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Category: Mental Health

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Self-help and life hacks help, but they will not turn the key to total life transformation that lasts. And creating a plan for sustainable transformation is what “Win Today” is all about. Each week on the podcast, we'll engage in thought-provoking conversations with world-renowned leaders, bestselling authors, and industry experts who will help you design your roadmap to wholeness from the inside out, so you will live at your best in your relationships, in your mental and emotional health, and in your personal and spiritual growth.

Episode Date
359: Dr. Lee Warren on How a Neurosurgeon Navigates PTSD, Why You Can't Selectively Numb Your Pain, Breaking Generational Trauma, and Why "Your Truth" will Never Heal Your Trauma
Sep 27, 2023
358: Dr. Anita Phillips on What's Missing in the Mental Health Conversation, Why Science and Faith Are Not in Conflict, Why We Must Stop Demonizing Emotions, and Healing the Nervous System
Sep 20, 2023
357: Max Lucado on Anxiety, Self-Deception, Secularism on Overdrive, Empowering Lies, Wrestling with God, and How to Finish Well in Life
Sep 13, 2023
356: Wade Joye on Lessons About Transition, The Dysfunction of a Dream, Navigating Feelings of Betrayal, and How We Manipulate God
Sep 06, 2023
355: Curt Thompson, M.D. on Why We Don't Remember Our Stories Truthfully, How to Take the Risk of Vulnerability, Why Amazon Has Made Us Fragile, and What Transformation Requires
Aug 30, 2023
354: Sissy Goff, MEd, LPC-MHSP on How Anxious Parents Create Anxious Kids, Intentionality vs. Hyper-Vigilance, Navigating Trauma with Children, and How to Become a Worry-Free Parent
Aug 23, 2023
353: Albert Tate on Adjusting Our Relationship with Pain & Failure, Stunting Our Emotional Growth, and What it Means to Do the Work of Untangling Our Dysfunctional Relationship with Pain
Aug 16, 2023
352: John Lovell on The Consequences of Rejecting Design, How Culture is Reshuffling Depravity, Rejecting Passivity, and Why Postmodernism Has Neutered Masculinity
Aug 09, 2023
351: Peter Atwater on How to Get Comfortable Without Certainty or Control, Why Powerlessness is a Choice, and Why the Future We Imagine is Consistent with How We Feel Today
Aug 02, 2023
SUMMER BREAK 2023: Eric Johnson on Walking through an Emotional Breakdown, The Danger of Avoiding Emotions, and Wrestling with the Deep Issues of the Soul
Jul 26, 2023
SUMMER BREAK 2023: John Eldredge on Getting Underneath Burnout, Powerlessness, and How to Build Resilience
Jul 19, 2023
SUMMER BREAK 2023: Dharius Daniels on Emotional Intelligence, Living Outside Your Identity, and the Misguided Pursuit of "Your Best Self"
Jul 12, 2023
SUMMER BREAK 2023: Dr. Alison Cook on The Cocktail of Codependency, Learning Surrender, and the Dysfunction of Spiritual Bypassing
Jul 05, 2023
350: Gretchen Rubin on Why Training Our Five Senses is Critical for a Meaningful Life, How to Become a Minor Expert in Anything, and Why Ketchup is Magic
Jun 28, 2023
349: Mark Batterson on How Science Proves that Our Words Create Our Worlds, Learning Non-Anxious Curiosity, and How to Become More Emotionally Intelligent
Jun 21, 2023
348: Christine Caine on Why Many People Don't Experience Lasting Healing, How to Stop Focusing on the Past, and How We Are Rendered Ineffective in Life
Jun 14, 2023
347: Dr. Henry Cloud on When to Withhold Trust, Emotional Regulation, Developing Discernment, and Why "Believing the Best" Might Be Bad Advice
Jun 07, 2023
346: Dr. Robin Stern on Gaslighting and Mental Health: The Far-Reaching Effects of Manipulative Psychological, Emotional Abuse
May 31, 2023
345: [Formed.] Addison Bevere on When You Feel Like You've Been Abandoned by God, Why We "Expect" God to Sound Like the Accuser, and What it Takes to Move from Self-Actualization to Surrender
May 26, 2023
344: [Formed.] Ian Simkins on Developing Critical Thinking Skills, Why Echo Chambers Are Killing Us, Why Knowledge without Wisdom Leads to Arrogance, and the Importance of Embracing Mystery in Pain
May 24, 2023
343: [Formed.] Lee Cummings on Self-Care vs. Self-Obsession, Spiritual Slow-Drift, and The Disciplined Pursuit of More
May 17, 2023
[Formed.] Returns THIS WEEK!
