Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

By Mayim Bialik

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Michael Z
 Jun 12, 2021
Wonderful podcast to listen to while running. Relatable.

Christy Satter
 Jun 2, 2021
I absolutely LOVE you .. I have severe anxiety since my husband was killed at work.... and the please .. I love your show and want a second season.... I have 5 cats so please do a season 2 I pay for the sub for your show

 Mar 24, 2021
I love this podcast!

 Feb 20, 2021


Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.

Episode Date
Kevin Sussman: Weighted Blankets, Actor Anxiety & the Science of Sobbing

Kevin Sussman (actor, writer, comedian, The Big Bang Theory) discusses his anxiety surrounding performing and reveals his process for tricking his brain into redirecting anxious thoughts. Mayim and Kevin reminisce about their shared experiences on the set of The Big Bang Theory and examine the differences between Kevin and his character, "Stuart Bloom." Kevin shares the advice George Clooney and Gary Shandling gave to him about combating anxiety and the body mechanics of the Alexander Technique he uses to manage habitual physical tension. Mayim breaks down the physiological symptoms and evolutionary advantages of anxiety, the science and cultural aspects of crying, and ways to avoid the trap of rumination. They discuss the benefits and side effects of anxiety medication and natural coping methods, and Mayim ends the episode with advice for managing anxiety when trying to fall asleep in the latest installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

Jul 27, 2021
Jackson Galaxy: Emotional Guardrails, Language of Empathy & The Social Anxiety Corner

Jackson Galaxy (Host & Executive Producer of My Cat from Hell, animal advocate, cat behavior expert, author, musician) opens up about his struggles with social anxiety, substance abuse, and disordered eating. After an illuminating installment of "What Mayim Hears", Jackson discusses growing up wanting to be a rock star and how playing guitar and busking at an early age helped him combat anxiety. He details his use of food as a comfort tool and alcohol as a social lubricant before he discovered the benefits provided by the structure of rituals. Mayim and Jackson break down how misdiagnoses and ineffective prescriptions can lengthen one’s mental health journey, the biological instincts tied to social anxiety, and navigating society as an empath. They bond over their shared love for the energetic minefield that is New York City, disordered eating as a public person, desires to be terminally unique involutes, and of course, their love of cats.

Jackson Galaxy's Website:

Jackson Galaxy's Books:

Jackson Galaxy Cat Camp:

Jackson Galaxy Project:

Best Friends Animal Society:

Jul 20, 2021
Dr. Gary Small: Bolster Your Brain & Lengthen Longevity

Dr. Gary Small, Professor of Psychiatry, Biobehavioral Sciences & Aging and Director of the UCLA Longevity Center, breaks down the biological causes and symptoms of aging and its impact on mental wellness. He discusses the effects of neurodegenerative memory disorders on patients and caregivers, his personal experiences with Alzheimer’s, and the toll his work with the difficult aspects of cognitive transitions takes on him. Mayim and Dr. Small examine the negative effects of stress and isolation on the aging process and how technology has the potential to help or harm it before delving into the ways we can strengthen our brains through meditation, sleep, therapy, social connections, learning a language or instrument, and even certain foods. They unpack the roles of the elderly in our society and the ways various cultures treat aging populations. Mayim opens up about her father’s degenerative condition, details common reasons we distract ourselves, and explains the Look-Snap-Connect techniques we can use to maintain and improve active brain health and memory.

Dr. Gary Small's Books:

Jul 15, 2021
Melissa Bernstein: Achievement Anchoring & The Logic of Lying

Melissa Bernstein, author, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of the successful toy company Melissa & Doug, breaks down her existential journey through birthing art from divergent qualities. She discusses her disassociation from dark feelings and how her imagination allowed her to channel that sense of despair into creativity. Mayim and Melissa bond over being unable to relate to mainstream culture and how perfectionism can sometimes feel like a drug. They examine the science behind overexcitabilities, reasons why we lie, and how to accept and move through rejection. Melissa opens up about how her need for control led to a severe eating disorder at the age of 11 and how she found recovery through her relationship with her now husband. After years of self-depletion, Melissa reveals how logotherapy and studying philosophy guided her through her mental health journey.

