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The Savior is calling on women to shine His Light in our homes, congregations, and communities. In each episode of Magnify the podcast, we will explore what it looks like to use our influence as disciples of Jesus Christ. We'll talk about things like how to really love like Jesus, how to talk about faith more naturally, and how to wrestle with hard questions.

Join host Kathryn Davis and special guests every week for conversations that leave you filled, strengthened, and wanting to do good and be good.

Episode Date
Learning One Another's Stories With Taylor Ricks

We all crave being seen, known, and loved for who we are. But where does that need come from? And how do we become people who can fill that need for others? We’ll be exploring those all-important questions in today’s episode. If you’ve been wanting new ideas on how to build connections and strengthen your relationships, this powerful conversation is for you. Let’s learn to see others for who they are and become a safe place for everyone around us!

“Instead of looking passed things in other people maybe we can see it and embrace it and meet them where they are in that thing”

Taylor Ricks has four amazing children: one daughter and three sons. Taylor has spent time as a foster parent and now volunteers with the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation to help children and families touched by Down syndrome in honor of her son Zane, whose bright spirit blesses their family in unimaginable ways. She enjoys writing, dabbling in woodworking, and going on walks. You can find Taylor on Facebook and Instagram @ToCheerAndToBless.

Top takeaways from this episode!

  • We aren’t alone in feeling alone! Satan wants us to believe we are alone in our problems but this is never true.
  • When we feel alone or left out we can ask “who needs me!?” to help inspire us to reach out. Reaching out and creating a new connection is a wonderful way to resolve our own struggles.
  • When we feel judgment and criticism toward others we can stop and see what we can learn from them instead.
  • Knowing how God sees us gives us the courage and confidence to be ourselves and share love with others.
  • When we observe and listen to those around us we will be inspired and prepared in knowing how to connect with and serve them.

Something to think about: Have you taken the time to ask God how He sees you? Try it once a day this week!

Small and simple challenge: Pray to know who needs you this week and have the courage to offer that love!


Everyday Disciples by Taylor Ricks

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Sep 27, 2022
Seeing Like Jesus with Michelle Craig

It is easy to get caught in the hustle and ignore ourselves and others without even meaning to. But there is magic in getting more intentional about being present when we are in the presence of others! In this episode we explore the power of seeing ourselves and others as God sees us, and what that looks like in our day-to-day lives!

Michelle Craig lives in Orem, UT, and currently serves as the First Counselor in the General Young Women’s Presidency. She is a mom, a grandma, and loves chips and chocolate—preferably together!

“When we are in the presence of other people it is a holy place.”

Top Takeaways from this episode!

  • God sees us as his beloved children. We have divine DNA!
  • We always have access to heaven. It is important we set aside intentional time to be still and access that connection.
  • When we share what we love about others with them we can help them see themselves how God sees them! How exciting!
  • When we are in the presence of other people it is a holy place. Because people are holy!
  • In times of doubt try asking God how he sees you. Trust that through Christ weak things can be made strong! 

Something to think about: What is something we are doing that we should stop doing? What is something we are not doing that we should start doing? 

Small and simple weekly challenge: Let’s try putting away our phones when we are with other people and be intentional about communicating the good we see in them! Offer a sincere compliment that isn’t based on appearance!


Eyes to See by Michelle

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Sep 20, 2022
Loving People As They Are with Jody Moore

Loving people is easy when they’re doing everything exactly the way we want them to. But how do we respond when people disappoint us, hurt us, or just when life doesn’t go the way we thought it would? This episode tackles those tough questions and paves a path for us to find peace as we seek to love the people around us.

“When we quiet the fear, insecurity, and blame—which is a natural part of our human experience—what is leftover is love. Love is us at our most pure state.”

Jody Moore is the friend next door who helps us solve our problems and gets us out of our ruts. She is a Certified Life Coach, a mom of 4, and the author of Better Than Happy. She is so generous in sharing her wisdom with us on this episode! You can find her on Instagram @jodymoorecoaching !

 Top Takeaways from this episode!

  • Our lovability doesn’t change! We can’t become more or less worthy of love. We are all children of heavenly parents and that can’t be changed.
  • We have a divine ability to create love. Our thoughts create our emotions, we get to choose! We don’t have to be dependent on other’s actions to give us permission to feel the way we want to feel.
  • When we pretend to be something we are not in order to be loved, or ask others to do the same, we are only able to make surface-level connections. Deeper connections and healthy relationships are born from authenticity.
  • Choosing love creates a better experience for us AND others.
  • When we are in a place of love we are our most true selves. We feel expansive and are more open to inspiration!

Something to think about: When thinking about a difficult situation you are navigating right now, try asking –“What if nothing is wrong here? What if everything is as it should be?” What new feelings and ideas come up?

Small and simple challenge: One time this week when you are out in public notice someone who is struggling and write a compassionate story about them in your head. Find a new path to love!



Better Than Happy by Jody Moore

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Sep 13, 2022
Introducing Magnify

Guess what? The world needs you. Yes, you. No matter how ordinary you feel you have a powerful role in the gospel of Jesus Christ. On this podcast, our conversations are inspired by the prophecy and promise that Latter-Day Saint women will be a significant force for good and we're here to help each other be these women.

We will talk about things like . . .

  • How to really live like Jesus.
  • How to talk about faith more naturally.
  • How to wrestle with hard questions.

As the world gets darker, this is our time to step forward, to love fiercely, to lead boldly, to live happily, and to fill the world with light.

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Sep 02, 2022