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 Jun 6, 2022

 Nov 27, 2021

jay w
 Sep 28, 2021
first few episodes have been interesting, would get more stars if they clean the language up, as I often listen to with my kids.


Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe (actor/NFL fan) and Alan Yang (writer/director/Mouse Rat bassist) host the definitive podcast about the making of the beloved comedy series. With special guest appearances by cast and crew, Rob and Alan share their unique, behind-the-scenes insights from in front of the camera and inside the writers’ room. It’s literally the best Parks and Rec podcast in the world. Go ahead, treat yo’ self!

Episode Date
Eagleton (S3E12)

Call your friends and welcome them to Pawnee. Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are watching S3E12. In "Eagleton" Leslie is forced to deal with a former beloved colleague-turned bitter enemy when a neighboring town separates a shared park with a fence. On this episode find out how amazing it was to work with Nicole Holofcener, why a trash fight convinced Parker Posey to be in this episode, what in this script made Rashida cry, and why Alan never keeps ice cream in his home! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Eagleton, a more prosperous neighboring town of Pawnee, has erected a tall fence in the shared Lafayette Park to keep Pawnee residents at a distance. Leslie’s theory is that it’s the work of Lindsay Carlisle Shay (Parker Posey), The Eagleton equivalent of Leslie. Lindsay is a former Pawnee parks department employee and used to be Leslie's best friend. While dealing with the fence, Leslie also discovers Ron's upcoming birthday, a date he has kept secret for years. Leslie promises a horrified and annoyed Ron that she will throw a surprise party for him.


In the standard style of a disorderly public meeting, the citizens of Pawnee call for the fence to be removed. Leslie meets with Lindsay, who refuses to take the fence down and insults Pawnee in the process. Leslie, Tom, and Ben attend a catered Eagleton town meeting inside a country club to plead their case to its citizens. The people of Eagleton are wealthy and civil, but also incredibly condescending. Citing the poor maintenance of Pawnee's side of Lafayette Park, the Eagleton citizens would like the fence to stay up. Leslie reveals to Tom and Ben that she was offered the job of Eagleton parks director five years ago but turned it down. At the time, Leslie and Lindsay both promised to remain in Pawnee. However, Eagleton then offered Lindsay the job and she accepted, turning her back on Pawnee and worse… Leslie.


Ron becomes increasingly paranoid of Leslie's birthday party, especially after he overhears April and Andy discuss outrageous plans. When Ron learns what a huge party she threw for Ann’s birthday, he becomes so paranoid that he resorts to sleeping in his office to avoid any potential surprises at home. While this is happening, Leslie seeks revenge against Lindsay by getting her parks employees to throw garbage over the Eagleton side of the fence. When Lindsay arrives to stop it, the two get into a fight amid the garbage bags. The police arrive and arrest both women: Lindsay is jailed in Pawnee, while Leslie is jailed in Eagleton's pristine holding cell.


After Ann bails Leslie out of jail, she tells her that Lindsay built the fence to get a rise out of Leslie, because she is jealous that Leslie was offered the Eagleton job first. Ann suggests that Lindsay should be hit with a baseball bat, which gives Leslie the idea to turn Pawnee's side of Lafayette Park into a wiffle ball field, with the fence serving as the outfield wall. Lindsay is impressed by how fast Leslie turned the fence into something positive, and remembers why she and Leslie joined the parks department in the first place. With their relationship on the mend, the two agree to get a drink together.


Later, Leslie returns to the office to throw Ron's party: she takes him to an empty room with steak, whiskey and his favorite movies waiting for him, and reveals that April and Andy's duties were red herrings. Leslie explains she made a party that he would want and leaves a content Ron alone to enjoy his birthday.

Jun 28, 2022
Jerry's Painting (S3E11)

You never know when inspiration will strike while visiting Pawnee—and today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are inspired by S3E11 of Parks and Recreation! In "Jerry's Painting" Chris deals with community uproar over Jerry's new painting, and Ben tries to help teach Andy and April responsibility after he moves in with them. On today's episode you'll hear why Ben couldn't just live alone, how it was important for Chris to deliver non-jokes in a humorous way, and how a misbehaving Leslie strengthened the character. All of this and a grammar lesson from Mario! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie Knope feels powerless at work because a policy set by Chris Traeger, which forbids workplace romances, is preventing her from dating Ben Wyatt. Meanwhile, now that he is staying in Pawnee permanently, Ben decides to move out of the motel where he has been living. Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate offer him a spare room in their house, since their previous roommate moved out and left the house to them. Although the two have been living by themselves for only a week, the house is a complete mess with no everyday items like plates or utensils available. Ben decides to teach a reluctant Andy and April how to properly live like adults.


Meanwhile, the parks employees attend an art show exhibiting paintings that will later be hung in government buildings. Jerry displays his painting of the fictional topless centaur Greek goddess Diaphena, which looks exactly like Leslie. Jerry explains he subconsciously painted Leslie while thinking about powerful women. Instead of being embarrassed, Leslie feels empowered by the painting. Tom, however, is humiliated because a pot-bellied cherub in the painting shares his likeness. The next day, local conservative activist Marcia Langman (Darlene Hunt) compares the painting to bestiality, deems it unsuitable for a government setting and demands it be destroyed.

Leslie goes on the news program Ya Heard? With Perd! to rouse public support for the painting by portraying it as a depiction of a powerful woman. However, she is undermined when reporter Perd Hapley also has on adult film actress Brandi Maxxxx, who defends the painting by comparing it to pornography. Chris convenes a meeting of the Pawnee Public Arts Commission to rule on whether the painting is acceptable. Despite Leslie's eloquent defense, the commission fears the nudity is offensive and decides to destroy it instead of risking public backlash. Leslie retaliates by stealing the painting.


After cleaning up around the house, Ben gives Andy and April money to buy common household items. Although they almost waste their money on frivolous items, Andy insists they need to take Ben's advice. April admits she is afraid of growing up because she does not want them to lose their unique personalities, but Andy assures her they will not change.


Chris angrily demands Leslie bring the painting to city hall the next day to be destroyed. When Leslie reluctantly agrees to do so, Jerry expresses disappointment that she would give up so easily. Feeling empowered again, Leslie asks Jerry to quickly paint another, similar painting, only this time with Tom as the centaur. Leslie tells Marcia the new painting is the original one but painted over. With no more nudity in the painting, a frustrated Marcia gives up her quest to have the painting destroyed. Ben later confides to Andy he likes Leslie but is unable to ask her out because of Chris, but Andy tells him if they truly care about each other, then it will eventually happen.

Jun 21, 2022
Soulmates (S3E10)

Grab your food rakes because today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are swiping right on S3E10! In "Soulmates" Leslie is matched up with Tom on an Internet dating website, while Chris and Ron compete in a hamburger cook-off. On today's episode find out why clarity in comedy helps the audience laugh, how copyright trouble helped make better comedy, and why RoLo loves this episode! All of this and why Danny Glover's love for prop food is rivaled only by Chris Pratt's. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Chris enacts a government-wide health initiative in Pawnee, starting by banning red meat from the city hall commissary, much to the displeasure of Ron. He challenges Chris to a burger cook-off to prove red meat is superior to Chris' preferred lean meat, with red meat staying on the menu if Ron wins. Meanwhile, Leslie invites Ben out to dinner, but he turns her down, leaving Leslie confused because she was sure Ben was attracted to her. Ann, who is now dating multiple men after taking Donna's advice to be more adventurous, tells Leslie to join an online dating website called and helps set up her profile.


Leslie finds a match that is 98 percent compatible with her – a "soulmate" rating – but is horrified to discover that it is Tom. Additionally, the crude sewage department employee Joe makes a romantic advance toward Leslie, prompting her to launch a "douche-vestigation" to find out why she attracts the wrong type of man. Meanwhile, Chris takes Andy, April, and Ron to a health food market called Grain 'n Simple, where he gathers numerous ingredients for the perfect turkey burger, but Ron is unfazed, simply buying a pound of red meat from his favorite food market, Food and Stuff.


In her investigation, Leslie quickly learns Joe merely hits on any woman as long as she is not elderly. She takes Tom out to lunch to learn more about him. He responds to all of Leslie's questions with his usual chauvinistic answers, annoying her to the point that she admits she took him out because they matched on HoosierMate. A delighted Tom teases Leslie the rest of the day by pretending they are a couple, but she finally silences him by kissing him. Chris notices the kiss and warns Leslie that he has a strict policy against workplace dating.


At the cook-off, Chris prepares his meticulous turkey burgers for the judges: Tom, Donna, Jerry, and Kyle. They all love it, but give much higher praise to Ron's simple hamburger on a bun. Initially surprised, even Chris comes to admit the burger is superior after trying it, so he agrees to reinstate red meat on the commissary menu. Chris later tells Leslie his dating policy has affected others, explaining that he earlier warned Ben not to ask out a co-worker. Leslie realizes that is why Ben rejected her and is glad when Ben asks her to eat in front of her favorite city hall mural. Leslie deletes her profile on HoosierMate, and is relieved to learn that Tom has 26 different profiles on the site to match himself with any type of woman, although the one Leslie matched with was his "nerd" profile.

Jun 14, 2022
Andy and April's Fancy Party (S3E9)

Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are celebrating love in this landmark Parks and Recreation episode! In "Andy and April's Fancy Party" April and Andy's dinner party turns into a surprise wedding. On today's podcast you'll hear why this unwieldy script gave the actors more drive, how airconditioning can be funky on set, the silliness of a rare Donna and Ann B-story, and why Tom Cruise had a tooth removed in The Outsiders. All of this and the first appearance of Orin! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

The episode begins with Ron horrifying the entire parks department by pretending to pull his own tooth out with a pair of pliers. After everyone flees the conference room, and Tom passes out, Ron admits to camera that it was a prank and that a dentist had removed the tooth the previous day. In the next scene, April and Andy invite everyone to a dinner party to celebrate their one month anniversary, while Ben explains a job offer dilemma to Leslie which could potentially take him away or keep him in Pawnee.

At the party, Leslie discovers that Andy and April’s dinner party is actually a surprise wedding.  Leslie spends most of the party trying to dissuade April and Andy; however, Ron believes it is not Leslie's place to interfere with their decision. Tom is thrilled when Andy makes him his best man, but his excitement quickly fades when Andy also asks Ron, Chris, Ben, and Derek to be his "best men". In an effort to “best” the other best men, Tom tries to throw an impromptu bachelor party to set himself apart, but ends up falling short.

In a surprisingly touching ceremony, Andy and April officially become husband and wife. With the help of some sturdy advice from Ron, Leslie accepts their decision and realizes that there’s no right way to do things when it comes to love. The ceremony is followed up with equally heartwarming moments of April telling Leslie how much she means to her and Andy makes a speech to the guests, claiming Tom as his "best" best man and explaining that life is short and that he and April simply did what made them happy. Inspired by Andy’s honesty, Leslie asks Ben to stay in Pawnee, and is pleasantly surprised when he reveals that he had already accepted Chris’ offer that would keep him in Pawnee. 