Mayim reminisces about her time hanging out with fellow misfits at Venice Beach, and ends the episode with advice for teachers on dealing with anxious students in the latest installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

Melissa & Doug Website:

Melissa Bernstein's Book:

Jul 13, 2021
Jennette McCurdy: Enmeshment, Individuating, & Coping Mechanisms

Jennette McCurdy, writer, director, actor, and singer ( iCarly, Sam & Cat), inspires Mayim with her openness and vulnerability as she shares the harmful coping mechanisms and profound revelations she experienced following the death of her mother - leading to Jennette’s one woman show "I’m Glad My Mom Died." Jennette discusses the pressures and anxieties she faced at an early age as a hugely popular children’s TV star and the source of financial support for her family. Jennette unpacks how her identity was tied to her mother’s perceptions of her and how the enmeshed relationship impacted her. Mayim breaks down the psychological concept of enmeshment, including the effects of removing an enmeshed relationship from one’s life, the reasons we tolerate emotional discomfort for so long, and the elements of the power struggles surrounding love. Mayim and Jennette deeply connect over their self-discovery journeys, including their respective paths to recovery from disordered eating. They also discuss their personal and professional plans for the future, and Mayim confesses her feelings about her upcoming feature directorial debut.

In a new installment of Ask Mayim Anything, Mayim explains the origins of self-sabotage and insecurities in an otherwise healthy relationship.

Jennette McCurdy's website:

Jul 06, 2021
Rabbi Steve Leder: Clearing out the Clutter, Nonlinear Grief & Finding Gratitude in the Mundane

Rabbi Steve Leder, author and Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, breaks down the beneficial and harmful aspects of religious structure on mental health and sense of community. He details his childhood in the midwest where he worked at the family junkyard under strict, religious parents, and how stealing Bob Dylan albums led him to the hippie rabbis who changed the course of his life. Mayim and Rabbi Leder reexamine the true meaning of sacrifice, the evolution of Judaism, and how religious extremism and radical secularism can negatively impact mental health. Mayim opens up about the role religion has played in her own life and sense of identity, and how Judaism’s structure of processing grief helped her to effectively mourn her father’s death. After analyzing the ways in which society can rebuild trust in its institutions, Mayim and Rabbi Leder discuss how impactful changes in our micro communities can lead to macro effects and the importance of learning from those with differing beliefs. Mayim explains how a disconnected marriage can affect mental health during an installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

Rabbi Steve Leder's books:

Jul 01, 2021
Jenny Taitz: Self-Soothing Strategies, How to be Single and Happy & Ending Emotional Eating

Dr. Jenny Taitz, Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at UCLA and licensed clinical psychologist board certified in cognitive behavioral therapy, outlines her custom, dialectical therapy approach to helping people meet their long term goals by utilizing evidenced-based tools. She breaks down the core issues of disordered eating and highlights the importance of recognizing hunger cues and triggers, forming intuitive eating habits, and finding nourishment through self-soothing strategies. Mayim expands upon the origin of her eating disorder and current relationship with food, and details the role food plays in culture and intimacy. Dr. Taitz discusses how mindfulness, distress tolerance, finding bite-sized doses of hope, and even dunking your face in ice water can lead to radical acceptance & willingness. After Mayim opens up about her history of serial monogamy, she and Dr. Taitz examine the importance of finding happiness and empowerment while living single rather than waiting to find the right person to be happy. Mayim and Dr. Taitz wrap the episode with indicators one might need help overcoming an eating disorder, and Mayim explains Binge Eating Disorder during an installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

Jenny's Books:

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Overeaters Anonymous:

Jun 29, 2021
Lamorne Morris: Breaking Barriers, Life Coaching & Different Shades of Black

Lamorne Morris (New Girl, Call Me Kat, Woke, Sandy Wexler, Barbershop 3, Game Night, BET personality) details how growing up in the southside of Chicago shaped his approach to navigating through equality roadblocks and the invisible entertainment gatekeeper. He and Mayim discuss how learning the history of one’s culture provides empowerment and why the media’s portrayal of marginalized communities matters. Lamorne breaks down how last year’s civil rights protests impacted his mental health, the benefits of life coaching, how he found motivation to succeed in Hollywood through defiance, his experiences playing "Winston Bishop" on New Girl and working with Mayim on the set of Call Me Kat.

Jun 22, 2021
Steve Hassan: Spotting a Cult, Hidden Hypnotism & Indoctrination in the Digital Age

Steve Hassan, world-renowned mental health professional and cult & undue influence expert, breaks down classic cult tactics and how those techniques have evolved into the digital age. He details his own indoctrination into the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, his subsequent moment of realization that he was a cult member, and his intense deprogramming experience. Mayim and Steve discuss 21st century sects like Scientology, NXIVM, and QAnon, and how cult ideologies may have led to the Capitol insurrection in January of 2021. They explore ways to identify cults and abusers through their authoritarian features and methods they use, such as disorientation, "love bombing", social-psychological compliance, covert hypnotism, neuro-linguistic programming, and deep fakes. Hassan emphasizes media literacy in order to avoid these organizations and provides tips on how to engage with a loved one involved in a cult. Mayim and Jonathan discuss society's servitude to technology and debate about potential solutions.

Steve Hassan's Website:

Steve Hassan's Books:

Jun 17, 2021
Kelly Clarkson: Small-Town Starts, F-You Attitudes, & Combating Industry Standards

Kelly Clarkson, Grammy Award-winning singer and Emmy Award-winning talk show host, takes us through her mental and physical health journey after becoming one of the biggest popstars in the world. She shares how growing up in a small Texas town prepared her for global fame and how her voice has evolved over the years. Kelly and Mayim discuss treating their respective thyroid issues with eastern and western medicines and the benefits of NMN supplements. They detail their ongoing struggles with living up to industry standards, combating public opinions of their personal lives, and charting one's own path despite the opinions of others. Kelly's perspectives, affirmations, and "F-you attitude" leave Mayim inspired to tackle her own insecurities.

Jun 15, 2021
Bobby Moynihan: Puppetry, People-Pleasing & The SNL Pressure Cooker

Bobby Moynihan, comedic actor and former SNL cast member, shares his rollercoaster journey through comedy, from puppetry classes and performing improv during the aftermath of 9/11, through his 9-season run on SNL and beyond. Mayim and Bobby discuss the misconceptions about comedic performers, the role perfectionism plays in triggering physical symptoms of stress, and how therapy and meditation can help us process career trauma. Hear Mayim's tips for recognizing your breaking point when it comes to work stress with a constructive session of "You Might Need Help If..."

Jun 08, 2021
Bevisode with Mayim's Mom! Mysticism, Motherhood, Hungarian Superpowers & Pioneering Prison Programs

Bev breaks down previous episodes in our fourth Bevisode installment! This week, Bev reacts to an engaging slot of recent episodes by discussing her own responses to the callings of waking dreams touched on by Elizabeth Bachner, along with the importance of recognizing when to seek help in the struggle with addiction addressed in Brian Posehn's episode. Later, Bev reminisces about teaching in a women’s prison and the programs she pioneered during her successful career in response to the Sal Khan episode, and shares the sadness and understanding she felt during Wil Wheaton’s revelations about wanting to leave the entertainment industry.

