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By Jordan Grumet (Doc G)

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What are the conversations that help you Earn and Invest in your future so you can make the best decisions today? Dive into wide-ranging panel discussions on Monday and individual interviews on Thursday that will help you question and refine your financial moves. While we won't always find answers, we will show you the questions you should ask to find a richer path to financial independence.

Episode Date
341. Addiction, Recovery, and Grace w/ Marisa Vitali

We talk heroin addiction with Marisa Vitali as depicted in her short film Grace. How do we engage with those in recovery whether drug abuse or other issues like a spending addiction.  We also touch on the financial topics associated with filmmaking. 

Aug 11, 2022
340. How to Money on How to Move w/ Matt Altmix and Joel Larsgaard

How do you know when it is time to move...and how do you know what to look for when you are moving? We talk with Joel and Matt from the podcast How to Money about making this big decision. We discuss the financial as well as life hacks involved. 

Aug 08, 2022
339. Trippin on Financial Independence w/ Douglas Tsoi

Douglas Tsoi is a spiritual director as well as part of the financial independence community. On this episode we speak with his experiences with psychedelics and how they have effected his thinking and its effect on how he deals with money and work. 

Aug 04, 2022
338. Are You Ready to Take Stock of Your Life? w/ JL Collins and Jordan Grumet

This is our book launch episode for Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life. JL Collins interviews me about the book, life, and living without regrets. Buy the book here.

Aug 01, 2022
337. Were the Stoics Right About Money w/ Vitaliy Katsenelson

Among other things, Vitaliy Katsenelson's new book, Soul in the Game, dives deep in to stoic philosophy and money. Were the stoics right? Vitaliy thinks so, and after listening to this episode, you may too. We cover how the stoic philosophers saw money and how this can benefit you.

Jul 28, 2022
336. Inviting God Into Your Rich Life w/ Bob and Linda Lotich

Bob and Linda Lotich are the hosts of the Seedtime Money Podcast and their new book Simple Money, Rich Life discusses the role of Christianity in finanes. We talk shame, guilt, giving, and how finances fit into our religious (or non religious) lives. 

Jul 25, 2022
335. The Cost of Burnout w/ Jimmy Turner

I talk with Jimmy Turner, The Physician Philosopher, about burnout both in medicine and careers in general. His book, Determined: How Burned Out Doctors Can Thrive in a Broken medical System. What is the cost to employees and employers? 

Jul 21, 2022
334. When it Comes to Financial Independence are you the Turtle or the Hare? w/ Stephen Chen, Nate Wilson, and Michelle Dash

When it comes to financial independence are you the turtle or the hare? How important are your financial goals and how quickly do you want to get there? In this episode, we talk to Stephen Chen, Michelle Dash, and Nate Wilson from New Retirement about their careers and aspirations.

Jul 18, 2022
333. Should your investments do more than just make money? w/ Chris Mamula Rewind

Should you be investing in ESG funds? Should your investments do more than just make money? We discuss these issues with Chris Mamula of Can I Retire Yet?.  This is a rewind episode from over a year ago. 

Jul 14, 2022
332. Rewind-Has FIRE Evolved w/ JL Collins, Brad Barrett, and Jillian Johnsrud

On this rewind episode we talk with JL Collins, Brad Barrett, and Jillian Johnsrud about how and if the FIRE movement has evolved. And more importantly, if you are part of this movement, have you evolved. Enjoy this rewind episode and don't forget to preorder my book, Taking Stock.


Jul 11, 2022
331. How to Invest When the Sky is Falling w/ Joseph Hogue

Is the sky falling? We talk with Joseph Hopue (Let's Talk Money) about investing strategies in this high inflation recession threatening environment. Is now the time to change your strategy or stick to your investment plan? Is this time different? 

Jul 07, 2022
330. From hand to Mouth to a Real Life Instagram Meme

James and Emily Lowery are the couple behind the instagram account and blog Rethink the Rat Race.  They discuss their Instagram life. Is it real or a glitz version of reality? In this episode we discuss early financial independence, remote real estate management, and digital entrepreneurship. 

Jul 04, 2022
329. Can You Escape the Taxman w/ Robert Farrington

Can you escape the taxman? Although you may think the answer is no, we talk today with Robert Farrington of The College Investor about health savings account. Once used immediately for a tax break on healthcare costs, now they have become almost magical retirement accounts. Hear how!

Jun 30, 2022
328. Bonus Episode: Taking Stock Now Available for Preorder w/ Jordan Grumet (and JL Collins)

Preorders are now available for Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life.  Plus, get a first listen to the book trailer and listen all the way to the end to hear an excerpt of JL Collins interviewing me. Also, I announce our book launch party on Aug 19, 2022 in Longmont Colorado at MMHQ.

Jun 28, 2022
327. Invest Better With the XX Edge w/ Patience Marime-Ball and Dr. Ruth Shaber

We argue for equity and diversity in the workplace and the entrepreneurial world because it is absolutely the right thing to do both ethically and morally. Patience Marime-Ball and Dr. Ruth Shaber, in their new book The XX Edge, also argue, however, that it will lead to more profits and innovation. Learn the many benefits of gender equity and equality. 

Jun 27, 2022
326. The Accidental Entrepreneur w/ Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez didn't plan on being an entrepreneur at the beginning of her career. Yet, she found her passion for her 9 to 5 flagging and started a creative side hustle around her love of cooking. Fast forward years later, she is a six figure entrepreneur with her personal finance platform Yo Quiero Dinero

Jun 23, 2022
325. Do Purpose and Entrepreneurship Mix? w/ Ankur Delight, Shannon Hayes, and Leisa Peterson

What is the relationship between purpose and entrepreneurship? Should there be.  We discuss with Shannon Hayes, Ankur Delight, and Leisa Peterson the pros and cons of bringing in meaning and purpose in to our business ventures. Some of their opinions may surprise you.

Jun 20, 2022
324. How a Mini-Retirement Becomes a Lifestyle w/ Patrick Schulte

Patrick Schulte is the creator of one of the oldest sailing blogs still active called Bumfuzzle. He turned a mini-retirement and youthful adventure into a lifestyle. Hear how he did this and how he funds his travel with options trading. 

Jun 16, 2022
323. Is it Time to Cash Out? w/ Julien and Kiersten Saunders

Julien and Kiersten Saunders are the creators of the rich & REGULAR platform. Their new book, Cashing Out, is a provocative discourse on the shortcomings of corporate America for people of color as well as everyone else. A must read. Listen as we discuss how to know when it is time to cash out. 

Jun 13, 2022
322. Pay Yourself Last w/ Jeremy Schneider

Jeremy Schneieder became financially independent instantaneously when he sold his company for seven figures. Yet, even before, he had subscribed to a series of good financial habits which he enjoyed sharing with friends. he started the Personal Finance Club to help others manage their finances. 

Jun 09, 2022
321. Are You Making Money in Your Sleep w/ Julie Berninger and Cody Berman

Can you really make money while yopu sleep? Julie berninger and Cody Berman of Gold City Ventures say "absolutely". In this episode we discuss passive income, side hustles, and entrepreneurship. Is the four hour work week achievable? Listen to find out. 

Jun 06, 2022
320. The Ten Questions to Invest Successfully w/ David Stein

David Stein's award winning platform, Money For The Rest Of Us, has been teaching people how to invest for years. In this episode we talk about his ten questions to master successful investing. Lot's of investing pearls on this episode. 

Jun 02, 2022
319. The Simple Joy of Frugality w/ Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni

Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni, the cohosts of the Frugal Friends Podcast, discuss the simple joys of frugality, the difference between frugality and cheap, and many other great topics. They are hosting the Frugal Friends Summit June 27-30 (Spending Symposium).

May 30, 2022
318. Vicki Robin on What Could Possibly Go Right

Vicki Robin, famed author of Your Money Or Your Life, has been asking cultural scouts, on her podcast, what could possibly go right. In this episode we discuss how she has evolved from her initial passion for financial independence to much, much more.

May 26, 2022
317. Is Slow FI the Real YOLO

What the heck is Slow FI? What does it have to do with YOLO? And why should this be important to you? Jessica Lynn and Heidi Dusek answer these questions and more on this Monday episode. Learn how to both defer gratification and enjoy today.

May 23, 2022
316. Is Spending Your Drug of Choice? w/ Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman was a drug addiction specialist and counselor. When addressing her own personal finances, she realized that she showed similar characteristics when it came to spending. Is spending your drug of choice? It was Lauren's. Listen how she bounced back. 

May 19, 2022
315. 3D Finance:The Power of FinTalks w/ Amberly Grant, Mark Trautman, and Monique Smaby

We are used to learning about finance in a 2D world. Maybe we read books, blogs, or listen to podcasts. Well, in the midst of COVID, Amberly Grant decided to start a series of zoom gatherings to talk money. She is joined by Mark Trautman and Monique Smaby to discuss the power of FinTalks.

May 16, 2022
314. How to Become a YouTube Star and Earn Passive Income (Rewind) w/ Erika Kulberg
Erika Kulberg started her professional career as a high powered corporate lawyer. Yet, she always had an entrepreneurial bent, and by the time she paid off her law school loans, she was ready to build a passive income empire. Listen to hear how she pursued digital entrepreneurship and became a YouTube star.
May 12, 2022
313. The Benefits of Expensive Living (Rewind) w/ Farnoosh Torabi, Jamila Souffrant, Bobbi Rebell, and Cathleen Hutchins

Why settle down in a high cost of living area?  Farnoosh TorabiJamila SouffrantBobbi Rebell, and Cathleen Hutchins discuss the pros and cons of living in New York and Hawaii.  Check out this rewind episode that is as relevant today as it was when it originally aired.

May 09, 2022
312. A New Approach to Building Wealth w/ Vincent Pugliese

You ever wonder why your business or personal ventures are unsuccessful? According to my guest, Vincent Pugliese, it may be because you are lacking wealth in a very important category: connection. His book, The Wealth of Connection, tells us why.

May 05, 2022
311. How to Make Your Job Disposable w/ Trip of a Lifestyle

Is your job disposable? Could you leave it at any time? Why not? In this episode we talk with Steven and Lauren of Trip of a Lifestyle about the advantages of not relying on work to experience ultimate freedom. 

May 02, 2022
310. From Legally Blind Athlete to Entrepreneur w/ Aaron Golub

We all can look back at the struggles in our lives and see how far we have come. Aaron Golub was determined to play football although he is legally blind. On this episode we talk about his successes and failures and what it taught him about entrepreneurship. 

Apr 28, 2022
309. This Team Teaches Novices How to Real Estate w/ Craig Curelop, Bryan Balducki, and Alexa Ferguson

Have you ever wondered how to get into real estate but were afraid of making mistakes. If you are lucky enough to live in Denver, you can engage the FI Team. This group of real estate agents will teach you how to achieve financial independence through rental real estate. 

Apr 25, 2022
308. The Creator of the Sharper Image Wants to Make You a Sharper Investor w/ Richard Thalheimer
He created one of the largest magazine and in shop sales businesses of consumer electronics. Now Richard Thalheimer wants to teach you how to make outsized equity returns with options investing. Should we listen as index investors?
Apr 21, 2022
307. Can You Teach Financial Wellness w/ JL Collins, Jessica Collins, Doug Nordman, and Carol Pittner

Can you truly teach financial wellness? Even if someone is not ready to hear? We discuss with father and daughter duos JL and Jessica Collins, and Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner. Hear the trials and tribulations of well intentioned dads and their much smarter daughters.

Apr 18, 2022
306: How to Prepare for a Windfall w/ Matt Richter
Matt Richter won six figures on the Swiss version of the gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This early windfall at the age of 21 taught him much about money management and how to deal with windfalls. You might not win a gameshow, but anything from a raise to an inheritance can leave you wondering what to do. 
Apr 14, 2022
305. Don't Fail to Financially Launch Your Child w/ Bobbi Rebell

Whether you are a parent or a child, cleaving familial financial bonds can be a major step to adulthood. In this episode, we talk with Bobbi Rebell the author of Launching Financial Grownups. Will there be a failure to launch?

Apr 11, 2022
304. Why Radonda Vaught Should Matter to You w/ Nii Darko, Renee Darko, Nisha Mehta, Paulene Nosenas, and Naseema McElroy
The Radonda Vaught case has far reaching implications to not only doctors and nurses but the American public in general. Why should this case about criminal negligence matter to you? Take a listen to our emotional discussion with panelists Renee and Nii Darko, Nisha Mehta, Paulene Nosenas, and Naseema McElroy.
Apr 07, 2022
303. Is Multi-level Marketing a Scam? w/ Jen Smith, Rachel Richards, and Ken George
Have you ever been enticed by a business that sounded too good to be true? Many are convinced that that is exactly what multi-level marketing or MLM's are. We discuss these notorious entities with Jen Smith, Rachel Richards, and Ken George.
Apr 04, 2022
302. Why Does the Stock Market Go Up? w/ Brian Feroldi
How many of us are confused by the stock market? Today we discuss why the stock market goes up with Brian Feroldi of The Motley Fool. His new book is well worth a read and elucidates the finer points of why our system works the way it does.
Mar 31, 2022
301. Managing Extraordinary Financial Needs w/ William McVey and Kerry Chevalier

Reaching financial independence is hard enough, what if your obstacles were extra ordinary? In this episode we discuss with William McVey and Kerry Chevalier pursuing financial independence with special needs children. 

Mar 28, 2022
300. Can You Retire In These Uncertain Times? w/ Mark Miller
How do we know if now is the right time to retire in these uncertain times? We discuss with retirement expert and journalist, Mark Miller, the risks and benefits of putting off this difficult decision.
Mar 24, 2022
299. Wealthy People Invest in Farmland, Should You? w/ Dax Cooke and Peter Badger
Dax Cooke started Farmfolio and hired Peter Badger to bring all the benefits of agriculture and farmland to your average investor. In this episode we discuss farmland as an investment and how Farmfolio has packaged it for investors. 
Mar 21, 2022
298. Overcoming Distractions to Focus on Things That Matter w/ Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker is well known for the Becoming minimalist platform and for being a best selling author. His forthcoming book, Things That Matter, helps us learn how to overcome distractions in our path to happiness. 

Mar 17, 2022
297. What Can Change With Your Finances in One Year? w/ Jennifer Mah, Chad Methner, Ashleigh Evans
What could change with your finances over one short year?  2021 was a shock to the system with COVID, The Great Resignation, and tons of uncertainty. Today, community members Jennifer Mah, Chad Methner, and Ashleigh Evans discuss big life changes over the last 12 months. 
Mar 14, 2022
296. How to Supercharge Your Retirement w/ Paul Merriman and Richard Buck

In this rewind episode we revisit how to supercharge your retirement with Paul Merriman and Richard Buck. Their most recent book highlights how to augment basic market returns. 

Mar 10, 2022
295. Rewind: Can Anyone Reach Financial Independence w/ Paula Pant, Millennial Revolution, Jillian Johnsrud, and Carl Jensen

In this rewind episode we discuss with Paula Pant, Millennial Revolution, Jillian Johnsrud, and Carl Jensen about what it takes to reach financial independence. Can those in poverty strive for this audacious goal? 

Mar 07, 2022
294. Reversing the Hidden Cost of being a Woman w/ Vrinda Gupta

Many people have heard of the pink tax but few are aware of how profoundly it effects women's lives. In this episode we discuss how to reverse the hidden costs of being a women. She is founder and CEO at Sequin a company that helps women get the credit they deserve. 

Mar 03, 2022
293. They Teach Women (and Men) How To Invest in Real Estate w/ Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli

Liz and Andresa were big fans of The Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing platform but felt something was missing. They started The Real Estate InvestHER community to help women learn about not only buying and selling property but also how to run a business. 

Feb 28, 2022
292. Making 17k a Month by Giving Students Affordable Housing w/ Ryan Chaw
Ryan Chaw decided early in his career as a pharmacist that he never wanted to depend on a boss or supervisor. So he bought and rented single family homes on college campuses. His resultant "side hustle" provides over 17k a month of revenue. 
Feb 24, 2022
291. Find Your Community and Go With Less w/ Tim and Amy Rutherford
Tim and Amy are nomads who created the Go With Less Facebook Community. As they travel the world they meetup with like minded individuals and stumbled upon a community that they didn't even know they had. How did they do that?
Feb 21, 2022
290. What a Revolution Taught Her About Recession Proofing Her Portfolio w/ Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial, the Invest Diva, was the child of Iranian parents who suffered greatly from a revolution in their country and lost almost everything. When she came to United States, she quickly lost her job and suffered economic turmoil. These lessions helped her develop a plan to recession proof her portfolio. And you can too. 

Feb 17, 2022
289. Can the Military Teach Civilians how to be Millionaires? w/ David Pere and Alex Felice
So you're not in the military. It ever interested you. But have you ever wondered what those in the military could teach you about accumulating wealth. We talk with David Pere and Alex Felice from the Military to Millionaire podcast and platform.
Feb 14, 2022
288. Can a Conference Change Your Life-Chautauqua 2022 w/ JL Collins, Bryce and Kristy, and Alan and Katie Donegan

Can a conference change your life? One certainly did for me. We talk with JL Collins, Alan and Katie Donegan, And Bryce and Kristy (Millennial Revolution) about Chautauqua 2022. I happen to be one of the two speakers (First week Sept 3-Sept10)!

Feb 10, 2022
287. Questioning The Four Percent Rule w/ Christine Benz

How do you decide when you have enough money? Traditionally people have relied on the four percent rule. Christine Benz and Morningstar recently shared research that suggests that 3.3% may be more appropriate. What do you think? 

