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Adam Montiel has lived on the Central Coast since 2003. Currently lives in SLO, loves supporting local small business, has a huge appreciation for our local wine, food and hospitality. He is a wine lover, or “Cork Dork”. Adam brings his good vibes to the air waves, weekdays, 6-10am on Up & Adam in the Morning at The Krush 92.5 and streaming at Krush925.com.

Episode Date
SUZANNE VEGA is Up & Adam!
The Tom's Diner and Luka singer calls in to chat with Adam about the hits and her upcoming central coast performance - Check it out!
Sep 24, 2022
Three Speckled Hens is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Susi and Kathy (The Chicken Ladies and Founders of this popular show) join Adam to talk all about this weekends insanely popular three day show at the Paso Robles Event Center of everything antique, mid-century, vintage and more! Listen how much fun these ladies are, and check out www.ThreeSpeckledHens.com
Sep 21, 2022
SLO City Fire Dept. is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Fireman James Blattler is Up & Adam in the Morning talking about their Wildfire Preparedness Townhalls happening in SLO on 9/27, 9/28, and 9/29. Check out Jame's chat with Adam. For locations and more check out www.SloCity.org/wildfire
Sep 19, 2022
Judge Jarvis is Up & Adam in the Morning!
The Judge weighs in on some Am I the Jerk entries we've received, and gets a fanboy call from Don from Los Osos as well. Listen as you wash dishes.
Sep 16, 2022
Whitney Chaney is Melia from Below Deck!
The Farmer's Market Manager is in studio to talk about Farmer's tonight. It's WOW week, which means lots of new fresh faces, and lots of people driving the wrong way on our One-Way streets! Lot's going on tonight, Whitney and Adam chat about it all.
Sep 15, 2022
Sherman Smoot's son and good friend are Up & Adam in the Morning
Adam welcomes in Sherm's son Jimmy as well as good fiend Dr. Ben Lambeth in to pay tribute to Sherman Smoot and talk about the void left in so many circles that Sherm was instrumental in. From air racing, to the Estrella Warbirds Museum, to his Bella Luna family, the loss is massive. Ben has lots of flight experience and has flown with Sherm many times and shares the kind of pilot Sherm was, and Jimmy tells us the latest including the planning for a memorial service. We miss you Sherm! Photo: Curtis Noble Photography
Sep 13, 2022
John Lindsey is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam checks in with the retired stud meteorologist to see how the easy life has treated him, talk about Diablo staying open, our crazy weather, the future he sees with EV. and more. Always great to check in w/ the one and only John Lindsey.
Sep 12, 2022
Sheriff Ian Parkinson is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam and Ian talk Sheriff's Day happening this Saturday at Madonna Inn 10a -3p, Tip a Cop, and the latest of what's going on in the county. Photo: Paso Robles Press
Sep 08, 2022
Adam remembers Sherm of Bella Luna winery with some of his favorite appearances on the air. Sherm passed away tragically last Fri unexpectedly when the plane he was piloting experienced mechanical issues after take off. An avid and respected air Racing legend, Sherm was preparing the plane for his final race on 9/17. Enjoy this audio in remembering our friend Sherman Smoot!
Sep 07, 2022
Full Cup Solutions founder Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins is Up & Adam sharing some research she did on tasting room experiences with the idea of dialing in on exactly how to master the experience for the customer, thus the brand as well. Every tasting room should be implementing all 7 of these! They work in synergy together, and can be mastered by any one, any brand, of any size! Check it out and share!
Sep 02, 2022
With maybe ten or more days approaching of temps north of 100, with some forecasts saying Paso could see highs around 114, lots of Paso winemakers, owners, and farmers are scrambling and have some quick and hard decisions to make. Adam calls Sherman to hear his thoughts and his situation. Check it out! #Harvest2022
Aug 31, 2022
Proxima Parada is Up & Adam in the Morning!
The boys are in studio ahead of their big concert, a first for any band, to perform at Morro Rock in Morro Bay. It's part of the reimagined Avocado Margarita Food & Drink Festival Fri-Sun 9/9-11 - Proxima Parada will perform at the rock Sat 9/10. Tix at www.AvoMargFest.com Great chat as always with the guys, give it a listen.
Aug 30, 2022
Up & Adam in the Morning Listener Wins BIG on 'Press Your Luck' Game Show
Janet Jaquier of SLO, was on the most recent episode of the new reboot of 'Press Your Luck', and spolier-alert, SHE KILLED IT! Check out her conversation with Adam!
Aug 29, 2022
Blake Beltram is Up & Adam in the Morning!
MINDBODY co-founder, Substack contributor, and friend of the show was in to have water cooler chats on everything from us paying off student loans for people who make $125k a year, a school in Missouri who is bring back spanking, and a lot more! Blake's always a good chat!