Jun 03, 2021
Oliver Hudson: Sibling Stressors, Love Languages & Ego Elimination

Oliver Hudson, actor and fellow podcaster, joins us to discuss the nuance and evolution of family dynamics and how he overcame feeling like the black sheep of his famous family with the help of a pillow and a wiffle ball bat. Together, Mayim, Jonathan, and Oliver examine the ways that they give and receive love in the context of their own upbringings and sensibilities. To round off their discussion, Mayim shares a bit about the neuroendocrinology behind relational differences between men and women.

Jun 01, 2021
Dan Mathews: Prostitutes, PETA, and A Schizophrenic Success Story

Dan Mathews, Writer and long-time activist with the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), openly celebrates his late mother, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Dan regales the audience with tales about his mother’s ability to form lasting and meaningful relationships, in spite of her challenges. Through their discussion of Dan’s mom, Mayim & Dan reexamine the modern conception of psychotic disorders, unpacking the artistic, religious, and social contexts of illness.

May 25, 2021
Alison Desir: Running While Black, Competent Counseling & Caregiver Burnout

Alison Desir, athletic activist and counselor, blurs the line between mind and body through the integration of two of her passions: community based mental health and running. Mayim and Alison examine how running has fit into each other’s lives and how it has provided a meaningful coping mechanism to deal with life’s many stressors. Alison ends her segment with an amazing discussion on the black experience in the United States and how empowering exercise can be for black and brown communities!

May 20, 2021
Moshe Kasher: Nature vs. Nurture, Growing Up CODA & Rebuilding Trust

Moshe Kasher, stand-up comedian and author of Mayim’s favorite memoir ‘Kasher in the Rye,’ talks about his experience through childhood growing up with deaf parents and the mixed emotions of independence, embarrassment, and rage that came with it. Mayim and Moshe explore the idea of the chicken and the egg when it came to his therapy early in life; whether he was exposed to therapy because of exhibited behaviors or whether that exposure fed into those behaviors. We close the episode by coming full circle with a callback to Rick Doblin’s MAPS and the idea that the only way to truly heal from trauma is to go back through it.

May 18, 2021
Hayley Williams: Mind-Body Breakthroughs, Weird Weddings & Intensive Therapy

Hayley Williams, the Grammy Award winning singer and founder of Paramore, shares her personal experience of ‘getting out’ of a traumatic relationship and the mind-body connection she uncovered during the process. Mayim and Hayley connect over their shared choice of combat boots and disconnected enthusiasm in their previous weddings. Hayley opens up on her recent journey through intensive therapy and how an integrated health approach has positively impacted her life. The conversation turns esoteric and mystical near the end with a discussion of intergenerational trauma and family system.

May 11, 2021
Bevisode with Mayim’s Mom! Millennials, Mindfulness, & Memories

Back again this week with what is quickly becoming a fan favorite, the Bevisode! In this third installment we go a little meta with Bev breaking down her own episode... breaking down other guests’ episodes. Bev goes on to share her admiration for us getting a ‘down to earth’ millennial like Sofia Franklyn on the show along with her lack of enthusiasm for the mindful, philosophical conversation we had with Sam Harris. Later Bev reflects on the sadness she felt during Jaleel White’s openness about the realities of being a child star and the similarities she saw in Mayim. And finally, we breakdown her thoughts on male nail polish in AJ McLean’s episode, plus the correlations around the idea of ‘chaos’ that she experienced in her life.

May 06, 2021
Hunter McGrady: Redefining Beauty, Mantras & Body Positivity

Hunter McGrady, the lovely and talented trailblazer for plus size modeling, shares the ups and downs of her career including her journey to be on the cover of Sport Illustrated’s Swim Suit issue in nothing but body paint! Mayim and Hunter discuss the anxiety and depression that both men and women face in response to unrealistic societal body standards. Hunter opens up a dialogue on the important role that therapy has played in helping her to learn self love and build her confidence! She even gives Mayim some mantras to work on.

