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 Jul 14, 2023
Had to get podcast since I've enjoyed the YouTube channel

the best
 Jan 25, 2023
I have multiple reddit reading podcasts. this is best. he gets to do his own advertising a huge deal. no mid sentence advertisements. that repeat.

 Jun 24, 2021

 Jun 6, 2021

 Apr 5, 2021


I read Reddit stories with emotion and with funny voices. My most popular subreddits are r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents, and r/Choosingbeggars Subscribe to unlock bonus episodes:

Episode Date
r/Bestof My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Adult Muppet
Apr 23, 2024
r/AITA My Dad is Dating a 16-yo Girl
Apr 22, 2024
r/Bestof My Husband Cheated w/ Our Son's 18-yo Girlfriend
Apr 21, 2024
r/AITA "Buy Me a Plane Ticket So I Can Cheat on You!"
Apr 20, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Outsmarted My Stupid Boss
Apr 19, 2024
r/AITA My Evil Sister Wants My Kidney
Apr 18, 2024
r/Prorevenge I Blackmailed a Blackmailer
Apr 17, 2024
r/Amithedevil for Banging My Wife's Twin?
Apr 16, 2024
r/Amithedevil People Hate Me for ****ing Kids 😢😭
Apr 15, 2024
r/Relationships My Girlfriend Wants Horse Roleplay
Apr 14, 2024
r/Bestof "I Did You a Favor by Cheating On You"
Apr 13, 2024
r/AITA A Prank Almost Killed My Daughter
Apr 12, 2024
r/Offmychest I Sent My Own Husband to Prison for Life
Apr 11, 2024
r/Bestof My Wife's Workout Partner Knocked Her Up
Apr 10, 2024
r/AITA I Slept with My Bully on My Wedding Day
Apr 09, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance I Made a Scammer Lose $50,000
Apr 08, 2024
r/Prorevenge Steal My Phone? I'll Steal Your Car!
Apr 07, 2024
r/AITA My Brother Wants to Be My Pimp
Apr 06, 2024
r/Storiesaboutkevin Idiot Thief Gets Himself Arrested
Apr 05, 2024
r/AITA My Step-Dad Wants to Be My Gynecologist
Apr 04, 2024
r/Relationships My BF Thinks Girls Shouldn't Vote
Apr 03, 2024
r/Amiwrong My Boyfriend Farted on My Dinner
Apr 02, 2024
r/Bestof "Sleep With Me If You Want Your Cat Back"
Apr 01, 2024
r/AITA My Fiancé is an Evil Gold Digger
Mar 31, 2024
r/AmITheDevil Why Won't My Girlfriend Be My SLAVE?
Mar 30, 2024
r/Bestof I Taught My Kid to Beat Up His Bully
Mar 29, 2024
r/AITA My Wife Won't Stop Kissing Women
Mar 28, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance Thieving Bully Messes with the Wrong Guy
Mar 27, 2024
r/Offmychest My Wife is an Insane Stalker
Mar 26, 2024
r/AITA My Step-Dad Keeps Touching My Bottom
Mar 25, 2024
r/Prorevenge I Made My Scummy Landlord Lose $21,000!
Mar 24, 2024
r/AITA My Ex DEMANDED I Buy Her a House
Mar 23, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge Break My Mailbox? I'll Break Your Car!
Mar 22, 2024
r/Topposts BOO-HOO I Got Caught Cheating!
Mar 21, 2024
r/Amithedevil My Boyfriend Won't Give Me $30,000/year!
Mar 20, 2024
r/Amiwrong My Husband's Cheating with Our Kid's Friend
Mar 19, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest Am I My Husband's Mistress?
Mar 18, 2024
r/Bestof My Boyfriend is an Evil Psychopath
Mar 17, 2024
r/AITA My Parents Stole My $$$ to Buy a Car
Mar 16, 2024
r/AITA I Accidentally Killed My Girlfriend's Dad
Mar 15, 2024
r/Bestof My Wife Became a Drug-Addicted Cheater
Mar 14, 2024
r/AITA My Wife Went CRAZY and Put Me in the ER
Mar 13, 2024
r/Relationships My Husband Literally Tortured Me
Mar 12, 2024
r/AITA I Slept with My Girlfriend's MOM
Mar 11, 2024
r/Prorevenge My Bully Fell into a Vat of POO
Mar 10, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance Demote Me? Lose $1,000,000!
Mar 09, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge I Made a Scamming Thief Lose $3,000
Mar 08, 2024
r/Amiwrong I Almost Killed My Coworker
Mar 07, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest I Caught My Brother ****ing His Daughter
Mar 06, 2024
r/Bestof A FAKE Wedding Ruined My Life
Mar 05, 2024
r/AITA My Parents Stole My Entire Life from Me
Mar 04, 2024
r/AITA My Family Wants My Vacation Home
Mar 03, 2024
r/Bestof I Imprisoned My Husband for 30 Years
Mar 02, 2024
r/AITA My Family Wants to Steal My Lakehouse
Mar 01, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance Steal from Me? It'll Cost You THOUSANDS
Feb 29, 2024
r/Prorevenge Military Guy DESTROYS Stupid Bully
Feb 28, 2024
r/AITA for Cancelling My Parents' Allowance?
Feb 27, 2024
r/Bestof My 14-yo Daughter is Dating a 21-yo
Feb 27, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge My Grandpa's Revenge from Beyond the Grave
Feb 25, 2024
r/Relationships My Husband is Stalking His Hot Coworker
Feb 24, 2024
r/Amiwrong I Ruined a High Schooler's Life
Feb 23, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest HELP! My Sister Came Onto Me!
Feb 22, 2024
r/Bestof Husband Missed the Birth of Our Baby to CHEAT!
Feb 21, 2024
r/AITA My Parents Want Me to Give Them $350,000
Feb 20, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance Tell Me to Call a Lawyer? WILL DO!
Feb 19, 2024
r/Amiwrong My Husband Traded Dirty Pics with the Babysitter
Feb 18, 2024
r/Prorevenge Bully Me? Lose $100,000/year!
Feb 17, 2024
r/AITA "Give Me Your Vacation Home!"
Feb 16, 2024
r/AITA I Won the Lottery by Accident
Feb 15, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge My Evil Stepmom Died & I Got Her Money!
Feb 14, 2024
r/AITA My Sister Stole My Dead Baby's Name
Feb 13, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest I Caught My MOM with my UNCLE
Feb 12, 2024
r/Bestof My Best Friend Slept with My Boyfriend
Feb 11, 2024
r/AITA I Stole My Cheating Fiancé's House
Feb 10, 2024
r/AITA for Tricking My Mean Teacher?
Feb 09, 2024
r/Bestof My Girlfriend Won't Dump Her F-Buddy
Feb 08, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance My Teacher Mocked Me, So I Got Her Fired
Feb 07, 2024
r/Amiwrong "Pick Me or Your Pregnant Mistress"
Feb 06, 2024
r/AITA My Mom Stole & Sold Everything I Own
Feb 05, 2024
r/Bestof Bully Me? I'll Bully You into Oblivion
Feb 04, 2024
r/Prorevenge I Got My Boss Arrested by the FBI
Feb 03, 2024
r/AITA Karen's Kid Stole My Puppy
Feb 02, 2024
r/Bestof My Girlfriend Wants to "Top" Me
Feb 01, 2024
r/AITA for Making My Pregnant Daughter Homeless?
Jan 31, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest I'm Divorcing My Husband over Cake
Jan 30, 2024
r/AITA for Not Giving My Bro $2,000/month?
Jan 29, 2024
r/Prorevenge I Killed My Own Boss
Jan 28, 2024
r/AITA My Mother Wants to STEAL My Baby
Jan 27, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance US Military Officer VS Dumb Karen
Jan 26, 2024
r/Choosingbeggars "YOU RUINED MY SON'S CHRISTMAS!"
Jan 25, 2024
r/Storiesaboutkevin She's the DUMBEST Woman on Earth
Jan 24, 2024
r/Amiwrong My Husband Has a Secret Wife in Thailand
Jan 23, 2024
r/Bestof My Husband's Banging the Babysitter
Jan 22, 2024
r/AITA for Being Glad My Sister is Dead?
Jan 21, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge Harass a Cop? Enjoy Your Felony
Jan 20, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest My Brother's Sleeping with our MOM
Jan 19, 2024
r/AITA My Entire Family Calls Me Slurs
Jan 18, 2024
r/Bestof I Just Found Out I Have a 15-yo Daughter
Jan 17, 2024
r/AITA for Refusing to Give a Karen My Plane Ticket?
Jan 16, 2024
r/AITA My Sister is Abusing Our Brother
Jan 15, 2024
r/Pettyrevenge How I Tricked My Scummy Ex-Wife
Jan 14, 2024
r/AITA Is My Boyfriend Trying to Poison Me?
Jan 13, 2024
r/Topposts I Beat My Female Friend
Jan 12, 2024
r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Bully with Poison Ivy!
