10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool

By Pam Barnhill

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Pop in your earbuds and get ready to be inspired. Veteran homeschool mom and podcast host of the Your Morning Basket Podcast, Pam Barnhill unpacks how to have a better homeschool 10 minutes at a time. Full of practical tips, stories, interviews, and inspiration 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool is your home learning go-to show for quick, helpful information. *Formerly the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast

Episode Date
TMBH 33 Writing goals that work for your homeschool

This is a special snippet from our Put Your Homeschool Year on Autopilot co-working session is a peek at how making realistic goals can shape your priorities in your homeschool. Join Pam, veteran mentor Laney Holman, and the planning moms for a sneak peek at how group planning sessions run and find out more about the importance of goals. 

Jul 01, 2022
TMBH 32: How to juggle life and homeschooling

Our time as humans is finite. Sorry to be the one to break that to you. That means there are so many hours in a week to get the homemaking, the homeschooling, and all the other things (including a job if you have one!) done. In this episode of the podcast Pam talks about the myth of balance and the single mindset shift you can make that might just save your sanity as you do all the things. 

Jun 24, 2022
TMBH 31: The myth of “planning from behind”

I have a bone to pick with "planning from behind" and this show is where I'm going to do it. Find out why planning from behind isn't actually planning at all, what it REALLY is, why it's valuable (sure it is), and what real, helpful planning actually looks like for your homeschool don't miss this episode. 

Jun 17, 2022
TMBH 30: Why a "non-planning" person decided to make a plan

I have known Dawn Garret for about seven years now. She has worked with me for so long helping moms create homeschool plans that I had long forgotten that once upon a time she considered herself "not a planning person. It wasn't until she realized that here frustrations were coming from not having a path to follow that she started taking steps to create a plan that would bring sanity to her homeschool. Listen on to find out why she was skeptical about planning and how it ended up helping her anyway. 

Jun 10, 2022
TMBH 29: Three Reasons Why It’s Worth Your Time to Plan

I hear it all the time -- there is no need for me to plan, I won't be able to follow the plan anyway. If you can do that and not be frustrated by the resulting school year, then great. I say don't mess with what's working. But if you don't feel like you can plan but you DO feel like you need some structure to keep from dissolving into chaos, then this episode is for you. Even if you feel like homeschool planning never worked for you before, I give you three reasons why you might want to try again. 

Jun 03, 2022
TMBH 28 Summer In Your Homeschool

Summertime. Where the living is easier (and summer homeschooling is easier too). These are my top tips for making this summer in your homeschool the best yet! 

Apr 29, 2022
TMBH 27 How do I choose a curriculum?

When people begin homeschooling, the very first question they often ask is, "How do I choose a curriculum?" These three tips will help you get started! 

Find the show notes for this episode at https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh27

Apr 22, 2022
TMBH 26 Pam's favorite homeschool books

I have been reading homeschool books for over 10 years now. Some have been forgettable, but so many have helped to shape the way I school my kids. Today I am sharing a number of my favorites and telling you why I think they are important reads. Check these out! 

Apr 15, 2022
TMBH 25 Nature Study: The Perfect Elementary Science Curriculum

Sometimes simple is better. Kids need to make observations about the world around them. Further science ability depends on being able to look closely, to see the details, and record them. I love that nature study (free and readily available in your backyard) is the perfect way to hone those skills. Find out more in this episode of the podcast. 

Apr 08, 2022
TMBH 24: What if I don't finish my curriculum?

Homeschoolers worry, "What happens if I don't finish our curriculum before the end of the year?' The answer isn't as cut and dried and you might think. Some curriculum resources are never meant to be finished 100 percent (really!) and those can be closed and left until the following year. Watch or listen for ideas on what to do when the curriculum doesn't get done and how to prioritize what's important. 

Apr 01, 2022
TMBH 23: Homeschooling and ADHD

Do you suspect that your child has ADHD? Have you wondered what that means for your homeschool journey? Should you have him or here tested? Can you even do homeschooling properly with an ADHD child? I am joined on this episode of the podcast by Colleen Kessler, a former teacher and expert on gifted and twice-exceptional kids (plus a homeschool mom to more than one with ADHD) to answer those questions and more. 

Mar 25, 2022
TMBH 22 Homeschooling on the Cheap

Is it even possible to homeschool cheaply without buying tons of expensive curriculum? What about homeschooling almost totally for free without buying curriculum at all? Whit a few handy tools and some extra time in your budget there are some things you can do to substantially reduce the amount of money you spend on homeschooling your kids. Find out all the details here. 

Mar 18, 2022
TMBH 21 Learning Styles Aren't What you Think They Are

Teaching to your kid's learning styles is a huge buzzword in homeschool circles, but on today's episode of the podcast we are talking about why it doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think and even how it can be detrimental to your kid's education. Have a listen and let me know what you think !

Mar 11, 2022
TMBH 20: Suspecting learning issues (Marianne Sunderland)

When you have a child that is struggling you can sometimes feel a little helpless. What are they really capable of? How can I help them to succeed? What if they never learn what they need to? Our guest today is Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia. She is here to help us recognize when our kids might be having an issue and what first steps we can take to begin to solve the problem. 

