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By Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC

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 Dec 12, 2021

Bob W from FL
 Jul 30, 2020
I love listening to this because they're saying and talking about what so many people are frustrated about these days

Benjamin Bernard
 Jul 2, 2020

freedom first
 Apr 22, 2020
I wonder if they will talk about Obama's dossier? Who has more expensive ice cream in their freezer Pelosi or Mika? Who has a colder box Mika or Pelosi? I'm pretty sure Joe likes to be pegged by Mika

Glenn Rooney
 Feb 18, 2019
don't know why I listen but helps me sleep I don't even live in America 😂 if joe ever in Ireland like to take him for few pints


Join Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, for in-depth and informed discussions that help drive the day's political conversation. Top newsmakers, Washington insiders, journalists, and cultural influencers, come together on Morning Joe for unparalleled insight and analysis around the day's biggest stories.

Episode Date
Morning Joe 1/31/23

Grand jury convened in Trump hush money probe

Jan 31, 2023
Morning Joe 1/30/23

Footage of Tyre Nichols traffic stop released

Jan 30, 2023
Morning Joe 1/27/23

Today marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan 27, 2023
Morning Joe 1/26/23

United States sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

Jan 26, 2023
Morning Joe 1/25/23

McCarthy taps GOP members to investigate Covid policies

Jan 25, 2023
Morning Joe 1/24/23

Jury convicts four Oath Keepers of seditious conspiracy

Jan 24, 2023
Morning Joe 1/23/23

Authorities probe motive in deadly Monterey Park dance hall shooting 

Jan 23, 2023
Morning Joe 1/20/23

Alec Baldwin to be charged with manslaughter in fatal shooting on the set of 'Rust,' DA says

Jan 20, 2023
Morning Joe 1/19/23

Failed GOP candidate visited homes of New Mexico Democratic politicians to dispute election before shootings, officials say

Jan 19, 2023
Morning Joe 1/18/23

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., both previously expelled from House committees over their extremist or violent remarks, have been given committee assignments again. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Jan 18, 2023
Morning Joe 1/17/23

Biden beats Trump, marginally trails DeSantis in new GOP poll

Jan 17, 2023
Morning Joe 1/16/23

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 16, 2023
Morning Joe 1/13/23

Special counsel named to investigate Biden classified records that included top secret document

Jan 13, 2023
Morning Joe 1/12/23

Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location

Jan 12, 2023
Morning Joe 1/11/23

Biden classified docs vs. Trump classified docs: What's the difference?

Jan 11, 2023
Morning Joe 1/10/23

Grand jury in Georgia Trump election probe completes final report, judge says

Jan 10, 2023
Morning Joe 1/9/23

400 arrested as supporters of ex-President Bolsonaro storm Brazil government buildings

Jan 09, 2023
Morning Joe 1/6/23

McCarthy, foes inch closer to a deal as speaker standoff enters Day 4

Jan 06, 2023
Morning Joe 1/5/23

House Republicans quit for the day after McCarthy loses sixth speaker vote

Jan 05, 2023
Morning Joe 1/4/23

McCarthy enters Day Two of uncertainty as House resumes speaker votes

Jan 04, 2023
Morning Joe 1/3/23

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest during NFL game

Jan 03, 2023
Morning Joe 1/2/23

Ex-Capitol Police chief blames government agencies for failed Jan. 6 response

Jan 02, 2023
Morning Joe 12/30/22

Fmr. WH Comms director describes her time in Trump administration as ‘wild eight months’

Dec 30, 2022
Morning Joe 12/29/22

Southwest cancels thousands more flights today 

Dec 29, 2022
Morning Joe 12/28/22

Stranded and frustrated customers scramble to find flights and alternative travel

Dec 28, 2022
Morning Joe 12/27/22

Rep.-Elect George Santos admits to lying about his background

Dec 27, 2022
Morning Joe 12/26/22

46 killed as freezing temperatures and heavy snow wallop swaths of U.S.

Dec 26, 2022
Morning Joe 12/23/22

Jan. 6 committee report details the scope of Trump's pressure campaign to overturn the election

Dec 23, 2022
Morning Joe 12/22/22

Zelenskyy says Ukraine is 'alive and kicking' as he appeals to Congress for continued support

Dec 22, 2022
Morning Joe 12/21/22

Zelenskyy to meet with Biden and address Congress in D.C., his first known trip outside Ukraine since Russia invaded

Dec 21, 2022
Morning Joe 12/20/22

Jan 6. committee approves criminal referrals against Trump for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election  

Dec 20, 2022
Morning Joe 12/19/22

Jan. 6 committee finalizes criminal referral plan for Trump

Dec 19, 2022
Morning Joe 12/16/22

Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ is $99 photoshopped pics

Dec 16, 2022
Morning Joe 12/15/22

Former House Speaker John Boehner tears up at Pelosi portrait unveiling

Dec 15, 2022
Morning Joe 12/14/22

Text messages show Trump White House engaging in wild election conspiracy theories

Dec 14, 2022
Morning Joe 12/13/22

Mark Meadows exchanged texts with members of Congress about plans to overturn 2020 election: Report

Dec 13, 2022
Morning Joe 12/12/22

Trump says he turned down deal to release Paul Whelan

Dec 12, 2022
Morning Joe 12/9/22

Brittney Griner has landed back in the U.S. and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is leaving the Democratic Party

Dec 09, 2022
Morning Joe 12/8/22

Republicans point finger at Trump for Georgia loss

Dec 08, 2022
Morning Joe 12/7/22

Democratic Sen. Warnock defeats Republican Walker in Georgia runoff

Dec 07, 2022
Morning Joe 12/6/22

High-stakes Georgia Senate runoff election on Tuesday

Dec 06, 2022
Morning Joe 12/5/22

Trump calls for Constitution to be terminated

Dec 05, 2022
Morning Joe 12/2/22

In major setback for Trump, appeals court ends special master's review of seized Mar-a-Lago records

Dec 02, 2022
Morning Joe 12/1/22

Trump's tax returns now in the hands of House Democrats after lengthy court battle

Dec 01, 2022
Morning Joe 11/30/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the United States' 1-0 victory over Iran in Qatar on Tuesday, sending America through to World Cup knockout action.

Nov 30, 2022
Morning Joe 11/29/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in World Cup news, Mike Pence denouncing Trump's dinner with a Holocaust denier and the latest in China's lockdown protests.