Jan 11, 2024
r/Amiwrong My Friend Wants to Sleep with My Daughter
Jan 10, 2024
r/Relationships My Wife Cheated on Our 10 Year Anniversary
Jan 09, 2024
r/Bestof My Husband Forced Me to Get Plastic Surgery
Jan 08, 2024
r/Bestof My Ex Wants Me to Raise HER Baby
Jan 07, 2024
r/AITA for Ignoring a Child's Broken Arm?
Jan 06, 2024
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Tricked My Stupid Boss
Jan 05, 2024
r/AITA She Tried to STEAL My Baby!
Jan 04, 2024
r/Trueoffmychest My GF Cheated with a YouTuber
Jan 03, 2024
r/AITA for Sending My Brother to Jail?
Jan 02, 2024
r/Entitledparents "GIVE ME YOUR DOG!"
Jan 01, 2024
r/AITA for Stealing a Family Heirloom?
Dec 31, 2023
r/Prrorevenge I Cost My Landlord $50,000
Dec 30, 2023
r/Relationships Can a 19-yo Girl Date a 45-yo Man?
Dec 29, 2023
r/AITA My Dad Hates Me
Dec 28, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Tried AND FAILED to Fire Me
Dec 27, 2023
r/Bestof My Wife Abandoned Our Baby to Die
Dec 26, 2023
r/AITA for Abandoning my 9-Months Pregnant Wife?
Dec 25, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband's Cheating with My Best Friend
Dec 24, 2023
r/AITA for Mocking a Woman who Miscarried?
Dec 23, 2023
r/Bestof My Neighbor KIDNAPPED My Daughter
Dec 22, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing My Sister's Inheritance?
Dec 21, 2023
r/AITA for Letting My Child Drink Wine?
Dec 20, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Farted On Him
Dec 19, 2023
r/Bestof My Wife Stole All Our Money and VANISHED
Dec 18, 2023
r/Nuclearrevenge I Watched Him Die
Dec 17, 2023
r/AITA My In-Laws Tried to Murder My Dog
Dec 16, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest HELP! My Girlfriend's a PSYCHOPATH
Dec 15, 2023
r/AITA for Squirting Breastmilk in a Child's Ears?
Dec 14, 2023
r/Bestof My Brother Proposed to MY Fiancé
Dec 13, 2023
r/AITA for Poisoning My Roommate?
Dec 12, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance "SUE ME!" "lol ok"
Dec 11, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Evil Niece Destroyed My Marriage
Dec 10, 2023
r/Bestof I'm Not the Father... I'm a Woman
Dec 09, 2023
r/AITA My In-Laws Nearly Killed My Newborn Daughter
Dec 08, 2023
r/Relationships My Husband is Cheating with Multiple Girls
Dec 07, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I Caught My Mom with HER DAD!
Dec 06, 2023
r/AITA My Husband HATES Our Daughters
Dec 05, 2023
r/Bestof HELP! I'm Dating a PSYCHOPATH!
Dec 04, 2023
r/AITA My Husband Abandoned Me Mid-Miscarriage
Dec 03, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Destroyed My Bully Boss's Company
Dec 02, 2023
r/Relationships My Sister is Marrying a Violent Felon
Dec 01, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Give My Boyfriend My House?
Nov 30, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Exposed a Cheating Scammer to His Wife
Nov 29, 2023
r/AITA My Father-in-Law is a Child Ab**er
Nov 28, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Ruined Karen's Life with a Phone Call
Nov 27, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Harass Me? Lose Your Job!
Nov 26, 2023
r/Relationships My Husband is Stalking Our Boss's Daughter
Nov 25, 2023
r/Bestof My BF Wants to Give Me to His Best Friend
Nov 24, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Secretly Loves My Sister
Nov 23, 2023
r/Bestof HELP! My Roommate is Poisoning Me!
Nov 22, 2023
r/AITA for Calling My Daughter Ugly?
Nov 21, 2023
r/AITA My Mom is a Mega-MILF
Nov 20, 2023
r/Prorevenge Fire Me? Lose $10,000,000
Nov 19, 2023
r/AITA for Kicking Out My Pregnant Sister?
Nov 18, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Gave My Child to a Pedo
Nov 17, 2023
r/AITA My Parents are OBSESSED with My Love Life
Nov 16, 2023
r/TIFU by Trying "Adult" Star Trek Roleplay
Nov 15, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I Ruined My Life by Cheating on My Wife
Nov 14, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing a Wedding Dress?
Nov 13, 2023
r/Bestof I Accidentally Slept With My Sister
Nov 12, 2023
r/AITA for Telling My Daughter She's Too Fat?
Nov 11, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance "Apologize Like Your Job Depends On It"
Nov 10, 2023
r/AITA for Ruining Dog Olympics?
Nov 09, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Worked 2 Minutes and Made $18,000
Nov 08, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars "Seeking Full-time Live-in SLAVE"
Nov 07, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Stole My Bully's $40,000 Pokemon Card Collection
Nov 06, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Bully Me? Lose $50,000!
Nov 05, 2023
r/TIFU I Got Caught Sniffing Sister's Panties
Nov 04, 2023
r/AITA for Attacking a Disabled Woman?
Nov 03, 2023
r/Bestof My Mother-in-Law Tried to Kidnap My Daughter
Nov 02, 2023
r/AITA My Entitled Sister Stole My Birthday Party
Nov 01, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I Saved 2 Babies from a Burning Car
Oct 31, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing an Engagement Ring?
Oct 30, 2023
r/Bestof My Wife is Poisoning Our Kids with Turpentine
Oct 29, 2023
r/AITA My Entitled Niece Destroyed My Collectables
Oct 28, 2023
r/Prorevenge Steal My Food? Enjoy MEGA-LAXATIVE!
Oct 27, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance My Neighbor Tried to Steal My Land
Oct 26, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Ruined an Angry Old Karen's Life
Oct 25, 2023
r/Confessions I Dumped a Baddie Over Her RADIOACTIVE Dumps
Oct 24, 2023
r/Bestof My Son Broke His Bully's Nose
Oct 23, 2023
r/AITA My Husband has a Secret $100,000 Gambling Debt
Oct 22, 2023
r/Tifu A Kid Stole My Lunch, so I Fed Him Carolina Peppers
Oct 21, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest Husband Secretly Did Surgery on My Va****
Oct 20, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Wants Me to Regrow My Uterus
Oct 19, 2023
r/AITA My Brother Stole My Engagement Ring
Oct 18, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Don't Work? OK, I Won't!
Oct 17, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Ruined My Evil Boss's Career
Oct 16, 2023
r/AITA for Giving ALL of My Husband's Money to a Stranger?
Oct 15, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Ruined a Dumb Karen's Day
Oct 14, 2023
r/Relationships My 37-yo Boyfriend LOVES Tween Girls
Oct 13, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing a Man's Potatoes?
Oct 12, 2023
r/TIFU by Getting Shot in the Eye
Oct 11, 2023
r/Bestof I Just Found Out I Have an Adult Daughter
Oct 10, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Destroyed a Multi-Million $$$ Company
Oct 09, 2023
r/Bestof I Married a Murderer
Oct 08, 2023
r/AITA for Abandoning Newborn Twins in a Foreign Country?
Oct 07, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Broke My Bully's Legs with a Wrench!
Oct 06, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Give My Sister $250,000?
Oct 05, 2023
r/Topposts My Girlfriend Thinks She's a 3-year-old Child
Oct 04, 2023
r/AITA for Naming My Baby "Luffy?"
Oct 03, 2023
r/Relationships My Ex-Husband Killed My Son's Dog
Oct 02, 2023
r/TIFU By Winning the Lottery
Oct 01, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Uncle Wants to Date Me
Sep 30, 2023
r/Bestof I Want My Husband to Sleep with My Sister
Sep 29, 2023
r/AITA My Stalker Sister Stole My Life
Sep 28, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Boyfriend Makes Love to Cows
Sep 27, 2023
r/Bestof "I Got a Girl Pregnant by Kissing Her"
Sep 26, 2023
r/AITA My Karen Wife Called the Cops on a Sweet Old Lady
Sep 25, 2023
r/AITA for Sleeping with My Sister's Boyfriend?
Sep 24, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Take My Phone? It'll Cost You $100,000!
Sep 23, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Destroyed a Corrupt Contractor's Business
Sep 22, 2023
r/AITA My Wife Wants to Exploit Our Kids on YouTube
Sep 21, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars I WANT A FREE HOUSE!
Sep 20, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge My Mom Hired Thugs to Beat Up my Bully
Sep 19, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Steal from Me? I'll Steal EVEN MORE from You!
