Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

By Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews, Doug Egge

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Category: Fitness

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 Mar 20, 2023
Love the content . But been having a lot of trouble with the actual podcast lately... Episodes will play different chapters randomly, skip content, etc. Happens on multiple players.

 Aug 24, 2022

Janet Philips
 Apr 13, 2020
This is cool, i have nothing more to say.

R.C. Liley
 Apr 7, 2020
These guys are great, it's like listening to old high school friends talk about everything health and fitness as well as just every day life. As a novice personal trainer, they have so much to offer that helps me work with clients. I look forward to every new episode thanks for everything!

Marius Posogan
 Feb 4, 2020
I love This podcast


MindPump exposes the RAW TRUTH about health, fitness, nutrition and more... Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health. No fitness institution or fitness "truth" is safe from their quick wit and over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Produced by Doug Egge. Find Mind Pump and the Mind Pump hosts on Instragram @mindpumpmedia, @mindpumpsal, @mindpumpadam, @mindpumpjustin & @mindpumpdoug and at mindpumppodcast.com. Get expertly programmed Mind Pump training protocols at mapsfitnessproducts.com

Episode Date
2085: Abs & Core Masterclass
May 29, 2023
2084: The Key to Building an Hourglass Figure, What to Do if Can’t Seem to Recover Between Workouts, the Best Way to Work Out if You Do Manual Labor & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 27, 2023
2083: Why Increasing Strength Doesn't Always Increase Muscle Mass, the Importance of Hitting Calorie Vs. Hitting Protein Targets When Cutting, the Best Way to Run for Cardiovascular Health & More
May 26, 2023
2082: Is Your Bank Safe? Chris Naghibi
May 25, 2023
2081: How to Keep Progressing as an Advanced Lifter, the Perfect Way to Warm Up Before Lifting, How to Work Out Postpartum & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 24, 2023
2080: Get Jacked With Bands!
May 22, 2023
2079: The Dangers of Eating Too Much Protein, Tips for Getting a Rounder Butt, Why Consistency is King & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 19, 2023
2078: How to Activate Your Chest While Incline Benching, Training Tips for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle, the Best Way to Introduce Resistance Training to Children & More
May 19, 2023
2077: How to Have Better Sex Featuring Dr. Emily Morse
May 18, 2023
2076: What to Do if One Side Is Stronger Than the Other, the Truth About Fasting & Muscle Loss, the Best Way to Work Out With Gut Issues & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 17, 2023
2075: The New Science of Living Longer & Better With Dr. Rand McClain
May 15, 2023
2074: The Right Way for Women to Bulk, Ways to Get a Deeper Squat, How to Know if Peptides Are Worth Trying & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 13, 2023
2073: The Best Way to Do a Dumbbell Pullover, How to Build a Personal Training Business From Scratch, the Truth About Ashwagandha & More
May 12, 2023
2072: The Best Workout for Busy Moms
May 11, 2023
2071: How to Know if You Are Overtraining, Reasons Why Women Should Bulk, Overcoming Low Back Pain When Squatting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 10, 2023
2070: Secrets & Confessions of a Fitness Influencer With Thomas DeLauer
May 08, 2023
2069: How to Look Like You Work Out, the Dangers of Eating Too Much Salt, the Pros & Cons of Intuitive Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 06, 2023
2068: Natural Ways to Increase Free Testosterone, How Working the Chest Affects Breast Size, Why Knee Pain Often Originates in the Hips & More
May 05, 2023
2067: Seven Huge Business Mistakes Fitness Influencers Make
May 04, 2023
2066: Signs That You Are Abusing Exercise, the Best Way to Workout to Pass the Police Academy, Diet & Training Considerations if You Have Lost Your Period & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 03, 2023
2065: Glute Masterclass
May 01, 2023
2064: How to Strength Train for Combat Sports, the Best Way to Get Stronger at the Bench Press, Getting Into Great Shape After 50 & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 29, 2023
2063: How to Learn to Do a Pull-Up, Effective Strategies to Balance Food Enjoyment With Fitness Goals, How to Start Taking Control of Your Fitness After 40 & More
Apr 28, 2023
2062: Biohack Fatherhood With Ben Greenfield
Apr 27, 2023
2061: The Best Program for Building Muscle, Using Sumo Deadlifts to Build the Hamstrings, the Truth About the Health Benefits of Veganism & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 26, 2023
2060: Maximize Fat Loss With Continuous Glucose Monitors: Kara Collier
Apr 24, 2023
2059: How to Balance Out the Right & Left Sides of the Body, the Ideal Rest Period to Build the Most Muscle to Strength, How to Train When Chronically Fatigued & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 22, 2023
2058: The Value of Training Muscles in the Shortened & Lengthened Positions, Reps Vs. Load & Tempo for Muscle Building, the Best Lower Body Exercises for Osteopenia & More
Apr 21, 2023
2057: Do THIS to Get the Body You Want by Summer
Apr 20, 2023
2056: What to Do If You Struggle to Eat Right for Your Body, the Importance of Hitting Calorie AND Protein Targets, What Being Thirsty All the Time May Mean & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 19, 2023
2055: Crushing Diet Fads With Layne Norton
Apr 17, 2023
2054: The Value of Testosterone Replacement for Women, How to Get Your Body to Look Stage-Ready, What to Do When Your Bench Press Has Plateaued & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 15, 2023
2053: The Truth About the “Butt Wink” When Squatting, the Best Way to Cut Without Obsessively Counting Calories, Red Flags to Watch Out For When Hiring a Personal Trainer & More
Apr 14, 2023
2052: Chalene Johnson: Female Fitness Mogul
Apr 13, 2023
2051: How Taking Time Off From Working Out Can Build More Muscle, the Best Ways to Workout Without Equipment, Tips to Help You Jump Higher & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 12, 2023
2050: Post Pandemic Trauma: The Medicine Was Worse Than the Disease With Kevin Bass
Apr 10, 2023
2049: The Safest Way to Hit Squat, Bench & Deadlift PR’s, What Feeling Exhausted After a Workout Really Means, the Benefits of Splitting Up Your Workout Throughout the Day & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 08, 2023
2048: The Best Glute Building Exercises, How to Begin Lifting Weights After 40, the Role of Inflammation in Muscle Growth & More
Apr 07, 2023
2047: How to Become One of the Highest Paid Trainers in the Fitness Industry With Don Saladino
Apr 06, 2023
2046: The Best Way for a Teenager to Pack on Muscle, What to Do When Parts of Your Body Are Building Slower Than Others, Why Training to Failure Can either Help or Hurt Your Gains & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 05, 2023
2045: Overcoming Your Fear of Going to the Gym
Apr 03, 2023
2044: The Truth About the Smith Machine, the Dangers of Cannabis, How to Cut Weight for a Sport & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 01, 2023
2043: How to Brace & Breathe When Deadlifting, Ways to Increase Protein Without Substantially Increasing Fat Intake, Tips for Training Around an Injury & More
Mar 31, 2023
2042: The Essential Habits You Need to Move Freely & Live Fully With Kelly & Juliet Starrett
Mar 30, 2023
2041: The Value of All-Day Workouts, Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of a Bulk, What to Do if Lifting Heavy Scares You & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 29, 2023
2040: Balancing Female Hormones With Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn
Mar 27, 2023
2039: How to Eat During a Deload Week, Ways to Guarantee More Muscle Growth, Things You Can Do to Fight Fatigue & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 25, 2023
2038: The Truth About Eating & Training for Different Body Types, How to Train to Maximize Bone Density, Resistance Training vs. HIIT for Metabolic Health & More
Mar 24, 2023
2037: How Eating Too Little Can Make You Fatter
Mar 23, 2023
2036: How to Work Out When Stress Levels Are High, What to Do When Feeling Lightheaded During Exercise, Workout Tips for Night Shift Workers & More
Mar 22, 2023
2035: Why Diets Always Fail With Dr. Will Cole
Mar 20, 2023
2034: What to Do if You Always Feel Hungry, Tips for Losing Fat After Having a Baby, What to Do if Low Energy Makes It Hard to Complete Workouts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 18, 2023
2033: The Difference Between Seated & Standing Calf Raises, the Unique Benefits of Zercher Squats, Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Training & More
Mar 17, 2023
2032: Can You Reverse Aging & Live Longer? All About Longevity Peptides Jay Campbell
Mar 16, 2023
2031: The Best Lifting Tempo to Build Muscle, What to Do When Muscle Gains Have Stalled, How to Get Back Into Working Out After an Extended Break & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 15, 2023
2030: Mind Pump Trainer Highlight- Braydon Barrett
Mar 13, 2023
2029: How to Train to Maximize Your Testosterone Levels, Ways to Develop a Vice-Like Grip, What to Do if You Feel Exhausted Even After a Short Workout & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 11, 2023
2028: Tips for Taming a Sweet Tooth, How to Best Determine Your One Rep Max, the Ideal Weight to Use for Failure Sets & More
Mar 10, 2023
2027: How to Improve Your Squat, Bench, and Deadlift Strength
Mar 09, 2023
2026: How to Work Out With an Erratic Work Schedule, Tips for Pursuing Athletics & Bodybuilding at the Same Time, Ways to Address Food Relationship Issues & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 08, 2023
2025: How to Be a Successful Fitness Coach With Jason Phillips
Mar 06, 2023
2024: What to Do if You Feel Crappy When Cutting Calories, Programming Deload Weeks Into Your Workout, How to Build Hand & Forearm Stamina & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 04, 2023
2023: The Best Kind of Training When Cutting, Going Heavier Vs. Going Deeper When Squatting, Ways to Improve Gut Health Without Supplements & More
Mar 03, 2023
2022: Lost Motivation to Workout? Do this…
Mar 02, 2023
2021: Cutting Carbs Vs. Cutting Fat for Fat Loss, When to Start Your Weight Loss Journey With a Bulk, the Importance of Protein Quality Vs. Protein Quantity & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 01, 2023
2020: The Truth About Inflammation With Dr. Stephen Cabral
Feb 27, 2023
2019: The Detrimental Effects of Low Testosterone in Women, the Truth About Cycle Syncing Workouts, What to Do if You Can’t Eat Enough When Bulking & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 25, 2023
2018: How to Reduce Cardio Without Putting on Body Fat, What to Do if You Lack Stamina During Lifts, the Best Way to Incorporate Isometrics Into Trigger Sessions & More
Feb 24, 2023
2017: The Best Peptides for Fat Loss With Dr. William Seeds
Feb 23, 2023
2016: How to Know if Your Are Gaining Fat or Building Muscle When Eating in a Surplus, Tips for Building an Amazing Butt, How to Build a Bigger Chest & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 22, 2023
2015: How to Apply Advanced Training Techniques to Build More Muscle
Feb 20, 2023
2014: What Muscle Soreness Really Means, the Benefit of Not Always Eating the Same Foods, the Best Certification Start With as a New Fitness or Nutrition Coach & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 18, 2023
2013: The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods, How to Build Impressive Abs, the Downside of Using Knee Sleeves to Squat & More
Feb 17, 2023
2012: Building the Perfect Workout Program to Hit Your Goals
Feb 16, 2023
2011: How to Improve the Mind Muscle Connection, Building Muscle Working Out Only 15 Minutes Per Day, Strategies for Success When Starting Out in Fitness & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 15, 2023
2010: Seven Reasons Your Workout Isn't Working
Feb 13, 2023
2009: What to Do When Fat Loss Stalls, How to Be Fit to Age 100, Cutting Fat vs. Cutting Carbs for Fat Loss & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 11, 2023
2008: How to Correct a Right & Left Side Muscle Imbalance, Strategies for Overcoming a Poor Muscle Connection, Tips for Reducing Inflammation & More
Feb 10, 2023
2007: Chris Williamson
Feb 09, 2023
2006: What to Do if You Are Having Trouble Connecting With a Muscle, Diet & Workout Adjustments to Make if You Have Hit a Plateau, How to Stay Lean Without Being Obsessive About Food & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 08, 2023
2005: How to Incorporate Isometric Training Into Your Routine
Feb 06, 2023
2004: What to Do if You Are Getting Stronger But Not Building Muscle, Intuitive Eating Vs. Tracking Macros, the Benefits of Hormone Testing for Health & Fitness & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 04, 2023
2003: Pre-Workout Supplements Vs. Coffee for Performance, the Best Way to Sculpt the Arms, the Effectiveness of the Smith Machine Vs. Free Weights & More
Feb 03, 2023
2002: Big Pharma Hates Fit & Healthy People
Feb 02, 2023
2001: Why Priming is Better than Warming Up, Ways to Troubleshoot the Cause of Mysterious Aches & Pains, When to Start a Cut & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 01, 2023
2000: What 2000 Episodes Has Taught Us About Podcasting
Jan 30, 2023
1999: How to Avoid Losing Muscle on Vacation, Ways to Maintain Fitness as a Busy Parent, How to Balance Out Upper & Lower Body Development & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 28, 2023
1998: The Benefit of Rack Pulls for Back Development, How to Resume Training After Taking Time Off, the Most Effective Ab Exercises & More
Jan 27, 2023
1997: Zuby Goes Off on Woke Culture, Freedom, Abortion & Other Third Rail Topics
Jan 26, 2023
1996: What to Do If You Feel Like You Are Losing Muscle When Cutting, Ways to Overcome a Recurring Back Injury, How to Improve Performance as a First Responder & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 25, 2023
1995: Seven Reasons Your Favorite Fitness Influencer is Unhealthy
Jan 23, 2023
1994: The Mineral Deficiency That Can Cause Horrible Sleep, Headaches & Fatigue, What to Do When Cutting Alcohol Doesn’t Seem to Improve Fat Loss, the Truth About Rounded Back Deadlifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 21, 2023
1993: The Truth About Training & Eating for Your Body Type, the Nutritional Value of Whole Milk Vs. Non-Fat Milk, Training With a Coach Vs. Following a Program & More
Jan 20, 2023
1992: How to Visibly Change Your Body in 30 Days
Jan 19, 2023
1991: How to Train to Perform a One-Arm Pull-Up, Ways to Balance Out Strength Between the Left & Right Side of Body, Tips for Overcoming a Postpartum Plateau & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 18, 2023
