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Ever wonder why guys always assume you’re down to get dirty within 3 seconds of meeting them? Why you keep making the same bad decisions and getting back with your crummy ex? Why you can’t stick to a diet? Well, there’s a reason and we’re ready to be direct AF with you by behaviorally breaking down the situation and identifying the function in a way that any average Joe or Jane can understand. Liat Sacks & Casey McDaniel, two badass Behavior Analysts are your soon to be BFF’s because they make this crazy, “random” world make sense through the lens of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Episode Date
Winning with Underdogs
On today’s episode the Bitches bring on a very special guest, Gil Winch, all the way from Israel! Gil founded Call Yachol (CY), a unique free market social enterprise whose entire workforce of hundreds of employees and managers is comprised entirely of ‘underdogs’. Half of CY’s employees are people with severe disabilities and the rest come from marginalized or disadvantaged populations, and for most, CY is their first place of work. Yet despite that, CY’s workforce all attain regular productivity and make industry standard wages, proving that there is a huge untapped reservoir of talent – underdogs – that many employers are overlooking. Gil has an incredibly moving and inspiring life story which he talks about candidly and with much humor. We also touch on their inspiring interview process in which they flip the script and allow the employees to interview them and strive to bring out the best in each individual during the typically daunting interview process. There are so many lessons to be learned while listening to this episode so tune in or miss the F out!  Show notes: ( ( Pre-Order Gil's Book here: ( Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jun 27, 2022
On today’s episode, Nicholas Maio-Aether returns to the show to discuss everything HIV. Get everything from the basics about HIV to Nicolas' own story about living with HIV on this jumbo-sized, info-packed, analytic-up-the-wazoo edition of the podcast! Tune in or MISS THE F*** OUT!!! Show notes:  Course link: (  The course will also be available in a bundle for June (link): (  Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jun 13, 2022
School Psychologists are cool to date
In episode 118 we speak to some School Psychologists. Have you ever heard of them? Don’t worry if you haven’t, very few have. We introduce Chris Ponce and Brook (NOT BROCK) Roberts. These Legit Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (School Psychologists in states not named Texas) have curated and produced their own podcast, TASP TALKS. What is a School Psychologist? Come listen to us ramble On about what happens when a behavior concern arises in a school district. Also, find out which one of the school psych’s didn’t do their homework and finds out Liat may be missing sections of her fingers??? Tune in or MISS THE F*** OUT!!! Show Notes: Check out more from Chris and Brook... Chris' IG - @theschoolpsychguy (TASP Talks Podcast on Spotify) YouTube Channel - (The School Shrinks) Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 30, 2022
Serial Killers with Dr. Joni Johnston
Why is society so fascinated by serial killers? Why does one even commit such a terrible crime and then do it again...and again? In today’s episode, we have Dr. Joni Johnston on to share what her job is like as a forensic psychologist working with serial killers and criminals who have committed horrid crimes. She discusses how she makes “recommendations” that have a huge impact on someone’s life (do we allow this person to be released or stay locked up for life?). Liat shares excitement in anything true crime-related, so much so that she can barely form a sentence #BitchesFangirlToo. Listening to this episode, you will quickly realize that regardless of the field of work you are in, we are all speaking the same language. Crime junkies and friends, tune in or miss the f#%k out. Show Notes: ( ( ( ( Concepts Covered: MO, pairing, reinforcement, punishment, assessment, functions of behavior Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 16, 2022
Following in your footsteps, Mom and Daughter BCBA Duo
In today’s episode, we have two very special guests, Michaela and Audrey Poggie, a mom and daughter BCBA duo. Audrey started in the field in 2008 and fell in love with ABA. She loved it so much that she converted both her daughters and her husband to join the field.  Imagine having a family of BCBA’, ya we can’t either. We get to hear from Audrey about how the field has changed over the years, what she is excited about for the future of the field and how it is seeing her daughter as a newly minted BCBA. Wow, times have changed and we all think it has been for the best. This is also a very special episode as we are celebrating Mother's day and all the amazing mom’s out there! So, cheers to you. Tune in or miss the F out! Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 02, 2022
Nicole Shallow, Everyone is tired AF
On episode 115 (holy sh*t) the Bitches bring on a long-awaited guest, Nicole Shallow. You might know her as Your Behaviour Gal on the gram. Nicole has been a BCBA since 2019 and absolutely loves helping feel empowered, and supported on their journey to make positive changes in their lives through improving sleep habits. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty AF of falling asleep with air pods in playing Grey's Anatomy on repeat am I, right? After a lot of research, completing her graduate project on sleep, gaining mentorship in this area, and making a difference for her clients SHE KNEW that I had to drop everything and study sleep. Tune in to hear this fascinating convo on how you can change your sleeping habits and be more productive in your personal and professional life. As a new mom, Liat really needed this episode and for anyone out there working full-time jobs, taking care of kids/family, studying for this exam or in your masters, trying to practice self-care #balance, this episode will resonate with you! Tune in or miss the F out.  Show Notes: Nicoles website: ( Instagram: (Nicole Shallow) Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 18, 2022
Art & ABA with Natasha, BCBA
On today’s episode, we get to chat with Natasha Bouchillon whose background in fine art and behavior analysis brings a unique intervention approach to facilitating emergent learning, functional communication, and cultivation of creative behavior known as “aesthetic behavior“. In other academic and scientific disciplines, we typically know this as creative intelligence or creative thinking. If you know Liat you know she gets off to Art & ABA so tune in to hear all the cool sh*t Natasha is doing with her company Canvas ABA and her work with PEAK!!! Support us at ( Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 04, 2022
True life: I am a BCBA and have no support with Dr. Jim Moore
In today’s episode we bring back one of our favorite guests, Dr. Jim Moore! We had so much fun with him on episode 54 and wanted to check in and see what he has been up to these past two crazy years. We had planned to talk about one topic, but we felt pulled to talk about the lack of support BCBA’s feel once they pass this test. Jim gets it and so do the Bitches so tune in for a hot conversation that hopefully will inspire, motivate and make you feel like you are not alone! Love you. Mean it!
Mar 21, 2022
Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis but Real Raw and Relatable
Do you ever wonder why people act the way that they do? Well if you listen to our podcast chances are you do so tune in to today’s episode where the Bitches interview human behavior experts Brian Marren and Greg Williams and they discuss all things human behavior related. We talk all about HBPR&A (Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis) and how it relates to ABA and realize we are all talking the same thing just different jargon. You will leave this episode ready to tackle any crisis or situation that you encounter with a few simple tips from these badass guys! Show Notes: Instagram: @ behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Mar 07, 2022
Lifetime’s Leave it To Geege Stars Geege Taylor and Tyler-Curtis Elliot Meet the Bitches
On today’s episode we bring in two stars from Lifetime's newest reality show, (Leave it to Geege). Chatting with Geege Taylor and Tyler-Curtis Elliot (BCaBA), we get an amazing insight into their life of raising Pootie, Geege’s adult son with autism. Once you meet this family, we promise you will fall in love. Unapologetically themselves, this southern dynamic duo is endlessly entertaining to chat with—and they give a unique understanding of how they approach and practice behavioral therapy with Pootie. We cover everything from how to successfully film an episode of the show with Pootie, to keeping up with the never-ending (to-do list), to Tyler’s own journey on finding out if he also has autism. Tune in to witness the Bitches meeting a real deal celebrity in our field. Love you. Mean it! Show Notes: Watch Leave it to Geege on Lifetime here: ( Follow Tyler and Geege on IG: (@elliott_et_al) (@geegetaylor) Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Feb 21, 2022
Everybody Lies with Kayla Perry, BCBA
On today’s episode, we dive into the art of persuasion and the nuances behind lying. Whether we’re embellishing the truth, casting doubt on the truth, or avoiding the sting of awkwardness, deceptive behavior can be both harmful and adaptive. Harmful in the sense that calculated, methodical lying with a malicious intent of deceiving, could cost someone precious parts of their identity. Adaptive in the sense that white lies, or surface-level fibs, can spare someone hurt feelings and a lot of relationship repair. Persuading others to act as a reference for a job interview is a version of lying the same way posting filtered and over-sensationalized Insta posts is a lie. We tell lies to escape unpleasant outcomes, as well as obtaining access to both tangible and intangible things. Dr. Gregory House said it best: everybody lies.  Tune in to divulge your own lying behavior, learn how to align your own motivation with that of others, and conquer your world— one stretched-truth at a time. Love you. Mean it.  Show Notes: Connect with Kayla @theangrybxanalyst Instagram: @ behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Feb 07, 2022
WTF is Ethical Self Control?
On today’s episode we bring on Chelsea Elwoodwho is currently a grad student studying to be a BCBA. She reached out to us about wanting to come on the show to talk about the mental health of graduate students during this global pandemic and we ended up getting way deeper and discussing her amazing thesis that she recently defended. The way she lights up when talking about Ethical Self Control is amazing and she brings such amazing energy to the show! Tune in to hear all about how we can intervene at the individual level to help change the world and also all about setting up self management strategies for your own behavior! Love you. Mean it.  Show Notes: Connect with Chelsea on instagram @okchelchel Instagram: @ behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast (
Jan 24, 2022
Precision Teaching You Will Not Hate
Today on episode 108 we promise that after listening, precision teaching and direct instruction you will not hate! The Bitches bring on a super smart dude, Chris Topham a BCBA who got tired of the grueling cycle of billing insurance for services, so he started his own company called “Celeration Education” #scarybluechart #iykyk. He uses principles of ABA, precision teaching and direct instruction to support academic growth for children of all ages and abilities. We break these concepts down, real, raw and relatable and there are so many “lightbulb moments”. If you are used to the typical line graphs in ABA, this episode will open your eyes to how unstandardized they can be and how the blue chart is the! If you are studying for your exam or a practicing BCBA this episode is gonna rock your world!! Tune in or miss the F out! Show notes: Chris' Instagram: @celerationeducation Instagram: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches podcast (
Jan 10, 2022
Bonussode: New Year, New CE(You)
YAY… today we have a bonusode, not to be confused with a bonersode (Casey can’t seem to get the wording right #classicCasey). New year. New CE(you). On today’s episode The Bitches bring on their BFF, Jordan Litt, BCBA, to reminisce on the year 2021 and all they have done in building up CEUs by StudyNotesABA. They talk about their fav parts of it and the worst parts of it. Of course, you’ll get your regular dose of bitchy banter between Jordan and The Bitches. If you’re a BCBA, soon to be BCBA, or newly minted BCBA- you’ll want to tune in to plan how you’re going to meet your CEU requirements in the most unboring, exciting way possible. Tube in or miss the F out! Show Notes: Instagram: @ behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches podcast ( Go to and use code "bitchy" for 10% off!
Jan 03, 2022
She’s a Saint: Dr. Katie Saint that is...