In a B story, Ann goes to a singles event at a bar where she runs into a very territorial Donna. At first Donna views Ann as competition, but after witnessing Ann’s painfully awkward social skills, Donna takes Ann under her wing and teaches her some player moves. When Ann hears about Andy getting married from Leslie, she feels deflated and wants to leave, but Donna tells Ann to forget her past and enjoy herself in the present, which Ann ends up doing.

Jun 07, 2022
Camping (S3E8)

Pack your bags because Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are heading to the Disney Ranch to recap S3E8 of Parks and Recreation! In "Camping" Leslie takes the whole department camping in order to brainstorm new ideas. On today's episode find out how this episode mirrored the writer's room retreats, why team building exercises didn't always help build the team, and some insider knowledge on a filming technique called the Texas Switch. Come for the Parks and Rec recap, stay for the NCIS lore! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The episode opens with Pawnee’s city manager, Paul, touting the success of the Pawnee harvest festival, then immediately collapsing from a massive heart attack. While Paul recovers from Octuple bypass surgery, Chris is brought back to Pawnee from Indianapolis to fill in as City Manager and tasks Leslie with coming up with some new large-scale revenue producing ideas for Pawnee.


Always up for a challenge, Leslie organizes a mandatory camping trip for the less than enthusiastic Parks Dept to help brainstorm ideas to generate new revenue. Ann tags along in an attempt to avoid an awkward run in with Chris—and Andy decides to join the trip in order to have a romantic getaway with April out in the woods.


Once at the campsite, Tom reveals his audacious camping set-up complete with a large screen TV, fro-yo machine, and of course DJ Roomba. As the group settles in and everyone starts pitching their ideas, Leslie starts to panic and it becomes clear she cannot think of anything that would top the harvest festival. Meanwhile, Andy has set up his love nest in the wrong campsite miles away, forcing him to trek through the wilderness and leaving April miserable and stuck with the rest of the group without Andy.


As night falls, the group sits around the campfire listening to Ron tell ghost stories about government bureaucracy. Chris emerges from the woods during his evening jog and Ann decides to go for a walk with him to clear the air of their recent and confusing breakup. With morale low, everyone decides to scrap the trip and go home, but much to their dismay, due to Tom’s siphoning of electricity from the group’s van for his many Skymall luxury camping amenities, the van’s battery is now dead and they have no way to get home.


Luckily, Jerry remembers seeing a small bed and breakfast down the road. The group hikes to the creepy cat infested Quiet Corn run by a strict old lady named Elsa Clack, where Leslie reveals to Ron that she’s totally blocked. Ron reacts by locking Leslie in her room to get a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, Andy finally catches up with the group at the inn and recreates his romantic tent setup for a smitten April. After a restful seven hours of sleep, Leslie emerges recharged with a fresh set of new ideas that Chris ends up loving. The episode ends with Ben revealing straight to camera that the bed and breakfast owner Elsa Clack, died the night before shortly after playing the group a song on the piano.

May 31, 2022
Harvest Festival (S3E7)

It's a festival of massive proportion on today's episode, when Rob Lowe and Alan Yang recap S3E7 of Parks and Recreation. In "Harvest Festival" the day before the fest, a local Native American leader places a "curse" on the event because Leslie refuses to give in to his demands. On today's episode find out what happens when the entire town of Pawnee comes together, the origin of Li'l Sebastian, we get to the bottom of the Matchbox 20 / Rachel Ray mystery, and why a drone shot was necessary for worldbuilding. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


With the Harvest Festival days away, Leslie surprises everyone by booking Li’l Sebastian, a miniature horse and legendary Pawnee celebrity. Everyone is thrilled except Ben, who doesn't understand the fascination. The chief of the local Wamapoke tribe, Ken Hotate (Jonathan Joss), visits the Parks department and requests the Harvest Festival be moved, as it is built upon the site of a Wamapoke massacre. When Leslie explains it is too late, Ken warns them the festival may become cursed, although he privately tells the documentary crew that he knows white people are terrified of curses.


Ann works the Harvest Festival first aid tent, where she confides in Donna that she has not taken the break-up with Chris well. April tells Andy that she loves him, but grows angry when he replies, "Dude, shut up! That is awesomesauce!" Joan Callamezzo arrives to report on the festival and is determined to find a negative story, although she does show excitement over Li'l Sebastian. She initially fails to find a scandal, but then overhears Leslie and Ben discussing the curse. It becomes the focus of her story, especially after Tom tells Leslie that Li'l Sebastian escaped his pen. Tom blames Jerry, although it was entirely Tom's fault.


The Pawnee media swarms the festival to cover the curse, endangering its opening the next day with the bad press, with one reporter likening Ben's past as a failed teen mayor with the curse. Now believing himself to be the curse, Ben leaves the festival. As Leslie reassures the reporters there is no curse, the power generator blows out, leaving the festival dark and stranding most of the parks department on a Ferris wheel. Using the blackout as an excuse, Ann takes Donna's advice to make out with Kiley (Joey Russo), her dumb but attractive patient.


On the Ferris wheel, with April and Andy arguing below him and Tom and Jerry arguing above him, an annoyed Ron clears the air by announcing the obvious: April is mad at Andy for not telling her that he loves her back, and the missing Li'l Sebastian is Tom's fault. Andy tells April that he clearly loves her and they hug, and Tom apologizes to Jerry. Later, everyone spots Li'l Sebastian in the corn maze and they recover him. Leslie learns the power outage was due to television crews plugging into the grid and overloading it. The only replacement generator in Pawnee is at the Wamapoke casino, and Leslie humbly asks Ken to loan it to her in exchange for placing a Wamapoke cultural exhibit near the Harvest Festival entrance. Ken agrees, and during the festival opening the next morning, he performs a meaningless ceremony to remove the fake curse.


People begin to swarm into the festival, and Leslie cheerfully greets them. Ben returns to apologize to Leslie for leaving, admitting that he is not over his past. She reassures him the festival is as much his accomplishment as hers, and even has Ken break Ben's "curse", although Ken's gesture is also completely meaningless. At the end, Ben appears to have been won over by Li'l Sebastian, but admits to the camera crew that he still fails to see the appeal and remains as baffled as ever.

May 24, 2022
Indianapolis (S3E6)

Today we're taking a trip, as Rob Lowe and Alan Yang recap the sixth episode of Parks and Rec's third season! In "Indianapolis" Leslie and Ron journey to Indianapolis to receive a commendation from the state. On today's episode find out why S3E6 could have been the last episode for Chris Traeger, how the Ron Swanson meat meme evolved, how blocking for tv works, and the rare dramatic turn in this episode that raised the stakes! All of this and your host's favorite steakhouses! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

Leslie and Ron head up to Indianapolis to receive a commendation at the Indiana Statehouse for reestablishing the Pawnee Harvest Festival. On the way, it is clear that Ron has only agreed to come for the opportunity to eat at Charles Mulligan's Steak House. Ann, worried about the state of her and Chris’ relationship, asks Leslie to look for signs of whether Chris is cheating on her while she’s there. Leslie and Ron stop at Chris' apartment to pick him up for dinner, where Leslie discovers a woman's razor and a pink swimming cap in the bathroom. Upon hearing this, Ann decides to drive up to Indianapolis to confront Chris and his cheating ways.

Back in Pawnee, Tom convinces the Parks Dept (including a reluctant Ben) to attend Dennis Feinstein’s cologne launch party at the Snakehole Lounge. Tom hopes to pitch his new cologne “Tommy Fresh” to Dennis, but Dennis is disgusted by the scent and tells Tom the cologne industry is not for him. And back in Indianapolis—to Ron's horror, when he, Chris, and Leslie arrive at Charles Mulligan's Steakhouse they discover it has been shut down by the health department. Chris invites everyone back to his place to eat, but to Ron's further horror, Chris has prepared a vegetarian meal.

Ann eventually shows up at Chris' apartment and accuses him of cheating. Chris explains he shaves his legs with the lady’s razor for swimming and that the pink shower cap is from his participation in a breast cancer awareness triathlon. More importantly though, Chris tells Ann that they actually broke up over a week ago. Ann realizes that Chris was so positive in how he ended the relationship that she was totally oblivious to the breakup and is completely mortified.

At the Snakehole Ben cheers up a down-trodden Tom and tells him not to give up on his dreams, admitting that he considers Tom his friend. Andy and April, now dating and both broke, hold a contest to see how much free stuff they can get at the party. They earn $218 by posing as staff and accepting tips, but end up feeling guilty and put the money in the bartender’s jar at the end of the night.

Seeing how distraught Ann is, Leslie decides to let Ron attend the commendation ceremony solo and instead cheers Ann up with embarrassing dating stories of her own as she drives Ann back to Pawnee. They and the rest of the Parks Dept end up at the Snakehole Lounge and Ben begins to realize that he is in fact making friends with the folks at the Parks Dept. As the night winds down, Ben avenges Tom by pouring "Tommy Fresh" all over the inside of Dennis' parked SUV and a starving Ron goes to a diner in Indianapolis and orders all of the eggs and bacon that they have.

May 17, 2022
Media Blitz (S3E5)

Get your stories straight, because it's another great day in Pawnee. Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang tackle the fifth episode of season three of Parks and Rec. In "Media Blitz" Leslie hits the Pawnee media circuit to promote the Harvest Festival, but Ben freaks out on air when his past is exposed. In today's episode you'll hear the writing team's favorite line ever delivered on the show, why some characters had goofier names than others, and why UCB performers did so well on the show. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie, Tom and Ben promote the upcoming Harvest Festival on several Pawnee media outlets, starting with the local morning radio show "Crazy Ira and The Douche" (Matt Besser and Nick Kroll). The duo begin asking Ben questions about his time as a teen mayor in Partridge, Minnesota, having discovered he bankrupted the town. Ben responds awkwardly, and is unable to defend himself against Crazy Ira and The Douche's taunts. Tom proposes dumping Ben from future media interviews, but Leslie insists they cannot because he is the only one who can handle complicated questions about the budget. 

Meanwhile, April accepts an offer from Chris to move to Indianapolis to be his secretary. Andy begs April to reconsider, offering to perform all the tasks she hates doing for a month. Ron volunteers to help, claiming that he does not want to lose April as an assistant while denying he cares about April and Andy's relationship. Ann is increasingly frustrated that Chris has not asked her about coming to Indianapolis with him, and is concerned about where their relationship is headed.

Ben's past comes up again during Leslie's interview with newspaper reporter Shauna Malwae-Tweep, who asks why Pawnee should accept financial guidance from someone with a poor budget managing record like Ben. Tom and Ben go on the television show "Ya' Heard? with Perd" in hopes of redeeming Ben’s image, but this interview is even worse. Ben launches into a furious, incoherent rant when his past is brought up. As a result, several businesses consider pulling their sponsorships from the Harvest Festival. 

Trying one last ditch effort, Leslie decides to use her upcoming interview on "Pawnee Today" with Joan Callamezzo to perform damage control. During the interview, Joan asks biased questions about the festival and Ben's past. Annoyed, Leslie brings Ben on stage to give him a final opportunity to explain himself. Ben again begins to freeze up at the questions from people calling in, but finally pulls it together and vigorously defends himself. By the end, the questions switch back from Ben to the festival itself, making the media blitz a successful one after all.

