The Brilliant Idiots

By Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz

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Category: Comedy

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 Oct 2, 2020
this ain't it

 Jan 18, 2020
i like it ALOT.

 Sep 27, 2019

David Malewski
 Aug 10, 2019
The best duo that talks about everything and gives no F's. Andrew is my favorite comedian if you want to hear some jokes that everyone else is afraid to say now a days he is your guy and Charlamagne is mainly known for being on the breakfast club radio station and giving out donkey of the day.

 Jun 13, 2019


Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are The Brilliant Idiots. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in a style that's often idiotic, sometimes brilliant and always hysterical.

Episode Date
Ghost to Ghost (Ft. AJ & TamBam from We Talk Back Podcast)
This week AJ and TamBam from the "We Talk Back" podcast joins the podcast to discuss cheating, what's a non monogamous relationship, hoeing doesn't heal, ghosting, the Kardashians and beauty standards, and more!!! Follow AJ @AJholiday2.0 and TamBam @officialtambam on IG Listen to We Talk Back podcast on the Black Effect Podcast Network.
Apr 15, 2021
This week on the Brilliant Idiots we talk about Donnell Rawlings bombing and walking off stage, Paul Pierce being fired from ESPN, Does Lil Boosie look like Flava Flav?, DMX, Hubert Davis saying he's proud of his white wife, ask an idiot, and more!!
Apr 08, 2021
This week on Brilliant Idiots we discuss Lil Nas X's viral video and Satan shoes, Quavo and Sweetie fighting in the elevator, We find out what Wax's biggest fear, Sharon Osbourne getting paid millions, What should be the punishment for the teen girls that killed a Uber driver, and more!
Apr 01, 2021
Don’t Forget Your Clown
This week we discuss The Internet Vs. Derrick Jaxn, that good feeling when your woman trusts you, Trump launching his own social media platform, Chris Brown/Usher Verzuz, and more!!!
Mar 25, 2021
Hip To The Krit
This week we get another hilarious "Would you Rather" with Wax, we discuss Andrew Cuomo allegations, Who should pay for Reparations, Candace Owen Vs Cardi B, and more!!!
Mar 19, 2021
Mind Your Black Owned Business (Ft. Wayno & Ivy)
This week Wayno and Ivy join Charlamagne in the studio and discuss Drake's latest release, what makes an artist great, Jay-Z selling his stake in Tidal, what is owenership, and more!!!
Mar 11, 2021
Spoon Goon
This week The Brilliant Idiots and Wax discuss Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, Texas opening back up early, we get more wild stories that involve Wax, the stupid things people do for social media attention, and more!!
Mar 04, 2021
This week Wax is back in the studio wit Charlamagne and with Andrew in Miami they discuss Bobby Shmurder coming home, Track Obama breaking somebody nose, Freddie Gibbs comments on Joe Rogan, The professor that says he uses heroin, ask an idiot, and more!!
Feb 26, 2021
Wet Willy Wonka
On the podcast this week, Wax joins Chralamagne in studio while Andrew is still in Miami and they discuss, Tekashi and Meek Mill's altercation, the NBA All Star game coming to Atlanta, what's going on with Covid, Boosie's comments on Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan, Charlamagne shares some Wax war stories, and more!
Feb 18, 2021
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl, Gorilla Glue for hair was it an accident? , Is Dave Chapelle getting the rights to his show?, ask and idiots and more!
Feb 12, 2021
Port Of Miami
This week Andrew talks about moving to Miami, and why people are leaving New York, Lil Uzi's new head diamond piece, The greatness of Tom Brady, Charlamagne's thoughts on the Lifetime Wendy Williams movie, the alleged Trey Songs "leaked" video, and more!!!
Feb 04, 2021
Thruppleshooting (Ft. WHOREible Decisions)
This week Mandii B and WeezyWTF from WHOREible Decisions podcast join Charlamagne and Andrew in studio and discuss, Joe Biden's inauguration, relationships, What is a Thrupple?, WeezyWTF & Alex discuss opening up their new podcasting studio , and whole lot more!
