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By Simone Grace Seol

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I teach life coaches how to market joyfully, and with their full humanity intact.

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195. How to make better business decisions

If you’re like most people, you’re torturing yourself over getting the name of your podcast just right, coming up with the perfect Instagram bio, or having the most beautifully curated photos. And I have to give you a reality check: none of that matters.

Join me this week to get total clarity on how to make wiser, more effective business decisions.

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Jun 27, 2022
194. Processing clean pain in business

Painful shit happens to us all the time, whether in life, love, or business. I don’t know any coach at any level of success who is exempt from it. 

But there’s a huge difference between embracing clean pain versus dirty pain, and this week, I’m selling you on why it’s worth spending time naming and separating clean pain from dirty pain in your business. 

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Jun 20, 2022
193. How to design 1:1 coaching offers

With so many coaches offering group programs and memberships, is 1:1 coaching even worth offering anymore?

Heck yes, my friends. And there are so many people out there seeking it out.

Tune in this week as I share my philosophy on how to design your 1:1 offer. I’m offering tips for doing this at every stage of your business, whether you’ve just started out or have a consistent client roster on the go.

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Jun 13, 2022
192. Marketing from your butthole with Danielle Savory

How the heck are buttholes relevant to marketing?! Well, dear coach, you are about to find out.

Strap yourself in because we are about to have the freakiest conversation about marketing in podcast history as Danielle Savory shows us what it means to let your butthole be your North Star, and how to build safety in yourself to know your wants.

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Jun 06, 2022
191. Paleo Marketing Challenge

Coaches, I know you love a challenge. And I know you're sick of being relentlessly assaulted by the dominance of “bro" marketing. So I've got a treat for you.

This week, discover how we’re going to totally revolutionize the world of marketing through the Paleo Marketing Challenge. This challenge is all about being open to all possibilities, getting down to the nitty-gritty of human-to-human connection, and creating amazing results for your business.

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May 30, 2022
190. How to not be preachy

Are you coming off preachy in your marketing? You might be accidentally stepping into a position of self-righteousness that’s not desirable to you or your people. 

This week, I show you why championing your ideas doesn’t have to mean exercising power or superiority over your people. Instead, learn how to approach your marketing with an energy of collaboration and allyhood.

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May 23, 2022
189. The true meaning of wealth

What might be more important and life-changing than money? 

I’m sharing my insights on what I believe is true wealth, how I’m choosing to make decisions in my business to get even wealthier, and why, when you can see true wealth in this light, nobody can be richer than you. 

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May 16, 2022
188. Why people don’t take you up on your free offer

In my own business history, I’ve put out what I thought were incredibly valuable free offers that didn’t get the kind of interest that I expected. This led to a whirlwind of negative thoughts about my ability as a coach, so it’s no surprise if the notion of providing free offers is freaking you out. 

Listen in this week to find out why your potential clients may be feeling suspicious or wary of your free offers, and the key to getting the right people to snap them up.

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May 09, 2022
187. How to market a hybrid coaching offer with Lynn Rogala

This week, I have my friend and client Lynn Rogala on the show. She’s a fantastic example of a superbly creative and joyful hybrid coaching business where she combines essential oils with coaching. 

As a personal client of hers, I’ve watched Lynn be an amazing advocate of what lights her up, and she’s here to let you in on what is possible when you use that as your guidepost.

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May 02, 2022
186. How to create original ideas as a coach

Is originality required for you to become a great coach?

In this episode, I'm answering this extremely important question and sharing how any brand new idea is created, regardless of the field or industry you’re in. 

Discover the three stages of any creation process, why going through every stage is non-negotiable as you work towards creating original ideas, and how cultivating your own body of work will be inevitable in due time.

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Apr 25, 2022
185. Extraordinary generosity

It probably won’t come as a surprise to know that I preach extraordinary generosity in marketing, but I know a lot of y’all have some gripes with the concept. 

I’m always encouraging my people to give way more value than anyone expects, at such a high volume, to the point where they’re full up on everything you have to offer. 

And guess what? Not only is this fine by me, but I want that to happen. And on this episode, I’m showing you why.

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Apr 18, 2022
184. How to create a group program with an ADHD brain with Meg Kierstead

Creating a group program is something pretty much the entire coaching world wants to know how to do, so today we're getting into it.

My guest, Meg Kierstead, is the Neurodivergence Brain Love coach who focuses mostly on ADHD, and she’s the perfect person to speak to about this topic.

This week, Meg shares how she created a group program that aligned with her vibrant uniqueness, and why waiting to feel ready is the worst thing you can do.

Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as links to Meg's work here:

Apr 11, 2022
183. How to scale your business with ADHD

Instead of trying to mold your brain and business to fit a conventional box that’s simply not meant for you, what if you paved your own path?

That's what I did, and it led to my multi-million dollar business.

In this episode, I’m letting you in on how I’ve scaled my business in a way that honors and plays with my ADHD brain, and how I’ve made my “weakness” my superpower. Learn the five ways I’ve allowed my ADHD brain to guide my growth and the skills you’ll need to let your brain shine.

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Apr 04, 2022
182. How to open the floodgates with Tiffany Cheung

Just three years ago, Tiffany Cheung was a broke AF single mom on food stamps working multiple side hustles while in school.

