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 Feb 17, 2022

 Sep 6, 2019
Really entertaining, obviously not for the non-racing fan. Jr and Crew do a really good job keeping the interviews fun and enlightening.

 Sep 2, 2019

 Aug 6, 2019
One of my two favorite podcasts and I listen every week. I grew up a Ford man, an Elliot fan, and a diehard Earnhardt hater. Hearing Jr. talk about his past though offers me a new insight into both you and your father. And while he may not be one of my favorite racers, I have certainly come to respect the man and how he went about his business. Keep up the great work. I love the show, and Leah needs her own segment.

 Jun 30, 2019


NASCAR’s 15-time Most Popular Driver and winner of two Daytona 500s, Dale Earnhardt Jr., hosts his very own podcast, The Dale Jr Download on Dirty Mo Media. Earnhardt and co-host Mike Davis raise the bar with unparalleled perspective, candid commentary, and fascinating, first-person insight into the life of a broadcaster, celebrated racer.

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Coming Soon: Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin
Coming Feb. 6: Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin will give listeners an unfiltered, honest and bold perspective from NASCAR’s most polarizing figure. Hamlin and co-host Jared Allen will unpack the previous race and look forward to upcoming events throughout the Cup Series with candid commentary and insights from the driver’s seat. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from this dynamic new show. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 02, 2023
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 7: Legacy
At the heart of every legendary broadcasting voice lies one indescribable characteristic that sets them apart from others. It’s a quality that can’t be faked or fabricated in any way and lives deep in their own soul. It’s passion. For decades, Ken Squier did what he loved, no question about it. In the final installment of our Next Level conversation with Ken Squier, host Andrew Kurland and Squier discuss the legacy he has left behind on the sport. Squier shares what it means to be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, gives his thoughts on NASCAR today and reveals which popular 1970s movie he thought was a terrible idea.  Squier closes the interview by providing Kurland with advice on how to pursue a career in motorsports broadcasting and shares what the state of Vermont means to him.  Squier told the stories of heroes that were daring enough to jump in a race car and battle it out at high speeds. However, a story is only as good as the storyteller, and we were lucky to hear a few from one of the best. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2023
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 6: To Hell With It
After a thrilling start to NASCAR’s television career, how do you keep the momentum rolling? For starters, you need a field full of those 'don’t give a damn drivers' daring enough to put on a show at high speeds on high banks across America. Petty, Earnhardt, and Yarborough made names and careers out of their reputation on and off the track and were the product of Big Bill France’s dream to put on a series that was at the top of everybody’s minds. In chapter 6 of Next Level with Ken Squier, host Andrew Kurland and Squier discuss NASCAR in the ’80s and 90s. We learn what MRN's first office looked like, discuss whether or not racing is in the entertainment business, and hear more legendary Cale Yarborough stories.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2023
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 5: The 1979 Daytona 500
It took a perfect storm to propel NASCAR into quite literally the next level of entertainment in America. You needed heroes, villains, and above all, something for people to talk about. The 1979 Daytona 500 cooked up quite the storm, and left millions of new fans watching at home hungry for more.  The two men on the call that day were none other than Ken Squier and David Hobbs. In Chapter 5 of Next Level, we’ll hear first-hand stories from both of them. Get ready to relive the legendary 1979 Daytona 500 with the two voices that kept all of America on the edge of their seats.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 13, 2023
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 4: Common Man, Uncommon Deeds
It takes a special type of person to venture out and do things many others haven't. For some, it's the thrill of the risk that fuels their fire. For others, it simply just fits their personality. The extraordinary starts with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is where Ken Squier and Cale Yarborough fit into the story.   In this fourth installment of Next Level, host Andrew Kurland, and Squier pick apart his famous quote "common man doing uncommon deeds." The two talk about the first flag-to-flag broadcast, which aired in 1971 featuring Ken as a pit reporter for ABC.  They also discuss the birth of in-car cameras, and a never-before-heard story featuring Cale Yarbrough and his pet bear, Susie. You heard it right, a BEAR. Get ready.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 06, 2023
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 3: Mountain of a Man
Bill France Sr. set out penniless with a dream to start a sport where the automobile was the star. His dream allowed names like Petty and Earnhardt to take center stage on the high banks of new, more daring tracks like the monster of Daytona International Speedway.  How do you sell a dream this grand? You need people to buy into your vision as much or more than you. This is where Ken Squier comes into play.  In Chapter Three of Next Level with Andrew Kurland, the two talk about Bill France Sr.'s early visions for modern-day NASCAR. They discuss the rise of the Petty name and what the earliest motorsports broadcasts looked like. It takes brave people with bold dreams to make big things happen, and Squier's stories tell just that.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2022
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 2: Brave Enough To Die
Nestled in the hills of Barre, Vermont lies the quarter-mile, high-banked, asphalt speed bowl known only to fans as Thunder Road. 8,000 people gather every Thursday night to witness the best racing the state of Vermont has to offer. The roots of this iconic race track can be traced back to the one and only, Ken Squier. In the third installment of Next Level with Ken Squier, host Andrew Kurland and Squier discuss the origins of Thunder Road, which first took shape when Squier was only in his mid-twenties. Squier discusses the post-war era and shares stories of soldiers returning home, who weren’t going to “fool around or fuss with anything that didn’t have teeth in it.” These are the stories of the heroes and daredevils that made up the early days of short-track racing in Vermont and across the country. To race, you have to be daring, bold, and brave enough to die.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2022
Bonus: Next Level w/ Ken Squier - Chapter 1: The Law of Exaggeration
At the heart of every great NASCAR story is the storyteller himself, and there are few as iconic as the legendary voice of Ken Squier. For two days the Dirty Mo Media crew set out to Squier’s home in Waterbury, Vermont to hear stories from the NASCAR Hall-of-Famer.  In this first installment of Andrew Kurland’s Next Level conversation with Ken Squier, the two discuss Ken’s upbringing as a young kid in Vermont. Ken shares stories of lessons learned from the great Chirs Economaki, his early days broadcasting out of WDEV, his first memories of racing, and the role exaggeration played in his play-by-play career.  After time away from the NASCAR spotlight, Squier is back to share his story in this multi-chapter series of Next Level.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2022
Bonus: Dirty Mo LIVE with Dale Jr., Josh Berry and TJ Majors
A special podcast feed drop of Dirty Mo Media's newest show, Dirty Mo LIVE! Catch the live stream or replay on Dirty Mo Media's YouTube channel. And now, you can follow the Dirty Mo LIVE podcast feed wherever you listen to your podcasts. The fourth stream of Dirty Mo Live figures to be the best one yet. Dale Jr. stops by fresh off his top 10 in the South Carolina 400 at Florence. TJ is here to provide the spotter's take on the chaos. We pulled Josh Berry away from fixing the Florence car (that he's supposed to racing this weekend) to help us preview the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Speedway. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 23, 2022
408 - Brian France - The Rise, Fall, and Everything in Between
On the season finale of the Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with one of their most highly anticipated guests to date: former NASCAR CEO Brian France. In 2002, RJ Reynolds announced it would be pulling its Winston branding as a title sponsor for the NASCAR Cup series after 30 years. Not long after, Bill France Jr., the CEO who oversaw that era stepped down from his position of power. With the organization at a crossroads, Brian arose to the occasion and helped fill the void of his father’s absence while ushering the premiere stock car division into its modern-day state.  From 2003 to ‘18, many changes took place on Brian’s watch that molded NASCAR racing into the motorsport that we watch today. The Dirty Mo crew and listeners alike were eager to have Brian to the Bojangles Studio hot seat to discuss what he felt was a success and a miss during his tenure at the helm of the organization. His education in running an empire began at an early age while growing up in the shadow of his father Bill Jr. A place in the shadows of giants is something that Dale Jr. and Brian can relate to, and the two recall how their fathers were certainly allies but never close friends. Once of age and eager to work, Brian took a position working at Talladega Superspeedway. He became fascinated with the business side of racing and in the 1990s he went on to manage Tucson Raceway Park and work at NASCAR’s Los Angeles office. His tasks included capitalizing on NASCAR’s flourishing west coast fanbase while strengthening its connection to the entertainment capital of the world, which resulted in NASCAR’s integration into the mainstream television and film industry. After helping to negotiate NASCAR’s first national television package deal in 2001, the stage was set for Brian to try his hand at leading the sanctioning body. Dale compares Brian and Bill Jr.’s leadership styles and what it's like having one strong character making decisions versus an entire committee of voices. Brian says he recognizes that many of the changes NASCAR has gone through over the last two decades may be alienating to longtime fans, but insists that the intention was always to promote growth through progression. He explains that NASCAR leadership often looks into untapped markets and develops strategies to help bring new fans into the fold including races in new markets, its diversity programs, and collaborative efforts with other sports and business entities. In 2004, NASCAR along with its new title sponsor partner Nextel introduced the Chase for Cup playoffs system, which would radically alter the traditional points championship structure. Brian explains that the desire to create “big moments” in points racing inspired the inclusion of cutoff lines and races. They discuss how the Playoffs field was expanded from 10 to now 16 and the events that occurred over the years to influence those decisions. Brian admits that a lot of the structuring came from looking at how other sports leagues officiate their playoff systems and what effects it has on their respective championships. Since Dale was an active competitor during Brian’s time in charge, he was anxious to get his insight on one of the most polarizing developments in the last 20 years: the Car of Tomorrow. Making its debut in 2007, the CoT was intended to increase competition while improving safety initiatives, but it became regarded as an inferior machine by drivers and fans. Brian admits that he viewed the car as a mistake and wishes that he would have gotten more input from the drivers and teams in its manufacturing.  The conversation also touches on the Jeremy Mayfield scandal, the 2013 Regular Season finale at Richmond, Brian’s lack of presence at the races, and his 2018 arrest. Download listeners can expect a candid look at one of motorsports most influential leaders in modern history, as well as insight into the decision-making that shifted NASCAR into a household name. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 15, 2022
Bonus: Next Level with Ken Squier
Coming soon: The second installment of Dirty Mo Media's Next Level with Andrew Kurland. Andrew sits down with legendary broadcaster Ken Squier. The Dirty Mo crew traveled up to Waterbury, Vermont, and spent two days with Squier and talked about everything from the early days of NASCAR, to the iconic 1979 Daytona 500, and even why Vermont is "the greatest place on Earth." Here is a preview of Andrew's conversation with Ken Squier. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2022
407 - Scott Bloomquist - Aliens Don't Care About Long Hair
In short-track racing, one driver’s name has been synonymous with creating headlines and capturing the attention of the motorsports world. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with that man: the legendary Scott Bloomquist. After arriving in Eastern Tennessee in the mid-1980s and taking the dirt late model scene by storm, Scott rose to prominence in the early ‘90s and has gone on to be regarded as one of the greatest race drivers of all time.  Dale asks Scott about the moment he realized he had become larger than life, and he references the 1988 running of the premiere dirt late model racing event, Eldora Speedway’s World 100. Scott explains that he had never been to the track before and found it intimidating, and upon learning that there were over 250 other entrants for the race he about decided to head back to Knoxville to compete closer to home. He ultimately was convinced to stay by a Hoosier Tire representative, and in the big showdown, Scott defeated late model standout Jeff Purvis, who was aiming for his fourth win in a row at this event.  Bloomquist is well known for his eccentric style and rockstar-like appearance. After being born in Iowa and spending the beginning of his childhood there, his father Ron decided to leave his electrician trade to pursue becoming a pilot. The career transition brought the family to California, where Scott discovered a love for surfing and fast cars. Another defining quality is Scott’s tendency to rebel, and when his father stated “I will never have no long-haired son”, well, you can guess where this is going. As a result, the image of Scott Bloomquist race fans have known for the last four decades was born, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The origin of Scott’s legendary racing career is in part thanks to his father’s interest in trying the craft out himself. After seeing a co-worker race at the local raceway in Corona, Ron bought an asphalt car and got it ready for dirt competition. One attempt was enough, and he quickly realized it wasn’t for him. He then offered Scott the opportunity to get behind the wheel, and the 16-year-old jumped at the chance to go fast. He ran well enough in his maiden voyage that the two decided to pursue the sport further, but when the car Ron built for Scott was destroyed in a crash at Manzanita Speedway, he told Scott he wasn’t spending a penny more. From then on, Scott was independent in his racing efforts. Scott tells the story of how his family arrived in Mooresburg, Tennessee on a plot of land located on the cusp of the Cherokee River. When Ron began looking for property to retire to in the early 1980s, the family originally looked at property in Oregon. But Scott, who was fully immersed in the dirt racing scene by that point, recognized that Oregon’s racing was outdated and suggested Tennessee, where Robert Smawley and his NDRA outfit were operating and paying $10,000 to win. Upon arriving, Scott found success early at Kingsport Speedway and used the momentum to propel himself to the top of the division, where he has gone on to win more marquee events than any other driver in history. However, Scott’s time at the top has not been without controversy and the interview touches on his various legal issues and suspensions over the years. Scott is open on the subject and explains how his appearance and success have led others to assume the worst about him. The infamy that came with the arrests boosted Scott’s reputation and ultimately led to him becoming a colossal figure in the sport. Finally, no interview with Scott Bloomquist would be complete without discussing aliens and extraterrestrial beings. Scott details his neighbor's encounter and even touches on an experience of his own. Download listeners should tune in for an unforgettable episode and a peak into the mind of one of racing’s most iconic figures.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 09, 2022
407 - DIRTY AIR - Where To Go From Here? JRM Loses Championship; JGR Loses So Much More
After the conclusion of the NASCAR racing season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis are once again in the Bojangles Studio for another edition of Dirty Air presented by Filter Time. Dale was fresh off his trip to Phoenix for NASCAR’s Championship weekend, and there was plenty to unpack. JR Motorsports came up short in its bid for the Xfinity Championship against Ty Gibbs and the Joe Gibbs Racing organization, and Dale shares his insights of what unfolded in the race and what could have played out differently. The racing world was rocked Sunday morning by the sudden passing of Ty’s father Coy Gibbs. Dale and Mike discuss the recent perception of Ty due to his on-track incident at Martinsville, and speculate how the racing world will surround Ty in his moment of need. With his future career being one of the most discussed topics in NASCAR, it is hard to imagine how he is dealing with so many life-changing moments at once.  The NBC broadcast crew was also thrown for a loop when Steve Letarte had to have an emergency appendectomy after Saturday’s Xfinity race. Dale explains what was happening behind the scenes to aid Steve and his family, as well as what extra steps he had to take to prepare for Sunday’s Cup race one-man down.  During #AskJr. presented by Xfinity, listeners sent in questions regarding Dale’s dream tracks for the final four NASCAR Playoffs races, his opinions on Ross Chastain and Chase Elliott’s dust-up during the Phoenix race, updates on his car restoration projects, the recent announcement that Pennsboro Speedway is being revived and his plans for the off-season. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 08, 2022
406 - DIRTY AIR - DJD Lands Monster Guests; Dale Jr. Lands Big-Catch Sponsor; Austin Hill Lands Punch (Ouch)
Dale Jr. dropped all sorts of news on this week’s Dirty Air segment of The Dale Jr. Download podcast. First, he elaborated on his late model plans for Florence Motor Speedway’s South Carolina 400 on Nov. 19, including the paint scheme he will carry. Hint, we hope you like Dale Earnhardt throwbacks because this black-and-gold No. 3 will trigger some wonderful memories. Dale Jr. also announces he will be running an additional NASCAR Xfinity Series race in 2023. In Ask Jr, Dale Jr. answers a handful of fan-sourced questions, including: Should owners have more say in NASCAR? Do you make a Halloween costume that conceals your identity? What do you think of Parker Kligerman’s recent announcement that he’s returning to full-time NXS racing? After driving to Martinsville with him, how well would you rate Truex as a road-trip buddy? What do you make of Austin Hill’s punch of Myatt Snider? Finally, Dale Jr. reveals upcoming guests on the Download to finish out the 2023 season. One is probably Dirt Super Late Model’s biggest star and has been for three decades; the other you never saw coming. It’s OK, we didn’t either. BZF has entered the chat! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 01, 2022
406 - Steve Letarte - Chastain’s Miracle; Dale Jr’s Championship Predictions; What The Actual Hell, Ty Gibbs?
The sun is setting on the 2022 NASCAR season, and the Dirty Mo Media crew is recording a special edition of the Dale Jr. Download to help race fans prepare for the crowning of a new round of champions. While Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis have become known for their well-informed examinations of NASCAR events, for episode 406 they’ve called for reinforcements, bringing NBC Sports color analyst and former Hendrick Motorsports crew chief Steve Letarte to the Bojangles Studio. Download listeners can expect to hear a breakdown of: Ross Chastain’s INSANE last lap wall ride at Martinsville Ty Gibbs spinning out teammate Brandon Jones to win Previews and anticipation for the championship weekend events at Phoenix Raceway A case for each of the Xfinity and Cup Series championship contenders Predictions of who will win and why You can hear all of this and more on tonight’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download, available on this website and all major podcast streaming platforms. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 31, 2022
Presenting Gone South Season 2: The Dixie Mafia
Welcome to Season Two of Gone South, the Edward R. Murrow-Award-winning documentary podcast from C13Originals.   Starting in the early sixties, a rag-tag confederation of traveling criminals known as The Dixie Mafia terrorized every state from Georgia to Oklahoma. Its hundreds of members, unofficially headquartered in Biloxi, Mississippi, specialized in scams, heists, and murder. Their ringleader — the estranged son of a prominent Oklahoma politician — was a skilled and charismatic outlaw named Kirksey Nix. When Nix was sentenced to life in prison at Angola for a murder he committed in New Orleans, The Dixie Mafia was thought to be extinct. But fifteen years later, a sitting criminal court judge named Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret, a mayoral candidate for the city of Biloxi, was assassinated. As the case ran cold, authorities were forced to confront a disturbing reality: the reign of Kirksey Nix and The Dixie Mafia was far from over.    Gone South is a creation and production of Peabody-nominated C13Originals, a Cadence13 studio, in association with Jed and Tom Lipinski. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2022
405 - Marcus Smith - NEW Details About The All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro
Back in September, the stock car racing world was turned upside down when the announcement was made that the 2023 NASCAR All-Star race would be held at the recently revived North Wilkesboro Speedway. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with the man who helped make the decision, CEO and President of Speedway Motorsports Incorporated Marcus Smith. Devotees of The Download will recognize that this marks Smith’s fifth appearance on the show, and his yearly check-in usually provides great insight into some of the upcoming projects in the NASCAR world. Much has changed since Marcus’ last visit in May 2021, most notably the passing of his father Bruton, who was a major contributor to the racing world and founder of SMI. Marcus reflects on the difficult process of coming to terms with his father’s declining health but is thankful that he lived a long life of 95 years. He also explains how his father got his start in car sales by running a used car lot on his mother’s front lawn. Though he was eventually shut down by city officials, his knack for the industry eventually led to him forming Sonic Automotive, the fifth-largest automotive retailer in the country. The interview addresses the rumors surrounding the reconfiguration of Texas Motor Speedway. Dale and Marcus unpack the September Cup race held at the Fort Worth-based track and discuss what can be done to help boost attendance while keeping competitors and teams happy. Marcus explains that with the current grandstand set-up, there are limited changes that can be made to the track’s actual configuration. However, alterations can be made to the speedway’s profile, much like the recent reshaping of Atlanta Motor Speedway. In fact, with the help of iRacing, they’ve been able to model potential changes and test through simulation to see what effect they’d have on the racing product. The process was essential to the work done in Atlanta, and the results found in the trial runs were comparable to the actual Cup races held this season. In addition to the changes made to the racing surface at Atlanta, there have been talks of bringing a casino resort to the grounds in an effort to build up the area similar to that of Kansas Speedway. Marcus explains that in order for the plans to go through, there needs to be an amendment made to the Georgia state constitution that would allow for sports gambling, and encourages listeners and supporters of the speedway to be vocal to their local representatives. Another huge topic of discussion was the status of the Nashville Fairgrounds project. Those following along will remember that Dale and Marcus have been huge proponents in bringing NASCAR Cup racing back to the famed oval. Marcus makes clear that while they have been seemingly stuck in place for a while, progress is being made on the initiative.  A glimmer of hope in bringing relics of NASCAR’s past back to life has been the return of North Wilkesboro Speedway. Dale and Marcus reflect on the huge success of the recent CARS Late Model Stock Car race at the track and fill listeners in on the changes and upgrades being made to the facility in anticipation of next year’s All-Star event. Aside from additional seating being brought in, improvements are being made to the facilities, scoring system, retaining walls, and traffic flow.  The conversation also touches on NASCAR’s ongoing television contract discussions and what it means for the tracks and the Race Team Alliance. Tune in for insight from one of the great minds and innovators in the motorsports industry regarding what it takes to run a speedway and what all parties can do to help the sport grow as a whole.  Check out for updates/details. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 25, 2022
405 - DIRTY AIR - Dale Jr. Announces A Return to Driver's Seat THIS YEAR
New week, new format for The Dale Jr. Download. In order to provide Download listeners something to tune in a tad sooner on podcast days, the Dirty Air segment and Ask Jr. segment will be released on their own. The duo started the segment with big news! North Wilkesboro must've given Dale the racing itch because he started the segment by announcing that he will be racing again soon and provides all the details where you can catch the action. Mike couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask Dale about his WWE experience at Monday Night Raw in Charlotte. Dale attended the event as a fan and is on the lookout for a WWE superstar to root for. The full episode of The Dale Jr. Download will drop on Tuesday, October 25, with an announcement-filled interview with Marcus Smith. What has turned into a yearly check-in provides Dale and Marcus the opportunity to break some news around the North Wilkesboro All-Star week. In #AskJr presented by Xfinity, Dale, Mike, Hannah, and Alex discuss what happened to the possum found at JRM after Las Vegas, how the podcast got started, and Tony Stewart's NHRA debut. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 25, 2022
404 - Erik Jones - Fired by Joe Gibbs Racing; Beating Kyle Busch; Racing After His Father's Passing
When the dust settled on the 2022 Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. got to fulfill a broadcasting bucket list item: declaring that the No. 43 was the winner. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, he and co-host Mike Davis sit down with the man who helped make it possible, the Petty GMS driver of the No. 43 NASCAR Cup Series car, Erik Jones. Erik’s start in racing came when his mother read in a magazine about children competing in quarter midgets. Soon after, his father, Dave, bought a car, a book on set-ups, and the Jones family racing operation was off and running. At the age of 12, he graduated into the pure stock class and explains that after his first outing he was told by tech officials not to return due to his on-track aggression.  Erik got his first big break in his racing career when he got the call to shake down Kyle Busch’s late model at the Nashville Fairgrounds. The connection came through spotter Brandon Lines, and even though he had limited seat time in a super late model, he was able to produce impressive lap times at the famed oval. When Erik scored his biggest victory to date later that year in the Snowball Derby, beating out Busch to do so, a lasting impression was made. Not long after that Busch and executives at Toyota Racing were lobbying on behalf of Erik, and the efforts led to an agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing. Once he was sitting in the Kyle Busch Motorsports No. 51 truck, Erik’s meteoric rise through NASCAR’s national series began. He notched his first Truck Series victory in just his fifth attempt and went on to win the series championship in his rookie season. He also made waves in the Xfinity racing pool, winning six times through 2015 and ‘16. Erik explains that since he was having on-track success, he didn’t apply himself as much outside of the race car as he could have. When he arrived on the Cup scene in 2017, the unprecedented grind put a magnifying glass on his lack of preparation. Erik’s transition into the premiere division of stock car racing was made difficult by another factor as well: the loss of his father in 2016. As the racing season began, his father was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma. Erik would fly to and from Michigan while competing full-time in the Xfinity Series to spend as much time with his father as he could. He and Dale relate to the process of having conversations with a parent in their final stage of life and having the opportunity to be completely honest and open with them. Erik explains that competing in the Cup Series was a shared dream for him and his father, and his perception changed in the wake of his passing.  The conversation also covers Erik’s release from Joe Gibbs Racing following the 2020 season. Erik gives great insight into the vulnerability and embarrassment a driver experiences when being let go from a race team. He recalls the painful ordeal of having to tell his family and friends as well as having to finish out the season with a crew that he would be leaving at the end of the year.  Erik channeled positivity through the low point and eventually became excited at the prospect of a new start. That opportunity came in 2021 when he signed on with Petty GMS to take over the famed No. 43 ride. After the challenging process of having to start over, the team has turned around in the 2022 season with Erik scoring a major victory at the Southern 500 and being in contention for wins week in and week out.  Through it all, Erik has been resilient through the ebb and flow of the racing world and it appears that his brightest days still lie ahead.  DIRTY AIR Response to the Ben Kennedy episode Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson’s dust-up at Vegas Kurt Busch retiring from full-time competition Cole Custer’s future with SHR ASKJR presented by Xfinity Dale’s updated final fours for Cup and Xfinity Innovation fishing tournaments Repaving of Rockingham  New iRacing Championship trophy To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 18, 2022
404 - DIRTY AIR - Bubba Wallace vs. Kyle Larson; Ben Kennedy Aftermath; Dale Jr. Reacts To Kurt Busch Retirement
An early-bird, Dirty Air-segment solo special for Dale Jr. Download listeners eager to hear Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s take on current events, including the drama from Sunday’s South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. But first, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis start Dirty Air by addressing criticism about last week’s interview with Ben Kennedy, NASCAR’s SVP of Strategy & Innovation. The two DJD hosts respond to social media kickback claiming they were too lenient on Kennedy, grandson to the late Bill France Jr. and widely considered to be NASCAR’s next top guy. Did they let him off the hook with softball questions and easy outs? The conversation then pivots to the topic of the hour – the initial mid-race wreck involving Wallace, Larson, and Christopher Bell, as well as the retaliation, shoving match, and post-race interview that ensued. Earnhardt tries to predict what NASCAR’s response will be by drawing from past examples such as Chase Elliott vs. Kyle Busch at Darlington in 2020 and Noah Gragson vs. Sage Karam at Road America earlier this year. That wasn’t the only news from the weekend. Kurt Busch announced he will no longer race full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series as he continues to heal from concussions. This topic was especially personal to Dale Jr., who also had his racing career cut short due to a head injury. What will Kurt do next? Mike Davis has a thought, and Dale Jr. loves the idea. Lastly, on Dirty Air, Earnhardt unpacks the whole saga at Stewart-Haas Racing, where Tony Stewart expressed anger towards NASCAR over the penalties levied against Cole Custer’s No. 41 team, and Gene Haas reportedly made comments to media about Custer’s future. What does this mean for Custer? What about Ryan Preece? Earnhardt weighs in with his usual unfiltered opinion, candor, and honesty. The full episode of The Dale Jr. Download will drop on Tuesday, October 18, complete with Dirty Air presented by Filter Time, Ask Jr presented by Xfinity, and a deep conversation with Erik Jones, driver of the Petty/GMS No. 43, in the guest segment presented by Ally. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 17, 2022
403 - Are Charter Prices Too High?; Ben Kennedy on the Future of NASCAR
As NASCAR gets ready to celebrate its 75th year of existence in 2023, its premiere division the Cup Series will set out on its most versatile schedule to date. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with one of the visionaries responsible for the swift transformation the sport of stock car racing has seen over the last few seasons, NASCAR’s Senior VP of Racing Development & Strategy Ben Kennedy. Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Ben is a fourth-generation member of NASCAR’s founding France family, the son of Lesa France Kennedy and great-grandson of Bill France Sr. While he is only 30 years old, he has been around the sport his entire life in many capacities, from working odd jobs at Daytona International to being in the driver’s seat and owning his own race team. His unique insight and experience have allowed him to rapidly rise through the NASCAR executive ranks, originally taking a position as the General Manager of the Trucks Series in 2018. With the incorporation of the Chicago street race and the Clash at the Coliseum, as well as returning to North Wilkesboro and the Bristol dirt race, the stock car racing mainstay has gone leaps and bounds from its original vision in 1948, while keeping its fundamentals in place. Ben explains that much of the decision to hold events like the street race or the Coliseum was based on wanting to connect to city centers where NASCAR has a large fan base while doing something out of the box, original to the sanctioning body itself. During his time with the NASCAR Operations team, Ben learned a lot about NASCAR’s international fanbase and what efforts are being made to help grow it. While the majority of racing circuits overseas are road course configurations, the team began looking into building temporary oval tracks in stadiums or arenas to help display stock car racing in its original form. He explains that this is what put the L.A. Coliseum on their radar as a potential venue to house such a production. He also goes on to talk about the conception of the Chicago street course and how the team settled on Grant Park as a location. The team originally visited Soldier Field as a possible setting for the Clash event. But due to the current configuration of the field, the potential racing surface would be far too small, thus leading to the event being moved to Los Angeles. However, thanks to Grant Park’s ability to facilitate a large number of spectators, as seen with Lollapalooza every year, the focus turned to creating a street course. With the help of iRacing’s scanning system, they were able to bring a realistic render to life and test it with a cast of NASCAR Cup stars last year. Earlier in the interview, the trio discusses what Ben’s life was like growing up in Daytona and his interests before entering the motorsports world. In 2007, Ben tragically lost his father Dr. Bruce Kennedy in a plane crash, and he and Dale were able to bond over the shock of losing a loved one suddenly. Ben first got behind the wheel of a race car at age 14 when a family friend signed him up for a go-kart course held at New Smyrna Speedway. Ben fell in love with the sport immediately and in the years that followed he quickly progressed through the local Central Florida short track divisions into the regional NASCAR ranks, before finally arriving in the Trucks Series. After having a breakout season in 2014 and making his Xfinity Series debut a couple of seasons later, Ben retired from racing at the end of the 2017 season to begin his journey through the business side of the organization. DIRTY AIR Dale’s birthday activities Was the caution for the sign the right call? RTA and NASCAR discussions hit a wall Buster’s Trip to Victory Lane ASKJR presented by Xfinity Birthday memories Can iRacing bring a former track to life? Another OEM entering NASCAR Favorite childhood vacations To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 11, 2022
Bonus: Speed Street Final ROVAL Expectations w/ Corey LaJoie
Conor Daly's NASCAR Cup Series debut is upon us and Speed Street returns for another episode to break down his final preparations. First, Conor and Joey talk about some IndyCar news with Colton Herta extending with Andretti Autosport, Arrow McLaren SP setting their number lineup, and discuss a couple of tracks set for repaves. Then, they talk with the driver of the No. 7 Spire Motorsports car in the NASCAR Cup Series, Corey Lajoie, about some final tips for Conor about his upcoming race, setting realistic expectations for a small team, and the difference between his "flow" and a mullet. Finally, the guys answer some fan questions. Follow @SpeedStreetpod and @Dirtymomedia on Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2022
402 - Dale Jr. Talks Next Gen Safety; Ned Yost Shares Never Heard Dale Sr. Stories
In 400-plus episodes of The Dale Jr. Download, guests have brought a lot of Earnhardt stories to the table. But on this week’s edition the mold has been broken as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis welcome longtime MLB player, coach and team manager Ned Yost. After being drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1974 and playing in the majors for a handful of years, Ned retired during the ‘85 season. When he was at home in Mississippi figuring out his next move in life, he received a call from the Hank Aaron that would change the trajectory of his life forever, inviting him to be a coach for the upcoming pitching prospects of the Atlanta Braves. It was during his time with the Braves organization that he first made the acquaintance of Dale Earnhardt Sr. Ned and friend Jody Davis had made plans to go deer hunting and Davis invited Dale Sr. to come along. Ned and Dale Sr. became fast friends, bonding over their love of hunting and the outdoors and Ned would become a confidant for the Intimidator for years to come. Dale Jr. and Mike pick Ned’s brain about the transition from being a player to a coach, and he explains about how his time with Ted Simmons on the Brewers helped teach him the nuts and bolts of the game. When it came time for Ned to try his hand at team management, he leaned on his experiences of working with Bobby Cox, longtime manager of the Braves. And when he needed to turn a losing organization into a winning one, he depended on the lessons he learned from a brief stint of working on Dale Sr.’s race team in ‘94. Ned recalls the instance that occurred during the ‘94 MLB strike, where Dale Sr. invited him to come on the road with his Richard Childress Racing No. 3 team as they chased their seventh championship. While Ned merely worked as a “rehydration engineer”, he gained first person insight into what it takes to win at the highest level. The education came in handy as he went on to win his first World Series title with the Braves the following year as a bullpen coach. Another lesson that Dale Sr. instilled in Ned was that you never leave a winning team for a losing one. Ned explains that during a hunting trip in Texas, Dale Sr. was talking about his ongoing contract negotiations for the following season. When Ned suggested that he drive for his own start-up D.E.I., Dale Sr. explained that they weren’t ready to win yet. Ned pondered eventually having to leave the Braves to get his shot at managing a major league team and Dale Sr. implored him to stay put, explaining that winning is everything. The time came for Ned to leave in 2002 when he was made team manager of the Brewers. Ned breaks down the time it takes for a young organization to grow confident in their ability and start winning consistently, about a two-and-a-half-year process. Unfortunately, he was let go by Milwaukee before this concept came to fruition, but he found another opportunity to prove the system when he became manager of the Kansas City Royals in 2010. Ned would have the last laugh, as the Royals would win the ALC Pennant in 2014 and the World Series championship in 2015. The first thing Ned thought of was his old friend and how proud he would be of the persistent road to success. This episode has many never before heard Earnhardt hunting stories, as well “the rest of the story” of some of the most memorable tales told on The Download. Listeners should tune in for unforgettable insight into what it takes to win not only a World Series but a NASCAR Cup Championship, as well a better understanding of who Dale Earnhardt Sr. was away from the race track. DIRTY AIR Before Ned joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Morgan chat about: Tame Talladega Drivers speaking out Improvements for the NextGen car What can be better about driver’s headrest ASKJR presented by Xfinity Funniest experience with another driver Which racing pioneer Dale wants to interview NASCAR Cup Championship patches Deer hunting trips for the rest of the year To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 04, 2022
401 - Texas Tire Problems; Christopher Buescher Talks New Energy at RFK
Current events are on the docket as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis unpack the turbulent happenings of NASCAR’s weekend in Texas on this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download. Not only that, but they’ve brought in a guest who was very much a part of the turbulence, recent Bristol night race winner Chris Buescher. Dale and Chris have had some friendly banter over the past few weeks after Dale mistakenly referred to Chris as “Christopher” during a race broadcast. As the misstep reoccurred, Dale began to embrace the name change-up in an effort to catch his fellow commentators in the same spur-of-the-moment confusion. Chris caught wind of the joke via social media and took it in stride, even going as far as to change his profile name on Twitter and the driver name decal on his Roush Fenway Keselowski No. 17 car.  Dale explains that he first grew to admire Chris when he bested then JR Motorsports driver Chase Elliott in the 2015 Xfinity Series season points standings. They discuss Chris leaving his hometown of Prosper, Texas at the age of 15 to move to North Carolina to pursue a career in motorsports. Chris credits his upbringing from his parents and knowing he was there to work and race. A huge part of Buescher's journey was a friendship he forged with Ken and David Ragan, which stemmed from a black flag incident during the Summer Shootout Legends car event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Chris recalls getting in trouble for rough driving during the race and being sent to Ken’s office, who was managing 600 Racing at the time. After the Shootout, Ken explained to Chris’ family that if they were serious about racing, they needed to move out east. When they established that they were not in the place to do that at the time, Ken offered the spare bedroom in his house to Chris.  Chris talks about getting involved in the Roush Racing development program thanks to help from the Ragans. His first step up the ladder was the ARCA Series, where he raced out of Midlothian, Illinois with the Roulo Brothers Racing outfit. He also discusses adapting to a stock car after transitioning out of Legends cars, and how he knocked the nose off his car on a start in one of his first races at Salem Speedway.  The story of Chris making his Xfinity Series debut is a wild one, as he was tabbed last minute to fill in for Trevor Bayne in 2011, who went on medical leave. After forgetting to plug his phone in overnight, he was awakened by Gary Roulo who informed him “get your stuff, we’re going to the airport”. In the car, Gary explained the situation, and soon Chris was at Richmond Raceway getting fitted to hop into the No. 16 car with no practice laps or simulator time.  The interview also discusses Chris’ time with Front Row Motorsports after winning the 2015 Xfinity Championship and his rain-shortened Cup victory at Pocono in 2016. Dale asks about the culture change at RFK since the arrival of Brad Keselowski. They also discuss the NextGen car’s tire issues and what changes can be made to Texas Motor Speedway to help better the racing there.  With only a few races left in the 2022 Cup schedule, Chris is optimistic about where the RFK Racing organization is heading, and he’s looking forward to capitalizing on the momentum they’ve built in the past few weeks.  DIRTY AIR Before Chris joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss: NASCAR’s eventful stop in Texas  Denny and William Byron have a dust-up The NextGen tire problems continue in a big way What to do about Texas Motor Speedway?    ASKJR presented by Xfinity This week the fans asked questions about: Dale’s reaction to Jimmie Johnson retiring from full-time competition in 2023 Which underfunded driver would he like to give a shot in a JRM ride Smaller steering wheels vs. bigger Where Noah Gragson’s Waffle House tradition stems from To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 27, 2022
400 - Dale Jr. Reacts to Bristol Night Race; Tony Glover Shares Some “Innovation”
Everyone in stock car racing dreams of being on a Daytona 500-winning team, but how about three wins in five years? For Tony Glover, that dream became reality in the early 1990s, and on this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, he joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to discuss the pieces of the puzzle that made it possible. Glover has been a part of racing his entire life. He attended his first race at three weeks old. Tony recalls his earliest memory in racing, which consisted of his father Gene flying out of Cleveland Speedway in Tennessee. The trauma of seeing his father’s crash did little to deter his love for the sport though, and by his teenage years, Tony was cleaning parts and turning wrenches. After spending many years on the road crew chiefing for his father’s late model program, which yielded the 1979 NASCAR Sportsman National Championship, Tony accepted a position at Petty Enterprises. Tony explains that the year he spent in Level Cross, North Carolina was the equivalent of a four-year college education. But, when his grandmother became ill in ‘83, he decided to move closer to home to spend time with her. As fate would have it, Larry McClure and Tim Morgan had just bought out G.C. Spencer and established their Morgan-McClure outfit in nearby Abingdon, Virginia and Tony was hired to work as part of the pit crew.  Tony shares the story of how he became a crew chief for the team when Spencer, who had stayed on in the chiefing role, quit suddenly during the teching process at an event at Nashville Fairgrounds. This bumped Tony into the position and he remained there for the duration of his time with the outfit. They discuss the revolving roster of drivers Morgan-McClure had during the ‘80s, which included Lennie Pond, Tommy Ellis, Joe Ruttman and Rick Wilson. Tony explains that when Rick departed for RahMoc after ‘89, his choice to fill the seat was the hard charging Ernie Irvan. And while Phil Parsons would start the ‘90 season in the cockpit, after a few failed outings Irvan would eventually get the seat and help put Morgan-McClure on the map. The Irvan-Glover combination was quite successful, bringing home seven Cup wins including the ‘91 Daytona 500, but would only last a few seasons as Irvan would depart for Robert Yates in ‘93. His replacement was a driver Tony was well acquainted with from his years in the late model scene: fellow Tennessean Sterling Marlin. The new pairing won in their first outing, the ‘94 Daytona 500. When they followed up with a back-to-back triumph in the Great American Race in ‘95, they had the entire NASCAR garage looking in their direction.  Dale and Tony get into some of the innovation on the plate-track cars in the Morgan-McClure stable. Tony talks about the revolutionary X-pipe exhaust system that was brought to them by Boyd Butler, better known as Dr. Gas. The story of how they kept the technical advantage a secret is incredible, including a non-disclosure agreement and wrapping the car in blankets in the garage. Ultimately a crash photo on the cover of Stock Car Racing Magazine leaked the guarded secret to the world. In ‘97, the desire to move up in rank and a little white lie from his wife convinced Tony to move on from Morgan-McClure and take a management position at SABCO Racing. Tony shares experiences from his years there.After a dismal season in 2011, Tony was released from the team and sought out a position at NASCAR through Mike Helton. In 2013, he became the overseeing technical director of NASCAR’s many touring series, a role he continues to fill today.  DIRTY AIR: ·        NASCAR’s big weeked at Bristol  ·        NextGen parts failures ·        Dirty Mo Fan Experience recap ·        Chris Buescher’s big win   ASKJR presented by Xfinity: ·        Impressions about the 2023 NASCAR Cup schedule ·        Downtown Chicago’s worries about upcoming street race ·        SAFER barriers at North Wilkesboro ·        Brandon Jones to JRM To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 20, 2022
399 - Real-Time Reaction to Kyle Busch News; Greg Biffle Reflects On Career
On this week’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis catch up with one of his longtime competitors from the NASCAR Cup scene, Washington’s Greg Biffle. After a successful career in NASCAR that spanned nearly two decades, Biffle quietly exited the sport following the 2016 season. Biffle originally hails from Vancouver, Washington, where he spent his formative years working in an automotive machine shop that was owned by his father’s friend. As he became a teenager, Greg discovered his love for driving and going fast and it wasn’t long before he found trouble behind the wheel. In an effort to focus his need for speed into something productive, his father Jack suggested they attend the local Friday night street stock races at Portland Speedway. After their first outing, Greg was hooked and immediately purchased a 1974 Ford Torino to convert into a racecar.  Upon building his second street stock, Biffle began to have success at the track and along with it began getting noticed for his fabrication skills. This attention grew into a chassis fabrication business, and Greg went on to build over 50 race cars over the next few years. He also used his earnings to go late model racing and found victory lane many times at both Portland and Tri-City Raceway.  The story of how Greg got into NASCAR came when he decided to take the show on the road: heading south to Tucson, Arizona to participate in the NASCAR Winter Heat Series. It was there that he met and befriended NASCAR Hall of Famer Benny Parsons, who was impressed with the unknown racer’s performance. As the story goes, weeks later Parsons was conversing with Jack Roush in the garage area at Michigan International Speedway about Roush’s NASCAR Truck team. Parsons recommended Biffle to Roush, and soon after he received a call from Geoff Smith, who was president of Roush Racing at the time. After a lengthy chat, a contract was faxed over to Greg and the next two decades of his racing career were in motion. Greg and Dale speak on the decline of Roush Racing and the factors that led to the team getting behind the competition. Greg explains that the team failed to progress with the direction of the sport and that it took them a long time to catch up once they were behind. The lack of winning equipment ultimately played a role in Greg leaving Cup racing in 2016, which he explains was a year earlier than his contract stated.  The interview also touches on some of Greg’s rivalries over the years and the stories behind them. Greg details his dust-up with Jay Sauter at Richmond and the monetary fine and points penalty that fell on him because of it. As a result, when he and Kevin Harvick made contact at Bristol a year later in 2002, he knew he wanted to avoid a fight at all costs. They also discuss his famous feud with Boris Said at Watkins Glen in 2011, and how a perfectly thrown water bottle exploded into a huge blow-out.  Since leaving racing in 2016, Greg has made use of his time by owning and operating a rock quarry as well as a humane shelter. He spends a lot of time outdoors fishing and boating. He has also made time for some racing, including his successful return to the Truck Series for Kyle Busch Motorsports in 2019 and running in the 24 Hours of Lemons. While he still loves auto racing, he has learned to enjoy his weekends off and these days Greg Biffle is making the most of life.     DIRTY AIR Before Greg joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss: North Wilkesboro to host the 2023 NASCAR All-Star Race.  Dale blowing the lid off of NASCAR’s silly season The future of Kyle Busch, KBM, and Tyler Reddick Bubba’s big win in Kansas   ASKJR presented by Xfinity This week the fans asked questions about: Other track revivals Bristol walk-out songs What makes Bristol so exciting Live reactions to the Kyle Busch announcement To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 13, 2022
