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 Apr 2, 2021


Cakes, Bish, EB and JP on 106.7 the Fan.

Episode Date
BONUS: Royal Rumble Aftermath | Bold Predictions for 2023 | Andro Mammo Joins! | 'Kick Rocks'

From the 'Kick Rocks' Podcast (Subscribe Here), Welcome back to another rendition of the Kick Rock Wrestling Podcast! This week Evan and Heidi are joined by Andro Mammo as they discuss the fallout of a historic Royal Rumble Match! They also discuss all things Bray Wyatt, sprinkle in a little AEW talk, and give some bold predictions for 2023! 


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Feb 03, 2023
Bit Season, Episode 70: Shuffle Partners Not Boards

One of the Matt's have been getting flooded with compliments around the office, so we start off todays show discussing this and the possible segment idea to come. BDK may have a Super Bowl party for the Bitties, so we discuss the festivities we would bring to the table for that party. The producer bible came out with a story on swingers using LOOFAHS as a way of Communication, so Valdez breaks down the code of swingers for us. Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, which Matt & Matt have heavy disagreements over that they debate. 

Feb 03, 2023
Brian Mitchell's HOF bid, Damon Williams, Weekend preview

2/3 Hour 4

  3:00 Svrluga's article on Brian Mitchell being in HOF

15:00 Comedian Damon Williams in studio

30:00 Weekend preview

Feb 03, 2023
John Feinstein, Netflix clamping down on password sharing, Bezos not the owner

2/3 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

20:00 Netflix clamping down on password sharing

26:00 Jessica Simpson's crush

35:00 Bezos won't be Commanders owner

Feb 03, 2023
BDK's reviews, Commanders OC search, Parlay

2/3 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

20:20 Are the Commanders pitching Howell as QB for OC hire?

34:00 Junkies Parlay

Feb 03, 2023
EB watching Pam documentary, Sports Page, Tony Romo being air checked

2/3 Hour 1

  2:00 Show Open

10:00 EB watching the Pam Anderson documentary

18:00 Sports Page

34:00 Tony Romo being air checked by CBS

Feb 03, 2023
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Cakes called the Anthony Lynn meet

2/2 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

21:00 Rock n Roll HOF nominees

35:00 Cakes Called the Anthony Lynn meet

Feb 02, 2023
Cakes caught shopping at Ross, QB carousel list, Lars Eller

2/2 Hour 3

  3:00 Expensive winter coats

  8:40 Cakes caught shopping at Ross

20:20 ESPN's QB carousel list post Brady retiring

33:00 Lars Eller

Feb 02, 2023
Commanders Anniversary, Kevin Willard, Charley Casserly

2/2 Hour 2

  4:00 Commanders Anniversary

15:00 Kevin Willard

29:00 Charley Casserly

Feb 02, 2023
Bobby Beathard dies, Ron Rivera meeting with Anthony Lynn, Sports Page

2/2 Hour 1

  2:00 Show Open

10:30 Bobby Beathard

20:00 Ron Rivera meeting with Anthony Lynn

34:00 Sports Page

Feb 02, 2023
Junks Ron Rivera backlash, Entertainment Page, Hoka's popularity

2/1 Hour 4

  2:00 Junks getting backlash for the Ron/Pebble take

10:00 Valdez claims Ron Rivera is at Pebble recruiting Aaron Rodgers

23:00 Dr. Phil's last season

35:00 Hoka's popularity is soaring 

Feb 01, 2023
RG3 interview, Tom Brady retires, Comparing QBs to Brady

2/1 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 interview

22:00 Tom Brady retires

35:00 Tom Brady was most successful, but was he most talented QB?

Feb 01, 2023
Wes Unseld Jr, Building the OLine, Peter Laviolette

2/1 Hour 2

  1:00 Wiz coach Wes Unseld Jr. 

18:40 Building the OLine before getting a QB

33:30 Peter Laviolette

Feb 01, 2023
Caps win in OT, Sports Page, Fact or Fiction

2/1 Hour 1

  5:00 Caps win in OT

16:30 Terps beat Indiana

27:00 Sean Payton hired by Broncos

35:00 Fact or Fiction

Feb 01, 2023
BONUS: Could Bieniemy Be The Commanders' Next OC? | 'Take Command'

From 'Take Command' (subscribe here): The Commanders have entered week three of the search for a new offensive coordinator, and the list of potential candidates is growing. Hosts Logan Paulsen and Craig Hoffman take a look at some of the bigger names but start out with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy. Logan references his history working with Bieniemy and says he is a guy who requires high excellence from his players. Craig points out that Bieniemy is a known teacher who demands plays done right, a trait we need in Washington.



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Jan 31, 2023
Soren Petro, Would Bieniemy take Commanders job?, Cost of Valentine's Day

1/31 Hour 4

  1:00 KC Radio host Soren Petro

20:00 Would Bieniemy take the Commanders job?

34:00 The cost of Valentine's Day

Jan 31, 2023
Wizards win streak, Caller upset if Wiz are .500, Entertainment Page

1/31 Hour 3

  2:00 Wizards hot streak and sneaking in playoffs

13:00 Caller upset if the Wiz are .500

27:00 Flea talking to hotties on the beach

Jan 31, 2023
Kellen Moore hired by Chargers, Ron Rivera not addressing OC, Vienna residents upset at Pickleball

1/31 Hour 2

  3:00 Kellen More hired by Chargers and gets EB Rick

19:00 Ron Rivera not making any moves for OC position

34:00 Vienna residents upset by Pickleball noise

Jan 31, 2023
Cakes Classic recap, Cakes' Casino BDE, Wiz hot streak

1/31 Hour 1

  3:00 Cakes Classic recap

10:00 JP didn't know Royal Farms sells chicken

19:30 Cakes has so much swagger in a casino

32:00 Wizards hot streak

Jan 31, 2023
Commanders request interview with Eric Bieniemy, Entertainment Page, Lurch booking VT hotels

1/30 Hour 4

  4:00 EB pissed Ron Rivera is playing at Pebble during OC search

19:00 EB's AI generated Entertainment Page

35:00 Lurch booking hotels for VT football

Jan 30, 2023
NFL Officiating, Re-visiting Cakes and Nick Sirianni, Wiz are hot

1/30 Hour 3

  2:00 NFL Officiating has been sucky

18:00 Re-visiting Cakes' hate for Nick Sirianni

32:00 Cakes wins the NFL pool

37:30 Wizards are red hot

Jan 30, 2023
Rex Ryan thinks Brady and Payton could end up in DC, Ben Volin, The almost Rory/Reed playoff

1/30 Hour 2

  2:00 Rex Ryan thinks Sean Payton and Tom Brady could end up in DC

14:20 Ben Volin

33:45 The almost golf playoff with Rory/Reed in Dubai

Jan 30, 2023
Recapping AFC and NFC Championship, JP thinks Mahomes flopped, Cakes Classic

1/30 Hour 1

  3:00 Recapping AFC and NFC Championship games

20:00 Kelce calls Cincy mayor a Jabroni

25:45 JP thinks Mahomes flopped

34:45 Cakes Classic

Jan 30, 2023
Peter Laviolette, Michael Lombardi, Weekend preview

1/27 Hour 4

  1:00 Caps coach Peter Laviolette

16:00 Former GM Michael Lombardi

34:00 Weekend preview

Jan 27, 2023
John Feinstein, Entertainment Page, List of most desirable jobs

1/27 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

20:30 Cakes giving Amy birthday buns

26:00 Tennessee cop has strip club offers

35:00 List of most desirable jobs

Jan 27, 2023
Chris Caputo, Previewing NFC and AFC Championship games, Parlay

1/27 Hour 2

  2:00 GW Head Coach Chris Caputo

19:00 Previewing AFC and NFC Championship games

34:00 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Jan 27, 2023
Caps win over Penguins, Sports Page, Dotson PFF's breakout player

1/27 Hour 1

  3:00 Caps win over Penguins

19:00 Junkies Sports Page

33:00 Junks are big at Sharkey's in Blacksburg

36:45 Jahan Dotson is PFF's Commanders breakout player

Jan 27, 2023
Bit Season, Episode 69: Grab The Sofa

We open up todays show discussing BDK's hit from this morning, while he was outclassing EB in his sports knowledge! We also hint on some new wrinkles in that segment coming up. Valdez reveals one of Drab's newest Sunday rituals, as it ha shocked everyone. Drab makes his return to pickup b-ball, & gets smoked by the kids. The Junkies have been discussing Viagra lately, so we discuss that & the significance of Viagra talk. We end the show on our fastball, and discuss the whippings we used to get as kids. 

Jan 26, 2023
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Missing Link

1/26 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

19:00 Murdaugh trial on TV

26:00 Julia Fox's nubby apartment

36:00 Missing Link

Jan 26, 2023
Patrick Reed's tee flick, Chris Brown's yard sale, Lars Eller

1/26 Hour 3

  3:00 Patrick Reed's tee flick to Rory

21:00 Chris Brown's yard sale

27:00 Cakes' new route to work

35:00 Lars Eller

Jan 26, 2023
BDK's Oscar preview, Newest name in OC search, Junks want a new Head Coach

1/26 Hour 2

  2:00 BDK's Oscar preview

18:00 Newest name in Commanders OC search

31:00 Screw OC, Junks want a splash at Head Coach

Jan 26, 2023
Terps win over Wisconsin, Mel Kiper's mock draft, Drab playing pickup hoops

1/26 Hour 1

  3:00 Terps win over Wisconsin

14:00 EB wants to go to a MD game

21:00 Mel Kiper's first Mock Draft

36:00 Drab playing pickup hoops against 21-year-olds

Jan 26, 2023
BONUS: Matt Hardy's Thoughts, Royal Rumble Picks, and The Oscars Preview | 'Kick Rocks'

From the 'Kick Rocks' Podcast (Subscribe Here), The Kick Rocks Podcast is here! The legendary Matt Hardy sits down with Evan and Heidi to discuss his family, his career, and the state of wrestling. Hardy also tells us what young talent has caught his attention in the wrestling industry. Evan gives his Royal Rumble predictions and speaks on his obsession with L.A. Knight. Finally, he breaks down his thoughts on the Oscars and the nominations for this year's awards

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Jan 25, 2023
BONUS: Is Pat Shurmur The Top Candidate For The Commanders OC? | 'Take Command'

From 'Take Command' (subscribe here) - With the off-season in full effect, the Commanders are in the process of finding their next offensive coordinator. Logan and Craig spend time breaking down who they believe is the top candidate for the position, Pat Shurmur.

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Jan 25, 2023
David Aldridge, Entertainment Page, Who Said it?

1/25 Hour 4

  1:00 NBA writer David Aldridge

19:00 Roger the Engineer comes in studio

35:00 Who said it?

Jan 25, 2023
Commanders and Zampese, Entertainment Page, Damar Hamlin conspiracy

1/25 Hour 3

  3:00 Ken Zampese is front runner for Commanders OC

18:00 Entertainment Page

26:20 Miley's new song "Flowers" breaks Spotify record

32:00 Damar Hamlin conspiracy theory

Jan 25, 2023
Top 100 MVP's in NFL, Trading for Rodgers, What would you do with 4 extra hours?

1/25 Hour 2

  3:00 List of 100 team MVP's in NFL

18:00 Will Aaron Rodgers get traded?

31:30 What would you do with an extra 4 hours in a day?

Jan 25, 2023
Hoyas end losing streak, Drab's twins playing with poop, Sports Page

1/25 Hour 1

  4:00 JP's Wiz bet loses

10:00 Hoyas end their losing streak

22:30 Drab's twins playing with their poop

36:00 Sports Page

Jan 25, 2023
Brad Spielberger, Entertainment Page, JP's Wizards lock

1/24 Hour 4

  1:00 Brad Spielberger from PFF

23:00 Oscar nominations 

36:00 JP's Wizards lock

Jan 24, 2023
RG3 interview, Wizards trade Rui, Reaction to trade

1/24 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 Interview

20:00 Wizards got fleeced for Rui

34:00 Reaction to Wizards trading Rui to Lakers

Jan 24, 2023
Rui traded to Lakers, Is Bezos selling WaPo?, Kids taking Viagra

1/24 Hour 1

  3:00 NBA Drab bitter about Rui trade to Lakers

21:30 Is Bezos selling Washington Post to buy Commanders?