1990: Nine Reasons People Stop Working Out (& What to Do About It)
Jan 16, 2023
1989: Conjugate Method Review, How to Strength Train for a Triathalon, Tips for Hitting a PR & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 14, 2023
1988: Dumbbells Vs. Cables, How the Central Nervous System Influences Performance & Recovery, the Difference Between Intermittent Fasting & Calorie Restriction & More
Jan 13, 2023
1987: How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle at the Same Time
Jan 12, 2023
1986: How To Make Strength Gains On A Cut, Reducing Workout Fatigue, & MORE
Jan 11, 2023
1985: The 6 Types of Fitness Influencers You Should Unfollow
Jan 09, 2023
1984: How to Prepare for a 100+ Mile Hike, Tips for Overcoming Hip Pain, Ways to Troubleshoot Extreme Fatigue & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 07, 2023
1983: The Truth About the Carnivore Diet, How to Properly Retract Your Shoulder Blades When Lifting, the Benefits of Adding Deload Weeks Into Your Training & More
Jan 06, 2023
1982: Why You Need to Prioritize Lifting Weights in 2023
Jan 05, 2023
1981: How to Kickstart Muscle Growth That Has Stalled, the Benefits of Switching From a Split to a Full Body Workout, How to Spot a Bench Press & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 04, 2023
1980: Six New Year's Resolutions You Can Accomplish in 2023
Jan 02, 2023
1979: How to Determine Your Maintenance Calories, Ways to Adjust Your Workout if Some Body Parts Are Developing Faster Than Others, In-Season vs. Off-Season Training for Athletes & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 31, 2022
1978: Good Mornings Vs. Romanian Deadlifts, the Truth About Soreness as an Indicator of Workout Effectiveness, the Effectiveness of Unilateral Training for Overcoming Aches & Pains & More
Dec 30, 2022
1977: How to Become a Badass With Jen Cohen
Dec 29, 2022
1976: How to Reduce Fat & Put on Muscle, Where & What to Eat When Traveling, How to Eat & Work Out for a More Feminine Look & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 28, 2022
1975: How Organifi Scaled to Be a $100 Million Company With Mae Steigler
Dec 26, 2022
1974: The Best Way to Work Out For Longevity, How to Adjust Your Training for a Cut Vs. a Bulk, the Best Workout & Diet for Mental Performance & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 24, 2022
1973: How to Train to Hit a PR, the Best Workout Programs for Cutting & Bulking, Ways to Overcome Feeling of Social Anxiety in the Gym & More
Dec 23, 2022
1972: Back Building Master Class
Dec 22, 2022
1971: What You Can Do to Get Faster Results in the Gym, Ways to Break Through a Squat Plateau, How to Train for Endurance & Strength & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 21, 2022
1970: Max Lugavere Gets Personal
Dec 19, 2022
1969: Dirty Bulk Vs. Clean Bulk for Building Muscle, Ways to Build Size When You Have a High Cardio Job, How to Combine Bodybuilding & Powerlifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 17, 2022
1968: How to Train After a Poor Night’s Sleep, Tips for Relieving Tight Muscles, Grass Fed Vs. Grain Fed Dairy & More
Dec 16, 2022
1967: How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life in 2023
Dec 15, 2022
1966: How to Avoid an Energy Crash After Eating Carbs, Why Exercising More is Not Always Better, What to Do When Cutting Calories Does Not Result in Fat Loss & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 14, 2022
1965: How to Break Bad Habits with James Clear
Dec 12, 2022
1964: How to Know When it is Time to Change Your Training, Exercise Programming Tips for Trainers, How to Adjust Your Training for the Different Seasons of Your Life & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 10, 2022
1963: How to Determine Your Ideal Body Weight, the Truth About Lifting to Failure & Muscle Growth, the Real Value of Supersets & More
Dec 09, 2022
1962: How to Hit a Deadlift PR in 30 Days
Dec 08, 2022
1961: What to Do if Your Diet Isn’t Working, Ways to Overcome Shoulder Pain When Pressing, How to Get More Fiber in Your Diet & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 07, 2022
1960: Four Different Types of Strength and How to Train for Them
Dec 05, 2022
1959: How to Improve All Lifts With Priming, the Truth About Detoxes, What to Do When Strength Plateaus & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 03, 2022
1958: How to Target the Chest During Dips, the Truth About Cheat Days, the Best Protein Supplement for People With Digestive Issues & More
Dec 02, 2022
1957: Our Most Controversial Episode Ever With Josh Trent
Dec 01, 2022
1956: What to Do if Cutting Calories Isn’t Resulting in Fat Loss, How to Build Muscle After Age 40, Tips for Combining Calisthenics With Heavy Strength Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 30, 2022
1955: Gain 10 Pounds of Pure Muscle in 90 Days With Mike Matthews
Nov 28, 2022
1954: How to Balance Aesthetic & Performance Goals, When to Reduce Training to Improve Results, How to Switch From Bodybuilding to Powerlifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 26, 2022
1953: How to Drop Over 50 Pounds of Body Fat, Ways to Prevent & Correct Shin Splints, Cardio Vs. Strength Training’s Impact on Appetite & More
Nov 25, 2022
1952: How to Bulk the Right Way
Nov 24, 2022
1951: How to Avoid Muscle Loss When Taking Time Off From Working Out, the Best Form of Cardio For Building Muscle, Ways to Correct an Assymetrical Chest & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 23, 2022
1950: Shoulder Building Masterclass
Nov 21, 2022
1949: Ways to Overcome Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow, Getting to the Root of Recurring Injuries, What to Do When Strength Gains Don’t Translate into Muscle Gains & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 19, 2022
1948: The Many Benefits of Overhead Farmer’s Walks, Why Rest Between Sets is Important, the Value of Smelling Salts for Big Lifts & More
Nov 18, 2022
1947: Improving Health & Addressing Disease the Natural Way With Dr. Stephen Cabral
Nov 17, 2022
1946: How to Know if You Are Overdoing It in the Gym, Getting Back Into Sports Without Hurting Yourself, Adjusting Your Training as You Age & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 16, 2022
1945: How to Formulate a Supplement That Works With Shanais Pelka
Nov 14, 2022
1944: The Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements, How to Train Like an Old Time Strongman, Tips for Getting the Metabolism Back on Track After an Extreme Diet & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 12, 2022
1943: The Importance of Total Protein Vs. Total Calories When Bulking, the Muscle Building Benefits of Zercher Squats, Hitting Accidental PRs & More
Nov 11, 2022
1942: Lose Fat, Perform Better & Live Forever With Jason Phillips
Nov 10, 2022
1941: The Best Way to Workout With a Hectic Schedule, How to Prepare for a Strongman Competition, Ways to Stand Out as a Personal Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 09, 2022
1940: Chest Building Master Class
Nov 07, 2022
1939: Burning Fat & Building Muscle at the Same Time, How to Lift Weights as a Boxer, Maintaining Muscle Mass When Training for Endurance & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 05, 2022
1938: The Best Landmine Exercises, Troubleshooting Gaining Strength But Not Increasing Size, Hacks to Get More Fiber in the Diet & More
Nov 04, 2022
1937: How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holiday Season
Nov 03, 2022
1936: Bringing Up Lagging Body Parts Through Better Muscle Connection, How to Train More Explosively, the Reality of Building Muscle in Only 15 Minutes a Day & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 02, 2022
1935: Supplements that Support Testosterone, Improve Sleep & Enhance Sex With Eric Trexler
Oct 31, 2022
1934: What to Do When Fat Loss Has Stalled, Ways to Build VO2 Max, Tips for the Beginning Powerlifter & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 29, 2022
1933: The Truth About Turkesterone as a Muscle Build Aid, the Pros & Cons of Abductor/Adductor Machines, Finding the Sweet Spot Between Hard Training & Overtraining & More
Oct 28, 2022
1932: Lifting Heavy Vs. Lifting Light
Oct 27, 2022
1931: How to Break Through a Muscle & Strength Plateau, Ways to Put an End to Recurring Injuries, the Relationship Between Fatherhood & Lower Testosterone & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 26, 2022
1930: Nine Ways to Pick the Best Foods for Fitness & Health
Oct 24, 2022
1929: The Relationship Between Building Strength & Fitness Success, How to Adjust Your Workouts When Stress is High, Getting Started With Strength Training After Age 60 & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 22, 2022
1928: The Best Way to Get Lean & Muscular Arms, the Truth About Sauna Workouts, Menstrual Cycle Training Pros & Cons & More
Oct 21, 2022
1927: Performance Training Secrets from a Top NBA Trainer With Cory Schlesinger
Oct 20, 2022
1926: The Truth About Aging & Muscle Growth, Ways to Improve Bone Strength, How to Build Muscle & Strength Without Weights & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 19, 2022
1925: How to Build a Great Physique in 15 Minutes a Day
Oct 17, 2022
1924: How to Bulletproof Your Shoulders With Steel Mace Swings, What to Do if Squats Are Bothering Your Knees, How to Train for Strength While Training Martial Arts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 15, 2022
1923: How to Know if Your Training Volume is Ideal for Your Body, Ways to Improve Knee Stability, How to Get a Christmas Tree Back & More
Oct 14, 2022
1922: Fatphobia & Other Lies That Are Keeping You Fat, Unhealthy & Sick
Oct 13, 2022
1921: Ways to Overcome Elbow Pain When Lifting, What to Do if Your Doctor Tells You Stop Weight Training, Solutions for Lower Back Pain & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 12, 2022
1920: The Best Foods to Build Muscle, Melt Fat & Fight Chronic Disease With Stan Efferding
Oct 10, 2022
1919: When Consuming MORE Sugar Might Be Beneficial, What to Do When Fat Loss Stalls, the Truth About TRT for Men in Their 20s & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 08, 2022
1918: The Pros & Cons of Drop Sets, How to Know if You Have Reached Your Muscle Building Potential, Ways to Deal With People Who Shame Healthy Living Choices & More
Oct 07, 2022
1917: Ten Common Traits of Fit & Healthy People
Oct 06, 2022
1916: How to Add Size to Stubborn Legs, Ways to Avoid an Afternoon Energy Crash, the Pros & Cons of Fasting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 05, 2022
1915: How to Re-Ignite Your Metabolism
Oct 03, 2022
1914: Ways to Overcome Shoulder Pain When Benching, the Truth About Fasting for Weight Loss, What to Do When You Keep Getting Injured & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 01, 2022
1913: The Best Butt Building Exercises, How to Know When Your Workout is Too Long, the Most Effective Rotational Ab Building Exercises & More
Sep 30, 2022
1912: The Science of Successful Marriages & Relationships With Drs. John and Julie Gottman
Sep 29, 2022
1911: How to Get Better at Pull-Ups, Ways to Build the Legs Without Lifting Weights, the Benefits of Switching From a Body Part Split to Full Body Workouts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 28, 2022
1910: How to Uncover Hidden Hormone Imbalances With Dr. Stephen Cabral
Sep 26, 2022
1909: Building Muscle With 20 Minute Daily Workouts, Switching From Low Rep to High Rep Training, Adjusting Training When Working a Demanding Job & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 24, 2022
1908: How to Activate the Chest When Benching, Avoiding Muscle Tightness When Driving Long Distances, the Best Way to Train for Heart Health & More
Sep 23, 2022
1907: Nine Ways to Get Lean Without Counting Calories
Sep 22, 2022
1906: How to Address Low Back Pain Related to Squatting & Deadlifting, Fixing Imbalances Between the Right & Left Side of the Body, How to Get Kids Started With Strength Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 21, 2022
1905: The 10 Types of People Who Fail at Fitness
Sep 19, 2022
1904: The Dangers of Drinking Too Much Water, the Benefits of Adding Indian Club & Macebell Movements to a Workout, How to Add Olympic Lifts to a MAPS Program & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 17, 2022
1903: The Role of Muscle Soreness & Gains, Sugar Vs. Sugar Substitutes, Overcoming Shaky Arms When Benching & More
Sep 16, 2022
1902: From Addict to Self-Made Millionaire With Michael Chernow
Sep 15, 2022
1901: The Pros & Cons of Working Out Fasted, HIIT Vs. Steady-State Cardio, Maintaining Strength & Athleticism While Losing Weight & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 14, 2022
1900: The Truth About Peptides With Dr. Rand McClain
Sep 12, 2022
1899: The Difference Between Total & Free Testosterone, What Creatine Does to the Body, How to Get Client Results as a Personal Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 10, 2022
1898: The Truth About Tri-Release Protein Supplements, the Maximum Amount of Protein You Should Consume in a Meal, the Best Close Grip Exercise for Tricep Development & More
Sep 09, 2022
1897: Why Phasing Your Workouts Is So Important & How to Properly Switch It Up
Sep 08, 2022
1896: The Superior Form of Exercise to Lose Body Fat, Avoiding CrossFit Injuries, the Best Order to go Through MAPS Programs & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 07, 2022
1895: Eight Hacks for an Insanely Strong Grip
Sep 05, 2022
1894: Ways to Improve the Mind-Muscle Connection, How to Know if You Are Overtraining, What to Do When Cutting Calories Doesn’t Result in Weight Loss & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 03, 2022
1893: The Best Way to Get Better at Push-Ups, the Truth About the Accuracy of Fitness Trackers, the Importance of Training the Core Through a Full Range of Motion & More
Sep 02, 2022
1892: The Fitness Benefits of Boxing With Tony Jeffries & Glenn Holmes
Sep 01, 2022
1891: Ways to Troubleshoot an Unusual Body Fat Increase, the Best Foot Position for Squats & Deadlifts, Maximizing Strength & Muscle Using a Suspension Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 31, 2022
1890: How to Get Jacked in 20 Minutes a Day
Aug 29, 2022
1889: What to Do About Loose Belly Skin, the Benefits of Moving From a Split to a Full Body Workout, How to Choose the Correct Weight When Switching Rep Ranges & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 27, 2022
1888: The Best Exercises to Build the Abs, Ways to Improve Poor Quality Sleep, the Pros & Cons of Blending Foods & More
Aug 26, 2022
1887: Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor About Diet & Exercise
Aug 25, 2022
1886: The 15 Minute Daily Workout that Actually Builds Muscle, the Importance of Training in Different Rep Ranges, Getting to the Bottom of Unexplained Injuries & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 24, 2022
1885: Dr. John Delony on Relationships, Mental Health & Crisis Management
Aug 22, 2022