Mar 04, 2022
TMBH 19: What do I do to homeschool preschool?

Homeschooling preschool can seem daunting to first-time parents, not because it its difficult, but instead because this is the first chance to really buck the system and do something different that everyone else. At the end of the day, we feel like now we have to prove that this homeschooling thing is going to work. So what do we do? Usually too much. In this episode Pam breaks down the most important things to do in your homeschool preschool and how we can help. 

Feb 25, 2022
TMBH 18: Why attend a homeschool convention?

It's my favorite time of year -- time for the homeschool convention. I will be speaking at all five of the regional GHC conventions this year and I think you should attend! In this episode of the podcast I am breaking down three reasons why attending a convention can be beneficial. Will I see you there? 

Feb 18, 2022
TMBH 21 Learning Styles Aren't What you Think They Are

Teaching to your kids' learning styles is a huge buzzword in homeschool circles, but on today's episode of the podcast we are talking about why it doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think and how it can even be detrimental to your kids' education. Have a listen and let me know what you think! 

Feb 11, 2022
TMBH 17: Is Homeschooling legal?

These days homeschooling is such a common occurrence that when most people ask "Is it legal?" what they really mean is "What do you need to do legally homeschool?" The answer to that is complicated because it varies widely depending on where you live. In today's podcast Pam breaks down where the laws come from, ow you can find out more about them, and what it means to homeschool within the law. 

Feb 11, 2022
TMBH 16: Homeschool Socialization with Mary Wilson
If you homeschool you have probably been asked about socialization. While I have no fear that your kids (or mine) are going to be especially socially awkward, there are some extra things that homeschool moms have to consider when it comes to helping their kids to make friends. I am joined by Mary Wilson today to talk about how we can make sure we are serving our kids well in this area.
Feb 04, 2022
TMBH 15: Outsourcing In Your Homeschool

The great thing about homeschooling is that we really don't have to do all of the education or our children by ourselves. There are so many opportunities out there to outsource some of the kid's learning. In this episode of the podcast we will talk about why you might want to outsource, some examples of outsourcing, and the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. 

Jan 28, 2022
TMBH 14: What is Deschooling?

If you have been around homeschooling circles you may have heard the term "deschooling." This podcast answers the questions what is deschooling, how long you might want to do it, as well as some practical suggestions for deschooling-type activities. Pam also talks about if people have always homeschooled need to deschool. Enjoy! 

Jan 21, 2022
TMBH 13: Balancing work with trying to homeschool

So many parents now are trying to work and homeschool. Some are working inside the home and some are even working outside the home. The good news is, it totally can be done and my guest today has done it. If your are working for yourself or someone else, inside the home or out, this episode has some actionable tips you can use to make homeschooling happen while you work. Don't miss it! 

Jan 14, 2022
TMBH 12: Giving Yourself Grace

Homeschool moms have a tendency to be just a little bit tough on themselves and quite honestly it isn't the most helpful trait we have. Today I am joined by my good friend Mystie Winckler to talk about why we do this and how God uses our homeschools to draw us closer to Him. This all ties into Mystie's new book The Convivial Homeschool. Listen on to find out more. 

Jan 07, 2022
TMBH 11: Homeschooling High School: Everything You Need To Get Started

I find it sad when families homeschool up until high school and then stop -- not because they don't desire to homeschool further but instead because they think they can't. On our episode today I am here to tell you YES you can, and my special guest Ann Karako knows how -- she's graduated five kids from her homeschool! Ann and I talk about everything from how to do it, is college possible, and increasing responsibility for your high school student. 

Nov 19, 2021
TMBH 10: Homeschooling Middle School: Everything You Need To Make The Transition

Middle school will bring changes to your homeschool and not all of them will be good. But some will. Just like anything there are life-situations that are difficult, but hey, everyone can read now -- which can be a game-changer for homeschooling. Now is the time to nudge your kids into burgeoning independence (but check up on them often!). We give you all the tips you need to homeschool middle school successfully in this episode! Enjoy. 

Nov 12, 2021
TMBH 09: Playing with Math with Mark Hendrickson

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of most homeschooling parents more than teaching their kids math. What if instead of fear we could approach math with curiosity? What if instead of dread, we instead looked at ways we could play? 

Today I am joined on the podcast by Mark Hendrickson, the developer of the Math Playground at Beast Academy. Mark chats about how we can look at math differently and model wonder for our kids and he shares some resources we can use to do just that.

For the blog post that accompanies this podcast visit https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh09

Nov 05, 2021
TMBH 08: Homeschooling Upper Elementary: Grades 4-6

Homeschooling in the upper elementary years is all about burgeoning independence, but probably not as much as you were hoping for. How can we encourage our kids to take charge of more, while make sure that skills still get covered? And how to we make the all-important leap from learning to read to reading for information? Give this episode a listen to find out. 

Oct 29, 2021
TMBH 07: Teaching your Kids about Money with Matt Matheson

Money is often a tough topic for parents to talk about with kids. Maybe this is because many of us have been raised to believe that it is taboo to talk about money. Maybe it's because nobody ever had these conversations with us, so we flounder over what to say. Maybe we just don't want to give bad advice. 