Nov 29, 2022
Morning Joe 11/28/22

Trump hosts white nationalist for dinner

Nov 28, 2022
Morning Joe 11/23/22

At least 7 dead, including suspect, in shooting at Walmart in Virginia, police say

Nov 23, 2022
Morning Joe 11/22/22

Colorado veteran who tackled gunman at LGBTQ club describes risking his life to save his family

Nov 22, 2022
Morning Joe 11/21/22

5 killed after gunman opens fire at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs

Nov 21, 2022
Morning Joe 11/18/22

GOP doubles down on extremism after party takes House

Nov 18, 2022
Morning Joe 11/17/22

Republicans win control of the House, NBC News projects, overtaking Democrats by a slim margin

Nov 17, 2022
Morning Joe 11/16/22

Trump, whose lies about the 2020 election inspired an insurrection, announces third White House bid

Nov 16, 2022
Morning Joe 11/15/22

Democrat Katie Hobbs defeats MAGA favorite Kari Lake in high-stakes race for governor in Arizona

Nov 15, 2022
Morning Joe 11/14/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Nov 14, 2022
Morning Joe 11/11/22

Vote counting continues in Nevada

Nov 11, 2022
Morning Joe 11/10/22

The Morning Joe panel continues its discussion on the 2022 midterm elections.

Nov 10, 2022
Morning Joe 11/9/22

Democrats avoid Biden backlash and hold their own in 2022 races

Nov 09, 2022
Morning Joe 11/8/22

Tuesday is Election Day in America

Nov 08, 2022
Morning Joe 11/7/22

Democrats catch up to GOP on enthusiasm in final NBC News poll before midterms

Nov 07, 2022
Morning Joe 11/4/22

With just four days until the midterm elections, the Morning Joe panel discusses the latest polling and looks ahead to November 8.

Nov 04, 2022
Morning Joe 11/3/22

Biden calls midterms a 'defining moment' for democracy amid political violence and voter intimidation

Nov 03, 2022
Morning Joe 11/2/22

Suspect in Paul Pelosi attack allegedly told police he was on 'suicide mission' with more targets

Nov 02, 2022
Morning Joe 11/1/22

Suspect in Paul Pelosi attack planned to break House speaker's kneecaps, DOJ says in filing charges

Nov 01, 2022
Morning Joe 10/31/22

How far-right demonization of Pelosi led to attack

Oct 31, 2022
Morning Joe 10/28/22

Elon Musk closes $44B deal to purchase Twitter

Oct 28, 2022
Morning Joe 10/27/22

Herschel Walker denies new abortion allegation

Oct 27, 2022
Morning Joe 10/26/22

Oz, Fetterman face off in high-stakes Pennsylvania Senate debate

Oct 26, 2022
Morning Joe 10/25/22

Polls show dead heat in key swing state races

Oct 25, 2022
Morning Joe 10/24/22

Voter enthusiasm at 70 percent, an all-time high, according to NBC News polling

Oct 24, 2022
Morning Joe 10/21/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 21, 2022
Morning Joe 10/20/22

Judge says Trump knew his voter fraud numbers were false, orders ex-lawyer to give more emails to Jan. 6 committee

Oct 20, 2022
Morning Joe 10/19/22

Rubio and Demings spar over inflation and abortion in fiery Florida Senate debate

Oct 19, 2022
Morning Joe 10/18/22

Republicans have lead in generic ballot three weeks before midterms

Oct 18, 2022
Morning Joe 10/17/22

Republicans have a narrow lead weeks before midterms, polling shows

Oct 17, 2022
Morning Joe 10/14/22

Key takeaways from the January 6 hearing

Oct 14, 2022
Morning Joe 10/13/22

Alex Jones must pay $965 million in damages to families of 8 Sandy Hook victims

Oct 13, 2022
Morning Joe 10/12/22

Democrats narrowly lead on the generic ballot

Oct 12, 2022
Morning Joe 10/11/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports

Oct 11, 2022
Morning Joe 10/10/22

Russia unleashes deadly strikes on cities across Ukraine after Crimea bridge attack

Oct 10, 2022
Morning Joe 10/7/22

Biden warns risk of nuclear 'Armageddon' is highest since Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct 07, 2022
Morning Joe 10/6/22

Biden meets with DeSantis while surveying Hurricane Ian damage in Florida

Oct 06, 2022
Morning Joe 10/5/22

National Republicans stand by Herschel Walker after report he paid for an abortion

Oct 05, 2022
Morning Joe 10/4/22

Rep. Liz Cheney criticizes Trump for his comments against Sen. McConnell

Oct 04, 2022
Morning Joe 10/3/22

Ukrainian troops recapture key Eastern city, while CPAC Twitter account deletes a tweet parroting Russian propaganda

Oct 03, 2022
Morning Joe 9/30/22

Hurricane Ian strengthens as storm takes aim at South Carolina after devastating Florida

Sep 30, 2022
Morning Joe 9/29/22

Hurricane Ian downgraded to tropical storm as it continues to batter Florida

Sep 29, 2022
Morning Joe 9/28/22

Florida braces for Hurricane Ian

Sep 28, 2022
Morning Joe 9/27/22

87 percent say Trump should be treated equally under law: poll 

Sep 27, 2022
Morning Joe 9/26/22

Trump threatened democracy after 2020 election, say 54 percent of voters in polling

Sep 26, 2022
Morning Joe 9/23/22

Russian Foreign Minister arrives late and walks out early of the UN meeting, in what's being called 'the most significant UN Security Council meeting of our time.' 

Sep 23, 2022
Morning Joe 9/22/22

New York AG sues Trump, 3 of his children and their company, charging large-scale business fraud

Sep 22, 2022
Morning Joe 9/21/22

Putin mobilizes more troops for Ukraine war, threatens nuclear retaliation and backs annexation of Russian-occupied land

Sep 21, 2022
Morning Joe 9/20/22

Trump attorneys don't want to disclose which Mar-a-Lago documents he claims to have declassified

Sep 20, 2022
Morning Joe 9/16/22

Friction between White House and senior Homeland Security officials mounts as migrant border crossings soar

Sep 16, 2022
Morning Joe 9/15/22

White House strikes tentative deal to avoid a rail strike that threatened massive disruption across the U.S., President Biden says.