May 16, 2023
342: NBA Performance Coach David Nurse on Why "Potential" is a Dangerous Word, The Devious Side of Influence, The Physiology of Stress, and Why People Quit
May 10, 2023
341: Ken Coleman on When to Quit Your Job for Better Mental Health, Redefining Success and Finding Fulfillment Beyond a Lousy Leader, and the Anti-Work Movement of Socialism
May 03, 2023
340: Levi and Jennie Lusko on Rejecting Passivity in Relationships, Prolonged Adolescence in Men, How to Suffer Together in Crisis within a Marriage, and the Key to Intimacy
Apr 26, 2023
339: Debra Fileta, M.A., L.P.C. on Why We Are Not Self-Healers, How to Relate to Our Trigger-Avoidant Culture, Rejecting Passivity, and What it Really Takes to Reset Your Emotional Health
Apr 19, 2023
338: [heal.] Dr. Ian Smith on Why Metabolic Flexibility is Crucial, Taking Your Muscles to Failure, Why You Need More Stress on Your Body, and Four Keys to Better Sleep
Apr 12, 2023
337: [heal.] Dr. Anna Lembke on How Victim Narratives are Built, Why Empathy Has Been Taken Too Far, The Fear of Radical Honesty, and Why the Nuclear Family is Critical for Emotional Development
Apr 05, 2023
336: [heal.] Dr. Terry Wahls on How to Prevent and Heal Autoimmune Diseases with Food, Strengthening Your Mitochondria, The Power of Breastfeeding, and Why Sleep is Critical for Wellness
Mar 29, 2023
335: [heal.] Dr. Daniel Amen on Healing Your Brain to Change Your Mind, The Fallacy of Positive Thinking, Hidden Toxins That Are Destroying Your Health, and Why the News is Ruining Your Brain
Mar 22, 2023
The [heal.] Series Starts THIS WEEK!
Mar 22, 2023
334: Jasmine L. Holmes on How Shame Compounds, The Gospel of Shame, and How Resentment and Grief Shape Our Souls
Mar 20, 2023
333: Michele Cushatt on The Messiness of Grief, Why Numbing Our Pain Destroys Us, Why Faith Requires Struggle, and Why We Need Boundaries When Grieving
Mar 15, 2023
332: [Formed.] Chris Hodges on How to Discern Safe People, The Lie of Going at Life Alone, Spiritual Warfare, and Why We'll Always Stay as Sick as Our Secrets
Mar 08, 2023
331: [Formed.] John Bevere on Why The Fear of the Lord will Transform Your Life, Why Cynical People Mock Truth, and How People Create Their Own "Jesus"
Mar 01, 2023
330: [Formed.] Strahan Coleman on The Cost of Formation, Negotiating with Sorrow, and Why You Can't Perform Your Way to God's Heart
Feb 22, 2023
329: [Formed.] Anthony Skinner on Formation of the Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength, Developing Healthy Fear, How to Stop Performing for Love, and Healing the Orphan Heart
Feb 15, 2023
328: [Formed.] Ruth Haley Barton on Silence and Solitude, Ordering Your True Desires, Why Sabbath Isn't a Day Off, and Why There Are No Emergencies with God
Feb 08, 2023
327: [Formed.] Jamie Winship on Why Spiritual Formation is a Filter, Why Transformation Requires Surrender, and Why Formation Is Not a Hobby
Feb 01, 2023
326: [Formed.] Richard Foster on Time-Tested Principles of Spiritual Formation, Why We Need to Slow Down, The Enemies of Noise and Hurry, and Why Humility is the Preeminent Virtue, and His 40-Year Friendship with Dallas Willard
Jan 25, 2023
The "Formed." Series Starts THIS WEEK!