398 - Jimmy Blewett: Racing for Acceptance
Dealing with the adversity that comes from being a race car driver requires resilience and nerves of steel. For Jimmy Blewett, it was a mentality he was born with, following in the footsteps of his hard-nosed grandfather, father, and older brother. On The Dale Jr. Download, Blewett joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to discuss growing up in a tough household, racing in the modified ranks, and losing a loved one in motorsports. Hailing from Howell, New Jersey, the Blewetts have long been known for their rough and tumble nature. Jimmy recounts stories of his grandfather John dealing with unruly customers at the yard. He also shares episodes from his childhood following his father John Jr.’s racing career, where they were “banned for life” from many of the east coast’s finest race establishments due to pit melees.  Jimmy shares that initially his grandfather purchased a racecar for his uncle to drive, hoping that it would keep him out of trouble. But his father was so fascinated with the car that he ended up racing and became quite good. He would be a mainstay in the eastern modified ranks for decades, before retiring in the early 90s. About that time, Jimmy’s older brother John III was beginning his own impressive chapter of Blewett family racing history, and it would help pave the way for Jimmy to get on track as well. After getting into go-kart racing at the age of 14, he eventually wanted to build a street stock to run at his home track, Wall Stadium. But Grandpa Blewett disapproved, claiming that his running a street stock would embarrass the family, and one night the car disappeared from the shop, a mystery still unsolved. Through his brother’s help, Jimmy got the opportunity to test someone else’s car, and he was hooked. The story of how Jimmy came to get his first modified is epic, involving a failed effort to get a loan, having to bring his grandfather on as a co-signer, and winning a car show without an engine. Once he was able to scrape together a functioning race car, his challenges were far from over. His grandfather wanted him to start at the back of every race to gain on-track experience. This helped develop his driving ability, and before long Jimmy was a modified race winner. In fact, in his first two full seasons in modified competition at Wall Stadium, he brought home back-to-back season championships. Jimmy speaks candidly about his relationship with his grandfather and father, and how he felt he spent a lot of his career seeking their approval. He also speaks about the mentorship he received from his older brother John III, and how he helped raise Jimmy in the aftermath of his parent’s divorce. The two developed a healthy on-track rivalry, always racing each other for bragging rights of the highest placing Blewett. But as time would tell, no amount of conditioning or hardship could prepare the Blewett family for the loss on the horizon. In August 2007, the Blewett brothers were in competition at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut when Jimmy’s right-front tire was punctured, causing a head-on collision with the wall. Mayhem behind him ensued, and John and several other cars piled into Jimmy’s wrecked modified. Jimmy was knocked unconscious from the impact of the crash, but upon coming to he heard his brother’s screams and jumped out to try and save him. Unfortunately, John’s injuries would prove too critical and he passed away that evening at the age of 33. Suddenly, Jimmy’s entire life had changed and he had an insurmountable tragedy to deal with. DIRTY AIR Before Jimmy joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex, and Hannah chat about: Isla and Nicole’s first day of school A weekend magnet fishing excursion Dale’s late model race at North Wilkesboro  The exciting NASCAR weekend at Darlington ASKJR presented by Xfinity This week the fans asked questions about: If Dale has a love for pixie sticks like Mike Davis Staying focused in loud environments Favorite dishes for grilling out   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2022
Bonus: Wednesday Q&A Session Live at North Wilkesboro
On today’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download, we have a special bonus episode live from North Wilkesboro Speedway. On Wednesday, August 31st, Dale Jr. hosted a Q&A session with 7 late model drivers.  Brandon Pierce (3:30) Hayden Swank (16:46) Kaden Honeycutt (23:41) Carter Langley (33:00) Dylon Wilson (41:!5) Stefan Parsons (52:28) Katie Hettinger (1:06:24) Brandon Pierce just sounds like a race car driver's name, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why one of the greatest late model drivers of all time, Lee Pulliam tabbed Pierce to drive for him. Pierce and Dale Jr. talk about turning their first laps at North Wilkesboro and how they plan to set their cars up for the race. Plus Brandon lays a friendly wager on Dale…and Dale does him one better. Hayden Swank is from Woodstock, GA. To some racing fans is relatively unknown but you better start paying attention. Swank grew up racing with up-and-coming Truck Series winners, Corey Heim and Chandler Smith.  Kaden Honeycutt is from Texas but many fans in North Carolina may know him as the occasional from in the NASCAR Truck Series for On Point Motorsports. Kaden’s dream is to move up the ladder and race in the Cup Series no matter what car it is. His passion is racing but his hidden talent is that he can get Dale to spill the beans on his future racing plans.  Carter Langley is a newcomer to the CARS Tour. He grew up racing Go-Karts for Elliott and Hermie Sadler and is a true late model historian. He and Dale talked about all the old-school local track heroes and how they’re still idolized today. Plus Carter shares his future aspirations if driving doesn’t pan out.  Dylon Wilson is Landon Huffman’s, right-hand man. Well in the content game that is. Wilson has a knack for content as well and his personality makes it natural for him. Wilson’s family roots are deep at North Wilkesboro Speedway, his great grandfather helped build the place. Dylon jokes he’s probably ridden more laps around this place on a bicycle than anyone. He had lived outside turn 3 for most of his life.  Stefan Parsons is a name most of you will recognize. His Dad is Phil Parson and his uncle is Benny Parsons. Stefon and Dale talk about that upbringing as Phil’s son and trying to follow the footsteps his dad and uncle carved out. Plus Stefon shares a story of a short track fight Phil got into during one of Stefon’s races. Katie Hettinger was the last driver to take the stage but she was certainly not the least. In fact, she’s the winningest female driver in Hickory Motor Speedway history. Katie is still in high school where she is on the varsity volleyball and basketball…in Michigan. That’s right she and her family travel from Michigan every weekend to compete in the southeast. She’s a name to watch in the next coming years for sure. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 02, 2022
Bonus: Tuesday Q&A Session Live from North Wilkesboro
On today’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download, we have a special bonus episode live from North Wilkesboro Speedway. On Tuesday, August 30th, Dale Jr. hosted a Q&A session with 6 late model drivers.  Brenden Queen (2:46) Bobby McCarty (11:47) Connor Hall (20:44) Brian Obiedzenski (30:43) Chad McCumbee (40:08) Landon Huffman (52:28) Brenden Queen hails from the Virginia Beach area. You can catch him racing weekly at Langley Speedway driving the #03 car with Mario characters painted all over it. Dale and Brenden discussed the car and its unique font style, making Brenden a favorite amongst the younger generation of race fans. They also discussed his famous nickname “Butterbean.” Bobby McCarty is just 29 years old but considers himself the old guy on the CARS tour. Before hopping on stage with Dale Jr., Bobby was hard at work making sure his car was ready for practice, showing the true grassroots of the CARS tour. Bobby attempted to qualify for his first Xfinity Series race earlier this year in New Hampshire. He talked about how that deal came about and what future plans he might have to try the series again. Connor Hall is Elliott Sadler’s favorite race car driver. The multiple-time Cup series winner and former JR Motorsports driver has high praise for Connor and believes his talent is real. Dale Jr and Connor talked about Connor's knack for finding sponsors, his journey from a small family team to racing for Chad Bryant, and how to make it all work on a small family-sized budget.  Brian Obiedzenski may have a difficult name to pronounce, but his personality is hard to forget. Dale and Brian first connected over Twitter DMing back and forth about car parts. Brian is a limited late model driver, but by trade, he’s been a Cadillac service technician for 20 years. Dale and Brian shared stories from their days as service techs and talked about why Brian uses the #29 because of Kevin Harvick. Chad McCumbee is possibly one of the more interesting stories on the CARS Tour. Not only did Chad portray Dale Jr. in the ESPN movie “3”. But Chad drove cars as a stunt driver in the film “Talladega Nights.” That’s right Chad McCumbee was the real-life Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. In addition, Chad talked about his transition to an ownership role in Sports Car on the IMSA circuit and how his journey through the ranks have NASCAR has prepared him to be an owner. Landon Huffman’s content game is second to none in asphalt racing. The third-generation driver has the personality to stand out and attract fans and sponsors like no other. Maybe that’s the reason Dale Jr. approached Landon to sponsor his Limited Late Model with High Rock Vodka colors. The two talked about how that deal came together, plus Landon’s impending track championship at Hickory Motor Speedway.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2022
397 - Conor Daly: Man of the People
As drivers follow their trajectory through motorsports, they are often faced with potentially life-changing decisions. On episode 397 of the Dale Jr. Download, Indycar talent Conor Daly joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to discuss a crossroads he faced and how his choice affected his career path. After winning the Star Mazda Championship in 2010 and securing a hefty scholarship fund to invest in his future racing endeavors, Daly had to make the selection of a lifetime: pursue Formula One or Indycar?   Son of former Formula One driver Derek Daly and Indianapolis Motor Speedway employee Beth Boles, Conor was no stranger to auto racing. In fact, he begins by saying that he has hardly any early-life memories that don’t involve racing. He recalled his time spent at the Racing Babies childcare facility at IMS and his early infatuation with the sport. He also spoke of his father’s racing career, which ended when he was born in 1991, and how he has been able to uncover more of his accomplishments through the digital age.  Up to that point in 2010, Conor had rapidly progressed up the opening rungs of the motorsports ladder. From his first time behind the wheel of a go-kart at age 10 to winning the 2006 World Karting Association Grand Nationals, he and his father Derek worked tirelessly on his burgeoning career. From karts, he took on car racing through the Skip Barber National Championship, which he won in his first year in 2008. Then came the Star Mazda circuit, which of course brings the story to that crossroads at the end of the 2010 season.  A stipulation of Conor’s scholarship and the Road to Indy program was that while he could take part of the money and pursue GP3 racing in Europe, he still needed to enter a handful of Indy Lights events. After the first three events of the schedule, competing for Sam Schmidt Motorsports, Conor found himself with a 2nd place finish and a victory and leading the season points. His prospects in the world of Indycar were so high, that he revealed he actually got a call from Graham Rahal as he was about to depart for Europe, asking him, “are you sure you want to do this?”  Ultimately, Conor left the United States and departed for England, where he’d stay with Rahal’s stepfather Chris Berry and set up a home base for his time spent racing in GP3. Daly explained that in his debut GP3 race he qualified 29th and was immediately hit with the regret of his decision. In his absence in the Indy Lights series, Josef Newgarden would go on to win the championship and sign a three-year contract with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. And while Daly would wind up inking a deal with the Force India Formula One team that would have him serve as a test and reserve driver, his time overseas would prove unfruitful, and he returned home to pursue a path in Indycar.  Conor and Dale Jr. discuss Europe’s perspective on American racers and theorize as to why it is difficult for them to break into the Formula racing ladder. After returning home, Daly did whatever he could to be at the tracks on race weekends, even at one point driving the Indycar two-seater for fan experiences. His perseverance would eventually win out, as he rose from filling in for injured drivers to racing part-time and now full-time for Ed Carpenter Racing.  Daly took time to speak on the ascension from spending his childhood at IMS to racing in the Indianapolis 500. Just this past May in the 106th running of the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, the hometown hero brought home his best finish to date, sixth place.  DIRTY AIR Before Conor joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex, and Hannah chat about: Kelley’s birthday bash Long weekend in Daytona The great Cup race rain debacle  Kurt Busch’s injury progress ASKJR presented by Xfinity This week the fans asked questions about: Strangest excuse to explain a crash Feelings on Greg Ives’ leaving as crew chief Updates on his ongoing car projects Championship Four predictions To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 30, 2022
Bonus: Speed Street w/ special guest Callum Ilott
Conor Daly and Joey Mulinaro return for another episode of Speed Street to recap the rain-delayed Gateway race. The guys talk about Conor’s mechanical issues that plagued his top-10 finish, Felix Rosenqvist’s potentially jumped start, and the race’s TV ratings on USA Network, then, they bring on former F2 competitor and driver of the No. 77 Juncos Hollinger Racing car, Callum Ilott, to discuss his transition to IndyCar, developing a new team as a rookie, his top three likes and dislikes of living in America since moving from the UK, and Joey’s new merch idea for the lad, finally, the duo talks about Kimi Raikkonen’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen and the drama between Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson. Follow @SpeedStreetpod and @Dirtymomedia on Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2022
396 - Freddie Query: Hometown Hero
On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Query sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to talk about that racing landscape and how he rose to prominence there.  Dale prefaced the interview by describing Freddie as someone he both looked up to and was intimidated by while growing up at the Carolina short tracks. Query’s reputation as a hard racer and champion preceded him for many years. But like most short-track racers, he came from humble, quiet beginnings in Kannapolis. In fact, Freddie explained that he shared a first-grade classroom with another Kannapolis racing legend, Dale Earnhardt Sr. himself. The two even ran go-karts together in their pre-teen years on a crude dirt track a neighbor had carved out on his property. Ultimately, the two drivers had vastly different life trajectories, and their connection remained pleasant but distant. While finishing high school, Freddie had ambitions to attend college to be an engineer, but after getting married during his senior year his life changed direction. He began attending a tech school and taking trade programs, and when the local school district wanted to begin implementing trade classes on a high school level, Query found himself in a teaching position, one he would hold for 20 years.  The go-kart he raced at age 10 was built from a bed frame rail and propelled by his father’s lawn mower engine. His mechanical wonder carried on to his teenage years when he began “borrowing” the family car to enter street races, unbeknownst to his parents. But his path in racing would have stalled out on the streets of Kannapolis, had he not started attending local races at the recommendation of a neighbor. After buying a new house as a teacher, he became acquainted with the folks next store, who were avid racing fans attending events multiple nights a week. He took a trip to Hickory Speedway with them and was hooked from the get-go, deciding then he wanted to be a part of the sport. The neighbor was one step ahead, installing a race shop in his backyard, and soon Freddie was out there with him every night of the week. The two built a street stock and took it to Metrolina on a Friday night, with the neighbor hopping in the driver’s seat. But the following evening, when they had planned to try Hickory, the neighbor was too tired from the previous night’s action and turned the driving duties over to Freddie. And while he ended up flipping due to an aggressive move to pass, the racing bug had bit him, and the course for his next 30 years was set. In the early 1980s he was a dominant force in the six-cylinder division, before moving up to super late models in '85. Freddie was recognized by his red No.6 hot rod which he drove to countless victories. When Concord received the blacktop treatment towards the end of the '86 season, Freddie was prepared to say goodbye to the track he had so much success at, but when Coors threatened to reduce their sponsorship, he decided to give the asphalt another go. Hence would begin the most dominant period in the track’s history. From 1988 to 1992, Freddie brought home 4 out of 5 track championships, while battling it out with the likes of Jack Sprague, Rich Bickle and Robbie Faggart. His success in the high-paying Big-10 Series helped propel him to bigger events, and in '93 he began running with the NASCAR All-Pro tour. He brought home major victories in the Myrtle Beach 400 and All-American 400, as well as the '98 All-Pro season championship before settling into a car builder/mentor role. He went on to assist the likes of Hank Parker Jr., Johanna Long, Harrison Burton and many more before retiring from competitive racing. Today, Freddie still dabbles in go-kart racing and car repair but basks in the glory of his storied career and the acclaim that comes with it.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 23, 2022
The Sunshine Place from C13Originals
Once called “the miracle on the beach,” Synanon began in the 1960s as an experimental rehab facility in Santa Monica, California with a radical claim: It could cure heroin addiction. Before long, it would make an even bolder claim: It could cure any of your problems. All you had to do was move in. What started in a house on the beach, soon spread to compounds across the country. The man who made the miracle happen, Charles E. Dederich, aka “Chuck,” would be the one to destroy it all, along with the lives of many of his followers and millions of dollars in assets. The Sunshine Place tells the mind-blowing, true story of Synanon - one of America’s most cutting-edge social experiments, turned into one of its most dangerous and violent cults - as it’s never been told before: by the people who lived it. Executive Produced by Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and Emily Barclay Ford for Team Downey and C13Originals, together with Josh McLaughlin for Wink Pictures, and written, produced, and directed by Peabody-nominated C13Originals, a Cadence13 Studio. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2022
395 - Michael "Fatback" McSwain: Racing is Sacred
At the end of the 2007 NASCAR Cup season, Michael “Fatback” McSwain suddenly departed from the garage scene, leaving a void once filled by one of the most colorful personalities in the modern stock car era. On this week’s Dale Jr. Download, McSwain joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to discuss the decision to leave the sport, as well as the path he traveled to get to the top. Coming from the humble home of a phone company worker, McSwain did not grow from racing roots. After graduating from high school with no real direction, he decided to travel to Nashville to attend a diesel mechanic’s college. It was during this time that he became familiar with racing and upon returning back to North Carolina, he wanted to give it a shot himself. He and his father built a demolition derby car for the Cleveland County Fair, and had so much fun in the process that they embarked on six-cylinder racing at Cherokee Speedway. But the further they got into the racing, the more expensive it got, and soon McSwain was left to find solutions to subsidize his own on-track endeavors. He began working on other people’s race cars, ultimately finding a spot in the Robert Gee garage where a local racer was working on a NASCAR Sportsman Division ride. McSwain explained that working under Gee was very influential and taught him a lot in a short amount of time. It also helped him realize that he wanted to work in auto racing full-time. McSwain recalled driving to many different race shops and turning in applications before finally getting a call from Lake Speed’s racing operation to come and work as a fabricator. This would be his first experience working on a Cup car, and over the next few seasons he would bounce from operation to operation, spending time working under legends such as Harry Hyde and Cale Yarborough before finally ending up with Ricky Rudd at Rudd Racing Enterprises. In 2000, Rudd inked a deal to race with Yates Racing, and McSwain assumed he was once again on the job hunt. However, a few days before his honeymoon he received a call of a lifetime from Robert Yates offering him the crew chief position. McSwain explains he cut his honeymoon a few days short because he was excited to get to work in a real, full-time race shop.  The Rudd/McSwain duo delivered “Fatback'' his first Cup victory in June 2001 at Pocono Raceway. McSwain shares a story of how the car came together after a mad scramble the week of the race, and the result was a completely dominant performance. He also shares a hilarious encounter with Kevin Harvick during the waning laps of the September Richmond race that same season, a situation that may have landed him in serious hot water had it come to fruition. When the decision was made to release Rudd and bring in Elliott Sadler, McSwain jumped ship and headed to Joe Gibbs Racing to man the pit box for Bobby Labonte. All was far from well though, and rising turmoil amongst the team would leave McSwain without a job. The conversation deals a lot with driver/crew chief relationships and dialogue, and McSwain offers up stories of disagreements he had with Rudd and Bobby Labonte over the years. He explains that driver attitudes over the radio during a race can affect a whole team, and when the situation reached a breaking point he felt inclined to intervene. Finally, the interview covers McSwain’s seemingly abrupt departure from the NASCAR garage scene following the 2007 season. He explains that having growing children at home influenced his decision, but now that they’re older he is open to a return to the racing world. DIRTY AIR Before Michael joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss: •          Magnet fishing •          Wild world of TikTok •          Chris(topher) Buescher •          Roots & Revival  ASKJR presented by Xfinity: •          Racing on dirt •          Are drivers retiring earlier? •          What FOX scheduled race would you like to call? •          Bingeable television shows To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 16, 2022
394 - Ty Gibbs: Growing Up Gibbs
In just a few short seasons, Ty Gibbs went from winning in the periphery of the stock car world to becoming one of the most polarizing characters in the NASCAR garage. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Ty joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis in the Bojangles Studio to discuss his meteoric rise to becoming a focal point in motorsports. Gibbs stunned onlookers when he won the February 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series event at the Daytona Road Course, in what was his first attempt in the division. After starting deep in the pack on a late restart, Gibbs put on a driving display that saw him pass several cars and even drive through the grass to take the point, holding off accomplished road racer Austin Cindric in the process. The victory would make history, as it made Gibbs the first driver in the modern NASCAR era to win a national series event in his first attempt.  While Ty has come off as soft-spoken in many of his public interviews, he gives The Download listeners a rare look into his home life, filling Dale and Mike in about his siblings and new townhouse. After Kurt Busch’s recent hard crash at Pocono, Ty received the call to fill in at the last moment, minutes after finishing second in the Saturday afternoon Xfinity event. He explained that to best prepare for the challenge of driving a car he had zero experience in, he retreated home to run laps on his sim racing setup and sleep in his own bed before returning to Pocono early the next morning for the Cup race.  The interview covers Ty’s early years in racing, from competing in shifter karts at venues like the GoPro Motorplex to running late model stock cars on the prestigious CARS tour. He recalls the moment he knew he wanted to pursue a career in racing came after his grandfather Joe, whom he affectionately refers to as “Coach”, took him and his cousin to test a go-kart at Millbridge Speedway. When Mike asked if he has ever struggled with getting acclimated to any type of race vehicle, Ty explained the challenge in transitioning from karts to late models and how it took a couple of years to get comfortable. At one point, he was racing his kart full-time while testing a late model at Hickory Speedway during the week.  Dale and Ty dig into the challenge of dealing with the public perception of coming from an established racing family. Ty gave some insight into how he tunes out the criticism he faces, finding that focusing on his love for motorsports keeps him motivated to move forward. Many young racers are forced to grow up in the public eye, and Gibbs talks about his ongoing maturation in dealing with conflicts both on the track and off. Ty’s future has been a hot topic of discussion as he continues to find success in the Xfinity Series and now filling in at 23XI Racing in Kurt Busch’s absence. He explains he ultimately wants to race in many different types of cars, mirroring the career path of Kyle Larson, whom he looks up to in many regards. They also discuss the future of Joe Gibbs Racing and what roles Ty may see himself in as the years roll on.  This year in the Xfinity Series, one of the main storylines to watch has been JR Motorsports versus Ty Gibbs. And while usually, you’d never invite your competition into your very race shop, Dale Jr. recognizes that Ty is going to be a part of motorsports for many years to come and is choosing to embrace him.   DIRTY AIR Before Ty joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss: New Kyle Petty shirts available on the Dale’s play-by-play commentary at Michigan Bubba Wallace’s passionate post-race interview The modified race opener at North Wilkesboro   ASKJR presented by Xfinity This week the fans asked about: The future’s perspective on today’s NASCAR world Racing left-handed Dale’s most prized vintage t-shirt Applying Mike Joy’s commentary advice To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2022
393 - Randy Lanier (Part Two): On The Run
What do you get when you combine a drug smuggling enterprise straight out of an episode of Miami Vice with the high-dollar sports car racing world of the 1980s? You get the story of Randy Lanier, and on this week’s episode he joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to tell it. At one time a top prospect in American motorsports, Lanier made headlines when he was indicted in 1986 for operating a multi-million dollar drug distribution effort responsible for bringing over 300 tons of marijuana to the United States from Columbia. Just a handful of months before he was Rookie of the Year in the 70th running of the Indianapolis 500. Originally born in rural Lynchburg, Virginia, Lanier and his family of seven moved to Hollywood, Florida when he was 13. The sunny beach lifestyle was captivating for young Randy, and was soon introduced to the thriving marijuana subculture of the 1960s. His father, who worked as a draftsman, was concerned about his seemingly wayward lifestyle and got him a job in construction. But, due to his longhaired appearance, fellow construction workers began asking Randy if he knew where to buy marijuana, and his stint in drug dealing began. Randy shares a frightening story of getting robbed at gun-point during a sale, which temporarily took him away from Florida to Colorado. It was there he met a guru, who invited him to an ashram in Boulder where he learned the art of meditation, which proved to be a big part of his survival in prison as well as a cornerstone of his life today. Upon returning to Florida, Randy continued on his new path until tragically losing his brother Glen in a motorcycle accident. The event was catastrophic for the Lanier family, and Randy explains it spun him out, back into the familiarity of selling marijuana.  While he may not have realized it at the time, Lanier’s eventual career in motorsports was implanted in the back of his mind, thanks in part to listening to the Indianapolis 500 broadcast on the radio when he was a young boy at his family farm in Virginia. Randy recalls a story from the late 1970s when he was attending a car show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and noticed a SCCA-sponsored booth. He picked up a pamphlet and eventually made the call to inquire about becoming a licensed driver. Soon after, he purchased his first race car: a 1957 Porsche 256. After renting out a small warehouse to be his shop and preparing the car for racing action, he entered his first amateur contest at West Palm Beach Speedway in 1980. As legend would have it, he won.  From there he rapidly progressed through the sports car ranks, arriving at the headlining IMSA GT circuit. After spending a few seasons in borrowed rides with minimal results, he decided to take matters into his own hands and form his own racing team. But, to win on a consistent basis required a large bank roll, and so the two roads of Lanier’s life intersected.  At this point, he had some experience with off-shore drug smuggling. At age 19 he used some of his dealing profits to purchase a 27-foot speed boat, initially intended to be a frivolous expenditure for thrill-seeking. He soon began traveling to the Bahamas to bring in loads of marijuana from awaiting motherships. In order to fund his newly formed Blue Thunder Racing team, Lanier expanded from speed boats to fishing boats, then tug boats and finally a full-on barge. The results were instant, and in 1984 he won the IMSA Championship. The next year, he took on CART racing with the intention of heading to Indianapolis. The transition proved difficult, and although he had a successful debut in 1986 in the 500, a devastating crash at Michigan a few weeks later effectively ended his racing career. As it turns out, his drug smuggling efforts caught up with him and soon after he was indicted. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2022
392 - Randy Lanier: Speed Funded By Weed
What do you get when you combine a drug smuggling enterprise straight out of an episode of Miami Vice with the high-dollar sports car racing world of the 1980s? You get the story of Randy Lanier, and on this week’s episode he joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to tell it. At one time a top prospect in American motorsports, Lanier made headlines when he was indicted in 1986 for operating a multi-million dollar drug distribution effort responsible for bringing over 300 tons of marijuana to the United States from Columbia. Just a handful of months before he was Rookie of the Year in the 70th running of the Indianapolis 500. Originally born in rural Lynchburg, Virginia, Lanier and his family of seven moved to Hollywood, Florida when he was 13. The sunny beach lifestyle was captivating for young Randy, and was soon introduced to the thriving marijuana subculture of the 1960s. His father, who worked as a draftsman, was concerned about his seemingly wayward lifestyle and got him a job in construction. But, due to his longhaired appearance, fellow construction workers began asking Randy if he knew where to buy marijuana, and his stint in drug dealing began. Randy shares a frightening story of getting robbed at gun-point during a sale, which temporarily took him away from Florida to Colorado. It was there he met a guru, who invited him to an ashram in Boulder where he learned the art of meditation, which proved to be a big part of his survival in prison as well as a cornerstone of his life today. Upon returning to Florida, Randy continued on his new path until tragically losing his brother Glen in a motorcycle accident. The event was catastrophic for the Lanier family, and Randy explains it spun him out, back into the familiarity of selling marijuana.  While he may not have realized it at the time, Lanier’s eventual career in motorsports was implanted in the back of his mind, thanks in part to listening to the Indianapolis 500 broadcast on the radio when he was a young boy at his family farm in Virginia. Randy recalls a story from the late 1970s when he was attending a car show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and noticed a SCCA-sponsored booth. He picked up a pamphlet and eventually made the call to inquire about becoming a licensed driver. Soon after, he purchased his first race car: a 1957 Porsche 256. After renting out a small warehouse to be his shop and preparing the car for racing action, he entered his first amateur contest at West Palm Beach Speedway in 1980. As legend would have it, he won.  From there he rapidly progressed through the sports car ranks, arriving at the headlining IMSA GT circuit. After spending a few seasons in borrowed rides with minimal results, he decided to take matters into his own hands and form his own racing team. But, to win on a consistent basis required a large bank roll, and so the two roads of Lanier’s life intersected.  DIRTY AIR Before Randy joins the show, Dale, Mike and Matthew discuss: Listeners respond to Dale and Mike’s heated discussion The chaotic Cup race at the Indianapolis Road Course  Indianapolis Oval or Road Course? Dale Jr.’s return to North Wilkesboro   ASKJR presented by Xfinity The fan questions came rolling in about: Doing commentary for other sports Should NASCAR return to Iowa Speedway? The 1995 Impala from MTV Cribs Dale’s perfect tailgate menu To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 03, 2022
391 - Mike Joy: More Than a Mic
If you’ve listened to or watched a NASCAR race in the past 50 years, there’s a voice that is synonymous with some of the sport’s biggest moments. Legendary broadcaster Mike Joy joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis to fill listeners in on his career, as well as talk shop about the broadcasting craft. After a meteoric rise from the PA booth of New England’s finest short tracks, Joy has gone on to work for almost every major broadcasting network in motorsports over the past five decades.  Growing up in Windsor, Connecticut, Joy enrolled at the University of Hartford pursuing a degree in engineering. It was here that he got his first on-air experience after taking a position at the university’s radio station as a play-by-play commentator for sporting events. It was also during these years that he became involved in the world of motorsports. He had developed a love for sports cars as a teenager, thanks to an extensive collection of auto magazines and his father’s acquisition of a two-seater that the two worked on. His admiration for the road racing experts of the day, such as Dan Gurney and Mark Donohue sparked an interest to join the driving ranks himself. But without proper funding or opportunity, he settled into the sport of autocross where competitors could use their street vehicles.  His autocross club brought him to Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam, Massachusetts – a small pavement oval located in an amusement park. Thanks to his broadcasting experience, he was asked to hop on the microphone during an autocross meet one Sunday to help inform any park attendees who may have wandered into the track exactly what was happening in the competition. Before long, park owner Ed Carroll noticed that a few hundred people had gathered in the grandstands to watch a single car weaving around barrels, and invited Joy on board to become a fill-in PA announcer. Although he initially turned down the offer, citing a disinterest in the crude jalopies of the oval racing circuit, he attended a Saturday night show at the recommendation of the track’s public relations specialist. After witnessing a mad dash to the finish between two drivers and the effect it had on the audience, Joy thought “I need to be a part of this.” Joy fills Dale and Mike in on how taking the position at Riverside introduced him to the legendary Ken Squier, and how that guided him to joining the Motor Racing Network. He talks about an opportunity he received to call some of the 1975 IROC race at Daytona, and how that moment made him realize that he could have a career in broadcasting.  The conversation also dives into the art of commentating, and how different platforms require different approaches. Joy recounts a hilarious story of sneaking into the 1976 Daytona 500 and joining in on the Wood Brothers’ victory lane celebration. He also shares the details of his final conversation with Dale Earnhardt Sr. Although known for his contributions to the sport from inside the broadcaster’s booth, Joy still managed to have a career in road racing, and shares the details of his 1973 IMSA debut, as well as his experiences in the 1993 24 Hours of Daytona. In 2022, Joy celebrated his 22nd consecutive year as lead commentator for the Daytona 500. It also marked his 46th year of involvement with Daytona Speedweeks, a record that may never be eclipsed.  DIRTY AIR presented by Filtertime Before Mike Joy joins the show, Dale, Mike and Matthew get real about: NASCAR’s wild weekend at Pocono Denny Hamlin’s pass for the lead considered retaliation against Ross Chastain? Ty Gibbs subbing in for Kurt Busch The future of Kyle Busch   ASKJR presented by Xfinity Alex Timms brings fan questions to Dale about: The advantage the NextGen rear view camera provides The upcoming modified opening races at North Wilkesboro Hanging with Noah Gragson in victory lane Collecting diecast cars To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 26, 2022
390 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Friends: Bad Blood & Rivalries
The success of sports is often built on rivalries. Auto Racing is no different. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis bring their favorite rivalries from the table of truth to this special episode. In the late 90's the NASCAR Xfinity Series was a hotbed for talent but also a series full of hot tempers. One of the great rivalries of the era was between an out-spoken northern driver, Champion Randy Lajoie, and an aggressive Georgian named Buckshot Jones. Dale Earnhardt had several rivals throughout his storied career. Most foe were created by physical contact between two racecars. Dale's rivalry with Ricky Rudd was personal. Rudd reveals how their shattered friendship lead to some legendary on-track altercations. Ron Hornaday Jr. is still not over it. In a 2011 NASCAR Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, he and Kyle Busch made contact on the track. Busch proceeded to wreck Hornaday under caution. NASCAR may have parked and suspended Busch for the actions, but it was Hornaday who suffered the most. The incident cost him a shot at the Championship. It's a wound that isn't fully healed to this day. Some rivals start as best friends. Some, under the same roof. Jeff Burton and Ward Burton open up about how their different personalities and upbringing, created bad blood between one of Virginia's most beloved NASCAR families. Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt were great friends behind closed doors. On the race track? Far from it. The two giants of the NASCAR world battled each other relentlessly, resulting in a library of contentious moments and altercations. Rusty opens up about it and we find out how it played into a rivalry with a young Jeff Gordon. Dale Jr. says that if there is a Mount Rushmore of Motorsports rivalries, the Geoff Bodine / Dale Earnahrdt rivalry would be on it. Bodine details his side of one of the sport’s most talked about feuds. Last but not least, a colorful Jimmy Spencer gets down and dirty about his distain for Kurt Busch. How did "Mr. Excitement" get so mad that he punched Kurt Busch? ASKJr presented by Xfinity Before the rivalry talk Hannah Newhouse brought fan questions to Dale Jr. about: What track should host the Championship finale? What dream racecars would Dale Jr. like to test at North Wilkesboro? The mysterious red left front tire at Daytona in 2004. Lugs Harvey or Harry Hogg? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 19, 2022
389 - Tony Eury Jr.: Bud 8 and Beyond
Tony Eury Jr. is more than a cousin to Dale Earnhardt Jr. He's a brother. Dale Jr.'s former crew chief comes to the table of truth to discuss their best days together in racing and the hard truths of the controversial breakups that made the headlines during their careers. From their two years of winning the championship in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Dale Earnhardt and the Eury's took their success to the NASCAR Cup Series. Tony, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis talk about the challenge of growing together as a team and a family. Dale Jr. wastes no time asking Tony about "creativity" he used on their racecars and how other's in the sport were talking about how fast they were. Tony and Dale laugh about re-gaining their mojo by drinking more. And yes, it worked. They also tell the hilarious story of a test session that ended in Dale Jr. doing donuts in the garage area. Eury details how the 2001 death of Dale Earnhardt impacted he, Dale Jr and the entire Bud No. 8 team in their approach and future trajectory. As many triumphs that the team earned, there was also tension and arguments. Like there typically is with family, the cousins didn't always see eye to eye. The tension led to a severing in the relationship and the first split between Dale Jr and the Eury's in 2004. Tony Jr. and Dale open up to each other about their feelings at the time and the regret they have to this day about the situation. The cousins discuss the Charlotte 600 impromptu presser by "Pops" Eury and how that lit a fuse in the media. Tony Jr. shares a never-before-told story about how Teresa handled the situation in the shop that week. They also open up about Dale's departure from Dale Earnhardt Inc. and how thinks could've been much different. The Hendrick years offered so much promise to Dale Earnhardt Jr. But just like at DEI, there were wins and painful losses. Eury talks about Dale Jr.'s mindset and lack of confidence through the trying times as the two detail the second split in their crew chief-driver relationship. He also brings us inside the Hendrick Motorsports dynamic to share the challenges and struggles within the organization during this period. The table discussion brings the relationship from Hendrick Motorsports through the Eury's next stint with the Earnhardts and Jr Motorsports. Tony Eury shares his thoughts on being Danica Patrick's crew chief and how there were similarities between she and Dale Jr.   DIRTY AIR presented by FilterTime Before Tony Eury Jr. came to the table, Dale and Mike discuss: Dale Jr's high-pitched excitement in the broadcast booth at Atlanta The 2022 Ross Chastain Aggression Tour Corey Lajoie's near-win at Atlanta.   ASKJR presented by Xfnity Hannah Newhouse brings fan questions to the podcast for Dale about: Ryan Ellis' tweet about stealing sponsors from another driver. Favorite Atlanta Braves players. What was miserable about being a driver and the worst part of being a broadcaster? Would the Xfinity Series benefit from an identity shift to V6 Motors or electric? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 12, 2022
388 - Justin Marks: Silence the Doubters
He's the man responsible for starting a NASCAR team that has turned everyone's heads in NASCAR. Today, racer and entrepreneur Justin Marks sits with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis to discuss the wild journey from a no-name to someone shaking up the industry. Marks' exposure to the sport of auto racing came at an early age, when his grandfather, a fan of motorsports, took him to local dirt tracks in Missouri. From there, his passion grew. Eventually the Marks family moved to California, as his father Michael chased dreams in Silicon Valley. For young Justin, his dreams came in the form of an amateur ride in the SCCA road racing ranks. From amateur to pro, his career started to climb as he found himself having success in IMSA and events like the 24-hours of Daytona. But how did this road racer transition to the NASCAR world? Influences like Boris Said, a cross-over racer, took Marks to North Carolina. It also took him to a basement party at Dale Jr.'s house. Dale Jr. didn't even realize that the future NASCAR team owner was there. From there, his family's success created opportunities in the NASCAR ranks from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, through Xfinity and even the elite Cup Series. Marks admits that he didn't always do things right and revealed what it was like being fired from a ride that he paid for. He did find success in the NASCAR ranks, winning an Xfinity Series race on the windy and wet turns of the Mid-Ohio racing course in 2016 for Chip Ganassi Racing. Ironically, the same team he'd end up purchasing in his breakthrough in the Motorsports business world. Realizing his journey behind the wheel served a selfish need, Marks realized he had a "higher calling." He realized that he wanted to be a mover in the Motorsports industry. He did so by starting a team called "Trackhouse Racing." Trackhouse purchased two charters and longtime NASCAR team Chip Ganassi Racing. A purchase that happened one year before this appearance on The Dale Jr. Download. He admits that the decision was done in a risky order but he knew he needed to make some unorthodox moves to make his dream happen. In a year, a new team has created two first-time winners in the NASCAR Cup Series and has both of its teams in a playoff spot, running up-front each week and stealing headlines? How? Dale Jr admits that he was among the plethora of doubters, that didn't see the rapid success of the first year team coming. The mantra of Marks' approach is rooted in "belief." A philosophy in creating a business and culture that differs from the norm and placing belief in his drivers and employees to produce results. Marks discusses the rise of NASCAR superstar Ross Chastain and how he has ruffled the feathers of some of the sport's biggest names. He opens up about discussions with Ross and with other car owners like Rick Hendrick. He also talks about conversations with Denny Hamlin after a run in with Chastain in St. Louis. Dale Jr. and Mike Davis get the young team owner to open up about his thoughts on the state of the sport and how he sees the business model moving forward with the cost of the Next Gen car and the up-coming television deal that NASCAR will have to make in 2025. How does he view the current Charter system and the potential of new team owners, potentially ones sitting at the table, entering the Charter system? DIRTY AIR presented by FilterTime Before bringing Justin Marks to the table the DJD Gang discuss: The Download live at Ole Red in Nashville. Lightning delays and race start times. The reality that everything is going to streaming. ASK JR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse tees up fan questions about: Dale's rain delays as a driver. Who closed down the bar in Nashville? Fiery Tony Stewart getting physical with Ernie Francis in the SRX race Dale Jr. racing a Late Model at North Wilkesboro To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 28, 2022
Bonus: Live from Ole Red in Nashville w/ guest Darrell Waltrip, presented by Ally
A special live taping of The Dale Jr. Download with host Dale Earnhardt Jr and Mike Davis at Ole Red in Nashville, Tennessee brought to you by Ally. The beers and the stories flowed on stage in front of a packed house at Blake Shelton's bar and music venue. NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip joins Davis and Earnhardt to share tall tales and loads of laughs. Before DW showed up, Dale and Mike share some fun stories about their relationship, including the time a drunk Dale Jr. offered to be a perfect stranger's best man at a wedding. Oh, and the best man turned out to be a con-man. Dale talks about being back in the booth for this weekend's Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway. Dale Jr. also discusses recent test at North Wilkesboro Speedway in preparation for his return to racing a Late Model Stock car. Yes, that's an announcement! Dale Jr will be racing at North Wilkesboro on August 31st. How about that bombshell? Dale talks about his buddy Martin Truex Jr.'s decision to run one more season. He also talks about JR Motorsports' desire to compete in the NASCAR Cup Series. Ally brought Darrell Waltrip to the stage and boy he didn't disappoint. Ole DW stole the show at Ole Red. Waltrip made a name for himself down the road at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Waltrip talks about being called "Jaws" and the how it balanced with "The Cale Scale." This wasn't your ordinary talk with DW. Dale Jr found out the answer to something he's always wondered about. What happened when the cameras cut-away from Darrell and Dale Earnhardt after their infamous wreck at Richmond in 1986? DW reveals the Richmond revenge that was exacted in a never-before told story. Dale also seeks the truth about the controversial ending to the 1985 Winston when Darrell's Junior Johnson #11 blew an engine coming across the start-finish line. The guys decided to do an impromptu version of AskJr. It was live, in a bar full of beverages and it was hosted by former NFL player Bernard Pollard, The questions and answers are epic as Dale and Mike let it fly. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 25, 2022
387 - Phil Parsons: A Family Tradition
Phil Parsons has done it all. From being the little brother of a NASCAR Legend, a racer, a team owner and a broadcaster, the only thing he hadn't done was come to the Bojangles Studio to sit down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Until now. On his 65th birthday, Parsons sits down with Dale Jr. and Mike Davis about his fascinating life. All he wanted to do is race. Plain and simple. From the age of five, watching his brother Benny in daring Figure-8 races through his older brother's monumental ascension through the sport, little brother just wanted to drive. When he got his shot, it didn't come easy. He took a Vega and some infrequent opportunities and made the most of them by winning races in NASCAR's Baby Grand Series, which was to become the Dash Series. He won at places like Hickory Motor Speedway, Caraway Speedway, North Wilkesboro and Nashville. It's a period of Parsons’ story not often talked about and a time that Dale Jr. came to the table with curiosity about. Parsons’ racing career hit rock bottom, when family money and opportunity ran dry. So, he humbly went to Humpy Wheeler for help. The advice led him to a "real job" working with Travis Carter on Hal Needham and Burt Reynold's Skoal Bandit team. The team's drivers were stuntman Stan Barrett and the legendary Harry Gant. The job created a relationship with U.S. Tobacco which blossomed into funding for his own chances back behind the wheel. The sponsorship sent Parsons on a course for Cup. At first, he was just trying to stick in NASCAR's Late Model Sportsman ranks (now known as the Xfinity Series). His rookie season produced success and an opportunity the next year with the Skoal Bandit team in NASCAR's Cup Series. Parsons is well known for a massive crash he experienced at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama which sent his racecar tumbling violently on the high-banks. He details the wreck from his vantage point and the pain it produced. Phil also experienced the jubilation of winning in NASCAR's elite series, when he captured a win, five years after his flip, at Talladega. He explains the Zen of having the perfect car that day and matching it with perfect strategy and drive. At the end of the 1989 season Phil elected to have cataract surgery. After the successful procedure, Parsons started in his next big opportunity, for the powerful Morgan McClure Racing team. But, only three races into his tenure with the team, he got a call saying that the team was going in a different direction. Phil opens up about taking that phone call and the decision that ultimately cut the growth of his Cup career. Parson's also reveals how false rumors about his eyesight then hindered potential chances in Cup. His decision to return the Xfinity Series was a family matter. He details the choice and how he built part-two of his racing career. Parsons goes into detail about his brother Benny and the wild repair job that netted him the 1973 NASCAR Cup Series Championship. He also talks about Benny's role as a television broadcaster and how his legacy lives on. Phil too followed in Benny's footsteps with a successful television career of his own, to which he still enjoys to this day. DIRTY AIR Before Parsons joins the show, Dale, Mike, Hannah and Matthew talk about: Dale and Amy's wild commercial travel adventures and their trip to France. The upcoming live DJD show at Nashville's Ole Red. Jeremy Mayfield and others winning after being on the show. The sport needing more short-track style road courses.   ASKJR presented by Xfinity The fan questions came rolling in about: What songs pump up Dale Jr. Road Course suggestions like running a green Sonoma or The Boot at the Glen! Dale Jr driving a V8 Supercar. Dale Jr. asked to Le Mans for Garage 56? and more To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 22, 2022
386 - Dale Earnhardt Jr & Friends.: It Ain't Cheatin' If...