Sep 15, 2022
Morning Joe 9/14/22

Russia in secret spent $300M to influence foreign elections, says U.S. official

Sep 14, 2022
Morning Joe 9/13/22

Justice Department has issued dozens of subpoenas in the last week related to Trump and the Capitol riot

Sep 13, 2022
Morning Joe 9/12/22

Ukraine recaptures territory from Russian forces in Kharkiv

Sep 12, 2022
Morning Joe 9/9/22

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest serving monarch, has died

Sep 09, 2022
Morning Joe 9/8/22

DOJ faces key deadline on special master

Sep 08, 2022
Morning Joe 9/7/22

Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: WaPo

Sep 07, 2022
Morning Joe 9/6/22

Judge grants Trump's special master request, delays parts of criminal probe

Sep 06, 2022
Morning Joe 9/5/22

More detailed list released of items FBI seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home

Sep 05, 2022
Morning Joe 9/2/22

Biden attacks Trump, MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy in blistering speech

Sep 02, 2022
Morning Joe 9/1/22

Judge set to rule on Trump request for special master

Sep 01, 2022
Morning Joe 8/31/22

DOJ says Trump team likely 'concealed and removed' classified docs at Mar-a-Lago

Aug 31, 2022
Morning Joe 8/30/22

A majority of Trump voters consider a civil war somewhat likely within a decade, according to new polling.

Aug 30, 2022
Morning Joe 8/29/22

Judge signals support for special master to review some Trump records FBI seized

Aug 29, 2022
Morning Joe 8/26/22

Judge orders a redacted version of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit be made public Friday

Aug 26, 2022
Morning Joe 8/25/22

Biden to cancel up to $10K in federal student loan debt for certain borrowers and up to $20K for Pell Grant recipients

Aug 25, 2022
Morning Joe 8/24/22

Democratic win in bellwether N.Y. House district showcases power of abortion rights message

Aug 24, 2022
Morning Joe 8/23/22

Trump had more than 300 classified documents at Mar-a-Lago: NYT

Aug 23, 2022
Morning Joe 8/22/22

NBC News poll: 57% of voters say investigations into Trump should continue

Aug 22, 2022
Morning Joe 8/19/22

Judge may unseal Trump affidavit with redactions

Aug 19, 2022
Morning Joe 8/18/22

Pence calls on Republicans to stop attacking the FBI over Mar-a-Lago search

Aug 18, 2022
Morning Joe 8/17/22

Rep. Liz Cheney loses her primary in Wyoming to Trump-backed challenger

Aug 17, 2022
Morning Joe 8/16/22

Justice Department asks judge to keep Trump’s search warrant affidavit sealed, citing investigation

Aug 16, 2022
Morning Joe 8/15/22

Trump’s latest defense for Mar-a-Lago documents: Everyone ‘brings home their work from time to time’

Aug 15, 2022
Morning Joe 8/12/22

FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say: Washington Post

Aug 12, 2022
Morning Joe 8/11/22

Trump invokes Fifth Amendment nearly 450 times in N.Y. AG’s civil probe of his business practices

Aug 11, 2022
Morning Joe 8/10/22

FBI seizes about 12 boxes of material from Trump’s home

Aug 10, 2022
Morning Joe 8/9/22

FBI search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home tied to classified material, sources say

Aug 09, 2022
Morning Joe 8/8/22

Senate passes sweeping climate, health and tax package, putting Democrats on cusp of historic win

Aug 08, 2022
Morning Joe 8/5/22

Kari Lake, Trump-backed election denier, wins GOP primary in Arizona governor's race

Aug 05, 2022
Morning Joe 8/4/22

Top Senate Democrat calls on DOD to probe missing texts from Jan. 6

Aug 04, 2022
Morning Joe 8/3/22

Kansans vote to uphold abortion rights in their state

Aug 03, 2022
Morning Joe 8/2/22

U.S. drone strike kills Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan

Aug 02, 2022
Morning Joe 8/1/22

Five states hold primary races on Tuesday

Aug 01, 2022
Morning Joe 7/29/22

Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security’s Wolf and Cuccinelli: WaPo

Jul 29, 2022
Morning Joe 7/28/22

Manchin strikes major deal with Schumer on climate, taxes and health care

Jul 28, 2022
Morning Joe 7/27/22

DOJ investigating Trump’s actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe

Jul 27, 2022
Morning Joe 7/26/22

Biden slams Trump for watching Jan. 6 as police faced "medieval hell."

Jul 26, 2022
Morning Joe 7/25/22

Jan 6. committee is considering a subpoena for Ginni Thomas. Jonathan Lemire leads us in today's discussions 

Jul 25, 2022
Morning Joe 7/22/22

Trump's dereliction of duty on Jan. 6

Jul 22, 2022
Morning Joe 7/21/22

Secret Service employees received multiple emails around Jan. 6, instructing them to preserve texts 

Jul 21, 2022
Morning Joe 7/20/22

Secret Service says it's unable to recover lost text messages from Jan 5 & 6

Jul 20, 2022
Morning Joe 7/19/22

Two Trump White House officials expected to testify at prime-time Jan. 6 hearing Thursday

Jul 19, 2022
Morning Joe 7/18/22

Trump tells his team he needs to be President again to save himself from criminal probes.

Jul 18, 2022
Morning Joe 7/15/22

DHS Inspector General accuses Secret Service of deleting text messages from January 5th & 6th

Jul 15, 2022
Morning Joe 7/14/22

Trump tried to call a White House support staff member who was in talks with the Jan. 6 panel, source says

Jul 14, 2022
Morning Joe 7/13/22

Trump galvanized militia groups that led to the Jan 6. attack, panel finds

Jul 13, 2022
Morning Joe 7/12/22

Biden leads Trump in hypothetical 2024 rematch despite 33 percent job approval

Jul 12, 2022
Morning Joe 7/11/22

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon expected to testify in Jan 6th hearing

Jul 11, 2022
Morning Joe 7/8/22

Former Japanese leader Shinzo Abe dies after being shot at campaign event

Jul 08, 2022
Morning Joe 7/7/22

British PM Boris Johnson expected to resign

Jul 07, 2022
Morning Joe 7/6/22

Highland Park parade shooting suspect charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder

Jul 06, 2022
Morning Joe 7/5/22

Person of interest apprehended in July 4 parade attack that killed 6, authorities say

Jul 05, 2022
Morning Joe 7/4/22

Jan. 6 panel could make multiple criminal referrals to DOJ, says Rep. Cheney

Jul 04, 2022
Morning Joe 7/1/22

Rep. Cheney defends January 6 Committee work in primary debate

Jul 01, 2022
Morning Joe 6/30/22

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone to testify

Jun 30, 2022
Morning Joe 6/29/22

Trump raged at aides as he tried to force his way to the Capitol, Hutchinson testifies

Jun 29, 2022
Morning Joe 6/28/22

Jan. 6 panel adds last-minute hearing Tuesday afternoon

Jun 28, 2022
Morning Joe 6/27/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the impact of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Jun 27, 2022
Morning Joe 6/24/22

Key takeaways of Jan. 6 panel Day 5: Trump wanted DOJ to promote his interests

Jun 24, 2022
Morning Joe 6/23/22

Tense Trump meeting with DOJ leaders to take center stage at Jan. 6 hearing

Jun 23, 2022
Morning Joe 6/22/22

Key takeaways of Jan. 6 panel Day 4: Defying Trump's election pressure came at great personal cost

Jun 22, 2022
Morning Joe 6/21/22

Jan. 6 committee turns focus to Trump's efforts to pressure states to overturn Biden's win

Jun 21, 2022
Morning Joe 6/20/22

58 percent of Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6.