Meanwhile, Chris tells Ann that after Indianapolis, he will be sent to a different city. The two agree they need to talk about the future of their relationship. Andy's difficult day of running errands for April culminates with him getting arrested after April's sister Natalie claims he is kidnapping her when he is merely picking her up from school. Ron approaches April and tells her that she should either forgive Andy or cut him loose, believing that she is only stringing Andy along and going to Indianapolis to spite him. When Andy returns, April finally forgives him and the two kiss.

May 10, 2022
Ron and Tammy 2 (S3E4)

Tammy is back! Today Rob and Alan talk about the very powerful fourth episode of season three. In "Ron and Tammy 2"  Ron breaks up with Tom's ex-wife, and decides to get back together with Tammy. In this episode find out what happens when you try and save the integrity of a script from a pile of wild jokes, what kind of dog Chris Traeger would be, how Ben's awkward nature is based off Mike Schur, and why it was ok to take liberties with the reality of the show when Tammy shows up. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Ron's ex-wife Tammy is back to her old ways, trying to draw Ron back into their chaotic relationship with a fabricated outstanding library fine. It appears Ron is able to resist her seduction, due to the fact that he is in a solid relationship with Tom's ex-wife Wendy, but his steadfast resolve becomes compromised when Wendy tells Ron her plans to move back to Canada and the two break up.

Leslie finds Ron drowning his sorrows at the bar where she and the Parks Dept are throwing a party for the Pawnee police department. Once the Chief has had his fill of pizza and beer, Leslie hopes he’ll donate the force’s time for security at the upcoming Harvest Festival, but Ben awkwardly fails to win Chief Trumple's (Eric Pierpoint) favor. Meanwhile Tom, unaware of Ron and Wendy's breakup, arrives at the party with Tammy to get back at Ron for going out with Wendy. After bickering loudly, Ron and Tammy both decide to leave the party together to try and make amends. A night filled with drunken sex and mayhem ensues, ending with the two getting remarried and ending up in jail.

After getting Ron released, the Parks Dept holds a Tammy intervention, playing a previously recorded tape of Ron warning himself to stay away from her, but Ron ignores the warnings and prepares to take Tammy to his cabin for a sex-filled honeymoon. Leslie blames Tom for the dilemma and, although he initially claims to be unfazed, Tom later arrives at Tammy’s library bridal shower to stop Ron from going on the honeymoon. He reveals the whole marriage is a ploy by Tammy to once again make Ron miserable. Tammy attacks Tom, prompting Ron to remember what a monster she truly is and leave her. He carries Tom away, and the two later make amends. 

Despite the bad impression he made the day before, Ben asks the chief for the Harvest Festival favor. The chief unconditionally agrees out of respect for Leslie, explaining that she always helps everyone, and because Leslie once dated his friend Dave. Ben seems relieved that Leslie and Dave are no longer together, and later asks Leslie out to eat.

Meanwhile, April has been working as Chris' assistant until he goes back to Indianapolis. April's cynical personality clashes with Chris' relentless optimism and happiness. In an attempt to get fired, April purposely neglects to tell Ann that Chris cannot make a lunch date. When Ann arrives to confront Chris, she quickly realizes April's ploy. Ann reveals she is very happy dating Chris, and would even move with him to Indianapolis if asked. Andy, who is still trying to win back April's affections, gives Chris an obviously forged letter from the FBI claiming April must immediately return to the Parks Dept as Ron’s assistant. Chris sees through the ruse and tells April she can go back, but explains that remaining his assistant may provide her better career opportunities. He invites her to return with him to Indianapolis and she seems interested, leaving both Ann and Andy stunned and jealous.


May 03, 2022
Time Capsule (S3E3)

Today's episode shines like glitter when Rob Lowe and Alan Yang revisit the third episode of season three of Parks and Recreation. In "Time Capsule" A crackpot handcuffs himself to a pipe in Leslie's office and demands that "Twilight" be placed in the Pawnee time capsule. In today's episode you'll hear why Rob wishes he could work with a giant lizard, what happens when you're required to shoot episodes out of order, how entertaining it is to work with Will Forte, and the divisive nature of DMB. Come for the Parks and Rec trivia, stay for the Kenneth "Baby Face" Edmonds trivia! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie is organizing a Pawnee time capsule, meant to be opened 50 years in the future and filled with items that encapsulate the spirit of the town. A citizen named Kelly Larson comes to Leslie's office and makes a passionate plea for the Twilight books to be included. When Leslie refuses, saying the books have no connection to Pawnee, Kelly handcuffs himself to a pipe in her office hoping she’ll reconsider. Having brought food, water and a pillow Kelly settles in for the long haul. 

Leslie tries to get Kelly to leave her office to no avail, until she notices the name "Liz Waverly" in one of Kelly's Twilight books. Leslie realizes that Kelly wants to put Twilight into the time capsule to impress his 12 year old daughter and make up for the fact that he and his ex-wife have divorced. Hearing the backstory, Leslie decides to include the book, but Ben points out the slippery slope this could create.

To make things right, Leslie decides to hold a public meeting so all citizens can make suggestions for capsule items. The meeting descends into chaos when the citizens begin to argue over including absurd and random objects that have nothing to do with the town. Leslie tries to compromise by making multiple time capsules, but ultimately decides to stick to one capsule and include nothing except a video recording of the meeting, saying it represents Pawnee because it shows "a lot of people with a lot of opinions arguing passionately for what they believed in."

Meanwhile, Andy still pines for April, who is now dating the handsome Eduardo. Chris suggests Andy tap into the aspects of his personality April was attracted to in the first place, which Andy decides are that he is nice and that he is in a band. Andy decides to be nice to Eduardo, and the two bond over their love of The Dave Matthews Band. April becomes frustrated because she only dated Eduardo to make Andy jealous and dumps Eduardo.

The episode ends with the Pawnee residents, including Kelly and his daughter, watching an outdoor screening of the Twilight film.

Apr 26, 2022
Flu Season (S3E2)

Grab your waffles and chicken soup—today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are watching an iconic episode of Parks and Recreation. In "Flu Season" Leslie gets sick right before an important fundraising pitch for the Harvest Festival while Chris tries frantically to avoid catching the bug. In today's episode you'll hear why Rob saying "Stop Pooping" was so important, the impact of "Spa-nee" on treating one's self, and how the Harvest Festival storyline helped keep Chris and Ben as main characters. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

Flu season has hit Pawnee hard, leaving nurse Ann caring for April, along with many other sick citizens at the hospital, who constantly mistreats Ann in retaliation for kissing Andy. 

Leslie also has the flu, but refuses to admit it in attempts to continue working on an important presentation to the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce about the planned Harvest Festival. With Leslie’s symptoms worsening by the second, Ben takes Leslie to the hospital, where she is admitted with a dangerously high fever and dehydration. Much to the chagrin of Leslie, Ben and Tom decide to do the presentation themselves, but Tom immediately abandons Ben to hang out with a group of older men at the spa.

Back at the hospital, to Ann's surprise, a very sick Chris has also been admitted to the hospital with the flu. Because of his extreme health and 0% body fat, he is ravaged by the flu, which lets Ann see him in a less intimidating light.

Meanwhile, Leslie escapes the hospital and heads back to city hall to deliver the presentation herself. Tom returns from the spa, revealing his spa friends are the owners of several car dealerships, which have agreed to lend vehicles to the festival. Although delirious with fever and an excess of flu medication, Leslie delivers a flawless presentation, wildly impressing Ben. She is immediately brought back to the hospital, where Ben tells her 110 businesses have agreed to help with the festival, surpassing the minimum 80 needed and brings her waffles and homemade chicken soup.

Back at the Parks Dept, with April absent from work, Ron asks Andy to fill in as his assistant. The two bond over the course of the day, and Andy begins to tell Ron about his problems with April, for whom he still harbors romantic feelings. Although initially not wishing to get involved, Ron reluctantly tells Andy she is at the hospital and he should visit her. Meanwhile, Ann remains pleasant throughout her nursing shift despite April's constant abuse. The second her shift ends, however, Ann immediately loses her temper and curses at April. Ann apologizes for kissing Andy, but insists it was a mistake and that April should stop taking it out on Andy. Later, Andy visits April, who pretends to be asleep but smiles, revealing she is happy he came.

At the end of the episode, Chris tells Ben they have been called back to Indianapolis for a new assignment, but both agree to seek an extension to stay in Pawnee longer. Although both claim they want to help organize the Harvest Festival, it is hinted they really want to stay because of Leslie and Ann.

Apr 19, 2022
Director Dean Holland: Go Big or Go Home (S3E1)

Can you believe season 3 is here? Alan and Rob are back with director Dean Holland to talk through the season premiere! In “Go Big or Go Home,” Leslie plays matchmaker with Ann and Chris in hopes of securing a bigger budget for the parks department. On this episode you’ll hear about the labor that went into Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness, how Chris Traeger came to be a three-dimensional character, the ups and downs of the editing room, and how Alan’s hometown inspired Ice Town!


Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

After three months of closure due to the Pawnee budget crisis and government shutdown, the parks department has since been reopened, although on a shoestring budget. Meanwhile, the always optimistic Chris Traeger continues trying to ask out Ann, who finds him too intense.  Nonetheless Leslie convinces her to accept in order to persuade Chris to increase the park's budget.

Ben restarts the youth basketball league with only two teams. They're coached by the contrasting duo of the uber-strict Ron and the laidback Andy. Tom, who referees the game, becomes jealous when his ex-wife Wendy arrives to support Ron.

Meanwhile, Ann finds out she actually enjoys her date with Chris, especially after learning about why he feels lucky to be alive every day. Leslie crashes the date to help and persuade Chris to increase the park's budget—but Ben also arrives, having correctly anticipated Leslie's plan. Leslie excitedly declares “Mission accomplished” after Chris talks about increasing the park's budget, accidentally giving away her scheme and prompting a hurt Chris to leave. Ann apologizes to Chris later and asks for another date, to which he happily agrees. 

April turns up back at work after a three-month disappearance. Though Andy still nurses a crush on her, April says she met a new boyfriend in Venezuela. A discouraged Andy seeks advice from Leslie, who encourages him not to give up and to “go big or go home.” Leslie proposes restoring the parks department with a grand Harvest Festival. Impressed by the team's enthusiasm, Chris and Ben agree to the idea.

Apr 12, 2022
Freddy Spaghetti (S2E24)

It's the end of Season 2, but just the beginning of the podcast now that RoLo is on the screen! Today Alan Yang and Rob Lowe discuss the season 2 finale of Parks and Recreation. In "Freddy Spaghetti" Leslie tries to skirt the rules to hold a children's concert in the vacant lot. In this episode you'll hear why you never see the inside of Ann's house, how Chris came into his own character, a writer's horror story from Producer Greg, and a little gift from Mark Rivers. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The Pawnee government has been shut down due to a budget crisis. When Leslie explains at a town hall that a family concert featuring children's entertainer Freddy Spaghetti (Brian McCann) must be cancelled due to the shutdown, the citizens are outraged. Leslie visits state auditors Chris and Ben seeking a way to keep the concert, but Ben insists there is simply no money for it. Leslie then goes to Mark to vent about her situation and seek help, only to learn that he has taken a buyout and plans to join a construction company. Frustrated, Leslie angrily calls him "Mark Brendana-Quits". 