They say, it ain't cheatin' unless you're caught. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis share some of the best cheating stories to ever be heard on the download, with some surprises thrown in. Has the statute of limitations passed? And is it really cheating? We like to call it creativity and innovation. From Todd Parrott illegally cutting NASCAR templates while officials are being distracted, to Darrell Waltrip using Nitrous to boost his racecar, these are tales that are of legend. On this episode we also hear from racing great, convicted felon and creative genius Gary Balough. He reveals some tales from his days cheating up racecars on the short tracks of America. Ward Burton even brings a Daytona cheat to the floor. One of Dale Earnhardt's early car owners tried to skirt around a Dale Earnhardt cheating story. Dale Jr. and Mike hold him to the fire and get one of the wildest admissions of cheating the table has ever heard. No cheating show would be complete without some stories from former crew chief, car owner and racer Andy Petree. Oh, and just when you think the show is over and all the tall-tales are done, we bring a new surprise into the studio and an unexpected guest. Dean Jones worked with Petree, at Leo Jackson's team, in a secret room making some intriguing things for their racecars. Jones brought something to the table that stole the show. DIRTY AIR Before getting to the dirt from our guests, the Dale Jr. Download gang comes to the table with their own admissions. What have they cheated on? Fess up! ASK JR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse hits Dale Jr. with fan-submitted inquiries about: Who's the more trusted babysitter, Mike Davis or Matthew Dillner? Favorite and least favorite broadcast booths Goodwood dream ride? Some bucket-list tracks for Dale Jr to hit. Oswego Speedway and Supermodified glory To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 14, 2022
Bonus: New Podcast Joins Dirty Mo Media
Bonus content for fans of The Dale Jr. Download: Dirty Mo Media's newest podcast, Speed Street, is hosted by IndyCar driver Conor Daly and comedian and social media influencer Joey Mulinaro. Enjoy their most recent episode and then follow and subscribe to Speed Street on major podcasting platforms. Find it on Twitter and Instagram at @SpeedStreetPod. New episodes post weekly. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2022
385 - Jeremy Mayfield (Part Two): The Rise Before the Fall
In part one with Jeremy Mayfield we dove head-first into the former driver's failed drug tests, lengthy court battles, indefinite suspension from NASCAR and the tangled web of alleged conspiracy that shrouds his story. Today, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis speak with Mayfield about the mighty rise before his world came tumbling down. The Kentucky native started as a fabricator before working his way onto the Nashville Fairgrounds Late Model racing scene. Through hard work came opportunity. On the short track scene, Mayfield won races, even ones he wasn't supposed to be entered in. Yes, there's a story there! His short track success led to a rise into the upper-ranks of NASCAR. But at first, Mayfield didn't have the speed. So he had to get "creative" to gain and advantage. But first, he needed to get some soaked tires by NASCAR's technical inspection process. Mayfield reveals the "wink" that paved the way to furthering his young career. Mayfield opens up about negotiations with Cale Yarborough when he signed his first major deal with a NASCAR team. His timeline, though jagged, rose upward to the Kranefuss-Hass team and then to driving for the great Roger Penske. During this time, he was clearly making it know that he was a force to reckon with. An in-team rivalry with Rusty Wallace got to near ridiculous levels. The day he planted his flag in the ground was at Pocono in 2000 when he moved Dale Earnhardt, on the final corner, to win. Jeremy details the controversial tangle and what the Intimidator's reaction was the next time they saw each other. The biggest break for Mayfield came with Dodge and Ray Evernham's No. 19 team. Mayfield won races and raced his way into NASCAR's playoffs in the high-profile ride. But it wasn't without drama either. Internal struggles with Ray Evernham went public. Then, Mayfield made a final mistake. Dale Jr. gets to the bottom of what led to Mayfield's departure, and eventually led to the downfall of his racing career.   DIRTY AIR Before getting to part-two of the Mayfield story, Dale Jr. & Mike Davis get animated discussing: A wild St. Louis Cup Series race full of its own drama Ross Chastain's post-race "trolling"? Will Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott exact revenge? Conor Daly and Joey Mullinaro bring it in Speed Street debut.   ASKJR Presented by Xfinity Fan questions delivered to Dale with X-fi speed by Hannah Newhouse about: NASCAR Crown Jewels. Let's pick it and be done! The Future of the Xfinity Series. Electric? Safety response teams. Where can it improve? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 07, 2022
384 - Jeremy Mayfield - Blackballed?
Jeremy Mayfield is still indefinitely suspended from NASCAR. Today he sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis to share his story about the drug test that changed his NASCAR career, and life. The year was 2009, and Mayfield was a race-winner in NASCAR. May 1, 2009 he was called to perform a random drug test at Richmond Raceway. The test, and the result eight days later, would become one of the sport's biggest controversies of the era, and play out publicly and in the U.S. Court system. To this day, Mayfield denies any drug use. He contends that the positive test was a result of a combination of prescribed Adderall and over-the-counter Claritin-D. He was the first driver to trip a positive test under NASCAR's new substance abuse policy. Mayfield refused to play-ball and decided to fight America's largest motorsports sanctioning bodies. He not only contested the result, but questioned the head of NASCAR's drug lab, Aegis' Dr. David Black. The battle between NASCAR and Mayfield was all over the news and played out for years in the courts. Trouble seemed to follow Mayfield after the test and suspension. There was a July drug test in 2009 that resulted in a lengthy delay between the time of the call to test and Mayfield reporting. The Kentucky native opens up about what his lawyers were telling him to do and why the delay happened. That test, by NASCAR's lab, showed positive for high levels of methamphetamines. Mayfield says his independent tests, taken just hours later, showed no trace of the drug. In 2011, Mayfield's personal shop and house were the subject of a warrant and a raid by law enforcement. He details what happened from his vantage point when the SWAT teams arrived with machine guns and broke down the doors of his home. The raid resulted in a string of felony charges for stolen items and a charge for possession of meth. Mayfield denies the meth that was found and tells his take on the baggie they discovered in his safe. Mayfield still believes that all of the drug tests that tested positive were false or were a part of a greater conspiracy. He claims that a personal feud with NASCAR's Brian France was the root of much of his troubles. Now, this might not be "the' story, but it is "his" story. The Download gives the former racer a chance to share his account of the fascinating story.. DIRTY AIR Before Jeremy came to the table, the DJD crew talks about: The World 600 and why it shouldn't be named anything else. Chase Briscoe's Hail Mary full of crash. The new Dirty Mo Media podcast, Speed Street, with Indycar driver Conor Daly and Joey Mulinaro. ASKJR Presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse brings it with fan questions from Twitter and the live YouTube chat. The Snake Pit at the Indy 500. Dale's anxiety of having two aggressive JR Motorsports driver gunning for a win. The Roval wouldn't be here if the racing was as good as the 600 a few years ago. Dale going to a World of Outlaws race? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2022
383 - Denny Hamlin: Zero F's Given
He's a NASCAR winner. He co-owns a race team with Michael Jordan. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. Denny Hamlin joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis at the table for a bold and honest conversation about the sport. Hamlin comes in "full send" mode with his takes on the sport and the direction it is headed. His unique perspective, as a current competitor and car owner, gives him an even bigger voice at the table. Boy, does he use it! While he is candid about what he feels isn't right, he points out that his intentions are to make the sport better. Sometimes Denny's presence and opinions on social platforms and in the media have created controversy, but his voice has become one of a leader in the garage. Hamlin opens up about the conversations he's had with NASCAR CEO Jim France about the potential expansion of his team, 23XI Racing, and how they are on hold until further notice. Denny talks about what he needs to see before he and MJ take the two-car operation to the next level. Hamlin lets us in to how he feels about the business model of NASCAR between drivers, tv partners, teams and tracks. He says that the pie is big enough, but it needs to be divided differently. The veteran NASCAR driver pulls no punches in expressing what he believes needs to happen. Hamlin and Earnhardt discuss the state of the charter system in the sport and the pros and cons of starting a team in the Cup Series. If the sport expands to a higher number of charters, how much should a new team pay? Fresh off his second-place run at the NASCAR All-Star Race, Hamlin shares his disappointment in the controversial yellow flag and Ryan Blaney's window net issue. Plus, did his post race comments and use of the "F" word get him in hot water? Denny also explains what he thinks about the All Star Race as a whole and how the event, and other aspects of the sport, have become diluted. Dale Jr. asks Denny, who currently races the FedEx #11 for Joe Gibbs Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series, if he would drive for his own team someday. Earnhardt also gets Hamlin’s insight into the current dynamic at JGR with four full-time drivers, contract questions, and the emerging talent of Ty Gibbs waiting in the wings. What's gonna give? Denny also talks about his exit plan from behind the wheel of a racecar and what that will look like.. After struggling for a good chunk of 2022, Hamlin has reached victory lane. The season though, has only resulted in two top-five finishes. Denny gives his take on the Next Gen car's performance and which issues need to be addressed. He talks about Bubba Wallace's performance and 23XI Racing’s big win in Kansas with veteran driver Kurt Busch. DIRTY AIR Before Denny came to the table, Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis, Hannah Newhouse and producer Matthew Dillner share some conversation about: The All Star Race and the controversial caution. The Window-net debacle and what should have been done. NASCAR owning one mistake but not the other. What should happen to the All Star Race in the future? Jimmie Johnson's run to the Indianapolis 500 has come with some big risks ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse brings fan questions to the table about: Dale Jr.'s wildest appearances, including driving a tank and landing on an aircraft carrier. How Blaney handled the anxiety of the end of the All Star Race. Dale's childhood love for wrestling and how it was stifled in the Earnhardt homestead. Late Night drunken Waffle House orders To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 24, 2022
382 - Doug Yates: Win with Advantages
Yates, a name synonymous with power. Master engine builder Doug Yates, son of NASCAR Hall of Famer Robert Yates, comes to "the table of truth" to share stories with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and co-host Mike Davis, about a family legacy filled with ups, downs and everything between. Growing up in North Carolina, the epicenter of modern stock car racing, Doug knew nothing different than his father Robert working on engines. But life in Charlotte shifted to the hills of North Wilkesboro. The Yates family uprooted, and went to work for NASCAR car-owner and folk hero Junior Johnson. Living on a farm, just steps away from a modest laboratory of speed, Robert Yates crafted horsepower into the wee hours of the night with his young son right beside him. Doug details the formidable years they spent in Wilkes County and how it prepared them for their racing timeline. When DiGard Racing came calling, Robert packed up and left the farm. The departure caused tension between Robert and Junior for years. It wouldn't be the only tension. Darrell Waltrip's departure from DiGard resulted in unspoken animosity that spanned decades. It wasn't until Robert's final months, before cancer took his life, that son Doug found a way to get them together to bury the hatchet. Doug gives us a unique perspective on DiGard’s successes, like the ‘83 title run w/ Bobby Allison and the Daytona 500 win that some called “bumper-gate.” He also details dynamics that led to the fall of DiGard and his father leaving the sport. In 1985, just two years after his engine won, Yates watched the Great American Race from his television. But soon the sport that came calling for Yates again. Rick Hendrick was using his engines when Ford set up the next opportunity. Doug carefully details the alignment with Ranier-Lundy racing that led eventually led to the creation of Robert Yates Racing. While young phenom Rusty Wallace was in line to be their driver, Yates took a swing in a different direction, choosing a racer with a familiar pedigree, Davey Allison. With Allison's raw talent and the straightaway speed of Yates Engines, it created speed that even the Intimidator wasn't pleased with. Doug admits the Yates engines were cranking out about 50-horsepower more than the other Ford engines. This forced NASCAR to get involved. The following years of the Yates story read like a novel. Wins and a near title w/ Davey were followed by his untimely death in a helicopter crash in 1993. Yates opens up about his family's struggle with moving on from a driver that was like a son and a brother. Then, their next big star, Ernie Irvan’s practice crash at Michigan International Speedway. Ernie returned from severe head injuries, to win w/ RYR, but the accident proved to stunt the growth of a once promising career. Most don’t know that the next step for RYR nearly put Dale Earnhardt as the driver of the Texaco No. 28 Ford. What? But, it was Robert Yates who said he wanted another Dale. Once again, Yates went a different direction and his choice was Dale Jarrett. The combo proved lethal, netting the team two Daytona 500's and the 1998 NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Doug opens up about the unusual partnership that brought bitter rivals and the two giants of Ford Racing Engines to form an unlikely alliance. Just how did Jack Roush and Robert Yates agree to partner? Doug holds the key. The company still thrives today but not just in racing, manufacturing for medical companies, defense projects and more. OPEN SEGMENT Dale Jr. announces his new children’s book “Buster’s Trip to Victory Lane” “The” new and dirty name for Open Segment Mike’s commencement speech Kurt Busch's win! ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hannah brings fan questions to the table about: Drivers pulling those belts tight Dale Jr.’s Black-top desires How Dale Earnhardt would handle the SIM To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 17, 2022
381 - Rick Mears: A Quiet Desire
When a Motorsports icon walks into the room, that room changes. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis welcome four-time Indianapolis 500 winner Rick Mears to the table for a fascinating discussion about his storied racing career. From the streets of Bakersfield came a young man, with a motorcycle and a thirst for competition. The sensible influence of a mother, added two more wheels underneath Rick Mears. Little did she know that it would lead to being one of the fastest racers on the planet. First, young Rick honed his skills on the dirt of Ascot Park, jumping and sliding around in Sprint Buggies. The world of off-road racing took young him to the desert, where races like the Mint 400 and the Baja 1000 introduced Mears to some of the giants of Motorsport. As his reputation grew, so did opportunity. Bill Simpson plucked Mears from the dirt into open-wheeled racecars. Two years later, this quiet Californian was attempting to qualify for the Indianapolis 500. His first 500 attempt came with failure. The experience of not making the 33-car field came with learning opportunities and a random meeting that would change the course of Mears' life. Enter Roger Penske. The famed racing team owner tabbed the virtually unknown racer to pilot one of his open-wheeled beasts. The duo blossomed into what became one of the most successful driver-car owner combinations in the sports' history. Mears' style was calm and calculated. Rick admits that his demeaner led to an embarrassing and potentially dangerous moment in the opening laps of his first Indy 500. It was so bad, that he didn't even want to cue the radio to tell Roger Penske. It's a story you have to hear to believe. Rick says that "being strapped to a bomb," inside of an Indycar, will teach a racecar driver to go to the limit of speed and not go over. How did a young Mears deal with the ever-present factory of fear and develop the uncanny ability to walk a car to the edge of disaster so successfully? While his early career was pretty clean, disaster did strike Mears eventually. He admits to Dale Jr. and Mike that the horrific crash at San Air in Canada that left his feet shattered, was caused by driver error. Mears survived the crash but endured through most of his career feeling the pain caused by the incident. Mears became a four-time Indy 500 Champion, a feat only accomplished by three other drivers in the 104th running of the world's most famous race. But during some of those wins, Mears viewed Indy as just another race. It wasn't until later in his racing life, that he learned to appreciate what Indianapolis truly meant. Out of a curiosity created by filming the tv show "Lost Speedways" Mike Davis inquires about Rick Mears' take on the USAC / CART split in 1979. This question leads to Mears revealing that he had once tested a Formula-1 car and even had a signed contract with Bernie Ecclestone. Why did Mears stay the course in American open-wheel racing rather than a move overseas to the world of F1? Mears opens up about his disastrous 1992 Indy crash and the change in his mindset that led to hanging up the helmet. While many wanted him to go for an unprecedented 5th Indy 500 win, Mears knew it was his time to walk away. OPEN SEGMENT Before Mears entered the Bojangles Studio, the DJD gang took a fresh new swing at the "Open Segment" of the show to talk about: Kyle Busch leaving his racecar on pit road and walking away to the garage at Darlington. Joey Logano's controversial last lap contact with William Byron for the win. Is Joey doing it right? How should Byron handle it moving forward? Dale Jr. and Rutledge Wood's role in the Kentucky Derby broadcast and the awkwardness of interviewing Jack Harlow and Drake. What should the "Open Segment" of the show be called anyway? ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse serves up fan questions about: Miami's F1 Weekend Strange Things Dale has autographed. North Wilkesboro Speedway News Dale's Rich Strike moment and more! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 10, 2022
380 - Ricky Carmichael: The GOAT
"The GOAT" Ricky Carmichael sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis for a fascinating discussion about his decorated career as the greatest motocross and supercross, rider of all-time, his brief go at NASCAR and much more. Dale Jr. admits that when Carmichael enters a room, the room changes. Ricky brings much more than an impressive resume to the Bojangles Studio. He brings honesty and openness about the ups and downs of his career. From dirt to riches, he details his humble beginnings in Florida and how a 5-year-old went from riding a three-wheel bike to becoming a 2-wheel racing icon. Carmichael admits, he didn't race for himself, but his parents. They were the motivation he used to succeed in his early riding days. He reveals that for years, he actually hated dirt bikes. Racing MX / SX takes more than just God-given talent, it takes bravery. Dale Jr. and Mike get Ricky to talk about the mindset that it takes to make it in such a wild sport. At first came failure, than a dedication to his craft that led him to finally beat the great Jeremy McGrath in 2001. Then, in 2002 and 2004, Carmichael did the unthinkable. He was perfect. 24 wins in 24 races, for two seasons, solidified his status as a legend of the game. But in between the success' was heartache, tough business decisions and injuries, that threatened it all. Hear how Carmichael raced through a torn ACL to try to progress his racing career. RC talks about his current life as a broadcaster and how the passionate and vocal Supercross fanbase makes his job even more of a challenge. He opens up about the business side from the various perspectives he's had as a rider, a broadcaster and a team owner in the MX/SX ranks. Do present-day riders get paid what they should? "Someone's making money," says Carmichael. Ricky's retirement form motorcycle racing in 2007 sent shockwaves across the sport. But it wasn't the end of his racing career, he just added two wheels! A conversation with Kasey Kahne and a test session in a Ray Evernham Late Model at Hickory Speedway in North Carolina, led to the start of his Stock Car Racing career. Ricky details why he made the decision to sign with Ginn racing over the Joe Gibbs development program. The move put him running Super Late Models in his home state of Florida under the tutelage of NASCAR Hall of Famer Mark Martin. When the Ginn team collapsed, the next move put him in an ARCA racecar for the legendary Ken Schrader's team. Their success led to a call from Kevin Harvick and a shot at the big leagues in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. In three years he racked up four top-five finishes in the Trucks and a handful of Xfinity Series starts. With long-time partner Monster Energy, the next step in his career was just one signature away. The plan had Carmichael splitting the seat with Kyle Busch in a Kyle Busch Motorsports Xfinity Series car. Just how did two separate Busch brother controversies lead to the collapse of a deal in the final hour? For the first time, Carmichael opens up about what happened and how it pretty much ended his NASCAR career. OPEN SEGMENT Before Ricky Carmichael came into the studio, The Download welcomed Trackhouse Racing team owner Justin Marks to the table. They touch on the sudden success of the new team. But, what Marks really came for, was to reveal the Darlington throwback scheme for both of his NASCAR Cup Series cars. The announcement and execution of the liveries had Dale Jr. breathless. ASKJR PRESENTED BY XFINITY Hannah Newhouse brings fan questions from Xfinity Twitter and the Dirty Mo Media YouTube about: JRM's 1,2,4,5 finish and how Door Bumper Clear is the Kyle Busch of Motorsports media. Monday Night Racing and how it has led to an increase in "wreck avoidance". How to achieve a Throwback Eclipse in NASCAR How Ross the Renter is a bona fide contender for the child. Oh, and Dale gives insight into Chastain's post-race talk with Martin Truex Jr. A possible DEI racecar graveyard To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 03, 2022
379 - Earnhardt Stories: Horses, Hunts and Hangovers
On this edition of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis and special guests take a look back at some of the best Earnhardt stories of all-time. We reach far into the way-back machine to a couch discussion with NASCAR Hall of Famer Terry Labonte. Labonte was on the receiving end of one of the more famous shots from the front bumper of The Intimidator's No, 3 car at Bristol Motor Speedway. Just how did "Texas Terry" balance the awkwardness of being hunting buddies and fierce competitors during the peak of both of their careers. Dale Jr. and great friend Hank Parker Jr. talk about the relationship their father's had and how it helped their's blossom. It leads the table to learn of one of the funniest Dale Earnhardt hunting stories of all time! Dale Earnhardt's long-time car owner and great friend Richard Childress shares intimate details of a hunting trip that resulted in near tragedy. How did a campfire promise made on the trip keep Richard Childress racing after the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001? Last but not least, one of the most popular guests on The Download, the legendary Ken Schrader, shares the story of all stories. Dale Jr. calls it "The Trip," and boy was it a trip! When you mix a teenage Dale Jr. with dirt track veteran Ken Schrader, and add in nudie magazines, beer, hitchhiking and a strip club, you get quite the damn story. It's a trip that drew the ire of "Dad" Earnhardt. As for Schrader? He ultimately paid the price. OPEN SEGMENT Before reminiscing on Earnhardt stories, Mike and Dale discuss something that has been on their minds leading up to the up-coming NASCAR Throwback Weekend at Darlington Raceway. The two friends share their real feelings about what has become a cherished part of the NASCAR season, what it may look like, and how the entire industry should approach it. ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse brings fan questions to the table of truth. Who on the Dirty Mo Media team have habits that annoy me. It gets super-honest and hilarious. The Adam Petty shoes Dale showed on MTV Cribs back in the day. Racecar numbers slanting forward or backwards? Designing a racetrack from scratch. Plenty of time to pick on producer Matthew Dillner To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 26, 2022
378 - Greg Olsen: Show Your Scars
The NFL and NASCAR combine as a pair of well-known 88's, three-time Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen joins two-time Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the table of truth. Olsen opens up to Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about his journey from a local New Jersey football family to playing in the National Football League. The two athletes met years ago, and forged a solid friendship through shared charitable endeavors.. Thanks our new sponsor Ally, Olsen walked into the Bojangles studio ready to hit the ground running. He detailed the ups and downs of his football life and the values instilled in him by his father that he took along with him every step of the way. Dale Jr. and Greg share their thoughts on the psychology of raising children in a sport and that there is more valuable lessons to be learned by a young mind than just winning a game. Pro football player Olsen is now coach-dad on the baseball field for his children's teams..  Olsen talks about the process of being recruited by colleges during his high school football career and the realities involved in the process. We learn that his father made Greg do something very difficult to let down the coaches from the schools that he wasn't choosing. In doing so he taught some valuable lessons. He also reveals his tenure with Notre Dame and the tough decision to vacate the famed Indiana-based academy for the palm trees of Miami beach and the University of Miami Hurricanes. Curiosity over the combine events that scout college players before they are drafter in the NFL, Dale Jr. gets Greg Olsen to open up about his experience at the event. It's a rare peek into what really happens between player reps, scouts and teams during the NFL Combine. It also lets us in the killer-instinct and mental game that Olsen used throughout much of his football career. The 6-foot-5, 255-pound tight end offers his memories of getting drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round. Then a few years later, one of the worst trades in Bears history sent Olsen to the North Carolina to play for the Carolina Panthers. Olsen saw the majority of his success in Carolina, and gives us a look behind the curtain of NFL locker room life. What was it like playing with star quarterback Cam Newton? Was the polarizing figure a distraction? Olsen also details getting released by the Panthers and the many difficulties he faced in his year with the Seattle Seahawks, from the CoVid-19 pandemic to coaching, that helped lead to his decision to retire from the game. The biggest fight Olsen faced didn't come from a linebacker or a free-safety. It came from within his family. In 2012, he and wife Kara gave birth to twins T.J. and Talbot. T.J. was born with a congenital heart defect that required multiple surgeries, including three open-heart procedures. In 2021, his heart started to fail. T.J. received a heart transplant and is now an active nine-year-old boy. Olsen opens up about the decisions to share the incredibly tough journey with the public. OPEN SEGMENT Before Greg Olsen came into the Dirty Mo Media Bojangles studio, Dale Jr., Mike and the gang unpacked some feelings about the recent news of North Wilkesboro Speedway coming off the Lost Speedways list to host racing again. They explain how it’s now up to the fans to prove that North Wilkesboro, and other small market tracks like it, are viable racing facilities, by showing up to the races. Dale's ready to tailgate, are you? The revival has Dale Jr. so excited, that he is even thinking about hopping in a racecar himself at the historic North Carolina track. Wait, what? It's a revelation that had us all floored. ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hanna Newhouse brings fan questions from @XfinityRacing on twitter about: Dale Jr. joining the Fox broadcast team for the Talladega race. Cruising the Talladega infield The time Dale Jr. drove a Petty-43 Ford at Nashville Fairgrounds Dale Earnhardt's role in the motion picture "BASEketball.” To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 19, 2022
377 - Cathy Watkins: The Undefeated Earnhardt
There's nothing like the bond of family. This week Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes in his sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller to sit down with their Aunt, Cathy Watkins, for a peek behind the curtain of the Earnhardt story. From V8 and Sedan street in Kannapolis, NC a motorsports legacy was born. The King of the dirt tracks, Ralph Earnhardt, was tearing up the circuit feeding his family with race wins and working on racecars. Of course, in 1952 came the birth of his son Dale Earnhardt, regarded as one of the best stock car racers of all-time. But before there was a Dale, there was a Cathy. Aunt Cathy wanted to be one of the boys. She loved washing parts in Ralph's backyard racing shop. But soon came womanhood and she was removed from the male-dominated garage. That was a tough pill to swallow. Ya see, Cathy was born into a true passion for racing. A few years later, Cathy was able to show her racing worth in what was then known as "Powder-Puff" races. The all-female races were an added bonus to a local short track racing program. But to an Earnhardt, it was a chance to win. In a span of decade, Cathy went ten-for-ten in Powder Puff events to become the only undefeated Earnhardt. Cathy gives a personal look into what it was like to grow up in the Earnhardt house in Kannapolis. She details the unrelenting strictness of Ralph Earnhardt and what was expected of them as children. She also reveals that Ralph Earnhardt did more than just work on his own cars, he worked on liquor cars for legendary racer and moonshiner Junior Johnson. Watkins lets us in on details about Ralph's health and the heart attack that caused his untimely death in 1973. She explains how seeing the shop door closed behind the house was crushing. After Ralph's passing, Dale Earnhardt used his iron-clad work ethic to create opportunities to race. He was a self-made racer that eventually made it to the pinnacle of the sport. That success on track came at the cost of his family life. Two failed marriages and drama created an inconsistent childhood for Dale Jr. and Kelley. The three Earnhardts talk about the complications of family dynamic. They share memories of the fight between Dale's mom Brenda and Dale's wife Teresa and more. Cathy's racing life didn't end after her ten race wins. She developed a relationship with one of Dale's crew members, Mike Watkins. She shares how they kept the relationship hidden from Dale Earnhardt for a while. The sneaking around led to a long-time marriage and a shared life on the road working souvenir haulers at NASCAR tracks and on the road for the Earnhardt family. Working at the track, Cathy developed a true passion for conversing with race fans. Oh, except that one time they said ugly things about her brother. That's a story you have to hear!   OPEN SEGMENT Before Aunt Cathy came into the studio, Dale Jr..and sister Kelley chatted about about: The NASCAR Xfinity Series dust-up on track between JR Motorsports driver Sam Mayer and Joe Gibbs Racing driver Ty Gibbs. They detail the fight that followed on pit road. Dale's enjoyment back behind the wheel at Martinsville. What's going on with the Cup cars on short tracks?   ASKJR Presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse hits Dale Jr. with fan questions talking about: JR Motorsports Late Model boys racing with Layne Riggs at Greenville Pickens Having Isla and Nicole at the track watching daddy race. Noah's White Claw, getting to like beer and developing Sun Drop and Vodka drinks. Should Ty Gibbs have taken off his helmet to fight? Five tracks Dale Jr. would want to race on more than once a year. Including a cryptic North Wilkesboro mention. Hmm. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 13, 2022
376 - Robert Wickens: Unbreak-able
Being paralyzed from a horrific racing crash has not stopped the drive of Robert Wickens. The paraplegic racer shares his inspirational story with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis. His story is also unorthodox. How did he get into racing? The exposure came from television, NASCAR and a bootleg, sex-free version of Days of Thunder. Dale Jr. and Robert connect on the mutual bond of matchbox cars, which they both, as children, used to emulate the races they watched. The two racers laugh sharing memories of innovating their makeshift tracks. The passion grew and a decision to abandon stick-and-ball sports led Wickens to go-kart racing. From there, his career took off. He moved to the states and then to Europe chasing his dream. While in Europe he navigated the pathway up the motorsports ladder in various series of competition. It was a journey that took him from open-wheeled racecars to German touring cars with Mercedes. While in the Mercedes program, his path even crossed with Formula 1 great Michael Schumacher, who served as an advisor to the team. Wickens earned his FIA Super license and was a reserve driver for a Formula 1 team. He was under contract with an F1 organization but the opportunity was severed by a driver with a bigger checkbook. Wickens’ return to North America came with an opportunity to race in the NTT Indycar Series fulltime with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. The rookie came out of the gate with authority capturing the pole at the ending of the qualifying session at the season opener at the St. Petersburg course in Florida. Wickens then led the majority of the race before controversial contact with two laps to go between he and his good friend Alexander Rossi. The incident took him out contention for the win. His Indycar progression was going well. Then August 19, 2018. Wickens lined up 6th for the 500-mile race at the tricky Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. The seventh lap would change Robert Wickens life forever. While battling Ryan Hunter-Reay, a crash sent his car into the catchfence violently at a speed of 210 mph. Wickens tries to recall the scattered memories he has of the day, that live in bits and pieces in his mind. The accident resulted in badly fractured legs, arms, hands, ribs, neck, a pulmonary contusion and thoracic spinal fracture. Robert Wickens survived the crash but was now faced with being a paraplegic. Wickens reveals what he knows about the time he spent in an induced coma and the struggle to just survive.. He then opens up about the pain he endured from his injuries, both physically and mentally, and the ripple effect its had on so many people in his life. His journey since the crash has been damn-near miraculous. Driven by a thirst for independence and a desire to return to racing, Robert Wickens fought through various levels of rehabilitation to get to his ultimate goal. That goal? Strapping in behind the wheel of a racecar. At first, E-Sports and iRacing were his proving grounds. Now, the next chapter has begun as Wickens is competing in IMSA's Pilot Series for Hyundai in a racecar with hand-controls. It's a journey that has inspired so many, including everyone in the room.   OPEN SEGMENT Before Wickens' arrival, Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals what it was like to be a part of the nomination panel, for the first time, at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The DJD then debates who they would select from that list to make it into the next class of the HOF. Who should be in the Hall and why?   ASKJR Presented By Xfinity Hannah Newhouse picks the best fan questions from Twitter and the Dirty Mo Media live chat. We discuss: April fools and dirty pranks Danica Patrick catching the bouquet at Dale and Amy's wedding. The advantage of tape on the grille of your racecar after Kyle Busch's penalty. How the Next Gen car will do on dirt. How iRacing will get its hands dirty in the console game scene. Who built the table? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 05, 2022
375 - Ricky Craven: My True North
It is rare to hear two racecar drivers, stripped of the machismo attitude that comes from being a fierce competitor, talk about their most vulnerable moments. Former NASCAR driver and television analyst Ricky Craven sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis for one of the most honest conversations between racers you will ever hear. From broken relationships, near tragic crashes, concussions to depression, it's a conversation that sheds light on parts of racing that are not often discussed. Craven cut his teeth on the Short Tracks of New England, following in his father's footsteps as a racer. The introduction to auto racing, as we learn, is one of the only lessons his father offered the young Maine racer. From Chargers. ACT Tour Late Models to the highly competitive Busch North Series, Craven's stock was rising. When opportunity came knocking, Craven jumped on it. His move south, into NASCAR's upper ranks, didn't come without challenges and valuable lessons. Some of those lessons, came from an unexpected source, the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. Craven's ascension into the elite NASCAR Cup Series came with some early success. In 1996, he was sixth in the standings when the green flag dropped at the massive Talladega Superspeedway. But it was a red flag at lap 129, caused by a savage crash that saw Craven airborne into the catchfence and flying over five cars, that started his struggles mentally and physically. Craven broke his back in the wreck, but came back to the seat right away. A year later, Craven landed his dream job piloting the Budweiser No. 25 Cup car for one of the best teams in the sport, Hendrick Motorsports. That dream, quickly became a nightmare, as a series of bad accidents led to a serious head injury when Craven crashed during practice at Texas Motor Speedway. Helicoptered to a hospital, the severity of his injuries kept him from the cherished seat he had earned. Eventually, Ricky returned. He fought through the symptoms that lingered after the crash. About a year later, Craven had to take himself out of the racecar, after being diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. He opens up about how he was feeling and what he was going through at the time. As if a challenging upbringing, a wildly competitive sport, and concussion issues weren't enough, Craven was also dealing with depression. It wasn't until later in life, that the charismatic New Englander figured out, with the help of friend Dale Jr. and his doctor Mickey Collins, what his "true north" was. Craven shares the experiences battling depression and how he finds the inner-peace to make it through. Dale Jr. and Ricky share the commonality of going through serious head trauma. They share their viewpoints on a sport where it was once taboo to admit you are hurt and how it affected their careers and lives. It's a polarizing discussion that you don't want to miss. OPEN SEGMENT During our Open Segment Dale Jr. and Mike talk about the controversial finish at the Circuit of the America's (COTA) and what people should expect out of the young and aggressive Ross Chastain in the future. Dale Jr. also expresses his distain for "Track Limits" in NASCAR. They discuss Denny Hamlin's tweet an the public response to on-track incidents. Dale Jr. explains Reaction vs Reputation. ASKJR Presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse hits Dale Jr. with some interesting questions from our fans and we learn a lot from the answers. Dale Jr. gives us his plan for prepping for his line NASCAR Xfinity Series race of 2022. What does Dale Jr. and Mike Davis think of Will Smith's slap heard around the world? Was it for real? Dale wants a fireball. The candy! Le Mans or No Lemans? Dale also weighs in on Hendrick Motorsports’ participation How the upper ranks of the sport can help Short Track Racing Thoughts on the Foo Fighters after the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 29, 2022
374 - Geoff Bodine: Rivals and Revelations
For some NASCAR fans, the names Earnhardt and Bodine are like oil and water. Today, the much-anticipated interview as Geoff Bodine, one of Dale Earnhardt's biggest rivals, sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis on The Download. The legendary NASCAR driver began his storied career in an all-female "powder puff" race and wore a wig to do so. From there, Bodine started his young career on the short tracks of the Northeast driving NASCAR Modifieds. In 1978, Bodine won an astonishing 55 out of 84 sanctioned races, a feat still in the Guinness Book of World Records. Bodine's winning ways in NASCAR's open wheel ranks led to opportunities down south in NASCAR's Late Model Sportsman series, now called the Xfinity Series, and eventually a ride in the elite Cup Series. The 1982 Cup Rookie of the Year details his early days and how he got a shot with a Charlotte car-salesman who was starting a NASCAR team. That car owner was Rick Hendrick. Hendrick paired the Yankee racer with a very southern crew chief, Harry Hyde. The effort fizzled quickly and Hendrick told the team they were out of money and shutting the doors. They were done. But Hyde convinced Hendrick to give them one more chance. Bodine talks about the Martinsville win that spring boarded his success and saved Hendrick Motorsports. With Bodine running at the front, run-ins were imminent. There were no greater run-ins than the ones he had with the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. The two rivals locked horns on several occasions, leading to a legendary meeting between the drivers, team owners and NASCAR's Bill France. Bodine explains what really went down in a scene famously depicted in the motion picture "Days of Thunder," Dale Jr. admits, how the rivalry created riffs between friends and families. No talk with Geoff could be complete without asking the difficult question about the 1994 Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the incident between he and his brother Brett Bodine. The drama played out on a very public stage and shocked many in the racing world. But behind closed doors, all involved knew why it happened. It's something Geoff has a difficult time talking about to this day. Bodine is also known for surviving one of the most horrific crashes of all time, in the inaugural 250-mile NASCAR Truck Series race at Daytona International Speedway. Most who witnessed the wreck, thought there was no way he could have survived, but amazingly he did. Bodine details the crash and how he spoke with his father, who was deceased, during the near death experience. The incident effected Bodine's career and most importantly his life. He struggled physically with vision and pain, and emotionally with problems that he brings to the discussion at the table. Geoff shares his testimony in a vivid, open and honest way and how it led him to a faith, he believes, ultimately saved his life.. A faith that defines the legendary driver more than his 1986 Daytona 500 win. Aside from his racing efforts, Bodine also shares how he spearheaded an effort to get the United States Bobsled program Olympic Gold. We also learn about the NASCAR Country Music record he helped make happen and how he feels about potentially being in the NASCAR Hall of Fame discussion. OPEN SEGMENT Before Geoff Bodine came to the table Mike and Dale discuss: Dale details his trip to Houston, Texas for his wife Amy's birthday and how they attempted, again, to meet country music superstar George Strait. Mike has a big announcement for fans of Dirty Mo Media ASKJR Hannah Newhouse is in studio to deliver some fan questions inspired by unique observations that impressed Dale and co. Potential additions to the iRacing platform How Amy pulled him from living life in "a big funnel" An International Lost Speedway that peaks Dale Jr.'s interest Why Dale switched steering wheel sizes during his tenure at Hendrick Motorsports Favorite thing to order from Bojangles To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 22, 2022
373 - Austin Cindric: Opportunity Knocks
He's only 23-years old, but Austin Cindric is already a Daytona 500 Champion and an accomplished racecar driver. Today, he sits at the big table with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis so the world can learn more about the young-man beyond the flashbulbs and trophies. At first glance, his life seems like an arranged marriage. The son of Tim Cindric, the president of Team Penske, driving in NASCAR"s top series in the famed Penske No. 2 car. There are some that feel Cindric had a path forged in gold before his feet. What most don't realize is that his parents didn't even want him to race a car. Most also don't realize how hard the Mooresville, N.C., driver has worked to make the most out of every opportunity he has gotten. Oh, and about those opportunities... he's made the most of them. From sportscar racing, Global Rallycross to NASCAR and in between, Cindric hasn't been average. In his rookie of the year attempt in NASCAR's Truck Series he put the bumper to a competitor at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park to get into the series' playoffs. Austin admits to Dale and Mike that it was a move that drew a lot of criticism and he shares how he learned from the experience Next was his big shot in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The opportunity was something he admits he wasn't exactly ready for. The first year came with its challenges, hopping between three different rides. One of which, through their struggles, taught him another valuable lesson in his young racing career. Getting the nod to fill the seat of the Team Penske No. 22 ride was no surprise, based off of his pathway into NASCAR and his family dynamic. He took the opportunity and ran with it. Soon, Cindric developed himself from a road course threat to a winning racecar. In 2020 he won the finale at Phoenix and stuck his flag into the ground as a Champion in NASCAR's Xfinity Series. The next season, the winning ways continued, but a championship did not. With the knowledge he was already moving up to the Cup Series in 2022, Austin wanted to go out on top. A last lap move by Daniel Hemric stole that from him. In post race interviews, he handled it with the poise of a racer well-beyond his years. Dale and Mike discuss the approach with Austin. There's much more to Cindric than meets the eye. First off, his size. He's a tall racecar driver which is uncommon. He also plays the tuba. Yes, the tuba. Everyone talks about his racing lineage on his father's side, but did you know his mother's side has roots in Sprint Car racing and are winners of the Indianapolis 500? Open Segment Before Cindric entered the studio, Dale and Mike decided to grab JR Motorsports Xfinity driver Justin Allgaier and pull him into the Bojangles Studio for a quick chat. The driver of the Brandt #7 Chevrolet in the Xfinity Series recently tested his car and a Chevy wheel-force car at the newly reconfigured Atlanta Motor Speedway. As we go into this race with so many unknowns, Allgaier shares details on his first hand experience at speed and going backwards at the tricky Georgia speedplant. Dale Jr. also shares an unusual story about how he once had a beer with George Strait in Key West. AskJr Hannah Newhouse brings a bunch of great questions from the fans on social media and DIrty Mo Media's live Youtube Stream. Topics covered: DJD's new TV home on Peacock. DEI's number choices. Dale Jr's Super Late Model regret Carson Kvapil's 30k pay-day Time for a racecar speedometer? and a conversation that somehow includes Bryan Adams, Aerosmith and Trevor Bayne. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 15, 2022
372 - DEI Days: The Rise (Alternate Version)
This is an alternate version of our "DEI Days: The Rise" episode. It is a mix of the episode that doesn't include the music scores during the interviews. We hope you enjoy! About the Episode The meteoric rise of a Motorsports empire. Dirty Mo Media and The Dale Jr. Download present a special look behind the curtain of Dale Earnhardt Inc, as told by drivers and key members of the team. This episode focuses on the growth of Dale Earnhardt's racing team from a part-time effort in the NASCAR Xfinity Series to a winning three-car team in NASCAR's elite Cup Series. Drivers Ron Hornaday Jr., Steve Park and Michael Waltrip share their experiences in getting to know the Intimidator and how he pulled them under his wing and into DEI. One of the key members of Earnhardt's team, was Ty Norris. Norris wore several hats at DEI, but we learn his most important was being one of Dale Earnhardt's top "lieutenants." Norris shares how Dale Earnhardt took him from a public relations position to helping him operate his beloved race team. Steve Park was plucked from the open-wheeled Modified ranks of the northeast to be the driver to build the program around. After some time seasoning, Park was Earnhardt's choice to race in the Cup level. This paved the way for Dale Earnhardt Jr. We learn that his first opportunity came on a suggestion from his uncle, the late Danny Earnhardt Sr. Dale Jr. proved he was a winner and joined Park. The trinity was completed with the arrival of Michael Waltrip who was tabbed to pilot the NAPA Auto Parts ride. The formation of a third Cup team didn't come without sacrifices. Ron Hornaday Jr. describes how he was let go, in an unorthodox meeting with Dale Earnhardt. The vision for DEI was clear: get the best drivers, build the best cars, and do it all from within. 2001 was to be the start of a new era. Unfortunately, with the death of Dale Earnhardt in the season opening Daytona 500, the new era took on an even more significant meaning. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2022