Fast forward to today and Tiffany’s got an amazing coaching business, unlimited time flexibility, and $500K in sales revenue, and she’s showing us how she opened up the floodgates to all of it.

Tune in to get inspired by Tiffany's process of following her soul and the self-trust she had to build to take risks in her business. 

Find links to everything we mention in this episode and links to Tiffany's work here:

Mar 28, 2022
181. My thoughts on consult calls

Should you offer consult calls? Do you need to disclose prices ahead of time?

These are some of the most hotly contested questions in the coaching industry, and today, I'm going there.

You ultimately have complete agency in how you market and sell your coaching, and I’m showing you how to come at it from a place of mutuality and love for your client. 

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Mar 21, 2022
180. Unglamorous power thoughts

There’s one question I receive more than any other, and it’s, “What are the beliefs that got you to where you are?”

This question comes from a place of believing there must be some special, secretive, glamorous beliefs that have propelled me to success.

But the truth is that the backbone of my multi-million dollar business is lined with unglamorous power thoughts. And in this episode, I'm sharing what they are and showing you how to identify your own.    

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Mar 14, 2022
179. The price of a joyful business with Caryn Gillen

I’m delighted to bring you a conversation I had with my friend and colleague, Caryn Gillen, over on her podcast where we dive into all things joy.

As you know, joy is at the center of everything I do. Caryn’s picking my brain about how to create a business that feels joyful, the price of leaning into joy, as well as the intersection of motherhood and work. 

Find links to everything we mention in this episode and links to Caryn's work here:

Mar 07, 2022
178. The painless way to write CTAs

I’m bringing you a blast from this podcast’s past this week, my friends! We’re diving into the topic of CTAs.

They can be an incredibly fun, simple, and loving thing to offer, and yet, I watch my clients spinning in drama and confusion about how to write them in their posts.

So this week, discover how you can create your own memorable, compelling CTA formula for your ideal people painlessly.

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Feb 28, 2022
177. Result incongruence and result honesty

This week, I'm tackling what I believe is the world’s number one coaching business killer.

It's the one thing that will slow you down to the point of hopelessness, and it’s time to address it.

Discover how to channel radical result honesty and why it makes the solutions to the results you want so incredibly simple.

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Feb 21, 2022
176. Generosity

If the notion of being generous feels heavy, stressful, and you don’t think it’s possible without violating all of your boundaries, listen in. 

In this episode, you’ll learn the four requirements for showing up with generosity for your clients, how I’ve mastered this skill, and what the truest and highest form of generosity looks like. 

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Feb 14, 2022
175. Lessons from 2 million dollars in membership sales

We’ve officially crossed the two million dollar mark in membership sales in my Joyful Marketing program! 

And guess what? I know exactly how I did it, and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you. 

My ADHD brain won’t abide by anything I don’t find fun, joyful, or meaningful, so you can bet everything you learn today is going to make marketing in your business a delight.

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Feb 07, 2022
174. Low level and high level objections

If you’re ready to speak to your best-fit clients who are ready to do the work, give you tons of money, and get amazing results, get ready to take some notes this week.

I’m showing you how to distinguish between low and high-level objections, why you have to stop energetically feeding into low-level objections, and how to instead start connecting with the people who have a burning desire to work with you.

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Jan 31, 2022
173. My best advice on pricing

I get asked all the time from coaches new and experienced about how to price their offers.

When is it time to raise your prices? When should you not raise them?

I have the answers to these questions and more and I’m sharing them with you this week. Learn how to set the perfect price for your offer with no mental drama and no resentment.

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Jan 24, 2022
172. Miraculous money thoughts with Maryam Ebtehadj and Sogol Pahlavan

I’m so honored to be featuring two beautiful souls from my Joyful Marketing community, Maryam Ebtehadj and Sogol Pahlavan. 

Maryam is sharing how she came to have amazing thoughts about money and Sogol is sharing  how she's retraining her brain to see money differently. Strap yourselves in, because what you'll hear in this episode will blow your mind just like it blew mine!

Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as Maryam and Sogol's work here:

Jan 17, 2022
171. Rocking your business with chronic pain with Dr. Andrea Moore

Is chronic pain affecting your ability to show up in your business? Have you ever had your pain undermined by a doctor, or told, “It’s just in your head?”

I’m speaking to life coach and chronic pain expert, Dr. Andrea Moore this week, and she’s here to validate your experience and show you how it’s 100% possible to make your chronic pain an ally on your business-building journey.

Find links to Dr. Andrea's work and everything we mention in this episode here:

Jan 10, 2022
170. Scarcity detox

If you make just one change in this new year, let it be what I’m inviting you to join me in this week.

I’m proposing all of us go on a scarcity detox, and it’s going to turn your whole life and business upside down in the best way possible. 

This week, I invite you to purge the words “not enough” from your vocabulary in 2022. I’m showing you how the mindset of scarcity only creates more of it, and how to commit to the scarcity detox if you’re ready to radically change your life. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Jan 03, 2022
169. Three phases of marketing mastery

Whether your marketing currently feels mysterious and stressful, or joyful and fun, knowing exactly what phase you’re in is the key to reaching a level of mastery.