Also, if you are a fan of the Earn & Invest Podcast and want to help me spread the word about my upcoming book...become a part of our ground team. It costs nothing and there are many benefits. 

Feb 07, 2022
286. The Two Basic Sins of Financial Advising w/ Josh Bannerman aka OG
Today we discuss everything financial advising with Josh Bannerman aka OG from The Stacking Benjamins Show. What are the two basic sins of financial advising? Find out on this episode and much much more. 
Feb 03, 2022
285. Ask Doc G Anything w/ Gwen Merz, Walli Miller, and Kenny George

This is our yearly ask me anything segment. Gwen Merz, Walli Miller, and Kenny George bring community questions about me, podcasting, and personal finance.  This is a fun episode. Hope you enjoy. 

Jan 31, 2022
284. How to Maximize Your Single Season w/ Anthony ONeal

We have Anthony ONeal back on to discuss his new course about preparing in our single season. Are you (or did you) financially prepare as a single person for being in a relationship? Join our wide ranging discussion about how we traverse the different seasons of our life.  

Jan 27, 2022
283. Learning Finance from Behind the Camera w/ Travis Shakespeare and Brian Quist

How does the act of creation affect you? We discuss what filmmakers Travis Shakespeare and Brian Quist learned behind the camera about personal finance. They discuss their financial trajectories and describe their projects in the financial independence space.

Jan 24, 2022
282. She Borrowed From her 401k to Pay for a Mentor w/ Choyo Wilson Daniel

Choyo Wilson Daniel grew up spending recklessly but never getting ahead. When her house ended up in foreclosure, she decided it was time to make a change. We talk mentoring, the money mindset, and how to get ahead. 

Jan 20, 2022
281. What FIRE and The Great Resignation Can Teach Each Other w/ Bitches Get Riches and Kiersten Saunders

On today's episode we talk to three people who have had a recent career identity crisis and the changes they have made or in the process of making. Join Jess and Lauren from Bitches Get Riches and Kiersten Saunders as we discuss what Fire and The Great Resignation can teach each other.

Jan 17, 2022
280. Is Your Electrician Making More than You? w/ Tinian Crawford

What is the best path to entrepreneurship? Many fail to consider trade school. On this episode, Tinian Crawford discusses his decision to go to trade school and how it eventually led to entrepreneurship and financial independence. 

Jan 13, 2022
279. How Much Should You Share? (Explicit) w/ Paula Pant and Rich Jones

How much should you share in your business and in your personal social media profiles? What is the difference between authenticity and vulnerability? Rich Jones (Paychecks and Balances, The Mental Wealth Show) and Paula Pant (Afford Anything) tackle these difficult questions with stories from their own lives.   

Jan 10, 2022
278. What are your Biggest Financial Hurdles (Rewind) w/ Bradley Finn, Rachel Fazio, Brenda Olmos, and John Stoj

In this rewind episode we discuss with four community members their biggest financial hurdles. What will hold you back in 2022 and how will you overcome it? Listen to Brad, Rachel, Brenda, and John tell their stories. 

Jan 06, 2022
Bonus Episode-Doc G Talks about the Future of E&I

Happy New Year. This is a short bonus episode that gives me a chance to talk to all of you about not only 2021 but also my plans for 2022. Thank you for being part of the Earn & Invest community.

Jan 05, 2022
277. Getting in Shape for 2022 Both Fiscally and Physically (Rewind) w/ Chris Mamula, Helene Massicotte, and James Lowery

Are you planning  on getting in shape for 2022? Physically? Fiscally? What role does physical health play in financial independence. Listen to this rewind episode with Chris Mamula, Helene Massicotte, and James Lowery.

Jan 03, 2022
276. How a 20 Year Veteran of the Table, Bar, and Pole Became Financially Independent w/ Barbara Sloan of Tipped Finance

Barbara Sloan is the writer behind Tipped Finance and is a 20 year veteran of the table, bar, and pole. She has had almost every tipped job available and used them to propel to her to financial independence. 

Dec 30, 2021
275. The Seven Biggest Financial Headlines of 2021 w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and Jen Smith

What were the seven big financial headlines of 2021? We discuss with Joe Saul-Sehy of The Stacking Benjamins Podcast and Jen Smith from The Frugal Friends Podcast what happened this year and if it surprised us. Take a listen! 

Dec 27, 2021
274. How to do Hard Things w/ Half of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson

How do you do hard things?  Create a life with another person, build a business, or even start a podcast? We interview Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting on a topic that he covered during his own 800th episode. Please note that this episode touches on mental health and suicide. 

Dec 23, 2021
273. Can an App Speed Your Path to Financial Independence w/ Grant Sabatier and Logan Leckie

Today we talk fintech with Grant Sabatier and Logan Leckie. They are working on a new financial independence app called Topia. We talk FIRE, app building, and entrepreneurship. Can an app speed your path to financial independence?

Dec 20, 2021
272. How Amateurs Beat the Stock Market Pros w/ Brian Feroldi

We talk today with Brian Feroldi of The Motley Fool about the expected volatility of the equity markets over the next decade. Should you stick with index investing? Should you branch out? How do you beat the pros? 

Dec 16, 2021
271. Don't Wait Decades to Avoid Burnout w/ The FI Couple

We think of burnout occurring decades into a job, but many people are having these feelings as early as a few years in. Josh and Ali of The FI Couple found themselves in this unenviable situation. Listen to this episode to find out what they did about it and how it is going.  

Dec 13, 2021
270. The Five Tax Questions You Must Ask Yourself w/ Sean Mullaney

Although everyone at this time of year is focusing on end of year tax moves, there are things we all should be doing regardless of what month it is. We talk the difference between tactics and strategy with Sean Mullaney, The FI Tax Guy. What are the five questions we must ask ourselves?

Dec 09, 2021
269. Make Six Figures by Freelance Writing w/ Paulette Perhach, Emily Guy Birken, and Ben Luthi

Have you ever considered being a financial freelance writer? Believe it or not, you don't have to be a trained writer to make a six figure living. Learn the secrets, tips, and tricks from Paulette Perhach, Emily Guy Birken, and Ben Luthi.

Dec 06, 2021
268. How to be First to a Million w/ Dan Sheeks

Today's guest is Dan Sheeks author of the new book: First to a Million. Should high school kids be educated about the financial independence movement? Should adults? We discuss with Dan when financial education should begin.  

Dec 02, 2021
267. The Keys to Wealth: Securitization and Syndication w/ Scott Lynn and Stephanie Walter

In the past, the highest returns for alternative investments were reserved for the ultrawealthy, banks, and big businesses. Now through securitization and syndication both art work and real estate are becoming available to most investors. Join Scott Lynn of Masterworks and Stephanie Walter of Erbe Wealth discuss these new opportunities. 

Nov 29, 2021
266. Only the Most Important Hacks w/ Chris Hutchins

We discuss all the hacks with Chris Hutchins, serial entrepreneur and podcaster. We look at his history in the startup world and he tells what were some of his most important mindset shifts. 

Nov 25, 2021
265. Would You Go Homeless to Pay Off Debt? w/ Cynthia Yeh and Christal Pearson

What would you do to pay off debt? Cynthia Yeh lived in her car for months. Christal Pearson had to decide how to pay for a car but her credit report was abysmal. Listen as these panelists talk about paying off six figure debt and what they learned in the process. 

Nov 22, 2021
264. Why You Should Get a Second Passport, Eh? w/ Brandon Miller

Should you get a second passport? Well, Brandon Miller thinks you should and specifically wants to help you come to Canada. He shares the secret to submitting a successful permanent residence application and why you should. 

Nov 18, 2021
263. Crypto Smackdown w/ Alan Donegan, Barney Whiter, and Jen Smith

Alan Donegan recently wrote an article about why not to invest in crypto. Barney Whiter, The Escape Artist, however, has had a change of heart. Listen as they try to convince Jen Smith and I whether to get in to this controversial asset class.

Nov 15, 2021
262. How to be a Wallet Activist w/ Tanja Hester

How do we use all this knowledge and economic fuel we have gained by being financially savvy? This week we discuss with Tanja Hester how to be a wallet activist and use our financial power to do less harm and improve the world.

Nov 11, 2021
261. From Poverty to Millionaire w/ Jen Smith, Walli Miller, and Tony Bradshaw

We discuss the move from poverty to millionaire with Tony Bradshaw, Walli Miller, and Jen Smith. We talk about how our upbringing affects our ability to amass wealth. Is becoming a millionaire a possibility for everyone? 

Nov 08, 2021
260. Mr. Money Mustache and his Controversial Tweet (Rewind)

In this rewind episode we revisit a controversial tweet from Mr. Money Mustache, Pete Adeney, regarding COVID. Although this originally aired during the height of the pandemic, many of the issues discussed are very relevant today. 

Nov 04, 2021
259. Financially Coping With the Ultimate Loss (Rewind)

On this rewind episode we revisit how to financially cope with the death of a loved one. Panelists Michelle Cooper, Russ Thornton, William McVey, and Chelsea Brennan dive into this difficult yet important topic. 

Nov 01, 2021
258. How to Write a Book and Teach Young Kids About Money w/ Rob Phelan

Rob Phelan wrote M is for Money to teach his child as well as other 3-8 year olds about money and to remove shame, guilt, and doubt from this conversation. We not only talk about teaching kids but also delve into the process of writing a children's book.

Oct 28, 2021
257. Telling Our Financial Stories From CampFI Southwest 2021

This is a crossover episode on both the Stacking Benjamins Podcast as well as Earn & Invest. Joe Saul-Sehy and I interview CampFI Southwest participants about their unique financial stories. We cover starting too late, the expat life, and tackling huge amounts of debt. 

Oct 25, 2021
256. How to Simulate Stock Market Success w/ Myles Gage of Rapunzl

Understanding the stock market is something that even the most savvy investors struggle with. Myles Gage helped create the Rapunzl app to teach young students (especially from underserved areas) this important skill. 

Oct 21, 2021
255. Does Gig Work Suck? w/ Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix

Does gig work suck? Joel and Matt of the How to Money podcast join me to talk about their recent episode about the insidious nature of gig work. We talk the good, bad, and ugly. They also provide some tips about how to utilize the asset most effectively. 

Oct 18, 2021
254. From Vancouver to the Tip of South America, Lessons on money and relationships w/ John Timmins

John Timmins bought a beat up motorcycle and took off on an epic journey from Vancouver to the tip of South America. He not only recovered from personal trauma but learned valuable lessons about money and personal relationships. 

Oct 14, 2021
253. What They've Learned From 300 Millionaires Worth Over a Billion Dollars w/ Clark Sheffied and Jace Mattinson

Haven't you always wanted to peak under the hood and see how others handle their money? Especially millionaires? We discuss money management with the hosts of the Millionaires Unveiled podcast about what they've learned after interviewing over 300 millionaires worth more than a billion dollars. 

Oct 11, 2021
252. Feeling Rich on Less Than 20K/Year w/ Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes is on a mission to redefine rich. She is a 3rd generation farmer and entrepreneur who has learned to live a more intentional, more wealthy life. In this far ranging conversation we discuss everything from the passive income to writing your own quality of life statement. 

Oct 07, 2021
251. Is Now The Time to Become a Digital Nomad w/ Gabby Wallace, Amberly Grant, and Kitty Walders

Is now the time to become a digital nomad? No doubt the pandemic has made working remotely more possible than ever. What are the pros and cons? Is burnout an issue? What are the economics like? We answer these questions and more with panelists Gabby Wallace, Amberly Grant, and Kitty Walders.

Oct 04, 2021
250. How to Fill a Need in the Market w/ Gene Guarino

Gene Guarino found that when his mom underwent a health crisis and needed assisted living, the options were not up to his standards. So what choice did he have? He created the kind of establishment not available on the market and unwittingly sparked an incredibly successful business. Learn about opening assisted livings and more on this wide ranging episode. 

Sep 30, 2021
249. When Real Estate Goes Bad w/ JL Collins, Gwen Merz, and Paul Thompson

There is a myth that real estate investing is always profitable. The truth is, that there are a number of us who haven't found the path to be so easy. We join JL Collins, Gwen Merz, and Paul Thompson on a journey of real estate success and failures. We also discuss JL's new book, How I Lost Money In Real Estate Before it was Fashionable

Sep 27, 2021
248. Investing Tips From The Gambler w/ Chris Hanna

Chris Hanna eschewed Wall Street to become a professional blackjack player. From there he entered the gig economy and studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is now a financial advisor and coach and brings the various lessons he learned to help you manage your money. You got to know when to holdem!

Sep 23, 2021
247. Old vs New School Financial Independence Live From CampFI Midwest 2021

This episode was taped live at CampFI Midwest 2021. We discuss old school vs new school FI. How has the community and movement evolved. Hear some standard bearers for the movement plus many new voices to our community. Why come to a CampFI? Listen to this episode to understand why.

Sep 20, 2021
246. Ask Bigger Questions w/ Diania Merriam of The Econome Conference

Are you asking the bigger questions now? Diania Merriam discovered financial independence and immediately changed her life. It is only after starting the Econome Conference that she realized that she could start asking the more important questions right away even before she becomes financially independent.  Hear Diania's story as well as the latest info on the upcoming Econome Conference. 

Sep 16, 2021
245. How to Stop Crying and Start Having Fun Managing Your Money w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken

The number of people who have ended up crying over financial issues in the last year is staggering. In their forthcoming book, Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Money ManagementJoe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken bring not only levity but also knowledge to help alleviate financial stress. We talk about why all financial books start to sound the same but this one is different. Be prepared to laugh on this episode. 

Sep 13, 2021
244. Don't Miss Out on Nuclear w/ Scott Melbye

Have you ever considered investing in nuclear? Although previously thought to be dangerous or non viable, nuclear energy via uranium is powering more of our electricity needs...and it is doing it cleanly. On this episode we interview Scott Melbye a 36 year veteran of the nuclear industry and current EVP if Uranium Energy Corp. Could this asset class be right for you? 

Sep 09, 2021
243. Where Have All the Workers Gone? w/ David Blobaum and Tricia DiFranco

The COVID pandemic changed just about everything. In the beginning we faced massive unemployment and recession. As the economy has improved, a new problem has arisen: Not enough employees! What gives? Why are small businesses struggling to fill the void in the face of rising demand? We discuss these issues and more with small business people David Blobaum and Tricia DiFranco.

Sep 06, 2021
242. Should You Pursue Fat FIRE? Rewind w/Physician on FIRE, Frugalwoods, and The Millionaires Unveiled

On this rewind episode we revisit the topic of fatFIRE. What is fatFIRE and is it a worthy pursuit? Listen to Physician on FIRE, Liz from Frugalwoods, and the duo from Millionaires Unveiled discuss how much money is enough. What's your answer?

Sep 02, 2021
241. Has The FIRE Burned Out? (Rewind)

There is a rumor out there that the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) movement is dying. Certainly, as with any large accomplishment, the risk of burnout of such undertakings is always present. In this rewind episode we revisit with a group of community members and content creators the evolution of their feelings regarding financial independence. Has the FIRE burned out? 

Aug 30, 2021
240. Fire The Haters w/ Jillian Johnsrud

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by social media? Not only content producers, but everyday people are constantly cultivating our online persona. We are always creating. It feels wonderful when our audience is supportive and congratulatory, but what happens when the negative comments roll in? How do we deal with them and decide how important are they? On today's episode we discuss Jillian Jonhsrud's new book: Fire The Haters, Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World. 

Aug 26, 2021
239. Reinventing the Wheel, The History of Financial Independence w/ Grant Sabatier and JD Roth

You may be surprised to learn that financial independence is not a new concept. In this broad ranging conversation we trace some of these financial concepts as far back as Ben Franklin and the 1700's. Are we reinventing the wheel or is today's version of financial independence new and improved. Featuring JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and Grant Sabatier author of Financial Freedom.

Aug 23, 2021
238. Water is the New Gold w/ Riggs Eckelberry

Have you ever worried about the availability of clean water? Have you ever thought of investing in water? Well, Riggs Eckelberry tackles both issues with his company OriginClear. He calls water the new gold and feels we are in the middle of the second water revolution. Take a listen and think about the future of water differently. 

Aug 19, 2021
237. The Brothers FI w/ Stephen and David Baughier

Often the discovery of personal finance in general and financial independence in particular is an isolating experience. Friends and family often don't understand your newfound interest or even believe that financial freedom is possible. This week we talk with twin brothers, David and Stephen Baughier, about discovering FIRE and becoming part of a community.  

Aug 16, 2021
236. Are the Baby Steps Still Relevant w/ George Kamel

In today's episode we talk with Ramsey Solution's newest personality George Kamel about personal finance for millennials and Gen Z'ers. Are the baby steps still relevant? We talk to George about the ABC's of personal finance for young people and discuss his new project The Fine Print Podcast.  

Aug 12, 2021
235. The Case for Cohousing w/ Lauren Tang and Jennie Lindberg

Have you ever considered living in a community of people who share values similar to yours? Would you share common resources, community space? Lauren Tang heard about cohousing at the same time she discovered financial independence. She has joined Jennie Lindberg as part of the Sunnyside Village Cohousing community. Today we talk about their plans and how cohousing could become part of your financial independence or even early retirement plan.

