The Bitch Bible

By Dear Media, Jackie Schimmel

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 Sep 17, 2020

Farah M.
 Sep 16, 2020
Literally this makes my Tuesday nights at work fly by, Jackie says things we only think in our heads. This podcast cracks me up loud enough to which my co workers look at me like I'm cracked in the head. Keep up the good work Jackie!!

 Jun 13, 2020
Fantastic stuff.. Hilarious

 Sep 27, 2019

 Jan 11, 2019


A podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only a bitch would say. Expect unfiltered and unapologetic discussions about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux-pas and hopefully, an insightful takeaway. Nothing is off limits. Hosted by Jackie Schimmel, creator of blog “The Bitch Bible," and your soon-to-be bitchy (and super neurotic) best friend.

Episode Date

Jackie deep dives Bethenny Frankel's social media decisions, romanticizes throwing phones at people and gives some unpopular pregnancy updates.

May 23, 2023
Nuclear Tom.

Jackie psychoanalyzes the Vanderpump Rules finale, Taylor Swift and Matt Healy's relationship and pays homage to rough parenting skills.

May 21, 2023

Jackie is back from a home reno 5150 and ready to get cancelled! She recounts Grandma Gloria almost being abducted, her new problematic event planning business and why Mindy Kaling should stop hiking ASAP.

May 16, 2023
"Oh Scary!"

Jackie is dealing with pregnancy body shaming after a verbally abusive "masseuse" objectifies her. She also deals with her on again off again stalker, runs into CHERYL, gives a fun diabetic update and covers Met Gala fashion!

May 02, 2023
Rising Phoenix
Jackie survived therapy camp and proves to show little to no growth. She breaks down the psychology behind the Sofia Richie wedding hype, makes a strong case for child labor and how to convince your significant other that you don't gp number two.
Apr 25, 2023
Sirloin, Farewell.

Jackie is away at therapy camp and decides to go out with a bang. She discovers ground beef under her breasts, has a pedicure emergency with Grandma Gloria and reflects on a problematic science project.

Apr 18, 2023
Dalai Trauma

Jackie is getting ready for her therapy retreat and for one final purge decides to cancel the Dalai Lama, make a case for consensual beastiality and why we should rebrand slut shaming! She hath risen!

Apr 11, 2023
Jackie has a setback in her blissful pregnancy and considers leaving her marriage to be a single mother feasting on innocent souls and artichoke hearts.
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Apr 04, 2023
Jackie warns listeners of the aesthetic hazards of watching "Daisy Jones and The Six", makes a strong case for Eucalypts girlies and explains why her and Andrew almost got divorced over his latest failed home repair.
Mar 28, 2023
Beef Curtain Boundaries

Jackie answers some listener questions, talks about her vagina falling out of her leotard at her sister's wedding and how to instill boundaries in this digital age of instant gratification!

Mar 25, 2023
Good as Mold!

Jackie survives a mold infestation and is in her new studio in her old crusty robe strategizing Raquelle Leviss' publicity crisis, deals with yet another nail salon trauma and rehabilitates after her sister's wedding weekend!

Mar 23, 2023
Jackie unpacks the Vanderpump Rules drama, Selena Gomez vs Hailey Bieber (kill me) and shares a low cal shirley temple recipe because she is nothing if not multidimensional.
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Mar 07, 2023
Papaya Poltergeist

Jackie enters dicey pregnancy territory after ingesting a papaya salad, doubles down on her anti- Apple Watch stance and breaks down "Lucky Girl Syndrome" with some actual authority. **Cancel unwanted ubscriptions and start saving money today by going to ROCKETMONEY.COM/BIBLE. And for 20% off your first month of Seed's DS-01 Daily Synbiotic go to SEED.COM/BIBLE and use code BIBLE.

Feb 28, 2023
This One's For Mindy.

Jackie is joined by her best friend and life partner Max Bronner to discuss raising children, why wearing an Apple watch to a wedding is a death sentence and a myriad of other deeply unflattering and offensive context. This episode is dedicated to Mindy Benet Bronner.

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Feb 21, 2023
Jackie spreads more toxic negativity with public hatred for "Hollywood Glam" home decor, loser baby clothes, Valentines day theatrics, her latest Bling Ring baby heist and superbowl recap!
Produced by Dear Media
Feb 14, 2023
The Hills Have Spies
Jackie reveals the gender of her demon seed, champions Child Labor Laws, recaps the Grammy Awards and advises Pamela Anderson on her eyebrows.
Feb 07, 2023
Once Upon A Mormon...
Jackie almost has a euphoric encounter with a Mormon but unstead gets sold solar panels after witnessing a geriatric woman being dragged by a great dane. She also discusses "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic trends and the altercation between Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville.
Produced By Dear Media
Jan 31, 2023
Soup for The Soul

Jackie delivers a moving poem to Lenny Hochstein, explains how she ended up at a real housewives shabbat dinner and ruins any chance of being invited to Tulum with Selena Gomez.

Produced By Dear Media

Jan 25, 2023
Mama Bear!
Jackie has been keeping a secret and is with child. She blames "hormones" while she alienates most of her audience by eviscerating women on the internet, organizing a march to exterminate birdlife and recaps some general pop culture happenings.
Produced By Dear Media
Jan 17, 2023
HaPpY 2023 xO jAcKiE!
After a week long sabbatical Jackie is back just in time for some New Years perspective to discourage you and remind you that change is not in your future. She shares why all the recap reels trigger her to a time she bled on a futon at Living Spaces and why tapeworms are your only hope.
Produced By Dear Media
Jan 03, 2023
New Money Valley Stripper

Jackie accidentally ingests aluminum foil, has a come to Jesus moment over a 1 star review, has another psychotic break about why she can't get guests and deep dives Jen Shah's counterfeit bags.

Dec 21, 2022
Hard Boiled Bitch

Jackie addresses "hard boiled egg girls", why headbands are the devil, Harry and Megan and the White Lotus finale!

Dec 13, 2022
Petty Hurts!

Jackie embraces the holiday season and celebrates the freeing element of hate in all forms. She talks about why hair accessories trigger her, petty bitches, Balenciaga, Kanye's latest rant and her one sided beef with Megan Markle.

Dec 07, 2022
Winter Is Coming.

Jackie enters the holiday season with a bang. She is tackling Balenciaga, tufted furniture, and everything else in her fraudulently festive wake. Grab your jingle balls and buckle up this episode is a RIDE.

Nov 29, 2022
Barely There and Breathtaking

Jackie enters the holiday season with tips on how not to embarrass yourself, discusses some Katink fashion philosophies and how she broke up Harry and Olivia.


Produced By Dear Media

Nov 22, 2022
Keep One Eye Open
Jackie recaps her Harry Styles experience, reflects on why people hate her and dodges pink eye from Grandma Gloria
Produced By Dear Media
Nov 16, 2022
Quality Control.

After collosally fucking up her pre-recorded episode Jackie shows the integrity of a true professional by freeballing a new episode all in the pursuit of quality control. She talks home decor, Selena Gomez and gives an exciting holiday update on friend of the show Cheryl!

Nov 11, 2022
Shabby Shriek
Jackie has a psychotic break after trying to help write music for local small businesses, has a stroke at Jennifer Lopez's home decor and offers Beverley Mitchell an open cash reward to come appear on the show.
Nov 01, 2022
Calcutta Bitch

Jackie recaps her journey to Anaheim, reviews Taylor Swift's new album and gives you some do's and don'ts for Halloween!


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 26, 2022
Feral 4 Cheryl
Jackie reminisces on her old neighbor Cheryl, makes a case for child labor and dissects housewives fashion and her first time pretending to do cocaine!
Oct 18, 2022
Jewish Not Homeless

Jackie and new friend Ali Kolbert enter an ever timely conversation on feminist issues, fronting the homeless crisis, self esteem and scissoring! 

Oct 11, 2022

Jackie discusses fetishizing, her recap of "Don't Worry Darling", donating her eggs and why she stands with Kathy Hilton.


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 04, 2022
Reflecting and Deflecting!
Jackie celebrates the Jewish New Year by repenting for her sins and making amends to the woman she sabotaged at the Gucci outlet. She also recaps her family discussing her abortion at Rosh Hashanah and why her and Andrew may move to China. L'chaim!
Produced By Dear Media
Sep 30, 2022
Je Suis Yahabibi

Jackie is back from Paris and breaks down her trip including the time she lost the opportunity to be a Princess and get a Birkin bag, pays homage to Leonardo Dicaprio and how to cast a love spell with period blood. The range!

Sep 20, 2022
I'm Worried Darling.
Jackie fantasizes about Michael Buble retiring, chats FASHION WEEK, gives a PSA on sex trafficking and breaks down the psychological trauma of the "Don't Worry Darling" press tour.
Sep 13, 2022
C'est La Weave!

Jackie gets conflict free hair extensions, shares her Paris travel guide and has a sexual experience with a car salesman!

Sep 06, 2022
Waterboard Me!

Jackie tackles some new wellness trends, breaks down her perfect day, makes a spiritual connection with a bird and explains "Universal Reverse Psychology".

Aug 30, 2022
Jackie recaps a traumatic trip to the nail salon with her Grandma Gloria who is in the desperate pursuit of Hailey Bieber nails, puts a kibosh on the fall harvest spirit and has dinner with Jimmy Kimmel!
Produced By Dear Media
Aug 24, 2022
Jackie recaps a traumatic trip to the nail salon with her Grandma Gloria who is in the desperate pursuit of Hailey Bieber nails, puts a kibosh on the fall harvest spirit and has dinner with Jimmy Kimmel!
Produced By Dear Media
Aug 24, 2022
Sky's The Limit!

Jackie shares a traumatic story of losing an overpriced midi dress on the 101 freeway whilst transporting wood, deep dives Taylor Swift lesbian fan fiction and teaches yoy how to make a buttermilk brined fried chicken! It's called RANGE.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 16, 2022
Keeping It Relatable!

Jackie has a few home renovation setbacks, discusses the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson break up (oy vey), the time she robbed Jennifer Lawrence and her philanthropic bridal modeling campaign!


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 10, 2022

Jackie pulls a full Winona Ryder at her latest funeral fashion show, gives marital tips on how to keep it spicy, and harnesses her inner Pocahontas! 


Produced by Dear Media

Aug 02, 2022
LeO sEaZon

Jackie issues a public apology, shares her rough start to Leo season and how she made contact with her dead mom.


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 26, 2022

Jackie explains why Michael Buble has ruined her entire life, how to find self worth at the Home Depot and what to do when you find your husband playing guitar whilst defecating. 


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 19, 2022
Candy Corn Chloroform
Jackie goes on a pre-Leo season bender and drops a new Halloween precautionary song for the kiddos, Jen Shah arrest, her newest act of philanthropy and why Emrata should hold off on her second book. This episode is psychotic and you are welcome.
Produced By Dear Media
Jul 12, 2022
Mental Manila Folder

Jackie updates you on her Italian parasite, Leo season energy, Julianne Hough and her alleged tampon disposal and other legally dicey terrain.


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 08, 2022
La Dolce Diarrhea

Jackie is back from Italy with memories and an alleged tapeworm. She has a rare honest moment of feminism, recaps her travels abroad, her altercation with Peta and why cookie cutters should be illegal.


