoutapunk.com!

Also Touched On:

sharing process

no hierarchy of influence 

Jawbreaker is the world’s greatest band

Blake’s gift of a book

Rodney’s: the good, the bad, the ugly

The impact of growing up on the beach

The Mad

Fred Pfahler: one of the godfathers of California surfing

Surfing as the roots of youth culture


Yesterbating: revisiting old work

NY Loft Parties

The Pyramid Club


parental support 

No Wave

Lydia Lunch


Uncle Joe Coleman

The Steel Tips

Mar 23, 2022
Adam Pfahler (Jawbreaker, J Church, Whysall Lane)
Episode 394:
Let’s hear it for cool siblings!!! Today on the show, it’s the first of two episodes celebrating two of the coolest kinfolk in punk history: The Pfahler Sibs! First up, it’s Jawbreaker’s ADAM PFAHLER! Listen in as he & Damian discuss the journey from SoCal surfer kid to soundtracking performance art pieces in New York to JAWBREAKER! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don’t miss the gods Jawbreaker ON TOUR! More info at jawbreakerband.com

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast over at turnedoutapunk.com

Also touched on:

an older sister as a gateway

Visting Kembra in New York

The LES “Drug Buckets”

The first Jawbreaker show soundtracking a performance art piece

listening to the shit out of EVOL

Everyone listened to the Bad Brains

Blake bringing New Day Rising to school, “just in case”

Going to see DEVO

Caffay DeGrand

DOA, Black Flag, Minutemen, Descendents at The Olympic Auditorium 

Jawbreaker: the art punk years

not fitting in with anyone

“Do they have your IDs?”: advice from Rollins

Video store culture

J Church forever


Mar 19, 2022
Splits Vol.6 - Chris O'Toole/ George Pettit
Where's Kehoe!?! 3/4s of B4 reconvene to celebrate: friendship, punk, Keep It Up & the impeding new Alexisonfire record! Listen in as, Alexisonfire's George Pettit & Turned Out A Punk Footnote's co-hosts Chris O'Toole & Damian sit down to have a conversation that's "almost an interview."

Don't miss Alexisonfire's awesome new record "Otherness", out June 24 on Dine Alone!

Also, head to turnedoutapunk.com to grab a shirt from this podcast!
Mar 15, 2022
Roll The Dice With D and D - Episode #4
Here is the audio version of the latest episode of Damian & Danko's new Youtube show (watch it here)! New episodes twice monthly!

What happens when two lead singers get stuck at home with nothing to do but sort their (extensive) record collections? START A YOUTUBE SHOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE! Join Danko Jones & Damian Abraham as they inform each other about some of the more wild, weird and wacky albums lurking in the recesses of their vinyl shelves! 
Mar 11, 2022
Charlie "Chubby" Manning Walker from Chubby & The Gang, The Chisel, Boss, etc
How do you find your punk when it was your parent’s music? Today on the show, Damian sits down with Chubby & The Gang’s Charlie Manning Walker to answer this very question! Join them as they discuss: Charlie being born into punk & helping to give it a new chapter as part of the NWOBHC. From: the importance of Knuckledust, to being converted by a Cold World show, to Cashin’ Em In, to who was & who wasn’t there: DON’T MISS THIS EPISODE!

Also, check out the band’s new Chubby & the Gangs’ EP “Labour Of Love”!

Also, check out The Chisel’s latest lp: “Retaliation”  

Also, if you want a shirt of this podcast, head to Turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

The Jonah Falco Fan Club

First Wave Punk Parents

Stumbling into a Justice/ Cold World show

Do people like Oasis in North America?

The importance of Kunckledust and the 12 Bar

the Arrival of NWOBHC

“You weren’t there, mate.”

Touring Europe


Cash’em In: “who says British people have no culture”

Indebted to Tom Ellis

A punk legend Dad



Mar 08, 2022
David Bazan from Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Coolidge
Winners never quit! Today on the show, David Bazan & Damian continue a 20 year old backstage conversation about punk! Listen in as they discuss the journey that brought David to forming Pedro The Lion. From sneaking listens to Beatles’ records, to the life changing impact of Fugazi, to the seedy sides of the secular & non-secular music businesses: DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

Also, don’t miss Pedro The Lion’s fantastic new album: “Havasu.” Available on streaming services now & CD/LP/CS on Polyvinyl Records.

Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at turnedoutapunk.com.

Also Touched On:


“Are you Dave?” “Are you Damien”: meeting Jurado

Hearing Fugazi for the first time and it changing everything

Drive Like Jehu 

True prophetic music

Straight Edge and religion

“Why are you dulling the blade?”

Gods and Gurus: The complex personal relationship with Ian MacKaye

Mike Knott

One Blind Pig

The crossover to the secular scene

The rough first tour

The rise of Tooth And Nail Records

Modest Mouse and Seasick Steve

Mar 02, 2022
Roll The Dice With D and D - Episode #3
This episode of DnD is dedicated to our friend and record collector's record collector: Dallas Good. He was a peer and a hero, that will never be forgotten. RIP Dallas. Love Forever.

Please, head over to thesadies.net and grab some of the amazing music Dallas made... or a shirt or a "herb" grinder or something else.

Here is the audio version of the latest episode of Damian & Danko's new Youtube show (watch it here)! New episodes twice monthly.

What happens when two lead singers get stuck at home with nothing to do but sort their (extensive) record collections? START A YOUTUBE SHOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE! Join Danko Jones & Damian Abraham as they inform each other about some of the more wild, weird and wacky albums lurking in the recesses of their vinyl shelves! 
Feb 26, 2022
RIP Dallas Good
Dallas Good was a god amongst us. He was an inspiration but humble enough to be a peer. This is for him. Deepest condolences to the whole Sadies family. 

Please, head to thesadies.net and grab some music, a shirt or a "herb" grinder (Dallas would smile) and lend some support.  

Love forever to Dallas.
Feb 22, 2022
Zander Schloss from Circle Jerks, The Weirdos, Repo Man and Joe Strummer
Feelin’ Turned Out A Punk, I'm feelin' Turned Out A Punk. Today on the show we are joined by Repo Man's “Kevin the Nerd” & music virtuoso: ZANDER SCHLOOS! Join Damian as he sits down with the Circle Jerk & Weirdo to discuss his journey from playing in a funk band at the Watts Tower Jazz Festival to being one of (Mike) Watt's favourite guitarists! Mike Nesmith’s casting genius, “Piss Bottle Man” memories, jam sessions with Joe Strummer & so much more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don’t miss Zander’s fantastic new solo album “Song About Songs”, out March 4th on Blind Owl Records!

Also, don’t miss the Circle Jerks on their 40th anniversary tour, more info at circlejerks.net

Also, head over to turnedoutapunk.com and grab a shirt for this show!

Also Touched On:

Not really liking punk

Hating the punk rock cops

The first Clash record is “ok”

playing the Watt’s Tower Festival with the Juicy Bananas

“like a fucking human hurricane”

“You look like you could use a break”: getting told about the Circle Jerks audition

Running into Suicidal Tendencies’ bass player at 7-11

Meeting Alex Cox while hanging around UCLA

Getting a break on Repo Man from Mike Nesmith 

Replacing Chris Penn after he replaced you

Getting hazed by the Circle Jerks

“What are you doing playing bass in the Circle Jerks for?!”: Becoming Joe Strummers’ Guitarist 

The highest praise from Watt

The Piss Bottleman video shoot



Feb 16, 2022
Episode 390 - Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (Co-Director of Scream, Link 80, Radio Silence Collective, Delores)
Do you like scary movies… & punk? Today on the show, Co-Director of the new Scream & former Link 80 guitarist MATT BETTINELLI-OLPIN is here! Join Damian as he sits down with Matt to discuss the journey from Gilman Street to the silver screen & one of horror’s most beloved film franchises. From being kicked in the face at Green Day, to moshing at the first AFI Gilman show, to the high praise of being hated by Ebert: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don’t miss the new Scream in the theatres now!

Also, head to turnedoutapunk.com and pick up a shirt!

Also Touched On:

Getting burns from the monitors at the Dookie release show

The Gilman

Finding the video of getting a black eye

Tim Armstrong’s Rat Patrol

Deep digs into Bay Area punk history

Rancid in the kitchen at Punks With Presses

The first AFI Gilman show went off

Screw 32 is a super underrated band

Sammy and All Bets Off

Jawbreaker and signing to majors

Selling out and other internalized guilt

The Jello Biafra attack 

The Ska punk takeover

Wes Craven

Directing the first Alkaline Trio video

Horror Movies

Fan cultures

no love from Ebert


Feb 11, 2022
Roll The Dice With D and D - Episode #2
Here is the audio version of the latest episode of Damian & Danko's new Youtube show (watch it here)! New episodes twice monthly!

What happens when two lead singers get stuck at home with nothing to do but sort their (extensive) record collections? START A YOUTUBE SHOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE! Join Danko Jones & Damian Abraham as they inform each other about some of the more wild, weird and wacky albums lurking in the recesses of their vinyl shelves! 
Feb 08, 2022
Episode 389 - Damon Locks (Black Monuments Ensemble, Trenchmouth, Super ESP)
Today, we are going to kick your mind & make it move because DAMON LOCKS is on the show! Join Damian as he sits down with the Trenchmouth/ The Eternals' vocalist to discuss the journey to turn punk theory into punk practice. Listen in as they talk: the awesome mystique of Bubba Dupree, the differences between Dischord's DC & Touch&Go's Chicago, Skene Records, musical versions of Eraserhead & tons more!!! 


Also, don't miss the Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble's fantastic new record "Now"; available from International Anthem Recording Company!

Also, head over to TUNREDOUTAPUNK.COM and grab a shirt from this podcast!

Also Touched On:

The DCHC, Chicago Punk, Skene Records

Meeting Joe Lally and Pete Cortner

“The Jam! That’s a good name!”

Bodycount DC

Minor Threat and Government Issue

Joe’s Record Paradise 

the proposed merger of Potential Disturbance and Faithful Treason

Protem: on the weird side of things

Dain Bramage 

The Reconstruction Era: The transition from DCHC to Revolution Summer

Husker Du on Zen Arcade

Naked Raygun

Playing in Fred with Fred


The multiplicity of the DC punk scene

9353: “The musical version of Eraserhead”

No fitting in Chicago at first

Introducing Tim Kinsella to the downtown kids

Martin and Los Crudos

Chicago in the late 90s was the capital of all things punk

Minneapolis and drugs

The Twin/Tone office space

Feb 04, 2022
TOAP "Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliche" Special (Celeste Bell/ Paul Sng)
"I Am A Cliche" is a fantastic new documentary profiling, one of first wave punk's most iconic voices, Poly Styrene. Join Damian as he sits down with Poly's daughter CELESTE BELL & Co-Director Paul SNG to discuss Poly’s lasting influence on punk & what went into making such an emotionally charged film. 


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Feb 02, 2022
Episode 388 - Tuna Tardugno (Sweat, Dogteeth, Wrestler, DJ)
There is power in the Punk/Wrestling Connection!!! Today on the show it’s your favourite wrestling punk’s favourite wrestling punk: Tuna Tardugno! Listen in as Damian sits down with the Sweat (the band) and Dogteeth vocalist to discuss her journey in punk and wrestling. From how shitty venues can change your life to jumping off the Municipal Waste trampoline, to people shitting in inappropriate place at shows, to Hellfest as late 90s hardcore Coachella, to her match with Pricilla Kelly that made Jim Ross have a meltdown: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

Also, don't miss Sweat's FANTASTIC brand new "Gotta Give It Up" LP, out February 4 on Pirate's Press!!!

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Also touched on:

A part 2?

The Punk/ Wrestling Connection Live

Legit punk flyers at the Hot Topic

Toxic Narcotic

The Buffalo Renaissance 

The Goo Goo Dolls

The Control

Earth Crisis 

Hellfest: the Hardcore Coachella

Hanging Like A Hex

“Those shitty little venues and those four walls changed my life”

Municipal Waste’s mini-trampoline 

The intensity of wrestling fan culture… not always in a good way

The infamous “tampon” incident at Suburban Fight

Amy “Lita” Dumass


Jan 29, 2022
Roll The Dice With D and D - Episode #1
Here is the audio version of Damian & Danko's new Youtube show (watch it here: https://youtu.be/L4cQZR6_tEA)! Check back for new episodes weekly (hopefully):

What happens when two lead singers get stuck at home with nothing to do but sort their (extensive) record collections? START A YOUTUBE SHOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE! Join Danko Jones & Damian Abraham as they inform each other about some of the more wild, weird and wacky albums lurking in the recesses of their vinyl shelves! 
Jan 24, 2022
Episode 387 - Brace Belden (TrueAnon Podcast, @PissPigGranddad, Warkrime, Wild Thing)
BRACE BELDEN has been many things: a podcaster, a writer, a shit disturber, a florist, a union organizer, a volunteer People’s Protection Units’ soldier; but throughout it all he remained a punk rocker. Join Damian as he sits down with Brace to discuss growing up in punk & why being infamous is a game for the young. From being kidnapped by a work farm/cult, to fistfights at the Gilman, to the origins of “Mysterious Guy Hardcore”, to a heated debated about “Burning Spirits”: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

Also, don’t miss Brace on the TrueAnon podcast! Get it at the best podcast store you know!

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Also Touched On:

Getting into punk in Canada

Danzig pointing at you

A goth babysitter

Rancid: HUGE in the Bay

Max from Warkrime gets his skateboard smashed…

Wearing yellow, tartan bondage pants to the Gilman: big mistake

San Fransisco Drunk Punx

Kidnapped and sent off to a youth work camp cult

Working for Tankcrimes

The younger band scene

Meeting Jonah and Career Suicide 

Scotty Karate taking care of the scene

“We were rotten little guys.”

Dave Dictor writing to the principle about your MDC shirt

Psychedelic Horseshit 


Judd and Sex Vid

Even MRR knows…

The Last Punk

Doing LSD with Total Control

“Skinhead pants!”: Jimmy from Annihilation Time and a bucket of bleach 


Jan 20, 2022
Splits Vol.5 - Joe Principe/ Dr. Daryl Wilson
Welcome to another edition of Splits! This time Damian sits down with two Chicago Punk legends: Joe Principe (Ep. 342) & Daryl Wilson (Ep. 269). Listen in as these three celebrate the greatness of Chicago punk!

Also, check out Daryl & The Bollweevils’ first new music in 6 years, on streaming everywhere now (vinyl on Red Scare Records soon)!

Also, check out Joe & Rise Against’s “Nowhere Generation”, out everywhere now!!!
Jan 15, 2022
Episode 386 - Daniel Makabe (Wrestler, Hanging Hearts, GRIEFWALKER)
The Punk/ Wrestling Connection is real! Today on the show, punk rocker & “Small Room Wrestling” specialist, Daniel Makabe comes to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with Daniel to discuss having a DIY punk approach to the world of professional wrestling. From a Cuba tour with a band, to the rise of Vancouver’s No Fun & 2000’s hardcore scenes, to the various eras of d.b.s. to the powerful connection between punk & wrestling: this is not to be missed!

Also, find Daniel on twitter & instagram: @danielmakabe

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Also Touched On:

A DIY Hardcore career in wrestling

Much Music being more musically progressive than radio in Canada

The Killjoys

Montreal’s Tricky Woo

Deep talk on d.b.s.

Touring Cuba and leaving the backline

Cuban Punks love Agnostic Front

A & B Sound: the spot for CDs

A friend’s dad loving Savage Garden

The Hole/ Marilyn Manson/ Monster Magnet Tour

Seeing the Clean and the Bats

The Seattle/Vancouver Hardcore boom

Being a “Small Room Wrestler”

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

Jan 11, 2022
TOAP Footnotes: 2021 Look Back
With 95 episodes featuring some of the most legendary guests yet, 2021 was by far the biggest year to date for Turned Out A Punk. Join TOAP Footnotes co-host Chris O'Toole and Damian as they talk about the year that was on the show. From hidden gems, to post-scripts, to behind the scene stories,  to over-arching themes and narratives: this is your ultimate guide to the last wild year of TOAP!

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Jan 04, 2022
Splits Vol. 4 - Jonah Falco/ Mike Haliechuk
Welcome to another edition of Splits! This time Damian sits down with two of his bandmates in Fucked Up: Jonah Falco (Ep. 104) and Mike Haliechuk (Ep. 180). Listen in as these three try and talk about their new record "Year Of The Horse"... & failing.

Pick up your copy of 'Year Of The Horse", out now on Tankcrimes Records!


Dec 31, 2021
Episode 385 - Josh Zucker (F**ked Up, Youngblood, On The Banks Of The Tumid River)
The self-professed "Rarest member" of Fucked Up, JOSH ZUCKER is here! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend & bandmate to discuss Josh's journey in punk. From how punk is the ultimate societal escape hatch, to having to prove yourself in Toronto record stores, to Damian stealing Josh's job in the band: this is, as always, not to be missed! 

Also, don't miss a bunch of records Fucked Up has coming out. More info at fuckedup.cc

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Dec 27, 2021
The Clean with David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott
Episode 384:
Fact #1: The Clean are one of the best punk bands of all time 
Fact #2: All three members - David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour & Robert Scott, from the classic “Boodle, Boodle, Boodle” EP  are on the show today!
Fact #3: These are three of the greatest songwriters ever & the host of the show (Damian) is very excited
Fact #4: The topics discussed range from: What was New Zealand’s Proto-punk to why Chris Knox is a great guide for an acid trip 
Fact #5: This is not to be missed!!!!!!
Fact #6: Merge Records has just reissued The Clean’s ESSENTIAL “Boodle, Boodle, Boodle” EP! Get it in stores now!!!!
Fact #7: You can pick up a Turned Out A Punk shirt at turnedoutapunk.com

Other facts talked about on the show:

Seeing punk on TV

The Kiwi that filmed the Sex Pistols at Buckingham Palace

The La De Das

The Space Volts

Never mind Lydon, Here’s The Split Endz

People used to come to NZ in the 60’s

The Mumps Clean name connection 

Chris Knox as a guide/ proto-punk DJ on an acid trip

The Enemy: first in Dunedin 

Proud Scum

The Suburban Reptiles

The post-pub-rock scene

The Idle Idols

Punks were just hippies with short hair 

learning to play bagpipes “for the drone, man!”

“Never been a christian”

Seeing the Buzzcocks

The Toy Love mistake

the hard rocking Aussie scene

The Four Stars ep and Wellington

The Cure were the coolest band

The Bootboys and Bootgirls

Chris Knox

The class division in punk

Seeing Lou Reed live

Mom delivering records

The Jello Biafra VS The Clean: Beef

Patti Smith knocking down Hamish’s art

Jane County rules

& so much more!!!!


Dec 22, 2021
John Kastner from Asexuals, Doughboys and All Systems Go
Episode 383:
It’s like we're shining this week because The Doughboys & Asexuals’ JOHN KASTNER is here! Join Damian as he sits down with the Canadian music legend to discuss his incredible journey growing up in punk. From touring America at 15, to getting letters from Bob Mould’s mom at the CBC, to GG Allin showing up for a sleepover with a box of Laxatives: this is one for the ages! Do not miss it!

Also, don’t miss the reissue of the essential “Be What You Want” by the Asexuals, coming early 2022!

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Also Touched On:

Fair Warning 

No Policy


Two clubs in town so lets his the road

Playing CBGB’s matinees 

Making connections thru Maximum Rock N Roll

Self-released on “OG Records”

Deja Voodoo opens for the Gun Club and Cramps

the UK Punk influence

being at the Montreal “Another State Of Mind” Youth Brigade show

Psyche Industries 

Touring with DOA and Minutemen

D. Boon was the sweetest

Meeting SNFU over a million dollars cash

Toronto: BFGs and art

Adrenaline OD

Reagan Youth

Giving Harley Flanagan a healthcare card 

Direct Acton

Genetic Control 

Zyklon B

Jerry’s Kids

Meeting Vinny Stigma

Kid bands

the insanity of Florida hardcore 

Making friends with the Iron Coffins MC

Boom and The Legion of Doom

A Mac truck driven through the front of the club

Meeting John Peel

Making the NME drive to Stonehenge 

90’s Quebec Punk

Bouncers having to start pits in San Diego to stop the gang from coming with chains

GG Allin showing up for a sleepover with a brown paper bag with a box of Ex-Lax



Dec 15, 2021
Gina Schock from The Go-Go's, House Of Schock and Edith And The Eggs
Episode 382:
Today on the show we are joined by another legit Hall Of Famer: The Go-Go’s GINA SCHOCK is here! The drummer, author, photographer, hit pop songwriter & 2021 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee joins Damian to talk about her incredible journey through punk. From jamming with Edith Massey the Egg Lady, to taking The Go-Gos to bootcamp, to the Weirdos being LAs best band, to dealing with spitting skinheads in England: AGAIN, this is not to be missed!!!

Also, pick up Gina’s AMAZING new book: MADE IN HOLLYWOOD: ALL ACCESS WITH THE GO-GO’S, out now on Black Dog & Leventhal!!

Also, don’t miss Gina’s fellow Go-Go’s, Jane Wiedlin (episode 314) and Kathy Valentine (episode 322), appearances on the show!

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Also Touched On:

The Go-Go's: "We are a punk band"

The melody of punk

the great lost Go-Go’s punk record 

The Weirdos and timing  

Edith’s Shopping Bag

John Waters: The King Of Baltimore

Violence in LA punk

Vance and the Cold

Friends for life

Send the band the band to boot camp

Meeting Madness

The Screamers

The first tour with the Specials

dealing with Skinheads



Dec 11, 2021
Jayne County
Episode 381:
They don't get too much more important to the history of punk than this guest! Today on the show Damian is joined by the LEGEND & one of the true innovators of punk: JAYNE COUNTY! Listen in as the two discuss why Jayne was a legend long before punk hit. From "wrecking" straight people with the Screaming Queens, to Patti Smith's method acting, to Bowie's jealousy, to being the first to play CBGB's & so much more!!! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don't miss Jaynes' essential "Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - The Safari Years" 4CD boxset, out now on Cherry Red Records!

Also, check out Jayne County & Am Taylors' "I Don't Fit In Anywhere" out now on streaming services everywhere!

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Also Touched On: 

Bow down to the Original Punk Rocker

Being the first to play CBGBs

Getting diarrhea from Healey’s chilli 

Getting shot at on stage on Long Island

“Don’t listen to her! Don’t listen to her! She’s the Devil”

The Screaming Queens and “wrecking straight people”

The REAL Queen Elizabeth

Meeting John Lennon

Getting possessed on stage

The New York Street Scene

Iron Butterfly

Never liking the Grateful Dead

Jackie Curtis’ genius

Theatre of The Ridiculous 

Traveling to London with Andy Warhol’s “Pork”

Doing theatre with Patti Smith

Suicide: Room Emptiers

“I’m not a punk, I’m a rock and roller” - Dee Dee

Getting paid by Malcom Mclaren TWICE

Debuting two weeks after the New York Dolls

New Wave killed punk off

No Wave is too arty


Dec 08, 2021
Episode 380 - Mike Torres (Section H8, Furious Styles, Spitting Teeth)
Welcome to the dream! Today on the show Damian is joined by Section H8's MIKE "MEXI" TORRES to talk punk! Listen in as they discuss Mexi's incredible journey from being a houseless punk kid, to making records with his childhood heroes. Smuggling a Rancid tape into "Bad kid school", being stranded in Seattle, living with Cold Sweat, Havoc records as hardcore's Sub Pop & so much more: DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!

Also, don't miss Section H8's fantastic, "Welcome To The Nightmare" out now on Flatspot Records!!

Also, head over to turnedoutapunk.com and pick up a shirt for the podcast!

Also Touched On: 

Singles Going Steady, Hits and Misses and Pete Genest 

Rancid’s “Salvation” video

Dad surprising you with GnR/ Metallica tickets

Seeing John Denver live

Body Count’s Cop Killer: It reeeeeally bothered people

Rancid's work ethic

No music allowed in the “bad kid school”

Smuggling in “Let’s Go” tape

Tim Armstrong

Duff loves Discharge

becoming “a piece shit bar guy” for a while

Getting trapped in Seattle

Spitting Teeth: “We were bad at being in a band”

War Scar

Havoc Records

Chicago Fest

Aus Rotten were a very important thing

Writing songs while guarding weeds shops


Dec 05, 2021
Tim Heidecker from Tim & Eric, On Cinema At The Cinema and Office Hours
Episode 379:
Never Mind Tom Goes To The Mayor, Here’s Tim Comes To Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show: On Cinema, Office Hours & Tim and Eric’s TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk hating punk, but it still being his scene. Listen in as Tim & Damian discuss: Minor Threat loving drug dealers, losing band members to Digger, Weston as Allentown’s Pavement, being sketched out by Ink & Dagger, troll culture, and so much more! 


Also, don’t miss Tim and Gregg Turkington’s hilarious “On Cinema At The Cinema” available at www.heinetwork.com 

Also, don’t miss Tim’s equally hilarious "Office Hours" available at www.youtube.com/timheidecker

Also, grab one of the Turned Out A Punk Shirts at: www.turnedoutapunk.com

Also Touched On:

The Ramones on rock radio

Billy Idol & Generation X

Loving the scene but hating the music

A hardcore loving drug dealer

Minor Threat in the car on the way to get beer

Liking early Green Day

Weston: Kings Of Scene

Dave Weston is PA’s Stephen Malkmus 

Having your band stolen to become Digger

The era when consumer level gear is able to produce at a pro-level

Eric: the one stop cultural shop

Opening (with videos) for the Shins  

Getting discovered by Bob Odenkirk 

“Keep them out of the writers room!”

The 709 South 6th Street Punk House

The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece 

Puss WhIp Bang Gang

The Doors on Beat Club

Cotton Candy: the tape hook up

Rockbitch: wildest band in music

“Wait til you see this!”: discovering Chris Morris' comedy

Faces Of Death

Tom Green

Derrick Beckles and TV Carnage

Smashing the Moog in 12 Tone System

Sola: the best Philly band

Built To Spill: a mutual love affair

Comedy wasn’t cool

Mr Show as a Matador Band

Making “Art”

The Influence of Dr. Demento on culture

Howeird Stern’s Weird Al cash in record

Neil Hamburger and breaking Kayfabe

Cultural curation 



Nov 30, 2021
Ray Ahn from Hard-Ons, Nunchukka Superfly and The Victims
Episode 378:
What happens when heroes become friends? Find out today as Damian sits down with one of his, The Hard-Ons’ RAY AHN & quickly realises that they are birds of a feather. Listen in as the two discuss their shared passions of punk & record collecting. From AC/DC playing earth shatteringly loud at the local park, to power erasing signed records, to confronting hate with humour, to why Jerry A should have thrown Mick Harvey off that boat & so much more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also, don’t miss The Hard-Ons’ latest awesome LP, “I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken” on Cheersquad Records! 

Also, check out the latest LP by Ray’s other fantastic band: Nunchukka Superfly’s, “The Aussie Exorcism (Nah Mate, You Can't Punch A Ghost)” on Tym Records!

Also, head over to turnedoutapunk.com & grab a shirt for this podcast!

Also Touched On:

The various species and sub-species of record collectors

Australian love for hard rock

Getting the SexPistols single from a friend who didn’t like it

“No one bought Tartus 

Beautifully instructional The Ramones and the Saints seal the deal

AC/DC playing in the park

The influence of the volume on kids in the 70s

Accidentally erasing Kym Bradshaw’s signature

(I’m) Stranded: the real Australian National Anthem

Record Collections not as places of enjoyment

Having to deal with Racists 

Confronting Nazis with humour  

The Celibate Rifles

The Slugfuckers

They not-so-good ol’ days

The Asshole Roster System

being in The Victims

Seeing Gauze in ’89

Touring Japan with Snuff and Sean ‘Fat Bob’ Forbes



Nov 26, 2021
Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, Uncle Tupelo and Golden Smog
Episode 377:
Your eyes are not deceiving you: JEFF TWEEDY is here! The songwriter, author, record producer & Wilco frontman stops by the show to talk punk! Join Damian as he sits down with Jeff to discuss: the legend of Max Load, when punk misses the mark completely, arguing with Gerard Cosloy outside of CBGBs about ad copy, audiences waiting for Jimmy Buffet covers & so much more!! 


Don't miss the reissue of Jeff's "Chelsea Hotel" soundtrack & the deluxe edition of "Love Is The King" coming soon! ALSO, don't forget to subscribe to Jeff's newsletter here: https://jefftweedy.substack.com/subscribe

We’re getting down to the last few TURNED OUT A PUNK T-Shirts. Get over to www.turnedoutapunk.com & get one before they’re gone!

Also Touched On:

Punk on tv in ’77

Local legends Max Load

The bad scary punk dudes

Punk’s most infamous poor taste “joke” band

The Johnny Appleseeds of Punk

A million dollar comic collection

The sketchiness of First Wave Mid-West Punk


Drunks With Guns

“Where do they get these punk clothes?!”

The beauty of the Spanish Swing Scene

Fool Face were a New Wave band

The Stray Cats before the codification

Culture Shock on acid

The Dazzling Kill Men

Producing with Albini

Hooking up with Rockville Records

The internal Dutch East Indie beef

Gerard Cosloy is the real deal

Early tours and having to play with Jimmy Buffet cover bands

Meeting Mamma Stinson 



Nov 23, 2021
Toby Morse from H2O, Hazen Street and One Life One Chance Podcast
Episode 376:
Today we welcome one of the most positive forces in the hardcore universe to the show: TOBY MORSE! The author, podcaster & H20 front person is here to celebrate his lifelong love of punk. Join Damian as he reconnects with his one time tour buddy to discuss: the whiplash between Revolution Summer DC & NYHC, Kevin Seconds as a father figure, Verbal Assault being underrated, Chris Gethard's story from TOAP episode 51 & so much more! 


Also, don't miss Toby's brand new kids' book "One Life One Chance" OUT NOW on HE Creative or visit H2OMERCH.COM

AND if you want one of the new Turned Out A Punk shirts, visit TURNEDOUTAPUNK.COM

Also Touched On:

20 years of friendship

Going to see Impact Unit

“Never Mind The Bollocks” of 8-track

Verbal Assault RULE

Positive Outlook

The Belly punk connection

The Marginal Man cover



East Coast surfing

Not liking the “Anarchy and Fuck your parents” vibe

7 Seconds

Meeting Milo and seeing the Descendents 

The Chris Gethard story

Moving to DC just in time for Revolution Summer

Going hippies

Moving to New York to hang with Token Entry


Hanging with Sick Of It All

Living beside 

Living in Alan Cage’s closet 

“The Hick from Maryland”

Walter plays the Sugarcubes and Smiths

Rusty and Images


Violence in NY

The Warped Tour

Generation Records

The amazingness of Kevin Seconds

Recording beside Axel Rose

Not loving “Go”


Nov 16, 2021
Elgin James from Righteous Jams, 454 Big Block, Wrecking Crew and the Co-Creator & Showrunner of FX's Mayans MC
Episode 375:
What is the purpose of this podcast if not to help Damian rekindle old friendships? Today on the show, Mayans M.C. co-creator / Showrunner & Righteous Jammer, ELGIN JAMES sits down for one of the most fascinating episodes yet! Listen in as two friends reconnect & discuss Elgin’s harrowing journey from homeless punk, to writing a hit tv show & EVERYTHING in between! 


