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 Jul 21, 2023
Good enough, but I think the goofy music bumpers are annoying.

 Jun 15, 2022
Adequate only in concert with other news podcasts to balance out the viewpoint of the publisher.

 Jun 24, 2019


USA TODAY’s daily news podcast, The Excerpt (formerly 5 Things), brings you a curated mix of the most important headlines seven mornings a week. We also deliver special deep-dive episodes on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons on the most compelling topics in culture, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. Give us fifteen minutes a day, we'll give you all of the headlines, none of the chaos. Hosted by Taylor Wilson and Dana Taylor.  

Episode Date
Federal forecasters predict an "extraordinary" hurricane season
May 24, 2024
SPECIAL | Can geoengineering help us solve climate change?
May 23, 2024
Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize Palestinian state
May 23, 2024
SPECIAL | Tennessee gun law: Will armed teachers make schools safer?
May 22, 2024
Trump hush money trial: Trump doesn't testify; defense rests its case
May 22, 2024
Trump trial: Judge clears courtroom in fiery exchange with Trump witness Costello
May 21, 2024
Iran's president killed in helicopter crash
May 20, 2024
Aggressive cancers are killing people at younger ages
May 19, 2024
Man who attacked Pelosi's husband gets 30 years in prison
May 18, 2024
Biden invokes executive privilege to shield Hur interview tapes from House
May 17, 2024
SPECIAL | Suffering in silence with high-functioning depression
May 16, 2024
Senate warns of unprecedented foreign election interference
May 16, 2024
SPECIAL | Left behind: a volunteer army rescues the animals of Ukraine
May 15, 2024
Trump trial recap: Michael Cohen faces cross-examination
May 15, 2024
Trump trial: Michael Cohen takes the stand
May 14, 2024
A guilty verdict? Trump and allies brace voters for the worst
May 13, 2024
What’s driving the anti-vax movement?
May 12, 2024
Trump judge wants Michael Cohen to stop talking until he testifies
May 11, 2024
Trump demands mistrial after damaging Stormy Daniels testimony
May 10, 2024
SPECIAL | Generation Alpha is here, how will they affect the world?
May 09, 2024
Closed colleges are rising from the dead online
May 09, 2024
SPECIAL | Will the pro-Palestinian college protests lead to lasting change?
May 08, 2024
Stormy Daniels testifies in Trump hush money trial
May 08, 2024
Hamas says it accepts cease-fire proposal; Israel approves Rafah invasion
May 07, 2024
It's a tie: Biden 37%-Trump 37% as Hispanic and younger voters shift in new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll
May 06, 2024
As the Israel-Hamas war unfolds, Muslim Americans struggle for understanding
May 05, 2024
Who will Donald Trump pick as running mate? Possible contenders gather in Florida
May 04, 2024
Biden and Trump speak out on campus protests
May 03, 2024
SPECIAL | Kentucky Derby celebrates 150th Run for the Roses
May 02, 2024
Police order dispersal of gathering at UCLA as protests continue nationwide
May 02, 2024
SPECIAL | Women's basketball is bouncing back with fans
May 01, 2024
Police in riot gear storm into building held by pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia
May 01, 2024
Columbia suspends protesting students
Apr 30, 2024
Campus protests multiply as demonstrators breach barriers at UCLA
Apr 29, 2024
Antisemitism is rampant. Campus protests aren't helping things.
Apr 28, 2024
Trump hush money trial continues as prosecution calls Michael Cohen's banker
Apr 27, 2024
Trump's week of split screen court moments
Apr 26, 2024
SPECIAL | Can a new dream city solve California’s affordable housing problem?
Apr 25, 2024
Supreme Court hears arguments on whether Idaho abortion ban conflicts with federal law
Apr 25, 2024
SPECIAL | Living with a criminal record: When does the sentence end?