Join me this week as I break down the three phases of marketing mastery and show you how to identify where you stand right now.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to work on the two skills you need to truly reach a level of mastery, and I’m inviting you to check out my brand new challenge that will guide you through this process in just 60 days.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Dec 27, 2021
168. How to create ethical urgency in marketing

We've all experienced various forms of unethical urgency in marketing that drum up a psychological fear of missing out and leave us feeling anxious.

There’s no shortage of this type of energy in the world, but taking this tactic on in your coaching business is not effective.

This week as I lay out the difference between unethical and ethical marketing. I’m showing you what happens when you don’t have urgency in your marketing, why this happens so often with coaching, and how to begin generating the energy of ethical urgency right now.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Dec 20, 2021
167. The honor of making money for money’s sake

Many of us have picked up the social programming that says desiring money is shameful and morally wrong. 

But this week, I’m here to tear that assumption apart.

Listen in as I show you the impact I’ve been able to have because of my pure desire to make more money, and why looking down on the pursuit of money is an oppressive, classist paradigm we have to stop perpetuating.

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Dec 13, 2021
166. How to use intuition to guide your marketing

There’s a lot of talk in the life coaching world about intuition and using it to guide our work. 

Intuition is often framed in an airy-fairy, random, whimsical way. So when it comes to making decisions, how can we use our intuition to make them intelligently? 

Tune in this week as I share how to decipher if your intuition is leading you in a useful direction in your decision-making and how to use this incredibly valuable faculty to your benefit. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Dec 06, 2021
165. Marketing, pronouns and inclusivity

Today’s conversation is coming to you from my own discoveries about what it means to be inclusive in my marketing, specifically in the use of pronouns.

I’ve got an amazing panelist of three coaches, Mattia Maurée, Alexander James, and Hannah Brooks. They’re here to shed some wisdom on what it means to be respectful and inclusive of people who don’t fall in the gender binary. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as links to these coaches' work here:

Nov 29, 2021
164. How to market business coaching without promising money results

This week, I’m showing you how it’s 100% possible to successfully market and sell business coaching without your offers being about money, even if you’re a business coach.

This goes for all you coaches in niches with other types of measurable results too because the truth is these specific numbers are not what sells. 

Listen in to discover the reality of what people actually want from the coaching experience, and how to market without promising financial results. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Nov 22, 2021
163. How to actually believe a new belief

By now, you would have heard me teach hundreds of times that your beliefs create your reality. But one thing my clients keep coming back to me with is, “Sure, but how can I believe?”

So this week, I’m giving you a masterclass on how to actually believe a new belief. 

I’ve got a method that almost feels - dare I say it - lazy, and I’m giving it to you. With my guidance, you’ll be able to stop treating belief work with haste and force, and instead, approach it with light-hearted, playful energy that will have you embodying the new belief before you know it.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Nov 15, 2021
162. Should you keep up with marketing trends?

How often do you feel like you need to jump on the newest social media platforms and marketing techniques?

Whether it’s Instagram Reels, TikTok, or building out an email list, so many people are experiencing FOMO, terrified of being left behind, and their anxiety is spiraling.

In this episode, discover how you might be using the best and newest tools available as a weapon against yourself, and why I don’t think keeping up with the trends equates to a successful business.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Nov 10, 2021
161. Method Constraint with Lindsay Dotzlaf

My colleague Lindsay Dotzlaf and I are bringing you a joint podcast this week all about a concept we’ve coined called method constraint.

If you’re anything like us, you started your practice super passionate about teaching one paradigm or one tool that completely changed your life. But over time, you start feeling antsy for more tools, more methods, more philosophies.

This episode is your invitation to fall back in love with the tools you already know. Lindsay and I are discussing the detriments of feeling like you need more, why this happens, and the truth about what your clients actually want from your coaching.

Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as Lindsay's work here:

Nov 08, 2021
160. Garbage Post Challenge

I'm letting you in on a super-secret tool that I teach exclusively inside my Joyful Marketing community this week! It’s called the Garbage Post Challenge

Taking on this challenge is going to create amazing ripple effects for your business, and if you do it all the way through, I guarantee it’ll completely change your marketing game forever. 

Listen in to find out how to carry out the Garbage Post Challenge, the criteria you need to follow, and why this one tool is the ultimate accelerator for your marketing mastery.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Nov 01, 2021
159. Limiting thoughts about your audience

Are your thoughts about your audience costing you in your marketing?

Most coaches are prone to erroneous assumptions about their audience and it gets in the way of the efficacy of their marketing. 

I’m offering the most common thought errors I see playing out in my clients, the ways your assumptions about your audience are working against you, and how to begin creating intentional thoughts that have you showing up invested in your work as a coach. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Oct 25, 2021
BONUS: How to elevate your coaching by understanding your clients’ context

As coaches, we know that our thoughts create our results, right? But in order to coach our clients effectively on their thoughts, we have to understand the CONTEXT from which these thoughts emerged. Someone whose cultural history involves persecution and multigenerational trauma may not resonate with the coaching that “everything will happen as it’s meant to,” just as someone who has learned explicitly and implicitly that their sexuality is wrong or bad won’t respond to coaching that does not take this history into account.