Also, lookout for Mayans M.C. Season 4 coming in 2022 & catch up on past seasons on FX now!

Also Touched On:

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

The Billy Squier/ Dead Kennedys connection

The Sex Pistols rule

Catching MRR radio by chance

Molly Shannon: New Waver

The Clash vs. The Pistols

Rainbow and The Scorpions

Adventure Jukebox on WXEI

No Milk On Tuesday

Husker Du

Going to the Anthrax and seeing Mental Abuse

Chronic Disorder

Starting a zine

Following Rollins around on the Lifetime Tour

Rage Of Discipline: the band

“Stay out of prison”: advice from Hank

Believing it and living it

A little boy never learning to be a man

Blackout Bar

Meeting Kira from Black Flag…. kinda

The changing of the guard in Connecticut 

Forced Reality

Roger and Agnostic Front: the realest

Getting banned from the Anthrax every other weekend

Skeletal Ambitions

Helping out Jill Heath and DRI

Being a punk rock filmmaker

Julian Temple on Crass

Playing with GG Allin

The skinheads going to see Suckdog

Nancy and Al Barile

Hating Youth Of Today

The lost Boston scene of the late 80’s



Sam Black Church

Inheriting the Boston VS New York beef

Metal as fantasy

The power of the phrase: “I love you”.

The delicate Art School/ Street Rock ’N’ Roll balance 

Fighting onstage during Black Flag

Joey C and Righteous Jams

Gibby and the invention of social media

Everything comes down to sadness


Nov 12, 2021
Jesse Michaels is back!
Episode 374:
JESSE MICHAELS is back! That’s right: the legendary singer of Operation Ivy, Big Rig & Classics Of Love returns to the show to talk about punk, hardcore & mental health. Listen in as Jesse & Damian discuss: a lifelong battle with depression, approach to lyrics, Operation Ivy's impact, unease with punk's success, the reason Common Rider was the band it was & loving hardcore punk most of all. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, don't miss Classics Of Love's RAGING 2020 ep: "World Of Burning Hate"! Available here: https://classicsoflove.bandcamp.com/

Also Touched On:


Mental health and being a lead singer

the voice

The Neurosis method of writing lyrics

The Feederz

“The Nerdy, Happy thing” was deliberate 

HC 86: The negative and the boring

Is it cooler to be in AF or Op Ivy?

The first tour

The Zero Boys

Tim Yo

The dived Bay Area scene

Lovin’ the mid ’00 HC comeback 

Born Against

Warped Tour: not my summer camp

Not loving festivals


Nov 09, 2021
“Architects Of Self-Destruction” Special with John Gentile and Brad Logan
In celebration of the release of “Architects Of Self-Destruction: The Oral History Of Leftöver Crack”, Damian welcome’s his friend, former LÖC guitarist & co-author: BRAD LOGAN (Episode #119) back to the show!  Brad brought along his co-author, editor of punknews.org & Damian’s new buddy, JOHN GENTILE for the gab! Join them as they go  behind the scenes & talk about the aftermath of making the year’s most compelling & honest music book. OUT NOW on Rare Bird Books now!

Nov 05, 2021
Jenna Pup from The HIRS Collective, Jenna & The Pups and Get Better Records
Episode 373:
The triple threat, JENNA PUP is here! Join Damian as he sits down with half of Get Better Records, The Hirs Collectives & all of Jenna & The Pups to talk punk!
Listen in as they discuss: house shows as true punk, color vinyl as proto-NFTs, the wear & tear of hardcore, the overwhelming tide of anyone can do it & tons more! DON’T MISS IT!

Also, don’t miss the fanatic new The HIRS Collective double LP “Third 100 Songs” OUT NOW on Get Better Records!

Also Touched On:

A house show as true punk

Holding on desperately to the word

From Christian to Manson

The Family Values tour

Christmas Card records

Merzbow’s record in a car in a museum

The complete Melt Banana discography

THREEONEG keeps it in print 

NFT as record collecting

The Faustian deal of being the singer in a hardcore band

The punk generation gap

The overwhelming nature of the reality when everyone can do it


Touring with Some Girls

gigging with DJ Assault

Wanting to retire to pop music

The staggering reality of “anyone can do it”



Nov 01, 2021
Tommy Stinson from The Replacements, Bash & Pop and Guns N'Roses
Episode 372:
Tommy Spread is here!!! That's right: the legend TOMMY STINSON stops by TOAP to talk punk! Join Damian as he sits down the with The Replacement's bass wunderkind & Bash &Pop frontman to talk: first wave Twin Cities punk, getting thrown into hardcore, the real reason they got banned from SNL & the mystery of the Tulsa Jacks! 


Also, don't miss the deluxe edition of The Replacements' classic "Sorry, Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash" out now on Rhino Records!!!

(The Jacks lp containing the infamous Tulsa Jacks recordings is out now on Reminder Records!)

Also Touched On:

Getting lumped into Hardcore

the welcoming 1st wave

No recollection of the Tulsa Jacks sessions

“The Impersonating A Musician” sessions

What was the original name of the Replacements?

FM covers

Going to see YES

Opening for Plasmatics 

Paul evolving into punk

Dave Pirner: not a jock but a Clash lovin’ Hockey player

Working with Tommy Ramone


Bash & Pop

The Clerks Soundtrack



Oct 27, 2021
Barry Johnson (Joyce Manor)
Episode 371:
Second time's the charm! Today, thanks to technology failing, Joyce Manor's BARRY JOHNSON sits down with Damian to talk punk for a second time! While the first time might be forever lost to the information superhighway heavens, the redo is here & just as solid as the first! Listen in as Barry & Damian talk: wandering the Warped Tour alone at 11, faux-goth-Star-Wars-loving-pro-Dance-Dance-Revolutionary-Ska-kids, the Torrence Pop-punk connection & so much more! Not to be missed! 

Also, pick up the 10th Anniversary edition of Joyce Manor's "Joyce Manor" on Asian Man Records now!!!

Also Touched On:

Disbelief about the price of the Punk-O-Rama Vol.2



Poison Idea

Deep AFI talk

Korn in Bakersfield

Smashmouth: “Pennywise with a British singer”

Guy Fieri: Swaggerjacker

Not a Goth, just a “Return of The Jedi” lovin’ Ska fan

Professional Dance, Dance Revolutionary

The metal band Moral

Ska shows ruled

Getting carried around the Rancid pit with you pants around ankles

Asian Man Records: “Not as much Ska as you think”

The Last Connection

Going to Japan



Oct 25, 2021
Martin Sorrondeguy from Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Needles, Canal Irreal and more
MARTIN CRUDO SORRONDEGUY IS HERE!!! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroes to talk about his journey to & through punk. From B-boying beside Kurtis Blow on TV, to "being ready" for punk, to the amazingness of the 90's Chicago DIY Hardcore scene, to the lasting impact of Will Munro: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Find Martin & his incredible photos on Instagram at @MartinCrudo 
Check out Los Crudos at loscrudoschicago.bandcamp.com for their ESSENTIAL discography dbl lp. 
And find, Martin's latest awesome band, Canal Irreal's awesome LP on the great Beach Impediment Records in stores NOW!

Also Touched On:

Finding punk as KISS fan

Watching Don Kirshner’s Rockpile

Seeing Fear on SNL when it happened 

The Cramps in “Urgh! It’s A Music War”

Going to see Joan Jett and seeing the punks getting beat

Being a B-Boy

Chicago being a tough town

Growing up on the South Side

Dancing on TV with Kurtis Blow

A City of Codes

“I’m going punk!”

“Fast And Loud” on WNUR

The importance of House Music

Violence at shows

Return to the basement

“What The Fuck?” Fanzine

Violent Tumour

Record collecting talk 

Los Crudos: “I wanted something fast and loud”

“It’s so pretty”: 90s Emo

the East/ West Coast Power Violence 


Will Monroe and when Toronto was still cool

Scum Punk and Hell House

Algebra Suicide

Meeting Bruce La Bruce

International Hardcore


Wax Trax vs. Vintage Vinyl

Best people on the mic in hardcore

The emotional drain of Los Crudos shows



Oct 19, 2021
Episode 369 - Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes, Plasticland)
Turned Out A Punk brings ALL their equipment on the bus! Today on the show, the Violent Femmes’ BRIAN RITCHIE stops in to talk punk! Listen in as Damian sits down, with the founding member of one of his favourite bands to talk about going from being one of the most hated bands in Milwaukee, to touring the world. From the heavy influence of the Modern Lovers, to jamming with the Velvet Underground, to being harassed on the street by Sacred Order: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also, don’t miss the brand new 30th anniversary reissue of the Violent Femmes’ “Why Do Birds Sing?” (and the reissue of “Add It Up” on vinyl!) on Craft Recordings, in stores now!

Also Touched On:

Love for the Violent Femmes

Being into proto-punk

The Blue Magoos

Lunch with The Modern Lovers

Lou Reed


barricading the editor of Rock Scene in a studio


X-Press Zine: Pre Drivin’ N Cryin’

Going to Yes and loving prog

Finding the Velvet Underground

Recording with The Velvet Underground

Busking out of necessity 

“Slash is only label that wanted us.”

Jonathan Richman: “You kinda sound like I sounded when I was your age!”


being broke but still being a “sell-out”


Oct 15, 2021
Episode 368 - Dani Miller (Surfbort)
Explosive on-stage burrito pukes & crushing backstage anxiety: this is the sound of lead singer friendships being born! Join Damian as he sits down with, front person’s front person, Surfbort’s DANI MILLER! Listen in as they discuss: being literally birthed into punk, screaming... again, onstage versus offstage personalities & so much more!!!

As always, THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Surfbort's awesome new record, "Keep On Truckin'" OUT NOW on Inner Freak Records!

Also Touched On:

Mom’s love of X

The Blasters

Going to shows at Che Cafe

The Austin 90’s Garage Punk

Shows RULE!

What does Debbie Harry do to handle onstage nerves?

Vocal lessons during the apocalypse 

Linda Perry

The Angels giggin’ at recess

the catharsis of screaming


Oct 13, 2021
Splits Vol.3 - Chris Murphy/ Danko Jones
Welcome to Splits Vol.3! Today Damian invites two of his favourite people in music for the laugh out loud, burn it all down, hang to end all hangs!  In addition to being one of the inspirations for the inception of this podcast, DANKO JONES is a world renowned rock music icon. As one quarter of one of Canada’s most respected bands, Sloan’s CHRIS MURPHY has been shaping popular music in this country for 30 years. Listen in as Damian & these two punk rooted frenemies chat it up for one of the most hilarious episodes of this podcast yet! 

If you listen to one podcast this year: MAKE IT THIS ONE!

& if you buy one new record this year, make it: Danko Jones’ “Power Trio”! Out now on Sonic Unyon!!

& if you attend one virtual concert this year, make it: “Chris Gets High Park” on October 24th! 
Tickets available at Sidedooraccess.com!!
Oct 08, 2021
Episode 367 - Mike Herrera (MxPx, Goldfinger, The Cooties)
Rejoice, MIKE HERRERA from MxPx is here! Anyone that has listened to this show long enough knows that they don't get too much more influential than MxPx. Join Damian as he sits down with Mike to talk: the lights on moment of hearing Op Ivy, the 90s Seattle Music that wasn't grunge, evolving perspectives on religion, the secret history of christian punk & so much more! 


Also, don't miss Mike's fantastic podcast "The Mike Herrera Show" wherever you get your podcasts!

& check out MxPx.com to hear the brand new song "Say Yes"!

 Also Touched On:

A two theatre New Wave Attack

Violent Femmes

A friend that’s into punk with a guitar

Bad Juju: Bad Religion meets Minutemen 

losing your drummer to another band 

Pre/ post hearing Operation Ivy life

Fight For Change

The Gits

The Ernie Ball Stingray in tribute to All. but really Big Drill Car… or My Name is

“Who’s the?” “It’s MxPx.”

The Stray Cats

The heavy influence of Rollins Band

Micheal Knot: The bad boy of Christian punk

Punk and religion



Oct 05, 2021
Episode 366 - Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkeywrench)
Get ready to smile! Today on the show it's Big Boys' et all's TIM KERR!!! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend & an Austin Music Hall Of Famer to discuss punk & Tim's reluctance to fully embrace the term. From laughing at a Jonathan Richman record, to the Austin Hardcore/ Punk/ New Wave divide, to Poison 13 being the city's most hated band: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!

Also, don't miss Tim's AWESOME new book "Self Taught" on Don Giovanni Records. 

Also Touched On:

To Vivian Westwood, marriage isn’t punk!

Skating and Soul music

Chuck Biscuit’s ever shortening hair

the hilarity of Rockin’ Leprechaun 

Going to Raul’s for the Battle of the Bands

Boy Problem and the first wave

flipping a coin with Chris for bass or guitar

The Butthole Surfers’ like of community mindfulness 

Bobby Soxx 

GG Allin: true performance art but not into it

Darby Allin

Fy Fan

Billy Gibbons, Roky Erickson and the Explosions

Lil’ San Francisco 

We didn’t make the division: New Wave VS. Hardcore

Going to LA and seeing the future

Austin Stains meet the LA Stains and change their name to MDC

Fear the week before SNL

John Belushi skanking on stage with Steve Martin

The massive importance of DOA and Black Flag

The art world hates sharing

“Minor Threat is the world's greatest band”

“Texas bands stick out like sore thumbs once they leave the state”

BMX vs Skateboarding

“You’ve completely ruined Austin!”: the hippies hate the punks

Cab meets Ian

The Huns: kiss a cop and put Austin on the map

Poison 13: Hated And Proud


Sep 30, 2021
Splits Vol. 2 - Joey Keithley/ John Ross Bowie: Hardcore '81
Welcome to another edition of Splits! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of DOA's HARDCORE '81, JOEY KEITHLEY (ep. 254 & 317) & John Ross Bowie (ep. 207) sit down with  Damian to talk practical, pragmatic punk politics & more!

DON’T MISS John's FANTASTIC "Household Faces" podcast wherever you get your podcasts! 

The 40th Anniversary edition of DOA's foundational "HARDCORE '81" album is UP FOR PRE-ORDER NOW from Sudden Death Records!

Sep 24, 2021
Episode 365 - Amyl And The Sniffers (Amy Taylor, Declan Mehrtens & Gus Romer)
For those about to rock: we podcast for you! Today on the show, Damian sits down with three members of AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS! Listen in as Amy Taylor, Declan Mehrtens & Gus Romer as they talk about their journey’s  through punk that brought them together. From the influence of Pissed Jeans, to “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, to Sharpies, to carrying on the legacy of Melbourne Rock & Roll: DON’T MISS IT!

& don’t miss Amyl and the Sniffers’ awesome new album “Comfort To Me” out now on Rough Trade

Also Touched On:  

Tony Hawk Pro-Skater


Cosmic Psychos

Tall Poppy Syndrome 

Star Wars is actually a pretty good movie

Drunk Moms

Dumb Punks

The influence of Peter Biddy

Straightjacket Nation

The Separation of Hardcore and Garage 

Discovering Sharpie Culture

Why does Australia love Rock & Roll

AC/DC = “Honest representation of the Australian working class”

The influence of Ceremony and Pissed Jeans

Speedfunk sounds stressful

“A house that plays house parties”



Sep 22, 2021
TOAP 80's Toronto Metal Special - "Eve Of Darkness"(Derek Emerson, Chris Turner)
Turned Out A Punk goes metal as we celebrate the release of the AWESOME NEW BOOK, "EVE OF DARKNESS"! Join Damian as he sits down with returning guest, DEREK EMERSON (see the "TOAP 80's Toronto Hardcore Special" episode) & CHRIS TURNER to discuss the fascinating worlds that made up Toronto Metal in the 80s. The love that went into  putting together such an spectacularly authoritative tome, THIS THING IS SO CRAZY, SO GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!!!!

"EVE OF DARKNESS", out September 25 on UXB Press! Preorder it here: https://uxbpresscanada.bigcartel.com/
Sep 19, 2021
Episode 364 - Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Slushpuppies, Wwax, Portastatic, Merge Records)
Have you got a minute? Can you fit TOAP into it? Because, Superchunk & Merge Records' MAC MCCAUGHAN is on the show today! Listen in as Damian talks to his label boss & hero about his punk journey. From going to see the Ugly Americans, to making a flyer that pissed off Ian MacKaye, to being A Bat: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

& don't miss Mac's AWESOME new solo record "The Sound Of Yourself" out September 24th on Merge Records!

Also Touched On:

AC/DC: punk in Australia

Molly Hatchet

Point Blank and Loverboy

Todd Barry and The Chant

“No bands are going to come here!”: moving to NC

Finding college radio

Getting used by cool stuff

The Pressure Boys: king of the scene


Ugly Americans

Stillborn Christians


The multitudes of DCHC

Honour Role and the Minutemen 

Mac being a Bat

Flying Nun Records



Sep 15, 2021
Episode 363 - John Brannon (Negative Approach, Static, Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action)
CHECK IT OUT: JOHN BRANNON IS HERE!!! Today on the show, one of the most important vocalists of all time stops by to discuss punk! Listen in as Damian sits down with his biggest musical influence to talk: Static vs. Detroit Punk, the Minor Threat shows that bookend Detroit Hardcore, turning Nirvana on to Lead Belly, scaring the shit out of Ryan Gosling & so much more! 


& don't miss the first ever release of one of the most storied lost recordings in punk history: Static's "Toothpaste And Pills"! OUT NOW on Thirdman Records!

Also Touched On:

A dream episode 

punk before punk

Alice Cooper

Static: Class Of ’78

A faster Mott The Hoople: Sex Pistols at midnight on the radio

Reading about it in Creem

Being at the Kiss “Alive” gig

The first smell of weed: Rocking out to Judy Collins in ’69

Hearing the Stooges 

“Kick Out The Jams” on CKLW

Destroy All Monsters at the Red Carpet 

“It was horrible”: Detroit first wave punk

Fallout: John’s first band

Terrorizing Grosse Point

Thurston and the tape

“Everything I’m doing is wrong”: Discovering Hardcore

Ben Blackwell is the reason

Toothpaste and Pills: the stage show

“They all sucked”

The Coronation Tavern in Windsor

“Minor Threat is going to kill Negative Approach” 

The Allied

OP and Graham join

The death of a scene

Violence overtakes the scene

metalheads becoming Oi Boys

The Birthday Party changes everything

“We aren’t ready”: opening for Black Flag for the first Hyenas show

“Fake NA”: The third line-up

Laura Lee

“I wanted more violence” where the NA sound would have gone

Hating Evacuate… still

Hangin’ with Belushi

going to Fear on SNL


Detroit: the Sweden of punk

“We don’t come from the Beach Boys and the Beatles. We like the Stooges”


Sep 10, 2021
Episode 362 - Chris "Opie" Moore (Negative Approach, Youth Patrol, Crossed Wire)
It's Negative Approach Week on Turned Out A Punk! Kicking it off with former Negative Approach & Youth Patroler: CHRIS MOORE! Listen in as Damian sits down with his friend, live at Dinosaur Jr.'s Camp Fuzz II & talks about the birth of Detroit hardcore. From borrowing your aunt's vest for the Devo show, to the punk vs. hardcore divide, to the differences between the early scenes, to the violence that brought it to an end: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!

& don't forget to look for Chris' latest work at cmooremusic.bandcamp.com or crmooreart.com!

Also Touched On:

Hangin’ at the Skatepark in 1978

W4Play: Finding punk on the radio

The Clash

“It was like getting hit by a train”: seeing Devo 

Meeting Jerry Casale 

The Minor Threat show that kicked it off

Forming Youth Patrol

Necros sussing people out

“Are they even in the music?”: violence 

Joining Negative Approach

The early Detroit scene

Recording the first 7”

Going to NY: “I’m going to live here when I get older!”

Meeting the Misfits

DC's vs Detroit's tastes

Finding The Freezer

Sep 07, 2021
Episode 361 - Steve Caballero (The Faction, Odd Man Out, Bones Brigade, Urethane)
Get ready to Skate & Destroy! Today on the show, the original Skate Punk, STEVE CABALLERO sits down to talk about both of his legendary career’s. From starting one of the original skate zines, to being inspired by JFA, to the skateboarding/ punk balance: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

& don't miss Steve's new band Urethane's awesome debut album "Chasing Horizons" out on September 24th via Cyber Tracks!

Also Touched On:

Not growing up with rock music

Skate Punk zine

Getting into Black Flag

The DIY nature of early 80s Skateboarding

Inspired by JFA


Black Flag 

Kingpin: The Rockabilly Skate Punk Band

Green River

IM Records: a mother and son operation

A Pro-Skater brings the kids in the door

Odd Man Out

“The skinheads are looking for you”

The “Epi-Fat” era


Signing to Mystic

Lars Frederikesen in the drum set... twice




Sep 05, 2021
Episode 360 - Miles Copeland (IRS, Step-Forward, DFC, Illegal, Faulty Product)
Today on the show, Damian sits down with the "Svengali of punk": MILES COPELAND! Listen in as the two discuss Miles’ role in the early punk scene, the arrival of the New Wave boom & laying the ground work for the alternative explosion! 

Don't miss it!!

Also, don't miss Miles’ fantastic new book "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" out now on Jawbone Press.

Also Touched On:

The first touring festival

the Sniffin’ Glue atheistic 

A&M’s reaction to punk

Sex Pistols: more of a press operation than band

Tour managing the Sex Pistols

Lux and Stiv: really scary

“It’s about what you have to say”

Passion over virtuosity

“Miles, how am I supposed to help this band!? They can’t play!!”

The Squeeze: “Not PUNK punk”

The Wasps

Going to the Roxy and finding Menace

The Go-Gos

Lux didn’t trust anyone

The Fall


Sep 01, 2021
Splits Vol. 1 - Tony Molina/ Nick Woj
Welcome to a new TOAP experiment! Each episode of Splits will have Damian sitting down with two past guests of the show to talk about... punk.... & more, but mainly PUNK.

Today on the show, Turned Out A Punk favourites & mutual fans, Nick Woj (ep. 17 & 264) & Tony Molina (ep. 198) meet for the first time & let the good times role!

Don't miss Woj's mixtapes on www.soundcloud.com/wOjavelli  (yes, that is a zero)!!! Tony said he didn't want to promote anything.
Aug 30, 2021
Episode 359 - Charlie Angus (Grievous Angel, L'Etranger, MP for Timmins/ James Bay)
It's election time in Canada! To celebrate the process of democracy we welcome, the only punk rocker currently in Canadian Parliament, CHARLIE ANGUS to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with Charlie to discuss the music side of his life. Listen in as they talk the journey from the bands L' Etranger & Grievous Angels to applying his "degree from the school of punk" in the world of federal Canadian politics. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

& don't miss the Grievous Angels' fantastic album "Summer Before The Storm" on Jimmy Boyle Records now!

Also Touched On:

Sitting in the back of accounting class hoping for something more

Getting rock mags from a neighbour 

“Oh my god! You aren’t going to buy that are you?

The divides in Toronto punk

The music changes the landscape

“Losers like John Tory”

Why was the downtown art scene used to be so good

Tell the Parliamentary Library you graduated from the school of punk rock

Elvis Costello and the radical reinterpretation of what a rockstar was

Touring and building community

Going to the Last Pogo

Going on tour with Goddo

Don’t go upstairs at Larry’s Hidaway 

The Cabana Room

“The Jam had a record by 18. We’re are almost 20! We’re failures!”

The Ugly

The ill-fated tour with the Dub Rifles


Aug 27, 2021
Episode 358 - Monty Messex (DFL, The Atoms)
Swear word bands unite! Today on the show, Dead F*ckin' Last's MONTY MESSEX stops by to talk about punk! If being from one legendary band wasn't enough, Monty was also the lead singer of long time Turned Out A Punk obscure favourite: The Atoms! Listen in as they talk about the rocky journey getting from The Atoms to DFL. From the hardcore/ punk divide, to Flea having to come to the rescue at the first show, to The Beastie Boys/ Guns & Roses Connection: DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!

And don't miss DFL's awesome new EP YRUDFL out now on SBÄM Records!

Also Touched On: 

Halloween 1979: burnt into your soul

going to the Hong Kong Cafe for 

Keith Morris in a Spiderman costume singing for Black Flag

The LA HC/ Punk divide

The Germs=Greatness

Going to see the Chiefs and the Gears

Hangin’ at THE Church

Hollywood High

Dangerhouse Records

How Atoms came together

“We Got The Power” zine

Flea to the rescue

Who was Harvey Oscar?

Chris Trent

Finding a bootleg of the of your own band

“Nothing to do but do drugs and have sex with each other.”

Things fall apart

How DFL came together

now vs. then

Fletcher attacks on a Pennywise tour

& so much more!


Aug 22, 2021
Episode 357 - Nancy Barile (Author, Educator, Former Manager Of Sadistic Exploits)
Class is in session! This week on the show Damian is joined by the author of the amazing memoir "I'm Not Holding Your Coat" & celebrated teacher: NANCY BARILE! Listen in as the two discuss the formation of the American East Coast hardcore scene. From early Philly New Wave, to the economic realities behind what gets canonized in punk, to why Jackal is the coolest punk & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Don't miss Nancy's fantastic "I'm Not Holding Your Coat" on Bazillion Points! Available at your favourite bookstore now!

Also Touched On:

Kenn Kweder

The Ramones and Blondie

“Philly never gets its due”

The class differences in the early hardcore scenes

having to sell a school ring to pay for the Sadistic Exploits 7”

The 1981 explosion



The Stick Men


the art/punk divide 

Pure Hell are gods

When Jackal hits the scene

Going to New York… somehow

The NY before the HC

Hating DC 

The board daylight Boston scene

Bad Brains 

“Kill anyone with a beer in their hand”



Aug 17, 2021
Episode 356 - Brooke Smith (Grey's Anatomy, Silence Of The Lambs, Big Sky)
You'll never look at Dr. Erica Hahn on "Grey's Anatomy" the same way again! Today on the show, star of film & TV, BROOKE SMITH stops by to discuss her journey from the New York Hardcore episode of "Donahue" to putting the lotion in the basket in "Silence of The Lambs". Listen in as Brooke & Damian discuss: navigating the LES as a teenager, being the OG Cro-Mags roadie, Jeff Buckley's love of Bad Brains & so much more!! 

Also, don't miss Brooke in "Big Sky" on ABC!

Also, also, don't miss this week's guest booker and TOAP alumni (Episode 207) John Ross Bowie's awesome new podcast: "Household Faces"!

Also Touched On:

Exploring the LES as a kid in the 80s

Going to shows super young

dying your hair until it falls out

Bad Brains as the best live band ever

Cause For Alarm

Straight Ahead

The original Cro-Mags’ LP unused art

the unity of NY Punk

If you are looking for John and Harley: go to the park

memorizing the payphone number

Driving the Cro-Mags around in the family station wagon 

The Agnostic Front, Nausea and Warzone Pool Party

Standing WAAAAAAAAY in the back for GG Allin

Jeff Buckley never getting to see Bad Brains


Aug 14, 2021
Episode 355 - Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould, Verboten, Superchunk)
How many 10 year olds have helped shape rock history?! Today on the show, Split Single's JASON NARDCUCY talks about his "influential" elementary school punk band & his incredible career since then. Join Damian as he sits down with his friend to discuss: being a 10 year old punk, Bob Mould being awesome on & off stage, Tim Meadows' love of music & SO MUCH MORE!

Don't miss this one & don't miss the awesome new Split Single album "Amplificado" on Inside Outside Records OUT NOW!

Also Touched On:

Getting into punk at 8

Rock n Roll High School with Cheap Trick?

Gigging by age 11

Tracy is the COOLEST

being too young to understand the scene

meeting Vic Bondi as an adult

Why Bob Mould rules

The influence of the Germ’s “Panther”

The issue of kids in the punk scene

Meeting a Coachella

Going to parties with grown-ups

Off Broadway

Did DCHC like KISS

Leaving the punk scene at 13

Seeing Sonic Youth in Europe on the Sister tour

put yourself in the sightline

Tim Meadows is super cool

Taking the Dead Kennedys to a country club



Aug 11, 2021
Episode 354 - Bear Witness and Tim "2oolman" Hill (The Halluci Nation)
The Halluci Nation is here! Years in the making, Tim “2oolman” Hill and Bear Witness sit down to discuss the separate paths that have led them to working together. Formally know as A Tribe Called Red, The Halluci Nation is one of the most important groups in Canadian music. Join Damian as he sits down with two of his closest friends to discuss: punk, the rude awaking of sleepy Toronto, the differences growing up in Six Nations, the importance of collaboration, why are pool halls always so sketchy and so much more!


And don’t miss The Halluci Nation’s INCREDIBLE new album “One More Saturday Night”!!!

Also discussed: 

Pat and Kelly: sword fighting, D’n'D, Warhammer 40k and Punk

Growing up against the norm

The differences growing up in Six Nations

The Basement of HMV 

Geography’s relationships to culture

Growing up as sleepy Toronto wakes up

The Untouchables and The Skinhead War

Toronto neighbourhood gangs

Why were pool halls and arcades so sketchy?

The unique division of the labour in The Halluci Nation


Breaking Rammer and Left For Dead’s Joel Fisher’s arm


Brought to you by VANS

Jul 29, 2021
Episode 353 - Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Infectious Grooves, Ballhog or Tugboat)
Our "Give The Drummer Some Love" weekend wraps up with a doozy: Jane's Addiction's STEPHEN PERKINS is here! Listen in as he & Damian talk about going from an 80's glam metal kid to helping usher in the 90's alternative music takeover. The Bad Brain's influence on Jane's, touring with Tommy Lee & Mike Watt back to back, DC / LA similarities & so much more: do not miss this!!

