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Zane and Heath: Unfiltered is a weekly podcast from YouTube sensations; Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, two uneducated Florida boys with strong opinions and nothing to back it. Join them for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in their group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better! And by better, we mean worse.

Episode Date
#42 - Zane Caught Natalie Naked in His Backyard
Wait... How did Mariah get those wicked wounds?! Is it weird that Heath and Kenny have the same celeb crush? Why doesn't Zane post anymore? Who is the biggest gossip in the vlog squad? Can anyone explain this podcast member checking out their moms glutes? And why was Natalie skinny dipping in front of Zane? Find out all this and more on this weeks episode! Get Honey for FREE at
Aug 04, 2020
#42 - Zane Caught Natalie Naked in His Backyard
Wait... How did Mariah get those wicked battle wounds?! Is it weird that Heath and Kenny have the same celeb crush? Why doesn't Zane post anymore? Who is the biggest gossip in the vlog squad? Can anyone explain this podcast member checking out their mom's glutes?! AND WHY WAS NATALIE SKINNY DIPPING IN FRONT OF ZANE?! Find out all this and more on this week's episode! Get Honey for FREE at
Aug 03, 2020
#41 - Introducing the Newest Member of the Podcast
Hold onto your hats because we have a hair-raising (and hopefully for Zane's sake, hair-growing) episode full of twists and turns! We welcome the newest addition to the podcast family, and spoiler alert, it's a boy! Kenny is sworn in as an official Zane & Heath Unfiltered member. While exposing some scandalous school drama, the boys recall some deep-rooted insecurities. The gang vents about their most recent doctor's visit horror stories, and make sure to stay tuned in for an exciting update on Zane and Heath's gaming debut! So brew a cup of coffee and make sure you're cuddled up with your "player 2" because this podcast is one you won't want to miss!
Jul 27, 2020
#40 - Matt Got Ran Over Yesterday
Matt got into an accident and had to take the day off! Heath and Kenny share their out of control night to themselves! Did a ghost take over our bodies? Zane has an update on his intruder! Enjoy this rollercoaster of an episode :) Get $5 OFF and ZERO delivery fees on your first order when you download DoorDash and use our code UNFILTERED Go to for 10% OFF! Go to for 25% OFF when you keep everything in your fix! Get an extra 3 MONTHS of Express VPN for FREE by visiting
Jul 20, 2020
#40 - Horrific Bathroom Moments in our Lives
Matt's back! And there's a spider on his shirt! We talk about our horrific plumbing issues! Our thoughts on wayfair and Ghislaine Maxwell! A Glee cast member goes missing! Listen up, because our audio goofed up. Get $5 OFF and ZERO delivery fees on your first order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash app and enter code UNFILTERED
Jul 13, 2020
#39 - One of Us Got Replaced
Please help us welcome our newest (temporary) member, Kenny! Matt is out of town! We discuss our rocky journey to LA! We test Kenny's voice acting abilities! Zane learns something he never knew about Mariah! The boys reminisce about their time spent together in Florida!
Jul 06, 2020
#38 - Thief Breaks Into Our House While We Were Sleeping
Heath needs to go to the hospital! We talk about our scary mystery burglar at the house! Matt nearly blinds himself! The plane ride horror stories continue! We talk about our bucket list top ideas!
Jun 29, 2020
#37 - Drunk Guy Tried Buying My Girlfriend
Matt shares his experience with lasik eye surgery! Heath has an intense moment on an airplane! Mariah was harassed in an unfamiliar state! We talk about our High Schools most famous alumni! Addressing zane's viral fight video with Addison and Mariah! Grab a snack, this video is jam packed!
Jun 22, 2020
#36 - Zane and Addison Rae Were Stalked At Our House
We share our traumatic childhood experiences. Zane was attacked by a bird. Heath was brutally dissed for his acne as a teen. Paparazzi caught Zane, Mariah, and Addison Rae. Zane has an update on the Big Red thieves. Is Jeff stealing Zane's Chargers? Heath and Mariah have a new third roommate. We tell our stories of learning how to drive for the first time. BUCKLE UP!
Jun 15, 2020
#35 - Famous Influencer Pulled A Knife On Heath
Grab a seat, it's story time! Zane and Heath share their nightmare booked TV show role! Reminiscing about iconic Myspace days! Heath stands up to the town's celebrity! Zane's teacher calls him out in front of the entire class! Heath faked his senior project! Matt Has an unpleasant experience with a Professor! YIKES
Jun 08, 2020
#34 - Our Horrible Experiences with Drugs
Matt returns. We discuss terrifying stories of getting high! Matt found something he shouldn't have in his moms night stand! We reminisce on retro internet moments! How we almost embaressed ourselves in front of the world!