Sep 18, 2023
r/TIFU by Eating CUMcake
Sep 17, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Got His Virgin Coworker Pregnant
Sep 16, 2023
r/Relationships My Boyfriend Won't Spend $200 to Save My Life
Sep 15, 2023
r/AITA My Husband Tried to Kill My Dog
Sep 14, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Left the Country & Ghosted Me
Sep 13, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest "I Cheated on My Pregnant Wife"
Sep 12, 2023
r/AITA My Pregnant Daughter Tried to Murder My Cat
Sep 11, 2023
r/Bestof "My Fat, Pregnant Wife Doesn't Deserve Food"
Sep 10, 2023
r/AITA If I Change My Son's Name, He Will Inherit MILLIONS $$$
Sep 09, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Late Employees Will Be MURDERED
Sep 08, 2023
r/Entitledparents "GIVE ME YOUR NEWBORN!"
Sep 07, 2023
r/AITA My White Friend: "Black People Can Only Date Black People"
Sep 06, 2023
r/Prorevenge Beat Your Wife? I'll Ruin Your Life!
Sep 05, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife's Affair Ruined 4 Marriages
Sep 04, 2023
r/Bestof My Fiancé Left Me at the Altar, Now He Wants Me Back!
Sep 03, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife Cheated on Me, Then Laughed at Me
Sep 02, 2023
r/Bestof I Took a 7 Year "Break" From my Husband & Kids
Sep 01, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Want Me to Quit? OK... BYE!
Aug 31, 2023
r/AITA for Keeping My JACKPOT Winning Lottery Ticket?
Aug 30, 2023
r/AITA My Mom's Mac & Cheese is a Crime Against Humanity
Aug 29, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Give My Sisters $37,000?
Aug 28, 2023
r/AITA I Locked My Kid Out, and She was Murdered
Aug 27, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Stupid Bouncer Versus US Marine Corp
Aug 26, 2023
r/Entitledparents My In-Laws Are Suing Me for My Business
Aug 25, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Made a Jerk Lose $8,000,000
Aug 24, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing My Sister's Inheritance?
Aug 23, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got a Karen Nurse Fired
Aug 22, 2023
r/Bestof My Wife Wants a "Hall Pass" to Cheat
Aug 21, 2023
r/AITA My Friend Outed Me as a P**nstar
Aug 20, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Entitled Karen Expects Me to Feed Her Kid
Aug 19, 2023
r/AITA for Laughing at My Brother's Terrible Tattoo?
Aug 18, 2023
r/TIFU By Becoming Harry Potter in Bed
Aug 17, 2023
r/Bestof I Found My Long-Lost Brother
Aug 16, 2023
r/Prorevenge Fire Me? I'll Bankrupt You!
Aug 15, 2023
r/AITA My P**nstar Sister Ruined My Life
Aug 14, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife is Attracted to Kids
Aug 13, 2023
r/Bestof My Dad Saved Me from a Cult!
Aug 12, 2023
r/AITA for Calling Cops on a 6-Year-Old?
Aug 11, 2023
r/Bestof My INSANE Stalker Tried to Kidnap Me!
Aug 10, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Your Kid Can Watch ANY Youtube Vid? OK!
Aug 09, 2023
r/AITA Should I Give My Cheating Dad $100,000?
Aug 08, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars Draw My Wolf Fursona For FREE!
Aug 07, 2023
r/AITA for Teaching My Kid that She's Dumb?
Aug 06, 2023
r/Entitledparents Angry Karen Finds Reddit Post About Her
Aug 05, 2023
r/Prorevenge Corrupt Mayor VS World War 2 Veteran
Aug 04, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Parents are Mad I Saved a Kid's Life
Aug 03, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Moron Calls the Cops Over Weed Delivery
Aug 02, 2023
r/Bestof I Took My Young Daughters to a Brothel
Aug 01, 2023
r/AITA For Becoming a Karen to Treat Mexicans a Lesson?
Jul 31, 2023
r/Askreddit What Have You Seen Working for the SUPER Wealthy?
Jul 30, 2023
r/Legaladvice I Created a Crow Army
Jul 29, 2023
r/Bestof My Friend Wants to KIDNAP My Baby
Jul 28, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Work For Me or I'll SUE You!
Jul 27, 2023
r/Bestof My Teacher Wants to Adopt Me
Jul 26, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Husband Divorced Me, Immediately Regrets It
Jul 25, 2023
r/AITA I Told My Child to Get Over Her Dead Mom
Jul 24, 2023
r/AITA for Not Giving My Sister My House?
Jul 23, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Said "I Hope You Die"
Jul 22, 2023
r/AITA for Mocking a Cancer Survivor?
Jul 21, 2023
r/AITA for Not Giving Away $350,000?
Jul 20, 2023
r/AITA for Washing My Butt?
Jul 19, 2023
r/Legaladvice I Gave My New Hookup $30,000 to Buy a Horse
Jul 18, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance USA Sniper VS Vietnam Sniper
Jul 17, 2023
r/TIFU by Hiring a "Woman of the Night"
Jul 16, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Has a Secret Second Family
Jul 15, 2023
r/AITA I Disowned My Son Over a Prank
Jul 14, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband's Mistress Came to My Wedding
Jul 13, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Thinks She's the Neighborhood Cop
Jul 12, 2023
r/TIFU By Accidentally Giving Away $15,000
Jul 11, 2023
r/Bestof Mystery Blood Is Appearing in my House
Jul 10, 2023
r/AITA My Brother is Marrying My Bully
Jul 09, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife is a Serial Shoplifter
Jul 08, 2023
r/AITA Karen Wants Me to Pay for Her Disney Vacation
Jul 07, 2023
r/Bestof My Cheating Friend is Ruining Our Lives!
Jul 06, 2023
r/AITA My Husband Steals from Homeless People
Jul 05, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Destroyed My Bully's Marriage
Jul 04, 2023
r/Bestof INSANE Stalker Thinks She Owns Her Daughter
Jul 03, 2023
r/AITA My Father-in-Law is Stealing My Breast Milk
Jul 02, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Steal My Lunch? Lose $ THOUSANDS $
Jul 01, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Ruined My Bully's Life & Family
Jun 30, 2023
r/AITA My Sister Demanded I Pay Her $20,000
Jun 29, 2023
r/Niceguys vs Nicegirls "I Will Convert Lesbians with My D***"
Jun 28, 2023
r/Nuclearrevenge My Dad Killed a P**o
Jun 27, 2023
r/Entitledparents My 13-yo Babysitter Seduced My Husband
Jun 26, 2023
r/AITA "I Own Your Uterus"
Jun 25, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Cost My Boss $100,000,000
Jun 24, 2023
r/Bestof I Won a $4,000,000 Lottery
Jun 23, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Raise Someone Else's Baby?
Jun 22, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Brother Has a Crush On Me
Jun 21, 2023
r/TIFU by Almost Slicing My Balls Off
Jun 20, 2023
r/AITA My Nightmare Daughter is Ruining My Life
Jun 19, 2023
r/Bestof I Turned in My Dad for Being a P*do
Jun 18, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got My Karen Neighbor Evicted!
Jun 17, 2023
r/AITA For Letting Kids Destroy a House?
Jun 16, 2023
r/AITA for Letting My Brother Go Homeless?
Jun 15, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Ruined My Lazy Boss's Life
Jun 14, 2023
r/Prorevenge My Boyfriend Tried to Microwave my Dog!
Jun 13, 2023
r/AITA for Suing My Brother?
Jun 12, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance My Sister Thinks She's a DOG
Jun 11, 2023
r/Entitledparents Karen Stole My Dog!
Jun 10, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge Cut Down My Tree? Time for TREE LAW!
Jun 09, 2023
r/AITA for Getting My Neighbors Arrested?
Jun 08, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Sister MURDERED 2 People!
Jun 07, 2023
r/Bestof Karen Secretly Hates Her Kid
Jun 06, 2023
r/AITA for Not Sharing My $250,000 Inheritance?
Jun 05, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Stupid Karen VS Clever Doctor
Jun 04, 2023
r/TIFU by Accidentally Being Batman at Work
Jun 03, 2023
r/AITA for Not Cleaning Up a Random Kid's 💩?
Jun 02, 2023
r/Bestof My Son & Husband are Cheating on Me!
Jun 01, 2023
r/AITA for Getting My Boyfriend's Family Arrested?
May 31, 2023
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May 30, 2023
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May 29, 2023
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May 28, 2023
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May 27, 2023
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May 25, 2023
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May 24, 2023
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May 23, 2023
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May 22, 2023
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May 21, 2023
r/Bestof My Boyfriend Got My BFF Pregnant!
May 20, 2023
r/Petty I COVERED My Mean Neighbor's House in Weeds
May 19, 2023
r/AITA for Stealing & Selling My Daughter's Car?
May 18, 2023
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May 17, 2023
r/Bestof My Friend Wants to Sleep with My Husband
May 16, 2023
r/AITA for Stalking My Own Sister?
May 15, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband is a LITERAL PSYCOPATH
May 14, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Fire Me? I'll Destroy Your Company!