371 - DEI Days: The Rise
The meteoric rise of a Motorsports empire. Dirty Mo Media and The Dale Jr. Download present a special look behind the curtain of Dale Earnhardt Inc, as told by drivers and key members of the team. This episode focuses on the growth of Dale Earnhardt's racing team from a part-time effort in the NASCAR Xfinity Series to a winning three-car team in NASCAR's elite Cup Series. Drivers Ron Hornaday Jr., Steve Park and Michael Waltrip share their experiences in getting to know the Intimidator and how he pulled them under his wing and into DEI. One of the key members of Earnhardt's team, was Ty Norris. Norris wore several hats at DEI, but we learn his most important was being one of Dale Earnhardt's top "lieutenants." Norris shares how Dale Earnhardt took him from a public relations position to helping him operate his beloved race team. Steve Park was plucked from the open-wheeled Modified ranks of the northeast to be the driver to build the program around. After some time seasoning, Park was Earnhardt's choice to race in the Cup level. This paved the way for Dale Earnhardt Jr. We learn that his first opportunity came on a suggestion from his uncle, the late Danny Earnhardt Sr. Dale Jr. proved he was a winner and joined Park. The trinity was completed with the arrival of Michael Waltrip who was tabbed to pilot the NAPA Auto Parts ride. The formation of a third Cup team didn't come without sacrifices. Ron Hornaday Jr. describes how he was let go, in an unorthodox meeting with Dale Earnhardt. The vision for DEI was clear: get the best drivers, build the best cars, and do it all from within. 2001 was to be the start of a new era. Unfortunately, with the death of Dale Earnhardt in the season opening Daytona 500, the new era took on an even more significant meaning. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2022
370 - Al Unser, Jr.: For All My Sins
A pair of Champions, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr. and two-time Daytona 500 champ Dale Earnhardt Jr. come to the table to talk about Unser's spectacular life, career and a fall from grace that few could even imagine. Unser Jr.'s resume reads as a fairy-tale, but behind the scenes, his real life was anything but. Most saw the feel-good story of "Little Al," son of a four-time Indy 500 champion, blossoming to become his own success in the Indycar ranks. Seemingly overnight, he was a winner and then a Champion. Hidden in the shadows of the celebrations was the dark side of the driver. Cocaine, marijuana, alcohol abuse, prostitution, and a chain of arrests all took his life to the lowest of lows. How low? In 2012, alone in his apartment, Al Unser Jr. was on the verge of suicide. Unser's career, like the family before him, was defined by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Unser's have won the world's most famous race nine-times. It took a tangle with Emerson Fittipaldi in the 1989 running of the 500 to put the pressure to win at the Brickyard on Al Jr. In 1992, on his tenth try, in a near photo finish, the young Unser crossed the yard of brick a victor. He details the dramatic last lap with Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis and describes the emotion that overcame him. Despite being an IROC Champion, Al only made one career NACAR Cup Series Start, in the 1993 Daytona 500. He tells Dale Jr how a phone call may have led to crashing (wink, wink) their primary car in order to roll out a faster Hendrick Motorsports #46. Growing up Unser wasn't easy. From a demanding Uncle to a Champion father, there was a lot to live up to. Al Jr. reveals how his parents divorce at a young age set the stage for an up-and-down upbringing that included racing, crime and mischief. Despite the challenges, Al Jr. just wanted to race. He admits that "racing was his escape." Despite a long fight with substance abuse, Al sits at the table a new man. Is he forgiven by all? Has he forgiven himself? These days, the 59 year old finds his redemption in his walk with faith. Unser Jr. shares how it has given him new life. Before Al Unser Jr. arrived, Dale and Mike went over a wild NASCAR weekend in Fontana. They discussed everything from flat tires, weird tow-trucks to the run-in between Hendrick teammates Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott. Speaking of teammate tension, Dale calls in Josh Berry to the studio to talk about his California clash with JR Motorsports teammate Justin Allgaier. Dale, Mike and producer Matthew Dillner welcomed a new member of the DJD team, Hannah Newhouse. She brings a plethora of fan questions in Ask Jr. We learn some insight into the potential Fontana reconfiguration. Of course Dale Jr. wants more Short Tracks and rallies for it, but is he sour to the idea of a Chicago Street Course race? Did you know Dale wants to be involved in the music scene? DJ Dale explains. All of that and much more on a packed episode. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 02, 2022
369 - Ernie Francis, Jr.: Future Force
He's a racing champion, but until 2021, few knew of 24-year-old racing phenom Ernie Francis, Jr. This piqued the curiosity of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis who welcome him to the table to learn about a racer that industry insiders can't talk enough about. Francis broke through with a big win in Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham's SRX Series (Superstar Racing Experience) at Indianapolis Raceway Park last summer. The win came against some of the best racers in motorsports and sent shockwaves across much of the sport. Who was this kid? Well, first off he's a seven-time Champion on the Trans-Am circuit. His recent success brought a call from motorsports legend Roger Penske, who tabbed him to be one of his up-and-coming stars. Francis details the call that changed his life and unexpectedly shifted his career path from stock cars to open-wheel racecars where he'll compete full-time for Force Indy in the 2022 Indy Lights Series. The goal? Building experience and a team capable of stepping up in a few years to compete in the Indianapolis 500. Francis' first opportunities in racing came with a lot less fanfare. As a child, he hung around and worked at his father's speed shop on the coast of Southern Florida. The family connection to speed took him from go-karts to his first racecar at the age of 13. From there, he honed his skills racing Mazda Miatas until the big decision to enter the Trans-Am Series. There, young Ernie blossomed, racing a beast of a racecar against some of the best road racers in America. He dipped his toes into the Stock Car oval-track world racing Late Models and K&N East races in NASCAR's diversity program too. But, it was the shot in SRX that put kid-Francis on the map. Where else would he race in 2022? Francis spilled the beans about his future with SRX. Before the show started, Dale and Mike chat about their recent trip to Daytona to watch racecars and promote vodka. From the High Rock party at the historic Streamline Hotel, to the ups and downs of the NASCAR Xfinity race, it was a trip full of surprises. None more surprising than the fun times had by family inside the racetrack. Dale reveals Amy and Isla's newfound love of the infield track experience. They also dive into the Great American race, its massive crowd, and the big-bad tangles that "Bad" Brad Keselowski was a part of. Sadly, it's Leah Vaughn's last show, which has all in DJD-land sad, but she brings it one last time for a wildly entertaining AskJr segment. From racecars losing wheels, to drive-shafts going through Dale Earnhardt's windshield, it's full of great moments. We also learn about the level of interest from Dale about space travel and, of all things, Chinchillas. Or was it a rabbit? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 23, 2022
368 - Boris Said: A Fork in the Road
When Boris Said sat down at the "Table of Truth" with Dale Earnhardt Jr and co-host Mike Davis, he thought it would be a discussion of his racing career. Little did he know that it would be a deep look into a fascinating life story from living on food stamps to racing championships and everything in between. A big pivot point came right away in Boris' childhood when his father, an accomplished racer himself, left him and his mother to fend for themselves. With little supervision and getting mixed up in the wrong crowd, young Boris found adventure in a life of crime. From stealing cars and robbing houses, Boris did a lot of things he isn't proud of. It was an admission nobody at the table expected from the likeable racer and left the room shocked. Doing it the wrong way stopped when he got caught, which led to a fork in the road. The fork he chose? Auto Racing. Boris took a carefree approach to an industry he knew nothing of and joined that with a fearless ferocity behind the wheel. But let's not be fooled, the Connecticut kid with an afro did lean on his past life of crime, and use a few dirty tricks to jumpstart his racing career. Within a year, this no-name driver was competing for wins and then championships in the Sports Car racing world. Said was on a path that would lead him to become a winner on stages worldwide at places like Germany's Nürburgring and the 24-Hours of Daytona. He was a Trans-Am Series Champion in 2004. But, a large part of his popularity in the states, came from his opportunities driving in the NASCAR Series. Big Boris talks about how he got the call to fill in for Jimmy Spencer and how the team had no idea how green the driver was heading into his first time on track at New York's Watkins Glen Speedway. He details an opportunity that followed to test for the Wood Brothers and how that opened doors for him in the Stock Car world. The first big door to open was from one of racing's biggest stars, Dale Earnhardt. The Intimidator wanted Boris to teach his son, Dale Jr., how to get around a road course faster. And that he did. Said and Dale Jr. share details about their first meeting and how their friendship and respect grew. Oh, and y'all know we love a good Dale Earnhardt story! Boris has some of the best, including the day Dale Earnhardt fetched him a peanut butter sandwich. And if that isn't enough, Said will go down in history as one of the few drivers to ever hop behind the wheel of the famed #3 at the personal request of Dale Sr. It's a moment that had him grinning from ear to ear. Said also shares another bond with Dale Jr. They were teammates for Corvette Racing when Dale Jr suffered burns in a fiery crash at Sonoma Speedway in 2004. Said details his recollection of the crash and takes us into the Infield Care Center with Dale Jr as he dealt with the trauma of his burns. Don't worry fans... Dale Jr. heard you and asked Boris about his famous dust-up with Greg Biffle at Watkins Glen. I mean, we had to right? From that to testing a Cup car all day in jeans and a t-shirt, the stories are amazing. Before Boris came into the room Dale Jr and Mike break down Dale's Los Angeles trip doing pre-game coverage with Rutledge Wood for NBC's broadcast of Super Bowl LVI. Jr. got snapped at by a dinosaur while interviewing Jeff Goldblum, hung out at a skate park, and compared business endeavors with G.O.A.T's like Jerry Rice and Troy Aikman. Damn, it was a good day. And when he got home, he worked on a homemade surprise for his family he details at the table. Leah Vaughn gets in a bunch of questions in this week's AskJr including Dale's favorite Olympic event to why he flies the flag for painted side-skirts on racecars but doesn't have them on the cars he owns at Jr. Motorsports. That and much more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2022
367 - Red Farmer: Pry This Wheel Out Of My Hands
Separated by generations, but forged in honor, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the legendary Red Farmer now share a bond that will last a lifetime, as two of the most recent inductees into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. A racer for over 75 years, Red has competed at tracks from makeshift tracks on abandoned runways in Miami, a cardboard bordered track in Key West, the beaches of Daytona to the famed Superspeedways of America. The storyteller unlocks the secrets of a career that started In 1948 and is still going strong today. Yes, at nearly 90-years old, the old master still steers a racecar around the red clay high banks of the Talladega Short Track in Alabama. From Short Track to 2-mile speedways, asphalt to dirt, Red has raced about everything. Even speedboats! I bet you didn’t know Red Farmer once raced at a Yacht club, did ya? Red is the leader of a legendary group known as the Alabama Gang, which terrorized local short tracks across America stealing trophies and collecting riches to feed their families. And a family it was. The bond shared by three short-track racers, Red, fellow NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison, and Donnie Allison is something truly special. The “table of truth” brings out stories of heroism and heartbreak. Red details his time serving in the Army, which interrupted his points leading NASCAR season. Many race wins and championships later, both Farmer and the Allison family experienced moments of grief and unthinkable tragedy. Red recounts his perspective of Davey Allison’s tragic helicopter crash, and doesn’t hold back his emotion revisiting Clifford Allison’s deadly accident at Michigan. Choked up, he shares his inner thoughts about the band of brothers that helped define each other's lives and careers. There are stories about wrecks… a lot of them. Dale Jr. and Farmer take to the monitor to recap a few of Red’s famous crashes in real-time. Some he escaped, and others left him hospitalized for months. Regardless of the severity, Red always returned to racing.  There are also stories of pranks and fights, including a never-before-told tale of Allison brother's fisticuffs at a Miami bullring. Red shares some of his most valuable life lessons that led to his remarkable life as a champion on and off the track. It’s a peek behind the curtain into the life of a 752-time race winner that few have ever heard. Before Red’s interview, the DJD opens up about the Clash at the Coliseum. Earnhardt and Davis share their thoughts on the polarizing Exhibition race at the L.A. Coliseum in California. They also talk about Dale and wife Amy’s latest business venture, High Rock Vodka. A drink Mike successfully taste-tested at the Hall of Fame party. Speaking of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Dale Jr. shares some of his thoughts on one of the greatest honors of his career. Ask Jr. provides his in-depth analysis on the new NASCAR Next Gen car and its debut at the Clash, and colored side skirts!  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 09, 2022
366 - Kevin Harvick: Burying the Hatchet
The show many thought would never happen. After years of harboring unspoken animosity, Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with NASCAR Champion Kevin Harvick to bury the hatchet on some things from their past. Harvick made comments during a 2017 satellite radio program about Dale Earnhardt Jr,'s lack of success "stunting the growth of the sport." With Dale Jr. being in the midst of his retirement season, the comments came unexpected and cut deep for many. The two drivers sit face to face to talk about what led to controversial criticism and clear the air by listening to all sides of the story. In 2014 Harvick drove for JR Motorsports, leading the team to a total of six wins in a two-year span. He made his mark in places other than performance, bringing some personnel, key partners, and a relentless desire for success. While JR Motorsports enjoyed the fruits of the relationship, Harvick felt otherwise. After he was separated from his crew chief and team, the relationship went south. It's something that has never been discussed either. Until now. Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis, and Harvick tell all about what went down at JRM. Harvick's path to becoming a NASCAR Champion started on the streets of Bakersfield, California. His rapid ascension through West Coast Short Tracks led to some tough decisions and a severed relationship with his father. His on-track success led to an opportunity with the West Coast's only full-time NASCAR Truck Series team, Spears Racing. The relationship developed from towing a racecar with a shag-carpet Winnebago to a full-time chance in the big leagues of racing. When opportunity came knocking with legendary car owner Richard Childress there were a few more hurdles. A newly signed letter of intent with another team meant, Harvick had to gamble on himself, buying his way out of the contract and living off his girlfriend's credit card to make it. His first race in Childress' NASCAR Xfinity Series car went well. The second race? Well, the California hot-shoe shockingly didn't qualify. This led to a disappearance few have ever heard about, that had Harvick on a milk container. Once back on the scene, his confidence grew and so did his success, winning two Xfinity Series titles. Kevin lays out the game plan to Cup that few knew about. A plan that had him beginning a Cup effort in 2001. But on February 18, 2001 those plans changed. The untimely death of the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. at Daytona International Speedway created a void in Childress' race team that Harvick stepped in to fill. A win at Atlanta put Harvick's career into a stratosphere he never imagined. He admits it was a role he didn't necessarily want. Harvick opens up to Dale Jr, about how tough and awkward the 2001 season was. Before Dale Jr. and Kevin Harvick's relationship hit a stall in 2017, they had a good history together on and off the track. Did you know Kevin and his wife DeLana's first date was in Dale Jr.'s basement? It was a very memorable first date. While at "the table of truth" Kevin and Dale Jr. discuss a myriad of topics. The discussion begins with the heated discussions and rivalry Kevin had during the 2021 playoffs with Chase Elliott. Kevin reveals that he thinks there is a conversation that still needs to be had with the young Georgia driver. Then they talk about the NASCAR Next Gen car and the hurdles ahead for the new racecar and its upcoming debut in the 2022 season. Kevin isn't the only Harvick racing. Keelan is racing over 60-times this season. Harvick reveals his plans to put his son in a Late Model Stock Car. After Kevin's interview, Dale Jr. answers some incredible questions in one of the most entertaining and insightful AskJr's of the season. We learn about what Dale thinks of the new qualifying procedures, the news about Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, and what he would think of a NASCAR / F1 double-header. We also learn that he has an itch to learn to play a popular stringed instrument. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 01, 2021
365 - Austin Dillon & Eric Warren: Chevy Next Gen 101
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis sit down with NASCAR driver Austin Dillon and Dr. Eric Warren, Director of NASCAR Programs for Chevrolet, for a candid discussion about the NASCAR Next Gen car that is set to launch in 2022. This new racecar marks the beginning of a new era in NASCAR. With the new chassis comes a pile of questions, uncertainty, fear, and doubt. Earnhardt and Davis waste no time addressing the big topics of concern about the newly designed chassis. Warren, who spearheaded much of Chevrolet's involvement in the development of the Next Gen car, brings us inside the decisions and the intricate details from development to production of this state-of-the-art machine. Dillon, well, he's been behind the wheel of the Next Gen in test sessions. He brings a unique perspective from the driver's seat of the new-age stock car. Speaking of stock... this thing sure looks stock! Chevrolet and Richard Childress Racing brought one of the sleek Next Gen cars to the Studio so the gang could see it first hand. Warren and Earnhardt discuss the importance of the design and the street look of this Camaro racer. The testing of the Next Gen car hasn't been 100-percent smooth. A crash by William Byron early in testing helped the design team learn about the behavior of the new design. What happened during the wreck and how did the car react to the heavy impact? Is the racecar too rigid? Warren addresses the rumor mill surrounding the Talladega crash test and talks about the changes in development that are designed to lessen the impact on the driver. Dale Jr. tested the NASCAR Next Gen car at North Carolina's Bowman Gray Stadium. He shares his experience with Dillon and the two bring their thoughts from the cockpit to the table. Is the steering lock an issue? What is it like to drive with a sequential shifter? What about the limited split differential? And are their legitimate concerns of extreme cockpit temperatures, that at one test session reached a sweltering 170 degrees, an issue that is being resolved? Dillon also gives Dale Jr. first-hand accounts of how the Next Gen car will perform in the draft at the Superspeedways. No questions were left off the table, including a curious inquiry by Dale Jr about a possible Hybrid future in NASCAR competition. Before our guests arrived, the DJD gang breaks down the finale at Phoenix. Was Daniel Hemric's walk-off title-winning first career win possibly his last? How powerful was the emotion of Kyle Larson's victory lap? We also learn that Dale Jr has an affinity for things from the '80s. Well Duh? He details his stay in a popular Phoenix-area hotel and the rockin' sunset that made him feel so warm and fuzzy. In AskJr presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. discusses Speedway Motorsports Incorporated's purchase of Dover Motorsports Inc and what it could mean for Dover and Nashville. We also talk about Carolina Panthers' player Jeremy Chinn's Dale Jr. tribute, Dale's role in the movie Cars, and what he really thinks about the NASCAR playoff format. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2021
Bonus: Brand New Podcast by Dirty Mo Media
Coming soon: The boldest, most transparent podcast series ever produced by Dirty Mo Media. A preview to The Burton Continuum. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2021
364 - Tommy Russell: Living Scrapbook
When you have the opportunity to speak with a living scrapbook of the past, you open it and have a conversation. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis welcome in Tommy Russell, an early car owner of the late Dale Earnhardt, to give first-hand accounts inside the early years of the Earnhardt racing legacy. Russell's family was involved in the early stock car scene in the Carolina's with area stars like Dink Widenhouse, George Mantooth and Banks Simpson that took their cars from the dusty dirt ovals of the Carolina's all the way to the sands of Daytona. But it was an intersection with Dale Jr.'s grandfather, the great Ralph Earnhardt, that set in motion a relationship with the two families forged in speed and trust. Tommy gives a curious Dale Jr. insight into what it was like on Sedan Avenue working around the patriarch of the Earnhardt racing dynasty. The King of the Dirt Tracks helped the young Russell. Later on, he was able to repay his hero. The story though doesn't end with Ralph. Russell became one of Dale Earnhardt's first car owners. The two friends combined their efforts and started racing Semi-Mods at places like Concord Speedway and Metrolina Speedway. When the Earnhardt name showed up on the roof of Russell's cars, it was lights out for the other competitors. In a short span, the two combined to unleash their fury on the dirt scene in an effort that brought an estimated 65 wins. Russell gives us all a peek into the early days of his race team and witnessing Dale Earnhardt's first-ever win. It is a moment that made him realize Dale was the driver he wanted behind the wheel of his cars. He talks about the progression of an eventual seven-time NASCAR champion. It was a journey from a homebuilt shop on the side of the Russell garage, to racing multiple times a week. They'd sleep at hotels with the door open and the hauler pulled up to the door, guarding their homemade racecar with a gun on the nightstand. It's a peek into the early days of Dale Earnhardt that nobody has heard before. Dale persevered, despite the tragic loss of Ralph Earnhardt in 1973. Russell gives us a look into the tough time and how they picked up the pieces and carried on. When Dale made it to the big time, he never forgot his friend Tommy. He was with him for his very first NASCAR Cup Series start. The local boy Earnhardt had a lot of pressure on him to make the field that day. He got by with a little help from his friends... and we learn, a special bottle of speed. Fast forward to 1980, and the final race of the season at Ontario Motor Speedway, Dale brought his friend along with him to the track, to the parties, and even to Las Vegas. Before Tommy Russell came to the Bojangles Studio to chat, the DJD was on fire about a lot of topics. Dale Jr. kept his thoughts about his recent test of the NASCAR Next Gen car at North Carolina's Bowman Gray Stadium to himself, wanting to save his thoughts for this podcast. He shares the experience and his concerns for the new Cup machine moving forward. He also spikes on Clint Bowyer's claim of being the fastest driver at the test. Dale and Mike also chat about Noah Gragson's big win at Martinsville and how he has impressively ridden a roller coaster of a season to have a shot at a NASCAR Xfinity Series title. Speaking of JR Motorsports, Dale talks about the decision to bring a new Late Model Stock driver to the team and what he expects from young Carson Kvapil and the program. The biggest NASCAR water cooler topic of the week was the controversy between Denny Hamlin and Martinsville race winner Alex Bowman. The DJD fires in their opinions during AskJr presented by Xfinity. They discuss the post-race drama and a different type of "hack" in the fan-driven segment. That and much more on a packed edition of The Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 03, 2021
363 - Shawna Robinson: Bye-Bye Boys
She may not have been the first, and won't be the last, but she is undoubtedly a pioneer in Motorsports. Former NASCAR racer Shawna Robinson sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr and co-host Mike Davis for a fascinating conversation. Robinson's start in Motorsports didn't come as most people would predict. It wasn't behind the wheel of a car. It was behind the wheel of a truck. And we're not talking your everyday truck, we're talking about a Big-Rig going up to 160mph. Fresh out of high school, the small-statured Iowa girl got her first chance in competitive racing in one of the largest race vehicles possible. Her father, a man they called Lefty, and her brothers, were a part of a traveling circus of Big Rig Racing and entertainment. It was a series her dad founded and the family promoted. Sliding an 8-thousand pound truck around fairgrounds tracks sprinkled throughout America, people took notice of the young female phenom excelling in a sport full of rough and rowdy men. When the Great American Truck Racing series hit the big tracks, people took notice of Robinson. She became the first female to ever win on a superspeedway, winning at the Milwaukee Mile. Success and an unwavering work ethic created a path to NASCAR. There, Robinson went from the biggest vehicle to racing the compact stock cars of the NASCAR Dash Series. Just three races in, she made history becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Touring Series race. Her climb to the NASCAR Xfinity Series came with some success, but some heartache as well. She was the fast qualifier at the Xfinity race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1994. In that race, she didn't make it around to complete the first lap. She was wrecked. Was it intentional? Other drivers and a commentator told her it was. Shawna shares the story. The ups and downs of racing intersected life and the start of her own family during one phone call. It was her best opportunity yet, but one she had to turn down. She shares the emotion of turning down a ride due to pregnancy. A few years later, Shawna found herself trying to qualify for the 2002 Daytona 500. The Cup Series rookie became the first driver since Janet Guthrie, in 1977, to race her way into the Great American race. Shawna's racing career didn't pan out the way she wanted, but she's someone who will always be remembered. For Dale Earnhardt Jr., she will also be remembered as a woman who stood her ground. The table conversation gets interesting when the two drivers talk about an incident that stemmed from a practice get-together, continued into the race, included a middle-finger and an angry Robinson going to confront Earnhardt in his hauler. Shawna opens up to Dale Jr. and Mike Davis about some of the challenges she faced throughout her career being a female in a male-dominated sport. She also shares her thoughts on the females who have gripped the wheel after her career and what advantages they have in creating opportunities. But her biggest challenge came outside of the racecar. A cancer diagnosis and rigorous chemotherapy and radiation was just another hurdle for her to jump. Shawna discusses the day she found out the news and how she got through it. Before Shawna's arrival, the DJD gang talks about the big moment for Formula One driver Daniel Riccardo getting to drive his father's famed no. 3 car around Austin, Texas' Circuit of the Americas. Dale Jr. reveals just how much the gesture means to him and his family. Dale Jr. breaks some news on this week's podcast, announcing which NASCAR Xfinity Series race he will drive during the 2022 season. AskJr presented by Xfinity was "the funnest" segment of the day. Dale talks about his upcoming NASCAR Next-Gen test at the legendary 1/4-mile Bowman Gray Stadium. He also gives fans a peek behind closed doors of what it is really like inside the NASCAR hauler when you are called to the principal’s office. Dale shares some hellacious times during Halloween that were both risky and mischievous. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 26, 2021
362 - Cole Swindell: You Should Be Here
Grammy award-winning Country Music superstar Cole Swindell pulls up a chair at the big wooden table to have a chat with good friend Dale Earnhardt Jr. The two giants in their perspective industry have a special bond. They open up about the loss of their fathers and mothers and how they each found ways to cope with unthinkable loss. It's a conversation that brings us closer to how Cole, who lost his father in a freak accident as a child, and his mother to illness recently, was able to carry on. He didn't miss a beat, playing his popular song, "You Should Be Here" in front of packed audiences for an even deeper meaning. We learn how the particular song brought Dale Jr. and Cole together. Swindell didn't have a typical start for a country music artist. Yes, he was a songwriter, that moved to Nashville in hopes of achieving his dreams of being on the big stage. But his story really starts at a college dorm, where he met fellow Georgia Southern alum and country music artist Luke Bryan. The friendship grew into Cole going on the road with Bryan. But, not to perform... rather sell his merchandise. From slingin' t-shirts to writing music, it was time for Swindell to shine. He explains the opportunities that led to his first big break in music. Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis, and Swindell bring us inside what it's like in the Country music scene as a songwriter and performer. How playing the bar circuit in Nashville can connect an artist to the next shot. Speaking of bars, which Nashville watering hole is Cole's favorite? We find out. Swindell is not shy about sharing his love for his alma mater, Georgia Southern. It's the same place that Mike Davis went to school. The two share some fun talk about their different paths from the same institution. Davis also asks Cole about some of the stigma surrounding the new-country scene. Swindell is a big Atlanta Braves fan. Many people know that. But what some don't realize is how big of a NASCAR fan he is. This isn't just some celebrity fly-by-night NASCAR fan, the Dawson County native has been following the Cup Series since he was a child. Before Swindell arrives Dale Jr. answers some amazing fan questions in our AskJr segment. We learn about how Dirty Mo Media was started, Dale's new square body Chevy truck, and the day Dale Earnhardt Jr lassoed a fish. Yes, I said "lassoed a fish." The biggest moment of the show comes when the cat is let out of the bag. Amy Earnhardt, Mike Davis, Swindell and the Dirty Mo Media gang had been scheming a birthday surprise for Dale Jr. Well, let's just say the surprise not only closed the show, but it brought Dale Jr. to tears. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 19, 2021
361 - Alex Palou: From Spain with Speed
He came with speed, and he came with gifts. IndyCar Series Champion Alex Palou, the young champion, sits at the table with Dale Earnhardt Jr. to talk about his sudden rise to the pinnacles of motorsport. The colorful Spaniard didn't come from a racing family. It was a local go-kart track near his home village of Sant Antoni de Vilamajor Spain, that sparked his interest in becoming a racecar driver. From there, a path of persistence, raw speed, and opportunity led him to eventually become the 2021 NTT Indycar Series Champion. Palou connects with Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about life in Spain and what it was like to grow up overseas. A racing path that took him far from home at a young age to Japan, Palou had to get used to different cultures as he tried to find himself as a racer and a man. That path didn't come without disappointment and setback. From homemade mountain dynos to racing for big teams in GP3 and F3, it's a true racing story. Alex Palou came on the scene with success in his rookie IndyCar season with Dale Coyne Racing. But it was his sophomore season that set the stage for his meteoric rise. An opportunity came with Chip Ganassi Racing and he took full advantage of it. Leaning on veteran leadership of teammates Scott Dixon and Jimmie Johnson, the youngster made a name for himself with three victories and the series title. To boot, he nearly won the Indianapolis 500. The near-miss in the world's biggest race didn't set him back though. Palou shares how the 7-time NASCAR Champion, Johnson, helped him mentally break through setbacks. Palou also came into the Bojangles studio with gifts, for Dale's Birthday and also some keepsakes for the crew. The 24-year old shares his personality as he and Dale Jr. talk about the dynamic personalities of the international scene that IndyCar presents. Dale Jr. first experienced it in iRacing, and it is why he and Mike on fire for the open-wheel brand of racing. Before Palou's arrival, Dale Jr. took control of the room. We're joking. Actually, an energy drink and a spunky mood had the whole gang wondering where Dale Jr. would go next. From Frankenstein to Cash-only soda machines... Dale Jr. held court in ways only Dale Jr. can. He and Mike also touched on the hottest topic in NASCAR today, the ongoing rivalry between Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick. In Ask Jr. it's all about the triangle... of the tasty kind! Dave Portnoy's latest Dale Jr. invoked Pizza review brings up some questions about how it went down and the Key West drunken pizza hotspot. We also learn about Dale Jr's latest Chevy Silverado and how he decided the wild graphics he put on it. That and much more in this entertaining version of The Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 12, 2021
360 - Lyndon Amick: Freedom on the Other Side
Nothing is more powerful than redemption. Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with friend and former NASCAR racer, Lyndon Amick, about his life as racecar driver, combat soldier, and his miraculous journey to pick up the pieces of a broken life. A young man from a family of South Carolina chicken farmers decided to take the path of most resistance. He wanted to be a racecar driver. Sugartit Speedway in the Palmetto state fueled his desire to give racing a try. And boy did he try. The big boy stuffed himself in a go-kart with the goal of being fast. His ascension into the upper ranks of the sport came just as fast. Fast forward some race wins and a championship in the Goody's Dash Series, and suddenly the Amick Family Farms had their very own NASCAR Xfinity Series team. And with it came struggles. A new team, a driver trying to learn. Although he showed glimpses of raw talent, things never seemed to work out for Lyndon Amick. Shortly after the birth of his first son, a race at Talladega was the pivot point for Lyndon Amick. While spinning backward in a massive 20-something car crash, he decided that he was done. Lyndon walked away from the life of a NASCAR driver. He decided to enlist in the military. His life switched from race days, interviews, and appearances to drill sergeants stripping down his being to build the perfect soldier. His mindset was clear. Not only did he want to serve his country, he wanted to fight for it. The journey took him across the globe to Afghanistan. While there he learned the mindset of what it took to stay alive amidst the everyday reality that each day could be his last. No day more apparent than when his company ended up in a fire-fight. With bullets forming a canopy of smoke above him, Amick turned into the proven leader. But when the combat stopped, he admits the realities that faced him when he got back home, were not so fulfilling. What he escaped for was something he now had to face, himself. An imperfect husband, a dead-beat dad. Simply put, his marriage was broken and his life was about to come off the rails. Just how did the story transform from darkness to light? Lyndon shares his soul with Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis. He reveals the inner workings of the healing that put back the pieces of his broken life. Before Lyndon came into the studio to share his incredible journey, Dale Jr. admitted to some faults of his own. His came in the NBC broadcast booth. The two-time Daytona 500 winner and rookie play-by-play broadcaster asked producer Matthew Dillner to point out his mistakes calling Saturday's NASCAR Xfinity race at Talladega Superspeedway. The result provided a look into Dale's life as a broadcaster, his goals, and some laughter too. Dale Jr. also brings up his disappointment with the rain-filled weekend and race postponement at Talladega Superspeedway and offers a solution that can be done within the fine print of a race weekend. Dale, Mike, Matthew, and Leah pull the curtain back on the Texas World Speedway episode and what made the visit to America's only Lost Superspeedway such a moving explore for the team. Recently, daddy-Dale-Jr. had a day alone with his youngest daughter Nicole. What sort of adventures did they get into? Well, let's just say it ended with a hot air balloon in the buffalo pen on his property. Ask Jr brings out that story and so much more. Everyone on the entire Dale Jr. Download team agrees, this is an episode full of amazing moments, but most importantly, one that a lot of us can learn from. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 05, 2021
359 - Robert Pressley: The Real Racers
Two racecar drivers from two hard-nosed racing families converge at the big wooden table as Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with "The Bent Creek Bandit" Robert Pressley. Where has the former NASCAR driver been? He's still proudly from Asheville but now he serves the people of the popular North Carolina city in a different way, as a County Commissioner. How the hell does a NASCAR driver turn into a politician? And does he even like it? We find out the truth right away. Robert's father Bob Pressley was a legend of the Carolina Short Track scene and his son followed right in his footsteps. And let's just say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. They were both cut from the cloth of self-made grizzled short trackers that didn't back down from anyone... including each other. Bob Pressley's rivals turned into Roberts and then with the one bump to the back bumper, father and son became the rivalry. Just how intense did it get? Robert gives us the details inside a family feud that helped define their relationship and ultimately bring them closer together. Where the Earnhardt and Pressley family connection is one of the more interesting conversations. Apparently, there was a generational bullying that started with Dale Jr.'s grandfather, short track great Ralph Earnhardt, and continued on through Dale Sr. and Robert. It's a story you have to hear. Robert's start in racing came at the now-defunct New Asheville Motor Speedway, racing against greats like Bosco Lowe and Jack Ingram. It's a place that was very close to Pressley's heart and the reason why Dale Jr. decided to have him on his Peacock TV television show "Lost Speedways." Pressley gives us the inside scoop on the concerns the city of Asheville had before shooting on location at the track, now called Carrier Park, and the community reaction afterward. How did the show also get the truth out there about its closing while closing the book on its biggest controversy, a famed incident between the Pressley's and "The Iron Man" Jack Ingram? Another North Carolina great, Basketball star turned broadcaster Brad Daugherty, got his fingernails dirty as a crew member on Robert Pressley's race team. They traveled around winning races and getting shot at in the process. They even showed up to the racetrack one night with a truck, a couch, a loveseat, and a racecar, and whooped their butts. From Late Models, the second generation driver launched a NASCAR career and soon found success on a myriad of raceways across America. This led to opportunities that he couldn't turn down, but some that left him with regret. From replacing the great Harry Gant, to getting fired at Alliance, to his up and down tenure at Jasper Racing, Pressley tells all. He also explains how one rivalry spelled the end for his first Cup Series ride. Pressley, Dale Jr., and co-host Mike Davis enjoy some laughs talking about racing, fighting, and cheating. Boy, the stories go deep. But none deeper than a surprise moment at the end of the show when Dale and Robert let the cat out of the bag about an incident between them. The story reveals a truth never known until now. Before Pressley arrived, Dale Jr. talks about his work weekend in Las Vegas with his wife Amy. While the trip was nice, they came home to a more hostile Monday. Two dogs fighting and two children not getting along produced a not-so-perfect day in the Earnhardt household. Recent "Behind the Scenes" social media content sparks conversation in the studio about what it was really like filming Lost Speedways. We learn that Leah Vaughn is grossed out by Dale and Matthew kicking the "poop pipe" and if Dillner really did fart on the backstretch during the explore? In AskJr, fan questions spur some incredible insight from Dale Jr, including a fantastic story about his father hopping on the radio to give him live-time insight into how to get around Bristol Motor Speedway. A rare father-son moment of instruction that Dale Jr shares with us all. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 28, 2021
358 - Danny Earnhardt Sr.: All in the Family
Racing has always been a family affair for the Earnhardts. Dale Earnhardt Jr. decides to sit down with his uncle, Danny Earnhardt Sr., about life as one of the most low-key parts of the Earnhardt racing legacy. Danny gives us a peek at what life was like growing up on Sedan Avenue in Kannapolis, NC as the son of a dirt track legend, Ralph Earnhardt. What were the Earnhardt children like growing up? He tells us about a path from playing in the streets and flunking fifth grade to working in the famed garage preparing Ralph's stock cars. Dale gets Danny to open up about when the family lost their patriarch to a heart attack in 1973. This family isn't a simple one. Danny and Dale Jr. outline how three racing families, the Earnhardts, the Eurys, and the Gees became one. It wasn't always racing for Danny, life at the Mill in Kannapolis was hard work, but a choice for the quiet gentleman. All the while, he kept weekends for racing, Danny was always there for Dale Sr. in his racing career from working in the shop, pitting the cars, to being his biggest fan in the stands. He tells a never-told story of Dale Earnhardt's first laps on pavement at North Carolina's Hickory Motor Speedway. When some third-generation driver named Dale Earnhardt Jr. came along, it was Danny who bent his brother's ear about the young driver's talent and promise. The story could've been over in February of 2001 after the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr. But, Dale Jr, Danny, and the rest of the family carried on with the strength and grit that is known from this family. Nephew and Uncle talk for the first time about that day and how they spent the moments after the crash in Daytona. Before Danny arrives, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis share their thoughts about the NASCAR weekend at Bristol that included a spectacular finish in the Xfinity Series and a post-race dust-up between Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick. What's their take on the fireworks between the two angry drivers? Also, Dale Jr. phones Xfinity driver Kyle Weatherman after wrecking his bumper in the recent Richmond race. In AskJr presented by Xfinity, Dale is asked if he's ever impeded the finish of a race. He also gives his hot-take on the 2021 NASCAR schedule and what he thinks about Bristol's return to dirt racing. Plus, what Lost Speedway in Wilkes County, NC should think about a dirt surface of its own. Dale and the DJD gang of Matthew Dillner and Leah Vaughn talk about their favorite racing destinations if Dale Jr. brought a Motorsports time machine to the Bojangles Studio. That and much more! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 22, 2021
357 - Dale Jr: If You Hit Me, Then I Hit You
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s one race of the 2021 season didn't come and go quietly. Jr. and co-host Mike Davis decided to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly from his race and bring in some of the characters in play. Dale's 14th place finish in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Virginia's Richmond Raceway ruffled a few feathers. The 2-time Daytona 500 Champion discusses the on-track incident that wrinkled his racecar and led to the sub-par result. Plus, the post-race discussion between him and a not-so-happy Kyle Weatherman. It was a conversation that still has Dale chippy. During the race, Dale Jr. also traded some paint with Xfinity Series regular Josh Williams. So why not call Josh? We didn't just call him, we learned his side of the story. Williams also shares about his fight to the top of the NASCAR ranks, something that Dale admits he respects even more after racing against drivers like him in the series. Jr. Nation was a little rough on Williams. How has he weathered the storm? JR Motorsports driver Josh Berry was also in the race, in another team's car, and went wheel to wheel with his friend Dale Jr. for the very first time. Dale brings Josh on to talk about that first. The most special moment for Dale though, was having his family there with him for the race. What did it mean to him to have Amy, Isla, and Nicole by his side before the race? Dale and the DJD gang talk about Dale's broken toe during AskJr presented by Xfinity, and the foot photo that revealed it. We also talk of potentially getting behind the wheel of a Gen-6 NASCAR Cup Series racecar to learn the car for his broadcasting duties. Speaking of fresh rides, Dale Jr. explains why his garage Corvette has been replaced by an indoor-bouncy house. That and much more on a special edition of The Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2021
356 - Jade Gurss: Behind Driver 8
Behind nearly every superstar is a publicist. For a young Dale Earnhardt Jr, the man behind the public-machine that became the Dale Jr and the Budweiser number-eight was a man named Jade Gurss. Not many will know the name, but he was a major player in the growth and trajectory of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Hall of Fame NASCAR career. For the first time ever, Jade and Dale Jr sit down to talk about the good-old-days and some that were far from it. While doing public relations for Budweiser, Jade was the man managing Dale Jr behind the scenes. From at-track interviews to magazine articles, to appearances on major television shows, Jade Gurss was making things happen. Gurss and Dale Jr talk about some of the biggest things they did together, from presenting at the Video Music Awards, being on the Late Show, to Dale Jr hosting an episode of MTV cribs, it was a publicity path that brought Dale, and NASCAR, to areas of American culture that most drivers never went. Just how did some of it come about and how did the introverted Dale Jr handle being thrust into the spotlight on such a stage? It wasn't always simple. Dale and Jade even joke about sitting between Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore at the VMA's to a blundered appearance on David Letterman's show. The print about the second-generation driver didn't just come in racing publications, the exposure soon rocketed from Sports Illustrated all the way to Playboy and Rolling Stone magazine. This conversation isn't just a two-way street either. Co-host Mike Davis, a long-time employee, and friend of Dale got his introduction and big opportunity getting hired by Jade Gurss to fill in for him on the Bud-8. The role grew Davis' public relations career to new heights. They reunite and tell stories of what it was like managing a young and difficult driver during years that saw everything from major parties to major appearances. They also put it all out on the table about Davis' decision to leave Gurss and take a full-time job with JR Motorsports. Takes of boxing ring black eyes with Arturo Gatti and rock-star-like bandana coverups highlight this insightful conversation. They also get deep about Dale's Mike Wallace interview and how Dale Jr believed his father pulled him from the burning Corvette racecar at Sonoma. Jade opens up about writing the book about Dale Jr., Driver #8, and the meeting with Teresa Earnhardt and Ty Norris right before it went to print. Before Jade showed up, Dale Jr and Mike Davis chit-chat about a cute video of Isla, that hints at the desire to be a racecar driver someday. Was it just cute or does Dale take it seriously? They also talk about the coming-of-age process of Jr Motorsports driver Noah Gragson and how he's developed relationships with sponsors that have helped him grow in his career. AskJr presented by Xfinity delivers some tough questions for Dale, including one about the role of the flagman that gets him thinking about something he's never paid much attention to. He shares a story about the first time TJ Majors spotted a Cup car and might've exaggerated the green flag call by a few corners. Dale discovers that he'll be racing against his great friend Josh Berry at Richmond this week, as Dale prepares for his lone time behind the wheel of a NASCAR racecar in 2021. The DJD gang poke fun at each other, mainly at producer Matthew Dillner's expense, and have a great time during this packed episode of awesomeness. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2021
355 - Jordan Taylor: Awkward Badass