Jan 21, 2021
To The East
This week the Brilliant Idiots are back in the studio! This episode we talk about the insurrection at the Capital, Trump being silenced on social media, the cost of free speech, the viral video of the white confessing his love for black women, Andrew shares his thoughts about legalizing marijuana in New York, and more!!!
Jan 14, 2021
Before The Coup
Back for 2021! This week Charlamagne and Andrew talk about Andrews near death experience while on vacation, paying taxes, Kim and Kanye West getting a divorce, Thoughts on the movies Soul, Wonder Woman 1 & 2, thoughts on #CapitalRiots that began during this podcast recording, ask an idiot, and more!! If you would like to help out with Mark's niece please visit
Jan 07, 2021
Best Moments of 2020
This week we are revisiting some of our favorite moments on the podcast in 2020.
Dec 31, 2020
Noise Cutterz (Ft. Wayno & Nyla)
Happy Holidays! This week we have Wayno and Nylo filling in for and Andrew who is on vacation and we discuss the top artist and albums of 2020, Having no expectations for 2021, relevancy of radio in music today, black people getting superpowers, who’s taking the Covid-19 vaccine, and more!
Dec 24, 2020
The Ten Clout Commandments
This week Andrew is back! This week In this episode Andrew discuss what he is cooking up for Netflix, Charlamagne talks about signing with signing with iHeart for another 5 years, also we discuss why are people blaming DJ Vlad for Casanova getting arrested, snitching on yourself through social media, Mayweather fighting Logan Paul, Why some people in Staten Island are mad at Pete Davidson, ask an idiot and more!!
Dec 11, 2020
Fairly Odd Planet
This week on the podcast Charlamagne discuss Barack Obama’s message to Democrats on “Good Luck America”, What happened to Nate Robinson in the ring, Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones what its means for boxing, Dave Chapelle opening up about getting taken advantage of at a young age, we get some #askanidiots in, and more!!!
Dec 04, 2020
The Art Of Intention (Ft. Mouse Jones)
Mouse Jones fills in for Andrew Schulz this week and with Charlamagne The God they discuss what is intention, The Versuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy, Tory Lanez, Premium Pete drops in for a few, we do #askanidiot, and more!!!
Nov 19, 2020
M.A.G.A. (Make Adultery Gross Already)
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss learning from your mistakes and being allowed to grow into who you are, Dave Chapelle’s controversial monologue on SNL, Trumps News Network, Ron Desantis making it ok to shoot looters, T.I. comments after King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta, and more!!!
Nov 13, 2020
Liberty Over Luxury
This week Wax makes a special appearance and joins Charlamagne and Andrew to discuss to still ongoing (at time of recording) presidential race. What we have learned from this election, How black people saved the democratic party, where Trump screwed up. How Kanye West wants attention, ask an idiot, and more!!!
Nov 06, 2020
Broke With A Birkin
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Mike Tyson Hotboxin w- Lil Boosie, Birkin bags and who they are for, Andrew tells us how his proposal went, Kanye on Joe Rogan, how police should handle people with mental illness , and more!!!
Oct 29, 2020
This week Charlamagne the God and Andrew Schulz discuss, Preparing to propose to your girlfriend, Young Buck being shot at and nobody careing, What to expect at tonights presidential debate, should Jeffery Toobin be fired for masturbating on a Zoom call, ask an Idiot, and more!!!
Oct 22, 2020
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Bill Burr's monologue on SNL, Trump dancing to YMCA, Lebron getting the respect he deserves, surprise call in from Taxstone, and more!!!
Oct 15, 2020
This Week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the VP debate, Trump getting over COVID-19, Paying teachers their worth, Charlamagne talks about why he was trending and his growth to who he is now, #askanidiot, and more!!!