Also Touched On: 

The end of the Sunset Strip

the late 80’s LA punk scene

Perry wanting to get funky coming out of PsyCom

The influence of Fishbone and Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

The Scream Club 


The connection between the Glam and Punk scenes

Opening for Iggy Pop

Love And Rockets

Trying to get bigger

Seeing punk before you hear it 

Fear as one of the best bands ever

Jane’s Addiction’s HEAVY Bad Brains influence

Bullet Boys, Guns’N’Roses Fishbone and Jane’s shared practice space

Drummers HANG

Meeting X

Ballhog or Tugboat?



Jul 27, 2021
Episode 352 - Greg Gilmore (The Living, 10 Minute Warning, Mother Love Bone)
It's Give the Drummer Some Love Weekend! Kicking it off with Seattle drum god, GREG GILMORE! Greg played in three of the key bands during three separate eras of Seattle punk. Listen to Greg & Damian talk: partying with the Refuzors, meeting Duff McKagan & joining The Living, 10 Minutes Warning's 10 months of punk fame, nearly joining Guns & Roses, The Freshjive/ Mother Love Bone connection & so much more! Don't miss it!!!!

Also, don't miss the fantastic, recently unearthed, “The Living: 1982” lost recordings OUT NOW on Loosegroove Recordings! 

Also Touched On:

The forgotten 90s' 10 Minute Warning record  

Meeting The Refuzors 



Loving live records’ energy

Meeting Duff and forming The Allied

Joining 10 Minute Warning

Going to LA with Duff

Nearly joining Animal Dance

Not joining Guns and Roses


Jul 24, 2021
Episode 351 - Paul Mahern (Zero Boys, Dandelion Abortion, Datura Seeds)
Slam & worm your way over here because this week on the show, it's legendary Zero Boy: PAUL MAHERN! Listen in as Damian & Paul talk about punk, the Zero Boys & being behind the mixing board for some of the greatest records ever! From being too hardcore for Gulcher, to eating homemade deer jerky with Boom & the Legion of Doom, to the Mellencamp/ Gizmos connection: 


Also Touched On:

A first time meeting

The punk section at the local record store

The Gizmos and Gulture

The Hoosier Hysteria comp changing your life

Going to see Dow Jones and The Industrials for the first time

Dandelion Abortion: being disillusioned with punk

The Dead Kennedys

Hardcore as a gateway

“This is where you come from now”: being introduced to Detroit Rock

Meeting the Gizmos 

Being too hardcore for Gulcher

“Its a pop record”: Vicious Circle being passed on by all the labels

The midwest scene: Die Kreuzen in Milwaukee, Toxic Reason in Dayton and Articles Of Faith in Chicago 

“not hardcore enough”

The Master Tape

The Gynaecologists (the band)

Malignant Growth

Punk is the Midwest 

The Coneheads

The making of Raw Power’s “Screams From The Gutter”

Boom and The Legion Of Doom stories!!!

Stevie Stiletto

Paul’s Ardent Studios demo tape

Meeting the Afghan Wigs

Mass Giorgini


John Couger Mellencamp punk connection



Jul 21, 2021
Episode 350 - Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)
We’re going for a drive, not the after dinner kind! Join Damian as he goes for a ride with Bad Religion’s GREG GRAFFIN Ph.D! Listen in as the two discuss: Darby Crash stealing french fries, summers away from punk in Wisconsin & "Becoming Keith Morris". So get in the sedan because this one is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

& don’t miss Bad Religion on tour this fall with War On Women & Alkaline Trio!

Also Touched On:

Lyrically intimidating 

An article in Details

Loving Todd Rundgren 

“Darby was not someone to look up to”

Hearing the Germs for the first time

The Gears lp

The importance of the abundance of studios to California hardcore

The relationship with the Circle Jerks

Red Kross and not fitting in with the LA punks

Going to back to Wisconsin and having no interest in local punk

Going to University with Milo but never talking

Working with Noam Chomsky

The “back to the known” show

Not relating to the late 80’s HC kids

Becoming the “Keith Morris”

In defence of “Into The Unknown”



Jul 16, 2021
Episode 349 - Ambrose Kenny-Smith (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs, Sambrose Automobile)
Get ready to celebrate Melbourne music history! This week on the show Damian is joined by a sonic inheritor to the great city's rock and roll lineage: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & The Murlocs' AMBROSE KENNY-SMITH! Join them as they discuss: the perils of a career in pro-skateboarding, Amyl & The Sniffers being obsessed with his dad, SHARPIES, the greatness of Thee Oh Sees & so much more! DON’T MISS THIS!!! 

& don't miss the fantastic new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's "LW" on Flightless. Also,  The Murlocs' "Bittersweet Demons" on ATO Records. GET THEM BOTH NOW!

Also Touched On:

The Melbourne music history 

Skateboarding as a gateway

“Corrupted from a young age”: hanging with the older kids

A dead-end lifestyle

Showing the Emerica Team around Melbourne

“Man-Am”: aging out of pro-skateboarding

God (the band)

The Saints soundtracking skateboarding

Hating sports

Sisters’ first words being Bo Diddley

Coloured Balls

Dad dating Lobby Lloyd’s ex


Carson family ties

Amyl and The Sniffers

“That’s the guy from The Blues Brother”: going to see Ray Charles for a first show

Playing the National Hotel in Julong

The Friendlies 

Thee Oh Sees

The Hospitals

Dan Burke

Eddie Current

Frowning Clowns


Jul 15, 2021
Episode 348 - Paul Therrio (The Imperial Dogs)
This ain't the Garden Of Eden, this ain't the summer of love! Join Damian as he sits down with PAUL THERRIO from the proto-punk gods The Imperial Dogs!!! Listen in as the two talk: the real birth of punk in LA, Iggy & Bowie at Rodney's English disco, Ray Bradbury loving Zolar X & so much more! 


Also Touched On:

This Ain’t The Summer Of Love

Cream Mag

Breaking up before punk came

“I need time to surf and smoke hash!”: A brief Sax career

Meeting Don Waller in the high school band 

The Seeds as one of the first punk bands

the Standells

Vom and the early scene

Taj Mahal 

Howlin’ Wolf opening for Alice Cooper

Chaka Khan and Iggy at the Whiskey

Coming home and feeling compelled to smash furniture

Getting into the Velvet Underground

“Got any pills?”: meeting Iggy

David Bowie on blow at Rodney’s English Disco


Jul 11, 2021
Episode 347 - Dallas Green Part 2 (City And Colour, Alexisonfire, Helicon Blue)
Mr. City &Colour himself is back! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy, DALLAS GREEN to reflect on their musical journeys & catch up after 6 long years. From regret & gratitude, to discovering reaction videos, to missing Gord, to Dallas needing to see Phantom Of The Paradise for people in his life: DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! 

& check cityandcolour.com for Dallas' upcoming tour dates!

Jul 07, 2021
Episode 346 - Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, Binding Of Issac, The End Is Nigh)
This is one of the most fascinating episodes yet! EDMUND MCMILLEN is a beloved independent video game developer who has helped produce revolutionary & thought provoking games obsessed over by millions of people around the world. Join Damian as he sits down with Edmund to discuss punk & the rise of the indie game. From Jesus Lizard, to changing Nintendo's policy on blasphemy, to the hellish concept of "Rock Stars" in any industry & so much more: 

Find everything Edmund is up to on twitter: @edmundmcmillen

Also Touched On:

The depressing reality of videos game eclipsing music

finding grunge

DIY comics

Spike and Mikes

Liquid Television

R. Crumb


 The Kinko’s “Drop The Key” Trick

The Santa Cruz art scene

not realizing that you were the weirdo art kid

a cool teacher

Mike Diana and “Boiled Angel”

The end of Slamdance  

Defending terrible art

The origin of the Indie Game Scene

The E.N. Scene

NeoGeo Fanzine

The fallacy on overnight riches in video games

working animal control

Believing in your art

What goes into making a video game

The personal origins of Binding Of Issac

Getting on to Nintendo

“Steam” changed everything

Sleepytime Gorilla Music

The Fish Masters: The TV show

Selling everything to invest in Super Meat Boy



Jul 02, 2021
Episode 345 - Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast, Author, Little Big League
The week on the show, we are joined by a true double threat, MICHELLE ZAUNER AKA Japanese Breakfast! Join Damian as he sits down with the musician/author for a revealing conversation about insecurity, success & grief. From the Pacific North West's unique take on indie, traveling through punk while never feeling like you fit in, to creativity learned through grief: DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!

Also, don't miss Michelle's fantastic book: "Crying In H-Mart", out now on Penguin/ Random House! 

& don't miss Japanese Breakfast's new album: "Jubilee", available now on Dead Oceans!

Also Touched On:     

In defence of Avril Levine

“I want to be the kind of person that is into music”

The Pacific Northwest takes up punk differently 

Built To Spill

First shows

Post Post

R5 Productions

Philly is a tough town

Will you know the moment your career has peaked?

& So Much More!!!

Jun 29, 2021
Episode 344 - Tommy End (Professional Wrestler)
This week on the show, it’s professional wrestling’s hottest free agent TOMMY END (FKA ALEISTER BLACK)! Listen in as Damian finally gets the answer to the question that has been on every wrestling fan’s mind: What is Tommy’s connection to Jesus And The Gospel F*ckers?!? From Dutch hardcore ties to MMA royalty, to cutting promos for George Pettit, to hard lessons with Robbie Brookside, to touring with Jun "The King Of Comedy" Kasai: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Find Tommy at @tommyend & grab shirts though https://blxckmass.com

Also Touched On:

Cutting a promo for George Petite

Helping bringing the wrestling and music together

Getting set up with Andy Williams

The universality of the drive

The DEEP Dutch MMA/ Punk Connection

Jesus the Gospel F*ckers

Bob Schrijber’s mentorship

Punk and Combat Sports: “Violence within the boundaries of discipline” 

Social media, merch and indie wrestling’s ascent 

Danhausen and the Rock

Golding Earring 

Gang Starr


Cannibal Ox

Cradle Of Filth 


Cruel Hand

Trapped Under Ice


Jun Kasai 



Jun 25, 2021
Episode 343 - Larry Livermore (The Lookouts, Lookout Records, The Potatomen)
Hats off to Larry, because he is giving us a monster of an episode! Join Damian as he sits down with Lookout Records, Lookout zine & The Lookouts band impresario: LARRY LIVERMORE!!! From answering John Lennon’s calls at White Panther headquarters, to Lookout’s accidental funding, to how the weed/acid divide led to strife in the scene, to the hippies in SF finding punk: 

Also, don’t miss Larry’s two fantastic books as well as a ton of his music on Don Giovanni Records now!!!!

Also Touched On:

Showing up to talk about Cannabis... not Sasquatch 

Trying to burn down your university

living in the Cockettes' old apartment

the origins of Lookout records

Motown Records

The EpiFat Sound VS. The Lookout Sound

The start of Very Small records

Getting to know Sons Of Ishmael

Staying up all night talking about about acid with Ray Cappo at the MRR house 

The Gilman Geeks vs. Slapshot


Following the Weakerthans around like they were the Grateful Dead

Seeing the MC5 when they were a mod band

“We play Avon Rock”

Destroy All Monsters

Quitting the White Panthers

Rock and Roll Revolutionaries: Tim Yo and Jon Sinclair 

pothead/ acidhead divide

Iggy Pop tearing up your Cream submission

Hanging with Don Vinyl taking shitty LSD and listening to bad Jefferson Starship



Jun 22, 2021
Zach's Back! - Rise Against Week Wrap Up with Zach Blair
How could we do a Rise Against Week without having sometime co/host & all-time friend of the show, ZACH BLAIR on to do a wrap up?!?

Don't miss Zach & Mike Wiebe's great new podcast "Zach And Mike Make 3"!!!!
Jun 21, 2021
Episode 342 - Joe Principe (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, The Methadones)
Where else this week will you hear a conversation about the brilliance of “The Fungus Among Us” 7” compilation?! Rise Against week continues as Damian sits down to chat Chicago Punk with JOE PRINCIPE!!! Listen in as Joe & Damian talk about going from learning to silkscreen at the Underdog Warehouse, to touring the world with 88 Fingers Louie & beyond. Friends getting hit by jocks after getting run over by cops, trying to avoid Honest Don’s, not-so-good advice from local legends & so much more: NOT TO BE MISSED!!! 

& don’t miss "Nowhere Generation” available everywhere NOW! 

Also Touched On:

Watching “Rock’n’Roll High School” over and over again

A tape with Suicidal Tendencies, Circles Jerks and Dead Kennedys


Devastation: pre Vindictives 

The Plague

The importance of Impulse Manslaughter 

“The Fungus Among Us” Comp

The Chicago Punk/ Metal and Hardcore Scenes intersection 

Leeway opening for the Bad Brains

OG Screeching Weasel reunion with Sludgeworth, Gore Gore Girls and Contracide

Seeing Fat Mike’s ad in MRR

Kid Dynamite 

Rise Against: turned down by everyone at first

Walking the Straight Edge/ Pop-Punk dived

The Fury 66 connection

Dan Vapid

“I don’t want to get bumped to Honest Don’s!”

Hopeless Records

Schlong: “This is the same Dave Mellow, right?”

Q: How do you get on Lookout? A: Don’t be called Spoonless.

Ben Weasel he’s a… 

Meeting Martin and Los Crudos


Ivy League


SHUTDOWN: No punk at the Metro

Underdog Records

Showing Todd from I Spy around Chicago

Playing with Fair Warning in Montreal and Reset (Simple Plan)

Doing data entry for “Book Your Own Fucking Life”

Phallocracy split with 88 Finger Louie

Funeral Oration

Missing the Battery tour




Jun 18, 2021
Episode 341 - Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against, Baxter, The Killing Tree)
For most of the music world TIM MCILRATH is the front person of Rise Against; one of the biggest bands to come out of punk. But around these parts Tim is also known as the link between the disparate scenes of 90’s Chicago DIY Punk. Join Tim & Damian as they nerd out about one of Chicago’s most important cultural periods. From Los Crudos mixtapes, to Pete Wentz being born to make it, to Victory’s unique place in the ecosystem, to Bill Stevenson’s mentorship, to getting dropped off at DIY shows in Fat Mike’s private limo: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  

Also, don’t miss Rise Against’s awesome new “Nowhere Generation” out now on Loma Vista! 

Also Touched On:

Damian’s murder board

90’s Chicago: the Punk capital

A friend’s older sister with amazing taste


Listening to Crudos in 7th grade

Transcending the Divided Scene

Borrowing from Cap’N’Jazz

Following Sidekick Kado like they were the Grateful Dead

“Chicago Pricing”

Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy and The Smashing Pumpkins: United by Punk

The Mythical Jim Chamber C.I.T. Mixtape

Tapping VBX

Taking Brandon Barnes to the Integrity show

The Fat Sound

Bill Stevenson

“Did Fat Mike drop you off in his private jet?”

Race Traitor: A needle scratch of a band

Hardcore: a Secondary Education 

Victory Records

Signing to Fat and it bumming out your friends



Jun 15, 2021
Episode 340 - Theo Kogan (Lunachicks, Theo and the Skyscrapers)
The whole house has been excited for this one! This week on the show Damian is joined by his family's favourite: The Lunachicks' THEO KOGAN! Listen in as the two talk growing up punk in New York City! From silent tours with Dinosaur Jr, to finding out you may be a Warzone Woman, to falling in love on a Troma movie set: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

& DON’T MISS the FANTASTIC new Lunachicks' book Fallopian Rhapsody, out now on Hachette!

Also Touched On:

Changing Lauren and Damian's lives

What is Pigfuck music?

Growing up in the Bad Apple

Musical Youth at the Ritz

The Dead Boys Reunion

Lux Interior beating a kid up with a mic stand

Wendy O’Williams and Manowar

NYHC shows

Watching the fights at CBGBs

“Are we Warzone Women now?”

Working with Don Fury

Drea and Theo’s favourite side effect of the violence

Gary Oldman gets beaten down  

Ragging Slab

Freak with Howie Pyro

Not hearing Dino Jr. until touring with them

Frightwig: like when Jim ate the hash brownies on Taxi

Todd Phillips directs a Black Light Rainbow video?!

Falling in love on a Troma movie set



Jun 11, 2021
Episode 339 - Will Sergeant (Echo & The Bunnymen, Electrafixation, Poltergeist)
THE BUNNYMAN COMETH! Today on the show Damian is joined by THE LEGEND, WILL SERGEANT!!! Listen in as the two discuss the journey from proto to post punk & everything in between. From Status Quo being the English Ramones, to the Pink Fairies being too stoned to play, to the Liverpool punk scene being criminally overlooked, to the influence of Metal Urbain: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also, don't forget to pre-order your copy of Will's new book "Bunnyman" out July 15th on Little Brown!

Also Touched On:

Sex Pistols played Liverpool first!

Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time at a Dr. Feelgood gig

They tore down the Cavern: “Where did that band the Beatles used to play

The Liverpool Scene: True underground

The Curbies

Leaving a Pink Fairies show because they were too stoned


Liverpool Stadium

hearing the Ramones way before hearing about punk

Sharing music, building scenes

“Shut up about Tull and get into ‘em!”

Tubular Bells was a hippy record

“Virgin’s just cashing in on this punk thing.”

Forming Echo And Bunnymen

“A dedication to idleness”

Metal Urbain 


Suicide: Gods in Liverpool

“Hey, Manchester!”

“We all loved the Fall”

A Certain Ratio

Going to Belgium 


Jun 07, 2021
Episode 338 - Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Ffa Coffi Pawb, Emily)
Ffa Coffi Pawb! The great GRUFF RHYS is here!!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the Super Furry Animal to discuss: his fantastic new book, the incredible history of Welsh Punk & going to Punk University through tour van lectures. From the cultural significance of Llygod Ffyrnig, to accidentally winding up on a punk comp, to the minority language European punk network: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don’t miss Gruff’s amazing new book “Resist Phoney Encores” on Antenne Books and his fantastic new solo record "Seeking New Gods" on Rough Trade!!!

Also Touched On:

A brother and sister getting into punk 

Mannequins spray painted to look like puke

Rock’N’Roll as American imperialist propaganda

Parents loving Reggae

Anglo/American Corporations and creation of a Global pop-culture

The effect of Crass

Llygod Ffyrnig

The history of Welsh Language 

Musical and political education coming from punk


Workers Playtime Records

Machlud: a soft rock band on a seminal Welsh Punk comp

Recording at Dave Anderson from Hawkwind’s studio

Pop Positive

Ffa Coffi Pawb

Getting into Psych to wind up old punk rockers


Becoming a pop star accidentally

Bjork comes to Wales

Trying to give Alan McGee a tape

“Doing For The Kids” Fest

Learning how to make salad dressing from French Ska band: Le Have Nots

Seeing Fucking Up in Texas

Butthole Surfers

European Squat tours


Jun 04, 2021
Episode 337 - Chris Gethard Part 2
CHRIS GETHARD is back! Five plus years after Chris' first incredible appearance on the show (Episode 51: one of the best of all-time), he returns to prove that sequels can top the originals. From Chris' Bouncing Souls Curse, to the influence of "Another State of Mind" on his latest comedy road movie, to having to do really "sad" crowd work to no one at Lollapalooza: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

And don't miss Chris' HILARIOUS new "Half My Life" Comedy Special/ Road Movie out on June 1st (& the album dropping on June 4th)!!!

May 31, 2021
Episode 336 - Danny Elfman (Composer, [The Mystic Knights Of] Oingo Boingo)
Who hasn't heard a song written by today's guest!?! Join Damian as he sits down with the great DANNY ELFMAN to discuss punk, politics & wanting desperately to blast Buddy Hackett in the face with CO2! From riots in Paris theatres, to walking around Western Africa learning to play Highlife, to "dropping everything to form a ska band": THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

ALSO,  don't miss Danny's monster new "Big Mess" dbl lp out June 11th on ANTI!

Also Touched On:

X, Fear, Wall Of Voodoo: everything fits in

Le Grande Magic Circus

becoming the musical director of a group of street performers 

Setting people of fire and putting them out with a rocket ship

“GRAB YOUR VIOLEN!!!”: riots in Paris

The unprecedented time we live in

What the hell has happened?!?

Manson and Trump

“Shut up and sing!”

Writing for yourself again

"Chamber Punk"

The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo

Living life like it was the 1930's

Who is this new New Wave artist David Bowie?

The "lost" Oingo Boingo 10"

Going on the Gong Show



May 28, 2021
Episode 335 - Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds, 5’ 10”, Drop Acid)
If we can walk together, why can't we podcast together?! Today on the show Damian is joined by his hero, from 7 Seconds: the legend KEVIN SECONDS!!! Listen in as the two discuss the formative days of American Hardcore & building a scene from the ground up. From cold calling Iggy Pop's dad for an interview to Lou Barlow's thoughts on "Committed For Life" to the literal Ian MacKaye on his shoulder: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!! & don't miss the absolutely essential reissue of 7 Seconds' "The Crew" on Trust Records Company, PRE-ORDER IT NOW!

Also Touched On:

A TV expose on punk

Find the X-Ray Spex 7”

Having a cool mom

Not wanting to smoke pot but wanting to hear rock records

The Dolls, KISS and Alice Cooper: The make-up inspiration?

Kevin and Steve calling Iggy Pop’s dad

Interviewing the Chip from Dils, Pat Bag and Joey Shithead on the phone

Starting The Reno Sex Pistols Fan Club to get them played on mainstream radio

Putting flyers up looking for punks

Meeting the 20 other Reno punks in line to see the Ramones opening for Eddie Money

The early punk fan clubs


Jefferson Starship

 Basteel: Kevin’s “progressive metal” pre-punk band
Chuck Ruff: Reno Legend
Young Canadians and DOA at house show

Searching for Bellevue: Reno’s first punk band

The Outcast Hour on KSAN

Convincing the biker bar to book 7 Seconds and making the news

The Zeros rule!

Punk party at the A-Frame in Tahoe 

Watching MTV all night long hoping to see “Live Wire”

Urban Assault

The Yobs

The Wrecs

DOA, Black Flag and DOA paving the way

Booking Aggression in an apartment

The Plugz

Negative Trend

The Offs

New Youth: One of the original punk collectives

Sneaking into “Up In Smoke” 7 times to see the Dils part

The Saturday Night Pogo compilation

The Misfits, Poison Idea, 7 Seconds show that didn’t happen

“We got to play after fucking Poison Idea?!”

The Feederz

JFA’s Mad Gardens

The Viva Las Vegas 

Lou Barlow and Committed For Life

Soul Force Revolution’s influence on NYHC


May 24, 2021
Episode 334 - Dave Baksh (Sum 41, Brown Brigade, Organ Thieves, 747)
FACTS: Sum 41 is the biggest selling Canadian Punk band ever & the guitarist, DAVE BAKSH is one of nicest people on earth! Join Damian as he sits down with Dave for an (in too) deep dive into Southern Ontario 90's punk lore & beyond. From firefighter fighting death metal bands to scene consuming high school band beefs to dieting tips from Iggy Pop: this is an all-time episode that is NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also, don't miss Sum 41's "Order In Decline" on Hopeless Records in stores now!

Also Touched On:

Years in the making

Not By Choice

Strung Out: melody and thrash make sense 

Metal being washed in 90s

The Cross-back-over

Breaking Mark from Len’s toilet

Brenden and Broken Social Scene

The Spazz store in Toronto 

Small-town Toronto

Dad playing Kung-Fu Fighter every morning

Mom loves the Ventures


Packing up a show in the middle of brawl

“The Heep! Baksh, you gotta get out of here.”

Metal as a punk Gateway 

Much Music

Being scared of Zeppelin at first

Oshawa’s Figure Four stomping Nazi ass

Al from Trigger Happy being awesome

Simon Head tour manager 

Mark Belke from SNFU shows up to be guitar tech

Metal Works

The MC Shan/ Snow/ Treble Charger Connect

The REAL In To Deep origin story 

Rap lessons in the studio

The DMX cameo

Surviving Death 3x


“If I drink red wine, I get a little bit silly”: working with Iggy Pop



May 20, 2021
Episode 333 - Patrick Flynn (Fiddlehead, Have Heart, Clear, Sweet Jesus)
15 years ago in Germany, Have Heart & F*cked Up played a show - that night would prove to be significant for both of the bands' front people. On today's episode, they've reunited as Fiddlehead & Have Heart's PAT FLYNN sits down to chat with Damian about the 'core! From Warped Tour '99 & not being "it", to studying the calculus of Crass, to trying to re-create Better Than A Thousand, to the Follow Through / Sonic Youth & Terminator 2 / Integrity Connections PLUS so much more! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss Fiddlehead's "Between The Richness" out this Friday!!! 

Also Touched On:

One night is Germany…

Finding a CCs Skate mag

Finding Minor Threat

The NIN/ Clevo connection

Filter and T1000

Word And Music

New Bedford: a world of its own

Going to Warped Tour ’99 to take in the culture

A DIY HC shows changes everything

Blink 182: the dividing line

Grey Area

All Chrome: Local Heroes

A HC Fest vs. A Punk Festival Tour

The Epi/Fat crossroads

Crass bands as punk algebra 

NoFX as a gateway

The terror of older siblings’ musical tastes

The walls between genres

American Nightmare killing off The Youth Crew Revival 

Looking for Better Than A 1000

The Follow Through/ Sonic Youth connection

Booking shows

Where is Big Ed?

Victim 21 and A Poor Excuse

Finding your own replacement for a band

Finding about Intent To Injure from your father’s students’ yearbook

The importance of Atari… to us

The last song on 97A lp RULES

The CT Hardcore through line


May 17, 2021
Punks in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame with Jon Wurster
Punk researcher Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Bob Mould, The Best Show) joins Damian to discuss the abundance of punk connections with this year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees! Follow @jonwurster on IG for all your #RockNRollWeirdness needs.
May 14, 2021
Episode 332 - Steve-O (Jackass, Wildboyz, Steve-O’s Wild Ride!)
How many artists live their art more than STEVE-O? Today on the show, Damian sits down to chat with the Jackass star & one of the most influential performance artists ever. Listen in as they discuss punk, whether or not documentaries are bullshit, being responsible for Darby Allin, Umaga beating him unconscious, trying to walk away from fame & so much more! 
NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Steve-O's banned new "Gnarly" special available at Steveo.com!

Also Touched On:

Getting into metal at Woolworth’s

Living life trying to party like you are in Motley Crue


Skateboarding becoming your identity 

Getting into the Misfits


loving the Dayglo Abortions

7 Seconds and Youth Brigade 

Franz: The gateway to straight edge

Getting into Gorilla Biscuits and immediately buzzing your head and X’ing up

Finding a new identity… as a pothead

Seeing the Start Today tour

Verbal Assault

Going to the Safari Club to see Gut Instinct 


Killing Time

 Side By Side

Being scared of Youth Of Today

Bolt Thrower

Needing to get Logical Nonsense for you iPod

The fakeness of documentary 

Word Salad

DRI and the passage of time

Blowing a fireball in the seats at a KISS concert

Getting to the video camera through skateboarding

The inception of Jackass

The influences

The similarity between wrestling and jam bands

The Umaga Incident 

The Jackass ripoffs

Darby Allin

The Cro-Mags as the soundtrack to failing out of the University Of Miami

Telling Cannibal Corpse that they need make the vocals clearer

Getting old offends people

Bam: the interview is over


May 11, 2021
Episode 331 - Nicole Panter Dailey (Former Germ's manager, The Pee Wee Herman Show, Author, Psychiatrist, Professor)
NICOLE PANTER DAILEY has lived one hell of a life so far! From managing the Germs, to starting an early LA punk label, to helping create The Pee Wee Herman Show & that's just the start! Join Damian as he sits down with Nicole for one of the most compelling episodes ever of this show to date. 

Also Touched On:

The importance of Queen

Fascinated by Glam

The Dogs

“Radio Free Hollywood”: the first punk show

The South Bay taking over by force

“The Adams Family” of weird kids

Backdoor Man zine

The creepy scene at Rodney’s

Acting out trauma through punk

Being a true weirdo

First day of teaching: “What’s Darby Crash like?”

Adventure Time


Donnie Rose and sexual abuse in the LA punk scene

The new hippies helping Old Man Spahn

The Manson Effect

The Avengers

“Not Real Punk”: Dealing with VOM

Bob Biggs

 El Duce

Renouncing punk in 1980

Slash Records

The story behind the Germs’ LP, logo, album and (GI)

The Weirdos were the best

RIP Lorna Doom

Psychedelics and therapy 

The Residents

Pee Wee: The luckiest man in showbiz

The Rap/punk connection



May 06, 2021
Episode 330 - Nate Ruess (fun., The Format)
What's beef?! Well, today on the show it's what we start off by squashing! Join Damian and Grammy award winner Nate Ruess as they put past disses aside to celebrate a mutual respect and love of punk. Listen in for talk of: fifteen, fun. having no fun on top, fake IDs, ecstasy & pop-punk, nearly being on "Watch The Thrown" and so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

Also touched on: 

Squashing the beef

Finding ska punk

catching a “Rude Boy” shirt

Cheshire Cat

Nerf Herder

When you best friend books the main punk venue

Talking over the scene

The Fake ID Empire comes crashing down

The Nile Message Board

Everyone in Tucson wanted to be the Locust


The importance of Indie pop

Almost siding to Field By Ramen

The Format 

Working with Steve McDonald

Getting to the top and it sucking

Quitting all the bullshit music

Playing the Grammy’s being the worst 

Writing a song and being told it is a hit

“We Are Young” supposed to be on Watch The Throne

Working with Brian Wilson


Brought to you by VANS





Apr 29, 2021
Episode 329 - Bruce McCulloch (Kids In The Hall, Tallboyz etc.)
"(INSERT YOUR FAVE 'KIDS IN THE HALL' QUOTE)!" because today on the show the LEGEND BRUCE MCCULLOCH is here! That's right, the shame based, Kid In The Hall comes by for a chat & oh boy, is it awesome! Listen in as Damian sits in awe as Bruce regals him with stories of: finding the Nerves single, fighting redneck cowboys, faking work injuries to hide knife wounds from punk shows & so much f'n more! 

NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Free from the CBC's restraints 

Searching for punk before punk


Finding Milk N Cookies

Sometimes it’s Queen and sometimes it is a Marc Almond 

Bob Dylan and Patti Smith’s libraries

The Kids In The Hall impact

“The Shadowy Men made us cool”

Lorne Micheals 

Sex Pistols

The Modernettes

The Users

The Nerves
The Dils being the favourite 

The Damned

Not liking Ian Dury

Picking your favourite songs to be the soundtrack

Want to go Toronto for the music

Vancouver Punk vs. EVERYBODY

Don Pyle sending a ticket for the Damned show

Getting, not one but, two black eyes at the Edge in Toronto 

Never being part of the beautiful part of punk

The Parachute Club was taking over

The Modern Minds were a perfect band

The Golden Calgarians… the second wave

The Hot Nasties

Rolling through Edmonton with The Rock N Roll Bitches and Callum Keith Rennie


Buick McCain

Getting knifed at a Husker Du show

Cowboys beating up the punks

DOA and SNFU had scary shows

Coming to Toronto


Pere Ubu

Shorty Petersen

Never watching SNL

Second City: Corny piano music and shitty white lighting

“Everyone that likes Cat Power likes Kids In The Hall”

80s: No cool comedy

“Fuck you, I’m not an entertainer.”