1884: The Value of Undulating Calories to Lose Fat & Stay Lean, How to Prevent Muscle Loss When Cutting, Using Static Stretching to Get a Good Night’s Sleep & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 20, 2022
1883: The Truth About Eating Eggs & Health, the Best Non-Barbell Squat Variations, Tips for Choosing the Correct Workout Shoes & More
Aug 19, 2022
1882: How to Safely Train After Having a Baby
Aug 18, 2022
1881: The Two Exercise Workout, How to Train After an Injury, Ways to Tell if You Are Overtraining & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 17, 2022
1880: The Value of Bodybuilding Knowledge With Kris Gethin
Aug 15, 2022
1879: Improving Results in the Gym By Doing Less, Tips for Correcting Mid-Back Pain, Training for Bodybuilding & Martial Arts at the Same Time & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 13, 2022
1878: Healthy Meal Ideas for the Whole Family, Great Resources for Better Exercise Programming, Tips for Beating a Midday Slump & More
Aug 12, 2022
1877: Obesity, It’s Not Your Genetics
Aug 11, 2022
1876: Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism, How to Train After Being Sick, Powerlifting Competition Preparation Tips & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 10, 2022
1875: Tainted Science With Max Lugavere
Aug 08, 2022
1874: The Dangers of Red Meat, Building Lots of Muscle Over 50, Determining the Ideal Caloric Deficit for a Cut & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 06, 2022
1873: The Difference Between Yoga & Mobility, How to Eat & Train on Vacation, the Best Thing You Can Do Between Sets & More
Aug 05, 2022
1872: Eight Benefits of Lifting With Light Weight
Aug 04, 2022
1871: The Connection Between Increased Hunger & Muscle Growth\, How to Train a Muscle You DON’T Want to Grow, the Benefits of Unilateral Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 03, 2022
1870: Ten Advanced Recovery Hacks
Aug 01, 2022
1869: The Fastest Way to Build Unresponsive Shoulders, How to Teach Kids to Work Out, Getting Shredded as a Woman & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 30, 2022
1868: How Long it Takes to Build Muscle, the Benefits of Carb Cycling, the Truth About the Body Weight Set Point & More
Jul 29, 2022
1867: Ten Advanced Next-Level Workout Techniques
Jul 28, 2022
1866: The Truth About Fat Burning Supplements, How Massage Can Improve Performance, Ways to Protect Your Back When Deadlifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 27, 2022
1865: Why Most Fitness in the Media is BS
Jul 25, 2022
1864: The Best Way to Target Butt Growth, How to Build Strength Stamina, the Truth About Essential Amino Acid Supplements & More (Listener Live Coaching
Jul 23, 2022
1863: Barbell Vs. Dumbbell Shoulder Press, the Best Non-Dairy Protein Powder, the Superior Form of Cardio & More
Jul 22, 2022
1862: How NOT to Be an Idiot in the Gym
Jul 21, 2022
1861: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget, Ways to Eliminate Imbalances Between the Left & Right Side of the Body, the Best Time to Bulk & Cut & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 20, 2022
1860: Fourteen of the Best Foods for an Amazing Physique
Jul 18, 2022
1859: How to Get Rid of the Last 5 Pounds of Body Fat, the Best Rep Range for Maximum Results, When Supplements are a Waste of Money & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 16, 2022
1858: How to Build Muscle With Kettlebells, Using Strength Training to Reduce Arthritis Pain, the Ideal Order to Complete MAPS Fitness Programs & More
Jul 15, 2022
1857: Are Squats Overrated?: A Debate With Eugene Teo
Jul 14, 2022
1856: How to Build the Outer Part of the Chest, Ways to Train With an Unusual Work Schedule, Tips for Improving Wrestling Performance & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 13, 2022
1855: How to Maintain a Beach-Ready Body All Summer Long
Jul 11, 2022
1854: When Fasting Hurts Your Gains, the Best Source of Carbs for Strength & Performance, What to Do When Personal Training Clients Aren’t Getting Results & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 09, 2022
1853: The Best Way to Improve Your Bench Press, the Value of Wall Sits for Building Quads, Ways to Improve Grip Strength & More
Jul 08, 2022
1852: The 4 Worst Ways to Judge Your Workout Success
Jul 07, 2022
1851: When Fasting is Making You Fat, Overcoming Back Pain When Deadlifting, How to Know When to Fire Your Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 06, 2022
1850: Ten Weird Ways to Boost Workout Performance
Jul 04, 2022
1849: Ways to Build Muscle With Minimal Equipment, the Best Way to Track Progress in the Gym, Using a Deload Week to Build More Muscle & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 02, 2022
1848: The Importance of Protein Quality vs. Quantity, How to Choose a New Gym, the Effect of TRT on Fat Loss & More
Jul 01, 2022
1847: Five Reasons Your Fat Loss Has Stalled
Jun 30, 2022
1846: How to Get Visible Abs Without Losing Fat, Ways to Maintain & Improve Fitness When Traveling, the Best Muscle Building Exercises You are Not Doing & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 29, 2022
1845: How to Do Cardio & Not Lose Muscle
Jun 27, 2022
1844: How to Build Muscle With Only 15 Minute Workouts, High Bar Vs. Low Bar Squats, How to Add Hang Cleans to a Workout & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 25, 2022
1843: The Truth About Eating Keto for Muscle Growth, Ways to Get Back Into the Gym When Suffering From Depression, Hitting PRs When Cutting & More
Jun 24, 2022
1842: Why You Should NOT Become a Personal Trainer
Jun 23, 2022
1841: Ways to Avoid Messing Up Your Fitness Goals on the Weekends, Why Motivation is Overrated, How to Use Mobility to Improve Muscle Connection & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 22, 2022
1840: Eleven Steps to a Single-Digit Body Fat Percentage
Jun 20, 2022
1839: How to Know When Doing Less Will Build More Muscle, Ways to Combat Muscle Cramps, Using Static Stretching to Speed up Recovery & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 18, 2022
1838: How to Train for Explosiveness & Speed, Old School Training Techniques That Should Make a Comeback, the Most Effective Non-Resistance Training Exercises & More
Jun 17, 2022
1837: Manage Your Blood Sugar & Lose Body Fat With Kelly LeVeque
Jun 16, 2022
1836: How to Use Mini-Cuts & Mini-Bulks for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain, Ways to Improve the Mind-Muscle Connection, How to Build Maximal Strength & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 15, 2022
1835: Why Resistance Training Is the Best Form of Exercise for Fat Loss and Overall Health
Jun 13, 2022
1834: Natural Ways to Raise Testosterone, How to Avoid Gaining Fat on the Weekends, Keeping Weight Off After Gastric Bypass Surgery & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 11, 2022
1833: How to Improve Recovery Capacity, the Ideal Protein Intake for Fat Loss, Double Overhand Vs. Mixed Grip Deadlifts & More
Jun 10, 2022
1832: Building Radical Confidence With Lisa Bilyeu
Jun 09, 2022
1831: What to Do When Fat Loss Stalls, Machines Vs. Free Weights, the Pros & Cons of Explosive Vs. Controlled Movements & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 08, 2022
1830: Five Steps to Determine Your ideal Caloric Intake
Jun 06, 2022
1829: The Importance of Exercise Sequence for Building Muscle, When Too Much Exercise Variety Kills Your Gains, How to Reintroduce More Calories After a Massive Weight Loss & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 04, 2022
1828: The Dangers of Eating Too Much Protein, the Role Strength Has in Boosting the Metabolism, the Best Old School Bodybuilding Diet & Training Wisdom & More
Jun 03, 2022
1827: The 3 Best Rep Ranges to Build Muscle & Burn Fat
Jun 02, 2022
1826: How to Kick Start Fat Loss Without Cutting Calories, What to Do When Strength Goes Down Instead of Up, How to Do Strength Training in a Class Setting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 01, 2022
1825: Man Cheats Death & Builds Cold Plunge Business
May 30, 2022
1824: Building Muscle & Burning Fat on a High Carb Diet, How to Workout When Time Is Limited, Ways to Reignite Interest in Working Out & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 28, 2022
1823: The Truth About Deadlifts for Muscle Growth, the Ideal Number of Meals to Eat Each Day, Overhand Vs. Underhand Barbell Rows & More
May 27, 2022
1822: Wim Hof on How to Control Your Immune System With Breathwork
May 26, 2022
1821: The Benefit of Cutting for Muscle Growth, Tips for Reducing Anxiety & Depression, Training to Be More Explosive in Jiu Jitsu & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 25, 2022
1820: How to Choose the Perfect Workout Partner
May 23, 2022
1819: The First Step to Losing a Lot of Weight, How to Prevent Sports Injuries, Tips for Modifying MAPS Programs & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 21, 2022
1818: The Best Rear Delt Building Exercises, the Relationship Between Strength & Muscle Growth, the Truth About the Carnivore Diet & More
May 20, 2022
1817: Cameron Hanes- All Things Hunting
May 19, 2022
1816: Why Cardio Is an Inferior Way to Burn Fat, How to Prep for a Bikini Competition, Ways to Tell if You Have an Exercise Addiction & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 18, 2022
1815: Improving Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Fitness With Continuous Glucose Monitors
May 16, 2022
1814: The Best Way to Train When Cutting, How to Kickstart Leg Growth, Ways to Overcome Back Pain & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 14, 2022
1813: The Best Tricep Building Exercises, How to Pack on Muscle With Farmer Carries, Ways to Activate Your Quads When Squatting & More
May 13, 2022
1812: Fatherhood With Ben Greenfield
May 12, 2022
1811: Signs You Are Overtraining, Avoiding Weight Gain When Scaling Back Training, Ways to Maintain Fitness As a New Parent & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 11, 2022
1810: Why Most Trainers Are Broke
May 09, 2022
1809: How to Breathe When Lifting, the Key Ingredients of an Effective Workout, Ways to Avoid Neck Pain When Pressing & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 07, 2022
1808: How to Build Bigger Arms, the Truth About Muscle Confusion, the Correct Way to Train to Failure & More
May 06, 2022
1807: Why All Moms Deserve Time for Self-Care
May 05, 2022
1806: The Best Way to Work Out Without Equipment, All-Day Workouts For Accelerated Muscle Gain, How to Determine How Fast Your Metabolism Is & More
May 04, 2022
1805: The Importance of Spiritual Health With Rabbi David Wolpe
May 02, 2022
1804: Explosive Exercises for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss, the Impact of Short-Term Caloric Restriction on the Metabolism, the Pros & Cons of Eating Carbs & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 30, 2022
1803: The Truth About Chiropractors, How Training Should Change After Age 45, the Detrimental Effect of Pain Killers on Muscle Growth & More
Apr 29, 2022
1802: Seven Surprising Benefits of Exercise
Apr 28, 2022
1801: The Best Way to Work Out With No Equipment, How to Transition From Endurance to Strength Training, Adjusting Workouts When Starting TRT & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 27, 2022
1800: How to Set Your Day Up for Success
Apr 25, 2022
1799: How to Get Visible Abs Even With Higher Body Fat, Ways to Increase Protein Consumption, Why Weight Loss Can Result In Increased Body Fat & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 23, 2022
1798: Weighted Dips vs. Bench Press for Chest Development, the Dangers of Diet Soda, Training & Diet Best Practices for Maximizing TRT Benefits & More
Apr 22, 2022
1797: The 5 Step Strategy to Defeat Cravings
Apr 21, 2022
1796: How to Stay in Shape When You Travel, Strength Training for the Endurance Athlete, How to Properly Prepare the Body to Lift Heavy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 20, 2022
1795: Cultivating a Wellness Mindset With Darin Olien
Apr 18, 2022
1794: Counting Macros vs. Intuitive Eating for Fat Loss, What to Do if Your Lifts Are Not Improving, the Importance of Squatting Deep vs. Squatting Heavy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 16, 2022
1793: How to Control Cravings. Tips for Keeping Gains While on Vacation, the Truth About Decline Bench Presses & More
Apr 15, 2022
1792: The Secrets of Happy People With Arthur C. Brooks
Apr 14, 2022
1791: The Best Macro Profile for Building Muscle & Burning Fat, the Minimum Effort Required to Maintain Muscle, How to Enjoy Alcohol & Still Get Shredded & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 13, 2022
1790: The Secret to an Attractive & Functional Body
Apr 11, 2022
1789: What to Do When Your Workout Progress Stalls, Ways to Determine if a Body Part Split Is Right for You, How to Work Out During Ramadan & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 09, 2022
1788: Exercises to Build a Thicker Neck, the Muscle Building Benefits of Training to Failure, the Truth About Building Muscle on a Keto Diet & More
Apr 08, 2022
1787: Lifting Weights Is Best for Flexibility
Apr 07, 2022
1786: What to Do When Weight Loss Stalls, How to Train & Diet to Look Your Best for a Special Event, Exercises for Hand & Wrist Health & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 06, 2022
1785: Why Most Women Fail at Developing Their Butt
Apr 04, 2022
1784: The Best Deadlift Variations, How to Maintain Athletic Performance Over 40, Training Around Overdeveloped Body Parts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 02, 2022
1783: The Truth About Abs Being Made in the Kitchen, How to Prevent Becoming Muscle Bound, the Effectiveness of Massage Guns for Recovery & More
Apr 01, 2022
1782: When Machines Are Better Than Free Weights
Mar 31, 2022
1781: How Shakes & Bars Stack Up to Whole Foods, Why Training 3 Days/Week Is Best for Most People, How to Adjust Training When Starting TRT & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 30, 2022
1780: Why Blood Tests Are Overrated With Dr. Stephen Cabral
Mar 28, 2022
1779: Training to Build Vs. Training to Maintain, How to Preserve Gains on Vacation, the Health Benefits of Donating Blood & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 26, 2022
1778: Powerlifting Vs. Powerbuilding, Bodybuilding Training For Athletes, the Pros & Cons of NoFap & More
Mar 25, 2022
1777: Cooking Oils That Can Make You Sick With Max Lugavere
Mar 24, 2022
1776: How to Start Strength Training, Getting in Shape for a Wedding, How to Train Around an Unusual Schedule & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 23, 2022
1775: Combatting the Detrimental Effects of Blue Light With David Roger
Mar 21, 2022
1774: Pre-Vacation Hacks to Get Your Body Beach Ready, What to Do After a Successful Reverse Diet, the Value of Training in Different Planes of Motion & More
Mar 18, 2022
1773: How Training Your Legs Can Build Your Arms, Why Soreness Is a Poor Indicator of Workout Effectiveness, the Benefit of Tracking Your Workout & More
Mar 18, 2022
1772: Can a Split Routine Be Effective for Beginners?