Meanwhile, Ann struggles with her newfound feelings for Andy and April and Andy finally reveal their feelings to each other. April rejects Andy, believing Andy still has feelings for Ann.

Back at the Parks Dept. Ron has been assigned to a task force to help fix the city's budget problem. A Libertarian, Ron is delighted at the prospect of deep municipal cuts, gloating and chanting at the cuts Chris and Ben propose, but when he learns the auditors plan to fire Leslie, Ron refuses and offers his job instead. In explaining her dedication, Ron accidentally alerts them about the Freddy Spaghetti concert. 

Chris and Ben go to Lot 48 to to shut the concert down and Leslie explains everything has been donated and nothing is on the taxpayer's dime. Leslie then learns Freddy Spaghetti has booked another gig and the concert seems once again in a state of peril. Leslie asks Andy to play instead, but he is hit by a car while driving his new motorcycle home to retrieve his guitar, breaking his right arm.

Attending to Andy in the hospital, Ann suddenly kisses him, but immediately stops and guiltily walks out. Later, April, visits Andy in the hospital and relieved to see Andy is fine, finally agrees to go out with him and kisses Andy. In an effort to be upfront and honest, Andy admits that Ann has also just kissed him, but that it meant nothing. April angrily storms out, taking back her decision to go out with him. 

Back at Lot 48, Freddy Spaghetti surprisingly arrives, having been paid by Ben to perform at Leslie's concert. Ben explains he is not a bad person, but the budget still has to be slashed.

That night, Leslie sits on a bench in Lot 48 and Mark joins her. Mark tells her that if more people like her worked in local government, he wouldn't be leaving, and gives her plans he drew up for a park at Lot 48 before giving her a goodbye kiss on the cheek and walking away forever.

The next day, Ron withdraws from the budget task force and appoints Leslie in his place. As Tom and his new girlfriend Lucy (Natalie Morales) are clearing out his office, he notices Ron is wearing a red shirt and black pants, the "Tiger Woods" outfit he always wears the day after having sex. Tom's ex-wife Wendy then appears and kisses Ron and the two leave together, shocking Tom.

Apr 05, 2022
The Master Plan (S2E23)

We've made it! Today Alan and Rob talk about an incredible turning point in the Parks and Recreation universe—the 23rd episode of season 2. In "The Master Plan" Everyone is excited about celebrating April's 21st birthday except Leslie, who is preoccupied with the prospect of her budget being cut by the state auditor's office. On today's episode you'll hear the secret to the Chris Traeger cadence, the origin of the "Ann Perkins!" tag line, and the classic Tom Cruise / Kenny G synthesis! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie excitedly prepares to present the parks department budget proposal, or "master plan". However, city manager Paul (Phil Reeves), announces due to Pawnee's huge budget deficit, all proposals will be postponed indefinitely. State auditors have been sent by the governor to solve the impasse, which makes Leslie fear severe cuts. Ron is delighted because he hates any government spending, which leads him to heated arguments with Leslie.

 Meanwhile, April is turning 21 and is having her birthday party at Tom's favorite nightclub, the Snakehole Lounge. Andy debates whether to ask April to be his girlfriend, but worries about the age difference because he is 29. Ann has broken up with Mark, and they meet for lunch to discuss the end of their relationship. Mark is confused as to why Ann has decided to break up with him because they never fought and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Ann explains that their lack of fighting was actually a bad thing because it meant their relationship had no passion.

State auditors Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt soon arrive, and the extremely cheerful Chris paints an optimistic picture of how they will fix the budget, but leaves the details to the more serious Ben. When Ben explains they will need to slash the budget of every department by nearly 40 or 50 percent, Leslie angrily lashes out at Ben, who responds to her that the poorly managed government is to blame. 

Later, at April's party, Tom desperately tries to pick up women, but to no avail, while Leslie and Ann get extremely drunk together. Andy and April appear to be getting along, but when he goes to the bar to get a drink for April, a drunken Ann flirts with him. An upset April flirts with Tom's annoying friend Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) to make Andy jealous. Andy gets upset, believing he misread April's signals all along, and April later regrets what she did. Ben arrives at the party and tries to smooth things over with a drunken Leslie, but she again angrily lashes out at him.

The next morning, Ann fears she made out with someone at the party but cannot remember who it could be. She eventually learns she made out with Chris, who shows a romantic interest in her. Tom returns to the Snakehole Lounge to close his tab, where he meets the bartender, Lucy (Natalie Morales), who makes fun of his efforts to pick up women. The two flirt and Lucy gives Tom her phone number.

Back at the Parks Dept., Leslie decides to apologize to Ben, and he invites her out for a beer. As they finally start to get along, Leslie realizes Ben was the 18 year old mayor of a small town called Partridge, Minnesota which he promptly drove into the ground and that Ben became a state auditor to prove he can be responsible and restart his political career. 

Later, at the parks department budget meeting, Chris and Ben reveal Pawnee's budget crisis was far worse than previously thought and that the Pawnee government will shut down until further notice, horrifying Leslie and delighting Ron.

Mar 29, 2022
Costume Designer Kirston Mann: Telethon (S2E22)

Pawnee fit check! Today Parks and Rec costume designer Kirston Mann joins Rob Lowe and Alan Yang to talk about the 22nd episode of season 2. In "Telethon"  Leslie struggles to fill the overnight hours at a local telethon when Tom and celebrity guest Detlef Schrempf are sidetracked at the Snakehole Lounge. On today's episode you'll hear why Ann Perkins is the best dressed person in Pawnee, how Kirston helps get to the bottom of the Ron Swanson suit mystery, as well as  a unique story about Pawneean Denise Yermley! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

Leslie has volunteered to work on the 24-hour "Pawnee Cares" diabetes telethon and orders everyone in the office to work the phones for multiple shifts. Tom is assigned to pick up retired basketball player Detlef Schrempf from the airport, the special guest for the telethon. Leslie is excited because she has been allowed to program her own four-hour block, but her co-workers are upset to learn it runs from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Additionally, she has already been up for 24 hours creating T-shirts for her staff to wear for the telethon.

During lunch, Mark tells Leslie that he is going to propose to Ann. Ann suggests that Leslie get some sleep, but she plans on consuming Sweetums bars to stay awake for another 24 hours. As the telethon begins, Leslie is already exhausted and is falling asleep. With time to kill, Tom brings Detlef to the Snakehole Lounge, but the owner, Freddy (Andy Milder), refuses to let him go because Detlef is bringing a lot of business, delaying Leslie's big headliner. Andy's band, Mouse Rat, is asked to replace Detlef, but when they complete all of their songs, Leslie has nothing else to put on the air. Ron volunteers to demonstrate how to cane a chair, but his presentation is so boring that the telethon actually starts to lose money.

Desperate for something to put on, Leslie tells Mark that he should propose to Ann in front of the camera and he agrees. Not long after, however, Ann confides in Leslie that she wants to break up with Mark, citing that he is simply not the one. Meanwhile, April tries to make Andy jealous by flirting with someone over the phone, but it backfires when it turns out to be Joe (Kirk Fox) from the Pawnee sewer department. Andy is forced to kick Joe out of the studio when he actually arrives to bring April to his van.

The telethon's talent pool becomes so low that Leslie is forced to flip a coin in front of the camera and talk about her favorite episodes of Friends. Jerry is allowed to play the piano, but everyone dismisses his skilled playing as a racket. Mark finally returns to propose and walks on the set with the ring, but Leslie stops him by mooning the camera. Detlef Schrempf and Tom finally arrive at the end of Leslie's programming block. Detlef presents a check for $5,000, allowing the telethon to bypass its $20,000 mark. Despite being awake for two days straight, Leslie goes to Ann's house so they could talk about Mark. She then promptly falls asleep on Ann's couch for 22 hours.

Mar 22, 2022
Susan Yeagley: 94 Meetings (S2E21)

Our friend Susan Yeagley AKA Jessica Wicks joins us in Pawnee today—to speak with Alan and Rob about the 21st episode of season 2! In "94 Meetings"  Leslie goes all out to save a gazebo on the historical register from being destroyed. On today's show you'll hear how Susan made her character more nuanced the second time around, how working with Amy was like working with a Jedi, and the secret origin of April's nickname! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


In an effort to keep citizens from meeting with Ron, April has scheduled all meetings for a date she thought didn’t exist. Realizing the date does in fact exist, it turns out Ron is now faced with 93 meetings in a single day. He enlists the aid of April, Andy, Leslie and Ann to help handle them, while telling Jerry that he is free to go home early for the day. 

During her first meeting, Leslie learns a historic town monument, the Turnbill mansion, is soon to be altered by its new renter, the former Miss Pawnee beauty pageant winner Jessica Wicks (Susan Yeagley). Leslie and Tom leave to meet with her at the mansion, where Jessica is planning a birthday party for her extremely old husband, the wealthy Nick Newport Sr. (Christopher Murray), founder of the Sweetums candy company. Leslie is shocked to find that Jessica has already made alterations, such as hanging up nude portraits of herself and her husband and painting the original hardwood floors black, but completely outraged when Jessica reveals her plans to demolish an old gazebo in the backyard of Turnbill Mansion. The gazebo is the site of a historic wedding between a Pawnee Native American and white woman, which became a "bloodbath" when knowledge of the wedding became public.

In efforts to thwart the demolition Leslie has Tom chain her to the front gate to prevent construction crews from entering; however, she mistakenly assumes the gate opens from the middle when it actually opens from the side, enabling the crews to enter right past Leslie and demolish the gazebo.

At the end of the day, Ann and Mark arrive to free her, and Leslie finally reveals to Tom the true source of her anxiety—Mark's intentions to marry Ann. On the one hand, she wants her friends to be happy. On the other hand, she used to have romantic feelings for Mark, she feels insecure about being single, and she worries about losing her two friends. In response, Tom assures her not to worry, thus empowering Leslie to crash and ruin Jessica's party.

Meanwhile, Ron and the rest of the Parks Dept. trudge on with the meetings: April acts as uninterested as possible, Andy makes promises to people against Ron's wishes, and Ann provides several medical consults.

After all the meetings have concluded and a stern berating for causing the mess in the first place, April arranges her own meeting with Ron where she announces she is quitting. When Andy learns this, he convinces Ron that April is a great assistant and Ron heads to April’s house to change her mind and discovers her incredibly welcoming and nice parents.

Despite April’s embarrassment over her normal family, Ron convinces April to stay and April reveals that she knows Ron is Duke Silver. The two exchange a look and it’s clear they agree to keep each other’s secrets. 

On her first day back, April successfully scares off a citizen wanting to meet with Ron by scheduling truly absurd meeting dates and times such as June 50th, the "one-teenth" of "march-tember" and 2:65 PM. Ron gives her an approving smile and nod while watching from his office.