On today’s episode we have boss b*tch, Dr. Katie Saint, LPC, BCBA-D, on to talk about how she uses her BCBA and mental health certification to improve the life of her clients. Katie serves the clients that have been turned down by other providers who deemed these individuals “beyond their scope”. Between publishing multiple books, working in ABA clinics, running a private mental health practice, teaching as a professor, and speaking internationally-- It’s safe to say we have found ourselves a unicorn. If you saw a unicorn crossing the street, would you miss it? Our point exactly, tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes:  Instagram: @ behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches podcast ( Find Katie on Insta: @doctorbehaviorboss Katie’s website: (  Links to Books on Amazon: ( Curriculum and Assessment  Online Version ( Paper Version (
Dec 27, 2021
Supervision in ABA with 5 Badass Women
We hear it all the time from our students and listeners. “Ugh my supervision sucked and it is so unfair and my supervisor never met with me and I didn't learn anything and I feel so unprepared…..blah blah etc.etc”. Liat always responds with “Sorry, you are not special.” It is hard to hear but you are not the only one who had/has a shitty experience in your supervision on your road to becoming a BCBA. Fear no more because on today’s show we have three powerful women in the field who have taken it upon themselves to write an entire Supervision Guide book that takes all the guesswork out of the experience and will hold both supervisors and supervisees accountable!! Tune in to hear all the amazing details as they break down what the book contains, who it is good for, how it can change your entire experience and make you feel confident AF as a BCBA!!  Show Notes Get your book here: (    Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Dec 13, 2021
Can You Spare Some Change? Panhandling
On today’s episode we are bringing it back to just Liat & Casey. To say there has been some drama is an understatement and today’s show is very therapeutic for the Bitches! They talk all about a very interesting topic: Panhandling. You know they can break down any topic using behavior principles and this episode is no different! Casey has close experience with this topic as her Dad was a professional Panhandler and Liat of course finds this topic interesting AF. Tune in for all of the Behavior principles they tie into the topic of Panhandling and open up about some personal sh*t they are both going through. Love you. Mean it.  Show notes: ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Nov 29, 2021
Dom the BCBA Mom
On today’s episode we have BCBA, Dominique Shorter, on the show. You can call her “Dom the BCBA Mom”. You may already know her from her viral youtube channel, where she talks about all the things that everyone wants to know but may be too scared to ask. Dom’s energy is contagious and she definitely shares the same drive to disseminate this science in a real, raw, and relatable way. Tune in or miss the F%#k out! Show Notes: Find Dom’s Youtube Channel here: ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Website: Take courses and CEUs with us at:
Nov 15, 2021
Balancing Being a BCBA and a Mom of a Child Diagnosed with Autism
On today’s episode Elaine Krift, BCBA, takes us on her journey of her son’s diagnosis of ASD. Elaine, a seasoned journalist, took a major career jump at the age of 34, and decided to pursue becoming a BCBA. This episode exhibits the love of a parent, the emotions involved, and the application of ABA through someone who has experienced the other side. Whether you’re a parent of an individual with autism or a provider working with individuals- you will take a lot away from this episode. Elaine left us with the important message that we need not only to meet the child where they are at, but also the parents. This is a good one for so many reasons, but you’ll have to tune in or miss the F out! Show notes:  Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Nov 01, 2021
True Life: I’m a Dominatrix with Mona Wolf
True Life: I’m a dominatrix. What really happens behind the dungeon doors? Wouldn’t you like to know. On episode 102, The Bitches + Danielle (The wannabe third bitch- JK love you D) leave no whip unturned. We ask all the questions you may be too scared to ask and our cool AF guest, Mona Wolf, answers every last question without sparing any dets. This episode hits on a shit ton of behavioral concepts, so good news is you’ll be learning while being completely fascinated by what goes on behind closed dungeon doors. Tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: You have find Mona and her podcast below: Twitter: femdommona  IG: thepsychoepodcast  IG: mwolfdomination
Sep 20, 2021
Episode 101
The rumor is true...The Bitches are back and stoked to bring you season 3. Oh, how they have missed their loyal listeners. This episode is a grab bag of The Bitches shooting the shit. From Casey’s EMDR therapy, to Liat’s new mama status, get an update on what’s been up with The Bitches as they bring you the most entertaining season yet. Tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Sep 06, 2021
Episode 100
Holy shit, pinch us. The Bitches have made it to episode 100, hit one-million downloads, and are celebrating their two year anniversary. Liat & Casey celebrate this milestone by reflecting back on the best and worst moments of the making of this podcast. They share your ( wonderful listeners) kind words. They get all in their feels with how many of you guys shared how this podcast has changed your lives. They also drop some news as to what is next forThe Bitches. Aren’t you dying to hear? Well, you better tune in or miss the f#%k out. Show Notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 17, 2021
If I Could Walk 500 Miles: Ultra/Endurance Athlete and BCBA
On episode 99, we bring on a wild woman who literally runs the world. Victoria Lovelace is a BCBA and ultra-endurance athlete who runs races up to 100 miles (is this even humanly possible?). On the show, we get all the deets into what the hell it takes to be able to achieve the “impossible”. On this episode we drop tons of behavioral principles and spend the other half with our jaws dropped to the floor at the perseverance of this badass B. You don't want to miss this one, so tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 10, 2021
#Languishing: Not depressed but not flourishing?
On today’s episode we bring on a #throwback guest and also Liat’s best friend, Dr. Nina Calmenson, Ph.D to talk about this new buzz word “Languishing”. As the vaccine has arrived and the world seems to be opening up why are we not more excited? Have you found yourself feeling like you are aimlessly muddling through your days, not exactly burnt out but def not fired up for the day, lacking joy, unable to focus on one task at a time? Well, you are not alone and we are here to dissect this NY Times Article by Adam Grant on Languishing, the neglected middle child of mental health with our Doctor friend Nina! Tune in or miss the F out! Show Notes: If you are looking for a therapist you can always check this website: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
May 03, 2021
Akon is Not the Only Lonely One
It’s been a minute people. We got some news to drop. Liat has officially become a “Mama Bitch” as motherhood greeted her 2 months early. Casey is really feeling herself with her new office set up. On episode 97, The Bitches talk about the all too relatable epidemic of loneliness. They talk about how it affects them personally, how serious the problem is, and provide some replacement behaviors we can all engage in to fight the loneliness bug. For starters, you can get outside, put your airpods in, and tune in or miss the F out! Show notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 26, 2021
Thoughts, Leave Me the F Alone
On episode 96 we have Laurah Pastel Shames, MSW, who specializes in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and anxiety disorders. We talk all about what OCD looks like, the different subsets of OCD, intrusive and compulsive thoughts, and the best treatment for OCD. She does some exercises with The Bitches that gives them and likely you the heebie-jeebies to say the least. Tune in or makeout with your mom (you’ll get the reference when you tune in). Show notes: ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 19, 2021
Domestic Violence: Using ABA to Help the Victims and Perpetrator
On today’s show The Bitches sit down with Enasha Anglade, M.S., BCBA, as she shares her past experience with domestic abuse. Enasha’s story fueled her fire #MO to use her understanding of ABA to make a socially significant #applied change for those who are in the same position she was once in or are the perpetrators themselves. We cover how one gets into an abusive relationship, why people stay in the abusive cycle, and how to get out. Our hope is that this episode brings awareness and hope that there is love after abuse. Now all you have to do is tune in or miss the F out! Show Notes: TRIGGER WARNING: Domestic Abuse NATIONAL DOMESTIC ABUSE HOTLINE: 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) Enasha’s website: ( Enasha’s Instagram: @laughloveliveagain Behavior Principles Covered: Intermittent Reinforcement Extinction Behavioral Contingencies Motivating Operations Social Significant Change Modeling CMO-R Respondent and operant behavior FCT Reinforcement (positive and negative) Punishment Related Journal Articles: Meyers, 1995, Eliminating The Battering of Women By Men: Some Considerations for Behavior Analysis Corvo, Dutton, Chen, 2007, Toward Evidence-Based Practice with Domestic Violence Perpetrators Peterson, Calhoun, 1995, On Advancing Behavior Analysis in the Treatment and Prevention of Battering: Commentary on Myers Dougher, Hackbert, 1994, A behavior-analytic Account of Depression and a Cased Report Using Acceptance-Based Procedures Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 12, 2021
Saving Ketchup Packets from 2009: Hoarding with Savannah Wright-Evans
On today’s episode we bring on Savannah Wright-Evans, M.Ed, BCBA to share her experience with multi-generational hoarding. Savannah talks about the struggle of being owned by material things in her life and how she was giving value to things such as dirty dishes and trash. She talks about her journey of leaving the hoarding behaviors behind through therapy and ABA. This episode is filled with behavioral principles and stories you may not have known about The Bitches. Tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Apr 05, 2021
Real and Raw with Mari Cerda @the.bilibgual.bcba
On today’s episode we bring on Mari Cerda, BCBA, LBA. We have been following all the amazing work that she has been over on her insta @the.bilingual.bcba and are pumped we were all able to sit together and have an open and honest conversation. Mari is a BCBA and was also diagnosed after college as Autistic. She is able to see both sides of the coin when it comes to ABA treatment and Autism. She sheds so much light on validating those that have had trauma or bad experiences with ABA and what we can all do better in the field. Mari is also passionate about creating a more culturally inclusive and diverse representation in the field and is working hard with her non-profit organization, LEAP, to offer scholarships to break the financial barriers that come with the cost of getting into this field. You do not want to miss this one. Tune in or miss the F out! Show notes: Find Mari Cerda, BCBA, LBA on instagram: @the.bilingual.bcba Follow us on: Instagram: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Support us: Website:
Mar 29, 2021
The Binge: Escape through Reality TV
On episode 92 we bring on Mallory, BCBA, and self proclaimed reality TV expert. Why the hell do we love watching these #fake shows and waste so many valuable hours on other people's “love” stories. We examine all different reality TV shows through a behavior analytic lense and realize just how many behavior principles show up that keep us coming back for more! Tune in or miss the F out.  Show notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Mar 22, 2021
The Journey of Surrogacy with Dr. Martin Hechanova
On Episode 91, Liat does a very #LiatMove and invites her OBGYN to join us on the show. He knows her pretty well-literally inside and out. Don’t worry we have some class and dont go into that detail. Instead we have Dr. Martin Hechanova share his family’s journey with surrogacy. We hope this episode helps disseminate the surrogacy process and all the fascinating steps involved (like swiping left and right on individuals based on their genetic make up). As always, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. That being said, tune in or miss the F#%k out! Show note: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Mar 15, 2021
Wes Lowery: ABA and Sports
On episode 90 ( yes we have made it to 90 episodes!) we bring on Wes Lowery, BCBA, from Team ABA to talk about the intersection of sports and ABA and his experience applying ABA with both individuals with disabilities and athletes of all levels. Wes tells all the cool sh*t that Team ABA is doing within sports, fitness, nutrition, wellness, OBM, supervision and more! We talk about task analyses, shaping procedures, differential reinforcement, FBA’s, data, baseline, target bx’s, and goals, OH MY! You don’t want to miss this one. Love ya. Mean it. Show Notes: Instagram @teamaballc Facebook @teamaballc Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Mar 08, 2021
Planning for your f#%king future with Mr. Funancialism
On today’s episode we bring on Georgiy AKA Mr. FUNANCIALISM. Georgiy is a behavior analyst who intersects behavior analysis with investing into the stock market and personal finances. He shares all of his tips and tricks of investing and how to get the behavior chain started to invest in your future, even if you don’t have a lot of money. After one phone call with Georgiy, Casey started her first Roth IRA in under 5 minutes. This guy means business and knows his sh*t. He is also a super interesting person who loves to rap, moved here from the former Soviet Union and believes growing wealth should be accessible to everyone. Show notes: Follow him on Instagram @funancialism Sign up for his Stock market 101: The Laziest path to Wealth: ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Mar 01, 2021
Playing Nice in the Sandbox with Chad Honeycutt and Maria DiLucente
On Episode 88 the Bitches bring on Chad and Maria, both BCBA’s at Evidence-based Classroom Solutions. They provide consultation, training and professional development in public school systems. We talk about the importance of #pairing with staff and teachers and the barriers and benefits to working in public schools. Chad is adamant about using ABA principles to teach skills versus being associated with maladaptive behaviors! If you work in the school system or are interested in working in a school this episode is for you. Even if you don’t #duh you know we keep it real AF and shoot the sh*t straight! Tune in or miss the F out! Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Show notes: ( ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Feb 22, 2021
Talking with Cult Expert: Rick Alan Ross
On today’s episode we bring on cult expert, Rick Alan Ross, to answer all our burning questions: Who actually joins a cult? How extreme do cults get? How do you get someone out of a cult? We talk about a few specific cults such as Children of God, Kabbalah Center, and Scientology. Prepare to have your mind blown as we discuss the behavioral techniques used to brainwash individuals into joining and stay in the cult. It’s wild. Tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: ( Twitter: @RickAlanRoss Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Feb 15, 2021
All Out of F#%ks- The Art of Cursing
On today’s episode, there are legiterally no f#%ks given. Casey and Liat ride solo on this one since Liat proclaims herself as a “Cursing Queen”. From this episode, we share with you why cursing isn’t so bad after all. In fact, there are even some benefits. Who knew there are so many behavior principles behind dropping a F-bomb? Have no fear, The Bitches are here. So this week more than ever we mean it when we say, Tune in or miss the f#%k out. Show Notes: *Listener Discretion is advised* *Explicit content* Learning Opportunity: If you are studying for your exam or just a behavior nerd, why don’t you practice taking some data on the frequency of F-bombs dropped in the episode. Share your count with us and tag us on insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast. Let’s check the IOA! ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Feb 08, 2021
Violence Risk Assessment with Dr. Nancy Zarse
On today’s episode we bring on forensic psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zarse, to talk about violence risk assessments. What are the risk factors for violence and what can we do to prevent violence from occurring. Dr. Zarse is a forensic psychologist and full time professor in the forensics department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Zarse specializes in prevention, identification, assessment, and management of risk of violence. We learn so much from her years of experience and you will love her energy and ABA banter with the bitches. Tune in or miss the F out! Show notes: ( Dr. Zarse’s business is Zarse Psychological Services.