May 13, 2023
r/AITA My Father-in-Law Is Stealing From Me
May 12, 2023
r/Prorevenge Fire Me? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
May 11, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Give My Fiancé a Free House?
May 10, 2023
r/Bestof My Boyfriend Hates Me Because I'm RICH!
May 09, 2023
r/AITA for Refusing to Pay for Someone's Vacation?
May 08, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I Got KIDNAPPED as a "Prank"
May 07, 2023
r/AITA My Nephew Flushed My $30,000 Wedding Ring
May 06, 2023
r/Bestof I Became John Wick to Get Back my Stolen Cat
May 05, 2023
r/AITA My Daughter Faked Her Own Death to Prank Me
May 04, 2023
r/Bestof My Girlfriend Steals $5,000/month from Me
May 03, 2023
r/AITA I Almost DIED Because of My Girlfriend
May 02, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Kick You in the Nuts? If You Say So!
May 01, 2023
r/Entitledparents Karen Demands I Give Her My Company
Apr 30, 2023
r/Askreddit What's Your "I Watched The World BURN" Story?
Apr 29, 2023
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Apr 28, 2023
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Apr 27, 2023
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Apr 26, 2023
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Apr 25, 2023
r/AITA I Falsely Accused a Veteran of Stolen Valor
Apr 24, 2023
r/Bestof I Reunited with My True Love After 10 Years of Prison
Apr 23, 2023
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Apr 22, 2023
r/AITA for Becoming a Mega-Karen at School?
Apr 21, 2023
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Apr 20, 2023
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Apr 19, 2023
r/AITA for Making My In-Laws Homeless?
Apr 18, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Landlord Has a Crush on My 13 year-old Son
Apr 17, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I Slept with My Girlfriend's Mom
Apr 16, 2023
r/AITA I Got My Teacher Girlfriend Fired By Sharing Her Spicy Pics
Apr 15, 2023
r/Askreddit What "Just In Case" Thing SAVED YOU?
Apr 14, 2023
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Apr 13, 2023
r/AITA Is My Boyfriend's Dad is a Fart-Sniffer?
Apr 12, 2023
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Apr 11, 2023
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Apr 10, 2023
r/AITA For Not Cooking My Cheating Husband Dinner?
Apr 09, 2023
r/AITA My Sister is Literally Pure Evil
Apr 08, 2023
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Apr 07, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars "GIVE ME $500,000 NOW!!!"
Apr 06, 2023
r/AITA My Addict Sister is Stealing From Me
Apr 05, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest The Dad I Babysit for is Grooming Me
Apr 04, 2023
r/AITA For Naming My Daughter KRXSTXL?
Apr 03, 2023
r/Bestof My Boyfriend Literally Only Eats Pizza
Apr 02, 2023
r/Prorevenge Humble Farmer VS Corrupt Politicians
Apr 01, 2023
r/AITA for Ruining My STUPID Daughter's Future?
Mar 31, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Slept With My Little Sister
Mar 30, 2023
r/AITA for Getting My Mother-in-Law Arrested?
Mar 29, 2023
r/AITA for Suing My Parents?
Mar 28, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance My Stupid Boss Ruined The Company
Mar 27, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Fire Me? Lose $2,000,000!
Mar 26, 2023
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Mar 25, 2023
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Mar 24, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge How I Got My IDIOT Boss Fired
Mar 23, 2023
r/Prorevenge Screw Me Over? You'll Pay DOUBLE!
Mar 22, 2023
r/AITA For Wearing a Wedding Dress to Someone Else's Wedding?
Mar 21, 2023
r/AITA For Insulting a Woman Dying of Cancer?
Mar 20, 2023
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Mar 19, 2023
r/Entitledparents My Brother Wants My House... FOR FREE! PART 2!
Mar 18, 2023
r/AITA for Flipping Out at My Son's Wedding?
Mar 17, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest "RAISE MY AFFAIR BABY!"
Mar 16, 2023
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Mar 15, 2023
r/AITA Me and My Dog Became Karens!
Mar 14, 2023
r/AITA For Demanding My Siblings' Inheritance?
Mar 13, 2023
r/Bestof I'm In Love With My MARRIED Neighbor
Mar 12, 2023
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Mar 11, 2023
r/AITA For Stealing $70,000 From My Family?
Mar 10, 2023
r/AITA My in-Laws Are Stealing My House!
Mar 09, 2023
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Mar 08, 2023
r/AITA For DEMANDING My Wife Call Me a Pilot?
Mar 07, 2023
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Mar 06, 2023
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Mar 05, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Stole 3 Months of a Toxic Karen's Paycheck
Mar 04, 2023
r/TIFU By Dipping My Nuts in Tabasco Sauce
Mar 03, 2023
r/Trueoff I'm Leaving My Boyfriend Over His INSANE Pranks
Mar 02, 2023
r/AITA Karen Wants Me To Get a Tattoo of Her
Mar 01, 2023
r/Bestof I Messed Up So Badly My Entire Family HATES Me
Feb 28, 2023
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Feb 27, 2023
r/AITA For Stealing My Boyfriend's Vacation?
Feb 26, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars Help Wanted: Full-Time FEMALE Slave
Feb 25, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance My Ex Sued Me and Lost Everything!
Feb 24, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Spent $100,000 on OnlyF@ns
Feb 23, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Mocked My Dead Dog
Feb 22, 2023
r/Entitledparents I Caught My Boyfriend with My MOM!
Feb 21, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Stole the HOA President's House!
Feb 20, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Asked to **** My Best Friend
Feb 19, 2023
r/Prorevenge Steal My Rent? GO TO JAIL!
Feb 18, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My 10 Year-Old-Daughter Isn't Mine
Feb 17, 2023
r/Bestof I Hate My Cheating Mom For Ruining My Life
Feb 16, 2023
r/AITA for Abandoning My Kid in the Hospital?
Feb 15, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got Him Convicted of 30 Felonies
Feb 14, 2023
r/AITA I Stole My Son's College Money
Feb 13, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance "I Want It EXTRA EXTRA Spicy!"
Feb 12, 2023
r/AITA I Caught My Uncle Human Trafficking
Feb 12, 2023
r/AITA I Want My Wife's Boyfriend to Pay Me
Feb 10, 2023
r/Entitledparents My Brother Wants My House... FOR FREE!
Feb 09, 2023
r/Bestof My Kids Spent $600,000 On Parties
Feb 08, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest I'm Happy My Wife is Dead
Feb 07, 2023
r/Choosingbeggars Karen: "CLEAN MY HOUSE FOR FREE"
Feb 06, 2023
r/Prorevenge Run Over My Dog? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
Feb 05, 2023
r/AITA For Refusing to Give Away My Dog?
Feb 04, 2023
r/Bestof My Coworker Only Eats Rotten Food
Feb 03, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest A Murderer Wants To Be My Friend
Feb 02, 2023
r/AITA I Ruined a Kid's Birthday With a Mayonnaise Cake
Feb 01, 2023
r/Prorevenge Concrete Mailbox VS Brand New Truck
Jan 31, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Won't Pay Me? I'll Sue You For $84,000!
Jan 30, 2023
r/AITA For Ignoring My Parents Who Abandoned Me?
Jan 29, 2023
r/Bestof I'm Divorcing My Husband Over Mustard
Jan 28, 2023
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife Stole $170,000 for Her Shopping Addiction
Jan 27, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE!" "ok bye"
Jan 26, 2023
r/AmITheA**hole Should I Give My Sister a Romantic Vacation?
Jan 25, 2023
r/TrueOffMyChest My Wife Is Pregnant From Another Man
Jan 24, 2023
r/AmITheA**hole My Sister Wants My $50,000 Inheritance
Jan 23, 2023
r/Bestof I Genuinely HATE My Daughter
Jan 22, 2023
r/Pettyrevenge I Busted an Illegal AirBNB Ring
Jan 21, 2023
r/Prorevenge Abandoned Child Sends Her Parents to Jail!
Jan 20, 2023
r/AmITheA**hole My Ex Stole My House, So I'm Suing Her
Jan 19, 2023
r/Bestof I Cast a Magic Spell to Make My Baby a Girl
Jan 18, 2023
r/AITA My Kid Stole $17,000 From Me!
Jan 17, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Hate Brown People? Enjoy Your Brown Grandkids!
Jan 16, 2023
r/AITA My Husband Ruined Our Kid's Birthday Party
Jan 15, 2023
r/Entitledparents Mom Wants to Tattoo Her Name Onto Me
Jan 14, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband Is a Serial Cheater
Jan 13, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance Steal My Car? Lose Your Job!
Jan 12, 2023
r/AITA for Abandoning My Needy Husband?
Jan 11, 2023
r/AITA For Not Giving My Grandkid $40,000?
Jan 10, 2023
r/ChoosingBeggars A Free $10,000 Vacation Isn't Good Enough!
Jan 09, 2023
r/AITA for Slowly Turning into a Karen?
