Chief Change Officer

By Vince Chan

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Category: Careers

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Are you paralyzed by the fear and risks that come with considering, designing, and executing a career change? If you're ready to break free from traditional career paths and master your future, you are in the right place!

I am your host, Vince Chan. My life story reads like a manual on overcoming risks and fears. Since age 15, I've navigated 18 career transitions over 36 years. I've weathered six economic crises, adapted to life in over 10 cities, and overcome battles with mental illness. I have not only survived but thrived. From managing billion-dollar funds and publishing two books to navigating the academic halls of Yale and Chicago Booth and speaking on global education technology stages, I bring you wisdom not just from my victories but also from the fires I’ve walked through, each time emerging stronger.

To help you get unstuck, minimize risks, and overcome fears—so that you can change your career on your own terms, with resilience and intelligence—I created the "Chief Change Officer" podcast.

Here, I distill my career success formula into two words: credible and incredible. Always learn from the most credible people; it's these individuals who consistently create incredible work—not the other way around.

So, I meticulously select the most credible global figures for you to learn from. This careful curation ensures that every episode enriches your understanding and maximises your ability to enact your own incredible career changes.

The centerpiece of the podcast is the learnable career story told by real-life role models, akin to business cases and corporate leaders used in the HBS Case Method, a 100-year-old learning standard still widely adopted in world-class, modern-day business schools.

My guests range from the youngest Singaporean parliamentarian at 30, to a trailblazing LGBT tech CEO at 60, a polyglot Russian diplomat turned energy innovator in Cincinnati at 50, and a Parisian lawyer who pivoted to entrepreneurship dedicated to building the youth economy in Senegal at 40. Each has mastered their challenges, offering you time-tested perspectives on how to navigate career changes to succeed with purpose and potential.

An added bonus: The podcast features no ads, no political, corporate, or sales talk, ensuring authentic and uninterrupted conversations.

Soon, I will launch exclusive resources for subscribers and members—courses, coaching, and consulting tailored to amplify your success and mitigate risks, empowering you to define your career laws of change.

Engage with me (@thevincechan) on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Threads. Share your career challenges and aspirations. You could possibly feature in an episode, receiving free, personalized guidance.

Chief Change Officer: Make Your Laws of Change. Subscribe today by joining a global community where success stories of career transformation are not just told—they are lived and learnable!

Episode Date
Yale Ventures' Josh Geballe: From Studying at Yale College to Leading Innovation at Yale University in 30 Years
Apr 10, 2024
Moët Hennessy's Greg Morley: From Handling Customer Complaints at Call Centre to Leading Global DEI initiatives at Moët Hennessy
Apr 06, 2024
UC Berkeley's Juliana Schroeder PhD: How AI Transforms Power, Decision Making and Communication
Mar 27, 2024
New Deal Consulting's Fatou Sagna Sow: From Parisian Legal Elite to Pioneering Change in Senegal
Mar 26, 2024
Electrada COO Irina Filippova: From Polyglot Diplomat in Russia to Energy Innovator in Cincinnati
Mar 21, 2024
Millennial Specialty Insurance's Katie Curry: Leading with Humanity to Champion Gen Z as A Rising Force in the Workforce
Mar 17, 2024
Millennial Specialty Insurance's Katie Curry: Shifting Gears from Safety to Strategic Leaps in Tech
Mar 14, 2024
Mediafly co-CEO Mary Shea PhD: Pioneering a Dual CEO Blueprint
Mar 11, 2024
Mediafly co-CEO Mary Shea PhD: From the Art of Oboe Music to the Science of Revenue Enablement
Mar 09, 2024
Singapore Parliament's Pei Ling Tin: Galvanising Support to Power Lasting Change
Mar 08, 2024
Singapore Parliament's Pei Ling Tin: From Psychology Major to Youngest Elected Parliamentarian
Mar 08, 2024
Producer and Host Vince Chan: How is Our Show Different from Other Shows?
Mar 08, 2024
Producer and Host Vince Chan: Unstuck Your Life and Maximise Your Greatness
Mar 08, 2024