Aug 26, 2022
Winemaker / Owner of Brecon, Damian Grindley, is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Damian is in studio talk about how harvest is treating him and his team, as well as a very important anniversary for the brand. Brecon turns 10, and is celebrating with events throughout the rest of the year, as well as the release of '10th of Brecon' a luxury red blend in large format that even has a new look. Great chat, check it out!
Aug 25, 2022
Paul Reiser is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Paul is performing Sat Sept 17 at the Fremont Theatre. Adam asks Paul about everything from Stranger Things 4, to Mad About You, how Paul proposed to his wife, the value of his/her sinks and more. He's so instinctively funny and a great conversation, check it out here. Tix at www.PaulReiser.com
Aug 24, 2022
Becky Gray of Must! Charities is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam has Becky in studio to talk about their recent event, PURPOSE, which raised over $2.5 Million, which is unheard of locally, and literally places this wine auction in the Top 10 in the nation. ALL the money stays here for our community. Becky really is gifted in this arena of facilitating community giving, and Adam asks some great questions any non-profit can use to help their cause. Check it out!
Aug 23, 2022
Zoo to You Makes National News When Their Monkey Featured on Up & Adam Mistakenly Calls 911
Zoo to You Director David Jackson calls Adam to tell how this all happened, and how its made national news! Also the latest with Zoo to You, allows you to glamp with exotic animals. Check it out!
Aug 16, 2022
Adam talks to photographer and film maker Dina Mande about an WSJ article that talks about how a professional headshot is harder than ever, and it seems more on the radar. The button-up looks that once dominated and professional profiles now seem suffocating in the age of working from anywhere. Click to listen and get tricks to make your face, eyes, and chin look the best they can, even learn how to *Squinch* (easier than you think) - Learn more at www.DinaMande.com
Aug 12, 2022
The Truth Behind the FDA Bullying Distillers about the Hand Sanitizer They Made During Covid!
Aaron Berg (Calwise Spirits) calls Up & Adam in the Morning to chat about the FDA's latest pestering of Distilleries who halted everything to make hand sanitizer for folks. The Paso distillery owner has recently been featured on cable news on the issue, even wrote an op-ed on it. Check it out!
Aug 11, 2022
Adam has Michael, Bret, and Cello Bob in of Carbon City Lights. The band is gearing up to play its first Concerts in the Plaza this Friday downtown SLO. The guys perform in studio sharing an unreleased original, as well as a Tom Petty classic - Check out these talented guys here and check them out in Mission Plaza Fri @ 5:30!
Aug 10, 2022
#NBD Just a Paso Winemaker Getting Hacked by North Korea!
Kunal Mittal (LXV Wine) and his wife Neeta, along with Anita & Varinder Sahi (Copia Vineyards) were guests on Where Wine Takes You, Adam's podcast with Paso Wine. Kunal tells an insane story of getting hacked by North Korea and it literally plays out like a movie. Check it out! WWTY is avail wherever you get your podcasts.
Aug 08, 2022
Comic Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Ahead of her performance 8/13 at Vina Robles Amphitheater, Anjelah calls into the show to chat with Adam about everything from cancel culture, how she plans to say 'Paso Robles' on stage, and more. Check her out and check out their chat.
Aug 08, 2022
Don't miss these two kitchen hacks that ACTUALLY work! Thanks Chef Rachel Ponce. If you have any you've seen on Instagram and/or TikTok you want us to put to the test, let us know! Check this out - your bacon and egg game will NEVER be the same!
Aug 04, 2022
Rachel is back with Adam with the results on the viral *fried egg* hack that they put to the test! Did it work? If not, can she make it work?
Aug 04, 2022
Chef Rachel Ponce and Adam talk newest Tik Tok cooking hack!
Adam calls Chef Rachel to chat about the viral Tik Tok where a lady microwaves a 'fried egg' and sees if it would really work. Chef Rachel accepted the challenge and the two think they want to tackle these regularly. If anyone can, it's Chef Rachel. She also gives her secret for great scrambled and fried eggs! Don't miss these tips!
Aug 02, 2022
Carolyn Dismuke, author of Drink Your Words is Up & Adam!
During her advanced wine education, Carolyn realized just how little they taught on California wine regions, so she decided to learn it all herself. She lived a month in the popular wine regions of our state, eating drinking, and playing with the movers and taste makers to help write her book, Drink Your Words. The book is clever and a fun read, and she calls into chat with Adam about it. www.DrinkYourWords.com
Aug 02, 2022
The Love Master comes to SLO. Craig calls in to the show this morning to talk about it all including his performance this Saturday at SLO Brew Rock. "The Love Master will make your legs wobblier than a hike up BIshop's Peak baby". Tickets are $30 and at www.slobrew.com
Aug 01, 2022
New Dating App 'SwoonMe' CEO/Founder is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Tanvi Gupta calls in to share about her new voice dating app called SwoonMe. It's avail in your app store and is meant to go beyond the surface and deeper than typical dating apps go. Rather than cater to hook up culture, SwoonMe wants you to find 'lo ve at first sound' - getting to know a person with your voice and personality before you both decide to share pics. Tanvi has lots of expertise after working at facebook and more, and created SwoonMe after her own desire to see these dating apps be better in finding real connections! Check it out.