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 01, 2022
Phone A Friend!

Jackie answers listener questions and offers verbally abusive misguided life advice! Because maybe everything is actually all your own fault.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 21, 2022
Sister Act!

Jackie is joined by her sister to reminisce on problematic child behavior, Alex McCord and a bunch of other shit Jackie can't remember because she doesn't use an outline.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 18, 2022
Dead Bird Disco
Jackie recovers from Covid and shares her new funky way of detracting birds, cries during home renovations, Britney Spears wedding coverage and also justice for Sutton Stracke!


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 13, 2022
Hoe-vid Abduction
Jackie gets coronavirus for the second time and fights for her life with a real time alien encounter. Please send Zinc and Demi Lovato.
Produced by Dear Media
Jun 05, 2022
Blame It On The Dramamine
Jackie is back on American soil and enters a stream of conscious balls deep in dramamine. She talks Taylor Swifts bangs, RHOBH Kathy Hilton drama, supports Anna Delvey's art career and shares the unfortunate misstep of her current nail art.
Procuded By Dear Media
Jun 01, 2022
Meet Me at Alcatraz!

Jackie leaves the country with a real bang by planning the Bitch Bible retreat at Alcatraz island, shares her most recent valley kabob experience, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber Tik Tok trauma and why Anne Hathaway is a time traveler.


Produced By Dear Media

May 17, 2022
Dead Mom Sh*t
Jackie celebrates Mother's Day with her little sister to reminisce on their childhood, benefits of gentle bullying and why Franklin needs to make a call to PETA asap.
Produced By Dear Media
May 10, 2022
Little Brown Bebe Balls

Jackie sits down to deep dive the suburban sexual escapades of Alexis Neiers Haines. Topics include strap ons, ball stomping, open relationships and more. Nancy Jo could literally never.


Produced By Dear Media

May 03, 2022
Octopus Jewpaccio
Jackie addresses her impending cancelation after consuming octopus carpaccio, deep dives Earth Day, the stupid Revolve Festival and her dog sharting on an airplane tarmac.


Produced By Dear Media

Apr 26, 2022
Meet Cute with Tinx!
Jackie is joined by internet friend Tinx to discuss the weird world of social media, preferred grooming habits, psychoanalyzing drink choices and general girl chat.
Produced By Dear Media
Apr 19, 2022
Love Always, Mandy!
Jackie recaps things she is currently hating, pays homage to Mandy Moore's digital media presence, gets fingered by Al Pacino (allegedly) and has an experience with a ghost.
Produced By Dear Media
Apr 13, 2022
Big Mistake, Huge.
Jackie debriefs on the Grammy's, her Deux Moi redemption moment and why faux quirky is the new pandemic of 2022.
Produced By Dear Media
Apr 05, 2022
Queen Bitchard
Jackie recaps the Oscars, tries to raise Joan Rivers from the dead for some unfiltered fashion commentary and reminisces on her deep love for the Macaroni Grill and stealing mens razors to tend to her foliage pre-hook up.
Produced By Dear Media
Mar 30, 2022
My Unorthodox Asshole
Jackie discusses some aesthetic revisions she would like to make in 2022, discovers her husband's childhood attempts at poetry and goes over some celebrity Tik Tok conspiracy theories.
Produced By Dear Media
Mar 22, 2022
Je Suis Jacquié
Jackie is back on American soil and recaps her girls trip to Paris, gives Kanye West the digital bitch slap he deserves and talks about the time she made out with Rob Kardashian and her inverted nipple.
Produced By Dear Media
Mar 19, 2022
Getting Messy with Sarah Hyland

Jackie is joined by actress Sarah Hyland to talk about cocktail psychology, how to twist an argument and thrive as a messy bitch.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 08, 2022
Jackie sits in the dark and gets lost in the abyss of tone deaf shit on the internet, makes the worst public apology of all time and pitches her new off Broadway play starring Mel Gibson!


Produced by Dear Media

Mar 01, 2022
Vag Tingz and Peen Chills
Jackie is joined by friend and fellow podcaster Jared Freid to discuss luxury problems, first date tips and role playing techniques for psychopaths (ehem me).


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 24, 2022
Jackie falls victime to a family intervention over abusing Advil PM and shares her journey with insomniac recovery. She also praises speech impediments, the character building effects of light bullying and why Kristen Bell and Dax Sheperd need a new mattress asap.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 17, 2022
Be The Best You! JK

Jackie has Enneagram specialist Jorja White on to discuss personality types and how to be the most/ least functional version of yourself. 


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 09, 2022
High Highs and Barlows
Jackie recaps Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Kanye West's breakup plan and why Minnie Mouse should file a class action lawsuit.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 02, 2022
Dances with Bagels

Jackie discusses cancel culture, the time she blacked out at her grandma's 80th birthday and the joys of hating strangers for absolutely no reason. I dare you to order a Sierra Mist in public after listening to this.


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 26, 2022
Trail of Blood

Jackie kicks off 2022 by having a code red emergency clearing customs, shares her battle with that bitch Omicron, recaps Real Housewives reunion looks and gets disinvited from Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's impending nuptials.


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 19, 2022
Daddy Daycare with Alex Cooper Part 2

Jackie is joined by Alex Cooper from "Call Her Daddy" for part 2 where they continue to talk shit about everyone and everything! Bring in the new year with a second slice of narcissism.


Produced by Dear Media

Jan 11, 2022
Daddy Daycare with Alex Cooper

Jackie is joined by Alex Cooper from "Call Her Daddy" to talk shit about everyone and everything! Bring in the new year with a slice of narcissism.


Produced by Dear Media

Jan 04, 2022
I'm Literally So Sorry.

Jackie gets drunk on Christmas and will not be held responsible for the contents of this episode. I don't remember what I talked about. I will make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.


Produced by Dear Media

Dec 29, 2021
Get Off My Ovaries

Jackie eviscerates a girl she went to highschool with for shaming her for being kidless in a grocery store and makes a strong case to get Santa Claus cancelled.


Produced By Dear Media

Dec 15, 2021
Long Shame Strategy

This is a great episode, Jackie recaps how King Richard changed her life, the time she got kicked out of a youth sports league for breaking someone's nose and warns Megan Fox about being dutch-ovened.


Produced by Dear Media

Dec 07, 2021
Caesar Salad Scissor Sisters

Jackie recaps her thanksgiving festivities, pleas to get the Hough's off of our television screens, discusses why Caesar salads trigger her and experiences trauma at an outlet mall.

Produced By Dear Media
Dec 03, 2021
Grateful and Hateful
Jackie is #grateful this year and recapping her latest funeral, Pete and Kim, the do's and dont's of Thanksgiving and her affinity for cantaloupe jello. You are welcome.
Produced By Dear Media
Nov 25, 2021
Trauma Truffle Butter

Jackie recaps her trip to Nashville and NYC, talks Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and coins a new medical psychology term "trauma truffle butter" to help soothe the impending doom of the holiday season.


Produced By Dear Media


Nov 19, 2021
Potpourri of Negativity!

Jackie goes over a very detailed account of people, places and bizarre things that give her rosacea and make her irrationally angry. She also goes through the Goop Gift Guide and will change your entire perspective on frosted lip gloss.


Produced By Dear Media

Nov 09, 2021
Leo Forever

Jackie breaks down pop culture happenings, explores her crush on Pete Davidson, talks about her dead mom again and answers listener questions as the cringe cherry on top!


Produced By Dear Media

Nov 04, 2021

Jackie comes back from a vow of silence to enter yet another torrid stream of conscious dissecting Housewives fashion, content creator complex and the problematic side of Halloween. 


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 29, 2021
Giddy Up

Jackie heads to the Kentucky Derby after being bullied on social media and called horse face. She also accidentally gets her husband cancelled, recaps housewives and dissects Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's love language.


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 19, 2021
Average Fashion Blogger and a Mediocre Podcaster

Jackie practices unlicensed therapy on the legend behind @averagefashionblogger Courtney Parchman! They discuss losing their virginity, their deep history and why light hearted bullying builds character.

Produced by Dear Media

Oct 12, 2021
Goodbye Courtney.

Jackie tries to stay positive during a difficult time in her podcasting career and ultimately decides to take a sabbatical. SHe also discusses Halloween, Chrissy Teigen and the time she used Faceapp. We had a good run! 

Produced By Dear Media

Oct 05, 2021

Jackie wakes up at 5am on God's Day and develops a new off broadway production that could get Cheryl a Tony award! She also discusses self care, constipation tips and tricks and a bunch of other stuff I don't really remember.


Produced By Dear Media

Sep 29, 2021
Body Fluids
Jackie is back from Sin City and talks about her trip, Met Gala looks, Andrew's latest home renovation mishap and why tears are her body fluid of choice!
Produced by Dear Media
Sep 22, 2021
Forces of Hate-ure

Jackie shares a secret about her marriage, has a mid recording earthquake. discusses the Hough siblings, the Met Ball, housewives and I literally can't remember what else because I blacked out from rage.

Produced by Dear Media

Sep 14, 2021
Shana Tova Motherf*ckers
It's the Jewish New Year and true to form, Jackie has no resolutions. We deep dive Real Housewives, go over some dinner party hacks and pay homage to our guiding light Beverley Mitchell.
Produced By Dear Media
Sep 09, 2021

Jackie enters a dangerously exposing spiral of reality by playing a song she pitched to Andrew, dissecting Demi Lovato, DONDA, modern feminism and other politically incorrect topics. This episode is dedicated to Maureen from Center Stage. 


Produced by Dear Media

Sep 02, 2021
There Will Be Blood
Jackie does a menstrual art exhibition in France, gives solo travel tips and delights audience with some verbal abuse for her live studio audience aka her husband Andrew.
Produced by Dear Media
Aug 26, 2021
Leaving the Cuntry!

It's Jackie's birthday, she has fled the country and left many questionably offensive opinions and hot takes on the mainland. From One Tree Hill, Housewives and some demanding instructions for her dog Leo's 8th birthday... apologies in advance. Bonsoir.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 17, 2021
The Worst Episode Ever

Jackie hits rock bottom and resorts to a Vogue inspired 73 question episode that will prolapse your butthole. Apologies to Anna Kendrick and Michael Buble.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 10, 2021
Caulk Tease
Jackie endures a cheating scandal, finds love at the Home Depot, seeks justice for Sarah Jessica Parker and makes her own asshole clench with next level cringiness.
Produced By Dear Media
Aug 04, 2021

Jackie enters a 48 hour solitary confinement sans cable and internet and explores the intricacies of her fucked up brain. Kanye, Bennifer, bird extinction and some fucker named Ron.


Produced by Dear Media

Jul 28, 2021
Leo Season
Jackie embraces Leo season balls deep with a trip to Mexico, an impromptu astrology guide, contact with her new neighbors and a cheap mascara theory.
Produced By Dear Media
Jul 23, 2021

Jackie discusses her new wellness journey for Leo season, makes a bold case in support of Ramona Singer and remind everyone that Tila Tequila is a nazi... allegedly.


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 14, 2021
Life in Limb-o

Jackie discusses her parting gift to the neighborhood, her new house, deep dives Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and answers listener questions!