Never judge a book by its cover... IMSA Sportscar racer Jordan Taylor is a perfect example of the saying. A clean-cut, put-together, shy young racer who has a heavy foot, and much to the delight of Dale Earnhardt Jr, a strange sense of humor that makes him one of the most interesting racers on the planet. The second-generation driver comes in nervous to one of the biggest interviews of his career at the table with Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis. Although admittedly sweaty and nervous, the layers break down quickly and we learn what makes this unique personality so relatable to so many. From his alter-ego on social media to the wild videos he posts, most of what Jordan does comes from real-life stories. He shares the hilarity of several of these tales from his first girlfriend not turning out to be what he expected and the nightmare that ensued, to his Instagram getting hacked and the threat of nude photos on the black market. Yeah, if that wasn't enough for ya, how about a tale of a surprise colonoscopy. We told you he was interesting. Besides his dynamic internet presence, Taylor is a very accomplished young racer. He explains how he went from a kid watching his dad race to becoming a Championship sportscar driver. He and Dale share stories of their experiences at the 24-hours of Daytona. Dale opens up about his blunders behind the wheel while racing with his father and the Corvette team. This leads to an unreal Dale Jr. story of how his dad found out that he smoked cigarettes! Why did Taylor, a champion in the IMSA Prototype division, make the bold decision to leave those cars to move away from his family team and race for Chevrolet and Team Corvette in the GT LeMans ranks? We uncover the mindset behind the decision. How close has Jordan come to racing stock cars in NASCAR? Dale Jr. opens up about his attempts to get the road course ace behind the wheel of a car at JR Motorsports. Jordan Taylor recently finished second in the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans and raced with a black Dale Earnhardt tribute helmet. Well, Taylor didn't just bring the helmet with him, he shocked the room by giving the helmet to Dale Earnhardt Jr as a gift of appreciation. Before Taylor came into the studio, Dale and the DJD gang discuss the recent Daytona weekend, which included Amy and Isla making the special trip. What makes Dale Jr. so tickled about having his three-year-old daughter at the race track? They also discuss the Daytona Beach and Road Course exploring that Lost Speedways spawned on social media. With Darlington on the horizon, which is not far from Myrtle Beach Speedway, Dale shares some of the best stories that didn't make the popular episode of the Peacock TV show. In AskJr presented by Xfinity, Leah selects some fan questions about iRacing and the possibility of mapping the famed Beach and Road Course. Could it really happen? Dale Jr. also shares his feelings about Whoop data and what the technology that monitors driver heart rates could mean moving forward and beyond the scope of the NASCAR on NBC broadcasts. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2021
354 - Buckshot Jones: Ole Country Boy
He came in like a flash of lightning and then was gone, but along the way a NASCAR racer named Buckshot Jones made quite the name for himself. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with the mysterious and controversial racer. Buckshot wasn't always known by his colorful name, and his real name had a sense of toughness as well. From the farms of Georgia sprouted a teenager with the desire to race. His self-made father helped pave the way with a plan as unique as his son's brand. His first car may have been a dusty barn find, but soon Jones was at the pinnacle of the NASCAR ranks in the Cup Series. As you could guess with a name like Buckshot, he got a lot of attention along the way. The Georgia boy moved to South Carolina to take lessons from a successful crew chief and his legendary father. From Darlington tips to shooting quarters, David Pearson taught the young driver some valuable lessons. Souvenir sales and on-track success were often rivaled by controversy. Keeping up with the NASCAR rap-sheet of the aggressive Jones became a challenge for some. We find out the real story of what started his rivalry with Randy LaJoie. Let's just say it all started in a hotel parking lot. The headlines of their tangles in some ways defined the career of Jones, who wouldn't back down from even a seasoned Champion such as LaJoie. Dale Jr. and Buckshot even hash out the wreck at Daytona, that pissed off Dick Trickle and sent the young Earnhardt on his roof during his first race at Daytona. Speaking of Earnhardts, even Dale Sr. wasn't pleased with Jones. But this time, Buckshot was quick to point out that the Intimidation was real. After a few years, poof, it was over. No double-zero car. No six-shooter logo. Where did Buckshot go? The Download finds out... Before Buckshot's arrival to the studio, Dale comes clean about who America's Crew Chief really is and what caused the chatter between the NBC booth boys and some broadcasters at Fox. Once that is solved, we learn that Mike Davis has a problem that needed solving. It involved a wet carpet, an angry wife, and unwanted videotaping. Dale and the DJD gang offer their advice to getting back on the good side of Sarah Davis. The day before the podcast, Dale Jr.'s curiosity led him to ask fans about his Peacock TV show Lost Speedways. Hear what they have to say and his challenge for this week at Daytona. Speaking of fans... they bring the heat this week with questions for the two-time Daytona 500 Champion. Dale Jr. admits to a few cheat fails during his time racing Late Models in this week's AskJr presented by Xfinity. Dale addresses rumors of NASCAR at the Los Angeles Coliseum and talks about the resurgence of AJ Almendinger in the Xfinity Series. That and much more on the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 24, 2021
353 - Dale Inman: Family Matters
One of the all-time greats, NASCAR Legend Dale Inman, walks into the studio to sit down with Dale Earnhardt Jr and talk about the shaping of the Petty racing dynasty. From humble beginnings in rural North Carolina grew local legends and a driver that would turn into an American icon. "The King" Richard Petty was the driver and the crew chief that led the way was Inman. The 8-time NASCAR Cup Series champion talks about growing up as a part of the Petty family and gives a unique insight into Lee Petty and the early days of Petty Enterprises. Inman tells the wild story of how he and Maurice Petty drove the racecar across the country to race in California. He was there for Richard Petty's first race at Columbia Speedway in 1958 and is still with Petty Motorsports to this day. From near tragedies to the greatest triumphs of all, winning seven titles and seven Daytona 500's, Inman has lived it all. The Petty family was a tight-knit group on the race track and off. They had each other's backs, including standing up to anyone who challenged their driver. Inman shares stories of incidents and fights, including he and Maurice standing up for The King. During one incident, a knife was pulled. Inman was there. The family matters also produced a split that surprised the racing world, with Dale Inman parting ways with the family team in 1981 shortly after winning the Great American Race. Why? It's a topic that Inman still struggles to talk about today. The split wasn't what Inman wanted, but the time away from Petty resulted in a few years of results and racing stories. From working with a young Dale Earnhardt and racing for a controversial coal miner, to winning the 1984 title with Texas Terry, it's a time where Inman was out on his own and showed the world he was one of the greatest of all time. Before Inman sat at the table, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis broke down Indianapolis and the curb-chaos that dominated the headlines and Monday morning water-cooler conversation. In addition, Dale brings up some often used lingo, a Dale-ism, that piqued wife Amy Earnhardt's interest. Let's just say "Imawl" let y'all listen and laugh! In AskJr presented by Xfinity, Leah dishes out fan questions ranging from Dale's search for a square-body truck to if red-hot racer Kyle Larson should consider racing in the Indianapolis 500. Dale Jr. also reveals details about his father's "Deer Head Shop" on the grounds of Dale Earnhardt Inc. That and much more on this packed podcast! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 17, 2021
352 - Jerry Nadeau: Racing Was My Life
Two racers, two head injuries. One that ended a promising career. This week on The Download, Dale Earnhardt Jr sits down with former NASCAR driver Jerry Nadeau. Nadeau answers Dale's curiosity about how he even came on the NASCAR scene in the first place. From racing go-karts in Connecticut to racing overseas, it is an unlikely path and a very sudden arrival into NASCAR. From living all over Europe with a suitcase full of foreign money to becoming an unlikely American speedster at Brands Hatch, Nadeau eventually made it to NASCAR and quickly to one of the top teams of the sport, Hendrick Motorsports. His time with Hendrick was short but had flashes of brilliance. He reminisces about the time he beat Earnhardt and got the ultimate post-race gesture. From wood chips in the springs to fast cars, there was no doubt he was at a place that wanted to win. Unfortunately, the success was few and far between. Conflict arose and Nadeau was let go from his ride. The very next year, while growing with a brand new team, it was over. A horrific crash at Richmond International Raceway ended his career and nearly his life. The brain trauma he suffered caused immense life change. Where would he go? What would he do? Nadeau opens up about his rehab, recovery, and struggles to find purpose outside of racing. He doesn't remember much from that fateful day. What he does know, he details with Dale and co-host Mike Davis. Jerry reveals a seat adjustment that he made that may have impacted his head injury in the 128-g accident. Dale Jr shares his own personal battle with concussions and connects with his former competitor on head injuries and how to move on from them. Before Nadeau arrived at the studio, Dale Jr had the entire room in stitches. He details life at his vacation home and how he had an epic battle with rats that included traps and, of all things, soap. What happened at the beach, doesn't stay at the beach. In what Amy Earnhardt called "life-saving" Dale Jr. talks about how an almost unthinkable act, took away all of the pain from a jellyfish sting. Oh, and if that wasn't enough when Dale got home he had a battle with a pack of angry wasps that took residence in his daughter's playhouse. During AskJr presented by Xfinity, Leah drops a wide variety of questions from getting Dale's take on the potential of street courses in NASCAR to his only motorcycle. Then, in a surprising turn, we find out the incredible resolution of the great boat debate. That and much more on this episode of The Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 10, 2021
351 - Will Cronkrite: The Storyteller
He's not just a humble man with gray hair, an old Goodyear hat, and red suspenders, Will Cronkrite is a former NASCAR crew chief and car owner full of amazing stories that Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants the world to hear. His #96 car gave Dale Earnhardt what many consider to be his big break in NASCAR and Dale Jr. gets the low-down on how it all happened. As a "scrawny kid" he stood in his father's truck at Cronkrites shop as they readied the car for the World 600, a part of Dale Jr.'s life that Will brings to life in this fascinating conversation. The story was so much more! How did Willy T. Ribbs and Humpy Wheeler help create a chance that would springboard The Intimidator's career? Cronkrite details the early days of a father and NASCAR Hall of Famer. Cronkrite's life changed with the tragic death of his wife and children. It was at this moment that everything pivoted to Auto Racing. He took his intense work ethic and desire from the cornfields of Ohio, to Indianapolis, and eventually the top-ranks of NASCAR. Along the way, he worked with legendary drivers like Benny Parsons, David Pearson, Donnie Allison, Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, and more. He also worked around some characters, like tough Minnesotan Joe Frasson. Cronkrite shares a crash story for the ages with Frasson, bloodied, insisting on Cronkrite taping his hand to the steering wheel. Before he arrived in the southern stock car world, Cronkrite experienced a different side of racing in the Chicagoland area. He reveals how things were different in racing up there and how he was rewarded with diamonds for good performance. He also tells the tale of a gruesome fight that led to jail time and the fear of what was to happen when he was sprung by a "connected" individual involved in the racing operation. It's a story you have to hear to believe. Cronkrite talks about many racing topics from DiGard Racing, to working with a gutsy racing pioneer named Janet Guthrie. He also shares stories from his months working on the hit Burt Reynolds movie Stroker Ace, including when Dale Sr. shook down the Chicken Pit Special. The colorful Cronkrite tells a story about actress Loni Anderson and a lucky penny that he still has to this day. Before bringing in Cronkrite, Dale and co-host Mike Davis have an open discussion about how "me" turns to "we" after marriage. In AskJr presented by Xfinity, we find out what Dale Jr. predicts for 2022 with Roush Racing and new co-owner driver Brad Keselowski. He also talks about going radio-style at the Glen and the origins of his popular skeleton driving gloves. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 03, 2021
350 - Josef Newgarden: Inflection Point
Dale Earnhardt Jr brings two-time Indycar Champion Josef Newgarden to the studio for a conversation that turned out to be one of our favorites of the season. Why? Because the American open-wheeled racer is a dynamic personality in the sport on and off the track. Dale Jr. gets Josef to tell us about his forbidden desire to become a racer and how his first shot at racing came in sanctioned international scooter racing. From starting with scooters, how did a Nashville, Tenn.,-area native take a path through Europe to end up an IndyCar driver? It's a story that doesn't make much sense to some but is certainly intriguing. Newgarden credits his father's influence, belief, and sometimes "hands-off" approach to making him into the racer he is. Oh, plus he played a role in introducing Josef to a Disney princess, who then became his wife. Oh yeah, it's that interesting of a story! He talks about a Team USA racing scholarship that paved the way to success overseas. However, that success was met with challenges and at one point depression admits Newgarden before coming back to the states at the low point of his career. Then the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and the determined young racer seized it. Fast forward a few years and he's a two-time IndyCar Champion racing for one of the biggest teams in the sport, Penske Racing. Newgarden opens up about the turning points that happened in this incredible journey. Newgarden and Dale Jr. go over the new street circuit in the downtown streets of Nashville and the excitement building up to the Nashville Grand Prix. How will the surface, layout, and the big bridge over the river affect the event? Will a diving team be on hand? The 30-year old driver talks about how one of his favorite drivers, 7-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson, has transitioned to the IndyCar ranks and what challenges he has faced in the process. That and so much more in this dynamic interview between a stock car racer and IndyCar driver. Aside from Josef's visit, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis get into a good discussion following the viral impact of the discussion about beer and if you count it when keeping track of your calories. Dale also admits to a recent slip-up in using terms he uses with his children. From tee-tee to tinkle, it might make you giggle. Plus we find out if Dale Jr. "really" loves the Dale Jr. Download team. Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity gets the five-ring treatment as fans inquire about Dale Jr.'s opinions on the Olympic games. He also lets us in on his mindset as his only race of 2021 approaches, the Xfinity Series race at Richmond International Speedway in Virginia. What's Dale's rib preference? Does our host like 'em dry or sauced? Get your napkin ready for the answer. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 27, 2021
Bonus: Brand New Podcast by Dirty Mo Media
From the creators of The Dale Jr. Download, Door Bumper Clear, and Lost Speedways, comes the brand new racing history podcast, "Glorious, White-Knuckled, God-Fearing, Spun-Out-And-Half Turned-Over Racing Stories." Veteran racing journalist Rick Houston brings his archival interviews and stories back to life with a fresh new design. Here's a preview of what to expect from Dirty Mo Media's newest endeavor. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 22, 2021
`349 - Leonard Wood: Loyalty and Innovation
NASCAR was only two years old the first time the Wood Brothers took to the track in 1950. 71 years later, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets the chance to sit down with a true pioneer of the sport, the great Leonard Wood of the famed Wood Brothers Racing Team. Wood talks about his beginnings in the sport in 1950 and how they grew from some street racing, lumber hauling kids to one of the most respected teams in auto racing. Leonard tells Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about early tales from their first racecar catching on fire, racing with Curtis Turner, and one-on-one match races on the beaches of Daytona. Leonard and his brothers are widely known for their innovation in the sport. He shares the story of the washing machine engine go-kart that started it all. Whether it was pulling an engine off a Ford assembly line and modifying it for stock car racing, or trick spindles, the Wood Brothers' minds always led to advancement. They even got the invite by Henry Ford to pit a car in the Indianapolis 500. So how did a bunch of Virginia stock car boys do? Well, they won the race and revolutionized the pit stop along the way. Leonard opens up about some of the best drivers they ever had in their racecars, including greats like AJ Foyt, Cale Yarborough, and David Pearson. He also reveals why the split with Pearson really happened and what regrets he has over it. The rivalry between Pearson and Richard Petty pretty much defined an era of American Stock Car racing. Dale Jr also gets the answer he was seeking from Leonard about the origins of their famed number-21 and how it came to be. He also finds out why the little race team from Stuart, Virginia has always remained loyal to the Ford Motor Company. Before Leonard entered the studio, Dale, Mike, and producer Matthew Dillner talk about losing weight and the app that helps do it. But, when counting calories... does beer count? In the Ask. Jr. segment, Dale Jr. answers fan questions about running "The Boot" at Watkins Glen and if Lewis Hamilton would entertain running Stock Cars. We also learn that Dale is a fan of terrestrial radio. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 20, 2021
348 - Chipper Jones: Just Win
Two Hall of Famers sit-down, one who held a steering wheel, the other, held a bat. Dale Earnhardt Jr welcomes baseball legend, Chipper Jones, to the Download. . The two athletes waste no time getting to know each other. and share their interest in the other's sport. Before flashing the leather, Chipper was a huge race fan, growing up attending big races like the Daytona 500. He was even there when the King captured win number-200. The two compare coming up in the minor leagues on the diamond with striving to the top-level of NASCAR through the Xfinity Series. The Earnhardt family is known for being big Atlanta Braves fans. Chipper talks about the day Dale Sr. invited him into the hauler at the races. The big and bold Jones gets real about some of the biggest topics surrounding the sport of baseball today, including the use of foreign substances on baseballs by pitchers. He details the use of pine tar on bats and shares his true thoughts on the advantages. The former third-baseman talks about how he was able to tip pitches and shares details of his battles against pitchers like Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens. Chipper talks about his intensity on the field and off and how it translated into occasional issues such as fighting with teammates. Speaking of teammates, Jones reveals who the biggest prankster in baseball was and tells the tale of one truly disgusting prank pulled in the Braves locker room. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis talk about the controversy surrounding the upcoming reconfiguration of Atlanta Motor Speedway and their take on the NASCAR drivers' very public reaction to the matter. Dale talks about what he sees in the new-and-improved Kurt Busch. Has he finally got rid of the grump? Since we had a baseball guest it was only fitting that a fan on Ask Jr presented by Xfinity brought up Dale Jr.'s big game-ending play in a charity baseball game. Dale goes down memory lane about a game he didn't even know he was going to play in. Oh... and we talk about Dale Jr.'s bright pink outfit on the NASCAR on NBC broadcast and how it sparked an unexpected "Woo!" from an old friend. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 13, 2021
347 - Jimmy Means: Racing to Survive
Dale Earnhardt Jr gets an opportunity to sit down with his favorite driver of all-time, a scrappy independent NASCAR driver named Jimmy Means. Growing up as a child Dale Jr was friends with Jimmy's son Brad. While running around the track, Dale became a huge fan of Jimmy Means and still is to this day. Dale finds out so much about his hero from his humble beginnings through the dirty-fingernail journey of a weekend warrior low-budget driver and car owner in the upper ranks of racing. How humble? His racing story started as a paperboy. The Alabama driver discusses his start on the local short tracks and how he took a junkyard car to the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway. He discusses what it was like going wheel to wheel with some of the sports' biggest stars while on a sliver of the budget as the big teams. That created challenges on and off the track that included buying what he still thinks was a "hot" car, rooming 14-guys in a hotel room, sharing pit crews, and putting a racecar engine into the hauler to make it home from the track. Jimmy tells us how he got the nickname Smut in the first place and how it stuck. Jimmy opens up about his big opportunity to fill in for an ill Tim Richmond at Charlotte Motor Speedway and the disappointment that followed his one-and-done chance in top-notch equipment. Dale Jr. also reveals how emotional of a moment it was for both he and Jimmy's son. Means discusses how he filled in for Richmond but couldn't fill a certain area of his driver's suit. From that chance came real tears then relationships that helped Means along the way. He explains how Rick Hendrick, years later, was as generous of a person in the sport as any. Means towed on the road with a volunteer crew much of his racing career. That led to many fun moments and some that could've been really bad. He tells a story of a headache powder remedy gone wrong that has Dale and co-host Mike Davis in shock. Dale Jr. comes into the studio hot with a lot to talk about. Does Road America work a 4th of July replacement for Daytona? Were the cautions too long and should NASCAR make changes to lengthy road course yellows? Dale and Mike disagree about possible solutions. We also learn that Dale Jr likes "supportive emojis" and that he set off a fire alarm in his house at 1 AM. In AskJr presented by Xfinity, we get insight into what shooting an episode of Lost Speedways is like and answer fan questions about specific episodes of the Peacock TV Original show. We also learn who Dale's road racing mentors were helping him learn the nuances of left and right turns. That and a fun extra Jimmy Means story that we were able to squeak into Last Call. This episode of The Dale Jr. Download is packed full of tasty treats. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 06, 2021
346 - Clint Bowyer: Shake Things Up
Can you contain Clint Bowyer? Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis attempt to do so in a fun conversation with the NASCAR driver turned broadcaster. Bowyer discusses Jeff Gordon's recent departure from the NASCAR on Fox booth and looks ahead to what may be next for the network's team. He also keys in to what life working alongside a former rival was really like. Both Bowyer and Dale Jr. discuss what it is like going from the view out the front windshield of a 200mph stock car to the elevated window of a television booth and how that adjustment has gone. From production meetings, wearing suits to forgetting notes before the biggest race, Bowyer, as always, has the whole room in stitches. He even admits to some of his short-comings and a mistake his network made in not showing Dale's nostalgic Nova during the pre-race show at Darlington Raceway. What does the Kansas native think of the sport now and the direction it's headed? He shares those thoughts and more from the technical side to activation between sponsors and race fans. With his young son Cash Bowyer sitting on the studio couch, Dad opens up about racing with his little boy and shares some fun about what it's like to be alongside other racecar driver dads like Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson in the local dirt track scene. Ask Jr. gets Dale to open up about the recent premiere and excitement surrounding the launch of season two of Lost Speedways on Peacock TV. He also shares his thoughts with race fans about double-header weekends and where it may or may not work? The two-time Daytona 500 winner also speaks to the recent ramping up of the Charter market in the NASCAR Cup Series and admits how out of his range the prices have become. Oh yeah... and about that boat Dale Jr? Mike and Dale try to find middle ground about the great boat debate of 2021. They also share what had steam coming out of their ears this weekend at the track and the golf course. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 29, 2021
345 - Jimmy Spencer (Part 2): I'll Whip Your Ass
One of the most outspoken drivers in NASCAR history lets it fly with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in part two of this much-anticipated conversation. "Mr. Excitement" Jimmy Spencer opens up to Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about the big 2003 incident with fellow driver Kurt Busch that left Busch bloodied and Spencer suspended. We find out that even after 18-years, the feelings are still strong about what happened after the Michigan race. Jimmy and the gang share some laughs about junkyard races in Pennsylvania and the ultimate "No Bull" prank that Dale Earnhardt pulled on him. Dale Jr. gets Jimmy and Mike Davis to reminisce and share hilarious stories of their time working in NASCAR together from almost getting Mike fired during his first race and the time he got punched out at a Jimmy Spencer autograph session. The two long-time friends also share their favorite Henry Benfield prank stories. The conversation turns emotional when Jimmy shares details of the impact his sister – who passed from cancer – had on his life. He also reveals to Dale Jr. that he suffered many concussions that left him with broken helmets and fears the effects of the head injuries have started to surface. A once outspoken and opinionated broadcaster, Jimmy shares why he no longer is on the TV screen and what he’s been up to lately. In Ask Jr., Leah and fans get to the bottom of what it was like for Dale Jr. to host the NBC pre-race show with country superstar Brad Paisley. He also shares his thoughts on NASCAR going back to Nashville and why he may have been too critical. Dale and Mike get into a spirited debate throughout the show about their venture into buying a pontoon boat and how recent developments have Davis soured. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 22, 2021
344 - Jimmy Spencer (Part 1): Clearing the Air
After 20 years, it's time to clear the air. Dale Earnhardt Jr. invites former NASCAR driver and TV personality Jimmy Spencer to the studio for an interview to discuss animosity that had been under the surface for years. In the first of this two-part interview, Earnhardt opens up about the critical comments that Spencer had after Jr.'s 2001 Daytona win that raised a lot of eyebrows in the racing world. Spencer, a polarizing figure in NASCAR, opens up about his pathway from a junkyard in Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of American Motorsport. He shares never before told stories of his family roots in racing and a special relationship that led to an early peek behind the curtains of America's top racing league. Spencer reveals details about his relationship with Bill France and how he once gave Spencer 10-thousand dollars to not race at Daytona. The former NASCAR Modified Champion talks about making it to the big leagues and how big leaguers like Buddy Baker and Bobby Allison shaped his successful career. Jimmy also talks about run-ins and good times with Dale Earnhardt. Dale Jr. and his co-host Mike Davis talk about going in together on a pontoon boat, a recap of a JR Motorsports family yard sale, and their recent family camping adventures that ended in soggy memories. Ask Jr presented by Xfinity is back and so are the fan questions. From SRX to RFK, the fans spur some interesting thoughts from Dale Jr. That and more on this edition of the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2021
343 - Ward Burton: Loyal to a Fault
Ward Burton – a social media darling, snake wrangler extraordinaire, southern linguistic aficionado, and one of The Dale Jr. Download’s most highly-requested guests – sits down at the table for a deep dive into his career and life with Dale Earnhardt Jr. After Ward’s brother Jeff Burton’s appearance on the show in 2019, the crew has eagerly been anticipating this conversation with Ward. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis quickly learn that Jeff's episode has recently been on Ward’s mind as well. Find out what realization Ward came to with his brother ahead of this interview. The three Burton brothers experienced three completely different upbringings in South Boston, Virginia. Hear Ward’s perspective on his life as a child, why he was sent to military school and the impact their parents divorce had on each brother. Ward details where his life turned once he became an adult and how a few years later, he ended up living alone in the woods for two years. Find out where he stayed, how he ate, where he bathed, and why he finds peace outdoors. Upon his return to society, racing became an interest of Ward’s. Learn how he got into racing, why it quickly became a priority in his life and the difference between his path and Jeff’s. Hear about the night Ward beat Jeff and what that meant to the eldest Burton brother. As Ward ascended the racing ranks, he tells Dale Jr. about his late model days, moving to the Busch Series and the race at Charlotte that garnered him the attention of the sport. Hear how his first Cup Series opportunity came about and the decision behind leaving his first team to partner with Bill Davis Racing. Then Ward shares about his time driving for Bill Davis, when they peaked and what ultimately led to the team’s downfall. The two Daytona 500 winners trade memories of the emotion winning that race brought them and what it feels like in the moment. While Ward won the 2002 running, hear why he believes he would have been a player in the 2001 Daytona 500 finish and what he admits his team did to gain an advantage that day. For the first time, Dale Jr. and Ward discuss their infamous run-in at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2002. Dale first shares his side of the story and Ward recalls what was running through his mind that night. Then he provides insight into his decision not to throw his helmet and why he wishes his car restarted. Next, Ward tells Dale and Mike about getting fired from Bill Davis Racing and why his loyalty cost him a shot at other rides in the sport through the years. He shares what he learned through that experience and what he needed at that time in his career to continue racing. Then he recalls his decision to call it quits. Now Ward enjoys other endeavors in his life, including helping his son Jeb Burton grow his racing career. Ward gets deep talking about times helping Jeb brought him to tears. Lastly, he explains how racing has given his full-time life a voice. Hear why he started a conservation organization and the emotional rollercoaster he went through growing the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. In a special edition of Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale takes questions from Xfinity Series drivers. Hear who asked a question, what Dale Jr. says about Matt Kenseth on and off the track, and what advice he has for young racers. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 08, 2021
342 – Ty Norris: Nothing is Off Limits
Former Dale Earnhardt Inc. Executive VP and GM Ty Norris sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a conversation packed with honesty and emotion about their time together at DEI and beyond. Along with co-host Mike Davis, Dale Jr. first gets into Ty’s current role as President of Trackhouse Racing. Ty explains what he has been doing to build this new team with Justin Marks and their vision for the organization. Ty shares his career path leading to his prominent roles in the sport, how he aspired to be a sports writer and worked at Dover International Speedway for years before getting an opportunity with RJ Reynolds in his first public relations role. Then he details building a relationship with Dale Sr. and how The Intimidator saved his job at one point. After RJ Reynolds, Ty explains what he learned about race team culture while working for Felix Sabates as the team’s GM – a role he said he was nowhere near qualified for. Ty served as a spotter for multiple drivers in his career but hear how his first time spotting for Kyle Petty went. Then Ty transitioned to working as a loyal lieutenant for Dale Sr. at DEI. Hear how Dale laid out his vision and what kind leader he was as Ty assisted him in building the organization. After Dale’s death in 2001, Ty explains why he described the company as splintered and who he thinks could have saved it. Dale Jr. weighs in on when he lost faith in DEI following his father’s vision. Hear the story of what Dale Jr. did when he and teammate Michael Waltrip hadn’t been paid in months and how it ultimately led to Ty’s dismissal from the organization after being offered a bad deal. Davis inquires about when Ty and Dale Jr. believe DEI was in its golden years and what made the team so successful. Ty compares the company’s trajectory to the sports rise and how that got to the team’s heads. Find out what Bill France Jr. told Ty that changed his approach to help lead the team and how it unfolded. Learn about Ty’s business relationship with Teresa Earnhardt before and after Dale Sr.’s death in 2001. Ty explains his perspective on her leadership and trust issues, and his experience working closely with her. As Dale Jr.’s spotter early in his career, Ty was on the roof for the 2001 Daytona 500. Hear about the finish from his vantage point, what he was thinking in the closing laps and what he anticipated unfolding before the unthinkable happened. The table conversation shifts to Ty’s role as EVP and GM at Michael Waltrip Racing. Ty played an integral part in the 2013 Richmond race scandal and was suspended as a result. He tells all about what happened that night, taking accountability for his actions and explaining deeper innerworkings involving many teams in that race. Hear why he thinks NASCAR had to do something after that event and his reaction to taking the harshest penalty in the sport’s history. Ty leaves us with more stories from his time at DEI. Hear why so much beer was delivered to Dale Jr.’s house. Why Dale Jr. tried to fire a guy on his team that he didn’t want to invite to a party. The time when Ty visited Dale’s house after a party one morning and the scene that he and Dale Sr. saw. Then Dale Jr. tells the story about the greatest conversation he ever had with his dad. Hear what happened when Dale Jr. wrecked at Charlotte and went home while his team fixed the car at the shop. Ty fills in details about the story that Dale Jr. didn’t remember, including hearing Dale stand up to his dad. It’s an open and honest conversation about the good, bad and ugly of Ty’s career. Both Dale and Ty tell stories of The Intimidator’s faults that show he was an imperfect human, like us all. In a special edition of Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. fields questions from JR Motorsports employees, discussing big wins for the team, good vs. great drivers and someone’s freakish strength. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2021
341 – Kerry Earnhardt: Accepted or Rejected
Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes his brother Kerry Earnhardt on for a long-awaited conversation at the table about Kerry’s childhood, meeting his father and living with Dale Jr. Along with co-host Mike Davis, the crew first discusses NASCAR’s inaugural weekend racing at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and shares their opinions on racing in the rain. Hear what Dale Jr. thought about the lack of visibility the drivers faced, changes he’d like to see NASCAR make when racing in the rain and his reaction to what the drivers said afterwards. North Carolina’s governor announced a proposed plan to provide $10 million to Charlotte, Rockingham and North Wilkesboro speedways last week. Dale Jr. weighs in on his ideal vision for North Wilkesboro’s future, why it may have renewed purpose now and the shift in thinking on where NASCAR wants to race. Kerry Earnhardt then enters the studio and fills in the gaps about his childhood that Dale Jr. never knew. The eldest Earnhardt son details his family situation from a young age, when Dale Sr. left the picture and what life was like growing up with no knowledge of his other family. Hear how he found out about his Earnhardt side, how he met his grandmother and why it took so long to meet his dad in person. Learn how long it took Kerry to build up the courage to go out back of Mammaw’s house and greet his dad. Hear how the interaction went and what happened at the front door when Kerry went to see his dad and meet Dale and Kelley for the first time. Then Kerry details how his young adult life went, sharing about being too young when he first got married and had kids. He continued to grow closer to his Earnhardt side around the same time, eventually living with Dale Jr. in the doublewide trailer across from their dad’s shop. Find out what Dale did in the middle of the night that pissed Kerry off. Who caused the phone bill to be so damn high? They explain. When Kerry didn’t pay his share of a bill once, you won’t believe what Dale Jr. did and how Kerry responded. Stories about working together at the dealership start rolling next and we get both sides of the story about Dale Jr. getting fired. Plus, hear about their days racing street stocks and late models together. Find out how involved their dad was working on their cars and how much success they found on track Then Kerry details how he ascended up the racing ranks quickly, going from Concord to Daytona. Hear the legendary story of what Kerry did at Daytona one time and how Dale Jr. was relieved of his spotting duties for his brother. Plus, a special story about Kerry’s Victory Lane celebration at Pocono. As Kerry then secured an opportunity to race at Dale Earnhardt Inc., find out how it all came shockingly crashing down the night of his father’s death. Find out what Kerry has been up to since moving on from his racing career, including details about the legal battle he faced trying to use the rights to his last name with his Earnhardt Outdoors brand. The guys then crack open some cold ones to end the show and promote the launch of Kerry’s new beer. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale talks about convincing Mike Helton to run his 2014 Daytona 500 winning paint scheme and answers a question about how teams will cheat given the Next Gen car. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2021
340 – Andy Petree (Part 2): The Earnhardt Years
In Part 2 of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s conversation with championship winning crew chief Andy Petree, they dive into Petree’s time at Richard Childress Racing and his relationship with Dale Earnhardt. Before that, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis cover a lot from Dale’s busy week. Dale took a long-awaited pilgrimage to Dawsonville, Georgia to interview the Elliott family. After Chase Elliott’s appearance on the Download in 2019, Dale and Mike took heat for comments made about Dawsonville. Dale clears the air, shares details about his trip and explains why he visited. It was not a happy morning in the Earnhardt household. Find out what big problems Dale came across in his home that have him stressed. He then discusses his weekend working on restoring a Nova Wagon that he posted about on social media. Find out where he got it from and what his plans are for it. Dale also made a trip to Nazareth, Pennsylvania last week to speak with Marco Andretti. Hear about his time with Marco and what peculiar passion Dale reveals. Then, a hint at what is coming soon on Lost Speedways season two. Part two of Dale and Mike’s conversation with Andy Petree picks up with Petree discussing leaving Leo Jackson and Harry Gant’s team. Hear his reason for departing, why it was one of the most difficult things he has ever had to do and what Gant revealed to him years later. Petree goes into detail about his transition to taking the ‘premiere crew chief job in the sport’ for Dale Earnhardt at Richard Childress Racing. Find out how the first meeting with Dale and Childress went and the buzzword that motivated the trio. Once at RCR, Andy shares the reaction from the team seeing him walk in and the resistance he initially faced. Early on, a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting between Dale, Richard and Andy forced the driver and crew chief to bond. Hear why they needed that and what happened later in the season when Andy brought the first car built under his direction to the race track. In 1994, Andy got to race Dale Sr.’s Busch Series car at Martinsville Speedway. Find out how the deal came together and the rival crew chief who performed the role for Petree. Both Dale Jr. and Andy were present at a test at Talladega Superspeedway in the mid-90s and both got time behind the wheel. Hear the advice Dale Sr. gave both of them and how Dale Jr. took it literally. Petree ultimately made the decision to leave the No. 3 team three years into his tenure as crew chief. Listen as he explains the one time offer he had to contemplate, the risk he was taking by leaving and if he regrets the choice he made. In his role as owner, Andy explains the challenges he faced and what ultimately happened to the organization. Then, he discusses leaving the sport for a handful of years before returning as a broadcaster. Hear how he got the opportunity and, what it was like jumping back into a competition role at Richard Childress Racing after ESPN left the sport. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale shares an interesting Next Gen car analogy, talks about the deep thought he put behind joining Twitter and tells us why he wasn’t always a fan of in-car cameras. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 18, 2021
339 – Andy Petree (Part 1): Key to Cheating
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with long-time crew chief, car owner, and broadcaster Andy Petree for part one of a conversation filled with epic tales about Petree’s rich history and innovative practices in the sport. Before Petree joins them at the table, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis relive a busy weekend for Dale. First, he tells all about his trip to Darlington Raceway to pace the field with his restored Chevrolet Nova that his dad once raced. He talks about the whole experience including telling old racing stories with family during the car ride down, seeing the industry’s reaction in the garage, and what it was like getting on track. Both Dale and Mike then address the disappointment of NASCAR on FOX not showing the Nova on track. Dale Jr. fills everyone in about his trip to the Nashville Fairgrounds last Friday. He clears some things up about his future racing plans there and Speedway Motorsports’ efforts to bring NASCAR back. Hear what the Nashville community needs to know about Marcus Smith’s plans. Next, Andy Petree enters and the stories about his career in racing start rolling. He shares what initially interested him about racing and his plans to drive a car he built with a friend before a NASCAR Hall of Famer walked in and took the seat. Hear what happened next and how it set Petree’s career path. Another NASCAR Hall of Famer helped Andy get his first job in NASCAR, performing a role he had no experience in. Find out what happened and how that team ultimately won the Cup championship that year. Petree’s path then paired him with Benny and Phil Parsons. Hear what tricks he had up his sleeve when he won his first Cup race as a crew chief with Phil in 1988. Crew chiefs often search for physical advantages on the cars but mental advantages prove just as important. Listen for the stories about mind games he played with his drivers to make them believe they had an upper hand. You won’t believe the results. Andy was Harry Gant’s crew chief when he won four races in a row in 1991. Find out how the car was built differently than most. Hear what competitive advantages Gant had and the rulebook loopholes Petree attacked. Then, the story of how one ‘competitive advantage’ ultimately led Petree to take it off the car after qualifying during race weekend for fear of being caught. Part 2 of Dale Jr.’s conversation with Petree continues next week as they dive into his years working with Dale Sr. for Richard Childress Racing. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale details the ride-a-longs he gave the I AM ATHLETE crew last month and their reactions. He and Mike then discuss the changes expected with the Next Gen cars. Finally, hear what Dale thinks about the potential for street course races in NASCAR.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2021
338 – Bentley Warren: Wicked Desire
Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes American badass, accomplished racer and good-time haver Bentley Warren onto the program to learn more about his colorful career on and off the race track. Ahead of the interview, Dale Jr. shares the story behind Isla receiving a go kart as a birthday gift with co-host Mike Davis and the crew. What happened after the video Amy posted stopped? Dale fills us in and details Isla’s third birthday. Plus, the guys try to figure out what to do for their wives on Mother’s Day this weekend. How did Dale end up talking with Washington Football Team’s first round draft pick Jamin Davis just a day after the team drafted him over the weekend? He tells us about that and the reason why coach Ron Rivera made Dale part of the welcoming committee. Dale also reveals some of the things he has shot it straight with team owner Dan Snyder over the years. Then Warren enters the studio to tell all about his life that’s seemingly fresh out of a movie scene. Dale shares how he came to know Bentley and his connection to the Oswego Classic. Oswego holds a special place in Warren’s heart and he explains exactly why, including a spite he had with the track for a short period of time. Most racers have scars and death-defying stories to go along with them. Bentley is no different. Hear how he was badly burned while racing an IndyCar in Argentina, what happened in the hospital afterwards and his recovery process. In a completely separate racing story, he details how he convinced a doctor to not amputate his foot. Earnhardt Jr. and Davis then dive deeper into his racing career. He discusses all the different kinds of cars he has raced and how he made it to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hear his reaction to walking through Gasoline Alley for the first time and seeing the car for the before taking it out onto the track and qualifying for, and competing in, the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing" twice. Bentley at one point in his life ran outlaw races illegally. Hear how he flew under the radar in these events and what ultimately happened after he got injured. No good old-school racing story is complete without some run-ins with the law. Hear about Bentley’s unique relationship with many chiefs of police, how he dragged raced an officer and why he left his Oswego Classic after party in the back of a cop car. Now, Warren runs multiple successful businesses, most notably his bar Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel, Maine. Hear why he got into business while still racing. Plus, learn about the legendary Saloon that Dale Jr. is dying to visit, what’s unique about it and Bentley’s role in the establishment. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale fields questions about his plans to run an Xfinity Series race in 2021, his reaction to the Texas All-Star Race format and the time he played the role as a spotter.   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 04, 2021
337 – Greg Ives: The American Dream
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his former Hendrick Motorsports crew chief Greg Ives are reunited on this episode to tell the story of how Ives made it in the sport and share previously unheard reflections on their time working together. Before Ives joins the program, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis react to the weekend’s events at Talladega Superspeedway. Hear what Dale told race winner Brad Keselowski about tying his track wins record. As a known “big ass spoiler” critic, Dale weighs in on Joey Logano’s comments following his flip. What direction does he hope to see superspeedway racing go? The answer may surprise you. Isla Earnhardt will turn three-years-old this week. What birthday gift did her dad buy her that may have her making left turns soon? Hear what bug Dale may have been bitten by. Next, Ives sits down at the table and the former teammates go all the way back to his childhood. Learn about Ives’ family’s involvement in racing, when he first took an interest and how he snuck into the track as a kid. As he began racing more and finding success, college remained the goal for the Bark River, Michigan, native. Find out why he initially pursued medical school. Then he shares why his driving career didn’t work out and how falling in love with the mechanical side of racing quickly changed his plans. Dale Jr. is often asked to explain how someone can make it in racing and Ives serves as the perfect example for him to share. Hear the steps Ives took to establish himself and gain experience in the sport before getting to NASCAR. An interaction at a family reunion ultimately set Ives up for the rest of his life. He details what happened, getting a call from Hendrick Motorsports and his first interview with the organization. Then hear what he had to do to make it to Daytona in order to meet the No. 24 team during Speedweeks. Ives then talks about getting a job offer from Hendrick Motorsports and how once there, doors opened quickly and his willingness to volunteer elevated his career. He shares how he became Jimmie Johnson’s lead engineer during his five consecutive championship run and the influence Chad Knaus had on him. When Ives began contemplating his next career move, learn why he committed to staying in the HMS family and how he became a model for the working relationship between the Hendrick Cup program and JR Motorsports. Dale Jr. shares his perspective on the partnerships’ early days and where it is at today. Multiple victories and a championship with Chase Elliott later, Mr. Hendrick called Ives with his big break at the Cup level. At the request of Dale Jr., hear how Ives was selected as his next crew chief. Dale details the process behind picking a crew chief and what he was looking for after Steve Letarte left. Ives then discusses what it was like coming into the No. 88 team. When Dale suffered another concussion in 2016 and missed most of the season, Ives was thrown one of the greatest challenges of his career. He and Dale openly discuss the warning signs both of them saw and what Ives was thinking a year later when Dale decided to retire. Two weeks following Ives’ latest victory with Alex Bowman at Richmond Raceway, hear Ives discuss the ups and downs of the last three plus seasons with Bowman. They both applaud Bowman’s maturation process and the changed mindset that Ives believes is helping elevate the team. Lastly, Bowman will run a Darlington throwback scheme resembling a late model scheme Ives ran in the 90s. Hear the story behind the car, the races it ran and how Bowman shocked Ives when revealing it to him during a team meeting. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale tackles topics including his thoughts on the current state of superspeedway racing and how drivers and crew chiefs study film.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2021