Jan 08, 2023
r/AITA My Step-Dad Starves Me
Jan 07, 2023
r/Entitledparents My Mom Stole $160,000 From Me
Jan 06, 2023
r/Bestof My Son Stole a $2,000 Star Wars Toy
Jan 05, 2023
r/AITA I Made My Dad an "I Hate You" Powerpoint
Jan 04, 2023
r/Prorevenge I Blinded a Jerk with a MEGA Flashlight
Jan 03, 2023
r/AITA My Niece Destroyed My $20,000 Coat
Jan 02, 2023
r/Bestof My Husband is Obsessed with My Hot Boss
Jan 01, 2023
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got a Corrupt Doctor FIRED!
Dec 31, 2022
r/AITA Your Choice: Pay Me or GO TO JAIL
Dec 30, 2022
r/Relationships My Dad Thinks I'm Cheating On Him
Dec 29, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Got My Sister Pregnant!
Dec 28, 2022
r/Maliicouscompliance I Cost My Boss $2,000,000+
Dec 27, 2022
r/Prorevenge Cheat On My Mom? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
Dec 26, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Won't Stop Wearing Diapers
Dec 25, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Got My Stupid Boss Fired!
Dec 24, 2022
r/Bestof My Boyfriend Literally Thinks He's Batman
Dec 23, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Crazy Fiancé Got Kicked Off a Plane
Dec 22, 2022
Dec 21, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling Cops on My Mother-In-Law?
Dec 20, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole I Told My Daughter I Hate Her
Dec 19, 2022
r/Bestof My Wife Cheated with Multiple Guys and is Pregnant!
Dec 18, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Becoming a Sugar Daddy?
Dec 17, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Ordered Me to Strip!
Dec 16, 2022
r/Bestof My Husband Put Our Child into a TORTURE DEVICE
Dec 15, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest I Let My Husband Cheat On Me
Dec 14, 2022
r/Bestof My Mother-in-Law is Secretly My Stalker
Dec 13, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Boss into Paying Me $100,000
Dec 11, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Being a SUPER COOL Edgelord?
Dec 10, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I WANT BONELESS PIZZA!
Dec 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Roommates Doodoo'd on My Bed
Dec 08, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Not Buying My Sister a House?
Dec 07, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest My White Wife is Pretending to Be a Black Man
Dec 06, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Parents Can't Wait for Me to Die
Dec 05, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Cost My Boss $40,000 By Obeying Him
Dec 04, 2022
Dec 03, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Attacked My Ambulance!
Dec 02, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge I Catfished Karen's Cheating Husband
Dec 01, 2022
r/Bestof My Wife HATES Our Child
Nov 30, 2022
r/Tifu By Setting The House On Fire Watching *Spicy* Videos
Nov 29, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Called a SWAT Team on My Karen Neighbor
Nov 28, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Boss: Why Don't You Quit?! Me: LOL OK
Nov 27, 2022
r/Bestof My Cheating Fiancé Wants an Open Relationship
Nov 26, 2022
r/Bestof I Caught My Sister Screwing My Husband
Nov 25, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Family Hates My Parents for Ruining My Life
Nov 24, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Friend Won't Give Me $12,000!
Nov 23, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Giving Away My Friend's Dog?
Nov 22, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Ruining My Crush's Life So She'll Love Me?
Nov 21, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Moron Messes with the Wrong Soldier!
Nov 20, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Standing Up to My Bully Father?
Nov 19, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Disowning My Mom?
Nov 18, 2022
r/Entitledparents "GIRLS CAN'T GET PERIODS!"
Nov 17, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal From Me? I'll Take Your House!
Nov 16, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Keeps Pooping His Pants in Public
Nov 15, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister Wants Me To Kick Out 5-yo Daughter
Nov 14, 2022
r/Bestof My Teacher Hired Hired Me as an Escort!
Nov 13, 2022
r/AmIA--Hole My Nephew's Prank Almost Murdered My Husband
Nov 12, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling the Cops on My Sister?
Nov 11, 2022
r/Prorevenge Illegally Tow My Car? Enjoy Prison!
Nov 10, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Steal My Spot? It'll Cost You $100,000!
Nov 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole She's Trying to Adopt Me Against My Will!
Nov 08, 2022
r/Bestof I'm Marrying a Lying Gold Digger
Nov 07, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Mom Doesn't Know Where Babies Come From
Nov 06, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Bridezilla Mega-Karen?
Nov 05, 2022
r/Bestof My Coworker SOLD A CHILD ON FACEBOOK!
Nov 04, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Letting My Roommate's Family Go Homeless?
Nov 03, 2022
r/Bestof My Wife My Tortured My Daughter for Decades
Nov 02, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Kicking Out My Husband for Selling My Cat?
Nov 01, 2022
r/Letsnotmeet A Knife-Wielding Stalker Broke into My House!
Oct 31, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Let My Stupid Boss Lose $2,000,000
Oct 30, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole I Found My Twin Sister's Onlyfans
Oct 29, 2022
r/Entitledparents rSlash Encounters a Real-Life Karen
Oct 28, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal My Gas? I'll DESTROY Your Car!
Oct 27, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "If You Don't Like It, Quit!" "ok see ya"
Oct 26, 2022
r/Bestof My Friend Murdered My Wife
Oct 25, 2022
r/Niceguys vs r/Nicegirls I Like to Touch Seeping Girls 🥰
Oct 24, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole Daughter, Let Me Rob You Or You're Grounded!
Oct 23, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Dug Up My Dad's Corpse to Pay a Water Bill
Oct 22, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Wife Hates Our Gay Daughter
Oct 21, 2022
r/Nuclearrevenge I Got My Toxic Step-Dad 25 Years in Prison
Oct 20, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Won't Pay Me? I'll Leave You with $100,000,000 Debt!
Oct 19, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Natural Sperm Donor! Age 16-23
Oct 18, 2022
r/Bestof My Boss Says I Must Undress in Front of Her
Oct 17, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Tattooed a Giant 🍆 onto a Thief
Oct 16, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Coworker Hates Me Because I'm Muslim
Oct 15, 2022
r/Bestof My Mom Asked Me to Sleep With My Dad
Oct 14, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest I Befriended My Wife's Kidnapper
Oct 13, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Mom Killed My Twin Sister
Oct 12, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Sugar Baby with My Mom?
Oct 11, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting My Bro-in-Law Watch Me Pee?
Oct 10, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Had to Call the Cops on a UFO
Oct 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give My Husband My House?
Oct 08, 2022
r/Entitledparents KAREN CHOPPED OFF MY HAND!
Oct 07, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "GET ME A MANAGER!" "I am the Manager!"
Oct 06, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Stole $300,000 From My Toxic Father
Oct 05, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Neighbor Cut My Trees & Had to Pay $300,000!
Oct 04, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister Intentionally Destroyed My House
Oct 03, 2022
r/Bestof Mom Thinks My Brother Wants to Bang Me
Oct 02, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting My Husband Steal $14,000 from Me?
Oct 01, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Pervy Neighbor is Spying on My Wife
Sep 30, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen vs MMA Fighter
Sep 29, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Husband Arrested?
Sep 28, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "Call the Cops!" "LOL OK!"
Sep 27, 2022
r/Bestof My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped into an Arranged Marriage!
Sep 26, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Men Have to Pay Me $350 Per Date!
Sep 25, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal My Food? Lose Your Business!
Sep 24, 2022
r/Bestof My Fiancé Says He Owns My Womb
Sep 23, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Got Paid $1,500/hour to Unload Boxes
Sep 22, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Putting a Child in a Washing Machine?
Sep 21, 2022
r/F-YouKaren She Hit an Ambulance & Got Arrested!
Sep 20, 2022
r/Prorevenge How I Got My Sexist Boss Fired
Sep 19, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Helping People Steal from My Wife?
Sep 18, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Fakes Her Dumb Kid's IQ Test
Sep 17, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Paid for My $15,000 Meal
Sep 16, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Cutting Off my Spoiled Daughter?
Sep 15, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest I'm a Gold Digger
Sep 14, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Making My Parents Homeless?
Sep 13, 2022
r/Bestof My Brother STOLE MY HOUSE
Sep 12, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Left My Karen Boss Trapped in an Elevator
Sep 11, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Calling a Widow "Damaged Goods"?
Sep 10, 2022
r/Bestof My Parents SOLD My Little Sister!
Sep 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Suing My Daughter?
Sep 08, 2022
r/Entitledparents Stupid Karen Fails to Steal Mario Kart
Sep 07, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister F***s on MY Bed
Sep 06, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Exposed My Neighbor Karen on NATIONAL News
Sep 05, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Son Got KIDNAPPED!
Sep 04, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Cheat on Me? I'll Ruin Your Life!
Sep 03, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "I WANT IT EXTRA SPICY!" "lol ok"
Sep 02, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Brother Hit On My Wife!
Sep 01, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Wanted My Uniform, So I Stripped!
Aug 31, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting my Mom Take My Dying Child?