Produced by Dear Media

Jul 10, 2021
Please Send Horse Tranquilizers

Jackie is back restless and guestless and is in the mood to go off the fucking rails. She discusses #freebritney, talks shit about influencer families and her impending cancellation.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 29, 2021
Cue the Human Resources Dept.

Jackie showcases true job security by having a year in review catch-up with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick. They discuss the vow of silence, “cancel culture”, housewives legal woes and more. 


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 22, 2021
Pardon The DocATot.

Jackie and friend Amanda Hirscho from podcast "Not Skinny But Not Fat" do a Emrata deep dive and kibbitz over pop culture bullshit.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 15, 2021
Cue The Rainbow!

Jackie is back in studio for the first time in a year and a half whilst testing HR policies and prank calling listeners. She gives financial advice (yikes), sells her husbands semen and changes one listeners life. Not really.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 08, 2021
Nancy Meyers Could Never

Jackie recites new poetry inspired by former neighbor Cheryl, has a driveby exorcism in Camarillo, recaps RHOBH and discusses her impending MOVE.


Produced by Dear Media

Jun 01, 2021
MahaLow Point.

Jackie is bacl from hawaii and cloaked in shame. She apologizes for her cringey social media content, breaks down the Bennifer reboot and probably gets herself cancelled... again.


Produced by Dear Media

May 27, 2021
Wanderlust, Sparkles and Braille Buttholes

Jackie gets her sphincter lasered, creates a fake Instagram for her husband and has the harsh realization that she may never see Cheryl again.


Produced By Dear Media

May 18, 2021
Bare Minimum with Heather McMahan and Jennifer Aniston!
Jackie is unraveling live from Atlanta amidst a girls trip with friends Heather McMahan and new field producer Jennifer Garner! 

Produced By Dear Media

May 13, 2021
Golden Shower

Jackie talks about her traumatic golden shower experience, books a trip on the Goop cruiseline and discusses "Kravis" hype and anal sex.


Produced by Dear Media

May 04, 2021
Carafe of Tears

Jackie discusses her emotional reprieve techniques, the peaches makeup challenge, Real Housewives Allstars and the time she got bamboozled into buying a carafe.


Produced by Dear Media

Apr 27, 2021
The Big Unchill

Jackie discusses Colton Underwood and the "poophole loophole", wine tasting, lots of other things she can't really remember and why Demi Lovato should stick to sorbet.


Produced by Dear Media

Apr 20, 2021

Jackie gets baptized after a demonic bowl of poke, discussed the highly anticipated sequel to "Frankly, Anne" and offers free public relation guidance to Rachel Hollis and Khloe Kardashian.

Produced by Dear Media

Apr 13, 2021
Mind. Body. No Soul.

Jackie discusses her new podcast venture, her demon possession, self defense tactics and her emotional experience with Billie Eillish.


Produced By Dear Media

Apr 06, 2021
"Do Better."

Jackie recaps Passover, inconsistencies with celebrities and their social issues and her journey with health and wellness.

Produced By Dear Media

Mar 30, 2021
Oral High Ground

Jackie has a dental emergency, explores her toxic relationship with Costco, gives Emrata some words of discouragement and probably gets disinvited from future dinner parties.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 23, 2021
Me Against The Music

Jackie deals with her Grammy nomination snub, why some funerals feel like low budge Coachella and delights with some new poetry she penned after a few cocktails of despair.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 16, 2021
Psycho For Sport!

Jackie has a tryst with John Mayer, talks Megan and Harry and recaps some of her psychotic behavior all in the spirit of International Women's Day!


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 09, 2021
Live From the Dead Carpet.

Jackie becomes unglued while watching red carpet coverage, teaches you how to make a roast chicken and slaps an innocent samaritan at a local strip mall.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 02, 2021
Call Me Brenda.

Jackie has awkward run in with new neighbor who thinks her name is Brenda, tries to summon Lucifer to haunt her future home and pays homage to Heather Gay, side parts and white dudes with tequila brands.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 23, 2021
Bitching in Hell

Jackie is joined by Hannah Berner to discuss a myriad of things that will ultimately get them the presidential suite whilst burning in the depths of hell.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 16, 2021
Jackie reminisces on her 6 year anniversary of the podcast and tells the fucked up slash dark "fairytale" of how it all began. 
Produced By Dear Media
Feb 09, 2021
Excusez Moi!

Jackie talks about bringing Grandma Gloria to "Paris" and how she nearly died over steak frites, why Andrew and her almost divorced and what to do when you catch your significant other watching porn!

Feb 02, 2021
"C*nts Are The New Bitches"
Jackie chats with best friend Max about the evolution of the bitch, breaks down ZERO celebrity gossip (boring) and talks about her disdain for sports.
Jan 26, 2021
Edible Derangement

Jackie confesses to some morally and legally flexible activity, endures a pregnancy scare, gives her top AmaZon PiCks and why Alec and Hilaria need to send Armie a gift ASAP.

Jan 19, 2021
Tan and Grainy

Jackie discusses her alter ego "Jacquie", why Armie Hammer should get a job at Benihana and how to stat the new year on a shamanic diet.

Jan 14, 2021
Woof Woof Bitch

Jackie deals with Andrew's infidelity, recaps her first meltdown of 2021, preaches new communication skills and pays homage to all the hard passes and fat yups of the past year.

Jan 05, 2021
Holidazed and Confused

Jackie chats with best friend Max, explores new wellness trends, recaps her new popstar success and debriefs on all things Real Housewives.

Dec 29, 2020
Hoe Hoe Hoe with Heather McMahan

Jackie chats with good friend Heather McMahan to purge their souls pre-Holiday festivities and find eternal optimism in unlikely places.

Dec 23, 2020
Fight, Flight or Flounder

Jackie gives updates on her Coronavirus quarantine life, what to do when you make eye contact with a stranger whilst going to the bathroom, Real Housewives updates and her new hit single "BITCH" dropping 12/18/20.

Dec 15, 2020
Boulevard of Broken Porcelain

Jackie goes off the rails as Covid 19 has infiltrated her home and she questions everything she thought she knew about embellished bodysuits, prosthetic arms and her bowel movements.


Produced By Dear Media

Dec 08, 2020
Teflon Tits

Jackie recaps her Thanksgiving, her impending pop star career, why she is blacklisted from her local Trader Joe's and offers some words of optimism courtesy of Helen Keller.


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Dec 01, 2020

Jackie recaps her time at "rehab', shopping addiction, pretty girl privelege (barf), having sex with ghosts and why adult gift exchanges give her hives. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 24, 2020
Gratitude Adjustment

Jackie grapples with the customs of Thanksgiving, shares tips and tricks for holiday time psychological warfare and why pre-sliced cheese triggers her.

Nov 17, 2020
Delusional, Dangerous and Dorky.

Jackie talks about the election, her high school catfish experience, a brief Covid scare, why you should never call yourself a "bookworm" and how to handle a peeping Tom.

Produced By Dear Media

Nov 10, 2020
Pillar of the Community
Jackie pays homage to Sean Connery, talks home decor, braces herself for pregnancy and preaches a "pillar" lifestyle.
Nov 03, 2020

Jackie discusses her funeral arrangements, the fraudulence of manifesting. Emrata and why she can't wait to go to a Benihana. 


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Oct 27, 2020
Bottom of the Barrel

Jackie discusses her burgeoning music career, neighborly updates, why cranberries trigger her and why she won't be asked to wear matching outfits with Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae.

Oct 20, 2020
The Velcro Vagina

Jackie accidentally super glues her vagina shut, recaps "Emily in Paris", criticizes Halloween decor and toxic positivity.

Oct 13, 2020
Bitch in Bulk.

Jackie chats with best friend Max Bronner about Costco, Helen Keller's new career move and discusses her struggle with OCD.

Oct 06, 2020
White Lexus Lyfe

Jackie talks about men who drive white Lexus's, atones for her sins, recaps Real Housewives of Potomac and how to live a lie on Instagram!


Produced By Dear Media

Sep 29, 2020
You Only Die Once

Jackie sits down with friend Liza Owen to discuss a new murder plan, their current poltergeist situation and how to find your Cambodian nickname.

Sep 22, 2020
Are Balls Webbed?

Jackie enters another dangerous stream of consciousness after learning about her astrological chart. She discusses the atrocity of gender reveals, Chris Evans penis, and her new found wellness journey with an unexpected cameo from husband Andrew live from the doghouse!



Sep 15, 2020
Content is Life.
Jackie is joined by Kate Kennedy from "Be There in Five" to talk about the podcasting world, bridezillas and the cringe fest of "content lyfe".
Sep 09, 2020
Digital Darwinism

Jackie talks about her first nude photoshoot experience, catches up with her best friend Max, pays homage to Dorinda Medley and the Hough's.

Sep 01, 2020
Monster Masterclass

Jackie goes back to basics and teaches a masterclass on leading with your inner psycho. She fine tunes her betrayal course of action plan and recounts the time her husband c*ck blocked her from Harry Styles.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 25, 2020
Thirty, Dirty and Gagging

Jackie celebrates her 30th birthday, instills some misguided life lessons, talks Brandi and Denise, WAP and how to live your best CAPS LOCK LIFE.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 21, 2020
Call Us Daddy

Jackie sits down with Alex Cooper from the "Call Her Daddy" podcast to talk about her public media crisis, psychological warfare, friend break ups, plus dating tips and sex life.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 11, 2020
Betty Ford or Bust!

Jackie recaps her first wine tasting experience, the brillo pad erupting from her scalp and all the latest Real Housewives drama,

Aug 04, 2020
I Run With A Fabulous Circle of People

Jackie is joined by RHONY alum Jill Zarin and Ally Shapiro to reminisce on simpler times and kibbitz about Bat Mitzvahs and why you should cancel your wedding!


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 29, 2020
Mindless > Mindful

Jackie dissects Julianne Hough's morning routine and preaches the benefits of mindlessness. She also answers listener questions!

Jul 21, 2020
Entanglements and Puka Shells

Jackie does a deep pop culture dive on all things Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, RHONY, Betty Broderick and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Produced By Dear Media

Jul 14, 2020
No Rona No Problems

Jackie has a brush with Covid 19, talks Kanye West's potential presidency and reminisces on vintage Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Jul 07, 2020
Stars Are Blind
Jackie calls Grandma Gloria to talk about her new found stardom, Britney Spears and why you shouldn't verbally assault family members at a drive thru!
Produced By Dear Media
Jun 30, 2020
Silver Linings (feat. Grandma Gloria)
Jackie talks about her first day out of lockdown, TikTok voice, debuts Grandma Gloria's first dance single and how you can get an STD for $4,500 in Vegas.
Produced By Dear Media 
Jun 23, 2020
All Aboard the J-Train

Jackie podcasts with Jared Fried to discuss relationships, charcuterie and podcast LYFE. 


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 17, 2020
All Aboard the J-Train

Jackie podcasts with Jared Fried to discuss relationships, charcuterie and podcast LYFE. 


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 17, 2020
Steel Magnolia

Jackie chats Alicia SIlverstone, her husband's rising aesthetic, menstrual cycles and being ghosted by a Real Housewife.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 09, 2020
Forward Pedaling and Thinking

Jackie has an uncomfortable and honest conversation about white privilege and self awareness. 