Mar 15, 2022
Summer Catalog (S2E20)

Today in Pawnee we're flipping through another episode as Rob and Alan take on the 20th episode of season 2. In "Summer Catalog" Leslie decides to take Ron and the past directors of the Parks Department out for a picnic lunch, while Tom enlists the help of Ann and Mark to pose for the catalog cover photo. On this pod you'll hear about Rob's first visit to the set, how Mark's story initiated its close, and the unique call back to our previous episode "The Stakeout." Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


While working on the Pawnee summer catalog, Leslie excitedly organizes a reunion between Ron and his three predecessors. She anticipates a joyous occasion and plans to write a letter about it for the catalog. However, none of the four men get along with each other, and all of them are difficult to get along with. One of them (Dakin Matthews) litters repeatedly, treats everybody disrespectfully, and cheerfully says he never gave a damn about the Parks department and only took the job because it had an easy path to job security and a lucrative pension. Another one (Jack Wallace) exhibits a sexist attitude, and tells Leslie she should not be working there due to menstruation issues. The third (Michael Gross) constantly talks about his affinity for marijuana, going so far as to say "I've planted marijuana in community gardens across this city," and particularly clashes with Ron (who forced him out of the position years ago) who cheerfully confirms he screwed his predecessor over and otherwise is his usual detached self. Later, a frustrated Leslie decides she cannot write the catalog letter; she stops treating the former directors with any respect by telling the sexist to shut up and calling them "turds" when she briefly takes a throwaway picture and then walks away from without another word. 


Ron takes her out to dinner to apologize, and the two process their mutual respect for each other, and vow they will never grow to hate each other the way the four former directors do. Ron even tells Leslie that he wants her to take over his Parks Director position if he becomes Pawnee's City Manager. However, Ron cheerfully says in an interview that one of his first acts as City Manager would be to eliminate the Parks department, while Leslie gives an equally upbeat interview where she says one of her first acts as City Manager, were she to leapfrog Ron for the job, would be to double the department's size.

Tom is tasked with taking the cover photo of the summer catalog, and convinces Ann and Mark to pose for photos at a community park. Tom is repeatedly frustrated with Ann, who has a difficult time appearing happy. When the photos are finished, Ann agrees that she looks miserable and asks that the pictures not be used. Mark appears concerned that Ann's unhappiness is a reflection of their relationship. She insists everything is fine, but he is unconvinced. Meanwhile, April and Andy appear to be growing closer. After helping Leslie set up her picnic, Andy asks whether April wants to get drinks after work, and she agrees. However, when they arrive at a bar, the bouncer easily notices April is underage, and her identification confirms she is 20. April tells Andy they can go to another bar, but Andy decides to go home instead, seemingly uncomfortable about their age difference. April is visibly disappointed, but does not convey it to Andy. Later, the summer catalogs arrive, with a photo on the cover of April and Andy appearing happy together at the picnic.

Mar 08, 2022
Jim O'Heir: Park Safety (S2E19)

Rob and Alan welcome Jim O'Heir aka Jerry Gergich to Pawnee. In "Park Safety" Leslie goes on a crusade to improve park safety after Jerry is mugged. On today's pod find out why this episode was terrifying for Jim, which director Carl Lorthner is based on, and why Jim had to eat charcoal tablets while filming! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie holds a drawing to determine who will fill the park's hummingbird feeders. Jerry is chosen because everybody writes down Jerry's name instead of their own. Later, Leslie receives a call from Ann that Jerry is in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. Jerry claims to have been mugged in the park, and Leslie decides nobody should tease him anymore. When Jerry returns, he acts particularly buffoonish during a slideshow presentation, and ends up farting and splitting his pants, but everyone holds back laughter at Leslie's request. Leslie meets with Carl Lorthner, a park security ranger who is incredibly loud but oblivious to the fact. Leslie suggests Carl get more help for the park to be safe.

Carl says the park is largely unprotected due to budget cuts, so Leslie vows to get more funding. The mayor offers $2,500 to help fix the park, but at a press conference about the money, Jerry confesses to Leslie that he wasn't mugged: he dropped a breakfast burrito in a creek, then fell while trying to grab it. Leslie angrily relates Jerry's story to Mark, but he stops her short when he says that Jerry was too scared of his co-workers to be honest with them. 

Carl, offended by Leslie's statements about park security plans to show footage of Jerry falling into the creek on Pawnee Today. Leslie negotiates, and instead they talk during the show about how much they enjoyed the film Avatar. The office goes back to mocking Jerry, but Jerry confides that he doesn't really care because he's just two years away from retiring on a full pension.

In a B plot, the love triangle between Andy, April, and Ann deepens. Ann says Andy is a fun person but was a terrible boyfriend because he is completely reliant on others—she later sees him give April a muffin which makes Ann think Andy has changed.

Mar 01, 2022
The Possum (S2E18)

Call animal control! Today Rob and Alan are talking about the 18th episode of season two. In "The Possum" Leslie puts together a task force to catch a famous town-possum. In this episode you will hear all the similarities between animal control and classic clowning, who Harris Wittels was originally cast as, and the Parks seed that grew into Oscar nominee Paul Raci's incredible career! All of this, and some pretty darn interesting facts about our animal friends the possum. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


After the infamous possum "Fairway Frank" bites Mayor Gunderson's dog at a golf course, mayoral representative Evelyn (Judith Moreland) asks Leslie to form a task force to capture it. Leslie, Tom, Andy and two incompetent animal control workers, Harris (Harris Wittels) and Brett go to the golf course and quickly find the animal. The animal control workers are useless and Tom immediately runs away, but Andy dives toward the animal and captures it. Evelyn is impressed with Leslie and promises her a special favor from the mayor's office. However, Leslie sees a second opossum and fears they have captured the wrong animal. She later finds out that the mayor doesn't care about catching Fairway Frank, but rather about securing a trophy animal for his bathroom.

Back at the department office, reporter Shauna Malwae-Tweep (Alison Becker) interviews Andy for a newspaper article. After he brags about the capture, the reporter suggests his heroics might win him back the affections of Ann, his ex-girlfriend, much to Andy's excitement. April , who has romantic feelings for Andy, overhears this and leaves. Evelyn demands delivery of Fairway Frank. Leslie responds that there is uncertainty about the identity of Fairway Frank. She refuses to hand over the captured opossum and creates a ketchup-blood diversion so that April can escape with the caged animal.

Leslie and April take the opossum to Ann's home, where April has been paid $50 to housesit. April lets the opossum out of its cage, and it causes havoc and minor damage. While hiding from the animal, April reveals her feelings about Andy to Leslie for the first time. When Leslie refuses to hand over the opossum, Evelyn angrily takes back her promise of a favor from the mayor's office. Andy, still oblivious to the reasons behind April's jealousy, delivers coffee to April, as well as the day's newspaper, containing a story which credits April for providing moral support to Andy. It is later revealed that Leslie has donated the opossum to the Pawnee zoo.

Meanwhile, Ron plans a woodshop expansion in his home and seeks the approval of city planner Mark. Mark informs Ron that an inspection is needed to ensure that the facility meets all current zoning code standards, and an obviously lying Ron claims it does, clearly underscoring his vexation with governmental regulations. During the inspection, Mark finds numerous code violations, including oily rags placed above a wood-burning fireplace and a long-outdated fire extinguisher. Later, Mark takes a half-day off so that he can help his friend's woodshop meet city code. Ron thanks Mark by building a wooden canoe and leaving it in his office.

Feb 22, 2022
Ben Schwartz: Woman of the Year (S2E17)

Pawnee is flush with guests! Today Rob and Alan welcome the legendary Ben Schwartz on the pod to talk about the 17th episode of season 2. In "Woman of the Year" Leslie is upset when Ron wins an award typically meant for women. On today's episode find out why Ben made it a game to make Retta laugh, how this episode helped loosen-up the character of Jean-Ralphio, and which character Ben originally auditioned for. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The Parks Dept. receives a letter from the Pawnee chapter of the IOW (Indiana Organization of Women), which Leslie believes is her congratulatory letter as the recipient of the group's Dorothy Everton Smythe Woman of the Year award. Much to her horror, the award has actually gone to Ron in recognition of town projects Leslie primarily developed. Ron privately acknowledges the award as a ridiculous mistake; however, uses the opportunity to mess Leslie before later recommending her as the award recipient. 

When IOW director visits Ron, it’s revealed that a man was strategically chosen for the first time for marketing purposes. Frustrated with the politics of the awards, Leslie and Ron plan for him to make a disparaging acceptance speech condemning the awards. However, at the ceremony itself, Ron instead publicly presents the award to Leslie, who tries to present it instead to Ron, who precedes to present it back to Leslie. The next day's newspaper proclaims Ron the winner, with Leslie and Ron later deciding that the award is meaningless, anyway. The plaque is thrown into a wastebasket, where Leslie later secretly retrieves it.

In a subplot, Tom drops off a temporary liquor license renewal at the Snakehole Lounge nightclub, where the owner Freddy (Andy Milder) tells him they are seeking investors who can buy a share for $10,000. With only $4000 to spend, Tom reveals part-ownership in a nightclub is a longtime dream of his, and seeks partnership from his fast-talking friend, Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), who contributes $5,000. Still in need of $1,000 to seal the deal, Tom seeks further help from his co-workers. Donna expresses an interest, but decides against it when she meets Jean-Ralphio,  

Meanwhile, when Andy's band-mate Burly (Andrew Burlinson) tells Andy he can no longer live with him, April helps Andy look for an apartment. They find one near her house, prompting a smitten April to note that they can carpool to work together. But when Andy learns Tom needs $1,000, he forgoes the apartment to give Tom the money as a gift. April is surprised by the choice and disappointed with the result. In the episode's final scene, Tom is shown enjoying his nightclub part ownership, until he learns Donna has bought three shares herself.

Feb 15, 2022
Prop Master Gay Perello: Galentine's Day (S2E16)

Happy Holidays from Pawnee! Today Gay Perello makes her second appearance on the pod, this time to celebrate with Rob and Alan. In "Galentine's Day" Leslie and Justin try to reunite Leslie's Mom with an old flame, only to discover he's a total loon. On today's episode find out how many ice cream sandwiches Chris Pratt can eat in one sitting, why there were 3 pages of gifts Gay was asked to make, and how the writers lost Yang for an entire week! Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Leslie throws her annual "Galentine's Day" party for her female friends, celebrated the day before Valentine's Day. She asks her mother, Marlene, to tell the story about how she fell in love with a lifeguard that saved her from drowning in 1968, but the two had to break it off over objections from Marlene's parents. Leslie later tells the story to Justin, who is amazed by the tale and wants to unite the two. He tracks down Marlene's old flame, Frank Beckerson (John Larroquette), and convinces Leslie to go with him to Illinois and reunite the two on Valentine's Day at the Senior Center Valentine's Dance, which the parks department oversees.