36:00 Kids are taking Viagra


Jan 24, 2023
PFF free agents for Commanders, Drabs nubbs childhood, Wiz won't trade Kuzma

1/24 Hour 2

  3:00 PFF Free Agents for Commanders

24:00 Drab's nubby childhood

33:30 Wizards won't trade Kuzma

Jan 24, 2023
Jay Busbee, Entertainment Page, Dirk Nowitzski the Pickle Baller

1/23 Hour 4

  2:00 Jay Busbee

20:00 Mandalorian trailer gets 84 million views

29:45 EB mad at Drab for calling Pickle Ball a fad

35:00 Dirk Nowitzski is a silly Pickle Baller

Jan 23, 2023
Has Romo lost his fastball?, Trey Lance's future with 49ers, Woman feels creeped out at gym

1/23 Hour 3

  2:00 More on Sharpe's altercation

10:25 Has Romo lost his fastball?

19:00 Could Trey Lance be available for Commanders?

36:00 Woman creeped out by dude looking at her in the gym

Jan 23, 2023
Can Dak take Cowboys to Super Bowl?, Calls on Dak, Shannon Sharpe courtside altercation

1/23 Hour 2

  2:00 Can Dak take Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

17:20 Calls on Dak and Cowboys falling short

32:00 Shannon Sharpe's courtside altercation

Jan 23, 2023
NFL Divisional playoffs, Sports Page, 1st TD TE parlay

1/23 Hour 1

  3:00 Recapping the NFL Divsional playoffs

20:00 Sports Page

32:00 WIzards blowout win versus Orlando

40:00 Drab almost hits 1st TD TE parlay

Jan 23, 2023
Entertainment Page, Junks crush WVU, Previewing Divisional games

1/20 Hour 4

  3:00 EB's online shopping

12:00 David Crosby dies

27:00 Junks crush WVU

34:00 Previewing NFL Divisional playoff matchups

Jan 20, 2023
John Feinstein, Drinking and your health, Luke Thomas

1/20 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

23:00 Drinking hurts your long term health

31:40 Luke Thomas on Slap League

Jan 20, 2023
BDK's reviews, Wes Unseld Jr., Weekend Parlay

1/20 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's movie reviews

15:00 Wiz coach Wes Unseld Jr. 

29:30 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Jan 20, 2023
Terps and Caps win, Lars Eller, Should Commanders hire Greg Roman?

1/20 Hour 1

  3:00 Caps win in Arizona

10:30 Terps home win over Michigan

19:00 Lars Eller

33:00 Should Commanders hire Greg Roman?

Jan 20, 2023
Bit Season, Episode 68: Butt Bongo Fiesta

Happy Thursday Bitties, we open up todays show discussing last weeks episode and the pop EB delivered with our uncensored version of Bit Season. Then we get to the genius idea of our butt slapping competition that started with the face slapping competition. Vinnie & Joe sent EB a doody pic during the show, and they all found it hilarious so we discuss that wacky exchange. Lastly, sauna talk has been a big discussion cause one of the Junks purchased a $100 portable sauna. 

Jan 19, 2023
Jason La Canfora, Entetainment Page, Taulia back at UMD

1/19 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

23:00 Paige making an "OnlyPaige"

32:00 Stephen A Smith in trouble for saying Beyonce better than Rhianna

37:00 Taulia back at UMD

Jan 19, 2023
NFL Mock Drafts for Commanders, Birth of Junkies Butt Slap Contest, Chase Hughes

1/19 Hour 3

  3:00 NFL Mock Drafts for Commanders

16:00 Birth of the Junkies Butt Slap Contest

30:50 Chase Hughes

Jan 19, 2023
Should Wizards trade Rui?, Who will land Sean Payton, Oliva Dunne's NIL deal

1/19 Hour 2

  2:00 Should the Wizards trade Rui?

22:00 Who will land Sean Payton has HC?

37:00 LSU's Oliva Dunne's NIL deal

Jan 19, 2023
Bikini Baristas, Brian Walshe update, Slap League's debut

1/19 Hour 1

  7:00 Man tries to abduct a bikini barista

16:00 Briane Walsh update

25:00 Are people using Carvana?

34:00 Slap League's debut

Jan 19, 2023
Peter Laviolette, Where are they now?, LIV signs TV deal with CW

1/18 Hour 4

  1:00 Peter Laviolette

23:00 Where are they now?

33:00 LIV signing TV deal with CW

Jan 18, 2023
Entertainment Page, EB wants to improve the o-line, Calls

1/18 Hour 3

  4:00 EB watching art heist documentaries

13:00 EB eating blueberries

24:00 Addressing the Oline or QB in the offseason

34:00 Calls on QB or OLines

Jan 18, 2023
Rick Snider, John Wall on his final days in DC, Blitz

1/18 Hour 2

  1:00 Rick Snider

20:00 John Wall on his final days in DC

35:20 Junkies Blitz

Jan 18, 2023
Commanders OC interviews, Aaron Rodgers future, Snyder selling majority of team

1/18 Hour 1

  3:00 Lurch can't text college hoops coaches because they're losing

10:00 Commanders OC interviews

19:00 Aaron Rodgers future

33:20 Snyder selling majority of Commanders

Jan 18, 2023
Matt Verderame, Bezos didn't make an offer for Commanders, Alabama hoops shooting

1/17 Hour 4

  1:00 Matt Verderame

17:30 Jeff Bezos didn't make an offer for Commanders

34:00 Alabama basketball player arrested for shooting on campus

Jan 17, 2023
RG3, Entertainment Page, EB buys a sauna

1/17 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 interview

23:40 Nepal plane crash

29:00 More EP

34:40 EB buys a portable sauna

Jan 17, 2023
John Keim, Will Lamar be a Raven next season?, Al Michaels awful Jags call

1/17 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

19:30 Will Lamar be a Raven next season?

35:00 Al Michaels awful call for Jags/Chargers game

Jan 17, 2023
Recapping Super Wild Card Weekend, Howell as QB1, Calls

1/17 Hour 1

  4:00 Recapping Super Wild Card Weekend

20:00 Sam Howell named QB1

35:45 Calls on Howell being named starter for next season already

Jan 17, 2023
Monday night parlay, Mark Schofield joins the show, Wizards talk

1/16 Hour 4

Monday night parlay - 1:00

Mark Schofield joins the show - 16:00

Wizards talk - 32:10

Jan 16, 2023
Potential offensive coordinators, Ben Standig joins the show, Selling the team

1/16 Hour 3

Potential offensive coordinators - 1:00

Ben Standig joins the show - 17:20

Selling the team - 35:00

Jan 16, 2023
Twitter reactions/Callers, Is Sam Howell the truth, Draft and develop

1/16 Hour 2

Twitter reactions/Callers - 1:00

Is Sam Howell the truth - 17:00

Draft and develop - 30:00

Jan 16, 2023
Chargers collapse vs Jacksonville, JK Dobbins postgame frustration, Homefield advantage in the NFL

1/16 Hour 1

Chargers collapse vs Jacksonville - 1:00

JK Dobbins postgame frustration - 19:10

Homefield advantage in the NFL - 35:20

Jan 16, 2023
Free Agent QBs in 2023, Eric Edholm, Stallion's awkward Fleshlight encounter

1/13 Hour 4

  3:00 Free Agent QB's available for 2023

16:00 Eric Edholm

31:00 Ryan Clary's awkward Fleshlight encounter

Jan 13, 2023
John Feinstein, Commanders fans want Howell, Entertainment Page

1/13 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

18:45 Commanders fans want Howell to start

34:30 Entertainment Page

Jan 13, 2023
BDK's reviews, Will Daron Payne be tagged?, Junkies Parlay

1/13 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

17:00 Will Daron Payne be tagged?

33:00 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Jan 13, 2023
Lisa Marie Presley dies, JP's Celeb sighting, Explaining Lamar's contract

1/13 Hour 1

  6:00 Lisa Marie Presley dies

22:00 JP's "Celebrity" sightings

33:20 Junks need Valdez to explain Lamar's contract situation


Jan 13, 2023
Bit Season, Episode 67: Gift From God

We have a special guest in studio today for Bit Season, and that is The Man Of Leisure, the Fire King, EB, also known as Eric Bickel. He sits in with the boys today to discuss ALL things Junkies. We take you inside the brain of EB and what his days look like as a whole, as well as his input on his recent Carson Wentz statement. We then dive into the future of the Junkies and a timeline of retirement for himself, as well as the show. 

Jan 12, 2023
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Lars Eller

1/12 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

21:00 Jeff Beck dies

28:00 Netflix's new golf show

35:00 Lars Eller

Jan 12, 2023
Junkies Blitz, Re-visiting NFL predictions, Listeners want an EB apology

1/12 Hour 3

  2:00 Junkies Blitz

18:00 Re-visiting the Junks NFL predictions

35:00 Listeners want a Wentz apology from EB

Jan 12, 2023
Junks have fear of saying Yes, Could Commanders be on Hard Knocks?, EB finds an empty Chik-Fil-A

1/12 Hour 2

  4:00 Junks have a fear of saying "Yes"

30:40 Could the Commanders be on Hard Knocks?

37:30 EB found an empty Chick-Fil-A

Jan 12, 2023
Valdez thinks Ravens will win without Lamar, Sports Page, New OC

1/12 Hour 1

  3:00 Valdez thinks Ravens will win even without Lamar

21:00 Sports Page

36:00 Junks think the Commanders new OC will be old

Jan 12, 2023
EB does not want Justin Fields, Houston Nutt, EB paying for hoops stats

1/11 Hour 4

  3:00 EB is not cised to trade for Justin Fields

17:00 Houston Nutt

34:00 EB paying his daughter for hoops stats

Jan 11, 2023
Lerner's not selling?, Michael Phillips, Could bears trade Justin Fields?

1/11 Hour 3

  3:00 Are the Lerner's not selling the Nats?

16:30 Richmond Times' Michael Phillips

34:00 Could the Bears trade Justin Fields?

Jan 11, 2023
Valdez thinks Ravens will beat Bengals, Who will be the next OC?, Peter Laviolette

1/11 Hour 2

  2:00 Valdez thinks Ravens will beat Bengals

18:00 Who will replace Scott Turner as OC?

31:00 Peter Laviolette

Jan 11, 2023
Junks are nostalgic for old days, Scott Turner fired, FAA grounds all planes

1/11 Hour 1

  3:00 Junks are nostalgic for the old radio days

19:00 Scott Turner fired from OC

34:00 FAA grounds all planes

Jan 11, 2023
Jonathan Allen, Rick Snider thinks Sam Howell should start, More on Howell as QB1

1/10 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

24:00 Rick Snider thinks Howell should get QB1 opportunity

33:00 More on Howell as QB1

Jan 10, 2023
RG3, Entertainment Page, EB's trip to Sawgrass

1/10 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 interview

23:20 Box office report and EP

36:40 EB going to Sawgrass with his New York friends

Jan 10, 2023
Should Scott Turner be fired?, Pete Hailey, EB to documentary king

1/10 Hour 2

  3:00 Should Scott Turner be fired?

16:30 Pete Hailey

32:30 EB the documentary king

Jan 10, 2023
Georgia wins National Title, Sports Page, EB mixing his Blantons

1/10 Hour 1

  3:00 Georgia wins National Title

  9:30 Kirby Smart's pregame speech

18:00 Sports Page

35:30 EB mixing diet coke in his Blatons

Jan 10, 2023
Ryan Wilson, Entertainment Page, Lurch's celeb sightings

1/9 Hour 4

  1:00 Ryan Wilson

22:00 EB can't finish Glass Onion

35:00 Lurch's celeb sightings at Atlantis

Jan 09, 2023
Junkies Blitz, Could Howell be the future QB, Calls

1/9 Hour 3

  2:00 Junkies Blitz

22:00 Could Sam Howell be the future QB for Commanders?

35:30 Calls on what Commanders should do next season at QB

Jan 09, 2023
John Keim, Commanders "head above water," Team's intensity

1/9 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

18:20 Ron Rivera says this team's "head is above water"

35:00 Commanders intensity against Cowboys compared to Brown games

Jan 09, 2023
Commanders beat Cowboys in Week 18, Sam Howell's first start, Calls

1/9 Hour 1

  3:00 Commanders beat Cowboys in Week 18

20:25 Analyzing Howell's first career start

35:00 Calls on Howell

Jan 09, 2023
Sam Fortier, Commanders predictions, Sonny's jersey retirement

1/6 Hour 4

  1:00 Sam Fortier

18:00 Official Cowboys/Commanders predictions

35:00 Sonny Jurgensen's jersey retirement

Jan 06, 2023
Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Sexiest names list

1/6 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

26:00 Prince Harry's frostbitten penis

35:00 Sexiest names list

Jan 06, 2023
Week 18 against Cowboys, Will there be an "8" seed, Parlay

1/6 Hour 2

  4:00 Week 18 against Cowboys

17:00 Will there be an "8" seed for NFL?