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 08, 2020
Shit's Real

Jackie talks about the scary state of the world, pays homage to the Real Housewives, discusses social credit systems and delights us with a Gloria vocal performance.


Produced By Dear Media

Jun 05, 2020
Rain Woman

Jackie is feeling frisky and fun. She talks about her wedding anniversary, her OCD diagnosis, the importance of accepting your "crazy" side and does some deep housewives analysis. 


Produced By Dear Media

May 26, 2020
Cabin Fever.

Jackie talks about throwing fish tacos at her husband, Bachelor nation happenings, the atrocities of Venmo transactions and checks in with her bff Max..


Produced By Dear Media

May 19, 2020
Unlicensed Therapy with Stassi Schroeder

Jackie showcases her allstar sense of delusion to catch up with friend Stassi Schroeder of "Vanderpump Rules". They talk about her night out with Ramona Singer, babies and how to survive lockdown.

Produced by Dear Media

May 12, 2020
Morally Compromised

Jackie feels now is the time to be honest with her listeners and admit some morally compromising secrets from the past. She also discusses Katy Perry doing way too much, Real Housewives of New York and some run ins with a neighbor.


Produced By Dear Media

May 05, 2020
Quarantine Quties with Heather McMahan

Jackie chats with good friend Heather McMahan about lockdown lyfe, their impending divorces and threesomes with puppies.

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Apr 28, 2020

Jackie checks in with Grandma Gloria, recaps the Real Housewives, expresses her new love for robot vacuums and Governor Cuomo!


Produced By Dear Media

Apr 21, 2020
Let My People Go!

Jackie shares a questionable secret from her past, gives some "Corona Glow Up" tips and answers listener questions!


Produced By Dear Media

Apr 14, 2020
Get a Hobby!

Jackie pays homage to Ramona Singer and recaps RHONy, RHOBH taglines and how to have inside jokes with yourself.


Produced By  Dear Media

Apr 07, 2020
Here Kitty Kitty

Jackie talks about finally pushing her husband to the limit, Tiger King and offers some wholesome domestic tidbits.

Apr 01, 2020
Reframing 101

Jackie enters week 2 of quarantine with spirits high, vodka low and the singing voice of an angel. She talks Covid 19 survival tips, the beauty of rose colored glasses and the new season of RHONY.


Produced By Dear  Media

Mar 24, 2020
Viral Spiral

Jackie updates listeners on her pandemic mental state, quarantine lyfe and analyzes the Bachelor and RHONJ. It's a ride, buckle the f up.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 18, 2020
Corona Persona

Jackie sits down with friend Lauren Elizabeth to discuss COVID 19 (yikes), the time Jackie got deleted from Instagram and pay homage to Jessica Simpson.

Mar 10, 2020
2020 Vision

Jackie recaps her emotional experience seeing Oprah and participating in Julianne Hough's Kinrgy. She also reminisces on Lizzie McGuire's Oscar snub, the importance of self love and the Bachelor!


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 03, 2020
Après Bitch

Jackie recaps her ski trip, discusses the Bachelor, Coronavirus updates, the upsides of sexism and why it's important to come from a place of NO.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 26, 2020
Keyboard Warrior

Jackie announces her divorce, analyzes "keyboard warriors" and disparages your vision boards. Sorry Dana!


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 19, 2020
Tour de Bitch

Jackie recaps her live podcast tour, dissects female dynamics, recaps the Oscar's and plans a trip to New Mexico to visit Tupac.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 13, 2020
Jackie Goes On Tour!

Jackie purges her soul before leaving for tour. She talks "The Bachelor", answers listener questions and talks about BOUNDARIES.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 04, 2020

Jackie reflects and psychoanalyzes her brush with Hough's and her viral exorcism video. She also touches on "grief groupies", vaginal etiquette and the Grammy's.


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 28, 2020
Narcissism for Dummies!

Jackie enters another downward spiral anticipating her upcoming live shows, plots Real Housewives of Dallas' fate, suspects foul play at a yogurt shop and answers listener questions!


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 21, 2020
For Your Journey

Jackie records her first podcast of 2020 and discusses Megxit, Denise Richards alleged lesbian tryst, how to get engaged and not be an awful human.


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 14, 2020

Jackie gets ghosted by Stephanie Hollman and in a pinch decided to give impromptu year end reviews to her “Coordinator of Chaos” Jacque and producer Taylor. It’s an HR nightmare.


Produced By Dear Media

Jan 07, 2020
Bikeshort Regrets with Brad Goreski

Jackie sits down with Brad Goreski to talk fashion, housewives and marital psychotic moments.


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Dec 17, 2019
The Exorcist Could Never!

Jackie has a full Exorcist adjacent experience and discusses Justin Timberlake's apology, why it is important to leave your toilet seat up and Art Basel

Due to overwhelming demand we are adding a 2nd show in LA and upgrading the Dallas show into bigger venue so more tickets will be available!

Tickets for all 3 shows go on sale Wednesday at 10AM

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Dec 10, 2019
Sorry Michael Bublé

Jackie basks in the holiday cheer by ripping gift giving, why Jessica Biel needs to lay down the law and her upcoming "fun year".


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Dec 03, 2019
Cat's Out of The Bag!

Jackie sits down with Catt Sadler to discuss modesty, celebrity encounters gone wrong and victim mentality! Jackie apologizes for this episode title


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Nov 26, 2019
Yo Soy Loco.

Jackie announces some exciting news (don’t worry, she is not pregnant) drops some spicy marital advice and tackles religion (why?).

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Nov 19, 2019
Roses Are Red...
Jackie embodies a modern day Shakespeare with some freestyle poetry, an homage to Alex McCord and why she might sue Jeff Bezos. 
Produced By Dear Media
Nov 12, 2019
I Can't Make You Love Me

Jackie enters the holiday season with an extra dose of rage, recaps the Real Housewives and gets disabled from Instagram while recording...again.

Nov 05, 2019
Bloated, British and Bitchy.

Jackie returns from London bloated and bitchier than ever. She recaps Real Housewives drama, her trip abroad, a diagnosis of OCD and gives awful life advice.


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 31, 2019
100% That Bitch

Jackie enters yet another morally flexible stream of conscious and talks about her traumatic Bat Mitzvah, threesomes and #momlife.


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 22, 2019
Not Well B*tch

Jackie is joined by producer Taylor and her seductive Grandma Gloria to update everyone on Jackie's PR nightmare and to strategize glamorous funeral arrangements.


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 15, 2019
Jackie Gets Shadow Banned

Jackie goes on her first influencer retreat and the universe sends her a Rosh Hashanah message by having her Instagram profile deactivated within 3 hours of being "influential". She makes a case that could shake the senate, recaps RHOC and answers listener questions!


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 08, 2019
I Hate (Love) Myself

Jackie enters a scary solo whirlwind and discusses the Hough Holiday Special, Real Housewives sociology and answers listener questions!


Produced By Dear Media

Oct 01, 2019
A Scolding Cup of Jo

Jackie tries to remain like-able whilst being accompanied by her cousin Jo. They discuss modern parenting, recreational drug use and test the endurance of any remaining listeners.


Produced by Dear Media

Sep 24, 2019
A Scolding Cup of Jo

Jackie tries to remain like-able whilst being accompanied by her cousin Jo. They discuss modern parenting, recreational drug use and test the endurance of any remaining listeners.


Produced by Dear Media

Sep 24, 2019
Babies, Bachelors and Bunnies with Teddi Mellencamp

Jackie is joined by Bitch Bible Bachelor Nation correspondent Teddi Mellencamp to chat NYFW, babies, Bachelor finale and get a nostalgic gift from Jackie!

Sep 17, 2019

Jackie sits down with fast friend John Arthur Hill and tests her job security. They talk Housewives, relationships and prank call Grandma Gloria!

Sep 10, 2019
A Woman Shorn with Wells Adams

Jackie sits down with Wells Adams from Bachelor in Paradise to discuss his upcoming nuptials with Sarah Hyland, the importance of a wet wipe and of course, Bachelor Nation intel.

Sep 03, 2019
C'est Si Bitch!

Jackie answers listener questions and recaps her solo trip to Paris!


Produced by Dear Media. 

Aug 27, 2019
Here For The Wrong Reasons

Jackie nails her first one on one date with Bachelor Nation's Nick Viall. They talk deal breakers, Bachelor drama, relationships and more!


Produced by Dear Media. 

Aug 20, 2019

Jackie recaps her birthday party, self awareness and why Emrata needs to shave her pits.


Produced by Dear Media. 

Aug 14, 2019
Held Hough-stage

Jackie debriefs on Lollapalooza, Julianne Hough working overtime, recaps Real Housewives of Orange County and the ultimate Bridezilla stunt.

Produced by Dear Media.

Aug 09, 2019
It's Not You, It's Me

Jackie answers reader voicemails and offers misguided and uninformed life advice, musings and reminisces on the time she lost 27 children as a camp counselor.

Aug 02, 2019
Housewives Under Construction with Barbara Kavovit

Jackie dissects the current season of RHONY with Barbara Kavovit and finds out where the ladies and their relationships currently stand!

Jul 30, 2019
Lez It Be!

Jackie sits down with friend Taylor Strecker to talk lesbianism, pop culture and the podcasting world!

Produced by Dear Media

Jul 23, 2019

Jackie loses her sh*t when joined by Joey Fatone from N*Sync and Joe Mulvihill to chat pop culture, Britney Spears, public moments of humiliation and so much more.


Produced by Dear Media. 

Jul 16, 2019
Brenda & Karen 4ever with Heather McMahan

Jackie sits down with her new best friend Heather McMahan to discuss everything Absolutely Not, internet trolls, pop culture hilarity all while igniting a love flame. 

Jul 09, 2019
Scary Wife, Happy Life Part Deux

Jackie continues to chat with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick about infidelity, marriage and other legally questionable activities.

Jul 02, 2019
Scary Wife, Happy Life Part 1

Jackie sits down with friends Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential to chat about keeping a marriage "spicy", podcasting together and other HR nightmares. Part 2 coming next week! 

Jun 25, 2019
Little Brown Bebe Shoes

Jackie sits down with Alexis Neiers Haines to talk about going to high school together, the "Bling Ring" fiasco and the triumph of getting your SH*T together! And so it is!

Jun 18, 2019
Loner Boner

Jackie recaps the Real Housewives, the local hero that lost it after no birthday gift and delights listeners with a Grammy worthy vocal performance!

Jun 11, 2019
Journey with a Capital J!

Jackie enters another verbal downward spiral after being targeted on social media, discusses her sexual fantasies with John Mayer and why she will NOT be watching "The Bachelorette".

Jun 04, 2019
Reformed Psychos

Jackie and her friend Ruthanne Cunningham sit down to reflect on their past psychotic behavior, why texting an ex boyfriend 78 times is chill, what to do if you shart in public and how you can find your mentally stable, fairy tale ending.

May 28, 2019
Ask Jackie (That's Me!)
Jackie has a verbal exorcism and answers listener questions with the finesse of an uncaged hyena. Cue the ear tuck!
May 22, 2019
Unfiltered with Whitney Port

Jackie sits down with fake cousin Whitney Port to talk about her new podcast, the upcoming season of "The Hills', mom shaming and the time they smoked weed together and Jackie went into cardiac arrest.

