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Your one-stop-shop for the latest food news, restaurant recommendations, kitchen talk, interviews with culinary stars, and food-themed comedy and entertainment, all in about 30 minutes

Episode Date
Food + Comedy Extravaganza!

Hey hey! We kick off w/ a convo w/ FR Editor Tiffany Do (3:52) who sourced all of FRT's comedy bits! Then it's a cavalcade of comedy w/ stories from Ben Bailey (8:15), Aparna Nancherla (11:26), Mary Sohn (14:29), Ian Abramson (16:58), Samantha Ruddy (20:48), Ethan Fixell (22:42), Justin Herman (30:45), Brian Park (34:58), Kevin Yee (37:51), Jenny Yang (39:58), Karl Hess (44:00), Keri Lumm (48:19), & Dan Lee (51:28). Also featuring bad Yelp reviews throughout & the most EPIC Yelp review of all time at 25:30.

Jun 27, 2018
Dan Jacobs & Dan Van Rite

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Q's for Milwaukee chefs Dan Jacobs & Dan Van Rite (3:54) of DanDan & EsterEv about how they decided to open a Chinese restaurant w/ a pop-up inside (8:24), Dan J's diagnosis with Kennedy's Disease (12:16), Dan V's stint in Portland (16:02), Dan J lying his way into a top kitchen & using cats for free books (18:26), Peking duck & Schmaltz fried rice (21:04), Milwaukee dining & purveyors (24:48), & Dan V's summer job at Lambeau Field (29:41). To close, bad Yelp reviews (31:06).

Jun 20, 2018
Steve McHugh

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Steve McHugh about the meanings behind the name of his restaurant, Cured (3:20), the San Antonio dining community (5:34), being an ambassador for San Antonio (7:24), special ingredients native to Texas (8:16), the frugality of farm upbringing informing his menu (11:20), John Besh (16:39), giving back to the community (18:18) his amazing mother (20:02), & what to do on your trip to San Antonio (22:47). To close, comedian Nonye Brown-West talks about meatballs (29:43)

Jun 13, 2018
Gaby Dalkin

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Gaby Dalkin of the popular blog/Instagram What's Gaby Cooking (and new cookbook of the same name!) about California life & food (3:22, 18:16), social media strategy (6:40), cheese and eating simply (9:39), recycling recipes (11:54), entertaining at home (14:05), interacting with readers -both good AND bad (16:24), exercise & biking around LA (17:47) ,& her product line (18:58). To close, comedian Taylor Ortega talks about adventures in baking garlic bread (20:32).

Jun 06, 2018
Andrew Friedman

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Andrew Friedman about his new book, "Chefs, Drugs and Rock & Roll" (0:24), #MeToo (4:28, 10:17), Mario Batali (7:19), life experience influencing a chef's work (13:17), the food world's crossover to mainstream (20:45), LA's comeback & Wolfgang Puck (25:00), & why there are so many cookbooks when print is dying (27:50), & what James Beard would think of the culinary scene today (31:59). To close, comedian Jes Tom talks about their first experience with spice (33:51).

May 30, 2018
Gerard Craft

Hey hey! First up: 10 Q's for St. Louis chef Gerard Craft (0:23) on the challenges of fast casual (3:46), transforming a restaurant concept (7:15), family-friendly dining (9:40), expanding to Nashville (11:13), stints as a snowboarding photographer (13:03) & at the Chateau Marmont (14:44), being an ambassador for St. Louis (15:49), appreciating other chefs' pasta (20:41), & the restaurant he wishes his wife would open (22:09). To close, comedian Cara Weinberger talks about food at Oscar parties (23:15).

May 23, 2018
Simon Ford

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We've got 10 Questions for Simon Ford, of The 86 Co. & Ford's Gin, about launching 4 different spirits brands at the same time (3:59), crowdsourcing ideas from bartenders (10:32), creatively expanding the industry (13:44), LA & Nashville (18:21), the international cocktail community & cities where the scene is thriving (19:37), emerging trends (22:51), & gin, glorious gin (24:31). To close, actor/comedian Mary Sohn talks about downing Sugar Babies while ice skating (30:48)

May 17, 2018
Julie Piatt & Rich Roll

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Julie Piatt & Rich Roll, the couple behind The Plant Power Way, on creating plant-based cheese & veganism in Italy (4:00), athletes ditching animal protein with great results (12:26), the magic of mushrooms (15:30), plant-based "meat" like Beyond Meat & Impossible Foods (17:44), environmental effects (21:34), ethical vegetarians (26:01), & raising kids in a plant-based lifestyle (27:29). To close, writer/actor Eliot Glazer explains how he got his sweet tooth (32:39)

May 15, 2018
Ruth Rogers

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! Up first, a recap of the James Beard Awards (0:43). Then we've got 10 Q's for Ruth Rogers on chefs being part of the community (6:23), the cookbook released for the 30th anniversary of her London institution, The River Cafe (13:11), artist friends (14:59), the collaborative process & TV (17:54), Jamie Oliver (21:36), London ditching its rep as a "bad food town" (22:52) & overcoming tragedy (28:18). To close, comedian Justin Herman recalls a recent trip to Japan (30:57).

May 10, 2018
David Kinch

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We've got 10 Questions for David Kinch about the experience of dining at his acclaimed restaurant Manresa (4:56, 29:37), why fine dining is a terrible business model (10:01), CA Central Coast wine & local ingredients (13:45), his turns on The Mind of a Chef & Top Chef (18:46), Manresa Bread (21:12), what's the deal with sourdough (24:08), & the current golden age of restaurants & wine (25:22). To close, comedian Nonye Brown-West recalls learning to bake cookies (34:19).

