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 Dec 7, 2020

 Mar 1, 2020


Podcast Hosted by Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagner

Episode Date
Episode 461: Light Ones feat. Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano returns to the podcast after a very big week of beefing with Drake on instagram.

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Sep 27, 2022
Episode 460: Tip Toes [Patreon Preview]

We watch the movie that the powers that be don't want you to see. The 2003 film "Tip Toes" starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale, Patricia Arquette and Gary Oldman "in the role of a lifetime" (playing a little person by strapping sneakers to his knees.

Full Episode at

Sep 22, 2022
Episode 459: Melodic Strokes feat. Hudson Mohawke

The prolific musician Hudson Mohawke joins to talk about his new record and a recent viral reddit post by a man who can only have sex to the melody of Hudson Mohawke's hit song "CBAT"

Sep 19, 2022
Episode 457: Cartman Escape Room feat. WFYM

The boys from WFYM and ChapoFYM (aka Alex, Aaron, Tom, and Michael) join us for a discussion about the many chaotic characters from the universe of their stream. 

Sep 12, 2022
Episode 456: Parade of Pedophiles feat. Jacob Wohl [Patreon Preview]

Jacob Wohl returns to the podcast to discuss season 3 of his show Predator DC. 

Full Episode at

Sep 09, 2022
Episode 455: Ritz Loosies feat. Carmen Christopher & Robby Hoffman

Comedians Carmen Christopher & Robby Hoffman join us this week to discuss ritz crackers and listen to brandon rank every famous female woman in order of attractiveness level. 

Sep 06, 2022
Episode 453: Rings Off feat. Frankie Jonas

Frankie Jonas comes on the podcast to talk about causing mischief on the internet, purity rings and growing up as the youngest of The Jonas Brothers. 

Aug 30, 2022
Episode 450: Depths of Wikifeetia feat. Annie Rauwerda

The creator of Depths of Wikipedia joins us to talk about turning her hobby of editing wikipedia into a career, massively popular page and touring show. She also brings along some obscure wikipedia pages to educate us on including the DMB bus incident. 

If you want to hear more, Part 2 of this episode will be on our patreon.

Aug 16, 2022
Episode 449: Skullcandy NFT feat. Trevor McFedries [Patreon Preview]

Trevor McFedries aka DJ Skeet Skeet, former DJ for Katy Perry and current founder of Brud, Lil Miquela and FWB joins Jack for a 1 on 1 interview about coming up in the Myspace era. 

Full Episode at

Aug 12, 2022
Episode 448: Denny's Suck Job feat. SPEED

Australian Hardcore band SPEED joins us on their first trip to the united states. We discuss their first impressions of America, getting food poisoned at Panda Express, and introduce them to the wonderful world of Bar Rescue. 

Aug 08, 2022
Episode 446: Fired from Walmart feat. Zackass

Zach Holmes of Jackass Forever and Too Stupid To Die joins us to talk about dropping out of high school so that he had more time to hurt himself on camera, getting fired from walmart, going to jail and then somehow ending up becoming the new cast member of Jackass. 

Check out Zach's new show Your Pranks, Our Show on the Fail Army streaming channel.

Aug 01, 2022
Episode 445: The Ezra Miller Saga feat Fran Hoepfner & Claire Carusillo [Patreon Preview]

Fran Hoepfner & Claire Carusillo of Gawker join us to brief us on the extremely complex and dark ongoing saga surrounding actor Ezra Miller. Which includes multiple arrests, allegedly pulling a gun on a Rastafarian over a game of Parcheesi, "rubbing" a 12 year old and grooming a child Native American activist.

Full Episode and Research Dossier at

Jul 28, 2022
Episode 444: Making Her Mark feat. John Early

Comedian John Early makes his podcast debut and we uncover his Toni Collette fan website that he launched just 4 days after 9/11. We also talk about the origins of Vicky with a V and his new special with Kate Berlant 

Folks, as mentioned. Jack is taking paranormal stories again. If you have a story to submit or have any leads please send them in to 

Jul 26, 2022
Episode 443: Open Season [PATREON PREVIEW]

Jack's birthday was rudely interrupted by a mass shooter false alarm and brandon announces to divorce of a certain woman he respects


Jul 21, 2022
Episode 442: Sea Cadets feat. Cobra Man

Jack is joined by Cobra Man before they embark on a big tour. We discuss andrew lying to other kids about being in the navy as a kid, the weirdest things that's happened to them on dates and a terrible incident that recently flooded their recording studio. 

Jul 18, 2022
Episode 440: Board Shorts feat. Nusi Quero

Artist and Designer Nusi Quero joins us to talk about wild tales from his childhood in Florida, including getting bit in the dick by a dog and escaping to the YMCA where he met his future best friend. We also discuss the strange path that led him to his recent success in the world of fashion design. 

This episode was recorded a couple months back. Since then Nusi's work has appeared on the cover of the new Beyonce album.

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Jul 12, 2022
Episode 438: Ohana means family feat Tia Carrere [Patreon Preview]

Legendary actress Tia Carrere of Waynes World and Lilo & Stitch joins us to talk about working with Steven Seagal, Celebrity Apprentice, growing up in Hawaii and playing Brandon's aunt in an upcoming movie. 

Full episode on our patreon at

Jun 30, 2022
Episode 437: Do's and Dont's feat. Kevin Morby

Musician Kevin Morby comes on the pod to discuss narrowly avoiding a horrible bean related disaster on his recent Jimmy Kimmel performance, coming up in the 2006 NYC music scene. 

Guest hosted by Jason Stewart, the remarkably tall man who first taught me how to record a podcast. 

Jun 28, 2022
Episode 435: Cheeky Nandos feat. Obongjayar

Obongjayar joins us on his very first trip to the United States to discuss first reactions and possibly give some insight into the American Candy Stores situation in London.

Jun 21, 2022
Episode 433: Gaspard v Breakfast Toms feat. Phantoms

Electronic duo Phantoms joins us to discuss their tween years as aspiring Disney stars, dealing with a stalker, and recently finding out that they are currently being sued by him in a Louisiana court of law. 

We will post the full stalker email in our Patreon discord. It's too long, vulgar and containing too much sensitive issue to dump on here. If you really want to read that you can dive in there at 

Jun 13, 2022
Episode 431: Eurotrip

WERE BACK. Brandon was gone for the last month doing shows in London and going on his very first Eurotrip. We are finally back in the booth for a fresh new episode catching up on what happened while we were gone. 


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Jun 07, 2022
Episode 430: Theater Kid feat. Cameron Kasky [Patreon Preview]

Cameron Kasky, Parkland Kid and March for Our Lives co-founder joins us to talk the tragedy he and his friends lived through, being thrust into public eye and the complications of being famous for the worst thing to ever happen to you.

Full Episode at

Jun 01, 2022
Episode 429: Rave New World feat. Shlohmo & Nick Melons [Patreon Preview]

Shlohmo & Nick Melons of WeDidIt join us some patreon only stories of the highs and lows tour life, .getting banned from a vegas casino and playing a festival that didnt have water.

Full Episode at

May 25, 2022
Episode 428: Truth Seekers feat. Birds Aren't Real

Peter McIndoe and Connor Gaydos of "Birds Arent Real" join us in rare form to talk about the actual origins of their mission to expose the truth about birds.

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May 23, 2022
Episode 427: The Suit Stays On feat. Therapy Gecko [Patreon Preview]

Lyle Forever aka Therapy Gecko joins us for this weeks Patreon Episode. 

Sign up at

May 19, 2022
Episode 426: Baked as a Cookie feat. Tim Heidecker

From the stage of The YBS Studio, Tim Heidecker returns for a scathing hour of his signature commentary on hot-button issues, bringing his no-holds-barred perspective to cancel culture, quarantine, Q-Anon and everything in-between.  #Podcasting

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May 17, 2022
Episode 425: Bring Me The Bitch feat. Carey O'Donnell [Patreon Preview]

Carey O'Donnell joins us to discuss Jenna Malone's recent involvement in a group beatdown of a man who hit his dog, and many more topics.

For the full episode and access to all of our patreon episodes, sign up at

May 12, 2022
Episode 424: Cheugy Allegations feat. Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard, star of Stranger Things, IT and also a fellow gen-z youth (just like us) joins us on pod to discuss child stardom, being normal and his band The Aubreys. 

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May 09, 2022
Episode 423: Sky's the Limit feat. Big Wet [Patreon Preview]

Big Wet comes behind the paywall to show us some of his favorite guys that he follows on instagram, and one of them pays us a surprise visit...

Full Episode on our patreon at

May 05, 2022
Episode 422: Strapped Up feat. Cola Boyy

Matthew Urango is a musician better known by the name Cola Boyy. He is also a former member of the bands Sea Lions and Juan Waters. Matt joins us on pod this week to talk about growing up in the Oxnard punk scene, getting fired from Walmart, touring the world while disabled, working with Mick Jones and the time he found a mysterious gun. 

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May 02, 2022
Episode 420: Illegalize It feat. Blake Anderson

Blake Anderson joins us for EPISODE 420 recorded ON 420!!!! Actually, we recorded it one day after 420 because we were all too busy celebrating on the actual holiday. Today is weed centric, we are getting back into stoner culture and discussing the ways it's threatened, and how we can save it.

Speaking of getting high, I actually ended up fucking up brandon's mic a little bid during this episode...apologies in advance. 

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This sunday in LA at Netflix is a Joke Fest, and also a last minute/casual NYC show at Union Hall. 

Apr 25, 2022
Episode 418: First Ladies feat. Girl God

Girl God (April Clark and Grace Freud) join us to to invent some new types of transphobia and debate the ethics of Emmanuel Macron marrying his high school teacher. 

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Apr 19, 2022
Episode 416: LA --> Dubai feat. Ahamed Weinberg & Steph Tolev

Ahamed Weinberg & Steph Tolev just got back from a stand up comedy tour in Dubai where Ahamaed received a heroes welcome and Steph received a haram welcome.

Apr 11, 2022
Episode 415: Keith Morris Part 2 [PATREON PREVIEW]

Part 2 of Jack and Brace's interview with Black Flag/Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris.

Full Version of this episode and a VIDEO version of the entire thing on patreon now.

Apr 07, 2022
Episode 414: Keith Morris [Part 1]

Legendary punk frontman Keith Morris of Black Flag, Circle Jerks and OFF comes on the podcast for a two part series about his personal story and the beginnings of hardcore. Brace Beldon of True Anon joins as cohost.

For Part 2 and the Video version of this interview, sign up for our patreon at

Apr 04, 2022
Episode 413: Wife Up feat. Andy Haynes [PATREON PREVIEW]

Full Episode at:

Our old pal Andy Haynes finally joins us again on the podcast to talk about his wife's success and new job at SNL where she is making LOTS of very close friends.

Check out Andy's new special Here. 

Mar 31, 2022
Episode 411: The Ballad of Jacques Pt. 1

Jacques Gonsoulin and Ben Mora of Seeking Derangements join us for an epic two part episode about Jacques' life. 

Highlights include: Having sex with a guy in exchange for a slice of cake, drinking 13 bottles of cough syrup a day, accidentally ruining a guy's life by eating too much chic-fil-a before giving him head, dating a deadbeat mom named Wurm, and much more... 

Part 2 of this episode will be on our patreon later this week. Sign up at

Links from Jacques:

Mar 22, 2022
Episode 410: Guy Friends feat. Doug Ellin [PATREON PREVIEW]

We interview the creator of Entourage about the legacy of the show, social media beefs, dealing with haters and his new show with Charlie Sheen.

Full episode at

Mar 18, 2022
Episode 409: McDLT feat. Will Sasso

The legendary Will Sasso joins us on pod to discuss MadTV, The McDLT and Donald Trump's appearance on the "Full Send" podcast. 

Come see Brandon at his upcoming live shows:

San Diego 3/26

Seattle 4/15

Tacoma 4/16

London 9 May - 14 May

Mar 14, 2022
Episode 407: Sports School feat. Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes

Olympic Ski Jumper Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes joins us fresh off of a Bronze Medal win in Beijing. We talk about what it's like competing in the olympics, how he got started, the large bowl of condoms in the athlete common space, and getting left behind in China in the middle of the night. 