32:45 Weekend Parlay

Jan 06, 2023
Idaho murders update, Possible 8 team playoff scenarios, Caps heater

1/6 Hour 1

  5:00 Details emerge about Idaho murders

20:00 Possible playoff scenarios and 8 team playoff idea floated

35:30 Caps heater and Ovi's record chase

Jan 06, 2023
Bit Season, Episode 66: The Two Andy's

New year, same Bit Season! We open up the show discussing New Year's Eve and what the guys all did that night. Drab then accuses Valdez of watching other programs on New Year's Eve beside the big CFP game. EB had an epic rant on Carson Wentz, & it's an early candidate for segment of the year. We then finally get to hash out the missing flesh light, as Drab has come prepare to make his case for the missing flesh flight. Has the mystery been solved? 

Jan 05, 2023
Jason La Canfora, What to expect from Sam Howell?, Who Ate it?

1/5 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

20:00 What to expect from Sam Howell?

32:00 Who Ate it game

Jan 05, 2023
Sam Monson, Entertainment Page, Lars Eller

1/5 Hour 3

  3:00 Sam Monson

22:20 Cakes makes dinner for his dog nightly

36:30 Lars Eller

Jan 05, 2023
Ron Rivera's Year 3, Calls on future at QB, Suspected Idaho murderer in custody

1/5 Hour 2

  4:00 Ron Rivera claims Year 3 is a success

22:00 Calls on Ron and what to do with QB next year

35:00 Suspected Idaho murderer in custody 

Jan 05, 2023
Bret is at the Cakes Classic, Sam Howell named starter, Treasure in NYC

1/5 Hour 1

  3:00 Bret meets Cakes and JP for the Cakes Classic

22:00 Sam Howell named starter for Week 18

35:00 Woolly Mammoth tusks at the bottom of East River

Jan 05, 2023
JP's NYE party, Wes Unseld Jr., Taylor Heinicke named starter

1/4 Hour 4

  2:00 JP's NYE party

14:00 Drab claims Valdez didn't watch Georgia finale

25:00 Wes Unseld Jr.

30:00 Taylor Heinicke named starter

Jan 04, 2023
Junkies Blitz, Entertainment Page, Pete Hailey

1/4 Hour 3

  5:00 Junkies Blitz

20:00 Jeremy Renner severly injured

31:00 Peter Laviolette

Jan 04, 2023
Hit the Skins, Possible FA QB's, Peter Laviolette

1/4 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

21:00 Who are possible Free Agent QB's for Commanders?

34:00 Peter Laviolette

Jan 04, 2023
JP shows his uncle White Lotus, Drab upset with NFL, Mayo Bowl tilts Valdez

1/4 Hour 1

  5:00 JP shows his priest uncle White Lotus

18:00 Damar Hamlin update

25:45 Drab upset with the NFL scheduling

35:30 Mayo Bowl is tilting o Valdez

Jan 04, 2023
Jon Allen, EB's Carson Wentz statement, Major Tuddy revealed

1/3 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

18:40 EB calls in to talk about Carson Wentz

38:00 Major Tuddy revealed

Jan 03, 2023
RG3, Ron's collapse down the stretch, Calls

1/3 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3

22:00 Ron Rivera not knowing the playoff scenarios

33:40 Calls on Ron's future

Jan 03, 2023
John Keim, Does Ron get fired?, Calls on Ron's coaching

1/3 Hour 3

  1:00 John Keim

18:40 Does Ron get fired?

33:30 Calls on Ron's coaching

Jan 03, 2023
Scary scene of Bills/Bengals, Kevin Schafer, Wentz looked poopy

1/3 Hour 1

  3:00 Scary scene at Bills/Bengals game

14:30 Kevin Schafer explains how they saved his life

34:45 Carson Wentz looks poopy

Jan 03, 2023
How bad was the loss? Logan Paulsen, Denton's Sam Howell dilemma

1.2.23 Denton Day and Lynnell Willingham in for the Junkies. Denton and Lynnell discuss how bad the 24-10 loss was for the Commanders. Logan Paulsen joins to discuss the loss. Denton has a Sam Howell dilemma. 

Jan 02, 2023
Should the team have stuck with Heinicke? Kevin Sheehan

1.2.23 Denton Day and Lynnell Willingham in for the Junkies. Denton and Lynnell discuss whether or not the team should've stuck with Heinicke and take calls. Kevin Sheehan, Team 980, joins to react to the loss. 

Jan 02, 2023
Commanders eliminated from playoff contention, Did Ron know?

1/2/23 Denton Day and Lynnell Willingham in for the Junkies. Denton and Lynnell react to the Commanders 24-10 loss to the Browns. The guy discuss whether Ron Rivera was aware the team could have been eliminated heading into Sunday. 

Jan 02, 2023
Junkies blitz, Entertainment page, Callers

12/30 Hour 4

Junkies blitz - 1:00

Entertainment page - 16:15

Callers - 31:35

Dec 30, 2022
John Feinstein, Predicting Commanders vs Browns, Caller predictions

12/30 Hour 3

John Feinstein - 1:00

Predicting Commanders vs Browns - 20:45

Caller predictions - 33:00

Dec 30, 2022
Kevin McCarthy, Did the 49ers expose Washington's defense, Weekend parlay

12/30 Hour 2

Kevin McCarthy - 1:00

Did the 49ers expose Washington's defense - 17:30

Weekend parlay - 33:00

Dec 30, 2022
JP's new dishwasher, Sports page, Hit the skins

12/30 Hour 1

JP's new dishwasher - 1:00

Sports page - 15:30

Hit the skins - 30:30

Dec 30, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment page, Mike Tirico

12/29 Hour 4

Jason La Canfora - 1:00

Entertainment page - 17:30

Mike Tirico - 29:15

Dec 30, 2022
BONUS: Washington makes right decision to go back to Carson Wentz | 'The Best Football Show'

From 'The Best Football Show' (subscribe here) - The Commanders are on the edge of making or missing the postseason and they make the bold move to go back to Carson Went as their QB1. What traits make you a great quarterback like Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts?

To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:

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Dec 29, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 65: Missing Flesh Light

We hope you guys all had a wonderful Holiday season, as the boys from Bit Season open up the show discussing their holiday festivities, and all the bells & whistles that come along with that. EB has also claimed to be a "Man of leisure", so we discuss the life he lives outside the studio & what makes a day for him. There's a missing gift from Drab's office, and the boys from Bit Season have some clues on who has that gift. Valdez has a recent obsession with Kate Hudson and her new film Glass Onion that he explains why he's obsessed with it. The Junkies brought up a study on how most Americans use the bathroom as a resting place, so we divulge that with our big-brained thoughts. 

Dec 29, 2022
Dave Richard, Commanders playoff push, Lars Eller

12/29 Hour 3

Dave Richard - 1:00

Commanders playoff push - 15:22

Lars Eller - 32:17

Dec 29, 2022
Hit the skins, Southwest airlines debacle, Calls

12/29 Hour 2

Hit the skins - 1:00

Southwest airlines debacle - 19:49

Calls - 31:37

Dec 29, 2022
Potential QB's after this season, Comments from Rivera's presser, Calls

12/29 Hour 1

Potential QB's after this season - 1:00

Comments from Rivera's presser - 15:53

Calls - 33:36

Dec 29, 2022
Mike Prada in studio, Peter Laviolette, Playoff scenarios

12/28 Hour 4

Mike Prada in studio - 1:00

Peter Laviolette - 15:53

Playoff scenarios - 30:00

Dec 28, 2022
BONUS: NFL News, Notes & Playoff Scenarios | 'BetQL Picking Fatties'

Skippy and Bish break down the Broncos firing their Head coach before turning their attention to teams like the Lions, Jets, Dolphins, Jaguars and Bucs to discuss what needs to happen for them to sneak into the playoffs.

To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:

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Dec 28, 2022
Pete Hailey, Wentz named the starter, Expectations for Sunday's game

12/28 Hour 3

Peter Hailey - 1:00

Wentz named the starter - 18:27

Expectations for Sunday's game - 31:34

Dec 28, 2022
Hit the skins, Entertainment page, Junkies blitz

12/28 Hour 2

Hit the skins - 1:00

Entertainment page - 17:07

Junkies blitz - 31:00

Dec 28, 2022
DC double dip, Washington's QB situation, Calls

12/28 Hour 1

DC double dip - 1:00

Washington's QB situation - 14:57

Calls - 33:18

Dec 28, 2022
Jonathan Allen, Entertainment Page, Who Am I?

12/27 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

20:00 JP losing zeal for the NBA

27:00 EB upset with documentaries

39:00 Who Am I?

Dec 27, 2022
RG3 interview, Jay Gruden thinks Heinicke should start, Calls

12/27 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 interview

21:00 Jay Gruden thinks Heinicke should start

36:15 Calls on who the Commanders should start

Dec 27, 2022
John Keim, People using bathroom as an escape, Blitz

12/27 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

19:20 People using the bathroom to escape their family

34:00 Playoff scenarios for the Commanders

Dec 27, 2022
JP's dental problem on Xmas, Wentz or Heinicke?, Calls

12/27 Hour 1

  3:00 Junks Christmas recap

10:00 JP's son has his teeth knocked out 

16:00 Who should Commanders go with: Wentz or Heinicke?

36:30 Calls on who the Commanders should start

Dec 27, 2022
Chase Young's Big Return, Ups and Downs from Commanders game

Hour 4

1:00 Chase Young’s Return

14:46 Ups and Downs from Commanders game 

26:37 Final Rap up on Commanders-49ers game and Heinicke vs. Wentz 


Dec 26, 2022
Calls continue on Heinicke vs. Wentz, Rivera on why he benched Heinicke

Hour 3

1:00 Calls continue on Heinicke vs. Wentz 

18:22 Why it’s now Wentz’s Job 

33:23 Rivera on QB Decision 

Dec 26, 2022
Commanders vs. 49ers Recap, Heinicke or Wentz

Hour 2

1:00 Lynell and Denton give their thoughts about the Commanders offense vs. the 49ers

15:19 Taylor Heinicke vs.Carson Wentz 

31:26 Calls on Heinicke vs. Wentz 

Dec 26, 2022
Lynnell's crazy Christmas Eve, Denton's White Elephant gift, and more

Hour 1

1:00 Lynell shares a crazy story about getting locked out of his car on Christmas Eve

19:07 Denton is the King of White Elephant, Ovechkin scores 802nd goal

39:38 R Kelly and Tory Lanezes' Acapella Prison Group, coverage from this past weekend’s games 

Dec 26, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 64: Drinking Show Recap

Happy Holidays to ALL the Bitties out there, who listen and take in the show. Today's show is dedicated to the Junkies Drinking Show which took place today, so the guys start off with all the behind the scenes work that goes into this massive show. What was their favorite part of the show? We discuss this thoroughly and break down all parts of the show as it was loaded with classic Junks content. We then move on to discuss the mystery guess that popped all the Junks, and some inside scoops on how that went. We end on the Stallion having a story that makes him live up to his nickname, joining an exclusive club. 

Dec 23, 2022
D Smith sits in, More gifts for the Junks!, Final BACs

12/23 Hour 4

  2:00 D Smith sits in

20:30 Junks get more gifts!

24:15 Juding the Gingerbread houses

36:00 Final BACs

Dec 23, 2022
BAC's, Phone calls, Junks Gingerbread houses, Xmas parlay

12/23 Hour 3

  3:15 Calls into the show

16:40 More breathalyzers

22:30 Junks make Gingerbread houses

32:00 Christmas Parlay

Dec 23, 2022
Chase Young playing this week, Suprise gifts, Mystery Guest

12/23 Hour 2

  5:00 Chase Young playing this weekend

  9:20 Junks get Breathalyzers

18:00 Junks don't know who Salt Bae is

30:00 Junkies Mystery Guest

Dec 23, 2022
Junks show open and cheers, Going to Church, Chief Manger

12/23 Hour 1

  3:00 Junks open the show with Espresso Martinis

21:00 Kurt from WRAP

27:45 Going to Church during Commanders game

34:30 Chief Manger in studio

Dec 23, 2022
John Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Who Am I?

12/22 Hour 4

  1:00 John Feinstein

22:45 Justin Bieber selling his catalog

31:00 Drab reading books now

35:20 Who Am I?