Feb 01, 2021
The Dark Side of Social Media
On today’s episode we talk about the dark side of social media. Can we control what we consume on a daily basis? How do we stop comparing our real lives to their filtered lives? We talk about keyboard warriors, cancel culture, and the toll social media takes on the individual as well as personal relationships. This is one of those episodes where we think everyone can relate on some level. Moral of the story: social media is full of shit. Tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: Trigger warning at 44:00: suicide, eating disorders Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jan 25, 2021
I Escaped a Cult with Daniella M. Young
Today’s episode is a #jawdropper. We bring on ex, Children of God, cult member to tell her tale of being born into, living, and escaping the infamous cult. Daniella details what she went through and witnessed being raped, having to prostitute, pedophillia, and having every aspect of her life controlled. Daniella details her brave journey to escape the cult and come to America without a single possession or dollar to her name. This is a tale of going through literal hell and coming out on top. This is an episode you don’t want to miss. AKA tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes: Read her article on cult mentality here: ( Watch her Ted talk here: ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jan 18, 2021
Level up with Dr. Krista Clancy
On Episode 82 we bring on Dr. Krista Clancy who is the program director for the graduate and undergraduate programs in ABA at Wayne State University where she oversees curriculum development and field placement for all the students in the ABA programs #imporantAF. We talk about quality of supervision, quality practicum experience and how she has set up rubrics and behavior skills training for the supervision process. We know how hard it can be to find good supervision and how hard it can be to pick a grad program so after this conversation with Dr. Krista we are excited to see all the amazon BCaBa’s and BCBA’s that are coming out of Wayne State University! It is her mission to continue to educate and create better BCBAs that can change the world! Tune in or miss the F out!  Show Notes: Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast  Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jan 11, 2021
Victoria Boone: This girl is on Fire
On Episode 81 we bring on Victoria Boone, a badass BCBA who has done some cool sh*t, earned multiple degrees, opened her own businesses, and is the youngest female franchisee ever #Boss. Our rhyme for this episode was perfectly fitting for this guest as she literally does everything under the sun. Victoria is also a mindset coach and behavior change motivator for millennial-age entrepreneurs and understands the hard work and dedication that pursuing your dreams entails. You do not want to miss this episode. Mean it. Show Notes: Check her out here: ( Support us at Insta: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast
Jan 04, 2021
Holiday Special: Dating Across Cultures with 3 special ladies!
On episode 80 The Bitches bring on three of our favorite ladies to talk about dating across different cultures! This podcast is #realAF and super special for the new year (almost a 2 hour episode so buckle up). As always, it is a shit load of fun and behavior all packed into one. We get personal and share all of our dating stories and let us tell you, it is juicy. So tune in or miss the F out!
Dec 28, 2020
Talking with Trey: Finding your motivation
On episode 79 we bring on someone super special...Trevon Bryant! Trey had dreams of playing in the NFL when he suffered a traumatic knee injury tearing his ACL, MCL, both medial and lateral meniscus and patellar tendon all in one snap. His life changed in an instance and he had to figure out a way to reinvent himself. Trey started a motivational speaking company called “Talking with Trey” and is sharing his message and uplifting people around the world. Trey might be the most inspiring person we have ever met and also is here to give some very special advice to our listeners. Tune in to find out how Casey met Trey and how to embrace yourself so you can be free like Trey!! Love you. Mean it. Show notes: Follow Talking with Trey on Tik Tok!
Dec 21, 2020
Bruce Lisker and the Man Who Saved His Life: Exclusive Interview
Stop for a second and answer this. Would you do the right thing if it meant you could get punished by losing your job and the respect of all those who you work with? Well, that’s exactly what LAPD officer Jim Gavin did when he got a letter on his desk from prisoner, Bruce Lisker, stating he was not guilty for the murder of his mother 26 years ago. On today’s episode we have both Bruce Lisker and Jim Gavin on the show to talk about what went down and eventually led Bruce Lisker to his release from prison after being wrongfully convicted. This episode is heart wrenching in seeing what the implications to be had from the criminal justice system erroring. This story gives us hope that there are good people in this world willing to give it all up to do the right thing. Show notes: (
Dec 14, 2020
Part 2: Studying Doesn’t Have to #suck - Passing the Exam
On episode 77 #part2 we continue the conversation with Dr. Maggie on all the behaviors that go into studying and ways to tackle this beast of an exam. We talk about choosing how to study, time management, self management skills, manipulating your environment, how to read a question and break it down, and setting reinforcement schedules for your own behavior. We even talk about how to make studying not-suck; but take it a step further as to how you can actually make studying FUN. No, it’s not a mistake that we just said studying and fun in the same sentence. Hopefully whether you are studying for your BCBA or any other exam, this podcast will help you. Tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes: Check out the best test prep ever #ShamelessPlug at ( Whether you are studying for your RBT, BCaBA, or BCBA we have something for everyone! Check out our patreon http://www.patreon/ (www.patreon/ Follow us on instagram @behaviorbitchespodcast and on facebook @behaviorbitchespodcast @studbynotesABA
Dec 07, 2020
Part 1: Studying Doesn’t Have to #suck - Getting Started
On episode 76 #part1 the Bitches bring on the one and only, Dr. Maggie Pavone, and share some exciting news! Maggie has joined the SNABA team and we are stoked! This episode is all about the behaviors that go into studying, finding your why, and how to get started on your studying journey. We figured after 75 episodes it was about time we did an episode on what we do best…..teaching how studying does not have to be aversive. We tie in a sh*t ton of behavior principles #duh. Tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes: Check out the best test prep ever #ShamelessPlug at ( Whether you are studying for your RBT, BCaBA, or BCBA we have something for everyone! Check out our patreon http://www.patreon/ (www.patreon/ Follow us on instagram @behaviorbitchespodcast and on facebook @behaviorbitchespodcast @studbynotesABA
Nov 30, 2020
Scott Tillema: Our biggest fan
On episode 75 the Bitches bring on the one and only Scott Tillema! You may remember him from our hostage negotiation episode, where we dissected his Ted talk through a behavior analytic lens. After that episode Scott reached out to us and the rest is history! Scott has connected us to so many of our amazing guests, continually cheers us on after each episode and is just an all around genuine human! Not to mention all of his credentials and amazing negotiation skills. We could not be happier that we finally got Scott on the show to dive deeper into the behaviors that go into negotiations!! Tune in or miss the F out! Check out his Ted talk here:
Nov 23, 2020
#LoveYourself You Sexy Thing
On today’s episode we bring on Jonathon Aslay, author of the book “What the Heck is Self-Love Anyways.” So many of our listeners have reached out to us recently to see if we have a podcast on self-care or self-love, so we tracked down someone who has done the actual work himself and knows a thing or two about it. Jonathan has hit rock bottom, lost everything he owned, lost his son, went through a divorce, and crawled his way through to figure out how to love himself again. He is also a Dating and Relationship Coach, helping women around the country find their Mr. Right. He describes the term BITCH to mean “Babe In Total Control of Herself”, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: Find his Book here: ( Website: ( Podcast: ( Patreon: (
Nov 16, 2020
Toxicity in the Workplace
On today’s episode we have Pete Havel, author of The Arsonist in the Office: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures. This episode is so #relatable it hurts. We talk about “that person”. You know that person in the office that brings the worst energy, everyone is petrified by, is above the rest of the rules, yet somehow can’t be fired. Pete gives us a name for this person, the Arsonist. We talk about what can go wrong when a work culture goes bad and things you can do to change it. We talk about why smart people don’t want to deal with problems right in front of them, when you should stand up for what is right, and Petes personal experience getting out of a toxic AF workplace. Pete even gives you all a $2 discount on his book with code, "bitches". Check the show notes and tune the F in! Show notes: ( ( ( Use code “bitches” for $2 off
Nov 09, 2020
Even Bitches Get #Ghosted
On today's episode, the Bitches got ghosted by their guests. But have no fear, The Bitches always have something to say. You'll get a glimpse of what a convo between these girls looks like behind the scenes 96.7% of the time. It's a grab bag of topics, so tune in or miss the F out. Also listen to the end to see who these guests are and look out for next weeks episode!! #timezones
Nov 02, 2020
Episode 71: Dr Nick Green #BxFit
On today’s episode we sit down with Nick Green from none other than BehaviorFit! We learn how Nick got started in ABA, his track in OBM, and how he started BehaviorFit. If you don’t follow him on Instagram you are missing out! He focuses on applying behavioral principles to increase health and fitness. He is #data driven AF and this show is full of behavioral principles so tune in or miss the F out! Show notes: follow nick on Instagram @behaviorfit. And his website:
Oct 26, 2020
Don’t Sush: Ethics with Dr. Darren Sush
On today’s episode, we have Dr. Darren Sush on to talk about all things ethics! Darren is co-author of the book, “A workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis” so the dude knows his sh*t. We asked both personal ethical questions along with asking some of our listener’s questions. There isn’t a single ethics question that Darren shys away from. He also tells us how to choose the BEST answer when it comes to ethics questions in the exam. Tune in or miss the f#%k out! Show notes:
Oct 19, 2020
Episode 69.5: Cum Again- Sexual Fetishes beyond the WAP
On episode 69.5 (sorry we weren’t ready to let episode 69 go quite yet), We bring Back Nicholas Maio-Aether to answer all Liat’s burning questions on fetishes and let’s just say.... not vanilla sex. Tune in if you want to understand this meaning of “different strokes for different folks”. Maybe wearing a diaper and acting as a baby isn’t for you in the bedroom. No problem, we learn about other fetishes you can explore. This one you don’t want to miss. So tune in or miss the F out.