336 - Brandon Marshall: Breaking the Stigma
Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes NFL All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall onto the show for a conversation intertwining both athletes’ careers and lives after competing professionally. As two recently retired competitors, they answer whether or not they miss suiting up to play and race. Then Brandon expands upon the dynamics of playing wide receiver in the NFL and his mentality taking big hits and making big plays. What do football players compare themselves to in NASCAR? Hear the answer that surprises Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis. Could Brandon Marshall be on the comeback trail? He shares what position he would play if he tried to return. Plus, hear why he credits his strength that propelled him to great heights among all receivers. Life after stepping away from full-time competition is a critical juncture in an athlete’s life. Both Marshall and Earnhardt Jr. have recently faced that crossroads and emerged from it with new purpose. Brandon explains the moves he made before leaving the game that set up his post-career transition. Then, the two broadcasters touch upon what it took to make it in the TV world and how they approach criticizing their former competitors behind the microphone.   Jay Cutler threw touchdowns to Marshall when he played for both the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears. Mike asks Brandon whether the criticism Cutler receives is fair. Marshall provides insight into working with Cutler and how he impacted his life to this day. Plus, why he thought they could have won multiple Super Bowls together in Denver. When the duo reunited in Chicago, Marshall explains why they wanted to get back together and how divine intervention played a role in leading him to the Bears. Every athlete searches for advantages in their respective sport. Dale Jr. inquires about what professional football players do with their equipment to find an edge and how playing conditions impact their performance. After being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2011, Brandon has been transparent about his experience in an effort to help others with mental health. He shares his story with Dale Jr., including why he initially refused help, what he was like at his worst and the breakthroughs that allowed him to stop pointing the finger at others. The 2012 Pro Bowl MVP then talks about starting House of Athlete, where he’s helping other people with their mental fitness. Plus, its specific focus of working on the mental side of being an athlete. Hear how he broke the mental health stigma in the NFL and his hopes to see it further ingrained into the professional sports environment. Next comes a question we’ve all wanted an answer to – who are the biggest $hit talkers in the NFL? Hear Brandon’s unique response and how he describes the battle between receivers and defensive backs. Brandon’s legendary 21-reception game in 2009 is still an NFL record. He shares details about that game, why he didn’t realize what he was doing and how the feat almost fell short. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale suggests what Richmond Raceway could do to improve the racing and shares his favorite Office characters and moments. Plus, the story of why he missed an opportunity to visit the set.   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2021
335 – Josh Berry: It Changed My Life
Josh Berry won his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Martinsville Speedway! Dale Earnhardt Jr. dedicates the entire show to reliving this emotional and heartfelt victory for JR Motorsports. Before Josh joins the show, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis share what seeing Berry win meant to them and the company. Dale talks about Josh’s rise through the racing ranks, his success with the JRM late model program, and how the opportunity to put him in an Xfinity Series car came to fruition. Dale gets deep talking about the pressure to perform and how he handled it during his career. He shares what he learned from seeing Chase Elliott 'enjoy the opportunity' and how he thinks Berry is currently handling it. After the No. 8 car crossed the finish line on Sunday, Dale openly admits to crying tears of joy. He talks through the reasons for those emotions overflowing and makes a revelation we didn’t see coming. Then Josh joins the show and the crew hears what it has been like since capturing the biggest win of his racing career. Dale relives how he discovered Berry as a driver in a very unconventional way. Berry shares his origin story, discussing how losing his mom at a young age completely changed his life. Then how he and his dad racing helped them overcome the tragic loss. Josh shares how he ascended from racing at the local level to getting bigger opportunities. Plus, he explains how his path to this victory involved a decade of work in the shop. Find out why the 30-year-old almost gave up on his chances of making it in NASCAR last year while wrestling with big life and career decisions. Then hear how everything changed a day after coming to that realization. Six races into his Xfinity Series stint in 2021, Josh talks about feeling like a highlight reel and why he was down on himself after his crash in the grass at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hear what he did over the off-weekends to reset and prepare for Martinsville Speedway. Mike asks Josh to breakdown the finish of the race. Hear what was going through Berry’s mind as he got passed by Ty Gibbs and how he got back around him. Then Dale tells us why he’d give the free pass to someone using the chrome horn in that situation. Dale Jr. admits that he couldn’t watch the finish to the race and talks through the emotions he was wrestling with as the checkered flag neared. Josh reminisces about his feelings in the final laps and what the victory felt like afterward. Josh sticks around for Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity. Fans inquire about the post-race phone call between Dale and Josh, who would win in a head-to-head late model race and Dale explains his comments about JR Motorsports’ Cup Series interest.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2021
334 - Dick Berggren: In the Pits
Legendary NASCAR pit reporter Dick Berggren joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a conversation that covers Berggren’s racing career, rise as a journalist and pit reporter, and New England racing history preserver. It’s a special episode as Dale Earnhardt Jr. leads off the program with a big announcement, that includes Berggren himself. After sharing the exciting news, Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis reveal it’s a two-interview episode as Bill Lester joins later in the show. Berggren enters the studio as if he was fresh off of TV from pit road, wearing his iconic cap and all. He explains the story behind his hat and how Ken Squier influenced his decision to wear it. Dale Jr. first explores Berggren’s racing career. Hear how he got involved racing in his native New England and why it influenced him to get a PhD in psychology. Then hear why he pursued a job as a college professor and what happened when he brought his race car on campus once. As he transitioned to a journalism career, he details the phone call that led him to becoming Stock Car Racing magazine’s editor. He shares the story of how he helped it turn around and how it helped grow his career. Plus, he explains how he got his start in photography and what motivated him to write about racing. A magazine rivalry? Berggren shares the story of two rival publications from his early days in the sport. As the editor for the magazine, he talks about seeing Cup drivers read his work and why he took so much joy from working around his heroes in racing. One crash ended Dick’s racing career. He shares details of why seeing people everywhere while flying through the air made him quit racing forever.  How did Berggren get his start as an announcer and reporting in the pits? He explains how he got his first announcing gig at Arundel Speedway in Maine and what the Easter bunny had to do with it. Then, find out which famous Daytona 500 marked his MRN reporting debut. Hear how he developed respect and gained credibility among the characters in the garage. In a conversation surrounding racing’s legendary voices, Berggren shares his Mount Rushmore of announcers and brings Dale Jr. to broadcasting school as Dick shares his approach to the craft and makes suggestions to help Dale grow. Did Berggren ever dread an interview? Find out his answer and why it’s a name you may recognize. After leaving NASCAR on FOX, Dick channeled his passion into developing the North East Motor Sports Museum located at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He explains why he decided to build the museum and how it all came together as a way to honor the region’s rich motorsports history. Afterwards, Bill Lester joins Dale Jr. to talk about his book “Winning in Reverse.” Bill shares his unconventional path to racing’s highest ranks, how he overcame obstacles and why he stepped out of his comfort zone in his Truck Series return last month at Atlanta Motor Speedway. In Ask Jr., Dale reacts to the rain tire test at Martinsville Speedway, Daniel Ricciardo’s special deal if he earns an F1 podium and what Marcus Smith and Marcus Lemonis may be up to.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2021
333 - Marcus Smith: Out of the Box
Following the first NASCAR Cup Series dirt race in over 50 years, Speedway Motorsports Inc. CEO Marcus Smith joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. after hosting the dirt race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway. Smith delves into many exciting projects surrounding his portfolio of race tracks including the latest on Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, plus promoting NASCAR’s inaugural trip to Circuit of the Americas. Dale Jr. along with co-host Mike Davis have a lot of questions about what went down in Bristol and what could be coming down the pipeline for Smith and SMI. Smith details the next-level weather challenges Bristol faced over the weekend. He explains how his team adapted and overcame the curveball Mother Nature threw at them in their first attempt to host the Cup Series on dirt. He then explains the origins of the idea of covering Bristol with dirt, why he initially turned it down, and how it eventually all came together. Plus, what lessons were learned from Bristol’s original dirt attempt in the early 2000s? He shares those and why some dirt from that track was used again. Crafting a brand-new dirt track was no easy task and Smith details the process of preparing the surface and the intricate details that made it work. Then, Dale Jr. shares his hopes for when the dirt is removed from the surface later this spring. The dirt race weekend will return in 2022 and Smith explains how that decision came together over the weekend and the unique way it was announced during Monday’s Cup race. Now a year into the pandemic, Smith reflects on the circumstances his company has faced trying to host large-scale entertainment events. He shares what he believed the pandemic taught the sport and how things will look once a sense of normalcy returns. After Dale Jr. and Smith took a trip to Nashville for a visit with the mayor, Smith explains the progress his team is making in their effort to get the contract to renovate Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. He lays out what his plans are, how noise concerns will be addressed, and why this project will be beneficial for Music City. Marcus addresses what the future looks like for Atlanta Motor Speedway and what he hopes to see happen in the state of Georgia that hopefully could transform the speedway property. This leads to a discussion about shifting the schedule around for his speedways, why changes were made for 2021, and what could possibly change in future years. How did SMI take interest in hosting a race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX? Smith explains and shares how Texas Motor Speedway reacted. Smith leaves us with some major news drops including a proposed innovation for Bristol Motor Speedway and why a favorite track of Dale Jr.’s can’t be written off quite yet. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale talks about his reactions to the Bristol dirt action, testing with a radio in his race car, and his thoughts on iRacing’s Chicago Street Course.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2021
332 - Dave & Ryan Blaney: Can't Have a Plan
Dale Earnhardt Jr. invites father-son duo Dave and Ryan Blaney to the table to learn more about the Blaney racing legacy and hear about Ryan’s Cup Series victory on Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. First, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis address an eventful Xfinity Series race for JR Motorsports in Atlanta. Commenting publicly for the first-time following Noah Gragson backing into Daniel Hemric’s car on pit road and his team’s involvement in a post-race altercation, Dale explains his stance exclusively on the Download. He shares his reaction to both cars over shooting their pit stall late in Saturday’s race and the actions each team took to complete the pit stop. Was it done intentionally? Hear what Dale thinks, what he said to Noah and how he felt hearing Gragson’s jab at Hemric after the fight. Plus, co-team owner Dale shares more insight into the 22-year-old’s approach to racing and how Noah reacts to controversial situations. This and more from Atlanta including his thoughts on Justin Allgaier’s impressive win and Josh Berry’s car being destroyed by the grass. There’s no better time to be joined by the Blaney’s than following Ryan’s first win of 2021. He shares how he enjoyed it and why the focus is shifting quicker than usual to the next cup race. Dave’s father Lou Blaney was the first Blaney to climb behind the wheel of a race car. Hear how his interest in racing started and how it blazed a trail for his family. Did you know a Blaney was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers? Hear the story of how Dave’s brother Dale turned away from a professional basketball career to race. As a Sprint Car Hall of Fame member, Dave’s most success in racing came in a sprint car. Hear him reminisce on his biggest triumphs on the World of Outlaws tour and how the demanding schedule kept him away from home and his young children. When Ryan showed an interest in racing, Dave was ready to teach his son the ropes. However, it wasn’t always a pleasant experience. Find out how hard Dave pushed Ryan and what Ryan thought of his dad’s approach. Not every driver that races has the “it” factor. However, Ryan does and Dave noticed it early on. He tells the story of the night when he knew Ryan could make a career in racing. During his 2012 Xfinity Series debut race at Richmond, Ryan’s strong run put him on the industry’s radar. Hear what Dale noticed about him in that race and how it ended up leading to conversations and opportunities with Team Penske and Brad Keselowski. Many remember Dave leading when the 2012 Daytona 500 went under a red flag following the jet fuel fire. Dale and Dave laugh about that night and reflect on the bizarre situation, and how it almost handed Dave the victory. In his 2019 appearance on the podcast, Ryan admitted he got a speeding ticket and never told his dad. Well, he rehashes the story on this episode and we hear Dave’s reaction for the first time. What did Ryan experience after spinning Dale Jr. out at Martinsville in 2017? He shares what fans said to him leaving the track that day and Dale can’t believe it. Lastly, heading into the Bristol dirt race, the table discusses their expectations, the length of the event and track changes that fans should expect on Sunday. Dave leaves us with funny stories about what Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. have said to him after a couple of run-ins with both of them respectively. In Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity, Dale shares his experience broadcasting the 12 Hours of Sebring and why T.J. Majors is surprisingly stronger than he looks.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2021
331 – Bobby Labonte: Begged, Borrowed & Stole
Bobby Labonte joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. on this week’s episode to dive deeper into the NASCAR Hall of Famers family history, successful career and current racing endeavors. Much of Labonte’s NASCAR career is well publicized but Dale Jr. is curious about the path that led the Corpus Christi, Texas, native to rise from the shadow of his older brother Terry Labonte to assert himself as a NASCAR champion. Dale Jr. along with co-host Mike Davis are shocked to learn that the Labonte racing heritage isn’t rooted in Texas. Find out where their father was raised, how he started racing and what led to him coming to Texas. Bobby’s story starts in his childhood, growing up with a tough dad. Bobby shares the lessons he learned from watching Terry skip school and face the consequences. As Terry began racing in Texas, Bobby was there to watch until the family got barred from their local track. Find out what led them to having to race elsewhere in Texas. Around the same time, Bobby began helping out his brother Terry’s team in the shop. He worked under “Suitcase” Jake Elder and even earned a nickname. Find out what his role was and why the name was so fitting. This eventually led him to full-time work on a Cup team where he learned a variety of skills by building and working on race cars. As he progressed as a mechanic, he was on his brothers 1984 championship team. Hear how these experiences shaped his later career and the turning point that changed everything. Now as he began racing himself, Dale inquires about the details of his late model career and how he ascended up the ranks to eventually buying a Busch Series car with his dad. Find out how, like most guests, Robert Gee factored into the equation. Once Labonte emerged on the national scene, Dale Jr. remembers taking notice. Bobby opens up about riding his brothers coattails to get to that point, how he dealt with the pressure and then trying to establish his own footprint in the sport. A few years into his Cup career, opportunities with other teams emerged. Hear how he landed the Joe Gibbs Racing ride, the role Dale Jarrett played in it all, the offer he got from Robert Yates, and what Dale Sr. told Joe Gibbs. Bobby recalls the special day at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1996 when he won the race and Terry won the championship. He talks about how everything came together that day and why something like that may never happen again. Stories from the 1998 Daytona 500 continue to emerge this year on the Download. Hear Bobby’s perspective as the second-place finisher that day and what he thought about his chances leading into the race. Dale Jr. and Bobby recall times racing each other, including an epic battle at Pocono in 2001. Hear their recollections of the race and if they ever had any problems with each other on the track. Plus, find out how Dale Jr. cost Bobby a shot at $1 million dollars at Talladega in 2000. One of the greatest things Dale Jr. said he learned from Bobby was the art of the escape after a race. Hear Bobby’s best ways of getting out of the track and the time Dale Jr. dressed up as a Labonte fan after a race. Fresh off his first start in the SMART Modified Tour, Bobby talks about why he continues to race and how he got into modified racing. Plus, hear his expectations as a driver for Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham’s Superstar Racing Experience this summer Before Bobby joins the show, Dale talks about the rough day for JR Motorsports at Phoenix Raceway and his reaction to Josh Berry’s double bird. Plus, how a close friend is entering a truck at the Bristol dirt race and a Dirty Mo Media sponsored car is making laps around Bristol this week. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale dishes on tracks using traction compound and Martinsville removing its grass. Lastly, hear where Dale Jr. will be in the booth to call a race this weekend. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 16, 2021
330 - Todd Parrott: Being Honest
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by two-time Daytona 500 and 1999 NASCAR Cup Series championship crew chief Todd Parrott for an emotional and heart-felt conversation about Parrott’s triumphs and struggles. Ahead of this interview, Dale Jr. fills us in on the latest developments for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. He details what he learned traveling to Nashville last week with Marcus Smith and meeting with both Tennessee's Governor and the Mayor of Nashville. Hear how the project took a major step closer to bringing NASCAR back to the short track. Todd Parrott’s career fascinates Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis. They dive deep into his 50 years in the sport, covering both the good times and challenging circumstances Parrott faced. Idolizing his father Buddy Parrott, Todd knew he was destined for a career in racing. Hear how he landed a job on Richard Petty’s team early in his career and helped The King win his final two races. Starting with Petty, Parrott worked for some of racing’s greatest talents including Tim Richmond, Rusty Wallace, and Dale Jarrett. He details his career path that ascended him from a mechanic and tire guy to championship-winning crew chief. Dale Jr. loves hearing the ‘speed secrets’ from back in the day that crew chiefs used to get an advantage over the field. Parrott shares some of the best innovation stories from the garage we’ve heard yet including how he altered a NASCAR inspection template. Parrott formed a special relationship with Rusty Wallace while working on his team. Learn what it was like working for that group and where the saying “Rusty is God” came from. Before departing Wallace’s team for Robert Yates Racing, Parrott recalls the emotional decision to tell Rusty about the new opportunity. You won’t believe what Wallace handed Parrott as the two pondered Todd’s future. Parrott’s greatest successes as a crew chief came during his days at Robert Yates Racing. He explains what happened on his first day on the job, working with Ernie Irvan and then Dale Jarrett starting the next season. Parrott tells us what his relationship with Jarrett was like, growing close with each other and winning their first race together. That was followed up with a Daytona 500 victory, where Jarrett held off Dale Earnhardt. He explains the hard work and long hours it required to achieve the amount of success the No. 88 team did in the late 1990s. On the night before the 1998 Daytona 500, Parrott shares a special story about a conversation he had with the Intimidator. Plus, find out why Parrott was singled out in Dale Sr.’s victory lane interview. He shares what their relationship was like and what they did for fun on the lake. Learn how one comment led to the breakup with Jarrett and the fallout afterward. Following a couple of seasons with Elliott Sadler, Jarrett and Parrott reunited and delivered on a promise they made Robert Yates. Parrott’s career then experienced a lot of change in the following years, working with a variety of teams and drivers. It came to a head in 2013 when personal struggles led to a failed drug test. The North Carolina native gets personal about the low point in his life and how he was determined to turn it around. He shares about his road to recovery and his next opportunities with Tommy Baldwin and Richard Childress Racing. Before leaving, Parrott says he’s ready for another shot to crew chief again and explains why. Plus, he fills us in on why he gave Dale Jr. the nickname “powder.” In Ask Jr., fans inquire about Dale’s Nova hitting the streets, his thoughts on Kyle Larson’s victory and Hendrick Motorsports’ rise, and why he sometimes goes by the name Anna. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 10, 2021
329 - Dr. Jerry Punch: Saving Lives
The life-saving trauma doctor and legendary NASCAR and college football TV broadcaster, Dr. Jerry Punch, joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a dive into Dr. Punch’s storied medical and commentating career. From his days growing up in Newton, N.C., in the shadows of Hickory Speedway, Dr. Punch’s racing roots run deep. He shares about his childhood when he helped legendary drivers work on their cars and also getting behind the wheel himself. After playing football at NC State under coach Lou Holtz, Dr. Punch pursued medical school. He tells Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis what made him want to become a doctor and how he spent his mental health days away from school and at the race track. Ned Jarrett was like a second father to him and helped jumpstart his broadcasting career. Find out how Barney Hall missing an announcing gig at Hickory Speedway led to Dr. Punch’s first opportunity behind the microphone. Plus, learn about legendary Charlotte Motor Speedway PA announcer Bill Connell. How did Dr. Punch balance medical school and a broadcasting career? He explains how one night his two careers intersected at Hickory Speedway when the world lost one of his heroes, Bobby Isaac. Then you won’t believe what almost happened next. Dr. Punch is credited with saving the lives of drivers involved in accidents on the race track. He shares intense details of an accident involving Don Marmor in an ARCA race at Atlanta. Later, he walks us through the scary ordeal when Rusty Wallace flipped at Bristol Motor Speedway. Find out how Dale Earnhardt helped the situation and what he said to Dr. Punch afterward. The Intimidator and Dr. Punch were close friends. However, their friendship didn’t necessarily start out on the best terms. Hear how Jerry tried to confront Dale Sr. one day at Martinsville. Dr. Punch shares incredible stories of the side of Dale Earnhardt many people never saw. Hear how he offered to help Dr. Punch’s pregnant wife on a snowy North Carolina night. Also, a story not many know about the Intimidator making a dying boy’s wish come true. After the Talladega accident that broke Dale Sr.’s collarbone, he called Jerry. Hear how the doctor's office visit went, details about the weekend he tried to race at Indianapolis, and the bone-chilling story about qualifying at Watkins Glen. As Dale Jr. clinched his 1998 Xfinity Series championship, Dale Sr. joined Dr. Punch in the booth. Hear about the emotional moment for the proud dad. Then hear who was terrible at karaoke during the after-party that Dale Jr. doesn’t remember.  Dr. Punch was integral to the filming of Days of Thunder. He talks about the day Tom Cruise and Robert Towne shadowed him at Watkins Glen. Plus, how his input helped cast Nicole Kidman and shaped the medical scenes of the movie.  Hear insight about the relationship Bill France Jr. had with Dale Sr. Dr. Punch remembers a special moment they shared after the 2000 Daytona IROC race and the time Dale Sr. called France during an interview.  Memories from The Intimidator’s 2000 Talladega win are told as Dr. Punch broadcasted the race. He shares his perspective from the booth and what Benny Parsons said about the race while leaving the track.  After Noah Gragson's late-race incident at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Dale Jr. puts his co-team owner hat on and addresses the situation. Plus, find out why Dale’s heart hurt hearing Steve Letarte stepped back into the crew chief role for one race. Hear why it brings back memories of when Dale found out Letarte was leaving the No. 88 team, which he shares openly in this therapy session with co-host Mike Davis.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2021
328 – Jerry Glanville: Still a Badass
The one-and-only former NFL head coach and NASCAR racer Jerry Glanville is in studio for an interview that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been eagerly anticipating. Glanville rose to fame as head coach for the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons in the 80s and 90s, and then turned to NASCAR and broadcasting as he competed across multiple different series. He befriended racing legends along the way, including Dale Earnhardt Sr. His stories are wide open from the gridiron to the race track. Plus, his status as a cultural icon in the 90s landed him in movies and music videos. He tells all about his incredible life and how he balanced his two passions – football and racing. Glanville details what led him to become a football coach and how he quickly rose the ranks to land high-profile NFL coaching gigs. Hear how he became known for turning programs around and his secret to success. The former Falcons head coach is remembered as the man who drafted Brett Favre. Dale Jr. Download co-host Mike Davis brings up Glanville’s Wikipedia page and asks how much is actually true about his time coaching Favre. Learn why he wasn’t sold on the future superstar off the field and how that led him to make a trade. When the name of another high-profile NFL coach that’s in racing is brought up, Glanville shares why he isn’t on good terms with Joe Gibbs and the one playoff game that caused the bad blood. Like Dale Jr., Glanville is a big Elvis fan. He famously left tickets for Elvis at a pre-season game between the Oilers and Patriots. He tells that story and explains why he left the tickets. While most football coaches enjoyed golf in their spare time, Glanville chose the adrenaline rush of racing. Hear how he transitioned from coach to racer and how he landed his first opportunity behind the wheel of a Cup car. As he raced in multiple different series from late models up to Xfinity, Glanville recalls some of the sports biggest names he competed against as they climbed the ranks. Many NASCAR stars stepped up to help Glanville in his racing career. Hear what the Intimidator taught him and what happened in their first race together on track. Glanville also reflects back on lessons from Richard Petty, Dale Jarrett and Bill Elliott. Dale Jr. competed against Glanville early in his career and once threatened to fight Glanville. Find out what happened on track and how Jerry responded. Learn why he’s still racing and coaching football today at nearly 80 years old. Afterwards in Ask Jr., Dale Jr. explains his reasoning behind joining the IndyCar Nashville GP ownership group and what he hopes to learn from the partnership to help NASCAR. Plus, his take on the caution for rain late in Sunday’s Cup race and why NASCAR is doing too much hand holding. Dale Jr. uncovered some NASCAR history recently and shares his findings of an artifact that few have ever seen. You’ll want to hear what details of the sport’s history he discovers and why it has him questioning some of racing’s origins.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 24, 2021
327 - Randy & Corey LaJoie: Like Father, Like Son
It’s double trouble on The Dale Jr. Download as Randy and Corey LaJoie join Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a deep dive into the LaJoie racing lineage that’s filled with colorful moments. Coming off a ninth-place run at the Daytona 500, Corey talks about his new opportunity with Spire Motorsports in 2021, how the newly revamped team prepared for the season, and what went into the top-10 run in The Great American Race. Then, the stories start flowing as this duo holds nothing back. Find out what led to Randy being locked out of his own house one night after one of Corey’s races. Hear what Corey did, how Randy reacted, and why he spent the night at the race shop. Dale Jr. asks Randy to trace his racing roots back to his father’s career that started in the family’s home state of Connecticut. The New England native discusses racing go-karts, learning to race, and working on cars growing up. Plus, the story of what happened when his dad told him to hold it wide open. Once Randy established himself as a championship race car driver in the Northeast, he moved south in search of more opportunities to race. Find out what happened after one of his first races in the south that may or may not have made him feel welcomed. Randy tells-all about his rivalry with Buckshot Jones. Hear how it started at Talladega and what went down inside the NASCAR hauler after the race. Then, why an incident at Bristol led to the fans throwing beer cans at Randy as he left the track and ultimately boosted Jones’ merchandise sales. Hear how a six-year-old talked Randy out of a couple million dollars, why he made the decision, and what it has since taught Corey about his opportunities to race on Sundays. Corey details his early late model and East Series racing days. Including a story of when the father/son duo pushed all their chips onto the table and left Corey thinking his driving career was over, before getting a surprise opportunity. What lesson did the two-time Xfinity Series champion learn when Dale Earnhardt stuck his fingers out the window? You won’t forget what happened next. Corey shares a story that will make you wonder how he still has 10 fingers and what ultimately saved him from a greater injury that day at Bristol. As Corey continues to establish himself in the NASCAR Cup Series, he explains his decision-making behind signing with Spire Motorsports. He discusses why the team is different this year and how they are trying to do things the right way. Plus, why you shouldn’t be surprised to see the No. 7 group run better than expected. Dale Jr. picks the brain of a current driver who competed in the Daytona 500 about the state of superspeedway racing. Corey answers Dale’s questions and Dale shares what he would like to see with that type of racing. Lastly, hear what role Randy and Corey played in Dale Jr.’s furniture ending up on top of his house after his first Cup Series win at Texas in 2000. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 17, 2021
326 - Larry McReynolds: '98 Daytona 500
Larry McReynolds returns for the highly anticipated part two of his conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the season premiere of The Dale Jr. Download. They dive into more of McReynold’s storied racing career as a crew chief and cover his time working with Dale Earnhardt. With the 2021 Daytona 500 just days away, they relive the Intimidator’s 1998 victory in the Great American Race. McReynolds offers candid commentary on what fueled his decision to leave Robert Yates Racing and join Richard Childress Racing for the 1997 season. He discusses the move, vast culture differences between the two organizations, and the initial expectations. Along with co-host Mike Davis, Earnhardt Jr. learns intricate details about what it was like to work with his dad. He also finds out about how the Intimidator approached trying new things behind the wheel and why it frustrated McReynolds. McReynolds details why the pairing never achieved the success they dreamed of and what Dale Sr. revealed to him years later about their time together. Find out what Dale Sr. did in the 1997 Daytona 500 that put McReynolds at a loss of words. From the process of building the car to testing it in preparation for the big race, America’s Crew Chief details everything the team went through leading up to the 1998 Daytona 500. What did Earnhardt Sr. admit to McReynolds after winning his duel race that changed their approach just days before the event? And what happened as the No. 3 car pulled onto the track for happy hour that made the team nervous heading into the race the next day? Plus, hear the story of the infamous lucky penny and what was happening as Earnhardt received it. Who dialed the No. 3 car’s radio during the race that nearly made McReynolds lose it? You’ll be surprised. Then, find out why the team held their breath as Earnhardt completed the final few laps under caution.  Lastly, McReynolds reflects on the scene in victory lane and compares it to watching kids open presents on Christmas morning. In Ask Jr., fans inquire about the many new things in NASCAR for 2021 and get Earnhardt Jr.’s perspective on the charter system. Then, Earnhardt Jr. surprises everyone with details on Pablo Escobar’s racing career.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 10, 2021
325 - Darrell Waltrip (Part Two): Cheatin' Stories
Part two of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s epic sit down interview with NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip delivers never before told stories and more. Ole DW shares stories about NASCAR tearing down his Junior Johnson Racing machine, suspecting cheating. Some, may call it cheating. Others, call it creativity. DW says that they were not "rule breakers," rather, "rule makers" in their hey-day. Surprisingly Waltrip admits to using lead-shot and nitrous in racecars, as well as heavy radios and trick helmets. He details how they got away with some of their biggest cheats. Oh, and the time he inadvertently called NASCAR boss Bill France a "dumb ass" The driver known by some as "Jaws" for his mouthy, but entertaining nature, details what it was like to drive for noted moonshiner and NASCAR Hall of Famer Junior Johnson. How did he get from Junior's ride to Rick Hendrick's stable? It's a story that you'll never believe. Speaking of Junior Johnson, Darrell reveals how his car owner's stubbornness may have cost him a NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Waltrip talks about run-ins with Dale Earnhardt and his rough nature off track as a friend. He also admits how driving for Dale Earnhardt's team saved his career. From driving a forklift, to racing with Dale and Dale Jr in Japan, the stories are plentiful. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 23, 2020
324 - Darrell Waltrip (Part One): Ole DW
It's been a long time coming! Finally, racing legend Darrell Waltrip joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis at the table for a much anticipated two-part interview. Ole DW discusses his early days on the short tracks of Nashville and how an unknown driver made an instant splash in the big leagues of NASCAR, despite showing up with little-to-no tools.. DW talks about his upbringing and how he went from a house filled with four-letter words, to media-darling racecar driver and broadcaster. He was known by competitors as "Jaws," and as usual, doesn't hold back from honest takes on his life in the sport. Waltrip shares stories of racing with Dale Jr.'s grandfather Robert Gee, the genius he was with racecars and how he liked to eat steak and drink Crown Royal. The Gee years saw both Dale Earnhardt and Waltrip piloting the famed #17, a head-turning piece of shiny machinery. One of the most successful cars was a Camaro Modified with Volkswagen fenders. Waltrip's first Cup car was a famous one, but at first, he didn't know it. Crew Chief Jake Elder made the discovery and it had the young driver excited. So excited that year's later he bid on the car to get it in his possession once again. Waltrip talks of his early years with Bud Moore and the tumultuous partnership with DiGard racing. Was he really going to get replaced by Bruce Jenner? The Junior Johnson years brought forth some of the most successful years in his career. It also brought Tim Brewer and some shag-carpeted walls. DW discusses why drivers back in the 70's and 80's didn't want teammates. His Junior Johnson racing teammate Neil Bonnett was awarded the win after a controversial yellow-flag pass which led to Johnson protesting his own team! DW tells the story. Dale Jr. answers fan questions in the AskJr segment on the show. Will Lost Speedways go to Canada now that Canadian's can watch the show on History Channel Canada? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17, 2020
323 - Chase Elliott: The Champion
The NASCAR season is over and a new champion has been crowned. Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings on the 2020 Cup Series champion Chase Elliott to dive into what this accomplishment means for the 24-year-old and how he pulled it off. Plus, the DJD gang reflects on the unprecedented year for the sport. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis first find out they are the reasons Elliott got out of bed this morning after living it up last night celebrating in his hometown of Dawsonville, Georgia. Chase spills the details on the party and how his dad, the legendary Bill Elliott, joined in on the fun. Elliott received a special welcome home parade on Monday. He talks about that experience and why it’s unique to him among his Cup Series competitors. Long-time Cup Series crew chief Alan Gustafson is now a champion. Elliott talks about what it means to be the one who delivered it to him. Dale inquiries about the No. 9 team’s ability to perform under pressure, especially in the playoffs where they won three of the last five races. Davis asks Elliott about his performance in Phoenix and whether it met Elliott’s tough standards. Lastly, Dale delivers a special message to Chase on an accomplishment he was never able to capitalize on. In the open segment, the crew reflects on championship weekend at Phoenix Raceway. Dale Jr. dives into Elliott’s day and how Hendrick Motorsports has mastered the art of shelving tricks to use later in the season. Plus, Dale shares a story of skirting the rules and trying to hide it from competitors in the Cup Series garage. Self-admittedly hard on NASCAR, Dale gives the sport and its leadership team props for pulling off a season many didn’t think would be possible. The gang reflects on the challenges the pandemic presented, the ways the sport overcame it, and the memorable moments it created. Sunday marked Jimmie Johnson’s final farewell. Dale discusses how underappreciated Jimmie has been throughout his career and why his feat of winning five consecutive titles needs better recognition. In #AskJr, bossman Dale addresses the finish to the Xfinity Series race as Justin Allgaier battled for the title on the final restart. Plus, find out why he got mad at Steve Letarte during the race. It wouldn’t be a new episode without beef jerky. Stay tuned until the end to find out what arrived in the Dirty Mo studio. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
322 - Chad Knaus: Pushing the Limits
It's a Chad Knaus, few ever get to know. Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with the 7-time NASCAR Championship Crew Chief in a wide open interview on the Download. Knaus' journey to becoming Jimmie Johnson's crew chief started in the grassroots midwest wrenching on his father's Late Model racecars. That short track grind taught many valuable lessons that he took with him on an unlikely journey to the heart of Stock Car Auto Racing, Charlotte, N.C. Knaus speaks of the failures in his first attempts to get into NASCAR, and how it landed him back home, and far away from his dream of becoming a big-time crew chief. A bold phone call and an overnight stay in the Hendrick Motorsports parking lot finally opened the door for the journeyman crew member. Under the guidance of Ray Evernham, Knaus did it all. Then, he moved on. But why? The journey from team to team, including working for Dale Earnhardt Inc, wasn't always smooth for the Illinois native. But, it did include some memorable moments with Dale Sr., and a promise with Rick Hendrick that helped shape his future Hall of Fame career. Chad, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis talk about management by strengths and how Chad Knaus' direct personality is off the chart in the Hendrick system. He also shares some of the incredible attributes of his seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Championship driver, Jimmie Johnson. Dale Jr. and Chad discuss what it was like working together, as two completely different personalities, on the Hendrick Motorsports team. Knaus' aggressive style landed him in trouble and Dale asks him about the "creativity" he brought to an organization constantly pushing the envelope. Dale reminisces about the time he dumped Knaus' driver Stacy Compton, and how a bloody-nose may have saved him from a confrontation with the crew chief. Chad Knaus will start a new role for Team Hendrick in 2021, stepping off the pit box and into a managerial role. He reveals what has him most excited about the future with a flood of younger talent rising through the organization. Aside from the interview, Dale Jr. brings a lot to the table... including a giant tub of shredded beef jerky. The DJD gang tries the unusual snack. Social Media guru Leah Vaughn didn't try the beef, but she did bring a ton of questions to Dale in the Ask Jr segment presented by Xfinity. Jr. breaks down Kevin Harvick missing the Championship 4 and shares his take on a controversial decision by Erik Jones' #20 team that helped Denny Hamlin advance to the Phoenix finale. Dale also shares why he became an iRacing executive and how nobody will replace Clint "Eastwood" Bowyer. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 03, 2020
321 - Kyle Larson & Rick Hendrick: Second Chances
In a Dale Jr. Download exclusive, we sit down with Kyle Larson for his first interview since being reinstated into NASCAR. In May the use of a racial slur during an online race resulted in Larson's suspension from NASCAR and the loss of his Cup Series ride at Chip Ganassi Racing. Larson opens up about how he used that time to educate himself and experience true life change. Now, he's getting a second chance in the big leagues. We speak with Larson and his new car-owner Rick Hendrick about one of the biggest announcements of the year. Larson opens up to Dale Jr. about his road back to the top-level of the sport, and how his approach and work to get back, needed to not just check boxes. The California native, known to be one of the most diverse talents in the sport of Auto Racing, explains how learning about social diversity has created that true change. Larson says he has something to prove and he'll get that chance in 2021 piloting a #5 Cup Series car for Hendrick Motorsports. During the period that Larson was suspended, he traveled coast to coast, collecting checkered flags at grassroots dirt tracks. In 82 dirt races, he amassed a staggering 42 victories. Larson discusses the mind-blowing success and if he'll still get to strap in at Short Tracks now that he has signed with Hendrick. Speaking of dirt, Dale Jr asks him about next years' dirt race at Bristol Motor Speedway and how he thinks the race may go. After Larson's interview, we dial up Rick Hendrick for his take on signing Larson to drive for Hendrick Motorsports. Mr. H shares his thoughts on why he believes Kyle Larson deserves this second chance. He talks about channeling his inner-Earnhardt to bring back the original number that started Hendrick Motorsports. Rick also answers questions about the youth-movement in his driver-lineup and if he will let Larson, and his other drivers, compete at local race tracks on the side. In the AskJr segment, we find out Dale's thoughts on whether NASCAR could race with rain tires on ovals. We also find out the truth on how the deal went down that put JR Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry in the team's Xfinity Series ride in 2021. Also, Jr. discusses his favorite cameos. Just when you think the show was over and the bow was tied, Dale Jr. introduces the DJD gang to shredded beef jerky. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
320 - Chase Briscoe & Josh Berry: Defying the Odds
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is pumped to bring a double-dose of guests to the table. And not just any two guests... two of the hottest young racecar drivers in America, Chase Briscoe and Josh Berry. Fresh off the news he is moving up to the NASCAR Cup Series in 2021, Chase Briscoe details how he learned of his dream opportunity racing the #14 for Stewart Haas Racing. The reveal involved some anxious moments, and joyous tears, all brought to you by a heartwarming Tony Stewart prank. Briscoe paints the picture of his life-changing moment. Through failures and struggles, the 3rd generation driver tells us how he went from the dirt tracks of Indiana to the epicenter of stock car racing in Charlotte, NC. Sleeping on couches, volunteering on teams and breaking into racetracks, Briscoe did what he could to get his name out there. Constantly knocking on doors and having chance meetings created an unimaginable opportunity for the young driver. Briscoe opens up about the journey that can simply be referred to as the result of his faith and fate. His dream opportunity comes during the season most drivers could only dream of. The 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series title contender has nine series wins and the season isn't even over. Like his career journey, this year has come with its share of struggles. Chase opens up to Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about the miscarriage he and his wife Marissa suffered, and the emotional race win, that days later, showed the racing world the real Chase Briscoe. The DJD gang welcomes JR Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry to the studio for the first time as a NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Division National Champion. Berry details how he got it done during his stellar 24-win season in Late Model competition. Dale Jr. gets deep about the meaning of the National crown, Josh's role in the team and what having involvement in Late Model racing means to him. Dale talks about his first week as a two-time father. He also returned to the track to call the race in person in Kansas Speedway. Joey Logano took the win holding off Kevin Harvick. Dale explains how the driver's in the Cup field may have created a bully-proof driver in the Penske #22. Dale Jr. answers fans questions in an ultra-fast edition of AskJr presented by Xfinity. That and more on a robust edition of the Dale Jr. Download. . To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 20, 2020
319 - Dale Earnhardt Jr.: She's Here!