Jan 23, 2023
325: Dr. Gabriella Kellerman on Why Resilience is Not a Quick Fix, Cognitive Agility, Anti-Fragility, The Power of Daydreaming, and Developing Post-Traumatic Growth
Jan 20, 2023
324: Katherine Morgan Schafler on What Perfectionism Really Is, Emotional Illiteracy, and How to Leverage Perfectionism for Your Good
Jan 18, 2023
323: Eric Johnson on Walking through an Emotional Breakdown, The Danger of Avoiding Emotions, and Wrestling with the Deep Issues of the Soul
Jan 11, 2023
322: Chris Palmer on Spiritual Formation, Trusting God in Mystery, Heresy Hunters, False Narratives, Why Word and Spirit Matters for Growth, and How to Study the Scriptures Effectively
Jan 04, 2023
HOLIDAY ENCORE: Dharius Daniels on Emotional Intelligence, Living Outside Your Identity, and the Misguided Pursuit of "Your Best Self"
Dec 28, 2022
HOLIDAY ENCORE: Jamie Winship on How Live Fearlessly in Your True Identity
Dec 21, 2022
321: Marilyn Vancil on Growing Beyond the Enneagram, Understanding Your Inner Story, The Middle Passage of Life, and Why You Can't Change Yourself By Yourself
Dec 14, 2022
320: Dr. Casey Halpern on Understanding the Roots of OCD and Compulsive Behaviors and How They Relate to Anxiety and Trauma
Dec 07, 2022
319: Dr. Alison Cook on The Cocktail of Codependency, Learning Surrender, and the Dysfunction of Spiritual Bypassing
Nov 30, 2022
318: Tyler Staton on Where Prayer Becomes Real and Reviving Prayer in a Culture Where Everyone's Just "Spiritual"
Nov 23, 2022
317: Toni Collier on Healing from Trauma, EMDR, Dumping "Christian Buddhism," and Why You Can't Heal Yourself By Yourself
Nov 16, 2022
316: Pat Lencioni on Discovering Your Working Genius, Quiet Quitting, and How to Work in Alignment
Nov 09, 2022
315: Annie Duke on How to Know When to Quit, Why Our Experiences Don’t Necessarily Validate Truth, and Why People Stay in Cults
Nov 02, 2022
314: Will Guidara on Trust, Loyalty, Hard Conversations, and Why Adversity is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Oct 26, 2022
313: Nona Jones on Falling Prey to Insecurity and Comparison, The Beauty of Being Overlooked, and the Priority of Strengthening Yourself in the Lord
Oct 19, 2022
312: Yung Pueblo on Doing the Deep Work of Transformation
Oct 12, 2022
311: Gary Thomas on Grieving Expectations, Affair-Proofing Your Marriage, and How to Make Your Marriage a Fortress
Oct 05, 2022
310: Dharius Daniels on Emotional Intelligence, Living Outside Your Identity, and the Misguided Pursuit of "Your Best Self"
Sep 28, 2022
309: Stephen Chandler on What Most People Confuse about Ambition, Being Driven by Insecurity, and Why Discipline Beats Inspiration
Sep 21, 2022
308: Two Narratives that Shape Us, Core Motivations, and Why We are More Than Our Enneagram Type (feat. Beth & Jeff McCord, Your Enneagram Coach)
Sep 14, 2022
307: NYU's Dr. Wendy Suzuki on The Superpower of Anxiety, Flow, Breath Work, and Why Our Brains Need Stress to Grow
Sep 07, 2022
306: Healing Emotional Addiction, Leaving Survival Mode, and How to Pick a Therapist (feat. Anthony Evans, Jr. and Stacy Kaiser)
Aug 31, 2022
305: How to Make Decisions in Uncertainty, How to Know When to Make a Change, and Why Flexibility Beats Clarity (feat. Jeff Henderson)
Aug 24, 2022
304: Rich Villodas on How to Deconstruct Lies, the Complexities of the Inner Life, and Principles for Effectual Prayer
Aug 17, 2022
303: How Addiction Affects Mental Health and How to Reframe Your Shame (feat. Irene Rollins)
Aug 10, 2022
302: Will Recession Happen in 2022? And How to Navigate Financial Uncertainty with Peace (feat. Bob Lotich)
Aug 05, 2022
301: Systemic Anxiety, Instability, Breaking Strongholds, and Becoming a Non-Anxious Presence (feat. Mark Sayers)
Aug 03, 2022
SUMMER BREAK 2022: Training Your Body and Brain to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma (feat. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley)
Jul 27, 2022
SUMMER BREAK 2022: Jason Wilson on Emotional Incarceration and How Men Win the War Within
Jul 20, 2022
SUMMER BREAK 2022: Why the Relentless Pursuit of Pleasure Leads to Pain, Narcissism, and Dopamine Addiction (feat. Dr. Anna Lembke)
Jul 13, 2022
SUMMER BREAK 2022: Core Issues of the Soul, a Fresh Perspective on Grief and Loss, and The Soul of Desire (feat. Curt Thompson, M.D.)
