Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

By Heather Jonasson

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Category: Comedy

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Heather and her expat friends discuss their experiences and humiliations among their adopted country of Sweden. We discuss tips, observations, and the type of important questions expats want to know, such as "Why are there witches on Easter?", "Why do Swedes never take the last piece of candy?" and "Where can I find decent Tex-Mex food?"

Episode Date
#113 The Trouble With Visas
Today’s episode was recorded remotely, but not for the usual reason. This time our guest, Sheona, got deported! She gives...
Nov 28, 2022
#112 Meatballs for Every Occasion
Ameury from France wants to know why the same food is served for every Swedish holiday.
Nov 14, 2022
#111 Brexpat
We talk to Luke from Essex in the UK about southern Sweden, Halloween and All Saints Day.
Oct 31, 2022
#110 Waterproof
Vajeen is from Sri Lanka and wanted to move to another country. His wife wanted Australia, but they ended up in the opposite hemisphere.
Oct 17, 2022
#109 Remember to Get Insurance
A quarter-life crisis led Adam to leave the Cape Cod America dream to find out what Europe had to offer.
Oct 03, 2022
#108 Is There a Blue One?
Grace, from Manchester, tells us about her first Midsommar experience and being repeatedly overrun by bicycles.
Sep 19, 2022
#107 Reindeer and Strawberries
Mustafa, from Egypt, talks to us about warm countries vs cold countries, Egyptian cotton, and discovering new careers.
Sep 05, 2022
#106 Trapped in Paradise
Diego returns for the season finale! We discuss which is easier – moving to Sweden or New Zealand? Also, co-living...
Jun 13, 2022
#105 Welcome to the Sourdough Hotel
Johanna is a former tour guide from Hungary that now lives in Sweden. Today she shares her views on Hungarian paprika, Stockholm's sourdough hotel, and why Sweden is good when it comes to banking but not when installing bathroom pipes.
May 30, 2022
#104 The Book of Icelanders
Anna is from the land of no McDonalds and no mosquitos - otherwise known as Iceland!
May 16, 2022
103 Caviar Every Saturday
Oystein, from our neighbor Norway, explains some differences between our two countries. Plus, Valborg plans.
May 02, 2022
#102 The Price of Piggelin is Too Damn High
Jeremy from the U.S. talks about working remote and living outside of Stockholm. Plus, we get a tip on a place called Dog Island.
Apr 19, 2022
#101 Gravel in My Shoes
Anna, from the Netherlands, took an analytical approach when deciding to live in Sweden. Pros: good work/life balance. Cons: You often have gravel in your shoes.
Apr 04, 2022
#100 We’re Going to Have a Meeting About the Meeting
Malcolm from Sydney, Australia, gives us some tips on how to reinvent ourselves when starting over in a new country. Also, why do Swedes need so many meetings?
Mar 21, 2022
# 99 Swedish History – More than just Vikings
We chat with the hosts of A Flatpack History of Sweden about history and Swedish problems.
Mar 07, 2022
#98 An Immigrant in New Zealand
Diego says enough of this darkness and ice. It’s time to move to New Zealand.
Feb 21, 2022
#97 Taking the High Nose
was living in Manhattan when she met her future husband during a vacation in Sweden. Three kids later, they now reside in the west coast town of Höganäs.
Feb 07, 2022
#96 All Things Swedish and Scottish
We talk to Lee from Scotland about kilts, dogs, vegetarian haggis and his frustration with Estrella chips.
Jan 24, 2022
#95 Warming up by the TV Fireplace
This week’s ice and snow podcast guest, Bokani, is from Zimbabwe. You think pronouncing Swedish is hard? Try Ndebele! Also, why is blood pudding still a thing?
Dec 27, 2021
#94 The Best Thing About Sweden is Pastry Traditions
Our guests today are from France, with a side of American. We talk winter and Lucia gear for kids, how to beat seasonal depression and getting your medical needs online.