Where has Dale Earnhardt Jr. been? Many wondered the reason for this week’s Dale Jr. Download being two days late, but wonder no more. The two-time Daytona 500 champion speaks publicly for the first time since becoming a two-time Dad, and he uses this episode to share news about the newest Earnhardt. Dale Jr. discloses his new daughter’s name, the process in which he and his wife, Amy, used to decide the name, and all the details to a life-changing week. Dale admits they were quiet during the process and speaks to the reason behind the privacy. Dale Jr. shares details of the special moment that his two-year-old daughter, Isla, met her new baby sister. The DJD gang shares smiles and laughs while enjoying the joyous occasion sitting at the table as friends. Earnhardt along with co-host Mike Davis, producer Matthew Dillner and social media guru Leah Vaughn discuss their favorite "original" race tracks and what makes them so unique in the segment called Valvoline Originals. Fans bring hard-hitting, time-relevant questions to Dale in the livestream segment, “Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity.” We also find out that Dale wasn't the giraffe some thought he was. Ok, you'll have to listen to find out! It was a special week for the Earnhardt and Dirty Mo Media family and we are happy to share a special show with you. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 15, 2020
318 - Hank Parker Jr.: Let the Feathers Fly!
Good times and loads of laughs! That's what you get when you bring longtime friend and former NASCAR racer Hank Parker Jr. to the table for a conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr. They were born days apart and both had famous fathers, one a world famous Champion Fisherman, the other an icon of the sport of Auto Racing. Their father's friendship led to theirs and its one that has lasted all of these years. Parker and Dale chat about the good ol' days, and how their father's first time hanging out, of course, involved fishing and racing. Well, umm, maybe some cheating too! The two friends share stories of hunting, fishing, childhood mischief and more, including an unforgettable tale of hunting with Dale Sr. How does a famous fisherman just up and decide to get into stock car racing? Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis find out the real answer and uncover some classic stories of what led the Parker family down the racing road. They discuss Hank's early days in Late Model racing and how he got started with some of the hierarchy of short track badassery, like Gary Balough and Freddie Query. Dale Jr. and Hank Jr.'s bond grew stronger when both were racing wheel to wheel in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. They discuss an early tangle, the highs and lows, and how lending advice and shocks led to some fast times for Parker. After DNQ's, race wins and injuries, it was a tough conversation with car owner Jack Roush that actually led to Hank hanging up the helmet for good. Mike Davis reads an unearthed column Dale Jr. wrote about Hank Parker Jr back in 2000. The story leads to discussion of the trouble they would get into as youth, and the road to getting married and having children. Parker shares what his latest projects are and how some trips to Mexico and Haiti led their family to adoption. Before Hank took a seat at the table, discussion got pretty intense as Dale Jr. laid down his real feelings about the yellow-line-rule that dominated the headlines after a crazy weekend at Talladega. Dale, Mike and producer Matthew Dillner give their opinions as to why NASCAR may want to re-think the out-of-bounds infraction. Leah Vaughn thrills Dale Jr. with a slew of questions from fans and an Xfinity driver in AskJr presented by Xfinity. From a shocking statistic about Short Tracks in the Cup Series, to a bold new idea, the segment got the fans in the chat room as fired up as the host!. Should their be a NASCAR division in the 24-Hours of Daytona? Or, even bolder, a 12-hour NASCAR race that includes all three major NASCAR divisions racing on track at the same time? It's a must listen. Dale shares a story about a famous NASCAR racer who once had his racecar repossessed on the starting grid in Odd History. At Last Call, the DJD gang learns about a drinking phobia. Dale unwraps a gift that leads to discover and imagination that brings him into the Earnhardt garage in the 1970s. Last but certainly not least, Dale closes the show with the most special of thoughts.. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2020
317 - Mike Skinner: Damn Renegades
In one of the most wide-open episodes of all-time, former NASCAR driver Mike Skinner brings a new level of honesty and badassery to the table, in a much awaited conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skinner holds nothing back as he talks about his rough upbringing and how working in the oil fields of Colorado was the start of a journey that led to stock car racing fame. From drinking, out-running cops and smoking weed to out-running some of the best Short Track racers in America, his early days paint the picture of a true renegade racer. That mentality is what attracted legendary car owner Richard Childress, although their first phone call didn't go as planned. Learn how Skinner actually turned down the opportunity of a lifetime because of a simple misunderstanding. Skinner tells Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis how beer drinking and raising hell was the best preparation he ever had for getting in the racecar. The Truck Series Champion talks about the big move to the Cup Series and a two car team at RCR, and how Dale Earnhardt wasn't very keen on having a teammate. The rocky relationship and some brutal crashes led the veteran racer down a path of headache and heartache that almost did him in. How bad were some of his concussions? Skinner shares never before heard details of the damage occurred during those wrecks. He also shares intimate details, that take Dale Jr. by surprise, of why he decided to hang up the helmet after a successful second career in the Truck Series. The DJD gang were thrown a curveball in AskJr presented by Xfinity when two young Xfinity drivers hit Dale Jr. up with questions. Chase Briscoe wants him at the Chili Bowl. So, will Dale Jr. be a volunteer / work-for-beer crew member at the Chili Bowl? Then, Dale gives Harrison Burton a masters-class on his approach to drafting. Like that wasn't enough? Dale Jr. gets chippy about the rumors of making Bristol a dirt track for a race and has a very simple and authoritative solution. JRM driver Noah Gragson had to deal with a nose-bleed while driving last week, and that prompts Dale to share a story of the time that a bloody nose may have helped him avoid a fight with Chad Knaus. Ya think we're done? Nope. Dale Jr. shares his love of vintage t-shirts and what makes the best ones in Valvoline Originals. Odd History uncovers a tale of Bobby Allison and a trailer speed record. Dale Jr. also tells us how a turkey ended up in a Virginia homeowner's bathroom. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2020
316 - Larry McReynolds: Hey Baby Boy!
Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes America's Crew Chief, Larry McReynolds, to the show to uncover how the heck a Birmingham 'Baby Boy' became one of the most recognizable and trusted names in NASCAR. Larry Mac gives us the low-down on why he was nicknamed "baby boy" early on in a journey to NASCAR that was filled with more ups and downs than an amusement park. From Super Late Models at Birmingham International Raceway, he turned wrenches for the best of them and became one of the most famed crew chiefs of his time. From Dave Mader III and Mike Alexander to Mark Martin, Ernie Irvan and The Intimidator Dale Earnhardt, success came with multiple periods of unemployment and doubt in between, McReynolds doesn't hold back about the rocky road that got him there. He also shares his candid thoughts on what made Davey Allison one of the more special drivers he ever crew chiefed for. Oh yeah, throw in the fighting nature of the Blue Max racing team and hot shot young driver Tim Richmond into this tale and you know it's a ride. Dale Jr. and Mike Davis find out about how he got the opportunity to build Kenny Bernstein's King Racing team. and the unexpected plot twist of how he became the crew chief of the operation. Learn how a handshake and a humble apology led to the start of Larry's relationship with Robert Yates Racing. The move nobody expected was Larry McReynolds as Dale Earnhardt's crew chief. Larry shares some funny moments and unbelievable pranks that happened during those years. The DJD gang discuss the first dominoes falling in NASCAR's silly season and the news of Bubba Wallace being tabbed to drive for a new team owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin. Will it be more or less pressure for the young driver? We dissect the move of Ross Chastian to the Cup Series in the Ganassi Racing No. 42 ride. And speaking of silly season, Dale, Mike and producer Matthew Dillner noodle the remaining rides and most desirable free agents on the NASCAR market. The fans bring it with some great questions in AskJr presented by Xfinity. We find out that Dale like Nashville Fairgrounds as a track for Cup, Xfinity and for lunch. We shake the pelvis with a story of Elvis and a short tracker's far fetched dream of partnering with the King of Rock and Roll. Plus, the DJD attempts to answer the biggest question on everyone's mind at this time of year... is September too early for pumpkin everything? To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 23, 2020
315 - Justin Allgaier: Gettin' Chippy
Back at the table, Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings in one of his drivers, Justin Allgaier, who brings truth and transparency like we've never heard from the driver hungry for his first NASCAR Xfinity Series title. Allgaier opens up about his run-ins with JR Motorsports teammate Noah Gragson and discloses what had him most upset about the situation. What had him ready to fight in Daytona? We uncover the source to his recent chippiness in 2020 and how it has been received. Dale and Justin talk about the new style of racing from young drivers and how back in the day it would result in being sent "oil tank deep" into the wall. The Illinois driver has seen his ups and down this year. His kind approach and generous way of life has resulted in both good and bad, but he remains steadfast and as determined as ever. Allgaier is fresh off a two-race sweep of action at Richmond Raceway and has his #7 JR Motorsports team trending in the right direction at the right time. The win also gave Dale Jr. his first victory as a car-sponsor. With Phoenix as the 2020 season finale, Allgaier knows he must battle through the anxieties and unknowns to make it to the Final Four just to have a shot at the title that has eluded him.. Allgaier details his early days in the sport and how his full-time opportunity in the Cup Series took a mental toll. Dale and co-host Mike Davis get the truth about his close-knit relationship with his sponsor Brandt and how other drivers could take note. Justin gives us insight into the other aspects of life., from family to his secret love of graphic design, He also gives us a peek into his life as a test driver and what doing simulation for the upcoming Gen-7 car is like, including the new wheel and tire combination. In Open Segment, Dale talks about his first weekend hosting in the NASCAR on NBC booth and what has him appreciating his colleagues more. Leah brings some great questions in AskJr presented by Xfinity. Dale lets us in on his Ancestry and introduces us to how he learned about his World War II veteran Uncle John. The DJD gang also learns about Adirondack Dinosaurs. Well, not really... but you'll understand what the heck we are talking about as soon as you hear it. That and more as we welcome a driver in-studio for the first time in months for a special Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 15, 2020
314 - Ernie Irvan: Cheating Death
Legendary NASCAR racer Ernie Irvan lived to tell his story, barely, and joins the Download for a tell-all interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Irvan discusses his California racing roots and how his missing father led to a journey to stock car country in North Carolina. From welding bleacher seats to daring the local short track scene, Ernie quickly made a name for himself. As quick as he found success in NASCAR's Cup Series, he found criticism and controversy. Irvan discusses his aggressive approach and how it led an apology that was a turning point in his career. That career and a life almost ended in a horrific practice crash that left Irvan with severe head trauma and a 10 percent chance to live. He shares details of his bloody crash and the pocket-knife tracheotomy that saved his life. After rehabilitation, Irvan beat the odds again to not only come back, but to come back and win. A journey that came full circle in victory lane at the track that nearly stole his life, Michigan International Speedway. The same track that a few years later saw Irvan with another major head injury and subsequent retirement from racing. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis get deep with the former racer who doesn't shy away from the trials and tribulations that shaped his unbelievable racing career. All clear...the DJD also discuss the Martin Truex Jr. and Chase Elliott incident at Darlington and the art of a driver clearing himself on track. They also react to the big news of the day, California's Auto Club Speedway's announced reconfiguration. A change that sets Dale Jr. off into a state of beaming excitement. Will this move start a landrush of more short tracks for the sport? Also, Mike shares his Darlington experience watching Ross Chastain's Dirty Mo Media #77 and how it gave him new perspective on the battle within a race that most don't ever see. The Download finds out about Dale's yummy experience with a food he can't pronounce, a Bolgagi bowl. We learned about the original character known as Suitcase Jake and why beer was once considered healthier than water. All of that and more on the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 08, 2020
313 - Ross Chastain: Straight Outta 1976
Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings one of NASCAR's hottest young stars, Ross Chastain, to announce a throwback that lights up the Download. The watermelon farmer turned NASCAR driver has been turning heads and making headlines during his journey in the sport. Despite his recent success, he shares the emotions of how it all came crashing down when a sponsor got in legal trouble and how it makes him feel insecure to this day. Chastain details his rise from Xfinity mid-packer, to winner, to playoff driver. Dale and co-host Mike Davis get Chastain to open up about the controversial finish during last week's Xfinity Series race at Daytona when he wrecked with Kaulig Motorsports teammate A.J. Almendinger on the final lap. How did he feel and how will the young driver move forward in his aggressive approach of risking it all for the result? Bringing an actual Cup Series racecar to the studio, Ross unveils a tribute scheme throwing back to a rare Dale Earnhardt Grand National machine that he'll pilot during the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway for Spire Motorsports. The car design and t-shirt drop has Dale Jr.'s fingerprints all over it. Dale Jr. shares with us his inner-thoughts on possibly being a hoarder and how he plans to start an Ebay store to combat the issue. He also breaks news about the NASCAR on NBC booth that has him nervously excited. In Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity, Dale gives advice to an Australian camper and talks about his favorite throwback schemes. He also weighs in on the hottest Short Track racer in America, Kyle Larson, and the speculation surrounding a potential return to the NASCAR Cup Series. Will he really come back? Dale lets producer Matthew Dillner have a shot at Odd History. We tell the tale of why Neil Bonnett spent some of the 1976 Southern 500 behind bars. Like it couldn't get any stranger... Dale Jr. tells us about an aggressive Beefalo that escaped impending doom at the slaughter house and has now police searching a small town in Connecticut. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2020
312 - Chocolate Myers: Tough Customers
Dale Earnhardt Jr and co-host Mike Davis are joined by legendary NASCAR crew member, the great Danny “Chocolate” Myers, for a colorful and candid conversation.   Chocolate was a longtime gasman for Dale Earnhardt Sr., Richard Childress Racing and the famed number-three; so boy does he have stories! Choc talks about his family racing heritage and how tragedy almost drove him away from the Motorsports. He and Dale talk about suffering and persevering through loss and how they view their mortality. Then, it's story time! From biker bar fights to $99 racecars, Chocolate has our ears perked. He reveals how Dale Earnhardt could dish out a joke but wasn’t very good at taking one. And by not taking it well, I mean, he used a hammer for revenge. Now that is a story. Chocolate rates the rivals of the three-car and talks about how he and the Junkyard Dogs had Dale’s back through thick and thin. They go into detail about how Junior Johnson convinced him to go to Richard Childress, the North Wilkesboro incident with Ricky Rudd and the hidden tears of their first NASCAR Championship at RCR. A tale about Chocolate’s 1986 Champion belt buckle has an unexpected twist that has the gang in stitches. We also learn how thin soled shoes were a passed-down tradition that saved an engine one day. Leah Vaughn is back in the a very chilly studio but brings the heat on AskJr presented by Xfinity. Plus, a double dose of Odd History and a Last Call that makes you wish they cut you off a few drinks early.  A memorable interview and some good times during this episode of the Dale Jr. Download.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2020
311 - Jimmie Johnson: 7X3= Perfection
7-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for an exclusive reveal of a special tribute scheme to fellow 7-timers Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. The Darlington throwback paint scheme has Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis over the moon. Johnson goes deep on the impact of the scheme and other's who will be throwing back to honor him. Jimmie shocks the DJD gang with some more insight into his latest IndyCar test and his desire to run in the series in 2021. He also shares some insight into the challenges of his final season and if he will come back to drive in the NASCAR Cup Series. We also break the news of the scheme to Dale Earnhardt's legendary car owner Richard Childress. He shares a never-heard story of how the Intimidator's car nearly looked like a brake-box. Childress raps with Dale Jr. about the black Goodwrench scheme that Intimidated them all. The DJD brings "The King" Richard Petty on the podcast to surprise him with Jimmie Johnson's new scheme. The King shares his genuine feelings for Johnson as a racer and a person. He also talks about the upswing at Richard Petty Motorsports and invites Dale Jr. over for a special tour. Dale, Mike and Producer Matthew Dillner share their favorite racecar bodies of all-time in Valvoline Originals. The fans come at Dale Jr. with a tough question about the Daytona Road Course on Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity. Plus, we learn that Dale likes Nights in White Satin, why he's become a Twitch ghost and what makes Dillner's heart rate go up. Dale Jr. also receives some very special gifts on this fresh new episode of the Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2020
310 - James Hinchcliffe & Jeff Dickerson: Risk Everything
Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings a double-dose of guest badassery to the show with an Indycar star that cheated death, and an agent turned car owner. Open wheel ace James Hinchliffe talks about his sucky go-kart start and his rise to become an Indycar Series winner. He brings us into his headspace on the horrific crash at Indianapolis that nearly ended his life and the brave comeback to win the 500 pole the next year. The Canadian driver talks about how inspirational his fellow countryman, the late Greg Moore, was to his career. He shares the racing job he was going to aim for if he couldn't make it behind the wheel. Last year Hinch lost his ride with Arrow McLaren; he shares details of the split and his new part-time gig back with Andretti Autosport heading into what could be the biggest race of his career, the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500. Oh, and any visit to Hinchtown comes with some bourbon! Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis welcome Spire Motorsports president Jeff Dickerson to the pod to announce the acquisition of the charter from Leavine Family Racing. They answer how and why a sports agency got into the race-team business. Dickerson gives a peek into a business rarely in front of the curtain and shares details of the direction of the now two-car team and how the charter purchase went down. Mike gets Dale Jr. to chat about his very first race, which included a flipping go-kart and Dale Sr. running to his aid. AskJr presented by Xfinity fires up some great questions about the latest goings on in NASCAR and Dale's Bo-preferences. That and more on a jammin' edition of The Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2020
309 - Rodney Childers: Three-Wide in an S10
Childhood friends Dale Earnhardt Jr. and NASCAR Championship Crew Chief Rodney Childers reconnect about racing, crew chiefing and causing trouble as youths. Most know Rodney as Kevin Harvick's pit boss, but prior to his role on the box, he was a winning racecar driver. Childers details how his racing career began with a go-kart and his mom. While dominating in Late Models, he reveals why he was told to not come back to the track. Oh, and how close did he come to making it it NASCAR's top ranks? He was one vote away from an Xfinity Series ride and shares the story. Childers then reveals tales of hanging out with Dale Jr. that even Dale doesn't remember. Like the time they broke into Mamaw's house or when they cruised around Kannapolis in Dale's S-10 truck three-wide and picked up two-more passengers. That night ended with a grocery store trip and egging the town! Rodney then recounts deer-games played on Dale Sr.'s property that gets the gang laughing out loud. Rodney talks about transitioning from a driver to a crew member in the sport and the dark times that preceded his rise in the Cup Series. He covers the beginnings with Blaney, his role with Scott Riggs, moving to MWR, his landing spot with SHR, and how Kevin Harvick changed his career. What's next for Rodney? And does he want to return to driving a racecar? Dale Jr, along with co-host Mike Davis discuss a sudden silly season with news from Brad Keselowski and Leavine Family Racing. Leah Vaughn brings the fans closer to Dale Jr. with questions about Sim-Similarities and College Football in this week's AskJr. presented by Xfinity. Plus, Dale has an idea to finally bring negativity to social media and potentially save the world. We also learn of mixed-up frequencies in Odd History and lastly, give some special birthday love that derails the close of the show. Enjoy! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 04, 2020
308 - Robby Gordon: Don't Get Even, Get Ahead!
The man only knows one speed in racing and in life; Robby Gordon joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the Download. Dale Jr.& Robby discuss the duo's run-in at Bristol, and what made the driver that Dale Jr. once referred to as "a moving chicane" one of the most fierce and polarizing figures in Motorsports. Gordon reveals that it was the Intimidator who brought him to Stock Car racing. From the dangerous days of Indy cars to racing in NASCAR with Richard Childress and beyond, Robby has some interesting tales. They even also share a story of an off-road excursion that had had Dale Earnhardt Jr scared to death. After his NASCAR life, Gordon hasn't slowed down one bit. The versatile driver discusses his many ventures, from Energy drinks to starting a new car company. Gordon goes wide open about his Stadium Super Truck Series and even divulges the truth behind why it was banned for a time in Australia. He also shares the craziness that is the Dakar Rally, his take on the recently announced SRX Series and much more. The DJD gang brings history to the table with a discussion about some interesting facts they've learned about America's first race. They also get some laughs over some wild questions in a special "getting to know you" edition of AskJr presented by Xfinity. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 28, 2020
307 - Ray Evernham: Creative Genius
One of the most innovate individuals to ever grace the NASCAR garage, Hall of Fame Crew Chief Ray Evernham joins Dale Earnhardt Jr on the Download. The two-good friends talk about Ray's racing career on the Jersey Shore. Dale Jr. learns about the horrific crash that left Ray with a severe head injury and a unexpected new career path. Evernham discusses his time with the IROC Series, working with Dave Marcus and other Motorsports legends. So, just how did he end up as Jeff Gordon's crew chief? Dale Jr finds out as Ray details the dynamic duo's humble beginnings and the big move to Hendrick Motorsports. Does the statute of limitations apply? Dale Jr. attempts to get Ray to open up about the famed racecar named "T-Rex," and tell the real story behind its ban from NASCAR competition. Why did he just up and leave during the Hendrick dynasty? Evernham shares his thoughts on the move to start a team with Dodge. News broke last week that Ray and Tony Stewart are creating a new racing series called Superstar Racing Experience. Evernham gives us inside information on the intent of SRX in the motorsports landscape, the goal for racecar design and what types of racercar drivers will be in the exclusive field when the new series debuts. With Mike Davis on vacation, Producer Matthew Dillner steps in to chat with Dale about the much awaited release of Lost Speedways on Peacock TV and the overwhelming reaction after it came out. The two discuss their relationship and how an unusual hobby led to an unlikely television program. Dale Jr. takes off his broadcaster hat and explains Noah Gragson's run-ins in the Xfinity Series, and how he manages his expectations for the young driver. All of that and a bag of chips on a fresh edition of the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2020
306 - Mark Martin (Part Two): Respect & Integrity
Part-two of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s in-depth interview with Mark Martin is just the tip of the iceberg of this action packed episode. Dale Jr, co-host Mike Davis and producer Matthew Dillner drop the gloves debating the underglow lights being placed on NASCAR Cup Series cars for the All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Paint scheme advocate Dale Jr. analyzes the All-Star schemes with the slid back number placement. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. shares his take on the Noah Gragson and Harrison Burton scuffle after Kentucky's Xfinity Series race from the unique perspective as a team owner. Plus, reaction to the announcement of the Superstar Racing Experience series. Dale Jr also reveals his inner thoughts on the Washington Redskins name change and the future of his fandom of the NFL franchise. In Odd History, how one Lost Speedway was buried under water. Then, Dale and Mark Martin discuss the latter years of his career. Mark details his time racing for Jack Roush and what turned their relationship around. Dale Jr. opens up about lessons learned from the NASCAR Hall of Fame driver and labels him the most approachable driver in the garage. Mark explains why setting fast laps early in practice made him feel like a bad ass. Dale Jr. brings up Mark Martin's keen eye for young racing talent, and how he convinced Jack Roush to sign Matt Kenseth. Also, Mark talks about the discovery of Joey Logano years before he became a Cup Series champion. Mike Davis inquires about Mark's time racing for Dale Earnhardt Inc. after Dale Jr's departure from the team. Near retirement, Martin tells the DJD gang how Rick Hendrick lured him back into full-time competition for Hendrick Motorsports in the Cup Series. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2020
305 - Mark Martin (Part One): I Race, That's What I Do
Finally! NASCAR Hall of Famer Mark Martin joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the Download for the first time. The former Hendrick Motorsports teammates dive into Mark's meteoric rise from local dirt racer to NASCAR front-runner. They discuss how his dad influenced his passion for racing, including letting him drive a tractor trailer at the age of 12 and the time his father did donuts around a police car in a parking lot. Then, the Batesville, Arkansas native talks about his biggest influences in the short track days and the time that a lack of a right rear spring sprung him to the top of the speed charts. Mark reflects on his relationship with fellow competitors and why he was comfortable sharing his setups with anyone that asked. The veteran opens up about his journey to NASCAR, then losing everything, and how that failure made him who he is today. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis are shocked by never before heard stories of watching races in Dale Earnhardt's basement and nearly ending up in the 28 car. Lastly, Martin covers how he originally connected with car owner Jack Roush and gets deep about the rocky start to their long relationship.  The ratings were up as NASCAR returned to NBC and Dale Jr. went back to work in the booth. He reveals deep thoughts about his return to work and finding a purpose in life. Plus, the DJD gang weighs in on the first NASCAR-IndyCar doubleheader. They learn that the late Charlie Daniels loved the Xfinity Series and with the help of a fan, ponder the idea of triple digit car numbers during Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity. Dale also learns how being stuck in an elevator can cause a driver to have a nightmare scenario in this week's Odd History. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 07, 2020
304 - Paul Morris: Burnouts at the Bar
G'day mate! Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings in his good friend from down under, Australian racecar driver Paul Morris, to turn the show upside down. Morris and Dale jr. recall how they met, the time they got kicked out of a night club, crazy decisions over wine, driving the treacherous Bathurst race course, and landing helicopters on a casino. Paul opens up about a few bad wrecks, a concussion that prevented an opportunity in NASCAR and the time that the V8 Supercar veteran raced three weeks after breaking multiple vertebrae in a crash. Morris shares the tale of how burnouts at a bar once got Robby Gordon's Stadium SUPER Trucks series banned from Australia. Ya think that's wild? How about when Dale Jr. drove one of Paul's racecars barefoot while in board shorts? Yeah, that happened. From a story of a shark bite to the time he crashed a helicopter, the stories are plentiful. Dale Jr and co-host Mike Davis discuss the big Indycar / NASCAR doubleheader weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and what it could mean for future collaborations between the two series. Dale Jr. will be back to work calling races for NBC this weekend and discusses the challenges he expects to face while broadcasting remotely. In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. shares the story of his firework fail that made Amy and Isla upset and caused horses to run wild. Plus, find out why one driver had a bathroom named after him at Pocono Raceway. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2020
303 - Dale Jarrett & Red Farmer: Elite Company
Dale Earnhardt Jr. checks in with two very intriguing guests, NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Jarrett and fellow 2021 Inductee Red Farmer, on the Download. Jarrett discusses his recent bout with COVID-19, the symptoms that made him get tested and why he went public with his diagnosis. He also admits his biggest fear while having the Coronavirus. Dale Jr. gets some good advice from DJ on what the Hall of Fame journey will be like. Dale and co-host Mike Davis have a fun discussion with legendary racer Red Farmer. The 87-year old talks about why he still races after 73-years and how he's never paid someone to work on his team full-time. The leader of the Alabama gang raced with three generations of Earnhardts and shares about the time he put an end to the Intimidator's winning ways. Farmer shares what it was like to to get the Hall of Fame nod and what the honor means. The DJD gang has fun singing tunes and talking about texting with emoticons. Ask Jr get Dale Jr. puzzled about where to send fans for racing technology research. We also learn some interesting history about the first race ever held in America. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2020
302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment
An emotional Dale Earnhardt Jr., surrounded by his family, finds out that he will forever be enshrined in the NASCAR Hall of Fame as a member of 2021 class. Listen as the news breaks live on the podcast and the congratulations roll in from well-respected members of the racing industry. Special guests Rick Hendrick, Mike Helton and the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Executive Director Winston Kelley join the show. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis reflect on this major milestone and hit on some of the hottest topics in racing, including Dale Jr.’s return to the driver's seat at Homestead. Dale describes his most anxious moment and what it was like to race in front of an empty grandstand. Last week, NASCAR took a major step forward in becoming a more inclusive sport by banning the Confederate flag from its tracks. The DJD gang offers their perspective on the ban and the social media reaction that followed. Plus, find out why Dale wants to cancel, cancel culture. The All-Star Race is headed to Bristol Motor Speedway for the first time in the event's 36-year history with a new twist on paint schemes that has everyone all fired up. How did our host start his big day back in the Dirty Mo Studio? With a redneck root canal, of course! Don't ask, just listen and laugh. All of this and more on a truly memorable edition of the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 17, 2020
301 - It's Time to Take a Stand
Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a lot on his mind after a busy week of news in the country and in racing. He and co-host Mike Davis cover NASCAR’s Nashville Superspeedway announcement, and why he feels that the Cup Series is heading to the wrong Nashville track in 2021. JR Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry found himself mired in controversy at Ace Speedway over the weekend, which ultimately led to his one-race suspension. Dale Jr. explains what happened, the growing tension between Berry and fellow racer Bobby McCarty and how it will cost Berry a shot at this year’s championship. NASCAR and the drivers made a powerful statement about the ongoing racial tensions in the U.S. at Atlanta Motor Speedway over the weekend. This included drivers stepping up to create their very own viral video message. The DJD gang reflects on the message the sport sent to the world. In Ask Jr. presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. discusses climbing back behind the wheel this weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway, his playboy collection and why he now refuses to save fuel while racing. Odd history tells the tale of how a beer can helped Richard Petty win a race at Martinsville Speedway.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2020
300 – Bubba Wallace: We’ve Got to Change Our Ways
On the 300th episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Bubba Wallace joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. to discuss the ongoing racial tensions playing out across the United States and his recent strong performances on the track. Wallace gets personal and tells stories about his experience with racial discrimination, a family tragedy and his interaction with law enforcement. Earnhardt Jr., Wallace and co-host Mike Davis have an open and honest conversation about what we can do as humans to help make the world a better place. Wallace shares the message he sent to all drivers and NASCAR’s executives, how he deals with negative comments thrown his way, and the intense scrutiny he faces as the only black driver at NASCAR’s top level. Later in the show, Chase Elliott joins Earnhardt Jr., Wallace, and Davis after the dramatic finish to his day at Bristol. Elliott banters with close friend Wallace about not being invited on the plane ride to the track and dishes his opinion about limited practice time and its impact on the racing. Monday night’s Xfinity Series race featured two JR Motorsports drivers roughing each other up racing for the win and the bossman describes his feelings watching one of his cars wreck and the other win. The milestone show concludes with great questions from fans during the Ask Jr. segment presented by Xfinity. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2020
299 – Marcus Smith: First Sport with Fans Back
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by Speedway Motorsports CEO Marcus Smith, who opens up about NASCAR’s return to action from a track owner’s perspective. As Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts NASCAR’s second week back to racing, Smith details the screening process the track conducts before events, why he envisions fans returning sooner rather than later and what that will look like. The two long-time friends, along with co-host Mike Davis, reflect on Sunday’s World 600 and Earnhardt Jr. shares his thoughts on the underwhelming race and asks Smith what can be done to improve NASCAR Cup Series competition at Charlotte. Smith offers candid thoughts on what the track and sport can do to put on a more entertaining event, how his company approaches repaving track surfaces, and the difficulty of keeping up with race team’s innovation. Plus, the two reminisce about the cold day spent at North Wilkesboro Speedway last December, discuss what Smith really thinks of Dale Jr.’s ideas, and learn more about NASCAR returning to Nashville. As racing resumes, this conversation sheds light on how tracks are preparing to host events again and what goes into putting on the best races possible. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2020
298 - Kurt Busch: Career Comeback
Kurt Busch joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a wide-ranging conversation about the veteran’s racing career. The Chip Ganassi Racing driver dives deep into his successful yet tumultuous time in NASCAR with Earnhardt and co-host Mike Davis. Busch opens up about his rapid rise into the sport, doing it his way, losing a top-tier ride, and having to fight his way back to the top. The former champion shares regrets he has had during his time behind the wheel, how he was once intimidated by the Intimidator, and beating his brother Kyle in a photo finish last year at Kentucky Speedway. Both Busch and Earnhardt reflect on the influence their wives have had on their life and how it has shaped them into better men. Sunday marked the first NASCAR race in over two months and Busch discusses his strong run and what it’s like to be teammates with Matt Kenseth again. Plus, Earnhardt and Davis talk about racing without practice, Jimmie Johnson’s mistake, and the idea of shorter race weekends. That, an #AskJr segment presented by Xfinity and plenty more on this episode.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2020
297 - Matt Kenseth: Never Retired
Dale Earnhardt Jr hangs out with old friend Matt Kenseth, as he makes a comeback behind the wheel when NASCAR returns to racing. T he former Cup Champion enlightens Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis about his refined workout regiment and how he is approaching this comeback. Speaking of coming back, Matt tells us that he never did use the "R" word, so he never actually retired. So how has his family taken his return to the NASCAR life? And what will this new social-distanced NASCAR life be like? Kenseth also shares how the new deal with Ganassi went down and how he is going into this first race with so many unknowns. He reveals the origins of his original nickname, what he really thinks of watching the iRacing Pro-Invitational Series and how he thinks Dale Jr. is "cheap." Later in the show, Dale gets stumped by some tricky questions on #AskJr presented by Xfinity. The DJD gang discuss Chicagoland Speedway rumors and how Dale Jr didn't go to his high school prom. Oh, and we also tell a tale about a Pakistani magician who took to the high banks of Darlington Raceway... blindfolded. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2020
296 - Steve Phelps: First Sport to Come Back
As NASCAR returns from the pause of the pandemic, Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with NASCAR President Steve Phelps for a behind the curtain viewpoint of running one of America's biggest sports. Phelps talks about the initial shut down due to COVID-19, opens up about tough decisions, shares insight into the sports' return and the opportunity they have to seize new fans in an uncertain sports climate. He also shares insight into schedule changes, looking closely at mid-week shows and double headers and how they are looking ahead to 2021. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis share news about bringing back North Wilkesboro in a unique way. Speaking of Wilkesboro, Odd History tells a story of day the King spread a fan's ashes. The crew learns the community gossip about poo and how Dale gets tricked into telling fat-jokes. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2020
295 - Doug Richert: Duffel Bag Doug
He won a championship, as a crew chief, with Dale Earnhardt at the age of 20. Now Doug Richert sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr and co-host Mike Davis to talk to us about that incredible feat and more. Just how did a 16-year old go from San Jose, California to North Carolina and make the big time so quick? Richert's road has been a bouncy one that has seen him win titles, come oh-so-close and struggle with underfunded teams. Dale, Mike and Doug discuss a wide range of topics from meeting Dale Earnhardt, their friendship, and how good of a best-man The Intimidator was. Doug gets emotional sharing one of the best moments of his life with Dale Jr. They also talk about the Junior Johnson years, cigar-smokin' JD Stacy, winning with Greg Biffle and Doug's current driver, Timmy Hill. Richert admits his biggest regret of his career and how he yearns for another opportunity. He reveals what Suitcase Jake was really like and tell the origins of his nickname, Duffel Bag Doug. The DJD gang share their anxieties about a possible return to racing after the COVID-19 pandemic. They share their excitement of the news that Matt Kenseth will return to racing in the 42 car. AskJr talks about Dale 'Twitching' and hangin' with Ed Nelms and more. We also learn through Ancestry that Dillner isn't who he thinks he is and Mike's connection to waffles and pirates. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2020
294 - David Allen: Untold Earnhardt Stories
Never before stories of Dale Earnhardt. Special guest David Allen surprises Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis with tales of working with the 7-time NASCAR Champion. Allen dives into the wildness of the Wrangler days from being hung up on by The Intimidator and people thinking Dale would be a one-hit-wonder, From heart to heart meetings under the Talladega grandstand, to secret clandestine meetings in a Greensboro hotel, it's a peek behind the curtain that few have ever had. Did Dale Earnhardt almost end up driving for Junior Johnson? Was he a no-show at an important dinner meeting with GM? Did he regret not spending more time with his children when they were younger? David Allen had a unique first hand perspective of it all. Allen, a marketing master and longtime friend, also shares the hilarity of how Wonder Woman got NASCAR and Teresa Earnhardt a little peeved at Martinsville, We also learn about the day Dale Earnhardt liked Jalapeno Poppers a little bit too much and how one Atlanta Braves player made The Intimidator angry with some homemade mud. AskJr presented by Xfinity gets Dale Jr. to reveal his wishes for the Washington Redskins upcoming draft and to open up about the news he and Amy are having a baby girl. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2020
293 - Roger Penske: The Captain
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s exclusive interview with the great Roger Penske. The two discuss Roger's racing career, dealing with the Rusty Wallace / Dale Earnhardt rivalry, and his success as a car owner in so many racing series. Penske gives insight into how the purchase of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway went down and what it means to own one of the sport's most hallowed grounds. He also lets us in to his company policies, and his approach to the COVID-19 pandemic as a team owner, business owner and series owner. Dale and co-host Mike Davis have the tough conversation regarding the news surrounding Kyle Larson. They also discuss Dale Jr.'s recent news that he is a nominee for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The DJD crew reveal the most original people they've been around in racing. The crew doesn't hesitate to poke fun at each other for dark Zoom screens and homemade quarantine haircuts. The fans "bring it" with some great questions this week on AskJr presented by Xfinity. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2020
292 - Kelley Earnhardt Miller: A New Chapter
From childhood scars, therapy to leading a Championship winning NASCAR team, Kelley Earnhardt Miller joins her brother Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the day of her new book release. Kelley reveals secrets from the pages "Drive - Nine Lessons to Win in Business and Life." She shares how Dale Earnhardt struggled with fatherhood, how she used therapy change the path of her marriage and life, and how she had to be an advocate for Dale Jr. after the passing of her father. They also discuss running JR Motorsports through the COVID-19 crisis and how she communicates with NASCAR throughout the process. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis speak about what made Cale Yarborough a true original. Leah raises the roof with fan questions in AskJr presented by Xfinity. Dale & Mike offer their opinions on the iRacing drama from Bristol with Bubba Wallace. Matthew Dillner uses World War II history to offer hope for a new racing boom. The DJD gang laughs over pronouncing words like "Yar-bro" "Oy-al" and "Arthur." To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 07, 2020
291 - Kyle Busch / Isla Earnhardt: Crashing the Party
Who wrecked who? Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings Kyle Busch on the show to discuss the Texas iRacing Pro Invitational & more. The two rivals discuss dealing with life at home because of the pandemic. Kyle's son Brexton hops on to meet and then interview Dale Jr. Co-Host Mike Davis gets Dale to open up about why he stays informed of the news surrounding the Coronavirus. The DJD gang uses their "big ass mics" to chime as well. Nothing brightens the day more than a child, as Isla Earnhardt makes her podcast debut. She not only steals the show but nearly ends it. Special guests make Dale Jr. laugh in AskJr presented by Xfinity and we deliver an Odd History that's worth at least 50-cents. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2020
290 - Denny Hamlin: Momentary Normalcy
From the comfort and safety of home, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD gang got together, but not too close, to record a show. A day after the iRacing event broadcast on national television, Dale welcomed winner Denny Hamlin on the Download. They discuss the dramatic finish and how the race provided a few hours of normalcy in tough times, Denny shares what he is doing during the Corona virus crisis and how he is struggling with home schooling his daughter. Dale Jr, co-host Mike Davis, Producer Matthew Dillner and Leah Vaughn get real about social distancing. AskJr is back with a new sponsor. Dale Jr. opens up about the recent announcement that he and Amy are expecting their second child and how the current state of lock-down has effected the experience. Dale Jr. remembers the car that started the racecar graveyard and tells the story of NASCAR's most unusual pit stop. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2020
289 - Kyle Petty: No Regrets
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Petty sit down to discuss navigating life with famous fathers and the expectations that helped shape their road to stardom. The NBC Sports broadcast colleagues talk about growing up wanting to be racers, taking a 193mph tutorial lap around Daytona with the King and Kyle's unlikely and wildly successful first race. Petty opens up about bending the rules, his gory leg-break at Talladega, Felix Sabates' naïve start in racing, the moments that ignited his temper the most and much more. Kyle sticks around for Dale's special edition of Odd History that involves Darlington and streaking. Also, this week's ad reads proved to be both efficient and hilarious. So, join Dale, Co-host Mike Davis, Kyle and the DJD gang for this coronavirus-free edition of the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 17, 2020
288 - Ken Schrader: The Best Week Ever!