In this episode, you will learn how approaching your clients with radical curiosity and learning to spot how their thoughts have been shaped by their cultural context will enable you to coach clients with lived experiences that differ from your own. In this special episode, guest coaches Rachel Hart and Dr. Sonia Wright join Kara and I for a conversation about why understanding your clients’ context is so important, and how committing to curiosity and nonjudgment will help you navigate your own blind spots as a coach.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

Oct 20, 2021
158. How to handle refund requests

Does the idea of getting a refund request send you into a spiral of worry and anxiety?

I’m always receiving questions about how to best handle a refund conversation and how I facilitate it in a way that serves my people, so this is what we’re diving into in this episode. 

This week, I’m sharing my philosophy on refunds that has served my business really well, my best tips for creating a refund policy that feels abundant and rooted in love, and how to handle any refund request with clarity and confidence. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Oct 18, 2021
BONUS: Coaching tools aren’t one-size-fits-all (and that’s a great thing)

Many coaches believe that once they become certified, they will be equipped with the tools to coach anyone on anything. It’s a lovely thought, but maybe not so helpful when you’re in your tenth session with a client who just stares at you blankly as you try to explain, for the 50th time, how their thoughts are creating their results and why that’s a great thing. While there are certainly powerful frameworks out there, the coaching principles we learn aren’t one-size-fits-all.

One single tool or framework isn’t going to work for everybody, and that’s ok. In this episode, Kara and I discuss how to bring more openness, nuance, and discernment into your coaching, so you can coach clients of different backgrounds and lived experiences effectively.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

Oct 13, 2021
157. Healing your nervous system for authentic marketing with Sally Hardie - part 2

If you find yourself buffering all the time, averse to the process of reviewing your progress, or if the notion of finding joy is in itself triggering, this is the episode for you.

For part 2 of our conversation, Sally is sharing some brilliant practices that you can use to calm your nervous system that will help you truly unlock your business’s potential.

We’re diving into how buffering can actually be soothing and healing, how to de-trigger the process of evaluating your goals, and two of her favorite methods for finding safety when thought work isn’t doing the trick.

Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as links to Sally's work here:

Oct 11, 2021
BONUS: How realizing ‘it’s all made up’ will make you a better coach

Coaching tools didn’t descend from the heavens. They were developed by humans whose social context impacted the way they saw the world and their clients, including what they even viewed as a “problem” to be solved in the first place. In other words, those coaching modalities that you know and love? Yeah, those were made up. 

Before you abandon all meaning and run off into the woods, tune into this episode to learn why understanding this is exactly what will elevate your coaching. Kara and I will discuss how learning the intellectual history of modern coaching concepts and embracing the subjectivity of coaching modalities will help you deliver powerful coaching to clients with radically different backgrounds and beliefs than you.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

Oct 06, 2021
156. Healing your nervous system for authentic marketing with Sally Hardie

When it comes to marketing, without establishing nervous system safety in your body, you will always be out of touch with your full genius, creativity, and intuition.

To shed some light on the importance of creating nervous system safety, I have Sally Hardie on the show. She’s a brilliant coach with a psychotherapy background who has an excellent grasp on the central nervous system and how it works. 

Join Sally and me as we talk about why marketing can be so triggering to our nervous systems, how to know when your body is not in safety and the steps you can take to move in the opposite direction, and why thought work can at times be a toxin we’re weaponizing against ourselves when we’re feeling activated. 

Find links to everything we mention as well as links to Sally's work here:

Oct 04, 2021
BONUS: Using historical context to avoid whitewashing your coaching

Do you understand how the legacies of slavery, colonialism, and genocide have shaped the world we live in? If not, you are missing an incredible opportunity to deepen your coaching and serve your clients and the world.

In this episode, Kara and I teach you how you can avoid whitewashing your coaching by understanding your historical context, the context of your clients, and the context of the coaching industry as a whole. Listen in to learn why broadening your historical literacy is so vital to creating a coaching business that meets the demands of a multicultural world.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

Sep 29, 2021
155. Leaks in your bucket

If you have a human brain, I’m sure you can recall moments of time where you’ve beaten yourself up for your imperfections and flaws. 

I know I can.

I’m definitely a bucket with many leaks, and I’ve spent years feeling shameful, wishing I could just be the model of perfection. But I didn’t see how my leaks were actually gifts that were nourishing those around me. 

Join me on the podcast this week as I invite you to think about where the leaks in your bucket might be, and how they’re what make you the unique leader and coach you are today. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Sep 27, 2021
BONUS: Elevating the coaching conversation by embracing complexity in your marketing

This week, I’m sharing with you the inaugural episode of a brand new limited series podcast I’m hosting with my dear friend and colleague, Kara Loewentheil.

Outside the White Box is a labor of love that’s been in the works for a while now, and if you’ve been craving a more intellectual approach to talking about coaching and the tools we use, you are going to love this. 

If you have a deep hunger to know more about coaching as a descendant of other intellectual traditions, and you feel the need to be a more well-informed coach, listen in. We’re showing you the fine line between marketing with simplicity and clarity without dumbing it down, and why this is the key to up-leveling your business. 