Dec 22, 2022
Dave Richard, Lesean McCoy calls Dak "ass," Lars Eller

12/22 Hour 3

  1:30 Dave Richard

16:00 LeSean McCoy calls Dak "ass"

30:00 Lars Eller


Dec 22, 2022
Hit the Skins, Chief Davis & Chief Newsham & Chief Manger

12/22 Hour 2

  4:00 Hit the Skins

16:00 Police Chiefs Manger, Davis and Newsham in studio

34:00 More with "The Police"

Dec 22, 2022
Upcoming drinking show, Commanders in the Pro Bowl, Dysfunction in Arizona

12/22 Hour 1

  3:00 Upcoming drinking show

12:15 EB watching "Low Country"

20:45 Commanders and the Pro Bowlers

34:25 Dysfunction in Arizona

Dec 22, 2022
Dante Whitner, Cowboy Todd wants to bring breakfast, Who Am I?

12/21 Hour 4

  1:00 Dante Whitner interview

24:00 Cowboy Todd wants to cook squirrel for the Junkies

33:00 Who Am I ?

Dec 21, 2022
Entertainment Page, How do Commanders beat 49ers?

12/21 Hour 3

  2:00 Entertainment Page

11:30 Idaho murders still unsolved

20:15 How do the Commanders beat 49ers?

33:00 Calls on Commanders

Dec 21, 2022
Hit the Skins, Commanders out at Caps game, Peter Laviolette

12/21 Hour 2

  2:00 Hit the Skins

20:25 Drab hates the Commanders out drinking beers at Caps game

32:50 Peter Laviolette

Dec 21, 2022
EB's daughter goes to Nobu, Sports Page, EB's TV

12/21 Hour 1

  5:00 EB's daughter dines at Nobu

15:00 Valdez claims EB's daughter has vocal fry

24:00 Correa ends up signing with Mets

36:00 EB's TV arrives damaged

Dec 21, 2022
Jonathan Allen, EB thinks Carson Wentz will come in against 49ers, Chiefsaholic arrested

12/20 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

16:00 EB thinks Wentz will replace Heinicke against 49ers

33:00 Chiefsaholic fan arrested for bank robberies

Dec 20, 2022
Entertainment Page, Joe Theismann, Snyder's sale of the team

12/20 Hour 3

  4:00 Entertainment Page

16:00 Junks are in love with Tom Cruise

20:00 Joe Theismann

41:00 Drab wants a 90's baseball challenge against Valdez

Dec 20, 2022
EB goes to the Caps game, Sports Page, Hit the Skins

12/20 Hour 1

  3:00 EB goes to the Caps game

13:00 Big John calls in for his bday 

22:00 Sports Page

37:00 Ron Rivera goes with Heinicke against SF

Dec 20, 2022
Ben Volin, Chase Young not playing in 2022, Calls

12/20 Hour 2

  1:00 Boston Globe's Ben Volin

19:00 Chase Young hasn't seen the field this season

34:20 Calls and Chase Young's future 

Dec 20, 2022
BONUS: Bowl Season & NFL Playoff Projections | 'BetQL: Picking Fatties'

From 'BetQL: Picking Fatties' (Subscribe Here) - Skippy and Bish take a close look at today's college football slate as well as Monday Night Football. Together, the guys break down the remaining schedule of a few teams in the NFC and try to project who is going to be playoff bound and who will be on the outside looking in.

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Dec 19, 2022
Pete Hailey, RG3 interview, MNF Parlay

12/19 Hour 4

  1:00 Pete Hailey

21:00 RG3 interview

35:00 MNF Parlay

Dec 19, 2022
Who should start against 49ers?, Calls about Wentz, Humping the World Cup trophy

12/19 Hour 3

  3:00 Who should start against 49ers?

19:30 Calls on if Wentz should come in

37:00 EB can't believe Argentina's celebration

Dec 19, 2022
Audio of Ron Rivera, John Keim, Blitz

12/19 Hour 2

  3:00 Audio of Ron Rivera

16:00 John Keim

34:55 Junkies Blitz

Dec 19, 2022
Commanders lose SNF, Terry McLaurin on the ref call, Chris Russell

12/19 Hour 1

  2:00 Commanders lose on SNF

18:50 Terry McLaurin on the ref's call

34:45 Chris Russell in studio

Dec 19, 2022
BONUS: Bowl Games & NFL Saturday | 'BetQL: Picking Fatties'

From 'BetQL: Picking Fatties' (Subscribe Here) - Skippy and Bish break down Bowl games like Cincinnati vs. Louisville, Florida vs. Oregon State, SMU vs. BYU, plus more. The guys then turn their attention to the three NFL games for tonight in search of value.

To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:

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Dec 17, 2022
Caller has a fantasy football dilemma, Ryan Dunleavy, Weekend preview

12/16 Hour 4

  4:00 Caller has a Fantasy Football dilemma

15:00 NY Post's Ryan Dunleavy 

35:00 Weekend Preview

Dec 16, 2022
John Feinstein, Predictions for Commanders/Giants, Commanders trivia

12/16 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

18:00 Predictions for Commanders/Giants

33:30 Commanders Trivia

Dec 16, 2022
Hit the Skins, Michael Phillips, Junkies Parlay

12/16 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

15:20 Commanders reporter Michael Phillips

32:00 Weekend Parlay

Dec 16, 2022
Seahawks lose to 49ers, Guy needs France to win for his parlay, Vacationing in Sicily

12/16 Hour 1

  3:00 Seahawks lose to 49ers on TNF

18:40 Guy needs France to win World Cup to hit his massive parlay

33:15 White Lotus 2 is making Sicily a hot vacation destination

Dec 16, 2022
BONUS: Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera joins the show | 'The Crew'

From 'The Crew' (subscribe here) - Josina talks with Rivera about how he’s handled all of the controversy in Washington this year from Dwayne Haskins’ death to Brian Robinson’s shooting to Congressional hearings and the team up for sale. To when will Chase Young play, and handling his recovery physically and psychologically. They also discussed whether the Commanders will make a long-term investment into Taylor Heinicke who is eligible from unrestricted free agency next season, to what’s Carson Went’z future, discussing the Giants matchup, how he found Jalen Hurts’ weak spots, Daniel Jones’ as what he thinks of his own future with team if it gets sold.

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Dec 15, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 63: "Aunt Tramp Stamp"

We start off discussing the two man shows so far this week, and give you the inside scoop on what those look like behind the scenes. Drab & Valdez are ricked at the Stallion for adding nubby items to the list, and the guys grill him for that. We also stand firm on the ground for college kids paying for their on spring break, unlike one of the Junks kids. We get you the latest rankings from the most searched porno fetishes over the year, and there's some shockers. Tramp Stamps are back in style, and the fellas are sized. 

Dec 15, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Reggie Barlow

12/15 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

23:00 TLC show "Milf Mansion"

28:00 Top Porn Hub searches of 2022

35:20 DC Defenders coach Reggie Barlow

Dec 15, 2022
Dave Richard, SI article that explains how Snyder doesn't sell, Lars Eller

12/15 Hour 3

  1:00 Dave Richard

17:20 SI article explains how Snyder won't sell the team

33:20 Lars Eller

Dec 15, 2022
BDK reviews Avatar 2, Commanders trivia, Blitz

12/15 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK reviews Avatar 2

17:30 Commanders trivia for Jonathan Allen's tickets

30:30 Junkies Blitz

Dec 15, 2022
Terps and Wiz get smoked, Irsay walking back his Snyder comments, Biggest game ever

12/15 Hour 1

  2:00 Wizards and Terps get smoked

17:00 Irsay walking back his comments about Dan Snyder selling

30:20 Ron Rivera and the biggest regular season game

Dec 15, 2022
Commanders Trivia, Lurch's daughters upcoming Spring Break, Santana Moss

12/14 Hour 4

  1:00 Commanders Trivia for Jonathan Allen's tickets

18:00 Lurch's daughters want to Spring Break in Mexico and Key West

31:00 Santana Moss

Dec 14, 2022
Chris Knoche, Entertainment Page, Greg Whyshynski

12/14 Hour 3

  1:00 Chris Knoche

18:00 Cakes' "Wednesday" review

25:40 Jay Leno describes his face being on fire

32:00 Greg Whyshynski

Dec 14, 2022
Ron Rivera won't commit to Taylor, Calls, Mike Leach audio sendoff

12/14 Hour 2

  3:00 Ron Rivera won't commit to Taylor Heinicke

18:00 Calls on Ron and activating Carson Wentz

34:30 Audio of Mike Leach's greatest moments

Dec 14, 2022
Ovi scores 800, Correa's new contract, Hardest jobs to do

12/14 Hour 1

  1:00 Ovi scores 800 against Blackhawks

18:00 Correa's new contract and how it impacts Soto

32:00 Where does disc jockey rank on list of hardest jobs

Dec 14, 2022
Jonathan Allen, Mike Leach dies, Lurch can't watch the Match

12/13 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

16:00 Mike Leach passes away

25:00 Wednesday is the hottest show on Netflix

35:00 The Match has jumped the shark

Dec 13, 2022
Entertainment Page, Tom Brady's future, Peter Laviolette

12/13 Hour 3

  1:00 Nancy calls from the hospital

11:00 Golden Globe nominations

22:00 Could Tom Brady be on the move this off season

34:00 Peter Laviolette

Dec 13, 2022
Lady's grocery store hack, Daron Payne's future with Commanders, Wes Unseld Jr.

12/13 Hour 2

  3:00 Lady cuts stems off broccoli before buying

18:40 Should the Commanders re-sign Daron Payne to a big contract

32:30 Wes Unseld Jr

Dec 13, 2022
Murray hurt on MNF, Sports Page, NMST basketball player's self-defense

12/13 Hour 1

  6:00 Murray injured on MNF

16:40 Junkies Sports Page

33:00 NMST player shoots someone in self-defense

Dec 13, 2022
Ryan Wilson, Entertainment Page, Chris Beard news

12/12 Hour 4

  1:00 Ryan Wilson

20:00 Entertainment Page

28:00 Junks don't understand Rush Hour's popularity

35:00 Chris Beard arrested

Dec 12, 2022
Kuzma is seeking a trade, Calls

12/12 Hour 3

  2:30 Kyle Kuzma may be seeking a trade from the Wiz

19:00 Calls on Kuzma and Wiz losing

Dec 12, 2022
Valdez goes to Army/Navy, Commanders "win" during bye week, Cakes has fantasy bitterness

12/12 Hour 2

  1:00 Valdez goes to Philly for Army/Navy game

17:20  Everything falls into place for Commanders during Week 14

32:50 Cakes has fantasy bitterness over Tee Higgins

Dec 12, 2022
Two man shows starting, RG3 interview, Sports Page

12/12 Hour 1

  2:30 Two man shows starting

  8:30 Cakes goes on three straight date nights with Amy

16:00 RG3 interview

34:20 Sports Page

Dec 12, 2022
Lars Eller, Junkies Blitz, Weekend preview

12/9 Hour 4

  1:00 Lars Eller

14:00 Junkies Blitz

30:00 Drab hasn't pooped since Tuesday

Dec 09, 2022
John Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Junks kids' Xmas list

12/9 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

22:00 Celine Dion has Stiff Person Syndrome

30:30 EB breaking in his new TV

38:00 Junks Kids' outrageous Xmas lists

Dec 09, 2022
BDK's reviews, Snyder almost gone as owner, Weekend parlay

12/9 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

15:40 Latest Snyder report could be the nail in the coffin

30:40 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Dec 09, 2022
Baker's comeback, Snyder report released, Junks holiday party

12/9 Hour 1

  3:00 Baker's comeback against Raiders

  9:30 EB gets his Twitter back

17:45 Junks are named in Snyder report

34:00 Junks company party at MGM

Dec 09, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 62: They Talk It, I Walk It

On today's show, we recap the Stallion's big night out with Lisa Ann after her in studio Junkies appearance last Friday, and we get you all the stories from his night out at Cloakroom DC. Then, Matt & Matt have breaking news from the Stallion, that they believe is a complete lie. We then move on to discuss our companies holiday party tonight at MGM, and the boys are bitter the Junks may not show up. The boys behind the glass then joaned on EB's media room setup, and what they would do to critique it. Then, we discuss the infamous, horrible pic of Drab that has been going around, and we discuss how bad it really is. 