Aug 30, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Seeking FREE Apartment. Also I'm Very Stinky"
Aug 29, 2022
r/Bestof My Boss Called the Cops on Me for Quitting!
Aug 28, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, QUIT!" "ok, see ya"
Aug 27, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal My Debit Card? Catch a Felony!
Aug 26, 2022
Aug 25, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Telling People My Wife Pegs Me?
Aug 24, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Tried to Steal My Car!
Aug 23, 2022
r/AmITheA-Hole for Mocking a Woman's Miscarriage?
Aug 22, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Mocking a Child with Cancer?
Aug 21, 2022
r/Prorevenge Call Me Slurs? I'll Get You FIRED!
Aug 20, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Wants to Slap a Pregnant Lady!
Aug 19, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars A Hunter Trespassed on My Land and SHOT ME!
Aug 18, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Harasser Fired?
Aug 17, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Neighbors Broke Into My House to Use My Pool
Aug 16, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Called the Cops on Me for Taking a Vacation
Aug 15, 2022
r/Prorevenge Meth-head Boss Stole from Me, So I Got Him Fired!
Aug 14, 2022
r/Bestof My Coworker Stole My EXTRA EXTRA SPICY Lunch
Aug 13, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Invited His Mistress to Dinner with Me
Aug 12, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance You Want More Eye Contact? OK! 👁️👁️
Aug 11, 2022
r/Askreddit What Funny Thing Happened to You Too Crazy to Believe?
Aug 10, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Boyfriend Stole $14,000 from Me So I Got Him Arrested
Aug 09, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Criticize My Work? It'll Cost You $1,000,000!
Aug 08, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole For NOT Sleeping with My Cousin's Husband?
Aug 07, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Dog Got a Karen Arrested!
Aug 06, 2022
r/Bestof HELP! My Wife Spends $300,000/Year!
Aug 05, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Not Giving My Son $400,000?
Aug 04, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Cheat on Me? I'll Tell Your Mommy!
Aug 03, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Wife Thinks that Loving My Son is Gay
Aug 02, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Take My Money? I'll Take Your Job!
Aug 01, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole For Exposing My Sister as a RACIST at Her Wedding?
Jul 31, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars I Need a Free House & Free Food for Life! Thanks 😊
Jul 30, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Tricked Karen into Paying for Our $6,000 Party!
Jul 29, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Paralyzed Her Own Son!
Jul 28, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Hunted Down a Thief and Made Him PAY!
Jul 27, 2022
r/Bestofupdates A Paternity Test Revealed MY BABY ISN'T MINE!
Jul 26, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Giving My Son a Free House?
Jul 25, 2022
r/Talesfromtechsupport IDIOT Karen Dropped a Speaker on Her Head
Jul 24, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Wife Had a Baby with My Brother
Jul 23, 2022
r/Entitledparents My CHEAP Fiancé Won't Give Me $80,000!
Jul 22, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Touch Female Coworkers? Lose Your Job!
Jul 21, 2022
r/Choosingbeggar I'm Poor... BUY ME A MERCEDES!
Jul 20, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give My Boyfriend All My Money?
Jul 19, 2022
r/Prorevenge My Boss Fired Me, So I Fired Him!
Jul 18, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest My Wife Cheated on Me with a Clown!
Jul 17, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge She Tried to Ruin My Wedding, So I Ruined Her!
Jul 16, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Steal My Plane Seats? Enjoy Watching Crying Kids!
Jul 15, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Stupid Karen Lost $500,000
Jul 14, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give Karen My Breast Milk?
Jul 13, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Bully Me? It'll Cost You $200,000!
Jul 12, 2022
r/Entitledparents A Dad Yelled at Me Because "My Breasts are Too Big"
Jul 11, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Telling Karen I Want to F$%& Her Son?
Jul 10, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars A Millionaire Wants to Pay Me in Food
Jul 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Sign Over My House to My Boyfriend?
Jul 08, 2022
r/Prorevenge Boss Fired Me, Then BEGGED Me to Save His Company
Jul 07, 2022
r/Bestofupdates I Sent My Insane Anti-Vax Wife to Prison
Jul 06, 2022
r/Bestof HELP! My Wife Spends $300,000/Year!
Jul 05, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Brother Slept with Both My Wives
Jul 05, 2022
r/Tifu by Hanging Out with 3 Murderers
Jul 04, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole For Letting my Karen Mother Die Alone?
Jul 03, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Showing My Mother-in-Law My Adult Toys?
Jul 02, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Murdered My Best Friend
Jul 01, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Teacher Mocked My Disability
Jun 30, 2022
r/Maliciouscomplaince The Boss Fired Everyone and Lost MILLIONS $$$
Jun 29, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Karen to Defend a Disabled Child?
Jun 28, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Forced Me onto Zoom while Breast Pumping
Jun 27, 2022
r/Tifu By Setting my Butt on Fire with Spicy Peppers
Jun 26, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Got TAZED!
Jun 25, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Pay for My Vacation to Korea!"
Jun 24, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Said I'm Too Fat to Work
Jun 23, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Scammed a Scammer for $15,000
Jun 22, 2022
r/Askreddit What's the Most Embarrassing Thing You've Witnessed?
Jun 21, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "GIVE MY CHILD YOUR MONEY!"
Jun 20, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole Karen Mocked a Couple's Dead Child
Jun 19, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Making My Mom Homeless?
Jun 18, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Fire Me? I'll Destroy Your Business!
Jun 17, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Husband Arrested?
Jun 16, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Why is Child Slave Labor Illegal?!
Jun 15, 2022
r/Antiwork I Get Paid $80,000/year to Do Literally Nothing
Jun 14, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen STOLE My iPad at Work!
Jun 13, 2022
r/Prorevenge Won't Pay Me? I'll Take $1,300,000 from You!
Jun 12, 2022
r/Bestof My Neighbor Hid HER MOM'S CORPSE in Her House
Jun 11, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen's Spoiled Brat LIFTED MY SKIRT
Jun 10, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Threw Wedding Cake in my Face
Jun 09, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Boyfriend Tried to Push Me into the Grand Canyon
Jun 08, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Told Me to Stop Being Deaf!
Jun 07, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Buy My Used Underwear!
Jun 06, 2022
r/Entitledparents "Women Are Too Hot to Teach!"
Jun 05, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal My Job? I'll Get You Fired!
Jun 04, 2022
r/Askreddit Ladies, What Was it Like Dating a CREEP?
Jun 03, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole My Parents STOLE My Inheritance
Jun 02, 2022
r/TIFU by Trying out Polyamory
Jun 01, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got my Cheating Boss Fired
May 31, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Wants to Sleep with His Guy Friend
May 30, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling Cops on my Karen Neighbor?
May 29, 2022
May 28, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Pay Me $1,000 to Work Here"
May 27, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal from Me? Lose Your $9,000,000 Inheritance!
May 26, 2022
r/TIFU by Finding Out My Parents are Swingers
May 25, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge I Got an Entitled Karen Kicked Out of Disneyworld!
May 24, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Destroy My Trees? I'll Sue for $1,000,000!
May 23, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Seducing the Neighborhood Karen?
May 22, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Almost MURDERING My Coworker?
May 21, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Rude Customer DEMANDS a Well-Done Pizza
May 20, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Giving Up the House I Inherited?
May 19, 2022
r/Prorevenge They Fired Me, so I Cost Them $400,000
May 18, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Friend - YOU MUST HAVE 130+ IQ!
May 17, 2022
r/Relationships my Wife Confessed my Kids Aren't Mine!
May 16, 2022
r/Bestofupdates my Dad Forced my Mom into an Open Marriage
May 15, 2022
r/Prorevenge They Killed My Pet, So I Became John Wick
May 14, 2022
r/Entitledparents "LET MY SON STALK YOU"
May 13, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Dumb Boss Gave me 6 Months PAID Vacation!
May 12, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband is Getting Secret $1000 "Massages"
May 11, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Follow Policy? OK! Thanks for the $21,000!
May 10, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting my Boyfriend Steal my House?
May 09, 2022
r/Choosingbeggar Full Time Artist Job! Pay: 9 Cents/Hour
May 08, 2022
r/Entitledparents They Want to TRADE HOUSES with Me!
May 07, 2022
r/Prorevenge Screw Me Over? I'll Make You Pay Me $30,000!
May 06, 2022
r/TIFU by Accidentally Building a Bomb
May 05, 2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Sending 🍆 Pics to His Mom?
May 04, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole I Want to Name My Child "Ted Bundy"
May 03, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Flooded a Karen's House!
May 02, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Rude Karen on a Plane Gets JUSTICE!
May 01, 2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Mocking my Daughter for Being an Escort?
Apr 30, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance How I made $1,900,000 by Complying
Apr 29, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Trade My Cheap House for your Expensive House!"
Apr 28, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS my YouTube Channel!
Apr 27, 2022
r/F-youkaren "How can I Make my Boyfriend Abandon his Child?"