Aug 09, 2021
234. Are Annuities a Rip Off? w/Frank Vasquez

In this episode we discuss with Frank Vasquez from Risk Parity Radio the ins and outs of annuities. Are they ever a good deal? When should you buy them and what are the important factors to consider. This episode was recorded live on the Fireside Chat App.

Aug 05, 2021
233. Estate Planning Made Easy w/ Amy Blacklock and Vicki Cook

Estate planning is one of the most feared personal finance topics today. And yet, it behooves us all to tackle this somewhat complex topic as early as the tender age of 18. We talk estate planning 101 with Vicki Cook and Amy Blacklock of Women Who Money.   

Aug 02, 2021
232. Building Your Field of Dreams: Marcello Leone and Cannabis Infused Beverages

Hey this is Doc G and welcome back to earn and invest. Today we are going to talk about entrepreneurship. Specifically…our guest graduated from University in a hasty 2.5 years to rush home and help his parents run their growing apparel industry. After nurturing that business for decades, his successful exit left him with the opportunity in his forties to go out for the first time on his own. In this episode we discuss what it takes to build a mineral and cannabis infused beverage empire.

Jul 29, 2021
231. How Fintech Will Make You Rich w/ Joe Saul-Sehy, Rosetta Bryson, and Brendan Lee Young

Remember the days of drive up bank tellers and scowering the newspaper for stock quotes? The world has changed much since then. The burgeoning fintech market is making investing, banking, and even shopping for insurance easier than ever. But is it making things better? Are we more at risk for losing our wealth at the click of a button. Join Joe Saul-Sehy, Rosetta Bryson, and Brendan Lee Young as we discuss (Live on the fireside app) how fintech is changing our world.  

Jul 26, 2021
230. How Creativity Becomes Profitable w/ Savvy History

Hello everybody and welcome to the earn and invest podcast where we not only teach you how to earn and invest in your financial life, but also your unique meaning and purpose/ I’m your host Doc G and today we are going to explore making your first creative dollar with Michelle from the blog savvy history.

Now wait a minute. I’m certain that for some of you out there, money and creativity go hand in hand. But maybe even for the majority listening at the moment you might say: Hey, I’m in my forties or fifties and am looking to retire from my job as a doctor, lawyer, engineer…fill in the blank. What’s creativity got to do with it?

That’s how I felt. In fact, I was so busy building a career as a physician in my formative years that I continuously pushed down many of the creative outlets which I really enjoyed. I always spurned activities like writing and public speaking because I thought they were just hobbies.  No one makes any money doing that! That’s why I became a doctor…to make a living.

Yet it was only after reaching financial security that I realized that I had filled my life with activities that lacked the true sense of meaning and purpose that I was looking for. And then I returned to these creative ventures.

Listen, we’re not just talking about creativity here. We are talking passion. The old advice used to be “follow your passion”. Now, all the gurus tell us “forget passion, go after what your good at and follow your passions in your spare time.”

And it’s not just you.

Maybe your past some of these decisions, but what about your kids? Do you support your daughter dropping her engineering major to pursue dance? Do you accept your eighth grader’s poor grades because he’s a guitar prodigy?

What do you do?

Michelle is the creator of the platform Savvy History which explores biographies using music and storytelling. Michelle specializes in taking true stories from the past and presenting them in an engaging way with folk music. The original music of Savvy History is one part of a larger project focused on creativity throughout history, distilling research into songs, classes, and written articles about inventors, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and explorers. You can find her blog series entitled First Creative Dollar at Savvyhistory.com.

Jul 22, 2021
229. Passive Income Evolved w/ Cody Berman, Justin Taylor, and Rachel Richards

In this episode we delve into how passive income has evolved in this post-COVID era.. We look back at three young people who started on passive income journeys pre pandemic and catch up with their current progress. Are they still happy with their choices? Featuring Cody Berman, Justin Taylor, and Rachel Richards

Jul 19, 2021
228. Design Your Life With Adventure w/ Heidi Dusek

Is adventure built into your life? Are you sleepwalking through a job you don't like and afraid to see the excitement and possibilities right in front of your face. Heidi Dusek is the creator of The Ordinary Sherpa Podcast where she talks about finding adventure and connection with her family. 

Jul 15, 2021
227. Is Real Estate Harder for Women? w/ Ming Mercer, Santana Perez, and Kavell Taylor

2020 and 2021 have been like no other years. Wedged between a pandemic, a bonafide recession, and unprecedented social upheaval, the average American (if such a thing exists) continues to struggle to make ends meet. Rising from this struggle like a phoenix, are small business people, entrepreneurs, and long-term stock market investors.

Turn on any new channel and you will hear about the social justice issues facing women and people of color. Unfair and inadequate policing, the glass ceiling, a lack of political representation. These are but a few sentences in a book that currently is too long to read here and indeed is still expanding.

Today we are going hear from three real estate investors. Women. People of color. Immigrants. And they are going to answer one simple question.    

Kavell Taylor is a real estate investor with a portfolio currently valued at almost $10M. She also manages commercial and medical office buildings for a New Jersey-based developer.

Santana Perez is a real estate investor in her early 30s, pivoting from a career in energy trading and corporate finance. Santana spent 21 years in poverty and in the foster care system. She discovered the financial independence retire early community in 2018 and has been steadily accumulating properties, with plans to retire in her late 30s. She has single handedly built her real estate portfolio to 10 doors valued at $1.2M while raising her son as a working parent.

Ming began real estate investing in 2014 in her early 20s, then quit her W2 job in 2020 when her real estate income surpassed her family's expenses. With a portfolio valued at $2M, she now spends most of her time with her husband and two young children, plus works on her non-profit "Build Her Village," which empowers working women with knowledge. Ming also owns Alina Mae Maternity, a fashion brand providing pregnant women professional-looking comfortable clothing.


Jul 12, 2021
226. Do You Trust Your Financial Advisor? w/ David Meyer

We all recognize the names: Dogecoin, Gamestop, Robinhood. For every long-term boring investment, there is a high risk speculative asset or platform just waiting to gobble up our spare money . When we think of individual investors, we have a rather laissez faire attitude. So be it.

But what happens when it is your advisor, broker, or investment house that is giving you bad advice. When does it cross the line from poor performance to deception and outright self-serving fraud? And more importantly, how do you protect yourself before it happens. And who do you turn to for help when all the money is gone!  

David Meyer has been dubbed “The Screwed Investor’s Lawyer”. He has achieved jury verdicts, arbitration awards and settlements with a combined value of hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. He had the honor of winning the largest jury verdict in Ohio's history, a verdict in excess of $260 million on behalf of 250 investors against Prudential Securities. His new book is The Investor Protector: Stories of Triumph over Financial Advisors Who Lie, Cheat, and Steal.

Jul 08, 2021
225. Would You Be Happier Without a Home? w/ Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen

I couldn’t think of two more different stories:

In the recent award winning Nomadland: Fern (played by Frances McDormand) is grieving a life that’s been ripped away from her. When the gypsum plant in her Nevada hometowon closes, the town of Empire quite literally closes with it. In six months, its entire zip code is eliminated. Meanwhile, Fern’s husband dies, leaving her completely alone and “homeless.” Hitting the road in search of work as a seasonal employee at an Amazon center, Fern starts living in her van, eventually getting involved with a group of modern nomads, although she inevitably ends up alone again, traversing the American landscape.

In a completely different world, another set of nomads, Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen cofounders of the millennial revolution platform, decided that they no longer wanted to toil away at a stressful, hateful job for 30-40 years, to pay off a massive mortgage, only to die of a heart-attack at their desks or be laid off without a pension.

So instead of drowning in debt to buy a house in one of the most expensive cities in Canada, they rented and invested instead. For Them, Going against the status quo TOTALLY PAID OFF!   They managed to build a 7-figure portfolio, which has allowed them to retire in their 30s and travel the world!

Two sets of nomads with completely different stories and motivations. Yet, are there similarities? Are there common threads that unite the story of what it means to be homeless in the ever shifting world of today.

Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen are the writers behind Millennial revolution, their most recent book is Quit like a millionaire: No gimmicks, luck, or trust fund required! Bryce and Kristy, 

Jul 05, 2021
224. 2020 Recap (Rewind) w/ Jean Chatzky and Tori Dunlap

For this rewind episode we are revisiting a two part interview. The first is jean Chatzky of Her Money discussing the 2020 recession and its impact on women. The second is with Tori Dunlap from Her First $100K discussing her first of many viral moments on TikTok. 

Jul 01, 2021
223. Is Frugality Your Achilles Heel (Rewind)? w/ Amanda Abella, Veena Jetti, and Brian Eufinger

In this rewind episode we ask the all important question: is frugality your Achilles heel? Specifically, are we not paying enough attention to the top line and trying to save our way to wealth? Brian Eufinger, Amanda Abella, And Veena Jetti join us to discuss the importance of making more money when it comes to your financial trajectory.

Jun 28, 2021
222. Could You Get Into Hot Water over Intellectual Property? w/ Trevor Schmidt

Intellectual property  is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human mind. There are many types of IP such as  copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The modern concept of intellectual property developed in Europe a few centuries ago, but in the late 20th century the concept became commonplace in the majority of the world's legal systems.

The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage and protect the creation of a large and healthy mass of intellectual goods. To achieve this, the law gives people and businesses property rights to the information and intellectual products they create.

But given the intangibility of ideas and the ability to use common elements to create similar outcomes, Intellectual property especially to the lay person is becoming more and more confusing.

Adding to this confusion is the digital revolution in which publications, articles, pictures, and even business ideas can be available at the touch of a button. Furthermore, social media has elevated us all to mini content producers punching out our blogs, Insta memes, and Facebook posts at an ever-increasing pace.

Surely if you are a founder or a budding entrepreneur, it behooves you to protect your own and be wary of other’s intellectual property. But what about you and me? The average, everyday Joe and Jane, clicking away in our ever favorite social media app?

Trevor Schmidt is a lawyer for Hutchinson Law who has extensive experience in matters associated with intellectual property prosecution, licensing, enforcement and strategic counseling. He effectively works with companies to monetize and protect their intellectual property through licensing, development, reseller agreements and associated contracts. Having managed domestic and international trademark portfolios for Fortune 500 companies, he has considerable experience in all stages of the life of a trademark including prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trevor routinely provides counsel on the intellectual property issues associated with major transactions and advises clients on maximizing their intellectual property assets through enforcement and licensing strategies.

Trevor is also a registered patent attorney with a technical background in physics. He has drafted a number of mechanical-, business method- and software-related patent applications.

Jun 24, 2021
221. Could You Become a Victim of Financial Abuse? w/ KItty from Bitches Get Riches and Diania Merriam

Welcome to the Earn & Invest podcast. We have the conversations that help you earn and invest in the future so you can make the right decisions today. I’m your host Doc G and for this episode we are going to talk about something rather difficult. Specifically, financial abuse against women. 

Kitty was born in the American Midwest, but was voted off in season seventeen. Her wan complexion, intellectual elitism, and gay haircut are all way more welcome in New England, so she lives there now. She shares her life with her partner and twelve pets because she does. not. do. half. measures. She is co host and co creator of all things Bitches get riches including the blog and podcast. Kitty, welcome to the show!

Diania Merriam is an Ambitious marketing professional with a passion for building brand longevity through strategic licensing partnerships and brand extensions. She started the EconoMe conference as a passion project rooted in the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early). The inaugural event happened on March 7th, 2020 at the University of Cincinnati with 9 expert speakers exploring the concept of a new American Dream. She is also the voice behind The Optimal Finance Daily Podcast. 


Jun 21, 2021
220. Escape Generational Trauma and Build Generational Wealth w/Natalie Torres-Haddad

2020 was a year of great social upheaval, protests, and even riots. Some of the worst that we have seen in decades. Many of us, however, remember when four police officers who had been videotaped beating motorist Rodney King were found not guilty of criminal acts in 1992, the city of Los Angeles erupted in what at the time was the worst rioting seen in the US since the 1960s. The loss of life and destruction of property left a significant scar on the city. By the time the riots ended, 63 people had been killed, 2,383 had been injured, more than 12,000 had been arrested, and estimates of property damage were over $1 billion. The Rodney King riots not only reduced taxable sales in the city immediately following the unrest, but has had a lasting impact on the economic performance of the city of Los Angeles.

A 2017 study showed the communities most affected by the L.A. Riots have seen little, if any, economic growth during the past two-and-a-half decades, In some neighborhoods, unemployment and poverty have worsened despite efforts by community leaders to boost economic development.

Natalie Torres-Haddad was born in El Salvador but was brought up in Inglewood California in the early nineteen nineties. At the age of ten, everything changed with the LA riots. She could no longer play outside, her parents put bars on her windows, restaurants and stores were looted and burnt down to the ground in her neighborhood. And she grew up wanting to do something about it. Accordingly, she went to college to learn about finances to help her community. She got a major in finance and international business but unfortunately she still didn’t understand the meaning of true financial literacy.

During her second year of grad school, burdened by student and credit card debt, a mortgage, and running a burgeoning nonprofit, she lost her job and suffered a severe bout of depression which culminated in a short stay in an acute psychiatric hospital. The moment of clarity she experienced shortly thereafter would ultimately change her trajectory and introduce her to the five steps that made her realize that everything would be ok. 

Natalie Torres-Haddad is a two time TEDX Speaker, An international Award Winning Author of Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes, a bilingual podcast host, international keynote speaker and educator.  She has been featured in the Huffington Post, LA Times, 60 second docs and a Honda commercial playing herself as a Financial Expert.

She now is a successful real estate investor and enjoys a career traveling across the country advocating for financial and women’s empowerment and teaching the foreign language of financial literacy.

Jun 17, 2021
219. Can You Reverse Engineer Success? w/ Joe Saul-Sehy, Rich Jones, and Jen Smith

Let me start with Ron Friedman’s Forthcoming book: Decoding Greatness: How The best in the World Reverse Engineer Success.

Ron Starts the book with a story: and I’m going to  quote it here. Ron says:

“By the time Steve Jobs finds out he’s been betrayed, it is already far too late. The press conference is over and the news is out. Slowly, it dawns on him: Apple’s head start is about to disappear. The year is 1983, and we are in Cupertino, California. The computer company Jobs cofounded is barely seven years old. Its rise has been meteoric. In a few short years, Wall Street will place its value at over a billion dollars. But now, just six short weeks from the release of Apple’s boldest innovation yet, the Macintosh, Jobs discovers he’s been scooped. The blow arrives from more than twenty-five hundred miles away, in the lavish ballroom of New York City’s famed Helmsley Palace hotel. Onstage, standing before a gaggle of reporters, Bill Gates has just announced Microsoft’s plans to develop a user-friendly operating system—one with more than a few striking similarities to the Macintosh.”

Gates was a vendor of Jobs the time. So inevitably, the next day, there is a face-to-face showdown.
Friedman says…
“Jobs wasted little time tearing into him. “You’re ripping us off!” he yelled, his underlings glaring, all eyes on Gates. “I trusted you, and now you’re stealing from us!”
”Gates took it in quietly. He paused a moment, not once looking away. Then, he casually delivered a devastating line, rendering the entire room speechless: “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox, and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

You see…”among Xerox PARC's countless inventions was a personal computer most people have never heard of: the Alto. It offered many of the same features that would come to distinguish the Macintosh, like graphics that made computers easier to use, and a mouse for communicating commands. Except the Alto was developed a full decade earlier.”

And both Gates and Jobs had reverse engineered their groundbreaking products from the alto.

Friedman goes on to say

“The practice of reverse engineering, of systematically taking things apart to explore their inner workings and extract new insights, is more than an intriguing feature of the tech industry. For a surprising number of innovators, it’s a tendency that appears to have emerged organically, as something of a natural inclination”

Today on Earn & invest we discuss reverse engineering and it’s role in creative and successful endeavors.

Jun 14, 2021
218. From Sexy to Rockstar to All-Star: The Evolution of J Money

J Money is an acclaimed blogger and entrepreneur. In 2008, while searching for an apartment he landed himself a $350,000 house and a dyer need to learn how to budget. While searching online, he discovered the world of personal finance and started what would become a multi-award-winning blog Budgets are Sexy which followed his goal of accumulating a seven figure net worth. Along the way he launched and eventually sold Rockstar Finance a curation and community platform with over 5,000,000 views as well as started several philanthropic organizations, won 12 industry awards, and has helped buy or sell over a 100 financial blogs including many of his own. He has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Inc Magazine, The New York Times, LA Times, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

In 2019, J sold Budgets are Sexy for an undisclosed amount in the mid 6 figure range in part to spend more time with family and in 2020 launched a curation site for The Motley Fool titled All Start Money.

He is also a husband and proud father of three boys. 

Jun 10, 2021
217. Doubleheader: (1) How Not to Put Your Family Value at Risk w/ JR Gondeck and Vanessa Martinez and (2) The Secret Financial Lives of Teenagers

According to JR Gondek and Vanessa Martinez, when we hear the word “wealth,” many of us think about money. But wealth is about so much more than that. All of the aspects of our lives that matter most to us―our family, our legacy, our community, the causes we care deeply about―contribute to our wealth and the richness of our life. Together, they compose our family value. If we are only managing our family’s money, however, our family value is at risk.

Current financial advice often focuses on returns and rarely puts those returns into the context of the unique goals, family history, and legacy that a person or multiple generations of a family are trying to achieve.

Plus, a fireside chat with my son Cameron G about the secret financial lives of teenagers.

Jun 07, 2021
216. How to Manage Remote Work Like a Boss w/ Alexis Gerst

According to Alexis Gerst, Author of Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the future of remote work culture, We are cruising through uncharted waters.