Jun 20, 2022
Morning Joe 6/17/22

January 6 panel details Trump’s pressure campaign against Pence

Jun 17, 2022
Morning Joe 6/16/22

Jan. 6 panel to make case Trump put Pence’s life ‘in danger’ at third hearing

Jun 16, 2022
Morning Joe 6/15/22

Focus of next January 6 hearing: Trump’s efforts to pressure Mike Pence

Jun 15, 2022
Morning Joe 6/14/22

Key takeaways from second Jan. 6 hearing: Barr emerges as central figure

Jun 14, 2022
Morning Joe 6/13/22

Senate negotiators announce framework deal on bipartisan gun package

Jun 13, 2022
Morning Joe 6/10/22

Key takeaways from the first Jan. 6 hearing: It's all about Trump

Jun 10, 2022
Morning Joe 6/9/22

The House Jan. 6 committee is set to hold its first public hearing Thursday evening, and the Morning Joe panel discusses.

Jun 09, 2022
Morning Joe 6/8/22

Senate gun talks hit snag on background checks

Jun 08, 2022
Morning Joe 6/7/22

Documentarian who filmed Proud Boys to testify at first Jan. 6 committee hearing

Jun 07, 2022
Morning Joe 6/6/22

At least 12 dead in another weekend of mass shootings across America

Jun 06, 2022
Morning Joe 6/3/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses President Biden's call for Congress to act on gun control and the latest in Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.

Jun 03, 2022
Morning Joe 6/2/22

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on the throne

Jun 02, 2022
Morning Joe 6/1/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest from Uvalde, Texas, the bipartisan Senate group meeting on gun safety legislation and new charts from Steve Rattner on consumer spending.

Jun 01, 2022
Morning Joe 5/31/22

Biden hopeful ‘rational Republicans’ will move on guns

May 31, 2022
Morning Joe 5/30/22

Biden visits Uvalde, DOJ to review law enforcement response to shooting

May 30, 2022
Morning Joe 5/27/22

Questions surround 'confusing, conflicting' police response to Texas shooting

May 27, 2022
Morning Joe 5/26/22

New details in Texas elementary school shooting

May 26, 2022
Morning Joe 5/25/22

19 children, 2 teachers killed in Texas elementary school shooting

May 25, 2022
Morning Joe 5/24/22

Georgia holds highly-anticipated primaries today, and the Morning Joe panel discusses the latest details.

May 24, 2022
Morning Joe 5/23/22

Biden says U.S. will defend Taiwan militarily if China invades

May 23, 2022
Morning Joe 5/20/22

Trump washes hands of Perdue in Georgia as his campaign limps into final stretch

May 20, 2022
Morning Joe 5/19/22

The Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary remains too close to call

May 19, 2022
Morning Joe 5/18/22

Oz, McCormick locked in nail-biter as Pa. GOP Senate primary results trickle in

May 18, 2022
Morning Joe 5/17/22

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are set to visit Buffalo on Tuesday

May 17, 2022
Morning Joe 5/16/22

Buffalo shooting suspect appeared to be active in online gun communities

May 16, 2022
Morning Joe 5/13/22

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Kevin McCarthy, other Trump House allies

May 13, 2022
Morning Joe 5/12/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news and politics

May 12, 2022
Morning Joe 5/11/22

Ukrainians recapture key territories in Kharkiv

May 11, 2022
Morning Joe 5/10/22

Biden set to go after GOP during speech on inflation

May 10, 2022
Morning Joe 5/9/22

President Vladimir Putin sought to justify his war in Ukraine on Monday

May 09, 2022
Morning Joe 5/6/22

U.S. intel helped Ukraine sink Russian flagship Moskva, officials say

May 06, 2022
Morning Joe 5/5/22

The U.S. on Wednesday surpassed 1 million Covid-19 deaths.

May 05, 2022
Morning Joe 5/4/22

Republican lawmakers are demanding a federal investigation into who leaked the Supreme Court draft opinion, and the Morning Joe panel discusses who may be behind the leak and why.

May 04, 2022
Morning Joe 5/3/22

A draft Supreme Court opinion indicates Roe v. Wade will be overturned, Politico reports in extraordinary leak

May 03, 2022
Morning Joe 5/2/22

Pelosi leads congressional delegation to meet with Zelenskyy in Kyiv

May 02, 2022
Morning Joe 4/29/22

Biden asks Congress for $33 billion in Ukraine aid, more sanctions enforcement

Apr 29, 2022
Morning Joe 4/28/22

Biden to ask Congress for new Ukraine aid package Thursday

Apr 28, 2022
Morning Joe 4/27/22

U.S. to lead global coalition to coordinate Ukraine aid

Apr 27, 2022
Morning Joe 4/26/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, politics and U.S. news.

Apr 26, 2022
Morning Joe 4/25/22

Blinken, Austin pledge new diplomatic, military support for Ukraine on secretive wartime visit to Kyiv

Apr 25, 2022
Morning Joe 4/22/22

Biden commits additional aid to Ukraine as Russia declares 'success' in Mariupol

Apr 22, 2022
Morning Joe 4/21/22

Putin claims Mariupol 'success,' tells forces not to storm last stronghold

Apr 21, 2022
Morning Joe 4/20/22

Mariupol commander pleads for help as Russian forces close in

Apr 20, 2022
Morning Joe 4/19/22

Moscow launches a new phase of the conflict

Apr 19, 2022
Morning Joe 4/18/22

Russian forces step up attacks in Eastern Ukraine

Apr 18, 2022
Morning Joe 4/15/22

Moscow vows renewed missile attacks on Kyiv after warship sinks

Apr 15, 2022
Morning Joe 4/14/22

Russia evacuates flagship after it suffers major damage in Black Sea blast

Apr 14, 2022
Morning Joe 4/13/22

'Person of interest' named in NYC subway shooting that wounded 10, injured 13

Apr 13, 2022
Morning Joe 4/12/22

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to be conducting a 'Stalinist' mass purge of Russian secret intelligence, dismissing about 150 Federal Security Bureau officers, including some who have been arrested, according to a Times of London report. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Apr 12, 2022
Morning Joe 4/11/22

Zelenskyy warns of new offensive in east, says tens of thousands dead in Mariupol

Apr 11, 2022
Morning Joe 4/8/22
The Morning Joe panel discusses the Senate confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court and the latest developments in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Apr 08, 2022
Morning Joe 4/7/22

Pentagon: Russia has fully withdrawn from Kyiv, Chernihiv

Apr 07, 2022
Morning Joe 4/6/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more.