May 25, 2020
#33 - Our Psychotic Uber Driver Encounter
Sharing our honest opinions on Only Fans! Heath has an update on his crazy ex landlord! Zane and Matt get into an Uber with an insane driver! Mariah's bad first impression on a Nickelodeon actor! Our thoughts on 6ix9ine's current situation! Grab a slice of pizza with us, this episode is hot and fresh!
May 19, 2020
#32 - We Confess Our Worst Crimes Ever
Heath's grandpa found an alligator in his garage! Matt put his life in danger as a kid! Somebody tried to break into our house! Zane found TONS of money lying on the ground! We all reveal our criminal history in the funniest way possible. Enjoy!
May 11, 2020
#31 - We All Got Scammed and Robbed
We're back and hot bby! Heath has a new house! Big Red was in danger! A locksmith tried to scam Heath! Matt's car was broken into! Does Zane need drugs for his insomnia? Celeb sightings in our neighborhood! Enjoy :)
May 04, 2020
#30 - Zane and Matt Busted Using Sex Lube
We’re back but in quarantine! Heath and Mariah got their COVID test results. One of us is getting a new house! Zane’s dad used to be an underwear model. Did Carol Baskin from Tiger King kill her husband?
Apr 07, 2020
#29 - Zane Got Catfished by a Child
How have we been self quarantining? We have a special bonus surprise for you guys! Heath's Birthday is cancelled :( Zane got catfish once.. make that twice! Yikes!
Mar 23, 2020
#28 - Heath Proposed To Me In Vegas
Does Zane have TMJ? Should the boys remove their tattoos? Stories about our first Fake IDs. Heath and Zane had beef with the Backstreet Boys. Cheers!
Mar 16, 2020
#27 - We Almost Burnt Down our Apartment
Zane and Heath bond over their past injuries, our thoughts on the coronavirus, Mariah believes she's psychic, Matt shares a playground horror story.
Mar 09, 2020
#26 - A Car Crashed Into Mariah's Work
Zane bought a new house! Matt won big in Vegas! Heath and Mariah had an bizarre encounter at an Open House. A woman crashed her car into Mariah’s work. Zane is going under the knife once again...
Mar 02, 2020
#25 - Are Todd and Natalie Really a Thing?
Heaths mom came into town. Our opinions on Todd and Natalie. Is Scott’s House the New Denny House? Matt threw up in a Taco Bell Drive Thru. A Psychic Medium connected to Mariah’s grandpa.
Feb 24, 2020
#24 - Sneaking Into an Oscars After Party
We discuss the rhetoric of the renegade. Zane Matt and David snuck into the Oscars After Party for Parasite. Somebody drugged their High School with weed cookies. Zane can’t believe dinosaurs exist. Enjoy this brew!
Feb 17, 2020
#23 - We Embarrassed Ourselves in Front of Kim and Kanye
Heath and Matt went dogsledding in Montana. Matt’s manager made Kylie Jenner cringe. Zane went to Stormi’s Birthday Party. Zane dishes on his new friendship with Shawn Mendes, Lewis Capaldi, and Camilia Cabello.
Feb 10, 2020
#22 - Heath Almost Got Kidnapped
The boys say who their favorite Tik Toker is. Matt shares an interesting abduction story. Heath almost got kidnapped. Zane lied to Madison Beer about his horoscope. The juice. The funny. Enjoy. 
Feb 03, 2020
#21 - Heath's Scariest Stunt on David's Vlog Yet
Mariah spills the coffee on Erin's Bachelorette party. Heath thought people peed different colors and ended up jumping off a building. Zane found his Doppleganger. Matt lied to a pro football player.
Jan 27, 2020
#20 - Our Worst Drinking Habits
This week we're bringing the extra juice with these twisted drinks and stories. We share our worst drinking habits. Zane opens up about his dating life. Mariah cries. Heath jumps into a public fountain. Zane has an update on the man who broke into his house. Matt was asked to be on a reality show. Buckle up and join the chaos this episode.
Jan 20, 2020
#19 - Zane Got Hit by a Car
David accidentally hit Zane with his Tesla! We find out some of the podcast members have a mental disorder. Matt caught his teacher boozing in class. And someone might be breaking into the house while we are recording this! Hurry up and get your coffees ready cause this episode is bringing the juice!
Jan 13, 2020
#18 - Caught Old Man Sneaking Into Our House
First episode of 2020! Zane thought his grandma was dead. Heath surprised Mariah with a new car. Natalie had to rescue Zane on a toilet. Is Matt no longer single? Matt thought Zane died in an explosion. Donate to Australia. Enjoy this episode.