Whatever our reluctance to chat about money, it is an important topic we need to address. On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Matt Matheson who talks about the five areas we need to discuss with our kids and how we can work simple money lessons into our everyday lives by taking advantage of teachable moments. 

For more information visit https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh07

Oct 22, 2021
TMBH 06: Homeschooling In The Early Elementary Years: Grades K-3

When you are starting out homeschooling the early years you have a tendency to want to do all the things. The good news is -- you don't need to! Instead early elementary is a time for building habits, following interests, and cementing those important basic skills. In this episode of the podcast I dive deep into what you need to do for early elementary homeschooling. 

For the show notes and resources visit: https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh06

Oct 15, 2021
TMBH 05: How To Respond When Your Homeschooling Child Won’t “Do School”

It's the age-old questing that is asked often: what do I do when my child just  refuses to do his or her schoolwork? The answer might just surprise you because it has less to do with your child and more to do with you, the homeschooling parent

After we rule out that the kid is having a bad day and the refusal is bigger than that, there there are two areas that we need to address as parents to solve the issue. Listen onto find out how. 

Oct 08, 2021
TMBH 04:The Hardest Part Of Your Homeschool Day: Getting Started

A good homeschool day often comes down to a good start. The momentum of getting everyone started in the morning can't guarantee that the day will end well, but days rarely end well that never begin in the first place. Right?

So in this episode Pam chats about the importance of getting the day off to a good start -- no matter what time that is -- and some tips for how to make that happen. 

For more information visit https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh04

Oct 01, 2021
TMBH 03: Permanently Switching To Homeschooling Post COVID? Everything you need to keep going strong!

Homeschooling work out way better than what you expected? Maybe now, given the choice, homeschooling is something that you have decided to make a permanent fixture for your family. Welcome to the club! In this podcast episode Pam talks about what changes you can make now that you are a long-haul homeschooler and five resources you can use to begin redefining what learning looks like in your home. 

Sep 24, 2021
TMBH 02: Homeschooling Again This Year?
It wasn't what you wanted to do, but because of mandates or other issues, you once again find yourself homeschooling for the new school year. If you are making this change, what are the things that you can do to move closer to a homeschooling lifestyle and enjoy being with your kids more?
In this episode we talk about the difference between homeschooling and virtual schooling, the first steps to meeting your kid's needs, and how to go about finding curriculum for your shiny new homeschool. Hope we can help.
For the show notes for this episode visit https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh02
Sep 17, 2021
TMBH 01: Why Your Homeschool Needs a Vision

So often when we begin thinking about homeschooling our kids we form a picture in our heads of what we want it to be like. Unfortunately for many of us, the idyllic vision we create in our heads is not exactly what comes to pass when we actually begin homeschooling. 

Does this mean we have to give up the complete vision we created and just settle for checking boxes and getting things done? Not at all. Instead we can find the virtue between the two vices and create a homeschool that will serve the very real people in our real homes. In this episode we talk bout the struggle and how to address the solution. 

Sep 10, 2021
TMBH 00: Welcome to 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool

We are totally rebranding and reviving the Homeschool Snapshots. Introducing 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool where we bring you short, actionable episodes each week to help you make the most of your homeschool days.

Good for veterans and newbies alike, join veteran homeschool mom and podcast host Pam Barnhill (and sometimes a guest) as we talk all things homeschooling.

Sep 01, 2021
HSP 074 Emily Cook: A Structured Approach to Interest-Led Learning

When Emily Cook couldn't find the homeschool curriculum she wanted, she made her own! Emily shares how Build Your Library, her literature-based secular curriculum, got started and how it helps families provide a structured approach to interest-led learning using unit studies and more.

Dec 11, 2018
HSP 73 Virginia Lee Rogers: Charlotte Mason IRL

Virginia Lee Rogers, a contributor to Charlotte Mason IRL, shares the story of this lovely Instagram account. Discover the purpose behind these practical, inspirational, & authentic glimpses into real life CM families. And find out how Virginia Lee strives to apply these practices in her homeschool.

Nov 27, 2018
HSP 072 Maren Goerss: A Peak at Homeschool Unrefined

As co-host of Homeschool Unrefined, a podcast about all things homeschooling, Maren Goerss delights in lifting up other homeschoolers along their journey. From to-do lists to self care, Maren's reminders and encouragement provide the inspiration to enjoy the everyday and beyond.

Nov 13, 2018
HSP 071 Elsie Iudicello: A Beautiful Blend of Classical & Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

You don't have to be a homeschool purist. You can find ways to use different parts of different approaches to help your homeschool flourish. Elsie Iudicello shares her secrets for creating a beautiful blend of Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling. Be refreshed with her creative ideas and lovely inspiration!

Oct 30, 2018
HSP 070 Katie Kimball: The Benefit & Beauty of Cooking with Kids

Katie Kimball chats about the benefits of teaching your kids to cook real food. She shares her tips and tricks on enjoying time in the kitchen with your kids, as well as using this special time to connect.

