Probably a Podcast

By Shannon Ford

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Category: Comedy

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Shannon Ford isn't here to inspire you or help you better yourself in any way... but she can guarantee you'll laugh.. either with her or at her. She covers everything from her year-long stint as a reality TV "villain" to pop culture to what happens when you have everything in your life going great and then the bottom drops out and you gotta figure it the fuck out. Buckle up and come along for the ride as she tries to navigate being hella alone in her 20's.

Episode Date
Wig Burrito

This week the liquor store crush is reveled and it doesn't have a happy ending. The girls dive into new drugs involving amphibious creatures - and which members of the royal family have dabbled in them. Shannon talks her date out of a medical procedure and wonders if she's officially dating people too old for her. AG recounts a crisis involving her hair and the WIG BURRITO is born... and quickly killed. What happens when two girls walk into Bass Pro Shop when they absolutely don't belong there? AG gets naked that's what. You'll find out what terrible pickup lines Shannon throws to her Raya matches and how AG convinces her to be less mean to men. Why does everyone Shannon know's and loves all go to the same OBGYN and simultaneously end up on bed rest in one day? Lastly the girls discuss the horrifying act of submitting a stool sample and the poor FedEx worker who is in charge of shipping your shit. You read that correctly. Enjoy

Sep 20, 2021
Trip of a Lifetime

In episode 4 we discuss AG’s intense (and hilariously terrible) journey in Sedona.. on mushrooms. You can gain some insight on what to do when your friends face melts off and get advice on how to avoid charges for rearranging landscape at 5 star resorts. Spoiler alert: AG has none for you. Is her bad trip worse than the time Shannon accidentally did meth? Who could be too sure. The girls explain their “Desperado scale” and how Shannon managed to reach an all time new high on it. Will she have to get the authorities involved in her liquor store crush?  Shannon gives the 411 on Malibu with Bridgerton and you’ll find out if she finally “gave those titties a chance” on another date now that it’s autumn. Stay in school and off drugs kids. 

Sep 13, 2021
Hoes are Like Hobbies

Episode 3 dives into Shannon's trip to New York and all the antics that went along with it. Anna Grace is back and boofin' about her school spirited nudes, quaalude-like illness, and her knowledge on footjobs. The girls discuss a time Shannon took her sexting talent too far and the difference between being ghosted or weasled. Is it irresponsible to be a horrible kisser when you're extremely hot? Can you guess what food they serve in the Memphis prison system? Does AG keep up with her cellmates from her brief stint in said prison? All of these questions and more are answered in this episode. It's almost cuffing season again and if you want a new hobby, give hoe's a try. 

Aug 25, 2021
We Be Boofin'

In episode 2 of Probably a Podcast Shannon has one of her best friends and the ever electric Anna Grace Newell joining her. No your podcast app didn't accidentally get switched into 4x faster speed that's just how alarmingly rapid Shannon and Anna Grace talk to each other on a regular basis. Was AG's car stolen 5 hours before this episode was recorded? Who could be too sure. Shannon dives into recent dates she's been on since her last complaint of no men talking to her post breakup. Strap in for discussions on fake accents, when to make a puke pallet palace, and their personal meaning behind "Boofin". Wondering when you should post a guy to your social media? Ever been in jail Tik Tok? Most importantly what season should your titties be given freedom? All of this and plenty more is answered in this Episode. 

Aug 12, 2021
My Life Got Magic Eraser'd

Shannon is back by herself to talk about everything thats happened in the last four months... cause WHEW it's been a time. The shit storm you all watched unfold gets explained as well as your questions answered. She gives you an update on Probably a Podcast abruptly ending, her 4 year relationship ending 2 weeks later, and you guessed it: she drinks tequila while doing it. Welcome to Episode 1 of Probably a Podcast... lets try this again shall we?

Aug 02, 2021
One of us is leaving...

Well this certainly wasn't the 2nd episode of Season 2 we had originally planned on putting out... but life happens. There are some things that both of us together and separately cannot control and this unfortunately is the outcome of that. Probably a Podcast will be back.. it's just going to look a lot different. I'm so sorry we have to even make this announcement but a Kuntry Mouse can survive and Probably a Podcast will too. Love you guys.

Apr 04, 2021