Mar 17, 2022
1771: Why Drinking When You Eat Can Cause Fat Gain, Steps to Get Back Into Training After an Injury, How to Adjust Workouts When on TRT & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 16, 2022
1770: How Sleep Helps Your Muscles Recover and Grow
Mar 13, 2022
1769: Ways to Tell if Overtraining Is Killing Your Gains, the Importance of Lifting Form, How to Determine if a Double Split Routine Is Right for You & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 12, 2022
1768: The Best Hamstring Building Exercises, the Truth About the Creatine Loading Phase, the Effectiveness of Carb Blockers & More
Mar 11, 2022
1767: Dumbbells Vs. Barbells
Mar 10, 2022
1766: How to Develop Explosive Power, Combining Bodyweight Training With Traditional Weight Training, Ways to Reduce Fatigue When Transitioning From Low Rep to High Rep Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 09, 2022
1765: Bodybuilding Vs. Powerlifting With Ben Pollack
Mar 07, 2022
1764: Making Progress in the Gym After 40, the Detrimental Effect of Digestive Issues on Muscle Gain, How to Improve a Poor Appetite & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 05, 2022
1763: The Benefits of Front Squats Vs. Back Squats, the Importance of Practicing Lifts, Adding Creatine to Protein Shakes & More
Mar 04, 2022
1762: Tony Robbins - Life Transforming Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine
Mar 03, 2022
1761: What to do When Weight Loss Stalls, Why the Sled is a Great Way to Build the Legs, How to Improve CrossFit Performance & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 02, 2022
1760: From Prison to Prosperity With Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread
Feb 28, 2022
1759: Training Tips to Improve Golf Swing, the Best Way to Work Out After a Substantial Weight Loss, Resistance Training to Complement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 26, 2022
1758: How to do Drop Sets, the Benefits of Straight Arm Vs. Bent Arm Side Lateral Raises, the Pros & Cons of Taking Time Off From the Gym & More
Feb 25, 2022
1757: The Truth About the Anabolic Window & Protein Timing
Feb 24, 2022
1756: The Effectiveness of Full Body vs. Split Workouts for Building Muscle, Adjusting Your Calories for Training & Non-training Days, Frequency vs. Intensity for Gains & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 23, 2022
1755: Insider Secrets of the Supplement Industry With Mike Matthews
Feb 21, 2022
1754: Gaining Muscle & Size Without Gaining Body Fat, Preventing Muscle Loss During a Training Break, the Aesthetic Benefits of Training in Different Planes of Motion & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 19, 2022
1753: What to Do on Active Rest Days, Exercises That Grow Big Traps, the Healthiest Choice of Alcohol & More
Feb 18, 2022
1752: How to Stretch for Gains
Feb 17, 2022
1751: How To Boost A Slow Metabolism After Weight Loss, The Truth About Myostatin Inhibitors, What To Do If You Are Having Trouble Bulking & More
Feb 16, 2022
1750: How To Train For Size Vs. Strength
Feb 14, 2022
1749: Hacks to Stay Consistent With Workouts, Tips for Eliminating Brain Fog, Ways to Alleviate Knee Pain & More
Feb 12, 2022
1748: Stomach Vacuums for a Smaller Waist, the Pros & Cons of Only Consuming One Meal a Day, How to Choose the Correct Weight for a Lift and & More
Feb 11, 2022
1747: Weight Loss That Sticks With Jenny Hutt
Feb 10, 2022
1746: What to Do If Your Body Isn’t Changing on a Low Calorie Diet, Keys to Making a Bodyweight Only Program Effective, How to Train in the Gym to Improve Athleticism & More
Feb 09, 2022
1745: How to Pack on Muscle to Your Lagging/Stubborn Body Parts
Feb 07, 2022
1744: The Truth About Electrical Muscle Stimulation & Muscle Growth, the Detrimental Effects of Poor Sleep, the Causes & Solutions for Workout Nausea & More
Feb 05, 2022
1743: How Stretching Can Build Muscle, the Truth About Supplementing With Protein Powder, How to Make Gains With Bodyweight Training & More
Feb 04, 2022
1742: Improve Your Life & Overcome Pain With Movement Featuring Aaron Alexander
Feb 03, 2022
1741: Ways to Break Through a Training Plateau, Tips to Get Better Results from Your Workouts, the Best Way for High School Students to Train & More
Feb 02, 2022
1740: Do These Exercises Hurt? Do These Instead!
Jan 31, 2022
1739: How to Get Stronger in the Big 3 Lifts, Ways to Correct Knee Pain When Squatting, What to Do If Your Right & Left Side Don’t Match & More
Jan 29, 2022
1738: HIIT Vs. Traditional Cardio, How to Speed Up Recovery, Best Pre-Workout Meals & More
Jan 28, 2022
1737: The Top 7 Reasons Your Diet Is Failing With Jason Phillips
Jan 27, 2022
1736: The Right Lifting Volume to Build the Most Muscle, Hitting PRs at a Lower Body Fat, the Problem With Crossfit & More
Jan 26, 2022
1735: Worst Fitness Myths That Keep People Out of Gyms
Jan 24, 2022
1734: How to Tell If Your Workout Is Working, Adding 10-15 Pounds of Muscle in a Year, Ways to Get Your Child to Exercise & More
Jan 22, 2022
1733: The Most Underrated Piece of Gym Equipment, High Reps Vs. Low Reps for Building Muscle & Strength, the Pros & Cons of Wearing Lifting Gloves & More
Jan 21, 2022
1732: How to Workout Every Day for 30 Days (Free Workout!)
Jan 20, 2022
1731: The Value of Digestive Enzymes for Protein Assimilation, Ways to Develop More Power, the Dangers of High LDL Cholesterol & More
Jan 19, 2022
1730: The Eight Most Overrated Exercises
Jan 17, 2022
1729: Tips for Building Muscle Over 50, Ways to Address Joint Pain, How to Train for a Strongman Competition & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 15, 2022
1728: How Age Affects Your Ability to Build Muscle, The Best Workout Shoes, the Truth About Fitness Trackers & More
Jan 14, 2022
1727: Ten Traits of Successful Lifters
Jan 13, 2022
1726: The Best Way to Grow the Hamstrings, Starting Strength Review, How to Increase Grip Strength & More
Jan 12, 2022
1725: Focus on These 6 Things to Crush Your 2022 Fitness & Health Goals
Jan 10, 2022
1724: How to Stop Big Bodyweight Swings, the Perfect Number of Exercises to Maximize Your Gains, How to Workout When You Are Short on Time & More
Jan 08, 2022
1723: The Best Time to Take Creatine, Ways to Build the Calves Even With Poor Genetics, the Future of Mind Pump & More
Jan 07, 2022
1722: Predicting 2022 Fitness Trends: Will In-Person HIIT Training Continue to Be as Popular?
Jan 06, 2022
1721: How to Know If You Are Gaining Muscle Instead of Fat, Ways to Improve Vascularity, Deep Squats Vs. 90 Degree Squats & More
Jan 05, 2022
1720: The 8 Worst People to Take Diet Advice From
Jan 03, 2022
1719: What to Do If You Are Doing the Right Things but Still Gaining Weight, Overcoming the Tendency to Overtrain, How to Train for an Obstacle Course Race With Limited Time & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jan 01, 2022
1718: How to Get More Arm Definition, Ways to Break Through a Deadlift Plateau, Tips for Avoiding Muscle Loss When in a Caloric Deficit & More
Dec 31, 2021
1717: Why Before & After Pictures Are Bullsh*t
Dec 30, 2021
1716: When to Change up Exercises for Maximum Gains, the Advantages of Unilateral Over Bilateral Movements, When Taking Vitamins Is a Waste of Money & More
Dec 29, 2021
1715: Ten Mistakes Fitness Trainers Make
Dec 27, 2021
1714: How to Improve Stamina Without Sacrificing Muscle, Ways to Pack on Muscle With a Fast Metabolism, Tips for Becoming an Online Fitness Coach & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 25, 2021
1713: The Risk of Joint Damage From Lifting Weights, the Benefit of Adding Bear Crawls to Your Routine, Raising Healthy Kids & More
Dec 24, 2021
1712: How to Get a Friend or Family Member Started With Resistance Training
Dec 23, 2021
1711: Steel Plates Vs. Bumper Plates, the Negative Effect of Stress on Gains, Using Indian Clubs & Macebells for Joint Stability & More
Dec 22, 2021
1710: The #1 Rule of Fitness
Dec 20, 2021
1709: How a 5x5 Routine Can Cause Injuries & Pain, What to Do If You Have Low Testosterone, Ways to Break Through a Plateau & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 18, 2021
1708: How to Improve the Mind-Muscle Connection, the Pros & Cons of Using Wrist Wraps, the Only People Who Should Use a Lifting Belt & More
Dec 17, 2021
1707: The Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Recovering
Dec 16, 2021
1706: How to Improve Lifts Without a Spotter, Reasons Why a Caloric Deficit Doesn’t Always Result in Weight Loss, the Best Core Strengthening Exercises & More
Dec 15, 2021
1705: How to Stick to Your Diet
Dec 13, 2021
1704: Building Muscle With Fewer Calories, Full Body Workouts Vs. Body Part Splits, the Ultimate Workout Goal & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 11, 2021
1703: The Best & Worst Cheat Rep Exercises, the Most Overrated Supplements, the Best Grip for Deadlifts & More
Dec 10, 2021
1702: The Ultimate At-Home Workout Routine for the Holiday Season
Dec 09, 2021
1701: The Dangers of Sugar Vs. Artificial Sweeteners, Comparing Sumo Vs. Conventional Deadlifts, When to Prioritize Static Stretches & More
Dec 08, 2021
1700: Seven Ways to Get Great Gains in 30 Minutes or Less
Dec 06, 2021
1699: The Best Way to Train If You Only Have 30 Minutes, How to Train Around an Injury, Bouncing Back After Pregnancy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Dec 04, 2021
1698: Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water, Exercises & Movements That Prevent Injury, Viagra as a Workout Supplement & More
Dec 03, 2021
1697: HIIT Training Doesn’t Work (Unless You Follow These Steps)
Dec 02, 2021
1696: Partial Reps Vs. Full Reps for Building Muscle, the Pros & Cons of Workout Partners, the Best Tools for Recovery & More
Dec 01, 2021
1695: How to Lose 100 Pounds
Nov 29, 2021
1694: How to Combine Strength & Endurance Training, When to Add Deficit Deadlifts to Your Workout, Avoiding Weight Gain When Reducing Activity & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 27, 2021
1693: The Amount of Muscle a Beginner Can Put on in a Year, the Value of Tricep Kickbacks, How to Get Stronger Without Increasing Calories & More
Nov 26, 2021
1692: Rethinking Entrepreneurship With Basecamp Founder David Hansson
Nov 25, 2021
1691: How Isometrics Build Muscle, Why Working Out More Can Actually Slow Your Gains, the Benefits of Regular Vs. Hex Bar Deadlifts & More
Nov 24, 2021
1690: Eight Holiday Hacks to Prevent Fat Gain
Nov 22, 2021
1689: How to Get Better at Pull-Ups, Using Unilateral Exercises to Correct Muscle Imbalances, How to Adjust Training If Muscles Are Excessively Sore & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 20, 2021
1688: How to Build Your Hamstrings, Tips to Squat More Weight, the Benefits of Adding Kettlebell Swings to Your Workout & More
Nov 19, 2021
1687: Eight Exercise Combos for Maximum Gains
Nov 18, 2021
1686: The Benefit of Training With Only the Big 4 Lifts, Broscience That Actually Works, How to Know You Are Training Too Much & More
Nov 17, 2021
1685: Why Mobility Training Is So Important If You Work an Office Job
Nov 15, 2021
1684: How to Undo the Damage Caused by a Bad Fitness Coach, Learning a New Skill in the Gym, How to Get Back Into Lifting After a Break & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Nov 13, 2021
1683: The Difference Between Having Muscle & Being Strong, How to Correctly Perform a Seated Shoulder Press, Gaining Muscle Without Gaining Fat Vs. Losing Fat Without Losing Muscle & More
Nov 12, 2021
1682: Bacteria for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss & Health
Nov 11, 2021
1681: The Optimal Body Fat Percentage for Building Muscle, Staying Disciplined With Workout & Diet, the Best Intra-Workout Foods & Drinks & More
Nov 10, 2021
1680: Muscle Science With Jordan Shallow
Nov 08, 2021
1679: Low Carb Vs. High Carb Diets, Doing Less to Get Better Results in the Gym, Building Muscle & Strength After a Major Weight Loss & More
Nov 06, 2021
1678: Heel Raised Squats for Quad Development, Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Training Review, the Most Essential Equipment for a Home Gym & More
Nov 05, 2021
1677: The Best Explosive Exercises for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss
Nov 04, 2021
1676: Difficult Exercises You Better Not Skip, How Much Sugar Is Too Much, Brown Rice Vs. White Rice & More
Nov 03, 2021
1675: Eight Ways to Get the BEST Muscle Pump
Nov 01, 2021
1674: How to Build Bigger Arms, Creatine and Hair Loss, Weekend Eating Hacks for Fat Loss & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 30, 2021
1673: How to Know If You Have Reached Your Genetic Muscle Building Potential, the Downside of Over-Consuming Protein, the Toxins in Vegetables & More
Oct 29, 2021
1672: The Best Exercises from the Best Bodybuilders
Oct 28, 2021
1671: The Top 3 Muscle Building Factors, the Ideal Amount of Water to Drink Daily, Building More Muscle By Taking Time Off & More
Oct 27, 2021
1670: When Lifting Light Builds More Muscle
Oct 25, 2021
1669: How to Cut Cardio Without Gaining Weight, The Downside of Using a Fit Bit for Tracking Calories, What to Do When You Feel Burned Out With Lifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 23, 2021
1668: The Best Exercises to Build the Back, the Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility, Supplements That Should Never Be Taken Together & More
Oct 22, 2021
1667: The Best Exercises You Can Do to Develop the Perfect Butt
Oct 21, 2021
1666: The Truth About Fasted Cardio, How the Pump Helps You Build Muscle, the Residual Muscle Building Effects of Prior Steroid Use & More
Oct 20, 2021
1665: How Gyms Survived Shutdowns With Jason Khalipa
Oct 18, 2021
1664: How to Reduce Cardio Without Gaining Weight, Ways to Shrink an Overdeveloped Body Part, Adjusting Workouts to Accommodate an Unusual Work Schedule & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 16, 2021
1663: How to Even Out Unbalanced Leg Muscles, the Ideal Length of Time to Follow a Workout, HMB Supplement Review & More
Oct 15, 2021
1662: Mind Pump’s 21 Best Tips
Oct 14, 2021
1661: How to Learn to Pistol Squat, the Muscle & Performance Benefits of Spiking Insulin, Meat Based Protein Powder Review & More
Oct 13, 2021
1660: Wokeism, Equity & Social Justice with Gad Saad
Oct 11, 2021
1659: Adjusting Your Workout to Meet Your Goals, How to Work Around a Foot Injury, Elimination Diet Eating Tips & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 09, 2021
1658: How Cardio Limits Muscle Gain, When to Use Supersets, Following a Workout Program Vs. Training Instinctively & More
Oct 08, 2021
1657: Why the Economy Won’t Crash With Peter Linneman
Oct 07, 2021
1656: How to Find Your Exercise & Diet Sweet Spot, the Truth About Training for Your Body Type, the Benefits of Earthing & More
Oct 06, 2021
1655: The Best Natural Treatment for Anxiety & Depression
Oct 04, 2021
1654: Ways to Kickstart Glute & Hamstring Muscle Development, Maximizing Muscle Gains on a Low Protein Diet, What to Do If You Seem Unable to Build Muscle & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Oct 02, 2021
1653: The Muscle Building Secrets of Jacked Prison Inmates, How to Adjust Your Workout to Accelerate Butt Growth, the Dangers of Bench Pressing With Your Feet on the Bench & More
Oct 01, 2021
1652: How to Overhead Press Your Bodyweight
Sep 30, 2021
1651: The Best Way to Get a Flat Stomach, the Importance of Time Under Tension for Building Muscle, the Benefits of Short Intermittent Workouts Throughout the Day & More
Sep 29, 2021
1650: How to Know When You Need a Physical Therapist
Sep 27, 2021
1649: How to Pass a Physical Test, What to Do When You Miss Your Caloric Target, Fixing the Root Cause of Pain & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 25, 2021
1648: How to Increase Calories Without Adding Body Fat, Using Complexes to Build Muscle, Turkesterone Supplement Review & More
Sep 24, 2021
1647: Ten Female Fitness Lies
Sep 23, 2021
1646: How to Pump Up Muscles Before a Photoshoot, the Myth of Being Muscle-Bound, the Dangers of Supplement Dependency & More
Sep 22, 2021
1645: How to Train Like Your Favorite Athlete
Sep 20, 2021
1644: Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism, How to Train During Phases of the Menstrual Cycle, Avoiding Exercises That Thicken the Waist & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 18, 2021
1643: The Best Way to Build Triceps, the Benefit of Heavy Bicep Training, Pump Your Shoulders With the Z Press & More
Sep 17, 2021
1642: COVID Vaccine Skepticism?