Oct 12, 2020
Episode 69: Nicholas Maio-Aether, BCBA & Sex therapist
On episode 69, we talk all about SEX! Trust us when we tell you it’s not a conincidence that this episode fell on episode 69 👌🏾👈🏽. We knew this number only comes out once a podcast so we had to go big 🍆! We bring on Nicholas Maio-Aether, MSPSY, BCBA, LBA, to talk about his work as a BCBA and sex therapist. We were just as curious as you were as to what a day in that role can look like. This episode was so good that we couldn’t stop. Consider this episode the foreplay to next week’s episode all about fetishes. Tune in or miss the F out. Love ya. Mean it.
Oct 05, 2020
On today’s episode we reveal the shocking truth: Bitches have feelings too. We have had a ton of our listeners reach out and ask us to do an episode on grief. Took a while for us to be ready to take this topic by the horns, but we finally did it. On this episode, you can get to know us a little better as we talk about our own personal experience with grieving. Don’t worry we give you some #ReplacementBehaviors to engage in other than crying on the bathroom floor. But hey, we get it. Sometimes a good cry on the bathroom floor is #NecessaryAF. Tune in or miss the f#%k out. Show notes: If you or someone you know is struggling with a loss please reach out to someone for help. Here is a resource:
Sep 28, 2020
Rise Up: Entrepreneurial Soul with Dr. Antonio Harrison
On today’s episode we get fired up with one of the most passionate guests we have ever had on the show. Dr. Antonio Harrison is in the house for episode 67! Antonio is not your typical doctor he is THE @onecoachdoc. He is real and raw and straight up, just like he likes his whiskey. Antonio did not go the typical route we see in this field. He has a passion for sports and fitness and a drive unparalleled to most. He paved his own way by leading with Hello and always being true to himself. Antonio is a behavioral scientist, grad school professor, podcast host, virtual reality fitness coach, guided meditation coach, speaker, author, creator, husband, and dad of 3 #Impressive. We get super personal about both Antonio and Casey’s childhood, manipulating the environment and having to grow up fast, how to do something besides working in clinics, self-management skills, leading with hello, being a kind human, and the importance of communication. This episode is not to be listened to with little one’s around :) Tune the F in or miss the F out. Mean it. Show notes: Email Antonio: Follow Antonio on instagram @onecoachdoc Podcast: Harrison and Pyles (2013). Punished by Reward: Alfie Kahn,aps,1017&sr=8-2&linkCode=sl1&tag=behavioralo08-20&linkId=554fa3b9799416b23ddb1d89442dba60&language=en_US
Sep 21, 2020
Online “Learning” & Parenting During a F#%king Pandemic
Parenting is difficult as it is.  Throw in a worldwide pandemic and some days it feels like you might not make it through the day without smashing your head into the wall.  Luckily, we have Shira Karpel and Shayna Gaunt, who are both BCBAs and parents themselves. They might just be the original “Liat & Casey”, with how well these two jive. They provide some behavioral principles to make this time semi-okay. Tune in or miss the F out! Show Notes: Go check them out: @howtoaba ( Be sure to follow us: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook @ Behavior Bitches Podcast ( (
Sep 14, 2020
Influencers and Cold AF Showers
On today’s episode The Bitches bring on Rosie Jeffers, BCBA. We talk about influencers on social media and what behaviors one engages in and why. Rosie shares her experience of “failing” to become an influenster (yes there is a difference). She also reveals why the f#%k she is torturing herself with freezing showers that make her scream. Aren’t you a little curious? Tune in or miss the F out!
Sep 07, 2020
WTF is Happiness?
On episode 64 we bring it back home with a solo episode with just the bitches. Sometimes it’s nice to check in with everyone and shoot the #pb&j. We dive into the topic of happiness and what in the F does it mean to be “happy.” Everyone has their own definition of “happy” and we talk about our’s and also what behavioral principles we can apply to our own lives which can hopefully #generalize to yourselves too. We hope you enjoy our banter as much as we do. Tune in or miss the F out. Show Notes:
Aug 31, 2020
What’s Behind the Mask with Chase Hughes
On episode 63, the Bitches bring on Chase Hughes who rivals our other guests with the longest and most impressive resume ever. Chase is a leading behavior expert in the United States and a #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. What started out as asking a girl out in a bar and getting #rejected, led to an obsession on understanding human behavior and the art of persuasion in the most extreme conditions. Chase helps us tackle the question of what makes us consider someone to be of authority. Chase's favorite quote is, “Everyone is wearing a mask, I’ll introduce you to the people behind them.” In today’s day this could not be more relevant #COVID. His law enforcement courses save lives around the world and he constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible with human interaction. Although, we come from different backgrounds at the end of the day we are all humans and have behaviors #duh. Episode Show notes: Chase’s Youtube: ( Website: ( *Please advise, Applied Behavior Research, LLC (Chase’s company) is not the same as applied behavior analysis* so do not match the exact terminology we use when using our Cooper books. The famous Milgram experiment: in case you missed it in PSYCH101 like Casey:
Aug 24, 2020
Behaviorally Breaking Down How to Fall Asleep: Dr. Keira Moore, BCBA-D
On episode 62, we bring on Dr. Keira Moore from Moore Behavior Consulting to talk all about sleep issues. Keira heard about us from her students and listened to our sleep episode and reached out to us and said we need some help, in the nicest possible way. She shared with us her approach to treating sleep issues as a BCBA-D. This chick knows what’s up when it comes to sleep and challenging behaviors. She has literally focused her entire career around the assessment and treatment of sleep problems. If you need hints on how the F to get your child to sleep or need advice for yourself (like Liat did), Tune the F in or miss the F out. Episode Show notes:
Aug 17, 2020
WTF is ABA?: Jordan Litt
On episode 61, we are bringing it back to basics with Liat’s apparent “BFF”, Jordan Litt, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA-NYS. Liat takes control as always and turns this episode into a “game show”. On this show, we talk about the basics of ABA. I mean B-A-S-I-C-S. We discuss how we describe what we do to an outsider. We talk about our opinions on ABA and generally we just shoot the shit. Tune in or miss the F out.
Aug 10, 2020
Special educator and BCBA super power: Cassie Leutenegger
On episode 60, yes we freaking made it to 60, we have the one and only Cassie Leutenegger!! Cassie is not only a special education teacher with over 8 years of classroom experience but she is also a BCBA. We talk about how becoming a BCBA has made her a better teacher, misconceptions of using ABA in classrooms, ethical challenges in school systems and how being both a special educator and BCBA is the ultimate super power! Cassie ties in a ton of behavior principles and you have to go follow her on Instagram to read all her blogs and check out her resources on teachers pay teachers. She is the cutest bad ass ever!!! Tune in it miss the F out.
Aug 03, 2020
PTSD F*#king Sucks and Therapy Rocks w/ Cheyanne Rush
On episode 59, The Bitches have a beloved StudyNotesABA alum slash badass BCBA, Cheyanne Rush, to talk about PTSD. We talk about the behavioral principles #duh that we found relevant to PTSD. As always we get #personalAF. Tune in or miss the F out.
Jul 27, 2020
“The Money is Made in the Waiting”: Ivan Sacks
On today’s episode we bring back a very special guest/sperm donor to Liat. You may remember this man from episode 4 “Financially FreeAF”. The one and only Ivan  Sacks #liatsdad. Ivan has 40 years experience as a financial advisor so he knows his Sh*t when it comes to investing. We talk about the behaviors of the stock market and the behaviors of the actual investors. We tie in a ton of behavioral principles and talk about the similarities between a behavior analyst and a financial advisor. By the end of this episode you will probably have already downloaded e*trade and might actually understand how to invest. Tune the F in or miss the F out. Show notes: Ted talk:
Jul 20, 2020
Talking Comedy with Mr. D (Joe Dombrowski)
On today’s episode, we have comedian, ex-elementary teacher, Mr. D, aka Joe Dombrowski. You may be following the sexy dude on the gram or on tour making you fall out of your seat laughing. Mr. D talks about taking the leap and leaving the classroom to fulfill his lifelong dream of stand up comedy. We could not believe how many behavioral principles go into comedy, so if you want to know, tune in or miss the F out. Show notes: You can catch Mr. D on: -instagram: @mrdtimes3 -web: -youtube: ( Reserve your tickets  and shoot a text to: 313-251-1036 Support your fav bitches at (
Jul 13, 2020
A Behavioral View of the #cartel
On today’s episode we get real AF with our fave BCBA Karina Valdez. Liats recent obsession has been a show that gets deep into the Mexican cartel. Of course two episodes in, Liat already reached out to Karina and said, “what are the odds we can pull some research together on the Mexican cartel and analyze it behaviorally?” Karina was in there like swim wear. That’s how this episode came to be and pow. Introducing episode 56, a Behavioral view of the Cartel. Tune in or miss the f out.
Jun 30, 2020
Healthy Skepticism #Philisopicaldoubt with Dr. Jim Moore
On episode 54 we bring on Dr. Jim Moore. Hey, look at that we are already rhyming! Jim is super passionate about all things behaviorism. He pushes the boundaries and practices philosophical doubt like no other. Just like Skinner, if he finds something interesting,  he drops everything and studies it. We urge you all to do the same. We talk about tribalism within our field and why it's not beneficial to the practitioner or client. We talk about a lot more but you will have to tune in or miss the F out. Love you. Mean it. Show notes: Go give Luke some love.  Every dollar matters.