RIP Gord

Junior Brown, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Tragically Hip 


Withrow Park

The “50 Years in Entertainment” special

Shame Based Man



Apr 23, 2021
Episode 328 - Trever Keith (Face To Face, Icarus/Daedalus)
This week on the show, Damian goes face to face with the face of Face To Face: TREVER KEITH! Listen in as the two discuss going from being a late bloomer into punk to fronting one of SoCal punk's most iconic bands. 
Not to be missed & also don't miss the new Face To Face album "No Way Out But Through" dropping later this year on 
Fat Wreck Chords

Also Touched On:

Not getting punk at first

Hearing Bad Religion and it clicking at 20

The Descendants and the best band

Not digging the Germs and the Dead Kennedys

The roots of punk and metal being the same

Black Dove: The band that eats glass!!!

The house foundation show scene

Victoria Manor

The other Zero Tolerance 

Face To Face forms

Voodoo Glow Skulls


Violence at shows

a riot at Pigfest

Rhythm Collision 

Meeting the Grim

Ill Repute

Signing to Fat and touring with NoFX

Going to Europe with Lagwagon

Working Geza X

Major label headaches

The start of Vagrant Records


Apr 20, 2021
Episode 327 - Julien Baker Part 2
JULIEN BAKER IS BACK! That's right, Julien returns to the show & we'll be damned if it’s not one of the best episodes ever! Listen in as the two discuss: Nirvana by algorithm, Punk/ Religious guilt, smashing guitars, the loneliness of playing solo & so much more!!! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also, don't miss Julien Baker's AWESOME "Little Oblivions" out NOW Matador!

Also Touched On: 

The concession to pop culture

The audacity of a phone call

The writer/performer distinction 

Playing with a band again for the first time

The co-operative nature of performance

How thrilling will it be to be at a show again?!?

The intensity of the spotlight

Hayley from Paramore

Chumbawamba career moves

Zach Against The Machine 

“I’m sus of everything”: being weary of promotion

The freedom success allows

Mitigating the punk rock guilt

What would have happens if the meeting with Sean 6131 did't happen?

Punk as religion: redux

Computers as DJs

Pheobe and Lucy as inspiration 

Religion, punk and dogmas

Questioning straight edge and finding Sobriety



Apr 15, 2021
Episode 326 - Ari Katz (Lifetime, Beach Rats, Zero Zero, Enuf)
Well, we didn’t miss your birthday this year! Today on the show, Damian is joined by Lifetime’s legendary singer, ARI KATZ!! Damian is beside himself with joy as he talks with one of his favourite vocalists. Listen in as the two discuss: eating Taco Bell Hot Sauce for sustenance on tour, realizing people are trying to sing like you, having to walk away from music & so much more! 

Also Touched On:  

Hearing the Dead Kennedy on a non-punk mixtape

“Do you have any punk records?”

Buying Group Sex

Husker Du for a first show

Meeting AJ on the edge of the pit

Joining Enuf

Christmas (the band)

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!”: hearing Youth Of Today for the first time

Going to CBGBs for the first time

learning how to play drums

The violence at shows

Getting haircuts with Walter and Civ

People doing interesting things with mosh parts and fast parts

Jawbreaker at ABC No Rio

Loving the Fastbacks

Eating Taco Bell hot sauce on a two month and half tour with Up Front

Touring with Unit Pride and Insted during the summer of Youth Crew

getting kicked out of Up Front and Courage

Running into Rob Fish with a flyer from Dan Yemin in his pocket

Trying to sound like Mark Ryan

Hearing people doing their own version of your vocal

When pop-punk kids took notice

Joining Resurrection 

Not being built for it

Signing to New Age

Flowers over baseball bats

The influence of Superchunk

“No, no, no. Don’t say that.”: The AFI Riot



Apr 10, 2021
Episode 325 - Jeff Gunnells (Cold As Life, H8Inc., Ramallah)
Few legends loom larger in punk than that of Detroit's COLD AS LIFE. Today on the show, Cold As Life's guitarist turned vocalist, JEFF GUNNELLS sits down with Damian to talk about the reality behind the infamy. From open warfare with the bouncers at Blondies, to checking Insane Clown Posse's egos at their first show and so much more; this is NOT TO BE MISSED. 
Pick up a copy of the Cold As Life's CLASSIC "Born To Land Hard", the record that redefined what is was to be "hardcore", out on the great A389 Recordings now!.

Also Touched On:

Finding Discharge

Going to record stores

Day-glo Abortions, Ugly But Proud, Gore, Necros at the Greystone’s

Shifting from punk to a harder sound


DIY out of necessity

Death all around

Having to hide out

Documenting a city in decline 

Writing reality

Drugs and corruption


Getting in where you fit in: Making connections with other scenes

“We were a little wolf pack”: Blondies and war with the bouncers

Attracting the right 

Meeting Agnostic Front 

Carrying on without Rawn

Taking over vocals

Living by the sword and the tragedy of dying by it

Rest in Peace: Tim Mycek Jr., Jake Loch and Johnny Myers

Feisty Cadavers: RIP Steve Crass

The lost Las Vegas sessions for the 2nd lp


XTyrantX: Real deal

ICP’s first show opening for Cold As Life… it didn’t go well

Earthmover and +/- Records

Going to Europe

Detroit Heresy 

The greatness of Pittbull


Apr 07, 2021
Episode 324 - Dave Buick (The Go, Lost Kids, Italy Records, Third Man Records)
Detroit week continues on TOAP! Today on the show, the great DAVE BUICK of The Go & Italy Records comes to talk about the Garage side of the Rock City! Listen in as Dave & Damian discuss: collecting Touch & Go Records, the precursors to the White Stripes explosions, releasing one of the most valuable 7"s ever & so much more! 

Don't miss it!!! 

Also Touched On:

 The greatness of 80’s pop music

Side two of the tape with U2 on the side one

Dead Kennedys telling kids to steal mail

Dorks United

On ramp periods of music

Finding the cool people working at the record store


The lost period of Detroit rock and roll awareness 

trying to tape song of the radio

Iggy opening for the Pretenders

learning about Touch and Go from a friends sister

“We have a show Wednesday”: learning to play bass and Joining the Go in the same day

The Gories


Wolf Eyes

making a home Ugly But Proud pocket tee

Starting Italy Records

Putting out The Dirtys record out of a sense of civic pride

The story of one of the most valuable 7”s of all time


Apr 06, 2021
Episode 323 - Loren Molinare (The Dogs, Attack, Little Caesar)
Get ready for the greatest Rock & Roll story never told! Today on the show, Damian is joined by LOREN MOLINARE from The Dogs! Famous amongst punk collectors for their obscure & awesome records, The Dogs’ career is far more interesting & storied than any of the more well known counter parts. Listen in as Damian discusses one of the most fascinating careers in music with the guy who lived it. From playing with the likes of the MC5, Kiss & Van Halen to drinking with Bon Scott to clowning Sid Vicious on stage to teaching the Ramones how to dress to inspiring Black Flag to play: THIS IS ONE NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also Touched On: 

The Dogs: born in ’69

Mary walks into the basement and makes the band real

Hearing I Wanna Be Your Dog for the first time

 Dick Wagner from the Frost

Opening for the MC5 and getting to witness them live for the first time

The effect of the The Who coming to Ann Arbor 


Getting beaten and dragged to jail in from of 9000 people for refusing to play after Bob Seger

Getting banned from the Mid-West

Opening from Ted Nugent at the first solo show

After one thing but before another: Going to New York in ’73

finding the voice

Raw Power over Fun House and S/T

Finally seeing The Stooges

influencing Black Flag

The Motels

The Pop

“Radio Free Hollywood”

The Masques and the punks

Drinking and playing with AC/DC at their first US gig

“Let’s fuck him up!”: Sid Vicious looking like a fool on stage

Australia gets it

“Thank god for bootleggers!”

Killed By Death saved everything

Opening for Kiss

Playing with the Pre-Blondie Stilettos

Going belly up in London

Seeing the Ramones before the Ramones at shows



Apr 02, 2021
Episode 322 - Kathy Valentine (Go-Go's, Textones, The Violators)
You're going to go-go Go-Go's crazy for this episode! Today on the show, Damian is joined by the Go-Go's legend KATHY VALENTINE! As if being from a Hall Of Fame nominated band wasn't enough, Kathy is also: a Chiswick recording artist, an almost member of England's Girlschool & the founder of Austin, TX's first punk band The Violators!? Listen in as they discuss all of that & so much more! 

NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Kathy's FANTASTIC new book "All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir"!!!

Also Touched On:

Being a rocker

Born too late for Psych

No proto-punk in Texas… except for ZZ Top

Go-Go’s as a gateway for kids

The power of the songs getting over looked

Learning from Charlotte and Belinda

The punk influence on Can’t Stop The World

New Wave vs. Punk

The diversity of the LA sound

The Weirdos: LA’s Damned

The effect of Manson

Having no time for Kim Fowley

The Violators

Dr. Feelgood

Going to England and seeing the Pub Rock

Going to see the Sex Pistols in San Antonio

The Next

Project Terror

The Nerves

The Capitol Records Swap-Meet 

The Plugz 


Brought To You By VANS

Mar 30, 2021
Episode 321 - Georgia Hardstark (My Favorite Murder)
Get siked Murderinos! My Favorite Murder's GEORGIA HARDSTARK is here!! That's right, one half of the true crime podcast juggernaut sits down with Damian to talk about her not always positive experiences in punk. From surviving the wrong crowd as a kid to claiming space & building your own world. 
Find My Favorite Murder at your favorite podcast store!

Also Touched On:

 Bonding with your brother over Ween

Meeting the Crusties

Hating the OC

Going to the Vandals and seeing a stabbing instead

The downside of the punk utopia 

Meeting a metalhead in rehab

Slayer: a middle ground

Moving to LA and meeting Strife

Loving the Wrestling Podcaster just not the wrestling

The Grade/ We Watch Wrestling Connection

a secret zine

the importance of Riot Grrrl

SciFi as a path to sobriety

Meeting Ray Bradbury
a secret Mr.Show live comedy show

Find treasure on TV

Starting My Favorite Murder 

A secret zine

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

Mar 26, 2021
Episode 320 - Liz Phair
LIZ PHAIR IS HERE!!! That's right, the iconic indie rock legend joins Damian on the show to talk punk! Listen in as they talk: making records as an autobiography, the music nerd paradise of Oberlin & how punk drove her to get on stage. 

NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Liz's new album "Soberish" dropping later this year on Chrysalis Records!

Also Touched On:

The importance of tapes

Feeling welcomed by punk

Expression over permission

The Police, Madonna and The “Why Can’t I?” Effect

The dissent in the music

You are human, you are alive, therefore you are qualified

Bowie as a Punk icon

Seeing the punk on a Liz Phair, Alanis, Garbage Tour

Going to the land of the music nerd: Oberlin

Getting into the Cult

 Only liking pop with a punk edge

How sexy are the vocals in the Fall?!

Culture of zines

The aesthetic of punk 

Flyers and the importance of the Physical world 

trying to read Raygun Magazine 

Punk driving you to get on stage
The Carnivore 7”

Tae Won Yu and  The Girly Sound Tapes

Kicking Giant

taking advance of an audience 

Pink Moon and The Modern Lovers are perfect records

Hearing your voice soloed in the studio for the first time

The high of scoring

The medium of emotion


Mar 22, 2021
Episode 319 - Bruce LaBruce (Filmmaker, Zinester, Queercore Icon)
BRUCE LABRUCE is an iconic filmmaker known the world over for his uncompromising approach to cinema… & a legendary zinemaker. Today on the show Damian sits down with one of his most anticipated guests to discuss the conception of Queercore & manifesting the punk you want. Listen in as the two discuss: the Toronto Zine Scene, Gavin & Vice, Nazi violence, Robin Wood’s cultural impact & tons of other stuff! 

Also Touched On: 

Growing up in small town Ontario

Seeing a punk with fully charged hair in Toronto for the first time

Into the fashion first

Just Desserts: a place for rich people to eat cake and freaks to work

Meeting Fifth Column and a world opening up


Partying backstage with Husker Du

Disco and Folk

CKEW out of Detroit

Gucci’s Queercore line

Fanzine: The Ephemeral Art form

Nirvana before the boom

“Queering everything”: Creating Queercore out of reclaimed and found elements of punk

Trying to create a new gay culture

The Mumps

Vaginal Davis and “Fertile Latoya Jackson”

Pat Loud cooking for the punks

The rightwing appropriation of punk atheistic and strategy 

The Vice days


The having to deal with Neo-Nazis Skinheads in Toronto

Loving Can-rock

Rough Trade

Will Munro, Vazaleen and making the JDs fiction real

The Gun Club at a boozecan 

Zuzu’s Petals

Getting punched while covering the Dead Kennedys

The 1988 Anarchist Unconvention in Toronto

Robin Wood: more radical than the punks


being deprogrammed by punk

Pissing on the Cinema of Transgression


Mar 18, 2021
Episode 318 - Jello Biafra Part 2
JELLO’S BACK! That’s right, one of punk’s original firebrands returns to the show & oh boy, is it ever a good one!! Join Damian as he sits down with a feisty JELLO BIAFRA to discuss punk & politics as only Jello can. Listen in as the two friends talk: watching workout tapes with Zappa, getting cornered by Timothy Leary at Giger’s art show, going to war with Tipper Gore & so much more!! 

Not to be missed & don’t miss Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine’s awesome brand new album: “Tea Party Revenge Porn” out now on Alternative Tentacles!!! 

Also Touched On:

Jack Chic comics

The Dancing Assholes and the Faith Healers

GG Allin’s hardrock band

Lee Ving’s Psych band

Felt: the pre-Dickies band

Greg Sage’s band with a singin’ Wrestler

Hedge-fund record collectors

The censored acetate of “Too Dunk to *BEEP*”

The Greek DK’s record

The Beach Mutants

Toronto VS Vancouver 


Releasing the Eraserhead soundtrack

The Bad Brains

Working with Bob Last

Going to Australia

The Lime Spiders

Wrong Kind Of Stone-age

The Celibate Rifles

Meeting Hard-Ons after they were attacked by Skinheads

The Government was supposed to be on “Let Them Eat Jellybeans!”

“No Alice Cooper props!”: The surgical gloves

Having to be willing to fail on stage

The Husker Hotel: “Hi, we’re Husker Du and we’re here to stay!”

The Fartz 

Pushing potted plants in people’s faces

Debating the definition of punk

Ian and Henry shaving heads on the side of the stage

Mosh vs. Thrash and Slam

The Mudd Club sucking

The origin of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

The night the British Movement attacked the Dead Kennedys and MDC in Lester

UK Mayhem 

Denver catches up

“This is war!”: the PMRC

“You are the victim”: meeting Zappa

Timothy Leary trying to get Jello to help with Al Jorgenson at a Giger exhibit 

Gwar shows up to save the day



Mar 13, 2021
DND Official episode 1!
DANKO JONES ARE DOING THEIR FIRST EVER LIVESTREAM TONIGHT (and tomorrow)! To celebrate the event, The DND (Danko Jones [the person], Nick and Damian) got together for more good times and self-reflection. Listen in as they discuss a bunch of topic including whether or not they should even bother putting this episode up!

Get tickets for Danko's livestream here: https://linktr.ee/dankojones

And Nick can be found here on Twitter: @nickflanweakly

Mar 12, 2021
Episode 317 - Joey Keithley Part 2
JOEY SH*THEAD’S BACK!!! One of Canada's most iconic musicians, DOA's Joey Keithley returns to the show! From teaching the punk world how to tour, to running for political office; Joey's life is worthy of a movie & soon, it will be! Keep an eye out for Scott ("Salad Days" & "Creem" documentaries) Crawford's highly anticipated documentary on Joey: "Something Better Change" coming soon! 

Until then, listen to Joey & Damian talk: lost Mystic Recording sessions, the Yippies' roll in the early hardcore scene, RCMP surveillance in the wake of the arrest of the Squamish 5 & so much more! 


Also Touched On:

The sonic range of small town Vancouver

The reason for the creative explosion

Vancouver: weird mix of people

Why not Toronto and Montreal?

SCUM in Montreal

The Nils

The BC and Quebec connection

Lee Kendall: the original singer of The Skulls

Art Bergman’s first band: Schmorg

The coming together of the suburban groups with completely different idea of what punk was

The Ramones show up and teach everyone how it’s done

Studying Black Flag

Playing one of the first Husker Du shows

Grant Hart 

Playing with the Bad Brains in 1979

The all-time great line-ups

No rules

Going to China

the lost Mystic Session

Label Issues: drugs and the music business 

CD Characters and the “Cocksucker Blues” connection

Anti-Canada Day

The Squamish 5: “Anyone heard from Gerry lately?”

RCMP Surveillance  

Playing hockey against Negazione 



Mar 10, 2021
Episode 316 - Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains, White Mandingos)
DARRYL JENIFER IS HERE!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the BAD BRAINS' LEGEND to discuss his journey in punk. From kicking Cars' records off of turntables, to the Bad Brains' early "James Chance" era, to the real story behind the Clash Bond Street show: 

Also Touched On:

Growing up with Soul, GoGo and Motown

Discovering the Damned, Sex Pistols and The Ramones

Some nights, it’s Wow! Some nights, it’s Why?

Brothers before Bad Brains

RIP Sid McCray: too punk for a band

The influence of a Budgie

Loving No New York Comp 


The James Chance inspired first line up of the Bad Brains

“Five people clap for you and now you’ve sold out”

From one song to Black Dots in a few months

Playing with on back of flatbed  the Mall in DC

Seeing Jame Brown at the Howard Theatre in ’64

“Why is the bass too loud?”: The first time seeing Bob Marley 

The Swimming Pool Q’s

The Urban Verb

the year 1979

The Happening

Playing Berlin when the Wall fell

The art of writing a setlist

Kicking a Cars record off the turntable: “Why are they playing this shit?!”

“Biker Music”: Hearing the Viletones’ Screamin’ Fist for the first time

A “19 year old young Peter Tosh” had no love for Basquiat 

Ian MacKaye: Very Washingtonian 

The Old New York

CBGBs: always cool

The Bloodless Pharaoh’s Brian Setzer goes swing

Red Hot Chilli Peppers : “How the hell did this band get on the bill?”

The Beastie Boys going rap

Screamin’ Mad George is making shit again: living with The Mad

“Stay Close To Me is a Clash influenced song and Pay To Come is a Ramones influenced song”

Meeting Jerry Williams and Th’Cigaretz 

“The Ramones are dope but I am The Damned“

The Clash and The Ramones are sore losers

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!

Mar 05, 2021
Episode 315 - Jon King (Gang Of Four, King Butcher)
No need to wonder what to do for pleasure this week because, JON KING from the legendary Gang Of Four comes to Turned Out A Punk! Listen in as he & Damian talk about: cinematic influence, the Dadaist nature of punk, psychedelic Hawkwind shows & fighting Nazis at the Fenton! 

NOT TO BE MISSED! & don't miss the new Gang Of Four "77-81" Boxset on Matador Records!!

Also Touched On:

The influence on the present day

trying to never be in a genre

Dr. Feelgood: UK proto-punk

the disappointment of the Clash

toilet reverb: “it sounded shit”

being sampled by Run The Jewels’

“We were pretty good at being difficult”

Refusing to compromise for Top Of The Pops

A friend’s dad with a crack and peel Velvet Underground

Marc Almond getting whipped as an opener

Having to deal with the first wave of Nazi punks

The Mekons

Sham 69


Mar 02, 2021
Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's and Frosted
Episode 314:
Cancel that vacation because today on the show, the LEGEND JANE WIEDLIN FROM THE GO-GO’s is here to talk punk! Listen in as Damian sits down with one of his dream guests to talk about the good, the bad & the disturbingly violent of the LA punk scene that the Go-Go's fought their way out of. From the reality behind the Germs legend, dealing with Nazi's at Ska shows, the LAPD's war on punks & so much more!  

NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss the amazing new Go-Go's documentary and their brand new song "Club Zero"!!


Also Touched On:

Frosted is super underrated

The pre-punk LA Glam scene

making punk clothes

Meeting Pleasant

Rodney’s English Disco

Zolar X


New York Dolls

Tales From Canterbury

The origin of the song Blades

The darkness of the early LA scene 

Drug and alcohol 

being too punk for power pop

the AM radio influence

The Weirdos and the Screamers: too good to get signed


Castration Squad

The St. Daddy’s Day Massacre

Beef with Elvis Costello

the real side of the Germs legend



Feb 26, 2021
Todd Kowalski from Propagandhi and I Spy
Episode 313:
Today on the show, Damian is joined by a legit triple threat: Propagandhi bassist, I Spy vocalist & visual artist TODD KOWALSKI!!! Listen in as they talk finding metal/punk/hardcore in Regina, Unlawful Assembly is Saskatchewan's greatest band, The Besnard Lakes' connection & so much more! 

Not to be missed!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Loving Metal



a friend from the ally with Razor and Celtic Frost records

Trying to comprehend Slayer

Insight: Regina’s answer to SNFU

Unlawful Assembly: The best unrecorded Regina bend ever

The greatness of Beyond Possession 

The Chris Todd Kenton Warriors: first band

Imaginary metal bands

Government Issue playing to 15 people

Doing the best stage dive of your life for No Means No

Needing to hear what death metal sounded like

The Killer Dwarfs playing at the bar at the mall

Records On Wheels

GG Allin in Flipside: “I’m going to be banned from life if I’m caught with this!”

Drummer of Ditchpig

The Besnard Lakes/ Propagandhi connection

Going to a Fugazi and hoping for Minor Threat

Loving Youth Of Today

Seeing Tankhog on the best possible day

Bonehog did not age well

Death Sentence dancers

Seeing Sloan on the very first tour

Seeing the Small

interviewing Propagandhi

There is always a market for dark punk

The influence of the Melvins, Helmet and Coffin Break

The effect of hearing Ebullition records stuff



Feb 22, 2021
Shapel Lacey: Comedian and host of It's Managed Podcast
Episode 313:
Start doing back flips! Today on the show Damian sits down with the hilarious SHAPEL LACEY (AKA The only person in comedy with a DS-13 tattoo)!!! Listen in as the two discuss: how finding punk gave a voice to an anger inside, the various strengths of different Black Flag singers, why hardcore is the most integral of all the punk mutations, the power of the mosh, Oasis: the anti-Nirvana & so much more! 


Also Touched On:

"Wanna join a Ska punk band?"

The power of a logo 

the various strengths of the various Black Flag singers

Henry Rollins: the greatest front person 

No one can touch Keith On Nervous Breakdown

Hearing "Mississippi Queen" for the first time

Never loving 80’s metal

From Queens Of The Stone Age to GBH

The blues in Grunge

Loving Oasis 

The chilling effect of Kurt Cobain’s death

Loving GBH

from crust to hipsters

Most people don’t have what it takes to be in a band like Black Flag

Deranged Records




Feb 17, 2021
Bill Hader from Barry, SNL, Superbad and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
Episode 312:
Yes, that’s right!! On this episode Damian sits down & chats with, Emmy Award winning star/ co-creator/ director/ writer of HBO’s Barry, BILL HADER!!! Thanks to their mutual friend, Jon “King of Beats/Comedy” Wurster, these two anxious nerds are brought together for the longest episode of TOAP ever! Listen in as they discuss: panic attacks while making SNL, Barry as an autobiography, Bad Brains being the best ever, why can’t people just like instrumental Zappa & SO MUCH MORE! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Mutual love

The Wheelman

Can you make the guns sound like they do in Heat?

Dad hated Dylan and loved Zappa

An uncle flipping out about Minor Threat’s cover of “Stepping Stone”

"Something Brains and something Kennedys?"

Monster Movies and punk: a deadly combination

The Misfits are targeted marketing at work

watching movies like TV

Getting wasted in front of Rush

Trying to school Geddy Lee on Mike Watt

Proudly punishing Spielberg

Cults and music

The Bad Brains

“Your Uncle John’s a Devo”

“Fartface”: Bill, Will Forte and Josh Brolin go down swinging on SNL

Not always enjoying it 

Directing Barry: “I can do this”

Horror movies

Evil Dead is punk rock

creative process

SCTV and Kids in The Hall

Iron Chef... America


Feb 12, 2021
Shayne Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Bored Games, Doublehappys)
Episode 311 :
On this episode, Damian sits down with one of the greatest songwriters EVER: SHAYNE CARTER!!! Shayne is a bonafide New Zealand music icon that has released some of Damian's favourite records in his various bands. Listen in as the two discuss how punk inspired Shayne & his compatriots in the Dunedin music scene to create some of the best music ever recorded. 
NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss ANY of Shayne's genius! Check out his amazing autobiography "Dead People I Have Known", as well as the music of:

Straitjacket Fits, Doublehappys, Shayne Carter+Peter Jefferies, Bored Games, Dimmer, The Weeds etc. (As well as all the other NZ goodness: The Bats, The Chills, The Clean, The Enemy, King Loser,  Look Blue Go Purple, Sneaky Feelings, The Stones Toy Love, The Verlaines, Wax Chattels, etc. It will make your life better.)!!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Toy Love and the Enemy

The Sex Pistols were good even on the reunion... shockingly

The Stooges, Al Green and Leonard Cohen: perfect til the end 

Like in wrestling: doing more with less

“That’s the guitar sound from ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’!"

Chris Knox: true punk

Martin from the Chills setting up chairs outside of gigs

the power of distance 

The guy and the record store setting you straight after calling Jimi Hendrix a hippie

There is no golden egg to chase in Dunedin

1 in 10 000 people are signed to a US label

“Very white, very violent” Dunedin in the late 70s

Car Boys VS. Punks: being willing to die for your art

“Scarfie bashing”

Doublehappys: a form of social revenge


Feb 09, 2021
Steve Von Till from Neurosis, Harvestman and Tribes Of Resistance
Episode 310:
On this episode Damian is joined by one of his favourite voices in music, STEVE VON TILL from the godly NEUROSIS! Listen in as they talk: Transgressor, hearing GISM for the first time, "Word As Law" not being a band favourite, gigs with Green Day & so much more! 
NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Steve Von Till's AMAZING new solo album: 'No Wilderness Deep Enough'. ALSO, check out his new book of poetry & lyrics: "Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics", both are out now on Neurot Records!!

Also Touched On:


An influence on everyone

Born in 69

Hearing Los Angelas by X for the first time

Discharge changes everything

San Jose

Kill ‘Em All: “You need this”

The Peace comp

The MRR comps

What the hell is going on in Japan?!?: the first time you hear GISM

international hardcore


the mix bag early Gilman St. shows

Playing with Green Day, NoFX and the Offspring

Tribes Of Resistance

wanting to do all the things

Kamala hooking up the numbers for the first Neurosis tour

the Alchemy scene

RKL’s psychedelic light show

Clown Ally 

“Punk rock, and we can’t even drink outside?!? That’s bullshit!”

“Six hours of the Misfits”

Coil, Throbbing Gristle, etc

College Radio: It’s not all REM

Holiday dinner at Chris Dodge’s with Buzz and Dale

Burning Witch: True Doom

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!


Feb 05, 2021
Joe Manganiello from Justice League, True Blood and Archenemy
Episode 309:
Grab your 20 sided dice! Today on the show we are joined by, the bard with a 31 charisma, actor/director/producer/writer/DM: JOE MANGANIELLO!!! Join Joe & Damian on his journey from a Rollins worshipping, DnD obsessed, metalhead kid, to a Rollins worshipping, DnD obsessed, metalhead adult... Who is also Deathstroke & Alcide the Werewolf. 
NOT TO BE MISSED & ALSO, don't miss Joe's "Shoplifters Of The World" out wherever you see new movies March 26!

Also Touched On:

Damian’s whole family is excited for this one!

Metallica turning people on to the Misfits and Discharge

The power of the cover

Get In the Van: “Have you ever read this?”

Being obsessed and getting to meet Henry Rollins

“Crossover stars”

Shepard Fairly setting you straight 

Parents hate D’n’D

Trying to keep Role Playing games punk

It’s a war-game

The dream of working in the industry… the gaming industry

Ian MacKaye’s birthday fucking up the booking plans for a live reading of Major League

What’s the purpose of us anymore?

Being the roadie for Goldfinger

Nerds of the world unite

Metal going high fashion is teenage validation 

Vince Vaughn, Big Show, and Tom Against The Machine: the ultimate DnD party

Going to see Social Distortion and losing your camera with Macho Man photos

DnD Alignments


Feb 03, 2021
Alison Braun: Photographer and author of IN THE PIT
Episode 308:
Mouse is in the house!!! One of the original documentarians of Souther California Hardcore is here: ALISON “MOUSE” BRAUN! Join Damian as he sits down with the legendary photographic contributor to MRR, Flipside, We Got The Power & more! From why she didn’t shoot Black Flag, to introducing El Duce to her dad, to why it took her years to finally get a usable shot of the Bad Brains, to moving to Seattle just before the explosion & so much more!

NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don’t miss Alison’s AMAZING NEW BOOK available at alisonbraun.com!!!!!!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Having to judge a book by it’s cover

Record stores

the loss of cover art

Kiss and Cheap Trick

Shady has the tickets!

The Go-Go’s and the X and the Whisky 

Submitting to Flipside

The Keith Morris versus Jello Biafra stage vibe

Black Flag’s asshole roadie

Police against punks under Daryl Gates

Working for Mystic Records

Doug Moody

Shooting Battalion Of Saints

“Your dad’s over there talking to El Duce”

Seattle: the boring calm before the storm

Never getting to shoot Nirvana

B’last being the best band to shoot

Not shooting Minor Threat 

Trying to get a still shot of the Bad Brains


Submitting punk photo for high school assignment 


Jan 31, 2021
Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods
Episode 307:
On this episode Damian sits down with the outspoken vocalist of Sleaford Mods, JASON WILLIAMSON! Listen in as the two discuss: the Sex Pistols still being able to shock, Public Enemy, class, music & MORE! ALSO, check out “Spare Ribs” out now on Rough Trade.

