The Art Cityscape

By Springville City

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Category: Government

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Why does Springville, Utah have an art museum? Why doesn't it have your favorite restaurant? What will the city look like in 2050? How can you get a recycling can?The Art Cityscape will give you a fast-paced and unique look at Utah's Art City. We'll answer your questions and tell you what's happening in the city and why.

Episode Date
EP 004 - $75 Million of Somebody Else's Money

City Administrator Troy Fitzgerald gives insights on a number of Springville and local government topics, including budgets, COVID impacts, and aniticipated growth.

Also, Emily from the Springville Museum of Art sorts Springville fact and fiction in a game called "Headline or Headlie?

Headline or Headlie (01:14)

Interview with Troy Fitzgerald (07:39)

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Jun 14, 2021
EP 003 - Springville Rumor Mill

On our first edition of the Springville Rumor Mill, we tackle some big questions!

Community Development Director Josh Yost and Director of Administration Patrick Monney join me to give you the truth about:

Block 5/Allen's Block action (00:42)
Our role in "choosing" businesses that locate here (01:34)
Getting your favorite chicken sandwich restaurant in Springville (03:19)
The future of FrontRunner in Springville (04:33)
Why we've been replacing street signs (06:47)
Our discussions on Fiber Internet (08:11)
A late summer/early fall Arts Festival (09:09)
Plans for a dog park (10:13)

And more!

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Jun 07, 2021
EP 002 - Pickleball Courts? Bike Parks?

Director of Buildings and Grounds Bradley Neel shares some parks plans for the near future. Exciting things are coming!

Also, we talk Art City Days and share your answers to our Instagram question: What is your favorite part of Art City Days?

Art City Answers: What is your favorite part of Art City Days? (01:04)

Interview with Buildings and Grounds Director Bradley Neel (1:29)

Art City Update (24:54)

Roa - Special Thanks:

Jun 01, 2021
EP 001 - Springville's 3 Biggest Challenges and the Perfect Mascot

Mayor Rick Child discusses why Springville is a great place to live, what it's like to be the mayor, and the critical decisions that City leaders are making right now.

Also, Kim and Lauren from the Springville Public Library read and discuss your submissions to the question "What would be the perfect mascot for Springville?"

Art City Answers: What would be the perfect mascot for Springville? (00:43)

Interview with Mayor Child (12:50)

Art City Update (32:15)

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May 24, 2021
EP 000 - Trailer

This is a preview of The Art Cityscape podcast -- a new way to engage with Springville City (Utah). Through interviews, updates, and other segments, we will answer questions and share information about Art City and city management.

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May 05, 2021