Oct 16, 2018
HSP 069 Jennifer Brockman: Homeschooling a Child with Down Syndrome

With lots of laughs and a few tears, Jennifer Brockman shares the challenges, as well as the blessings, of homeschooling a child with down syndrome. Her experiences and tips come from a humble heart and offer inspiration and encouragement to families in similar situations. Jennifer also gives us a sneak peek into large family homeschool life on a cranberry farm.

Oct 02, 2018
HSP 068 Misty Bailey: Homeschooling with Joy

Misty Bailey has a flair for homeschooling with joy. Despite a busy work-at-home schedule, Misty uses her faith to remain positive on her homeschool journey. She shares her experiences and tips to help other homeschool moms keep the joy in homeschool life.

Sep 18, 2018
HSP 067 Lisa Nehring: Online Homeschooling

As your kids get older, the idea of homeschooling high school can feel intimidating. Lisa Nehring, head of True North Homeschool Academy, shares her experiences and tips from homeschooling her five children. She also explains how you can make the most out of homeschool high school years and how online homeschooling can be just the help you need.

Sep 04, 2018
HSP 066 Karyn Tripp: STEAM-Based Learning in Your Homeschool

STEAM-Based learning is such a hot topic in the world of education! Karyn Tripp of Teach Beside Me shares her best tips and experiences for boosting your homeschool with creative activities. Discover the benefits of STEAM-based learning and how it can help all homeschoolers.

May 15, 2018
HSP 065 Tricia Goyer: Homeschool Basics & Motivation

Tricia Goyer shares her myriad of experiences homeschooling her 10 kids. She knows what it's like to homeschool from the beginning, as well as helping her adopted kids transition from public school to homeschool. Tricia's faith shines through as she reveals how she balances her busy life as a wife, mom, homeschooler, prolific writer and speaker. Find inspiration & delight as she chats about homeschool basics & staying motivated.

May 01, 2018
HSP 064 Katie Horner: Homeschooling Overseas

Wonder what life is like while homeschooling overseas? Katie Hornor shares her experiences as a working homeschool mom living in Mexico with her family. Find out how this second generation missionary lives with intention and praise as she rocks her homeschool.

Apr 17, 2018
HSP 063 Connie Albers: Homeschooling the Teen Years & Beyond

Does the thought of homeschooling the teen years & beyond keep you up at night? Many homeschoolers wonder how to handle more rigorous academics, busy schedules, & raging hormones. Connie Albers shares her experiences & wisdom with wonderful encouragement & insightful tips. Sit back & be reassured that you can survive & thrive homeschooling middle school, high school, & beyond!

Apr 03, 2018
HSP 062 Holly Giles: Real-Life Nature Study

Does the thought of nature study make you cringe a bit? Don't worry-you're not alone!

In this episode of the podcast, Amy chats with Holly Giles who shares her tips and tricks for customizing nature study for your family. Holly talks about how nature study has helped her home educate her special needs child and strengthen her homeschool.

She also shares creative ways to incorporate nature study into your everyday life. Get inspiration to get outdoors and experience nature with your kids!

Mar 20, 2018
HSP 061 Selena Robinson: Homeschooling with ADD/ADHD

Meet Selena Robinson, a second generation homeschooler with ADD who is homeschooling kids with ADD and ADHD. She shares her tips, tricks, and resources for successfully homeschooling with attention deficit disorder.

Mar 06, 2018
HSP 060 Nadine Dyer: Secular Homeschooling with a Twist

Nadine Dyer talks to Amy about her experiences with life as a secular homeschool living in Canada. She provides tips and resources for a secular approach to homeschool. Also, if you are a homeschool mom who struggles with anxiety, you won't want to miss Nadine's personal story and how she continues to make homeschool happen.

Feb 20, 2018
HSP 059 Christy Thomas: Becoming a More Playful Mom

Homeschool life can be busy. It's easy to feel like a not-so-fun mom. Would you like to become a more playful mom? Christy Thomas shares her secrets for building connections with kids through play. Don't miss her valuable tips & awesome resource for helping moms relax & enjoy their homeschooling adventures.

Feb 06, 2018
HSP 058 Amy Milcic: Being a Homeschool Travel Sports Mom

Are you an on-the-go homeschooling mom? Rarely ever home between your kids' sporting commitments? You're not alone. Today, Colleen talks to Amy Milcic, sports mom supreme, who gives tips and tricks for manging it all while injecting loads of fun and family-building into your homeschool life. Make sure you listen to this one, folks. There are a few fun announcements coming your way!

Nov 28, 2017
HSP 057 Gina Munsey: Homeschooling a Gifted Daughter

Homeschooling a profoundly gifted child can bring lots of challenges others may not completely understand. Want to take a peek into the world of homeschooling gifted kids? Don't miss this conversation with Gina Munsey -- second generation homeschooler and mom to the brilliantly asynchronous Aveline.

Nov 14, 2017
HSP 056 Cait Curley: Introducing Gameschooling

So many homeschoolers start down this alternate education path to break free from the traditional schooling mode, then find themselves recreating school-at-home and getting frustrated with themselves and their kids. Cait Curley has the answer for you, and she and Colleen talk all about gameschooling for fun AND learning this week. You don't want to miss this episode!