Also Touched On:

A step brother as an entryway 

The Sex Pistols: still able to offend 

Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim as a first show

The class divide in music

Rap in England

British Rap

The non-influence of John Cooper Clark and Mark E. Smith

The Old Blue Last

& MORE!!!

Jan 26, 2021
Fat Mike Burkett from NoFX Is Back!
Episode 306:
NoFX week continues & FAT MIKE is back! 5 years after his first legendary appearance on the show, Mike returns to: berate Damian's tastes in music, drink WATER & talk punk. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! And don't miss Single Album in stores February 26!

Also Touched On:

Back together again

Mike loves the Melvins

a penny scraping against concrete


Agnostic Front 


BDSM and being elite

Punk means I’m better than you

The unreleased Johnny Ramone chapter of “Please Kill Me”

Damian has terrible taste in punk 

Mike not getting why people love the Big Boys and the Minutemen

Why do people hate me?

Fat’s best year

“No one says Punk in Drublic is our best record anymore.”

Bands that went to majors



Jan 22, 2021
Erik "Smelly" Sandin from NoFX and Caustic Cause
Episode 305:
IT'S NoFX WEEK ON TURNED OUT A PUNK! In celebration of the newly announced "Single Album", here is the first of two episodes!!! Kicking it off with a bang, Damian sits down to talk with the LEGEND ERIK SANDIN! An interview almost a quarter century in the making as Damian interviews Erik for the first time since 1996! Listen is as they discuss: NoFX making him a worse drummer, worshiping at the RKL alter, punk gangs, the "Mystic Records Puppy Mill" & so much more! Not to be missed & don't miss "Single Album" out on Fat Wreck Chords February 26!

Also Touched On:

The nicest band member

Buttrock: here comes punk

Caustic Cause: 30 year old shredders 

Don Bolles

America’s Hardcore

Drew Bernstien 

Lip service

Scared Straight 

The LA Straight Edge Scene

Playing with 7 Seconds

Becoming a worse drummer after joining NoFX

“Raymond” and the art for Liberal Animation

RKL thought the years

Mystic studios: A puppy mill for teenage punk bands



Jan 19, 2021
Steve Diggle from the Buzzcocks and Flag Of Convenience
Episode 304:
There's no boredom around here! On this episode, Damian is joined the LEGEND: STEVE DIGGLE from the godly Buzzcocks! Listen in as the two discuss the birth of punk in the UK, Krautrock, Gorilla Biscuits, touring with Nirvana & tons of other goodness! From "A conscientious objector to work" to punk icon: NOT TO BE MISSED! 
Also, grab that ESSENTIAL Buzzcocks singles boxset out now on Domino Records!

Also Touched On: 

Influencing everybody

Sick of Yes

The Pistols and the Ramones

Forming two days before the Clash

The R and B influence of Pub rock

The slowness of everything in 70’s music

the Kraut rock influence 

Thrift store punks

Malcolm McLaren’s mistake completes the Buzzcocks

Promises was a political song

pre-Buzzcocks’ Buzzcocks demos

The Buzzcocks’ practice space becomes Joy Division’s  

Jamming for the first album in a rehab centre

Autonomy: An English person trying to sound like a German person singing English

“The riff of Manchester”

“I love those weird little bits you do in those songs!” - Joey Ramone

“We aren’t entertainers!”

Getting paid not to play a biker bar

the 100 club

the Screen on the Green

the kids in Slaughter and the Dogs

Morrissey cribbing notes

Hearing the Gorilla Biscuits’ cover for the first time

Flag Of Convenience

Meeting with Seymour Stein and saying you wanna sound like the Stooges 

reforming the band

Touring with Nirvana



Jan 16, 2021
Fat Tony Is Back!
Episode 303:
REJOICE! In a rare Part 2, FAT TONY makes his mighty return to the show! Tony made one of Damian's favourite records of last year & it has been a while since they last spoke. Listen in as they catch up & talk: the process of writing his fantastic "Exotica" album, working with Bun B, Tony's favourite TOAP episodes & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss "Exotica" out now on Carpark Records!

Also Touched On:

Liking ALL types of punk 

discovering music independently: free from anyones else’s baggage

Like Pop Punk and Hardcore and Houston Rap and Bay Area Rap

at least you could turn off the message board

getting back into music during quarantine 

Research, details and collaboration: a new approach 

The Gamble of making music

The honesty of writing as a character

Writing a record to be consumed as an album

working with Bun B

reaching back

YouTube comments as music history

Loving punk but never wanting to make it because it isn’t your true sound

Thing the Ergs to a Houston rap party

Getting into Ska Punk History

Favorite TOAP moments 



Jan 12, 2021
Fred Schneider from The B-52’s, The Superions and Fred Schneider & The Shake Society
Episode 302:
You demanded it, we got it! On this episode, Damian sits down with one of the most iconic front people to ever pick up a microphone: the B-52s' FRED SCHNEIDER!!! Listen in as the two discuss: accidentally inventing a new approach to music, the Cramps getting it, what the Sex Pistols were like live & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!

Also Touched On:

The Velvets, The Stooges and The Ramones

mom never bringing the 7th kid to a show

Records at the A and P

Going to Athens

West Coast Surf > East Coast Surf

Not wanting to be a dance band but loving to dance

the Fans

Ort’s Oldies

Going to the first US Sex Pistols show in Atlanta

house party shows

Jamming in an unheated room at a mortuary

Meeting Lux and Ivy from Cramps at Max’s

CB’s was a dump

“If you can do we can too!” meeting Pylon


The modestly of Athens

Steve Albini is a lovely person

Don Pyle rules!

Biker wars



Jan 06, 2021
TOAP Footnotes Supershow - Wonder Woman's Cro-Mags shirt and Playboi Carti reads Slash
With Wonder Women 1984's Cro-Mags shirt & the Slash Mag referencing cover of the Playboi Carti's Red, Punk references have popped up in chart toping mainstream culture & people are pissed! Damian has called upon Nick Woj & Chris O'toole to help him deal with the Crisis On Punk Planet.

check out Woj''s latest mixtapes at: https://soundcloud.com/w0javelli/

Jan 04, 2021
Otto Buj (Sold Out Fanzine, Filmmaker)
Episode 301:
This week on the show Damian is joined by filmmaker & former Sold Out fanzine publisher, OTTO BUJ!!! Otto has just made a fantastic documentary about the formative days of Detroit hardcore & is here to talk all about the history of punk in Rock City. Listen in as the two talk: being too late for the glory days, the dividing line between hardcore & punk, why punk in Detroit was different & so much more! Not to be missed & DON’T MISS Otto’s new film: “Dope, Hookers and Pavement: The Real and Imagined History of Detroit Hardcore”! Available here NOW: detroithardcoremovie.com

Also Touched On:

A Detroit punk nerd-out

Finding hardcore from your older brothers

The 84-85 jumping off point

out growing the box: Laughing Hyenas, Husker Du and Fugazi

Punk versus Hardcore

The genius of Brannon

10 months that changed hardcore

Ian MacKay is not a huge Tremor Records collector

The Flesh Columns 

The Spys and the Dry Heaves 

The Windsor Connection

Band grow out their hair and start to solo

Being too late for the hardcore you were looking for


Youth of Today, Henry Rollins, Boom And The Legion Of Doom and a dead dear skull

Depression Records and the true weirdos of Detroit 



Jan 01, 2021
Episode 300 - Part 3 (J Mascis, Chris O'Toole, Danko Jones and Nick Flanagan

For the epic conclusion: J Mascis returns to talk GG and Degrassi, Footnotes host Chris O'Toole joins Damian for some reminiscing, all while D'N'D laugh at each other.

Dec 24, 2020
Episode 300 - Part 2 (Fred Armisen, Danko Jones & Nick Flanagan)

On this one: Fred Armisen returns to the show to compare and contrast 80's NYHC, 90's Chicago DIY and Dischord's DC. While Danko, Nick and Damian discuss and lament their various beefs in music over the years.

Brought to you by Vans
Dec 24, 2020
Episode 300 - Part 1 (Mother 13's Corey Harris, Danko Jones & Nick Flanagan)
WE DID IT!!!! Episode 300 is here and, oh boy, it's an epic THREE PARTER! Listen in as Damian is joined by his long suffering wife Lauren and a few other returning friends for this marathon of a celebration.

First up: Mother 13's Corey Harris tries to bum rush the show and then D'N'D  (Danko, Nick and Damian) finally formalize their trio.

Dec 24, 2020
Episode 299 - Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Better Oblivion Community Center)
Who says part two’s never happen?!?! Join Damian as he sits down with the returning CONOR OBERST for a much requested part two! ...Or one & half? Listen in as the two discuss, the good, bad, ugly of emo, trying to navigate success, PUNK & so much other goodness. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! 

Also, don't miss the FANTASTIC new Bright Eye's album "Down In The Weeds, Where the World Once Was" out now on Dead Oceans!

Also Touched On:

Back for the whole punishment spotlight

the connection to the Athens' scene


Commander Venus meets the music biz 


Dischord and Merge

Rilo Kiley

Digital Sex

Grass Records

Dropping out of College fo music… reluctantly

Tiger’s Jaw

Wicca Phase

Why most emo sucks

Ben Lee and Ben Kweller

The Cap 'N' Jazz 


Dec 12, 2020
Episode 298 - Sam McPheeters (Author, Born Against, Wrangler Brutes)
Turned Out A Punk is dead... with excitement! On this episode, Damian is joined by the LEGEND SAM MCPHEETERS! Listen in as the two talk Sam's AWESOME new book, MUTATIONS, Born Against's record buying habits, kinda caring about bad reputations, Clevo, Power Violence, the Albany New Wave vocal style, Ginsberg opening for Underdog being Utopia & so much more! This & Sam's AMAZING new book, MUTATIONS are NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

in your image 

Watching Fear play SNL

Postcard punks

A presentation on the Dead Kennedys

Laurie Anderson and her "Tapeheads" violin

By ’84, Hardcore is everywhere

Combined Effort

Albany Style

The Verge are awesome

Capitol the band as the inspiration for antagonization 

Not liking being around drunk people

The unnamed style of New Wave with over exaggerated vocals

Most know fo being a victim of violent crime than being a singer in a New Wave band

There is no Koro in Albany

Trying to see the Beastie Boys and Murphy’s Law at Irvine Plaza

No fights in Albany: Going to Chucky Cheese after shows

Booking Nomeansno with Breakdown

Temper tantrums in Hardcore

Underdog playing Alan Ginsberg: The 6 months of NY unity

Inspiration on “The Fear Of Smell” comp.

Making ABC No Rio no welcoming to people that sought to destroy it by its nature

Life’s Blood remaking you in their image

Boycotting the first Life’s Blood show

Why would you go to someone else’s band practice?!?

Livin’ it up Rollins’ style in Room 666 at the 30th St. YMCA

Born Against on Rev?

Reading Wizard Of Oz, Leaf-blowers and other artistic failures

“We are called Bad Attitude”: lying to your parents about your band

“If 20 year old self came in the room right now I’d be a dead man”

Integrity and Ringworm

Power Violence 


Dec 03, 2020
Episode 297 - Penelope Spheeris (LEGEND, The Decline Of Western Civilization, Suburbia, Wayne's World)
Attention! Please be advised that today on the show we are joined by the legendary filmmaker of The Decline of Western Civilization: PENELOPE SPHEERIS!!! Listen in as Penelope & Damian discuss going from thinking music was dead, to being at the heart of the LA punk explosion, to becoming a "big time" Hollywood director & hating every second of it. Penelope is one of the the greatest to ever do it! 


Also Touched On:

“Have you heard of the Sex Pistols?”

LA Psych

music as an escape

Going to Rodney's because that was the thing to do

Blue Cheer

Zolar X

Punk changes everything

The Masque and places “where normal people don’t go”

Wish you shot the Weirdos, The Zeros, The Screamers and The Plugz

Showing Foghat the Sunset Strip

How to filming music

Manson changes everything

The Runaways

Art: Bob Biggs, a stripper and a cow on a leash

Where does it start?

Punk could see the future

Punk > Hollywood

Between The “Michael Moore” and the “Hand Of God”  style of documentary filmmaking

We Sold Our Souls

Guns And Roses not being in Decline 2

too glam not enough hardcore

“I don’t know the east coast”

Hardcore was born in Hermosa Beach 

Pollywog park

Violence and gangs

Bay Area Trash Violence

X not liking their parts in Decline.

The Maus Maus

“Hollywood can blow me!”

The horror of working with Weinstein brothers driving the making of the Decline 3

“El Duce was an asshole”

Bikers On Acid




Nov 27, 2020
Episode 296 - Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!)
We're going wild in the streets on this episode because Damian is joined by his buddy & a goddamn LEGEND: KEITH MORRIS! Listen in as the two discuss the LA punk explosion, & what led up to it, from the most first hand of perspectives. From going with Greg Ginn to see the Dogs in a music wasteland to watching West Coast hardcore take over the globe a few years later. This is NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss the brand new jammed packed reissue of Group Sex (one of the best records ever!) out now on Trust Records. 

Also Touched On:

Not heroes, friends

Great bass players

LA versus NY punk

A nice thick red face and zucchini noodles

Talking Heads, Blondie and most of the early CBs scene wasn’t really punk

The Dickies and X are the only bands to get signed

Zolar X 

The Imperial Dogs

The Dogs from Detroit: Ginn and Keith’s favourite band

The Last kick it off in the South Bay

Lucky Leher gives out his number on Group Sex and regrets it

Jeff trades Keith a song in exchange for a new band name

Hollywood vs the Beach communities

The effect of growing up in the “Hey Devo!” era

Don’t stand around trying to figure stuff out, jump in: Beach Jocks

Circles Jerks and Fear to 5000 people at the Olympic Auditorium 

The Stooges on their last legs

The effects of Charles Manson on you Culture

Vom were… fun

Fear forming to mock punk

The Extremes to Youth Brigade

The Atoms: pre-DFL and GnR

The first tour


Making sure you were playing with the good band in each town

Borrowing riffs

four month long tours

no merch



Nov 22, 2020
Episode 295 - Vanessa Briscoe Hay (Pylon, Supercluster, Pylon Reenactment Society)
PYLON WEEK CONTINUES!! On this episode Damian gets to sit down & talk with one of his favourite vocalists ever: VANESSA BRISCOE HAY! Listen in as the two talk about her journey into punk & fronting the legendary Pylon. From meeting the Ramones to changing the landscape of Athens through music, THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss the awesome new Pylon Boxset out now on New West Records!

Also Touched On:

The ’76-77 dividing line in music


Roxy Music as a precursor to punk

The impact of the Sex Pistols’ show on the Athens scene

.38 Special opening for the Ramones

The B-52s and “New Music”

Almost meeting Anne Wilson from Heart 

“Our” music

Robert Croker directing The Fans with playing cards

Skinny tie bands

Blondie, The Kinks and some metal band

Everyone is scared of the Restraints

“Its the newest dance! It’s called the West Coast Shove”

The Shag and the North Carolina Surf Music scene

Figuring out DIY touring 

“Parties at our house!”

Pylon as healing music

Georgia hospitality in LA

Screaming to be heard

Gang Of Four, Pylon and Mission To Burma

The negative space left in the music



Nov 15, 2020
Episode 294 - Michael Lachowski (Pylon)
IT’S PYLON WEEK ON TOAP! In celebration of the amazing  new Pylon boxset, we have back to back episodes of PYLON greatness! Starting with MICHAEL LACHOWSKI sitting down to discuss his journey into punk & Pylon's impact on music. From houseshows with the B-52s to getting banned in Atlanta for repainting the greenroom, this is NOT TO BE MISSED. 
Also, you don’t want to miss the awesome new Pylon boxset on New West Records out now!

Also Touched On:

 Loving the Vibrators 

“Michael, theses guys are a punk band!?”

It all felt a little manufactured


Not loving Van Halen

Being turned off by the media circus around the Sex Pistols

The B-52s and the arrival of House shows

The Side Effects and Ok Go

The Fans and the Brains in Atlanta

The Tones Tones and the Method Actors

The New Wave take over of Athens

Where punk takes hold

The expansion of the Art Department of the University Of 


Going to NY

Lene Lovich or Gang Of Four?

Touring Canada

Beer for breakfast in the UK

Atlanta vs Athens

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2020
Episode 293 - Dennis Jagard (Scared Straight, Ten Foot Pole)
On the latest episode, we're keeping the Scared Straight energy going as Damian sits down with Ten Foot Pole frontperson, DENNIS JAGARD! Listen in as the two have a revealing conversation about the risk that comes with pursuing your dream. Topics  ranging from: cleaning up after the Cramps to fighting nazi's at the Gilman, to ignoring Prince's career advice & other goodness are all covered. 

Not to be missed!

Also Touched On:

“Big fan”

Dennis’ dog and workout partner

Dad trying to take the stage from under Black Flag

Missing Minor Threat by a week

Brian Walsby bringing over records

Mike Thompson: the original singer of Scared Straight

The Cramp’s Show Aftermath: Cow Tongues and 7”s 

breaking up in Pittsburgh 

Invest in your art and the risks involved 

Not taking Prince’s career advice

“Punishing” Jimmy Eat World fans and them not loving his shoes

Switchblade held to the throat 

Touring Texas with NoFX during their worst line up

Slamming for cardio for Ill Repute 

Fighting Skinheads at the Gilman

The Longest Line and the great leap forward


Nov 02, 2020
Episode 292 - Scott Radinsky (Pulley, MLB Picher & Former LA Dodger, Ten Foot Pole, Scared Straight)
IT'S WORLD SERIES TIME! What better way could TOAP celebrate than by having the only Major Leaguer/Punk Musician ever (A former LA Dodger at that!), on the show?!? Join Damian as he sits down with SCOTT RADINSKY to talk about playing punk shows & playing baseball at the highest level AT THE SAME TIME. Listen in as the two also go deep on: Mystic Records, RKL, other secret MLB Punx & tons of other goodness! 


Also Touched On:

Chilling at the abandoned Country Club pool in 6th grade
The skater kids

Fear and Circle One

Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies and America’s Hardcore

Violence at shows

Scared Straight

The new scene

In defence of Mystic

Never breaking up

the late 80s lean years for LA punk

Juggling baseball and punk

Shows before and after baseball

The Punk Baseball Connection

Never being a “Jock”

Were there any other punks in baseball?

The bad kid and the good kids in school

It’s just a game

Ian as a god

RKL are gods


Oct 26, 2020
Episode 291 - Billy Bragg (Riff Raff)
The Bard Of Barking comes to the Turned Out A Punk Kingdom! On this episode Damian sits down with one of England’s greatest song writers: BILLY BRAGG. Listen as Damian & Billy go deep on the greatness: Riff Raff, Chiswick Records’ pub rock, never listening to the Clash’s “Sandinista” on principle & SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS. 


Also Touched On: 


A Damned reel to reel as first exposure

it’s gotta be recorded wrong speed?

Sceptical of the art school quality of it

The Jam are the first band to have an impact

Dr.Feelgood are the British Ramones

Do up your top button lest you look like a Bee Gee

The Clash live blowing your mind

Forming Riff Raff

Recording I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut and being reborn

getting high on recording

Snatching a cup of “Sex and Drug and Rock And Roll” badges from your future manager

Albion Records

The unreleased Riff Raff movie

Throwing matinee gigs in Clopton 

The Now’s “Development Corporation”

Jon Savage’s end of Punk was just the start

The power and sway on being big city rockers in a small town

Getting East German Punks Stoned for the first time

Lil’ Kevin joins the band

Punk splitting into Oi and The New Romantic

Never listening to Sandinista by the Clash

Blanking on The Levellers

“They weren’t in the Clash Wars!”

Lesson learned from Patrick Fitzgerald’s failure

Life’s A Riot


The Housemartins 



Oct 21, 2020
Episode 290 - Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar, World Championship Wrestling)
IT FINALLY HAPPENED: BOB MOULD HAS COME ON TOAP! One of the most requested guests for the podcast, as well as one of Damian's biggest inspirations, is here to talk Punk & it is spectacular. From Jesse "The Body" Ventura coming to hardcore shows to the infamous Tulsa Jack demo, this one is a trip. Also, don't miss Bob's UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING new album "Blue Hearts"!

Also Touched On:


Seeing punk before you heard it

School bus trips to see concerts in Montreal

Rush at their peak versus Aerosmith at their worst

Cheap Trick blowing KISS of the stage

Ramones opening for Iggy

Suicide Commandos in Rock Scene

Blank Records records in Burlington Vermont

Where did punk start?

Divergent evolution

The Suburbs

Taking lesson from Chris Osgood just to hang out

How different would alternative music have been if Husker Du had kept Charlie?

Final Conflict and Willful Neglect

Ken Lester with the hook up

Ron Reyes coming through with ribs and the strawberries

Making Duff McKagan leave the TV so Husker Du can watch wrestling

The story of the Tulsa Jacks demo

Breaking into the Biz

Diamond Jim: Husker Du’s Tour manager

Working at WCW

The Misfits


& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!

Oct 17, 2020
Episode 289 - Lydia Loveless
What a week!! Today on the show Damian is joined by the awesome Lydia Loveless! Listen in as they discuss going from being forced to play bass in the family band to self releasing her fantastic new album, "Daughter". As always,  not to be missed!!!

Also Touched On:

Mommy loved the Clash

Dad jamming New Wave records

The Romantics are Punk

Being forced to play bass

Playing weird gigs

joining Carson Drew

The Columbus buzzed about punk scene of the mid-00s

Opening fo the Carbonas

Going solo

Everyone ends up with a country side project

 Finally getting somewhere! 

seeing a noise artist for the first time: “When is he going to start the show?”

Touring with the Supersuckers

A family fest

& So Much More!!!!

Oct 13, 2020
Episode 288 - Joe Wong (The Trap Set, Akarso, Kill-A-Watts)
Give the drummer some! This week on the show Damian sits down & chats punk with the man who holds down the beat for the podcasting world: The Trap Set's JOE WONG! Listen in as the two discuss basement shows, Dischord's DC, scoring TV shows/movies & even playing bass in the Kill-A-Watts. Not to be missed & also don't miss Joe's AWESOME new solo record, Nite Creatures out on now Decca Records!

Also Touched On:

Dream Guest!

Finding the Descendents at camp 

The Violent Femmes

Not liking Green Day because they were on a major

Gravity records

The third wave Dischord scene

Ian MacKaye kept EVERYTHING

Forgetting that you were in The Kill-A-Watts

Forming Akarso

Seeing Fugazi

Booking Modest Mouse in your basement

Seeing your old punkhouse on Hoarders

cheap gas and Taco Bell Bean burritos was the full of the 90s’ DIY scene

Touring to Austin

Music City Washington DC

Comedy Drummers: what gives?

The Yes Men



Oct 06, 2020
Episode 287 - Michael Imperioli (Sopranos, Author, Summer Of Sam, Talking Sopranos)
Turned Out A Punk's Sopranos Week concludes in dramatic fashion! On this episode Damian is joined by the legendary MICHAEL IMPERIOLI to talk late blooming into punk! Listen in as the two discuss going from being scared of the New York Dolls at 8 years old to becoming completely obsessed with the era they helped usher Punk in. DON’T MISS THIS EPISODE & also, don't miss Michael & Steve Schirripa’s Podcast, Talking Sopranos!

Also Touched On:

Hearing the New York Dolls at 9 years old and not getting it

being a late bloomer with music

loving classic rock before it was classic

Jethro Tull in Concert

Going to school with adults as a teenager

Echo And The Bunnymen

The Smiths and going back from there

the 11 year old punk the smoked pot and blew up cats in your grade 4 class

Grace Jones live

early REM

Miracle Legion

No Wave

Navigating the real New York

The obsession with late 70’s Manhattan 
The power of New York

The disappointment of making Basketball Diaries

Writing Summer Of Sam

Meeting Honeychild

Playing in bands

Galaxie 500

the Nu-York revival

Green Day and the Sopranos

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!


Oct 01, 2020
Episode 286 - Drea de Matteo (Sopranos, Sons Of Anarchy, Gangster Goddess Broad-Cast)
It's Sopranos' Week on the show with TWO amazing episodes! Kicking it off, the GOD Drea de Matteo stops by the show! Twenty years ago, Damian read a rumour on the internet that Drea used to go to Punk shows in New York. Today, he finds out whether or not you can believe what you read on the web. Was Drea de Matteo a punk rocker? Tune in & find out! 


Sep 25, 2020
Episode 285 - Talib Kweli (Black Star, Javotti Media, People’s Party)
Hello everybody! Recorded live from somewhere (Ohio), we have the LEGEND TALIB KWELI stopping by the show! Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes as they discuss the deep connections between punk & hip hop. They talk: writing Operation Ivy lyrics on the wall, why Dante Ross isn't a super scrub, what led to Tupac & Biggie hanging out with Kurt Cobain & so much more! 


Also Touched On:

The Deadhead/White dreadlock dude hybrid

The hardcore kids being the ones that tried to really understand rap. 

The HipHop/Punk Connection

Self referential genres 

Minor Threat


the similarity between hip hop and hardcore fashion 

the importance of the year 1988

Writing Operation Ivy and Dead Kennedy’s lyrics on the wall

Nirvana and Hip Hop

the importance of the Video for Smells Like Teen Spriit

Hanging out with Tupac and Biggie

Lyricist Lounge and DIY

The importance of El-P

the effect of NWA getting cool on MTV

Dr. Dre and punk’s: “offensive shit over familiar melodies” formula

Frontline and the SD-50s 

The reason Dante Ross talks so much shit to Talib

Sneaker Culture in Punk

Cold World

Pickle Rick golf shirt ain't all bad

The importance of black artists to punk

A band called Death



Sep 21, 2020
Episode 284 - Robbie Brookside Part 2 (The King of the Punk/Wrestling Connection)
The King is back! Legendary wrestler & punk historian beyond reproach, ,Robbie Brookside makes his return to the show! Listen in as Damian sits down to further establish the power of the punk/ wrestling connection! Listen in as they discuss: Crass & Cave-In coming to the matches, hiding the Shitlickers 7" from the OG Black Tiger, being the old longhair at the Cock Sparer reunion & so much other goodness! 

NOT TO BE MISSED!!! One of our longest episodes ever!!!!

Also Touched On:

Mom throwing out the Zine

A squat gig to see AYS with Pete Stahl from Scream

“BASH HIS HEAD IN!!!”: Crass hitting you up for wrestling tickets

Music to scare your sister with

Trying to put on a DIRT show

Corpus, Society’s Problems and Clockwork destruction

Hearing the Siege demo for the first time

The legendary Planet X venue’s punk roots

Anti Cimix and Toxic Reasons hanging in Liverpool

bringing younger kids

Deathmatches are the 7 Minutes of Nausea of wrestling

Paco and Clint Chapman 

Mike Clark and MCR UK

This is the best life: Seeing Jawbreaker in a German Squat

Two long hair and 800 men with no hair on the boarder : going to see Cock Sparrer  

The Punk Wrestling connection: Cal from Discharge going to school with Klondyke Kate

Defend Grind Core (from skinheads)

The Fits staying at your parents place

“He’s an animal!”: meeting Dave Grohl

Wool: “Mainstream Scream”

Cave In, the NME and Pro-Wrestling

Hiding the Shitlickers 7” from Rollerball Rocco Roc

“That’s just American bullshit this” Green Day infamous Christmas gig

“Are you Larry Livermore?”

Penpals with Green Day

Funaki putting the whole looker room to sleep

and so much more!!!!!


Sep 18, 2020
RIP Wade Allison
Wade Allison was a father, a friend & a legend. We will miss him forever. This is for Wade. So much love going to the Allison, Metz & Iron Age families.

Photo by Corbin Hughes
Sep 15, 2020
Episode 283 - Barney Greenway (Napalm Death, Benediction, Extreme Noise Terror)
Today, we rip the punk right out of metal with one of the greatest to ever do it: Napalm Death's Barney Greenway! Join Damian as he sits down with the vocal god to discuss, the difference between extreme music in America and the UK, Motorhead being the ultimate punk band, why do Italians do it (hardcore) better & tons of other goodness! Not to be missed!!! Also, don't miss Napalm Death's AWESOME new "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism" OUT SEPTEMBER 18th!!!

Also Touched On:

The Ruts

GBH are the greatest


The Mermaid

Birmingham football hooligans showing up for Sham 69

The formative power of Ungovernable Force

Dad loved the hard rock!

Motorhead: Trve Pvnk

Vocal heroes from Genesis to Gang Of Four

“Oi could be tricky”

not 100% fitting in with metal

Tape trading

Raw Power

the American influence on UK Hardcore

Burning Spirits 


Sep 07, 2020
RIP Riley Gale
Riley Gale was family. We will love & miss him forever. This is for him. Our deepest condolences to Power Trip & everyone else that loved Riley.
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 282 - Derrick Green (Sepultura, Outface, Alpha Jerk)
METAL IS PUNK! This week on the show we celebrate punk's influence on metal with two of the greatest to ever do it! First off, Sepultura's DERRICK GREEN stops by the show. Join Damian as he sits down with one of his dream guest’s to talk about what lead him to his twenty plus year career fronting one of the worlds most important metal bands. Listen in as the two discuss: teenage jams with Jeff Buckley's future drummer, the early days of Integrity, going on the road with Quicksand and Inside Out, the legend of the Overfiend DEMO & more! 
Check out Sepultura's new Quadra album out on Nuclear Blast NOW!

Also Touched On:

Still being friends with all the kids that got you into it

Cleveland’s lineage

getting in to rock music

Matt Johnson had cable, a drum set  and wound up playing with Jeff Buckley

False Hope


Starvation Army

Growing up with Dwid


Hyper As Hell

Face Value

The division between Scat/St. Valentines scene and the hardcore scene

the influence of the Faction, Stalag 13, Decendents and Dag Nasty on Outface

Falling into singing

The East and West side of Cleveland gathering at shows

Connecting with Walter Schreifels

Going on the Inside Out, Quicksand, Shelter tour

The grunge era of Outface

Going to Europe

Opening fo Sheer Terror 

Keelhaul being the favourite Cleveland band

Alpha Jerk

Moving to New York and forming Overfiend

New York Hardest Vol.2 

Toybox Records

Mike Gitter and XXX

Davide from Orange 9mm chooses a studio

Auditioning for Sepultura

Taking a book out from the library and trying to learn about Brazil

Shooting crossbows in Brazil

The origins of Integrity

The Hostile Amish


Aug 24, 2020
Episode 281 - Jehnny Beth (Musician, Actor)
Jehnny Beth is one of the best front people in music as well as an accomplished actor. As such, Damian is beyond stoked to get to chat with Jehnny again for the first time in 7 years! Listen in as the two catch up & discuss: cars as instruments, the beauty & horror of mainstream alternative music in France, getting turned away from the post office, living for art & tons of other stuff! 
Also, don't miss Jehnny's brand new amazing album: To Live Is To Love!!!