What started as a brief two-week quarantine has turned into a years-long pandemic that has changed how we work and communicate forever.

She goes on to say that Remote work has become a crucial part of every business that wants to survive in this ever-changing reality. And it's up to the leaders to make working from home work for everyone involved.

Those who manage to adapt will thrive; those who struggle will be left behind.

When it comes to leading virtual teams, working remotely, and making sure that your team does not lose its identity, you, as a leader, have to be the first to adapt, inspire, and motivate. 

While many feel that the edge of the pandemic is receding and vaccines are ensuring a return to something that feels more like normalcy, the question remains.

Is remote work here to stay? And just as importantly, are you prepared?

Alexis Gerst is a detail-oriented leader with a passion for remote work culture. As an Acquisition Program Manager, Alexis is experienced leading technical teams toward the procurement and sustainment of critical weapon systems. Alexis earned her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Engineering Management from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a proactive problem-solver skilled at maximizing productivity through team collaboration, superior communication, and confident decision-making.

In Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture, Alexis champions the future potential of remote work, explores the advantages of a workplace paradigm shift, and delivers tactical tips for remote leaders to enable team success.

Jun 03, 2021
215. How to Become a Real Estate Rockstar Live From Camp Mustache

“Real estate investing is a wonderful tool. But the key to financial independence or any other worthwhile financial goal has nothing to do with real estate.” So says Chad “Coach” Carson in a July 2020 blog post on Bigger Pockets, a real estate investing platform which offers content, tools, and a community of over 2,000,000 members to help people avoid mistakes; learn valuable tips; find partners, deals, and financing and make the best investing decisions possible.

Chad goes on to say:

Instead, the basics of building wealth—whether that’s with real estate, stock investing, or starting a business—has three basic steps:

1.    Save money

2.    Invest the money wisely and

3.    Harvest your wealth so that you can live off your investments

While it’s fun to talk about investing, and occasionally you’ll see content on harvesting and living off your investments, learning How to save money (which isn’t that sexy) is the first step and the key to achieving success with real estate or any other wealth-building path that you take.

Search any financial independence forum, blog, or podcast, however, and you’ll see that Real Estate is a hot topic that garners quite a bit of attention. But should it?

This year, at Camp Mustache, a yearly retreat dedicated to the teachings of Pete Adeney aka Mr. Money Mustache I was privileged to lead a panel discussion involving a group of real estate rock stars and tease out the role it plays in their financial independence journeys.

Kavell Taylor is a commercial and residential real estate investor with a portfolio currently valued at almost $10M. She also manages commercial and medical office buildings for a New Jersey-based developer.

 Santana Perez is a real estate investor in her early 30s, pivoting from a career in energy trading and corporate finance.  After growing up in the foster care system and spending 21 years in poverty, Santana discovered FIRE in 2018.  Since then, she has single-handedly built a $1M real estate portfolio of 10 doors while raising her son as a single parent.  

And Ming Mercer began real estate investing in 2014 in her early 20s, then quit her W2 job in 2020 when her real estate income surpassed her family's expenses. With a portfolio of $2M at age 29.

I present to you the Real Estate Rockstar Panel recorded live from Camp Mustache on Sunday April 18th 2021.

May 31, 2021
214. How to Make Six Figures on Fiverr w/ Alexandra Fasulo

Edelman Intelligence recently conducted a research study for Upwork, a freelance-jobs platform in Santa Clara, Calif. It surveyed 6,000 working freelancers and employees between June 15 and July 7 of 2020. And they found that among other things:

  • 59 million U.S. workers performed freelance work in the past 12 months, an increase of 2 million people year over year.
  • The composition of the freelance workforce is getting younger, as 50 percent of Generation Z , 44 percent of Millennials, 30 percent of Generation X , and 26 percent of Baby Boomers freelanced at some point in the past year.
  • The top two occupations for new freelancers are in technology and finance/business operations.
  • 96 percent of new freelancers say they will do more freelancing in the future.
  • 58 percent of workers who are not freelancers and are new to remote work due to the pandemic are now considering freelancing in the future.

Although we didn’t need a pandemic and social distancing to prove the importance that freelancing plays in our current economy, 2020 has brought to light much about this often talked of mechanism for making a living. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork have created a thriving digital and remote freelance environment in which many are either making a full time living or at least fulfilling their side hustle needs.

The question remains….Is this the wave of the future or just a fad? And more importantly, can you really make a living doing full time freelance?

In 2015, Alexandra Fasulo (aka the freelance fairy)  quit her lofty NYC public relations job after working for just 4-weeks. She had no plan, no money, and no idea what would come next. She just knew she couldn’t work for a company any more.

What she soon realized is that quitting that job was the best thing she could ever do. It thrust her into the world of freelancing on Fiverr.com, where she is a 6-figure freelance writer, and freelancing personality on podcasts, talk shows, and blogs around the world.

In this broad ranging interview, we talk about how she stumbled into freelancing, the types of jobs she has found most lucrative, and address some of the hate she has received from going public with her success.

May 27, 2021
213. Has FIRE Evolved w/ JL Collins, Brad Barrett, and Jillian Johnsrud

No one knows when the financial independence retire early or FIRE movement actually started. Some say it was with the publication of Vicki Robins book Your Money Or Your Life in 1992. Others point to Jacob Lund-Fisker's blog Early retirement Extreme in 2010 or the advent of Mr. Money Mustache in 2011. Either way, mainstream media discovered the movement in 2018 and the community and philosophy have grown quite a bit in just the last three years. Or have they? Today on Earn and Invest we ask a simple question. Has the FIRE Movement evolved? Our panelists for the most part discovered financial independence in the early 2000’s and have collectively reached millions of listeners and readers.

JL Collins is widely known as the Godfather of the financial independence movement and wrote the ever popular and best selling book The simple path to wealth. He blogs at jlcollinsnh where his stock series has been credited as one of the best resources for new investors. Brad Barrett is a recovering certified public accountant as well as the calm and cool voice of arguably the most listened to fire podcast out there, ChooseFI. And Jillian Johnsrud paid off all our debt, traveled to 27 counties, lived abroad for 4 years, and took 5 mini-retirements, all while bringing up 6 kids. She is a progress coach and the host and creator of the Everyday Courage Podcast.

May 24, 2021
212. From Working Shoulder to Shoulder With The Likes of Elon Musk to Pickpocketing Them w/ Dan Chan

Our guest today, Dan Chan, is an internationally renowned, award-winning magician & mind-reader. In 2016 Buzzfeed profiled Dan with an article titled “Meet Silicon Valley's Favorite Magician.” Since then, Dan has performed for many of the world's largest corporations worldwide. In November of 2020, he was featured in Business Insider as the Billionaires magician.

His client list reads like a who's who of Silicon valley including Google, Apple. Facebook, intel, and oracle. But magic wasn’t always at the forefront of Dan’s career. Before he was a full-time magician, he was a pre-IPO employee at PayPal where he crossed paths with the likes of Elon Musk and many of the soon to be founders of Silicon Valleys most promising start ups. He had only vested 13 months of his stock options when he decided to give up the remaining 3/4 to pursue performing magic full time.

Since then he has performed over 5000 plus shows for many of the most recognizable companies in the world. Dan has an insatiable drive to become what he calls “legendary” which has spurred him into many money making and experiential adventures including working in Michelin rated restaurants, and, of all things, day trading.

In the first part of the interview we discuss his career trajectory, what he has learned from performing magic for high flying tech companies,  and his pivot to creating in a virtual world.

The conversation continues in the after show where we unexpectedly dive into a controversial conversation of what it means to have “enough” and when he will be content with his career goals. 

Don’t forget to listen to the very end.

May 20, 2021
211. How to get a $230K MBA for Free w/ Alan Donegan and Simon Paine

MIT (Sloan)


UCLA (Anderson)


Michigan (Ross)


UC-Berkeley (Haas)


Dartmouth (Tuck)



These are the 2019 estimated total costs of completing a masters of business administration at the above noted institutions. As expensive as this sounds, an MBA continues to be a reliable magnifier of salary potential. According to a 2018 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 2016 and 2017 grads saw their post-MBA salaries rise by a median of $40,000. Among respondents surveyed, 82% agreed that B-school increased their earning power.

But is it worth it? While no one would argue that the next CEO of a billion dollar multinational company is well served by these two expensive years of education, the grand majority of us have much less lofty aspirations.

Maybe we want to start our own small business venture. Create a product or render a service. Free ourselves from the constraints of employment and control our own destinies. Live the great American dream. What sort of education will serve us best?

When Alan Donegan went to a traditional business support service To get help with his business idea the experience was so off putting that he almost gave up. Alan’s three-page letter of complaint landed on the desk of Simon Paine who met Alan for coffee for what was to become the beginning of a movement to democratise entrepreneurship.

What Simon predicted was to be the worst meeting of the year turned out to be the best meeting of the decade as they swapped ideas, knowledge and opportunities.

Simon had been coaching grassroots start-ups in disadvantaged communities across the south-east and knew that business plans didn’t help anyone. Alan knew that the only way to know if a business idea was going to work was to sell. They decided right then and there to work together to provide a solution.

And Thus, the Rebel Business School was born


May 17, 2021
210. How to be a Home Buying Superstar w/ Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen

It has been more than a year since the pandemic put the housing market briefly on pause for several months last spring. But real estate bounced back rather quickly. For more than 12 months now, low mortgage rates and the popularity of virtual work ignited by the pandemic have fueled a rapid increase in housing demand — espicially in lower-density suburbs. Despite uncertain economic times, there has been a booming residential housing market.

More existing homes were sold in 2020 than in any year since 2006. Many seasoned veterans are curious to know how long will this boom last or will it eventually come crashing down like in 2008? So far, the housing market continues to be sizzling hot resulting in higher home prices and bidding wars for newly listed residences. The Federal Reserve is playing a key role to support the economy and housing market by keeping borrowing costs low for shorter-term loans.

Amongst this chaos is the new home buyer. Less interested in the historic market and more excited to take their very first plunge into homeownership, the challenges to secure the right home, at the right price, in the right location is as daunting as ever.

Scott Trench is the CEO and President of BiggerPockets. He has dedicated his career to helping ordinary Americans build wealth in part through real estate investing. Since joining BiggerPockets in 2014, Scott has authored the bestselling wealth-building book Set for Life and joined Mindy Jensen as co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

Mindy Jensen has been buying and selling houses for almost 20 years, both as an investor and as a real estate agent. She LOVES real estate and is most passionate about taking an outdated house and turning it into a beautiful, modern home. Mindy is the Community Manager for BiggerPockets.com, and the co-host of The BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

Scott and Mindy’s book First Time Homebuyer: The Complete Playbook to Avoiding Rookie Mistakes hit the shelves last month.


May 13, 2021
209. Think Like a Mother w/ My Mom

There are 2 billion mothers in the world today of which 85.4 million of them are in the U.S.. 4.3 babies are born each second. Notably, A sizable minority of children in rich countries live with just one parent — a parent who is likely to be female, and also likely to be working.

Speak to virtually any successful human being, and they will likely credit at least some of their good fortune to their mother’s tutelage.

I was one of the sizeable minority of children who grew up with just one parent. When I was eight years old, my father died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm leaving behind his wife and three young children.

My mother, at the time a house wife and formerly trained as a chemist, fortuitously was 6 months from graduating from a prestigious business school and quickly secured a position at a big corporate accounting firm.

By my own recollections, my childhood was lacking in nothing.  Logically, I know that after my father died that times were tough. But, those early memories of my mother as a stay at home mom and then widow were quickly replaced by those of the accountant, landlord, investor, and entrepreneur that she became.

And somewhere during all the tumult and turmoil of childhood, she managed to pass on to us children a sense of security and values that continue to guide us in our journeys today as husbands, fathers, and financially successful adults.

Today I introduce you to my mother Harriet. She graduated college from the university of Michigan and eventually earned a masters degree in organic chemistry. After marrying my father, she left her PhD program to follow him to Thailand after he was drafted into the the Vietnam war and she taught highschool at the international school of Bangkock. She was a few months away from finishing her MBA at the Kellog School of Business when my father unexpectedly died. Left with three children and no immediate source of income she moved effortlessly to corporate America on the path to eventually running a business of her own. Furthermore, she became a savvy stock market investor, landlord, and successful entrepreneur.

She also taught me almost everything of value that I know.

Today I invite my mother on the show to discuss growing up with immigrant parents, her early money lessons, career, and the joys of grandparenting.

Happy Mother’s day….today on Earn & Invest  

May 10, 2021
208. How to Become an Impactful Investor w/ Eva Yazhari

There was a time when investing was considered the domain of money and concerns of societal good and politics often inhabited very different spaces in our mind. Sure, ESG (environmental, societal, and governance) investments have been around for decades but the choices available and the general performance was poor. They hadn’t really gained much traction until recently.

Enter 2021. The proliferation of ESG funds which have outperformed the market run by large and respectable brokerage firms has expanded greatly. The pandemic, associated recession, and social turmoil are upon us. And a new generation of millennial and gen z investors are coming of age who value not just the returns your money can make, but the good your money can do.

In this broad ranging interview Eva Yazhari and I discuss her new book, The Good Your Money Can Do: Becoming a Conscious Investor. We talk about what types of asset allocations have the most impact, ESG investing, and how to be intentional not only with your money but also with your actions.

Plus, I continue the conversation with Joe Saul-Sehy of The Stacking Benjamin’s Podcast on ESG investing with a clip from our live recording on Fireside.


May 06, 2021
207. How to Fail Retirement at Any Age w/ Senator Ted Kaufman and Bruce Hiland

Welcome back, today on Earn & Invest we discuss life after retirement. Search Amazon or any best seller list and you’re likely to find a number of books regarding the financials behind leaving the workplace. In fact, Americans are retiring in their mid-sixties and can look forward to enjoying as much as a three decades outside the structured work force. Up to now, affordability has been at the forefront of the conversation.

With their new book, Retiring:Your Next Chapter is About Much More Than Money, Former senator Ted Kaufman and Business consultant Bruce Hiland draw our attention to an oft forgotten aspect about the ending of our formal careers.   

Ted Kaufman is the former U.S. Senator from Delaware succeeding Senator Joseph Biden. Ted was Biden’s Chief of Staff for nineteen years and led his presidential transition planning in 2020. He taught at Duke Law School for twenty-six years.

Bruce Hiland’s career included working for global consulting firm McKinsey, more than four years as Chief Administrative Officer at Time Inc., twenty years of independent consulting, and four startups.

When Bruce and Ted both reached retirement, they realized that instead of slowing down, people are leaving their jobs feeling ready to take on the world. They’re financially independent, active, and capable.... And then, suddenly, they have nothing to do.

May 03, 2021
206. "Adversity was my X Factor" w/ Carlos Reyes

Today on Earn and Invest we talk about the American dream. With the current social upheaval and call for not only  equality but equity, there is much talk of what it takes to be successful in our country in a post pandemic world. The gap between the rich and poor is ever growing, yet there are still those who come to this country in search of the American dream. With little but the clothes on their backs and the nourishment in their bellies, they claw their way out of abject poverty and build a life of wealth and abundance. In this far ranging interview, we discuss with Carlos Reyes the trials and tribulations surrounding his journey onto American soil, How poverty became his so called “x Factor”, and how to bring up successful kids in the absence of adversity.

Carlos Reyes was smuggled twice into the US and abandoned when he was a boy to escape severe poverty and abuse. He created a door-to-door sales business at age 5 and applied the lessons he learned from surviving the streets to create 27 companies in multiple industries including medical, solar, software, education and real estate with 7 of his businesses grossing millions of dollars a year.

Today he’s on a mission to liberate and heal others from their own limited beliefs.

Apr 29, 2021
205. What These Three Documentarians Can Teach You About Selling Yourself w/ Travis Shakespeare, Robyn Symon, and Adam Carroll

What can a documentarian teach you about selling yourself and the role of money in your life? Find out from Travis Shakespeare, Robyn Symon, and Adam Carroll as they discuss the making of their films and documentary making in general. Plus a community segment about taxing dividends. 

Apr 26, 2021
204. How to Raise Money Savvy Kids (Rewind) w/ Community Members Juan, Deleanor, and Shannah

In this rewind episode we talk with various community members about their childhood and how to bring up financially savvy kids. Should you teach your kids about financial independence? Can you help them avoid the big mistakes?

Apr 22, 2021
203. You Can Avoid Burnout w/The Happy Philosopher, I Dream of FIRE, Melisa Blevins, and Bill Yount

This rewind episode is all about burnout. We discuss this difficult topic with The Happy Philosopher, I Dream of FIRE, Melissa Blevins, and Bill Yount. You can avoid burnout. You just need to know how! And surprisingly, financial independence is not the answer.

Apr 19, 2021
202. Get a Debt Free Degree and Live a Debt Free Life (Doubleheader) w/ Anthony ONeal and Naseema McElroy

This is doubleheader day on Earn & Invest. First, Anthony ONeal and I discuss his book Debt Free Degree and why not to go into debt to get an education. Then, Naseema McElroy and I talk about how to live a debt free life. How and when we should pay off our loans. 

Apr 15, 2021
201. This Conference Will Change Your Life w/Joe Goldberg and Kristin Hoeflin

Have you ever heard of Camp Mustache? If not, you're in for a treat today. Joe Goldberg and Kristin Hoeflin are co creators of this life changing get together. We discuss the impact of Mr. Money Mustache and how he has changed our views of early retirement. 