Oct 31, 2017
HSP 055 Aurie Good: Being a Homeschooling Foster Mom

Homeschooling can be a challenge for the most organized mama, throw in some extra schedules and running around, and it's easy to see how one can get lost in all the details, forgetting to get math in for the day. Today Colleen talks to an inspirational homeschool mom who not only juggles her family activities with homeschooling, but fosters to adopt medically fragile kiddos, taking on all the therapies and visits that go along with special needs.

Oct 17, 2017
HSP 054 Mary Jo Dean: Encouraging Homeschool Moms

It's easy to feel alone and discouraged when you're homeschooling in the trenches day in and day out. This week, Colleen talks to Mary Jo Dean, a homeschool mom who made it her misson and life's work to encourage moms around the country in their homeschooling journeys by founding the Great Homeschool Conventions. Join us and be encouraged.

Oct 03, 2017
HSP 054 Mary Jo Dean: Encouraging Homeschool Moms

It's easy to feel alone and discouraged when you're homeschooling in the trenches day in and day out.

This week, Colleen talks to Mary Jo Dean, a homeschool mom who made it her mission and life's work to encourage moms around the country in their homeschooling journeys by founding the Great Homeschool Conventions.

Join us and be encouraged.

Oct 03, 2017
HSP 053 Mark Tilsher: Cultivating Young Entreprenuers

We're talking with Mark Tilsher, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Junior Money Makers podcast all about helping kids have a heart for building businesses and lives they can love.

Join us to find out how you can inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators, too.

Sep 19, 2017
HSP 052 Sara McClure: What to do with Toddlers While Homeschooling

Homeschooling with toddlers and preschoolers underfoot can be tough. This week Colleen talks to Sara McClure who has a new book out all about how to keep those little ones occupied, engaged, and learning while you focus on homeschooling the bigger kiddos. Join us as we learn all about busy bags.

Sep 05, 2017
HSP 051 Pam Barnhill: Turning the Tables

The question of balance comes up often -- especially when a homeschooling mom is a working mom, too. In this episode, the first with a special new guest host, we turn the tables on Pam and hear HER methods for staying on top of it all... homeschooling, podcasting, blogging, raising a family, and staying sane. This is a fun one!

Aug 22, 2017
HSP 050 Kristi Clover: Getting Organized

Today we are talking about one of Pam's favorite topics -- getting organized.

Kristi Clover is here to talk to us about her systems for homeschool organization and how they might work for you. We are getting things filed away and even cutting the binding off books!! Join us to find out what this madness is all about.

May 23, 2017
HSP 049 Sara Masarik: Literature is Life

The only thing that might come close to a good book is having a friend who loves to talk about good books. That's Sara Masarik. She loves to read and talk about reading -- for her and for kids. And she's passionate about helping others get together to talk about reading too.

In this episode of the podcast Sara and I chat about books (of course!), her homeschool, and how she is helping people connect with books and reading communities online. Enjoy!

May 09, 2017
HSP 048 Aria Maher: Time to Pursue Her Passions

We have been asked numerous times to interview a teen for the Homeschool Snapshots show and it's about time we deliver. Today we are talking to 14-year-old Aria Maher about what it's like to be homeschooled, her favorite reading material, and how she found time to write a novel. Enjoy!

Apr 25, 2017
HSP 047 Jennifer Pepito: Talking Preschool

Preschool is a time to play and enjoy your little one. Sometimes, though, we get mired down in the details of how to make a great preschool experience for our kids and still enjoy it. This week I am joined by Jennifer Pepito, author of the lovely Peaceful Preschool curriculum to talk about exactly that. Jennifer is a mom of seven kids she has homeschooled since the beginning including three graduates, so in addition to the preschool we cover the gamut of homeschool topics from A to Z. Enjoy!

Jennifer is a mom of seven kids she has homeschooled since the beginning including three graduates, so in addition to the preschool we cover the gamut of homeschool topics from A to Z. Enjoy!

Apr 11, 2017
HSP 046 Yvette and Garritt Hampton: Homeschooling! The Movie!

Yvette and Garritt Hampton are one adventurous couple. No everyone has the guts to step out in faith, sell everything, and travel the country in an RV while filming a full-length documentary about homeschooling. This week I chat with the couple about homeschooling in a very small space, big changes, and their vision for Schoolhouse Rocked. Enjoy!

This week I chat with the couple about homeschooling in a very small space, big changes, and their vision for Schoolhouse Rocked. Enjoy!

Mar 28, 2017
HSP 045 Camille Kirksey: Homeschooling and the African-American Community

Camille Kirksey is joining us today in response to a couple of listener requests for a guest who spoke specifically about what it is like to homeschool as an African-American. How is homeschooling viewed in that community and what are some of the challenges?

Camille is a wonderful and vivacious guest. Comfortable on air (don't miss her YouTube channel), she has insights on the title topic and a ton of other homeschool information. This is a fun one.

Mar 14, 2017
HSP 044 Chris Tilley: Dads Homeschool Too

It's been a long-time coming but we finally have an interview with a dad who is the primary homeschool parent! Chris Tilley did not go back to work after a layoff a few years ago, but his wife did. That left him home to be the house husband and homeschool dad.

It's a fun interview with a look at what it's like to homeschool from the dad's side.