Find notes to everything we mention in this episode here:

Sep 22, 2021
154. How to grow a cult following with Sam Garcia

I’m delighted to share an interview I did over on Sam Garcia’s podcast, Business as a Magical Practice. 

Sam and I are talking about the keys to growing a cult following and breaking down exactly how to create the kind of relationships that lead to an audience obsessed with everything you have to share. 

Listen in as I’m sharing my insights on the 4 keys to relationship-building, how to make space for the quality of relationship that you’re looking for with your people, and why so much emotional risk-taking is required of you to do this.

Find links to everything we mention as well as links to Sam's work here:

Sep 20, 2021
153. Making Mercury Retrograde work for you with Janette Dalgliesh

Whether you’re into astrology or not, I promise this episode is absolutely invaluable to you as a coach.

My guest is Janette Dalgliesh, a life coach who helps her clients break out of misery and experience the deep joy of doing the work they came to Earth to do, and she uses a magical blend of astrology and neuroscience-based coaching.

Janette is dispelling the myths and bad rap that Mercury Retrograde gets, showing us why this period of astrological weather can be a potent ally in your business, and how to use the energies that are at work to your business’s advantage.

Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as Janette's work here:

Sep 13, 2021
152. The wrong way to overdeliver

There’s one topic in the coaching world that is rife with misunderstanding, and so it’s time to set the record straight.

Overdelivering is something all of us are encouraged to do in our businesses, to provide value to our people to help them get amazing results. But it doesn’t take the form that you might think it does.

This week, I offer you the 3 pillars of genuine over-delivery. Practicing and implementing these 3 pillars is what will have your clients creating amazing results, telling all their friends about you, and in turn, help you develop a reputation where people want to sign with you over and over again.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Sep 06, 2021
151. The key to scroll-stopping content

People are always giving me amazing feedback on my copy, telling me how they can’t get enough of it, even printing my emails out to read over and over again. 

Why? Because I’ve figured out the key to scroll-stopping content, and I do this one thing in my copywriting and marketing that has my audience obsessed with everything I have to share with them. 

Tune in this week as I give you the key to creating scroll-stopping content. I’m showing you why your marketing might be falling flat right now and the antidote to forgettable copy.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Aug 30, 2021
150. Chronic illness and million dollar brains with Monet Combs

Your host on the podcast takeover this week is my client, Monet Florence Combs. She helps people who are struggling to share their authenticity with an open heart do just that in their businesses. 

While Monet’s form of neurodiversity wouldn’t conventionally be lumped under what you might consider the term to include, she’s got a unique standpoint to share with you today.

Listen in as Monet shares the discovery she made about having a million-dollar brain that helps her make creative, high-level decisions in her business to help others. She’s sharing the ways she adapted to take advantage of the gifts her brain has to offer, and she’s also inviting you to approach your struggles with the radical self-compassion you didn’t get when you needed it. 

Find links to everything mentioned today as well as links to Monet's work here:

Aug 23, 2021
149. Why ADHD is your business-building superpower with Megan Kierstead

I could not be more grateful to Megan for hosting the show this week to impart her wisdom about how to create a successful business with ADHD. 

Megan is a social scientist with over a decade of experience in the tech industry researching humans and how to improve their lives, and she’s also now a six-figure intersectional business coach and someone who has an ADHD brain.

Today, Megan is debunking some common myths about ADHD. She’s demonstrating the internalized messages people with ADHD live with, why it’s crucial to begin a practice of respecting and loving your ADHD brain, and her best tips for how to work with your gifts to not only have a successful business but a life filled with richness and complexity too. 

Find links to everything mentioned today as well as links to Megan's work here:

Aug 16, 2021
BONUS: My personal story with ADHD

Friends, I'm sharing something very personal with you all today.

I want to share my own experience of growing up with ADHD and what it's like having a brain with ADHD.

If you have a brain like mine, and even if you don't, I think my story will resonate with you. We all have so much to contribute, and embracing what makes you different will allow you to take brave action to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

And, if you want to be surrounded by a super supportive community that is going to help you rock your marketing with the exact brain that you have, I invite you to come join us in the Joyful Marketing program.  

Aug 11, 2021
148. Trauma and radical self-trust with Coco Madari

I’m so proud to feature my client Coco Madari, one of the youngest Black women coaches to make six figures in her business, and one of the fiercest, most unapologetically original minds in the coaching world. 

What she’s managed to create at such a young age just knocks my socks off. But, there is a dark side to her personal journey as well, which you'll hear all about today.

Tune in this week to discover what it takes to build radical self-trust and self-love when living with trauma. Trauma lives with people their entire lives, and what Coco has achieved and how she helps other people see how their trauma is affecting their lives is going to seriously inspire you.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as Coco's work here:

Aug 09, 2021
BONUS: So, are YOU neurodiverse?

There is one aspect of neurodiversity that is under-understood, and we could all benefit from having a richer perspective on it.

You'll find out what it is in this episode, and how to build a business that works for the particular ways your brain works. 

Remember, you are part of the dazzling spectrum of diversity in the human species and we are happy you are here.

If you want to be surrounded by a super supportive community that is going to help you rock your marketing with the exact brain that you have, come join us in the Joyful Marketing program.  