Jun 22, 2020
Triple Minority Report: Camille Morgan, BCBA
On today’s episode, we bring on Camille Morgan, who introduces herself as a black, lesbian, cisgender, BCBA. Camille expresses her challenges being a triple minority in the field. Camille is passionately involved in race, diversity, culture, inclusion training, severe problem behaviors, and OBM. This girl is legit cool AF. We have been following her on instagram for awhile and she exudes positivity and grace. She is also a 14-year ovarian cancer survivor #badass. We have an honest and real conversation about how we are all feeling during this time and her experience being a triple minority. We also are super excited to share that we are a part of the Akamai ABA exam prep mock question event and all proceeds go to NAACP legal and education fund! Sign up in show notes! You need to listen and listen hard. Tune in. Love you mean it. Show notes: Use this link to sign up for the ABA exam prep: Go follow her @ camwillmadeit_
Jun 15, 2020
F#%k Debt
Episode 53: Today’s episode will get you hot and bothered. Maybe just bothered because every time most of us hear the world student loans or credit card debt we puke in our mouths and then reluctantly swallow it #amIright. The thing is we won’t just get you bothered on this episode, we will put some fire under your ass (hence the hot part) and get you pumpedAF to feel the relief of becoming debt free! Casey and I have taken this on ourselves this year and are working toward becoming debt free and fabulous and let me tell you, we’re on FIRE! Ya sure, Losing weight is great, but have you ever lost debt?  That’s some real shit. Tune in or miss the F#%k out. Show notes: (
Jun 08, 2020
A Call to Action: ABA Task Force
Today's episode has the intention of creating a space where we can all listen, learn, and take action. We always talk about Skinner’s verbal behavior and the necessity of a speaker and a listener. On today’s topic the same is needed. A speaker and a listener. Our goal of today is to use our platform we have created to ask real, raw, honest, sometimes scary questions. We hope you leave today with actions you can actually do. In the wake of all the sadness and injustice that is occurring now and for the past 400 years to people of color, we will not remain silent. We will use our platform to host those who are taking action. We have special guest Landria Seals Green and Vanessa Bethea-Miller both Behavior Analysts and African American Women on the show to share their experiences with racism as well as the movement they have created to take action. Sign up for the ABA Task Force which is happening on June 19th and we better see you there. Love you. Mean it. Show notes: Where you can find our guests: Landria Seals Green, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA @LandriaGreenSLPGURU (instagram) @SLPGURU (facebook) Vanessa Bethea-Miller, M.A., BCBA, LBS @bcba_ness (instagram) @vanessabetheamiller (facebook)
Jun 04, 2020
Anxiety Report: Dr. Shane Spiker
In episode 52, we bring back Shane Spiker who we had on a previous episode #BFD. Shane recently published a book called Anxiety Report and OMG it was everything we didn’t know we needed in our lives. He shares a year in his life as a husband, dad, behavior analyst, student, instructor, and all of the many hats he wears. There are diary entries for every single day that will inspire you, humble you, make you laugh and sometimes want to cry, but most of all RELATE and not feel alone. It is unedited, unapologetic, honest, real, raw, and relatable and you know how much your Behavior Bitches love keeping it RRR!! Whether you are in the field or not, you will find this book absolutely breathtaking. It will for sure be a coffee table favorite. So tune in or miss the F out! See show notes for the book! Show notes: (Link to Anxiety Report Book)
Jun 01, 2020
I Dare You to Find a More Impressive Resume with David Cox
Welcome to season 2 biatches! On episode 1 of our second season, we start #strongAF. We bring Dr. David Cox, BCBA-D on to talk about, well, everything. If you want to see the most impressive, deserving, 17-page resume you’ve ever seen in your life, check this dude out. When we grow up we want to be just like this guy. I mean, think of any interesting human or animal behavioral phenomenon and he has written a whole 3874673 page article about it. He’s #SmartAF but also #DowntoEarthAF. We discuss delayed and probability discounting in humans in relation to cocaine and substance abuse. As well as how the experimental analysis of behavior does not have to be intimidating and actually should be used to expand your clinical practice! We promise to break things down for you in a #relatable way, as always. You will leave fired up about research and will probably be googling his articles halfway through the show! Check the show notes for the articles we discuss. Love you. Mean it. Show notes:
May 25, 2020
It’s Been a Year...Love You and Really Mean It: A Tribute to Our Listeners
End of Season 1. OMG. We F#%king made it to 50 episodes. We never imagined we would be where we are today and it's all because of you guys. You are the heartbeat and the pulse. You make each episode matter. In this tribute episode to end season one, we talk all about our fav moments. You guys shared your fav episodes with us too. We are so #blessed to have found each other not only for this podcast but also #4life. We are each other's ying to the yang and this episode showcases just how much we love each other. Be warned: lots of flirting with each other. Tune in or miss the F out.
May 18, 2020
Part 3 of 3 with Bruce Lisker: In at 17 Years Old, Out at 44 Years Old
In part 3 of our 3 part series with Bruce Lisker, we talk about those last minutes leading up to his freedom. He paints the picture for us of exactly what it was like stepping onto free soil at the age of 44 for the first time since going in behind bars at the young, tender age of 17 years old. Don’t worry your girls asked him every last detail from what he ate, to what he wore, to what he did first, and so on. Bruce invites us into his life now, took us for a virtual ride in his #sexyAF Mercedes convertible he always dreamed of owning when he was behind bars, and just keeps it #realAF with us. We enjoyed recording every second of this podcast and we continue to text and be in touch with Bruce. Thanks for tuning in for this three part series. We hope you loved it as much as we love you. Mean it. Show notes: ( ( (
May 11, 2020
Part 2 of 3: Still Locked Up…Life on the Inside
On part 2 of this 3 part series, we dig deeper into what life behind bars is actually like. We were mind blown by Bruce’s positivity and mental strength during his 26 years he spent locked up for a crime he did not commit. If you’re struggling with the stay at home orders, Bruce provides some great ideas of how to keep yourselves busy… perhaps you’re #desperateAF to get your husband’s name tattooed on your face but all of the tattoo parlors are closed? Have no fear, Bruce will give you all the dets so you can get this done (gather an old walkman, a pencil, a toothbrush, and a paperclip). Liat was pretty pumped to hear that she would be an “overlord” in prison. This episode gives you a glimpse inside prison, while exploring a man’s ability to NEVER GIVE UP. Tune in or miss the F%&k out. Show notes: ( ( (
May 04, 2020
Part 1: Wrongfully Convicted for Killing My Mother with Bruce Lisker
All we can say is HOLY SHIT. In part 1 of a 3 part series, we talk to Bruce Lisker, a 55 year old man, who served 26 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not  commit #WTF #NotCool. Bruce walks us through every detail of his story from the devastation of finding his mother struggling for her life, calling 911 for help and being handcuffed and taken into custody for what he could never have imagined would be the next 26 years of his life. We tie so many behavioral principles into these episodes so you can get your dose of true crime and ABA. You won’t want to miss any of this three part series to hear what this man went through and how he has come out on the other side. Show notes: ( ( (
Apr 27, 2020
Crafting Your Question: Effective Communication with Sgt. Harry Drucker - L.A. County Sheriff Dept.
On today’s episode we have Sergeant Harry Drucker of the LA Sheriff Department. He shared an interesting angle with us on the criminal justice system and the importance of communication when dealing with a criminal. We found a lot of similarities in our science of ABA and his. Bottom line we both need to hear our clients out and not just hear but listen. Check it out. Love ya. Mean it.
Apr 20, 2020
#Fillyourf#%kingbucket: Shane Spiker and Hana Jurgens on how to support our direct care workers
Given the current state of our lives right now, we decided we needed to use our platform and all of our amazing listeners for something super important. With people being furloughed, laid off, let go, stressed AF, worried about the future etc, two amazing BCBAs in our field came together and created the RBT Support Fund. Dr. Shane Spiker and Hana Jurgens put their badass behavior brains together and created this amazing fund. Currently there are over 1000 people in need and only 240 givers. Let’s show this community what we are made of and grow the number of givers!!! If you have never clicked our show notes, now is the time to show up! We missed Liat #passover on this episode but we promise we talk about so much during this episode that whether you are in the field or not you will want to tune in. Love you. Mean it. Show notes: Please consider becoming a GIVER or if you need some help, we got you! (
Apr 13, 2020
Breaking down Functional Analysis with Dimitri from the Controversial Exchange
Today on episode 44, we bring on Dimitri Makridis who has been in the field for 11 years and board certified for the past 5 years. He has a ton of experience in a variety of populations and diagnosis. When sh*t hits the fan, you call Dimitri. Along with Ryan O from the Daily BA they started The Controversial Exchange Podcast, which is just an all around badass podcast. When we found out how much Dimitri loves to talk about all things functional analysis, we had to bring him on so our listeners would be able to really understand just how important FA’s truly are and how to not be afraid of them! We dive deep into Greg Hanley’s Practical Functional Assessment and synthesized contingencies versus isolated contingiences. We chat about manipulating the MO and how there may be more than just the four functions of behavior we are taught. Sound scary? Don’t worry, we break it down so you will understand it, as always. This is an episode that could really help you increase your understanding and competency on FA’s so when you get get out of your house #imaginethat you can be a stronger practitioner!  Love you. Mean it. Show notes: Resources discussed in the show: Check out Dmitri’s and Ryan O’s podcast: ( Support us and help us continue to shoot the shit with a side of behavior: (
Apr 06, 2020
Dating a Narcissist: Carol Bell, BCBA
We hope you don’t mind if you switch your attention over from the devastating news of COVID-19 for an hour. On today’s episode the Bitches bring on their honorary “Behavior Bitch”, Carol Bell, BCBA, to talk about her experience dating a narcissist. We talk about what behaviors to be aware of to indicate you may be in a relationship with one yourself and how to deal with a narcissist. We obviously look at all of this from a behavioral angle because well, “duh”. Casey and Liat also give their objective view of the situation because believe it or not, they were there crying on the floor with Carol. Tune in. Love ya. Mean it. Show notes: ( National domestic abuse hotline:  1-800-799-SAFE
Mar 30, 2020
Can a girl get some F#%king sleep?
Anyone else having a problem getting #qualitysleep? Well you’re not alone. The bitches are #sleepdeprived and we have Dan Gartenberg, Ph.D, Sleep scientist on  to talk about all things sleep. What behaviors can we engage in to improve our sleep quality and sleep duration? Also tune in to hear about the funny connection about how we got in touch with this cool dude. Love ya. Mean it. Show notes: ( Check out Dan’s website: ( Support us and help us continue to shoot the shit with a side of behavior: (
Mar 23, 2020
PSA on the Current #weirdAF Situation
What up guys!? It's your fav bitches over here dropping a PSA for you and anyone else we can get this very important message to. This is an urgent message that we all need to hear and #getonboard with. We can help the current #weirdAF situation the world is in. So tune in and tell everyone you f%#king know.  If you're social distancing and staying inside, we love you and mean it more than ever.