Dec 13, 2021
#93 Rock Lobster Castle and Oops-sala
Thomas is from Buffalo and always wanted to move somewhere warm. Thomas now lives in Uppsala. He’s doing it wrong.
Nov 29, 2021
#92 Fashion and Style
As we hosts are fashion-clueless, we have Kate, a designer from the UK to talk to us about fashion in Sweden.
Nov 15, 2021
#91 Ville Volvo Vovve
We talk to Emma, one of the creators of the new book from The Local, "Villa Volvo Vovve" and learn the real meanings of phrases that even Swedes don't know!
Nov 01, 2021
#90 The Cutting Edge
Emily, from Arizona, gives us the lowdown on how it works with hairdressers in Sweden, going to school for a Master’s degree and the sad lack of Crystal Light.
Oct 18, 2021
#89 The Great Exchange
How is it when the tables are turned? We talk to Anna, a Swede that lived a year in Texas as a high school exchange student. Culture shock reversed!
Oct 04, 2021
#88 Take a Chance
We speak to Ana from Mexico City, but this isn’t her first time living abroad. We also talk about learning Swedish through subway announcements & fun times on the icy driving course.
Sep 20, 2021
#87 Bionic Shakira
The expat hosts of the podcast talk about vaccines, Swedish problems and murder house shopping.
Sep 06, 2021
#86 Summertime tips
To close out the season before summer we offer some tips for those staying in or heading out of Sweden....
Jun 30, 2021
#85 For the Newbies
Julieta, of the Newbie Guide to Sweden, has probably heard every mistake we’ve all made after moving to Sweden. She...
Jun 23, 2021
#83 The Return of Akash
Akash, originally from India, is back! Not just back on the podcast, but back in the country! A few weeks...
Jun 09, 2021
#82 – The Ultimate Guide to Umeå
Erik, from Umeå Today, and author of “The Umeå Handbook,” talks to us about all things Umeå!
May 26, 2021
#81 The Laundry Episode
Today we have a great conversation with Sibo, from Zimbabwe, about how some days you think you’re moving to Australia...
May 12, 2021
#80 Latest News, Breaking Stories and Ice Cream Tips
Journalist, broadcaster and brunch enthusiast Maddy, from the UK, talks to us about media culture, documentaries, and trying to shock...
Apr 28, 2021
#79 Knives and Costco Rumors
Julian, from Winnipeg, talks to us about Småland, Costco rumors and what to bring when you move to another country.
Apr 14, 2021
#78 Happy Easter, Witches!
We bring in a Swede, Agnes, to answer our Easter questions like, “Why is the grocery store trying to sell...
Mar 31, 2021
#77 Cash, Card or Gold?
We talk to Tamara, who just arrived 4 months ago. She’s lived in Bosnia, Libya, UK and Dubai! How does...
Mar 17, 2021
#76 Short Sportlov Special
A quick check-in over the Swedish spring break/sport break holiday. What to do with kids when everything is closed? Eat...
Mar 04, 2021
#75 Tips from the Concierge
Kiki, a hotel concierge in Stockholm, gives us some amazing tips on museums and food. We also learn why the...
Feb 11, 2021
#74 What Does the Reindeer Say?
Today we talk with Hwa, from Taiwan, about Swedish eating culture, Bubble tea and reindeer. Also, spotlight on Luleå!
Jan 27, 2021
#71 Mexican Night of the Radishes
Shaena from Canada returns! We discuss goat betting, the meaning of 4H and shine a spotlight on Högbo.
Dec 16, 2020
#72 Zoom, Vitamin D and Goats
Once again, we are forced back on Zoom because of “viral events.” It’s the usual chat for December – take...
Dec 02, 2020
#71 Scheduling Dinner in Advance
We talk to Andrés, from Argentina, who has spent half of his time in normal Sweden and half of his...
Nov 18, 2020
#70 You Must Have Vitamin D
We discuss the dark month of November, the sjuarmade ljusstaken and Black Friday. Also, Diego discovers that grits are not...