Aug 04, 2021
147. Depression as an ally in creating a 6-figure business with Melanie Hill

Here at Joyful Marketing, we have declared August Neurodiversity Month, where we celebrate all of the coaches in our world who fall under the neurodiversity spectrum.

I’m showcasing clients of mine who have created successful AF businesses with brains that don’t quite conform to the societal neurotypical standard.

Tune in this week as Melanie shares the one piece of coaching that radically changed her relationship to her own depression and how she now uses it as a tool to prevent burnout before it happens.

She’s discussing how to use the wisdom that comes from having a non-linear mind to express your genius even more fully in the coaching that you provide to your clients.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as Melanie's work here:

Aug 02, 2021
BONUS: Introducing Neurodiversity Month

Welcome to Neurodiversity Month!

This month, I invite you to join me in  saying eff you to all the rules and assumptions handed down to us from the wider culture about what are normal and acceptable ways for brains to function.

Each week in August, I'm having one of my brilliant and gifted clients take over the podcast. They're going to be giving you an intimate look at what their journeys have been like, how they got to where they are today, and how they think about their unique brains as allies, not obstacles. 

Your business will never be the same after this month. Join us for the festivities in the Joyful Marketing program:

Aug 02, 2021
146. The metaphysics of a 7-figure business with Sunny Smith MD

We often think we can only be logical and analytical in our businesses. That there is absolutely no room for woo or magic.

But my guest and I disagree.

Tune in this week to discover what you miss out on when you’re busy “actioning” in your business and in turn banishing enchantment from ever showing up.

Sunny is sharing what enchantment marketing means to her, how she follows her joy and delight to run her 7-figure business, and an exercise to help you do the same.

Find links to everything we mention as well as links to Sunny's work here:

Jul 26, 2021
145. The surprising reason you’re not booking clients

Does this sound familiar:

You’re showing up on social media, making offers, telling people you’re a coach, and all you’re getting back are crickets. Nobody’s reaching out asking how they can work with you, but you feel so solid in what you have to offer that you’re left with your hands in the air, completely confused. 

In other words, you’re doing everything you know you should be doing, and you’re not getting the results you want.

I’ve experienced this in my own business, so I’m sharing that vulnerable story with you today, as well as what I’ve discovered as the surprising reason you might not be booking clients right now.

Get links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Jul 19, 2021
144. Making money through pregnancy and maternity leave with Stacey Boehman

This week, I’ve got the one and only Stacey Boehman on the show!

She’s not only my coach, mentor, and friend, but she has played a huge role in my own family planning trajectory.

She’s shown me that we do not have to compromise on our goals as women just because we want to live full lives that include a family and an amazing business. So get ready for an episode full of life-changing gems.

I’m sharing some of the results I plan on creating while I’m on maternity leave, how Stacey coached me through these decisions, and why we can choose to leave behind the narratives we’re fed about our value as women in business.

Find links to everything we mention as well as Stacey's work here:

Jul 12, 2021
143. Showing up authentically VS. as a “hot mess”

The word “authenticity” has become a buzzword these days, especially in the online business realm.

And hey, I'm a part of that. I’m also always telling my people to prioritize marketing and selling in an authentic way.

But what does that actually even mean?

If you feel like a hot mess, and you're falling apart, what does showing up authentically mean, and how is that supposed to help you market?

In this episode, I’m sharing 3 very important truths about authenticity that is going to clear up all of this confusion. You'll walk away knowing exactly how you can be authentic AND powerful every single time. 

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Jul 05, 2021
142. Sovereignty and right relationship with Karen Hawkwood

Friends, I’m bringing back a guest this week that I know all of you adored the first time she was here. Since being on the podcast last time, I’ve received messages from so many of you thanking me for introducing you to her brilliance, and so I’ll say you’re welcome in advance because I know this conversation is going to be completely mind-blowing yet again.

Join us this week as Karen and I explore the balance between sovereignty and communality, especially when it comes to business; what it means to be in “right relationship,” and the complicated relationship we humans have with the inevitability of decay and loss, amongst so many other juicy nuggets that will challenge and expand what you think about our roles and vocations as life coaches.

Get links to everything we talk about in this episode as well as Karen's work here:

Jun 28, 2021
141. The five percent pledge with Sarah Kennedy

How do you make sure that your business is a force for good in the world?

The first thing to make sure is that you are doing great work for your clients. But there are so many other things we can do. And I’d like to suggest one idea that one of my clients, Sarah, and I committed to: the 5% Pledge.

Get links to everything we talk about in this episode as well as Sarah's work here:

Jun 21, 2021
140. The best of Joyful Marketing coaching moments

Friends, strap yourselves in for a super fun episode this week!

In my Joyful Marketing program, we do weekly live coaching calls with everybody where they can bring their questions and we coach through them.

So if you’ve been thinking about joining for a while but you’ve been on the fence, it’s your lucky day because I’m giving you a little taster of what these sessions are like.

We cover everything from what to do when you struggle to believe in the value you have to offer to how to recover from big failures. There is literally nothing my clients can’t bring to the table, so you may even hear some of your own concerns and doubts addressed here!