Oct 09, 2020
Stand Back and Stand By
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the Biden Vs Trump presidential debate, paying taxes, Big Sean, Tory Lanez, ask an idiots, and more!!!
Oct 01, 2020
Broadband Bullies
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the latest with Breanna Taylor case, Trump not wanting to leave office, Chris Rock saying he has NVLD, how much credit should one get, and more!!!
Sep 25, 2020
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Cardi B and Offset getting a divorce, Kamala Harris’s “Tims” , L.A. Clippers, Chris Rock’s article in the New York Times, Andrew Gilium on Tamron Hall show, #AskAnIdiot, and more!!!
Sep 18, 2020
Internal Affairs
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Adrew Schulz are back in the studio together and joined by Wax, they discuss loving your pet dog, Odell Beckem and poop allegations, Charlamagne talks about his new podcast network with iHeatmedia, The Black Effect Network, ask an idiot, and more!!!
Sep 10, 2020
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the RNC, Megan and Tory lanez, disciplining your child, motivation, NBA, and more!!!
Aug 27, 2020
Freedom To Lie
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz talk about the DNC, John Focke's Nuggets typo, DL hughley confronted by Angela Stanton, people after clout being held accountable, ask an Idiots, and more!!!
Aug 20, 2020
All Praises Due To WAP
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Kamala Harris's VP nomination, rapping along to female lyrics, what is sexist?, d*ck talk, Ask An Idiot, and more!!!
Aug 13, 2020
It Is WTF It Is
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss, the NBA bubble, Trumps "It is what it is" comment, Charlamagne clears up some things about his Logic interview, mental illness and depression, and more!!!
Aug 06, 2020
Cooner Than Later
This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the fake docctor video retweeted by Trump, Trumps "Nobody Likes Me" comment, Terry Crews C.O.O.N comment, What makes a good Verzuz battle, and more!!!
Jul 30, 2020
But.....F*#k Em
This week Charlamange tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Trumps "wish her well" comment, Kanye West rally and twitter rant, Trump supporters vs Obama supporters, Meg thee stallion and Tory Lanez mystery, we do ask an idiot, and more!!!
Jul 23, 2020
Tardy Like A Rockstar
This week Charlamagne is back and with Andrew Schulz they discuss Trumps too much testing comment, Nick Canon getting fired, Brilliance of Jill Scott, reparations, and more!!!
Jul 18, 2020
The Pursuit Of Otherpenis
This week is a Flagrant 2 takeover, Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh, Mark, and Alex discuss August Alsina allegations of sleeping with Jada, Kanye West running for president, Polyamorous relationships, 50 Cent Vs T.I. catalog, and more!!!
Jul 09, 2020
Hug A Tree With Me
This week Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss fake sexual accusers, Batman needs black villains, Jimmy Kimmel, are movies theaters dead, Charlamagne talks about his new favorite thing... hugging a tree, we do ask an idiot, and more!!!
Jun 25, 2020
Defund The Tone Police
This week Charlamange Tha God and andrew Schulz discuss influencers doing black face, police reform, Dave Chapelle's special and what he said about Candace Owens, Amanda Seales hosting BET awards, and more!!!
Jun 18, 2020
Feel The Feels
This week Charlamagne and and Andrew talk about what defund the police means, politicians in Kente cloth, Mental health, and Charlamagne talks about the recent passing of his close friend and friend to the podcast JasFly #RIPJasfly
Jun 12, 2020
Pro-Test My Gangsta
This Week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the George Floyd protest, rioting, looting, Blackout Tuesday, Trumps photo-op, Andrew and Charlamange share some childhood memories, white privilege, and lots more!!!
Jun 04, 2020
This week Charlamgne and Andrew discuss Joe Biden's "You aint Black" comments, who he should choose as a running mate, the latest on the quarantine and is it over?, also do ask an idiots and more!!!