Nov 04, 2020
#69 Finding Your Way
We speak to Patricia, from Venezuela, about finding your way in Swedish society with a spotlight on Umeå. We talk...
Oct 21, 2020
#68 Ingen reklam, tack
Today we talk about postal delays, movie theaters re-opening and aqueducts. We also shine a spotlight on Håverud.
Oct 07, 2020
#67 Coat Strategy
Mark, from Minneapolis, puts a spotlight on Vreta kloster, denying his involvement with thousand year old skeletons found there. We...
Sep 23, 2020
#66 Just Use the Bucket
We are back! We catch up on our summer experiences, like broken toilets, meze for Midsommar and traveling in the...
Sep 09, 2020
#65 Season Finale – From Russia With Ice Cream
Anna, from Russia, talks with us about Sweden’s taco problem, Stockholm vs. Gothenburg and about the only thing to look...
May 20, 2020
#64 Hiding Out in a Summer House
Mike, who was born in Indonesia, not Holland, talks with us about escaping to summer houses during a pandemic, losing...
May 13, 2020
#63 There is no Place Like Rome
Today we check in with Licia, a former expat to Sweden that returned to her home country of Italy. We...
May 07, 2020
#62 Isle of Man
Laura, from the Isle of Man, talks about music, Viking roots, and all the restaurants we should visit when things...
Apr 22, 2020
#61 A Woman of Many Talents
Today I talk with Germaine. She’s a singer, actor, chef, photographer…. what can’t she do?! A little creative inspiration for...
Apr 15, 2020
#60 A Banana Box Full of Ceramic Frogs
Our 4th Irish person named Patrick talks about Easter, writing and how to properly scavenge your apartment trash room.
Apr 08, 2020
#59 Vegetables are Green Things
Zayna, from California, enjoys the literal translations of Swedish words, like grönsaker, gives us some tips on Västerås and discusses...
Apr 01, 2020
#58 Quarantine 2 – Electric Boogaloo
Checking in today with Monica who basically thinks quarantine feels the same as moving to a country for the first...
Mar 25, 2020
#57 Quarantine!
Special Quarantine episode! Learn about restrictions in Stockholm public transport, tips for things to do when stuck at home and...
Mar 18, 2020
#56 A Patrick for Saint Patricks Day
Patrick was born in Detroit to Irish parents and has been in Sweden 3 years. We talk about Detroit, Swedish...
Mar 11, 2020
#55 Insects are Not Allowed as Food in Sweden
Patrick was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa and now lives in Sweden. He really appreciates being here even...
Mar 04, 2020
#54 I Was Told There Would be Snow
Jenny, from Costa Rica, talks about the mild winter this year, the troubles of finding a job in another country,...
Feb 26, 2020
#53 Can Sweets be Too Sweet?
Katia and Camilla, both from Brazil, discuss dessert sweetness, fashion and question whether there really is a place called Snake...
Feb 19, 2020
#52 I Never Learned to Ski
Today we learn about the best weather apps, how to travel cheap, whether office massages are good or bad, and...
Feb 05, 2020
#51 Do Not Mess With My Semla
In our talk today with Roger, from Ohio (where you meet all the Swedes), we discuss if the U.S. actually...
Jan 29, 2020
#50 Red Wine and Gatorade
We catch up on winter break activities, new museums and new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird.
Jan 22, 2020
#49 Winter Special – A Completely Different Expat View
On this short winter special episode, we see what life is like as an expat in China.
Jan 08, 2020
#48 From All of Us to All of You
We re-visit our Swedish friend Sam to fill us in on Swedish Christmas traditions, such as, why is everyone watching...
Dec 18, 2019
#47 All Hail the Christmas Pig
Marta, from the popular Instagram and Blog, A_Girl Who Travels, talks with us about her spontaneous move to Stockholm. We...
Dec 11, 2019
#46 Have Yourself a Merry Lidl Christmas
Carolin, born in East Berlin, fills us in on the similarities and differences between Sweden and Germany. We also discuss...