Also Touched On: 

Reconnecting after 7 years

Is “I Put A Spell On You” the first punk song?

Fugazi, Cassavettes and Art and Lifestyle being one 

Film with stakes

Learning about Jazz from a piano teacher

Seeing Kim Gordon with a DJ

Blonde Redhead Rule

The glam band on the side of the road


Forming the Motels

meeting Johnny

playing the car in a grindcore band

The Stinky Toys rule

the controversy around Noir Desire

Meeting Johnny

The Luminaire: a venue and a home


Aug 19, 2020
Episode 280 - Butch Vig (Producer, Garbage, Spooner, Firetown, Smart Studios)
Get ready to hear some melody drawn out of the noise because today on the show, Damian sits down with producer extraordinaire BUTCH VIG!!! Listen in as the two discuss: the greatness of Mecht Mensch's Zombie, Kurt trying to Sabbath-up the Nevermind mix nearly making Spooner miss a show, trying to capture the Laughing Hyenas & how meeting Garbage impacted a young Damian! That's just the tip of the iceberg! 


Also Touched On:

Garbage being super cool to Damian and his friend in the 90’s


the inspiration of punk

mom being a music teacher that loving Led Zeppelin and the Beatles 


The Eclipse rehearsal tapes

The University of Madison


the Nerves

Mentored by Gary from The Shoes

Self-taught by punk

Raspberries and Tom Petty covers

 “Here’s a song by the Beatles”

Playing with Spooner during the mixing of “Nevermind”

pulling hooks out of noise

The godly Appliances

Playing in a Polka band

Starting Boat Records
Touring with Steve Earl

Flying home to work on Killdozer


Cosmic Psychos

Swamp Thing

The Fluid should have been stars!

Genetic by Sonic Youth RULES!


Aug 10, 2020
Episode 279 - Omar Doom (Straight Razor, Inglourious Basterds, Deathproof, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)
How could Damian have known that when, actor, DJ & Inglourious Basterd, Omar Doom came on show that they were going to wind up talking GG Allin & Breakdown? Listen in as the two discuss: opening for Biohazard & Killing Time, rolling with the Murder Junkies, being rechristened by Tarantino & lots of other goodness! This is why we do this thing!
Also Touched On:

Having a lot of half pipes in your backyard

Seeing the Ramones in a bar in PA 

Driving in cars listing to the Dead Kennedys

Repo Man

Seeing G’N’R open for Aerosmith


The other Ordeal

playing drums

No one in school length Misfits cover band

The Wear-A-Ramones-Shirt Gang

Following the Ramones around like the Dead

The Cro-Mags 

Violence at shows


Moving to NY

Down with the Murder Junkies' Gang

The Bosstone of GG shit

Joe Coleman at a party

& So Much More!!!

Aug 04, 2020
Episode 278 - Kevin Gill (GCW, Striving For Togetherness Records, JCW)
The Juggalo/ Punk Connection is real! As we continue our journey into early 90's New York punk, today on the show Damian sits down with his friend, the connector of the hardcore, wrestling & Juggalo worlds: KEVIN GILL!!! Listen in as the two discuss: learning that NY hardcore was about respect & courtesy early on, doing wrestling commentary with Lars from Rancid, getting into Insane Clown Posse's insular world & holy moly, so much more!!!

Also Touched On:

A long time in the works

The punk wrestling connection

Jackson Heights

Trying to get Jimmy Gestapo to watch ECW


Beer in the air conditioner

Going to see Sick Of It All

hearing Gorilla Biscuits and a world opening up

Public Enemy and Murphy’s Law

No Redeeming Social Values talking in quotes

Sheer Terror with Paul Barer in a thong

Being scared of Agnostic Front at first

Famous riot videos

Striving for Togetherness

Bond Street

The Insane Clown Posse Connection

A wrestling promotion with Lars Frederiksen 


& Tons Of Other Stuff!!!


Aug 02, 2020
Episode 277 - Simon Doom & Dave It Up Reunite!
It's 90's New York Week on the show with, not one but, THREE episodes! Starting it all off with the reunion of Turned Out A Punk contributor & NJ punk legend Dave "It Up" Ackerman & returning guest, Simon "Doom" O'Connor! Join Damian as these two friends reunite & relive the heady days of early 90's New York street punk. This is one of the the funniest episodes ever! 

Jul 29, 2020
Episode 276 - Sacha Jenkins (The 1865, Ego Trip, The Wu Tang Clan's "Of Mics To Men")
As we continue with the celebration of the band The 1865, Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes! Writer, director, producer, editor, musician & all around cultural force, Sacha Jenkins is on the show! Listen in as they talk everything from watching Bugout Society waste White Castle burgers, to dealing with Nazis while roadieing for Burn, to having to explain to Eminem that the joke wasn't on him & everything in between! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also Touched On:

The importance of Ego Trip to this podcast

The influence of the New Breed Comp booklet

Meeting Chaka

Going to school with one of NY Hoods

playing Leeway in tackle football

Meeting Johnny Waste in class

Quincy punk

Lismore Lounge with Absolution, Pressure Release and Bugout Society

the drug of the pit

The class distinction in NYHC

Meeting Lord Ezec in gym class

on the road with Burn

Dealing with Nazis

The shift in the NY scene

Cane River

Sons and daughters of artists

Identity and punk

starting a zine


Soho Zat
Henry Chalfant’s apartment as a graffiti hub

Meeting Daryl Jennifer

White Mandingos

Ego Trip as Black Flag ’81 to ’83

casting the White Rapper Show

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

Jul 24, 2020
Episode 275 - Honeychild Coleman (The 1865, Sistagrrl Riott Collective, Heavensbee, Badawi)
The 1865 are one of the best bands going & this week on the show we celebrate their awesomeness with, not one, but two guests from the band! First, the incomparable lead singer, HONEYCHILD COLEMAN joins Damian to talk punk. Listen in as the two discuss going from seeing anti-Sex Pistols ads in the Bible Belt, to helping start the Sistagrrl Riott Collective, to forming The 1865 & writing the amazing "Don't Tread On We!". 


Also Touched On: 

Reading the paper and discovering punk

loving Surf and Classic rock

Getting Blondie records from the bookmobile

growing up around showbands


Green On Red at the Peppermint Lounge

Seeing RuPaul’s punk band

Basquiat: the DJ

The difference between NY and every other scene

Pre-celebrity culture

Sonic Youth, Dadaism and inspiration

Moving to the Bay

Performing in the subway as a job

Sista Grrrl Riots

Roir Records and Tapes

Re-meeting Sacha in the Subway

forming The 1865

Chuck Treece



Jul 21, 2020
Episode 274 - Bubba Dupree (VOID, Hater, Earth 18)
VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: BUBBA DUPREE! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is nuts!

Also Touched On: 

The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine 

Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart

Being young in San Francisco 

Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace 

Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist

Looking for something trippier than Discharge

Joining Void

Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from?

Ian McKaye in the studio

the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams” 

liking Rites Of Spring

forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed 

Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach

the Void logo transcends the band

Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans


Jul 18, 2020
Episode 273 - Chris Stover (VOID)
This week on the the show, we're going to live by our rules! IT’S VOID WEEK ON TURNED OUT A PUNK & we're celebrating one of DCHC's greatest bands with two awesome episodes! First join Damian as he sits down with Void bassist Chris Stover as they talk: Ian & Henry regulating the Clash pit, how VOID came to be, DCHC vs. a bunch of Rednecks, getting grounded from going to see Fear on SNL & tons of other goodness! 

Also Touched On:

DCHC starting the pit at the Clash show

Skateboarder Magazine and Action Now

The Bollocks

Seeing the Teen Idles and everything changing

getting tapes from Bert from the Untouchables

Going to see Devo

Law And Order

The Unheard Music Festival

Wino and the Obsessed

how Void came together

“KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Void’s second show 

Almost missing Fear on SNL because of a grounding

Getting caught eating catering by Eddie Murphy and Garrett Morris

Belushi hangin out with Ian McKaye: what the hell did they talk about?



Jul 16, 2020
Episode 272 - Moby (Vatican Commandos, AWOL)
Here we are now going to the punk side! This week on the show Damian sits down with the legend & one time live collaborator, MOBY to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss: the legitimate fear at a FEAR show, Rick Rubin borrowing his amp, punk & stardom not mixing along loads more! Not to be missed & don’t miss Moby’s brand new, All Visible Objects record out on Mute Records now! 

Also Touched On:

Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video

Sid Vicious’ My Way

being conceived to Coltrane… maybe

liking Led Zeppelin out of a need to fit in only

Watching SNL at Brian Holstein’s house

buying records at Johnny’s

seeing Yes at MSG

Seeing Fear at the Mud Club

The birth of the Connecticut hardcore scene

Moby on a moped 

Rick Rubin needs to borrow and amp

The Rob Zombie Connection

Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law as the last show


The little Ian MacKaye on your shoulder




Jul 10, 2020
Episode 271 - Jon Ginoli (Pansy Division, The Outnumbered)
Again, this is why we do this thing! On this episode Damian is joined by one of his heroes: JON GINOLI of the LEGENDARY Pansy Division! Listen in as they not only discuss Pansy Division, but also Jon's AMAZING other band, The Outnumbered, his first wave punk zine and the risky business of putting on a Replacements show. Like always, 

Also Touched On:

Wondering if the Ramones were supposed to be funny at first?

Seeing an ad for the Pistols in Trouser Press

Raw Power being too raw

Getting into the British bands first

Pere Ubu being a little weird

Hearing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith

Starting a zine

“Ugly bands are the next big thing!”

meeting the Ramones at a burger joint

Gizmos and Gulcher

Writing to Bomp

going to college for the radio station

Booking the Replacements

Not wanting to do another band unless it was a “gay band”

having nothing to lose

writing about stuff you had never heard in song before

working with Donna Dresch 

Tribe 8 

Parkdale and the Mission

Phone calls to Fat Bob from Hard Skin

touring with Green Day

signing to Lookout

The Angus Soundtrack


Jul 06, 2020
Episode 270 - Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Retrovirus, 8 Eyed Spy)
This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!  
Did we mention it is not to be missed?

Find  her podcast The Lydian Spin here:
and find her on Facebook here:

Also Touched On:

No Wave, not punk

clubs with “pillowrooms”

the island of found souls

Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73

Sonic Reducer

Running away for the New York Dolls

Rock Magazines

the House of Guitars proto-punk

Loving drugs and not going to sleep

Goth when everybody was Glam

dreaming of Rollerderby

The rise of rap, punk and Trump

being over Iggy and Bowie

The Ramones being silly

going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show

Mink DeVille

Union Carbine

Suicide did not fit in

Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips

Mars was the first No Wave band

having to go to Europe

Playing with Generation X


Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement



Jun 28, 2020
Episode 269 - Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils, Lando's 45, Rat Patrol)
The doctor is in! This episode The Bollweevil's Dr. Daryl Wilson stops by to chat with massive fan Damian. Listen in as the two discuss the greatness of 90's Chicago Punk,  the problem of being a lead singer looking for a new band, playing "normal" shows vs. punk shows & so much more! 
Not to be missed!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Achtung Chicago

Sitting in a carport hearing Lexicon Devil

Moving to Chicago

Watching punk versus playing in a punk band

Naked Raygun inspiring you to play music 

Being made angry by having to leave Michigan 

going to St. Andrew’a Hall for shows

the change in physical perspective that comes with age

Don Giovani

going to see Prince

Boys On Skates: Bootleg Faction

the massiveness of the Chicago DIY punk scene

88 Fingers Louie, Smokin’ Popes, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, Los Crudos, Vindictives, Screeching Weasel

Naked Raygun, Effigies,  Articles Of Faith

Scene Unity to Scene Break-up

growing and having some regrets

Slapstick, Tricky Dick

the sounds of the factions

Writing a letter to Naked Raygun and getting a first show opening for them

the problem being a singer starting a new band

Milo is the influence

Bad Religion

Darby Crash

Lando’s 45

The Foundation All-Stars

Rat Patrol 

“Get off the stage man, we’re here to see the Bollweevils!"

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

Jun 22, 2020
Episode 268 - Dean Spunt (No Age)
The fun continues!!! This time Damian is joined by his friend & the other half of No Age, Dean Spunt! Listen in as they talk straight edge, building a scene versus joining a scene, the gods CHOPPING BLOCK & so much more!! Not to be missed!!! Also check out "Goons Be Gone on Drag City now, IT RIPS!

Also Touched On:

Following in Dean’s footsteps

Getting, borrowing or stealing a Ramones tape

DJ Quick


Dead Kennedys 

A sketchy looking tape

“The Adolf Cents?”

Luther Van Dross and Markie Mark at 6 Flags

The Natural Fudge Cafe

Guns and Spent Idols

The Smell as an extension of the JabberJaw

No Hardcore at the Smell after a while

joining a scene vs building a scene

booking Amps For Christ and Bastard Noise… together. 

The Dystopia Riot

Shows at Dean and Randy’s house!

The No Age Chopping Block 7”


Teen Creeps

Riverdales over Screeching Weasel
& MORE!!!!!

Jun 19, 2020
Episode 267 - Randy Randall (No Age)
In celebration of their fantastic new album "Goons Be Gone", it's a two part Turned Out A Punk/ No Age special! First, Damian sits down with his friend Randy Randall to find out how skateboarding & resisting mainstream punk led him to No Age. Come back tomorrow for Dean Spunt's side of the tale & in the meantime, check out No Age's Goons Be Gone on Drag City now! 

Also Touched On:

Lamar pedestrian bridge

the wildest show ever

A difficult history with punk

fuck the skull band shirt

liking the noisy stuff

Punk as Southern California Jock Rock

Did the Count even have songs?

Finding the Smell

the older scarier scene

Mika Miko

Jim Smith's dedication

having to surrender punk to the next generation

& Much Much More!!!


Jun 16, 2020
Episode 266 - Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Green River, Mr. Epp & The Calculations)
This episode is so hot it shines! Again, one of the greatest front people of all time, MARK ARM stops by the show to talk punk! Listen in as Mark & Damian talk going from thinking Devo is a joke to Green River playing with Samhain to his lack of recollection of the Jerry A./Mick Harvey Beef & everything in between.

Also Touched On:

Pictures on my walls

See the freaky people on TV on a Saturday night

The Damned: “Like a faster, better KISS”

non-radio rock

Getting sucked into Rush

the Sweet record is a rager!

A joke Devo record gift stops being  funny and starts being amazing

The Forming of Mr. Epp And The Calculations

A west coast Deep Wound

Bob 1 smacking you on the head for touching his guitar

Gang or 4 


Fartz, Husker Du and the Dead Kennedys

Blaine goes to Motorhead and makes it back in time for thew set

That Fastbacks, The Living and the Silly Killers jamming to Van Halen and punk

First hearing about Iggy Pop and being grossed out

The Telepaths  

The Tupperwares



Jun 09, 2020
Episode 265 - Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Junkyard, Fake Names etc.)
“I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up!” This week, we bring you one of the most requested guests in TOAP history. BRIAN BAKER is on the show! Listen in as Damian has his mind blown with stories from the genesis of DC hardcore from a guy who lived it! After all these years, THIS ONE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. 

Here’s to a little escape

Also Touched On:

Mutual respect

Going to elementary school with Guy Picciotto & Micheal Hampton

Moving to Detroit

Moving home & everyone is punk!

Everyone was into the Damned, Clash & the Viletones

The importance of Skip - Yesterday & Today 

Discharge & Crass

Empire, Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus & the Church inform a sonic change

Either Teen Idles & The Cramps or The Extorts on top of a record store

Pussy Galore elementary school connection

“I could have been seeing Doc Watson play a deli two times a month but I was too busy putting bandanas on my boots, hangin’ outside of 7-11 drinking cokes”

Going to see Stiff Little Fingers with fake IDs & pencil shavings rubbed on your face


The early Minor Threat shows

not really understanding the name

The Violence

No more fights

The difference between DCHC & NYHC

Getting a Canadian SIN Card

Choosing SNL over playing at the GI

DOA at Woodlawn High School

Forming a Meatmen

Forming Doggy Rock: “just a shit show”

Dag Nasty: The California years

“The Great Minor Threat Escape”

Forming Samhain

“We don’t need this MacKaye character, let’s get Glen!”

Missing out on Bad Religion until “Recipe For Hate”


Jun 01, 2020
Episode 264 - Nick Woj Part #2
GET READY for a hardcore scientist masterclass! On this episode, Damian is joined by returning buddy, Cold World’s Nick Woj! Listen in as the two discuss, theorize, debate & philosophize on a variety of punk related topics including: the differences between east & west coast power violence, why the punk connection was more present in UK rave, why Jason Mewes got sober, how Toronto has altered rap & hardcore, the revisionist history behind modern Deadheads & other pressing topics. 

Also Touched On:  

Beastie Boys, Spazz and Cold World

the massive coastal difference in Power Violence fans

Independent Wrestling and DIY Hardcore

Burial Ground

DJng in the back of Home Base

The Wrestling/ Posi-Numbers connection

Acid House and Post-Punk connection

the motivation for forming Herman’s Hermits and Fugazi are probably pretty similar


the 90’s


Scott Biben 

Chef G

UK Drill

Is the Lincoln/ Hoover split on iTunes?

Portraits of the Past  

Rap/ Hardcore: Toronto changes everything

The Blood For Blood effect on Boston

Right Brigade Demo

Magnus: Where are they now?

Why Jason Mewes got clean?

The tragic Bane/ Only Crime show

Deadheads: the real story

& Much, Much More!!!


May 29, 2020
Episode 263 - Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (The Killers, Attaboy Skip, Fault)
"Somebody told me that you had a punk past". This week on the show Damian is joined by The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci for a deep dive into the early 90's Las Vegas punk scene. Join the two as they discuss going from NoFX shows in the desert to being in one of the biggest bands in the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also check out The Killers' "Imploding The Mirage" coming later in 2020.

Also Touched On:

Moving to Northern California from Vegas

Parent’s friend Emily gives you a DK and a COC tape

Seeing the Minutemen in skate videos

Getting “Head on the Door” by the Cure

Dad’s bitching van

Going to see the Cadillac Tramps at the Huntrage Theatre 

The Summer of Shows

Vermin From Venus connection

The Double Down Saloon… or Double Door?

Sneaking into shows

Meeting older kids at the heath food store

John Castro and A Lesser Dog

Seeing NoFX playing in the desert

How did a desert show work?

Fugazi: Vegas Style

House of Blues changes the game

Purple Dirt with Vegas’ Dave Navarro

Meeting Elephant Stone and forming Attaboy Skip


Tennis Court shows

When no one comes to the show, might as well play ska/punk?

How the Killer came to be 


May 25, 2020
Episode 262 - Katie Harkin (Harkin, Sky Larkin, Sleater Kinney, Wild Beasts Courtney Barnett)
Get ready! This week on the show, Damian is joined by the god Katie Harkin! Listen in as the two discuss: the post industrial collectivism of Yorkshire punk, free hats from MF Doom, the damage done to a generation of rock dudes by the success of the Arctic Monkeys & so much more! 

Don't miss it & don't miss Katie's new solo album Harkin!!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing up in Leeds

A trip to Cyprus

the influence of the Smashing Pumpkins

Leeds over Reading!

Feeling bad for MF Doom after his set and trying to offer him a kind word 

Post Industrial Collectivism 

the Arctic Monkeys change everything

forming a band to get a 7” in Jumbo Records

Getting thrown out of a band for suggesting not doing covers

The Gossip blowing up in England

The London music biz

Wichita rules!

“Would you want to be the next Lilly Allen?”

Why is non-mainstream music more mainstream in the UK?

Sleater Kinney

Saturday Night Live


May 21, 2020
Episode 261 - Jami Morgan (Code Orange)
ARE YOU READY, cause we've got a KILLER one for you tonight! JAMI MORGAN of Code Orange is on the show! Listen in as Damian & Jami finally get a chance to catch up & talk everything from family ties to Dillinger Four to calling in the Heyman Hustle at the WWE. THIS EPISODE HAS EVERYTHING!


Also Touched On:

Punk adjacent parents

Dad went to school with Billingsgate 

the secret family rap history

booking the first Code Orange show at 14

Grade 7 pop punk WAS HUGE!

Selling tickets for your own shows

Never being shown the ropes of genre

The Ska demo that isn’t ska

playing with Menzingers ad a house party at 14

Becoming a bitter ass band… at 15

The Pittsburgh goes apart

The first tour


Finding your scene

Booking a Circle Takes the Square tour and then asking them to hang

The four way split and where it went


Touring with Bane

“You guys fuck with ska?”

Scott Vogal: people’s champ

The Wicca Phase Wrestling Connection


Jamming for just Triple H

Paul Heyman, bootleg samples and the making the theme for Bray Wyatt

& Much, Much More!!!

May 11, 2020
Footnotes Supershow #6: Pittsburgh Week With Dave Martin
In further celebration of Pittsburgh Week, Chris and Damian invite Pittsburgh rocker Dave Martin to nerd out about Pittsburgh and get lost in the weeds along the way.
May 08, 2020
Episode 260 - Jon Daly (Kroll Show, I’m Dying Up Here, Big Mouth, The Betas)
It's Pittsburgh week on Turned Out A Punk! Often on this podcast, we hear about older punk siblings being a gateway for their younger counterparts ... but not this time. Today on the show, Damian sits down with the hilarious JON DALY to discuss how having punk older brothers drove him away from the genre  for many years. Listen in as the two discuss the fear caused by Danzig videos, having to sneak around with Jimmy Buffet records & so much more! 

Also Touched On:

Mutual love

Austin charges his hair, forms Cryptic Alliance and freaks poor little Jon out!

punk spreads to the middle brother Matt

Liking the Circle Jerks but not liking the name and also not understanding it

Being into Jimmy Buffett

Loving the Dead Milkmen

Hard On Gang jamming in the basement

Matt forms Hurl

Parent’s with no other choice

Becoming a Jock

Being on the scene and getting into indie rock

being 15 and getting drunk with Don Caballero 

Connecting to the guys in Metallica 



Dub Narcotic 

Not being able to skate

Fuck Rusted Root!

Andy Warhol was not a chill hang


Why is canadian TV so awesomely bad


May 06, 2020
Episode 259 - Zach Blair Part #2 (Technically A Part #5)
Drakulas’ week continues & Zach is back for another attack! That's right, Damian's good buddy (& one-time co-host) Zach Blair returns to the show for the fifth time in celebration of the brand new Drakulas' record Terminal Amusements, to finally record an actual Part #2! Join the two friends as they catch up & dive further into Zach's wild career in music. From Government Flu to Hagfish to Gwar to Only Crime to Rise Against to the Drakulas & everything in between!!!

May 03, 2020
Episode 258 - Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers, Drakulas, High Tension Wires)
What makes a great front person? Well, on this episode Damian sits down with one of the best to ever do it, The Drakulas' Mike Wiebe! Find out what brought him to the microphone & listen in as the two discuss how the local Denton scene has kept producing so many amazing bands & the fight they had to go through to be seen.  Also, don't forget to check out the amazing new Drakulas' album "Terminal Amuesments" OUT NOW!

Also Touched On:

ChiPs and Quincy Punks

a tape with the Dead Milkmen and the Misfits

the silly version of punk being in your DNA

Class Of 1984

Tough Turf

Ramones in a Budweiser Ad


Brutal Juice and the Denton Scene

The Toadies blow up

Craig Welch was terrifying 

The Skeleton Kids

The Reds become the Marked Men

Parquet Courts continue the tradition

The Dallas Scene vs. Denton

The power of the Weekly in the before internet time

Listening to Iron Maiden and being overtaken by the power of Neil Diamond



Apr 29, 2020
Episode 257 - Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast)
In celebration of the fantastic new Best Coast record "Always Tomorrow": When Damian first started this podcast five years ago, he asked his buddy Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast to be a guest, but sometimes good things can take a while to happen. On this episode, Beth & Damian finally sit down to talk punk. Listen in as as the two chat: turning hymns into pop-punk anthems, the amazingness of The Smell, forming Best Coast & everything in between!  

Also Touched On:

podcasts: a way to catch up with friends

being obsessed with the dude with the dyed black hair and Social D shirt

You can wear a Strung Out shirt to church?!?

“This is the best shit ever!”: Discovering Hanson

Mom drops you off at the Vandals and goes and gets a tattoo

Youth group and Tooth And Nail

Turning hymns into pop punk songs

punk rock camouflage 

the Omaha connection

Trying to get hidden from the weed smoke at the 311 show

Operation Ivy as the inspiration

the brilliance of true pop-punk

meeting Mika Miko

Hello Operator: A Smell supergroup

Lagwagon, the Ataris and Tony Hawk soundtrack

Saddle Creek

being confused  by Yellowcard

The Locust and THREEONEG

the Infamous Dystopia show

Crowdsurfing through the kitchen at Dean and Randy’s

going noise but not liking it

Forming Beth Coast

media bullshit



Apr 23, 2020
Episode 256 - Joe Sib (22 Jacks, Wax, Frontline)
This is the type of episode this show was made for! SideOneDummy Records co-founder & Frontline/ Wax/ 22 Jacks vocalist, Joe Sib joins Damian & winds up connecting the dots between: Rancid, Swingin' Utters, America's Hardcore, The Faction, The Necros, Jackass & Weezer. 


Also Touched On:

The brilliance of the Frontline 12”

The thermals and shorts vibe

The Sex Pistols on TV

Dad finds a skate park, has to convince you to go and it changes your life

Steve Caballero and the united punk entourage 

Donald goes full punk

Black Flag speaking to you

Going to school before Johnny and Kevin from the Swingin’ Utters

A group of friends “sharing” a Clash tape

learning punk lyrics for catholic school

Being the Factions’ Road Dawg

Everyone had a band

Minor Threat

America’s Hardcore

Forming Frontline

Operation Ivy

Signing to Caroline Records and them hating you

having to play CMJ at CB’s at 3am

Starting SideOneDummy

Meeting Spike Jonze and getting him stitches 

Loomis and the first Jackass stunt

Johnny before Knoxville

Metal dudes discover Wax and become Weezer


Apr 20, 2020
Episode 255 - Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, James River Scratch)
Get stoked!!!! On the show today, one of the all-time most sought after guests, Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta stops by for a chat! Listen in as Damian celebrates all that is awesome with the thrash/ metal/ hardcore/ punk god. From Avail to AmRep to Power Violence & Phobia, all the bases are covered! Shout out Scotty Tankcrimes!!!! 

Also Touched On:

This took a long time to happen

loving the Beastie Boys

Sneaking out to see DRI

Danzig and Sacred Reich

Pink Lincolns at the Blues Chair

Reading MRR

Beavis and Butt-head

Christian punk and metal

Seeing the first show on the Check Your Head tour

Forming James River Scratch

Jamming at the AMC theatre smoking weed and telling off the cops

Beers with Face To Face

MxPx 90s Beef

Moving to LA and loosing a friend with to Phobia

talking to Ryan about forming the Waste at a DRI show

Touring with Jerome’s Dream and Tragedy

“DRI’s playing tonight! Let’s just go there and play it!”

“I remember Gord!”

No one was doing it like this


Scotty Tankcrimes


Apr 14, 2020
Episode 254 - Joey Sh*thead Keithley (DOA, The Skulls, City Councillor For Burnaby, BC)
We don't care what you say! This week on the show we have the OG road warrior of punk: DOA's JOEY KEITHLEY!!! Listen in as Damian sits down with a hero & one of the true pioneers of HARDCORE to talk punk, touring & cutting the trail that bands still follow to this day! 


Also Touched On:

Thank you Joey from every band that hopped in a van ever.

Seeing the Damned’s literally Smash It Up on TV

Going to see the Ramones at a free show

The bikers hated the Lewd

Winning over the toughest of crowds

Captain Maniac, Buzz Constantly and Sparkling Apples

Punk: freak magnet

Moving to Toronto

The origins of the “Fuck Bands”

Nearly getting signed by Nash The Slash

Making videos in Vancouver

Disco sucks is a hit! (kinda)

“Are all Canadians this stupid?”

Pissing off the side of the stage and a legend is born

Chuck jamming on the bongos

the first “tour”

the infamous DC high school tout

getting the Dezerter lp out 

Touring China

Hearing the term “Hardcore” for the first time


Apr 09, 2020
Episode 253 - Amy Dumas (Wrestling Legend, AKA Lita)
THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS THING! Wrestling Week concludes with one hell of a main event: Damian is joined by WWE Hall Of Famer & wrestling legend AMY DUMAS! Listen along as Amy talks going from 7 Seconds shows, dumpster dived donuts & playing in Fugazi side projects, to wrestling in front of millions of people on TV as LITA! The Punk/Wrestling Connection is real! 


Also Touched On:

This took a long time to happen

getting a mixtape from the girl at the bus stop

7 Seconds

going to see the Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds at the Metroplex


Moving to DC

loving Lookout Records

Bay area bands’ scrappiness as inspiration for getting into wrestling

wishing you knew other punk wrestling fans

“I just need to listen to my people” - going emergency record shopping

communicating with Robbie Brookside through record pressing info

on the road with 15

robbing leftovers from Denny’s

Moving to DC

Dumpster divin’ for donuts

playing in a Fugazi and Slant 6 side project

“Did you hear I’m going to be a wrestler?” 

going to Mexico and wandering around Mexico City looking for Lucha

Kid Power!

going to the WWE



Apr 05, 2020
Episode 251 - Effy (GCW, Freelance Wrestling)
It's (Supposed to be) ManiaWeek! In celebration of what is usually the biggest week in wrestling, we will be releasing three episodes highlighting the most powerful force in the world: The Punk/Wrestling Connection! On this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the most dynamic personalities in independent wrestling: Effy! Listen in as the two discuss going from sneaking secular music into the house, to helping revolutionize pro-wrestling. Also, Effy teaches Damian about the Christian Gwar! 

Also Touched On:

Meeting 2 and a half years ago in Florida

Growing up in a religious household

Sneaking secular CDs from the library

Grandson of a Grammy Award winner

Raised by the kids of preachers

Sending dad out t get the System Of The Down CD and him thinking he is bring Satan into the house. 

The computer generation’s parents had no clue what we were up to?

“Hey, this is not it. Is ti?” straying from the flock in youth group.