May 04, 2021
Bevisode with Mayim’s Mom! Mindfulness, Self Esteem & Psychedelic Experiences

Bev is back! This week we breakdown our recent episodes with Kunal Nayyar, Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein, Glennon Doyle, and Rick Doblin alongside Mayim’s mother Bev. After contemplating whether or not Kunal was deeply profound or just acting the part of ‘Buddha in Jeans,’ we tackle the idea of ageism in Bev’s critique on our first show addressing women’s health. We also discuss the idea of ‘self esteem’ in today’s age of empowerment and how our show on MDMA brought back some old experiences with Bev’s undulating Mescaline trips.

Apr 29, 2021
Wil Wheaton on Trauma, Depression, & Self-Discovery

Wil Wheaton is a well seasoned actor, recognized for his work on The Big Bang Theory, Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and countless other classics. He joins us this week to talk about his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. Mayim dives into the neuroscience behind depression and explores the importance of social support. Wil shares about growing up in the industry, his tumultuous relationship with his parents, the unexpected way he met his wife Anne, and the breakdown that leads to him getting help.

Apr 27, 2021
Sal Khan: Emotional Stress, Standardized Tests, & A New Approach to Education

Salman “Sal” Khan, acclaimed educator and philanthropist describes his journey through the educational system and his plans to change it for the better. Originally an analyst at a hedge fund, Sal decided to leave his cushioned career in order to focus on his true passion, education. This is when was born. Mayim and Sal discuss his vision of a world where everyone has the opportunity to receive individualized, compassionate education without the fear, stress, and anxiety of standardized tests and ranking systems. Mayim shares about her own experiences in the education system as a student and as a teacher to her children. Sal and Mayim discuss the “natural curiosity” of all human beings and comment on how the traditional education system has failed many students in many ways. 

Apr 22, 2021
Brian Posehn: Gentle Giants, Weed, and Dungeons & Dragons

Mayim and Brian discuss their life experiences and dissect Brian’s transformation from "nerd" to famous comedian and the impact of being a big man. Brian recounts his time working with Mayim on the Big Bang Theory and his excitement playing Dungeons and Dragons with Mayim and other members of the team! Mayim examines recent scientific research on the therapeutic potential of this socially engaging tabletop game! The conversation leads into a discussion of coping mechanisms and subsequent discussion of Brian’s use of marijuana. Both Brian and Mayim examine the risks and benefits of marijuana use.

Apr 20, 2021
Elizabeth Bachner: Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture & Adrenal Failure - Doulas Do it Right

Elizabeth Bachner, acclaimed midwife, acupuncturist and healer, explains how her life was seemingly perfect on paper but simply didn’t feel right. By unraveling this thread, she was guided on a path of personal and spiritual transformation that many will relate to. Elizabeth brings her extensive exploration of Easter healing and Mayim and Elizabeth delve into the neuropsychological underpinnings of naturalistic medicine. Elizabeth even leads us in group meditation (Prepare to smell some lemons)! The show examines the hardships of human experience, from cancer, birth, death, and much more.

Apr 13, 2021
Bevisode with Mayim’s Mom! Anxiety, Sexuality & Mind-Body Connection

Oh boy, let’s see how this goes. Introducing the first of many to come, the Bevisode… where Mayim and her mother sit down to analyze previous episodes and how the topics within them relate to their shared and individual experience in life. This week Bev dissects a few core topics from some of our earliest releases. Namely, anxiety as it relates to Grace Helbig’s episode, honesty about depression shared by Leslie Jordan, the idea of holding and the mind body connection explored by Iliza Shlesinger, plus Bev's deep connection to the testimony shared by Cheyenne Jackson during his appearance.