Dec 04, 2019
#45 What Does the Swede Say?
To celebrate our one-year anniversary of the podcast, we turn the tables this week and talk to a Swede!
Nov 27, 2019
#44 Turn at the Robot
Samantha, from South Africa, runs Girl Gone International, an online group for expat tips and meetups. We talk language mistakes,...
Nov 20, 2019
#43 Don’t Shake the Baby
Jarrett, from Calgary, thinks you people are WEAK! You want to see a real winter? Come to Calgary. He also...
Nov 06, 2019
#42 Your Guide to Halloween and Day of the Dead
We make our yearly attempt to explain Halloween and Day of the Dead to the country of Sweden.
Oct 30, 2019
#41 Listen or the Babaroga Will Get You
It’s the time of year for Serbian tales of vampires, the Babaroga and Nikola Tesla! Jelena fills us in on...
Oct 23, 2019
#40 Expat Superpowers
Luis, who grew up in Spain, talks a bit about his birth country Costa Rica (watch out for alligators), swimming...
Oct 16, 2019
#39 Fifty Dollars for 2 Boxes of Chex
Sarah, from Wisconson, just wants a Target, good BBQ and affordable chocolate chips. Is that really too much to ask?
Oct 02, 2019
#38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head
Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having...
Sep 25, 2019
#37 Superstitions and Air Raid Sirens
Pinar, from Turkey, joins us on this week’s episode when we talk about superstitions, air raid sirens and chain restaurants...
Sep 18, 2019
#36 Cafe Culture and Neighbors
Olga, from Ukraine, talks about Ukrainian vs. Swedish cafe culture, getting to know your neighbors through fake traditions, and the...
Sep 11, 2019
#35 The Backpacker Who Moved to Sweden
We talk with author Patrick Hamilton Walsh about his travels, how he found himself in Sweden, and his new book...
Sep 04, 2019
#34 Scuba, Starfish and Summer Camp
We’re back for Season 2 with a recap of our Swedish and not-so Swedish summers. We discuss scuba diving with...
Aug 28, 2019
#33 Swedes Explain – Crawfish parties
You may have noticed the large number of crawfish napkins, plates, hats and lamps in every store lately. Well, on...
Aug 14, 2019
#32 Swedes Explain – Gotland
Today’s Swede, Jorun, tells us about the popular tourist destination of Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea.
Jul 31, 2019
#31 Swedes Explain – West Coast Represent
Looking for the right place in Sweden to relax on your summer vacation? Why not try the west coast? Isadora...
Jul 17, 2019
#30 Swedes Explain – Charter Trips
Former guest, half Swede/half Brit Sandy, explains why Swedes love to go on charter trips as well as her experience...
Jul 03, 2019
#29 Swedes Explain – Midsommar, Schnapps and Strawberries
We discuss the flavors of Midsommar with Erik – new potatoes, strawberries and pickled herring. And then we discuss how...
Jun 19, 2019
#28 Swedes Explain – The National Day
For the summer, we will be interviewing Swedes to have them explain summer traditions. We start with Måns and how...
Jun 05, 2019
#27 Season Wrap-up and Summer Tips
Heather and Monica take you through a review of what we’ve learned this season and the people we’ve met. We...
May 29, 2019
#26 Please Stand on the Right Side of the Escalator
Do you know what moose like to eat? Travis, from Australia does! He talks to us about moose farms, ethical...
May 22, 2019
#25 Sometimes All You Need is a Kebab Pizza!
Today we chat with a couple of Italians, mainly about food of course, but also about language and some great...
May 15, 2019
#24 Learning Swedish Through Cartoons and Soap Operas
Leonel, from Argentina and one-half of the popular FB page ”Learn Swedish in a FUN way!” gives us the lowdown...
May 08, 2019
#23 Why are There so Many Sailors in Town?
Erika, from Canada, explains why we are seeing so many young sailors being carted off in dump trucks around the...
May 02, 2019
#22 The Stockholm Writers Festival
Catherine, the organizer of the Stockholm Writers Festival, talks to us about the upcoming festival, Valborg and Eurovision (yes, it’s...
