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Category: Spirituality

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How are we all connected through the universal cosmic web? Unlock the powers of your own consciousness and learn the secrets of existence by following the golden thread and joining experts and researchers across differing fields and disciplines. From revolutionary science, esoteric practices, natural remedies, practical applications, revelatory information, and ancient knowledge, explore how to evolve awareness, enrich your life, and find peace through the evolution of consciousness. To learn even more visit where you can watch interviews, movies, and original series.

Episode Date
Stepping into a New Paradigm with Bruce Lipton

Visit for more information.

As humanity stands upon the edge of a massive paradigm shift, we are being called to tap into the deepest truths of who we are and start applying this knowledge to the world we live in.

Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton join forces as they share their experience in meeting with the United Nations.

Gregg Braden
Guest: Bruce Lipton

Feb 01, 2023
Give up Anger with Ram Dass

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Many of us have seen how easy it is to hold onto anger and let it be a feeling that rules our thoughts. This is something that Ram Dass is familiar with, too. He reflects back on his personal experience of learning to tell the truth about hating others, instead of loving them, and how this honesty opened his heart, enabling him to give up anger. 

Host: Ram Dass 

Jan 18, 2023
Intuitive Healing Beyond the Veil with Maren Muter

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Many people discover their intuitive gifts very early in life. Metaphysician and intuitive healer Maren Muter begins to unfurl her journey of self-discovery as an adopted child, including memories from in utero and her special gift of communicating beyond the veil.
Host: Regina Meredith 
Guest: Maren Muter 

Jan 11, 2023
The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

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Dr. Bradley Nelson discusses his unique and powerful technique (the Emotion Code) that helps his clients discover the emotions which lay at the source of their discomfort and illness, then discharge them in a way that brings lasting peace and wellbeing to the body. 

Host: Regina Meredith 
Guest: Dr. Bradley Nelson 

Jan 04, 2023
What It Means to Be a Conscious Being with Randy Veitenheimer

Visit for more information. 

If being conscious is the thing that defines our existence as human beings, then it’s important to understand what consciousness is and how this brain activity works? Randy Veitenheimer explores what consciousness means, from our own self-awareness to the collective consciousness and all the different levels in between. 

Host: Randy Veitenheimer 

Dec 28, 2022
Channeling THEO: Soulful Relationships with Sheila Gillette, Marcus Gillette

Visit for more information. 

Channeling the angelic voice of the THEO group, Sheila Gillette describes the principles of unconditional love that we can use to approach all of our relationships. They explain how letting go of attachment to our identities can help us transcend conflict and build harmony in our personal and collective connections. 

Sheila and Marcus are the co-hosts of the popular interactive internet TV show “AskTHEO Live”. 

Host: Regina Meredith 
Guest: Sheila Gillette, Marcus Gillette 

Dec 21, 2022
Overcoming Adversity Through Mindset with Turia Pitt

Visit for more information. 

Turia Pitt is a superhero who has overcome challenges far tougher than any of us could imagine. At age 24, while competing in an ultramarathon in the Australian outback, she was caught in a wildfire and faced burns on 65% of her body. 

Host: James Colquhoun 
Guest: Turia Pitt 

Dec 14, 2022
Hermeticism & Self-Knowledge with Mitch Horowitz

Visit for more information. 

Researcher and writer Mitch Horowitz returns to Gaia to discuss philosophy and Hermeticism. In his book The Seeker's Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages, Horowitz explores Manly P. Hall's traditions and how we can read and learn from sacred texts throughout our lives.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Mitch Horowitz 

Dec 07, 2022
Revolutionary Love With Marianne Williamson

Visit for more information. 

Einstein said it: “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” Let’s move beyond the mechanistic mental paradigm that dominated the 20th century, to an integrative, whole person perspective that’s the gateway to miracles — and survival — in the 21st. 

Host: Marianne Williamson 

Nov 30, 2022
Quantum Uncertainty with Cynthia Sue Larson

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We are all part of the quantum field that shapes our individual and collective experiences. Cynthia Sue Larson returns to Open Minds to discuss how the principle of quantum uncertainty demonstrates that there may not be one fixed, objective reality.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Cynthia Sue Larson

Nov 23, 2022
Sacred Geometry: The Invisible Energy Matrix with Robert J. Gilbert

Visit for more information.