Apr 24, 2024
Congress passes foreign aid bill, including TikTok sell-or-ban legislation
Apr 24, 2024
Trump trial day 5 recap: Opening arguments wrap, witness testimony begins
Apr 23, 2024
Week 2 of Trump hush money trial begins
Apr 22, 2024
Earth Day 2024: Some scientists are calling for "urgent optimism"
Apr 21, 2024
Man sets himself on fire outside courthouse of Trump trial
Apr 20, 2024
Israel launches strike; explosions heard in central Iran
Apr 19, 2024
SPECIAL | Bringing back the woolly mammoth. Is it even possible?
Apr 18, 2024
Senate rejects both impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas
Apr 18, 2024
SPECIAL | Melissa Gilbert remembers 'Little House on the Prairie,' as it turns 50
Apr 17, 2024
Trump hush money trial Day 2 takeaways
Apr 17, 2024
Trump's hush money trial has begun: What to know from Day 1
Apr 16, 2024
Iran attacked Israel. Now what?
Apr 15, 2024
In the age of Ozempic, body image has morphed. How do we learn to love our bodies?
Apr 14, 2024
Biden says he expects Iran to attack Israel 'sooner rather than later'
Apr 13, 2024
O.J. Simpson dead at 76
Apr 12, 2024
SPECIAL | The Rulebreaker: The new biography of legendary journalist Barbara Walters
Apr 11, 2024
Biden administration issues new rules on unlicensed firearm dealers
Apr 11, 2024
SPECIAL | James Patterson and Mychal Threets discuss book bans, library joy and their love of reading
Apr 10, 2024
Arizona Supreme Court upholds 160-year-old abortion ban
Apr 10, 2024
Trump says states should decide abortion policy
Apr 09, 2024
Election offices say they need more funding
Apr 08, 2024
The Israel-Hamas War hits a grim six month milestone
Apr 07, 2024
Biden grieves in Baltimore over bridge collapse
Apr 06, 2024
Georgia judge rejects Trump request to dismiss election racketeering charges under 1st Amendment
Apr 05, 2024
SPECIAL | The trouble at Boeing
Apr 04, 2024
Trump loses presidential immunity delay effort for upcoming New York criminal trial
Apr 04, 2024
SPECIAL | Can a sociopath that is 'immune to remorse and guilt' learn to be a good person?
Apr 03, 2024
Outrage grows over Israeli strike on aid workers
Apr 03, 2024
Complications remain for ill-fated ship that caused Baltimore bridge collapse
Apr 02, 2024
Crews cutting into first pieces of Baltimore bridge as ship remains in rubble
Apr 01, 2024
Voting rights are under attack nationwide
Mar 31, 2024
Weight-loss drugs and insulin cost far less to manufacture than companies charge
Mar 30, 2024
Trump claims free speech protects him from Georgia prosecution
Mar 29, 2024
SPECIAL | Solar eclipse fans: Get ready for this rare celestial event
Mar 28, 2024
How safe is commercial shipping?
Mar 28, 2024
SPECIAL | The small city of Bristol is now the frontline of the abortion debate
Mar 27, 2024
Missing workers in Key Bridge collapse presumed dead
Mar 27, 2024
Trump must post $175 million to shield assets during real estate fraud appeal
Mar 26, 2024
Trump faces bond deadline in civil fraud case
Mar 25, 2024
Is the war on drugs back on?
Mar 24, 2024
Princess Kate diagnosed with cancer. What's next?
Mar 23, 2024
Amid warnings of online extremism, Air Force Academy turns to social media sleuthing
Mar 22, 2024
SPECIAL | Polyamory is attracting more and more practitioners. Why?
Mar 21, 2024
70 million Americans drink water from systems reporting PFAS to EPA
Mar 21, 2024
SPECIAL | Standardized tests like the SAT are back. Is that a good thing?
Mar 20, 2024
Federal appeals court order puts controversial Texas immigration law back on hold
Mar 20, 2024
Trump lawyers say $454 million bond a 'practical impossibility' as deadline nears
Mar 19, 2024
Putin declared winner in election with no credible opposition
Mar 18, 2024
Women in leadership are needed to fight climate change
Mar 17, 2024
Nathan Wade resigns as special prosecutor in Trump Georgia election case
Mar 16, 2024