Apr 24, 2019
#21 Around the World
Being an expat in one country wasn’t enough for Sandy. She’s lived on 5 continents!
Apr 17, 2019
#20 Three Immigrants in Sweden
Diego, who runs the account ”An Immigrant in Sweden,” gives us the low-down on secret tamale exchanges and and cursed...
Apr 10, 2019
#19 Russia, New Zealand and Easter Witches
We hop all around the globe today with Dasha discussing Easter traditions in four countries (only Sweden includes witches –...
Apr 03, 2019
#18 Get a Dog and Head for the Pub
Pull up a seat at the pub and listen to Patrick, from Dublin, tell stories of strange Finnish people and...
Mar 27, 2019
#17 Tapas are the Greatest Invention
I ask Rosa, from Spain, to fill me in on how people in southern Europe can eat dinner so late...
Mar 20, 2019
#16 When Stairs Become Slides
This week I talk to Ola, from Poland, about dubbing shows in other languages, the difference in Polish names and...
Mar 06, 2019
#15 Sweden’s Biggest Cultural Export is Pop
Akash, from India, moved to Sweden expecting a heavy metal mecca. This was not quite the case. But he’s developed...
Feb 27, 2019
#14 From the Land of Sun and Dirt to the Land of Ice and Snow
Fotis, from Greece, is getting really tired of eating so much salmon here. Can we please find a way to...
Feb 20, 2019
#13 This Sidewalk IS Big Enough for the Both of Us
Steve, from England, and host of the podcast “The Experience Designers”, tells us how it is to pick up and...
Feb 13, 2019
#12 Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich
Hana, from Singapore, talks about having to buy socks for the first time in Sweden, typical movie snacks in both...
Feb 06, 2019
#11 Why Not Spend the Winter Building Synthesizers?
Leo, from Los Angeles, makes his own synthesizers and shares his knowledge on his YouTube station LeoMakes. He also thinks...
Jan 30, 2019
#10 It Takes a Lot of Chocolate to Get Through a Dark Winter
AnaMaria and Gustavo from Ecuador talk all about chocolate and how it’s made. We also discuss how it is to...
Jan 23, 2019
#9 Semla, Skarsgård and Melodifestivalen
Shaena, from Canada, gives tips on finding a job in Sweden and minimizing the winter blues by watching Melodifestivalen. We...
Jan 16, 2019
#8 New Year, New Arrival
We kick off the new year with a new arrival to Sweden! Lauren just moved to Sweden about 6 weeks...
Jan 09, 2019
#7 We may have a Christmas goat, but Austria has Krampus
On this very special Christmas episode, Clara from Austria compares some Swedish and Austrian Christmas traditions, we talk about the...
Dec 18, 2018
#6 Lucia Day has Major Health and Safety Issues
Rachel, from the UK, discusses her hatred of saffron buns and Lucia, why you can’t name your kid Lucifer here,...
Dec 11, 2018
#5 Julbord and Dog Sledding
Melanie from Michigan tells us all about dog sledding, and we chat about Christmas markets and Julbord in Sweden.
Dec 04, 2018
#4 What to do when the Queue Machine is Broken
We talk to Sharmala from Malaysia about why Black Friday makes no sense in Sweden, why Swedes are obsessed with...
Nov 27, 2018
#3 Weddings, Pizza and a Goat on Fire
A discussion of weddings in Sweden, strange toppings on Swedish pizza and why setting a 43-foot tall straw goat on...
Nov 16, 2018
#2 Root Beer is Not Disgusting
A Californian rates Swedish towns, we question whether root beer counts as a disgusting food and tell you how to...
Nov 08, 2018
#1 What’s Scarier, Halloween or Surströmming?
Two Texans discuss why American cheese is a luxury, grocery store humiliation, and why Swedes don’t understand that Halloween is...
Oct 29, 2018
#0 Theme from Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Theme music for Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow.
Oct 28, 2018