May 08, 2018
Mitchell Davis

Hey hey! First the news: Disney/Tastemade launch digital channel (0:25), France's take on plant-based protein (1:59), frozen food in decline except @ Trader Joe's (5:05) & artichokes aren't kosher? (8:09). Next, 10 Q's for Mitchell Davis, EVP of James Beard Fdn, on his background (13:31), this year's awards ceremony in Chicago (17:35, 32:40), steps JBF has taken post #MeToo (20:07), causes important to JBF & the cost of dining (25:13), & new voices (38:53). To close, comic Fareeha Khan on fried rice (42:16)

May 03, 2018
Stephanie Danler & Caitlin FitzGerald

Hey hey! First the news: JBF media winners (0:28), Bob Dylan's whiskey line (2:08), WH Correspondents Dinner (3:45), SF Chronicle's top 100 list (5:26), & McDonalds' stock is up (9:45). Next, 10 Q's for Stephanie Danler & actress Caitlin FitzGerald on "Sweetbitter," the new Starz series based on Danler's bestselling novel (11:58), their hospitality backgrounds (17:42, 27:18, 34:30), wine (19:13), season 2 (28:34) & filming in NYC (31:21). To close, comedian Ian Abramson on the best day of his life (38:06).

May 01, 2018
Alan Geaam

Hey hey! First the news: Beyoncé & Jay-Z launch online vegan meal planner (0:29), FDA vs. Impossible Burger (2:21), UK coffee chain ditches disposable cups (5:19), & craft distillers win w/ the tax bill (8:09). Next, 10 Q's for chef Alan Geaam about his Cinderella story - youth in war torn Liberia & Lebanon (10:43), life as a homeless dishwasher (16:08), the buildup to receiving a Michelin star (19:46), & his 3 restaurants in Paris (24:20, 29:10). To close, comic Taylor Ortega talks eating in secret (31:18)

Apr 26, 2018
Ethan Brown

Hey hey! First the news: E.coli outbreak in romaine lettuce (0:26), more on Philly Starbucks matter (1:51), still breaking - 2 disturbing incidents at Waffle Hut (3:32), plastic straw ban in the UK (6:46), lobster shortage (8:47), & GQ's top new restaurants (10:26). Next, 10 Q's for Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown (13:07), on what goes into making plant-based proteins (19:30, 35:00), blind taste tests (26:45), Beyond's fans in the NBA (28:55), & the medical community (32:12). To close, bad Yelp reviews (36:55).

Apr 24, 2018
Enrique Olvera

Hey hey! First the news: Starbucks responds with racial sensitivity training for employees (0:26), Google Maps tests using fast food spots in navigation (5:04), & The New Yorker vs. Chick-Fil-A (7:26). Next, 10 Q's for Enrique Olvera on street food in fine dining (11:52), taco omakase (16:22, 25:03), NYC vs. Mexico City (19:33), tapping staff to expand to other markets (22:30), the effects of the World's 50 Best List (27:04), & mezcal (31:21). To close, comedian Dan Lee was a bad cook in college (35:03).

Apr 19, 2018
Stephanie Izard

Hey hey! First the news: 206M+ eggs recalled (0:26), racism at Starbucks (1:23), Jamie Oliver’s #AdEnough (4:40), booze takes years off our lives (5:59), & NYC dining updates (7:53). Next, 10 Q’s for Stephanie Izard on her cookbook & trio of Chicago restaurants (13:38), creative inspiration (21:04), grilling (23:11), Cubs baseball (24:17), spiced Crispies & Cheez-Its (25:49), beer & burgers (26:57), brands (31:14), & her competitive spirit (33:26). To close, Lily Du talks leftovers at the office (35:20).

Apr 17, 2018
Alon Shaya

Hey hey! First, the news: a 2nd lawsuit among the By Chloe team (0:36), produce's "dirty dozen" (3:08), Necco Wafers flying off shelves (6:31), & Moby weighs in on SNAP (8:11). Next, 10 Q's for Alon Shaya on his upcoming restaurants in New Orleans (11:57) & Denver (20:17), creating a HR-friendly company culture post-Besh breakup/#MeToo (22:19), his new memoir/cookbook (26:55), & complete lack of self-control when eating pita (29:52). To close, comedian Holly Prazoff's killer tiki drink (35:07).

Apr 12, 2018
Kyle MacLachlan

Hey hey! First, the news: Dunkin's $2 snack menu (0:20), SNAP holds up Farm Bill in Congress (2:00), & OK, not news but we're stoked for today's guest (5:30). Next, a damn fine 10 Q's for Kyle MacLachlan re: his wine label, Pursued by Bear (9:26, 20:54), the WA wine scene (13:52, 18:30), David Lynch/Twin Peaks (16:21, 23:40), juggling wine & acting (22:50, 33:38), NYC life (25:30), home cooking & pairings (27:50), #roseallday (30:47) & Portlandia (35:55). To close, bad restaurant reviews from Yelp (39:51).

Apr 10, 2018
Birgit Cameron

Hey hey! First the news: Panera data breach (0:26), Hershey invests in sustainable cocoa (1:38), Thrive Market (3:36), & marijuana edibles coming to minibars (6:40). Next, 10 Questions for Birgit Cameron of Patagonia Provisions about why an apparel company wants to fix food systems (10:52), wild salmon & PP's expert advisory team (15:37), sustainability driving development (20:38), & products they're about to unveil & chef partners (28:19). To close, comedian Turner Sparks talks ice cream in China (35:02).