Mar 08, 2022
Episode 405: Marry Me feat. Turnstile

Daniel, Pat and Franz of the band Turnstile join us in between playing two huge shows at The Novo in LA. We discuss the origins of the band, Halo 2, Dan's strange diets, and the new movie 'Marry Me' starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez now available for streaming on Peacock. 

Get tix to Brandon's Shows:

Feb 28, 2022
Episode 403: Seeking Sal feat. Parquet Courts

Sean Yeaton of the band Parquet Courts joins us to talk about performing not once but twice for their biggest fan Ellen. He also tells the story of his Limp Bizkit cover band from middle school and we do our very best to track down the lead singer to reunite the band.

Honestly, if one of you knows the guy we are looking for and he is down to reconnect with his old pal Sean... drop us an email: we are determined to get a Sean X Sal crossover reunion episode on the books.

Feb 14, 2022
Episode 401: Nerds feat. Aminé

Aminé makes his triumphant return to the podcast right before leaving for "The Best Tour Ever" 

LOS ANGELES: Come see Yeah But Still LIVE this friday at Lodge Room. We are doing 2 shows with Johnny & Jamel and a performance by Austin Powers (Richard Halpern)

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Feb 07, 2022
Episode 400: Into the Mind feat. MindofJson [Patreon Preview]

For our 400th episode were joined by one of the most prolific social media users of all time, MindofJson. If you don't know him by name, you have almost certainly seen his face.  Do a quick google if you aren't sure.

Full Episode at

Feb 04, 2022
Episode 399: Pussy Natural feat. Caleb Pitts & Patrick Doran

Caleb and Patrick of Pod About List join us and talk us into buying 175 dollars worth of Pussy Natural energy drink. 

Jan 31, 2022
Episode 397: Good Luck feat. Dave Holmes

The legendary MTV VJ Dave Holmes joins us to talk about the beginnings of his career, watching Fred Durst blow up a boat, and failing to help a young Kid Rock find out "where the pussy is at."

Get tickets to our live shows in LA feb 12th at the links below!

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Jan 25, 2022
Episode 395: Woke Moment

Brandon introduces Jack to "Che Diaz", the fictional queer nonbinary podcaster/comedian from the new Sex in the City reboot. 

Get Tickets live shows is Feb 12th in LA!

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Jan 18, 2022
Episode 394: Getting Swohl feat. Jacob Wohl [Patreon Preview]

The infamous Jacob Wohl comes back 1 year after his last interview to talk about going to jail, facing multiple criminal trials, getting swole and of course.... trying to name a single conservative babe. 

Full Episode and Video Version at

Jan 13, 2022
Episode 393: SuperWohl Pregame feat. Will Sommer

Will Sommer joins to prepare us for our upcoming interview with Jacob Wohl. If we learned one thing from our last conversation with Jacob it's that you have to go in prepared, and Will Sommer is probably the biggest Wohl expert out there. We get caught up about Jacob's complicated series of criminal charges and upcoming trial and also talk about what he is up to now after getting booted off social media. 

Spoiler alert: Jacob is hosting a youtube show with Jack Burkman where they catch pedophiles. In fact he is essentially just recreating the show To Catch a Predator but it's with himself instead of Chris Hansen and the guys don't get arrested after. We highly encourage everyone to watch this show Predator DC, which can be found here before our episode with Jacob on Wednesday. 

If you want to hear our episode with Jacob this week, or the previous episode, sign up for our patreon at

Check out Will Sommer at and check out his new book Trust the Plan

Jan 10, 2022
Episode 391: Forbidden Goo

Brandon and Jack are Covid Free and back to podcasting for the first day of 2022. We intended to make this an episode recapping the year a bit but literally forgot to discuss any of that. Instead we get distracted talking about MindofJson, Funkopops, Grits and Church. 

Editors Note: We have no learned that Grits stands for "Grammatical Revolution In the Spirit". Wish we knew this while recording.

Get tix to fridays live show here!! 

Jan 03, 2022
Episode 389: Engine Trouble feat. Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz

Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz of Channel 5 join Jack to tell their wildest stories from living in on the road for the last few years. Most people already know Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5 (previously All Gas No Breaks), Nic and Evan are the cameramen, editors and everything else behind the scenes and this is their first time appearing on a podcast.

Relevant links from episode:

Pickup Artist
T&C: Bohemian Paradise

T&C: Movie? (if anyone can find the full thing let us know in discord)

Dec 27, 2021
Episode 387: Videos to Watch When You're High feat. Ali Macofsky

Ali Macofsky, the only person to open for both Joe Rogan and St. Vincent joins us for her in person debut to the podcast.

Tix for Brandon's Show:

Dec 13, 2021
Episode 385: Ellen After Dark feat. Dril

The infamous and mysterious twitter user @Dril joins us to talk about his new book The Get Rich and Become God Method. We also finally reveal Dril's identity, real name and address. That's right we are doxxing dril, dril gets doxxed.. Just kidding I just thought all that would be good for the google search results. Enjoy the episode. 

Dec 06, 2021
Episode 384: Angelic Top feat. Zed & Kei Yasui [PATREON PREVIEW]

Our friends Zed Cutsinger and Kei Yasui (Have Heart) join us in the studio to discuss having sex with ghosts and Zed's father who was obsessed with The Matrix and forced people to watch it with him.

Full Episode on our patreon:

Dec 01, 2021
Episode 383: T**tyf**ker feat. Ceremony

Anthony and Andy of the band Ceremony joins Jack to talk about their strangest experiences from the road, and embarrassing themselves in front of two different legendary figures.

As promised here is the photo of Mr. Zombie from the airport:

Nov 28, 2021
Episode 382: Thanksgiving feat. Jamel Johnson & Johnny Wardell

Johnny and Jamel join us once again for a pre-Thanksgiving special to rehash some ancient debates and questions. 

If you would like to see all 4 of us LIVE you can get tickets here. We just added a 2nd show:

Get tix to see brandon live here:

Nov 22, 2021
Episode 380: The Stabber feat. Gavin Matts & Sophie Buddle

Gavin Matts and Sophie Buddle all here from way from Canada to discuss dealbreakers in dating, which in Sophie case does not include stabbing a person to death.

LOS ANGELES! The YBS live show sold out but we are adding a 2nd show. 

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Salt Lake City 11/30:

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Nov 15, 2021
Episode 378: World's Finest feat. Pod About List

The boys from Pod About List join us from the comfort of their beautifully decorated apartment in NYC to discuss the ins and outs of the street candy sales industry. 

You can follow the boys at @Braingetter and @nibiru_TRUTH and @lunch_enjoyer.

Buy Tickets for Brandon's upcoming shows!

Salt Lake City 11/30:

 San Diego 12/3:

Nov 08, 2021
Halloween Special IV: Part 2 [Patreon Preview]

Short cliffhanger preview of Part 2 of the 4th Annual Halloween Special

Both episodes of this years halloween special are out now on patreon! Sign up for just 5 bucks at

Oct 31, 2021
Halloween Special IV: Part 1 [Patreon Preview]

Back again for the 4th annual Halloween special. Every October, Jack spends the entire month talking to listeners of the podcast about their terrifying experiences. This year is another 2 part series.

Part 1 and 2 of the special available at 

Editing by Brian Robert Jones, Soundtrack by North Americans, Production help by Christine Wagner and Artwork by Christian aka Ghost Bongo

Oct 27, 2021
Episode 375: Pork-Upine feat. Lala Lala

Lillie West of Lala Lala joins us to talk about DIY tours and recently meeting a famous uber driver. 

Oct 18, 2021
Episode 374: Wayne's World feat. Wayne Diamond [PATREON PREVIEW]

We interview the legendary Wayne Diamond (Uncut Gems) inside his beautiful manhattan home. This one is a wild ride...

Full episode at:

Oct 14, 2021
Episode 373: Pissing Contest feat. New York Nico

Filmmaker and Unofficial talent scout of NY...Nico Heller (aka New York Nico) joins us on pod in Brooklyn. We discuss how he got started doing all of this and he explains his favorite NYC characters and sagas. In fact... he may have introduced us to one of these characters after this episode and this person may be on our patreon episode this week. Who is to say.....

If you wanted to hear that later on you could go to and sign up.

Oct 12, 2021
Episode 372: Mansitioning feat. Joshua Citarella [PATREON PREVIEW]

Joshua Citarella spent the the summer testing out all of the 4chan adjacent alpha male improvement techniques for an art project and experiment. He is here on pod in person for the first time to discuss the results with Jack.

Sign up for our patreon for the full episode:

Oct 08, 2021
Episode 371: Aesop Rocky feat. Nicole McLaughlin

This week we are joined by designer Nicole McLaughlin from inside her studio in NYC. Jack climbed to the summit of her rock wall, Brandon tried on some Aesop pants, and we recording a damn POD.

Also please send in your paranormal stories for the halloween pod! I would love to hear from you and possibly interview you! Send a summary of your story to

Check out Nicole's work at:

Oct 05, 2021
Episode 369: Gay or Just High feat. Grace Kuhlenschmidt

Grace Kuhlenschmidt joins us in NYC to talk about comedy, blowing up during the pandemic and being too stoned as a youth to realize that she was a lesbian.

Sep 27, 2021
Episode 367: Death Threat Tier feat. Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz of the New York Times joins us to talk about the good bad and ugly parts of her rise to national attention. 

If any of Taylor's stalkers are listening to this right now be sure to check out our $100 a month Taylor Lorenz harassment tier. We will personally harass her and pass on credible threats on your behalf during her social media break. 

For an extra episode each week and to sign up for the Taylor Lorenz offline death threat tier, check out

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Sep 20, 2021
Episode 365: Dog Meals feat. Petey

Musician, recent TikTok sensation and Fred Durst associate Petey joins us to talk about his first jobs in Los Angeles.

Sep 14, 2021
Episode 364: Oh Behave feat. Austin Powers [Patreon Preview]

The international man of mystery himself Austin Powers aka Richard Halpern joins us for a very special episode. 

Full Episode at

Sep 09, 2021
Episode 363: Got Milk feat. Carmen Christopher

Comedian Carmen Christopher joins us to talk about being a salesman in chicago, the decline of milk and allegedly almost working on Donda.

Sep 07, 2021
Episode 361: Meatboy feat. Tigers Jaw

Ben, Brianna and Teddy of the band Tigers Jaw joins us right after two sold out shows at the hollywood palladium to discuss bad childhood jobs, wet hotel beds and life in Scranton PA. 

Aug 30, 2021
Episode 360: All my crew is savages feat. Matt Watson [Patreon Preview]

Matt Watson of Supermega is back for part 2 beyond the paywall to talk about michael jackson and childhood sketch comedy videos

Aug 27, 2021
Episode 359: I'm Finding Her feat. Matt Watson

Matt Watson of Supermega joins us to finally give brandon a little kiss on air that he asked for years ago.

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Aug 23, 2021
Episode 358: The S*cilian Vampire feat. Stefan Heck and Chris James [Patreon Preview]

Chris and Stefan are back to dive into another film from the Fr*nk D'*ngelo cinematic universe. This time his magnum opus, The S*cilian Vampire, a 15 million dollar budget mob movie that is mostly just footage of himself playing cards with famous character actors he cast in this movie specifically so that he could hang out with them. The movie also has very little to do with vampires.

Full episode at

Aug 19, 2021
Episode 357: Comedian Gangstalked By Hecklers [Patreon Preview]

Full Episode at

Aug 13, 2021
Episode 356: Mmmbop feat. Noah Kulwin

Noah Kulwin of Blowback joins us to discuss Disney Channel's Post 9/11 propaganda and the time he was on Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Brandon's Portland Stand Up:

Aug 10, 2021
[Patreon Preview] Episode 355: The Saga of Chris Chan & Mikey Miles feat. Alex Nichols

Alex Nichols (@Lowenaffchen) joins us to give a definitive overview of Chris Chan and Mikey Miles. Two internet characters who have had their tragic lives unfold for the internet to see over the last 15 years until they were both arrested for sex crimes on the same day.

Full Episode at

Aug 06, 2021
Episode 354: Growing Boys feat. Douggpound & Brent Weinbach

Douggpound and Brent Weinbach of The Poundcast join us to talk about High School Musical, Limp Bizkit and The Three Rocks.