Sep 16, 2021
1641: How to Get a Bigger Bench Press, the Pros & Cons of Eating Rice Crispy Treats Pre-Workout, the Dangers of Rounded Back Deadlifts & More
Sep 15, 2021
1640: Five Steps to Build Muscle Without Adding Fat
Sep 13, 2021
1639: How to Transition from Heavy Cardio to Weight Lifting, Ways to Determine the Correct Weight to Hit a Rep Range, What to Do When the Scale Doesn't Move & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 11, 2021
1638: How to Use Isometrics to Accelerate Gains, Ways to Increase the Overhead Press, Healthy Foods That Have Been Wrongfully Demonized & More
Sep 10, 2021
1637: Five Weird Tricks to Improve Your Sleep
Sep 09, 2021
1636: How to Increase Grip Strength, the Most Effective Way to Bulk, High Reps Vs. Low Reps & More
Sep 08, 2021
1635: How to Build a $10,000/month Fitness & Coaching Business
Sep 06, 2021
1634: How to Eliminate Unnecessary Training for Better Results, Ways to Address Hip Dips, Tips to Maintain Fitness When Traveling & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Sep 04, 2021
1633: How to Build Thicker Biceps, the Pros & Cons of Mass Gainer Shakes, the Dangers of Behind the Neck Exercises & More
Sep 03, 2021
1632: The Truth About German Volume Training
Sep 02, 2021
1631: How to Balance Training for Aesthetics & Performance, The Muscle Building Effects of Intense Flexing, the Benefits of Adding Bodyweight Exercises to a Weight Lifting Routine & More
Sep 01, 2021
1630: Ten Ways to Break Through a Plateau
Aug 30, 2021
1629: Ways to Adjust Your Training to Build More Muscle, How to Correct an Imbalance Between the Right & Left Side of the Body, When to Fire Your Coach or Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 28, 2021
1628: How to Stop Binge Eating, the Best Exercises to Build Impressive Traps, the Truth About 5x5 Training & More
Aug 27, 2021
1627: Eight Stupid & Dangerous Fitness Lies
Aug 26, 2021
1626: How Your Hormones Affect Where You Store Body Fat, the Ideal Length of a Bulk & Cut, Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks & More
Aug 25, 2021
1625: How to Be an Alpha Male
Aug 23, 2021
1624: How to Minimize Muscle Loss When Cutting, Ways to Troubleshoot Having Low Energy, How to Train After an Illness & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 21, 2021
1623: How to Get Good at Dips, the Benefits of Elevating the Heels When Squatting, Exercises to Improve Knee Pain & More
Aug 20, 2021
1622: Nine Signs Your Trainer Sucks
Aug 19, 2021
1621: The Ideal Range of Motion to Maximize Gains, How to Balance Bodybuilding With Playing Sports, Tips to Improve the Front Rack Position & More
Aug 18, 2021
1620: The 7 Keys to Health & Longevity
Aug 16, 2021
1619: What to Do When Progress Stalls in the Gym, Identifying the Cause of Unwanted Weight Gain, How to Balance Training With a Physically Demanding Job & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 14, 2021
1618: Using Creatine to Lose Weight, the Most Undervalued Exercises, How to Make Workouts Fun & More
Aug 13, 2021
1617: How to Maintain a Bikini Body Year-Round
Aug 12, 2021
1616: How to Use Dumbbells to Build Your Quads, Combining Barbell Squats & Deadlifts in the Same Workout, the Benefits of Lifting Barefoot & More
Aug 11, 2021
1615: How to Work Out Every Day for Maximum Results (Workout Included)
Aug 09, 2021
1614: How to Add & Keep Muscle Mass, the Truth About Bioelectrical Impedance Body Fat Measurements, Training Post-Pregnancy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Aug 07, 2021
1613: How to Adjust Your Workout When Time is Tight, the Value of Taking Time Off from Training, Distinguishing Between Poor Mobility & Anatomical Limitations & More
Aug 06, 2021
1612: Everything You Need to Know About Sets, Reps & Rest Periods
Aug 05, 2021
1611: What it Takes to Lose Fat & Build Muscle at the Same Time, How Caffeine Intake Affects Body Fat Loss, the Best Accessory Lifts & More
Aug 04, 2021
1610: Testosterone… the Hormone That Divides Men & Women With Carole Hooven
Aug 02, 2021
1609: Overcoming an Exercise Obsession, Balancing Performance With Aesthetic Goals, Firing a Horrible Trainer & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 31, 2021
1608: How to Wake Up a Butt That Refuses to Grow, the Best Exercises to Blow Up Your Forearms, How to Add Shape to the Shoulders & More
Jul 30, 2021
1607: How to Optimize Your Hormones With Dr. Rand McClain
Jul 29, 2021
1606: When to Use Alternating Arm Dumbbell Exercises, the Pros & Cons of Doing Full-Body Workouts on Consecutive Days, When to Choose Calories from Fat Vs. Carbs & More
Jul 28, 2021
1605: How to Get Jacked on a Budget
Jul 26, 2021
1604: Ways to Kick-Start Fat Loss When You Hit a Plateau, Lifting Tips & Techniques When Suffering from Joint Pain, How to Correct Shoulder Imbalances & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 24, 2021
1603: How to Build a Thick & Wide Back, the Best Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Low Bar Squat, the Pros & Cons of Opening a Gym & More
Jul 23, 2021
1602: Why Intermittent Fasting is Bad
Jul 22, 2021
1601: How to Build Big Arms, the Best Way to Train to Increase Pull-Ups, the Truth About Lifting Belts & More
Jul 21, 2021
1600: How to Train When Recovering from an Injury
Jul 19, 2021
1599: How to Get Past the Mental Hurdle of Eating More to Speed Up the Metabolism, Ways to Regain Strength & Athleticism After a Layoff, The Best Training to Improve Sports Performance & More
Jul 17, 2021
1598: Why People Should Avoid HIIT, How Forced Reps Can Cause Muscle Loss, Ways Poor Health Prevents Body Fat Loss & More
Jul 16, 2021
1597: The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance With David Epstein
Jul 15, 2021
1596: The Truth About Using Fat Burners & Shakes to Lose Fat, How a Calorie Deficit Affects Recovery, Prioritizing Macros Vs. Calories When Reverse Dieting & More
Jul 14, 2021
1595: Your Ideas Suck… How to be an Entrepreneur With Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph
Jul 12, 2021
1594: Periodized Training for Special Ops Service Members, Ways to Correct Imbalances Without Creating New Ones, How to Work Out Pre, During & Post Pregnancy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 09, 2021
1593: How Flexing Can Help Build Muscle, Inexpensive High Protein Snacks & Meals, Ways to Increase Core Strength & More
Jul 09, 2021
1592: The 30 Day Diet Experiment That Launched an Empire With Melissa Urban
Jul 08, 2021
1591: The Best Form of Cardio, the Truth About Partial Reps, the Best Time of Day to Work Out & More
Jul 07, 2021
1590: How to Use Failure & Rejection to Get What You Want in Life With Jen Cohen
Jul 05, 2021
1589: How to Train to Balance Hormones, the Pros & Cons of Switching Between Full Body & Push/Pull, Tips for Lifting After Surgery & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jul 03, 2021
1588: The Ideal Split for Building Muscle Mass, Why Training to Failure Can Halt Your Gains, Fitness Gimmicks That Need to Die & More
Jul 02, 2021
1587: Getting to Root Cause of Low Energy, Skin Issues and a Poor Libido With Dr. Stephen Cabral
Jul 01, 2021
1586: How to Train a Body Part That Is Smaller on One Side, Ways Meditation Increases Muscle Gains, Tips for Correcting Shoulder Winging & More
Jun 30, 2021
1585: 17-Year-Old Ponzi Scheme Mastermind & Ex-Con Ian Bick
Jun 28, 2021
1584: How to Build Impressive Shoulders, Signs It’s Time to Add More Volume & Frequency to Your Workout, Overcoming Sports Injuries & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 26, 2021
1583: The Maximum Amount of Protein the Body Can Absorb in One Meal, How to Get Rid of Knee Pain, the Value of Digestive Enzyme Supplements & More
Jun 25, 2021
1582: 15 Surprising Reasons You Don’t Feel Well
Jun 24, 2021
1581: How to Make Gains While Cutting, Using a Rowing Machine in Lieu of Lifting, the Value of Saunas & More
Jun 23, 2021
1580: Economy Crash 2021 With Peter Linneman
Jun 21, 2021
1579: How to Drop Stubborn Body Fat, What to Do When Strength Is Not Increasing, Ways to Hit Aesthetic Goals in Time for a Wedding & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 19, 2021
1578: How to Break Through a Lifting Plateau, the Best Hamstring Exercises Using Dumbbells, How to Prepare Your Body for Squats & More
Jun 18, 2021
1577: What to Do When You Are Getting Bored With Your Workouts
Jun 17, 2021
1576: Full Range of Motion Vs. Partial Reps, the Best Quick Muscle Building Foods for Hardgainers, How to Improve Vertical Jump & More
Jun 16, 2021
1575: Exercise Vs. Diet
Jun 14, 2021
1574: How to Prevent Muscle Loss When Cutting, Ways to Fix Muscle Imbalances, Techniques for Overcoming Wrist Pain & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 12, 2021
1573: The Golden Rules of Training for Performance, When to Train Through Pain, the Importance of Food Variety & More
Jun 11, 2021
1572: Is Tonal Worth the Money? With Aly Orady
Jun 10, 2021
1571: Maintaining a Lean Body While Eating More Calories, How to Start an Elimination Diet, the Next Big Thing in Fitness & More
Jun 09, 2021
1570: Eleven Ways to Build Muscle Faster
Jun 07, 2021
1569: How to Correct Muscle Imbalances, Tips to Recover from Golfer’s Elbow, How to Train in Hot Weather & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Jun 05, 2021
1568: How to Determine If You Are Building Muscle Instead of Fat, the Best Way to Improve Bone Density, Ways to Maintain a Tight Core When Lifting & More
Jun 04, 2021
1567: How Not to Die From Heart Disease With Dr. Alo
Jun 03, 2021
1566: How to Troubleshoot Not Losing Weight When Dieting, the Pros & Cons of Diet Breaks, How Long it Takes to Speed-Up a Slow Metabolism & More
Jun 02, 2021
1565: Why Women Should Bulk
May 31, 2021
1564: The Benefit of Multiple Short Workouts Throughout the Day, How to Overcome Chronic Hip Pain, Ways to Maintain Cardio While Training for Muscle & Strength & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 29, 2021
1563: How to Permanently Kick a Sugar Addiction, the Exercises Best Suited for Higher Reps, the Most Effective Nootropics & More
May 28, 2021
1562: How to Produce a Hit HBO Show With Archie Gips
May 27, 2021
1561: The Best Exercises to Build a Thick & Wide Back, Why the Metabolism Boost from Building Muscle Is Superior for Fat Loss, the Optimal Way to Take Creatine & More
May 26, 2021
1560: Woke Fitness Is Making You Fat & Unhealthy
May 24, 2021
1559: Best Ways to Flatten the Belly, Hardgainer Muscle Building Tips, How to Use Focus Sessions for Targeted Muscle Growth & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 22, 2021
1558: Bruce Lee Style Isometric Training to Build Muscle, How to Workout If You Only Have 10 Minutes, Tips to Prevent & Treat Heartburn & More
May 21, 2021
1557: How Food Is Engineered to Make You Addicted & Fat With Michael Moss
May 20, 2021
1556: Tricks to Kickstart Rear Delt Growth, How to Build Your Neck, Understanding Insulin Resistance & More
May 19, 2021
1555: How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness While You Travel
May 17, 2021
1554: How to Eliminate Shoulder Pain When Benching, What to Do When Strength Plummets After Switching to a Plant-Based Diet, the Meaning of an Increased Need for Sleep After Starting a New Workout Program & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 15, 2021
1553: The Best Exercises to Build 6-Pack Abs, the Benefit of Doing an Exercise Sitting Vs. Standing, How Front Squats Are Superior to Back Squats & More
May 14, 2021
1552: How to Have the Strongest Bench in the Gym
May 13, 2021
1551: The Best Exercises for Well-Balanced & Developed Shoulders, Super Slow Training Review, the Benefits of the Reverse Grip Bench Press & More
May 12, 2021
1550: How to Get Rich as a Personal Trainer
May 10, 2021
1549: Tips for Taking Off Stubborn Belly Fat, Ways to Build Work Capacity & Endurance, How to Combine At-Home Workouts With Gym Workouts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 08, 2021
1548: How to Use Two-A-Day Workouts to Accelerate Gains, Tips for Maximizing the Benefit of Bodyweight Only Exercises, Managing Digestive Issues When Bulking & More
May 07, 2021
1547: The Hidden Benefits of Lifting Weights
May 06, 2021
1546: How to Increase Rotational Power, Ways to Build Muscle Strength & Endurance at the Same Time, How Tight Shoulder Can Limit Your Squat & More
May 05, 2021
1545: Bad Fitness Advice That’s Actually Good
May 03, 2021
1544: Ways to Prevent Recurring Injuries, How to Relieve Pain from Prolonged Sitting, Solutions for High-Intensity Training Addicts & More (Listener Live Coaching)
May 01, 2021
1543: The Importance of Squeezing & Stretching the Muscle for Growth, How to Quickly Increase the Number of Pull-Ups You Can Perform, When to Use Muscle Finishers & More
Apr 30, 2021
1542: How Bodybuilders Ruined Weight Lifting for Everyone
Apr 29, 2021
1541: How to Lose Fat With Calorie Cycling, At-Home Exercises That Increase the Big Lifts, How to Workout When Feeling Run Down & More
Apr 28, 2021
1540: How to Boost Your Sex Drive
Apr 26, 2021
1539: Why Rest Periods Are Important for Building Muscle & Strength, How to Train After Having Breast Implants, the Correct Order to Phase Your Workouts for Maximum Results & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 24, 2021
1538: How to Build the Peak of the Bicep, the Dangers of Fat Burner Supplements, the Pros & Cons of Battle Ropes & More
Apr 23, 2021
1537: Why Meal Plans Are Making You Fat
Apr 22, 2021
1536: Ways to Get Hormone-Disrupting Stress Under Control, How to Regain Lifting Confidence After an Injury, Grip Strength Building Techniques & More
Apr 21, 2021
1535: Should You Squat Below Parallel?
