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Category: Entrepreneurship

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We’ve all seen the advertisements for how to get to a 10K month by doing XYZ. Sounds great, doesn't it? First, we are NOT those people. We are here to bring a true community for female entrepreneurs to a very real place. We don’t promise to have all the answers. We do promise to bring together real women with real struggles, being honest about those struggles. Join us for these stories of women in entrepreneurship; the successes, failures, laughter through tears, and everything in between. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ftcpodcast/support

Episode Date
EP 64: Leading with Exemplary Movement with Sara Im
Apr 16, 2024
EP 63: From Refugee To Successful Entrepreneur & Advocate with Lea Tran
Apr 10, 2024
EP 62: Overcoming Camera Anxiety with Andreia Ferriera
Mar 21, 2024
EP 59: The FTCP Bulletin for January 2024
Feb 14, 2024
EP 61: Pivoting Into Entrepreneurship with Emma Tessler
Feb 13, 2024
EP 60: The Entrepreneurial Journey For Women with Amy Anderson
Feb 09, 2024
EP 58: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with Eugenia Oganova
Jan 26, 2024
EP 57: Empowering Women - An Alliance with Rhonda Peoples & Deb Anderson
Jan 18, 2024
EP 56: Embracing Entrepreneurship as a Writer with Michelle Cameron
Jan 12, 2024
Welcome to Season 2 of Fempreneur True Confession with Lora & Lady Powerhouse
Jan 06, 2024
EP 55: Coming Out On the Other Side of Burnout with Mary Cravets
Nov 08, 2023
EP 54: How to Avoid Content Burnout with Danyah Aossey
Oct 26, 2023
EP 53: Building and Bouncing Back with Gordana Sretenovic
Oct 20, 2023
EP 52: Small Business Tech Myths with Rebecca Heaton
Oct 12, 2023
EP 51: Celebrating One Year with Lisa Hammett
Oct 05, 2023
EP 50: Alignment, Belonging, and Choice with Kim Romain
Sep 28, 2023
EP 49: Owning Your True Story with Briary Dougherty
Sep 21, 2023
EP 48: The Differences Between Growing Versus Scaling Your Biz with Lauren Goldstein
Sep 16, 2023
EP 47: Emerging Patterns For Successful Business Leaders with Amy Harrill
Sep 08, 2023
EP 46: Living A Soul-Based Life with Ann Klossing
Aug 31, 2023
EP 45: Entrepreneurship As A Spiritual Growth Practice with Emilah DeToro
Aug 16, 2023
EP 44: “I Was Addicted To Work” with Starlight Mundy
Aug 09, 2023
EP 43: Smart Money Tips for Chicks with Daphne Jones
Aug 01, 2023
EP 42: Advice for Starting Your Own Business with Candice Montgomery
Jul 26, 2023
EP 41: Following Your Heart Versus Your Head with Rachel Radway
Jul 20, 2023
EP 40: How to NOT Start a Business with Christy Zawodniak
Jul 12, 2023
EP 39: Letting Go of Relationships That Don't Serve You with Theodora Vosse
Jul 05, 2023
EP 38: Leaning Into The Evolution of Your Business With Megan Miller
Jun 28, 2023
EP 37: How Shifting Into A Pleasure-Led Life Can Transform Your Biz With Guest Elan Zelenka
Jun 20, 2023
EP 36: How To Navigate During Difficult Times with Shelby Fowler
Jun 14, 2023
EP 35: Increasing Cash Flow In Spite of Financial Crises with Aimee Cerka
Jun 08, 2023
EP 34: Take a Minute To Celebrate with Guest Paulette Cintron
Jun 01, 2023
EP 33: Radical Self Love, Holding Love, and Grace For Yourself with Guest Debbie Burns 
May 24, 2023
EP 32: How NOT To Be A Self-Sabotage Queen with Guest Dawnell Kelly
May 17, 2023
EP 31: Let’s Get Real About YouTube with Guest Edie Clarke
May 10, 2023
EP 30: Transformational Opportunities In The Midst Of The Fire with Guest Millen Livis
May 03, 2023
EP 29: The One Thing That Will Keep Your Business Afloat with Guest Roslyn Ranse
Apr 25, 2023
EP 28: From Self-Limiting Beliefs to a Growth Mindset with Guest Whitnie Wiley
Apr 20, 2023
EP 27: A Woman and Her Art Making a Difference with Guest Autum Proctor
Apr 13, 2023
EP 26: Reaction, Transition, and Transformation with Guest Nicole Majik
Apr 05, 2023
EP 25: The “M” Word: Money - The Real Elephant In The Room with Guest Lynda Sunshine West
Mar 29, 2023
EP 24: Shut Out The Noise And Tune Into What Works For You With Guest Amy Flo-Yo Flores-Young
Mar 22, 2023
EP 23: From Preschool Teacher to Entrepreneur with Guest Lisa DeToffol
Mar 15, 2023
EP 22: The Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur with Guest Terrie Hanscom
Feb 28, 2023
EP 21: Why and How To Never Give Up with Guest Diane Bedard
Feb 23, 2023
EP 20: Grief, Self-Discovery, and Being Neurospicy with Guest Dr. Jen Capler
Feb 16, 2023
EP 19: Safe Money, Fabulous Future with Guest Kris Miller
Feb 08, 2023
EP 18: The Gift In Every Challenge with Guest Stacey Uhrig
Feb 02, 2023
EP 17: You Have Permission with Guest Alyssa Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2023
EP 16: Meshell Baker On Top: Set Your Mind Free in 2023!
Jan 18, 2023
EP 15: Fempreneur True Confession with Guest Drocella Mugorewera
Jan 14, 2023
EP 014: Here’s Your Sign with Lora and Angelic
Jan 05, 2023
EP 13: Fempreneur True Confessions Podcast 2022 Highlights/Blooper Reel
Dec 27, 2022
EP 12: Fempreneur True Confessions Podcast Holiday Message from Lora & Angelic
Dec 21, 2022
EP 11: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All with Guest Jean Walters
Dec 14, 2022
EP 10: Redefining Entrepreneurship for Women with Guest Querin Hamilton
Dec 08, 2022
EP 9: What it means to “win” in business & break beliefs that don’t Align with Guest Rikki Smith
Nov 30, 2022
EP 8: Growing into Leadership with Guest Jackie Barker
Nov 23, 2022
EP 7: The Secret to Finding Your Super Power with Guest Rachel Jenks
Nov 17, 2022
EP 6: Female Entrepreneurs Go Nomad
Nov 10, 2022
EP 5: Working from Roam: Being a Digital Nomad with guest Jess Jorgenson
Nov 02, 2022
EP 4: How to Make Guilt-Free, Clean Decisions
Oct 26, 2022
EP 3: From Employee to Fempreneur to Advocate with Melissa St. Clair
Oct 19, 2022
EP 1: Mental Fitness, Boundaries, & Burnout with Author, TEDx Speaker, & Success Coach, Lisa Hammett
Oct 12, 2022
EP 2: Going Deep and Leading Intuitively with Intuitive Business Advisor Jennifer Jane Young
Oct 12, 2022
Fempreneur True Confesssions Audio Trailer
Oct 05, 2022