Get links to everything mentioned in this episode here:

Jun 14, 2021
139. How to manage your nervous system to unleash your genius with Bryn Bamber

You might think that marketing is all about implementing strategy, but there’s something even more important that is absolutely key to unleashing your genius.

I’ve brought on Bryn Bamber, a student in Joyful Marketing, to discuss the impact our nervous system has on our marketing, and how to get it on our side, working for us.

If you experience paralyzing fear over what to post or how to get your message across to your audience, you need this episode.

This is not optional, nice-to-have extra information, and I promise it’s going to change everything once you see how your stress cycle and nervous system are playing out for you right now.

Find links to Bryn's work and everything we mention in this episode here:

Jun 07, 2021
138. Marketing perfectionist fantasy

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I’ll be able to market much better when I have a bigger audience”?

Or maybe it’s when you’re more confident, or have a perfect niche, or when you have more time, or when you’re better at writing copy.

Then, and only then, will your marketing be easier and more effective.

This mindset is called a marketing perfectionist fantasy, and it sucks.

In this episode, learn exactly how to break free from your marketing perfectionist fantasy and show up as the fabulous marketer you already are.

Find links to everything mentioned in this episode including the genius who coined this concept here:

Jun 02, 2021
137. Creating your first paying clients with Lori Krikorian

Does the prospect of signing clients and making money in your coaching business feel mysterious AF? 

Are you on the brink of giving up, doubting that you’ll ever figure out how to get paying clients? 

My client Lori Krikorian is on the show this week, and she’s been in your shoes.

This episode is going to give you the roadmap to help you identify what you might be missing, and the few key shifts that will start letting the money and clients that you want to flow in. 

Find links to Lori's work and everything mentioned in this episode here:

May 31, 2021
BONUS: Model Heresy

For the first time ever, I’m teaching a one-time class LIVE, and you are invited!

The class is called Model Heresy, and takes place on June 3rd.

You see, I do some very strange things with the self-coaching Model. And my unique approaches get me really cool results in my life and business, so I want to share them with you.

I have never taught these ideas before. You'll be the first to learn them, and they will dramatically change the way you do thought work and create results.

Best of all, the ticket to enter is only $6. And we’re going to have a lot of fun. See you there.

Sign up for the class HERE
A quick-start guide to the Model

Episode show notes:

May 26, 2021
136. How to tell intuition apart from brain noise

Have you ever felt like your intuition has betrayed you or let you down? Is your intuition something you’ve even tried to tune into? 

Guess what, friends. Your intuition is always on your side. 

So if you want to know how to harness that superpower in tandem with your gifts as a coach, listen in. 

Today I’m showing you how to get better at recognizing when your intuition is helping you, how to honor it, and how to tell it apart from brain noise. 

Find links to everything I mention in this episode here:

May 24, 2021
135. Classy marketing with Susan Hyatt

Lots of people are effective with their marketing... but how many people do it with CLASS?

Well, Susan Hyatt — Master Certified Life Coach, bestselling author and 7-figure CEO — does. 

I picked her brain on what it means to be classy in marketing, why it matters, and how to stay classy while also being an unapologetically opinionated and powerful woman.

This is not a conversation to be missed.

Find links to Susan's work as well as everything we mention in today's episode here:

May 17, 2021
134. A better question for wording your offer

If you’re currently trying to perfect your offer or niche statement, I’ve got a little love note for you, my friends. 

 Spending time perfecting your offer statement isn’t the most useful thing you can do for your business. 

Let me offer you a much better question that will tell you how to better word your offer. 

Find links to everything mentioned in today's episode here:

May 12, 2021
133. Big happy money secrets with Serena Hicks

Extraordinary results leaves clues. Listen for them in this interview.

When she first signed up for my mastermind, Serena had to borrow her boyfriend’s credit to pay for it. But, in just six months, she created almost $300,000.  And now she’s on track to become a millionaire.

If you’re ready to shift your money mindset and start making serious dough, tune in.

Serena breaks down how she got out of a perpetually-broke mindset.

From how to fill up your client roster by making your marketing plan feel like a party, to embracing good and bad clients, we’re talking about it all.

Find links to Serena's work and everything else we mention today here:

May 10, 2021
132. Result surprise

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. You’re taking lots of steps in your business to sign the clients and make the amount of money you want. You’re doing this training over here, going through this other program over there; you’re busy as fuck, and yet, you’re not getting the results you want and you’re genuinely confused as to why.

My friends, this is what I call Result Surprise. 

This type of situation is one I see so often and coach many of my clients on, and I’ve identified three reasons why it happens so you can stop feeling uncertain and confused, and instead start cultivating the fuel that will create your dream results.

Find links to everything mentioned in today's episode here:

May 05, 2021
131. Organic marketing mastery with Elizabeth Levitin

Friends, if ever there was an episode that you want to be ready with a pen and notebook for, this is it.

My guest is my mastermind client Dr. Elizabeth Levitin. She’s a life coach who helps stressed-out people love their lives by setting boundaries and prioritizing themselves to show up with joy and ease.

Listen in this week for the ultimate how-to episode on believing in yourself to become that higher-value coach. Elizabeth is sharing her experience of shifting into organic marketing and what helped her master it, as well as the work required of you before you start increasing your prices. 

