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 May 8, 2021


Chuckle Sandwich is a podcast hosted by three friends Ted Nivison, jschlatt, and Charlie Slimecicle, where they discuss a multitude of world shattering topics that everyone should care about, with some guests along the way.

Episode Date
34: We Made Our Own Squid Game - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we are back after Chuckle Week! It's the beginning of Fuckle Week - we talk about special maneuvers, a new hip word for the kids to use, inventing our own Squid Game challenges, and more

Oct 16, 2021
33: The Quackity Exclusive - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

For our final episode of Chuckle Week - We get the legendary Quackity on the podcast. We talk about his run in's with the Mexican Cartel, his changes in content over the years, he may or may not have admitted to heinous crimes of varying severity. You'll have to listen in to figure out that one.

Oct 09, 2021
32: Hasan Piker & Will Neff Are Freaky Boys - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Hasan Piker and Will Neff come into the studio to talk about the perfect chips to go with a sandwich, celebrity dating apps, Will's arachnophobia, and much more!

Oct 03, 2021
31: Michael Reeves' Unethical Video Ideas - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Michael Reeves, the crazed inventor of the online world, comes into the studio to talk about robot dogs, unethical video ideas, and some of the most shameful things imaginable.

Sep 26, 2021
30: Slimecicle Learns How To Love ft. SuperMega - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, SuperMega comes into the studio and teaches us about love, and deceit. We have a lie counter for this episode, because there is a lot of them. 

Sep 18, 2021
29: The Funniest Livestream Stories ft. Ludwig Ahgren - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

We've got Ludwig Ahgren on the podcast, and he talks to us about some of the funniest livestream stories he has from his career thus far on Twitch, responds to some of our questions about Zombie Apocalypse survival from the last episode, and how Ted Nivison's girlfriend defeated him in beer pong

Sep 11, 2021
28: Our Zombie Apocalypse Plans ft. Ethan Nestor - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On todays episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we bring Ethan Nestor of CrankGameplays to talk about our Zombie Apocalypse plans

Sep 04, 2021
27: Schlatt Receives His Greatest Gift - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Happy Big Thursday! On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, the boys chat about the bounties of Big Thursday, a holiday they just made up, and Schlatt receives probably the most meaningful gift he's ever gotten.

Aug 28, 2021
26: Jaiden Animations - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Week, Jaiden Animations comes into the studio and talks about life, her birds, animation, the works baby. We viscously harass utilizing our entire arsenal of mean words because she is a criminal and a thief!

Aug 21, 2021
25: Eddy Burback - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode, Eddy Burback joins us on the podcast! We force him to drink thick water.

Aug 18, 2021
24: The Chuckle Dungeon - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this anticipated special, Ted & Schlatt embark on a adventure created by Charlie Slimesicle - a Dungeons & Dragons episode of Chuckle Sandwich!

Aug 10, 2021
23: Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

The second installment of the coveted Chuckle Week, Arin Hanson of Game Grumps and Egoraptor comes on the podcast! Hold onto your shorts, bucko, because this episode is about to get wild and wet.

Jul 31, 2021
22: William Osman & Chuckle Week Begins - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, William Osman joins us on the new set for the first episode of Chuckle Week, a week where we recorded 12 episodes with different guests that will define the podcast for several months forward!

Jul 19, 2021
21: Pure Chaos - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we descent into chaos speaking about how we might fix the environmental woes of the world, specifically relating to plastic straws and turtles. In addition, we tell of some great stuff to happen this coming week for the podcast!

Jul 10, 2021
20: Our Cursed Childhood Memories - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this podcast the boys discuss our cursed childhood memories, the funny and the strange.

Jun 20, 2021
19: Cr1tikal - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

YouTuber and Twitch Streamer and Florida man Cr1tikal hops on the Chuckle Sandwich Podcast and chats with the boys

Jun 14, 2021
18: MATT WATSON COMES CLEAN - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Matt Watson joins the boys this week to discuss everything.

May 30, 2021
17: Schlatt's Trip to Los Angeles - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Schlatt has a trip to Los Angeles and he loves every single second of it with all of his being, Charlie intro's this podcast in a very interesting way

May 24, 2021
16: Our Biggest Scandal - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we create our ultimate scandal, while exploring the ridiculous scandals of celebrities. We are the Scandal Sandwich.

May 15, 2021
15: The Internet's Hardest Questions - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode, the boys tackle some of the worlds toughest questions, and ponder the scale of a billion lions

May 08, 2021
14: Ted Became Even More Dangerous - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of the Chuckle Sandwich Podcast, Ted Nivison talks about his experience working with Universal Pictures on his new video & his trip to Las Vegas, Charlie shows off his new pet, and Schlatt complains.

May 01, 2021
13: Minx's Darkest Secret - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, Twitch streamer JustaMinx joins the guys to talk about her deepest, darkest secret. This secret is not something you'll want to miss, believe me

Apr 24, 2021
12: We Became Ghost Hunters - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we became Ghost Hunters, this is now a paranormal and ghostly podcast, and it will definitely remain that way until the end of the episode

Apr 20, 2021
11: Our Biggest Argument Ever - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On this episode of the Chuckle Sandwich Podcast, the boys talk about their understanding of the season of Easter, What they'd bring with them in a nuclear bunker, What texture of cookie is best, and finally, the GREAT SANDWICH DEBATE

Apr 10, 2021
10: Gus Johnson Is A Menace - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

On today's episode of the Chuckle Sandwich Podcast, the boys interview Gus Johnson. Widely acclaimed interest persona and sketch comedian, they talk about the spheres of media merging, Lightning McQueen, and Ted surprises Gus with information he shouldn't know

Apr 03, 2021
9: The TommyInnit Exclusive - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

The Boys get an exclusive interview with the prodigal YouTube boy TommyInnit - talking about his love for YouTube analytics, college, being effective in quarantine, his hobbies, and much more!

Mar 27, 2021
8: Would You Rather? - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

The Boys tackle some more "Would You Rather" Questions, their favorite videogames, and much more

Mar 21, 2021
7: Our New Member - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

The Boys reveal the new member of the podcast, will he survive the test of glory?

Mar 13, 2021
6: SwaggerSouls' Monkey Lamp - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

SwaggerSouls is the first guest on the Chuckle Sandwich Podcast! We talk about monkey lamps (again), Australia's pandemic situation, hairless chimps, and more!

Mar 06, 2021
5: Schlatt's Texas Nightmare - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Schlatt discusses his interesting move to Texas during the snowstorm and power outage of the century

Feb 27, 2021
4: Schlatt's Twitter War - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Schlatt discusses his Twitter War with Corpse Husband, Ted is goofin' on his audience through Tik Tok, Charlie discovers he's the top YouTuber in Vermont

Feb 20, 2021
3: Charlie Slimecicle Becomes Lizard - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Ted, Charlie Slimesicle, and Schlatt dive into Reddit to view the legendary "Would You Rather" subreddit. Charlie wants to become a lizard. We do not know why.

Feb 13, 2021
2: Ted is a Criminal - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Ted and Schlatt go toe to toe as Schlatt frames himself as a hero and attempts to throw question into Ted's morality, Charlie eats a Tomato and is a menace

Feb 06, 2021
1: Schlatt's Monkey Lamp - Chuckle Sandwich Podcast

Schlatt discusses his new investment in monkey lamps and his obsession with gibbons, Charlie details his tragic sea story, Ted is confused but enthused

Jan 30, 2021