Leslie and Justin meet Frank, a strange and depressed man who has constant panic attacks. Leslie begins to have doubts about bringing him to her mother and tries to call it off, but Justin insists that they should "let this unfold." At the dance, where Andy's band, Mouse Rat, is playing, Frank meets up with Marlene, who is repulsed by Frank's past current unemployment and overall failure at life. She turns down his offer for a second chance at love, prompting him to storm onto the stage and denounce her over the microphone. Leslie apologizes to her mother for bringing Frank. She is later upset with Justin, but has trouble pinpointing the reasons for her dissatisfaction. Ron explains that Justin is a "tourist," meaning that he takes "vacations in people's lives" and only cares about telling interesting stories to impress other people, which makes him selfish. Two older women then recognize Ron as jazz saxophonist Duke Silver, but he denies it. Leslie later breaks up with Justin, which Tom takes especially hard, reacting as if his parents were getting divorced.


Before the senior dance, Tom invites his ex-wife Wendy to his office to finally disclose his romantic feelings for her, but she rejects him. Not satisfied with the outcome, he attempts to blackmail her into a date using an alimony lawsuit as leverage. Tom and Wendy are later shown hugging and presumably making amends, although their conversation remains inaudible. Meanwhile, April's boyfriend Derek and his boyfriend Ben mock the senior citizens, causing April to question why their interactions must constantly be "cloaked in like 15 layers of irony." They accuse her of "lameness," which they attribute to spending time with Andy, and provide her with several ultimatums. She breaks up with them in response. Ann and Mark, at the same time, celebrate their first Valentine's Day together. In an interview with the camera crew, Ann describes the relationship as "good," but her tone of voice and body language around Mark contradict her statements. She later becomes jealous when Andy dedicates a song to April, even going so far as to question April about the possibility of a budding relationship between April and Andy.

Feb 08, 2022
Sweetums (S2E15)

Every day in Pawnee is a sweet treat, and today Rob and Alan are having seconds! In "Sweetums" Leslie and Ron become adversaries when a dishonest candy company vies for a concessions contract. On today's episode find out why the Pawnee citizens can be swayed by candy, where you can buy a "what's crackin'" belt buckle, and why this episode marks the shift from documentary to hilarious comedy. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department considers a potential sponsorship deal with Sweetums, a local candy manufacturer hoping to market "nutritious" snack bars to park visitors. Ron supports the deal as he advocates governmental privatization and emphasizes consumer choice over public safety. Leslie initially supports the deal as well, until Ann informs her they are filled with unhealthy corn syrup. Leslie arranges a public forum for Pawnee park visitors so they can make an informed choice about Sweetums products. Ron is unhappy with the arrangement, and gets angry with Leslie worrying about how much he is drinking during a recent outing. During the forum, Sweetums representatives screen propaganda films, highlighting consumer satisfaction, while Leslie responds by screening a 30-year-old Sweetums film which discusses how corn syrup and other snack bar ingredients make cattle unhealthy. At the end of Leslie's screening, Sweetums brings in its commercial's primary actor, the company's dashingly handsome CEO Nick Newport Jr. (Gary Weeks) and impossible cute kids, Denver and Dakota. Denver instructs the forum audience members to look under their seats for candy. The forum audience cheers with excitement and ultimately votes in favor of the sponsorship deal. Ron taunts Leslie by eating two unhealthful servings of steak ("turf and turf"), but she remains genuinely concerned for his health. Ron later apologizes to Leslie for having "been a horse's ass".

For the B-plot, Tom attempts to move out of his home after his divorce from Wendy. Mark reluctantly helps Tom with his pickup truck. Dona, April, Jim, and Andy help with the move, while Tom himself works very little. At the end of the episode, Tom learns that his new home has a gas leak and that he is unable to move into his new home until Monday. Tom asks the gang to take the boxes into their own homes, but they ultimately bring his possessions and leave them in the Parks and Recreation Department office. Throughout the move, April continues to develop romantic feelings for Andy, who remains oblivious to her affections. When April's boyfriend Derek and his gay boyfriend Ben arrive at Wendy's house, they mock Andy, which prompts April to refer to their behavior as "really gay for a gay couple”. The episode ends with a DJ Rhoomba dressed as a ghost, haunting Jerry and following him down the hallway of City Hall.

Feb 01, 2022
Leslie's House (S2E14)

Today in Pawnee Rob and Alan are headed to a friend's home. In "Leslie's House" Leslie abuses her power when she brings in community center teachers to help throw a dinner party to impress Justin. In today's episode your hosts discuss the writer's choice to make Leslie a hoarder, a joke that sparked the creation of Tigertail, and how architecture can affect an audience. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


A remorseful Leslie tells a group of Recreation Center teachers the Pawnee budget has been cut by $1,000, and five of their classes will have to be cut, but exactly which classes has not yet been determined. Later after an excellent date in Indianapolis, Leslie and Justin decide their next date will be in Pawnee. Feeling pressure to make their date equally exciting in Pawnee, Leslie decides to host a dinner party at her home with all her “interesting friends” from the Parks Dept.


Ann comes to Leslie's house, and finds a hoarder’s paradise. When they find themselves unable to clean it, Leslie calls Maria Portlesman, who teaches cleaning courses at the recreation center. She declines payment and hints she would prefer preferential treatment when Leslie cuts the classes, despite Leslie's assurance this will not happen. When Leslie realizes she has not prepared any food for the party, she calls a culinary teacher from the recreation center. Later, at the party, Andy complains about Justin to April, who makes Andy happy when she proposes putting chewed up gum in Justin's pockets. Eventually, Tom's ex-wife Wendy arrives. Tom expresses anger that Leslie invited her, especially because Ron is romantically interested in her. When Ron impresses Wendy by eating a hot red pepper, Tom attempts to eat a bigger one, but has to run to the bathroom in pain. When Justin starts yawning, a worried Leslie calls in other recreation center teachers to make the party more interesting, including a belly-dancer, a fencer, a caricaturist and an origami teacher.

Eventually, an accounting teacher arrives, believing demonstrations are being held to determine which class will be cut, much to the anger of Ron. The teacher gives a very boring accounting lecture, which puts Justin to sleep. The next day, Leslie is before the Pawnee Disciplinary Committee on charges of abuse of power. Leslie calls Justin as a witness and questions him as to whether he enjoyed the party, to which he answers an emphatic yes. Afterward, the committee rules no further action will be taken, mainly because Leslie turned herself in and paid $1,000 restitution to the recreation center so no classes would be cut. When Ann asks why she did it, Leslie said it was to get an honest answer from Justin about the date, under penalty of perjury. The episode ends with Justin encouraging Tom to ask Wendy out.

Jan 25, 2022
Writer Katie Dippold: The Set Up (S2E13)

Another guest joins us in Pawnee! Today writer Katie Dippold (Haunted Mansion, The Heat) breaks down one of her favorite episodes she's written. In "The Set Up" Ann sets Leslie up on a blind date, and the date does not go as Leslie had hoped. On today's pod find out the writer's room obsession with the 2002 film Swimfan, see the origin of Leslie's Biden crush, and hear everybody's idea of what they want "the club" to be. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


When Leslie learns Pawnee is being sued by the previous owners of Lot 48, Ann calls upon her lawyer friend Justin Anderson (Justin Theroux), whom she’s known since high school and seems to still have feelings for. Justin helps Leslie resolve the issue, and the two hit it off immediately. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Leslie asks Ann to set her up on a date, but is surprised when Ann hesitates to set her up with Justin. Instead, she arranges a date with Chris (Will Arnett) an MRI technologist Ann works with. The date goes terribly, with Chris appearing annoyed upon learning Leslie attended a rival college, and that she was a director of regular parks, not amusement parks.

When Leslie says she has never had an MRI, Chris takes her to the hospital to perform one on her. Chris comes off super creepy, remarking that Leslie has an excellent uterus and asking whether she is having her period, presumably in anticipation of sex later. 


Meanwhile, Mark grows suspicious that Ann harbors romantic feelings for Justin. He eventually confronts Ann and accuses her of putting Justin on hold for a possible relationship in the future. Ann admits she has distantly thought of her and Justin ending up together, prompting Mark to walk out on their date and spoil the ending of Marley & Me. Mark asks Andy if Ann seemed to have feelings for Justin when they were together.  Andy confirms that she did and then immediately confronts Ann about it in another endless attempt to win favor with her and get back together. Realizing her behavior was inappropriate, Ann sets Leslie up on a date with Justin.


In a B storyline, Ron deals with complaints from local residents due to a new town policy requiring public officials to deal more directly with the public. Ron calls the policy "my hell", and seeks a new assistant to protect him from the citizens.Tom volunteers to find Ron an assistant, but really uses the opportunity to find an assistant for himself.


After multiple interviews, Tom brings forward a fast-talking candidate named Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), whose personality closely resembles Tom's. Ron hates him right away and in the end hires April, who’s internship is coming to an end, as his assistant. 

Jan 18, 2022
Christmas Scandal (S2E12)

It's the Holidays in Pawnee while Rob Lowe and Alan Yang watch the 12th episode of season two! In "Christmas Scandal" A meeting with a disgraced councilman lands Leslie in the middle of a scandal. On today's episode find out the origins of the character Alexa Softcastle, the mystery note in the writer's room that read "Blood Diamond Phillips", and this episode's unique connection to SNL.

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The parks department performs in the annual Pawnee City Government Follies that riffs local politics, including one sketch that skewers Councilman Bill Dexhart (Kevin Symons), who was recently discovered to be involved in many bizarre sex scandals. Leslie is later asked to meet Dexhart at a restaurant, where she learns the sketch was accidentally accurate about another bizarre sex scandal that has not been made public. After assuring Dexhart that it was merely a coincidence, Leslie discovers that the local tabloid, The Pawnee Sun, has taken pictures of their meeting and is reporting that Leslie is Dexhart's new mistress.

The speculation about Dexhart and Leslie quickly spins out of control. Ron decides to give Leslie the day off to lie low and distributes her daily duties among the rest of the staff. Everyone is amazed how much Leslie does by herself each day and the entire group struggles to complete their tasks. Leslie has lunch with Dave (Louis C.K.), who reveals that his unit in the US Army Reserve has been called up to active duty in San Diego for a year to eighteen months, and invites Leslie to make the move with him.

The local show "Pawnee Today" digs up an old video of Leslie shaking hands with Dexhart and overanalyzes every aspect of the short clip. Ann brings Dexhart to her home, where Ann and Leslie demand he clear Leslie's name. Dexhart refuses because the fake scandal is so docile compared to his real transgressions that it is actually positive press for him. Soon after, Ann is horrified to discover that a news crew secretly followed Dexhart to her home and took a photograph of the meeting, resulting in speculation that Ann is Leslie's lesbian lover in a three-way relationship with Dexhart. A furious Leslie schedules an appearance on "Pawnee Today" to clear her name once and for all. On the show, host Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) surprises Leslie by bringing out Dexhart, who tries to prove their affair by claiming that Leslie has a mole on her buttocks. To finally end the scandal, Leslie pulls down her pants on live television and moons Callamezzo. Since there is no mole, Dexhart is forced to admit that he fabricated the sex scandal.