Apr 12, 2021
200. Forget Cannabis, Could Psychedelics Be The Answer? w/ Lynn Marie Morski

The popularity of cannabis as both an investment and recreational drug has skyrocketed since legalization. On todays show, I talk to Lynn Marie Morski of The Plant Medicine Podcast about psychedelic drugs and their clinical uses. They may be less dangerous than you think!

Apr 08, 2021
199. Is Real Estate COVID Proof w/ Rich Carey and Jennifer Beadles

How did your real estate hold up during the COVID pandemic? Did your property increase or decrease in value? Did you have trouble as a landlord? Rich Carey and Jennifer Beadles discuss how they managed their real estate holdings over the last year, and predict the long term effects of the pandemic on this tried and true asset class. 

Apr 05, 2021
198. Get Good With Money W/ Tiffany Aliche The Budgetnista

Tiffany Aliche, aka The Budgetnista, has written a new book about how to get good with money and be financially whole. We talk about her ten steps to get your finances in order. Plus, a short segment from my interview with Heidi Dusek of Ordinary Sherpa

Apr 01, 2021
197. Make Money More Funny w/ Paul Ollinger, Diania Merriam, and Amin Lakhani (Explicit)

Have you ever though of being a comedian? Paul Ollinger, Diania Merriam, and Amin Lakhani explore the role of comedy in their lives and why pursue such a difficult conquest. Is there any connection to finance? Plus, are you an Earner or Investor? Check out our community segment.  

Mar 29, 2021
196. The Key to Turning an Idea into a Business w/ Mike McDerment

Mike McDerment is the founder and creator of Freshbooks, an online accounting platform. We discuss how you go from having a good idea to building a business.  He recounts what he has learned over two decades of entrepreneurship. Plus, are you an Earner or an Investor? Find out in our community segment. 

Mar 25, 2021
195. Freedom! When to Say Goodbye to the 9 to 5 w/ Andy and Nicole Hill and Jen Smith

How do you know when it's time to leave the 9 to 5? Andy and Nicole Hill and Jen Smith talk to us about their freelance experience as well as owning their own businesses. They explain the ups and downs as well as the very real risks of leaving more stable forms of employment. Plus, a community segment.  Are you an Earner or Investor?

Mar 22, 2021
194. Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curveball w/ Nicole Mayer

Nicole Mayer is an advisor at Second Opinion Partners. After her experiences with a major health scare as well as a divorce, she realized that financial advising has to do with a lot more than just money. She shares her story as well as her wisdom. Plus, are you an Earner or Investor? Stick around to the end to hear our community segment.  

Mar 18, 2021
193. Why Where You Bank Matters w/ Gigi Hyland and Mike Schenk

Today we talk credit unions with Gigi Hyland and Mike Schenk and how they are different from other traditional banking establishments. Have you considered a credit union? Why not? Plus a new segment from the community.  Are you an Earner or Investor? 

Mar 15, 2021
192. This Dating Coach Will Change Your Financial Future w/ Amin Lakhani

I talk with Amin Lakhani, The Dating Coach on Wheels, about dating, comedy, and financial independence. We discuss the challenges he faces because of his disability and how he has overcome them. 

Mar 11, 2021
191. Rethinking Your Real Estate Strategy: How One Couple Cut Out The Brokers and Middlemen w/ Steven Butala and Jill Dewit

For so long, I have been enamored with the idea of buying and selling land, but didn't know how.  Today we discuss land flipping with Jill Dewit and Steven Butala from Land Academy. Plus, a second segment with Adam Carroll about funding college.  

Mar 08, 2021
190. How to Make Money in 2021: Cannabis and Small Business w/ Codie Sanchez

We talk with Codie Sanchez the managing director of Entourage Effect Capital, a private equity firm focused specifically on investing in the legalized cannabis industry, about how to make money in 2021. Her answer may surprise you!

Mar 04, 2021
189. Celebrating Women's History Month w/ Amanda Holden, Angela Rozmyn, Lauren Boland, and Ericka Young

We celebrate Women's history month with Amanda Holden, Angela Rozmyn, Lauren Boland, and Ericka Young. We dive into politics, elections, COVID, and the recession. We highlight the highs and lows of the last two years. 

Mar 01, 2021
188. He Funded College and Medical School With Crypto, Should You? w/ Kayee Tong

Kayee Tong has made more money with crypto than most. In fact, he used it to pay for college and medical school. Join us for a next level discussion of cryptocurrencies and not only their use but also the way people make money off them. Plus, I close with a story about my speculative run at baseball cards as a kid.  

Feb 25, 2021
187. Doc G Interviews His Siblings About Money and Growing Up

Doc G invites his siblings on to talk about money and growing up. Do siblings perceive their financial upbringing in the same way? We discuss frugality, careers, and financial independence. Learn some of the backstory on how Doc G came to have the financial habits he now has. 

Feb 22, 2021
186. He Lost $50 Million and Thrived w/ Rod Khleif

Can you imagine losing $50 million? Rod Khleif watched his world shatter in the real estate bubble of 2008. Listen to this engaging episode where he describes how someone recovers from such a failure. Plus, a clip from my episode of The New Man Podcast with Tripp Lanier. 

Feb 18, 2021
185. Did Valentine's Day Break The Budget w/ Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Adam Kol, and Jen Smith

Did Valentine's day break the budget? We discuss how to be both romantic and fiscally sound with Jen Smith, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, and Adam Kol. Plus, a second segment with Chris from Inspire to Fire about paying off debt. 

Feb 15, 2021
184. Rewind: Never Ignore What Drives You w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and The Problem With Price Fixing w/ Joshua Sheats

In this rewind episode we talk about what motivates us with Joe Saul-Sehy  from The Stacking Benjamins Podcast and a bonus segment with Joshua Sheats about COVID and the problem with price fixing.  

Feb 11, 2021
183. Why it's Never Too Late To Pursue Financial Independence (Rewind) w/ ESI Money and Women Who Money

In this rewind episode we talk with John from ESI Money and Vicki and Amy from Women Who Money about pursuing financial independence later in life. Being financially secure is not just for the young, it's also for the young at heart. 

Feb 08, 2021
182. This Episode Will Make You Dangerous w/Tripp Lanier

Today we talk to Tripp Lanier author of This Book Will Make You Dangerous and host of The New Man Podcast. We discuss the three fears all people face that hold them back as well as the difference between process vs end goal. 

Feb 04, 2021
181. Just Flip It, Flip It Good w/ Carl and Mindy Jensen

Have you ever considered doing a live in flip? We get the skinny on this particular flavor of house hacking with Carl from 1500 Days to Freedom and Mindy from The Bigger Pockets Money Show

Feb 01, 2021
180. Make Your Money Conversations less Awkward w/ Erin Lowry

Money conversations don't have to be awkward. I talk with Erin Lowry about her new book, Broke Millennial Talks Money. We discuss prenups, comparing salaries, and the dreaded estate planning talk with parents. Lots of great info here and scripts for these difficult topics. 

Jan 28, 2021
179. Pass it On, The Key to Wealth Transference w/ Jen Smith and Lori and Roger Gervais

Lori and Roger Gervais join Jen Smith and I to talk about their new book, Pass It On, and the concept of wealth transference. What legacy are you leaving for your children? We discuss modeling, teaching, and estate planning. 

Jan 25, 2021
178. How To Become a You Tube Passive Income Star w/ Erika Kulberg

Erika Kulberg started her professional career as a high powered corporate lawyer. Yet, she always had an entrepreneurial bent, and by the time she paid off her law school loans, she was ready to build a passive income empire. Listen to hear how she pursued digital entrepreneurship and became a YouTube star. 

Jan 21, 2021
177. Civil and Financial Rights: MLK Day 2021 w/ Vicki Robin, Julien and Kiersten Saunders, and Natalie Torres Haddad

For me growing up and in college, MLK day was always a time to reflect and have difficult conversations. We continue this tradition today on Earn & Invest. Vicki Robin, Natalie Torres Haddad, and Julien and Kiersten Saunders wade into politics, civil and financial rights. What could go right?

Jan 18, 2021
176. Are We ready to Talk About Money? w/ Alyssa Davies from Mixed Up Money

We talk gender specific money expectations, the presidential election, and money management in general with Alyssa Davies from Mixed Up Money. Also, a short segment with Alex Felice about the storming of the capitol and our current political and economic climate. 

Jan 14, 2021
175. Stop Fitting In w/ The Debt Free Guys

We discuss what it feels like to not fit in with David and John from The Debt Free Guys. They talk about their journey to discuss their finances openly in the gay community. They experienced coming out of the closet twice.  

Jan 11, 2021
174. Should your Investments Be Socially Responsible w/ Chris Mamula

Socially responsible index funds sound great in theory. Practically, however, is a whole different question. Are they worth investing in? Worth The extra cost. Chris Mamula did the research and answers these difficult questions. Plus, Earn & Invest 2020 wrap up. 

Jan 07, 2021
173. Screw Resolutions, Goals for 2021 w/ community members Wendy, Dan, Dustin, and Robert

Are New Year's Resolutions worthwhile anymore? Or should we be setting goals like any other time of the year. We discuss these weighty topics with community members Dan, Dustin, Wendy, and Robert. Plus a second segment with Amin Lakhani and throwing a FI (Financial Independence) speed dating event

Jan 04, 2021
172. Adventures In Opting Out w/ Cait Flanders

We discuss Cait Flanders new book Adventures in Opting Out. This has been a long time coming conversation about how and why we choose to Opt Out of certain parts of our lives and the fallout that may ensue. 

Dec 31, 2020
171. The Emotional, Financial, and Physical Impact of Mommying While Muslim w/ Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about 9/11? We discuss the emotional, financial, and physical impact of Mommying While Muslim with podcast hosts Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jofri. Happy Holidays!

Dec 28, 2020
170. The Fun Side of the Wall: Baby Boomer Retirement in Mexico w/ Travis Scott Luther

Have you ever thought of moving to Mexico? While in graduate school, Travis Scott Luther discovered a cohort of Baby Boomer expats in Mexico and decided to study them. The result was his book, The Fun Side of the Wall. Happy Holidays!  I hope you enjoy.

Dec 24, 2020
169. 2020: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and Jen Smith

Joe Saul-Sehy and Jen Smith join me today for a recap of 2020.  We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as speculate for what is coming in 2021.  Take a listen to our end of year thoughts.  Happy New Year!

Dec 21, 2020
168. Know Yourself, Know Your Money w/ Rachel Cruze

We discuss with Rachel Cruze the role of mindset above tactics in personal finance and what it was like to grow up in the Ramsey household.  Plus, a second segment with Ashley Barnett regarding blogging and her her platform Hit Publish.  

Dec 17, 2020
167. Virtual (In)Sanity w/ Marcus Garrett, Margy Feldhuhn, and Stacy B

How are you managing your virtual world as 2020 ends?  We discuss with Marcus Garrett, Margy Feldhuhn, and Stacy Bahrenfuss how this year has seen incredible changes in the way we interact with the rest of the world online.

Dec 14, 2020
166. Is Wealth Enough (Rewind)? Featuring Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Jim Dahle, and Rock Thomas

In this rewind episode we jump head first into a conversation about the meaning of wealth, the definition of enough, and even touch on our natural resources.  Featuring Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Jim Dahle, and Rock Thomas.  

Dec 10, 2020
165. Do You Misjudge Risk (Rewind)? w/ Carl Jensen, Todd Tresidder, Big ERN, and Steve Adcock

In this rewind episode we dive deep into understanding risk.  We discuss safe withdrawal rates, sequence of returns, and bear markets with Todd Tresidder, Carl Jensen, Big ERN, and Steve Adcock. Plus a new short segment about being in the arena.  

Dec 07, 2020
164. Year End Tax Moves That Count w/ Sean Mullaney The FI Tax Guy

It's that time of year again.  What are the tax moves that count as we close out 2020 and move towards 2021.  Sean Mullaney, The FI Tax Guy, gives us some tips of what to do and what not to do at the end of the year.  

Dec 03, 2020
163. Supercharge Your Retirement and Make Millions More w/ Paul Merriman and Richard Buck

Paul Merriman and Richard Buck come on to discuss their new book and teach how to use their12 steps to supercharge our retirements and introduce a new portfolio: two funds for life.   

Nov 30, 2020
162. Self Worth and How To Escape Bartending w/ Dani Fattizzi

Bartending can be lucrative and has a glamorous portrayal in our cultural.  We discuss with Dani Fattizzi how lack of self worth lured her into this unhealthy world.  Plus, I talk about why I am thankful this Thanksgiving.  

Nov 26, 2020
161. Is Keeping It Simple The Answer? w/ Joel and Matt from How To Money

Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix from How To Money join me to talk about how to keep it simple in your path to financial security.  Plus, Dave from Accidental FIRE celebrates his three year blog anniversary.   

Nov 23, 2020
160. Why You Should Own a Franchise w/ Lance Graulich

Have you ever considered buying into a franchise?  How does it work?  How do you decide which franchise is right for you?  Listen as Lance Graulich, the franchise whisperer, describes how to get involved.  

Nov 19, 2020
159. What You Need To Know About Alternative Investments w/ Jonathan Medved, Michael Wenner, and Lauren Cohen

What do you need to know about alternative investments?  What is the difference between investment and speculation?  Find out as we talk to Jonathan Medved of Ourcrowd, Michael Wenner of Masterworks, and Lauren Cohen Esq of e-Council inc.

Nov 16, 2020
158. Celebrating Our Community, Special Veteran's Day Episode

This is a special Veteran's Day episode featuring our own community members: Anne, Brandon, Stephen, and Dan.  We talk about why they joined the military and what Veteran's Day Feels like for them.  

Nov 12, 2020
157. What's Your Excuse? w/ Chris Hogan Author of Everyday Millionaires

Chris Hogan and I dive into what it takes to become a millionaire today.  Is the path open to everyone?  Plus I get interviewed by Jennifer Mah regarding two years of Earn & Invest.  

Nov 09, 2020
156. Broke Busted and Disgusted w/ Adam Carroll

Documentary filmmaker Adam Carroll and I tackle student debt and delve into why America's youth look at wealth like monopoly money.  Plus a second segment where I answer and emailers question about his wife's career transition. 

Nov 05, 2020
155. Is Early Retirement Getting a Bad Name? w/ A Purple Life, Retire by 45, and Rachel Richards

Almost everyone I know is a staunch supporter of financial independence.  But is early retirement getting a bad name?  We discuss/defend the concept with A Purple Life, Retire by 45, and Money Honey Rachel.

Nov 02, 2020
154. What My Dad Taught Me About Happiness and Money w/ Paul Ollinger

In this episode we discuss with Paul Ollinger the recent death of his father and what he learned from him about money and happiness.  Plus at the end of the episode I discuss my podcasting/interviewing role model.  

Oct 29, 2020
153. How To Live In the Zone Every Day w/ Jason and Pili Yarusi

We discuss with Jason and Pili Yarusi from The Jason and Pili Project how they live in the zone every day.  And they do it joyfully.  Plus a bonus segment with Diania Merriam about her upcoming webinar.  

Oct 26, 2020
152. Confessions of a Day Trader w/ Jerremy Newsome

We discuss the controversial subject of day trading with Jerremy Newsome from reallifetrading.com.  Hold on tight, his arguments make a lot more sense than you would expect.  See if this episode changes your mind.

Oct 22, 2020
151. The Recession is Over, Why Are We Not Celebrating? w/ Rick Ferri, Karsten Jeske, and Jen Smith

We just experienced possibly the shortest recession in recent history.  We discuss with Rick Ferri, Karsten Jeske, and Jen Smith the surprising consequences.  You might just be surprised by our conclusions.   

Oct 19, 2020
150. Should I Stay or Should I Go? w/ Grumpus Maximus

Grumpus Maximus answers one of the most difficult questions:  should I stay or should I go when it comes to waiting for a pension.  Plus a short segment with Vazul Hites on looking for a job post college graduation in a time of COVID. 

Oct 15, 2020
149. Retirement: When The Real Work Begins w/ Grant Sabatier and Millennial Revolution

We discuss with Grant Sabatier author of Financial Freedom and Bryce and Kristy from Millennial Revolution what life looks like after retirement.  Plus, a second segment with Dennis from Full Time Finance about selling a house during the COVID pandemic.  

Oct 12, 2020
148. The Future of Financial Independence (Rewind) with JL Collins

In this rewind episode JL Collins talks legacy, recession, and the future of financial independence live from Kibanda in Wisconsin.  Recorded preCOVID, his words ring true today in the midst of recession.  

Oct 08, 2020
147. Why Haven't You Started a Business Already (Rewind) w/ Mad FIentist, Jim Wang, and Waffles on Wednesday

This rewind episode is a discussion on whether you should start a small business on your path to financial freedom. The answer might surprise you! Featuring Brandon from The Mad Fientist, Jim Wang from WalletHacks, and Mr. and Mrs. WoW from Waffles on Wednesday

Oct 05, 2020
146. When Your Job Is Just Not That Into You w/ Piggy from Bitches Get Riches (Adult Language)

What happens when your job is just not that into you?  Piggy from Bitches Get Riches talks about being fired from her corporate publishing job and how it effected her sense of identity.  She also shares the economic impact.  

Oct 01, 2020
145. How to Live Your Legacy Now w/ Rob and Reshawn Lee

Rob and Reshawn Lee from Learn Hustle Grow discuss how to build a legacy for yourself and your children.  Hear how they both rose from meager financial means to successful entrepreneurs.  Plus a segment with John from ESI Money  about the Millionaire Money Mentors program.