Apr 06, 2022
Morning Joe 4/5/22

Zelenskyy to address U.N. Security Council amid outrage over Bucha deaths

Apr 05, 2022
Morning Joe 4/4/22

Zelenskyy makes impassioned plea, citing hundreds killed in Bucha

Apr 04, 2022
Morning Joe 4/1/22

Kremlin denies U.S. claims that Putin is being misled

Apr 01, 2022
Morning Joe 3/30/22

U.S. intel finds Putin being misled by advisers

Mar 31, 2022
Morning Joe 3/30/22

Progress in Ukraine peace talks met with skepticism

Mar 30, 2022
Morning Joe 3/29/22

Biden stands by saying Putin shouldn't stay in power: 'I’m not walking anything back'

Mar 29, 2022
Morning Joe 3/28/22

Biden rallies support for Ukraine in speech from Warsaw: 'We stand with you'

Mar 28, 2022
Morning Joe 3/25/22

Virginia Thomas urged White House chief to pursue unrelenting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texts show, according to new Washington Post reporting

Mar 25, 2022
Morning Joe 3/24/22

President Biden is attending an emergency gathering of NATO leaders, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was also scheduled to address.

Mar 24, 2022
Morning Joe 3/23/22

Biden heads to Europe amid pressure to ramp up support for Ukraine

Mar 23, 2022
Morning Joe 3/22/22

Ukraine forces reclaim Kyiv suburb, according to reports

Mar 22, 2022
Morning Joe 3/21/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports. 

Mar 21, 2022
Morning Joe 3/18/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest developments in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which enters its 23rd day.

Mar 18, 2022
Morning Joe 3/17/22

Russia attacks theater in Mariupol serving as a shelter

Mar 17, 2022
Morning Joe 3/16/22

Zelenskyy to address congress with Kyiv under fire

Mar 16, 2022
Morning Joe 3/15/22

Russian strikes hit a residential area of Kyiv Tuesday as Moscow's assault increasingly threatened Ukraine's capital.

Mar 15, 2022
Morning Joe 3/14/22

An airstrike near Ukraine's border with Poland killed 35 and injured 134 others, Ukrainian officials said, noting that the shelling was close to a NATO country.

Mar 14, 2022
Morning Joe 3/11/22

Russia steps up Ukraine offensive as Biden increases economic pressure

Mar 11, 2022
Morning Joe 3/10/22

Russia, Ukraine foreign ministers meet for high-level talks in Turkey

Mar 10, 2022
Morning Joe 3/9/22

Ukraine renews effort to free civilians as isolated Russia promises cease-fires

Mar 09, 2022
Morning Joe 3/8/22

Ukraine evacuates civilians from besieged city as 2 million flee Russian assault

Mar 08, 2022
Morning Joe 3/7/22

Ukraine rejects Russian offer to let civilians flee its assault — to Russia

Mar 07, 2022
Morning Joe 3/4/22

Russian forces seize key Ukrainian nuclear plant after shelling sparks fire amid southern gains

Mar 04, 2022
Morning Joe 3/3/22

1 million flee Ukraine as Russian assault hits key cities and fuels exodus

Mar 03, 2022
Morning Joe 3/2/22

Biden uses State of the Union to blast Putin, look to revive stalled domestic agenda

Mar 02, 2022
Morning Joe 3/1/22

Russian convoy closes in on Kyiv as Ukraine cities face intense shelling

Mar 01, 2022
Morning Joe 2/28/22

Ukraine pushes for cease-fire in Russia talks as fighting rages

Feb 28, 2022
Morning Joe 2/25/22

Explosions rock Ukraine’s capital as Russian forces advance on Kyiv

Feb 25, 2022
Morning Joe 2/24/22

Explosions, sirens heard in Kyiv as Russia launches attacks on key Ukrainian cities

Feb 24, 2022
Morning Joe 2/23/22

Biden announces new sanctions against Russia, says Ukraine is seeing 'beginning of a Russian invasion'

Feb 23, 2022
Morning Joe 2/22/22

Putin orders troops to eastern Ukraine, drawing condemnation at emergency U.N. meeting

Feb 22, 2022
Morning Joe 2/21/22

Biden agrees ‘in principle’ to Putin meet if Russia does not invade Ukraine

Feb 21, 2022
Morning Joe 2/18/22

President Biden says Russian threat to invade Ukraine still ‘very high’

Feb 18, 2022
Morning Joe 2/17/22

Russia adds 7,000 troops to Ukraine border, despite claims it would withdraw some forces, U.S. says

Feb 17, 2022
Morning Joe 2/16/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest developments in Ukraine, U.S. news, politics and the Olympics.

Feb 16, 2022
Morning Joe 2/15/22

Trump Organization’s accounting firm says it can no longer vouch for financial statements from the company

Feb 15, 2022
Morning Joe 2/14/22

Los Angeles Rams come back to win Super Bowl LVI 23-20 in front of hometown crowd

Feb 14, 2022
Morning Joe 2/11/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest news, including a new Washington Post report that some Trump records taken to Mar-a-Lago clearly marked as classified, including documents at ‘top secret’ level.

Feb 11, 2022
Morning Joe 2/10/22

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Pelosi’s tactics to a chilled bowl of soup

Feb 10, 2022
Morning Joe 2/8/22

McConnell calls Jan. 6 a 'violent insurrection,' breaking with RNC

Feb 09, 2022
Morning Joe 2/8/22

Senate Republicans distances themselves from RNC’s January 6 rhetoric

Feb 08, 2022
Morning Joe 2/7/22

Former Vice President Mike Pence rejected former President Donald Trump's claim that he could have "overturned" the results of the 2020 election.