How has modern materialism restricted our views of our larger reality? Highlighting over 40 years of research, Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D., shares the breakthrough knowledge of Sacred Geometry and BioGeometry.

Host: Robert J. Gilbert 

Nov 16, 2022
How to Astral Travel with Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Visit for more information.

Learn how to travel beyond the physical body, while still being alive on Earth.  Theresa Bullard shares techniques that you can use to learn astral travel. She reveals important do’s, don’t, and myths concerning travel through the astral realms.

Host: Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Nov 09, 2022
Entering the Dimension of Magic with Raymond Tarpey

Visit for more information. 

What would happen if enough of us have the courage to become our true selves and release the subconscious programming of civilization? Linguistics expert Raymond Tarpey returns to Open Minds to discuss the ancient Mayan prophecy about the final establishment of peace and justice.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Raymond Tarpey

Nov 02, 2022
What Are We Capable Of with Ben Stewart

Visit for more information. 

What do you think is impossible for you to accomplish? We are not held back by conditions and principles of the universe, rather we are shackled by our own limiting beliefs, a lack of clarity and imagination. 

Host: Ben Stewart 

Sep 21, 2022
Stepping into a New Paradigm with Bruce Lipton

Visit for more information.

Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton join forces in this special multi-part season finale as they share their experience in meeting with the United Nations. 

Host: Gregg Braden 
Guest: Bruce Lipton 

Sep 14, 2022
Archangels on the Age of Aquarius with Belinda Womack

Visit for more information. 

Channeler Belinda Womack returns to Gaia to speak with Regina Meredith and shares answers from archangels about the destiny of humanity and the questions of our time.

Regina Meredith
Guest: Belinda Womack

Sep 07, 2022
Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm with Theresa Bullard

Visit for more information. 

Theresa Bullard introduces us to the quantum paradigm by relaying the four principles that govern all quantum phenomena. These are reflected in the Hermetic principles from the Kybalion and being proven out by new scientific discoveries.

Host: Theresa Bullard 

Aug 31, 2022
The Power of Choice with Caroline Myss

Visit for more information. 

Power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience and choice is our most powerful tool. Caroline Myss examines the power of choice, highlighting the connection between making empowered life choices and the need to develop self esteem.

Host: Caroline Myss 

Aug 24, 2022
Dying to Be Me with Anita Moorjani

Visit for more information. 

After a three-year battle with cancer, Anita Moorjani was on death’s door with just hours to live. 

Host: Lisa Garr 
Guest: Anita Moorjani  

Aug 17, 2022
Connecting to Cosmic Intelligence with JJ Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak

Visit for more information. 

JJ and Desiree Hurtak share their studies of ancient technology and how all of humanity can discover we are much greater than we know. 

Host: George Noory 
Guest: JJ Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak 

Aug 10, 2022
Embodying Shamanic Balance with Jan Engels-Smith

Visit for more information. 

How can we find calm in times of chaos? Shamanic practitioner and teacher Jan Engels-Smith reminds us that situations arise as the experiences are needed for the greater good.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Jan Engels-Smith 

Aug 03, 2022
Introduction to Your Brain with Dr Joe Dispenza

Visit for more information. 

You have the capability of becoming supernatural, which means being able to change your body and your world by thought alone. Dr. Joe Dispenza reveals the formula for rewiring your brain and changing your life.

Host: Dr Joe Dispenza

Jul 27, 2022
Dispatching your Spirit guides with Bruce Goldberg

Visit for more information.

How can people improve their lives by accessing their spirit guides? Bruce Goldberg, a healer hypnotherapist and author of award-winning books, developed a technique called ‘the super conscious mind tap’. He trains patients to access their higher selves. 

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Bruce Goldberg

Jul 20, 2022
Navigating Global Transformation with Lee Harris

Visit for more information. 