Sep 28, 2020
144. Winning To Wealth w/ Michael Lacy

How do we evolve in our path to wealth and financial security?  Michael Lacy of Winning to Wealth shares with us his journey and how his goals and dreams have shifted. 

Sep 24, 2020
143. Powerful Relationships: Leveraging The Right People w/ Nii and Renee Darko

This is a powerful episode about leveraging relationships with dynamic couple Nii and Renee Darko.  Plus, a short segment with Jessica from The Fioneers about the concept of Slow FI (Financial Independence). 

Sep 21, 2020
142. How 2020 is Different w/ Jean Chatzky

We discuss with Jean Chatzky how 2020, the pandemic, the recession, and social upheavel have affected the plight of women in the workforce and society. Plus a short segment with Tori Dunlap about going viral on TikTok.  

Sep 17, 2020
141. Time to Dump City Living? w/ Farnoosh Torabi, Jamila Souffrant, Bobbi Rebell, and Cathleen Hutchins

Why settle down in a high cost of living area?  Farnoosh Torabi, Jamila Souffrant, Bobbi Rebell, and Cathleen Hutchins discuss the pros and cons of living in New York and Hawaii.  

Sep 14, 2020
140. Confessions of a FIRE Skeptic w/ Christine Benz

We discuss the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement with a former skeptic.  Christine Benz is director of personal finance for Morningstar and senior columnist for Morningstar.com.

Sep 10, 2020
139. How We're Surviving 2020 w/ Stephen Chen, David Blobaum, Jolene Unland, and Bill Yount

We survey our community to delineate how they are surviving 2020 with all the ups and downs we have already encountered this year.  Featuring Stephen Chen, Jolene Unland, Bill Yount, and David Blobaum.  Plus a short segment with Vincent Pugliese about his new venture The Youth Entrepreneur School.  

Sep 07, 2020
138. Programming Your Mind For Wealth w/ Life Outside The Maze

Is optimism the key?  We talk to Chris from Life Outside The Maze about the benefits of positive thinking including success, health, and wealth.  Plus, a short clip of my interview with Grant Sabatier of The Financial Freedom Podcast.  

Sep 03, 2020
137. How Winning at Sport Became Winning at Wealth featuring Lauryn Williams, Chad Carson, and Sunitha Rao

What did these winners learn from losing?  Lauryn Williams, Chad Carson, and Sunitha Rao talk about how being involved in college and Olympic level athletics changed their financial trajectories. 

Aug 31, 2020
136. Breaking Through w/ Brent Lacey

How do we break through our limiting beliefs?  Brent Lacey of The Scope Of Practice Blog and Podcast leads us through this tricky subject.  Plus a short segment with John Stoj about starting a podcast.

Aug 27, 2020
135. Why Your Man Is a Financial Tornado w/ Brad and Ted Klontz, and Jen Smith

If you ever wanted to know why the men in your life (or you for that matter) make the financial decisions you do, listen to Brad and Ted Klontz, and Jen Smith discuss this fascinating topic. 

Aug 24, 2020
134. Secrets That Will Make You a Millionaire w Clark Sheffield and Jace Mattinson

What is the secret to being part of the seven figure net worth club? Jace Mattinson and Clark Sheffield enlighten us with the lessons they have learned as hosts of the Millionaires Unveiled podcast.  Plus, a short segment with Paul Thompson about the ups and downs of real estate investing during a pandemic.  

Aug 20, 2020
133. Money, Mental Health, and Hope w/Melanie Lockert, Wendy Mays, Diania Merriam, and Jennifer Mah

These amazing guests talk of their struggles with mental and financial health.  As both content producers and consumers, Jennifer Mah, Melanie Lockert, Wendy Mays, and Diania Merriam provide us hope that we can get wrangle both our minds and money into shape.  

Aug 17, 2020
132.The Secret To Confidence Without Arrogance w/ Felipe Mejia

How do you master confidence without arrogance?  Felipe Mejia and I tackle this important concept and delve into his success in real estate and life.  

Aug 13, 2020
131. Will Healthcare Costs Kill Your Early Retirement Plans? Live From Camp Mustache w/Lynn Frair, Rosemary Fotheringham, and Jackie Cummings Koski

Is healthcare the great financial independence retire early killer?  We discuss this tough topic with Lynn Frair, Rosemary Fotheringham, and Jackie Cummings Koski.  Plus a short segment with Dan Huffman about leaving the armed forces.  

Aug 10, 2020
130. Retiring Is For Losers! w/ Angela Rozmyn, Abandoned Cubicle, The Fioneers, and Lynn Marie Morski

Maybe retiring is the wrong idea.  In this rewind episode we discuss with Angela Rozmyn, Abandoned Cubicle, Jessica from The Fioneers, and Lynn Marie Morski alternatives to retiring early.

Aug 06, 2020
129. How Dare You Call Yourself A Money Expert! w/ Jamila Souffrant, Whitney Hansen, The Physician Philosopher, and Root of Good

In this rewind episode we discuss what it takes to be considered expert enough to become a money coach.  Featuring Jamila Souffrant, Whitney Hansen, The Physician Philospher, and Root of Good. 

Aug 03, 2020
128. You can Destroy Student Loan Debt w/ Travis Hornsby

Travis Hornsby of The Student Loan Planner teaches how to destroy educational debt and the rippling effects of legislation related to the COVID Pandemic.  

Jul 30, 2020
127. Why Now Is The Time To Start Your Business w/ Vital Dollar, George Kurtyka, and Ariana Sylvester

We discuss starting a business in a time of COVID with Marc from Vital Dollar, George Kurtyka, and Ariana Sylvester.  Plus, a short segment with Kiersten and Julien Saunders regarding their new show Money on the Table.    

Jul 27, 2020
126. How to Align Your Passion and Talent w/ Dana Corriel

How do you align your passion and talent?  Dana Corriel found that being a physician no longer filled her cup.  She describes how she decided to delve into social media and content creation.  Plus a short segment with The Vigilante about disagreeing on the internet.   

Jul 23, 2020
125. Is Saving For Retirement Money Jail? w/Jen Smith, Tina Kilroy, and Sarah Holden

In this episode I chat with Sarah Holden and Tina Kilroy from the Investment Company Institute and Jen Smith from the Modern Frugality Blog about the state of retirement savings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus Rich Jones from Paychecks & Balances talks about his dry July.  

Jul 20, 2020
124. Don't Let Money Kill Your Marriage w/ Adam Kol, Jen Smith, and Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Money issues are one of the biggest reasons couples fight and eventually get divorced.  In this episode Adam Kol, Jen Smith, and Lindsay Bryan-Podvin discuss how to manage conflict.  Plus, a segment with JL Collins on the anniversary of The Simple Path To Wealth.  

Jul 16, 2020
123. Mr. Money Mustache On COVID (and the Notorious Tweet)

In this episode we discuss with Pete Adeney a tweet of his about COVID that has sparked controversy and an outcry in the personal finance community.  Also, a short segment with Jim from Route to Retire on his harrowing journey back from Panama.  

Jul 13, 2020
122. Why You're Retiring Too Early. There Is No Finish Line w/ Meyer Feldberg

Meyer Feldberg has achieved much in his life including becoming the dean of the business school at Columbia University for three five year terms.  We discuss his life and his new book No Finish Line. Plus a bonus segment about athletics and COVID with Sunitha Rao and Lauryn Williams.  

Jul 09, 2020
121. Sink or Swim? How to Weather Financial Storms w/ Gwen Merz, Jessica Garbarino, and Military Dollar

How do we weather these financial storms?  We have a candid talk with Gwen Merz, Jessica Garbarino, and Military Dollar about past financial mistakes and how to survive the current recession.  

Jul 06, 2020
120. Are You a High Earner but Not Rich Yet? Why? w/ Gideon Drucker

The H.E.N.R.Y syndrome has been used to describe young high earners who are not able to accumulate wealth.  In this episode, we discuss with financial advisor Gideon Drucker his book How To Avoid H.E.N.R.Y Syndrome.   

Jul 02, 2020
119. Trapped In Italy: When The Nomadic Life Goes Awry w/ Our Freedom Years

Stephanie and Gillian were living their best lives travelling Europe in early retirement when the Corona pandemic hit, and they found themselves sheltering in place in one of the most dangerous regions.  What happens when the nomadic life goes awry?

Jun 29, 2020
118. How Postpartum Depression Taught Her About Vulnerability w/ Elizabeth Thames

Elizabeth Thames (Frugalwoods) espouses both strength and vulnerability in such fundamental ways.  In this episode we discuss, among other things, her bout with postpartum depression and how she has grown over the years.   

Jun 25, 2020
117. Falling Out of Financial Independence w/ Full Time Finance, Rick McGinley, Chief Mom Officer, and Brett Guinto

On this episode we discuss with Full Time Finance, Chief Mom Officer, Rick McGinley, and Brett Guinto about falling out of financial independence during a recession and whether it matters.   

Jun 22, 2020
116. How To Fight Injustice as a non person of color w/ Tanja Hester

In this very important episode I talk to Tanja Hester (author of Work Optional:  Retire Early The Non Penny Pinching Way) about how non people of color can fight injustice, racism, sexism, and bias in our society.  

Jun 18, 2020
115. How Not To Screw Up Your Kids w/ Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner

In this episode we have Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner on to discuss their upcoming book Raising Your Money-Savvy Kids For Next generation Financial Independence.  Also, a short segment with listener Patrick about finding meaning and purpose once finances are settled.   

Jun 15, 2020
114. Becoming a Wealthy Gardner w/ John Soforic

Today we discuss wealth, mindset, and habit with author of The Wealthy Gardner John Soforic.  Plus, a short segment with Alex Felice on his recent pictorial of the latest protests in Fayetteville North Carolina.  

Jun 11, 2020
113. Homeschooling Is For Weirdos (w/ Dustin Heiner and Dawn Baker)

Homeschooling is no longer just for weirdos.  Indeed Dustin Heiner and Dawn Baker have found this the best way to educate their children.  Plus, a special segment with Steve Adcock about reading the tea leaves and forecasting the future.   

Jun 08, 2020
112. Retire By 40, Back To Work By 50? w/ Joe Udo

On this rewind episode we interview Joe Udo about blogging, retiring by forty, and being the caregiver for his mother.  At the very end of this episode, I say a few words about what is happening in our world right now.  

Jun 04, 2020
111. While Money Won't Make You Happy, Here's What Will w/Jillian Johnsrud, Anthony Ongaro, The Good Life Guys

Money nor financial independence will make you happy.  On this rewind episode we discuss with Jillian Johnsrud, Anthony Ongaro, and Steve from The Good Life Guys what will.  New intro and discussion.

Jun 01, 2020
110. They Early Retired At The Worst Time w/Leif and Rayce Dahleen from Ohysician on FIRE

Leif and Rayce early retired right before the onset of a pandemic and likely global recession.  It's been eight months now, How are they doing?  Do they regret their choice?

May 28, 2020
109. LatinX Finance w/ Jen Hemphill and Diego Corzo

What's it like financially to grow up in America Latino?  We discuss with Jen Hemphill and Diego Corzo the ramifications it has had on their lives.  Plus a discussion about the future of work at home.

May 25, 2020
108. Does Simplicity Beat Minimalism? (w/ Rose Lounsbury)

Rose Lounsbury began here journey with minimalism but has evolved into a simplicity coach.  What is the difference?  Tune in to find out more.  Plus a short monologue about social media and listening to opinions that don't match your own.  

May 21, 2020
107. Before Moving For Money, Consider This w/ Scott and Taylor Rieckens and Tonya Stumphauzer

Should you move from a high cost of living area to a low cost of living one.  The decision is more complicated than you might think.  Featuring Scott and Taylor Rieckens (Playing With FIRE Documentary) and Tonya Stumphauzer (Budget and the Beach).

May 18, 2020
106. Debt, Depression, and Suicide Prevention w/ Melanie Lockert

There is a strong link between mental and financial health.  On this episode we discuss with Melanie Lockert dealing with debt and the depression that it caused her.  Plus, a short segment with Bradley Rice regarding Salesforce.  

May 14, 2020
105. Real Estate SmackDown! (w/ Zeona McIntyre, Paul Thompson, and Veena Jetti)

Which flavor of real estate is best?  Best for you?  In this smackdown episode we discuss some of the different ways people get involved in this asset class above and beyond basic landlording with Zeona McIntyre, Paul Thompson, and Veena Jetti.  

May 11, 2020
104. Which Greek God Will Make You Wealthy (w/ Harlan Landes)

In this episode we discuss the difference between Zeus and Plutus when it comes to wealth building with Harlan Landes. Plus, my talk taped live from the Econome Conference.

May 07, 2020
103. The Most Important Financial Book You Haven't Discovered Yet (w/ MK Williams and Dave Mason)

If you haven't heard of  financial independence fiction yet, than you're in for a treat.  Authors MK WIlliams (Enemies of Peace) and Dave Mason (The Cash Machine) discuss this new genre of personal finance book and why it is important.  Plus a short segment from Ericka Young from Tailor-Made Budgets about straightening out your finances in a time of Corona.  

May 04, 2020
102. The Traits That Make You Unstoppable (w/ Amanda Abella)

Amanda Abella helps entrepreneurs who are hell bent on success.  In this episode we discuss how to pivot and succeed in this most difficult time.  She is a master of the art of relentless.  Plus a bonus segment with Dave from Accidental FIRE about going viral.  

Apr 30, 2020
101. Are YOU The Problem? w/ Matt Hall, Katie Brewer, and Joseph Hogue

Behavioral investing choices often lead to disorganized portfolios and poor returns.  How do we overcome our proclivity to make bad decisions?  This week we discuss this very topic with Matt Hall, Katie Brewer, and Joseph Hogue. Also a bonus segment with David Blobaum of Summit Prep on thriving during quarantine.  

Apr 27, 2020
100. Learning From The Contrarians In Your Life w/ Kenji Asakura and Letizia Alto and Some Thoughts on Turning 100!

The Earn & Invest Podcast turns 100!  We start the show off with Kenji and Letizia from Semi-Retired MD.  What can you learn from the contrarians in your life?  Directly following, Doc G waxes philosophical about reaching a major podcasting milestone and says thank you.  

Apr 23, 2020
99. Coming Out of the Financial Closet w/ Travis Shakespeare and Modern FImily and More on Board Games w/ Brad Barrett

What does it feel like coming out of the financial closet?  We ask Travis Shakespeare, Nic, and Court about the LGBTQ+ community and personal finance.  Plus Brad Barrett discusses episode 93 on board games.  

Apr 20, 2020
98. Never Ignore What Drives You w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and The Problem With Price Fixing w/ Joshua Sheats

We talk about what motivates us with Joe Saul-Sehy and a bonus segment with Joshua Sheats about COVID and the problem with price fixing.  

Apr 16, 2020
97. Speak Up and Be Heard w/ Jillian Johnsrud, Nisha Mehta, and Grant Baldwin

Have you ever thought of becoming a public speaker?  Jillian Johnsrud, Nisha Mehta, and Grant Baldwin chat about this lucrative opportunity to spread your message.  Also a bonus segment with Dan Huffman about the ever important emergency fund.  

Apr 13, 2020
96. Redefining Friendship w/ Josh Overmyer and COVID & The Democratization of Social Media w/ Paul Desmond Adams

Josh Overmyer talks with us about redefining friendship and finding his place in the personal finance community.  Plus a bonus segment with Paul Desmond Adams who has presenting daily COVID data in a very interesting way on Facebook.  

Apr 09, 2020
95. Making Less In To More w/ Rose Lounsbury, Jackie Cummings Koski, and Justin Pogue

How to not only survive but thrive on less.  Rose Lounsbury, Jackie Cummings Koski, and Justin Pogue help us understand the power of less.  We discuss the minimalism/materialism divide.  

Apr 06, 2020
94. Divorcing Corporate America w/Kiersten Saunders and Alex Felice Talks COVID Unfiltered

Kiersten Saunders of rich & REGULAR talks leaving corporate America and joining her husband in the wonderful world of self employment.  In a bonus segment, Alex Felice discusses COVID and the real estate market (unfiltered). 

Apr 02, 2020
93. Split Episode: Board Games/COVID-19 Dispatches From The Field

This split episode is two separate conversations.  The first is a discussion about board games and personal finance with William McVey, Cindy Tsai, and Seonwoo Lee.  The second is an update on COVID-19 from some clinicians in the field featuring Naseema McElroy and Lynn Frair.    

Mar 30, 2020
92. Surpassing Your Dreams For Something Better w/ Vincent Pugliese

What's better than reaching your dreams?  Achievement only takes you so far.  Listen to Vincent Pugliese author of Freelance To Freedom give us a PhD level class on community.  Plus a bonus segment on COVID and conferences with Diania Merriam.   

Mar 26, 2020
91. Coronavirus and Rebounding From Your Worst Financial Mistakes w/ Jennifer Mah, Holly Grosvenor, and Disha Spath

In this episode we briefly discuss the effects of the Corona Virus on the personal finance community before jumping into our worst financial mistakes.  Join Jennifer Mah, Holly Grosvenor, and Disha Spath for this heart felt and difficult conversation. Plus a bonus segment about falling out of financial independence with Jessica Garbarino.

Mar 23, 2020
90.Are We Overreacting? JL Collins Interviews Doc G on COVID-19

JL Collins author of The Simple Path To Wealth takes over the podcast and interviews Doc G about his views on COVID-19.  Is it much ado about nothing? I think not. 