Mar 21, 2020
How to get what the F you want with Zabeen Mirza Head Negotiator
We were #luckyAF to sit down and chat with Zabeen Mirza. Zabeen heads the North American division of the Schranner Negotiation Institute and brings twelve years of business management, corporate strategy, and new venture development experience to the table. She climbed her way up the rankings being the youngest woman of color to do what she has done. This makes for one badass bitch (this means alot coming from THE Bitches themselves). Her grit and determination is evident in every word that comes out of her mouth. Our favorite line she said was, “ You don’t have to like me, you don’t even have to respect me. However, you do have to negotiate with me.” After listening to this episode you will never settle for anything less than the best. Show notes: For more information on the Women’s Negotiators Conference in NY Podcast: As always leave us love on the apple podcast app and leave us a 5 star review. You can support us to keep bringing this content to you for as low as $2 a month on patreon. Go to ( Love ya. Mean it.
Mar 16, 2020
SOS: Purell is sold out #CoronaVirus
We decided to take a break from our usual guests, and tune into what’s going on in the world right now: CORONA VIRUS. If you haven’t heard about it you may be living under a rock. If social media hasn’t made you #ScaredAF, then congrats, but seriously. The country is up in arms, Purell is sold out, toilet paper is like gold, and we’re terrified to leave our house. But, hey we are behavior analysts after all. There has to be some behavioral changes we can make to aid the situation. Instead of scaring the F%#k out of you, we decided to take a different approach and discuss what we can do instead. Tune in or miss out. Love ya. Mean it. Show notes: Support us on our patreon so we can keep bringing this content to you! ( A 5 star will do too!!!
Mar 09, 2020
“Covering almost every item on the task list with Dr. Steven Kurtz”
This episode is full, and we mean FULL, of behavioral principles. Dr. Steve Kurtz reached out to us after hearing guest Chelsea (Outloud Podcast) talk about Selective Mutism. Steve in an internationally recognized expert #BFD in child psychology. He is also the founder of the Selective Mutism Programs at both the NYU Child Study Center and the Child Mind Institute. In his email to us he said let’s talk about “awesome ABA implemented in a non-autistic context.” It was almost like he knew what we did over here at BBP. Steve instantly became one of our favorite guests and an honorary Behavior B. Steve also sent us both pins that say, “Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable.” I mean this guy is the real deal. You are going to love this conversation as much as we did, promise. Love you. Mean it. Show Notes:
Mar 02, 2020
This sh*t is cray-Human Behavior Hacking with: Susan Ibitz
In episode 38 sh*it gets real. Our guest is Susan Ibitz,  a Human Behavior Hacker at the Human Behavior Lab. She has Over 28 years of experience working and training in the US, South America, Caribbean, Mexico & Europe. She developed the first training incorporating Face Reading, Statement Analysis-Linguistic, Micro Expressions, & Body Language. She is also a hostage negotiator (clearly we like this topic). She told us this: “I'm just a bitch with a couple certifications” and that's totally cool with us. This episode gets emotional AF as Susan reads Casey’s face for the first time. If you want to get to know us even better, tune in to this one. We love you. Mean it. Show notes: ( ( ( Become a Patreon Member to help us keep putting out this podcast each week @ Go check out our new and improved website (
Feb 24, 2020
The Hustle of Entrepreneurship with Zo Rana from Theralytics
On today’s show, episode 37, we have CEO and Founder of Theraytics on to talk all about starting and running a business in ABA. Zo talks about the #hustle and #struggles as well as the benefits of working for yourself. Zo Rana is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over 14 years. With his extensive background in ABA and software development, Zo decided to create a user-friendly, robust, and affordable platform; cue Theralytics! He is passionate about helping other agencies streamline their business so they can continue to provide high quality services to their clients. Zo keeps it transparent and relatable just like us. **This episode is sponsored by Theralytics Show notes. This episode is sponsored by Theralytics. (
Feb 17, 2020
From Big Pimpin' to Big Advocate with Former Pimp, Armand King
They say pimpin’ is a habit according to rapper, David Banner. But is it? On today’s episode we have an ex-pimp, Armand King, who has broken that habit and works tirelessly day after day to break that habit for many others who have gone down the same path he once walked. Hearing that someone was pimping females, gives you the immediate reaction of thinking, “I hate this motherf%$ker”. However, once you finish this episode we are pretty sure you’re going to leave loving this guy. Tune in or miss the F out! Show Notes: You can grab a copy of Armand’s book, “Raised in Pimp City” below: ( As always you can find your favorite bitches on: Instagram: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Website: (
Feb 10, 2020
Serial Killers: Four Functions of Murder
On today’s episode are talking with a forensic psychologist (and BCBA #fancy) about the four functions of murder/serial killer behavior. If you are a #crimejunkie this episode is for you. Mary Wong, Ph.D, BCBA has lots of experience dealing with adults with forensic backgrounds such as substance abuse and sexual offenses. Tune in. Leave love. Mean it. (
Feb 03, 2020
Circle, “Group Message our Listeners” “Sammi is live”, Send Message.
Did The BB’s really get Sammi from Netflix's show “The Circle” on the podcast? Yes they did, you better believe it. Sammi is not only the fan favorite but she is a badass behavior technician who is almost finished with her masters in ABA. She knew how to apply those behavior principles to the game and she earned her way into the top influencer spot more than once. #Yahhhbuddyyyy. She was real Af, and authentic to the core the entire show. Tune in to learn more about the behaviors that go into a reality T.V. show! Show notes: Instagram: @itssammiee
Jan 27, 2020
The Science of Happily Ever After with Ty Tashiro
On Episode 33 we bring on a very special guest who we are beyond honored to have the chance to interview. Ty Tashiro has a Ph.D in psychology and is the author of some badass books, including The Science of Happily Ever After, which we go into great detail on this episode. He has been a speaker on TEDx, Harvard Business School, and the American Psychological Association. Ty is also your genie in a bottle and you get three wishes for the characteristics of your ideal mate. If you want to know what you should be prioritizing when looking for your #soulmate you need to tune the F in or miss the F out. Love you. Mean it. Show notes:
Jan 23, 2020
Finding a Voice: Selective Mutism
Today’s episode sheds light on a topic that many people don’t know much if anything at all about. On this episode, the bitches bring on Chelsea Gamache, a BCBA, who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism at the age of 5 years old. We find out what it was like to grow up with such an extreme anxiety, that no words come out. She gives us the inside scoop on how we can help these individuals struggling to find their voice. Tune in or miss out. Show notes: Join us on Patreon Go follow her at Outloud: The Selective Mutism Podcast Here is a free online e-course about SM for parents, teachers, therapists: Good article explaining what it is: ( The following approaches use positive reinforcement and shaping! Article about effective therapy Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Another PCIT article: Another Treatment Approach: For more resources go to
Jan 13, 2020
Happy 2020 People!! We can’t even believe that we have reached episode 31. On today’s episode we have special guest Diah Askari AKA the real behavior man on to talk about outrage culture. We talk about how social media has made it near impossible to give constructive feedback and how the outrage culture devalues the importance of sharing ideas and tolerating different opinions. Tune in and please no #outrage. Show notes: Go follow @therealbehaviorman Become a patreon (
Jan 06, 2020
New Year, New Me. New year, New B
New Year, New Me is a cute saying to write on an instagram caption, but what does it actually mean? Are you trying to actually be a totally different “you” or do you want to just improve the current “you”. If you fall into the 78% of individuals who have failed at sticking to your new year’s resolutions in the past #dontLie, tune into this episode. We talk about how to set yourself up for success with this year’s resolutions. There are actually #SelfManagement strategies to use to avoid being part of the statistic. This episode is sprinkled with lots of behavioral specks of glitter so get ready because your fav Behavior Bitches are ending their last episode of 2019 with a #Bang. Show notes: Lane, L. (2016, Jan 22). New year, new me: Keeping new year resolutions past january. University Wire Retrieved from Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, W. L. (2007).Applied behavior analysis (2nd ed.). Columbus, OH: Merrill Prentice Hall. Better Than before by Gretchen Rubin Skinner, B. F. (1953). Science and human behavior. New York: Macmillan.
Dec 30, 2019
WTF is Intuitive Eating?
On today’s episode we talk all about intuitive eating. WTF is intuitive eating you may ask. Well you’re in luck because we have our girl, professional vegan chef and life coach, Yael Gutin, here to talk all about it. You don't have to think about earning oxygen as a reinforcer so why do we have to do it with food? #UnconditionedReinforcers Tune if you want to jump into this whole intuitive eating thing because we’re #FeelingIt. Show notes: - Set Point Weight theory: - The negative impacts of weight cycling: - Practicing health behaviors at any size reduces mortality independent of BMI: - Why weight stigma is more harmful to their overall health than a person's actual weight: More info here: (
Dec 23, 2019
Miss. Behaving with BCBA, Kathryn Goerges: Focus on Challenging Behavior
On today’s episode we have BCBA, Kathryn Goerges on the show to discuss how she works with extremely challenging behavior and how important it is to look at the true function of the behavior. We talk about about the importance of conducting functional analysis in your practice and not just throwing the kitchen sink at problem behaviors. Casey was still reeling after seeing Dr. Gregory Hanley present his work on the IISCA and Practical Functional Assessment so there are a ton of amazing “AH-HA” moments during this episode. If you are struggling with trying to treat  problem behaviors and need some inspiration, then tune in baby. We have Journal Articles referenced in the show notes that can hopefully help you, help your clients. After all, they deserve the BEST. Show notes: Carr, E. G., & Durand, V. M. (1985). Reducing behavior problems through functional communication training. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 18(2), 111–126. doi:10.1901/jaba.1985.18-111 Hanley, G.P., Jin, C.S., Vanselow, N.R. and Hanratty, L.A. (2014), Producing meaningful improvements in problem behavior of children with autism via synthesized analyses and treatments. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47: 16-36. doi:10.1002/jaba.106 Slaton, J.D., Hanley, G.P. and Raftery, K.J. (2017), Interview‐informed functional analyses: A comparison of synthesized and isolated components. Jnl of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50: 252-277. doi:10.1002/jaba.384 Go follow Kathryn on instagra @alwaysforward_aba Become a Patreon Member to help us keep putting out this podcast each week @ (
Dec 16, 2019
Impostor Syndrome: Wait I’m the professional in charge here?