Jul 21, 2022
Dante Marsh is Opening Up for Journey at the Mid State Fair!
Adam's friend Dante Marsh was in studio to talk about the thrill of opening up for Journey on the 1st day of the fair. They are also joined by the incomparable Robin Wolf of Highwater SLO to surprise Dante with some celebratory mixology treats!
Jul 20, 2022
Gary Eberle and Winemaker Chris Eberle are Up & Adam in the Morning!
Gary and Chris join Adam to talk the latest with Eberle, including their first ever Reserve white wine release (a chardonnay), as well as their vis Sat with The Cork Dorks at the California Mid State Fair
Jul 20, 2022
SLO's Brooks Lee was picked 8th in the MLB Draft!
Adam is joined by Cal Poly's Brooks Lee and his Dad, Cal Poly Coach and friend for the show, Larry Lee to chat about the new and exciting news! Congrats to Brooks - click to listen!
Jul 20, 2022
Nap Boxes are a Thing!
Wouldn't it be great if there was a place to take naps at work? A company in Japan has a new product called "nap boxes" to give workers a place to take power naps. But you have to sleep STANDING UP. (???) Each one has three small shelves inside, strategically placed to support your knees, head, and butt. So you're partially supported, but still vertical. They claim it's comfortable, but it's hard to tell.
Jul 18, 2022
La Esquina Distillery is Up & Adam in the Morning!
New Tequila Tastings and more downtown SLO in the Creamery! La Esquina Distillery (located behind La Esquina Taqueria) is the new haven for tequila, mezcal, and margarita tastings, exciting small plates that will blow your mind, bone marrow luges with mezcal, all in a comfortable downtown lounge setting. They're open now Thu-Mon with specials everyday including $20 Mescal Luge Thu and $10 Marg Mondays!
Jul 15, 2022
The Falconry Experience is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Sammi and Anita came in with some friends! A screech owl, a Eurasian Eagle Owl, and a Augur Buzzard (which was very vocal)! Find out how you can get up close with these amazing birds with The Falconry Experience.
Jul 14, 2022
Is the Best Fish Taco now in Downtown SLO??
Adam & Whitney chat about downtown's Concerts in the Plaza, drinking mezcal through bone marrow canals, and how a new place in the creamery may just have the best fish taco ever. Check it!
Jul 13, 2022
Whitney has a SLO Farmer's Market preview!
Whitney in studio to chat Farmer's Market with Adam. Check it out!
Jul 13, 2022
Pear Valley Vineyard is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam welcomed Kathleen and Jared of Pear Valley in studio to share in their excitement being names Winery of the Year for the second year in a row! They will also be hanging out with The Cork Dorks during the Mid State Fair Fri July 22 for the Winery Awards.
Jul 12, 2022
Paso Wine Hour - 'Where Wine Takes You'
There's a new episode of WWTY avail wherever you get your podcasts. This episode we talk about brands that have second labels. We chat with Carl Bowker of Caliza Winery, as well as End of the Day Wines. We also have back on Edgar Torres of Bodega de Edgar, as well as Straight out of Paso. Great chat. Here's a snippet and you can check out we aired today, and you can get the whole episode on Apple Podcasts here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-54-the-story-of-a-second-label-bodega/id1520106150?i=1000569293308
Jul 11, 2022
SLO Parking Manager Gaven Hussey is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Hearing parking rates were doubling downtown SLO was not fun for anyone. It is nice though to have our city leaders willing to come in and take time explaining why and what's next as far as moving around and parking around downtown SLO. Gaven takes time to share the latest in the new parking structure, what will happen to parklets, and we'll ask him the lamest excuses he's heard for a parking ticket!
Jul 07, 2022
Hoyt Family Vineyards is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Owner and Winemaker Carol Hoyt came in studio to catch up with Adam on everything from the latest in the tasting room and vineyards to her reigniting her acting career and just finishing a role on CSI. Carol and Hoyt will be with The Cork Dorks on July 28 at Mission Square broadcasting LIVE from the Mid State Fair. Check out www.HoytFamilyVineyards.com
Jul 06, 2022
Artist Drew Davis is Up & Adam in the Morning!
The talented local Artist brought in studio his new book which is a *must* if you love art, and the scenery in SLO County. The book is called. "Paintings of San Luis Obispo, Ca" and it chronicles the last ten years of Drew's career with all his local pieces. The book is so fun to read through, many of the pages have QR codes next the piece, and you can, in real time, link to a video of him creating the piece. Great gift, boomerang gift, or early holiday gift grab! www.DrewDavis.com
Jul 01, 2022
New Cuyama, Who Dis? Part 3 - Em Johnson (Cuyama Beverage Company) is Up & Adam in the Morning!
