M Is for Mama Podcast

By Abbie Halberstadt

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Category: Parenting

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On the M is for Mama Podcast, you’ll hear encouragement for all things motherhood, practical helps and systems to help you thrive in your home from day to day, funny, relatable kid-stories, examinations of what the Bible has to say about cultural issues, and so much more!

Episode Date
Ep. 4: Filling Our Kids' Love Tanks (It's Not As Complicated It Seems!)

One of the most common FAQs that I receive is, "How do you lavish individual attention on ten kids?" Or, conversely, "How do *I* connect well with my kids of any number?" Finding ways to fill our kids' love tanks on a daily basis boils down to one key concept: intentionality. In this episode, I address how we specifically go about making sure all of our kids feel seen and loved in our home and also provide lots of practical (UNcomplicated) suggestions for anyone who's feeling a bit frazzled at the pressure to "get it right" in the kid-connection department. Hint: It's not as tricky as some people make it seem.

I mention the Penny Reward System in this episode, in case you want to check it out. 

Feb 01, 2023
Ep. 3: A Case for Being "Unoffendable"

In a world where hyper-sensitivity to even a whiff of offense permeates many social interactions--both in person and online--the Bible calls us to something radical: overlooking offense (being what I term "unoffendable" in this episode). This is not a case for "stuffing emotions" or "ignoring wrongdoing" but rather looking for ways to be an overcomer in Christ rather than a victim of our circumstances or others' unkindness--an invaluable skill not only in motherhood but in every area of our lives!  

Jan 25, 2023
Episode 2: In Case You're Wondering Why We Have "So Many" Kids

Every single week on the Q&A I do on Instagram called Whaddya Wanna Know Wednesday (@m.is.for.mama), I get asked some version of the question: "What made you decide to have SO many kids?"

Well, here's the podcast I'll be pointing everybody to from here on out! In this episode, I flesh out why Shaun and I felt called--not to a larger-than-average family--but to seek the Lord's will for the number of children we would ultimately have. 

I also answer questions about about my background (you might be surprised by what you learn!) and the motivations that ultimately culminated in my becoming a "mama of many."

Jan 18, 2023
M is for Mama: A Backstory

On our first ever episode, I'm explaining how I came to choose the name M is for Mama for my blog, social media, book, and--ultimately--this podcast. I think you'll be encouraged by what the Lord taught me through something as simple as wearing the letter "M" around my neck on a daily basis!

Jan 11, 2023