Going to see the Christian Carmen

Going Atlanta for a show with mom

getting wrecked at the Warped Tour

Getting sober and stopping music

Church arena tours

Grave Robber: the Christian Gwar

Wrestling is for everybody



Apr 01, 2020
Episode 250 - Dale Crover (Melvins, Altamont, Fecal Matter)
IT’S EPISODE 250!!! Why not celebrate with Damian as he sits down with one of his hero's, DALE CROVER?! Listen in as Dale & Damian discuss going from being a Kiss loving kid, to a Melvin, to becoming a Rock N Roll icon. 

Also Touched On:

Everybody loves Dale

Seeing Rock and Roll High school

Growing up with Metal Church and the Lewd

Kiss being people’s Beatles

Seeing the Melvins for the first time

Dale’s band’s accidental extreme on TV set

Popular kid Krist Novoselic plays matchmaker

“Nice Mentors’ shirt”

“Special Forces” the heavy metal two piece

The Facal Matter demo

Meeting Kurt Cobain

Going on tour with RKL but they don’t make it

Recording the 1st 7”

Alchemy Records: “he was our Andy Warhol”

“You take Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground and that is what Olympia sounds like”

Finding Dave Grohl a band

Nirvana on Red Kross “Why are these guys so happy?!”


Mar 28, 2020
Episode 249 - Anna Calvi
On this episode Damian is joined by one of his favourite artists, ANNA CALVI to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss a punk influence that goes beyond sonics & Anna's fight to create her own music. NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also Touched On:

Patti Smith’s Horses

Grunge loving teen


Dad teaching some Shadows songs on guitars

Reading the music papers

The lack of space for anyone that wasn't a white male in 90's UK music

Forming Cheap Hotel

The quest to get music when you had to buy it

Manager making you watch tape of your show

being forced to try a write a hit

breaking free

The Domino/Punk connection



Mar 25, 2020
Episode 248 - Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids, The Spectres)
Right Now HaHaHaHa! On this episodes, Damian sits down & chats with one of THE ARCHITECTS of this whole damn movement: GLEN MATLOCK!!! Listen in as the two discuss the Sex Pistols, the Rich Kids & how a loose collection of ideas coalesced into PUNK ROCK! Don't miss it!

Also Touched On:

learning the word "punk" from a James Cagney movie

The Nuggets compilations

 John Inman and Caroline Coon brand the Sex Pistols

Malcom goes to America and meets Sylvain Sylvain

Getting a mixtape from Nick Kent

going to east London with Bernard Rhodes to see Teenage Rebel 

The pub rock scene

Going to see the Faces at some fancy club and seeing the original line-up of the Dolls opening

The Small Faces influence

Duff notices the Motown sound on the bass

getting records from the “White Goods Store”

Jethro Tull’s “Living In the Past” is like Take Five with words 

Midge Urge turns down the Pistols but sings for the Rich Kids

Martin and Coulter

The Rich Kids’ influence on Spandau Ballert and Duran Duran

Cock Sparrer in the discos in Spain 

The Spectres


Mar 23, 2020
Episode 247 - Whitmer Thomas (The Golden One, Glow, The Walking Dead)
WATCH WHITMER THOMAS' "THE GOLDEN ONE"! This HBO comedy special has quickly become one of Damian's favourite movies (EVER)!  Listen in as Damian & Whit discuss his journey from listening to Bro-Hymn in the car with his mom & brother to performing Dammit with Mark Hoppus as well as agonizing over Fugazi jokes. 


Also Touched On:

Whit using Fucked Up as entrance music

A mutual debt paid

Mom teaching you to play Bro-Hymn

The true emotion of Pennywise’s 1998 version of “Bro-Hymn”

Mom loved new wave

Finding demos with two different takes on growing up in the South  

Alabama had no punk

Going to Pensacola to see shows

Seeing Against Me before they had real dreams

This Bike Is Pipe Bomb

“Pray to play”: Pretending to be Christian to get shows

Quitting the band and ruining an adult’s life

The Tooks can't make it in LA

The impenetrable cool of the Smell

The SF-Psych Revival

The Fugazi joke

 Fixing Danzig’s iMac in 2019

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

Mar 19, 2020
Episode 246 - Slim Cessna (Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Blood Flower, The Denver Gentlemen)
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration Slim Cessna's Auto Club and the Bellrays tour. there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First we take a trip to the the dark side of the Rocky Mountain State as Damian is joined by, Denver Gentlemen, Slim Cessna. Listen in as the two talk where this true gothic-occult-cult bend to Denver and surrounding cities punk may have come from and if this is what makes Denver punk so special. Not to be missed!!! 

Also, DON'T MISS Lisa Kekaula's amazing episode!!!!!

Also touched on:

Devo on Saturday Night Live

Taking the bus to Denver

The Fluid

The Frantix invented grunge

the Junior T 

Soul Merchants 

The goth side of Colorado - religion meets subculture

Your Funeral’s Jeri Rossi becomes a serial killer art dealer

Moving to the Boston

Feeding Frenzy

Human Sexual Response/Auto Club Connection

Verbal Assault: “That dude went to prom with my ex-wife”

Psychic TV: Huge in Denver


Mar 15, 2020
Episode 245 - Lisa Kekaula (The Bellrays, The Dangers, MC5)
This episode Damian explains that this podcast will remain a place people can come to unplug from the realities that they have to face the rest of the time in their lives. Then we turn out attention to, not one but, TWO amazing episodes to try and unplug a little with. In celebration of the Bellrays and Slim Cessna's Auto Club tour, there are two Turned Out A Punks out today! First Damian sits down with, one of the greatest vocalists of ALL-TIME, The Bellrays' Lisa Kekaula! Listen in as the two discuss: the pre-Coachella Scooter Rally Raves, Fishbone's awesomeness, why vocalists experience being in a band differently and more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also, DON'T MISS Slim Cessna's amazing episode!!!!!

Also touched on: 

Hearing X in passing

AM radio

going to see Fishbone for the first time

Samba Hell

Pop Defect

Some much good music

The Proto-Raves that were scooter rallies

“Those are the dudes that run Coachella now.”

Why Ska hit Riverside and Southern California

Meeting Bob

Forming the Rosethorns

“I wish we had kept the name the Rosethorns”

Playing with the Voodoo Glow Skulls

Smokestacks: Sublime before Sublime

White Flag becomes Roadwhore

Fishbone spends year on the road and inspire the Rosethorns the become the Bellrays

I Got A Right is the birth of punk.




Mar 15, 2020
Episode 244 - Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Society Ills)
THIS IS A HUGE ONE! Bassgod Mike Watt joins Damian for a NOT TO BE MISSED conversation about all things punk & hardcore! Listen in as the two discuss Reactionaries, Minutemen, The Stooges & everyone in between. Plus, Damian nerds out about his road map into punk: "Ballhog Or Tugboat" on it's 25th anniversary with the cartographer himself! 
Did we mention this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

We are all on the same team

No Watt No Damian

Readin’ in Creem

Lang Bang’s Cousin Lester

Meeting Nicky Beat

“We didn’t where bell bottoms”

Talking to Joey Shithead and Billy Bragg

The Vaudeville side of punk

“Ig said to Ronnie” being the little brother in the Stooges

Going to see the Stooges at the Whiskey

“I thought New Wave was a film movement in France”

“What’s the Alternative to music? Silence!?!”

“There was no guy on the back of the Circle Jerks record to try to dress up as!”

People LOVED Tull and hated the Stooges

“Ig had a weird gig where Ronny Beat his ass with a whip”

“At first D.Boon wouldn’t make a punk band with me”

“We jammed ‘I Wanna Be You Dog’ for 3 and a half hour”

The Reactionaries 

Playing with The Suburban Lawns

“The Bass King Of Outer Space”

The Minutemen were radical in music and organization

Hey Taxi! Georgies other band

Mar 10, 2020
Episode 243 - Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee, PS Eliot, The Ackleys)
Let's hear it for gratitude & paying it forward! This episode Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield stops by to talk all things punk.  Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with one of his favourite songwriters only to find out about his own very small role in her punk journey! AGAIN, NOT TO BE MISSED! 
Also, check out Waxahatchee's new album "Saint Cloud" coming March 27th on MERGE RECORDS.

Also Touched On: 

The joys of discovery in the Napster era 

Growing up country 

Loving the Velvet Underground and GBV

Bikini Kill 

The Raincoats

Twin Powers

The Birmingham Scene: a story in two parts 

The difficulty finding a way into the punk scene

“Everyone still wishes it was the Ackleys” 

Hardcore message board toxicity 
PS Eliot is born from rage

“I’m a feminist because of the Bridge 9 Board”

Sage words from Marley

Fucked Up

Doing it for the other people

Fake Problems get big

“We are going on tour now!”

The end of MySpace

Teenage Cool Kids

Radiator Hospital


Mar 03, 2020
Episode 242 - Simon Doom (Spiral Heads, MGMT, Thulsa Doom)
Get ready! This week on the show Damian is joined by Spiral Heads & MGMT member, the great SIMON DOOM! Sit in as they discuss coming of age in the not so great era of NY punk & how that set him on the path for the rest of his life. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Also Touched On:

Nirvana as the gateway band

Getting a Sub Pop comp and hearing the Dwarves’ “Drug Store”

Parents meeting in Jessie Michaels’ dad’s class

Bobcat Goldthwait, Chokebore Butthole Suffers and Nirvana 

The loss of Kurt Cobain impacts a young kid

buying bootleg Nirvana tapes off Merle Allin

Drawing Lars’ tattoos on yourself and fooling Merle

reading punk jackets

Making a fake ID to get into CBGB’s

“Are you a spy of something?” - cops find your fake ID

“12 year old boy looking for band members” a personal ad 

Spider sends a picture of him puking

becoming friends with the skinhead goes terribly wrong 

Social Disease

The Murder Junkies were a terrifying gang without a messiah 

Adults beefing with kids

Thulsa Doom

The grimy shityness of punk can be exhausting

if it didn’t have the D-BEAT, i didn’t like it

“This isn’t a metal venue!” Dave It Up and Stuart Schrader’s opinion mattered

going indie


Feb 21, 2020
Episode 241 - Kevin Morby (The Babies, Woods)
This week on the show Damian reconnects with the godly Kevin Morby! Sit in as the two discuss the pivotal roll punk played in his musical development & the glory days that were the late 2000's Brooklyn DIY scene. 
NOT TO BE MISSED & Check out Kevin's latest album, "Oh My God", on Dead Oceans. 

Also Touched On:

Having to battle Blink 182 to get Green Day

Matt Skiba joining Blink 182 and a 6 grade dream comes true

Nirvana not being your gateway band

And thus begins: “The Reality Era” of MTV

Asian Man Records setting you on path

No Music in the house

No punks in the suburbs of Kansas City

Dropping out of school

Moving to New York

Going to be a opening scene from Law And Order

the 3rd wave of The BK Indie boom

the Vivian Girls!!!

The greatness of Cause Co-Motion: the Jonathan Fire Eater of the 3rd Wave NY 2000'S DIY


Feb 14, 2020
Episode 240 - Linda Ramone (Ramones Productions, Johnny Ramone Army)
Twenty-plus year ago, Damian had dinner with Linda & Johnny Ramone. It set the course for the rest of his life. Now, all these years later he is reunited with Linda Ramone to talk about growing up before punk in New York, her late husband & the traveling the world with the greatest band of all-time: 

Also Touched On:

A brother that loved rock

Black Sabbath

Black Oak Arkansa 

“I found a band for you”

Dreaming of going to the city

Heavenly and Starlet going to see the Dolls

Seeing Grand Funk at Madison Square Gardens

going to CBGBs every weekend

Johnny little black books

Fun with Vincent Gallo


Feb 07, 2020
Footnotes Supershow #5: Celebrating the music of Andy Gill, Josh Pappa, Reed Mullin and Vinny Value
After a tragic week of losses from the world of punk and hardcore, Chris O'toole, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian discuss the musical impact of four people on the world of music.
Feb 03, 2020
Episode 239 - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Vacant Andys)
Tonight we are doin' it for friendship & the scene, because on this episode Damian is joined by his new buddy, CHRIS CARRABBA AKA Dashboard Confessional! Listen in as the two discuss: Florida's isolation causing a music boom, coming to terms with being labeled "emo", playing on CNN in the middle of a news report & more! 
NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!! Don't miss Dashboard Confessional's "Best Of The Best Ones", a career spanning compilation of Dashboard's greatest hits dropping on January 31 2020!

Also Touched On:

Moving to Florida

Cars rides as punk school

120 Minutes

Archers Of Loaf


Dino Jr over everything

Finding Post-Hardcore before punk

Buzzcocks over the Pistols

Liking Green Day they were Green Day

Vacant Andy’s inspired by Jawbreaker



The gap between Youth Of Today and Hatebreed


Seeing Hot Water Music and falling instantly in love

Building a scene

Jon Riely from Morning Again

Trevor from Fact To Face: “word if getting out”

Fiddler Records

No Idea

Fueled By Ramen

HWM and Less Than Jake pulling the south FLA bands north

Hubble: favourite band that never recorded

Being made to sing

Chad from New Found Glory’s voice in Shai Hulud

coming to terms with the term emo

Reason To Believe rule


Jan 24, 2020
Episode 238 - Mikal Cronin (Party Fowl, Ty Segall Band, Charlie & The Moonhearts)
Get ready to set sail! In this episode, Damian is joined by his former shipmate on the Bruise Cruise & one of his favourite songwriters: Mikal Cronin! Join the two as they discuss: all ages shows, the Toronto connection, the joy of getting your OWN record & so much more!!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing up in a non-rock house

Hearing Nirvana in a cool babysitter’s car

When mom’s harp explodes…

Pop-punk as a gateway

the Warped Tour as a first show


Floggin’ Molly


getting a full beer dumped down your cast

So-Cal Record stores

Finding the Smell

the possibility of starting a band

The concept of the Sensitive Side 7” blowing your mind

Meeting Ty Segall 



Jan 15, 2020
Episode 237 - Jimmy Jacobs (ROH, TNA, WWE)
Bow down because wrestling’s Zombie Princess is here! This week on the show Damian sits down with one of his favourite wrestlers: Jimmy Jacobs! Listen in as the two discuss his journey through the unpredictable world of wrestling & how it all comes back to PUNK!

Also Touched On:

Damian is a fan of SCUM

It never hurts when someone is a fan

Jimmy hears the Misfits…

“All rock is the same!”

Rocking a devil lock in the 8th grade

going by yourself to see Prince in the mid-90s

Is the person or the character what came first?

Shedding the conservatism you were raised with

Cream Cheese And Bagels

The second Undertaker reveal turning you off of wrestling

“Here I am 20 years later, all because Stone Cold got popular”

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!


Jan 06, 2020
Episode 235 - Heather Gabel (HIDE)
If you want scream, scream with us! This episode, Damian sits down with one of his current favourite vocalists: HIDE's Heather Gabel. Listen in as the two discuss finding a late start through performing & the ongoing journey of punk. DON’T MISS IT!!!

Also Touched On:

“Punk” music


Green Day

a tape with Crass

“How can all these bands be the same genre?” 


Born Against

Sam McPheeters is always on the list!

Covering “well fed fuck”

Finding a Rudimentary Peni

Seeing Rancid before Lars was in the band

Your boyfriend refusing to stand beside you at a Jawbreaker show

Going to see the Cure and it being transformative

I can’t believe that many people had heard of them!

Hanging out with Robert Smith and it being the best ever

Eric Z’s Grounds Coffee Shop

Making patches for the Suicide Machines

Going to see ICP


Ink and Dagger RULES!!!!

being able to see Los Crudos whenever you want!

living at the Underdog loft


Nov 28, 2019
Episode 234 - Jim Smallman (Progress Wrestling, NXTUK)
Let's talk about the role of punk played in the resurrection of UK wrestling as Damian sits down with the founder of Progress Wrestling Jim Smallman! Listen in as the two discuss the how and the why of rebirth of UK wrestling and Jim's journey from punk loving stand-up comic to wrestling booker. Also touched on:

Daddy was a Northern Soul DJ?

The Clash: “I’m not hacking you listen to music like that.”

Standstill: a terrible cover band

The Sex Pistols/ Clash divide

Straight edge

“Just Don’t Be A Dick”

The formation of Progress: the anti-super indie

Jimmy Havok and the hardest chair shot he ever gave

the uk scene

Nov 18, 2019
Episode 233 - Colin McFaull (Cock Sparrer)
HOT DAMN! In this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the best to ever do it: Colin McFaull of the legendary COCK SPARRER!!! Listen in as the two discuss the realness of street rock & roll, the fakeness of punk & everything in between. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!

Also Touched On:

being on tour with the Small Faces and hearing the Jam

not buying into the whole punk thing

“you gotta wear these clothes”

Slaughter and The Dogs, Adam and the Ants and us

Forming Cock Sparrer at 16

informed by Glam

A potentially career ending reel to reel

MC5 didn’t cross the pond

Dr. Feelgood and pub rock

From Motorhead of Mannfred Mann and the Earth Band

Punk was a West London thing first

AC/DC with Bon Scott was the best show EVER

The meeting with Malcolm McLaren 

Doc Martins and Jungle Greens

“Some people bring you cupcakes and some people bring you cocaine”

The Sex Pistols and The Clash were boy bands

The second wave is when punk got real

“We weren’t well liked”

The ’92 comeback show

the violence becomes too much


Nov 11, 2019
Episode 232 - Johnny Peebucks Bonnel (Swingin' Utters, The Filthy Thieving Bastards)
YES!!! In this week’s episode, Damian is joined by one of his favourite vocalists ever: Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin' Utters!!! Listen in as they talk about going from reluctant street punk heroes to Fat Mike's favourite reluctant fight starting live band!

Also Touched On:

A cool older sister

Trying to nail the Mic Jagar pose

the club culture

getting into shows for free

the first version of the Swingin’ Utters

The Santa Cruz skinhead fanbase

Darius Joins and brings the songs

“Can you play harmonica?”

Going on tour with the Meatmen and Chaos UK

“We aren’t going to play this one tonight, we are too hungover.”

moving to SF

what is street punk?

MRR buzzband

"Your fans suck!" "You are right."

Fat Mike liked the fights and hated Streets Of San Francisco


Nov 05, 2019
Footnote Supershow #4: Stage Dives & Contact Highs
Chris & Damian call on the Daves (Akerman & Martin) to come on the show! Talk some Everclear, Kanye & Morrissey, the guy with the initials that plays rock, new music they like & so much more!!
Oct 28, 2019
Episode 231 - Anthony Anzaldo Jr. (Ceremony, Ex Youth)
Get ready to celebrate friendship because on this week’s episode, Damian invites his long time friend Anthony Anzaldo from Ceremony back to the show! NO WRESTLING TALK THIS TIME AROUND, as the two discuss creative growth, artistic integrity, the limitation of expectations & so much more. There’s just not enough time for everything! THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Oct 25, 2019
Episode 230 - Brandon Williams (Chastity)
This week on the show, Damian invites Brandon Williams of Chastity over for dinner & makes him podcast for his supper! Join the two friends as they discuss art, critique, heroes turned villains & of course, PUNK ROCK IN THE SUBURBS. LISTEN TO THIS!!!

Also Touched On: 

liking metal

the mystery of the band at the high school up the street

Happy Goes Lucky becomes Protest The Hero

Closet Monster

Bombs Over Providence

A babysitter crosses the street to avoid the punks

The Underground Operations era

Why are there no bands from Kingston?

Bands named after the city are normally terrible

Whitby: 10 Hockey Areas and no all-ages music venues

No Much Music, No Simpsons: Growing up in a religious house

The burnt CD era

Making the skate video in grade 7

Seeing Alexisonfire’s first video on TV and it changing everything

Meeting Dallas Green as a kid

When your childhood heroes tell you to “Quit Your Life”

Creating bands as a home for lyrics

The greatness of MTV Live Canada



Oct 11, 2019
Episode 229 - Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, Final Exit, International Noise Conspiracy)
This week on the show Dennis Lyxzén from Refused talks Swedish punk & so much more with Damian. DON’T MISS IT!

Also Touched On:

The continuation of 2001 Quick Fanzine interview

Exploited shows up out of nowhere in your record collection

being into NY hardcore when everyone else in UK 77

87 the dead time for punk between the booms

Puszone in Thrasher

“You get it home and it’s mucky pup”

Taller punk

The Join

let’s gather all the freaks in one place

let’s build a scene

isolation and boredom builds the biggest hardcore scene in the world

no sick of it all show in Umea

Doctor and The Crippens 

Were you at the Shelter show?

Step Forward: no one is going like this so let’s just go nuts

be the guys that goes off

Refused: “We knew the potential”

The curse of recording LPs

Meshaggah sounding like Anthrax playing to 4t people

Skate punk made

Asta Kasta the link between scenes


David's death metal influence on Refused

the regions of music

learning about Empire and the Ruts from the gods of DC

This is kinda cool but super sloppy

becoming friends with manny from Race Traitor

Peaking too early

Final Exit

The Path Of Resistance connection

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!

Oct 04, 2019
Episode 228 - Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, The Color Wheel, Golden Exits)
Lights, Camera, Action! This week on the show we go to the movies as Damian sits down with director, ALEX ROSS PERRY! Listen in as the two discuss how Alex applied what he learned from basement shows to making movies & lamenting the loss of video store culture. 

Also Touched On:

Video store people unite!!!

Green Day as first exposure

becoming a Lookout kid

Big band bringing cool bands on tour

Blink opens for Bad Religion and then a few years later the inverse

Local H opening for Stone Temple Pilots 

Meeting the older kids in the basement

a Propagandhi shirt

the secret christian punk scene

if you have played a show for less than 10 people you can make movies

Making a soundtrack


Sep 30, 2019
Episode 227 - Bif Naked (Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog)
Get Psyched! CANADIAN MUSIC ICON, BIF NAKED IS ON THE SHOW! Join Damian & Bif as they sit down to discuss her crazy journey in music. From giggin' endlessly across Canada with Gorilla Gorilla, to trying to win over Life Of Agony fans in Europe, to ultimately changing the Canadian music landscape forever. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!!

Also Touched On:

Making My Daddy’s Getting Married

DRI plays NOT the Albert

The Punk-Funk of Gorilla Gorilla

Being in a touring band is not for everyone

The double standard of being a woman in the touring punk scene

Hockey Music

Sugar Ray could have been a great punk band

the East Coast VS the West Coast vibe

Personality Crisis


Flipping a coin for Toronto or Vancouver

Pot & flannel 

Chrome Dog was ahead of its time

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

playing in Bad Religion in both bands

The skater scene vs. the rocker scene

Getting stoked about Jello rejection letter

loving early Screeching Weasel

covering Mastodon

Touring with Chi Pig  & The Wrongs

Having to learn to play with no monitors because the music industry sucks

Opening for Life Of Agony & the audience didn't care that her daddy was getting married

meeting Gail from Belly & getting into Straight Edge


Sep 20, 2019
Episode 226 - Donita Sparks (L7)
GET READY!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by a legend: DONITA SPARKS of the godly L7! Listen in as the two discuss not fitting in & having to create your own scene, punk as an attitude. Also, the trials & tribulations of headlining the first Warped Tour. 

Also Touched On:

Sisters with great taste

Hearing the Ramones & finding your band

Not liking bands that buy shit off the rack

Punk or New Wave

B-52s were crazier than the Cramps

The Dead were a deal breaker

Going to dance clubs in the Northside of Chicago

Hating hardcore

The LA art punk scene gives rise to L7

Opening for Bad Religion

Redd Kross were true glam

Not being a part of the hip LA scene

Grunge up end rock

Meeting Sub Pop

Writing Shove

Covering Bloodstains & turning it into the Mencies Anthem 

The Dick Dale influence

The half-step 

Suicidal’s dirge

Everyones is opening for the riot


Sep 10, 2019
Episode 225 - Matty Matheson (God of Cookery)
Rejoice!!! It's finally happened! After losing one episode to the unknown, Matty Matheson comes to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy to talk about the good & the not so good times that led Matty to become one of the world’s most beloved chefs! Also, how punk & hardcore were paramount  to his journey. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!!!! 
ALSO, don’t miss the return of Matty Fest with Decedents, Wu Tang and Danny Brown! Saturday September 7th at Echo Beach!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 05, 2019
Episode 224 - Alex Lichtenhauer (Control Top, Get Better Records)
Weather, technology & scheduling be damned! This week Alex Lichtenauer (Get Better Records and Control Top) is on the show! After months of trying, join Alex & Damian as they discuss scene building & affecting positive change through music. Don't miss this rain soaked all too short conversation! 

Also Touched On: 

A NOFX tape gets passed around

The Decline is the peak

Pikesville Teen Center scene

The Baltimore Hardcore scene 

Cult Classics


Charm City Art Space and the fall out

Moving to New Hampshire and scene building

The Starving Artist

Punk experiences it first

The first decade of Get Better Records


Sep 02, 2019
Episode 223 - Ben Lee (Noise Addict)
DREAMS COME TRUE! This week Damian welcomes his childhood hero & dream guest to the show, BEN LEE!!! Listen in as the two get caught in the metaphysical weeds discussing moshing at a Hard-Ons show to collaborating with Tom Robbins on musicals. ANOTHER EPISODE THAT CANNOT BE MISSED!!! 

Also Touched On:

A long time in the making for Damian

No one ever came

The Sydney all-ages scene

The Hard-Ons


getting caught in the mosh at age 12

Rage: The TV program

Lo-Fi is Punk

“I thought it sounded like ‘Appetite For Destruction’”

Tom Robbins as a punk collaborator 

Dennis Tek opens for Rollins

Nirvana and the Violent Femmes were the reason

Television Personalities 

The Vaselines 

K Records

Half A Cow Records




Fallaheen Records

Not being able to open for Alex Chilton because it was a school night

“Do I get paid for that?”

the Bathing Ape collaboration

artist run labels are a bad idea most of the times


Aug 29, 2019
Episode 222 - Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, The Pink Monkey Birds)
What is "cool"? Well, around here at Turned Out A Punk we think the very embodiment of the word cool is Kid Congo Powers & this podcast just got a hell of a lot cooler, because he’s on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former Cramp, Gun Cluber, Bad Seed & Screamers propagandist to talk about how LA glam kids took over the world. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Helping invent punk

The Dogs and the Motels

The Glam kids meet the rock kids meet the record collector kids

Seeing Patti Smith and Ramones

Zolar X: hilariously dedicated

The faded glam of LA as an influence
Learning from Rodney

Th Quick: “Our Sparks”

Backdoor Man Magazine was the Bible

The birth of Zine culture

Doing the first Ramones zine

The odd crowd the Ramones attracted 

16 and standing beside Dee Dee

Thrift shopping with Blondie

The Nerves, The Pop and the Zippers

“Glad I was there for that”: life with The Screamers

Pat Suzuki and Argento

“You have to see this band the Cramps!”

Took the bus from LA

Going to New York and seeing the Contortions

Befriending Brian Gregory and Nick Knox

The Mumps come to LA

The Student Teachers

The Blessed

“Those people were sick!” No Wave people were no fucking joke

“Yeah I noticed” The shift from punk to hardcore

Opening for the Circle Jerks with the Creeping Ritual

“They Hated Us!”

Here come the angry kids

Going to see the Slits play in the UK

Record shopping in Paris in ’77

Working at Bomp


Aug 19, 2019
Episode 221 - Jay Bentley (Bad Religion, Wasted Youth etc.)
In honour of Bad Religion playing the Psycho Las Vegas Fest, Jay Bentley from Bad Religion is on the show! Tune in as Jay & Damian discuss finding punk, forming Bad Religion, the birth of Epitaph, leaving before the Unknown & coming back! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LISTEN!

Also Touched On:

Raw Power Fanzine 

DIY? Are you High? What else was there

12,000 kids vs. Jay and Greg

Going to LA to see shows

The Stains and the car through the wall

Mad Society the SUPER little kids

“Well fuck this, we’re going to make our own.”

The Circle Jerks like your tape

“We are already on the radio?!?”

Rodney On The ROQ

Buying the Dickies and the Germs record store

Making the first 7”

making the first lp

Smoke 7 comp

Experimenting right into drugs

Joining Wasted Youth

The Clubs stop letting punk happen

Citadel: Proto glam

Do you be in the Circle Jerks? And winding up back in Bad Religion

Into the Unknown and back


Aug 15, 2019
Episode 220 - Riki Rachtman (Cathouse, Headbanger's Ball, WCW)
What do MTV, WCW & Darby Crash have in common? This week’s guest is RIKI  RACHTMAN!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the former WCW/Headbanger’s Ball & current Cathouse Hollywood Podcast host to talk about The Germs, Black Flag & the Adolescents: OH MY! Not to be missed!!!

Also Touched On:

The greatest Canadians

Wearing Germs shirts on Headbangers Ball

Blink 182 is old school now?

Devo’s first record as gateway

Rodney on ROQ


Keith Morris rocking a Spiderman costume fronting the Black Flag


Not getting the Germs… at first

X plays every show

Meeting Darby

The Adolescents Blue Album is one of the great albums EVER

Rob and Darby

Knowing more about Black Flag than Black Sabbath

Going to Universal Studios with an Adam And The Ants superfan

Auditions for the Angry Samoans

Forming a hardcore band 

“Hey Devo!”

“Hey Meatloaf!”

Meeting Lee Ving in the current day

Metallica meets the Plimsouls
Battery Club could have been Green Day

Trying to record and hang with Pantera


 On the road with Scott Steiner


Aug 07, 2019
Episode 219 - Chris Hannah Part 2 (Propagandhi)
Because the world demanded it, Damian welcomes back to the show one of his all time favourite lyricists & TOAP Guests: PROPAGANDHI’S CHRIS HANNAH!!!
Get pumped for a pretty bleak discussion! The two reflect on the current state of things, where/when it all started to get much darker & of course, some punk rock talk too!

Also Touched On: 

The Prophecy Foretold: Chris Hannah Was Right! 


The record flopped: YAY!

“Fuck these jokers!”

Traveling with a mini-mall

Greenroom as a bio-pic

The punk and politics

G-7 Records falls apart

Consolidated rule 

Hearing Randy for the first time

Todd and Chris go crazy while record Today’s Empires

Wanting to be more Los Crudos, Dropdead and Born Against

Fuck The Border with a rap part as an I Spy song

Jord: the voice of reason

Trying to make everything sound like a sped up cassette tape.

The terrifying prophecy of Propagandhi lyrics

the moment we could have saved the world

9/11 changes everything

You don’t own your cellphone 

Falling-out with Fat Mike

Changing views on Punk Voter


Jul 28, 2019
Episode 218 - Dan Panic (Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, Pansy Division, Squirtgun, Ivy League)
Some 23 years ago a much younger Damian met Dan Panic at a show in Toronto & the positive impact on was immense. Now, two plus decades later, Damian gets to sit down & thank Dan the only way he knows how: by punishing him with questions about his musical past! Join D & D as they sit down to discuss playing drums in some of the most iconic pop punk bands. 

