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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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Christian stuff, apologetics, theology, humor, musings, Bible stuff, cats, family, art... Important and interesting topics that I do my best to graciously but honestly give insight about from an authentically Christian perspective.

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Being Politically Incorrect to be Correct: Men Are Awesome and Demi Lovato is Still a Woman.

Men are amazing, useful, necessary, and contribute immeasurably to society. 
Demi Lovato is a woman.

A few years ago both of these statements would have been obviously true and acceptable. Now, they conjure up wrath, division, and bitterness. 

Sometimes I just gotta stir the pot. So stir I shall. 


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Sep 07, 2021
Sharing Truth in Love: Encouragement and a Plea to Christians

*This is audio extracted from my YouTube video from May 2020 converted here in podcast land for your hearing pleasure.*

Let me get mushy for a second.

This is made in hopes that we can have some insight into how we look, sound, and act as the Body of Christ. I have found myself visiting the same set of Scriptures over the last few months, and I thought it would be an encouragement to all of us during a tough time, but also in hopes that we can all learn how to treat others as we would want to be treated. 

We're not going to be perfect. I'm definitely not! But I'd hope that we can remember that making our lights shine doesn't mean sacrificing good theology... or our ability to be kind. Especially to those we disagree with. 

Aug 23, 2021
The MegaChurch Mega-Mess

*This is audio extracted from my YouTube video converted here in podcast land for your hearing pleasure.*

I mean... someone needs to say it, right? 

The Megachurch world can be a mess. I know I’m going to make a lot of people uncomfortable with what I’m saying in this video, but someone needs to say this. This is not me being nitpicky, being a guns blazin’ heresy hunter, or trying to point out minor differences in how worship is done or how sermon styles are conducted.No, this goes FAR beyond that. This is an actual legitimate issue that needs to be talked about in the megachurch.

 A lot of thought and prayer went into making this video. I hope that I relay my thoughts on this with integrity. The ending was sorta off script, but I kept it because I meant it. 

Please pray for all Megachurch pastors. 

Aug 17, 2021
My First Actual Bona Fide Podcast and Why I Started One

This is my first actual podcast outside of uploading previous content from my YouTube channel. This was actually really fun and I'm looking forward to making another. I intro the podcast, give some background on the name, offer some encouragement, and what to expect from my talking face in the future. 

Aug 17, 2021
Five Reasons Why You Should Listen to Perspectives You Don't Agree With

This video was originally on YouTube. The audio is extracted for this podcast.

Today I break down one of the best posts and advice I've seen in 2020, and in general. Why is it wise to listen to perspectives and beliefs that are different than yours?

I hope to elaborate on that.

My friend Rob Bowman made this post, and he's one of the most respected men in his field. He's a biblical scholar and apologist with 35 years of ministry experience. He's authored about a dozen books, one of my favorites being, "Putting Jesus in His Place: the Case for the Deity of Christ" which he co-authored with J. Ed Komoszewski. 

Aug 16, 2021
Top 5 New Age Teachings in the Church

On my YouTube channel, this has been by far my most popular video, with almost 700,000 views. It's now in podcast form!

New Age in the Church?! Yep. It's been going on for quite a while now. In fact, you'd be shocked to know that a lot of Christians believe in many New Age beliefs and don't even know it. I might make a part 2 to this at some point because I realize that there's a LOT of New Age practices out there. But in putting this video together, these are the top 5 deceptions that I kept thinking about that I see the most in churches today: Law of Attraction, Oneness, Religious Pluralism, Universalism, and Mysticism. I talk about what each of these are and how they are so deceptively synced together in many Christian worldviews. 

Aug 15, 2021