In our ongoing series on Adam's recent stay in New Cuyama, Adam meets Em who shares all the ways their non-profit (Blue Sky Center) are helping entrepreneurs thrive in the Cuyama Valley, as well as what they are doing with their tasty mead, which is a fermented honey wine. Check them out www.BlueSkyCenter.org
Jul 01, 2022
Chris Lambert (Your Own Backyard Podcast) is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Chris continues his extensive coverage of the Kirstin Smart case and the trial to put away those responsible for her disappearance and death. He talks about how he plans to attend every day of the trial, if he thinks he'll get called to testify, even something surprising that happened in the courtroom just the other day. Chris is always a great guest. He's open, honest, and Adam and him always have conversations you don't want to miss. Click to listen.
Jul 01, 2022
New Cuyama, Who Dis? Part 2 - Co-Owner of the Cuyama Buckhorn is Up & Adam
Half way between our coast and I-5, is the high desert mid-century town of New Cuyama. Adam spent 3 days in New Cuyama to see what's happening, what there is to do, and where the town is going. Jeff Vance, co-owner of The Buckhorn calls into the show to chat about the unique history of the Buckhorn, and what they've done to make it an attractive getaway. Check out the chat here!
Jun 30, 2022
New Cuyama, Who Dis? Part 1 - Condor's Hope
Adam spent 3 days in New Cuyama, which is in between our coast and I-5. Built in the mid 50's, the town is having a resurgence and there are lots of reasons to visit. Today we will chat with Farmers Steve Gliessman and Roberta (Robbie) Jaffe of Condor's Hope. They grow their 5-acre vineyard using traditional dry-farm practices they learned from Benito Dusi producing full-bodied, bold, complex wines and more, while protecting the environment and conserving water. Adam joins them off-the-grid at their farm. Check out the chat!
Jun 29, 2022
Riley from Hubba Wines is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Always love when Riley Roddick comes in to join Adam. They talk throwing parties at Airbnb rentals, the return of granny panties, and even how you can work for the popular Tin City winemaking queen! Check it!
Jun 29, 2022
CASS Wines is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Steve Cass, Winemaker Sterling Kragten, and Chanda Brown from Cass joins Adam in the studio to talk about the latest with them including 3-wheel sidecar tours through their vineyard, a new pizza oven, and oh yea, their approved plans for a swim up pool bar and spa! Congrats to them for also CCWC awards for their Best of Class Viognier, and Best Rose! Check out their chat here!
Jun 28, 2022
Chefs Julien Asseo & Rachel Ponce are Up & Adam in the Morning.
Two of Paso's hottest Chefs team up for a fun dinner and an appearance on Up & Adam in the Morning. Chef Julien of LPC is welcoming Chef Rachel (Pair w/ Chef Rachel) in his guest chef series where the two will work to bring a dinner inspired by the cuisine of Corsica. The French island has a lot of unique identity when it comes to their culture and cuisine. Chef Rachel and Chef Julien are so diametrically different in background and training, and to hear them live together is really cool. Can't wait to see how they cook together. Check out LPC if you're hungry!
Jun 27, 2022
Easiest Trivia Ever! Will this $500 go to Cindy or Shanna?
Thanks to The Switch SLO by The Ribline for hooking listeners up with $500 CA$H each week on the Krush! Open 7 days a week, 8a-3p - Check the menu www.TheSwitchSLO.com
Jun 24, 2022
Did Kraft just copy us?
Well, likely not, but not sooner than less than a week after the most successful Mac & Cheese Fest, Kraft has changed its name! Check it out!
Jun 23, 2022
Downtown SLO is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Niesha is Up & Adam to chat not only about Farmer's tonight but the Concerts in the Plaza which begins tomorrow!
Jun 23, 2022
Le Vigne Winery is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam welcomed in the new GM of Le Vigne Winery, Matt Dolman. It was cool to meet Matt and learn all that Le Vigne has coming up! One of those places in Paso, where the owner himself is in the kitchen cooking for visitors. They also have that great cheese connection! Congrats also on the recent news of them winning Double Gold and 'Best in Class' at CCWC. Le Vigne will also be hanging with The Cork Dorks this summer at the California Mid State Fair
Jun 21, 2022
Mac & Cheese Fest Winner Cheffry Jeffry is Up & Adam!
The winning Mac & Cheese dish was Two Way Brisket Chorizo which you can now get at Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ downtown Paso! Thanks to all who made The Mac & Cheese Fest a beach day we will never forget - Here's the chat with Cheffry Jeffry!
Jun 20, 2022
Alex from Re:Find Distillery is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Alex Villicana joined Adam in studio talk about the latest with our first craft distillery, Re:Find, as well as all the interesting work Alex has embarked on behalf of distilleries all over the state as he tries to lobby our elected officials for favorable laws for our spirit producers. All this and chat about the Slo Distiller's SLO County Distillery Trail Weekend 8/12-14 - Alex is always a great chat!