Apr 05, 2018
Marc Murphy

Hey hey! First, the news: Brooklyn's burgeoning food scene & NYC openings (0:31), the rise of veganism (5:21), & Atla's $12 taco (9:06). Next, 10 Q's for Marc Murphy on sports & his European upbringing (13:28), NYC restaurant ownership issues & the future of dining (21:40), the Farm Bill renegotiation (30:15), traceable fish & supporting small farmers (32:41), restaurateur/TV life (37:13), behind the scenes of Chopped (39:50), & Guy Fieri (44:41). To close, writer Keri Lumm talks farm to farm table (47:07).

Apr 03, 2018
Gavin Kaysen

Baseball opening day = stadium food roundup! (0:26), Mikeller brewery open at CitiField (4:48), & Hollywood food news: a Pixar short (8:56), Natalie Portman vegan doc (9:18) & Carl's Jr's Spielburgers (9:40). Next, 10 Q's for Gavin Kaysen about his guest chef series (11:27), leaving NY to open his 2 M'polis spots (17:32, 34:49), prohibition tunnels & renovation (21:46), Super Bowl diners (26:18), Paul Bocuse (28:56), & catering for a pro team (37:16). To close, bad Yelp reviews of good restaurants (44:02).

Mar 29, 2018
Nick Wiger & Mike Mitchell (The Doughboys)

Hey hey! First the news: new law bans employers from skimming tips (0:26), US obesity epidemic among adults (3:48), & the food/comedy space (7:53). Next, 10 Q's for Nick Wiger & Mike Mitchell about their popular food podcast The Doughboys (11:46), small chains going nationwide (18:54), Fight for 15 (20:39), Spoon Nation/Burger Brigade (28:36), chains they have yet to review (33:16), fast food burgers (38:10), & death row meals (42:09). To close, comic Lily Du on McDonalds memories with her grandmas (44:33).

Mar 27, 2018
Darina Allen

Hey hey! First, the news: Chef's Table/women in pastry (0:30), allegations against DC's Mike Isabella (5:09), & Stoli to make mezcal (7:18). Next, 10 Q's for Darina Allen, Ireland's First Lady of Food, on her Ballymaloe Cookery School (9:05) & notable alumnae (14:23), gardening (17:47), her new book Grow Cook Nourish (24:36), eating real food (28:49), low fat/trends (31:43), fermentation (36:10, 43:45), & why millennials will save us (41:25). To close, comedian Atsuko Okatsuka talks buffet strategy (47:00).

Mar 22, 2018
Charleston Wine + Food w/ Katie Button, Linton Hopkins, Maheet Chauhan, & Mashama Bailey

Hey hey! First, the news: Grubhub & Door Dash updates (0:26), CA almond crops rebound (3:57), Frito-Lay shortage (5:51), & particles in plastic water bottles (8:01). Next, chats at Charleston W+F with Katie Button of Asheville's Curate/Nightbell (10:00), Linton Hopkins, Jen Yee, & Damon Wise of ATL's Resurgens Hospitality (21:07), Maheet Chauhan of Nashville's Chauhan Ales & Masala (32:07), & Mashama Bailey & Johno Morisano of Savannah's The Grey (42:13). To close, comedian Brian Park on silkworms (55:32).

Mar 20, 2018
Steve Redzikowski

Hey hey! First, the news: James Beard noms (0:29), top 50 US beer co's (2:46), USDA withdraws animal welfare rules (3:18), General Mills to build 34K acre farm (5:24), NYT #metoo read (6:36), & Irish food notes from Darina Allen (7:52). Next, 10 Q's for chef Steve Redzikowski on his 3 spots in Denver/Boulder (12:04, 17:24, 21:26), his 1st restaurant burning down & CO's dining scene (14:34), NYC's lure (20:16, 34:44), quality of life in CO (24:43, 31:55), & luxury (27:19). To close, bad Yelp reviews (36:28).

Mar 15, 2018
Richard Betts

Hey hey! Today's episode is a beverage industry special. First, we discuss the booming mezcal market & heavy hitters involved (0:22). Next, a convo with Richard Betts (13:20), beverage industry entrepreneur, on mezcal production (16:45), sustainability initiatives he's taken with his mezcal, Sombra (20:22), instituting change as an American (26:37), dining & drinking in Amsterdam (29:43), his wine background (32:01), scratch & sniff books (34:50), distribution (38:23), winemaking vs. mezcal (40:07), & more.

Mar 13, 2018
Ivy Mix

Hey hey! First, the news: today is International Women's Day (0:27), McDonald's uses fresh beef (5:29), & the proposed 10% tax on aluminum (9:02). Next, 10 Q's for mixologist Ivy Mix about her Brooklyn bar, Leyenda (12:26), Speed Rack: the all-female bartending competition she founded (18:30), Sisterhood Project: her initiative to create a space for women to discuss service industry issues (27:23), Latin spirits (29:22), & industry trends (34:40). To close, comedian Karen Chee loves Costco samples (39:46).

Mar 08, 2018
Drake Sutton-Shearer

Hey hey! Today's news: Beyoncé goes vegan again (0:27), new food words in the dictionary (1:31), InstantPot recall (3:27), WalMart meal kits (4:38), & a food media roundup (5:42). Next, 10 Q's for Drake Sutton-Shearer, PROHBTD MEDIA founder, about original programming (10:05), cooking with cannabis (12:45), trends & statutory issues (17:05), scare mongering (23:45), company vision (26:53), & practical tips for consumption (29:19). To close, comedian Alex Hooper on traveling with a food allergy (32:50).

Mar 06, 2018
Dan Barber

Hey hey! Today's is a special episode for FRT focused on the business of food. We visited Dan Barber at his Greenwich Village restaurant, Blue Hill, to discuss his newest venture, Row 7 Seed Company. He discusses the idea behind the concept (biologically modifying seeds for flavor), his breeding network based in universities, the 60+ world renowned chefs he's brought to the table to provide guidance and feedback to the seed breeders, the heavy hitters who have invested, and the chef's power of the plate.