Jul 06, 2022
300: How to Think and Make Decisions like a Neurosurgeon, Rhodes Scholar, and NFL Defensive Back (feat. Dr. Myron Rolle)
Jun 29, 2022
299: John Eldredge on Getting Underneath Burnout, Powerlessness, and How to Build Resilience
Jun 22, 2022
298: Jamie Winship on How Live Fearless in Your True Identity
Jun 15, 2022
297: Robb Wolf on Why Food is Medicine, Sleep Deprivation, and How to Feed Your Brain
Jun 08, 2022
296: Why "You Are Enough" Has Kept People Stuck, How Defeat Shapes Us, and Hypochondria (feat. Scott Sauls)
Jun 01, 2022
295: Bitterness, Blame, Denial, Grief, and What to Do About it All (feat. Jeanne Stevens)
May 25, 2022
294: The Teacher Called "Failure," Facing Our Darkness, and Making Sense of Brokenness (feat. Makoto Fujimara)
May 18, 2022
293: Rachel Cruze on How to Navigate Inflation without Going Crazy
May 11, 2022
292: Working from Rest, Breaking the Deficit Mindset, and What Real Balance Is (feat. Touré Roberts)
May 04, 2022
291: The Fight for Rest and Why Struggle is Necessary for Growth (feat. Ben Stuart)
Apr 27, 2022
290: Dr. John Delony on How to Own Your Past So You Can Change Your Future
Apr 20, 2022
289: Jordan Lee Dooley on Unmet Expectations, Deferred Hope, and Reevaluating Everything in Life
Apr 13, 2022
288: Chaos, Change, Loss, and How to Practice Self-Compassion (feat. Shauna Niequist)
Apr 06, 2022
287: Why You're Not as Healthy as You Think You Are (feat. Debra Fileta)
Mar 30, 2022
286: Clingy? Angry? Anxious? Understanding Your Attachment Style (feat. Krispin Mayfield)
Mar 23, 2022
285: Training Your Body and Brain to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma (feat. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley)
Mar 16, 2022
284: The Fear of Disappointment and Why Shame is as Self-Absorbed as Pride (feat. Nicole Zasowski)
Mar 09, 2022
283: Brooke Ligertwood on Longevity, Self-Protection, and How She Makes Decisions that Shape Her Life
Mar 02, 2022
282: Jamie Winship on Getting Unstuck, The Lie of Being Alone, Radical Individualism, and Why Pain is Good
Feb 23, 2022
281: Morgan Harper Nichols on the Practice of Peace and Learning How to Exhale in Uncertainty
Feb 16, 2022
BONUS: James Clear on Atomic Habits
Feb 11, 2022
280: Levi Lusko on Inner Pace, Faithfulness vs. Ambition, Cold Therapy, and Why We Need to Do Hard Things
Feb 09, 2022
279: Dismantling "Project Self” and How to Transform a Generation (feat. Jon Tyson)
Feb 02, 2022
278: When Life Doesn't Look Anything Like Your Dreams and Why Vulnerability Isn't Weakness (feat. Scott Erickson)
Jan 26, 2022
277: Why the Relentless Pursuit of Pleasure Leads to Pain, Narcissism, and Dopamine Addiction (feat. Dr. Anna Lembke)
Jan 19, 2022
276: Victim Consciousness, Heartache, and How Coping Mechanisms Create a False Sense of Health (feat. Dr. Dan Allender)
Jan 12, 2022
275: Rewrite Your Self-Sabotaging Story and Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior (feat. Ian Morgan Cron)
Jan 05, 2022
HOLIDAY ENCORE: Erwin McManus on Experiencing and Expressing Genius
Dec 29, 2021
HOLIDAY ENCORE: The Top Relationship Mistakes We Make that We Don't Know We're Making (feat. Dave and Ann Wilson)
Dec 22, 2021
274: Is Your Marriage Stuck in Roommate Mode? Here's How to Make Love Work (feat. Chris and Megan Rea)
Dec 15, 2021
273: Leaving "Stuck" and the Status Quo for Alignment in Your Purpose (feat. Ken Coleman)
Dec 10, 2021
272: Staying Busy as a Defense Mechanism, Languishing, and the Power of Patterns (feat. Justin Kendrick)
Dec 08, 2021
271: Codependency, Betrayal, and Why Relationships are Just Hard (feat. Andi Andrew)
Dec 01, 2021
270: How to Develop the Breakthrough Muscle and Why Everyone Reaches the Failure Point of Their Most Developed Strength (feat. NBA Performance Coach David Nurse)
Nov 24, 2021
How to Survive Awkward Family Gatherings During the Holidays (feat. Dr. John Delony)
Nov 19, 2021
269: How to Un-Complicate Prayer and What's in a Deeply Formed Life (feat. Rich Villodas)
Nov 17, 2021
268: Clinical Depression, The Downward Spiral, and Holding on When You Want to Let Go (feat. Sheila Walsh)
Nov 12, 2021
267: Emotional Abuse (feat. Dr. Dave Strubler and Mark Strubler, M.A., L.P.C.)