Feb 07, 2022
Morning Joe 2/4/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Feb 04, 2022
Morning Joe 2/3/22

Memos show how Trump campaign sought to buy time to undo election results: NYT

Feb 03, 2022
Morning Joe 2/2/22

Jan. 6 Panel Examining Trump’s Role in Proposals to Seize Voting Machines: NYT

Feb 02, 2022
Morning Joe 2/1/22

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines: NYT

Feb 01, 2022
Morning Joe 1/31/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Jan 31, 2022
Morning Joe 1/28/22

Tens of millions under winter storm watches ahead of weekend nor'easter

Jan 28, 2022
Morning Joe 1/27/22

Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, paving way for Biden appointment

Jan 27, 2022
Morning Joe 1/26/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses David Ortiz's election to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the latest in Ukraine.

Jan 26, 2022
Morning Joe 1/25/22

Pentagon puts 8,500 troops on 'heightened alert' as U.S. weighs military action against Russia

Jan 25, 2022
Morning Joe 1/24/22

U.S. weighs troop deployment near Ukraine, orders embassy families out

Jan 24, 2022
Morning Joe 1/21/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.


Jan 21, 2022
Morning Joe 1/20/22

Biden nods to Covid missteps, inflation pain as he caps his first year

Jan 20, 2022
Morning Joe 1/19/22

NY AG says investigation into Trump and his business found ‘significant evidence’ suggesting fraud

Jan 19, 2022
Morning Joe 1/18/22

Senate Democrats are pressing ahead with debate on voting rights bill

Jan 18, 2022
Morning Joe 1/17/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news, sports and culture.

Jan 17, 2022
Morning Joe 1/14/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Jan 14, 2022
Morning Joe 1/13/22

House GOP Leader McCarthy says he won't cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

Jan 13, 2022
Morning Joe 1/12/22

Biden calls for end to filibuster to pass voting rights legislation

Jan 12, 2022
Morning Joe 1/11/22

President Biden under pressure to chart voting rights path in Atlanta speech

Jan 11, 2022
Morning Joe 1/10/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Jan 10, 2022
Morning Joe 1/7/22

Biden condemns lies of 'defeated former president' as an attack on America's soul

Jan 07, 2022
Morning Joe 1/6/22

On the anniversary of the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the Morning Joe panel discusses the mobs that stormed the Capitol and the architects behind the attack along with where the Republican Party is one year later. 

Jan 06, 2022
Morning Joe 1/5/22

Amid criticism, Virginia officials say fast-falling snow hindered storm prep

Jan 05, 2022
Morning Joe 1/4/22

The biggest snowstorm for the mid-Atlantic since 2019 kicked off the first full week of the new year: More than a foot of snow fell across portions of Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey.

Jan 04, 2022
Morning Joe 1/3/22

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Jan 03, 2022
Morning Joe 12/30/21

Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of federal sex trafficking charges for role in Jeffrey Epstein’s abuses

Dec 30, 2021
Morning Joe 12/29/21

Harry Reid, longtime Senate Democratic leader, dies at 82

Dec 29, 2021
Morning Joe 12/28/21

The CDC cuts Covid quarantine time in half

Dec 28, 2021
Morning Joe 12/27/21

Trump renews praise for Covid vaccines, 'one of the greatest achievements of mankind'

Dec 27, 2021
Morning Joe 12/23/21

Omicron less likely to land people in the hospital, U.K. studies suggest

Dec 23, 2021
Morning Joe 12/22/21

Biden pushes Covid vaccination and testing but says 'we're ready' for holiday surge

Dec 22, 2021
Morning Joe 12/21/21

Omicron spreads across U.S., dashing holiday hopes, putting NHL on pause

Dec 21, 2021
Morning Joe 12/20/21

Sen. Manchin says he's a 'no' on Biden's Build Back Better legislation, puncturing hopes for its passage

Dec 20, 2021
Morning Joe 12/17/21

Biden indicates Build Back Better talks likely to stretch into January

Dec 17, 2021
Morning Joe 12/16/21

Democrats' hopes dim that Build Back Better will pass before New Year

Dec 16, 2021
Morning Joe 12/15/21

House finds Mark Meadows in contempt over defiance of Jan. 6 committee subpoena

Dec 15, 2021
Morning Joe 12/14/21

Three Fox News hosts texted then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the Jan. 6 riot urging him to press former President Donald Trump to call off his mob of supporters clashing with police at the Capitol, the congressional committee investigating the attack revealed in newly released text messages.

Dec 14, 2021
Morning Joe 12/13/21

Rescuers continued to search for survivors Monday after deadly tornadoes tore through Kentucky and neighboring states over the weekend, decimating entire towns and leaving dozens dead.

Dec 13, 2021
Morning Joe 12/10/21

Trump White House records can be released in Jan. 6 probe pending Supreme Court review, appeals court rules, according to new Washington Post reporting.

Dec 10, 2021
Morning Joe 12/9/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Dec 09, 2021
Morning Joe 12/8/21

Biden warns Putin of 'strong' response if Russia invades Ukraine

Dec 08, 2021
Morning Joe 12/7/21

Former D.C. Guard official accuses Army generals of lying to Congress about Jan. 6 response

Dec 07, 2021
Morning Joe 12/6/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Dec 06, 2021
Morning Joe 12/3/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Dec 03, 2021
Morning Joe 12/2/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and culture.

Dec 02, 2021
Morning Joe 12/1/21

White House considering stricter international travel testing requirements amid omicron variant

Dec 01, 2021
Morning Joe 11/30/21

President Biden urged vaccinated Americans to get their Covid booster shots and once again pleaded with those who have yet to be vaccinated to get their first dose.

Nov 30, 2021
Morning Joe 11/29/21

The global risk of the new omicron variant is “very high,” the World Health Organization said Monday, as more countries reported cases of the variant that has sparked worldwide concern that there is more pandemic suffering ahead.

Nov 29, 2021
Morning Joe 11/24/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture.

Nov 24, 2021
Morning Joe 11/23/21

The January 6 committee subpoenas Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Nov 23, 2021
Morning Joe 11/22/21

At least five people were killed and more than 40 others were injured in Waukesha, Wisconsin when a red SUV plowed into a crowd on the city's Main Street late Sunday.

Nov 22, 2021
Morning Joe 11/19/21

House Democrats postponed a much-anticipated vote on President Joe Biden's social safety net and climate package early Friday morning after Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy delayed a final vote with a record-long, wide-ranging and often angry speech.