Jun 17, 2022
Hannah Stevens & Felicia Tabrizi are Up & Adam Sharing Their Benefit for Transitions Mental Health
Food, Fun, Performances, AND Felicia jumping out of a giant cheesecake? And for all a great cause? We're in! Hannah and Felicia talk about all they have planned for Friday's event at Central Coast Brew they organized to benefit Transitions Mental Health! Check it out!
Jun 17, 2022
Easiest Trivia Ever! Two Up & Adam Listeners Compete for $500 Cash!
Sophia and Michael go Head-to-Head for $500 with Krush's Easiest Trivia. One thing you'll learn, picking up these key words HELPS! Check out the fun!
Jun 17, 2022
Josh from Gold Land BBQ is Up & Adam
Josh Luce keeps it real, and plays the greatest hits when it comes to his BBQ. He doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but strives all the classic ingredients are done to perfection. He's also participating for the first time at this year's Mac & Cheese Fest! Check out his website, his BBQ sauce, even his custom rub at www.GoldLandBBQ.com and check out his conv w/ Adam here!
Jun 17, 2022
KSBY's Dave Hovde is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Dave called into the show to wish his colleague John Lindsey a farewell in his retirement, and talks to Adam about a bunch of other stuff. Dave is always great conversation, and because his and Adam's schedules are opposite when they're on the air, so its always fun when they are able to catch up!
Jun 15, 2022
Meteorologist John Lindsey Announces Retirement on Up & Adam in the Morning
John calls in to Adam to make the big news, and talk about what he's doing next. We also surprise John with a call from KSBY Meteorologist Dave Hovde! Check it out!
Jun 14, 2022
Fmr F-18 Fighter Pilot and Top Gun Instructor Is Up & Adam to Talk About How Real Top Gun Maverick Is
Hal 'Bull' Schmitt served in the US Navy and knows all about how real the new Top Gun Maverick film *really* was! Hal is also the owner and winemaker of Volatus Wine (Latin for 'Flight') on Anderson Road off Hwy 46. Adam asks Hal just about every question imaginable to someone who has not only served our country, but had some really unique experiences you literally only see in the movies! He will also be pouring at the Mac & Cheese Fest! Check out the convo!
Jun 13, 2022
Phone Tag - Um, We Found Your Bag?
Adam catches Miranda NOT being Up & Adam and keeps her on the phone as long as he can with a prank call that he found her bag and wants to verify the contents. Thanks to Amy & Jaime's Place in Templeton for Up & Adam's Phone Tag!
Jun 08, 2022
Alpha-Lit Central Coast is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Ally Larson was Up & Adam to talk about Alpha-Lit which brings oversized letters to personalize your event and occasion. Adam called Ally to see if they could collab for the Mac & Cheese Fest (6/18 Avila Beach). How cool is it going to be to have MAC FEST stacked over 6 feet high?!! For more on Alpha-Lit Central Coast, visit www.AlphaLitLetters.com and we'll see you at the Mac & Cheese Fest!
Jun 07, 2022
Paso Wine and Where Wine Takes You
Mondays, 9am hour we talk Paso Wine. Today we talked about winemakers that have side-hustles. It's the theme of the latest episode of the Where Wine Takes You podcast. Adam chats with Winemakers Molly Lonborg (Alta Colina and her brand Little Soul), and Daniel Callan (Thacher and his brand Slamdance Kooperative Wines) about that and more. WWTY avail wherever you get your podcasts.
Jun 06, 2022
Comedian Eric Schwartz is Up & Adam in the Morning!
We first met the comic earlier this year with SLO Comedy Fest, and he's back in town for a show Sunday at The Siren. Eric has been seen on Showtime, The Tonight Show, Comics Unleashed, and more. He's also got a one-hour special, “Surrender to the Blender,” on Hulu. His talent for music, comedy, and conversation made him a great guest. Check it out here.
Jun 03, 2022
John Lindsey is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Famed Meteorologist John Lindsey shares with Adam what the $#@! is up with over a month worth of windy windy days, how hot can we expect it to b e this summer, and will there be any chance of rain? There's talking weather, then there's talking with John Lindsey!
Jun 03, 2022
Supervisor Lynn Compton is Up & Adam in the Morning
You see signs for both Lynn and Jimmy all over town and we wanted to get them both in studio before the election ends June 7. Check out the conversation!
May 27, 2022
Jimmy Paulding is Up & Adam in the Morning
You see signs for both Jimmy and Lynn all over town and we wanted to get them both in studio before the election ends June 7. Check out the conversation!
May 27, 2022
What Happens When You DON'T Win Up & Adam's Phone Tag!
Neil was NOT Up & Adam and got stuck talking to Adam about his Wine Country Boy Band! Check out what happens when you don't answer correctly! To win a gift card to Amy & Jaime's Place, test the word TAG to us at 805-903-1974, and when YOUR phone rings between 8-9am, answer your name, and your 'Krushin' on Up & Adam in the Morning'!