May 28, 2020
Rogan Knows Best
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss reopening the country, Joe Rogan going over to spotify, Trump saying that he is taking Hydrocghlorquine, we do some ask an idiots and more!!!
May 21, 2020
Let's Not Discuss
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Tekashi 6ix9ine going back to trolling, Wax drops in and he tells what he's been up to while quarantined in Florida, Boosie, a RIP to Andre Harrell, and more!!!
May 14, 2020
Lift Every Slave Ship
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss quarantined live shows, Joe Biden's black agenda, 50 Cent's comments about his son, People coming for Tyra Banks, The Last Dance doc, bombing comedians, and more!!!
May 07, 2020
Demand If You Do, Demand If You Don’t
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss Diddy saying the black vote isn't free this year, Charlamange talk about his alien encounter, the greatness of Dennis Rodman, and more!!!
Apr 30, 2020
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Michael Jordan Doc, his dominance and legacy, talk about motivation, purpose, also #askanidiot and more!!!
Apr 23, 2020
Total Authority
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss stimulus checks, the latest on coranavirus, quarantine life, presidential race, and more!!!
Apr 16, 2020
Anti Social Distancers
This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race, what life will be like after the quarantine, Tekashi getting out, and more!!!
Apr 09, 2020
Step In The Name Of MILF
This week Charlamagne and Andrew record remotely and discuss the latest with COVID-19, Trumps performance, Cuomo's possible nipple ring, How porn has gotten out of hand, Drake posting his kid, and more!!!
Apr 02, 2020
Covfefe 19
This week on the quarantined edition of Brilliant Idiots, Charlamagne and Andrew discuss the latest on the coronavirus, quarantined life, Donald Trumps performance, what IG live has turned into, Charlamagne address the rumor he's leaving Breakfast Club, and lots more!!!
Mar 26, 2020
Bully & The Beast Podcast: Double The Bully (Feat. Charlamagne Tha God)
Wax was joined by another bully once the original Bully Lorel had to head out, so his problematic friend Charlamagne tha God filled in her seat as the bully! Cthagod helped Wax answer some voicemails and of course was glad to spill some secrets about Wax’s past during the show. Subscribe to Bully & The Beast Podcast
Mar 23, 2020
Six Feet Of Separation (Feat. Wayno & Hovain)
This week Charlamange is joined by Wayno & Hovain and they discuss Coronavirus and whats happening in the country right now. The Coronavirus song Cardi B inspired, comparing rappers to NBA players, Jay Electronica's new album, and more!!!
Mar 19, 2020
Corona Quimby
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss the latest in the presidential race, coronavirus, Dababy viral video, D*** sizes, Harvey Weinstein, and more!!!!
Mar 12, 2020
We Had A Connection (Feat. Humble The Poet)
This week Charlamange The God and Andrew Schulz discuss CoronaVirus, Jack Brewer calling Trump "1st black president" presidential race, Mike Tyson, and more!!!
Mar 05, 2020
Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 6
Episode 6 of Sibling Rivalry Podcast with Lenard Mckelvey and Angela Rye and they discuss the candidates in the presidential race, Super Tuesday, and more!!!
Mar 04, 2020
Fit Fat
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss Fury-Wilder fight, Coronavirus, Deon Cole comments on IG, we do some more #AskAnIdiot, and lots more!!!
Feb 27, 2020
"I’m a Lil T Pot, D!ck and Mouf
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss Lizzo, All-Star Game, Deep Buckets, Black History month being too short, Bloomberg running for president, and more!!!
Feb 20, 2020
Its Never My Fault (Feat. Terrell Owens & Matthew Hatchette)
This Week former NFL players Terrell Owens and Matthew Hatchette join Charlamange and Andrew and discuss what its like to play in the NFL, T.O. addresses some of the controversy he has been through, and lots more!!!