Feb 28, 2017
HSP 043 Tonia Lyons: Balancing Homeschool and Home

It's an age-old question that keeps homeschool moms up at night -- how do you homeschool and get the housework done too? For the most part, you can't do it all. If you do a great job with homeschooling and housework then you really won't have time for anything else -- like a life. As homeschool moms, we have to learn the hard lesson of letting our standards down a bit.

Having said that, there are strategies we can use to make things easier. Tonia Lyons has figured out a few of those strategies and is here to share them with us today. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to laundry let's find a few ways to keep on top of the chaos.

Feb 14, 2017
HSP 042 Cindi West: Training the Brain

Welcome back to a new season of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast! We are kicking off with an interview with Cindy West from Our Journey Westward and Shining Dawn Books.

While Cindy is known for homeschool nature study, she is also passionately interested in using a process called Brain Training in her homeschool with some of her wiggly boys. She heard about the techniques years ago and has studied them and how she can implement them into her homeschool.

On this episode of the podcast she shares more about her homeschool, how she got interested in brain training, and some of the techniques she uses with her kids.

Jan 31, 2017
HSP 041 Kristen Hochhalter: Secular Homeschooling

Our last episode of the season features Kristen Hochhalter, a secular homeschooler. Kristen never thought she would homeschool, but as soon as some common misconceptions were blown out of the water, the doors of homeschooling possibilities began to open.

Kristen talks about all she has learned from homeschooling, secular homeschooling, and finding community. We get real for a bit as we admit failures, talk about asking for forgiveness, and being your kids first role model.

Join us and be encouraged to find community wherever it is you are. Remember, we're all in this together.

Dec 20, 2016
HSP 040 Sue Umezaki: Homeschooling in Japan

At your request, today we are talking to Sue Umezaki about what it is like to homeschool in another culture. An interest in an exotic language led Sue to Japan as a teacher. There she met her husband and the rest is history.

She has lived in Japan for 22 years and has homeschooled her four children from the beginning. With one daughter graduated, and three more at home, Sue has her feet on both sides of the homeschooling threshold. She talks about the freedom she experiences with homeschooling, finding homeschooling support, unique opportunities and struggles, living in small spaces, and simply everyday life.

Dec 06, 2016
HSP 039 - Diane Lockman: Focus on the Skills They Need

Ever feel like what you do doesn't matter? Do you ever wonder if the sacrifice you made to stay home and teach your children is in vain? Join us for this episode of Homeschool Snapshots Podcast as Diane Lockman encourages us with what really matters.

Diane reminds us to let go of subjects and give our children the skills now to learn the content they need for their callings later. She reminds us that the most important thing we can do is teach our children, how to read, write, think, and speak well, equipping them to seek their passions and find their place in the world. But most of all, Diane helps us to see that when moms are equipped through prayer and education then the whole family benefits.

Just a quick note on the sound quality of this episode; it isn't great. We do apologize for the fuzzy sounds and want you to know that this is not the norm. It only affects Pam's side of the interview so we decided to run it anyway because Diane is just wonderful! Please give it a listen anyway as this was one of my favorite conversations.

Nov 22, 2016
HSP 038 Charlotte Gleason: A Literary Lifestyle

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots podcast we chat with Charlotte Gleason, a homeschool mom of three, who loves teaching college level classes, literature, and food.

Charlotte began homeschooling because she wanted her children to be able to run and play as well as have time to read. She encourages us to make literature and grammar an integral part of our homeschool as a way to prepare our children for success in college.

With a genuine love for teaching that shines through every book recommendation, Charlotte challenges us to find something that energizes us separate from our homeschool. For her it is teaching. What is it for you?

Nov 08, 2016
HSP 037 Claire Stewart: Seeking Joy Everyday

On this episode of Homeschool Snapshots, we enjoy a delightful conversation with Claire Stewart. Claire thoroughly enjoys spending time with her children as they learn through the huge feast she sets before them. She even admits to being the biggest kid of all!

Come and listen how Claire tailors each child's education to fit their needs without making herself crazy. She also shares a little bit about her family's homeschooling journey while she was sick with cancer.

I had so much fun talking with Claire and hope you will enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

Oct 25, 2016
HSP 036 Kortney Garrison: Homeschooling DIY

Kortney Garrison has had many adventures. Besides being married for 17 years, which is an adventure in itself sometimes, she has lived in Africa, studied in London, and spent a summer in Guadalajara. These adventures have fostered in her a desire for simplicity and contemplation in her homeschool. Kortney offers a down to earth look at homeschooling. Relax, go for the long haul, keep the end in view, and remember that a DIY education requires you to participate with your children as you take life in stride.

Oct 11, 2016
HSP 035 Ainsley Arment: Homeschooling Wild and Free

Ainsley Arment is the founder of Wild and Free, a community to help homeschool parents connect with others who share the mindset that childhood is an important stage, not just something to grow out of.

Noticing the light of wonder going out of her sons eyes, she became a homeschooling mom six years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Come and be encouraged to trust yourself and your children in your homeschooling adventure by allowing the process of learning to take place naturally.

Sep 27, 2016
HSP 034 Missy Andrews: Good Books, Good Conversation

Missy Andrews is a homeschool mother of six and co-author of Teaching the Classics. She regularly shares her love of literature on the CenterforLit podcast along with her husband Adam Andrews.