May 23, 2022
It's Name Your Own Price at Woods Humane Society
Adam talks with Robin from Woods on this special going on now!
May 21, 2022
Up & Adam's Phone Tag
To win a gift card for Amy & Jaime's Place text us the word TAG (805-903-1974), answer correctly, and you could win with Up & Adam's Phone Tag! If you don't answer correctly, Adam will get his kite stuck outside your office(??????) Listen and check it out!
May 19, 2022
American Melodrama is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam welcomes the Interim Artistic Director, Katie Worley Beck as well as some performers from The Great American Melodrama in Oceano. Gabrielle Smith, John Keating, and Mike Fiore are three of the talented cast with the Melodrama's new production 'The Mark of Morro'. The Melodrama is a Central Coast institution and if you haven't been, or its been a while, this fun chat will get you excited!
May 18, 2022
Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Ed judges Adam's version of, "It's been", the intro to 'One Week'. They also talk about the importance of a band's live performance and giving the audience an experience to pair with these songs they love. Barenaked Ladies headline the 'Last Summer on Earth Tour' with Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket, June 11 at Vina Robles.
May 17, 2022
Good News on Up & Adam in the Morning!
With so much negativity in our social feeds and headlines, isn't it great to have some Good News?! Adam finds stories that make you feel good, make you smile, and ones that spread good energy and good vibes! Thanks to Midnight Cellars for giving us The Good News. See what they're doing for Paso Wine Fest weekend, visit www.MidnightCellars.com
May 16, 2022
The Best Wine Game Ever?
Adam had been hooking you up with Paso Wine Fest tickets all week, and we may have had the best contestant at the Wine Game today. Check out Robin give Adam a run for his money, and see if she can dethrone Adam at the game sweeping the nation! Get your tix to Paso Wine Fest at www.PasoWine.com
May 13, 2022
Actor John Mese and Writer/Dir of Wild Son, Champ Clark are Up & Adam in the Morning!
Christian Brando, actor and son of Marlon Brando had a more than fascinating life. Champ Clark interviewed and recorded the actor, and after he died, transformed the tapes into a one-man play that is nothing short or captivating and enthralling. Jon Mese captures this man, and just owns this performance! Before they embark on an international run, they are stopping at Puffers of Pismo this Sunday to share this one-man production that you will not forget. Check out their chat here!
May 11, 2022
Blake Beltram is Up & Adam!
This week is Student Mental Health Week in California and Blake Beltram (co-founder of Mindbody / Sub-stack contributor) talks to Adam about issues regarding mental health and more.
May 10, 2022
Up & Adam's Phone Tag!
Click to hear Monica lose out on a $125 Gift Card to Amy & Jaime's Place in Templeton! Between 8-9a on weekdays, if YOUR phone rings, answer "Hi, I'm (your name) and I'm Krushin' on Up & Adam in the Morning" - Text the word 'TAG' to 805-903-1974 to get on Adam's list to call! Thanks to Amy & Jaime's Place!
May 09, 2022
Crazy Art Stories with Leann Standish from the SLO Museum of Art
An elderly woman stole a jacket from a Paris museum this week, but turns out it was a piece of art and she didn't know. Leann also tells a story from she was in Miami that made national news as well where an artist damaged another artist's work. Two wild stories, and when Leann is on the show, it's always fun. Click to listen!
May 06, 2022
Amy & Jaime's Place is Up & Adam in the Morning
Adam welcomes Amy of Amy & Jaime's Place (Templeton) to chat the latest on the scene in Templeton as well as what they plan to bring for this years Mac & Cheese Fest among more! If you have not been there, yet, listen and check it out!
May 04, 2022
Actor/Musician Dennis Quaid is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Dennis Quaid calls into the show to chat about making his first trip to the central coast when he plays SLO Brew Rock on May 17. He and Adam chat about the benefits of being nervous, the recent drama Bill Murray has been in the news for, being mistaken for Patrick Swayze among more. Click to hang out with Adam and Dennis Quaid for a few.
May 03, 2022
It's Mac Monday! F. McLintocks is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Vice President of F. McLintocks was Up & Adam in the Morning to chat about what they are doing for The Mac & Cheese Fest! Two words: Pork Belly! Jay also shared with Adam the 411 on their new Maddie's Whiskey Lounge at their Shell Beach location which is starting later this month with some of the best Happy Hour we've heard in a long long time! Check out www.McLintocks.com for the latest and see them at The Mac & Cheese Fest Sat 6/18 in Avila!
May 02, 2022
Cris Cherry is Up & Adam in the Morning!
From Villa Creek and the MAHA Estate, Adam is joined by Cris Cherry in studio to catch up and talk about this benefit for Must Charities that has X Ambassadors front man Sam Nelson Harris coming to perform an acoustic and exclusive performance May 14. Sure to be a great night of music and food (Chef Clark of Full of Life Flatbread), and for a great cause we love over here as well!