May 14, 2019

Jackie sits down with rising phoenix Countess Luann de Lesseps to deep dive all things Real Housewives, effortless elegance, lesbian trysts and JOVANI. DUH. Cue the Moroccan remix!

May 07, 2019
How Could I Want More?

Jackie sits down with friend and hair God Justin Anderson to give praise to Jamie Lynn Spears, discuss #freebritney and give constructive criticism to the Real Housewives.

May 01, 2019

Jackie has a verbal purge and talks about Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer, Britney Spears conspiracy theories and the dangers of relationships on social media.

Apr 23, 2019
Nochella with Heather McDonald

Jackie hangs with Heather McDonald to talk Burning Man, marriage and pop culture. 

Apr 16, 2019
Real Talk with Dorit Kemsley

Jackie visits Beverly Beach to chat with Dorit Kemlsey from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to talk dog gate, marriage advice and fashion!

Apr 09, 2019
Isn't She Lovely!

Jackie desperately tries to eradicate her previously questionable behavior by giving the world a wholesome (not really), informative (kinda) and intellectual (hard no) update on pop culture, mental health and relationship advice!

Apr 02, 2019
Teppanyaki Tears

Jackie talks about literally everything and literally nothing. Fueled only by a solo teppanyaki breakfast, Jackie gives career advice, details on her grandmothers sex life and tips on keeping your marriage SPICY.

Mar 29, 2019
A Woman Unhinged

Jackie is back from Australia, jet-lagged and bitchier than ever. She recounts her unlucky flying history, Real Housewives and why Bermuda shorts are for people who have never been to Bermuda.

Mar 26, 2019
The Unlikeability Factor

Jackie explains why Kylie Jenner is NOT "self made", why being likeable is the foundation of success; she also celebrates Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod's engagement and reminisces on her days as a questionable camp counselor.

Mar 12, 2019
I'm Off The Deep End

Jackie breaks down the Jordyn Woods/ Tristan Thompson tryst, salutes hero Danielle Staub, reminisces on her traumatic Bat Mitzvah decor and performs three impromptu musical performances.

Mar 05, 2019
Bitchy Breaking News

Jackie catches us up on all the breaking news stories from this week, finds her cause and makes up with frenemy Gwyneth Paltrow!

Feb 26, 2019
The Return of Jax Taylor

Jackie gets "Jaxed" yet again by return guest Jax Taylor who talks wedding planning,  changing his ways and the benefits of weed.

Feb 19, 2019
In Margaret Josephs We Trust
Jackie hangs with Margaret Josephs from Real Housewives of New Jersey to talk about the season, marital woes, and how to break up with a toxic friend. 
Feb 12, 2019
Beacon of Hope with Kristen Doute

Jackie sits down with Kristen Doute to talk Vanderpump Rules, Gone Girl hacker tips and to drop some serious truth bombs.

Feb 05, 2019
Bitches By Blood
Jackie is joined by her unhinged cousin Jo to prank call her Grandma Gloria, answer listener dilemmas and break down the most polarizing pop culture figures.
Feb 01, 2019
The More You Know with Teddi Mellencamp

Jackie and Teddi Mellencamp conduct a passionate analysis on the current Bachelor, peruse Urban Dictionary and chat about the upcoming season of RHOBH!

Jan 29, 2019
I Have A Dream...
Jackie expresses her deep love for Martin Luther King Jr, explains why everyone needs to back off Ariana Grande and shares some misguided tips on self love.
Jan 22, 2019
Everything Iconic

Jackie explores her inner gay man with friend Danny Pellegrino as they do a major pop culture deep dive.

Jan 15, 2019
New Year, Same Bitch

Jackie greets 2019 with the same morally flexibility of years prior. She breaks down the post holiday blues, her friendship with Taylor Swift, the Golden Globes and why sending 160,000 text messages to a guy is totally normal!

Jan 08, 2019

Jackie celebrates with friend Stassi Schroeder and talks holidays, wedding plans, Vanderpump Rules and a bunch of other stuff they both can't remember.

Dec 25, 2018
Hair of The Dog

Jackie sits down with celebrity hairstylist Scotty Cunha to talk about his Lindsay Lohan insider information, his take on the Jackie vs. Kylie Jenner debacle of 2014 and justice for Frankie Grande.

Dec 18, 2018
Everybody's Obsessed With Me

Jackie passionately breaks down Vanderpump Rules, the creepy nature of holiday music and why we should all aspire to be as content as Britney Jean.

Dec 13, 2018
A Latke and Too Much Vodka
Jackie has one too many festive cocktails and embarks on a Scrooge-adjacent rant about Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes and why the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is bad for the soul.
Dec 04, 2018
The Truth Hurts

Jackie answers listener calls and offers her charming brand of constructive mild verbal abuse. It's not lovely but it sure is inspiring. 

Nov 27, 2018
Gobble Gobble Bitches

Jackie mentally prepares for Winter festivities, awkward family gatherings, LVP's departure and aesthetic improvements.

Nov 20, 2018
The Return (Again) of Morgan Stewart
Jackie and Morgan Stewart catch up by doing what they do best: rapid fire shit talk with a self aware edge. Whether you are considering rhinoplasty, fornicating with Leo DiCaprio or marrying right this episode is for you.
Nov 15, 2018

Jackie sheds light to a penile epidemic sweeping the nation, shares her worst in flight experiences and reminds everybody to spice up their damn life.

Nov 06, 2018
Apologies In Advance

Jackie recounts her recent social encounters, pays homage to her favorite celebrities and alienates 96% of her listeners.

Oct 30, 2018

Jackie takes a mental health day and finds spiritual guidance from Jayden Smith, recovers from a problematic bikini wax and gives the Real Housewives a progress report.

Oct 25, 2018

Jackie mourns the union of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, psychoanalyzes the downfall of Amanda Bynes and talks about her childhood as a civil rights activist.

Oct 16, 2018
Angry Girls Do It Better
Jackie discusses Mariah Carey, annoying pregnant women, the resurgence of her shopping problem and why Adam Brody should probably get into porn.
Oct 12, 2018
Mischa and Lilo and Gaga OH MY!

Jackie addresses Marissa Cooper joining "The Hills", Lindsay Lohan's attempted kidnapping, reviews "A Star is Born" and delights listeners with some poetry.

Oct 09, 2018
When Jerry Met Jackie with Jerry O'Connell

Jackie chats with Jerry O’Connell about all things housewives like the passionate experts they are. Jackie and Jerry also prank call Stassi Schroeder!

Oct 02, 2018
Hai Guyz!

Jackie recaps the week including her new affair with a contractor, praise for Kim Richards and new plans on becoming a popstar.

Sep 28, 2018
Help Me, Help You.

Jackie answers calls from the Bitch Hotline and has a few mental breakdowns.

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Sep 26, 2018
Baby Looks Back

Jackie talks about her upcoming high school reunion and reminisces on her wonder years.


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Sep 21, 2018
Atonement Lewks

Jackie celebrates Yom Kippur the day of atonement by deflecting her own wrongdoings. She discusses how the Fall solstice ruins lives, the groundbreaking news of Kylie Jenners cereal habits and why Bert an Ernie are due for a Brokeback Mountain sequel.

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Sep 20, 2018
Spanx on a Plane

Jackie is back on American soil and recaps her trip, all the pop culture happenings she missed and why she shouldn’t carry mace.

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Sep 15, 2018
Arrivederci B*tches!
Jackie chronicles her pre-flight meltdown, controversial social opinions and housewife evaluations while chugging wine and taking Zyrtec. 

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Aug 28, 2018
Batsh*t Crazy with guest Thom Vest
Jackie day drinks with crazy friend Thom Vest (who currently lives in Carole Radziwill’s former LA home) to chat housewives, mental stability, verbal assault and religion. 

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Aug 21, 2018
Barely Lesbian with Erin Foster
Jackie sits down with Erin Foster to talk dating, relationships, self love and trial lesbianism. 

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Aug 16, 2018
Die In a Fire

Jackie recaps RHOC, The Bachelorette, breaks her kleanse and why wall decals and fake foliage are a major red flag.

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Aug 08, 2018
Housewife Homage

Jackie recaps RHONY (and that hellish trip to Columbia), RHOC, The Bachelorette (kinda) and Southern Charm.

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Aug 03, 2018

Jackie fields listener calls, endures her first pregnancy scare and gives the brutal advice you probably didn’t need.

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Aug 01, 2018
A Look Inward
Jackie is flying solo this week and delights listeners with stories from her drunken weekend, that time she got abused by a homeless woman and explores the gift of curse of being highly delusional.

This Episode of the Bitch Bible is proudly sponsored by:

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Jul 26, 2018
Big D*ck Energy with guest Jilly Hendrix

Jackie explores all the principles of “big dick energy” with friend Jilly Hendrix. They also chat Kylie’s Forbes cover and Housewife updates!

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Jul 19, 2018
Meet Nell

Jackie has had a weekend of solitude and enters back into civilization by assessing Justin’s Bieber’s upcoming nuptials, why pregnant woman are the worst and encourages people to give up on their dreams.

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Jul 11, 2018
Hotline Bling

Jackie answers calls from her new BITCH BIBLE HOTLINE and gives listeners the brutal advice they so desperately need.

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Jul 03, 2018
Age Sex Location with guest John Ryan

Jackie sits down with John Ryan to peel back the layers of the male brain. They talk music, red flags and unwarranted psychoanalysis.

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Jun 29, 2018
What’s Going On?

Jackie enters yet another dangerous stream of consciousness. She sheds light on the Bellino divorce drama, forms a Make a Wish Foundation initiative and teaches you about “curb stomping”.

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Jun 27, 2018
Day Drinking with Teddi Mellencamp

Jackie and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Teddi Mellencamp day drink and recap The Bachelorette, child rearing and how to stay down to earth-ish

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Jun 20, 2018
Get Low with Michael Rapaport

Jackie sits down with Michael Rapaport to discuss Kanye’s new album, housewife all stars, and how to handle internet trolls.

Show Michael some love and check out the I Am Rapaport podcast over on iTunes. Click here to listen

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Jun 13, 2018
Swan Song with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman from 'Dumb Gay Politics'

Jackie day drinks with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman from “Dumb Gay Politics” and hilarity ensues.

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Jun 05, 2018
My Loneliness Is Thrilling Me.

Jackie gets abandoned by her scheduled guest and enters a stream of conscious rant, none of which she remembers.

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May 29, 2018
It’s All Crappening with 'Watch What Crappens' Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker

Jackie and Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker from “Watch What Crappens” go down the rabbit hole that will satiate even the thirstiest Bravo-holics. 

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May 24, 2018
Olive Branches Are For A**holes with Ruth Anne Cunningham

Jackie is joined by bff, Rabbi wrangler and singer Ruth Anne Cunningham to discuss psychotic relationship behavior, Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry and what wedding first dance songs will end in a divorce.

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May 15, 2018
Help Me, Help You.

Jackie Schimmel calls listeners and gives unsolicited advice and as a reprieve prank calls close friends and family members. 

To get $100 off your Thuma bed frame just head over to and use promo code BitchBible.

May 08, 2018
Cardi B. Talks Illegal Butt Implants with Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari from 'Thats So Retrograde'

Jackie sits down with Elizabeth Kott and Steph Simbari from “That’s So Retrograde” and discusses wellness and resurrects an old Cardi B. interview in which the rapper talks to Jackie about the illegal Butt Injections she received in the basement of a New York City apartment.