Mar 22, 2020
89. Tested By Financial, Physical, and Emotional Devastation w/ Refined By FIRE

In this episode Refined By FIRE opens up about his story of being tested financially, physically, and emotionally by life circumstances.  This unbelievable story highlights the incredible strength of human character.  

Mar 19, 2020
88. Losing Your Financial Way and Finding It On El Camino w/Cory Fawcett, Diania Merriam, and Bianca DiValerio

Cory Fawcett, Diania Merriam, and Bianca DiValerio have all done something that most of us have not...walked the sacred pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostella.  Hear how it affected their lives and their paths to financial freedom.  

Mar 16, 2020
87. The Keep It Simple Startup w/ Rob Phelan

The keep it simple startup.  How to build a business soup to nuts with the writer of The Simple Startup, Rob Phelan.  We discuss why and how to go about starting a basic business. 

Mar 12, 2020
86. Can A Conference Change Your Life? Discussing Financial Freedom w/Cody Berman, Grant Sabatier, and PT Money

Can a conference change your life?  Grant Sabatier, Cody Berman, and PT Money sure are going to try.  The Financial Freedom Conference features over 50 speakers over two days in St Louis Missouri May 1st-3rd 2020.  Listen to the exciting details.  

Mar 09, 2020
85. Stop Being A Mindless Millionaire w/ Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire, helps us traverse the maze of limiting beliefs and the scarcity mindset.  We talk about how our brains get in the way of attaining true wealth.  

Mar 05, 2020
84. Will Moving to Canada Fix My Finances? w/Bob Lai, Tom Drake, and Chrissy

In this episode we debate the financial differences between living in Canada and the US with Canadian Blogger/podcasters Tom Drake, Bob Lai, and Chrissy.  The Answer may surprise you. Also a bonus segment with Jessica Garbarino.  

Mar 02, 2020
83. When Financial Freedom Stops Being About Money w/ Scott Trench

We hear it said all the time:  "It's not about money!"  But sometimes this sounds unrealistic.  Especially in the beginning, dollars and cents matter.  However, as time goes on, financial freedom becomes less about your specific finances.  We walk down this path with Scott Trench of Bigger Pockets and the the bestselling book Set For Life.  

Feb 27, 2020
82. Are All Teachers Poor? w/ The Millionaire Educator, Frogdancer Jones, and Educator FI

Are teachers poor?  Can they reach financial independence.  We discuss the fascinating topic of how education is not a bad path to financial independence with The Millionaire Educator, Frogdancer Jones, and Educator FI.

Feb 24, 2020
81. When Financial Independence Isn't Enough, You take An Unexpected Gap Year w/ Ashleigh Evans + bonus material with The Wealth Hound

In this episode, we discuss with Ashleigh Evans her unexpected gap year, mental health issues, and how sometimes financial independence just isn't enough.  Plus Jason from The Wealth Hound and The Everyday Money Show discusses a recent episode.  

Feb 20, 2020
80. The Problem With Lookin Out For Mom and Dad w/ Cameron Huddleston, Jen Smith, Stephen Chen, and Doug Nordman

What happens when your financial future is put in jeopardy by your parents?  We discuss how to talk to parents about financial issues in the midst of aging, health care crises, and sometimes poor decision making.  Featuring Cameron Huddleston, Jen Smith, Stephen Chen, and Doug Nordman.  

Feb 17, 2020
79. Getting Past "I Can't" w/ Alan Donegan

Alan Donegan is creator of Pop Up Business School and helps us understand how to get past "I Can't" on this one on one interview.  

Feb 13, 2020
78. Are Kids Holding You Back w/ The Stealthy Rich and Karen Cordaway and bonus segment with Financial Mechanic

In this episode we dive into kids and whether they are hampering our financial journey.  Featuring The Stealthy Rich and Karen Cordaway.  Also, bonus material with Financial Mechanic with a continuation of our ask me anything episode.

Feb 10, 2020
77. Doc G Bares All w/ Justin Taylor, Financial Mechanic, and Trip Of a Lifestyle

In this, ask me anything episode, Doc G submits himself to the questions of a group of Facebook Group members including Justin Taylor of The FI Show, Financial Mechanic, and Steven and Lauren from Trip Of A Lifestyle.  And Doc G asks some questions back.

Feb 06, 2020
76. God and Money w/ Joshua Sheats, Emily Guy Birken, and Pastor FI, and

How does our understanding of religion and God play a role in our finances.  We explore this fascinating topic with Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance, Emily Guy Birken, and Pastor FI.

Feb 03, 2020
75. Making Your Money More Impactful w/ Tim Huebsch

How do you create the most impact in your community?  Tim Huebsch has used his financial knowledge to create meaningful change through volunteerism, angel investing, and philanthropy through endowed scholarships.

Jan 30, 2020
74. Do You Dare Drawdown? w/ Amy and Tim Rutherford and Bob and Amy Haines

Do you dare drawdown?  While most of us are stuck in the accumulation phase, Amy and Tim Rutherford (Go With Less) and Bob and Amy Haines are boldly going where most of us fear.  Early retirement and asset decumulation.  Hear their fascinating stories. 

Jan 27, 2020
73.5 Tragedy And The Stories We Tell Ourselves w/ Julie M

What stories do we tell ourselves about our lives to make it bearable?  How do we mold the past to not only survive but succeed?  In this episode we discuss with Julie M tragedy and how it has impacted her relationship to finances. 

Jan 23, 2020
73. Finding Your Ride or Die Community w/ Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett of Paychecks and Balances

How do you find a community in today's digital world?  Marcus Garrett and Rich Jones from Paychecks and Balances join me to discuss podcasting, blogging, and community building.   

Jan 20, 2020
72. Is Your Next Financial Guru a Young Woman? W/ Tori Dunlap, A Purple Life, and Financial Mechanic

Episode 72 asks a provocative question... Are young women the new face of the financial independence community?

We have 3 young female bloggers who are taking the Internet by storm and displace the common stereotype that everyone interested in fi is a white, male engineer or a high income earning doctor.

Jan 13, 2020
71.5 JL Collins On Not Having A Legacy

JL Collins, Godfather of the financial independence movement, opens up about KIbanda, Chautauqua, and having a legacy.  This episode was recorded live from Kibanda.  

Jan 09, 2020
71. Is Geoarbitrage An Option? w/Route to Retire and Our Rich Journey

In Episode 71 we talk with two different couples who have retired early and moved abroad. Could geoarbitrage be a winning strategy for your early retirement plans?

Jan 06, 2020
70. A Couple of Bitches Did It, Can You? w/Bitches Get Riches, Steve Stewart, and Pete Mcpherson

We discuss what's involved in starting a podcast in 2020 from several guests with varying levels of experience and expertise. Even if you don't plan on creating a blog you'll still double over laughing and thoroughly enjoy this conversation with Pete from Do You Even Blog, Kitty and Piggy from Bitches Get Riches, and Steve Stewart. 

Dec 30, 2019
69. Is it too late to start your path to Financial Independence? w/ ESI Money, Life Zemplified, and Women Who Money

Did you hear about Financial Independence too late? We don't think so. Our guests each talk about how they discovered this community much later in life and how you can start no matter your age. Featuring:

John from ESI Money

Amy from Life Zemplified

Vicki from Women Who Money

Dec 23, 2019
68. Reinventing Yourself w/ Joe Saul Sehy, Bobbi Rebell, Julien Saunders, and Whitney Hansen

In Episode 68  we have four guest panelists who help us explore the concept of reinventing yourself.

Dec 16, 2019
67. The Great Healthcare Debate w/Dollar Revolution, Lynn Frair, Boomer Benefits, and The Frugal Engineers

Today we tackle the tricky topic of healthcare and how the cost of health insurance and medical expenses may be a hindrance to your financial independence plans. We have a guest panel of experts to help us tackle the question and help you create a personalized plan.

Our guest panelists are:

Dillon from Dollar Revolution

Lynn Frair from Nurse Numbers

Danielle from Boomer Benefits

Kim from The Frugal Engineers

Dec 09, 2019
66. Curate This! w/ JD Roth and Jim Wang

Featuring Jim Wang and JD Roth from Apex Money Blog. Why start a curation based website?

Dec 02, 2019
65. Is Wealth Teachable? w/ Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Rock Thomas, and Jim Dahle

Panel members:  Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Rock Thomas, and Jim Dahle.

Nov 25, 2019
CampFi Southwest 2019 Live
Nov 21, 2019
64. Top Line Revenue vs. Frugality w/ Amanda Abella, Brian Eufinger, and Veena Jetti

Panel Members: Amanda Abella, Veena Jetti, and Brian Eufinger

Nov 18, 2019
63. Alternatives to Early Retirement w/ The Fioneers, Angela Rozmyn, Abandoned Cubicle, and Lynn Marie Morski
Nov 11, 2019
62. Do No Harm Film - Bonus Episode w/ Robyn Symon


Here's a little extra content with Robyn Symon the producer of the documentary film Do No Harm. Episode 61 is the formal episode discussing the film. This is a special episode that's sure to hit you square between the eyes. 

Nov 07, 2019
61. Why Physicians Commit Suicide w/ Emmy Award Winning Producer of Do No Harm Robyn Symon

An interview with the producer of the documentary film Do No Harm

"Doctors are our healers, yet they have the highest rate of suicide among any profession. Medical students and families of physicians touched by suicide come out of the shadows to expose this silent epidemic and the truth about a sick healthcare system that not only drives our brilliant young doctors to take their own lives but puts patients' lives at risk too."

Enjoy the conversation with Robyn Symon, who is a two-time Emmy Award-winner, and an accomplished writer, producer/director, and editor. She began as a television news reporter in Texas, then joined PBS in Miami where she hosted and produced documentaries, public affairs programs and the TV series Florida! (6 seasons; Travel Channel). She wrote and produced the docu-series “Voices of Vision,” which focused on the work of non-profit organizations worldwide. She has produced hundreds of hours of TV series for major cable networks including Discovery, CNBC, HGTV and currently produces a series on the Reelz Channel.

Nov 04, 2019
60. How to Get Spousal Buy In w/ Tom and Arianna Sylvester, and Tom Latuga


In episode 60 DocG and Paul David Thompson ask the all so common question "How can I get my spouse on board?"

We're joined by Tom and Ariana Sylvester from Lifestyle Builders who share their insight and help Tom Latuga who offered up his scenario as an opportunity for a use case. This episode gets right to the heart of the conundrum of how to get your spouse on board with an idea you've discovered. 

Oct 28, 2019
59. Has The FIRE Burned Out? w/ Mad Money Monster, Stop Ironing Shirts, Landshark, and Refined By FIRE

In Episode 59 we pose the question "Has the FIRE burned out?" to 4 guest panelists.

Our guests are:

Lisa from Mad Money Monster

@IamLandshark on twitter

Mr. Refined of Refined By FIRE

Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts

Oct 21, 2019
Is House Hacking the Key to Financial Independence? w/ Diego Corzo, Chad Carson, Craig Curelop, and Jennifer Beadles


House Hacking may be a household name among real estate investors but has it caught FIRE?

In this episode, we explain what house hacking is, share several creative techniques you may not first think about when thinking about optimizing your housing costs and answer the question "Is House Hacking The KEY to financial independence?


Oct 17, 2019
58. Working With Your Spouse w/ Allison and Matt Owen and Melissa and Rob Stephenson

In episode 58 we are joined by a pair of couples who have chosen to work together. We ask the question, "What is it like working with your spouse?"

Our guests are:

Rob and Melissa from Flea Market Flipper


Ally and Matt of Primal Noms and Own Your Future


Oct 14, 2019
57. Fix My Finances Hot Seat w/ Cory Fawcett, Travis Hornsby, and Kay Hooshmand


In Episode 57 we bring two financial experts in to help Kay Hooshmand, a physician with $200,000 of student loan debt, fix her finances. 

Oct 07, 2019
56. ChooseFi Your Roadmap To Financial Independence w/ Brad Barrett, Jonathan Mendonsa, and Chris Mamula


In episode 56 we're joined by the authors of ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence. The book launches October 1st and Brad, Jonathan, and Chris give us an sneak peak to the book. 

You can learn more about ChooseFI at ChooseFi.com/start and you can read Chris' blog at CanIRetireYet.Com

Sep 30, 2019
55. What is Integrative Medicine and Does it Apply to You? w/Ashley Maltz


Our guest in episode 55 is Ashley Maltz who practices Integrative Medicine in Austin, TX. This episode will introduce you to functional medicine and how this might apply to your unique financial situation. 




Sep 23, 2019
54. Drink The Kool-Aid at Campfi Midwest

DocG and Paul attended CampFi Midwest and recorded in front of a live audience and asked 4 attendees why they attended CampFi so you can get a taste of what it's like to attend. 

You can learn more about CampFi at campfi.org. This podcast was born as a result of the friendship first established at CampFi. Tickets do go quickly so if you're convinced you want to attend grab you tickets quickly before they're all scooped up.

Sep 19, 2019
53. Fi and Startups w/ Life Outside The Maze, MinaFi, and David Domzalski


In episode 53 we ask the question "Is running a startup a viable plan to achieve financial independence?"

Our guests are:

Adam from Minafi

Chris from Life Outside the Maze

Dave Domzalski from Run The Money



Sep 16, 2019
52. What Role Does Creativity Play in Financial Independence? w/Gwen Merz, Savvy History, and Vincent Pugliese


In Episode 52 we explore the role of creativity in Financial Independence.

Our guests are:

Gwen from Fiery Millennials
Michelle from Savvy History
Vincent author of Freelance to Freedom

Sep 09, 2019
51. EconoME - Provocative Speakers Exploring A New American Dream w/ Diania Merriam

We're joined by the Chief Economist of the EconoME conference which will explore provocative ideas exploring a new American Dream. This is an explicit episode so this may not be appropriate for all audiences. 

Sep 05, 2019
50. How to Raise Money Savvy Kids w/ Shanah Bell, Juan Pablo, and Delenor Wilson

How do we raise children who are financially savvy and empower them to grow into successful adults who make good money decisions? Do you give them an allowance, do you let them fail, and do you pay for college?

We explore these questions and many more with our 3 panelists to help you survive the realities of raising kids in our modern world.

Our guests are:

Shanah Bell from Adaptive Nourishment

Juan of Finance Clever


Delanor K Wilson Jr.

Sep 02, 2019
49. What Is Effective Altruism and Why Should You Care? w/ Sebastien Aguilar

In Episode 49 we interview Sebastien Aguilar of SimpflyFi.org and discuss what effective altruism is and how we might apply this framework to our our owns lives once we reach financial independence.

Aug 26, 2019
48. Should You Pursue the Fast Path to Fi? w/ Taylor Rieckens, Zeona McIntyre, Jason Fieber

In Episode 48 we ask 3 guest panelists "Is there a fast path to financial independence and should you pursue it in your life?"

Our guests are:

Zeona McIntyre who achieved financial independence using short term rentals

Jason Fieber from Mr. Free at 33


Taylor Rickens from Playing with Fire documentary

Aug 19, 2019
47. The Nursing Path to Fi w/ Daniel Diaz, Lynn Frair, Tara Goesch, Naseema McElroy


In episode 47 we have 4 nurses as guest panelists who each share their perspective of what it's like to pursue financial independence in the medical field without a physician's salary.


Our panelists:

Tara Goesch who can be found in the Facebook Group RN to Wealthy  and at her blog Midwest Miser

Naseema McElroy writes on her blog Financially Intentional

Lynn Frair can be found at her new website Nurse Numbers

Daniel Diaz from TrustedHealth.com/blog

Aug 12, 2019
46. Fincon Survivor's Guide w/ John Hawrylack, Nick True, Jennifer Mah, and Emily Lowry

Episode 46 is a practical and fun conversation about what to expect from the financial convention (Fincon) for digital content creators and brands in personal finance, investing and money. Our guests are 3 Fincon new comers and the first time attendee ambassador Nick True from Mapped Out Money blog.

This is a little sneak peak of all of the fun that goes on when you get together in person with people who share your values about money!



Aug 05, 2019
45. Dealing With Burnout on Your Path to FI w/ The Happy Philosopher, I Dream of FIRE, Melissa Blevins, and Bill Yount

In Episode 45 we toy with the issue of all to common problem of burnout in your personal journey to financial independence, how to manage it, and hopefully avoid it altogher.

Our guests are:

Jeff of The Happy Philosopher

Scott from I Dream of Fire

Melissa Blevins of MelissaBlevins.com

Bill Yount from Financial Literacy Project Facebook Group


Jul 29, 2019
44. Married to Money w/ Mrs. Physician on FIRE, Chief Dad Officer, and Lara McElderry

In episode 44 we talk with 3 spouses who are married to high income earners. We get to hear the point of view from other side of Physician on Fire, Chief Mom Officer and Married to Doctors.

Jul 22, 2019
43. What's Your Why of Fi? w/ Mindy Jensen and Paula Pant

Episode 43 was recorded in front of a live audience at CampFi Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO. Paula Pant from the Afford Anything Podcast, Mindy Jensen from BiggerPockets Money Podcast and Paul Thompson from What's UP Next all co-host the episode and give CampFi attendees a chance to answer the question "What is Your Why of Fi?"

Get your ticket to the next Camp at CampFi.org

Jul 18, 2019
42. What Does Book Writing Have to do with Financial Independence? w/ David Sawyer, Andrew Wilner, Scott Rieckens, and BC Krygowski

In episode DocG and I interview 4 published authors and ask them what's the motivation behind writing a book and does it have anything to do with financial independence?