Mar 01, 2018
Leah Cohen

Hey hey! Today the news is booze: Michelob Ultra's going organic (0:25), rose cider will be everywhere this summer (2:16), and Woodford Reserve's asst. master distiller is a woman (5:30). Next, we've got 10 Questions for NYC chef Leah Cohen about her new Jersey City spot (7:55, 30:48), Filipino food (12:09), her Top Chef days (15:20), public shaming and dealing with staff (20:43), working with her husband (24:47), upcoming travels (27:43), and more. To close, bad Yelp reviews of good restaurants (36:11).

Feb 27, 2018
Alex Stupak

Oh hey! Today Krista's joined by producer Katie Guhl for the news: Alon Shaya's next move (0:33), Applebee's/IHOP closing 100+ locations (1:17), Amy Poehler supports One Fair Wage (4:09), JBF honors Jose Andres (7:19), & it's our 50th ep (7:56)! Next, 10 Q's for NYC's Alex Stupak about his 3 Empellon spots (11:20), a restaurant is like a relationship (15:23), pastry (22:40), tacos (27:33), signature dishes (31:15), David Lynch (34:14), & more. To close, comic Kevin Yee tells a hot cocoa horror tale (40:37).

Feb 22, 2018
Kate Williams
Feb 20, 2018
Marcus Samuelsson

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First, the news: proposed changes to SNAP benefits (0:42), Chipotle's new CEO (2:57), and in honor of today's guest, a discussion about Newark, NJ (4:43). Next, we've got 10 Questions for Marcus Samuelsson (13:51) about Newark, his new spot Marcus B&P, restaurant design, training staff, Dorowat rigatoni, Taylor Ham, immigrant culture, food trends, and his upcoming PBS food/travel show, No Passport Required. To close, comedian Felicia Madison talks about avocados (37:20).

Feb 15, 2018
Curtis Stone

Hey hey! First, the news: fast food in the Olympic Village (0:26), V-Day chocolate and restaurants (4:57), Mardi Gras (7:18), and the water crisis in Cape Town (8:41). Next, 10 Q's for Aussie chef Curtis Stone about the new concept at his LA restaurant Maude (13:09), his team's adventures in Rioja (18:21, 35:08), his stint with Marco Pierre White (25:00), his most difficult TV boss (29:47), the experience of dining at Maude (33:30), and noms for the next region (40:31). To close, bad Yelp reviews (42:40)!

Feb 13, 2018
Jeff Gordinier
Feb 08, 2018
Katie Parla

Hey hey! First, we recap our hosts' Super Bowl menus (0:25) and, of course, the best food commercials during the game (2:22), plus the James Beard Foundation has a new CEO (6:33). Next, 10 Q's for Katie Parla (9:56), a travel writer, cookbook author, sommelier, tour guide, and best friend to anyone who's traveling to Rome, Italy. She chats about expat life, Roman food exports, trends in the culture, "strit fud," pizza, wine, and more. To close, comedian Karl Hess tells a story about garbage pizza (35:27).

Feb 06, 2018
Joe Campanale & Erin Shambura

Hey hey! Today we chat about McDonald's surging stock price (0:34) then FRT's resident Pats fan Rob Sheard joins us to talk Super Bowl (3:49) - tips for hosting a killer party, the menu, & how his & Eagles fan Krista's shindigs will differ. Next, 10 Q's for Joe Campanale & Erin Shambura of Brooklyn's Fausto (16:05) about moving into an icon's former space, staffing, Italy, vino, menu all-stars, restaurant design, & NYC's evolving diners. To close: a product review from senior FR editor Jess Kapadia (38:56).

Feb 01, 2018
Ayesha Nurdjaja
Hey hey, it's FR Today! First, the news: Crock Pots get a bad rap on This Is Us (0:29), business news (3:43) about Goldman Sachs & pea milk,Tyson (4:47), & Keurig/Dr. Pepper (5:29), plus new developments in no-cry onions (7:02) & edible straws (8:31). Next we have 10 Q's for NYC chef Ayesha Nurdjaja (10:49) about the menu & origin of her Mediterranean spot Shuka, growing up in Brooklyn, getting schooled on hummus in Israel, & leadership in the kitchen. To close: bad Yelp reviews of good restaurants (33:18).
Jan 30, 2018
Alex Raij

Hey hey, it's FR Today! First the news: slavery in the Thai fishing industry (0:29), abandoned grocery stores & food deserts (3:19), craft beer on the rise (7:40), & a magazine banned by NJ prisons (9:10). Next, we've got 10 Questions for NYC chef Alex Raij (11:16), about Basque and Spanish cuisine, improving quality of her restaurants & developing audience after 10 years on the NYC dining scene, attempting a work/life "balance," & more. For dessert, Felicia Madison dishes about her 2018 diet plan (37:34).

Jan 25, 2018
Fabio Trabocchi
Hey hey, it's FR Today! First is the news, including the passing of legendary chef Paul Bocuse (0:26), drink & dinner specials in DC during the government shutdown (1:43), it'll be a Philly/NE SuperBowl (2:17), supermarket updates from Whole Foods (4:17) & Amazon Go (5:55), & Uber Eats buying Ando (7:14). Next, we talk Italian style, fine dining, & the evolving DC restaurant scene with chef/restaurateur Fabio Trabocchi (10:37). We close with Michael Solomonov discussing discerning diners in Philly (33:45).
Jan 23, 2018
Phil Rosenthal

Hey hey! First the news, including bites about soap in restaurants (0:25), Nestle chocolate (2:16), Salt Bae (3:16), Mariah Carey & tea (4:10) & Super Bowl eats (6:21). Next, we've got 10 Q's for Phil Rosenthal (9:29), creator of Everybody Loves Raymond & star of the Netflix original series Somebody Feed Phil, about highlights from the first 6 episodes, inspiring a love of travel in others, urban design, LA's food scene, physical comedy, & more. We wrap up with bad Yelp reviews of good restaurants (30:11).