Nov 19, 2021
Morning Joe 11/18/21

House votes to censure GOP Rep. Paul Gosar over video depicting killing of AOC

Nov 18, 2021
Morning Joe 11/17/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture

Nov 17, 2021
Morning Joe 11/16/21

President Joe Biden on Monday signed one of his biggest legislative victories into law, the hard-fought $555 billion infrastructure bill.

Nov 16, 2021
Morning Joe 11/15/21

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury Friday, charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions from the House Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Nov 15, 2021
Morning Joe 11/12/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the trial of three white men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery and the aftermath of the Astroworld music festival in Houston.

Nov 12, 2021
Morning Joe 11/11/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, sports and culture

Nov 11, 2021
Morning Joe 11/10/21

A federal judge on Tuesday sided with the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot by refusing to block the release of scores of White House documents from the Trump administration.

Nov 10, 2021
Morning Joe 11/9/21

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol sent a number of subpoenas on Monday.

Nov 09, 2021
Morning Joe 11/8/21

President Biden has delivered on a key campaign promise to work across the aisle to deliver the largest investment ever in restoring crumbling U.S. roads, bridges and other types of physical infrastructure.

Nov 08, 2021
Morning Joe 11/5/21

A Democratic leadership source said the House plans to vote on the two pieces of legislation Friday, and that leaders are feeling confident they will finish them in one day, a move that would hand Biden a major legislative victory at a time when his poll numbers are falling.

Nov 05, 2021
Morning Joe 11/4/21

Democrat Phil Murphy narrowly wins re-election as New Jersey governor, NBC News projects.

Nov 04, 2021
Morning Joe 11/3/21

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia's high-profile Tuesday election for governor, NBC News projected.

Nov 03, 2021
Morning Joe 11/2/21

The Morning Joe panel digs into the polls on Election Day.

Nov 02, 2021
Morning Joe 11/1/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses President Biden's arrival in Scotland for climate summit

Nov 01, 2021
Morning Joe 10/29/21

President Biden arrives at the Vatican ahead of the G20 Summit for a meeting with Pope Francis.

Oct 29, 2021
Morning Joe 10/28/21

President Joe Biden expects to get full Democratic support when he unveils a new framework Thursday for the sweeping social safety net package that is the centerpiece of his legislative agenda, two sources familiar with the negotiations told NBC News.

Oct 28, 2021
Morning Joe 10/27/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics and sports.

Oct 27, 2021
Morning Joe 10/26/21

The White House on Monday rejected another executive privilege request by former President Donald Trump over documents sought by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Oct 26, 2021
Morning Joe 10/25/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Oct 25, 2021
Morning Joe 10/22/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics, coronavirus and sports.

Oct 22, 2021
Morning Joe 10/21/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Oct 21, 2021
Morning Joe 10/20/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Oct 20, 2021
Morning Joe 10/19/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 19, 2021
Morning Joe 10/18/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 18, 2021
Morning Joe 10/15/21

Former President Bill Clinton was hospitalized in Southern California on Tuesday evening, a spokesperson said Thursday.

Oct 15, 2021
Morning Joe 10/14/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news, culture and sports.

Oct 14, 2021
Morning Joe 10/13/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Oct 13, 2021
Morning Joe 10/12/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 12, 2021
Morning Joe 10/11/21

The White House on Friday formally blocked an attempt by former President Donald Trump to withhold documents from Congress related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, setting up a legal showdown between the current and former presidents over executive privilege.

Oct 11, 2021
Morning Joe 10/8/21

The Senate passed a bill Thursday night to extend the debt limit through early December, temporarily ending a partisan standoff just 11 days before the government's deadline to avoid a default.

Oct 08, 2021
Morning Joe 10/7/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 07, 2021
Morning Joe 10/6/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in sports, U.S. and world news and politics.

Oct 06, 2021
Morning Joe 10/5/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, U.S. and world news, coronavirus and sports.

Oct 05, 2021
Morning Joe 10/4/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in politics, coronavirus, U.S. and world news and sports.

Oct 04, 2021
Morning Joe 10/1/21

House Democrats on Thursday delayed a vote on an approximately $1 trillion proposal to improve the nation’s infrastructure. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Oct 01, 2021
Morning Joe 9/30/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses remarks from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that senators have reached a deal on a stopgap government funding measure to prevent a shutdown.

Sep 30, 2021
Morning Joe 9/29/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 29, 2021
Morning Joe 9/28/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 28, 2021
Morning Joe 9/27/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 27, 2021
Morning Joe 9/24/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 24, 2021
Morning Joe 9/23/21

The Morning Joe panel discuses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 23, 2021
Morning Joe 9/22/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Sep 22, 2021
Morning Joe 9/21/21

President Biden is set to deliver his first UN General Assembly speech. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Sep 21, 2021
Morning Joe 9/20/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, coronavirus, politics, sports and culture.

Sep 20, 2021
Morning Joe 9/17/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Sep 17, 2021
Morning Joe 9/16/21

President Biden announced Wednesday that the United States is forming a new Indo-Pacific security alliance with Britain and Australia that will allow for greater sharing of defense capabilities.

Sep 16, 2021
Morning Joe 9/15/21

California Gov. Gavin Newsom cruises to victory in the state's recall election, NBC News projects.

Sep 15, 2021
Morning Joe 9/14/21

Californians are heading to the polls Tuesday to decide whether or not to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, or at least those voters who haven’t already cast a ballot by mail.

Sep 14, 2021
Morning Joe 9/13/21

Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely than vaccinated people to die from Covid-19, a large study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

Sep 13, 2021
Morning Joe 9/10/21

The Morning Joe panel commemorates the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Sep 10, 2021
Morning Joe 9/9/21

The Taliban is allowing some 200 Americans and other foreign citizens to leave the country on a flight to Qatar on Thursday, according to new WSJ reporting and confirmed by NBC News.

Sep 09, 2021
Morning Joe 9/8/21

President Joe Biden visited New York and New Jersey on Tuesday to tour neighborhoods hit hard last week by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

Sep 08, 2021
Morning Joe 9/7/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in Afghanistan, the coronavirus, U.S. and world news, sports and politics.

Sep 07, 2021
Morning Joe 9/3/21

At least 42 people were killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ida battered the Northeast with tornadoes, record rain and flooding that left the area deluged and under states of emergency on Thursday.

Sep 03, 2021
Morning Joe 9/2/21

At least eight people were killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ida battered New York and New Jersey.

Sep 02, 2021
Morning Joe 9/1/21

President Joe Biden on Tuesday gave a forceful defense of his decision to pull troops from Afghanistan as critics question the chaotic final chapter of the nation's longest war.