Aug 03, 2021
Episode 352: Platonic Pickup feat. Dax Flame

The legendary Dax Flame joins us to talk about the revival of his youtube career, Smoothie Madness, and starting a new business called Friendboom.

Jul 27, 2021
Episode 350: See You In The Club feat. Spencer Pratt

The infamous Spencer Pratt joins us to talk about spotting Prince Andrew living in hiding, making his own reality show pilot, forcing himself onto the cast of The Hills and moving to Costa Rica with 500,000 dollars in gold coins. 

Jul 20, 2021
Episode 348: All Breaks No Gas feat. Andrew Callaghan

Andrew Callaghan (FKA All Gas No Breaks) joins us to talk about the break up of AGNB, traveling through a pandemic, reporting on the trump campaign, shooting a movie and starting his new project Channel 5. 

For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at

Jul 13, 2021
Episode 346: The J*ke Th**f feat. Stefan Heck and Chris James *Patreon Preview*

Stefan and Chris join us to dive deep into the vast Fr*nk D'ang*lo cinematic universe. 

Full Episode at

Jul 02, 2021
Episode 345: Eugene's Revenge

Jack & Brandon solo mode in the studio, checking in on some of the darker characters of the YBS extended universe. We also discuss Eugene, a "special" (their words not ours) wrestler from early 2000's WWE. 

Jun 28, 2021
Episode 344: The Dark Triad II feat. Chris Baio *PATREON PREVIEW*

Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend joins us for Part II of the Dark Triad series where we dive deep into the musical side projects of older male actors.

Full Episode at

Jun 25, 2021
Episode 343: An Italian President

Just us on this episode, 1 on 1 classic mode. Today we discuss bugs bunny's basketball skills and then dive very deep into one of brandon's new favorite guys. We will be diving even further into this universe on patreon this week so stay tuned. 

Get Tickets to Brandon's Show Here:

Jun 21, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 342: The Cult Story feat. Moses Storm

Moses returns to talk about growing up in a cult, becoming homeless and being forced into working as a child stunt double.

Full Episode on our patreon:

Jun 17, 2021
Episode 341: Party Subs feat. Moses Storm

Moses Storm joins us for our first post-covid pod back in the studio. This episode was supposed to be a long story about Moses meeting Jared from Subway before the indictment... but the episode took some surprise twists and turns that we think you will enjoy. 

A follow up to this episode will be up on our patreon later this week. Listen at

Tickets to Shows:

Jun 16, 2021
Episode 339: Hawk Girl Summer feat. Adam Baz

Professional Falconer Adam Baz joins us to introduce us to his hawk Jasper and tell us all about making a living via birds in Los Angeles. Guest hosted once again by Cam Tang.

Highly recommend checking out Adam on instagram @HawkOnHand

Jun 07, 2021
Episode 337: When in Rome feat. Simon Rex

Cam Tang is taking over for Brandon as host this week and we are joined by Model, Actor, Rapper, MTV VJ... Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty) 

Simon Tells us the story about how he went from operating a forklift in Oakland to touring the world as a rapper and receiving gold crested thank you letters from the royal family.

For an extra episode this week, sign up for our patreon at

Jun 01, 2021
Episode 335: Mindfriend

Brandon zooms in from Canada after over a month without podcasting.

For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at

Here is the tweet we referenced in the ep:

May 25, 2021
[Patreon Preview] Episode 334: The Kato Diet feat. Kato Kaelin

This week we're joined by Kato Kaelin: actor, radio host, hot guy and the key witness in the most famous criminal trial in the history of the United States. The full 1 hour and 45 minute episode is available on our patreon at

May 19, 2021
Episode 332: Terror Discount feat. Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan

Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan of Podcast But Outside join us to talk about pandemic podding and Cole's recent unexpected fame in the Alex Jones universe. 

May 10, 2021
Episode 331: Fazoli's Reckoning feat. Bill Oakley [Patreon Preview]

Simpson's Writer and Food Critic Bill Oakley returns to the pod with a FULL REPORT after visiting the fast food italian restaurant Fazoli's. 

Full Episode at

May 06, 2021
Episode 330: Los Angeles Freak Dept feat. Brace Belden & Sarah Squirm

Brace Belden and Sarah Squirm make their triumphant return to the backyard. This week were talking about Sarah trying and failing to

sleep with a sexy older teacher. Brace losing his virginity in a place called The Hole. And we help Sarah workshop some new jokes.

For and extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at

May 03, 2021
Episode 328: San Diego Royalty feat. Blake Anderson

Blake Anderson joins us to talk about famous friends, accidentally moving into an infamous house and getting treated like a god in the wonderful city of san diego california.

For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at

Apr 27, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 327: Crazy Pimps feat. Patrick LunchEnjoyer

Patrick aka Lunch_Enjoyer of Podcast About List joins us to talk about Crazy Frog and the stars of Youtube 1.0

Full Episode at

Apr 23, 2021
Episode 326: Sid's Revenge feat. Cobra Man

Andy and Sarah of the band Cobra Man joins us to talk living in a warehouse with Jack, child acting, christian camp, "the joker" and how brandon likes to watch baby movies.

Check out Cobra Man at:

Apr 20, 2021
Episode 324: Cultural Consultants feat. Carl Tart & Hayes Davenport

Hayes Davenport and Carl Tart from join us to analyze and reflect on a certain recently released movie trailer that features an enormous amount of intellectual property hanging out in a way that nobody asked for. 

Apr 12, 2021
Episode 322: Guythropology

We're back for another look into the SpikeTV Guy's Choice awards. This week were beginning with the year 2009. President Barack Obama has completed his first year in office but he still has things to accomplish and 'change' at the guy's choice awards..

Apr 05, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 321: Hoodie Allen v Farrow

Full Episode at

Apr 02, 2021
Episode 320: CPAC Hot Tub feat. Dave Weigel

Dave Weigel of the Washington Post joins us in the backyard to chat about crashing parties at CPAC, covering the "Stop the Steal" capitol siege and the greatest debate of all: Obama Girl vs Hillary Hottie.

Mar 30, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 319: Big for No Reason feat. Andrew & Branson

Full Episode at:

Andrew & Branson from the podcast Episode One join us for a very long overdue episode. This week were talking about their favorite internet freaks, being a nurse during covid, and branson's real life outside of podcasting.

If you havent heard Episode One we seriously highly recommend it.

Also please buy Branson's new book Water Wasted.

Mar 26, 2021
Episode 318: Like Ike feat. Ike Barinholtz

Ike Baronholtz joins us on pod and specifically requested to discuss friend of the pod Mr. Donald Trump Goya Beans. 

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Mar 22, 2021
Episode 316: Guy's Choice

The Pandemic is coming to an end, but the Mandemic is just starting folks.  This week were in the backyard, brandon is drinking exactly 2 cold beers, and were talking about the 2007-2008 Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards.

For an extra episode each week, sign up for our patreon at

Get Tix to Brandon's Show Here:

Mar 15, 2021
Episode 314: Big Wayne feat. Patrick Carney

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys joins us to talk about the band's rise to fame and being mistaken for the black eyed peas multiple times. 

Geoff Tate Press Kit:

For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon:

Mar 08, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 313: The "Talent" Show feat. Brace Belden

Preview of our patreon episode with Brace Belden of TrueAnon. All the stories he couldn't tell on the main feed.

Full Episode at

Mar 04, 2021
Episode 312: Goofballs feat. Brace Belden

Brace Belden, TrueAnon Host & Syrian civil war veteran returns to the podcast for our first in person episode in nearly a year. This is recorded live from Jack's backyard and the energy feels great. 

This episode went for over 2 hours, the other half of the episode will be available on our patreon later this week. (warning: brace's porn story is completely disgusting) If you want to hear pt 2, sign up for our patreon at 

Mar 01, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 311: The Boy Show

Full Episode on our Patreon:

Feb 28, 2021
Episode 310: Meet me at the Mall feat. Throwing Fits

Lawrence and James of Throwing Fits, Failing Upwards and Four Pins (RIP) join us to talk about their exit from the B*rstool Network, Yung Joc, Yung Dro, USPA and Brandon's recovery as a fashion victim. 

Also big news: We switched podcast hosts for the main feed. We're still an independent pod (no networks) but we are doing some ads on the main feed now. Honestly we are stoked about this. This podcast was started as a goofy side project and turned into a real full time job. We are also in the process of renovating the pod studio and can't wait for the day it's safe to start doing in person episodes and fit pics again. 

If you want more episodes without ads, you know where to go..

Feb 23, 2021
Episode 308: Fast Casual feat. Bill Oakley
The legendary Bill Oakley (The Simpsons, Mission Hill) joins us to talk about his fast food and fast casual obsession and criticism. To his amazement, we also introduce him to the existence of Fazoli's for the first time. This episode is mostly about food, it's much longer than usual and could have been longer. I don't think either of us realized how many strong opinions we have about fast food. Sign up for our patreon at
Feb 16, 2021
Episode 306: The Dark Triad feat. Chris Baio
Chris Baio joins us to analyze the musical side projects of middle aged male actors. We also discover and discuss "The Dark Triad" between Dennis Quaid, Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Also be sure to check out the new Baio album now
Feb 08, 2021
Episode 304: The Rock Doc
This week, were diving deep into The Rock Doc. An self produced reality show pilot about a nurse practitioner who is bringing a little Hard Rock flavor into the world of general medicine. He was also later indicted on 15 federal charges and is currently facing 40 years in prison. There will probably be a Part 2 of this sometime, in the mean time, dive on in. Reality Pilot: Instagrams: Our Patreon:
Feb 02, 2021
Episode 303: XXL Fresh Men List [Patreon Preview]
We got our The Money Team flatbills on so you know our money is right... we got our Drew House hoodies on so you know the VIBE is right. Full Episode at
Jan 30, 2021
Episode 302: Meet Me at the Pool feat. Lance Oppenheim
This week director Lance Oppenheim joins us to talk about living in florida retirement community The Villages for an entire year while filming his new documentary Some Kind of Heaven. Links: Senate Frat House: Some Kind of Heaven:
Jan 25, 2021
Episode 301: Dry January [Patreon Preview]
Full Episode at
Jan 23, 2021
Episode 300: 4 First Names feat: Adam Brody & Evan Morgan
Adam Brody and Evan Morgan join us to talk about their new movie The Kid Detective. Also, experts Jack, Brandon and Evan teach Adam all about the nuances and details of The O.C., a show in which he starred. The Kid Detective premieres on streaming Tuesday the 19th. Watch the trailer here and definitely stream the movie.
Jan 18, 2021
Episode 298: Banned in D.C.
Brandon is on his way home from Washington DC. Who is to say why he was there in the first place? In this episode we discuss the news of the week and pay respects for a fallen poster, objectively the greatest of all time if were talking stats.
Jan 12, 2021
*Patreon Preview* Episode 297: F**king Terry for a Blackberry
Full Episode at
Jan 08, 2021
Episode 296: Donkey of the Day feat Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano finally joins us for an official, in front of the paywall, studio version of Yeah But Still. Here is the photo lol:

Jan 04, 2021
Episode 295: Women Posting Their Elle's Online [Patreon Preview]
Tracie Morrissey joins us to explain the Hilaria Baldwin saga that she helped uncover. In our final episode of the year, we also talk holiday spirit, brandon's bedroom pop career and the elle profile of the woman who ruined her life for martin shkreli. Full Episode at
Dec 30, 2020
Episode 293: Breu Crew feat. Vic Berger
The legendary Vic Berger joins us to talk about staring straight into the abyss for the last 5 years and documenting the most absurd moments of the Trump extended universe. Vic's feature length Trump compilation that we mentioned in the show:
Dec 22, 2020
Episode 291: Certified Freaks feat. Ezra Koenig
Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend makes his triumphant return to the pod. This continues his tradition of coming on YBS during december for 3 years in a row. For and extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Dec 16, 2020
Episode 289: Spiritual Gangsters
This was ALMOST put behind the paywall, but we released it and let it roam free. Please buy our hoodies that are currently on sale: Sign up for our patreon for an extra episode each week still
Dec 09, 2020
Episode 288: What That Mouth Don't feat. Them Jeans & Chris Black [Patreon Preview]
Our friends Chris Black and Them Jeans of How Long Gone join us to fight about water. Full Episode at
Dec 03, 2020
Episode 287: Enema of the State feat. Natalie Palamides & Courtney Pauroso
Courtney Pauroso & Natalie Palamides join us once again and reveal that at one point, Natalie carried around a little box full of live bees that she stung herself with for health purposes. BUY OUR HOODIES!
Dec 01, 2020
Episode 286: Like A Bird [Patreon Preview]
sign up for the damn patreon already. quit jerking us around.
Nov 28, 2020
Episode 285: Family Thanksgiving feat. Johnny Wardell & Jamel Johnson
Johnny Wardell and Jamel Johnson return for another episode. Once again Johnny essentially is the host of this episode. Buy our hoodies! They are on sale now and will go fast!
Nov 25, 2020
*Patreon Preview* Chart of Truth 3: Trump's Hammer (Kraken 2.0) feat. Daniel Keller & Josh Citarella
Daniel Keller and Josh Citarella join us to unravel the conspiracies surrounding the recent election. Sacred Gematria, Punisher Watermarks and the arrival of the Great Storm. Full Episode at
Nov 20, 2020
Episode 283: For Kidz, By Kidz feat. Fat Tony
We're joined by Fat Tony, (Rapper, Host, CDMX Pioneer and Officially honored Houstonite). Tony has a new record out right now called Exotica. Check that out here. You can also follow Tony on insta and twitter @FatTonyRap
Nov 17, 2020
Episode 281: Lord Goo Goo feat. Tim Heidecker
Tim Heidecker joins us to recap Election week, living in the Trump Era. AND to talk about his new show Moonbase 8, his new standup special and his new album.
Nov 11, 2020
Episode 280: Little Pimp [Patreon Preview]
Day 3 of Election Day: we are breaking down all the up and downs of the week starting with both candidates pursuing the coveted rapper endorsements. Full Episode at
Nov 07, 2020
Episode 279: Electile Disfunction feat. Dave Weigel
Veteran political reporter and YBS patron Dave Weigel joins us to talk elections, the current political climate and Hunter Biden's XL sized dong. If youre in LA come see Brandon do outdoor covid-safe comedy: Sign up for our patreon at
Nov 02, 2020
Halloween Special III *Patreon Preview*
Patreon Preview of the 2 Part YBS Halloween Specials Available now on Patreon:
Oct 29, 2020
Episode 277: Halloween Special III [Part 1] **Patreon Preview**
Full Episode at Every year Jack spends a month interviewing listeners of the podcast about their paranormal experiences. This year's episode is so long that it had to be broken into two parts. Part 1 features stories about demons in military school, UFOs, Poltergeists and finally a strange and awful story about one of our listeners who's life was turned upside down after taking a craigslist job.
Oct 23, 2020
Episode 276: Prod Boys feat Knox Fortune
Knox Fortune joins us once again to talk about becoming a Prod Boy in the process of producing his new album which drops October 30th.
Oct 19, 2020
Episode 274: Porn Logic feat. Janice Griffith
Janice Griffith joins us this week to talk about family guy porn, riley reid's rap career and why everyones getting stuck under these tables.
Oct 13, 2020
Episode 272: The Lets Read The Book School
The president and his allies have contracted COVID 19. What is to blame? Irresponsible behavior, or a game of Lethal Injection gone wrong? we may never know Announcement! If you have a paranormal story you want to tell on the 3rd annual YBS Halloween special, please email jack at also go check out the first 2 halloween special on patreon.
Oct 05, 2020
Episode 271: Supreme Did 9/11 feat. Brace Belden [Patreon Preview]
Brace Belden of TrueAnon joins us to discuss guns, syria, the brand Supreme's involvement in 9/11 and how exactly Hillary would eat a child if she actually did eat a child. Full Episode at
Sep 30, 2020
Episode 270: Little League Trauma feat. Brendan O'Hare & Cory Snearowski
Brendan and Cory of the show This Is Branchburg join us to unpack our mutual non-sexual Little League and Boy Scout based trauma. Check out season 2 of their podcast This Is Branchburg dropping this Thursday. vacation eps from the past couple weeks on the patreon:
Sep 28, 2020
Episode 267: Fast & Furieous feat. Matt Furie & Arthur Jones
We're joined by Matt Furie and Arthur Jones, subject and director respectively, of the new documentary Feels Good Man. Matt Furie is a comic book artist who many of you may know as the creator of Pepe the Frog, and Arthur is the director of the doc which tells Matt and Pepe's amazing story and a very wild narrative Matt didn't ask to be a part of. We can't recommend this enough, go watch it. Please Rent and Watch the doc via any of the following links:
Sep 13, 2020
[Patreon Preview] Operation Smackdown feat. Brendan James & Noah Kulwin
In extra long special, Brendan James & Noah Kulwin of the Iraq War podcast "Blowback" join us to discuss this brain-melting time in history and the absurd culture, music and wrestling matches that came from it. Full Episode at
Sep 12, 2020
Episode 265: Put Me In Coach feat. Ali Macofsky
Comedian Ali Macofsky joins us to talk about tiktok, sex and life coaches and the slow reopening of comedy shows. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Sep 09, 2020
Episode 264: Return of Dany Hells Kitchen [Patreon Preview]
Dany Hell's Kitchen call in from inside French Prison once again. He was in solitary confinement for the last 4 months and is finally free. Full episode at
Sep 05, 2020
Episode 263: Pumpkin Spice Vaccine feat. Felix Biederman
Felix Biederman of Chapo Traphouse joins us to discuss how times have changed and the only way to fix it is a pumpkin spice vaccine. A lot of recent heat on the Patreon btw:
Aug 31, 2020
*Unlocked* Episode 193: Our Friend Riley Gale
This monday night Riley Gale, singer of the band Power Trip, tragically passed away. This episode was a Patreon episode that has been unlocked onto the main feed in memory of our dear friend. Rest in Peace
Aug 28, 2020
*Patreon Preview* Ep. 261: God Is a Whole Vibe
Brandon is no longer normal pilled. Watching the democratic convention derailed his 3 day streak of being regular. This one starts off dark but gets light halfway through once we find God on Tik Tok and discover that he is actually...a whole entire VIBE. Full episode at
Aug 20, 2020
Episode 260: Never Seen The Sopranos feat. Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Rob Iler & Kassem G
This week Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Rob Iler (aka Meadow & AJ Soprano on The Sopranos) and Kassem G, hosts of the podcast Pajama Pants, join us to discuss Slipknot, Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and how none of them have seen The Sopranos.
Aug 17, 2020
Episode 258: Wife Respecter feat. Mark McGrath
Mark McGrath of the band Sugar Ray comes on to discuss the greatest year of our time (1999), give context to his infamous "Sugar Gay" incident and talk MTV Spring Break.
Aug 11, 2020
Episode 256: Armed With A Chain feat. Have Heart
Patrick Flynn and Kei Yasui of the band Have Heart join us to talk about touring the world as a Hardcore band and Pat getting beaten to within an inch of his life in Australia by complete accident.
Aug 03, 2020
*Patreon Preview* Episode 255: Fonzi Scheme
Sign up for our patreon for an extra episode each week at
Aug 01, 2020
Episode 254: Celebrity Wife Swapped II feat. Anna Seregina & Jamel Johnson
Anna Seregina and Jamel join us to discuss 2 episodes of Celebrity Wife Swap. Mark McGrath vs Coolio and Andy Dick vs Lorenzo Lamas
Jul 28, 2020
Episode 253: Wife Swapped [Patreon Preview]
Preview of our 2 hour inaugural episode about the early 2000s reality show "Wife Swap". For the full version of this episode, sign up for our patreon at
Jul 26, 2020
Episode 252: IGNITE Lifestyles [Patreon Preview]
It's Jack's birthday, you have to sign up for the patreon for his birthday. Full version of this episode at
Jul 18, 2020
Episode 251: Jeans: Boot Cut And Uncensored feat. Keith Buckley
Keith Buckley of the band Every Time I Die joins us to discuss the early 2000s music scene, MySpace and the various creeps who inhabited both.
Jul 13, 2020
Episode 249: Guilty of Hustling feat. Ken Klippenstein
Ken Klippenstein of The Nation joins us to discuss his recent beef with Elon Musk, explain FOIA requests, and speculate on a secret presidential vintage vault. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Jul 07, 2020
Episode 247: Nobrow Culture feat. Yassir Lester
Yassir Lester joins us to talk about how he recently tricked many people into wearing fedoras and shaving off their eyebrows to fight racism.
Jun 30, 2020
Episode 245: Trickery feat. Jamel Johnson & Johnny Wardell
Jamel and Johnny back in the mix to discuss some of the least important non-pressing issues of our time.
Jun 23, 2020
Episode 244: Chart of Truth 2 feat. Daniel Keller & Josh Citarella [Patreon Preview]
Preview of extra long 2 part patreon episode featuring artists Josh Citarella and Daniel Keller. These episode are dedicated to unwinding this giant chart of conspiracy theories. Full version of the episode at
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 243: Live from The Autonomous Zone feat. "James Madison"
On June 8th protestors took over a section of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood when the police abandoned their precinct. In this week's episode we speak to a man who recently became famous when a photo of him holding his rifle was photoshopped into dozens of Fox News stories about the protests. He is allegedly a former marine who has been setting up a security detail for what is now known as CHAZ or CHOP.
Jun 17, 2020
**BONUS** One Night at Rahul's: Interview with DC Protestors
This is an interview Jack did with 4 activists who were trapped by the police during the Washington DC protests on a night many of you probably heard about. This was going to be part of a patreon episode but decided to just put it out on the main feed. Enjoy! Thank you Shaumbe for editing this. BLM DC: Bartenders Against Racism: Stop Police Terror DC: Black Swan Academy: Collective Action DC: Freedom Fighters DC: Defund MPD:
Jun 12, 2020
Episode 241: Wikifeet Snub feat. Ramy Youssef
Ramy aka Ramy Youssef, Creator and Star of the show "Ramy", joins us to discuss the release of "Ramy" season 2 on Hulu. Note: We recorded this episode in May, only a little bit after the video of George Floyd's murder started spreading and people began protesting. We only briefly discuss it, but it may sound odd if you listen thinking we are reacting to the present moment.
Jun 09, 2020
Episode 238: 77 Knives feat. Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon joins us to discuss early internet and the difficulties of touring by yourself via greyhound bus on a diet of beans and corn water.
May 27, 2020
Episode 237: Boy Who Cried Wohl feat. Jacob Wohl [Patreon Preview]
After years of willing this into existence, we finally speak to the infamous Jacob Wohl and ask him all of the things we have been wanting to for so long. Full Version of this episode on our patreon at
May 22, 2020
Episode 236: TTV_Andrew_Cuomo feat. Matt Christman & Will Menaker
Matt Christman and Will Menaker join us to discuss the highs and lows of the ongoing pandemic. Felix was supposed to join us but his alarm clock didn't work. Sign up for our patreon for an extra episode each week at
May 20, 2020
Episode 234: Drive Thru Pasta feat. Lou Wilson
We're joined by Actor/Comedian Lou Wilson for an accidentally bad food themed episode.
May 12, 2020
Episode 232: Lethal Injections feat. Jamel Johnson & Johnny Wardell