Apr 08, 2021
AJ McLean: Backstreet’s Back! Rehabilitation, Sobriety & Relapse

Mayim accompanies AJ along his journey from addiction to rehabilitation. Mayim and AJ discuss alcohol and substance use as an ongoing battle between sobriety and relapse. AJ goes into depth on the genesis of the Backstreet Boys and how his bandmates/friends helped him to see he needed help. Mayim and AJ talk about the pressures of growing up in the public eye and the difficulty of switching between "stage" personas and their own personas. The conversation segues into self-care, and AJ talks about his mountain biking, golfing, and nail painting escapades. Mayim and AJ get down to the crux of addiction: It is not about the substance, it is about why sober living is so painful.

Apr 06, 2021
Did I do That? A Case Study of a Young Star with Jaleel White

Mayim opens up about her days on Blossom, how she started in the industry, and the huge pressures and expectations she faced. Jaleel discusses the path which led him to fame as a teenager and talks about what it was like to have so much power at a young age. Both experienced a sense of being owned by the industry and the public and share how they were trained to be deferential to adults. While they both experienced unique opportunities, including stories of 90's NBA all star games with Michael Jordan, and stories with Karl Malone and Penny Hardaway, the conversation turns to one about Jaleel’s identity as a young black man in a predominantly white industry and the impact this had on his mental health and his outlook on his career. 

Mar 30, 2021
Transcend the Illusion of Self: Expanding Consciousness and Mindfulness Meditation with Sam Harris

Mayim explains the benefits and historical role of meditation with her former colleague and UCLA PHD graduate buddy Sam Harris. Sam talks about his journey discovering mindfulness through an altered state as a teenager which led him to a life dedicated to encouraging others to get in touch with their base desires through a meditative practice. How do you unlink your thoughts and uncover patterns of emotion, behavior, and beliefs that no longer serve you? How do you transcend the constructed notion of who you are to access your soul? Mayim and Jonathan get put into a meditative trance by the silky timber of Sam's voice as he tackles misperceptions about meditation and explains how to access different realms of consciousness and connect to your true self.

Mar 25, 2021
Mug Shots, Mormonism, and Mayhem with Sofia Franklin

Mayim brings out the introspective and reflective side of Sofia - one of the podcast world's biggest stars as they breakdown how she became the fierce, independent, and outspoken woman she is today. This spicy episode brings out Mayim's inner millennial as she and Sofia cover anxiety, boundaries, and sexual health. Sofia, an outspoken and at times unabashed spokeswoman for female sexual empowerment, talks about getting her mug shot on a t-shirt, meeting her father for the first time at 15, and how leaving her job in investment banking propelled her to internet stardom.

Mar 23, 2021
Overcome Trauma: MDMA, PTSD and Our Ability to Heal with Rick Doblin

Mayim explains the neurobiology of trauma and reveals her own experience working to overcome a traumatic event. Rick details the ground-breaking research his lab is doing using MDMA to treat PTSD. Rick and Mayim discuss everything from the ancient cultural origins of psychedelics and explore the "unified mystical experience of oneness" that is often brought on through the use of this medicine. Rick explains how MDMA can help free people who are stuck in a fight-or-flight response by calming their overactive amygdala while reconnecting them to disconnected memories. Jonathan volunteers Mayim for Rick's next study to get help with her on-going nightmares and Rick shares in real time the results of his most recent research which promises to change the laws and future of how we treat  PTSD.

Mar 16, 2021
Personal Truth, Transformation, and Managing Anxiety with Glennon Doyle

Mayim gets starstruck and emotional talking with NYT best selling author, Oprah Book club alum, and featured Goop friend Glennon Doyle. Mayim and Glennon bond about the challenges of being publically vulnerable and the emotional toll it takes to share authentically. We discuss blended families, making relationships work, and how to improve communication when both parts of a couple are in recovery. The ep touches on personal transformation, finding one's personal truth, and how Glennon and Mayim's relationship with anxiety has changed over time. Do not miss this emotional, heartfelt, and very personal episode. 