Apr 27, 2022
Mac Monday!!! Alchemist Garden is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Our 1st Mac Monday! Alchemist Garden IN THE HOUSE. These folks winning tons of awards already for their spot that's only two years old! We had Andrew, Tony, Alex, and Eddie to chat about BOTH their Mac they will be doing June 18 as well as their cocktail to pair with it! Don't miss Alchemist Garden June 18, in Avila for The Mac and Cheese Fest. Tix: www.themacandcheesefest.com
Apr 25, 2022
Proxima Parada are Up & Adam in the Morning!
Nick, Kevin, and Aaron of the band Proxima Parada were Up & Adam in the Morning back home after wrapping up a national tour in celebration of their latest album, 'Second Brother'. Super fun chat, give it a listen and check out their music on Spotify!
Apr 18, 2022
Riley from Hubba Wines is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Riley comes in studio to talk about the sustainability of boxed wine. Once dismissed, high end, boutique, and wines of real quality are being boxed locally to real success. And why not, it's less waste, epic convenience, and the wine lasts for a lot longer, so it's a win-win-win! She was the first we know to do it in Paso and now big names are following suit. Can you say Trend Setter? We also talk about the latest with her Tin City spot, oh, and Riverdance. Click to hear their fun conversation.
Apr 08, 2022
X Ambassadors Front Man Sam Nelson Harris is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Sam is playing a benefit acoustic show for 'Must! Charities' at MAHA Estate at Villa Creek Cellars. Adam and Sam meet and talk about the music, beverages, the music biz, and how strong his Wordle game is. Tix and info on the show www.villacreek.com - Listen for more!
Apr 08, 2022
Dante Marsh is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Dante came in studio to catch up and debut his new music exclusively on Up & Adam. The new song, "3 Day Weekend" is the first from a new project. He shares what, or who, inspired this new material, how he conquered Brazil, and which Squishmallow he sleeps with. Listen for the latest with Dante Marsh!
Apr 06, 2022
SLO Film Fest is Up & Adam in the Morning
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is back April 26th - May 1st 2022 and Adam welcomed in Festival Director Skye McLennan and Grace Tucker, Assistant Director to chat it up! Listen for more and get your schedule, tickets, and list of films at www.slofilmfest.org
Apr 05, 2022
'Welcome Home Military Heroes' is Up & Adam
Robert Tolan with Welcome Home Military Heroes and Honor Flight Central Coast joined Adam today to talk about Honor Flights resuming after a 2 year hiatus. The flight that left this morning is actually returning on Wed 4/6 and you can hear how you can support local Veterans just by showing up to the SLO Airport to welcome them home!
Apr 04, 2022
Turns out, Oscars were last night? Did I miss anything?
Adam talks with Judge Jarvis and gets his esteemed take on Will Smith's assault on Chris Rock. Was it justified? Was it staged? Check it out!
Mar 28, 2022
Comedian Lewis Black is Up & Adam in the Morning
Lewis is bringing his 'Off the Rails' Tour to SLO's Fremont Theatre in October. He chats with Adam on his love for wine, if he worries about offending people with his jokes, and why SLO residents are getting away with murder. Check out their chat, and visit www.LewisBlack.com for tix.
Mar 28, 2022
Rod & Hammer Up & Adam in the Morning
We celebrated National Cocktail Day with both Rod & Hammer of Rod & Hammer SLO Stills, and talked about the newest trends in craft cocktails which is pretty much taking the whole cocktail and putting it in a can or bottle, which they do both! They will also be at our Mac & Cheese Fest with Mac from their new chef Will Torres, and you'll be able to taste these incredible cocktails! Check it out!
Mar 25, 2022
District Attorney Dan Dow is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Adam catches up with SLO County District Attorney on the latest going with the County, the inescapable good feeling of being un opposed in the next election, and if he's used "computers at work" to look into guys who want to date his daughter. Click to hear more.
Mar 24, 2022
Graybill is Up & Adam in the Morning
Our first time meeting Kevin Graybill on the show, he shares a lot including his new music, "It's alright", which features G. Love. He also performs another song and we try and manifest another celebrity musician feature when Adam guesses who he envisions the song should be recorded with. If you love good singing, songwriting, give it a listen.
Mar 23, 2022
Citizen of the Year Dr. Bravo is Up & Adam in the Morning
SLO Chamber of Commerce surprised Dr. Rene Bravo with their 'Citizen of the Year' Award at their first annual dinner in two years. Dr. Bravo has been a regular on the show in the last two years, and he jumps on the air with Adam to share his reaction to the award. Dr. Bravo also chimes in on the special day today is for kids, as most of them no longer have to cover their faces all day at school. Check out Dr. Bravo!
Mar 14, 2022
Highwater Slo is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Robin Wolf, Matthew Hanson, and Chef Nick DeShon are the heart, soul, and culinary minds behind SLO's newest hotspot, "Highwater'. All three have made names for themselves at local existing hotspots like The Hatch, Fish Gaucho, more, but have now teamed up with some hospitality veterans to serve up craft cocktails, comfortable and high end shareable food to the music that has shaped them. Brunch starts this Sunday. Reservations recommended. Click to hear them Up & Adam!