Classic and Chaotic lineup is back again. This week we're joined by Johnny Wardell and Jamel Johnson. Once again, Johnny is trying to pitch us a notebook full of segments he came up with. Sign up for our patreon at
May 06, 2020
Episode 231: Wohl of Wallstreet feat. Tarpley Hitt [Patreon Preview]
Preview of a special in depth exclusive report on Jacon Wohl feat journalist Tarpley Hitt. Full episode at
May 03, 2020
Episode 230: Mask Off feat. Chelsea Peretti
This week we dive into two American icons, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Toomgis before being joined by comedian Chelsea Peretti.
Apr 28, 2020
Episode 229: Let That Boy Cook feat. Dany Hells Kitchen [PATREON PREVIEW]
Dany calls in from his prison cell in France using a smuggled contraband Iphone. Full episode at
Apr 26, 2020
Episode 228: Doctor 420 feat. Ahamed Weinberg
Ahamed Weinberg joins us to discuss his experience having Coronavirus. The FIRST Comedian to contract coronavirus and we have an exclusive interview with him here on Yeah, But Still.
Apr 20, 2020
Episode 226: U Like Movies? feat. All Gas No Brakes
Andrew Callaghan aka All Gas No Brakes joins us to talk about spending essentially his entire adult life on the road interviewing the strangest people he can find. Sign up for our Patreon at Check out Andrew on instagram at AllGasNoBrakesShow
Apr 16, 2020
Episode 224: Thirst Economy feat. Hasan Piker
Hasan Piker joins us to talk about the upcoming election and the recent complete collapse of the Thirst Trap economy.
Apr 08, 2020
Episode 223: Take You On feat. Trapt [Patreon Preview]
Jack talks to the lead singer of the band Trapt about why he is getting so pissed at so many people online lately. Full episode at
Apr 05, 2020
Episode 222: Standing Down feat. Tim Dillon
Comedian Tim Dillon joins us to talk about his humanitarian work of convincing comedians to give up on their dreams. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Mar 31, 2020
Episode 221: Gay Isis feat. Palma & Ben Mora [Patreon Preview]
Full Episode available on the patreon feed. Sign up at
Mar 27, 2020
Episode 220: Nut O'Clock feat. Stavros Halkias
Stavros Halkias of the podcast "C*mtown" joins us via satellite phone for another quarantined episode.
Mar 24, 2020
Episode 218: Lockup Raw
Dear Diary, it's been 3 days since the quarantine began and i'm hornier than i've ever been before.
Mar 16, 2020
Episode 216: Canvassing the Sorority Houses feat. Sarah Squirm
Sarah Squirm joins us to talk Super Tuesday, volunteering and gives us permission to do toxic sexism.
Mar 12, 2020
Episode 215: Illinois Excellence feat. Felix [Patreon Preview]
Felix joins us again to discuss how and why Ninja is spending his millions and millions of dollars in the far northwest suburbs of chicago Full Episode at
Mar 06, 2020
Episode 214: Shellshocked feat. Felix Biederman
Felix Biederman of Chapo Traphouse joins us once again. As you will soon be able to tell, a couple key things happened in the world since this episode was recorded last week. But never the less, we persist. Another episode with felix going up on patreon this week at Brandon's Monthly Show:
Mar 03, 2020
Episode 212: Mike the Frankophile
This episode is Paid for and Approved by Mike Bloomberg for President 2020.
Feb 24, 2020
Episode 211: Weekend at Bryan's [Patreon Preview]
Whitmer Thomas joins us behind the paywall to tell spicy stories about the horrors of moving to LA as a young, piping hot, nubile, vulnerable 18 year old boy. Full episode at
Feb 21, 2020
Episode 210: FBI Top Comics To Watch feat. Whitmer Thomas
Whitmer Thomas joins us right before the release of his new HBO special The Golden Boy. Part 2 of this episode on our patreon at
Feb 18, 2020
Episode 208: Cig Reviews feat. Joyce Manor
This week were joined by Barry Johnson and Matt Ebert of the band Joyce Major.
Feb 11, 2020
Episode 207: Drinking the Potions [Patreon Preview]
Full version of this episode with Lance Bangs on our patreon.
Feb 05, 2020
Episode 206: Big Gay Ice Cream feat. Lance Bangs
The legend Lance Bangs makes his triumphant return to the podcast to discuss Mike Bloomberg and much more. Sign up for our patreon at for an extra episode every week.
Feb 04, 2020
Episode 204: iRespectFemales
Vintage style YBS episode. Jack & Brandon by themselves, no guest, looking at increasingly worse series of things online.
Jan 28, 2020
Episode 203: Live from the Meth Lab [Patreon Preview]
This week's patreon episode was derailed by Jack's neighbor screaming and threatening him throughout the recording of 2 episodes. The police ended up showing up leading to a standoff. This is a short preview. For the full episode sign up for our patreon at
Jan 24, 2020
Episode 202: How Many Beers feat. Jamel Johnson & Johnny Wardell
Part 1 of 2 for this insanely long episode featuring returning champions Jamel and Johnny. The second half of this episode is available on our patreon which we highly recommend signing up for. Both episodes were interrupted by a neighborhood disturbance which eventually culminated in the police arriving during our patreon episode. Very wild day, hope you enjoy.
Jan 22, 2020
Episode 201: The Cookout Endorsement [Patreon Preview]
Sign up for our Patreon for this full episode and an extra episode every week.
Jan 17, 2020
Episode 200: Hold Off on the Soup feat. Dril & Derek
Joined again this week by returning champions Dril and Derek. Come see us at SF Sketchfest!
Jan 15, 2020
Episode 198: Whole Island Massive feat. Andy Haynes
WE'RE BACK BABY. First episode of 2020. While we were gone we started a war and Tom Hank's son found a new type of blackface to do. Very exciting stuff! Come see us at SF Sketchfest this month:
Jan 08, 2020
Episode 194: Nocturnal Emissions feat. Ezra Koenig & Jake Longstreth
This week were joined by Ezra Koenig and Jake Longstreth of Time Crisis, Vampire Weekend and Richard Pictures. SF Sketchfest Tickets Avail Here:…954d6d61d04&
Dec 18, 2019
Episode 192: Matreon feat. Will Menaker
Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House is back again to discuss Pete Buttigieg, Papa John and Female Yoda. SF Sketchfest Tickets Avail Here:
Dec 11, 2019
*UNLOCKED* Live at The Kennedy Center
We're unlocking this episode from the Patreon vault for this weeks episode. This was recorded live on stage at the kennedy center in washington DC this year featuring Felix Biederman, Andy Haynes and Jamel Johnson. Bay Area, we are doing a live pod at SF Sketchfest in January. Tickets here: For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Dec 02, 2019
Episode 189: The Great Outdoors feat. Andrew Michaan & Cole Hersch
Andrew Michaan & Cole Hersch, the hosts of Podcast but Outside, join us this week in an episode we also recorded outside but just in the backyard. Also check out their most recent episode featuring us on youtube. Here are two pictures of the hawk/falcon/bird that appeared while recording. Enjoy.
Nov 26, 2019
Episode 187: Half Filipinos, The Master Race feat. SoSuperSam
SoSuperSam joins us on the pod to discuss Filipino and Swagapino culture with Brandon. Jack is also there listening and nodding along.
Nov 19, 2019
Episode 186: The New Neighbors [Patreon Preview]
Jack tells a long story about an ongoing situation with his extremely bizarre new neighbors. Full episode at
Nov 14, 2019
Episode 185: Glee Gone Wild feat. Brian Robert Jones
Brian Robert Jones of Vampire Weekend joins us for the 3rd time before leaving on tour. Brrr its getting cold outside wow! Time to get a beautiful extra thick YBS hoodie in a variety of colors by clicking this link:
Nov 13, 2019
Episode 183: Don't Sell Me a Dingo feat. These New South Whales
They flew all the way from Australia to be on the pod. Todd and Jamie of the band, and show, These New South Whales.
Nov 05, 2019
Halloween Special 2019 [Patreon Preview]
For the last month Jack has been interviewing listeners of the show about their own paranormal experiences for this nearly 2 hour long patreon episode. Listen to the full episode and last year's halloween special at
Oct 31, 2019
Episode 181: Hurricane Bitch feat. Dril & Derek
This week were joined by Dril and Derek who co-host the new Adult Swim livestream show Truthpoint. For those of you fortunate enough to not have twitter, Dril is the most infamous user on the website and if yo'ure curious, you can read his hilariously long wikipedia page. Stay tuned for the 2nd annual YBS Halloween special dropping this week at
Oct 28, 2019
Episode 179: Tim has a Cold feat. Tim Heidecker
Joined this week by previous San Bernadino District Attorney Candidate, Tim Heidecker. Go see Mister America in theatres or on VOD. Also, come to Brandon's monthly show in LA november 10th. Tickets available here:
Oct 23, 2019
Bonus: Halloween Patreon Special 2018
This is an extended preview of the Halloween Patreon Special from 2018. Jack interviews listeners from all over the world about their paranormal experiences. The full episode is available here:
Oct 13, 2019
Episode 176: Space Camp feat. Thundercat
This week were joined by Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at Brandon SF show THIS Sunday (10/13) at Cobb's Comedy Club:
Oct 07, 2019
Episode 174: Comedy Civil War Veterans feat. Jak Knight
Comedian Jak Knight joins us to discuss the craft of comedy, the process of joke writing, and representation for women and POC's in the industry of being a mass shooter. 10/13 Brandon San Francisco Cobb's Comedy Club show link: 10/13 Jak Knight guest hosting Brandon's LA show at The Satellite link:
Sep 30, 2019
Episode 173: Live at the Kennedy Center [Patreon Preview]
Preview of our Live Podcast at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC featuring Jamel Johnson, Felix Biederman and Andy Haynes. Full Version on
Sep 26, 2019
Episode 172: I'm gunna kill Barney with a Bazooka (feat. Felix Biederman & Andy Haynes)
We're in DC with Felix Biederman and Andy Haynes fresh off a live show that the iconic and respected Kennedy Center for performing arts. The live recording will be on patreon this week, keep your eyes peeled. tix for Brandon's SF show on 10/13:
Sep 23, 2019
Episode 171: Kiss Me Thru The Phone [Patreon Preview]
Episode 171: Kiss Me Thru The Phone [Patreon Preview] by Yeah, But Still
Sep 19, 2019
Episode 170: Insulti Homophobi feat. Perfume Genius
We're joined this week by Perfume Genius aka Mike Hadreas. Check out the new Perfume Genius song Eye on the Wall and honestly all of the other stuff as well because we are both big fans over here. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Sep 17, 2019
Episode 169: That's Gotta Hurt, Rob feat. Cam Tang [Patreon Preview]
Cam Tang joins us to talk about a time in his life when he was allegedly chatting with Aaron and Nick Carter on AOL Instant Messenger. Full Episode on our patreon at
Sep 13, 2019
Episode 168: Method Acting feat. Brett Gelman
This week on the pod we are joined by Brett Gelman of Stranger Things & Fleabag. Brandon SF 10/13 tix: more tickets links at Yeah But Still hoodies are live folks, get one at: For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Sep 08, 2019
Episode 166: Gamecube Nintendo feat. Adam Friedland, Jamel Johnson & ThemJeans
Adam Friendland, Jamel Johnson and ThemJeans are all on the podcast this week but Jack is not. Special thanks to Jason aka Themjeans for recording this episode. For an extra episode this week visit: New YBS Hoodies:
Sep 04, 2019
Episode 164: Dos Pinches Gringos feat. Chase Bernstein
Brandon and Chase Bernstein just got back from a comedy festival in Mexico, but there were not as many JaJaJa's as they hoped for. Folks we have hoodies for sale now in many colors. get one at Also for an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon.
Aug 26, 2019
Episode 163: Warped Vans Tour feat. Ceremony
This week we're joined by Anthony and Andy of the band Ceremony who has a new record coming out this week. Check it out folks. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Aug 20, 2019
Episode 161: Breeding Age American Males 6-65 feat. Jamel Johnson
Jamel Johnson joins us to tell the full story of the tour him and brandon just returned from which was only like 4 days long. Jack's favorite Gjohnce video: Gjohnce Tiger Video: Good luck diving into that rabbit hole. Check out our patreon discord for more.
Aug 13, 2019
Episode 160: Loqueesha Special [Patreon Preview]
Today we finally review a movie that we in no way endorse what so ever. The 2019 film Loqueesha directed, edited, produced and starring Jeremy Saville. Aside from being completely racist, this is just straight up one of the worst things we have ever seen and not even in a fun way. We watched this so that you don't have to. For full version of this episode sign up for our patreon at
Aug 08, 2019
Episode 158: Arrested for Having a Girlfriend feat. Ahamed Weinberg