Jan 18, 2018
Ariel Arce

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We kick things off by checking in with FR associate editor George Embiricos about restaurants on Spain's Costa Brava (0:37) plus an update on the New York food scene. Next, we've got 10 Questions for Ariel Arce (8:05) about opening and the experience of dining at her NYC spots Tokyo Record Bar and Air's Champagne Parlor, empowering her mostly female staff, customer service, and more. We close with comedian Ben Bailey talking about the worst road food he's ever had (38:40).

Jan 16, 2018
Chris Howell

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First the news: how automation will play a role in the future of fast food (0:28), grassroots groups acting as lobbyists for fast food workers (2:29), & restaurant groups rebranding after sexual harassment accusations against leadership (3:56). Next, 10 Q's for Cain Winery's Chris Howell (6:18) about treating grapes naturally, blending vintages, how Napa has changed in the last 30 years, & the future of the industry. To close, Ethan Fixell talks about Oktoberfest (27:32).

Jan 11, 2018
Michael Fiorelli

Hey hey! First the news, including Time's Up at the Golden Globes (0:28), misconduct allegations against Jeremy Tooker of SF's Four Barrel Coffee (1:47), Dunkin Donuts streamlining its menu (3:00), "Veganuary" (3:41), & happy bday Leah Chase (6:30)! Next we have 10 Q's for Michael Fiorelli of LA's Love & Salt (7:05) including an East Coast/West Coast pizza battle, a NY'er making gluten free pasta, his "down low" burger, & LA's status as a food mecca. To close, Scott Conant talks about red onions (27:21).

Jan 09, 2018
Paul "Yoda" Iskov

Hey gang! First the news: meat consumption estimates & veggie meal trends in 2018 (0:51), sexual harassment claims against Charlie Hallowell & Time's Up (3:32), chocolate's extinction?! (6:27), & French hogs disrupting Muenster cheese production (7:17). Next, 10 ?'s for Aussie chef Paul "Yoda" Iskov (10:47) about his pop-up Fervor, his impressive resume, native ingredients, his pal Action Bronson, & more. For dessert, 3-star Michelin chef Joshua Skenes reads a scathing Yelp review of his own Saison (25:47).

Jan 04, 2018
Paul Kita

Happy New Year!!! Today, we check in with FR "editor at large" George Embiricos on his 2018 restaurant picks in NYC (0:34), DC (2:21), and LA (4:01). Next, we have 10 Q's for Paul Kita (6:13), Men's Health magazine's Food & Nutrition editor, about the fun & simplicity of cooking, his new cookbook "A Man, A Pan, A Plan," tips for a healthier lifestyle without dieting, craft beer, & more. Comedian Turner Sparks takes us out recalling the time he learned what the main ingredient is in hot & sour soup (27:45).

Jan 02, 2018
Charlie Palmer

Hey gang! Today, we chat about 2018 food trends, including solving the weeknight dinner (0:26), smart kitchen tech (1:01), lab creations (2:36), snacks (3:37), mocktails (4:49), storytelling (5:30), & food trucks (6:31). Next we have 10 Questions for Charlie Palmer (9:14) about his restaurant empire, hospitality, training staff, New York vs. Napa, his annual food & wine festival Pigs & Pinot, & hunting. We close out with one man's epic Yelp review of Franklin BBQ (27:19) told in the style of film noir.

Dec 28, 2017
Adrian Davila

Ho ho ho, everybody! Hope you enjoyed the holidays. On today's episode, we check in with Food Republic "editor-at-large" George Embiricos about NYC's West Village restaurant scene (0:24). Next we have 10 Q's for 3rd generation pit master Adrian Davila (10:58) about the history, science, & flavor of Texas BBQ, the rich Mexican-American heritage he embraces at his outpost in Seguin, TX, and high school football. We close out with a holiday tune about the perfect bite of food from your leftovers plate (28:51).

Dec 26, 2017
JJ Johnson

Hey hey! Today we cover big mergers in the food world (0:31), racial inequality in kitchens & representation in the media (2:50), & how our hosts are prepping for the holiday (7:03). Next, we find out what cookies Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman & Nashville chef Andy Little are baking up this year (8:08). Then we've got 10 Q's for rising star NYC chef JJ Johnson (9:42) about his residency at Chef's Club, Harlem, racism, & obtaining funds for his first spot. For dessert: the sound of the Yule Log (34:27).

Dec 21, 2017
Deb Perelman

Hey hey, it’s Food Republic Today! On this episode, we talk gingerbread house construction (0:24), the explosion of colored foods on Instagram (4:41), and NYC food delivery workers protesting a crackdown on electric bikes (8:01). Next we have 10 Q's for Deb Perelman of the popular food blog Smitten Kitchen (11:18), about her new cookbook, digital organization, living in NYC with kids, and the celebrity factor that comes with book tours. We wrap it up with a little ditty about bagels (36:03).

Dec 20, 2017
Amanda Cohen

Hey everybody! Today we talk about the USDA's intention to adjust poultry regulations (0:33), McDonalds' expansion of the McVegan burger & its first eco-friendly location (3:21), & Beyond Meat introducing a plant-based sausage product (5:57). Next we have 10 Q's for Amanda Cohen (7:46) about her vegetable-only NYC restaurant Dirt Candy plus her Esquire article taking the media to task for lack of attention to women chefs. To wrap up, comedian Pat Brown tells a story about a collard greens challenge (31:41).