Over dinner, Leslie tells Dave that she will not move to San Diego with him, as her life is in Pawnee. Dave, although sad, understands her choice and the two split up amicably. At Pawnee's tree lighting ceremony, Leslie is congratulated by everyone, including Leslie's mother Marlene, who is proud that her daughter successfully fought off the media. Leslie returns to work the next day much to Ron's immense relief, as he could barely handle just a portion of her daily duties. Everyone is visibly glad that Leslie is back.

In a B plot, April asks Andy what to get her gay boyfriend for Christmas. All of Andy's ideas are well-meaning but dumb, although it seems that April is just happy to talk with him. To thank Andy, she gets him a Reggie Wayne jersey for Christmas. Meanwhile, Mark tells Tom that he intends to get Ann a new computer bag for Christmas, but Tom tells him that he should get diamonds. In the end, he gives her the computer bag after all while Ann gives him Pacers tickets. He then gives her a second gift, telling her she does not have to go to the game, to which Ann happily accepts.

Jan 11, 2022
Tom's Divorce (S2E11)

Come along for another life changing journey to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan stick together while watching the 11th episode of season 2. In “Tom’s Divorce” Leslie finds out Tom and Wendy are splitting up, and tries to lift his spirits. On this episode find out the unique connection Jerry has with dinosaurs, the origin of the Ron Swanson breakfast meme, and which Taco Bell actor possibly marries Wendy!
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The episode opens with Ron sending Leslie to run an errand at the DMV on City Hall's fourth floor, a dark and unsettling place that includes probation offices and divorce filings. A reluctant and frightened Leslie navigates past reprobates and blood stains on the floor and spots Tom and Wendy leaving the Divorce Office. Unaware that their relationship was a green card marriage to prevent Wendy from being deported back to Canada, Leslie later tries to comfort Tom, who insists he is fine. Nevertheless, Leslie persists in her efforts to cheer him up, in part by ordering a singing horse telegram to cheer him up and taking the whole dept out to a dinosaur-themed restaurant, Jurassic Fork. 

The parks employees eat several dinosaur-themed entrees, "Tyranna-Ceasar Salads" and "Surf and Turfasaurus". Tom seems so cheery that Leslie begins to suspect he is faking being sad. Ron pulls Tom aside and asks whether he could ask Wendy on a date once the divorce is finalized. Tom consents, but is visibly disappointed. Determined to cheer him up, Leslie agrees to compromise her morals and take Tom to his favorite strip club, the Glitter Factory. Leslie is horrified by the club and tries to encourage the strippers to change their lives. Ron is also uninterested in the strippers, but happily consumes the free breakfast buffet.

Tom remains depressed even after Leslie hires a stripper to "grind the sorrow out of him". A drunken Tom tells Leslie that Ron plans to ask out Wendy, prompting an angry reaction from her. Meanwhile, Andy continues his efforts to break up the relationship between Ann and Mark.  Andy challenges Mark to a game of pool with the hopes of hustling him, but Mark turns out to be an excellent player and wins multiple games for double or nothing. Mark and Andy make one final wager: if Andy wins, he gets Ann, but if Mark wins he has to leave them alone. Mark dominates the game but loses when he scratches on the 8 ball. Initially delighted, Andy becomes confused when Ann leaves with Mark anyway. 

Meanwhile, Tom passes out at the bar, and Ron and Leslie take him to Wendy's house. Leslie is shocked to find Wendy is on a date with another man. She storms out after expressing her disgust with Wendy and Ron. The next morning at work, Tom confesses to Leslie that it was a green card marriage, and that he only recently realized he has feelings for Wendy and Andy tells Mark and Ann he will no longer be bothering them. Andy says a final goodbye to Ann and the episode concludes with a Horse singing telegram Leslie has sent to apologize to Ron.

Jan 04, 2022
Hunting Trip (S2E10)

Everyone loves a trip to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan venture off into surprisingly familiar territory when they watch the 10th episode of season two. In “Hunting Trip” Leslie tries to prove she can hang with the guys by inviting herself on Ron's annual hunting trip. On this episode find out which cast member wants to ruin Alan’s life, get a masterclass in improv-Amy Poehler, and hear a little memory from our buddy Chris Pratt about working with Aubry Plaza.
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In an effort to prove she can be one of the guys, Leslie leaves April in charge of the Parks Dept. and insists that she and the other ladies of the Parks Dept. tag along on Ron’s annual “Trail Survey”, which is actually just a secret hunting trip the men of the Parks Dept. go on each year. Once on the hunt, Leslie proves to be an excellent hunter and an increasingly threatened Ron agrees to Leslie’s challenge of who can shoot more birds. The two split up and not long after, we hear a loud shot, Ron shout, and it’s revealed Ron has been shot in the head. Leslie claims responsibility for shooting Ron to protect a fellow Parks employee, prompting Ron, in the end, to call her a “Stand-up guy”. Meanwhile back at the Parks Dept. April and Andy bond and potential chemistry is sparked when April gives Andy multiple hickeys to make Ann jealous.

Dec 28, 2021
Gifts, Jobs, and Parties with Producers Greg and Schulte

Gifts! Jobs! Parties! All three are alive and well in Pawnee. Today producers Greg and Schulte reflect on their time with Parks and Recollection, talk with legendary Parks and Rec prop creator Gay Perello, and plot their own podcast spin-off! All of this and a really fun, extremely unique giveaway for a lucky Parks and Recreation super-fan, on today's BONUS episode!

Dec 26, 2021
The Camel (S2E9)

Come one come all to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan congregate to watch the ninth episode of season 2! In “The Camel” Leslie and the Parks Department compete to come up with a new mural design. On today’s episode you’ll hear about the unearned confidence of Sewage Joe, the difference between bottle-episodes and a story-driven arc, and how the B story came about from a delirious night of writing!
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The Pawnee council decides it will replace the town hall's "Spirit of Pawnee" mural, due to its racist overtones. When each Pawnee department is asked to propose a new mural, Leslie becomes determined for the parks department to win. Everyone in the parks department is told to come up with a possible mural, and they each vote for their own artwork. As a compromise, Leslie creates a mural using pieces of everybody's artwork, but the result is a confusing mess. While all of this is happening Ron starts visiting Andy who is now the Pawnee shoe-shiner. Ron is impressed when Andy eases the pain from his bunion, and after a couple visits, makes an involuntary sexual moan. They both decide to pretend it never happened. Mark draws a boring sketch of an old man feeding pigeons in the park—knowing it will have mass appeal. Nobody in the parks department likes it except Ron, but Leslie insists on entering it so they will win. Leslie sees how much fun other departments had in making their mural, and she decides to enter the parks department's original mural after all. The town decides not to spend any money on a new mural and simply renames the old one "The Diversity Express". The parks department, proud of their work, hang their mural in the conference room; and Ron hangs Mark's sketch in his office.

Dec 21, 2021
Ron and Tammy (S2E8)

Love is in the air around Pawnee. Rob and Alan dive into another classic episode of Parks and Rec. In "Ron and Tammy" Leslie learns the library department, run by Ron's ex-wife, wants to take over the lot. On today's episode find out why Nick and Megan were perfect together as antagonists, which books are approved for the Pawnee Library, and the secrets behind Ron's breakfast photo.

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The episode opens with Andy taking over disgruntled Old Gus’ shoe shine business in City Hall. Later, Mark breaks the bad news to Leslie that the Pawnee library has placed a planning claim for Lot 48. Leslie and the rest of the Parks Dept. express their disdain for the library, much to the confusion of Ann, while Ron is particularly angry to learn that his ex-wife Tammy, who he insists is evil incarnate, is the new library director.

Leslie decides to look evil in the eye and confront Tammy directly about the library’s planning claim, but to her surprise, Leslie finds Tammy to be warm and friendly. Tammy instantly agrees to rescind her planning claim on Lot 48 as a professional courtesy between Government Gals and Leslie, now convinced that Tammy is not as bad as Ron claims, brings Tammy to the Parks Dept. so that she and Ron can work out their differences. Tammy and an agitated Ron go to a local diner to have lunch. The two sit down amicably, but soon erupt into a loud argument over who set the bed on fire, which jump cuts to them sitting back to back in separate booths eating, then cuts to the two making out between the two booths, then on the table (which Ron pulls out from the wall), then running out to their car and driving to a local motel, where they strip off their clothes as they run into the hotel room.

Meanwhile Mark enlists Tom’s help in dealing with Andy, who is working hard to try and win back Ann. Taking Tom’s advice to take the high road, Mark confronts Andy at the show shine stand, only to find Andy has covered the wall above his stand with pictures of Ann. Finding ads posted with “Andy & Ann Shoe Shine” Ann tells Andy to back off and take down the Ann shrine he’s erected.

Later a cheery Ron waltzes into the Parks Dept. providing way too many details about his sexual exploits with Tammy. An uncomfortable Leslie listens and realizes that Tammy is using sex to manipulate Ron into giving the library control of Lot 48. Leslie confronts Tammy, who smirks and tells Leslie that she’d rather be a Cleopatra than an Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Leslie tries to get Ron to break up with Tammy, but he insists he is powerless to her wiles and convinces Leslie to go with him to do the deed. The two go to the library and Ron immediately caves when Tammy flirts with him. Leslie gives up, telling Ron he should do whatever will make him happy. Impressed that a woman would put his needs before her own, Ron decides to break up with Tammy and give the lot back to Leslie. After breaking the news to Tammy off-camera, Ron flees the library with half of his  moustache missing and a push-pin stuck in his forehead. The two share a drink back at the Parks Dept. and agree that Tammy and the library really are the two worst things in the world. 

Dec 14, 2021
Director Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)

Directions to Pawnee are simple! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are visited by director Dean Holland as they review S2E7 (Dean's first episode!) On "Greg Pikitis" Leslie tries to stop a high school kid who vandalizes the park every Halloween, while Ann's party is a dud until Tom as T-Pain saves the day. Find out about behind the scenes Halloween parades, who was in the dinosaur costume, the Ron Swanson 1-10 scale, and what makes the funniest script—all on today's amazing episode!

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The episode opens with Leslie confronting her peach-eating arch nemesis, teenaged Greg Pikitis, in the high school hallway about his past Halloween hi-jinx. Leslie enlists the help of her boyfriend PO Sanderson to tail Pikitis to make sure he doesn’t vandalize the Statue of Mayor Percy once again. Meanwhile, Ann reminds the Parks Dept. about her Halloween party and is disappointed to find out that in spite of her efforts to not invite Tom, Jerry has spilled the beans and Tom will attend. 

Ann’s party is off to a boring and awkward start until Tom arrives dressed as T-pain and turns the living room into a dance floor. A possible spark between Ron and Wendy is kindled when Wendy tells Ron her Green Card marriage could soon come to an end. 

Meanwhile, Leslie and PO Sanderson’s tailing of Pikitis turns up nothing and the two decide to go to Ann’s Halloween party. However, while stopping by Leslie’s office to pick up her Halloween costume, the two discover that the Parks Dept. has been TP’ed and vandalized, with the coup de grace being a peach pit left atop a pile of whip cream on Leslie’s desk.