Dec 08, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Valdez and Drab joan on EB's media room

12/8 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

16:50 Valdez and Drab joan on EB's media room setup

34:00 EB upset at all the joaning

Dec 08, 2022
Dave Richard, EB loves 4K tv, Aaron Rodgers future

12/8 Hour 3

  1:00 Dave Richard

16:00 Brittney Griner being released from prison

23:00 EB thinks this is the golden age of TV technology

33:20 What's Aaron Rodgers' future

Dec 08, 2022
Hit the Skins, Noise complaints over Pickleball, Blitz

12/8 Hour 2

  1:00 Hit the Skins

20:20 Noise complaints over Pickleball in Arlington

36:00 Junkies Blitz

Dec 08, 2022
JP's Burton's appearance, Lurch's night out, Driverless Uber

12/8 Hour 1

  2:00 JP's Burton's appearance

18:00 Lurch is anxious about staying out late tonight

24:20 Sports Page

34:00 JP fascinated by driverless cars

Dec 08, 2022
Aaron Judge re-signs with Yanks, Entertainment Page, Junks fantasy

12/7 Hour 4

  1:00 Aaron Judge re-signs with Yanks

10:00 Adults taking HGH

16:00 Junks hate being empty nesters

30:00 More Entertainment Page

36:00 Junkies Fantasy leagues

Dec 07, 2022
Commanders packing FedEx, Mrs. Bickel, Joe Rogan calls out The Rock

12/7 Hour 3

  2:00 Commanders fans need to pack FedEx

18:00 Mrs. Bickel calls in

34:00 Joe Rogan calls out The Rock for using steroids

Dec 07, 2022
Hit the Skins, Junks at Tom's Watch Bar, Peter Laviolette

12/7 Hour 2

  4:00 Hit the Skins

16:00 Junks at Tom's Watch Bar

32:00 Caps coach Peter Laviolette

Dec 07, 2022
JP's appearance, Sports Page, Tom Brady back to NE

12/7 Hour 1

  4:00 JP's appearance at Burton's

16:00 Cowboy Todd thinks he can fix EB's Twitter

22:50 Sports Page

36:00 Tom Brady could end up back in New England

Dec 07, 2022
Barry Svrluga, Jonathan Allen, EB desperate for his Twitter back

12/6 Hour 4

  1:00 Barry Svrluga

18:00 Jonathan Allen

35:00 EB desperate for his Twitter back

Dec 06, 2022
RG3, Would Commanders be better with Daniel Jones?, Amazon wish list

12/6 Hour 3

  1:00 RG3 interview

18:40 Would the Commanders be better if Daniel Jones was QB?

36:00 Bit Season started an Amazon Wish List to mock the Venmo begging

Dec 06, 2022
Hit the Skins, Drab's homeless friend, Blitz

12/6 Hour 2

  2:00 Hit the Skins

15:45 EB tipping Cropp guys

27:30 Drab befriends a homeless man

35:00 Junkies Blitz

Dec 06, 2022
EB bitter about Christmas break, Sports Page, Cakes going to Wiz game

12/6 Hour 1

  3:00 EB bitter about Christmas break

16:00 EB is still upset about his Twitter account

22:00 Commanders game moved to Sunday night

36:00 Cakes going to the Wiz game

Dec 06, 2022
Pete Hailey, Ryan the Stallion recap, MNF Parlay

12/5 Hour 4

  1:00 Pete Hailey

26:00 Ryan the Stallion's recap with Lisa Ann

35:00 MNF Parlay

Dec 05, 2022
EB doing manly things around the basement, Grading Heinicke, Sports Page

12/5 Hour 3

  6:30 EB doing manly things around the basement

21:00 Grading Heinicke

36:20 Sports Page

Dec 05, 2022
John Keim, Who's the better team?, Blitz

12/5 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

21:00 Who's the better team:  Commanders or Giants?

33:00 Junkies Blitz

Dec 05, 2022
Commanders tie Giants 20-20, Ron Rivera audio, NFC Playoffs

12/5 Hour 1

  3:00 Commanders tie Giants 20-20

18:00 Audio from Ron Rivera about the tie

37:00 NFC Playoff picture

Dec 05, 2022
Lisa Ann in studio with the Junkies

12/2 Hour 4

  2:00 Lisa Ann in studio 

19:30 Ryan the Stallion shoots his shot with Lisa Ann

32:40 Lisa Ann explains how she got into Fantasy Football

Dec 02, 2022
Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Paul Dottino

12/2 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

23:00 EB calls out Lurch for not spending money for the show

35:00 Paul Dottino

Dec 02, 2022
BDK's reivews, Official Commanders predictions, Parlay

12/2 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

16:00 Official Commanders predictions

32:00 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Dec 02, 2022
Everyone excited Lisa Ann coming in studio, Commanders preview, Lars Eller

12/2 Hour 1

  3:00 Everyone is excited Lisa Ann is coming in studio

20:20 Previewing Commanders/Giants

32:00 Lars Eller

Dec 02, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 61: Valdez The Jeopardy Guy

We get todays show started off by discussing our in studio guest tomorrow on the Junkies, the legendary Lisa Ann. The Stallion discusses his fascination with Lisa as she was the first movie star he discovered, and Drab & Valdez try and convince him to come in. The Liver King got exposed over the weekend, so they talk about that also today. JP gave Valdez a big compliment during the show this week for his knowledge over where pizza originated from, and Drab has a problem with that. We also get into Jason using the Life-360 app to keep track of his kids while at their school. 

Dec 01, 2022
Jason La Canfora, 2023 QB Draft class, EB owes Drab $50

12/1 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

19:00 Upcoming 2023 QB Draft class

34:00 EB owes Drab $50

41:00 Bruce the Hugger

Dec 01, 2022
World Cup pool update, Ron Rivera COY, Calls on Ron

12/1 Hour 1

  3:00 World Cup Pool update

18:20 EB not giving much credit to Ron Rivera for turnaround

25:00 Is Ron Rivera a Coach of the Year candidate?

34:00 Calls on Ron Rivera

Dec 01, 2022
Rick Snider, Poop particles on self-checkout, Blitz

12/1 Hour 2

  1:00 Rick Snider

21:40 Poop particles on self-checkout

33:15 Junkies Blitz

Dec 01, 2022
Dave Richard, Entertainment Page, Spotify wrapped

12/1 Hour 3

  1:00 Dave Richard

18:00 Entertainment Page

25:00 Christie McVie dies

34:00 Junkies Spotify Wrapped

Dec 01, 2022
Entertainment Page, Who scares you on the Giants?, Calls

11/30 Hour 4

  2:00 Entertainment Page

10:00 Famous people in your phone

25:00 Doesl Daniel Jones scare you?

33:00 Calls on who scares you on the Giants

Nov 30, 2022
Commanders identity, Morning people are smarter, Zippy Dollar Pyramid

11/30 Hour 3

  1:00 Ryan Clark talks about Commanders new identity

22:00 Morning people are smarter

34:50 Zippy Dollar Pyramid

Nov 30, 2022
Hit the Skins, Wes Unseld Jr, Coach Laviolette

11/30 Hour 2

  1:00 Hit the Skins

16:40 Wes Unseld Jr. interview

32:40 Coach Peter Laviolette

Nov 30, 2022
US Soccer advance, Sports Page, Awkward Valet exchange

11/30 Hour 1

  2:00 Terps win in Louisville

10:00 USMNT advance in World Cup

20:40 Junkies Sports Page

35:00 Awkward Valet exchange with Cakes

Nov 30, 2022
Jonathan Allen, Entertainment Page, EB's dentist update

11/29 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

18:30 Entertainment Page

27:20 Valdez and Cakes claim Chinese invented pizza

38:20 EB dentist update

Nov 29, 2022
Ron Rivera wants more offense, Tiger pulls out of Hero, Butt doctor hates toilet paper

11/29 Hour 3

  3:00 Ron Rivera wants more offense

19:15 Tiger Woods pulls out of Hero Challenge

25:30 Skippy's survivor pool

32:45 Butt doctor hates toilet paper

Nov 29, 2022
Lurch back from vacation, Sports Page, Commanders favored over Giants

11/29 Hour 1

  3:00 Lurch back from vacation

17:15 Lurch gets a speeding ticket

25:20 World Cup update

34:00 Commanders favored 

Nov 29, 2022
Mike Jones, EB hates the Taylor narrative, Blitz

11/29 Hour 2

  1:00 Mike Jones

21:00 EB can't stand people who say the team plays harder for Heinicke

36:30 Junkies Blitz

Nov 29, 2022
Pete Hailey, MNF Parlay, RG3 interview

11/28 Hour 4

  1:00 Pete Hailey

17:00 Skippy Survivor Pool update

26:00 MNF Parlay

31:00 RG3 interview

Nov 28, 2022
John Keim, Sean Taylor's underwhelming tribute, Blitz

11/28 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

20:00 Sean Taylor's underwhelming tribute

34:20 Junkies Blitz

Nov 28, 2022
Commanders win streak continues, EB calling for Wentz, Calls

11/28 Hour 1

  3:00 Commanders win streak continues

18:30 EB think Carson Wentz will return as starter this year

37:00 Calls on Commanders win streak

Nov 28, 2022
Is this a Championship defense?, Calls, Man flys into power lines

11/28 Hour 2

  2:00 Is this a Championship calibur defense?

16:30 Calls on Commanders defense

34:00 Man flys into power lines in Gaithersburg

Nov 28, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 60: It's Not A Lie If You Believe It

Drab & Valdez discuss the Junkies new contract, as the boys broke that big news this week. How does a future MGM Junkies branded survivor pool sound to you? Plus, Drab may have found someone in a MAJOR lie, find out who on todays show! 

Nov 23, 2022
Commanders/Falcons predictions, Junkies Rewind

11/23 Hour 4

  2:00 Official Commanders/Falcons predictions

15:00 Listener predictions for the game

35:00 Junkies Password

Nov 23, 2022
Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Parlay

11/23 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

21:40 Moviegoers are tired of MCU

26:00 More Entertainment Page

34:00 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Nov 23, 2022
BDK's reviews, Will Chase Young play Sunday?, Peter Laviolette

11/23 Hour 1

  1:00 BDK's reviews

21:00 Will Chase Young play Sunday and will he have an impact?

33:40 Peter Laviolette

Nov 23, 2022
Junkies Survivor Pool, Jonathan Allen jersey, Hit the Skins

11/23 Hour 1

  3:00 Junks should do a Survivor pool like Skippy's

10:00 Suadi Arabia bought their win over Argentina

18:00 Jonathan Allen's signed jersey

35:00 Hit the Skins

Nov 23, 2022
Skippy's survivor pool, Jonathan Allen in studio

11/22 Hour 4

  4:00 Skippy is freaking out about his survivor pool

16:30 Jonathan Allen in studio

34:50 More with Commanders DL Jonathan Allen

Nov 22, 2022
How much credit does Ron get?, Entertainment Page, Lars Eller

11/22 Hour 3

  3:00 How much credit does Ron get for the mid season turnaround?

17:40 Entertainment Page

35:00 Lars Eller

Nov 22, 2022
Hit the Skins, Sebastian Salazar, Junkies Blitz

11/22 Hour 2

  2:00 Lindsay John is always sick

  6:00 Hit the Skins

18:00 Sebastian Salazar

29:00 How much credit should Rivera get for 6-5 season?

Nov 22, 2022
Sinbad can't walk, USA's draw against Wales, Rich boy Zach Wilson

11/22 Hour 1

  4:00 Sinbad can't walk after stroke 2 years ago

23:00 USA's draw against Wales

28:00 EB thinks Wales is by Australia

34:00 Booger McFarland thinks Zach Wilson is a rich boy

Nov 22, 2022
RG3, Entertainment Page, MNF Parlay

11/21 Hour 4

  1:00 RG3 Interview

20:00 Brooklyn Beckham's sake 

25:30 AMA awards

32:00 MNF Parlay

Nov 21, 2022
Are Commanders winning despite Heinicke?, Pete Hailey, Junks re-sign another contract

11/21 Hour 3

  2:00 Are the Commanders winning despite Heinicke?

18:00 Pete Hailey

35:00 Junks re-sign another contract

Nov 21, 2022
Hit the Skins, EB wanted a statement win, Junkies Blitz

11/21 Hour 2

  2:00 Hit the Skins

10:00 EB wanted the Commanders to stomp the Texans

23:00 Calls, Are people really criticizing a win?

34:00 Junkies Blitz

Nov 21, 2022
Commanders now 6-5, John Keim, Around the NFC East

11/21 Hour 1

  3:00 Commanders improve to 6-5

20:00 John Keim

34:00 Around the NFC East

Nov 21, 2022
Commanders predictions, Warren Sharp, Weekend Preview

11/18 Hour 4

  3:00 Commanders/Texans preview and predictions

15:00 Warren Sharp

33:00 Weekend preview

Nov 18, 2022
John Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Blitz

11/18 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

22:20 Everyone is upset with Bit Season

34:30 Junkies Blitz

Nov 18, 2022
BDK's reviews, Hit the Skins, Junkies Parlay

11/18 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

16:00 Hit the Skins

32:30 Junkies Weekend Parlay


Nov 18, 2022
Packers lose, Sports Page, Could Twitter disappear?