As we try to navigate these turbulent times, many of us feel the pull to help others with their spiritual ascension work.  Lee Harris returns with an important message from the Zs who offer tools for deftly navigating the global transformation that is upon us.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Lee Harris

Jul 13, 2022
A Simple Method for Manifestation with Bill McKenna

Visit for more information. 

Bill McKenna shares that in his experience as an energy healer and teacher, he has learned how the energies of the chakras are connected to what manifests in our lives. 

Host: Regina Meredith 
Guest: Bill McKenna

Jul 06, 2022
Path to Balance with Aubrey Marcus

Visit for more information.

Is your life where you want it to be? Holistic and mental health advocate Aubrey Marcus describes his healing journey with psychedelic medicine experimentation and polyamorous relationships.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Aubrey Marcus

Jun 29, 2022
Accessing Intuitive Healing with Jerry Wills

Visit for more information. 

Jerry Wills shares some of his secrets to his intuitive healing process. He explains how we each can connect with our own healing power and take an active role in our wellbeing.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Jerry Wills 

Jun 22, 2022
Creating Heaven on Earth with Bruce Lipton

Visit for more information.

Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton conclude the season finale with how to break the barriers of separation that are keeping us from manifesting our wishes and desires.

Host: Gregg Braden
Guest: Bruce Lipton 

Jun 15, 2022
Living at the Speed of 5G with Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart brings a refreshing new view on 5G, and shares his perspective on living with electromagnetic fields, the mechanisms of social technology, the positive aspects of connection, and how we can live intentionally to avoid possible harmful effects.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Ben Stewart 

For more information visit  

Jun 08, 2022
Honing Psychic Techniques with Dr. Lauren Cielo

We are familiar with the five senses we use to navigate through our daily lives. Dr. Cielo shares techniques that you can start using right away to awaken your psychic abilities and deepen your intuitive gifts.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Charlie Morley

For more information visit  

Jun 01, 2022
Neuroplasticity with Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

What if there was a way to maximize your sleep-time to build muscle, expand consciousness and solve problems? Charley Morley explains how we can use lucid dreaming to rewire our brains and improve every aspect of the waking world.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Charlie Morley

For more information visit

May 25, 2022
Divination Tools for Intuition with Paul O'Brien

Paul O’Brien explains that our Intuition is a higher form of intelligence that can use divination tools as a way to stimulate inner wisdom and think outside the box. O'Brien is a software development entrepreneur of divination tools, walking us through the meditative practice of gathering wisdom by working with the I Ching and the archetypes. 

Host: George Noory 
Guest: Paul O'Brien 

For more information visit

May 18, 2022
A Simple Method for Profound Healing with Bill McKenna

Bill McKenna shares an easy way for us to tap into higher levels of consciousness and bring healing to anyone, anywhere. Achieving these results may sound daunting, but the method is simple; easy to learn and easy to teach. 

Host: Regina Meredith 

Guest: Bill McKenna 

For more information visit

May 11, 2022
How to Use Meditation & Life Visioning for Awakening with Michael Beckwith

In this exclusive extended interview from Transcendence Season 2, Reverend Michael Beckworth, founder of the Agape Spiritual Center imparts his wisdom on how we can raise our vibrational frequency and return to a state of contentment.

Host: James Colquhoun
Guest: Michael Beckwith

For more information visit

May 04, 2022
Facing Our Transhuman Future with Gregg Braden

Does our increasing dependency on technology diminish our human potential? In this episode, visionary scientist Gregg Braden discusses the current transhuman movement – the merging of technology and human biology, often referred to as the singularity.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Gregg Braden

For more information visit

Apr 20, 2022
Studying the Superhuman Mind with Caroline Cory

Can your intentions have an impact on the physical world? Filmmaker Caroline Cory’s work focuses on transforming Self by using the full potential of the mind.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Caroline Cory

For more information visit

Apr 20, 2022
Deprogramming Collective Beliefs with Joe Dispenza

What we are told to believe about our health may be just as important as the medical treatment we receive. Joe Dispenza explains how we can break free from the collective programming that affects our states of health and happiness.

Host: Regina Meredith
Guest: Joe Dispenza

For more information visit

Apr 20, 2022