Also Touched On:

Damian meets Dan and it sets a standard

Blondie as a gateway

The Feds’ (pre-Smashing Pumpkins/ pre-Poster Children) fake tour booklet

Ivy League forms in 10 minutes 

Weedeater (pre Charles Bronson) and the new scene in the Western Suburbs

The evolution of the Chicago scene

The Los Crudos Screeching Weasel Connection

An apology to Cedric

The Riverdales VS Weasel

Tony Molina RULES

Listening to Mars Volta

Playing with At The Drive-In 

Joe does not like weed smoke from future rock gods

Playing with Sons Of Ishmael 

Opening for the first “last” Screeching Weasel show

The influence of Ringo

The nuns forcing you to write with your right hand

Melody over everything

The funny side of Born Against

Quitting music for five years

Touring with Pansy Division



Jul 23, 2019
Episode 217 - Jon Wurster Part 2 [or 4] (Superchunk, Bob Mould, The Best Show, Mountain Goats)
Whether you call it his second or his fourth time on the show, one of the greatest guests ever, JON WURSTER RETURNS! Either in the world of drumming or comedy, Jon truly is a GOAT! So sit back listen in as Damian & Jon go deep before he takes the stage with Bob Mould… Who also says one word on the show… So do we call that his Part 1? YOU DECIDE!

Also Touched On:

Going to Ohio to learn to record

Missing Husker Du by one day

Circle Of Shit

The scum influence on Philadelphia music 

Jon’s connection to Serial Killers

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has to follow Green Day… with the singer of Serial Killer 

John Drewbaker: So punk the local magazine did an article on him titled The Punk

The best show Superchunk ever played

Not loving the cross-over thing… except COC

the cool frats in Philly

Joining Jack Wenberg

Is there a drummer in the house?: Mike Joyce no shows the Buzzcocks 

Brad from Finger plays with Keith Urbane

going solo to see MDC on a Monday night in a college town when school out in 2019

The weirdness of Texas punk

The weirdness of Philly punk

The greatness of YDI live

The best of the metal records

Void rules ok!

Going Country

Why punk endures



Jul 13, 2019
Episode 216 - Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3, Minor Victories)
Tune in & gaze down because this week on the show RACHEL GOSWELL (Slowdive) joins Damian for a chat!!! Listen along as the two discuss going from being a first wave goth kid to finding out you accidentally created a genre!! Plus hear Damian fan out... Again. 

Also Touched On:

Punk through a brother

Siouxie and The Banshees as inspiration 


who invented goth?

in the gig straight down to the front

photos at gigs

Christian Death

Ghost Dance

Neil is a prefect at school

not into Indieschmindie stuff

My Bloody Valentine unites them all

meeting Alan Magee 

Meeting the goths in College

Being broke on Creation

 Falling-out with Creation

The Sony deal

Getting asked to take Oasis on tour and saying no

Never touring Pygmalion

 Getting dropped

the fourth Slowdive album becomes the first Mojave 3

signing to 4AD

A starting afresh 

Shoegaze as a genre: “Wot on earth?!” 

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

Jul 07, 2019
Episode 215 - Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Goth Boi Clique, Tigers Jaw)
Punk will never die! As if to illustrate this, founding member of Goth Boi Clique, Wicca Phase is on the show this week! Join Damian as he sits down with the former member of Tigers Jaw to talk about Emotrap being yet another mutation of punk & how they were brought together by wrestling podcasts. NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Also Touched On:

Getting into Blink 182 but it not counting

Tom from the Menzingers wins the talent show with a Rancid cover

Typing Punk into napster 
AFI & Anti-Flag & IN

Calling into Hot 97 & getting put on air at 8 years old

Going along to a Backstreet Boys show
More a Frontyard Dancer than a Backyard Wrestler

Then Amazingness of Crimpshrine 

Scranton’s hot ska scene

Leftover Crack & the Beach Boys over everything

An invite only message board of obsessive music collectors

Borrowing CDs from the library & finding the Smiths & Mount Eerie 

Forming bands that were derivative of the Microphones & Conor Oberts

Test Pattern 

Forming Tigers Jaw

Title Fight

Hating the pop-punk scene

Shout out to the Aarons!

Lil Peep on wrestling 



Jun 24, 2019
Episode 214 - Billy Duffy (The Cult, Death Cult, The Nosebleeds)
Well, somethings in life are worth waiting for & this here is one of those things! BILLY DUFFY IS ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK! Listen in as the two start from the beginning & we learn just how this legendary guitarist found his way through punk to the metal explosion of the 80’s. YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!!! CATCH BILLY ON TOUR WITH THE CULT THIS SUMMER! Check listings 

Also Touched On:

Coming of age in the summer of a punk

Billy & Johnny: Best haircuts in town

The better guitarists in the neighbourhood

Football or Rock and Roll as the only ways out

Free & Thin Lizzy

Slaughter And The Dogs: Bowie freaks go punk

How amazing the Buzzcocks were

Seeing the Pistols for the first time at the 2nd Manchester gig

Five school friends enter & three leave

“All the heads were there”

Guitar hers

Raw Power was a massive band in Wigan

Filling Vini Reilly’s shoes

Bringing along Morrissey 

Opening for The Magazines 

Throwing out candy to the crowd

The Nosebleeds 

“The only reason they kept me around was because I was good at table tennis”

“She actually sang on a Johnny Thunder’s record?!?” The Lonesome No More 

Getting into gretch guitars

rockabilly arrives

nothing would have happened without punk


Jun 17, 2019
Episode 212 - Darby Allin (The Wrestlers, All Elite Wrestling, Evolve)
IT'S HERE!!!! Tonight, May 22nd on Viceland (in the US) at 10:00pm EST, Damian's show "The Wrestlers" premiers!!! What better way to celebrate than by having one of the stars of the first episode on the show: DARBY ALLIN!!! Listen in as Darby scares the crap out of Damian with stories that prove that everyone that said Jackass was bad for kids was right. *WARNING* THIS EPISODE IS INTENSE. 
Please check out The Wrestlers for more intensity!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Going to see the Circle Jerks & a world opening up

Seeing Turbonegro because of Jackass and Skate videos

being drawn to darkside of humanity

dropping out of amateur wrestling to be into punk

A very old school definition of punk

the jock before punk rock

“If I could grow up and get paid to be an asshole..”

The Jackass influence

being obsessed with punk documentary

Loving The Nuns

Seeing Subhumans

Loving Leftover Crack

Booking the band that ways brings pig guts

Moshing in the streets with Shane West

Getting into straight edge through H2O and Minor Threat

Preferring GG’s early stuff.

The Murder Junkies were supposed to perform at the wedding

Minister Dino

Torturing DJZ as a thank you for DJing the wedding

Going to film school in Arizona

John Waters is real

Liking things that aren’t fake

finding wrestling

Making movies

Fighting in dog shit

The awesomeness of Ethan Page

CM Punk draws you back

being on Ridiculousness

There is no winner when Darby wants to do something nuts

 “I’m in the mood to do something stupid”

Working with Wicca Phase and Fury

May 22, 2019
Episode 211 - Milo Aukerman (Descendents)

SURPRISE EPISODE!!!! Scratch another one off the bucket list because, thanks to our friend’s at Punk Rock Bowling, MILO AUKERMAN OF THE DESCENDENTS IS ON THE SHOW!!!! Join Damian as he talks to one of his heroe’s to find out about going from a new wave lovin' nerd to one of the most iconic vocalists ever! YOU’VE GOTTA TO HEAR THIS!!!! Go see the Descendents play Punk Rock Bowling next weekend (with Damian) too! 

Also Touched On:

X opens for Devo

Getting into LA punk

Accidentally seeing Black Flag’s infamous park gig

Listening to Rodney

Dangerhouse Records

Ramones are more standard 

“I was a frickin’ nerd”

Dressing new wave

Bill Stevenson selling you a Decendents record

The 60’s influence on the first 7”

The Allycats influence

Singing in musicals

ripping off Dez

Watching Black Flag practice

The Last connection

Joining the new wave club at school and the meeting getting invaded by the punkers

The Blasters

The Chiefs

New Wave kids that liked a punk

don’t turn around in the pit!

The Germs show: people had gotten in with weapons

The Minutemen

Playing with Minor Threat

The SST fans

New Alliance Records

Hearing “Milo Goes To College” for the first time… in college 

Bill joins Black Flag but that was the end of it.

Ray Cooper takes over vocals

Bill’s congratulations card to Milo in the form of an album

The albatross of the Milo head

going to shows in San Diego


Battalion Of Saints

Singing on Loose Nut

Seeing the Misfits on the last tour

The drawbacks of a double life



May 17, 2019
Episode 210 - Shawn & Mark Stern (Youth Brigade, Extremes, BYO Records)
Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival is but a week away! To celebrate, we have festival founders & Youth Brigadiers, Shawn & Mark Stern on the show for ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER OF TOAP!!! Join Damian in his glee as the Sterns talk about all his favourite topics: From AA Records to Zolar X! OH, MY GAWD! Also Touched On: Going to see the Dickies for a first show A disagreement about Vom Tampon eating scares of some stoner buddies Robert Trower Getting into Devo Going to back to Toronto and catching the B-52s and the Beat People  Saskatoon Temp-hair dye disaster 100 Punk to rule the world: The Masque and the Canterbury The Go-Gos A different perspective on the invading beach punks Test Tube Records & Greg Heston Skinhead Manor Skin Swing Brigade Someone Gonna Get Their Head Kicked Matt Groening loves the comp getting Doug Moody into punk Bringing Aggression around to meet Doug Moody for a shakedown and it getting them signed Nearly winding up on the People’s Court AA Records French Oi Eskorbuto  Pure Hell & the Dead Boys Brendan Mullen’s ear AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 16, 2019
Episode 209 - John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats, The Extra Glenns)
Years in the making & two attempts at recording have been worth it!!! The King of the Mountain, G.O.A.T. John Darinelle is on the show this week! Listen along as John & Damian discuss going from getting messed with by members of Bad Religion & Christian Death, to finally understanding why Nick Cave would hate the bathroom being in the front of the club, but don't worry, there is lots of Ajax Records talk for all you teeny boppers out there! The Mountain Goats have an AWESOME new record out on MERGE called “In League With Dragons” Check it out now!!!!! Also Touched On: Some awesome music talk seen it in the LA times Mom ordered Never Mind The Bollocks to the library  When DIY came to punk Early college rock The Normal TVOD Being scared of punk Jay from Bad Religion and Rozz from Christian Death trying to mess with you in the neighbourhood  The bully that chases you toward guitar, literally Charlie Chase and the Folk Music centre  Running into your tormentors at Buttonhole Surfers shows “Finding someone that like The Velvet Underground was like a Wizard!” Man Is The Bastard on streaming services The Extra Glens Mighty Joe Young AntiSeen, Eyehategod and Obsessed Being a parent and trying to leave the house for a show Nick Cave just trying to use the bathroom Doing security for Fugazi Ian MacKaye makes a nice cup of tea Peter and Ajax Records “I can have an advance?!?” BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 10, 2019
Episode 208 - George Pettit Part 2 (Dead Tired, Alexisonfire, Bergenfield Four)
GEORGE IS BACK BABY! Once again TOAP shows up to prove that a sequel can equal or even top the original. George Pettit was one of the original guests on this podcast way back when & now he finally makes his triumphant return to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his good friend to catch up & bullshit about music, culture & how punk can micro change the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! George's band Dead Tired has an awesome new album, "Full Vol." His other band, Alexisonfire also put out some amazing new music as well.  Also Touched On:  A long time coming making this thing George tells Damian Alexisonfire is getting back together “What am I going to do now?” the post band question Wade gets it done Young Chris O’Toole working at the record store Niagara Falls: ghost town Sex Pistols Wax Figures shows that no one came to The kind of out of touch having a kid makes you kid run vs. the old people scene The end of alternative culture The brilliance of CityTV No New Bomb Turks on Much Music & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
May 03, 2019
Episode 207 - John Ross Bowie (Four Chords And A Gun, Big Bang Theory, Egghead)

Pick Up The Pieces!!! This week on the show, Damian sits down with John Ross Bowie! The Big Bang Theory star & author of the new play, FOUR CHORDS AND A GUN has an INSANE story to tell. You guys are gonna love this one! SO, HEY HO... Oh, forget it

Also Touched On:

A dance routine to Rockaway beach

The String theory of cool

NOW, I want to sniff some glue

Buying Ramones records

The Spin mags 10 year anniversary of punk issue

The dramatic aspects of growing up in 80’s NY

Spring 84 seeing The Go-Gos

Putting an ad looking for a penpal

A friend in Kitchener



The Nunfuckers rule!

Going to CBGB’s to see Breakdown

The two different audiences for New York hardcore bands and cali punk in NY

Murphy’s Law and the Dickies on halloween 

A group of comedy people at Matador 21

Musical theatre meets punk

The Mumps

World Inferno Friendship Society

Liking Let’s Wreck This Party

Bad Religion’s Into The Unknown

Greg Graffin coming to DJ on your radio show

Bob Dylan for jocks

Bugout Society are crazy underrated 

Crucial Youth trolling MRR readers

Damian’s dad loves Toy Dolls

understanding why your parent feared punk

when hardcore get reeeeaaallllyyyy hard

Mutant Pop rocks!!!



Apr 23, 2019
Episode 206 - Johnny Marr (The Smiths, The Cribs, Modest Mouse)
Here's Johnny!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the greatest guitarists in the history of British Rock & Roll: JOHNNY MARR!!! Johnny has an amazing new album, “Call The Comet” & has played in some of the most LEGENDARY bands ever but, as is par for the course with this show, the two spent most of the time talking about a band that only ever released one song on a compilation. CHECK THIS ONE OUT & don't forget THE TOAP PATREON!  👨‍🎨: Gray Abraham Also Touched On: The Sex Pistols’ legendary Lesser Free Trade Hall  Billy Duffy changes the next day Going to see Slaughter & The Dogs at age 12 Stooges, The Dolls & Dr Feelgood The glory days of working class rock & roll The first single Playing guitar  The GODLY Sister Ray! A freak show of a band A scary group of dudes A drummer with dreads in South Manchester in the late 70’s In a band with adults at age 14 Steven & Isaac got nothing on Clive. Clive says “If you are a intros band, you are going to need this…” Pete Shelley: the true radical for the time The differences between the london punks & the punks around the country that took up the flag The importance of Jon Savage’s book The importance of Magazine  Bowiefreaks The Suffragette City is the template for punk  The Robert Alman Punk Salon The White Dice Paris Valentino’s riff becomes Handsome Devils The Only Ones are gods! “Peter Perret is my Sid Barrett” Seeing Nick Lowe from the knees down The FBeat audition BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Apr 14, 2019
Footnote Supershow #3 - Youtube Party Tonight!
The Turned Out A Punk Patreon is live! Head to patron.com/turnedoutapunk and check it out! Also, check out Chris, Dave It Up, Dave Martin and Damian as they talk about the best live bands they never saw, youtube clips and Dave It Up not liking the Cramps(!?!?!?!?!).
Apr 11, 2019
Episode 205 - Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux, Black Bananas)
When Damian sat down with Jennifer Herrema (Half of the legendary duo Royal Trux), he had no clue they would spend the whole time talking about first wave DC hardcore, but this is a perfect example of the power of punk & ultimately the point of this show. Join Damian in his stunned joy as they discuss how the noise & chaos of hardcore informed Jennifer’s musical sensibility & life in general. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Check out Royal Trux's godly new album, White Stuff on Fat Possum now!  Also Touched On: Shout Out To Tony Reitmen Hanging with Iron Cross at the age of 12 Olson’s Books and Records with Sab and Tesco Vee working the door Wandering through George Town and looking at fliers Anna and Cynthia Connolly Hanging out with Void Pussy Galore  Always against straight edge Dante and Sab were wild! Ian stands in his own truth 9353 Royal Trux starts in DC The results of an acid trip Moby and Neil as college buddies Going to Skynyrd for Kid Rock Gerard Cosloy is responsible for all of this Listening to GBH trying to figure it out The influence of Discharge Mike Fellows Chis Bald AND MORE!!!!!
Apr 08, 2019
Episode 204 - Mary Timony (EX HEX, Helium, Wild Flag)
This week on the show, one of the coolest (& one of the first performers your host Damian ever saw live), MARY TIMONY of the band EX HEX sits down for a chat. Listen in as the two talk about Mary going from a DC hardcore kid who didn't feel like she fit in, to finding a home in Boston Indie Rock, to touring world wide with the godly HELIUM. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED (ALSO, don't miss EX HEX’s FANTASTIC new album "It's Real” on Merge Records)!!!   Also touched on:  Damian’s first show Growing up down the road from the MacKayes Mary’s folks: “Have you heard of Ian’s band Minor Threat?” Alec’s leopard print hair Watching Friday Night Videos and finding New Wave Feeling different Learning to play guitar to stop dressing weird Seeing Rites Of Spring for a first show The positivity of the DC hardcore scene Revolution Summer and the changes begin “DON’T MOSH!!!” Combo sport team/ street gang Fire Party Christian Billotte Jamming Joe Satriani  HazMat becomes Autoclave A Rush loving drummer Autoclave Slant 6 Swiz Kingface Soulside Ignition Fugazi in the basement of St. Stephen’s (pre-Guy) The friend with the Bongos Moving to Indie Rock loving Boston The difference between DC and Boston “Way to DC for that!”: Major label find no one answering when they come knocking Signing to Matador Opening for Liz Phair at CBGB’s AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO
Apr 01, 2019
Episode 203 - Laura Ballance (Superchunk, Merge Records)
How often do you get to talk to the boss of your record label, bass player in one of your favourite bands & one of the first people to ever hire you in the music biz? Well, this once in a lifetime confluence happens to Damian this week when he welcomes LAURA BALLANCE OF MERGE RECORDS / SUPERCHUNK on to the show show!!! Listen in as the two discuss Laura’s journey, why MERGE gets it in a way some other label can't & the night in London twenty years ago when Damian had to work the merch table for Superchunk.  Also Touched On:  Big Sister’s record collection as a gateway Adam Ant on late night tv and a sexual awaking Was it Prince & The Revolution  on Purple Rain OR Bad Brains & Neon Christ for the first show? ATL Alternative Culture Unity The difference between Raleigh and Atlanta’s punk scenes the uniqueness of the various hardcore scenes in NC Learning to overcome stage fright Starting Merge Gerard’s stamp of approval Not being proud of the early stuff You can’t be discerning if you’re going to be prolific Erectus Monotone: pre- Double Negative not liking the bands that signed to major labels Jon Wurster: the punkest motherfucker you ever did see AND MORE!!!!!!
Mar 25, 2019
Footnotes Supershow #2 - Timelife's History Of RnR ep 9
The odd couple of punk podcasting are back! This time, Chris & Damian invite Damian's brother / show producer, Tristan on the show to discuss stuff he felt Damian & Jonah may have overlooked on Episode 200\. Before getting to that that, they discuss Johnny Rotten vs. Marky  Ramone, the new Punk doc series, getting starstruck as an adult, why Robbie Brookside is the ultimate vehicle to discuss the history of punk & so much more!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 202 - Jake Duzsik (HEALTH)
Almost 8 years ago, Damian, host of this show, & Jake Duzsik, of the awesome band HEALTH, had a hang so epic it left both men changed. Now, they are finally reunited & it was glorious! Listen in as the two discuss skateboarding, wrestling, success & how it all comes together: PUNK! Also Touched On: An Epic Hang A Couple A Few Years Back Hesher  Going With You Dad To See Nirvana At Age 11 Pearl Jam Being Amazing But Not Being That Into Them Butthole Surfers Go Mainstream Come As You Are & Our Band Could Be Your Life Dad Works With Kim Thayil Getting into peace punk and becoming snobbie  East Bay Ray can play! Not starting a band until your 20s Seeing Submission Hold How tiny DIY punk and hardcore ws in the 90s The Artier free jazz side of Crass Being the outliers of the Smell Scene Noise in Brooklyn vs. Noise in LA in the early 2000’s Not liking the Decendents The emotional playing of the Dead Milkmen loving the guitars first Listen to only Frankenchrist for a whole summer Jake Goes to College NOFX takes over Driving in cars with snowboarders singing Bro-Hymn The Punk side of skateboarding The Punk side of wrestling Wrestings VS Skateboarding: battle for punk & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mar 17, 2019
Episode 201 - Greg Attonito (Bouncing Souls)
WHAT AN INSANE WEEK!?!?!? This time on the show punk legend & Bouncing Souls frontperson, Greg Attonito stops by for a chat! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroe’s to talk about how punk would change his life, the importance of an anthemic chorus & why you never stop when you are opening for Green Day in Europe.  Also Touched On: Getting Into Punk Though Your Sister Meeting Brian & Going To Shows The Real Cool Guys Sis goes to the Smiths Seeing Bruce Springsteen in a stadium trying to be the ultimate sing along band “Man, we haven’t written anything close to Hungry Heart Playing together for 30 years Seeing the Kinks play on the pier Seeing The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in NY on Halloween vs. an off night in NJ Ramones Fishbone Seeing Ween’s first show They Might Be Giants AOD Sticks and Stones Getting on stage for the first time learning to be a vocalist Braindead: the very first Bouncing Souls song slinging your 7”s on the street “We’d just hang out and stuff would happen” Always being the weird band AND SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS!!!!!!!!!
Mar 08, 2019
Episode 200 - Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) + Special Guests!!!!
OH CRAP, WE MADE IT!!! Episode 200 is here & what better way to celebrate than by turning the tables on Damian & putting him into the hot seat. Who better to serve as the interviewer, but the rhythm to Damian's heart, former guest, Jonah Falco (Career Suicide/ Fucked Up/ Game)! Listen in as Jonah forces Damian to answer the question: "How did you get into punk?" BUT, because this is a party, we have some other guests that have acted as influencers to do this podcast, including: Legendary "The Best Show" caller and music historian Charles R. Martin, "Post Wrestling"'s John Pollock & Wai Ting and "Heat Vision & Jack"'s & maybe Bad-Religion-show-goer Jack Black!!!!!!  This is the a MONSTER of a 200th episode!!!   THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE SHOW FOR THE PREVIOUS 199 EPISODES!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Feb 28, 2019
Footnotes Supershow #1
This is the start of the new era for Turned Out A Punk! Footnotes Supershow is Chris & Damian hanging out & talking all things punk, wherever the conversation goes. What a better way to kick off the show than having not one, but TWO of Daves we know (we know, these are the Daves we know): Dave It Up & Dave Martin! Sit back & listen as they ask important questions like: -Have you ever actually heard Chinese Democracy? -Tragedy's "Vengeance" setting a bar. -The international record condition exchange rate. AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Feb 23, 2019
Footnote 198 & 199: Tony Molina and Better Oblivion Community Center
Cheree Cheree, Oh Nerdy. This week on the show Chris and Damian catch up about Damian's tour, get lost in a magazine and discuss Phoebe, Conor and Tony. What a great time?!?!
Feb 09, 2019
Episode 199 - Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers (Better Oblivion Community Center)
This week on Turned Out A Punk, it is a celebration as PHOEBE BRIDGERS & CONOR OBERST come on to celebrate the release of Better Oblivion Community Center! So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record. Can You Believe it? ONE FOR THE AGES!!! Also Touched On: Pick A Number Between 1 & 10 Clash Loving Big Brother As First Exposure Uncle Tupelo Woody Guthrie From Avril To X “It’s Not Punk To Call Yourself PUNK” Conor: PA For hire Doing Sound For Brainiac The Reason That The Omaha Sound Has No Sound Growing Up & Smelling The Smell Sloppy Jane: From Punk To Cave Core Girl Pusher: The Most Appropriate Named Band Ever Commander Venus Grass Records The Crap Shoot Of All Ages Bills Hating Piano Neil Young Is So Punk Nirvana Fan: Me But Greasy Feeling Like You Have To Sign To Other Labels Digital Sex Rules!!! Cursive Signs To Crank! Mousetrap 311 Leaves Town To Get Back You Have To Get The Music Out Of Omaha The Pressure Of Being A Super Young Musician In LA Phoebe & The He-Men Einstein’s Dirty Secret The Topanga Canyon The Fixie Era A Band Stays At Your Parents “Is This Chicken vegan?” Hearing About Emo For The First Time The Sunny Day Sound Pax Am “It’s Like Sheryl Crow!” Corporate Piggy “You Know What Would Be Good For Your Image…” Playing For The Violent Femme’s Fans: Not Fun “We Should Form A Band That Sounds Like The Replacements!” & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Brought to you by VANS
Jan 27, 2019
Episode 198 - Tony Molina (Ovens, Healer, Dystrophy)
What was your favourite record from last year? Well Damians was Tony Molina's "Kill The Lights" and this week he has Tony on the show! So get ready as the two old friends dive into the wonderland that is Bay Area Punk and Hardcore. The hot takes are a flying! This may very well be the longest and funnest episode yet!  Damian’s album of the Year Listening to rap The Chronic  Bay Area Rap Beau from Oven walks in and is like: I listen to rock music now. Weekend Warrior Metal Doobie Brothers and other rockers turned ops Dads with good taste in rock music Nirvana as entry to Fang and MDC Green Day explodes Mom does does not fuck with White boy rock Sublime VS Bloodhound Gang Phish VS Greatful Dead Riverdale VS Screeching Weasel Pansy Division dressed as the Donnas and nailing a Slayer cover Angus the Movie Seeing Tower Of Power for your first show TOP, WAR and the Melvins Deftones cover the Bad Brains Negative Tom AFI Getting the Year in 7”s Goin to the Gilman for the first time Skarhead at the Gilman All Bets Off RIP Sammy Being more 625 Groovie Ghoulies “You have you heard VOID?” What Happens Next and bandana thrash bring back the fun.  The Sex Kittens: Ramones and Donnas Worship Friends with Supercharger “You gotta get with Greg!” Going to Greg Lowry’s House Getting feedback from a garage legend Having to go to “real” punk school Fiesta Comes Alive vs Forever Changes Renting Gummo because Spazz is on soundtrack Trve Power Violence Why is the Infest cover art is so bad!?!?! Off The Disk The Jocks Sharp Knife seeing dbs at Mission Records Operation Makeout AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Jan 24, 2019
Footnote 197 - Julien Baker
Nerds run the streets tonight! This week on the show Chris and Damian talk MRR cancelling print, Lorna Doom's legacy AND the awesome Julien Baker episode!
Jan 19, 2019
Episode 197 - Julien Baker (boygenius)

The good times never stop here at TOAP… Wait, did we say “good”? Well, we should have said AMAZING because this week on the show, Damian is joined by, one of his favourite song writers & one third of the supergroup boygenius, JULIEN BAKER!!! Listen in as the two discuss using christian punk as a way to escape, the similarities between punk vs. religion & Pezz (TN) ruling! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Punk still runs deep

The burden of punk

Taking a stand against hotels

Betraying your genre

Romanticizing punk

Memphis is a unique

Seeing Green Day on TV

Someones playing guitar on tv and he looks vaguely effeminate and he disagrees with the president!

When you get dissed by the Casualties fans and saved by a violent Santa

Going to a show at the Skate park

Poison the Well


Job For A Cowboy

Bands stop going to Memphis

Resource scarcity breed cooperation out of necessity

The frat dude’s Led Zep band can play too even!

Fifteen rule

Wicker from Memphis, an anti-band

Growing up with religion and find

Using Christian hardcore as an escape to secular punk

The double edge sword of faith based music

Punk as religion


going to your first house show

Hot Topic bands

Truest of true punks

Turnstile live is next level




Jan 15, 2019
Footnote 196 - Danger Ehren (Jackass, Photographer)
Yes, yes Nerds are here again, but they didn't come to see your band! This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk more Danger Erhen! Also, grapple with the argument: What is art? BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 14, 2019
Episode 196 - “Danger Ehren” McGhehey (Jackass, Photographer)

THIS IS LEGIT, ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF TURNED OUT A PUNK YET! Damian is joined by Jackass star Danger Ehren for one of the funniest, most honest & dare we say it, touching episodes. Not to be missed!!! THEN, TOAP Footnotes co-host, Chris O’Toole joins him to talk favourites of 2018! 

Also Touched On:

Ehren who?

Just a real dude

Sleep opening for Neurosis

getting into punk through Skateboarding and Snowboarding Videos

Punk becoming the meaning of everything

Going on snowmobile vacations

Picking up bodies on the ways home from vacation

the origins of snowboarding

Jocks VS Punks

Too much information

Jackass as forebarer to the

Doing something to be remembered

Jackass Changing culture

Content over quality

Jackass for Youtube

What porn was to the internet…

Jackass as art

How the band got together

doing stupid shit in isolation

the stuff that was too extreme

doing Jackass shit before the world had seen Jackass

Joined by being weird

Performance art

Knowing the Melvins for 20 years



Jan 07, 2019
TOAP 2018 Year End Wrap Up: "The Punk/Wrestling Connection Is Real!"
2018 wasn’t so hot for a ton of reasons, but there were some shining moments in a year of otherwise dark times. One such beacon, The Punk/Wrestling Connection!!! This year, the bonds of Wrestling & Punk continued to grow stronger. Nowhere was this connection better illustrated than at Turned Out A Punk’s first ever, “The Punk/Wrestling Connection Gathering”. Join Damian as he gathers UK wrestling God Robbie Brookside, Turnstile’s Pat McCrory, Punk God Lars Frederiksen, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, Ceremony’s Anthony Anzaldo, WWE/TNA/NJPW Champion MVP, Best Coast’s Bob Bruno & DJ/Vocalist/Wrestler Tuna Tardugno! The Punk/Wrestling Connection Is More Real Than Ever Going Into 2019! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Jan 01, 2019
Turned Out A Punk FOOTNOTE Holiday Party
Chris & Damian throw the annual TOAP HOLIDAY STAFF PARTY w/ Dave Martin & Dave It Up. Listen in as the four hang out, open mail & TALK PUNK! Nevermind Talking To The Family, It's The Holidays! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 25, 2018
Footnote 195 - Mark McCoy & Barry Henssler
Are you hanging up the nerds on your wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? This week on the show, Chris & Damian talk two of the greatest, legendary smart-ass singers of all time! They also lay out the plans for the Footnotes holiday take over. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Dec 21, 2018
Episode 195 - Barry Henssler (Necros, Big Chief, Motorbooty)