11/18 Hour 1

  3:00 Packers lose and look out of the playoffs

18:00 Junkies Sports Page

38:00 Peope are freaking out Twitter could disappear

Nov 18, 2022
Statement Saturday in College Football | BetQL Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish gear you up for the biggest Saturday of the college football season

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Nov 18, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 59: Joan Dome

Drab & Valdez do their own version of dumpster diving at the WJFK studios as we are in the process of dumping electronics, and the boys may have struck gold. Howard Eskin joined the Junks this week, and he may have taken the Junks to school during their joaning sesh. Do they have their fastball still when it comes to joaning? The Stallion gets into the Clary Christmas festivities, as Matt & Matt are fascinated by it. Valdez's Christmas Dinners also catches some joaning, and Valdez ends on his annual speech; why are we skipping Thanksgiving? 

Nov 17, 2022
Entertainment Page, Mike Locksley, Lars Eller

11/17 Hour 4

  3:00 Caller hates when EB rags on Laurel

  8:00 INXS should be in the HOF

19:00 Mike Locksley

35:00 Lars Eller

Nov 17, 2022
Dave Richard, CBS QB Ranking list, Jason La Canfora

11/17 Hour 3

  1:00 Dave Richard

20:35 CBS Sports QB Ranking list

33:00 Jason La Canfora

Nov 17, 2022
Hit the Skins, Junkies Wizards surprise, Wes Unseld Jr

11/17 Hour 2

  2:00 Hit the Skins

21:00 Junkies get a surprise from the Wizards

32:30 Wes Unseld Jr. interview

Nov 17, 2022
Heartbreaking Wiz loss, Ron announces starting QB, Idaho murders

11/17 Hour 1

  3:00 Heartbreaking Wizards loss to Thunder

18:00 Ron Rivera announces Henicke as his starting QB

33:40 Brutal Idaho murders

Nov 17, 2022
Howard Eskin, Entertainment Page, World Cup pool

11/16 Hour 4

  1:00 Howard Eskin

21:00 Jay Leno's face burned 

26:00 Arizona teachers make OnlyFans at school

35:00 Junks want to get a World Cup pool

Nov 16, 2022
EB needs a secret road, Ron hasn't named a starter, Calls

11/16 Hour 3

  6:00 EB needs a secret shortcut from MD to VA

20:40 Ron hasn't named Heinicke the starter

35:00 Calls from Wentz supporters


Nov 16, 2022
Hit the Skins, Coppin State story, Blitz

11/16 Hour 2

  2:00 Hit the Skins

20:00 Crazy Coppin State story

36:00 Junkies Blitz

Nov 16, 2022
Skippy survivor pool update, Ron hasn't decided QB, Cakes loves an under

11/16 Hour 1

  4:30 Commanders fever

10:30 Skippy survivor pool update

17:30 Ron says he hasn't made a decision at QB

33:20 Cakes loves Bills/Browns under

Nov 16, 2022
Jonathan Allen, Was this Ron's biggest win?, Pete Hailey

11/15 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

16:00 Was this Ron Rivera's biggest win?

31:00 Pete Hailey

Nov 15, 2022
Will Heinicke finish the season at QB?, RG3, UVA update

11/15 Hour 3

  2:00 Will Heinicke finish the season at QB?

16:30 RG3 Interview

34:00 Update on UVA shooting

Nov 15, 2022
John Keim, Is the running game the Commanders identity?, Blitz

11/15 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

20:00 Is the running game the Commanders new identity?

34:00 Junkies Blitz

Nov 15, 2022
Commanders beat Eagles on MNF, Calls, Late hit on Heinicke

11/15 Hour 1

  3:00 Lurch makes EB doing a Fireball shot

  9:00 Commanders stun Eagles on MNF

19:30 Calls on the win

32:45 Late hit on Heinicke

Nov 15, 2022
BONUS: Can the Commanders Hang with the Eagles? | 'BetQL Picking Fatties'

From "BetQL Picking Fatties" (Subscribe HERE) - Skippy and Bish recap this Sunday's action and some unbelievable meltdowns by Buffalo and Dallas before turning their attention to potential survivor options for next week along with tonight's plays for Eagles and Commanders.



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Nov 14, 2022
Will Brinson, UVA update, MNF Parlay

11/14 Hour 4

  1:00 Will Brinson

19:00 UVA shooting update

26:00 Official Commanders/Eagles predictions

34:00 MNF Parlay

Nov 14, 2022
Rick Snider, Keys to victory, EB goes to a college party

11/14 Hour 3

  1:00 Rick Snider

18:00 Keys to victory for the Commanders

32:00 EB goes to a college house party 

Nov 14, 2022
Hit the Skins, Commanders need to run it, Blitz

11/14 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

17:00 Commanders needs to run to beat the Eagles

34:20 Junkies Blitz

Nov 14, 2022
Cakes seeing Owls on Sunday, Vikings comeback over Bills, Wiz hot streak

11/14 Hour 1

  6:00 Cakes seeing owls on NFL Sunday

17:30 Vikings comeback win over Bills

34:00 Wizards on a 4 game heater

Nov 14, 2022
Junkies Blitz, Comedian Dusty Slay, Weekend preview

11/11 Hour 4

  1:00 Junkies Blitz

16:00 Comedian Dusty Slay in studio

35:00 Weekend preview

Nov 11, 2022
John Feinstein, Entertainment Page, Michael Phillips

11/11 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

18:50 Entertainment Page

29:30 Michael Phillips

Nov 11, 2022
BDK's reviews, Could the lawsuit hurt Dan selling the team?, Parlay

11/11 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK reviews Wakanda Forever

18:40 Will the AG lawsuit hurt Dan's sale of the Commanders

35:00 Junkies Parlay

Nov 11, 2022
EB's tooth gets pulled, AG's consumer lawsuit against Commanders, Bill Roth

11/11 Hour 1

  3:30 JP goes to Wiz/Mavs game

10:00 EB's tooth gets pulled

20:00 Attorney General filing consumer lawsuit against Commanders

34:00 VT play-by-play voice Bill Roth

Nov 11, 2022
Bit Season Episode 58: Rat-A-Tat-Matt

On Bit Season the guys recap their appearance together for the Commanders game.  Drab thinks Valdez is being too wimpy about JP's Terps criticism.  We discuss how Lurch and EB are country posers and rank the Junks hillbilly features.  Plus, a mom takes her 5-year-old son to Hooters for his birthday.

Nov 10, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Lars Eller

11/10 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

19:30 Open Line Thursday call

26:00 What stunt won't Steve-O do?

31:00 Lars Eller

Nov 10, 2022
Dave Richard, Speculating Snyder and Racketeering, JP the Terps hater

11/10 Hour 3

  1:00 Dave Richard

21:20 Speculating Snyder being charged with "Racketeering"

36:00 Valdez calls out JP for being a Terps hater

Nov 10, 2022
Hit the Skins, Calls on AG's announcement, Junkies Blitz

11/10 Hour 2

  1:30 Hit the Skins

14:00 Calls on AG's upcoming announcement

31:30 Junkies Blitz

Nov 10, 2022
Caps lose to Penguins, DC AG's major announcement, FTX felts Bitcoin

11/10 Hour 1

  3:00 Caps ugly loss to Penguins

15:15 DC AG's announcement

34:00 Bitcoin price drops because of FTX

Nov 10, 2022
BONUS: College Football Contenders & Pretenders | 'BetQL: Picking Fatties'

From 'BetQL: Picking Fatties' (Subscribe Here): Skippy and Bish look ahead to upcoming games with major conference title implications along with how one loss could completely derail some top dogs chances at making the College Football Playoff.



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Nov 10, 2022
Entertianment Page, Junks don't know "Alabama," Drab wants hair tattoo

11/9 Hour 4

  4:00 Netflix adding more serial killers to "Monster" series

12:00 Junks don't know "Alabama" group

25:00 Country Music Junkies

34:00 Drab's hair tattoos

Nov 09, 2022
Ranking the 2020 QB draft class, Junkies Password, John Ourand

11/9 Hour 3

  3:00 Ranking the 2020 QB Draft class

16:00 Junkies Password

26:00 Junks want to do a World Cup draft

35:00 John Ourand

Nov 09, 2022
Hit the Skins, RG3 says Wentz should start when healthy, Peter Laviolette

11/9 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

19:20 RG3 says Wentz should start when he's healthy

33:10 Coach Peter Laviolette

Nov 09, 2022
Parks Fraizer named Colts play caller, Sports Page, EB doesn't do fantasy

11/9 Hour 1

  4:00 Colts named 30-year-old Parks Fraizer as play-callers

22:00 Sports Page

36:00 EB is the only one who doesn't play fantasy football

Nov 09, 2022
Jonathan Allen, Entertainment Page, Caps injuries

11/8 Hour 4

  1:00 Jonathan Allen

16:00 Aaron Carter dies using whipits

27:25 Modannn twerking video

35:00 Caps injuries

Nov 09, 2022
Colts hire Jeff Saturday, EB's tooth extraction, Matt Verderame

11/8 Hour 3

  3:00 Colts hire Jeff Saturday as interim coach

21:40 EB's teeth and upcoming tooth extraction

32:00 Matt Verderame

Nov 08, 2022
Hit the Skins, Are the Eagles overrated?, Chicken Guy

11/8 Hour 2

  3:00 Commanders defense is underrated

18:00 Are the Eagles overrated and prime for an upset

35:45 Man eats a rotisserie chicken for 40 straight days

Nov 08, 2022
Ravens win on MNF, Matthew McConaughey wants Commanders ownership, Logan Paul on WWE

11/8 Hour 1

  2:00 Ravens beat Saints on MNF

18:00 Matthew McConaughey and other celebrities want to own Commanders

38:20 EB is amazed by Logan Paul's WWE superstardom 

Nov 08, 2022
BONUS: Building a Case for the Playoffs | 'BetQL: Picking Fatties'

From 'BetQL: Picking Fatties' (Subscribe Here): Skip and Bish recap this weekend in college and pro football. The guys start to build a case for teams like USC, TCU and more to make the college football playoff.



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Nov 07, 2022
EB visits Fenway, MNF Parlay, RG3 Interview

11/7 Hour 4

  4:00 College Football Playoffs

10:00 EB visits Fenway Park

20:00 Ravens/Saints MNF parlay

28:00 RG3 interview

Nov 07, 2022
Valdez goes viral, Junkies Blitz, Pete Hailey

11/7 Hour 3

  1:00 Valdez goes viral 

  6:00 Commanders team sale is imminent

18:00 Junkies Blitz

30:40 Pete Hailey 

Nov 07, 2022
John Keim, Ron Rivera Audio, Drab and Valdez go to Commanders game

11/7 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

19:00 Ron Rivera audio after the game

32:00 Drab and Valdez go to Commanders game together

Nov 07, 2022
Commanders lose to Vikings, Will Heinicke finish the season, NFC Playoff picture

11/7 Hour 

  2:00 Commanders lose to Vikings

16:00 Will Heinicke finish the season as QB?

34:50 NFC Playoff picture

Nov 07, 2022
Entertainment Page, Ben Goessling, Weekend preview

11/4 Hour 4

  3:00 Kanye West not speaking for 30 days

14:00 Bhad Bhabie speaking at Oxford

23:00 Vikings reporter Ben Goessling

35:00 Weekend preview

Nov 04, 2022
Feinstein, What's one thing the owner should change, Blitz

11/4 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

21:00 What's one thing the new Commanders owner needs to do/change?

36:00 Junkies Blitz

Nov 04, 2022
BDK's review, Hit the Skins, Parlay

11/4 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's review

17:00 Hit the Skins

28:00 Predictions for Vikings/Commanders

34:30 Junkies Parlay

Nov 04, 2022
Lurch stays up for World Series, Bezos wants to buy Commanders, Calls

11/4 Hour 1

  4:15 Lurch stays up to watch World Series

18:00 Bezos wants to buys the Commanders

33:30 Would Bezos make a good owner?

Nov 04, 2022
FIRE SALE: 5 potential buyers as Dan Snyder is set to sell the Washington Commanders | 'The Best Football Feed'

News broke yesterday that Commanders' owner Dan Snyder is getting ready to sell the team. Here are 5 potential buyers who could make an offer for the franchise.

Subscribe HERE!