Join us as Missy talks about the real goal of homeschooling, the proper place for academics, and most importantly, how to get to the nitty-gritty of a book through a great conversation with your children

Sep 13, 2016
HSP 033 Lesli Richards: Things I Wish I Had Known

Lesli Richards from The Homegrown Preschooler joins Pam to talk about her homeschooling journey, from wonder based pre schooling all the way too the college years -- and some of the things she wish she had known when sending her first teen off to college.

Aug 30, 2016
HSP 32 Jane Lambert: Learning from a great book

We are wrapping up this season of the podcast with an interview from a real homeschool legend: Jane Lambert. Jane is a veteran homeschool mom who is now cheering on her daughters as they in turn homeschool her grandchildren.

Jane shares how she used excellent books and simple materials to open up the world to her children. She also tells the story of the birth of her much-loved literature-based curriculum, Five in a Row. After more than 30 years in the homeschooling world, Jane is able to speak with warmth and wisdom about the big picture of home education. Enjoy!


May 17, 2016
HSP 31 Amy Roberts: Homeschooling a Large Family

Amy Roberts is a homeschooling mom with a houseful of kidsranging from teens to tots. She joins us on this episode of thepodcast to give a sneak peek into the life of a large homeschoolingfamily.

Amy shares some great toddler-wrangling tips, strategies forstaying organized, and some wisdom for homeschooling through griefand other difficult times. Her warmth and humor make this aninterview not to be missed!

May 03, 2016
HSP 030 Dawn Garrett: Building Online Community

Dawn Garrett is a homeschooling mother of three and a long-time blogger at Ladydusk, where she is celebrating her 15th anniversary of blogging. Over the years at her blog , she has chronicled precious family memories, significant learning milestones, her own reflections, hopes, and plans, and much more.

Dawn joins us on this episode of the podcast to discuss how being part of the online blogging community has not only helped her to share about sweet moments with her children, but has also helped her think through difficult times, when homeschooling felt anything but restful. Dawn's story of rekindling her peace and joy through a major shift in her homeschooling philosophy is both encouraging and inspiring. Enjoy!

Apr 19, 2016
HSP 029 Heidi Scovel: Raising a Reading Family

Heidi Scovel is a classical homeschooler and book lover who blogs at Mt. Hope Chronicles. She joins us on this episode of the podcast to give us a peek into what school likes like at her house with four extroverted, book-loving kids and a relaxed classical approach to learning.

Heidi tells how she spreads a feast for her children by keeping copious numbers of rich books around the house, and she even shares some secrets for how she carves out time for her own reading. Enjoy!

Apr 05, 2016
HSP 28 Durenda Wilson: Unhurried Homeschooling

Durenda Wilson is a seasoned homeschooler with eight children who currently range from young adults down to an 11 year old. She is the author of a new book, The Unhurried Homeschooler,  a short little gem all about slowing down and letting go of the burdensome expectations and pressures we often saddle ourselves with as parents.

Her message is a much-needed tonic for the burnout and harried pace we sometimes fall into as busy homeschoolers. Durenda joins us on this episode of the podcast to share a little bit about her own story and to tell how and why the "unhurried" philosophy became so important to her. Enjoy!

Mar 22, 2016
HSP 27 Marianne Sunderland: Meeting Their Needs

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with Marianne Sunderland about homeschooling kids who have dyslexia -- seven of her eight kids are dyslexic and all have been homeschooled. In addition we also chat about big adventures in the days of helicopter parenting. 

Mar 08, 2016
HSP 026 MacKenzie Monroe: Cultivating the Lovely Homeschool

MacKenzie Monroe is a homeschooling mother of 4 and the host of the Cultivating the Lovely podcast and morning show on Periscope. She tries to savor the beauty in the day-to-day routines of mom life and is on a mission to help other women do the same.

On this episode of the podcast, MacKenzie explains how she endeavors to foster beauty in her homeschool through practices like Morning Time, reading and talking about great books, and utilizing traveler's notebooks. Enjoy!

Feb 23, 2016
HSP 025 Kara Anderson: Not Gonna Stand on That Line

Kara Anderson is a mom, freelance writer, and photography aficionado who writes about homeschooling, mothering, and more at her blog Quill and Camera. She is also a contributor to Simple Homeschool.

Kara joins us on this episode of the podcast to share about her homeschooling journey with her two children. Her personal story of unexpectedly jumping into homeschooling with an active little boy who was more interested in exploring his world than in "sitting on the line" is one that resonates with many. She has wisdom to share about sifting through philosophies, drawing from different methods, and ultimately making individual choices about what works best for your family. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy listening to this inspiring interview!

Feb 09, 2016
HSP 024 Melissa Wiley: All About Tidal Homeschooling

On this episode of the podcast, Melissa gives us a little peek into her school days and explains her unique philosophy, which she calls Tidal Homeschooling.

This interview is full of inspiration for how we can foster an atmosphere of learning, creativity, joy, and relationship-building in our homes by recognizing and working within our own natural rhythms or "tides." Enjoy!