Comedian Ahamed Weinberg joins us to talk about being a pimp on AOL instant Messenger. Brandon left jack's birthday early because he got hit by a paintball while paintballing. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon.
Jul 30, 2019
Episode 157: Bucky's vs Bucc-ee's [PATREON PREVIEW]
Comedian Chase Bernstein joins us before leaving for tour with brandon. Jack explains a very bizarre saga involving a soccer player from his high school that disappeared off the face of the earth only to resurface on the national news for being racist. Full Version available at
Jul 26, 2019
Episode 156: Clown Town feat. Courtney Pauroso & Natalie Palamides
This week were joined by comedians Courtney Pauroso and Natalie Palamides. For an extra episode each week and brandon's dax flame special get on our patreon at
Jul 23, 2019
Episode 154: Birth Right feat. Power Trip
Riley Gale of Power Trip joins us to talk about the time he snuck onto a birth right trip to get a free vacation in Tel Aviv. Also, he brings a gift to us and the listeners in the form of a very fucking weird video that you will find out about soon. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at:
Jul 15, 2019
Episode 153: H*rd R*ck N*ck Special [Patreon Preview]
Preview of an Investigative special featuring "Collin" and "Brendan" who have tracking and getting to know an infamous internet character for over 8 years. Full version and more info on our patreon.
Jul 13, 2019
Episode 152: The Big One feat. Johnny Pemberton
We're joined this week by Actor/Comedian Johnny Pemberton. Folks we got another big one dropping on patreon this week. The long awaited Hard Rock Nick investigative episode. Sign up at
Jul 09, 2019
Episode 150: TRL Voter Suppression feat. Tom Green
Today is our 150th episode and we are joined by the legendary Tom Green. For an extra episode each week sign up for our patreon at
Jul 01, 2019
Episode 149: Both Kinds of Engagement feat. Taylor Lorenz [PATREON PREVIEW]
Preview of 2 hour long special patreon episode with Taylor Lorenz. Full version at
Jun 28, 2019
Episode 148: The "Professional" feat. Gavin Matts
This week were joined this week by Canadian-American comedian Gavin Matts. Jack & Taylor Lorenz have a very special patreon episode coming up this week. Stay tuned and sign up if you aren't already at Go see Gavin at Carolines, tix available here:
Jun 24, 2019
Episode 146: Stranger Tings feat. Quinta Brunson
Quinta Brunson has returned to Yeah But Still specifically to ask Brandon how much money he makes per year.
Jun 18, 2019
Episode 145: House of Carters [Patreon Preview] feat. Andy Haynes
For full version of this episode sign up for our patreon at
Jun 14, 2019
Episode 144: Sucked off by a Ghost feat. Stavros Halkias
Were joined today by comedian and nude model Stavros Halkias. Feet pics of Brandon + Stavros and an extra episode each week available on our patreon at
Jun 11, 2019
Episode 142: Bleeding Out with Brendan O'Hare & Cory Snearowski
We are in New York this week for the YBS Live Show (which was sold out by the way. worth mentioning that the show was indeed sold out) Brendan O'Hare & Cory Snearowski came over the very next morning and recorded this episode in our AirBnb pod studio. Thank you to everyone that came out to the live show! It was extremely fun! We will probably put the live episode on patreon soon.
Jun 03, 2019
Episode 140: Fubu Muslims feat. Ramy Youssef
This week were joined by creator & star of Ramy on Hulu, Ramy Youssef. Ramy is currently celebrating Ramadan but it turns out podcasting is not only allowed, but encouraged during the holy month. Only a few tix left for our NYC show this friday:
May 29, 2019
Episode 138: mmmm chocatle feat. Will Meneker
Back in the building for round 2 we have Will Meneker of Chapo Trap House with us this week. New York, come see us live at the end of this month. Get tickets here:
May 21, 2019
Episode 136: Aperol Spritz Summit feat. Geraldine Viswanathan & Ayo Edebriri
Chaotic episode brought to you by the 3 bags of drinks brandon decided to bring for himself and our guests Geraldine Viswanathan & Ayo Edebriri. Brandon also wanted to mention that this was recorded before the controversial NYT hit piece on the Aperol Spritz which he will be addressing in a later episode. Brandon drank a lot of spritzes in this episode and we ended up locking him out of the building for a decent amount of time. Come see us live in NYC May 31st with Adam Friedland! Get tickets here:
May 16, 2019
Episode 137: Jack FM [Patreon Preview]
Sign up for our patreon for the full episode at
May 16, 2019
Episode 135: The 9/11 Episode [PATREON PREVIEW]
After September 11th, Clear Channel banned 165 songs from the radio. In this episode we are going through each of them to try to figure out why. Full episode at
May 10, 2019
Episode 134: Massage Porn feat. Matt & Kim
We are joined this week by indie rock darlings and Soulja Boy collaborator's Matt & Kim. To hear the 'Family Guy Story" that matt & kim refused to tell on the main podcast feed, sign up for our patreon at Also buy tix to see us live in NYC at:
May 07, 2019
Episode 132: Male Angels ft. Tim Robinson
This week on the pod were joined by Tim Robinson who has a new show out on Netflix called I Think You Should Leave. You should go watch it. Join our patreon for an extra episode each week at Also come see us live in NYC:
Apr 29, 2019
Episode 130: Vice Live 2 feat. Zack Fox & Jak Knight
Zack Fox showed up an hour late and immediately took a shit in our bathroom. Luckily Jak Knight was with us on time to record this extremely chaotic episode. Sign up for our patreon at: Tickets for NYC Live show:
Apr 24, 2019
Episode 129: Never Been Pantsed [Patreon Preview]
This episode was recorded 30 minutes after brandon sustained a concussion. Full version on our patreon.
Apr 19, 2019
Episode 128: Major League Brandon feat. Jamel Johnson & Johnny Wardell
Back for the 3rd time, Jamel Johnson and Johnny Wardell. Johnny walked into this episode with a word document containing several pages of things he wanted to talk about on this episode. Instead of doing that we talked for 40 minutes about a fantasy brandon has involving major league baseball and dua lipa. We briefly teased it but yes.. new york live show on May 31. Get Tickets here:
Apr 15, 2019
Episode 127: Addicted to Chaos feat. Andy Haynes [Patreon Previews]
Full version of this episode on our patreon.
Apr 11, 2019
Episode 126: Getting Nasty with Cole Escola
This week we are joined by comedian/writer Cole Escola. Folks we have a few Yeah But Still Hoodies left for sale at this link. sign up for our patreon at
Apr 09, 2019
Episode 125: Basement Meditations [Patreon Preview]
Jack is back from the midwest where he has spent 5 days in a dark musty basement meditating in total silence drinking expired cans of diet coke. Full version of this episode on our patreon. Honestly just sign up for our patreon what is wrong with you? just get in there
Apr 04, 2019
Episode 124: Occult of Personality feat. Paul Scheer
This week were joined by Paul Scheer (Black Monday, The League, Veep) to discuss forming a cult and share notes on our jared fogle conspiracy theories. Yeah, But Still Hoodies officially for sale. Get them while they are hot. Also join our patreon
Apr 01, 2019
Episode 122: I Did Not F*ck My Cat feat. Jovan Hill [Patreon Preview]
Preview of special patreon episode this week featuring Jovan Hill, who is the reason a youtuber spent his week telling people he didnt cum on his pet cat. full episode at
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 121: Manboss feat. Chloe Fineman
This week were joined by comedian/actress Chloe Fineman. New: Yeah, But Still hoodies are officially dropping this week. Putting them for sale on the patreon only for a while to give the alphas first access so sign up for patreon because you honestly should do it anyway. Brandon doing Standup in NYC Tix here:
Mar 19, 2019
Episode 119: To Catch an Editor feat. Douggpound & Brent Weinbach
We're joined by Douggpound and Brent Weinbach for this week's episode which is entirely about pedophilia, that is the only thing we talk about for over an hour. not sure how this happened but we are sorry.
Mar 12, 2019
Episode 117: Tim Kaine in the Membrane feat. The Lucas Brothers
This week were joined by The Lucas Brothers to talk about politics and how Lin-Manuel Miranda should just be called Hamilton from now on because his name is hard to say without stuttering.
Mar 05, 2019
Episode 116: iDosed feat. Chris Black [Patreon Preview]
Preview of a truly beastmode episode that is over 2 hours long with Chris Black available on our patreon.
Mar 01, 2019
Episode 115: I'm Quagmire, I fuck hoes feat. Jak Knight
RIP Brody Stevens. First 20 minutes of this episode is dedicated to Brody, then we are joined by comedian Jak Knight for the rest of the podcast. Very long episode this week folks.
Feb 27, 2019
Episode 113: Chuck E Cheese Delivery feat. Tim Dillon
This week were joined by comedian Tim Dillon to talk about cameo, food culture and hollywood sickos.
Feb 19, 2019
Episode 112: Brandon Gone Wild [Patreon Preview]
We have hit our 10k goal on the patreon and brandon is no longer banned from being horny. Full nearly 2 hour version at
Feb 15, 2019
Episode 111: Comedy Sex God ft. Sandy Honig & Sarah Squirm
Were this week by comedians Sarah Honig and Sarah Sherman to bring pizzagate back from the dead and get ourselves banned on twitter for popping off.
Feb 12, 2019
Episode 110: Inside the Coachella Influencer House [PATREON PREVIEW] feat. J Cyrus
Jack talks to J Cyrus about staying at the Coachella Influencer house and secretly filming Jake Paul say the N Word. Full Episode at
Feb 08, 2019
Episode 109: Waaaazzzuppp? (remember that commercial? lol)
Superbowl commercials ended up being a lot more boring than I expected, very disappointed folks. Please sign up for our patreon. Our discord is officially live and going very strong.
Feb 05, 2019
Episode 108: 7 Degrees of Steve Bannon [Patreon Preview] feat Erin Gloria Ryan
Preview of the newest patreon alpha feed episode featuring Erin Gloria Ryan. Also BIG announcement. Our Patreon Discord is now live and currently popping off extremely hard. Sign up for our patreon for access to the discord, each tier automatically gets a different rank. Also we are extremely close to reaching our patreon goal where brandon is allowed to be horny on the pod again and has to do a photoshoot as a swagapino.
Feb 01, 2019
Episode 107: I Stay in the Alley prod. Kenny Beats
This week were joined by producer Kenny Beats who was supposed to actually produce this episode and make us both sound like Travis Scott but it didn't end up happening. Sorry folks. Sign up for our patreon for a 2nd episode every week. Tickets for brandon's monthly live show in LA avail here
Jan 28, 2019
Episode 105: Solo Mile High Club feat. Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson of Workaholics joins us to talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin joining the mile high club by himself as a young boy. Check out Blake's new show Tigtone on Sundays on Adult Swim. Also sign up for our patreon for a 2nd episode each week.
Jan 22, 2019
Episode 103: No Perverts Allowed feat. Will Menaker
Will Menaker joins us this week to break down some of the most important issues of our time, including Soulja Boy getting into a matrix style gun fight and executing 4 men in cold blood. DIsclaimer: if youre a pervert turn this off RIGHT NOW. This episode is for bad bitches only. Sign up for our patreon for an extra episode each week, and feet pics:
Jan 16, 2019
Episode 101: Born Into Selling Out feat. Jimmy Tatro
This week were joined by Jimmy Tatro, star American Vandal and Real Bros of Simi Valley. Jimmy also has one of the deepest, smoothest and bass heavy voices we've had on the show so far- you may want to listen to this with subwoofers to get the full experience. For an extra episode each week, sign up for our patreon at
Jan 07, 2019
Episode 99: David Hogg Fuck a Fan Challenge feat. Adam Friedland
This week we're joined by comedian Adam Friedland to discuss his recent experiences with the NYPD and getting banned from his local coffee shop.
Jan 03, 2019
Patreon 97: Dale feat. Cam Tang [Patreon Preview]
Yeah, But Still is on christmas break right now and wont be doing main episodes until the new year. BUT we are still doing Patreon episodes during the holidays so join our patreon if you want to listen. Sign up at
Dec 25, 2018
Episode 96: I'm in Incredible Pain feat. Matt Ingebretson & Jake Weisman
Matt Ingebretson & Jake Weisman, creators and stars of the show Corporate on Comedy Central join us this week to hear absolutely terrible dating from brandon, directly tell couples listening together to break up and discuss the pros and cons of horny follows. Check out Season 2 of Corporate coming out January 15th on comedy central.