Despite the fact they’ve watched Pikitis all night, Leslie is sure Pikitis is the perpetrator. Leslie convinces PO Sanderson to bring in Greg for questioning and after getting no where with him, Leslie decides to have Andy take a crack at him. Andy goes in hot with the FBI persona Burt Macklin, but Pikitis is so mean to him, Andy ends up crying. The scene ends with Pikitis’ mom showing up and threatening to sue Leslie, PO Sanderson, and the FBI for holding a minor against his will. 

Andy helps Leslie clean up the Parks Dept. offices and after a few beers, the two decide to TP Greg Pikitis’ house.  PO Sanderson shows up saying he’s been called and an unfamiliar woman opens the front door and points to Leslie saying she’s the reason the police were called. Leslie fears she has the wrong house until it’s revealed that Greg goes on Craigslist to hire fake moms to get him out of trouble and the woman standing in front of them is actually Greg’s real mom. When Leslie realizes Greg’s not at home, she rushes to the statue of Mayor Percy and catches Pikitis in the act of vandalizing the statue.

The episode ends with Leslie wondering how Greg could have gotten into the Parks Dept. to vandalize it and a flashback showing Greg pretending to be a janitor, hiding in the dumpster until everyone had left, and vandalizing the office. 

Dec 07, 2021
Kaboom (S2E6)

Enjoy the Pawnee outdoors with a bang! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang watch the 6th episode of season 2. In "Kaboom" the parks department build a playground with help from an exciting organization. In today's episode you'll find out why originally S2E6 had a PSA at the end, the makeup room dance parties, and if Pawnee has such a large body of water!

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Leslie and Ann head to Eagleton as volunteers to help build a playground. The event is organized by a charity called KaBoom, which is headed up by its extremely charismatic leader Keef Slertner, played by Paul Scheer. While they’re there, they bump into Andy, who says he’s volunteering, but is actually just there for the free food. He tells Ann and Leslie that he’s moved out of the pit and is now living with the drummer of his band.



Leslie ends up being so inspired by the Eagleton playground build, that she decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to get the pit filled herself without anyone’s permission. This plan backfires as they try to fill the pit and discover they just dumped a ton of dirt all over Andy and his home - it turns out he never actually moved out after all. He gets injured and is taken to the hospital, where Ann tries to take care of him.  He tells Ann that he believes there’s still a connection and tries to persuade her to choose him over Mark. Ann shuts the conversation down by getting Andy another nurse.



Meanwhile, Leslie’s in hot water. Andy has decided to sue Pawnee for his injury, believing that if he wins the money, he’ll be able to impress Ann and get her back. Leslie says there’s another he will be able to impress Ann. The next day at City Hall, Andy says he will drop the lawsuit if the pit gets filled. The pit gets filled the next day and we see Keef ride off into the sunset on his boat, revealing that KaBoom is actually just an elaborate prank. 

Nov 30, 2021
Fred Armisen: Sister City (S2E5)

Another good friend has travelled to Pawnee! Today Fred Armisen joins Rob Lowe and Alan Yang to reminisce on the fifth episode of season two. On "Sister City" Leslie hosts the P&R Department of Boraqua, Venezuela, Pawnee's sister city—while Tom becomes an errand boy and April plays hard to get.  In today's episode find out what it's like to act on a show that isn't SNL, how long Fred was allowed to improvise in each scene, and the influence "Martin" had on Fred. All of this and a next level tip on doing impressions!

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The Pawnee Parks Department welcome their sister city Parks Department from Boraqua, Venezuela

headed by Raul Alejandro Bastilla Pedro de Veloso de Morana, the Vice-Director Ejecutivo del Diputado del Departamento de Parques, L.G.V.

(played by Fred Armisen).

Expecting the Venezuelan government officials to be poor/simple people, the Pawnee Parks Dept. is shocked to find their visitors wealthy, condescending, and offensive. The officials mistake Tom for a servant (which Tom plays along with for their large cash tips), assume Leslie’s proposed party includes sex with prostitutes, and disparage Pawnee at every turn.



The Venezuelan intern, Jhonny, falls hard for April, but she shows zero enthusiasm. While the rest of the delegates lust after Donna.



Meanwhile, the Venezuelans balk at the $35,000 Leslie is trying to raise to fill in the pit, and rub it in that Venezuela is a very wealthy oil-rich country. To try to earn back respect, Leslie takes the delegates to Pawnee’s nicest park (which Raul mistakes for the pit) and shows them democracy in action at a Townhall meeting (which devolves into all the citizens shouting at Leslie)



When Raul tells Leslie that she is weak and her city is disgusting, Leslie explodes in anger, insulting their uniforms and Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelans storm out.



Leslie apologizes and Raul offers Leslie a check for $35,000 for the pit project.  Leslie reluctantly accepts, but just before the photo op, Raul convinces Leslie to say “Viva Venezuela” and “Viva Chavez” on camera, which with the help of April, Leslie realizes is actually propaganda for Raul’s “Committee to Humiliate and Shame America”. Furious, Leslie rips up the check,

prompting Raul to declare Pawnee no longer a Sister City and storm out.



Leslie vows to raise the money needed without them and inspired by Leslie, Tom secretly puts all of his Venezuelan tip money into the pit/park goal jar.



The episode ends with Leslie and Tom receiving an online video from April, telling them she and Donna are vacationing with Jhonny in his Venezuelan palace. 

Nov 23, 2021
Practice Date (S2E4)

Pawnee is a gift to us all and today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang dive into the 4th episode of  the second season of Parks and Recreation! In "Practice Date" a nervous Leslie gets ready for her first date with Dave, by going on a test date with Ann. In today's episode Find out how nervous Duke Silver made the writer's room, the amazing Perd Hapley audition, and how Greg Daniels would deal with the stress of ending The Office—all on Harris Wittels first writing credit of Parks!
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Nov 16, 2021
Beauty Pageant (S2E3)

Pawnee, the most beautiful town in America. Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang put down the score cards as they discuss season 2 episode 3 of Parks and Recreation. In 'Beauty Pageant' Leslie is excited to be a local pageant judge, but frustrated when her viewpoints on the ideal woman don't align with the other judges. On today's pod you’ll find out the difference between some significant joke writers, if Leslie is a time traveller, and why it’s important to have a diverse writer’s room. All of this and more on today’s incredible episode!
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Nov 09, 2021
The Stakeout (S2E2)

It’s another bright and shiny day in Pawnee! Alan Yang and Rob Lowe have all the supplies necessary to review the second Parks and Recreation episode of season two. In “The Stakeout” Leslie's curiosity gets the best of her, when a stakeout she planned with Tom, to find a local criminal, actually has her spying on Ann and Mark. In today's episode find out why the character of Tom became more fashion forward, what happened when Alan gave a Rent-a-Swag jacket to his mom,  and which aspects of this episode share DNA with a classic Emilio Esteves and Richard Dreyfuss film. All of this and a cautionary tale about "special brownies" on today's fantastic episode. 

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Nov 02, 2021
Pawnee Zoo (S2E1)

The Parks department is back—and so is the Recollection team! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang talk about the season 2 Parks and Recreation premiere. In “Pawnee Zoo,” Leslie promotes a local zoo by marrying two penguins. When both birds end up being male, it causes a bit of a stir. Today we get a look at what it takes to rap poorly, Tom being besties with Joan Callamezzo, and the intense work that went into every character’s name on the show. It’s another great day in Pawnee!
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Oct 26, 2021
Chris Pratt: Rock Show (S1E6)

Parks and Recreation may have had a short first season, but Parks and Recollection is just getting started and today we’re joined by superstar Chris Pratt! In “Rock Show” relationships come to a head and Mouse Rat concerts are preformed as our favorite show finds its voice. Chris opens up about his audition for Parks and Rec, working with Mouse Rat song writer Mark Rivers, adapting the character of Andy to a lovable loser, and so much more! Spread your wings and fly with your favorite podcast team today!
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Oct 19, 2021
The Banquet (S1E5)

Put on your fanciest new duds and join Rob and Alan as they discuss the fifth episode of Parks and Recreation. In “The Banquet”, Leslie once again finds herself in a crisis of conscience when she has to make a tough decision involving the new park at a banquet honoring her mother. In today’s episode find out how the Parks team bridged the gap between season 1 and 2, the difficult task of naming characters, and which scene gave Rob stress flashbacks. It’s almost the end of season 1 of Parks and Recreation, but just the beginning of Parks and Recollection, let’s go!
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Oct 12, 2021
Casting Directors Allison Jones & Ben Harris: Boys' Club (S1E4)

Come one come all to another picnic in Pawnee! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang welcome casting directors Allison Jones and Ben Harris to talk about the fourth episode of Parks and Recreation. In “Boys' Club” Leslie faces an ethical dilemma after trying to bond with some of her male coworkers. Allison and Ben share what it was like to cast this iconic television show while also diving into what it takes to cast any successful sitcom. How many times did Adam Scott have to audition, who almost played Donna, and which cast member is always doing bits? All on today’s episode.
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Oct 05, 2021
Writer Dan Goor: The Reporter (S1E3)

It's a beautiful day in Pawnee! Alan and Rob have invited their good friend and writer Dan Goor over to sip tea and look back at the third episode of Parks and Recreation. In ‘The Reporter,’ Leslie gets upset when she finds out the journalist doing a story on the new park has slept with her ex! Dan tells us what the original script of this episode looked like, then helps Rob and Alan navigate the rocky terrain of the writer’s room hierarchy. Find out what jokes get the boot, which character was modeled after Han Solo, and if the show is better with a laugh track—all on today’s fantastic episode.

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Sep 28, 2021
Canvassing (S1E2)

Alan Yang and Rob Lowe have set up shop in Pawnee and are venturing into the second episode of Parks and Rec. In “Canvassing” Leslie Knope and her committee attempt to gain support for the park project, but a town hall full of unhappy residents forces Leslie to filibuster her own meeting! Will Alan and Rob freak out about an unethical Leslie? Why was canvassing originally slated later in the season? Does "Rock Band" hurt or help a writer’s room? Learn answers to these questions and more by listening to today’s episode — and ask your own by emailing us at or Leave a 30-second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992

Sep 21, 2021
Pilot (S1E1)

It's the first episode! Rob Lowe and Alan Yang pack their bags and journey back to Pawnee as they begin their Parks and Recreation rewatch with episode one! In the pilot, Leslie Knope navigates the red tape as she secures permission to convert an abandoned pit into a park. But were Donna and Jerry supposed to be background actors? Why is Ron wearing a suit? What is Parks and Rec’s origin story? Learn answers to these questions and more by listening to today’s episode — and ask your own by emailing us at or leaving a 30-second voicemail at 310-893-6992. 

Sep 14, 2021
Parks and Recollection coming September 14!

Rob Lowe (actor/NFL fan) and Alan Yang (writer/director/Mouse Rat bassist) are rewatching every episode of Parks and Recreation and they’re bringing some friends along! Come picnic in Pawnee every Tuesday, beginning September 14!

Special guests include: Chris Pratt, Allison Jones, Fred Armisen, Ben Schwartz and more!

Aug 27, 2021