Jan 26, 2016
HSP 023 Susan Wise Bauer: It's Mostly About Parenting

Susan Wise Bauer is a mother of four, a writer, an academic, and a prominent figure in the world of home education. On this episode of the podcast, she shares her own experiences as a second-generation homeschooler and her observations about changes within the homeschooling community in recent decades.

Susan has some great insight about homeschooling within the overall context of the parent/child relationship, and she dispenses helpful advice about outsourcing subjects during the high school years. She also gives us the scoop on the upcoming 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind. So sit back and enjoy!

Dec 01, 2015
HSP 022 Dawn Hanigan: All About Gratitude

Dawn Hanigan is a mom to four boys ranging from a college student all the way down to a toddler.

In this episode, she speaks with warmth and wisdom about her homeschool journey, her love of nature and seasonal living, and her incredible file crate system, and she shares the perspective she has gained from experiencing every stage of homeschooling, from teaching very little ones to graduating a senior.  Enjoy!

Nov 17, 2015
HSP 021 Lauren Hill: Character Comes First

We are joined on this episode of the podcast by Lauren Hill, the "mama" behind Mama's Learning Corner, a fantastic online resource for printables and worksheets on a whole assortment of topics.

Lauren shares with us about how she got started with homeschooling and what school looks like at her house with her crew of four children. She has some really good insight about handling a school day gone wrong, as well as excellent advice for beginners who want to delve into unit studies. Enjoy!

Nov 03, 2015
HSP 20 Leila Lawler: Order and Wonder

Our guest for this episode is mother, grandmother, author, and seasoned homeschooler Leila Lawler, of the popular blog Like Mother, Like Daughter. She joins us to share about her experiences homeschooling her own children, who are now grown.

Leila encourages us to consider time-tested approaches, as well as time-tested literature, as we develop our homeschool plans and also gives some great advice about getting the routine household tasks, like laundry and meal planning, done and out of the way.

Leila's wisdom is both practical and inspiring, so sit back and enjoy!

Oct 20, 2015
HSP 019 Heather Woodie: A Project is Worth a Thousand Worksheets

Heather Woodie is not a new face around here. Last spring, as part of the Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods, she told us all about the unit study approach to homeschooling and why it has been a great fit for her family.

Today she gives us even more of a peak into her homeschool with four children, ranging from 5th grade all the way up through high school. She tells us what learning looks like in her house, where the emphasis is on tapping into her kids' curiosity and creativity as they immerse themselves in authentic high-interest projects.

This interview gave me so much food for thought about my own approach to learning; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oct 06, 2015
HSP 018 Carole Joy Seid: A Message for Moms

Carole Joy Seid knows homeschool moms -- sometimes better than they know themselves. She homeschooled her only child and then went on to become a homeschool speaker and consultant.

On this episode of the podcast, she tells us a little about what it was like to be a homeschool pioneer when she was first starting out. She also shares some insight with us on the topic of helping our children work on non-academic areas, like practical life skills and character building, while they're at home with us.

Finally, she encourages us all to have a little fun with our kids. There is a whole lot of wisdom packed into this little conversation, so sit back and enjoy.

Sep 22, 2015
HSP 017 Shawna Wingert: Different by Design

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Shawna Wingert about the challenges and joys of homeschooling her boys with special needs. We talk about autism, dislexia, and grace in this story of a reluctant homeschool mom.

Sep 08, 2015
HSP 016 Tsh Oxenreider: Learning Through World-Schooling

Tsh Oxenreider is a world-traveler, entrepreneur and a homeschool mom. Did I mention she was also a ton of fun to talk to? Founder of the Simple Living Media Network and author of three books, Tsh and husband, Kyle homeschool their three kids.

Last year, they took the entire show on the road for a year as they traveled the world as a family. Get the scoop on the best and worst parts of word-schooling on this episode of the podcast.

Aug 25, 2015
HSP 015 Jimmie Lanley: Homeschool and the Only Child

Jimmie Lanely has been homeschooling her only child for eleven years and they are still going strong. In this episode of the podcast we chat homeschooling an only, homeschooling high school, and having confidence in the process.

Aug 11, 2015
HSP 014 LaToya Edwards: Single Moms Can Homeschool Too

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with LaToya Edwards about homeschooling as a single mom, how to take care of yourself, and the most unhelpful homeschooling attitude to have.

May 26, 2015
HSP 013 Erin Hassett: Living the Large Family Life

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with Erin Hassett about homeschooling her ten kids in rural Australia. We discuss burnout, family reading memories, and the importance of building good habits.

May 05, 2015
HSP 012 Jamie: So Flexible She's Fluid

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Jamie from The Unlikely Homeschool about flexibility in homeschooling, planning your year, and making memories with your kids.

Apr 21, 2015
HSP 011 Trina Holden: All in the Family

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with Trina Holden about being a second-generation homeschooler, life-long learning, and why finding your own "why" to homeschool is so important.

Apr 07, 2015
Homeschool With Confidence

This SPECIAL EDITION homeschool planning webinar. Homeschool With Confidence by creating a vision and goals for your homeschool. For more information, video slides, and worksheets to accompany this audio, you can go here: http://edsnapshots.com/vision/

Apr 04, 2015