Mar 10, 2022
SLO Coast is Up & Adam in the Morning!
The 'SLO Coast AVA' is finally and actually 'a thing' as of today! Adam welcomed Kathleen Naughton of 'SLO Coast Wine' as well as Stephen Dooley of Stephen Ross Wines to celebrate and make the official announcement!
Mar 09, 2022
Moonshiner Collective Performs 'Galactic Sailors' LIVE on Up & Adam in the Morning!
Moonshiner Collective performed their 3 song EP on the show, and Adam is releasing one song a day from today's show. If you want to hear all three in the conv, check out the Up & Adam podcast or www.Krush925.com Here's 'Galactic Sailors' as heard on Up & Adam in the Morning
Mar 09, 2022
Moonshiner Collective is Up & Adam!
Dan Curcio, Ryan House, and Gary Wooten were live in studio to share some brand new music! Moonshiner Collective is also celebrating their new EP, 'Galactic Sailors', avail wherever you get your music. They're also performing this Sat at SLO Brew Rock to celebrate the new music!
Mar 09, 2022
Courtney Cellar is our Girl Scout of the Week!
We will learn all about this newly turned 11 year old, from her love for chili, camping, geocaching, and more. She also enlightens us to a new cookie hack that her dad does, that will score right up there with Thin Mints in the freezer! We will also buy $92.50 in cookies from her to donate. You can support Courtney here: https://app.abcsmartcookies.com/#/social-link-landing/f75f03eb-00b3-448e-a519-fe2c0cfbd6cd
Mar 03, 2022
'At Her Table' is Up & Adam!
At Her Table brings together the largest collective of central coast women-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry. With have over 100 members throughout SLO County, they are celebrating March 6-13. Michelle Barrera from AHT visits Adam in studio to share the latest!
Mar 03, 2022
SLO Mayor Erica Stewart is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Erica joins Adam to talk everything from the latest with SLO, the vibe downtown, to how not to try on shoes at Ross. Erica always offers friendly and fun conversation. Take a listen.
Mar 02, 2022
Peaks for Peak is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Celia Uribe and Lindsey Haring are both local moms raising money for local kids to keep them active. 'Peaks for Peak' began last year as a colab with The Mountain Air store and some local schools. They have students at CL Smith and were Up & Adam sharing how you can help raise money for these kids, by simply getting outside. If you go on a hike, you can submit your name and the trail you hiked at The Mountain Air's website, www.themountainair.com . It doesn't even have to be a peak, it can be anything from walking the park, to the Bob Jones Trail. The Mountain Air will donate $20 to PEAK for every submission it receives. No photo evidence is required and you don't have to post about it on social media. Listen, check it out, and help this worthy cause just by getting outside!
Mar 02, 2022
World of Pinot Noir is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Mike Dawson of World of Pinot Noir is in studio to talk to Adam about the hugely popular event being back, and in person, and next weekend (3/4-5)! Learn all you need to join Adam and listeners for a Pinot tasting you will never forget! There's a lot to check out, so visit www.WorldofPinotNoir.com for more!
Feb 25, 2022
Kristin Smart's Brother Matt Smart is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Matt joins Adam today to talk about the Kristin Smart Scholarship. Female High School Seniors with interests in Architecture, International Studies, even Criminal Justice are encouraged to apply for some help at college! Deadline is March 18, and is approaching quickly. For more visit, www.KristinSmart.org
Feb 25, 2022
Up & Adam in the Morning's 'Girl Scout of the Week'
She likes tigers, trampolines, and Caramel deLites. Wren is a 7 year old first grader from Los Osos, and this first year Girl Scout is our 'Girl Scout of the Week'! If you have a Girl Scout in the fam, let us know, log onto www.Krush925.com and register her to be our next GSOTW! We buy $92.50 worth of cookies, interview her on the air, and share her link on our website, and socials.
Feb 24, 2022
Mr. B of Almond Acres Academy is Up & Adam in the Morning
Mr. B calls into chat about their new school site in Paso Robles. He talks about the new layout, the growing pains, and clears up misconceptions conflating with other Paso schools that have recently closed. Adam also asks about the recent Paso School Board vote regarding masks that took place the night before.
Feb 24, 2022
Leann Standish of SLO Museum of Art is Up & Adam
Leann joins Adam to chat about SLOMA's new mural and a lot more! Leann is always fun, check it out!
Feb 17, 2022
Take It SLO is Up & Adam in the Morning!
Take it SLO is back and just in time for Valentines Day. You can have these talented singers come to you for their Valentines grams. They are affordable and it is such a cool moment you will remember forever when they come and sing for you and your sweetheart! Follow them @TakeitSLO or email them for more takeitslo@gmail.com
Feb 11, 2022