Feb 13, 2020
Stage Five Clingers (Feat. Jason Lee, Lulu, Lala, and Wax)
This week with Andrew out of town Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, Radio personalities Lulu and Lala, and Wax join Charlamane Tha God and discuss relationships, Jay-z Beyonce not standing for national anthem, Gervonta Davis, Jason talks about his new book and more!!!
Feb 06, 2020
Mentality Of Mamba (Feat. Russ)
This week Charlamange The God and Andrew Schulz discuss the loss of Kobe Bryant, social media’s short attention span, Russ drops by to talk about his come up, his new album, plans for the future, and more!!!!
Jan 30, 2020
This week its our 300th episode! Thank you to all the fans that listen even week! This episode Charlamange and Andrew discuss validation, what going on with the royal family, did Wendy Williams pass gas on air? Atlanta's influence on hip hop, British hip hop, and lots more!!!
Jan 23, 2020
USS D*%K Talk
This week Charlamnge Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss the Democratic debates, Antonio Brown, foreskin, interviewing Will smith and Martin, Trick Daddy's mugshot, and more!!!
Jan 16, 2020
Bob O’Marley
Happy New Year! For the first episode of 2020 Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss, Trump and Iran, Kevin Hart, Chet Hanks, and much more!!!
Jan 09, 2020
Best Of 2019
Best Of 2019 by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz
Jan 02, 2020
Happy Holidays! This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discusss worthiness, Dababy going viral, Eddie Murphy on SNL, we do #askanIdiot, and more!!!
Dec 26, 2019
Hyper Bowl
This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Tekashi's sentencing, Trump impeachment, CTG's interview with Meek Mill, Fake kidnapping in NY, and more!!!
Dec 19, 2019
Scarfs & Hip Hop (Feat. Wayno and Nyla Symone)
This week Chalamange is joined by Wayno and Nyla Symone and they discuss, Nick Canon Vs Eminem, Top rappes of the decade, Kanye West, Lizzo's oufit, RIP Juice Wrld, and more!!!
Dec 13, 2019
Honey I Shrunk The D*#KS
This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Charlamange's comments on Serge Ibaka's cooking show, men being faithful, D*ck size anxiety, Kamala Harris dropping out of the presidential race, and more!!!
Dec 05, 2019
Champagne and Troubles (Feat. Bonang Matheba And Flame Monroe)
Champagne and Troubles (Feat. Bonang Matheba And Flame Monroe) by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz
Nov 28, 2019
Atlantic Ocean 11
This week Charlamange tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss Colin Kaepernick , Rodney Reed and Amanda Seales, Kanye West and more!!!
Nov 21, 2019
When They Smell Us (Feat. Blac Youngsta)
When They Smell Us (Feat. Blac Youngsta) by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz
Nov 14, 2019
HymenPhone Check 1-2-1-2 (Feat. Aida Rodriguez & Erik Rivera)
This week Aida Rodriguez and Erik Rivera drop by the podcast and with Charlamagne and Andrew they discuss hispanics in media, afro latinas, T.I. comments about taking his daughter to the gynecologist, and lots more!!!
Nov 08, 2019
I Am DoleWhite
Happy Bornday Andrew Schulz!! This weeks the guys discuss Kanye's new album, bad Halloween costume ideas, parenting, politics, and much!!!
Oct 31, 2019
85 Dixxx (Feat. 85 South)
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss Tan;'s comments on Lip Servie, Cthagod talks baout his Gucci Mane interview that went viral, 85 South comes on and hilarity ensues, and much more.
Oct 24, 2019
China Limes (Feat. Jo Koy)
This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss, Lebron comments on Hong Kong, democratic debates, Mental health, Jo Koy drops by, and much more!!!
Oct 17, 2019
Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 05
This week Angela Rye and Lenard McKelvey discuss Tyler Perry's success, doing hard work, Trump impeachment inquiry, whats gonion in Hong Kong, democratic debates preview, and much more!!!! Subscribe to Sibling Rivalry on iTunes:…st/id1466787788 Soundcloud:
Oct 16, 2019
Back To One (Feat, DJ Hed)
This week DJ Hed drops by with Charlamange The God and Andrew Schulz and they discus the new Joker movie, Charlamange talks his experience at the Tyler Perry studios and meeting Bill Clinton, Andrew drinking out of a shortchanged in Australia, and much more!!!