The episode you've been waiting for! Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes racing legend Ken Schrader to the table of truth. For the first time publicly, they share the real story of the week long trip with Schrader that changed Dale Jr.'s life and got Dale Earnhardt hot under the collar. Schrader tells us about his start in racing, an attempt at the Indy 500, and shares stories of some cheat tips. The two discuss beer drinking, partying and racing... need we say more? Well, it gets better! They also chat about Ken's worst crash, the day he lost his thumb, and plans of school bus Figure-8 racing for his birthday. It's Schrader, so expect the unexpected.. Dale Jr. along with co-host Mike Davis and the DJD crew discuss Phoenix, Cole Pearn's tweet that fired up the web, Noah's no-no and more. We learn from Dale Jr how Valvoline is like Madonna and about the Atlanta tow-truck blunder in Odd History. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2020
287 - James Finch: Rednecks & Elitists
He has been described as "An American badass and a true redneck icon," and now Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with James Finch for a tell-all table conversation for the ages. The former NASCAR car owner shares the story of his daredevil beginnings, how leveling his home caused a divorce, being with Neil Bonnett until the end, and the colorful cast of characters who drove his racecars. Finch reveals why he once gave a check back to NASCAR, turned down a Toyota deal and how he splashed Crown Royal on Geoff Bodine during a pit stop. From sipping a red-solo cup to providing physical enhancements for lady friends, Finch doesn't hold back. The DJD gang also discusses the single lug nut announcement that sparked a social media frenzy and an interesting fan council question about paint scheme changes that piqued Dale Jr.'s interest. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2020
286 - Rick Mast: Just Glad to be Alive
Dale Earnhardt Jr. clears the air with Rick Mast about the driver's unknown start to a racing career and the carbon monoxide poisoning that forced his exit the sport. Mast opens up about feeling "like he was dying," and decisions that saved his life. He also reveals the moment that humbled Dale Earnhardt Sr. as well as the day Rick was going to shoot Jimmy Spencer. Mast also shares the infamous cow-sale that led to the purchase of his first racecar and how Elvira the bubble witch magically turned his performance around. The DJD gets real about Noah Gragson's tangle with Myatt Snyder and the softest bounty in the land. We learn that Dale likes the word "drag" and "quibble" during our ad reads and that J.D. McDuffie had to bet it all to make it to the next race. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2020
285 - Kyle Larson & Noah Gragson: Daytona Aftermath
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis address a crazy Daytona 500 that included a horrific last-lap crash with Ryan Newman. Then, the DJD is joined by young NASCAR phenom and open-wheel ace Kyle Larson to discuss everything from NASCAR, driving the high-side to chasing the Chili Bowl. A double-dose of guests highlights this episode as Daytona Xfinity Series race winner Noah Gragson brings the color and candor of his celebratory antics and racing maturity to the table. Dale and Mike rap about the view from the flagstand as Dale Jr. was the honorary starter of The Great American Race that was so big that it even drew the presence of the President of the United States of America. We find out what not to do in the flagstand at a race, and answer fan questions on this packed edition of the Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2020
Bonus - Live from Daytona
Dale Earnhardt Jr and co-host Mike Davis go live at the Team Chevy Experience at Daytona International Speedway in front of a studio audience with a big cast of characters. Seven-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson stops by as well as Daytona 500 pole-winner Ricky Stenhouse. Chevrolet's Jim Campbell sits in with the DJD and then with the crowd afterwards. President of Daytona Int'l Speedway, Chip Wile, joins the show to preview Dale waving the green flag on Sunday and we find out that Ricky Stenhouse's dog ate his Daytona 500 tickets. Tim Dugger, a good friend of Dale Jr.'s, pops in to talk about his latest song from his upcoming album and shares a laugh about Jr's direct style of criticism. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2020
284 - Humpy Wheeler: The Ringmaster
Dale Earnhardt Jr. rolls out the red carpet on the 2020 debut by bringing in the ultimate ringmaster, legendary racing promoter H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler. The two discuss Humpy's wild early days in racing, wheeling and dealing to sell tickets, creating chances for drivers including Dale Earnhardt and an astonishingly long boxing career. They share some laughs about the zaniest of pre-race stunts, some of which drew the ire of NASCAR. Dale & Co-host Mike Davis clean up a messy Busch Clash and debate NASCAR Hall of Fame changes. The DJD gang answers fan questions, reveal details of Dale's new tv-show and tell tall tales of Daytona partying. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2020
283 - Kyle Busch: The Champ & the Best of the DJD
In the season finale, Dale Earnhardt Jr gets an exclusive sit down with NASCAR Cup Champion Kyle Busch. Dale and co-host Mike Davis reflect on an amazing season, reliving the best guests and most impactful stories that came from our table. The DJD gang have some good belly laughs over the hilarity that came from some unexpected conversations on the show. Dale Jr. also learns he has a new job for the 2020 Daytona 500. One more Odd History reveals an NFL quarterback behind the wheel and creates a fun conversation on a year full of oddities. Dale Jr gets deep on the impact of the podcast for himself and the sport. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2019
282 - Kenny Wallace: Therapy
A colorful and candid sit down between Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kenny Wallace takes you on a journey from being dirt poor in Missouri to NASCAR fame. Kenny opens up about his brother Rusty, getting his first ride from Dale Earnhardt, getting fired from his Cup ride, his passion for dirt racing and why the nine-time Xfinity Series winner says thinks he’s an overachiever. Wallace tells us about being blocked on Twitter by Michael Waltrip, and how people assume he was "shot in the ass with diamonds." Dale and Co-host Mike Davis get real about what needs to happen with the Phoenix package and NASCAR fining Bubba Wallace. We also learn about Dale Jr's morning blunder and why the DJD gang resists the I-Phone updates that have Dale Jr buzzing. Earnhardt pours some Sugar on Odd History and wraps with a tease about our upcoming final episode of the season. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 12, 2019
281 - David Hobbs: Paddock to Telly
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with one of his favorites, legendary racer and broadcaster David Hobbs, to discuss the most important race in NASCAR history, the 1979 Daytona 500. The two chit chat about working with Ken Squier, Hobbs' diverse and dangerous racing career, dealing with an era where death was a regularity, Cale Yarborough's engine mimicking, an Intimidating interview with Dale Earnhardt, the Englishman's role in Stroker Ace and more. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis debate the controversial Bubba Wallace spin and sound off about Big Hoss TV insults. Mix in some hunting stories and Dale's unusual Odd History reading cadence and you have a very interesting episode of The Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2019
280 - Ricky Rudd: Stand Your Ground
Dale Earnhardt Jr sits down with one of the toughest drivers in NASCAR history, Ricky Rudd. They discuss Ricky's Clash crash, and why he chose to play through the pain by taping his eyes open to race. They go deep into the Dale Earnhardt ride swap, the fallout and the incidents that followed. Find out why Rudd called Rusty Wallace "Rubberhead," and what the 23-time Cup Series winner is doing these days. The DJD Gang gets lippy about Todd Gilliland's radio chatter about his team owner Kyle Busch. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis also wrestle with the post-race altercation between Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin at Martinsville. Ask Jr is back and reveals Street Stock memories and Isla's Halloween costume. Meanwhile, Odd History runs over a jack-rabbit. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2019
279 - Richard Petty: The King
An interview fit for a King! Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with The King, Richard Petty. The two discuss Petty and NASCAR's humble beginnings, an unexpected ride on Lee Petty's racecar, driving with a broken neck, the drag racing days, lecturing The Intimidator, running liquor, and the 1979 Daytona 500. They also talk about change in NASCAR and the day they ate fried chicken with Ronald Reagan. Dale & co-host Mike Davis tackle an interesting Kansas weekend as they sort through controversy and grade the Xfinity Series post-race fight. Odd History tells the tale of a "Turtle" that raced without its shell. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 22, 2019
278 - Jeff Burton: Respect Me
Dale Earnhardt Jr. meets with the Mayor, Jeff Burton, to talk about his racing family and a journey from backyard, to race track, to broadcast booth. They discuss brotherly run-ins, Ward's life as a trapper, the scrap with Jeff Gordon, a rivalry at Roush, helping the devastation in the Bahamas and much more. The DJD gang goes full send on big ugly spoilers and the yellow-line that created a stink at Talladega. Odd History unboxes a tale of an overseas NASCAR stowaway. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 15, 2019
277 - Bubba Wallace: The Battle Within
In a powerful interview, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets Bubba Wallace to open up about how the young driver handles conflict and his brave decision to come forward about battling depression.  The two discuss dark days, the battles of a young career and family issues that have helped mold Bubba into the 'wear it on his sleeves' emotional person he is today.  They talk about their love for Late Model Stocks, why he was so pissed at Alex Bowman, the lone regret he has about the "water bottle massacre" at Charlotte and much more.   Dale Jr. proudly welcomes his Late Model driver Josh Berry to the show for a celebratory chat about winning the prestigious Martinsville grandfather clock.   DJD  speaks about North Wilkesboro progress, Halloween costumes and the mysterious tale of Talladega sabotage.   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2019
276 - Marcus Smith: Crazy Idea Club
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and good friend Marcus Smith get deep about big ideas for the sport, past failures and free-thinking futures.  Smith drops the bold idea of Bristol going to dirt and discusses the future of NASCAR at the Nashville Fairgrounds race track. The two share stories of childhood, Bruton Smith's rocky road to start Charlotte Motor Speedway, Roval resistance, daredevil pre-race shows, towing TV trucks and SMI's rivalry with NASCAR.   The DJD gang goes over the wild Roval race and a wet post-race confrontation.  AskJr discovers that Dale Jr. is not a member of the pizza police while Odd History uncovers a tale that highlights a high-flying "Possum."  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2019
275 - Rick Hendrick: I'm Not Gonna Let Him Fail
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rick Hendrick get together for a much-anticipated tell-all interview.  The driver and his former boss discuss Mr. H's beginnings in the sport, how Hendrick Motorsports nearly started with Richard Petty behind the wheel, the Gee family connection, the famed rental car ride with Geoff Bodine and Dale Earnhardt, and the meeting that changed their lives and Dale Jr.'s side-skirts forever.  They also reveal classic stories of the legendary Harry Hyde and how The Intimidator was so mad at Ken Schrader that he didn't speak to him for a year. DJD tackles topics like Tony Eury Jr's first doctors trip and the big announcement of who's wheeling the JR Motorsports Late Model at Martinsville.  Rick Hendrick sticks around for a special edition of Odd History that includes Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2019
274 - Ron Hornaday: Not Over It
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with a racer's racer, NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Ron Hornaday.  The former teammates talk about Ron's rough beginnings, hanging up on Dale Earnhardt and the good, bad and ugly of the DEI days.  Also, they delve into the aftermath of being wrecked under caution by Kyle Busch, the guilt of taking out Bubba Wallace, and the life debt Ron feels he owes Kevin Harvick. The DJD gang discusses Kyle Busch's controversial post-race comments, a quest to clean up North Wilkesboro, the honor of interviewing Marshawn Lynch, and how Curtis Turner once escaped rifle fire from an angry husband to get to Rockingham.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2019
273 - Jimmie Johnson: I'm Not Done Yet
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson. The former teammates discuss Jimmie missing the playoffs for the first time ever, the fire that burns within, winning five-in-a-row, getting Dale Jr out of his comfort zone, biking in XXL spandex, the good bad and ugly of parenting and the time that Jimmie crashed off of a mountain. DJD hits Indianapolis head-on, discusses how Corey Lajoie made the best of a stinky seat and the odd connection between Elvis Presley and Jeff Gordon.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 09, 2019
272 - Brad Keselowski: I Just Wanna Win
Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns from the driver's seat to sit down with his former driver, NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski.  The two discuss Brad K's biggest break, debate stage racing, talk about living on Dale's property and a unique take on what makes social media so intriguing.  Dale opens up about his race weekend back behind the wheel at Darlington.  Also, a story of boxing champions, bull riders and rock stars taking punches at Dale's basement boxing ring.  The DJD judges the best and worst of Darlington's throwback paint schemes.  Plus, Dale uncovers a time where NASCAR founder Bill France got the boot from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 04, 2019
271 - Matt DiBenedetto: Racing For My Life
Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns to the studio in this packed episode and gets deep with NASCAR racer Matt DiBenedetto.  They talk about why it's ok to call him Guido, his uphill fight in the Cup Series, the dumbest thing he's done in his career, Ryan Newman costing him his first win, losing his ride with Leavine Family Racing and what the future holds for this relentless athlete.   Steve Letarte drops in to give a movie review after taking heat for never seeing Days of Thunder.  The DJD dives into the junkyard for a man-cave idea, noodles a 24-hour NASCAR race, chats Darlington throwbacks and why there was never a 13th Annual Southern 500. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2019
270 - William Byron: The Next Big Thing
Dale Earnhardt Jr. precedes the show with a personal message regarding last week’s plane crash.  Then on this episode, Dale digs deep to get to know young racing phenom William Byron.  The two discuss his meteoric rise, a face-palm moment with Kyle Busch, Chad Knaus’ personality, owning the SIM racer label, wake surfing and feeling out of place in Cup.  DJD talks about DMBL Hoops, fantasy football, Dale’s new specs, a date night gone wrong and how hot dogs are best friends with mustard.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 19, 2019
269 - Harry Gant: The Bandit
Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets to know the racer they called "The Bandit," Harry Gant.  They discuss the legend's many nicknames, his long path to the NASCAR Cup ranks, racing with Ralph Earnhardt, blowing off Burt Reynolds and the first time he quit racing.  The DJD gang has fun talking about the Racing Wives reality TV show, Dale's prized possessions and how Bobby Isaac heard voices telling him to get out of his car. . To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 13, 2019
268 - Dave Marcis: The Independent
Dale Jr. spends quality time with the last great independent, Dave Marcis, to tell the tale of doing it his own way.  The NASCAR Legend talks about Goodyears & Wingtips, dumping Dale Earnhardt, working with Harry Hyde, his Pocono crash & towing his mobile home behind his racecar.  DJD turns up the volume on the NBC broadcast, talks Chastain vs. Allgaier, discusses Dale Jr.'s Western Town and tells a story about Tim Richmond and Huey Lewis that didn't make the news. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 06, 2019
267 - Chase Elliott: Dawsonville Boy
Two of NASCAR's All-time Most Popular Drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Chase Elliott, sit down to talk about small-town life and racing.  From flying planes, a busy "Awesome Bill", world travel with Blaney, dealing with Denny, and not worrying about rules, the Dawsonville, Georgia driver is candid about it all. The DJD gang talks about funny moments in racing, including not making it to the restroom in time, booth farts, and unique short cuts. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2019
266 - Martha Earnhardt: Mammaw's Story
Dale Earnhardt Jr. spends precious time in conversation with his grandmother, the matriarch of the Earnhardt racing legacy, Martha "Mammaw" Earnhardt.  They discuss meeting Ralph Earnhardt, fixing cars for bootleggers, wanting to touch Elvis, setting The Intimidator straight and the time Teresa Earnhardt got smacked.  The DJD gang gets feisty in debating New Hampshire and the Harrison Burton, Paul Menard's altercation.  Odd History uncovers weird times at Pocono, including the day someone mooned Mayfield. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 23, 2019
265 - Dale Jarrett: Betting On Myself
Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets Dale Jarrett to open up about his unlikely journey from high school athlete to NASCAR Hall of Famer.  Jarrett's years of grinding it out before he made it, the ups and downs along the way, horrific crashes, juggling opportunities, beating Davey Allison to the line and a memorable first battle with The Intimidator.  The DJD gang goes off on Twitter whiners, Mike reveals a jaw dropping vacation moment, Dale Jr's French Toast trick and a double-dose of Odd History.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 16, 2019
264 - Gary Balough: Racing, Fighting & Smuggling
Dale Earnhardt Jr has called it “one of the most fascinating stories in all of Motorsports,” and now sits down with Legendary racer Gary Balough about his life on the track and behind bars.  They uncover stories of smuggling marijuana, evading the Feds, getting busted and how it cost him his career and family.  On track, Balough was a driver who pissed off Richard Petty, got spit on by fans and was not intimidated by Dale Earnhardt.  Off track, his dangerous lifestyle added to the Legend of “Hot Shoe” Gary Balough.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2019
263 - Hailie Deegan: Bump n' Run
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Kelley Earnhardt Miller get to know young female racer Hailie Deegan.  A conversation about owning her aggressive racing style, growing up with "bad ass" dads, the female racer label, standing up to the boys, the sketchiest of flights, making frienemies, not taking duck-lip selfies, giving it 150-percent and more.  DJD breaks down Alex Bowman's charge and cavalier post race moment.  Dale and Kelley talk about their father's pinball machine and much more..  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 02, 2019
262 - Kelley Earnhardt Miller: We Saved Each Other
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller open up about their journey together from a tumultuous childhood to running a successful NASCAR team.  The two get emotional about tough times and big decisions like leaving DEI and the living room retirement discussion. They also reminisce about Late Model racing and speak about what it's like to be a female leader in the Motorsports industry.  DJD talks about Dale Jr.'s big news, getting back behind the wheel at a test, and has fun sharing some very unusual life-hacks.  Odd History tells the story of how one famous driver used the mob to kick start his racing career.   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 24, 2019
261 - Simon Pagenaud: French Kiss the Bricks
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s candid and hilarious sit down with Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud.  The two racers discuss drinking the winners' milk, facing the factor of fear, hunting and kissing bricks, a long-shot career path, racecars with deer-whistles and the last lap of the 500.  DJD goes full-send on Johnny Sauter vs. Austin Hill, the Ross Chastain DQ and we find out in White-Flag that Dale was once hated and is now a "dadspiration" to one loyal fan.   To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 18, 2019
260 - Coach Joe Gibbs: Redskins n' Racing
Dale Earnhardt Jr. hangs out with his hero, NFL and NASCAR Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs. The two discuss their beloved Washington Redskins, a legendary "fruitcake" running back, being John Madden's gopher, slingin' oranges at players, and recruiting Dale Jr with Pimento cheese. They also get deep about the legacy of his late son, JD Gibbs.  DJD tackles rain-delay whiners, F1's controversial call, Deegan's bold move, Jr.'s claw and the greatest shirtless win in Motorsports history. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 11, 2019
259 - Michael Waltrip: The Cruelest Thing
An emotional interview between teammates Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Michael Waltrip, forever bonded in triumph and tragedy.  The two discuss the day that changed them forever, their thoughts of DEI, going 0 for 462, punching Lake Speed, giving a deer a lift, and brotherly love-lacking early days.  The DJD gang discuss Dale Jr's recent health scare, fishing for Indianapolis bricks and NASCAR's track dryer that crashed from the sky..  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2019
258 - Stone Cold Steve Austin: Drink Beer & Raise Hell
From beer bashing to bleeding, Stone Cold Steve Austin sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. for this tell-all interview.  They discuss the "hard life" of wrestling, beer bashing, making yourself bleed, the origins of Stone Cold and a ton more.  Dale Jr. and the DJD gang discuss learning to drive by crashing in the woods and keeping babies from eating rocks.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 28, 2019
Bonus - American Hero: Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson
From mischievous boy to American hero, the incredible story of Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson as told by his sisters Kristie and Joy to the Dale Jr. Download.  Tumlison was a part of the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six that lost their lives when their Chinook helicopter was shot down during a mission in Afghanistan in 2011.  Nearly eight years later, his journey endures as an example of perseverance and heroism.  The Iowa native will be honored on the Nationwide #88 Chevrolet driven by Alex Bowman during the World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Join us in paying respect to Tumilson and all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving for our great nation on this and every Memorial Day.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 24, 2019
257 - Mike Helton: Both of Y'all Hush
Dale Earnhardt Jr and NASCAR Vice Chairman Mike Helton get in depth about the future of the sport, his relationship with the Intimidator, the new Gen-7 car and the most difficult announcement a friend ever had to make.  DJD spars about fighting in racing, Bubba's emotions and drama at Indy Bump Day & more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 21, 2019
256 - Martin Truex Jr.: Fight Like Hell
Dale Earnhardt Jr. hangs with good friend Martin Truex Jr. to chat about his path from clammer to NASCAR Champion. The duo discusses their different hunting approaches, living together in a trailer, late night gaming, career ups and downs, and even get chippy about Truex's incident with Joey Logano.  DJD reveals their most drunk moments which include crawling across a road and peeing in a closet.  Odd History tells the tale of the All Star Race format that thankfully never happened. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2019
255 - Amy Earnhardt: Maximum Security
Amy Earnhardt joins her husband to give the inside scoop on Dale Jr.’s Kentucky Derby Day. The DJD gang discusses the controversial finish, sneaky infield drinking, a bugler in jorts, Dale in pink and Mike’s Twitter trolling, Dale Jr. talks about playing hooky, getting in trouble with Dad and gives us an update on his racecar restoration project. Jr Motorsports Late Model driver Josh Berry stops by and more! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2019
254 - The John Force Jr. Download
Hang on tight as Dale Earnhardt Jr talks to the legendary drag racer John Force in this out of control interview. The 16-time NHRA Champ talks about near death experiences, his tireless energy, tragedies that saved lives, seeing Elvis at 1000-feet, kissing Dale Earnhardt's ring, the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa and the way he overcomes his lifelong battle with depression. Dale Jr. also reveals genealogy secrets, talks Talladega and some left behind Odd History.    To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 30, 2019
253 - Will Power: The One Punch Rule
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and IndyCar Champion Will Power hang out to talk about the Indy 500, IndyCar safety, fan accessibility, the Aussie way of life, social media bravery, fighting, kitchen karaoke and a bunch more.  Plus, Dale Jr. is excited to share a discovery he made after a recent purchase of an old Intimidator racecar & the most unreal Odd History tale yet.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 23, 2019
252 - Clint Bowyer: Puke n' Rally
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with NASCAR wild-man Clint Bowyer to talk about racing, partying, saving a pig, putting Jeff Gordon in a headlock and being the worst t-ball coach ever. Dale Jr. also takes fan questions, talks about the origins of fancy underwear & morning drinking. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16, 2019
251 - Richard Childress: Hold My Watch
Richard Childress opens up to Dale Earnhardt Jr. about his relationship with the Intimidator, run-ins with Geoff Bodine, "The Great Horse Wreck," and why RC didn't quit after Earnhardt's passing.  DJD gets feisty debating whether time or mph matters more, Darrell Waltrip's retirement and Odd/Drunk History.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2019
250 - Steve Phelps: We've Made Some Mistakes
A candid interview with NASCAR President Steve Phelps. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 02, 2019
249 - Rival Rusty
A very honest interview with one of Dale Earnhardt's greatest rivals, NASCAR Champion Rusty Wallace. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2019
248 - He Stood on the Gas (feat. Kirk Shelmerdine)
Legendary crew chief Kirk Shelmerdine joins Dale Jr. for a revealing interview and more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 19, 2019
247 - The Healing Begins with Steve Park
Steve Park joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for this emotional yet fun episode. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 12, 2019
246 - The Earnhardt Name (feat. Jeffrey Earnhardt)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by nephew, NASCAR racer Jeffrey Earnhardt. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2019
245 - Young Ryan Blaney
NASCAR young gun Ryan Blaney joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a frosty beverage and fun conversation. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2019
244 - The Smoke Show
A no holds barred Dale Jr. Download with guest Tony Stewart To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2019
243 - Growing Up Eury
The season debut of the Dale Jr. Download To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2019
242 - Jeff Gordon: "I'm the Opposite of That"
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with Jeff Gordon to talk candidly about his career, their rivalry and trying not to be intimidated by The Intimidator.  Dale and Jeff take fan questions and share untold party stories.  The DJD guys also discuss Christmas gifts and the onesie fad. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 13, 2018
241 - An Earnhardt Thanksgiving
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys have a lot to be thankful for, including guest Tyler Reddick's championship. They discuss the rough road to the title for he and Joey Logano, the great turkey debate, Dale's groovy gravy, and take out the Homestead trash. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 20, 2018
240 - Chastain: A Self-Made Story
Dale Earnhardt Jr. sits down with Ross Chastain about the amazing journey that led to a full-time ride with Chip Ganassi Racing in 2019. The guys download about stage-three insanity, the ol' Wilson ball, anti-media sentiment in NASCAR, Family Feud and Dale pissing off an Uber driver! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 13, 2018
239 - Mistakes and Accusations
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the Download guys get fiery about NASCAR’s blunder, Aric Almirola throwin' shade towards Logano, strong rules reform and TJ’s new/old nickname. Live AskJr questions uncover truths of if Dale was ever a whiner and Mike compares spoiled drivers to the Dixie Chicks. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 06, 2018
238 - Talk Like Earnhardt, Drive Like Mark Martin
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and guys download about the controversial finish between Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr at Martinsville and Roger Penske’s reaction.  Plus, talk of Chevy trucks with train horns, bad racecar numbers, barbecue and why the "Intimidator" impersonator creeps us all out. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 30, 2018
237 - Books, Banjos n' Stolen Shoes
Dale Earnhardt Jr and the DJD guys hang out in the Axalta Studio to discuss the Kansas elimination race, being on the sidelines at an NFL game, sorta meeting Jenny McCarthy, an annoying Lambeau-Kenseth, Berry’s ballsy decision and a traumatic childhood house fire. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 23, 2018
236 - Raw Emotional Stuff w/ Ryan McGee
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ryan McGee discuss their new book "Racing to the Finish, My Story." They touch on the challenges, fears and misconceptions of concussions and overcoming them. The DJD guys also talk Talladega controversy, big time racin' cheats, fans throwin' beers at Jeff Gordon and 334mph diaper changes. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 16, 2018
235 - Virtual Reality and the Voodoo Man
Dale Earnhardt Jr and the guys kick back on the couch to chat about a Dover, a Pittsburgh pleasure, facing your fears, the greatest pranks ever, 200mph sneezes, the UFC brawl and an update on baby Isla. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 09, 2018
234 - Acts of Desperation
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys discuss all angles of the ROVAL and how it may save Charlotte Motor Speedway, the last lap melee between Jimmie Johnson and Martin Truex Jr, layers of drama at Martinsville and more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 02, 2018
233 - Bad Stickers and Dry Pickles
Dale Earnhardt Jr and the DJD guys tackle a crazy Vegas weekend on track and in the boxing ring. Dale gets honest on the new NASCAR emoji stickers, Harvick’s salty statement and reveals a new Mayo sandwich. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 18, 2018
232 - Up in that Brickyard Deer Stand
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys discuss an unusual Indianapolis weekend that saw Dale driving the pace car, fenced-in upon completion and perched high to announce the race. Also talk of NASCAR silly season, a return to Nashville, Kahne’s bold decision & more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 12, 2018
231 - Kahne and Krispy Livermush
Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes Kasey Kahne to the show for talk about retirement, Sprint Cars, and the Yachtie life. The #DJD guys also chat about the controversial Truck finish, Isla’s baptism and eating raw shrimp and livermush. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 28, 2018
230 - Surprise... It's Sadler!
Longtime friend and veteran NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the couch and gets deep about his retirement decision and one last championship push. Sadler also shares stories of being head deep with Dale at a foam party. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 21, 2018
229 - Texas Terry
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Terry Labonte discuss the NASCAR Legend’s noted run-ins with The Intimidator at Bristol, cancelled hunting trips, and what, besides playing Fantasy NASCAR, he’s doing these days.  Dale Jr also debunks Bigfoot and opens up about a 'paranormal' encounter. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 14, 2018
228 - There's a Feeling In the Air
Dale Earnhardt Jr. addresses the news about NASCAR CEO Brian France. The #DJD welcomes guest Alex Bowman to discuss his career, contract extension, Chase Elliott's win and a genius idea for a race track bar. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 07, 2018
227 - Super Friends & Superwaxers
Dale Earnhardt Jr. brings his old friend Brad Means on to tell tales of growing up at the track, getting into mischief, knockin' over laptops, getting girl crazy and literally waxing the competition.  #DJD also covers Bubba Wallace's crash, Kyle Petty’s smokes, Jimmie’s 600th start, having dry underwear and more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2018
226 - Pickles, Smokes n' Sandpaper
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the DJD guys download after a New Hampshire trip about Kevin Harvick’s attitude, the three-man booth, Rick Allen's sleepless night, the Dick Trickle ‘T’ and why Dale brings his own pickles to work. Plus, special #AskJr questions from racers and fans. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 24, 2018
225 - Earnhardt Awesomeness
Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets a big surprise and some new/old swag. The #DJD guys tell stories of Dale Sr, biting a teacher and beating up a deer, answer #AskJr questions and debate the Kyle Busch vs. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. war of words.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 17, 2018
224 - Ring Ring… Heyyyy Dale!
The #DJD guys phone Dale Earnhardt Jr. to break down Stenhouse’s wrecks, dumping the yellow line, remaining an unpolished broadcaster and why his seat on the couch is being filled, literally.  Plus, Mike Davis reveals a powerful quote from Dale’s up-coming book. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 10, 2018
223 - The Booth, Buffalo and Slide Job!
Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses his first weekend in the booth for NASCAR on NBC and his "Slide Job" call on the last lap at Chicago. The DJD guys also chat about Kurt Busch’s aggravation and reminisce about the day Dale’s Buffalo roamed free in Mooresville.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 03, 2018
222 - Resting Denny Face
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is joined by Denny Hamlin to discuss life, organizing a driver’s association, and misconceptions about his personality.  Dale & the #DJD guys also perform the single greatest ad read of all-time and reveal untold insight into Dale & Kelley’s sibling bond. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 27, 2018
221 - Father's Day and Party Fouls
Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses one of his biggest party fouls, racing to a port-a-john, his first father’s day as a dad and answers several #AskJr Questions.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 19, 2018
220 - Live On Stage at JRM Fan Day
Dale Jr and Mike Davis do the show live on stage in front of a packed house at JR Motorsports Fan Day. They do live #AskJr questions from the crowd, talk about wanting more Short Tracks and go over zany baby scenarios. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 29, 2018
219 - The Dale and Matt Show!
Longtime friend, competitor and jokester Matt Kenseth get together to chat about racing, rules, cycling, ebay and give questionable advise on fatherhood. They also share a laugh talking about Kyle Busch’s Charlotte post-race press conference. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 22, 2018
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his mom, Brenda Jackson, have a colorful discussion about Mothers Day and parenting. Junior tackles fan questions regarding NASCAR’s All-Star Race aero package and the post-victory burnout conspiracy theory. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 15, 2018
217 - Dale Jr is a New Daddy!
On this special episode of the Dale Jr. Download, Dale candidly discusses the emotional birth of Isla Rose and his first week as a dad. Dale also talks about victory lane with his father, hot wings and JRM’s big Dover weekend.. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 08, 2018
216 - The Lowdown with Logano
Fresh off his Talladega triumph Joey Logano shares drafting insight with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and reveals regrets, rivalries and the challenges of being a father in a competitive environment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 01, 2018
215 - Baby Watch!
With Dale Jr.'s first baby set to arrive any day now he welcomes NASCAR Crew Chief, Travis Mack who delivered his own baby. Travis gives all the details on how it all happened, while the gang also discusses the Kyle Busch post podcast reactions, fan questions and more! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 24, 2018
214 - Settling Old Scores
On the 10-Year anniversary of the Richmond wreck heard ‘round the world, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and guest Kyle Busch talk for the first time about their incident and the decade-long feud that ensued. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 17, 2018
213 - Fist Bumps and Fisticuffs
On this episode Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the guys fire away at faulty pit guns, share their favorite childhood toys, talk short track brawls and racetrack disguises. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 10, 2018
Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalls the time he stole money from his father and the aftermath that ensued. Other topics on this episode: age restrictions in racing, tire dragons at Texas, and Dale's social media blunder. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 03, 2018
211 - Ill Feelings, Dreaming of Bears and Dodging Shoes
In this episode Dale Earnhardt Jr. admits to not feeling good while watching practice at Martinsville. He and Mike Davis also tell old Dale Earnhardt stories, get honest about the Eury split and tell of another strange dream. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 27, 2018
210 - Superheroes and Bizarre Dreams
This buffet of a podcast has Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the guys discussing diverse driver personalities, dreams of John C. Reilly, Amy’s take-out food request, and more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 20, 2018
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis sit down with special guest Steve Letarte in the NBC Studios to discuss Phoenix, hot drivers, sweatpants and flying squirrels on this special edition of the Dale Jr. Download. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 13, 2018
208 - The Reddit Police and Dale’s Jewelry Phobia
Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis examine how a Reddit group has triggered discussion after the Vegas Cup race, great NASCAR motion pictures, carving a granite sink and Dale’s odd jewelry phobia. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 06, 2018
207 - Korea Goes Jr. Nation for the Olympics
From Bobsleds to eating eel, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Mike Davis download all the fun experiences, stories, bumps and bruises from their Olympic trip to Pyeongchang, South Korea. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 27, 2018
206 - Jetsetting with Jr.
Dale Jr. and Mike Davis break down all the goodies from The Great American Race and more while in the Atlanta Airport on a layover in route to Korea. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 20, 2018
205 - The Bottom Line and Booth Farts
Dale Earnhardt Jr. explains his tweets following The Clash and tells you what to look for while watching this week’s races, including potential dark horses for the Daytona 500. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 13, 2018
204 - Hey Fallon, Bless My Baby!
Dale Earnhardt Jr. breaks down his Super Bowl experience, his new life as a broadcaster, Jimmy Fallon blessing his baby and the great iRacing debate of 2018. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 06, 2018
203 - When You're Ready to Leave, You Want to Get the Hell Out of There
Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks about his successful hunting trip over Thanksgiving weekend, as well as NASCAR's new roster-size mandates and what co-host Tyler Overstreet will be doing in 2018 as he leaves JR Motorsports. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 28, 2017
202 - You Gotta Grow Up Sometime
His final NASCAR Cup Series race is complete and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is talking about the Homestead weekend, his helmet/car trade with Mr. Hendrick, and championships for his good friend Martin Truex Jr. and JR Motorsports. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 21, 2017
201 - Heading to Homestead
Dale Jr. looks back on the Phoenix race, Matt Kenseth's win, and the Chase Elliott/Denny Hamlin rivalry. He also discusses his final race and the JR Motorsports' teams pursuit of the Xfinity Series championship this weekend in Homestead. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 14, 2017
200 - Breaking Down Texas, Matt Kenseth's News, 2018 Start Times and More
Dale Earnhardt Jr. recaps his final race at Texas Motor Speedway, the news that Matt Kenseth does not plan to race in 2018, meeting Daniel Ricciardo, and more. Plus, he fields fan questions during the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 07, 2017
199 - More Martinsville and Short Track Racing, Please
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is fired up after an exciting race at Martinsville. He offers a way to spice up the sport by going smaller instead of bigger and recounts a few times he may have intentionally wrecked another driver during his career. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 31, 2017
198 - Looking Back on Kansas, A Road Trip to Buffalo, and More
Dale Jr. recaps his final race at Kansas and a heated exchange he had with his spotter TJ Majors. On that same note, Earnhardt recalls the road trip he took to Buffalo, NY back in 2001 to move TJ to North Carolina. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 24, 2017
197 - 'All The Feels' Talking Baby News and Talladega
Dale Jr. discusses his and his wife Amy's recent news that they are expecting their first child. He also recaps a busy, but successful final race weekend at Talladega Superspeedway and answers fan questions during the Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 17, 2017
196 - PJ1 Problems, Bowman's Breakthrough, and More
Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on an eventful weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway where he crashed early in practice and Alex Bowman captured his first NASCAR win. Also, Junior looks ahead to Talladega and answers your Ask Jr. questions. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 10, 2017
195 - I'm not afraid to get my ass whooped
Dale Jr. recaps a strong weekend at Dover for him and his Hendrick Motorsports teammates. He also answers a barrage of fan questions during an extended Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 03, 2017
194 - An Interesting Week on Twitter
Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses his week on Twitter and answers fan questions during the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 27, 2017
193 - Tech Line Trickery and Chatting with Truex
Dale Earnhardt Jr. calls up his good friend and Chicagoland winner Martin Truex Jr. to discuss his strong season. Junior also offers his opinion on the manufacturer battle and some of the trickery teams are doing to enhance their car's performance. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 19, 2017
192 - Richmond Rewind and Calling Up AJ Perdomo
Despite a strong race at Richmond, Dale Jr. missed the 2017 Playoffs. He discusses his outlook for the final 10 races on the outside looking in. Plus, Junior calls up AJ Perdomo from the Dangerous Summer and answers fan questions. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 12, 2017
191 - Don't Yell at Those Guys
Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks back on Throwback Weekend at Darlington and shares stories of mishaps involving co-host Tyler Overstreet from the weekend. Earnhardt also answers fan questions during the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 05, 2017
190 - The Rest of the Uber Story
Dale Jr. recaps his off weekend in Charleston, his humorous Twitter exchange with Uber, and answers fan questions during the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 29, 2017
189 - Breaking Down A Scorcher in Bristol
Dale Jr. discusses his double duty weekend at Bristol and problems he faced with the car and the heat. He also offers his opinion on Kyle Busch's place as one of the best drivers of all time. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 22, 2017
188 - Dialin' Up The Dentist
Dale Jr. breaks down the weekend in Michigan. Plus, a fan listening while at the dentist for a root canal spurs a lighthearted debate over whether or not Dale receives preferential treatment from his personal dentist. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 15, 2017
187 - Redskins, Bowfishing, and Throwing It Back To 1999
Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on a week that saw him unveil the car he'll race for his final Cup start at Homestead, a family bowfishing adventure, a disappointing weekend in Watkins Glen and a day at training camp with his beloved Washington Redskins. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2017
186 - Junior Talkin' Pocono, Preece, and More
Dale Earnhardt Jr. recaps his up-and-down weekend at Pocono, Ryan Preece's successful gamble, and fan questions regarding the Gibbs pit crew suspensions, 2018 Xfinity driver eligibility and more. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 01, 2017
185 - NBC and Indy Talk, Plus Blaney and Bowman Stop By
Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses his 2018 plans to join the NBC broadcast team and welcomes guests Ryan Blaney and Alex Bowman, who was recently announced to drive the No. 88 car next season. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 26, 2017
184 - The Car That Launched My Career
Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells why he chose his Darlington Throwback paint scheme and the role that car played in his career. He also discusses the Loudon race, the PJ1 on the track, and voices his opinion on the start times of this year's races. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 18, 2017
183 - Selfie Protocol and Bunny Ears
Dale Earnhardt Jr. recaps a crazy weekend in Kentucky, including a track-rubbering controversy, loose windshields and a 50-year-old man asking for a selfie. What’s the protocol on that? Junior discusses with Mike Davis and takes live questions from fans at the Axalta Studio. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 11, 2017
182 - To run The Clash or not? The boss weighs in.
Dale Jr. is joined by his wife Amy to discuss the Daytona race, whether or not he will run The Clash next season now that he's qualified and more. Dale and Amy also answer fan questions during the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 05, 2017
181 - Successful Sonoma, Daytona Memories, and Some #Appreci88ion
Dale Jr. and his wife Amy discuss their visit to Sonoma this past weekend, as well as Junior's success at Daytona and the recently announced JR Nation #Appreci88ion Tour. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 27, 2017
180 - Damn Those Debris Cautions
Dale Jr. recaps a top-10 run in a Michigan race that sparked much debate because of numerous debris cautions. He also weighs in on the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match and answers fan questions during the Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 20, 2017
179 - You Don't Want to be 'That Guy'
A pair of errant shifts left Dale Jr. with two blown motors and a DNF in Pocono. He discusses the race, the first career victory for his friend Ryan Blaney, the all-driver broadcast and whether or not signing autographs are part of a driver's job. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 13, 2017
178 - Dover Debrief and Drivers to Cheer for in 2018
Dale Earnhardt Jr. reviews his 11th-place run at Dover, which included a very loose race car and a late-race speeding penalty. He also gives a list of drivers fans should consider cheering for once he retires and talks about Jimmie Johnson's legacy. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 06, 2017
177 - Dale Jr. Reporting from Roatan
Dale Earnhardt Jr. provides his thoughts on the 88 team's World 600 performance, Kyle Busch's post-race antics, seeing the No. 3 car win again, and more. His wife, Amy, joins the podcast for the weekly Ask Jr. segment. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 01, 2017
176 - Downloading Live at JR Motorsports Fan Day