Apr 26, 2022
r/Tinder Incel Seeks Super Model FWB
Apr 25, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Making Everyone Hate the Neighborhood Karen?
Apr 24, 2022
r/MaliciousComplaince Cheat on Me? I'll Make You Pay Me $120,000!
Apr 23, 2022
r/AmITheA**Hole for Tattooing My Name on Someone without Consent?
Apr 22, 2022
r/MaliciousCompliance You Won't Pay Me? I'll Cost You THOUSANDS!
Apr 21, 2022
r/ChoosingBeggars "Pay Me $2,000/Month to Be My Full-time Maid"
Apr 20, 2022
r/AmITheA**Hole for Deleting My Husband's YouTube Channel?
Apr 19, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Exposed My Preacher as a Serial Cheater
Apr 18, 2022
r/Niceguys vs r/Nicegirls Why Won't Females Let Me Stalk Them?!
Apr 17, 2022
r/Entitledparents An Entitled Mom Tried to Steal My House!
Apr 16, 2022
r/TIFU by Poking a Tiger in its Balls
Apr 15, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "SO SUE ME" "Yeah, ok"
Apr 14, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Firing a Karen?
Apr 13, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance? Cheat on Your Wife? I'll Help Her Get Revenge!
Apr 12, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Putting My Roommate into a Coma?
Apr 11, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Now Hiring Full-Time Slave - NO PAY!
Apr 10, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole My Husband is in Love with Our Surrogate
Apr 09, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Fired My Mean Client and Cost Them THOUSANDS
Apr 08, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole My Mom Installed a Hidden Camera in my Bedroom!
Apr 07, 2022
r/TIFU By Giving my Child a 3,000,000 Scoville Sandwich 🔥🌶️🔥
Apr 06, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge Act Rude? I'll Expose You as a Cheater!
Apr 05, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Installing a Secret Tracking App on My GF's Phone?
Apr 04, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Stripped to Teach My Step-Dad a Lesson!
Apr 03, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Groped Me, so My Husband Punched Him
Apr 02, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Taking Off My Leg?
Apr 01, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Renting Out My USED Bathroom for $400/month
Mar 31, 2022
r/Entitledparents Stupid Karen Tries to Use Men's Changing Room
Mar 30, 2022
r/Prorevenge He Hit his Girlfriend, so I Sent Him to Prison!
Mar 29, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Getting My Thieving Uncle Arrested?
Mar 28, 2022
r/TIFU By Choking the Hot Girl in Class
Mar 27, 2022
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Got My Mom Pregnant!
Mar 26, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Letting My Friends Call My Wife "Ugly?"
Mar 25, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Gave a Bus Groper a Bloody Nose
Mar 24, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Suing the Girl who Destroyed My Car?
Mar 23, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Found a Real-Life INFINITE MONEY Glitch
Mar 22, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Destroyed a Building to Get My Revenge
Mar 21, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU QUIT, YOU'RE FIRED!"
Mar 20, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Fulltime UNPAID Secretary / S*x Slave
Mar 19, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Parents Turned Me into a Slave
Mar 18, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Stealing $6,000 from My Wife?
Mar 17, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Scummy Boss into Paying Me $450/hour
Mar 16, 2022
r/Storiesaboutkevin He Thinks All Chinese People are Black
Mar 15, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Catching a Food Thief at Work?
Mar 14, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Kidnapping a Child?
Mar 13, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Mess with My Home? Enjoy Your $1,000,000 Fee!
Mar 12, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Can I Pay in Hamburgers and Butt Medicine?"
Mar 11, 2022
r/Talesfromtechsupport I Helped My Stupid Boss Fire Himself
Mar 10, 2022
r/Entitledparents INSANE Family Gets Kicked Off Plane!
Mar 09, 2022
r/Prorevenge Steal From Me? I'll Destroy Your Business
Mar 08, 2022
r/Nuclearrevenge Evict Me? I'll Get Your Entire Family Arrested!
Mar 07, 2022
r/TIFU by Obliterating my Wife's Fish
Mar 06, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Choosing My Horse over My Boyfriend?
Mar 05, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance "WHERE'S YOUR HOMEWORK?" "I Was in a Coma..."
Mar 04, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Getting My Coworker Arrested at Her Wedding?
Mar 03, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Airport Security Told Me to Strip, so I Stripped!
Mar 02, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "Seeking Submissive Japanese Girlfriend... NO BLACK GIRLS!"
Mar 01, 2022
r/Entitledparents A WILD KAREN APPEARED!
Feb 28, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Tricked a Scammer into Paying Me $5,000?
Feb 27, 2022
r/Tinder My Date Wants Me to F*** My Dog!
Feb 26, 2022
r/TIFU by Tackling a Karen at Work
Feb 25, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Disowning My Own Son?
Feb 24, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Teacher: ARE YOU LISTENING? Student: I'm Deaf
Feb 23, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Accidentally Giving My Cousin $50,000?
Feb 22, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Tried to Quit to get a Raise... So I Let Her!
Feb 21, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars INSANE Karen Wants Me to Make Her a Free Kid's Movie
Feb 20, 2022
r/Entitledparents Karen Called the Cops Because I Saved her Daughter's Life!
Feb 19, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge I Became BFFs with My Boyfriend's Mistress
Feb 18, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole My Date Thinks Girls Get Periods from their Butts
Feb 17, 2022
r/Askreddit What's The Worst You've Ever Been Cockblocked?
Feb 16, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Idiot Neighbor Tows HIS OWN Car By Accident!
Feb 15, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Getting My Own Husband Fired?
Feb 14, 2022
r/Prorevenge Karen Tried to Frame Me... I Got Her Arrested!
Feb 13, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Stopped Doing My Boss's Job and He Got Fired!
Feb 12, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Woman to Give Me FREE Breast Milk!
Feb 11, 2022
r/Entitledparents I Sent My Entitled Dad to Jail!
Feb 10, 2022
r/Antiwork How I Get Paid to Watch Netflix at Home All Day
Feb 09, 2022
r/Relationships My Boyfriend has Been Secretly Feeding Me Slugs!
Feb 08, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Refusing to Adopt BOTH of My Sister's Babies?
Feb 07, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Steal My Phone? I'll Get You Fired!
Feb 06, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole My Daughter Mocked a Cancer Survivor
Feb 05, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Stupid Karen Ruins Her Own Party!
Feb 04, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Employee. Will Pay in Bagels!
Feb 03, 2022
r/Entitledparents She Called a Paralyzed Child "Useless"
Feb 02, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Got $25,000 Revenge on My Slumlord!
Feb 01, 2022
r/Niceguys vs r/Nicegirls I Promise I'm Not a Catfish 🥰
Jan 31, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Calling the Cops on My Fiance?
Jan 30, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got My Professor Fired by Obeying Him
Jan 29, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole My Husband Told Me to Wear a Diaper
Jan 28, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Ordered Me to Serve Moldy Food 🤮
Jan 27, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Cancel My Vacation? I'll Cost You $750,000!
Jan 26, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Parents F**k in MY BED!
Jan 25, 2022
r/Prorevenge My Boss Stiffed Me, So I Ruined His Life
Jan 24, 2022
r/Askreddit What Made You NOT Want a Second Date?
Jan 23, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole for Using a Glitter Bomb on my Mom?
Jan 22, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Didn't Pay Me, so I Ruined Her Life!
Jan 21, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Causing a Mass Quitting?
Jan 20, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance My Sister Keeps Acting S*xy Around Me...
Jan 19, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars "DRAW ME FOR FREE" "lol ok"
Jan 18, 2022
Jan 17, 2022
r/Prorevenge I Embarrassed My Lazy Boss In Front of the Entire Company!
Jan 16, 2022
r/TIFU By Accidentally 🍆💦 During My Zoom Class Meeting
Jan 15, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Telling My Coworker "Get Over Your Dead Wife"?
Jan 14, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Shut Down the Whole Company by Obeying My Boss
Jan 13, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Not Giving My Toy to an Entitled Kid?
Jan 12, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Ruined My Stupid Boss's Career
Jan 11, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars 41-Year-Old Man Sues His Mommy for Allowance Money
Jan 10, 2022
r/Entitledparents My Mom Stole My "Make-a-Wish" While I Was Dying
Jan 09, 2022
r/Prorevenge Annoy Me? I'll Get You Thrown in Prison!
Jan 08, 2022
r/Pettyrevenge My Boss Stiffed Me $150, So I Made Her Pay Me $3,000!
Jan 07, 2022
r/Entitledparents "LET MY SON ASSAULT YOU!"
Jan 06, 2022
r/TIFU By Accidentally Giving My Mom a V*brator
Jan 05, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Make $10,000/Month By Obeying My Narcissistic Mom
Jan 04, 2022
r/AmITheA**hole For Yelling at the Guy Who Saved My Girlfriend's Life?
Jan 03, 2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Got My Boss Fired By Following His Orders
Jan 02, 2022
r/Choosingbeggars Dear Santa, Give Me $6,000 For Christmas!