Dec 19, 2017
Claus Meyer

Hey gang! On this episode, we talk about Sam Adams dethroning Bud as the official beer of the Boston Red Sox (0:22), the beginning of the fallout of the Washington Post's Batali story (1:52), the rise of LA's food scene (3:50), and a great food parody from The Onion (7:11). Next we have 10 Question s for Claus Meyer (8:30), author and founder of Noma, about bread, empowering young Scandinavian chefs, and his project in Brownsville. We close out with a holiday tune about our favorite subject (28:22).

Dec 14, 2017
Andy Little

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We kick off this episode with breaking news - the NYT's exposé of horrific sexual misconduct allegations against Ken Friedman (0:26) - followed by Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch pre-ordering Tesla semi truck for their fleets (4:31) and the best drinking city in America: Minneapolis (5:59)! Next, we talk meat and threes, potato chips, and all things Nashville with Prima's Andy Little (7:38). We wrap up with comedian Aparna Nancherla recalling her first potluck (26:24).

Dec 13, 2017
David Lebovitz

Hey gang! We kick off this episode with some news, specifically Mario Batali stepping away from his restaurant group in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations (0:29) & pitless avocados hitting grocery stores in the UK (5:10). Next we chat with David Lebovitz (7:06), noted pastry chef, author, & food blogger, about his new book "L'Appart," which details the "delights & disasters" of renovating his Parisian home. We wrap up with comedian Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) talking about ordering fish in diners (28:09).

Dec 12, 2017
Alejandro Champion

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We start off with the headlines, including Time's choice of Person of the Year (0:28), a Mexican bologna smuggler...? (4:32), and Pizza Hut rolling out beer and wine with their deliveries (6:13). Next, we chat with Alejandro Champion of Mezcal Union (8:31) about how mezcal is made, empowering and building trust with the farmers who grow their agave, and the growth of mezcal in the US market. We wrap up with bad Yelp reviews of good restaurants (31:05).

Dec 07, 2017
Darin & Greg Bresnitz

Hey gang! First up, we catch up on the news, including Salt Bae in the US (0:28), an epic cease and desist by Anheuser-Busch (1:24), McDonalds' refreshed value menu (2:26), and Starbucks' largest location yet in Shanghai (3:03). Next up is a chat with Darin and Greg Bresnitz (3:22) about the perfect blend of music and food in Snacky Tunes, their long-running podcast on Heritage Radio, as well as their early days with IFC and more. We close out with a tune for the vegan guests at your holiday feast (31:05).

Dec 06, 2017
David Tanis

Hey everybody! On today's episode, we discuss the top headlines, including food waste (0:26), a shakeup at Blue Apron (3:23), Trump's love of fast food (6:09), and a new menu item Taco Bell is testing out (7:38). Next up is 10 Questions for David Tanis (9:30), food columnist for the NYT and author of the new cookbook "Market Cooking," about garlic, travels, shopping seasonally, and more. We close out with comedian Nick Thune talking about seeing a food therapist as a kid (24:25).

Dec 05, 2017
Gail Simmons

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! Richard and Krista kick off this episode talking about some gift ideas for the holidays (0:25). Next up, we catch up with Gail Simmons (5:47), who fills us in on the new season of "Top Chef," her cookbook "Bringing It Home," her kitchen must-haves, burgers, and more. And in Post Bites, FR Senior Editor Jess Kapadia tells you about an absurd kitchen product you don't need...and what you could do with it instead (34:17).

Dec 04, 2017
Will Donaldson

Happy Friday from Food Republic Today! Up first is the news, including food insecurity on college campuses (0:29), a UK study about chefs' mental health issues (3:31), and Art Basel (5:50). Next we chat with Will Donaldson (8:05), founder and CEO of New Orleans food hall St. Roche, about his business model of empowering line cooks to become entrepreneurs and expanding to Miami and beyond. We wrap up with comedian Amy Zimmer talking about the best damn vegan pie she's ever had (25:29).

Dec 01, 2017
Michael Solomonov & Steven Cook

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First up are today's headlines, including sexual harassment allegations concerning Johnny Iuzzini (0:25), Chipotle founder Steve Ells stepping down as CEO (3:06), Soda Stream's newest boozy offering (5:40), and Google wising up and updating their burger emoji (6:46). Next we sit down with Mike Solomonov and Steve Cook (7:16), the men behind a small empire of Philly restaurants including Zahav, Federal Donuts, and more, to discuss their new book, Middle Eastern food, expanding into other markets, and their beloved Philly. We cap it all off with bad reviews of good restaurants as seen on Yelp (28:09).

Nov 30, 2017
Matt Stamp

Hey everybody! On today's episode, we talk about Arby's acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings (0:35) and a potential fast food ban in London (4:36). Next, FR associate editor George Embiricos fills us in on some of NYC's newest omakase spots (7:30). We chat with Matt Stamp, Master Sommelier, to chat about Compline, his restaurant/bar/bottle shop/wine education center in downtown Napa (13:40). We wrap it all up with ZPZ's resident beef jerky expert Rob Sheard talking about his beloved dried meat sticks (24:53).