Mar 09, 2021
The Truth About The Pill with Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein

Mayim breaks down how the neurochemical basis of women's hormones and the impacts of the menstrual cycle on their bodies and minds. Mayim also covers how our understanding of women's health has changed over time, including a brief overview of what Freud got wrong. Activists Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein discuss their most recent project tackling the misperceptions about women's mental health related to increasing rates of overprescription of the birth control pill. And Mayim shares about her experience on the pill and the differential access to reproductive health in under-serviced communities and what we can do about it. 

Mar 02, 2021
Staying Present & Knowing Yourself with Kunal Nayyar

Mayim's reunion with Big Bang Theory co-star explores Kunal's childhood and path to becoming an actor - including getting punched in the face by Mark Harmon on NCIS. While Kunal is known for his acting, his instagram account Buddha in Jeans shares deep spiritual wisdom which Kunal brings with him to this episode. He discusses the importance of seeing past perception and shares how his experiences of anxiety and debilitating panic attacks led him to hypnotherapy and a modern day path of self-discovery.

Feb 23, 2021
Sexual Identity, Broadway, and Call Me Kat with Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson's journey began as a closeted musical-loving kid in a tiny town in Idaho. He has gone on to star in 7 broadway shows and a mirriade of film and TV projects.  He's currently co-starring as Mayim's love interest in their new Fox show Call Me Kat.  In this episode, Cheyenne opens up and shares touching stories on how sobriety helped him define his path as he navigated depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Feb 16, 2021
Angry Young Man Finds Sobriety with John Ross Bowie

Mayim Breaks down the chemical and environmental aspects of addiction and The Big Bang Theory actor John Ross Bowie shares his story of being an angry young man who turned to alcohol to numb his pain. This touching exploration of John's journey allows him to share aspects of his sobriety and his struggles as a father and actor which he had not previously explored. 

Feb 09, 2021
Big Bang Creator Bill Prady is Basically Sheldon

Bill Prady, co-creator of "The Big Bang Theory," discusses how he came up with the idea to make a show about socially challenged scientists. What many may not know is that Prady himself is on the autism spectrum. Mayim explains "neuro-a typical' and sensory overload, Bill opens up about his quirks and challenges and shares intimately about his journey from awkward child and teen to well-adjusted, if eccentric, adult.

Feb 02, 2021
Hurts To Be Awesome: Mind Body Syndrome with Iliza Shlesinger

Mayim breaks down how our overall stress can have real physical impacts and Iliza Shlesinger discusses being a female stand up comedian among men in her profession, how we as a society struggle to communicate, and how her hectic work life caught up with her in the form of debilitating nerve pain. This plus lots of jokes on Ep 3 of the show!

Jan 26, 2021
Gay, Sober and Fabulous with Leslie Jordan

Mayim explores the neurobiology and neuroanatomical differences between gay and straight men while the beloved comedian Leslie Jordan shares his personal struggles with crystal meth and alcoholism. He discusses growing up gay in the south at a time when no one talked about gay rights and he reflects on starting his first serious relationship in his 50s and how sobriety has allowed him access to aspects of his mental health and love life he had never experienced.

Jan 19, 2021
Comedy from Home Beats Anxiety with Grace Helbig

Mayim & Grace Helbig break down anxiety - why we have it and how it impacts many of us.  

Grace takes us on a journey through her childhood as a young comedian and why she chose to become a "comedian from home."  Grace also shares hilarious anecdotes about how she has managed her anxiety, her dating life, difficult conversations, and a flourishing career. Grace reveals her inspiration for pursuing a graduate degree in Depth psychology and puts on her doctor hat to offer Mayim and Jonathan some needed advice. 

Jan 12, 2021
Introducing Mayim Bialik's Breakdown
Armed with a Phd in Neuroscience and plenty of personal experience, Mayim Bialik connects with special guests and breaks down the things that make us break down. Episodes include insightful interviews, personal stories, practical advice, and signs to watch out for. See to 'Ask Mayim Anything' and have a chance to get your question answered on air.
Dec 25, 2020