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Nov 03, 2022
What Would You Do for the Powerball? | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish get started on their break down of Tennessee vs. Georgia and also get into some huge games outside of the power 5 conferences. Stick around to hear about the lengths the guys will go to win the Powerball.

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Nov 03, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 57: Vsco Boy

On today's episode of Bit Season, the Bitties open up about all the full sized and fun sized candy we have sitting around in the office, and Drab is ricked about full size candy bars on Halloween. Drab also has a bombshell theory on alcohol poisoning, so he delves into that here. We also have to give JP props for his SILLY ports Junkies instagram page as he has been killing it, we were wrong all along. EB is also claiming that he's now out on Junkies lingo, and the boys behind the glass joan on him for that mistake. We also take a trip back to college and look back at Valdez's time in the college dorm rooms at UMD. 

Nov 03, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Hit the Skins, Dave Richard

11/3 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

19:00 Hit the Skins

34:00 Dave Richard

Nov 03, 2022
Thom Loverro, Will there be another name change, Lars Eller

11/3 Hour 3

  1:00 Thom Loverro

19:20 Will there be another name change?

36:00 Lars Eller

Nov 03, 2022
Mike Jones, Potential owners, Calls, Why is Snyder selling?

11/3 Hour 2

  1:00 The Athletic's Mike Jones

19:30 Who could be the new owner?

33:00 Why is Dan Snyder selling?

Nov 03, 2022
Snyder exploring selling the team, Calls, RG3 wants to buy a stake

11/3 Hour 1

  3:00 Reports of Snyder selling the team

16:00 Calls from fans, Who could buy the team?

35:00 RG3 wants to be a minority owner

Nov 03, 2022
Reggie Barlow, Junkies shootout, Garages being too cluttered

11/2 Hour 4

  1:00 DC Defenders coach Reggie Barlow

21:00 Junkies Shootout

33:00 Over 30% of garages are too cluttered for cars

Nov 02, 2022
Ron's personnel decision, Wes Unseld Jr., Blitz

11/2 Hour 3

  3:00 Ron's personnel decisions

15:20 Wes Unseld Jr. 

34:00 Trade deadline during the Junkies Blitz

Nov 02, 2022
Hit the Skins, Entertainment Page, Peter Laviolette

11/2 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

20:00 How to pronounce Adele

28:00 Goop's 28K sex chair

34:00 Peter Laviolette

Nov 02, 2022
Phillies up 2-1, William Jackson III traded, Nets are a disaster

11/2 Hour 1

  5:00 Phillies up 2-1 against Astros

19:40 Ron admits failure signing William Jackson III

35:40 Nets are a disaster

Nov 02, 2022
Jon Allen joins the show, Entertainment page, Dan Orlovsky buries Zach Wilson

11/01 Hour 4

Jon Allen joins the show - 0:00

Entertainment page - 16:32

Dan Orlovsky buries Zach Wilson - 31:20

Nov 01, 2022
Instagram is the real dating website, Brad Spielberger joins the show, How much can athletes eat

11/01 Hour 3

Instagram is the real dating website - 0:00

Brad Spielberger joins the show - 14:46

How much can athletes eat - 28:30

Nov 01, 2022
Hit the skins, Taylor Heinicke's skillset, NFL MVP candidates

11/01 Hour 2

Hit the skins - 0:00

Taylor Heinicke's skillset - 16:22

NFL MVP candidates - 30:37

Nov 01, 2022
Halloween recap, NFL update, Takeoff passes away

11/01 Hour 1

Halloween recap - 0:00

NFL update - 16:45

Takeoff passes away - 33:43

Nov 01, 2022
How to Bet Bengals vs. Browns | BetQL Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish quickly recap Sunday's NFL action before discussing the highly anticipated upcoming weekend of college football. The guys wrap it up by sharing their favorite plays for tonight's Thursday Night Football game.

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Oct 31, 2022
Pete Hailey joins the show, Junkies Blitz, MNF Parlay

10/31 Hour 4

Pete Hailey joins the show - 0:00

Junkies Blitz - 19:10

MNF Parlay - 31:55

Oct 31, 2022
RG3 joins the show, Heinicke: Lucky or legend, Callers on Heinicke

10/31 Hour 3

RG3 joins the show - 0:00

Heinicke: Lucky or legend - 19:31

Callers on Heinicke - 33:50


Oct 31, 2022
John Keim joins the show, Commanders look ahead, EB's rough weekend

10/31 Hour 2

John Keim joins the show - 0:00

Commanders look ahead - 17:05

EB's rough weekend - 29:32



Oct 31, 2022
Commanders beat the Colts, What is Taylor Heinicke, NFC East breakdown

10/31 Hour 1

Victory Monday - Commanders rally to snatch Victory - 0:00

First calls on Heinicke comeback - 16:30

Around the NFC East - 33:35

Oct 31, 2022
College Football Playoff Elimination Weekend | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Before taking a look at a few NFL games going on this afternoon Skippy and Bish talk college football with the biggest weekend of the year from eliminations from the playoff coming up.

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Oct 30, 2022
Double Banging USC & Penn State | BetQL Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish give out a ton of college football picks to get ready for today's slate of action. The guys are double banging Penn State and USC with a close eye on Oklahoma State as they climb the rankings.

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Oct 29, 2022
Bob Kravitz joins the show, Entertainment page, Jim Cramer cries on TV

10/28 Hour 4

Bob Kravitz joins the show - 0:38

Oct 28, 2022
John Feinstein joins the show, Commanders vs Colts predictions, Taylor Heinicke breakdown

10/28 Hour 3

John Feinstein joins the show - 0:30

Oct 28, 2022
Kevin McCarthy joins the show, Commanders vs Colts preview, Weekend parlay

10/28 Hour 2

Kevin McCarthy joins the show - 0:47

Weekend parlay - 27:35

Oct 28, 2022
Ravens vs Bucs recap, Getting to know Michael, Is Meta the future

10/28 Hour 1

TNF Ravens vs Bucs recap - 3:55

Chatting with Michael Maher - 17:56

Oct 28, 2022
Lamar vs. Brady & Tonight's College Football Picks | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish break down tonight's Thursday Night Football matchup in the NFL along with a few games at the college level that they have their eyes on.

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Oct 27, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 56: Skunk Them Out

There was a big discussion about squatters on the Junkies this week, so Drab & Valdez dive into that and how BAD squatting is right now. It's spooky season, so Drab & Valdez talk about their good ole days of egging houses, TP'ing houses, amongst other teenage hooligan activities. Big John pointed out the new Cakes-isms, so we have to jump into that here also. Johnny Dep is back in the news, and the ladies still love Johnny Depp! We wrap up the show with Valdez's obsession with Survivor. 

Oct 27, 2022
Jason La Canfora joins the show, Entertainment page, Lars Eller joins the show

10/27 Hour 4

Jason La Canfora joins the show - 0:20

Lars Eller joins the show - 33:06

Oct 27, 2022
Dave Richard joins the show, Speed round, Top 3 restaurants

10/27 Hour 3

Dave Richard joins the show - 0:23

Speed round - 11:01

Oct 27, 2022
Virginia Tech football, Hit the Skins, Bill Roth joins the show

10/27 Hour 2

Bill Roth joins the show - 31:17

Oct 27, 2022
Big city big crime, Rodgers and Brady struggles, Ravens vs Bucs preview

10/27 Hour 1

Oct 27, 2022
Entertainment page, Colts starting Sam Ehlinger, Radio host passes away on air

10/26 Hour 4

Oct 26, 2022
Taylor Heinicke's expectations, Carson Wentz's future, Flying on airplanes

10/26 Hour 3

Oct 26, 2022
Colts vs Commanders preview, Twitter NSFW searches, Peter Laviolette joins the show

10/26 Hour 2

Peter Laviolette joins the show - 27:52

Oct 26, 2022
DC sports update, Salary cap situation, NFL viewership breakdown

10/26 Hour 1

Oct 26, 2022
Jon Allen joins the show, Entertainment Page, Washington Wizards update

10/25 Hour 4

Jon Allen joins the show - 0:18

Oct 25, 2022
Squatters in Clinton, Tyler Sullivan joins the show, Paige Spiranac's Halloween costume

10/25 Hour 3

Tyler Sullivan joins the show - 15:18

Oct 25, 2022
Commanders vs Colts breakdown, Chris Doering joins the show, Junkies Blitz

10/25 Hour 2

Chris Doering joins the show - 14:38

Oct 25, 2022
MNF Bears vs Patriots Recap, Backup QB's in the NFL, League update

10/25 Hour 1

Oct 25, 2022
Mediocrity Plaguing the NFL | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish are back together to break down the landscape of college football, which teams outside of the power 5 conferences have areal shot at the College Football Playoff. The guys turn their attention to the NFL and try to make sense of the cluster of average to below average teams in the league right now.

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Oct 24, 2022
Pete Hailey joins the show, Around the league, MNF parlay

10/24 Hour 4

Pete Hailey chats with the guys - 0:27

MNF Parlay - 36:08

Oct 24, 2022
John Keim joins the show, Commanders rallying around Heinicke, Callers voice their opinions

10/24 Hour 3

John Keim chats with the guys - 0:26

Oct 24, 2022
Robert Griffin III breaks down the future of the Washington quarterback situation

The former Washington superstar quarterback assesses how the coaching staff should approach which Washington quarterback should be the starter once Carson Wentz is healthy.

Oct 24, 2022
Commanders beat the Packers, Heinicke's performance, NFC East breakdown

10/24 Hour 1

Oct 24, 2022
Entertainment page, Ram calls back in, Commanders predictions

10/21 Hour 4

  3:00 Tennis version of Paige Spiranac

12:00 Taylor Swift releases new album

26:00 Ram calls back in and claims EB is lying

36:00 Final Commanders/Packers predictions


Oct 21, 2022
John Feinstein, Logan Paulsen, Drab offends Brian Mitchell

10/21 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

18:45 Logan Paulsen

34:23 Drab asks Brian Mitchell if he's a top 90 Redskins player

Oct 21, 2022
Mike Jones, Chris Cooley not going to alumni function, Junks Parlay

10/21 Hour 2

  1:00 The Athletic's Mike Jones

17:15 Chris Cooley not going to Commanders alumni function

30:45 Junkies Parlay

Oct 21, 2022
Kyler screams at his coach, Sports Page, Ram golfing

10/21 Hour 1

  5:00 Kyler Murray screaming at his coach

16:50 Sports Page

36:00 Ram weasels his way into golfing with JP

Oct 21, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 55: Seam Head

On todays episode, we have sickly Drab chugging through todays show like a champ. Then, we talk about the will power that Cakes has when he has an empty nest at the house and he doesn't do the deed. Drab gets us into the new, trendy beard that we see all men with now that can grow one. Should Matt & Matt grow a beard? The Stallion may have finally scored a girl in his age range, so we celebrate that here. JP has "discovered" Instagram and wants the Junkies to be more out front on that app as well, Drab & Valdez share their opinions on that. Lastly, we end on Drab digging deeper into how he really broke his hand. 

Oct 20, 2022
Colorado Living & Football Fatties | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Skippy break down their favorite plays for tonight's Thursday Night Football game and a few college football matchups they think have value. Skippy Boy is bitter about the weather changes in Colorado Springs this time of year and tells us how he really feels about it.

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Oct 20, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Mike Locksley, Cakes the empty-nester

10/20 Hour 4

  2:00 Jason La Canfora

21:00 Mike Locksley

34:00 Cakes the empty-nester

Oct 20, 2022
Dave Richard, Entertainment Page, Lars Eller

10/20 Hour 3

    :30 Dave Richard

21:00 Krispy Kreme coming to McDonald's

28:00 Variety's Top Emo songs

34:00 Lars Eller

Oct 20, 2022
Hit the Skins, Taylor Heinicke's start, Blitz

10/20 Hour 2

  1:00 Hit the Skins

7:00 Commanders 50/50 raffle check bounces

20:00 If Heinicke plays well, Was Wentz a mistake?

32:00 Junkies Blitz

Oct 20, 2022
EB driving to Richmond, Sports Page, Britney nude again

10/20 Hour 1

  4:00 EB drives his mom to Richmond

20:00 Junkies Sports Page

35:30 Britney Spears nude pic and potty mouth

Oct 20, 2022
Barry Svrluga, Paul Virzi in studio

10/19 Hour 4

  1:00 Barry Svrluga

19:00 Comedian Paul Virzi in studio

32:00 More with Paul Virzi

Oct 19, 2022
Does Irsay have enough votes?, EB hates Jim Irsay, Ron Shielding Snyder

10/19 Hour 3

  3:00 Does Irsay have enough votes to oust Snyder?