Nov 29, 2017
Tobias Peggs
Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! Back to the news today - up first is a story about a Denver coffee shop celebrating the fact that they gentrified their neighborhood (0:28), gender inequality in kitchens (3:36), a "60 Minutes" spotlight on chef/humanitarian Jose Andres (7:27), and the acquisition of Time Inc. by multimedia conglomerate Meredith and what the Koch brothers' contribution may mean for food media (9:25). After that, we sit down with Tobias Peggs (11:55), the CEO of urban farming startup Square Roots, to talk about how he and his farmers are trying to solve the world's problems hydroponically out of 10 shipping containers in Bed-Stuy. We wrap up with Chicago chef Jason Vincent's opinion on minimalist menus (26:25).
Nov 28, 2017
Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski

Ease back into post-turkey life with some FRT. This episode is a State Bird Special! First, we chat with Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski (0:47) of SF's State Bird Provisions to talk about the expansion of their restaurant, their new cookbook, catering to dietary restrictions, and their new snack, State Bird Seed. Next we chat with Dana Peck (14:36), CEO of Render, the company that partnered with State Bird to bring the snack to market. We wrap it up with Scott Conant discussing a strange hashtag (22:58).

Nov 27, 2017
Sam Sifton

Happy Friday from Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we talk with Sam Sifton (0:26), food editor at the NYT and author of "Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well," about the aftermath of yesterday's feast - from what to do with your leftovers (turkey stock! sandwiches! cool recipes!) to etiquette on dealing with your relatives. Next, FR senior editor Jess Kapadia gets some tips on holiday gift shopping with design in mind from FR contributor Kaitlyn Thornton (12:21), and we wrap up with Oakland chef Kyle Itani's thoughts on vegetarian ramen (21:07).

Nov 24, 2017
Scott Tacinelli & Angie Rito

Gobble gobble, guys and gals! Happy Thanksgiving from Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we check in with acclaimed chefs Evan Funke of LA's Felix (0:54) and Chris Shepherd of Houston's Underbelly (1:27) to hear what their plans are for today. Next, we chat with Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito of Don Angie (2:21), NYC's hottest new Italian restaurant, about the hilarious nuances of Italian-American holiday celebrations and the highlights of their menu, and we leave you with the sound of turkeys gobbling (16:13).

Nov 23, 2017
Esther Choi / Shauna Ahern

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First up, Krista chats with Shauna Ahern, the Gluten Free Girl, about incorporating GF recipes into Thanksgiving dinner (0:51). Next, Richard sits down with Esther Choi (8:25), the chef behind NYC's mŏkbar and Ms. Yoo, to discuss expanding to 3 restaurants in a short amount of time, disco fries, Korean drinking culture, her all-woman cooking staff, and more. To close out, comedian Jenny Yang describes the first and only time she cooked a traditional turkey dinner (28:04).

Nov 22, 2017
Rico Torres & Diego Galicia

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First up, we check in with Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, the chefs behind San Francisco's State Bird Provisions, to hear how they'll be spending their Thanksgiving (0:37). Next, we chat with chefs Rico Torres & Diego Galicia (2:54) to learn about their travels, the experience of dining in their lauded San Antonio restaurant Mixtli, and the importance of preserving Mexican recipes and tradition., We close out with Chris Cosentino's opinion on food trends (19:01).

Nov 21, 2017
Evan Funke

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we get a lesson about the history of wild turkeys - and how to cook them! - from Steven Rinella (0:46), talk with Evan Funke, the celebrated chef of LA's Felix, about his maniacal devotion to carrying on the tradition of the 300+ types of handmade Italian pasta (3:40), and we wrap up with a short story about a mishap involving a Buffalo Chopper during his early days as a kitchen intern from Chicago chef Jason Vincent (16:42).

Nov 20, 2017
Rick Rodgers

Happy Friday, y'all! On today's episode, we discuss Drinks International's top 50 cocktails list for 2017 (0:30), Richard announces a free giveaway - whaaat! (1:14), and touch on a WSJ article about historic techniques for cooking turkey (1:54). Next, we get the download from Senior FR editor Jess Kapadia on her recent trip to smog-choked Delhi, India (2:56), and talk turkey with Rick Rodgers (9:20), who literally wrote the book -- "Thanksgiving 101" -- on next week's big holiday. For dessert: Craig Deihl talking about the most flavorful cuts of pork (28:05).

Nov 17, 2017
Joshua Skenes

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On this episode, we discuss today's top stories, including the sexual misconduct allegations again Andre Balazs (0:27), the PNW protests about farmed Atlantic salmon (4:02), & Jose Andres announcing that he & his team will be feeding the people of PR through Christmas (6:34). After that, we talk Michelin stars, martial arts, pop-ups, pricing, & recalibrating taste buds with Saison chef Joshua Skenes (7:50) & wrap up with bad reviews of good restaurants from Yelp (25:53).

Nov 16, 2017
Daniel Giusti

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On this episode, we discuss Noma re-opening next February (0:27), the listeria outbreak at LAX (1:53), the Keurig boycott (2:33), and the premiere of "The Mind of a Chef" on Facebook Watch (5:19). After that, we talk to Daniel Giusti (7:18), the former Noma head chef who left to found Brigaid, a program focused on bringing scratch food to school cafeterias. We wrap it all up with Scott Conant talking about how you know that a food trend has gone too far (18:27).

Nov 15, 2017
Cathryn Michon

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we discuss today's headlines, including the damaging effect Brexit will have on Britain's hospitality industry (0:29), the hotel boom's impact on NYC neighborhoods (1:41), Instagram's new "follow a hashtag" feature (4:17), a NJ diner adopting a gratuity-included policy for teens (5:59), and some Thanksgiving talk (6:52). After that, we sit down with director/writer/actress Cathryn Michon to talk about her new film "Cook Off!," which opens in theaters nationwide this Friday (8:19). We wrap up with NYC chef Dale Talde's strong opinions about pizza (19:07).