Guests are:

Scott Rickens from Playing With Fire

Dr. Andrew Wilner at DrWilner.org

David Sawyer author of Reset: How to Restart Your Life and Get FU Money and blog at Zude PR

and B.C. Krygowski



Jul 15, 2019
41. Can Anyone Achieve Financial Independence? w/ Paula Pant, Jillian Johnsrud, Carl Jensen, and Millennial Revolution

In Episode 41 we have ask 4 guests who have achieved financial independence if anyone is capable of achieving the same results. The panelists each have a unique story where they came from less than ideal backgrounds yet they still were able to pull themselves out and achieve. Was is random luck or is there really a formula for financial success?

The guests are:

Paula Pant from Afford Anything

Jillian Johnsrud from Montana Money Adventures

Carl from Mr. 1500 Days

Bryce and Kristy from Millennial Revolution

Jul 08, 2019
40. Retire By 40 with Joe Udo

In episode 40 we ask Joe Udo why retire by 40? He's the blogger behind Retireby40

Jul 04, 2019
39. Which Investing Strategy is Best to Achieve FI? w/ Brian Feroldi, Mr. Tako, and Alex Felice

We pit 3 different investors with various investing strategies together to discuss which investment strategy is best for achieving financial independence. 

Alex from Broke is a Choice

Brian Feroldi from The Motley Fool

Mr. Tako from Mr. Tako Escapes


Jul 01, 2019
38. Military Path to Fi - Boon or Bane? w/ Military Dollar, Grumpus Maximus, and David Pere

Today we discuss how the military path is different than the traditional financial independence journey.

Guest for today's show are:

Dave Pere From Military to Millionaire

Military Dollar

Grumpus Maximus

Jun 24, 2019
37. Should You Pursue Fat FIRE? w/ Physician on FIRE, Mrs. Fruglwoods, and Millionaires Unveiled

An often debated topic is discussed today to help you decide whether you should pursue Fat FIRE or not?


Guests who wrestle with the topic in this episode are:

Liz from The Frugalwoods

Lief from Physician on Fire

Jace and Clark Millionaires Unveiled Podcast


Jun 17, 2019
36. What's the Connection Between Fi and Craft Beer? w/ Joel Larsgaard, Ted Carr, Mindy Jensen, and Mr. WOW

Episode 36 is a lighthearted conversation about the connection between those on the path to financial independence and craft beer. It seems every Fi related get together is centered around good craft beer. DocG, Paul and all 4 guests crack open a cold one and wax profoundly using flowery adjectives until the conversation devolves into crude jokes. Grab a beer and enjoy the banter!

Episode Guests are:

Mindy from the BiggerPockets Money Show

Joel from How to Money Podcast

Mr. Wow from Waffles on Wednesday

Ted from Retire Hoppy

Jun 10, 2019
35. Gender Equity w/ Erin Lowry, Bonnie Koo, and Carrie Reynolds

In episode 35 we have 3 guests who discuss the concept of gender equality, the notion that women have more roles to play, and the challenge of being a professional while also being supermom.


Jun 03, 2019
How To Overcome Your Biggest Struggle to Reach Fi w/ John Stoj, Brad Finn, Rachel Fazio, and Brenda Olmos

4 Audience Members join Paul and DocG to discuss their personal money stories, the struggles they face to reach financial independence, and share some advice to overcoming those obstacles. 

Guests are:

Text the word NEXT to 345345 to get on our notification list for bonuses, announcements, and join our Facebook Group.

May 30, 2019
34. Does FI cause Marital Distress? w/ Andy and Nicole Hill and Countdown To FI

In Episode 34 we have two couples discuss the impact that personal finance and financial independence can have on a marriage. Both couples air their dirty laundry and really talk about the conversations spouses need to have to refine their path to financial independence.

May 27, 2019
33. The Role of Connector with David Baughier of Fiology


In this bonus episode David Baughier from Fiology.com joins us for a conversation about this movement we call Financial Independence. He shares a little of his back story, talks about his influence on starting the What's Up Next Podcast, and all together we have a good time talking Fi shop!


May 23, 2019
32. Humor - The Sugar That Makes Medicine Go Down w/ Bitches Get Riches, The Escape Artist, and Freddy Smidlap

Money can be a real bore. We highlight 4 guests who find a way to make talking money entertaining, how they do it, why it's so important and yes we have a few laughs along the way.

Our guests are: 

Barney who is known as The Escape Artist,

Freddy from FreddySmidlap.com, and

Piggy and Kitty of The Bitches Get Riches.

May 20, 2019
31. I Finally Quit! w/ Travis Hornsby, Early Retirement Dude, Kris, and FI 180

In Episode 31 we explore the gut wrenching question of when it is time to finally quit. The panelist share their insight on the retire early portion of the FIRE movement.

Joel from FI180.com

Early Retirement Dude

Chris Claiber

Travis Hornsby from Student Loan Planner

May 13, 2019
Bonus: Financial Freedom Tour w/ Cody Berman and Grant Sabbattier

We catch up with the Grant and Cody on the Financial Freedom Tour as they road trip across North American. We join them in the VW van named Tom and deal with some technical difficulties but we make it work and are rewarding with a huge announcement from Grant and Cody on what's up next in the financial freedom movement. Tune in to hear the big announcement. You won't regret it!

Check out these guys at the following places!





May 09, 2019
30. Is There a Legal Path to FI? w/ The Vigilante, Frank Vasquez, and Financial Panther

In Episode 30 we discuss the legal path to financial independence. We have 3 attorneys share their experience about becoming a lawyer, pursuing financial independence, and give advice for current or potential attorneys seeking financial independence.

 Kevin from Financial Panther

The Vigilante from iVigilante

Frank Vasquez




May 06, 2019
29. Is Passive Income a Reality? w/ Route to Retire, Millennial Boss, Nisha Mehta, and Jay Helms


In Episode 29 four guest wrestle with the definition of passive income, why it matters in our paths to financial independence, and when is enough... enough.

While the guests wrangle on the precise definition of what passive really means they all agree on the greater purpose behind why we want it.

The guests are

Jay Helms from The W2 Capitalist and Helms REI

Jim from Route to Retire 

J from Millennial Boss

Nisha Mehta from NishaMehtaMD and Physician Side Gigs Facebook Page

Apr 29, 2019
Audience Takeover w/ Evelyn, B.L., Kristi, and Tara

In this Episode we invite 4 audience members to takeover the panel, share their stories, and turn the microphones around on us and ask us questions.

 Check out Paul's new book Escape: Money Mindset to Freedom

Apr 25, 2019
28. Are We Ignoring Risk in Pursuing FIRE? w/ Big ERN, Carl Jensen, Steve Adcock, and Todd Tresidder

In episode 28 we have 4 guests who talk about how they define risk, how we might be under estimating our risk premium, and share insights on how to include risk in your plans for financial independence.

Karl from Mr. 1500 Days

Karsten from Early Retirement Now

Steve from Think Save Retire

Todd from Financial Mentor



Apr 22, 2019
Bonus Episode: Finding Your Voice w/ Paul and Doc G


This episode is a lighthearted episode as a change of pace where we dig into cohost Paul David Thompson's back story and how he found his voice despite suffering from a speech impediment and crippling shyness as a child.

Apr 18, 2019
Should You Pursue Non Traditional Path to Fi? w/ How To Money, Robert Farrington, and DIY 2 FI
Apr 15, 2019
Social Change Bonus Content (RAW, UNCUT and EXPLICIT) w/ Millennial Revolution, Mrs. WOW, and RV Darko

This is a bonus episode that augments our previous episode on social change. After recording episode 26 the guests stayed and we just talked shop, discussed world views, the impact of traveling and a lot more. I will warn you this is explicit. This is uncut, raw, we interrupt each other and we cuss a lot. Some of the words and jokes probably aren't appropriate for children. If you don't mind mature content you'll love the natural flow of this episode.  

Apr 11, 2019
26. Is There a Connection between FI and Social Change? w/ Millennial Revolution, Mrs. WOW, and RV Darko

Episode 26 we cover the connection between Financial Independence and Social Change.

We have a lively panel consisting of

Renee from Keeping Up with the Darkos

Bryce and Kristy from Millennial Revolution

Mrs. WOW from Waffles on Wednesday

Apr 08, 2019
25. How Could a Career Transition Impact Your Path to FI? w/ Wendy Mays, Cory Fawcett, and Bobby Hoyt

Episode 25 discusses the choice of changing careers and how that impacts your individual journey to Financial Independence. We have 3 guests who each have a unique story about making a career transition that can help shape your decision along your journey. 

Bobby from Millennial Money Man

Cory  from Dr. Cory S Fawcett

Wendy from House of Fi



Apr 01, 2019
24. African American Community and FI w/ rich and REGULAR, Ericka Young, and Popcorn Finance

Episode 24

Four guests share their journey to financial independence coming from their place in the African American community. 

Our Panelists are

Chris from popcornfinance.com

Ericka Young from taylormadebudgets.com

Julien and Kiersten from richandregular.com/

Mar 25, 2019
23. Immigrant Advantage w/Paula Pant, Rocky and Geeta Lalvani, and Nii Darko

Episode 23


Mar 18, 2019
22. Death of a Loved One w/ Michelle Cooper, William McVey, Russ Thornton, and Chelsea Brennan

Episode 22

We cover a heavy topic about how one copes after the death of a loved one. This is one of the most important episodes we've covered so make sure you take action based on the guest's advice. 

Chelsea from SmartMoneyMamas.com

William can be found ChooseFI facebook group

Michelle and MichellePCooper.com

Russ at WealthCareForWomen.com


Mar 11, 2019
21. The Back Story on DocG

In Episode 21 we unveil some surprising details about DocG's history and discover how it has shaped his personal and professional life. 

Mar 07, 2019
20. Why You Should Start a Business w/ The WOWS, The Mad Fientisti, and Jim Wang

A discussion on whether you should start a small business on your path to Financial Independence. The answer might surprise you!

Our guest panelists are:

Brandon from The Mad Fientist
Jim Wang from WalletHacks
Mr. and Mrs. WoW from Waffles on Wednesday

Mar 04, 2019
19. Fitness and FI w/ James Lowry, Helene Massicotte, and Chris Mamula

We have 4 guests sharing their fitness experience and how it has influenced their lives while pursuing Financial Independence.

1. Chris Mamula
2. Helene Massicotte
3. James Lowry

Feb 25, 2019
18. Financial Advisors Get Their Say w/ Ben Utley, Ryan Inman, Fred leamnson, and Michael Dinich


Should the financial independence community be more accepting of financial advisors? A panel of financial advisors defends themselves against FIRE bloggers!

Feb 18, 2019
17. How Dare Physicians Pursue Fi? w/ Side Hustle Scrubs, KevinMD, Dr. McFrugal, and Crispy Doc

A panel of 4 physician bloggers share the importance of doctors controlling their spending, the toll being a physician can have on your life, and their journey's to financial independence.

Feb 11, 2019
16. How does being single impact your path to FI? w/ The Mastermind Within, Guy on FIRE, and Ms. Ziyou


Eric from The Mastermind Within

MissZihou from her blog of like name

Drew from Guy on Fire

Feb 04, 2019
15. Is Financial Independence Different for Women? w/ Life Zemplified, MK Williams, Timika Downes, and Deanna Broddus
Jan 28, 2019
14. Should You Monetize Your Blog or Podcast? w/ Merry For Money, Pete McPherson, and Angela Rozmyn
Jan 21, 2019
13. Will Financial Independence Make You Happy? w/ Jillian Johnsrud, Anthony Ongaro, and The Good Life Guys,

Three Guests from various backgrounds comment on whether Financial Independence will make you happy?

Jillian Johnsruud from Montana Money Adventures shares on an idea called disregulation.
Anthony Ongaro from Break the Twitch talks about the impact of frantically checking your balances.
Steven from The Good Life Guys Podcast shares how financial independence has become an obsession.

This episode is sponsored by Jillian's Money Coach School. Use the coupon code 'upnext' to get $50 off Jillian's course that teaches you how to start and run a Money Coach Business.

Jan 14, 2019
12. The Why of What's Up Next w/ Doc G and Paul T

Two surprise panelist discuss the why of the what's up next podcast

Jan 12, 2019
11. Is Blog Commenting Enough? w/ FIideas, Gasem, and Vagabond MD

What is the best process to engage with the Financial Independence community? Our 3 guest share their process for commenting, forum posts or guest posting. Is that enough to engage and feel apart of the community?



Susan from FIideas

Gassem can be found at MDonFIRE

Robert AKA VagabondMD can be seen guest posting all over the blogosphere and can be reached here: Vagabondmd@proton.com

Jan 07, 2019
10. Should You Quit Your Job Post FI? w/ Jim Dahle, Chief Mom Officer, and Retirement Manifesto

Three guests join the roundtable to provide their opinion on what you should be thinking about when you're considering your employment, retiring early and lifestyle design.

Fritz Gilbert from The Retirement Manifesto
Liz from Chief Mom Officer
Jim Dahle from The White Coat Investor

Dec 31, 2018
9. Is College Worth It? w/ Physician on FIRE, Wealth Well Done, and Brad Barrett


Our panel shares their college experience, whether they think college is worth it and has an interesting discussion about 529 plans and what the educational plans are for their current/future children.

Brad Barrett from ChooseFI

Lief from Physician On Fire

Billy from Wealth Well Done

Dec 24, 2018
8. How Your Generation Affects Your Path to FI w/ Mrs. Groovy, Cody Berman, Grant Sabatier, and Accidental FIRE
A panel that spans 4 generations discusses how the generation you're in influences your path to Financial Independence. 
From Generation Z we have Cody Berman from FlytoFi.com and TheFIShow podcast
From The Millennial Generation we have Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money blog and podcast and author of Financial Freedom
From Generation X we have Dave from AccidentalFire.com
From The Baby Boomer Generation we have Mrs. Groovy of Freedom is Groovy blog
Dec 17, 2018
7. Are Meetups Worth It? w PT Money, Marla Taner, and FIRE Up The Couch

We pose the question "are meeting, get-togethers, and conferences worth it on your journey to financial independence?"

Philip Taylor (aka PT) of PTmoney.com and the founder and organizer of FinCon joins us. Marla Taner who is a self-proclaimed blog stalker and John and Sarah of the potential blog FireUpTheCouch share their experiences at community meetups and the benefits of attending.


Dec 09, 2018
6. Will Divorce Devastate Your Plans for Financial Independence w/ Mad Money Monster, JD Roth, XRAYVSN, and Kristen Edens
4 Influencers in the Financial Independence movement talk about how divorce impacted their journey to financial independence. They each share how they had to start anew and rise from the ashes after divorce. 
A special thank you to JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly, Kristen of KristenEdens.com, Lisa from Mad Money Monster, and xray from https://xrayvsn.com for openly sharing and discussing a difficult topic.
Dec 03, 2018
5. How to Raise Financially Responsible Children w/ JL Collins, Jane Collins, and Doug Nordman


Three guests share their experience raising financially responsible children. Our panelists are Doug Nordman of The Military Guide, JL Collins of jlcollinsnh and The Simple Path to Wealth, and a special treat Jane Collins is joining us for her very first podcast appearance.

We discuss parenting styles, nature vs. nurture, allowances, and a host of great stories about raising kids. 




The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement


The Simple Path to Wealth

*Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission.


Nov 26, 2018
4. How Does Your Physical Health Impact Your Path to Financial Independence? w/Dragon Guy and Gal, and Tanja Hester

Our guests share how dealing with their health has impacted their pursuit of financial independence and how it changes the equation when deciding to retire early.

Tonya blogs at Our Next Life

The Dragons blog at The Dragons on Fire


Nov 19, 2018
3. Is Being a Money Enthusiast Enough to be a Financial Coach? w/ Jamila Souffrant, The Physician Philosopher, Whitney Hansen, and Root of Good

Our guest panelists provide their opinion on whether being a money enthusiast is enough to be a financial coach. The guests delve into the psychology of being a money coach and charging for their services.


Whitney Hansen blogs at The Money Nerds and has a Podcast of the same name

Justin blogs at the Root of Good

Jamila Souffrant blogs at Journey to Launch and also has a podcast

TPP is the personality for the blog found at The Physician Philosopher

Nov 12, 2018
2. Must You Have A High Income to Achieve Financial Independence w/ Peerless Money Mentor, Passive Income MD, She Picks Up Pennies, and Reaching For FI

"Must you have a high income to achieve financial independence?"

Our guests share their highest income year, how they minimize expenses, grow their income and where they choose to live.


Jerry blogs at Peerless Money Mentor

Peter blogs at Passive Income MD

Penny blogs at She Picks Up Pennies

Erin blogs at Reaching for FI


Nov 09, 2018
1. Should Real Estate Be A Part of Your Path to Financial Independence w/ Gwen Merz, Coach Carson, and Miss Mazuma

"Should real estate be a part of your path to financial independence?"

Chad Carson, Bianca aka Miss Mazuma, and Gwen Merz share the joys and pains of real estate investing and what you should be thinking about if you're considering investing in real estate. 


Chad has a new book Retire Early with Real Estate

Bianca can be seen at CampFi

Gwen Merz podcasts at FIRE Drill Podcast


A special thanks to Dave at Accidental Fire Blog for creating our podcast art. 



Oct 27, 2018