Jan 01, 2022
r/F-youkaren Evil Karen Wants to Ban All Dogs!
Dec 31, 2021
Dec 30, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Traumatizing My Boyfriend by Peeing Outside?
Dec 29, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Big Boss Messes with IT Guy & Gets Himself Fired!
Dec 28, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Telling My Girlfriend to Stop Flashing Strangers?
Dec 28, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Nanny Who will Pay ME for the Honor of Working
Dec 26, 2021
r/Entitledparents "My Son Failed College, So You Should Too!"
Dec 25, 2021
r/Prorevenge Hit on My Wife? I'll DESTROY Your Marriage!
Dec 24, 2021
r/Talesfromtechsupport Don't Mess with the IT Guy on a US Navy Battleship
Dec 23, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance "You Suck!" "I'm Literally Ranked #1 in the World"
Dec 22, 2021
r/TIFU By Almost Murdering My Tinder Hook-Up
Dec 21, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Parents Threw Me Out, and Now They Want My House
Dec 20, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Gave My Sergeant EXACTLY What He Asked For!
Dec 19, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Pranking the Neighborhood Brat?
Dec 18, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Attended a "Mandatory" Work Meeting from a Hospital Bed
Dec 17, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Hot Girl to Be My Full-Time Mommy
Dec 16, 2021
r/Prorevenge How I Got 2 School Bullies Expelled!
Dec 15, 2021
r/Entitledparents Karen Demanded My Unborn Baby!
Dec 14, 2021
r/Pettyrevenge Steal My Food? I'll Trick You into Eating Horse! 🐎🍴
Dec 13, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Quitting and Making My Toxic Manager Cry?
Dec 12, 2021
r/Askreddit What Are The CRAZIEST Moments from History?
Dec 11, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Not Giving My Mother-in-Law a Free House
Dec 10, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Taught My Stupid Sergeant a Lesson!
Dec 09, 2021
r/Prorevenge My Family Abandoned Me, So I Completely Destroyed Their Lives
Dec 08, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Be Careful What You Wish For!
Dec 07, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Boomer Seeks Free Child Slave Labor
Dec 06, 2021
r/Entitledparents Karen Thinks Music Causes Covid 🙄
Dec 05, 2021
r/Prorevenge I Sent My Scummy Boss to Jail for 6 Years!
Dec 04, 2021
r/Rpghorrorstories A N*ked Catgirl Destroyed My D&D Game
Dec 03, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole For Paying for Baby Food Instead of My Husband's Netflix?
Dec 02, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Build a Fence? OK, I'll Build the Berlin Wall!
Dec 01, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole For Tricking a Karen with a Cursed Magic Ring?
Nov 30, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Embarrassed a Millionaire & Ruined His Business!
Nov 29, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Will You Be My Mommy? Seeking Free House & Breastfeeding!
Nov 28, 2021
r/Entitledparents Karen Thought I Contaminated the Ocean with Vitiligo
Nov 27, 2021
r/Tinder "Total Nympho Seeks Man Who Will Ignore My Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩"
Nov 26, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Telling My Husband to Start Wiping His Own Butt?
Nov 25, 2021
r/TIFU by Poisoning my Roommate with Horse Laxatives
Nov 24, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Not Giving my House to a Single Mom for Free?
Nov 23, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Yell at Me? Enjoy an Angry Swarm of Wasps!
Nov 22, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Husband is Acting Really Weird...
Nov 21, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Want Me to Prove Your Kid's a Bully? OK!
Nov 20, 2021
Nov 19, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Wash Half the Dishes? LOL OK!
Nov 18, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Babysitter + Love-slave. Pay: $5/hour
Nov 17, 2021
r/Entitledparents Karen Called the Cops on Me... But SHE Got In Trouble!
Nov 16, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Recording My Roommate "Doing It" with a Hidden Cam?
Nov 15, 2021
r/Prorevenge Scam Me? I'll Steal Your $1,000,000 Inheritance!
Nov 14, 2021
r/TIFU By Accidentally Becoming a Ghost! 👻
Nov 13, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Refusing to Be My Dad's Wife?
Nov 12, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Getting My Kid's Teacher Fired?
Nov 11, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Ignored Zoo Signs and A LION PEED ON HER!
Nov 10, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Full-Time Employee - Pay: $1/hour!
Nov 09, 2021
r/Entitledparents Karen Claims She Owns My Kids!
Nov 08, 2021
r/Prorevenge Speed on My Street? I'll Make You Crash Your Truck!
Nov 07, 2021
r/Pettyrevenge I Embarrassed My Lying Boss in Front of the Entire Company
Nov 06, 2021
r/F-youkaren Karen Fights Giant T-Rex
Nov 05, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance They Made Me Wear a Bra, So I Wore it on My Head
Nov 04, 2021
r/Rpghorrorstories A N*ked Catgirl Destroyed My D&D Game
Nov 03, 2021
Nov 03, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Wants to Race Me... But I'm Pro Racer
Nov 02, 2021
Nov 01, 2021
r/Askreddit What Made You Walk Out of a Job Interview?
Oct 31, 2021
r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Boss into Giving Me $40,000!
Oct 30, 2021
r/TIFU I Accidentally Married My Step-Brother
Oct 29, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole For Kicking All the Women Out of My Wedding?
Oct 28, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance "Sue Me!" "Sure." "NO WAIT!"
Oct 27, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole For Abandoning My Kids to Go Party?
Oct 26, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance How I Completely Destroyed My Toxic HOA
Oct 25, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars "Why Won't You Give Me $90,000?!"
Oct 24, 2021
r/Entitledparents "I Have Kids, So Pay for My $3,000 Vacation!"
Oct 23, 2021
r/Prorevenge My Boss Fired Me & Gave My Job to His Mistress!
Oct 22, 2021
r/TIFU By Accidentally Kidnapping a Child!
Oct 21, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole A 16-year-old Stalker Broke Into My House to Give Me Cake!
Oct 20, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance The Owner said "Take that Off," so I Stripped!
Oct 19, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Boyfriend Knocked Up My Sister!
Oct 18, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance "I'M THE BOSS SO I'M ALWAYS RIGHT!"
Oct 17, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars "WHY WON'T ANYBODY BUY ME A CAR?! 😡"
Oct 16, 2021
Oct 15, 2021
r/Prorevenge Fire Me? I'll Destroy Your Life TWICE!
Oct 14, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole "Here Lies a Dirty Cheater"
Oct 13, 2021
r/TIFU By Trying the One Chip Challenge... Twice
Oct 12, 2021
r/Idontworkherelady A Karen Tried to Rip My Clothes Off!
Oct 11, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Hubby Skipped My Son's Birth to Watch Football
Oct 10, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Obey the Dress Code? LOL OK!
Oct 09, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Baby "Assaulted" a Woman!
Oct 08, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Yelled at Me, So I Towed Her Car 😂
Oct 07, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars "I'll Hire You If You Sleep with Me"
Oct 06, 2021
r/Entitledparents She Stole a Dying Child's Make-a-Wish!
Oct 05, 2021
r/Prorevenge I Got My Boss FIRED & Ruined His Company!
Oct 04, 2021
r/TIFU My Cat Thought My 🍆 Was a Cat Toy!
Oct 03, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Roommate Robbed Me, and Wants ME to Pay HER!
Oct 02, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Teacher: Prove You're Sick! Student: 🤮🤮🤮
Oct 01, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance Pay Me Less? Guess I'll Work Less 🤷
Sep 30, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Now Hiring Full-Time Sex Slave - NO PAY!
Sep 29, 2021
r/Entitledparents She KIDNAPPED My Newborn Baby!
Sep 28, 2021
r/Prorevenge He Cheated on Me, So I Destroyed His Life!
Sep 27, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole My Dad Abandoned Me at Age 10, Now He Wants my House!
Sep 26, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Telling My Husband's Family that He's a Swinger?
Sep 25, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance A Grocery Store Karen Got EXACTLY What She Asked For!
Sep 24, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Obeyed My Dumb Boss, Which Cost Him $2,000,000!
Sep 23, 2021
r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Sperm Donor! You Must Pay Me $180,000!
Sep 22, 2021
r/Entitledparents This Woman Stole a Dog from a Child!
Sep 21, 2021
r/TIFU by Dragging a Girl's Dead Body into my Apartment Elevator
Sep 20, 2021
r/Maliciouscompliance I Turned a Customer into a Zombie!
Sep 19, 2021
r/AmITheA**hole for Sending a Guy's Nudes to His Family?
Sep 18, 2021
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Aug 28, 2021
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Aug 02, 2021
Aug 01, 2021
Jul 31, 2021
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Jul 12, 2021
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Jun 19, 2021
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Jun 12, 2021
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Jun 11, 2021
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May 31, 2021
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May 23, 2021
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May 22, 2021
May 21, 2021
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May 19, 2021