Special thanks to our sponsor Thrive Market who’s giving my listeners $60 off their first order by heading to 

May 01, 2018
Family Values

Jackie Schimmel sits down with her “free spirited” cousin Jo to discuss the art of sexting, why not to be a volunteer mom and makes a case for Team Riri.

Apr 25, 2018
Money Can't Buy You Guests

Jackie embarks on a self-reflective journey that rivals Justin Bieber's "purpose" and will leave you both enlightened, confused and shaking for an aperol spritz.

Apr 10, 2018
Showgirls with Annabelle DeSisto from 'Adderall and Compliments'

Jackie sits down with Annabelle DeSisto and discusses forgotten cinematic triumphs, why people should stop procreating, and speculate who the f*ck BIT Beyoncé.

Apr 03, 2018
Love, Baby.
Jackie sits down with her best friend Max and forgets she is podcasting. They discuss how to handle being dumped on a plane, share coming out stories and the time Max tried to seduce Jackie's husband.
Mar 27, 2018
Accountable As F*ck with Teddi Mellencamp

Jackie and Real Housewife Teddi Mellencamp go in deep on Beverly Hills drama, how to drink and lose weight and what to do if you’re slapped on an airplane.

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Mar 20, 2018
I Don’t Ask For Much with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick of 'The Skinny Confidential'

Jackie is joined by spirit couple Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential. They swap Gone Girl techniques, wellness tips and theories on The Bachelor.

Mar 13, 2018
Live, Laugh, Lu with Danny Pellegrino
Jackie has a full Bravo binge sesh with Danny Pellegrino. They discuss all star housewives, Leo Dicaprio's sexcapades and why they will probably pass on renting Scheana Valetta's lake house. Si'bon, si'bon.
Mar 06, 2018
Valley of The Bitches with Heather McDonald

 Jackie sits down with Heather McDonald to debrief on all things housewives, why being arrested is the new crop top and how to acquire an exorcism.

Feb 27, 2018
Too. Much. Information.

Jackie enters a dangerous stream of conscious and discusses Fergie, incestual tattoos and brutally answers listener emails.

Feb 20, 2018
87 Shades of Gray

 Jackie sits down with legend Grandma Gloria to discuss pole dancing, recreational diet pill addictions and other brutal morsels of wisdom from the OG matriarch bitch.

Feb 13, 2018
She’s Back

Jackie makes her highly anticipated (not really) return and attempts to breeze into 2018 with the finesse of a young Grace Kelly. Until she is confronted with a rat mid recording and has to seek shelter, refuge, alcohol and access to basic cable. New year, same bitch.

Feb 06, 2018
Lady of London with Caroline Stanbury

Jackie is joined by new bff Caroline Stanbury live from Dubai. They discuss Britney Spears God forsaken hair extensions, how to "date" Hugh Grant and Royal Wedding predictions!

Nov 09, 2017
Oh La La Loophole with Liza Owen

Jackie sits down with friend and singer Liza Owen and discuss Halloween costumes, Jelena and everything else you can't discuss at the dinner table.

Oct 31, 2017
Transparency Please
Jackie dissects the ridiculousness of social media, influencer manipulation and offers a plan to restore Real Housewives to its primal glory
Oct 17, 2017
I'm The Worst
Jackie is settled into London and pretending to have her shit together. If you are Harvey Weinstein or a member at PETA, please don't listen. ​
Oct 10, 2017
Winning London with Stassi Schroeder

Jackie chats with Stassi Schroeder on their inevitable world domination. Jackie also discusses RHONJ, "Slutwalks" and rabies.

Oct 03, 2017
2 Bro's, 1 Bitch with Dan Fleming and Alex Rubenstein

Jackie chats with childhood friends Dan Fleming and Alex Rubinstein about celebrity splits, close encounters with Caitlyn Jenner and general shooting the shit.

Sep 20, 2017
Notes of Manila
Jackie talks wine tasting, how to spot red flags, Real Housewives and why everyone should invest in manila folders.
Sep 12, 2017
Look What You Made Me Do
Jackie painfully inducts Taylor Swift into the Bitch Hall of Fame while recapping the VMA's, describes why nude selfies don't do shit for feminism and plays a wholesome game of marry, fornicate, kill.
Aug 31, 2017
Jackie enters a stream of consciousness solo. She recaps all of her "stories" imparts some misguided wisdom and answers listener emails!
Aug 21, 2017
A Six and A Speidi with Spencer and Heidi Pratt

Jackie sits down with Spencer and Heidi Pratt to lift the veil on reality TV, manifestation gone wrong, pregnancy and how to legally squat in your relatives home.

Aug 09, 2017
Keep Eating
Jackie talks making babies, Real Housewives and consults Grandma Gloria for movie reviews.
Jul 26, 2017
Challah Back Girl
Jackie finally sits down with best friend Rooty to break down Beyonce, confesses her bridesmaid sins and how to hook a Rabbi.
Jul 18, 2017
Cringe Sweats
Jackie recaps Real Housewives of Orange County, Southern Charm and answers listener questions laced with passive aggression and major cringe sweats. Our sincerest apologies.
Jul 11, 2017
It's The Thought That Counts with Morgan Stewart

Jackie hangs with Morgan Stewart, talks about Bachelor in Paradise and why Taylor Swift might be a monster. It's the thought that counts?

Jun 21, 2017
Eggs à la Française
Jackie breaks down all things Bravo and life philosophy with Ronnie and Ben from the Watch What Crappens podcast.
Jun 13, 2017
The Blushing Bitch with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from 'The Skinny Confidential'

Jackie is back and married AF. She sits down with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential to break down the big day and exchange bridezilla moments.

Jun 06, 2017
Get Out! with John Ryan

Jackie and her best man, John Ryan strategize a way for Jackie's future husband to get out of their upcoming nuptials. They also discuss dating deal breakers, how to not be an asshole on social media and why crazy bitches are hot,

May 10, 2017
Doing The Lord's Work
Jackie breaks down Fyre Island, why Karlie Kloss should probably retire, nuptial red flags and drops some seriously stupid life philosophy. Sincerest apologies to the Beyhive, Tinsley Mortimer and Jayden Smith.
May 04, 2017
Livin It Up
Jackie updates listeners on being a bridezilla, no-Chella and her lust for carbohydrates.
Apr 26, 2017
36% Consensual
Jackie breaks down her wild Bachelorette weekend, Vanderpump Rules, RHOBH, RHONY and why you should live like someone has a Manila folder on you stashed behind a reunion sofa.
Apr 19, 2017
Perpetual Loner
Jackie breaks down Vanderpump Rules, why she will NEVER forgive Katherine Heigl, body shaming, bridezilla realness and answers listener emails!
Apr 04, 2017
Please Send Flonase
Jackie and her cousin Joanna commiserate over matching sinus infections and discuss all things anal, Erika Jayne analysis and child rearing.
Mar 29, 2017
That's So Not Raven
Jackie breaks down The Bachelor, Mischa Barton's potential sex tape, answers listener emails and offers up some signature brutal honesty.
Mar 14, 2017
Pump & Glory with Katie Maloney

Jackie and Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules discuss Emma Watson's vagina, getting married and call Coto Insurance in hopes of getting internships.

Mar 08, 2017
Tuesdays With Morgy with Morgan Stewart

Jackie and Morgan Stewart have the ultimate full throttle bitch sesh. They discuss the Oscars (boring), trade Gone Girl stories and like 459 other tangents!

Mar 01, 2017
Oops I Did It Again
Jackie ruins what remains of her likeability factor by paying homage to Britney Ever After, poking the beyhive and recapping The Bachelor.
Feb 21, 2017
Jackie Gets Jaxed with Jax Taylor

Jackie celebrates Valentines Day with Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules. Jax offers up relationship advice while the two day drink and celebrate the commercial holiday and the end of Jax's probation.

Feb 14, 2017
Quite Bitchy with Melissa Hermer

Jackie chats with Marissa Hermer from Ladies of London on forming a Lindsay Lohan accent, getting stung by the Beyhive and drama on the other side of the pond!

Feb 07, 2017
Schimmel Schroeder 2024 with Stassi Schroeder

Jackie and Stassi Schroeder drink champagne, forget they are being recorded and bitch about anything and everything.

Jan 31, 2017
Real Talk
Jackie is in a dark place after gaining weight after the stomach flu. Luckily she has her "stories" to recap aka RHOBH, Pump Rules and The Bachelor!
Jan 24, 2017
A Star is Born with Brandy Howard, Julie Goldman, and Grandma Gloria

Jackie records her first live podcast with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman and her overbearing Grandma Gloria. They talk Taylor Swift, The Bachelor, fake pregnancies and why you will NEVER look at Richard Gere the same way.

Jan 18, 2017
What Would Corrine Do? with 'The Bachelor's Corinne Olympios

Jackie kicks off 2017 by recapping The Bachelor and expressing undying affection for Corrine and her forward antics and psycho analyzing the other contestants.

Jan 11, 2017
The B*tch That Stole Christmas
Jackie celebrates Chrismukkah early by spreading joy (not) on all things festive and annoying. From targeting innocent civilians, berating Bachelor contestants and expressing distaste for the holidays - just paint this bitch green and move her to Who-ville.
Dec 22, 2016
'Tis The Season
'Tis the season to be bitchy, and in this episode Jackie helps you prepare for awkward family gatherings, potential breakups and gag worthy holiday cheer. Bonus content: Jackie recaps RHOBH and starts an exercise routine.
Dec 07, 2016
Jackie travels to the British countryside to embrace her outdoorsy side, become one with nature and once again reignite her love/jk total hate relationship with DJ James Kennedy.
Nov 29, 2016
Ladies of London with Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Fleming, and Adela King

Jackie sits down with Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Fleming and Adela King to discuss their cultural differences. They chat this seasons drama, opinions on the new Goop Gift Guide (ugh) and why Jackie will never be a Baroness.

Nov 21, 2016
Solo Yolo
Jackie viciously recaps Vanderpump Rules, Taylor Swifts new urban life and delights you with tangents aplenty in yet another solo mission.
Nov 15, 2016
Drunk in Love
Jackie has a mysterious blue cocktail while getting her hair done and madness ensues. Expect tangents galore and overly passionate recaps of RHOC and Vanderpump Rules with just a touch of beastiality.
Nov 09, 2016
La Vida Lohan
Jackie pays the ultimate tribute to the freckly understated icon that is Lindsay Lohan by revisiting some of her best (worst) roles, newest business ventures, and general worldliness. Jackie then breaks down all the highlights from this season or RHOC and the finale episode!
Nov 03, 2016
Fourth Base
Jackie has her first homoerotic massage in London and lives to tell you about it. She also discusses John Mayers new business venture, why Anne Hathaway needs a muzzle and why ultimatums are a way of life!
Oct 25, 2016
Cheerio Bitch!
Jackie is in London and purging on all her American passions. She gives a deep character analysis on Kelly Dodd, shares life lessons she's learned from the housewives franchise and answers listener emails. She also coughs... a lot.
Oct 19, 2016
Swimfan with 'The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn Evarts

Jackie and Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential discuss their upcoming nuptials, how to handle high maintenance men and why fear is a solid foundation for love!