Dec 18, 2018
Episode 94: My Calvins feat. Vampire Weekend
This week we are joined again by our very first podcast guest, Ezra Koenig, along with Brian Robert Jones and Chris Baio of Vampire weekend. This episode is sponsored specifically by the Calvin Klein commercial where Marky Mark says that the best way to protect yourself from contracting aids is to wear calvin klein underwear which you can watch here: Also check out Ezra's most recent project Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas now on Netflix.
Dec 10, 2018
Episode 93: Best of the East Coast [Patreon Preview]
Last month we did a live podcast tour of the east coast, this patreon episode is a compilation of the best shows from Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC featuring Anthony Fantano, Brendan O'hare, Felix Biederman and more. Full episode at:
Dec 06, 2018
Episode 92: I kiss my kids on the lips
This week Piers Morgan started a war on twitter by saying disparaging things about fathers who kiss their children on the lips. Luckily, people are bravely fighting back by tweeting photos at him of them passionately kissing their children. The only thing sweeter than a kiss, is revenge. For an extra episode each week, private feet pics and other great things sign up for our patreon.
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 90: Holidays with my family are like the USA Network, Characters Welcome :)
This week we work through the trauma of having your life shattered by some kid named Tristan or Connor telling you santa isn't real moments before he tells you about a new cuss word he learned. Watch our season 1 of show Like & Subscribe on youtube and amazon prime and tell all your friends. Also sign up for our patreon for an extra episode each week:
Nov 28, 2018
Episode 91: Please stop reporting the feet tier to the IRS [Patreon Preview]
Full episode and feet pics available on our patreon.
Nov 28, 2018
Episode 89: Brandon has been Lil Xan this whole time [Patreon Preview]
Sign up for our patreon to hear the full version of this episode and 1 extra episode per week:
Nov 23, 2018
Episode 88: I don't play no Fortnite, I'm playing in a fort tonight
In this episode we primarily dive into one of our favorite new white guy dictionary rappers, Token. And also one of the most bizarre kids shows set in the middle of a new mexico desert. Go watch our new show Like & Subscribe this thanksgiving with your cousins! You have to make your cousins watch, this part is very important. Watch on amazon prime, youtube or the link below
Nov 19, 2018
Episode 87: Marilyn Monroe with Tattoos [Patreon Preview]
For the full version of this episode, sign up for our patreon for an extra episode per week. also our show Like & Subscribe is out this week! watch the entire thing at or on amazon prime.
Nov 15, 2018
Episode 85: Bathroom Sicko Mode LIVE in NYC feat. Felix Biederman
This week we are coming to you live from our sold out show in new york city featuring special guest Felix Biederman. We are on tour right now folks. Come see us in Washington DC and Philly THIS WEEK. Links for tickets below. Washington DC November 6th Philly November 10th: (2 shows)
Nov 07, 2018
Episode 83: Ay! I'm Poddin' over here!! feat. Jamel Johnson
Jamel Johnson, comedian and Kohls' influencer, joins us again this week to talk about his haunting problem and update us about Keith Da Comedian. COME SEE US ON TOUR NEXT WEEK! Buy Tickets Here: NYC: **PODCAST SOLD OUT** Brandon Stand Up: DC: Yeah But Still Live: Brandon Standup: PHILLY: Yeah But Still Live: Brandon Stand Up: ALSO COME SEE JAMEL:
Oct 28, 2018
Episode 82: Halloween Special [Patreon Preview]
For the last month, Jack has been interviewing podcast listeners who have experienced something paranormal. This week is a very special episode that features spooky stories from Ecuador, Samoa, Massachusetts, Mexico and Southern California. Full episode available at
Oct 27, 2018
Episode 81: School of the Hard Knox feat. Knox Fortune
Brandon has never had an actual job so he had to watch the documentary Mad Men to learn what working in an office is like. Jack thought that Voldemort was the gay character in harry potter this whole time. We were both raised by media, our brains are broken, and today we are joined by Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur and CEO..Knox Fortune. Come see us on our east coast tour! Ticket links below. NYC (2nd Show Just Added!) Philly DC Also check out our patreon for an extra episode for week.
Oct 23, 2018
Episode 79: Dad Who Cried Wolf
serious episode: brandon opens up about the challenges he faces as a man who is too good at sex. we also discuss the incel episode of SVU and "waterbottle girls" aka the ones who are already sitting down in the grass crying outside a festival before it even starts. Come see us on our east coast tour! Ticket links below. Philly DC NYC: Sold Out (may add a 2nd show) Also check out our patreon for an extra episode for week.
Oct 16, 2018
Episode 77: The Dogfather feat. Chuck Inglish
Joining us this week is rapper/chef/half of the Cool Kids: Chuck Inglish. Need to make a correction up top, at one point in this episode we say that Kanye West has a song with Hoobastank. That song does not exist, however he did make a cameo in their music video. Come see us LIVE on tour this november. Purchase tickets at the links below folks. NYC Philly DC
Oct 10, 2018
Episode 75: International Podcast Day feat. Gabriel Gundacker
Today is international podcast day. Let us take a moment of silence for all the podcasters who sacrificed themselves while serving our country........ okay thank you, now let us welcome Gabriel Gundacker to the podcast this week. you can follow gabriel on twitter at WE ARE COMING TO THE EAST COAST! Buy tix to first show here
Sep 30, 2018
Episode 74: My girl's cheating on me with her boyfriend [Patreon Preview]
Full episode available at
Sep 29, 2018
Episode 73: I Hate Fake Friends... feat. Aminé
Have you ever considered how scary clowns have negatively affected the hardworking non-scary union clown industry? Would you be angry if brandon had tattoos? Do you become an adult the second you first find yourself attracted to Lola Bunny? This week were joined by rapper Animé to answer all of these important questions.
Sep 24, 2018
Episode 71: Texting a Child (The Strangest Thing of All) feat. Mitra Jouhari
We're joined this week by comedian/writer Mitra Jouhari to ask the most pressing questions of the week. Is Stormy Daniels a fake gamer girl? Does being able to draw mean that you're gay? Have you heard about this crazy new show called South Park? Why is Drake texting a 14 year old? Follow Mitra at For more episodes, visit
Sep 19, 2018
Episode 70: Legend of the Piggyback Bandit [Patreon Preview]
Johnny Wardell joins us and brings up his personal connection to a famous sports mystery. Brandon finds it hilarious and Jack finds it to be extremely dark and shocking. Either way, what is brought up as a funny tidbit ends up being a large topic for discussion and quite possibly an important key to a bizarre national news story from a few years ago known as The Piggyback Bandit Saga. Full Episode on our Patreon:
Sep 13, 2018
Episode 69: Dude my parents NEVER had sex
Mac Miller was originally going to be the guest on this episode but as most of you already know, he passed away on Friday. Mac and Brandon were friends, this is very sad and shocking news. Great guy and great musician, rest in peace Mac. This is otherwise a normal, goofing around episode. It is also episode 69. Big landmark for us, thanks everyone for listening to us up to this monumental point.
Sep 10, 2018
Episode 67: Horny at Best Buy feat. Open Mike Eagle & Lance Bangs
This week we're joined by Rapper & Comedian (he says he isn't but he is) and Director Lance Bangs.
Sep 04, 2018
Episode 66: *Ricky Martin Voice* She Bangs! She Bangs! feat. Lance Bangs [PATREON PREVIEW]
Full version of this episode featuring director Lance Bangs available at
Aug 30, 2018
Episode 64: Hotel Kiss Boy feat. Father & Zack Fox [Patreon Preview]
We got slightly too drunk with Father and Zack Fox. Had some severe audio problems and this nearly became a lost episode..but we were able to revive part of it from the grave. This is partly a normal patreon episode, part an episode featuring Zack and Father. Full version of it is available on our Patreon.
Aug 26, 2018
Episode 65: Austin Powers Origins feat. White Reaper
This week we are joined by White Reaper, aka the band wrote our theme song specifically for this podcast. Last night we went to an Austin Powers themed bar and today we dig into the deep origins of the Austin Powers universe.
Aug 23, 2018
Episode 63: Live in Los Angeles (feat. Spencer Pratt, Jamel Johnson, Brody Stevens)
Our first ever live podcast taping at the Satellite in Los Angeles. Sold out crowd, very piping hot mood in the venue. We performed for almost 2 hours and we're giving you the whole thing basically uncut. Featuring special guests Spencer Pratt, Jamel Johnson and Brody Stevens. Sound Engineer: Erik Webb Sound Mixing: Clifton Parks (@clay_png)
Aug 21, 2018
Episode 61: Crying: For Men feat. Nick Colletti
This week on the podcast, Nick Colletti, and together we are rebranding crying. It's nothing for men to be ashamed of folks, it's actually pretty badass because its just how your heart nuts.
Aug 13, 2018
Episode 59: Did Donald Duck Say the N-Word?
Not Clickbait....sound off in the comments below... The first Yeah, But Still Live show is august 12th in LA. Get your tickets at:
Aug 08, 2018
Episode 57: Stealing My Essence feat. DJ Douggpound & Conner O'Malley
This week we are joined by DJ Douggpound (Tim and Eric, Tom Goes To the Mayor, Portlandia) But unfortunately we have to start the episode with a not so brief advertisement from an improv teach brandon met named Tyler Joseph. In no way do we personally endorse any of the courses, classes or thoughts that Tyler offers up on this episode. However, he did pay us 1,500 dollars in exchange for airtime. If anyone want to help Tyler he is staying down at the LA River near the frogtown area and could probably use some food or medicine. **Note: an incorrect version of this episode was originally uploaded and was replaced by this new fixed version. sorry we freaked it**
Jul 30, 2018
Episode 55: Gemini Season feat. Felix Biederman
Felix Biederman of Chapo Traphouse is back again in the YBS studio for back 2 back episodes. This week we focus on the traits and tactics of the strongest, most Alpha men in business who all happen to be Gemini's. We teach the audience one of the most important rules of life, when you make a mistake, never admit it. Completely deny that it happened and if somebody gets mad at you, just be more mad at them without apologizing.
Jul 23, 2018
Episode 54: All My Hittas feat. Felix Biederman [Patreon Preview]
A very special Birthday Edition patreon episode featuring Felix Biederman of Chapo Traphouse. Full version of this episode on our patreon:
Jul 20, 2018
Episode 53: Solving All The World's Problems feat. Lizzo
This week were joined by the artist Lizzo who is definitely too famous to be forced to listen to Jack and Brandon argue about hot dogs, but here we are. Extra long podcast this week folks, Lizzo was an amazing talker. Hope you enjoy. Follow Lizzo at:
Jul 17, 2018
Episode 52: A/C, Proud Men and Detective Mode [Patreon Preview]
Preview of this week's Patreon Episode where we dive into several deep mysteries. hear full version on
Jul 14, 2018
Episode 51: Air Bud Exposed feat. Patti Harrison
This week we are joined by comedian, writer and host of "A Woman's Smile" podcast, Patti Harrison. Warning: we had a little SUGAR before recording this and we may get a little RANDOM. All of us were wearing invader zim shirts while recording this. follow patti on twitter at
Jul 10, 2018
Episode 50: Big Mood Brandon feat. Brian Robert Jones [Patreon Preview]
Preview of Patreon Episode featuring Brian Robert Jones, guitarist of Vampire Weekend. Brandon came into this episode in an extremely good mood. A mood so good that we assumed somebody dosed him with some kind of drug. Easily brandon's best podcast performance of all time based purely on energy and mood alone. full episode at
Jul 08, 2018
Episode 49: Spoiler Alert feat. Dillon Francis
This week on the podcast, Dillon Francis. World famous musician, aspiring twitch streamer and most importantly our costar on the new show Like & Subscribe. Follow Like & Subscribe on insta @LikeandSubscribe and twitter @LikeandSub. Trailer is live and up on both. stay tuned.
Jul 02, 2018
Episode 47: The Calamari Algorithm Part II