Apr 19, 2021
1534: How to Overcome an Exercise Sticking Point, the Best Kettlebell Exercises to Compliment Barbell Training, How to Train Post Pregnancy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 17, 2021
1533: How Lifting to Failure Slows Your Gains, Exercises That Help Knee Pain, the Foolishness of Post Workout Gummy Bears & More
Apr 16, 2021
1532: How to Become the Strongest Guy (or Gal) in Your Local Gym
Apr 15, 2021
1531: F45 Review, How to Minimize Fat Gain When Eating to Build Muscle, the Truth About Meal Frequency & More
Apr 14, 2021
1530: Why Warm-Ups Are a Waste of Time
Apr 12, 2021
1529: How to Build Muscle Using Only Light Weight, Ways to Kickstart Growth in Slow to Respond Body Parts, the Benefit of Varying Your Training Modality & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 10, 2021
1528: The Truth About the Afterburn Effect of Cardio, the Minimum Cardio Needed for a Healthy Heart & Lungs, the Benefits of Working Out Barefoot & More
Apr 09, 2021
1527: The 3 Step Solution to the Obesity Epidemic
Apr 08, 2021
1526: The Best Form of Exercise When Time Is Limited, the Effectiveness of Tracking Calories Weekly Vs. Daily, How to Avoid Body Image Obsession When Training for Aesthetics & More
Apr 07, 2021
1525: The Death of the Gym Industry?: A Reality Check With UFC Gym CEO Adam Sedlack
Apr 05, 2021
1524: How to Eat to Build Muscle Without Putting on Fat, Ways to Maintain Muscle Mass When Training for Performance, How to Reduce Unwanted Thigh Size & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Apr 03, 2021
1523: The Difference Between Training for Strength Vs. Muscle Gain, Losing Body Fat Without Counting Calories, the Dangers of SARMS & More
Apr 02, 2021
1522: How to Stay Consistent With Your Diet & Workout
Mar 31, 2021
1521: How a Limited Range of Motion Slows Muscle Gain, Ways to Distinguish Between Being Sore or Injured, the Must-Haves for Longevity & Health & More
Mar 31, 2021
1520: B.J. Penn
Mar 29, 2021
1519: How to Determine Your Ideal Daily Caloric Intake, the Dangers & Benefits of Testosterone Replacement for Women, the Possibility of Building Muscle While Training for an Endurance Sport & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 27, 2021
1518: The Benefits of Squatting Every Day, How Your Training Style Should Change When Cutting Vs. Bulking, Ways to Prevent Low Back Pain When Deadlifting & More
Mar 26, 2021
1517: The No Cardio Way to Train Your Body to Burn Fat
Mar 25, 2021
1516: The Best Quad Building Exercises, the Fastest Way to Recover from Soreness, How to Know When to Stop a Reverse Diet & More
Mar 24, 2021
1515: The Best Form of Exercise for EVERYONE
Mar 22, 2021
1514: Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally, How to Correct Imbalances Between Both Sides of the Body, Tips for Preventing Injuries When Lifting Heavy & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 20, 2021
1513: How Cheat Meals Can Add Extra Fat Cells, the Best Exercises to Build the Teardrop of Your Quads, Deep Squats Vs. 90 Degree Squats & More
Mar 19, 2021
1512: The Value of Following a Workout Program
Mar 18, 2021
1511: How to Properly Use Creatine, How to Weigh Meat When Tracking Macros, the Truth About Cholesterol & More
Mar 17, 2021
1510: Four Things Women in Their 40's Need to Know About Fitness
Mar 15, 2021
1509: The Benefit of Splitting up Your Workout Throughout the Day, How to Learn Effective Workout Programming, Ways to Make Sure You Do Important Exercises You Hate & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 13, 2021
1508: The Optimal Amount of Protein to Eat Per Meal, How Massage Can Improve Muscle Growth, Muscle Building Tips for Teenagers & More
Mar 12, 2021
1507: Everything You Need to Know About Steroids With John Romano
Mar 11, 2021
1506: How to Change Your Body Fat Set Point, The Truth About CrossFit, When to Use Drop Sets & Supersets in Your Training & More
Mar 10, 2021
1505: Seven Day Fat Loss Kickstart
Mar 08, 2021
1504: Balancing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Goals, What to Do When You Hit a Plateau, When to Change up Your Workout & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Mar 06, 2021
1503: The Ideal Amount of Protein for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss, How to Know If You Have Good Muscle Building Genes, Walking for Fat Loss & More
Mar 05, 2021
1502: How to Drink & Stay Fit
Mar 04, 2021
1501: The Fat Burning Zone Myth, How to Build Side Butt, Supplements That Are Worth Buying & More
Mar 03, 2021
1500: Seven Lies Fitness Influencers Love to Tell
Mar 01, 2021
1499: What to Do to Get Past a Sticking Point in a Lift, How to Build Muscle & Improve Sports Performance at the Same Time, Strategies for Combating Headaches & Migraines & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 27, 2021
1498: How Many Calories to Eat on Rest Days, What to Do When One Half of Your Body Is Building More Slowly Than the Other, the Importance of Rest Periods & More
Feb 26, 2021
1497: Five Weird Supplements That Actually Work
Feb 25, 2021
1496: The Best Deadlift Variation, the Importance of Rest Times Between Exercises, the Dangers of Eating Too Much Red Meat & More
Feb 24, 2021
1495 The Science of Happiness With Arthur C. Brooks
Feb 22, 2021
1494: What to Do If You Neglect Training Important Body Parts, How to Build Strength When You Only Have Dumbbells, Pre & Post Birth Workout Strategies & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 20, 2021
1493: When Being Lean Is Unhealthy, Signs You Should Increase or Decrease Your Calories, How Much You Should Be Able to Bench, Squat & Deadlift to Be Considered Strong & More
Feb 19, 2021
1492: Five Things to Look for in an Online Coach With Jason Phillips
Feb 18, 2021
1491: When to Add Weight to Your Lifts, How Many Pull-Ups You Should Be Able to Do, the Truth About Chiropractic Adjustments & More
Feb 17, 2021
1490: How to Improve Your Posture
Feb 15, 2021
1489: How to Keep Weight Off Permanently, Keys to Success When Reverse Dieting, Knee Pain Reduction Strategies & More (Listener Live Coaching)
Feb 13, 2021
1488: The Best Way to do Pull-Ups, Fat Cell Memory, the Truth About Functional Bodybuilding Programs & More
Feb 12, 2021
1487: The Best Way for First Responders to Stay in Shape
Feb 11, 2021
1486: How to Adjust Your Diet When Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau, Building Mass With Limited Access to Weights, What to Do If Your Joints Are Hypermobile & More
Feb 10, 2021
1485: Ten Life Lessons from Lifting Weights
Feb 08, 2021
1484: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Feb 06, 2021
1483: Building Strength by Decreasing Weight, How to Increase the Mind-Muscle Connection for Maximum Back Growth, the Truth About Sissy Squats & More
Feb 05, 2021
1482: Canceled With Bryan Callen
Feb 04, 2021
1481: The Truth About Fat Burners, How to Improve Ankle Mobility, the Importance of Setting Fitness Goals & More
Feb 03, 2021
1480: How to Find Peace & Meaning Amid Chaos With Bishop Robert Barron
Feb 01, 2021
1479: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Jan 30, 2021
1478: The Underrated Benefits of Isometric Exercises, the Truth About DNA Fitness & Nutrition Tests, Using Multi Grip Bars for Benching & More
Jan 29, 2021
1477: Is Social Media Killing Your Gains?
Jan 28, 2021
1476: Improving Gains With Less Time in the Gym, Signs You Are Working Out Too Much, Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism & More
Jan 27, 2021
1475: Eating Meat Is Good for the Climate With Robb Wolf
Jan 25, 2021
1474: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Jan 23, 2021
1473: How Often to Train Arms for Optimal Muscle Growth, the Pros & Cons of Training on Unstable Surfaces, When Walking Too Much Hurts Gains & More
Jan 22, 2021
1472: How to Break 13 Destructive Lockdown Habits
Jan 21, 2021
1471: The Truth About German Volume Training, the Dangers of Sweating for the Wedding, What to Do If One Side of Your Body Is Tighter Than the Other & More
Jan 20, 2021
1470: Ten Motivation Hacks to Boost Productivity Today
Jan 18, 2021
1469: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Jan 16, 2021
1468: How to Deadlift with Dumbbells, 75 Hard Challenge Review, Ways to Improve Explosiveness & Agility & More
Jan 15, 2021
1467: How to Squat for Your Body Type With Dr. Aaron Horschig
Jan 14, 2021
1466: Why Trainers Can’t Always Agree on Exercise Form, How to Perform the Pullover, the Benefits of Squatting Barefoot & More
Jan 13, 2021
1465: The Truth About Health at Every Size
Jan 11, 2021
1464: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Jan 09, 2021
1463: The Truth About the Importance of Eating Post Workout, the Most Important Mobility Goals, the Best Stretches for Flat Feet & More
Jan 08, 2021
1462: Setting New Year's Resolutions That Actually Work
Jan 07, 2021
1461: Tips to Improve Front Squat Technique, Common Workout Programming Mistakes, 2021 Fitness Trends & More
Jan 06, 2021
1460: How to Lose Fat Without Dieting
Jan 04, 2021
1459: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Jan 02, 2021
1458: Favorite Workout Splits, How to Know If You Are Too Sick to Work Out, What to Do on Rest Days & More
Jan 01, 2021
1457: Five Ways to Reduce Seasonal Depression
Dec 31, 2020
1456: The Pros & Cons of Circuit Training, the Best Timeline to Lose 100 Pounds of Fat, the Negatives of Surgical Weight Loss Procedures & More
Dec 30, 2020
1455: Six Ways to Get a Better Pump
Dec 28, 2020
1454: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Dec 26, 2020
1453: What to Do If You Don’t Have an Incline Bench, How to Improve Grip Strength, Who Should Do Cardio & More
Dec 25, 2020
1452: Your 10 Minute Workout for the Holiday Season
Dec 24, 2020
1451: How Long to Rest Between Sets, Training Post Pregnancy, How to Alleviate Knee Pain & More
Dec 23, 2020
1450: Five Ways to Improve Your Erection
Dec 21, 2020
1449: Listener Live Coaching (Q&A)
Dec 19, 2020
1448: The Best Exercises to Grow the Glutes Without Building the Quads, How to Know When to Increase or Decrease Workout Intensity, the Effectiveness of Long-Term Intermittent Fasting & More
Dec 18, 2020
1447: How to Start Your Fitness Journey
Dec 17, 2020
1446: The Effect of Cardio on Muscle Growth, the Negative Effects of Consuming Too Much Protein, How to Do a First Assessment as a Trainer & More
Dec 16, 2020
1445: Eight Golden Rules of Health & Fitness
Dec 14, 2020
1444: The Truth About Protein, the Best Way to Fix Muscle Imbalances, the Benefits & Dangers of Salt & More
Dec 12, 2020
1443: Quick Full Body Warm-Ups, When to Use a Lifting Belt, What to Do Between Sets & More
Dec 11, 2020
1442: Why Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time
Dec 10, 2020
1441: The Effectiveness of Dumbbell Only Workouts, the Importance of Tearing Muscle Down to Ensure Growth, What to Do If You Have Overactive Traps & More
Dec 09, 2020
1440: How to Build a Fit Mom Body
Dec 07, 2020
1439: How Aging Affects Weight Gain & Metabolism, Crazy Fitness Myths That Just Won’t Die, Ways to Fix Foot Pain & More
Dec 05, 2020
1438: The Advantages of Sumo Vs. Conventional Deadlifts, How to Accelerate Recovery, Long-Term Habits for Lifetime Health & More
Dec 04, 2020
1437: The Unfiltered Truth About MMA With Phil Daru
Dec 03, 2020
1436: How to Know If You Have Metabolic Damage, Ways to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor, the Importance of Changing Up Your Workouts for Continued Progress & More
Dec 02, 2020
1435: How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Simple Steps
Nov 30, 2020
1434: How to Kick Start Muscle Growth When Nothing Seems to Work, When to Use Cluster Sets, the Benefits of the Floor Press Vs. the Traditional Bench Press & More
Nov 28, 2020
1433: How to Stop Fat Gain, What to Do If You Wake up Stiff & Immobile, the Effect of Food Intolerances on Nutrient Assimilation & More
Nov 27, 2020
1432: How to Be a Strong Woman With Helen Lin
Nov 26, 2020
1431: The Best Order to Do Exercises, How to Brace Your Core When Lifting, Ways to Help Loved Ones Get In Shape & More
Nov 25, 2020
1430: Why Everyone Should Deadlift
Nov 23, 2020
1429: The Truth About Powerbuilding Workouts, When Zercher Squats Are Better Than Front Squats, Working Out for Fun & More
Nov 21, 2020
1428: The Importance of Exercise Tempo, Smith Machines Vs. Free Barbell Weights, How to Navigate Mind Pump Resources & More
Nov 20, 2020
1427: Don’t Make These 6 Bulking Mistakes
Nov 19, 2020
1426: Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats, How to Get a More Restful & Regenerative Night’s Sleep, The Benefits of Power Cleans & More
Nov 18, 2020