Nov 10, 2021
266: Core Issues of the Soul, a Fresh Perspective on Grief and Loss, and The Soul of Desire (feat. Curt Thompson, M.D.)
Nov 03, 2021
265: Dave Hollis on Being Built through Adversity, Dating After Divorce, and Dumping Falsehood
Oct 27, 2021
264: Courage When Your Character is Under Fire and How to Develop Discernment and Wisdom (feat. Madison Prewett)
Oct 20, 2021
263: Surrender, Control, and Your Emotional Health (feat. Rebekah and Gabe Lyons)
Oct 13, 2021
262: Approval Addiction, The Dark Side of Discipline, and How to Discern Urgency (feat. Jordan Raynor)
Oct 11, 2021
261: The Illusion of Life Balance and How to Do What Really Matters (feat. Christy Wright)
Oct 06, 2021
260: Self-Defeating Behavior, Living a Lie, and the Path to Inner Peace (feat. John Mark Comer)
Sep 29, 2021
259: Emotional Incarceration and How Men Win the War Within (feat. Jason Wilson)
Sep 22, 2021
258: Erwin McManus on Experiencing and Expressing Genius
Sep 15, 2021
257: Burnout, Managing Energy, and How to Live at Your Best (feat. Carey Nieuwhof)
Sep 13, 2021
256: Win the Interview, Land the Job, Crush Your Career (feat. Dee Ann Turner)
Sep 08, 2021
255: Triggered and Insecure? It's the Thing Beneath the Thing. (feat. Steve Carter)
Sep 01, 2021
254: Why You Need a Reset (feat. Lee Cummings)
Aug 25, 2021
253: How to Make Sure You're Dealing with Blind Spots, Hopelessness, and Why Emotions are a Bad Compass (feat. Daniel Harkavy)
Aug 18, 2021
252: The Bachelor's Ben Higgins on Shame, Guilt, and Isolation, and Why Singleness is Not a Disease to be Cured
Aug 11, 2021
251: Emotional Unavailability, Rejection, and Why You Can't Heal Yourself (feat. The Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock Siegfried)
Aug 09, 2021
250: Louie Giglio on The Battle for Your Mind
Aug 04, 2021
SUMMER BREAK 2021: Anxiety: What It Is, What It Isn't, and How to Get Your Life Back (feat. Dr. John Delony)
Jul 28, 2021
SUMMER BREAK 2021: What to Do with Your Unwanted Pain and Why Pretending Keeps You from Transformation (feat. Nicole Zasowski)
Jul 21, 2021
SUMMER BREAK 2021: The Soul of Shame and What it Does to You (feat. Curt Thompson, M.D.)
Jul 14, 2021
SUMMER BREAK 2021: How to Let Go of Guilt (feat. Valorie Burton)
Jul 07, 2021
249: The Danger of Deception and Bitterness and Core Values that Will Shape Your Life (feat. Henry and Alex Seeley)
Jun 30, 2021
248: Dumping Excuses, Saying "No," and Living with a Victim Mentality (feat. Anthony ONeal)
Jun 23, 2021
247: How to Predict Happiness in Marriage and Why Attraction, Chemistry, and Compatibility Aren't Enough (feat. Gary Thomas)
Jun 16, 2021
246: Christine Caine on Drifting in Your Purpose, Deconstruction, Irrational Fear, and Why She Almost Quit
Jun 09, 2021
245: John Eldredge on Healing the Masculine Soul and the Trauma of the Global Pandemic
Jun 02, 2021
244: Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams on Toxic Relationships, Checking In with Yourself, How to Not Live from Your Wounds, and Her Life-Threatening Battle with Depression
May 26, 2021
243: How to Hear God's Voice, DIY “Spirituality,” and How to Stop Burning-Out (feat. Shawn Bolz)
May 19, 2021
242: The Power of Words, Single-Parenting, and the Spiral of Shame (feat. Caitlin Crosby, founder of "The Giving Keys")
May 12, 2021
241: How to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork and the Benefits of Non-Achievement (feat. Michael Hyatt)
May 05, 2021
240: The Porn Effect, The Roots of Sexual Addiction, and What John Mayer Said About Pornography (feat. Ted Shimer)
Apr 28, 2021
239: Why Freedom Complicates Life, Avoiding Pain, and The Trap of Compartmentalizing Life (feat. Mark Clark)
Apr 21, 2021
238: The Top Relationship Mistakes We Make that We Don't Know We're Making (feat. Dave and Ann Wilson)
Apr 14, 2021
237: Jon Acuff on The Surprise Solution to Overthinking
Apr 07, 2021
236: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic Culture (feat. Skillet’s John Cooper)
Mar 31, 2021
235: Get Out of Your Way, Ask Better Questions, and Flip Your Focus (feat. Comedian Michael Jr.)