Oct 10, 2016
Sorry Maddox with guest Yimu

Jackie sits down with former producer Yimu to hash out all things Brangelina, guidelines for dating an older man, pigeons and Jonbenet Ramsey. For the sake of legality, we are desperately hoping no one in the Jolie-Pitt clan gets wind of this episode otherwise Shiloh may have to hoist up her boys cargo shorts and cut a bitch...

Sep 27, 2016
On Da Brink with Ta'Rhonda Jones

Jackie sits down with Empire's Ta'Rhonda Jones to discuss Jackie's dream of becoming a Korean pop star, what Golden Globe parties are really like, and schvitzing while eating.

Sep 21, 2016
Delusions of Grandeur with Rachael O'Brien

Jackie and comedian friend Rachael O'Brien showcase the long term benefits of being painfully delusional. They discuss annoying people at NYFW, why Taylor Swift might be Regina George and explain the simple pleasures of pestering your significant other.

Sep 13, 2016
Ladies Who Bitch with Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek of 'Ladygang'

Jackie and her new bffs from the Ladygang podcast (Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight & Jac Vanek) leave their manners at home and have a full throttle bitchfest. They discuss Jackies uber ride from hell, Bachelor nation inside scoop and mourning the tragic demise of Tiddleswift.

Sep 07, 2016
Adderall & Compliments with guest Annabelle DeSisto

Jackie is joined by Annabelle Desisto to discuss all their passionate feelings towards reality television, why cats lead to eternal singledom and the upside of sexism. Silver linings for days bitches.

Aug 24, 2016
Pity Party
Jackie and her notoriously bitchy cousin Joanna discuss lots of super real shit. Channeling Dr.Schimmel's philosophy that "laughter is the best medicine" Jackie returns to discuss her fued with a Bachelorette cast-off, why she is over the Olympics and a special vocal performance by Grandma Gloria!
Aug 16, 2016
F*ckin' Flossy with Morgan Stewart

Jackie sits down with Mrs. Boobs and Loubs and star of #RichKids, Morgan Stewart, to discuss all the important things in life like how Morgan stays so thin, #kimexposedtaylor drama, Hollywood’s latest breakups, and what makes a bitch #basic. It's a good one, bitches. So relax, take off those wedges, and enjoy.

Jul 26, 2016
This is What You Came For with Dulce Sloan

Jackie sits down with comedian Dulce Sloan and discusses the dangers of Pokemon Go, Hiddleswift conspiracy theories and why finger lingering is the new duckface.

Jul 19, 2016
Too Much TV, Too Little Rosé
Jackie invites you into her libation fueled Monday television night marathon. She discusses all of today's pressing issues like feminism, the return of Ashlee Holmes, raising children and why to never date someone who has super white shoelaces. Grab a bottle, put your snuggie on and let Jackie say all the things you have the social decency not to say out loud.
Jul 13, 2016
99 Problems
Got 99 problems? A bitch ain't one. Jackie recovers from her x rated engagement party by answering listener emails and offering her brutal advice. The truth hurts and so does Jackie's head.
Jun 29, 2016
Guilt-free Pleasures
Jackie goes in deep on some reality television commentary as she spends a Monday night in a robe with a few too many cocktails recapping your faves from The Bachelorette to Real Housewives of OC to Southern Charm.
Jun 21, 2016
Moronic & Platonic with Dan Kramer

Jackie and her wishfully neglected BFF Dan Kramer (not gay) discuss the intricacies of platonic relationships and pros and cons. Pro: he buys you dinner without putting out. Con: you want to kill him 98% of the time. Bro apetite.

Jun 15, 2016
Over Indulged with Annie Lawless

Jackie and Annie Lawless break down all things health and wellness and bitchiness - Is there a natural supplement on the same level of Xanax? Did Gigi and Zayn really break up? Does Jackie maybe get a panic attack during this episode and scarf down a granola bar with high fructose corn syrup? Find out in this episode… Namaste.

Jun 08, 2016
Bridezilla Chronicles
Jackie hits the road with only her pup and the voices in her head to start planning her impending nuptials. Whilst deep in the trenches of wedding venue scouting, Jackie pauses to podcast some deep reflections on children at weddings and curious intrigue in the sexual leanings of the hot groundskeepers. Join her as she takes listeners along her Bridezilla journey. Mason jars NOT included.
Jun 01, 2016
Lonely & Horny with Jake & Amir

Jackie and the sexy comedic duo Jake & Amir of “Lonely and Horny” (peep it on Vimeo) break down the new Bachelorette bros, rate themselves on a scale of 1-10, and identify whether or not it’s psycho to still be friends with your exes.

May 24, 2016
Girl Boss with Liz Carey

Jackie and GIRLBOSS Liz Carey sip on rose and discuss very important matters such as diversity in wedding parties, Blac Chyna and Rob’s gross situation, and reiminisce on their poor choices.

May 17, 2016
Can You Not? with Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman of 'Crazy Jewish Mom'

Jackie sits down with the duo behind Crazy Jewish Mom, Kate Siegel and mom Kim Friedman. Grab your matzo balls and get ready for a roller coaster covering the reproductive system and the temporary emotional turmoil that comes from living with a overbearing Jewish mother. Deep breaths.

May 11, 2016
Of a Certain Breed with Dorothy Wang

Jackie gets into it with #RichKid Dorothy Wang as they break down Lemonade, how to be better on Instagram (not an LC, not yet a Britney), and dish on the new season of RKOBH

May 03, 2016
Off the Beam with Greg Bennett

Jackie and friend Greg Bennett embark on a humiliating journey podcasting in public. They drink lukewarm champagne, insult innocent bystanders and rejoice in all things pop culture!

Apr 26, 2016
Dr. Schimmel - Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2
It's music to your ears - Part 2 of our latest Dr. Schimmel session. Prepare your Lexapro prescription pad and a stiff drink, because some bitches are about to get TOLD.
Apr 20, 2016
Snatchy & C*nty with Amy Philips

Jackie and her soul sister Amy Philips break down everything Bravo and pop culture, from Housewives (including Potomac #ugh) to the fact that Cara Delevingne is depressed (really?), and address the fact that a certain #prettymess is absent from the Bitch Bible guest line up.

Apr 13, 2016
When in Doute with Kristen Doute

Jackie binges in some seriously scalding hot tea (bank robbery, botox and incest, OH MY!) with Kristen Doute before they go on a much deserved Kennedy Kleanse. Other topics include annoying kids, thigh gaps and how to get away with murder.

Apr 05, 2016
Dr. Schimmel - Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1
Dr. Schimmel is back in session and she is not holding back. Tune into some bitches getting burnt on how they should live their lives (there is only one person who can judge you in this lifetime, and it’s Jackie) and ST. CLAIR FUCKING CALLS IN. It’s a Dr. Schimmel miracle. Part one of two, bc we’re classy like that.
Mar 30, 2016
It Takes Two... Xanax with Stassi Schroeder

THE BITCH IS BACK! Stassi Schroeder, friend of the pod, joins Jackie in another bitch sesh where they get into all things Vanderpump, black magic and general bitchiness.

Mar 22, 2016
Ménage a Duh with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman

Jackie is joined by her favorite TV duo Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman of the People’s Couch and the Pump Rules after show and they dissect the cast of Vanderpump, spill some tea, and make it known that Jojo is infinitely cooler than Lauren B.

Mar 16, 2016
Hurt People, Hurt People
Jackie and her turbo-bitch cousin Jo do a roundup of all things Housewives, Vanderpump, and Bachelor and the two take it #TOOFAR when trying to make contact with the immortal DJ James Kennedy (aka the White Kanye). Don't cry and sue cause it's over, smile that it happened.
Mar 09, 2016
Please Don't Sue Me
Jackie and her hott mom Christie break down The Bachelor, perks of promiscuity and reminisce over the time Jackie's 85 year old grandma admitted to having sex "donkey style." As if that wasn't enough, Jackie persuaded her mom to prank call DJ James Kennedy... And he picks up. Listen before Jackie gets sued.
Mar 02, 2016
The Hoe Whisperer with guest Cardi B

Jackie gets "turnt" with Cardi B from 'Love & Hip Hop.' In this highly informative podcast, we learn the risks of illegally plumping your ass, why pimping ain't easy and that Jackie has been OG crazy since before she even had her driver's permit.

Feb 23, 2016
Anti Squad Goals
Jackie and her best bitches Rooty and Heidi discuss the Grammys, the Bachelor, how to handle a public digestive trauma and why Taylor Swift and them will never ever ever go to an award show together... Like ever.
Feb 16, 2016
Blue Collar Balls with Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Jackie sits down with comedian Nicole Aimee Schreiber whom she met amidst her first bar altercation. They discuss the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and Jackie's run in with Kylie Jenner... Complete with a bathroom confessional.

Feb 10, 2016
Unloveable with Michelle Collins

Jackie lets Michelle Collins take a break from her duties on 'The View' as they recap all things Bachelor, talk about the best chain restaurant to have a first date (props to the Cheesecake Factory and their small plates), and passionately purge before yet another failed Kardashian Kleanse.

Feb 03, 2016
For the Wrong Reasons
Jackie and her producer Yimu sit down to discuss all things Bachelor and Pump Rules. We explain why Olivia and her cankles are iconic, the downfalls of frosted lipstick and oversize hoops and why no glasses are cute enough to steal. Put on that embellished rose ceremony gown, measure your ankle radius and drink some alcohol from an SPF bottle because this pod GOES THERE.
Jan 27, 2016
That's So Retrograde with Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari

Jackie is joined by wellness gurus Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari to enlighten a bitch. They teach us what the fuck retrograde is, how to manifest your best bitchiest life and how to namaste your anxieties away.

Jan 19, 2016
Homo She Didn't
Jackie is joined by her homosexual life partner Max Bronner as they passionately recap 'The Bachelor' and 'Vanderpump Rules.' Max also comes to Jackie's defense over some unsettling hate mail and the two reminisce on their high school glory days.
Jan 13, 2016
Dr. Schimmel Feat. Heather Dubrow
Jackie takes calls in yet another failed attempt to help her listeners find their bitchiest selves. THEN Jackies BFF Heather Dubrow helps Dr. Schimmel find clarity, forgiveness and the directions to her Porte Cochére.
Jan 05, 2016
Gone Girls with Kirsten Doute

Jackie and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules bond over Bloody Mary's and discuss the trials and triumphs of cyber stalking at it's finest. Jackie shares an unfortunate public restroom incident, and we bask in Kristen's genius that parallels Steve Jobs as she guides our listeners to uncover the shadiness in their lives.

Dec 22, 2015
Bye Felicia! with Scheana Shay

Jackie continues her Vanderpump Holiday Extravaganza with Scheana Shay as they talk all through the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, their mutual feelings of disgust for DJ whatever Kennedy, and Jackie makes a plea to ban the white button down Christmas card. Also an exclusive listen to "Bye Felicia" by Mike Shay.

Dec 15, 2015
STASSI + JACKIE 4EVER with Stassi Schroeder

Jackie and her new best friend Stassi Schroeder talk about Yolanda's breakup, the beauty (and beast) of ultimatums, Kylie Jenner (ugh), and Stassi leaves Jackie speechless with an intimate story that will have you in TEARS.