On today’s episode your wish has been granted. We finally talk about what you guys want to hear: Impostor Syndrome. Do you ever feel like you a fraud? Why the hell are people listening to you? Do you even deserve to be where you are in life? Do you even go here #meangirls? Well, hunnay we are with you. We did our best to explain why we experience impostor syndrome and how the hell to overcome it. Tune in lovers! Show notes: Please note that we are not offering any behavioral analytic services. Overall, C. (1997). Feeling fraudulent: Some moral quandaries of a feminist instructor. Educational Theory, 47(1), 1. Retrieved from The imposter syndrome as related to teaching evaluations and. (1994). The Journal of Higher Education, 65(2), 183. Retrieved from The Surprising Solution to the Impostor Syndrome | Lou Solomon | TEDxCharlotte Patreon: (
Dec 09, 2019
From Leather to Spandex with Mascot Brad
On today’s episode we get to talk to a real life mascot and BCBA. Brad Bishop from PsychCore brings some serious laughs and ABA principles to the show. From reinforcement to punishment and verbal behavior, there wasn't a dull moment of the entire show. Brad tells us the behaviors that keep the crowd roaring for more. Episode 26 is all up in the MIX. Show Notes: ( We are not here to provide behavior analytic services. We are just two chicks who like human behavior and how we can use ABA in everyday life. Do not use this podcast as the way you study for the exam or in place of any supervision. We just like chatting and hope you like it too
Dec 03, 2019
Put the Gun Down
Today’s episode is #InterestingAF if we say so ourselves. Liat’s new obsession is researching how to successfully negotiate a hostage situation. You know, something very important in case this ever comes up when walking down the street. Okay, kidding...hopefully. Anyways, Liat has pulled Casey in on this #obv and she’s kinda obsessed with the topic too. We are no experts on this but we’re damn good at doing our due diligence and translating what we learn into #BehavioralBreakdowns. Tune in baby! Show notes: The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators | Scott Tillema ( Chris Voss: Never split the difference
Nov 25, 2019
Dealing with F#%ng People
In today’s episode the Behavior Bitches dive into the first part of the book “ How to Win Friends and Influence People”. They felt it was their duty to break it down behaviorally. They discuss how important it is to reinforce the behavior you want to see and not punish the behavior you don't want to see. Tune in. It’s a good one. Show Notes: ( PATREON: (
Nov 18, 2019
Ethics with Ann Beirne: More Than Just Not Sleeping with Your Client
My client just walked out of the room during session to smoke his bong, is this okay? My supervisor is billing for hours she never actually did, WTF do I do? As newbies (or even oldies in the field), we often have no idea where to turn to get our most pressing ethical questions answered. However, Behavior Bitches to the rescue. Well, not really, Ann Beirne #BadAssBCBA #Author, is coming to the rescue and saving all of our asses and answering our most pressing questions that we need answered #stat. Join in because this is some  sh*t you don’t want to miss. Show  Notes: Get Ann’s book on Amazon at: ( Consider signing up for our Patreon to support us in this crazy mission on getting a podcast out a week. ( Follow us on insta at @behaviorbitchespodcast FB: Behavior Bitches Podcast Testing for the big BCBA/BCaBA exam? Chill out. We got you. Check us out on (
Nov 11, 2019
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
On today's episode the Bitches are talking about SEX. Yes, we said sex. Are you tuned in now? We are having special guest, Ryan Sain, Ph.D on the show to talk about his research and knowledge on sexual behavior as it applies to humans. You may know Ryan from his highly entertaining YouTube channel, PsychCore. Once again, we talk about how behavior analysis can save the world. Show Notes: Go to PsychCore on Youtube and Facebook Support the Behavior Bitches so we can keep this shit going on Patreon at:
Oct 28, 2019
F#%k #MeanGirls
On today’s episode the bitches discuss a topic that lights absolute rage in both Casey and Liat, Bullying. Bullying is a big freaking deal and guess what, punishing the bully’s behavior after the fact is NOT working. Why the F#%$ do people bully? WTF do we do about it? With the invention of social media and the cyber world, bullying has only increased and intensified. The ladies tie in many behavioral principles that maintain bullying behavior, why people bully, and applied behavior analysis therapy interventions that if implemented correctly could one day create a kind and respectful community. Once again, ABA can change the world! Show notes:  Ross, S. W., & Horner, R. H. (2009). Bully prevention in positive behavior support. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 42(4), 747–759. doi:10.1901/jaba.2009.42-747
Oct 21, 2019
Dear Behavior Bitches
OMG! The Bitches are in the same physical location. We just met for the first time and to celebrate this meeting we decided to flip the script and have our listeners call into the show to ask us questions. In part 1 of Dear Behavior Bitches, listeners had the chance to ask us anything. No edits, no filters, just real talk. Tune in to find out if Liat & Casey will be continuing this podcast or if their personalities are #incompatable. Show notes: Find us on: Instagram: @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Patreon: (
Oct 14, 2019
Bitches & The Daily BA
On episode 18 the Behavior Bitches interview the one and only Ryan O from The Daily BA. Ryan spends countless hours creating powerful content, editing videos, and interviewing some pretty impactful people in the field in order to fill the gap between the amazing science of behavior and the billions of people that it could impact for the better. Ryan shares his experience working as a BCBA as well as the insane amount of time he has spent learning how to shoot videos and edit content. We have some pretty juicy questions that we asked Ryan, so you won’t want to miss this interview! If you want something in life, you have to be willing to put the work in, as Ryan says #EatshitDaily. He touches on his experience in OBM, working with adults with disabilities, his failures in business, the good and the ugly sides of social media, how fast the field is expanding and so much more. Check the show notes for this episode, Ryan shared some super valuable resources. You can find us on: Instagram: @BehaviorBitchesPodcast Facebook: Behavior Bitches Podcast Patreon: ( You can find today’s guest at: Follow @theDailyBA on instagram and facebook and subscribe to the youtube channel Patreon: ( Ryan created these two one pagers for his talks at ABAI. PRICELESS!!!!! file:///Users/macuser/Downloads/ABAI_OnePager_ODonnell_2_BreakingBarriers.pdf file:///Users/macuser/Downloads/ABAI_OnePager_ODonnell_Expanding.pdf Tate behavioral conference on October 25th in Springfield, MA: ( TXaba Business Bootcamp on October 11th in Houston, TX link: ( Headsprout: ( Randy Olson book: Houston, We have a narrative: ( Steven Hayes: A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot towards what matters.
Oct 07, 2019
Sarah Trautman-Eslinger the #HustleQueen
On episode 17 we have a new bitch in town. Liat had #lupusproblems and was not on this episode but not to worry we had one BADASS QUEEN in the field of Behavior Analysis fill in. We talked all about what it means to be a new BCBA, how important quality supervision is, and how crucial it is to find mentors and companies who match your morals and values. Sarah is a real, raw, and relatable BCBA who has over 20 years experience in the field. If you are feeling like you need some motivation or direction in your career, you are a new BCBA trying to figure out where to go, or you just want to hear some bad ass b’s talking about how to #hustle and be successful, then this episode is for you!! I promise this episode will not disappoint. Show Notes: How to Identify Ethical Practices in Organizations Prior to Employment by: Matthew T. Brodhead1 & Shawn P. Quigley2 & David J. Cox3 Compassionate Care in Behavior Analytic Treatment: Can Outcomes be Enhanced by Attending to Relationships with Caregivers? By: Bridget A. Taylor1 & Linda A. LeBlanc2 & Melissa R. Nosik3 Get your ticket to TXABA: ( Become a Patron and support the sh*t out of us: : (
Sep 30, 2019
Don’t buy me F#%king Flowers
On today’s episode, Liat and Casey talk about the famous “5 Love Languages”. Are you a person who prefers getting flowers (clearly this is not Liat’s preference)  or would you rather your SO took the trash out and did the dishes once in a while. Do you prefer to cuddle all F*ing night, or do you just want to talk about your day without interruption. By learning your love language and behavior principles behind each language you can better understand what your partner needs. We also talk about how this #generalizes to the work-place and friendships. Tune in people. Get yourself a copy of the book: (The 5 Love Languages® by Dr. Gary Chapman) The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People - By Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White Take the free Quiz to find out what your love language is and why the F your significant other isn’t happy when you take the damn trash out even though you’d be happy AF. ( If you love us, help Support us on Patreon
Sep 23, 2019
It’s Called a Breakup Because It's #BrokenAF
Break-ups: They are tough AF but guess what? You will survive. When you are going through one you think it will never get better, you can’t survive without that person, who gets to keep the friends? How can you be alone? OMG...the list keeps going. But guess what “A breakup is like a broken mirror, It it better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it.” In Episode 15, Liat and Casey talk about the craziest ex stories, how painful breakups are, and analyze this all using behavior analytic principles.
Sep 16, 2019
Gambling: Fun and Games…Until It's Not
Whether its poker, blackjack, slot machines, or lottery tickets, it’s all fun and games until it’s not. Today on our show we have an amazing, brave guest, Marla, who is sharing the reality of the dark side of a gambling addiction. Our guest has struggled with a gambling addiction that affected so many areas of her life negatively. We are going to discuss the behavioral principles in play regarding gambling. This one is going to be raw and real as always so tune the F in. SHOW Notes: Help Support us on Patreon! If you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, reach out for help. It can happen to anyone. National gambling hotline 1800-522-4700 Related Research Articles: The first is the establishment of a behavior-analytic journal devoted to the study of gambling behavior. The journal, Analysis of Gambling Behavior, published its first issue in 2007. #CheckItOut Dixon, M. R., Wilson, A. N., Belisle, J., & Schreiber, J. B. (2018). A functional analytic approach to understanding disordered gambling. The Psychological Record, 68(2), 177-187. doi: Weatherly, J. N., & Dixon, M. R. (2007). Toward an integrative behavioral model of gambling. Analysis of Gambling Behavior, 1, 4–18. Weatherly, J. N., & Flannery, K. A. (2008). Facing the challenge: The behavior analysis of gambling. The Behavior Analyst Today, 9(2), 130-142.