Mar 24, 2021
What's "Win Today" All About?
Mar 23, 2021
234: Breaking Negative Labels and Redefining Your Life (feat. Arden Bevere)
Mar 17, 2021
233: The Cost of Holding Back in Life, Faking Positivity, and The Hidden Power of Writing Things Down (feat. Ally Fallon)
Mar 10, 2021
232: Dr. Caroline Leaf on Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess
Mar 03, 2021
231: Finding Happiness, Grief & Loss, and Why Your Scars Tell a Story (feat. Daniel Fusco)
Feb 24, 2021
230: Rejection in Relationships, Sexual Shame, and Why You Shouldn’t Kiss Dating Goodbye (feat. Kait Warman)
Feb 17, 2021
229: Anxiety: What It Is, What It Isn't, and How to Get Your Life Back (feat. Dr. John Delony)
Feb 10, 2021
228: Gary Thomas on The One Habit that Will Change Every Area of Your Life (and Nine Ways to Get There)
Feb 03, 2021
227: Flipping the Script of Your Life, Healing Burnout, and How to Win the Day (feat. Mark Batterson)
Jan 27, 2021
226: Jamie Winship on Turning Chaos into Opportunity in Every Area of Life
Jan 20, 2021
225: Know Yourself. Know Your Money. (feat. Rachel Cruze)
Jan 13, 2021
224: How to Stay in the Fight, Choose Hope, and Reject the Lies (feat. Hannah Brencher)
Jan 06, 2021
ENCORE: Banning Liebscher on Blindspots that Keep You from Your Purpose and How to Develop Courage for Your Calling
Dec 30, 2020
ENCORE: Winning the War Within, Justice Warriors, the Danger of Avoiding Pain, and How to Live Fully-Alive (feat. Jason Vallotton)
Dec 23, 2020
223: Living with Mental Illness, Boundaries for Your Mental Health, and How to Quiet Down a Noisy World (feat. Jamie Grace)
Dec 16, 2020
222: Lysa TerKeurst on Forgiving What You Can't Forget
Dec 09, 2020
221: The Soul of Shame and What Shame Does to You (feat. Curt Thompson, M.D.)
Dec 02, 2020
220: How to Survive Awkward Family Gatherings During the Holidays (feat. Dr. John Delony)
Nov 24, 2020
219: John Bevere on Why People Don't Fully Develop Their God-Given Potential (And How to Multiply Yours)
Nov 18, 2020
218: Kris Vallotton on Unlocking Spiritual Intelligence that Will Transform Your Life
Nov 11, 2020
217: Living-Out Your True Identity in a World of Flimsy Secular Humanism (feat. Chip Ingram)
Nov 06, 2020
216: It’s Time to Beat Cynicism, How to Wake-Up, and What Cancel Culture is Really Destroying (feat. Harris III)
Nov 04, 2020
215: Why Future-Tripping is Depressing and Why Transformation Destroys Self-Improvement (feat. Paul Young, author of “The Shack”)
Oct 28, 2020
214: Stop Hiding. Stop Playing Small. (feat. Sam Acho)
Oct 21, 2020
213: Lecrae on Discovering Your True Self After Trauma, Plastic Platitudes, and His Untold Story of Restoration
Oct 14, 2020
212: How to Let Go of Guilt (feat. Valorie Burton)
Oct 07, 2020
211: Healing Old Wounds, Generational Trauma, and the Roots of Depression (feat. Dr. Christopher Motley)
Sep 30, 2020
210: Changing the Narrative of Fear (feat. Nik Wallenda)
Sep 23, 2020
209: When You Feel Behind in Life and Need Transformation (feat. Morgan Snyder)
Sep 16, 2020