Dec 08, 2015
Everybody Goops with Caroline Goldfarb of @officialseanpenn

Jackie is joined by the esteemed Caroline Goldfarb (@officialseanpenn) as they break down the glory of the AMA’s, convulse violently while going through Goop’s holiday gift guide, and Jackie breaks her Kardashian Kleanse with a Kylie and Tyga story.

Dec 01, 2015
God Save the Bitch
Jackie delights listeners with another audio diary recorded during her adventures abroad. From shoplifting scones to awkward celebrity encounters and some aggressive thoughts on pigeons and Brooks Ayers , Jackie proves that you can take the bitch out of America but you can't take the bitch out of Jackie. Keep Calm and Listen On, bitches.
Nov 17, 2015
Honesty is the Bitchiest Policy with Bresha Webb

Jackie is joined by actress Bresha Webb of NBC's new show "Truth Be Told" as they navigate through proper neighbor etiquette, wedding crashing, and the correct definition of anxiety. If you currently have a seasonal wreath on your door, this episode is not for you.

Nov 10, 2015
Boss Ass Bitch with Dana Cody

Jackie gets into it with one of the baddest bitches she knows: Dana Cody of Oxygen’s new series Boss Nails. They talk about how Jackie thinks ’bitch’ is a term of endearment, how baller you have to be to stop by Dana’s salon Tippie Toes (they’ve got dancer poles and 24 carat Imperial nails, girls) and we all learn a little something about what it means to date an older gentleman. Dana also dishes some Real Housewives of NY gossip because you know she has nothing to hide - guess who she thinks is a “Freak Ho?” Boss up, bitches!

Nov 03, 2015
Dr. Schimmel Part Trois
Third time’s the charm - it’s another fan-fave Dr. Schimmel episode where Jackie takes calls and answers questions from her bitches across the country. Don’t want to date daddies? Need to slim down before your wedding? Have a boyfriend who may have lied about having cancer? Let Dr. Schimmel inspire you to live your best, bitchiest life.
Oct 27, 2015
Les MisérOMFG with Emily Foster and Deanna Raphael

Jackie is joined by her favorite podcast duo Emily Foster and Deanna Raphael from OMFG! They mourn the loss of Leonardo diCaprio's bachelorhood, unpacks Anne Hathaway's disgraceful breakfast behavior, and Jackie resolves to achieve her dreams to become #64 on the Maxim Hot 100 List. Goals, bitches. Have them or get the fuck out.

Oct 20, 2015
Jackie and Kingsley become fast and furious friends in this episode where they discuss important topics like the tragedy of the existence of ice sculptures, why slutty Halloween costumes may cause severe anxiety, and Jackie divulges the details of her first ever SANGRIA STAKEOUT. Deceased.
Oct 13, 2015
Jackie Down Under with Joel Creasey

Jackie and her new fave Aussie comedian Joel Creasey break down body shaming, thigh brows, and where the hell Mischa Barton has been hiding. Jackie also ambushes Joel with a forced homo-erotic matchmaking session... there may be phone sex in this pod. You've been warned.

Oct 06, 2015
Sugar Daddies and Chocolate Dreams with Milan Christopher

Jackie sits down with the ultimate chocolate dreamsicle Milan Christopher and swirly sparks fly. They lend personal tips on landing a sugar daddy, recognizing signs that your bro may be basic and Jackie initiates her first Fuck Tracker for Charity #humanitarianlyfe.

Sep 29, 2015
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Humper with Dan Fleming

Jackie and friend Dan Fleming discuss pop culture, the perks of endless pasta and how modern romance can go terribly wrong. From Dan's firsthand experiences with Caitlyn Jenner to Jackie's traumatic rendezvous with a leg humper, this episode gets dirtier than Christina Aguilera in a boxing ring.

Sep 22, 2015
New Year, Same Bitch
Jackie celebrates Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and tries to reflect and repent for her wrongdoings. From eating crab cakes at temple, to vowing to stop body shaming her boyfriend and a very sincere apology to her frenemy Gwyneth Paltrow... It may be a new year, but Jackie realizes she is still the same bitch.
Sep 15, 2015
Tinderella with Austin Kearns

Jackie and her first boyfriend/former nemesis Austin Kearns rekindle their love flame while discussing where their relationship went wrong and teach our listeners the do's and don'ts of being a millennial online dater.

Sep 08, 2015
Medium Rare Bitch with medium Monica Ten-Kate

Jackie is joined by her favorite medium Monica Ten-Kate from ABC Family’s 'Monica the Medium' where they discuss how much her lifestyle mirrors that of Allison Dubois (if you don’t get this reference #BYEFELICIA). Jackie also gives Monica a spiritual reading solely based on her Subway sandwich selection and discusses why Megan's list just got a bit longer.

Sep 01, 2015
Dr. Schimmel, Part Deux
Dr. Schimmel is back in the office, answering her fans’ calls and letters with only the bitchiest wisdom. Never without an inspirational quote, Jackie also calls upon those closest to her to offer her listeners some advice but finds that they are essentially basic as fuck.
Aug 25, 2015
Bitching Naked with Amy Paffrath

Jackie talks with Amy Paffrath, host of VH1's Dating Naked, about millennial dating, playing the field and protecting your orifices whilst in the nude.

Aug 18, 2015
Zombies and Sex and Theft, Oh My! with Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney from 'The Walking Dead' and 'Masters of Sex' joins Jackie in her pivotal Kardashian Kleanse, unsubscribing from all things kontour, krop tops and waist trainers... after one last purge. Jackie also gets Emily to give vocal notes on a pitchy performance by Grandma Gloria and shares some fresh Gone Girl life updates.

Aug 11, 2015
If You're Listening to This It's Too Late with Charlamagne tha God

Jackie gets turnt with Charlamagne tha God in the most unfiltered podcast to date. She learns why black guys aren't into her AND we hear straight from tha source what's going on with Drake and Meek Mill (who Jackie thought was a brand of oatmeal). Pop a bottle of Dom and brace yourself.

Aug 04, 2015
Dr. Schimmel
Jackie takes her first callers in this wisdom-filled podcast as she answers listener questions and gives advice on living your best, bitchiest self.
Jul 28, 2015
Jackie and the City
Jetsetter Jackie is off to New York City for an appearance on Watch What Happens Live and she gives us a bitchy play by play in this week's audio diary. We get the dish on all things Housewives and experience the aftermath of when one eats too many hot dogs.
Jul 21, 2015
Bachelorette Recap!
Jackie is joined by her producer Yimu as they recap last night’s Bachelorette episode and give their bitchy opinions as to who they think will win Kaitlyn’s heart.
Jul 14, 2015
Do It Yourself, Bitch! with Mr. Kate

Jackie becomes acquainted with her crafty side with guest Mr. Kate as she drops some fun and non-basic DIY tips. Jackie and Kate also analyze some of Tyga's lyrics, find the PC definition of truffle butter, and discuss Kate's one night stand with Tiger Woods.

Jun 30, 2015
Jackie talks getting wifed with her one rational married friend Heidi and gives listeners a game plan on securing a rock (no side baguettes). Jackie also sheds light on possible lesbianism, ultimatums and racial identity because she's just that fucking worldly. Get wifey or die alone trying.
Jun 23, 2015
Girl Interrupted with Brooks Wheelan

Jackie desperately struggles to connect with comedian and SNL alum Brooks Wheelan in this slightly awkward podcast where he calls her out on her mental stability and basically everything she says. Jackie updates listeners on new developments from her previous stalking faux pas on Instagram.

Jun 16, 2015
Death, Denial and Double Taps with Jen Kirkman

Jackie consults comedian Jen Kirkman on dying alone, possessed children and other pressing feminist issues. Jackie also delights listeners with her recent predicament after being caught Instagram stalking an ex boyfriend.

Jun 09, 2015
No New Friends with Heather McDonald

Jackie sits down with her former employer and funny bitch Heather McDonald. They discuss strategies to get cast on The Real Housewives, become part of Taylor Swifts girl posse and the struggles of abstinence. Jackie also tasks Heather with delivering a heartfelt note to Kylie Jenner in order to end their online feud.

May 26, 2015
Bad Blood
Jackie goes on another mentally compromising journey into the depths of Las Vegas with Xanax in tow. She turns up in da club, drinks gross vodka cranberries and even gets stuck in Taylor Swift’s bathroom after a small toilet malfunction.
May 19, 2015
Coco Schimmel with Eric Himel

Jackie and celebrity stylist Eric Himel break down the importance of personal style, human anatomy, and confront Kylie Jenner on her recent slandering of Jackie's not-so-good name.

May 12, 2015
Crazy, Not Sexy, Cool
Jackie, her Mom and Aunt talk about the pros and cons of playing the "cool girl". They also discuss boobs, embarrassing college experiences and other white girl problems.
May 05, 2015
Turtle Time with Amy Phillips

Jackie recoups from Coachella with comedian Amy Phillips. Together they analyze Jackie's anger towards Gwyneth Paltrow, unsolicited dick pics and all things reality television. Complete with interventions, digestive updates and what your Instagram filter says about your integrity.

Apr 28, 2015
Jackie faces her biggest fear of crowds, polyester crop tops and drinking alcohol out of plastic drink ware at her first music festival in this intimate and mentally unstable audio diary. Will Cinderchella have a fairytale ending or end up in an asylum?
Apr 21, 2015
The Young and the Reckless
Jackie and childhood BFF Briana take this podcast down memory lane as they reminisce on their awkward stages, ex boyfriends and drunken college mishaps. They also discuss Jackie's deep rooted Coachella anxieties, floral head wreaths and all.
Apr 14, 2015
The Other Sister
Jackie and her sister from the same mister discuss celeb ties, life plagues, and why the Easter bunny is probably on Megan's Law.
Apr 07, 2015
Real Bitches of Beverly Hills with Lucas Cruikshank and Matt Fawcus

Jackie sips rosé with Lucas Cruikshank and Matt Fawcus as they passionately recap this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Life isn't all diamonds and rosé, but this podcast sure is.

Mar 31, 2015
Pretty Hurts
Jackie, her unfiltered cousin Joanna and her hot mess Grandma Gloria bitch it out over all things fashion, style and general promiscuity.
Mar 24, 2015
Celtic Woman
Happy St. Patrick's Day, bitches! Jackie and her Celtic bestie get into the holiday spirit by downing Guinness and talking all things Irish.
Mar 17, 2015
Have Fun in Iowa
Jackie psycho-analyzes 'The Bachelor' final rose ceremony in this exclusive, 2 day late recap with fellow Bachelor superfan and practical stranger Lauren.
Mar 12, 2015
Conditional Love
Jackie drags her pear shaped boyfriend Andrew into a one-sided discussion on life, love and the harsh realities of commitment.
Mar 10, 2015
The Mo The Merrier
Jackie and her gusband (gay husband) Max discuss everything you wanted to know about the relationship between a bitch and her 'mo.
Feb 24, 2015
All About That Basic
Jackie learns the hard way that she is indeed a "basic" bitch - yoga pants, Mayfair filter and all.
Feb 17, 2015
50 Shades of Cray
Jackie sits down with the woman that shaped her into the bitch she is today - her mother!
Feb 10, 2015