17:00 EB hates Jim Irsay

34:00 Ron shielding Snyder while coaching

Oct 19, 2022
Snyder being removed, Can he get a new stadium?, Peter Laviolette

10/19 Hour 2

  2:00 What are the chances of Snyder being removed

19:00 Can Snyder get a new stadium?

32:00 Peter Laviolette

Oct 19, 2022
Drab re-injures his hand, Audio from Jim Irsay, Calls

10/19 Hour 1

  4:00 Drab re-injures his hand after a meeting

22:00 Audio from Jim Irsay saying there's merit to remove Dan Snyder

35:00 Calls on Irsay and maybe Snyder being removed

Oct 19, 2022
Entertainment Page, Heinicke's record filling in for Wentz,

10/18 Hour 4

  5:00 James Corden banned from restaurant

13:00 Cakes thinks wedge salads stink

20:00 What will Heinicke's record be filling in for Wentz

34:00 John Daly biiopic in the works

Oct 18, 2022
Why is offense down in NFL, Jonathan Allen, Owners meetings in NYC

10/18 Hour 3

  4:30 Why is offense down in the NFL

14:00 Jonathan Allen interview

34:50 Owners meetings in NYC

Oct 18, 2022
Rick Snider, Paige Spiranac claims she was body shamed, Wes Unseld Jr.

10/18 Hour 2

  1:00 Rick Snider

22:00 Paige Spiranac claims she was body shamed

34:00 Wiz coach Wes Unseld Jr.

Oct 18, 2022
Broncos lose in Primetime, Will Heinicke put up more points than Wentz?, Calls

10/18 Hour 1

  3:00 Broncos lose in Primetime

20:50 Will Heinicke put up more points than Wentz?

32:00 Calls on Heinicke

Oct 18, 2022
NBA 2022 Preview: Tankers | Are the Utah Jazz a Play-In Team? Paolo Banchero amidst the best?

The Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder are primed for tanking runs in 2022 with Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson set to be the top two selections of the 2023 NBA Draft. Will the Rockets be able to pair Jalen Green with these future stars? What about Paolo Banchero and the Magic? Meanwhile, some believe the Jazz, who firesold Donovan Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves, could still be a postseason team this year.

Get everything you need to know ahead of the 2022 NBA season here with The Ultimate Pro Basketball Preview. Presented by Locked On and Audacy, the six episode extravaganza bring you the  local team experts and the NBA insiders of the Locked On Podcast Network and Audacy, all combined into one Ultimate NBA Preview. 30 teams, 6 episodes, over 30 voices and every question you could imagine answered. Featuring NBA insight from Trysta Krick of the Heat Check Podcast, Fantasy Basketball outlook from expert Josh Lloyd of Locked On Fantasy Basketball, NBA Draft breakdowns from Rafael Barlow of Locked On NBA Draft and betting advice from Your Boy Q and Lee Sterling of Locked On Bets.

Oct 17, 2022
Pete Hailey, RG3 Interview, MNF parlay

10/17 Hour 4

  2:00 Pete Hailey

16:00 RG3 Interview

33:00 MNF Parlay

Oct 17, 2022
JP is surprised by the Seahawks, Are the Packers beatable?, EB driving his mom

10/17 Hour 3

  5:00 JP is surprised by the Seahawks

22:20 Are the Packers beatable?

35:00 EB driving his mom to Richmond

Oct 17, 2022
Hit the Skins, Should Commanders roll with Howell?, Blitz

10/17 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

21:00 Should the Commanders roll with Howell?

36:00 Junkies Blitz

Oct 17, 2022
Wentz breaks his hand, Can Heinicke spark the team?, Calls on Heinicke

10/17 Hour 1

  4:00 Wentz breaks his hand and out 6 weeks

21:00 Can Heinicke spark the team?

37:00 Calls on Heinicke

Oct 17, 2022
NBA 2022 Preview: Play-In Hopefuls | LaMelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets eye return

The Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Hornets, Indiana Pacers, and Detroit Pistons are all eyeing a chance to take a step forward as a Play-In team. For the Hornets and LaMelo Ball, they'll look to advance following a return. Cade Cunningham and the Detroit Pistons hope to make their appearance as well while the Sacramento Kings look to build off of recent momentum. 

Get everything you need to know ahead of the 2022 NBA season here with The Ultimate Pro Basketball Preview. Presented by Locked On and Audacy, the six episode extravaganza bring you the  local team experts and the NBA insiders of the Locked On Podcast Network and Audacy, all combined into one Ultimate NBA Preview. 30 teams, 6 episodes, over 30 voices and every question you could imagine answered. Featuring NBA insight from Trysta Krick of the Heat Check Podcast, Fantasy Basketball outlook from expert Josh Lloyd of Locked On Fantasy Basketball, NBA Draft breakdowns from Rafael Barlow of Locked On NBA Draft and betting advice from Your Boy Q and Lee Sterling of Locked On Bets.

Oct 14, 2022
Jay Gruden, Weekend Parlay

10/14 Hour 4

  1:00 Jay Gruden

23:00 Junkies Weekend parlay

35:00 Al Michaels talking about Snyder during broadcast

Oct 14, 2022
John Feinstein, Positives from Commanders win, Blitz

10/14 Hour 3

  2:00 John Feinstein

21:00 Positives for the Commanders beating Bears

34:00 Junkies Blitz

Oct 14, 2022
John Keim, How do you fix the offense?, EB suggests they hire a consultant

10/14 Hour 2

  5:00 John Keim

22:40 How do yo ufix this offense?

40:00 EB thinks Commanders should hire an offensive consultant

Oct 14, 2022
Commanders beat Bears, Calls on such an awful game, Ron angry during his presser

10/14 Hour 1

  2:00 Commanders beat Bears on TNF

20:20 The game itself was terrbile football

33:00 Ron Rivera angry about Wentz picked by Snyder report

Oct 14, 2022
Season 2 Debut: Dan Patrick & Keith Olbermann | Hey Mayne

Kenny is joined by former SportsCenter co-hosts Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. The two are back together again for the first time in years. They look back on the good, the bad & all the behind the scenes BS from the golden age at ESPN.

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Oct 13, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Seth Wickersham, Lars Eller

10/13 Hour 4

  2:00 Jason La Canfora

16:00 Author of the Snyder article Seth Wickersham

36:00 Lars Eller

Oct 13, 2022
Calls, Snyder's dirt, Speculating if Dan will be around

10/13 Hour 3

   3:00 Calls on Snyder's dirt and if owners will vote him out

19:00 Will Snyder end up being voted out as owner?

35:00 EB taking a victory lap on the story and curious about owners' skeletons

Oct 13, 2022
Hit the Skins, Explosive Snyder article, Reading paragraphs from the article

10/13 Hour 2

  1:00 Hit the Skins

10:00 EB doesn't get ESPN's predictor model

18:30 Explosive article on Snyder and owners who want him out

33:30 Reading paragraphs from the article 

Oct 13, 2022
Caps lose their opener, Sports Page, Adams shoving a photographer

10/13 Hour 1

  2:00 Caps lose their home opnener

10:00 Playoff baseball

19:15 Sports Page

36:00 Could Devante Adams be suspended for pushing photographer

Oct 13, 2022
Week 7 College Football Fatties | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Skippy and Bish go in depth on this week's college football slate of games before turning their attention to tonight's horrific Thursday Night Football matchup between Chicago and Washington.

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Oct 13, 2022
Entertainment Page, Junkies Password

10/12 Hour 4

  2:00 Junks stunned by Jason Brown's hot takes

10:00 Anne Heche's nubby estate

22:00 Blake Shelton leaving The Voice

32:00 Junkies Password

Oct 12, 2022
Media members hyping up Justin Fields, Hottest bald men, Jason Brown

10/12 Hour 3

  2:00 Media members hyping up Justin Fields

19:20 List of top 10 hottest bald men

32:00 Last Chance U's Jason Brown

Oct 12, 2022
Hit the Skins, Awadd's sloppy outfit, Peter Laviolette

10/12 Hour 2

  3:00 Hit the Skins

16:30 Awadd's sloppy ACC Media Day outfit

23:20 EB's 20 year old undies

32:00 Peter Laviolette

Oct 12, 2022
Drab and the M's loss, Ron's apology tour, Calls


  2:00 Drab is sick

10:00 Mariners blow lead against Astros

18:00 Ron Rivera's apology tour

40:00 Did Carson feel the pressure at the end of the game?

Oct 12, 2022
Jonathan Allen interview
Oct 11, 2022
RG3 interview
Oct 11, 2022
Final Commanders/Titans play, Junks draw their own, Blink 182 is back

10/11 Hour 4

  3:00 Last Chance U coach Jason Brown critical of final play

25:00 Junks draw up a final play

34:00 Blink 182 is back

Oct 11, 2022
Roughing the passer in NFL, Calls, RG3 interview

10/11 Hour 3

  2:00 Roughing the passer calls in NFL

23:00 Calls on penalties for touching the QB

31:30 RG3 interview

Oct 11, 2022
Hit The Skins, Jonathan Allen, Blitz

10/11 Hour 2

  1:00 Hit the Skins

18:00 Jonathan Allen interview

40:00 Junkies Blitz

Oct 11, 2022
Chiefs come back on MNF, Ron's "Quarterback" quote, More on Ron's presser

10/11 Hour 1

  3:00 Chiefs come back on MNF

10:00 Another questionable hit on a QB

19:00 Ron Rivera says "Quarterback" is the difference in NFC East

35:40 More on Ron's presser and back-tracking his comments

Oct 11, 2022
Pete Hailey, MLB Playoffs, MNF Parlay

10/10 Hour 4

  1:00 Pete Hailey

22:15 Mets bounced from MLB Playoffs

39:00 Monday Night Football Parlay

Oct 10, 2022
EB likes what he sees from Carson and Commanders, Calls, Jordan Poole punched

10/10 Hour 3

  2:00 EB likes what he sees from Carson and Commanders

22:00 Calls about what there's the like about the team

34:00 Terps hosed against Purdue

38:30 Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole

Oct 10, 2022
John Keim, How do you fix the team?, Junkies Blitz

10/10 Hour 2

  1:00 John Keim

21:30 How do you fix this team?

32:00 Junkies Blitz

Oct 10, 2022
Commanders lose to Titans, Ron questioned about timeouts, NFC East

10/10 Hour 1

  2:00 Commanders lose to Titans

21:00 Ron Questioned about using timeouts

34:00 Around the NFC East

Oct 10, 2022
Entertainment Page, Dan Hellie, Lurch going to a haunted house

10/7 Hour 4

  2:00 Entertainment Page

10:00 Stephen A. Smith likes butt play

19:45 Dan Hellie

34:00 Lurch going to a haunted house

Oct 07, 2022
John Feinstein, Breaking down Titans/Commanders, Blitz

10/7 Hour 3

  1:00 John Feinstein

20:30 Breaking down Titans/Commanders

35:00 Drab takes a Victory Lap on Russ Wilson

Oct 07, 2022
BDK's reviews, Predictions for Commanders/Titans, Parlay

10/7 Hour 2

  1:00 BDK's reviews

18:00 Predictions for Commanders/Titans

32:00 Junkies Weekend Parlay

Oct 07, 2022
Awful TNF game, Sports Page, Hit the Skins

10/7 Hour 1

  3:00 Crappy Thursday Night game between Broncos/Titans

16:00 Russ looks terrible

20:00 More Sports Page

33:20 Hit the Skins

Oct 07, 2022
TNF & MLB Postseason | BetQL: Picking Fatties

Bish and DB take a look at their favorite plays for tonight's Thursday Night Football Matchup between Denver and Indianapolis before turning their attention to the MLB Wild Card series prices.

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Oct 06, 2022
Bit Season, Episode 54: Tom Booze

On todays show, we open up with Spooky Season with all the Halloween festivities, and the best spooky season movies. Then, we jump into Drab's obsession with McDonald's and he reveals that he has been to Mickey D's FIVE days in a row. We then discuss NFL legends, Brandon Marshall & Pacman Jones being in the office and the great interaction the Stallion had with Pacman. We end on the Junkies new drinking game that they came up with, and we give it a try for ourselves. 

Oct 06, 2022
Jason La Canfora
Oct 06, 2022
Mike Jones
Oct 06, 2022
Dave Richard
Oct 06, 2022
Jason La Canfora, Entertainment Page, Junkies Amazon orders

10/6 Hour 4

  1:00 Jason La Canfora

20:00 Junkies celebrity run ins

28:00 Was Coolio murdered?

36:00 Junkies Amazon orders

Oct 06, 2022
Dave Ri