Due to some steps Dave and Busters has taken recently, I honestly didn't think I would be making another Calamari Algorithm episode. However, I recently stumbled across a Dave and Busters expert who has given me some inspiration that there may be some hope left for achieving my dreams. His name is Michael, he is probably one of the best dave and busters players in the country but more importantly, his knowledge of game related calculations are advanced to say the least.
Jun 26, 2018
Episode 46: The Podfather feat. Hayes Davenport [Patreon Preview]
Preview of this week's Patreon episode featuring Hayes Davenport (Writer of Eastbound & Down, Vice Principles and host of Hollywood Handbook) Full version available on
Jun 23, 2018
Episode 45: NASCAR Drunk Driving Edition
We were planning on coming to you this week live from Ojai California this week but the universe stepped in and ruined it. Jack got stuck in florida and brandon drank too much white wine and convinced himself that he was dead.
Jun 20, 2018
Episode 43: Family Business feat. Johnny Wardell
Extremely special treat for you all today. This week our very special guest is a real life, flesh and blood member of the Wardell Family.....Johnny Wardell.
Jun 12, 2018
Episode 42: Boner Bobby [Patreon Preview]
Full version of this episode on
Jun 08, 2018
Episode 41: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell 2: this time tucker max is woke dad
Breaking News: Brandon is banned from being horny. Double Breaking News: Brandon actually can still be horny and it's your fault. TRIPLE Breaking News: Tucker Max is no longer a self proclaimed incredibly badass frat guy, is now fully rebranded as an inspiration success dad.
Jun 06, 2018
Episode 40: The Roseanne Episode [Patreon Preview]
A month ago in the heat of one of Roseanne Barr's bizarre twitter sprees, Jack jokingly replied to her tweet and she responded back asking if Jack played Fortnite. It turned out to be Roseanne's son, Buck aka BT, who was on the account after he took it over by force. Since then, we have learned that BT has been the only person trying desperately to keep his mom off twitter by any means necessary. In this episode we interview BT a few hours after his mom's show was cancelled because of her twitter behavior and learn about his experience as a son trying to fix this incredibly massive and bizarre situation. Full Version of this episode on
May 31, 2018
Episode 39: Make a Nut Foundation feat. Zack Fox
This week we have Zack Fox on the podcast to answer all the important questions the world needs to know: Did angelica from the rugrats grow up to fuck lots of rappers? Why does the hamburglar exist? How is brandon so drunk off of only 3 (three) Sapporo beers? Follow Zack on twitter at @zackfox also catch him on tour this month with adult swim
May 29, 2018
Episode 37: Gay Venmo feat. Brody Stevens & Jamel Johnson
This week were joined by comedians Brody Stevens and Jamel Johnson. Jamel tells us about stealing a garbage bag full of hot chicken nuggets from a baseball stadium. Brody tells us about an early series of sexual experiences involving a family of spiders.
May 22, 2018
Episode 35: True Life: Steel Drum Music Turns Me On
In this episode, Brandon and Jack talk about how creepy it is when grown men have opinions on viral teens..then proceed to argue about taylor swift for 25 minutes. Jack also finds out brandon gets turned out by steel drum music because it reminds him of girls gone wild. Also, we find out the sad truth behind Tommy Bahama
May 16, 2018
Episode 33: Rachel Profiling feat. Jaboukie Young-White & Jak Knight
This week were joined by comedians Jaboukie Young-White and Jak Knight.
May 07, 2018
Episode 32: Noah's Arc feat Noah Munck [Patreon Preview]
Noah Munck(aka Gibby from iCarly)joins us on the podcast to talk about life as a child star, the internet and fame. Listen to the full version of this episode on our patreon at
May 03, 2018
Episode 31: Lo-fi Italian Hip Hop beats to chill/study to
Brandon just got back from hosting the White House Correspondent Dinner and people are pretty mad.
Apr 30, 2018
Episode 29: Live From Coachella / Hustlers and Pimps feat. Jus Reign & Wahlid Mohammad
This week we are joined by our friends Jus Reign and Wahlid Mohammad. A longer version, and also video of our pod with them is available on their podcast Just2Boyz.
Apr 24, 2018
Episode 28: Skoal & Bones [Patreon Teaser]
Full episode of this episode featuring Andy Haynes available on our patreon.
Apr 19, 2018
Episode 27: Live from the TJ Maxx "Maxximum Volume" Official Coachella After Party
Jack and Brandon had the BEST time at the TJ Maxx Coachella Afterparty. TJ Maxx is a place to find high quality fashion looks for reasonable prices and they really did it BIG this year. We didn't think anything could be better than the O'Reilly Auto Parts. Theme song by White Reaper Sign up for our Patreon at
Apr 17, 2018
Episode 26: Wild Hogs [Patreon Teaser]
For the full version of this episode subscribe to our Patreon. Were doing 2 episodes a week now but you gotta be a Patreon Subscriber (were calling these people Alphas now) to have access to the 2nd one.
Apr 12, 2018
Episode 25: If somebody wants to punch you, they actually want to kiss you!
Brandon is back from tour and the boys are reunited once again. Many things to catch up on. Jack is now an award winning journalist, will he still respect brandon? only time will tell.
Apr 09, 2018
Episode 24: Fleetwood Macklemore [Patreon Teaser]
Subscribe to our Patreon for the full 1.5 hour version of this episode featuring Felix Biederman. Were doing two episodes per week from now on, one of which is only available to our patreon subscribers!
Apr 05, 2018
Episode 23: Cool Cat Finds a Gun
The boys dive deep into the universe of Cool Cat. Highly recommended that you dive deep into this yourself and follow along. Here are some good places to start. Our Patreon launches Wednesday! Please sign up and support when it's live folks!
Apr 03, 2018
Episode 21: Crying Ironically feat. Felix Biederman & Erin Gloria Ryan
Chapo Trap House's Felix Biederman and writer Erin Gloria Ryan join us to discuss Jordan B. Peterson, joker obama, crying during lord of the rings and being cool. follow felix and erin at: Theme song by White Reaper
Mar 26, 2018
Episode 20: Professor Timmy Thick
Folks were going to be doing 2 episodes per week soon, be on the lookout for that were gunna launch very soon.
Mar 20, 2018
Episode 19: My therapist was a white girl rapper (Not Clickbait!!) (Emotional)
Brandon recently discovered that his therapist used to be a white girl rapper. Jack helps him work through the trauma and unfolds what might end up being a much much larger mystery.
Mar 12, 2018
Episode 18: Wine Pod feat. WET (DRUNK) (SORRY)
This week we are joined by the band Wet. Big warning: a few bottles of wine were drank during this episode and you will definitely be able to tell lmao. Jack and Brandon get into several loud fights, brandon also tries to rap Wet Dreamz by J Cole. please forgive us
Mar 06, 2018
*Bonus* Episode 17.5: Your Favorite Bitch
We're back mother fuckeeeeeeeerrrss!!! these motherfuckers i swear, they tried to KILL your famous- your favorite bitch. They TRIED TO FUCKING KILL ME!!! Im not going down without a MOTHER FUCKIN FIGHT!!!!!!!
Mar 02, 2018
IPAD: Im Pilipino And Dope
Feb 26, 2018
Episode 16: RIP JNCO (emotional)
Sorry for the delay folks, Jack was in Mexico. This week we discuss the death of JNCO jeans featuring a quick call with the CEO himself. Also a follow up to a previous topic about Jack's friend who lived next door to the creator of The Boondock Saints.
Feb 22, 2018
*BONUS* Episode 15.5: The Calamari Algorithm
Jack takes over the pod by himself this week for an entire episode dedicated to his long and complex project called "The Calamari Algorithm". The Calamari Algorithm is a math equation developed by Jack in order to potentially fund a large, Calamari based party at Dave & Busters called The Calamari Mixer. However, there have been many many things standing in the way of this dream so far.
Feb 16, 2018
Episode 15: Barron Trump (DJ SET)
Jack gets caught in a catfishing scheme as the bait. Brandon and Jack realize that they both were sent to interview gangs by vice for some reason shortly after moving to LA. finally, has anyone seen Barron Trump?
Feb 13, 2018
Episode 14: Sick Boys
3 hour long raving review and analysis of the smash hit single Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers.
Feb 06, 2018
Episode 13: Free Paddington feat. Quinta Brunson
In his highly reviewed new movie, Paddington the Bear gets sent to prison and guess what folks....he has decided to join MS-13. Also this week we are joined by the amazing Quinta Brunson.
Jan 29, 2018
*BONUS* Episode 12.5: Hashtag Set Life, Hashtag Just Another Day At The Office
Bonus pod live from a real life HOLLYWOOD film set folks. Spoiler alert, Brandon and Jack are in a show together. second spoiler: jack is a writer and executive producer so he outranks brandon and is cooler than him on set, everyone likes him more. third spoiler: were doing a podcast in the middle of the damn set folks. truly grinding out here, working while we are working. this is a very professional thing for us to do on set that people definitely enjoy being around.
Jan 25, 2018
Episode 12: Three Billboard II: Four Billboards feat. Jake Weisman
Jake Weisman from Comedy Central’s Corporate joins the boys for an extra long one this week. Brandon explains the highs and lows of his new career as a sex worker. Jack and Jake have a beautiful bonding experience over how angry an award winning film made them.
Jan 23, 2018
Episode 11: What if Comedy was Sad?
Jack & Brandon come up with a groundbreaking new tv show idea about a sad stand up comedian living in new york city.
Jan 14, 2018
Episode 10: Boondock Saints 3: Irish ISIS feat. Conner O'Malley
Comedian Connor O'Malley joins the podcast to discuss the great Chicago Irish traditions of salami eating, prejudice against the polish and getting a job with the city that allows you to basically just sleep all day.
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 9: The prosecution rests your honor...this defendant....has smoked chronic.
Hungover from new years, Jack and Brandon manage to stay positive in 2018 for approximately 20 minutes.
Jan 03, 2018
Episode 8: Ho Ho Ho's In Different Area Codes
A very special Christmas episode from your two favorite elves, Brandon and Jack.
Dec 26, 2017
Episode 7: Now THIS is Podcasting! feat. Chromeo
The boys are joined by Chromeo to discuss many things but mostly to back up Jack in telling Brandon that nobody wants him to get buff. Other topics include Horse Girls, Proud Boys, Anakin Skywalker, Juicero and Jack's Bow.
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 6: Bird Bigotry
Brandon explains how he was the hottest person at the Pitch Perfect 3 screening. Jack begins the process of buying a gun. Brandon reveals that he may be slightly Bird Prejudice. Also, the one secret to not being poor that nobody wants you to know about. Theme Song by White Reaper
Dec 11, 2017
Episode 5: Feat. Ezra Koenig
The boys welcome Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend frontman and creator of the show Neo Yokio to the podcast.
Dec 04, 2017
Episode 4: Fred Durst Fully Loaded
Brandon's Toonzone account is found. Brandon accidentally derails Andy Dick's sobriety with an edible. Jack apologizes to Fred Durst, Brandon gets pranked by Steve O and a conspiracy relating to 2005 era Lindsay Lohan is revealed. Theme song by White Reaper
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 3: Thanksgiving Special "Characters Welcome"
Brandon and Jack talk about thanksgiving for about 10 mins before going off topic for literally the rest of the episode. Jack puts out a bounty out on Brandon's middle school era "" account. Theme Song by White Reaper
Nov 21, 2017
Episode 2: Jake Paulogists & The Death of Memes
Brandon and Jack discuss the life & death of meme culture, social media 'self care' and Dad Sounds. please subscribe and keep the 5 star reviews coming. It actually helps a ton, we got dangerously close to Rogan on the charts last week because of it and i guarantee he was stressed. Theme song by White Reaper.
Nov 14, 2017
*Bonus* Episode 1.5: Dan Bilzerian & Jared Fogle's Big Jeans
Bonus Midweek Episode: Brandon & Jack discuss their first beers, dan bilzerian, and jared fogle showing up to parties with his huge pants. Thank you for the reviews! We hit #13 on the charts, v close to joe rogan lmao. keep em coming! new episode on monday.
Nov 11, 2017
Episode 1: Fanfiction, The Matrix & Babyshower Auditions
Brandon and Jack read the erotic fan fiction that they found about themselves online. Brandon addresses accusations of being a fake gamer. Jack comes to terms with being uninvited to Spencer Pratt's baby shower. Theme by White Reaper
Nov 05, 2017