Jan 06, 2020
#17 - The Craziest Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy episode bby! Did Avril Lavigne die a long time ago? Is Walt Disney buried under the park? Are Tupac and Elvis still chillin? Are womens jeans pockets small se they get you to buy purses? Do aliens exist? Come search the unknown with us!
Dec 30, 2019
#16 - Our Worst Holiday Experiences
Zane brings in a surprise for all of us! We discuss the best and worst Christmas gifts/traditions! Someone turned us into a video game! Grab that cup of coffee and enjoy this holiday roast!
Dec 23, 2019
#15 - Got Caught Smoking on a Plane
Heath and Zane almost ruined their careers on national television. Mariah was on Dancing With The Stars. A lady smoked a cigarette on Matt’s flight. Our podcast might join the Amazing Race. Warm up with a cup of this convo!
Dec 16, 2019
#14 - Heath Got Fired for Abandoning a Child
Zane dislocated his elbow. Heath and Mariah's parents met and could sue Starbucks! Heath put a child life in danger. Matt and Zane's dad's lives were in danger!
Dec 09, 2019
#13 - Our Hometown Hates Us Because of This
We felt our lives were at risk during this episode. Zane snuck alcohol into his middle school. The boys dish out what happened at David Dobrik's Friendsgiving. Heath almost set a fancy party on fire. Cheers and take a sip on this conversation bby!
Dec 02, 2019
#12 - What Really Happened At Zane's Birthday Party
Zane went missing at his own birthday and was later found with a lot of rumors to clear up! Who needs a shot of espresso when you have and episode this good?
Nov 25, 2019
#11 - Exposing The Nastiest People In Our Friend Group
Zane's Happy Birthday episode! Kendall Jenner kicked Zane off of a mechanical bull. The boys had a dangerous encounter with a fan. Matt is confronted for having an embarrassing accident. Instagram is now hiding likes? We dig in.
Nov 18, 2019
#10 - Zane and Natalie Got Robbed In Miami
Zane and Natalie were victims of a crime in Miami. Also, what if the Vlog squad had boxing matches? Would Jeff beat Scott? Illya and Zane owe Casey Neistat some serious money. Heath shares the story of the worst fight he was in with Scott.
Nov 11, 2019
#9 - Bhad Bhabie Is Related To One Of Us
Zane visited an adult film shoot! Heath and Zane might be roommates again?! And Mariah is actually related to Bhad Bhabie?! SAY WHAT?! Take a sip on this hot roast of an episode! 
Nov 04, 2019
#8 - Zane Is Connected To A Murderer
Zane has a connection to a murder case. Heath got in big time Halloween trouble. The group shares who had the strictest parents. Who needs tea? It’s all about the coffee, Sweetie. 
Oct 28, 2019
#7 - Heath's Neighborhood Caught Fire
Zane gets too drunk and embarrass himself... Heath and Mariah evacuate from a wild fire... Matt gets oral surgery... It's been a rough week!
Oct 21, 2019
#6 - Zane’s Getting Hair Transplant Surgery
Don’t talk to us until you’ve listened to this episode. Zane gives us an update on his hair transplant, we discuss what we’ll be like as parents, we dish out advice and interesting topics y’all sent in.
Oct 14, 2019
#5 - Caught My Best Friend Breaking Into My House
The roast is dark and spooky on this episode. Join the boys as they embrace the fall season, discuss the horrors of zane’s hairline,  heath’s frightful encounters with intruders, and a nail biting chat on recent spooky news. 
Oct 07, 2019
#4 - Making Out With Best Friends Ex
The boys serve you up a piping hot blend of tales from the Miami trip, a kiss and tell of Corinna Kopf, and an adrenaline inducing Q&A sesh moderated by Matt and Mariah. 
Sep 30, 2019
#3 - Zane’s The Reason My Truck Got Stolen
Wake up and smell the hot brew of stories and gossip of Heath’s reunion with his stolen truck Big Red, a game of Vlog Squad spin the bottle, an update on Zane’s crush on Natalie, and a brain melting game of Would You Rather with Matt and Mariah. 
Sep 23, 2019
#2 - Revealing Zane's Crush On Natalie
We talk about Zanes long time crush on David Dobriks assistant Natalie, our parents catching us with drugs, and our Hollywood televangelists!
Sep 16, 2019
#1 - Why We Hated Each Other
Welcome to our first episode, where we talk about the rough start to our friendship and this podcast... Place your bets below on how long you think this will last. 
Sep 09, 2019
Teaser Trailer
Join Zane and Heath for some raw, uncut, and unfiltered behind the scenes content as they discuss all that transpires in the group's crazy lives when the cameras stop rolling. Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Monday morning because your start to the week just got a whole lot better!
Sep 03, 2019