1425: How to Produce the #1 Fitness Podcast in the World (The Story of Doug)
Nov 16, 2020
1424: The Best Way to Get a Higher Vertical Jump, What to Do If You Have Poor Calf Genetics, Why Female CrossFit Athletes Tend to Have Thicker Waists & More
Nov 14, 2020
1423: The Benefit of Practicing Vs. Performing Exercises, How to Introduce Strength Training to Older Family Members, When to Turn to Supplements & Medication When Diet, Sleep & Exercise Seem Insufficient & More
Nov 13, 2020
1422: How to Build a Sexy Dad Bod
Nov 12, 2020
1421: How to Develop Rotational Power, Ways to Improve Sperm Count & Motility, How to Properly Breathe When Lifting & More
Nov 11, 2020
1420: Counting Calories Makes You Fat With Max Lugavere
Nov 09, 2020
1419: The Benefits of Using a Suspension Trainer to Boost Workout Frequency, How to Know If You Are a Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Lifter, the 5 Most Nutrient Dense Foods & More
Nov 07, 2020
1418: How to Critique Your Physique, Adding Twisting & Rotational Exercises to Improve Body Appearance & Function, Ways to Reverse the Effects of Diabetes & More
Nov 06, 2020
1417: How to Get Stubborn Arms to Grow
Nov 05, 2020
1416: The Benefits of Adding Plyometrics & Functional Training to Your Workout, the Impact Deadlifts Have on Waist Size, the Importance of Rest Days & More
Nov 04, 2020
1415: 7 Ways to Find Purpose
Nov 02, 2020
1414: The Truth About the Leg Extension Machine, Using Intensity Vs. Volume to Improve Squat, How to Transition From Tracking to Intuitive Eating & More
Oct 31, 2020
1413: The Exercises That Promote Lean Legs & Build the Butt, How Calisthenics Boost the Metabolism, Exercises That Make the Abs Stand Out Like Bricks & More
Oct 30, 2020
1412: Nine Characteristics of a Winner
Oct 29, 2020
1411: The Best Exercises to Improve Coordination, Ways to Correct Overactive Traps, the Benefits of Fasting & More
Oct 28, 2020
1410: How to Be a Great Dad
Oct 26, 2020
1409: How Skipping Isolation Exercises Can Build More Muscle, the Best Sources of Carbs, Learning from Failure & More
Oct 24, 2020
1408: Building a Great Body Using Only Isolation Movements, Correcting a Weak Upper Back, the Advantages of Mini-Cuts & Mini-Bulks Vs. Longer Ones & More
Oct 23, 2020
1407: Build Amazing Shoulders With These 10 Forgotten Exercises
Oct 22, 2020
1406: The Fat Burning Effect of Building Muscle, How to Get Better at Dips, Finding Your Perfect Squat Depth & More
Oct 21, 2020
1405: How to Get One Million Followers With Brendan Kane
Oct 19, 2020
1404: The Importance of Hand Position When Exercising the Triceps, What to Do If You Are Always Hungry, the Fallacy That Partial Reps Help Save Joints & More
Oct 17, 2020
1403: The Impact Sleep Has on Muscle Gain, the Importance of Arching the Back When Benching, How to Remedy Muscle Knots & More
Oct 16, 2020
1402: Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress & How to Know the Difference
Oct 15, 2020
1401: How to Improve Your Overhead Press, Techniques to Eliminate Muscle Imbalances, the Value of a Post Workout Cool Down & More
Oct 14, 2020
1400: Why Everyone Should Exercise
Oct 12, 2020
1399: How & When to Use Momentum During Lifts, Eating & Training Tips for Women Who Have Lost Their Period, Using Soreness to Guage Overtraining & More
Oct 10, 2020
1398: How to Know When You Are Drinking Too Much Caffeine, When You Should Lower a Deadlift Under Control Vs. Dropping It, How to Distinguish Between Being Lazy & Actually Needing a Day Off & More
Oct 09, 2020
1397: 5 Ways to Maintain Muscle When You’re Sick or Injured
Oct 08, 2020
1396: The Best Mind to Muscle Ab Exercises, Primal Movement Vs. Animal Flow, How to Perform Your Best No Matter What Is Going on in Your Life & More
Oct 07, 2020
1395: Hunter McIntyre on Steroid Use in CrossFit, Avoiding Negativity, Surviving a Business Downturn & More
Oct 05, 2020
1394: How to Build More Muscle & Lose More Fat by Reducing Stress, the Best Priming Movements to Improve Your Big Lifts, the Effectiveness of Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells & More
Oct 03, 2020
1393: The Best Way to Grow Your Forearms, How to Get a Back Pump, When to Mix Up Cardio & More
Oct 02, 2020
1392: 10 Habits of Super-Healthy People
Oct 01, 2020
1391: How to Substitute Dumbbells for Barbells for the Big Lifts, Meeting Your Macros Vs. Meeting Your Calories, When to Incorporate the Turkish Get-Up Into Your Workout & More
Sep 30, 2020
1390: The State of the Gym Industry with UFC Gym President Adam Sedlack
Sep 28, 2020
1389: The Whole Body Effect of Training Individual Muscles, Training for First Responders, Life Changing Early Life Lessons & More
Sep 26, 2020
1388: The Benefits of Contralateral Training, the Truth About Alkaline Water, Gaining Credibility as an Out of Shape Trainer & More
Sep 25, 2020
1387: Turning Your Body Into a Fat-Burning Machine
Sep 24, 2020
1386: The Difference Between Strength & Hypertrophy Training, Natural Ways to Balance Female Hormones, Identifying the Underlying Causes of Poor Squat Form & More
Sep 23, 2020
1385: How to Start Your Fitness & Fat Loss Journey
Sep 21, 2020
1384: Calisthenics Vs. Weight Training for Building Muscle, How to Equip a Home Gym, the Effect of Stimulants on Muscle Growth & More
Sep 19, 2020
1383: The Best Exercises to Target the Inner & Outer Thighs, Avoiding Lower Belly Fat When Bulking, How to Balance Healthy Foods & Snacks & More
Sep 18, 2020
1382: Why Everyone Should Squat
Sep 17, 2020
1381: Why Planks Can Train Bad Posture, Correctional Exercises for Knock Knees, the Benefits of Float Therapy & More
Sep 16, 2020
1380: The 10 Best Resistance Band Exercises
Sep 14, 2020
1379: How to Develop the Upper Chest, the Dangers of Undereating Fat, the Negative Impact of Marijuana on Muscle Growth & More
Sep 12, 2020
1378: How to Increase Your Deadlift Strength, Squats & Spine Compression, Soreness as an Indicator of Workout Effectiveness & More
Sep 11, 2020
1377: From Couch to Deep Squat in 90 Days
Sep 10, 2020
1376: Ways to Add More Protein to Your Diet, the Benefits of the Dumbbell Pullover, the Best Priming Movements for Golfers & More
Sep 09, 2020
1375: How to Train Before, During & After Pregnancy
Sep 07, 2020
1374: How to Strengthen Your Joints, the Dangers of Chemicals in Skincare Products, the Best Exercises & Mobility Drills for Athletes & More
Sep 05, 2020
1373: How to Get Rid of a Lower Belly Pooch, Getting Enough Nutrients on a Low Calorie Diet, How to Adjust Your Diet When Changing Your Training & More
Sep 04, 2020
1372: How to Fix Knee Pain
Sep 03, 2020
1371: Strategies for Massive Weight Loss, the Benefits of Creatine for Women, How to Deal With Anxiety & More
Sep 02, 2020
1370: The 4 Reasons Your Butt is Not Building
Aug 31, 2020
1369: The Most Under-Trained Muscle, How to Preserve Muscle While Training for Endurance, the Benefits of Limiting Processed Foods & More
Aug 29, 2020
1368: The Best Way to Preserve Muscle While Cutting, How Smelling Salts Help You Lift More, the Ideal Frequency for Mobility Work & More
Aug 28, 2020
1367: The 5 Most Powerful Signals That Tell Your Body to Build Muscle
Aug 27, 2020
1366: The Benefits of Gymnastic Ring Training, Training for Performance Over Aesthetics, How to Program Full Body Workouts & More
Aug 26, 2020
1365: Is the Way You Stand & Move Making You Sick? (Featuring Aaron Alexander)
Aug 24, 2020
1364: How Low Carb Diets Affect Hormones, Steps Needed to Battle the Obesity Epidemic, Why Old Man Strength Is Real & More
Aug 22, 2020
1363: The Truth About Muscle Confusion & Muscle Growth, How to Adjust Training When Pregnant, the Benefit of Wearing a Weighted Vest During Cardio & More
Aug 21, 2020
1362: What You Can Learn About Building Muscle from Inmates, Gymnasts and Sprinters
Aug 20, 2020
1361: How to Amplify Your Workout's Muscle Building Signal, Ways to Build Self Confidence, the Importance of Mirrors in the Gym & More
Aug 19, 2020
1360: Carnivore Vs. Vegan With Dr. Will Bulsiewicz & Dr. Paul Saladino
Aug 17, 2020
1359: The Physical and Mental Signs of Overtraining, How Walking Compares to Cardio, the Best Ways to Improve Posture & More
Aug 15, 2020
1358: How to Use Isometrics to Build Muscle & Strength, Ways to Reduce Water Retention, the Necessity of Intra-Workout Carbs & More
Aug 14, 2020
1357: The Single Most Effective At-Home Workout Tool
Aug 13, 2020
1356: The Pros & Cons of Using Lifting Chalk, the Benefits of Cold Showers & Ice Baths, Distinguishing Between True Physical Exhaustion & Just Giving Up & More
Aug 12, 2020
1355: Five Steps to Live to 100
Aug 10, 2020
1354: Alternatives for Squats, Bench Press & Deadlifts, How to Exercise When You Have Neck Pain, the Best Way to Work Out Over 50 & More
Aug 08, 2020
1353: Ways to Avoid Regaining Lost Weight, Taking Naps to Make Up for Lost Sleep, How to Increase Calories Without Resorting to Protein Powders & More
Aug 07, 2020
1352: The Muscle Building & Fat Burning Advantages of Training Like an Athlete
Aug 06, 2020
1351: Building Muscle After 40, the Value of Push, Pull & Leg Routines, Visible Signs of Health & More
Aug 05, 2020
1350: How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting for Permanent Fat Loss
Aug 03, 2020
1349: The Importance of Carbs Post-Workout for Muscle Growth, When & How to Use Touch & Go Deadlifts, the Benefit of Refeeds When Dieting & More
Aug 01, 2020
1348: How to Change Lifting Tempo to Improve Gains, the Pros & Cons of Pre vs. Post Workout Cardio, the Importance of Eating Vegetables When Bulking & More
Jul 31, 2020
1347: How to Modify Your Gym Workout for Home
Jul 30, 2020
1346: How Glycemic Variability Affects Your Ability to Burn Body Fat, Ways to Prime Your Legs Before a Leg Workout, How to Periodize Endurance-Based Workouts Alongside Resistance Training & More
Jul 29, 2020
1345: 6 Ways to Optimize Sleep for Faster Muscle Gain and Fat Loss
Jul 27, 2020
1344: Training for Your Body Type, Regular Vs. Diet Sodas, How to Help Friends & Family Members Turn Around Their Health & Fitness & More
Jul 25, 2020
1343: Low Protein & Longevity, the Benefit of Compound Lift Variations, How to Fix an Anterior Tilt & More
Jul 24, 2020
1342: The Top 4 Mistakes Skinny Guys (Hardgainers) Make Working Out
Jul 23, 2020
1341: The Best Landmine Exercises, When to Use Supersets in Your Training, Favorite 90s Era Fitness Trends & More
Jul 22, 2020
1340: Fatherhood, Parenting, Home Schooling & Religion with Ben & Jessa Greenfield
Jul 20, 2020
1339: How to Get Better at Pull-Ups, Fun Ways to Build the Biceps, How to Build Bone Health & Strength & More
Jul 18, 2020
1338: Strategies to Reduce Sugar Consumption, When to Add Box Squats to Your Workout, How to Improve Lagging Body Parts & More
Jul 17, 2020
1337: Five Reasons Why Your Legs Won’t Grow
Jul 16, 2020
1336: The Best Exercises to Build Biceps & Triceps, Maximizing Gains by Working Out Only 3 Days Per Week, the Pros & Cons of the Jefferson Deadlift & More
Jul 15, 2020
1335: How to Clean Bulk
Jul 13, 2020
1334: How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat, the Best Use of Fitness Trackers, Eating for Your Blood Type & More
Jul 11, 2020
1333: How Often You Should Work Your Abs & Core, the Risks of Going to Failure on Isolation Exercises, the 3 Most Essential Supplements & More
Jul 10, 2020
1332: Should Women Eat & Train Differently Than Men for Fat Loss & Muscle Building?
Jul 09, 2020
1331: How to Best Add Farmer’s Walks to Your Workout, Good Mornings Vs Romanian Deadlifts, the Benefits of Experimenting With Different Diets & More
Jul 08, 2020
1330: Unconventional Training for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
Jul 06, 2020
1329: How to Build Your Hamstrings, the Best Way to Find Your Maintenance Calories, How to Use Resistance Training to Improve Climbing Performance & More
Jul 04, 2020
1328: The Best Way to Build the Mid Back, Tips to Improve Grip Strength, How Often to Change Exercises & More
Jul 03, 2020
1327: Five Mindset Techniques for Fitness Success
Jul 02, 2020
1326: How High & Low Rep Sets Affect Muscle Growth, the Optimal Number of Times to Work Out a Body Part Each Week, the Benefits & Detriments of Raw Vs. Cooked Vegetables & More
Jul 01, 2020
1325: The Perfect Plan to Get Into the Ultimate Shape
Jun 29, 2020
1324: When to Prioritize Nutrition Over Training, How to Enjoy the Benefits of the Sun Without the Dangers, Ways to Overcome a Poor Body Image & More
Jun 27, 2020
1323: The Detrimental Effects of Combining Fats & Carbs, How to Use Trigger Sessions to Cut Body Fat, Lessons Learned from Dad & More
Jun 26, 2020
1322: What’s Your Real Muscle Building Potential? (And how to get there...)