Sep 09, 2019
Weights, Macros, and Changing Habits
Today on Episode 13 we have Chauntae Gold, M.Ed, BCBA on the show. She is doing some wicked cool stuff with ABA and fitness/nutrition. How many times have you started a new diet but couldn’t stick with it? How many times have you signed up for a class or gym membership and never went? How many times have you started a 30-day challenge and not make it past the first week? We have been there baby and Chauntae is here to tell you that it is NOT because you are lazy or that you lack discipline. It is because you do not have a clear plan and solid foundation of daily habits that support your long term goals.  Tune in to hear all about how you can use behavior analysis to change your habits that will allow you to gain optimal health and live your best life!! Show Notes: Follow Our Guest Here: @thepathtogold Health, Sport, and Fitness ABA SIG: ACT workshop: Basic Nutrition Certification: Precision Nutrition- For folks who want to learn about the fundamental principles of nutrition! Unconventional Medicine: Chris Kresser. This is a book that describes the current chronic health crisis in America and how behavior change is the missing piece to our current healthcare system. Automic Habits: James Clear
Sep 02, 2019
On episode 12, you get just the behavior bitches! Today we lighten up a bit and talk all about trends. #Trending. How do trends happen. Is there a conspiracy to make your clothes go out of style every other month? How the hell do you keep up with these trends? Do you remember when butterfly clips were all the rage? Like you could not get enough of those clips in your hair. In a world of social media there are always people posting new styles and things you just HAVE to buy to be cool right? Lets behaviorally analyze this and have some laughs at the throwback trends. Show notes: Some of the articles we mentioned on the podcast! ( ( ( Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-. (2002). The tipping point : how little things can make a big difference. Boston :Back Bay Books
Aug 26, 2019
On episode 11 we get right to the point: Anxiety sucks. Whether you’re overthinking that email you wrote in response to your boss or thinking about what might happen at dinner with your new dude you met on Bumble; you get the whole anxiety thing. Ever feel like you’re falling and it won’t stop? Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed AF by everything and nothing at the same time? Are you always on edge? Why the F won’t my brain stop going and going? When you’re finally “relaxed” and then you acknowledge the fact that you aren’t anxious in that moment, so now you’re anxious #FML. If you can relate way too much to all of this tune in today’s episode. We have Andrea Kotler, an OG BCBA, here to talk with us about #anxiety and the behavioral principles behind it.   Show notes:  The Happiness Trap: Russ Harris  Get out of your mind and into your Life: Steven Hayes ( *Important: We are in no way professionals in ACT or CBT therapy. We are just two chicks who love to read, research, and find healthy ways to help deal with anxiety because that shit is hard.*
Aug 19, 2019
Online Shopping: Oops I Clicked It Again
On today’s episode we have Tobey Lass (Liat’s supervisor from back when) on to discuss an issue that we all know way too well: Online Shopping. Wait what, why are there 73 Amazon packages at my door? Um, excuse me you actually think I am going to order something on your website if you don’t have free shipping? I guess I need those pickle shaped bandaids because they are so cute and the blogger I follow uses them. If I don’t like it I can always return it. Holy sh*t those Gelly Roll Pens are on sale. I do have 4,547 already but I totally need this pack. Buzzfeed lists of the 25 items you NEED to make your life easier. Sold! Sound familiar? Then tune in!  Show Notes: Weng, M. L. (2015). Antecedents and consequences of e-shopping: An integrated model. Internet Research, 25(2), 184-217. doi: ( Jayawardhena, C. (2004). Personal values' influence on e-shopping attitude and behaviour. Internet Research, 14(2), 127-138. doi: ( ( Today’s episode is sponsored by ABAlogix, a HIPAA compliant Mileage tracker  They provide: Fully transparent mileage tracking - take the guesswork and human error out of maintaining mileage logs. Use your existing calendar scheduling solution - Milelogix supports any iCalendar (e.g. Google Calendar) based calendar export. Web based - no need for you or your employees to download an app. Provide as an employee benefit - let your staff focus on what matters most, providing the best service to your clients. Crazy fast- MIleLogix can generate a mileage log for a month worth of scheduled sessions in seconds  anonymous  Massive reduction of time spent on tracking mileage. Let Milelogix do all the hard work of collecting addresses and calculating drive time between your sessions. Go to their website to watch their youtube video on how this system works. It is super cool and fast! I know my staff would love this, with how much they drive. I am always scrambling to get them to turn in their mileage and then there are always errors that need to be fixed. WASTE OF TIME!  Here is the solution:  Sign up for a free 30 day Trial, Yes free like no payment required, at
Aug 12, 2019
Marketing: A Behavior Game
On today’s episode we have Liat’s sis, Talia Solomon AKA the Marketing Queen as the special guest. Talia has had some big wig jobs like working for Bravo, Showtime, and currently WW #weightwatchers. We are so lucky she is related to Liat and gave us this time! Talia tells us how brands break-through and build relevance in an increasingly cluttered advertising environment. As you guessed it, it involves behavior and we are the catalyst to break it down for you! As always, Love ya. Mean it.  Show Notes: Global Autism Project’s slogan is Autism has no Boundaries. Fortunately, neither do we. How much do we love this. ALOT!  Just go to and click apply.  Behavior Bitches you get the hook up. Just use code BEHAVIORB to wave the application fee.  But hurry, this code is only good until Aug 8th. Again go to and hit apply. Also go check out the Daily BA and his recent video on the Global Autism Project  Application due soon for feb so get on it if you want in!
Aug 05, 2019
If You're Hungry and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!
Episode 8 baby. Feeling Great. We are back and excited to have one of our faves, Lauren Milburn on the show. She is opening up to us about her personal experience with eating disorders. Society has made it hard AF to live up to the expectations of what women should look like and apparently CARBS are BAD. GTFO. Healthy eating and exercise is the answer and Lauren is the epitome of that. We think this is a kick ass topic and something that everybody should listen to. As always we keep it real, raw, and relatable.  Love ya, Mean it.  Show Notes: Readings Go follow @letters_and_lifting Private Events Anderson, C. M., Hawkins, R. P., Freeman, K. A., & Scotti, J. R. (2000). Private events: Do they belong in a science of human behavior? The Behavior Analyst, 23(1), 1-10.  Snyder, K., Lambert, J., & Twohig, M. P. (2011). Defusion: A behavior-analytic strategy for addressing private events. Behavior Analysts in Practice, 4(2), 4-13.  Taylor, I., & O’Reilly, M. F. (1997). Toward a functional analysis of private verbal self-regulation. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 30(1), 43-58.  Eating Disorders and Behavior Analysis Beatiz Meyer, S. (2008). Functional behavior analysis of eating disorders. Journal of Behavior Analysis in Health, Sports, Fitness and Medicine,1(1), 26-33.  Lappalainen, R., & Tuomisto, M. T. (2005). Functional behavior analysis of anorexia nervosa: Application to clinical practice. The Behavior Analyst Today,6(3), 166-177.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/RFT Blackledge, J. T. (2003). An introduction to relational frame theory: Basics and applications. The Behavior Analyst Today, 3(4), 421-433. Harris, R. (2006). Embracing your demons: An overview of acceptance and commitment therapy. Psychotherapy in Australia, 12(4), 2-8.  Harris, R. (2013). The illustrated happiness trap: How to stop struggling and start living. Boulder, CO: Shambhala Publications, Inc.  Torneke, N. (2010). Learning RFT: An introduction to relational frame theory and its clinical application.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.  The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling and Start Living Russ Harris Lifting and Behavior Analysis Moore, J. W., & Quintero, L. M. (1997). Comparing forward and backward chaining in teaching Olympic weightlifting. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 52(1), 50-59.  Right to Effective Treatment Van Houten, R., Axelrod, S., Bailey, J. S., Favell, J. E., Foxx, R.M., Iwata, B.A., & Lovaas, O. I. (1988). The right to effective behavioral treatment. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 21(4), 381-384. 
Jul 29, 2019
Stop Shitting on the Carpet
Episode 7 is all about training your furry animals so that you actually want to spend time with them. We have StudyNotesABA alum on to tell us her story about how she is training her dogs using applied behavior analysis techniques. Guys, we are telling you this science can be applied to EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! Tune in to listen to the three of us try to figure out how the F to train our animals and really just figure out our lives. #hotmessexpress  Show notes: You NEED this resource as a new BCBA! Recommended Reading: ( - Quick Summary: Clicker training includes the use of shaping to establish behavior, the presentation of discriminative stimuli (or “cues”) to signal which behavior will be followed by reinforcement, and the use of reinforcement rather than punishment ( (Ferguson & Rosales-Ruiz, 2001); (Pryor, 2009)). 
Jul 22, 2019
Don’t Be An #Asshole with Dr. Maggie Pavone
In episode 6 we dive into how the F to keep employees happy through the field of organizational behavior management. Organizational Behavior Management is one application of ABA. Special guest Dr. Maggie Pavone is here to talk to us all about OBM and how the science of applied behavior analysis extends to many fields, not just autism. She is funny, smart, and relatable (duh, just like us). We talk about how to make employees stick with your company,why non-compete clauses suck, and the importance of providing feedback in a way people prefer. Tune in because we know you missed us last week.  Reading Recommendations: Journal of OBM Series of 4 books called “OBM Applied!” (Most readable). Aubrey Daniels, “Bringing Out the Best in People” 
Jul 09, 2019
If you haven’t picked up on the theme by now, we can analyze the behavior in anything (impressive huh?). In episode 5 we are covering a very serious topic: Addiction. We are lucky to have a special guest joining us who is a recovering addict and is brave enough to share her story. Liat and Casey break down the topic of addiction using behavioral principles and discuss how F’ing hard it is for people who are addicts to stop engaging in addictive behaviors. When people hear the word “addiction” they immediately think of substance abuse but people can be addicted to a variety of self-reinforcing behaviors including constantly checking your phone, checking social media, exercising, sex, food, abusive relationships, gambling, etc. So this episode is really for everyone. Whether you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is, tune in for a real AF episode. Love ya, mean it. Extra Items: If you want some cool, extra research to read through while on a summer tropical vaca, read these: Introduction to The Special Issue on The Behavior Analysis and Treatment of Drug Addiction By: Kenneth Silverman, John M Roll, and Stephen T Higgins: (Need apa citation like below ) And a cool article on the use of a replacement behavior to maintain sobriety: Silverman, K., Holtyn, A. F., & Morrison, R. (2016). The therapeutic utility of employment in treating drug addiction: Science to application. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 2(2), 203-212.
Jun 24, 2019
Financially Free AF
On this episode we have two special guests joining us to give us advice on how you can live your best life and be financially free AF. Our first guest describes herself as the “financial freedom queen” and the second guest is a professional financial advisor, wicked smart. We are so excited because we both need all the help we can get in this department. Are you someone who is living outside of you means and constantly charging your Southwest credit card just to get miles? GUILTY. Are you just starting your adult career and have no idea WTF a Roth IRA is or how you should be saving for the future? Well if so, we got you covered in this episode. Grab a notebook and a pen and write this advice down. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this. Love ya, mean it.  
Jun 17, 2019
Skinner VS. Freud
On today’s episode we have two BFFS with opposing views. Liat, a hardcore behaviorist and Nina, a mentalistic  psychology graduate student. We invite you into our cliquey friendship to see how two people can see one situation completely differently based on their theoretical orientation. We analyze some anonymously shared experiences of abuse from the behavioral and psychological perspectives.  Follow Us on (Instagram) and (Facebook)! 
Jun 11, 2019
Send Vodka, Love Mom
On episode number 2, Liat and Casey talk all about the function of behaviors and how they relate to your tiny emotional terrors. Have ever found yourself taking extra long on the toilet just so you can scroll through social media? Do you find yourself  giving your child what they want so you can get a minute of Goddamn peace? Do you find yourself envious of everyone else's kids who are actually listening to their parents at the park, like little angels? Well this podcast is for you, and even if you don't have kids yet (which both of us do not) you will want to hear this episode. We also have a special guest on the show who is ready to share all her mom fails and hilarious kid stories. Love ya, mean it.   Follow Us on (Instagram) and (Facebook)!
Jun 04, 2019
In our very first episode of the Behavior Bitches podcast we open up about who we really are and talk about the dreaded hell that many of us are all too familiar We talk about love being responsible for you feeling high AF one second and crying on the bathroom floor after one too many tequila shots the next second. People, if someone is showing you that they are an asshole, believe them. Seriously trust your gut. Why do we feed into douchebag behavior? Why are we making the same bad decisions in every relationship? Girlfriends, cut that shit out.  Liat and Casey use their behavioral expertise to shed some light on WTF is happening behind the scenes of swiping left and right. This podcast is for anyone who is currently dating, has sworn off dating for life, or who is dating “the one”. We don’t care; just listen to us!
May 24, 2019
If you are interested in knowing why we behave the way we do,  are looking to start a career in applied Behavior Analysis, or just curious about the most interesting science ever, subscribe now and get ready for the debut of Behavior Bitches! Join Liat Sacks, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA and Casey McDaniel, M.S., BCBA every week as they explain why people do what they do. Follow us on Instagram @behaviorbitchespodcast Facebook at behaviorbitchespodcast Our website
May 16, 2019