Nov 14, 2017
Chris Cosentino

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we discuss four new food publications, including two devoted to cooking with cannabis (0:28), a standalone food site from The AV Club (2:50), and one new launch dedicated to important issues and policy (3:03). We talk about pastry chefs Christina Tosi and Dominique Ansel expanding outside NYC (3:44) and explore the origins of natural wine label Donkey and Goat (5:24). We talk all things offal and the recovery of Napa with Chris Cosentino (7:39), restaurateur and author of the new cookbook "Offal Good," and wrap up with Philly chef Michael Solomonov's opinion of Yelp (22:36).

Nov 13, 2017
Kyle Itani
Happy Friday from Food Republic Today! On this episode, we discuss today's headlines, including Tom Colicchio's open letter to male chefs regarding sexual misconduct (0:28), the TV premiere of doc "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent" (2:56), including some making-of insight from Krista, the film's culinary producer, and a NY Times profile on rising star chef JJ Johnson (5:45). Next up is a short story from JJ himself about how a mishap at Meatopia ended with him winning the whole thing (7:09), we chat with Oakland chef Kyle Itani about his ramen philosophy, the effect of Silicon Valley on the Bay Area restaurant scene, and the lessons he's learned as a chef/owner (8:30), and wrap it up with a story from comedy writer Ana Fabrega about how her love of spicy things once went too far (21:34).
Nov 10, 2017
Anna Chai & Nari Kye, Part 2

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we discuss today's headlines, including Whole Foods' projections for 2018 food trends (0:28) and the "rethinking" of pasta (1:45), insight into the reasons for Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods and major changes to the grocery industry (4:29), and President Trump's menu choices on his recent trip to Asia (7:04). Next up is part two of yesterday's interview with Anna Chai and Nari Kye, co-directors of the documentary "Wasted! The Story of Food Waste" (8:57) and wrap it all up with bad reviews of good restaurants as seen on Yelp (21:22).

Nov 09, 2017
Anna Chai & Nari Kye, Part 1

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On this episode, we discuss Houston's outstanding food scene (0:27) and Amanda Cohen's Esquire piece about what's wrong with the media's recent focus on women in kitchens (2:40). Next up is part one of our conversation with Anna Chai and Nari Kye, the co-directors of the documentary "Wasted! The Story of Food Waste" (6:48) -- tune in tomorrow for the rest -- and then we wrap it up with NYC chef Esther Choi talking about her first time cooking on the line (23:30).

Nov 08, 2017
Daniel Patterson

Hey hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On this episode, we discuss today's headlines, including how other people's food allergies are changing what we eat (0:32), the bevy of Thanksgiving magazine covers currently hitting stands and some of the food styling secrets behind the photos (2:54), the decline of Jewish delis in major cities (5:06), and a quick hit about how Austin's Franklin BBQ has now reopened after a fire ripped through their smokehouse 2 months ago (8:15). After that, Food Republic editor George Embiricos shares some quality restaurants in NYC and Nashville where you usually can snag a reservation the same day (8:50) and we chat with SF Bay Area chef Daniel Patterson (11:40) about his new book "The Art of Flavor" and his mission of bringing quality food to neighborhood restaurants. We wrap it up with a throwback clip of Reggie Watts beatboxing a Food Republic theme song (22:09).

Nov 07, 2017
Ford Fry

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we get into today's headlines, including how Jose Andres and his team have served their 2 millionth meal in Puerto Rico (0:28) and the integral role chefs play in disaster relief effort (1:10), Papa John's blaming the NFL for their decreasing stock prices (3:30), Seattle's CenturyLink Field's efforts to fight food waste (4:39), and the staggering amount of fried foods in stadiums despite the recent trend of better quality options coming in (5:44). Next, Richard catches up with Jack Crowther, the bassist for psychedlic band The Babe Rainbow, about his organic farmer alter-ego (7:11) and sit down with restaurateur Ford Fry to pick his brain about his Atlanta-based empire, music, burgers, and more (10:11). We wrap up with comedian Samantha Ruddy detailing her disastrous first experience with soup dumplings (21:33).

Nov 06, 2017
Isabelle Legeron

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we discuss today's top headlines, including the sudden boom of plant-based meat alternatives (0:32), San Francisco unseating NYC as the US city with the most Michelin stars (3:54), chefs participating in this weekend's NYC Marathon (5:41), and quick hit headlines (6:48). We check in with Alex Stupak and Barbara Lynch about the intersection of restaurants and real estate (8:05), chat about all things natural wine with Isabelle Legeron, France's sole female Master of Wine (10:29), and wrap up Scott Conant's opinion of wannabe celebrity chefs (25:10).

Nov 03, 2017
Matt Jennings

Welcome to Food Republic Today! In this inaugural episode, we discuss today's top headlines, beginning with Whole Foods' hiring announcement (0:32), the butter shortage in France (2:09), leftovers being one of the largest sources of edible food waste (3:27), and a couple quick hit news stories (4:30). After the news, we ask outdoorsman Steven Rinella what he thinks of Arby's serving deer meat (6:04), talk New England food and health with Boston chef Matt Jennings (9:34), and wrap it up with bad reviews of good restaurants from Yelp (22:01).

Nov 02, 2017
Coming Soon: "Food Republic Today"

Food Republic Today is a new daily podcast focused on everything that's happening in the world of food and drink. Co-hosts Richard Martin (creator and editor of and Krista Ruane (Culinary Creative Director at Zero Point Zero) discuss the day's headlines, then Richard digs a little deeper into a subject in his topic of the day. The centerpiece is a 10-15 minute interview with a guest -- be it a chef, restaurateur, author, musician, vintner, farmer, or heck, someone who just loves food. Every episode will end with something that tries to make you laugh because while some people take food so seriously, this is a podcast, and we're here to entertain your ears. Food Republic Today is produced by Zero Point Zero Production, the creators of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" and "The Mind of a Chef." The first episode premieres November 2.

Oct 31, 2017