Sep 01, 2021
Morning Joe 8/31/21

After almost 20 years, a heavy cost of lives, and a price tag of $2.3 trillion, America has exited its longest war.

Aug 31, 2021
Morning Joe 8/30/21

Hurricane Ida weakened to a tropical storm Monday after crashing into Louisiana and knocking out power to more than 1 million homes and businesses including the city of New Orleans.

Aug 30, 2021
Morning Joe 8/27/21

President Joe Biden vowed to respond "with force" to the terrorists who killed 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghans in suicide bombings outside the Kabul airport Thursday.

Aug 27, 2021
Morning Joe 8/26/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in Afghanistan, coronavirus, U.S. and world news, sports and politics.

Aug 26, 2021
Morning Joe 8/25/21

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States is on track to meet the current Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, leaving a narrow timeline to finish evacuating Americans and Afghan allies.

Aug 25, 2021
Morning Joe 8/24/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest details in the coronavirus, Afghanistan, U.S. and world news and politics.

Aug 24, 2021
Morning Joe 8/23/21

President Biden said Sunday that the U.S. was considering extending evacuation efforts beyond his Aug. 31 deadline to leave Afghanistan as he defended the administration's handling of the war's final days.

Aug 23, 2021
Morning Joe 8/20/21

The United States evacuated about 3,000 people from Afghanistan's Kabul airport on Thursday, a White House official said.

Aug 20, 2021
Morning Joe 8/19/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in Afghanistan, coronavirus, sports and politics.

Aug 19, 2021
Morning Joe 8/18/21

As many as 15,000 Americans remain in Afghanistan after the Taliban's takeover of the country, Biden administration officials told Senate staffers Tuesday, two aides said.

Aug 18, 2021
Morning Joe 8/17/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest details in Afghanistan, including President Joe Biden's defense of his administration's decision to continue with the U.S. military drawdown in Afghanistan.

Aug 17, 2021
Morning Joe 8/16/21

Desperate Afghans surrounded passenger jets and attempted to force themselves onto a plane in Kabul's airport overnight as panic spread after the Taliban took control of the capital 20 years after being toppled by U.S. forces.

Aug 16, 2021
Morning Joe 8/13/21

The Taliban captured two major Afghan cities on Friday, according to the militant group and local officials, as vital hubs across the country collapsed and the United States rushed to evacuate its citizens.

Aug 13, 2021
Morning Joe 8/12/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in coronavirus news, U.S. and world news, sports and politics.

Aug 12, 2021
Morning Joe 8/11/21

The Senate passes Dems' $3.5T budget resolution in latest win for Biden; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns and a Florida public school district responds to threat of potential loss of funding.

Aug 11, 2021
Morning Joe 8/10/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news and politics.

Aug 10, 2021
Morning Joe 8/9/21

Half of all people in the United States are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Aug 09, 2021
Morning Joe 8/6/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news, politics and the Olympics.

Aug 06, 2021
Morning Joe 8/5/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news, politics and Olympics.

Aug 05, 2021
Morning Joe 8/4/21

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's political future remains uncertain after a report by the state attorney general's office concluded that he sexually harassed almost a dozen women and broke state and federal laws.

Aug 04, 2021
Morning Joe 8/3/21

Seventy percent of American adults have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, officials said Monday, reaching a goal President Joe Biden had hoped to reach a month ago.

Aug 03, 2021
Morning Joe 8/2/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in coronavirus infections, U.S. and world news, politics and the Olympics.

Aug 02, 2021
Morning Joe 7/30/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, politics, U.S. and world news and the Olympics.

Jul 30, 2021
Morning Joe 7/29/21

A major infrastructure package passed a key test vote Wednesday in the Senate, just hours after a bipartisan working group announced a deal after more than a month of negotiating.

Jul 29, 2021
Morning Joe 7/28/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the first hearing of the January 6 select committee.

Jul 28, 2021
Morning Joe 7/27/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, politics, the Olympics and U.S. and world news.

Jul 27, 2021
Morning Joe 7/26/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news, Olympics and politics.

Jul 26, 2021
Morning Joe 7/23/21

The delta Covid variant is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases ever seen by scientists, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

Jul 23, 2021
Morning Joe 7/22/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news, sports and politics

Jul 22, 2021
Morning Joe 7/21/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in coronavirus, U.S. and world news, sports and politics.

Jul 21, 2021
Morning Joe 7/20/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest news in the coronavirus, U.S. and world news and politics.

Jul 20, 2021
Morning Joe 7/19/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in news, politics and sports for Monday, July 19, 2021.

Jul 19, 2021
Morning Joe 7/16/21

Public health officials will reinstate an indoor mask mandate for residents of the most populous county in the nation as coronavirus cases rise just one month after the state reopened its economy.

Jul 16, 2021
Morning Joe 7/15/21

Gen. Mark A. Milley worried about what the president might do to maintain power after losing reelection, according to new reporting in Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker's book "I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year."

Jul 15, 2021
Morning Joe 7/14/21

President Joe Biden warned Tuesday that the country was facing a choice between "democracy or autocracy" following the passage of restrictive voting laws by nearly two dozen states.

Jul 14, 2021
Morning Joe 7/13/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news along with politics.

Jul 13, 2021
Morning Joe 7/12/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in U.S. and world news, politics and sports.

Jul 12, 2021
Morning Joe 7/9/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest in the coronavirus, extreme weather, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Olympics.

Jul 09, 2021
Morning Joe 7/8/21

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest news on President Biden, U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan and the NYC mayoral race.

Jul 08, 2021
Morning Joe 7/7/21

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former police captain, won New York City's Democratic mayoral primary, according to The Associated Press. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Jul 07, 2021
Morning Joe 7/6/21

Search and rescue efforts for 117 unaccounted-for residents continued Monday after the unstable remainder of the Miami-area condo tower that collapsed was brought down.

Jul 06, 2021
Morning Joe 7/5/21

President Joe Biden used the July 4th weekend to tout America’s “independence from Covid-19” even as he falls short of his vaccination goal. And, the remaining portion of a Miami-area condo tower that partially collapsed was demolished Sunday night after engineers declared it unstable, officials said.

Jul 05, 2021
Morning Joe 7/2/21

The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, were charged Thursday in what prosecutors said was a sweeping, 15-year scheme to compensate top executives of former President Donald Trump's company “off the books” and help them avoid paying taxes.

Jul 02, 2021
Morning Joe 7/1/21