Oct 10, 2019
Lateness Is The Key (Feat . Ryan Holiday)
Andrew is back from Australia, Ryan Holiday drops by to talk the meaning of his latest book "Stillness Is Key", life lessons, hot topics, and much more!!!
Oct 04, 2019
Lies Next Door (Feat. Guys Next Door Podcast)
Andrew is out in Australia so the Guys Next Door podcast (Mouse Jones, Mack Wilds, and FlyRy) fills in for Andrew and with Charlamange Tha God they discuss Telashi 69's snitching, parenting, who should and shouldn't start a podcast, and much more!!!
Sep 26, 2019
This Is They
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Bill Maher and fat shaming, Killer Mike at Revolt, gay weddings, Tim Tebow's comments and lots more
Sep 19, 2019
Listen To The Lisp
This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss eating helathy, Antonio Brown's week, what is freedom, and lots more!!!
Sep 12, 2019
Heaven Yelp Me (Feat. Kaz and Akaash)
This Week the Flagrant 2 boys Kaz & Akaash stop by with Charlamange and Andrew and they discuss, Malik Yoba’a comments, Charlamange talks about being on HBO’s The Shop and the conversations the episode started, and more!!!
Sep 05, 2019
Choke The Chicken
This week Andrew and Charlamange talk about Chappelle's new special, chicken sandwich wars, Andrew talk about he new comedy special, more chicken, Kapernick, chicken, people being critical of Jay-z, charlamange eats some chicken, and more!!! Check out Andrew Schulz's "The Crowd Work" special on youtube
Aug 29, 2019
Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 04
This week Angela Rye and Lenard discuss Kapernick, Jay-z and the NFL, Popeyes and tHe power of social media, Jean Cramer's racist comments and more!!!! Subscribe to Sibling Rivalry on iTunes:…st/id1466787788 Soundcloud:
Aug 28, 2019
A Star Is Born (Feat. Star Brim)
This week Star Brim sits in with CThaGod and Andrew and talks about growing up in Brooklyn, being in locked up, life lessons she's learned, how she became friends Cardi B, Humble the Poet drops in too, and more!!!
Aug 22, 2019
Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 03
Head over to and subscribe to stay up to date.
Aug 20, 2019
Piston Honda (Feat. Jah & Aida Rodriguez)
Andrew is back from Japan, Jah (@HipHopObama) & Comedian Aida Rodriguez stop by and discuss Jay-Z's deal with the NFL, Kapernick, Andrew talk about his Japan experience, Jeffery Epstein conspiracy, latest in politics, and more!!!
Aug 15, 2019
MEN TOO Feat. Jas Waters (JasFly)
This week Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne Tha God are joined by Jas Waters (@JasFLy) and discuss sexual consent, #MenToo movement, Andrew gets some things off his chest about the Aziz Ansari situation, and Jas Waters talks about the moment that changed he life, writing for TV, and more!!
Jan 18, 2018
The Carmichael Podcast (w/ Jerrod Carmichael)
Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne Tha God sit with Jerrod Carmichael and discuss challenging people through comedy, offensive jokes, dealing with a social media world, why is Jerrod a TransOldHead and more!!
Mar 10, 2016
No Value In Shock (with Lil Rel)
Charlamagne tha God and Andrew Schulz kick it with comedian Lil Rel of Tru TV's "Friend of The People." They discuss Chris Rock on SNL, how far is too far and if there's value in being shocking. Charlamange also discuss what's making his marriage great, while Rel breaks down what led to his ending. And much more !! Enter "Brilliant" at to start your fantasy team. Go to and get 20% off your first order.
Nov 06, 2014