Jun 25, 2020
1321: How to Use Booty Bands to Build Your Butt, Why Pain Can Temporarily Go Away When Exercising a Joint, How to Get Back on Track After Falling Off Your Diet or Workout Plan & More
Jun 24, 2020
1320: How to Eat to Build Muscle & Burn Fat
Jun 22, 2020
1319: What to Do When Your Lifting Form Breaks Down, Determining the Optimal Amount of HIIT to Add to Your Training, the Best Way to Consistently Maintain Your Physique & More
Jun 20, 2020
1318: How High Glycemic Foods Affect Fat Loss, Muscle Memory & Muscle Gain, the Best Form of Squat to Include in Your Routine & More
Jun 19, 2020
1317: The 8 Best Butt Building Exercises You Are Not Doing
Jun 18, 2020
1316: How to Avoid Fat Gain When Reducing Cardio, Ways to Evaluate the Best Supplements to Buy, Tips for Becoming a Great Communicator & More
Jun 17, 2020
1315: The 8 Best Exercises You Are Not Doing
Jun 15, 2020
1314: How to Activate Your Chest for Maximum Growth, the Best Ways to Improve Strength Endurance, How to Repair a Poor Relationship With Food & More
Jun 13, 2020
1313: The Best Exercise to Shrink Your Waist, the Proper Rep Range to Build Strength, Exercises That Are a Waste of Time & More
Jun 12, 2020
1312: Eight Ways to Boost Strength Fast
Jun 11, 2020
1311: How to Build a Wider Back, the Effect of Undereating on Muscle Growth, the Truth About Posture Correction Devices & More
Jun 10, 2020
1310: The Three Best 30 Minute Workouts for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
Jun 08, 2020
1309: The Truth About Finishing Exercises for Building Muscle, the Importance of a Lower Back Arch When Benching, the Right Balance of Cardio, Resistance Training & Mobility Training for Athletes & More
Jun 06, 2020
1308: How to Increase Your Squat, the Pros & Cons of False Grip vs. Standard Grip, Ways to Improve Gut Health & More
Jun 05, 2020
1307: How to Make Your HIIT Workout More Effective
Jun 04, 2020
1306: Top Belly Fat Blasting Exercises, the Ideal Protein Consumption for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss, What to Expect When Starting a New Phase of Training & More
Jun 03, 2020
1305: Five Steps to Intuitive Eating
Jun 01, 2020
1304: Ways to Determine If Your Workout Is Ideal for You, How to Cut & Bulk Without Counting Calories, the Pros & Cons of the Ab Wheel, & More
May 30, 2020
1303: The Best Way to Accelerate Growth in an Unresponsive Muscle, the Difference Between Stretching & Priming, the Best Minimal Equipment Hamstring Exercises & More
May 29, 2020
1302: How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle
May 28, 2020
1301: Ways to Mimic Sled Pushes at Home, Correcting Pain Associated With Wearing High Heels, Tips for Dealing With Relationship Stress While Quarantined & More
May 27, 2020
1300: Upgrade Your Brain With Jim Kwik
May 25, 2020
1299: Compound Sets Vs. Supersets, the Benefits of Daily Pushups & Pullups, the Meaning of Soreness When Doing Mobility Work & More
May 23, 2020
1298: The Ideal Caloric Surplus to Put on Muscle & Weight, Joint Pain Remedies, Must Have At-home Exercise Equipment & More
May 22, 2020
1297: 3 Ways to Know If Your Workout Is Not Right for You
May 21, 2020
1296: How to Maintain Performance While Cutting, the Non-training Benefits of Creatine, Key Things to Look for When Assessing a New Client & More
May 20, 2020
1295: Four Ways to Get a Stubborn Body Part to Improve
May 18, 2020
1294: How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle, the Difference Between Flexibility & Mobility, the Truth About Casein Protein Supplements & More
May 16, 2020
1293: The Risks of Locking Out Your Joints When Lifting, The Pros & Cons of Straps & Grips, How to Eliminate Shin Splints & More
May 15, 2020
1292: The 7 Minute Warm-up That Accelerates Muscle Growth & Fat Loss
May 14, 2020
1291: The Ideal Way to Reach Your Daily Step Count, the Truth About BCAAs and EAAs, Lessons from Mom & More
May 13, 2020
1290: The Homeless Crisis With Dr. Drew
May 11, 2020
1289: The Amazing Benefits of the Farmer’s Walk, Getting Results With One or Two Workouts a Week, Learning Strategies & More
May 09, 2020
1288: The Best Way to Transition Between Workout Programs, How to Move Your Focus from Just Looking Good to Feeling Great, the Effects of Alcohol on Weight Training & More
May 08, 2020
1287: Why the Stability Ball Belongs in Your Workout Routine
May 07, 2020
1286: How to choose a 1-5 Rep Weight After Completing a High Rep Phase, Using Bodybuilding Poses to Accelerate Mobility & Muscle Gains, the Pros & Cons of Squatting With Feet Angled Slightly Outward & More
May 06, 2020
1285: The Ultimate At-home Ab & Core Workout
May 04, 2020
1284: The Strength & Muscle Building Secrets of Elite Gymnasts, the Long-term Advantage of Hex Bar Vs Barbell Deadlifts, Training & Eating for Your Body Type & More
May 02, 2020
1283: Building Muscle While Losing Fat, Best Oblique Training Exercises, How to Fix Duck Feet & More
May 01, 2020
1282: The #1 Key to Consistently Building Muscle & Strength (Avoid Plateaus!)
Apr 30, 2020
1281: Techniques to Bring Up Lagging Body Parts, Tips to Maximize Ab Development, Front Squats vs. Back Squats & MORE
Apr 29, 2020
1280: COVID-19 - The Death of the Gym Industry?
Apr 27, 2020
1279: How to Activate Your Glutes During Lifts, the Correct Way to Add Plyometrics to Your Workouts, the Ideal Number of Sets Per Workout & More
Apr 25, 2020
1278: Techniques That Accelerate Muscle Growth, the Risks & Benefits of Working Out Barefoot, Correcting Knees That Cave in While Squatting & More
Apr 24, 2020
1277: How to Eliminate Pain (Low Back, Shoulder, Knee & More)
Apr 23, 2020
1276: Proper Breathing When Lifting, Dropping Body Fat Percentage Without Losing Fat, Maintaining the Ability to Squat & Deadlift as We Age & More
Apr 22, 2020
1275: The Best At-home Workout That No One is Sharing
Apr 20, 2020
1274: Straight Sets Vs. Circuits When Working Out at Home, the Benefits of Re-feeding When Cutting, Precautions When Starting Exercise During Pregnancy & More
Apr 18, 2020
1273: How to Stay Consistent With Your At-home Workouts, Ways to Maintain & Improve Mobility While Sheltering in Place, the Truth About Deep Squats & More
Apr 17, 2020
1272: COVID-19 & How to Cope with Fear & Anxiety
Apr 16, 2020
1271: How to Get Back Into Weight Lifting After an Injury, the Link Between the Microbiome and Anxiety & Depression, Ways to Fix Hip Shift & More
Apr 15, 2020
1270: Peter Schiff on the Post COVID-19 Economy & How to Thrive
Apr 13, 2020
1269: The Best Overall Cardio Machine, How to Workout With Kids at Home, the Best Measure of Physical Fitness & More
Apr 11, 2020
1268: How to Program Effective Workouts, Building Muscle Without Heavy Weights, Progressing Your Workouts During an Extended Shelter in Place Period & More
Apr 10, 2020
1267: When Eating Junk Food & Being Lazy is Healthy
Apr 09, 2020
1266: How to Build Muscle With Isometric Holds, the Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training, the Type of Person Who Adjusts Quickly to At-home Workouts & More
Apr 08, 2020
1265: How to Develop a Winning Mindset
Apr 06, 2020
1264: How to Improve Your Overhead Press, Strength & Mobility Moves for the Rotator Cuff, When to Change up Exercises & More
Apr 04, 2020
1263: Ways Building Muscle Speeds up Your Metabolism, How to Spot a Good vs. a Crappy At-home Workout, Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods & More
Apr 03, 2020
1262: Why Fitness Assessments are Important
Apr 02, 2020
1261: Must-Dos to Maintain Your Physique During Quarantine, Ways to Stay Mentally Fit, Small Daily Activities to Improve Your Life & More
Apr 01, 2020
1260: 7 Male Fitness Myths That Slow Your Gains
Mar 30, 2020
1259: How to Properly Use Full Range of Motion When Lifting, Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy, the Pros & Cons of Artificial Sweeteners & MORE
Mar 28, 2020
1258 Eating Based on Activity, Pyramid & Reverse Pyramid Sets, the Benefit of Working Out in High Temperatures & More
Mar 27, 2020
1257: The Best At-Home Exercises for Your Entire Body
Mar 26, 2020
1256: Staying Motivated When Working Out at Home, the Value of Splitting up at Home Workouts, the Difference Between Going to Fatigue & Going to Failure & More
Mar 25, 2020
1255: How Trainers Can Maintain Their Businesses While Gyms Are Closed
Mar 23, 2020
1254: How to Use Rest-Pause Sets, Tips for Overcoming Sugar Addiction, Introducing Weightlifting to Teens & MORE
Mar 21, 2020
1253: The Truth About Kipping Pull-Ups, the Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water, Addressing Hypermobility Issues & MORE
Mar 20, 2020
1252: Confessions of a Sports Agent
Mar 19, 2020
1251: When Going to Failure Increases Gains, the Risks & Benefits of Jefferson Curls, the Truth About Being Big-boned & More
Mar 18, 2020
1250: How to Stay Fit, Healthy & Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Mar 16, 2020
1249: How to Maintain Muscle During Coronavirus Gym Closures, Tips to Separate Your Body Image from Your Self-image, the Best Ways to Stretch and Strengthen the Quadratus Lumborum & More
Mar 14, 2020
1248: The Best Budget High-quality Protein Sources, How to Retain Muscle When Using HIIT and LISS Cardio to Maximize Fat Loss, the Most Demonized & Overhyped Foods & More
Mar 13, 2020
1247: The Dangers of Eating Too Much Sugar
Mar 12, 2020
1246: Cellulite Reduction Strategies, Preventing Joint Pain When Lifting Heavy, Frequency Vs. Duration When Performing Mobility Work & More
Mar 11, 2020
1245: Why Meal Plans Suck
Mar 09, 2020
1244: Clean Eating vs. Flexible Dieting, Preventing Muscle Loss When Cutting, The Best Cardio Machines & MORE
Mar 07, 2020
1243: Why SARMs Are Not Worth the Risk, How to Improve Your Vertical Jump, the Impact Resistance Training & Diet Has on Conception & More
Mar 06, 2020
1242: Muscle Building Secrets of Powerlifting With Dr. Jordan Shallow
Mar 05, 2020
1241: Adjusting Creatine Intake on Non-training Days, Ways to Get Quality Sleep When Working Shifts, Finding Balance as a Professional Athlete & More
Mar 04, 2020
1240: The Muscle Building & Fat Burning Effects of Oly Lifting With Sonny Webster
Mar 02, 2020
1239: How to Get a Flat Belly, Techniques to Add Weight to Your Major Lifts, Tips for Increasing the Depth of Your Squat & More
Feb 29, 2020
1238: How & When to Superset, Using Angles to Increase Gains, Exercises to Improve Balance & MORE
Feb 28, 2020
1237: Why Most Group Exercise Classes Suck
Feb 27, 2020
1236: How Hip Thrusts Rank Compared to Other Compound Lifts, What to Do If You Have Horrible Mobility, Massage Gun Review & More
Feb 26, 2020
1235: The 5 Most Overrated Supplements
Feb 24, 2020
1234: Jenny Craig DNA Decoder Plan Review, the Best Way to Build a Solid Core, the Single Most Valuable Piece of Exercise Equipment & More
Feb 22, 2020
1233: When to Use High Reps to Build Muscle & Strength, the Benefits of Splitting up Your Workout Throughout the Day, the Best Ways to Deal With Stress & More
Feb 21, 2020
1232: The 5 Most Important Resistance Training Principles
Feb 20, 2020
1231: Breast Enhancing Exercises, How to Alter Diet on Training vs. Non-training Days, Learning to Love Healthy Foods & More
Feb 19, 2020
1230: Surviving & Thriving in a Toxic World With Max Lugavere
Feb 17, 2020
1229: Ways to Retain Muscle Mass While Dropping Body Fat, Powerlifting for Aesthetics, Simple Steps to Improve Long-Term Health & More
Feb 15, 2020
1228: How to "Wake-Up" a Butt That Won't Build, the Benefits of Doing Push-Ups Throughout Day, Avoiding Grip Failure When Lifting & More
Feb 14, 2020
1227: The 5 Most Important Supplements to Take
Feb 13, 2020
1226: Free Weights vs. Machines for Building Muscle, How to Work Out When Feeling Sore & Tired, the Benefits of Switching up Your Diet & More
Feb 12, 2020
1225: The 5 Must-Dos For Fitness Over 40
Feb 10, 2020
1224: How to Use Focus Sessions to Sculpt Your Body, Once a Week Workouts That Work, When to Skip Cardio & MORE
Feb 08, 2020
1223: The Best Exercises to Build Your Abs, How to Hip Hinge, What Shoes to Wear When Lifting & MORE
Feb 07, 2020
1222: Low Carb vs. Low Fat... Which is Better?
Feb 06, 2020
1221: When to Use Partial Reps, the Difference Between Reverse Dieting & Bulking, Back Squat Exercise Substitutions & More
Feb 05, 2020
1220: The 4 Best Sources of Protein
Feb 03, 2020
1219: How to Properly Perform a Row, Ways to Use a Sled in Training, Strength Training for Endurance Athletes & MORE
Feb 01, 2020
1218: How a Poor Muscle Connection Impacts Muscle Growth, Ways to Relieve Joint Pain, When to Take a Diet Break & MORE
Jan 31, 2020
1217: Five Surprising Benefits of Weight Training
Jan 30, 2020
1216: How to Use Mini-cuts & Mini-bulks to Maximize Gains, the Benefits of Carb Cycling, When to Deload & More
Jan 29, 2020
1215: Dr. Becky Campbell on Thyroid Disease, Autoimmune Disease & Histamine Intolerance
Jan 27, 2020
1214: The Best Way to Train Abs, Review of Mark Rippetoe’s Trap Bar Critique, Biggest Loser Challenges in the Workplace & More
Jan 25, 2020
1213: How to Stick to Your Diet, Training for Strength Vs. Muscle Gain, Ways Mobility Impacts Muscle Growth & More
Jan 24, 2020
1212: Seven Ways to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally
Jan 23, 2020
1211: The Truth About the Ketogenic Diet & Muscle Gain, Ways to Kickstart Growth in a Lagging Body Part, the Value of Taking Body Measurements & More.
Jan 22, 2020
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