Find links to everything we mention as well as Elizabeth's work here:

May 03, 2021
130. Why not to crowdsource

I’m here to make a compelling case to you today, my friends. 

I want you to stop crowdsourcing opinions and answers for your business, and even if this is something you’ve relied upon in the past, I’m pretty sure you’ll be converted after tuning in today.

Listen in this week to discover the 4 reasons I have a firm policy against crowdsourcing, and the difference between asking for support and leaning on others to make powerful decisions. 

I want you to give yourself the permission to make the damn call, to do the damn thing, and I promise, you’re going to find so much power and self-authority when you tap into your own internal reservoir of wisdom and resilience. 

Find links to everything mentioned in today's episode here:

Apr 28, 2021
129. Messy life, big results with Stephanie Spinelli

I’ve got my mastermind student Stephanie Spinelli on the show today, and she’s a general life coach who specializes in helping women reclaim themselves.

She made more than her entire income last year in just one month and quadrupled her clients while her personal life was falling apart, and if you can’t fathom how someone could possibly do that, you need to listen in. 

Join us this week as I quiz Stephanie on the beliefs and foundational principles of coaching she used to put her game face on and keep delivering at the highest level for her clients throughout the storminess of her personal life.

Nothing has to slow you down, and Stephanie is a true testament to the power of self-coaching and learning to manage your mind. 

Find links to Stephanie's work and everything else we talk about in today's episode here:

Apr 26, 2021
128. Creating success with Joyful Marketing

If you somehow didn’t already know this, I lead the ultimate marketing program for life coaches, also fittingly called Joyful Marketing!

I receive so many questions from you listeners about what you learn there and how this program can change the trajectory of your coaching practice, so I thought the best way for me to convey its power to you is by sharing an interview with four of my students!

Listen in this week to discover the power of Joyful Marketing, and how to tune into the miracle of being a business owner, instead of swimming in the fear and drama so many new entrepreneurs face.

Running your practice and marketing to your people can feel easy and effortless, and if you’re struggling, Joyful Marketing is calling your name.

Find links to each of these amazing students as well as everything else mentioned in the episode here:

Apr 19, 2021
127. How I made 2 million dollars - Q&A Part 3

If you’re currently hemming and hawing, spending precious time and energy thinking, dissecting, and overanalyzing every business decision, you do not want to miss this episode.

I’m giving you insight into the mindset work and tangible actions that I took to make two million dollars so you can kill it at every stage of your growth, even when it’s hard and uncomfortable. 

No matter whether you’re miles away from making two million dollars, or whether you’re confident that it’s on the cards for you, I hope that part 3 of this Q&A instills a sense of possibility and confidence that this is 100% on the horizon and that my answers serve you in making your pursuit of success truly joyous and aligned with your vision and mission.

Get more information as well as links to everything I mention in this episode here:

Apr 12, 2021
126. The 2 million dollars belief plan - Q&A Part 2

Almost exactly two years ago in the spring of 2019, I was selling tarot readings for $38 and coaching packages for $450. I truly believed no one would pay any more than that for my services, and that I’d die of shame if I ventured out to try something new and failed.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like I was, tired of living with your wings folded in, scared of failing, and sick of hiding from your potential, I invite you to start your own belief plan.

I’m sharing all the beliefs I’ve compiled over the last couple of years that are now a part of who I am, and my top tips to help you get started imagining the outrageous, heart-opening, universe-expanding beliefs possible for you too.

Find the full show notes and links to everything I mention in the episode here:

Apr 07, 2021
125. How I made 2 million dollars - Q&A Part 1

Over the past 24 months, I’ve created over two million dollars in my business. If you're wondering how I did it, today is your lucky day.

I’m telling you everything, and I mean everything, you want to know about how I reached this milestone. 

There were lots of growing pains along the way, but they didn't stop me. And they don’t have to stop you from letting your marketing and selling potential explode too. 

Join me today as I answer your questions about elevating your thinking to be the magnetic coach people just can’t not buy from, my personal guiding principles that have gotten me here, and the most significant breakthroughs I’ve discovered that have people wanting everything I have to offer.

You can find the full show notes and links to everything I mention in the episode here:

Apr 05, 2021
124. Doing harm through marketing

Since you started marketing your coaching business, have you had anyone tell you that what you’re doing isn’t right, or accuse you of intentionally causing harm?

I’ll wager this has happened at least once to every single coach out there, and it likely made you feel shame and guilt, wanting to just shut down and vanish off the face of the planet. 

Tune in this week to discover why attempting to completely avoid causing harm is simply not possible, and what you can focus on in your business instead. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Mar 29, 2021
123. Transactional marketing

Have you ever found yourself frustrated, wanting to quit a strategy in your business because it’s not producing the results you want?

Maybe you’ve been running a Facebook group with the hopes it brings you paying clients, or consistently posting on Instagram, hoping for an uptick in followers and engagement, and it’s just not happening.

If that's you, join me this week as I show you how you might accidentally be in transactional marketing mode and why you want to avoid being in this place.

I’m sharing my top 3 principles to help you course-correct if you do find yourself in this energy, so that you can create marketing content that not only feels fun to you but that your people can’t get enough of too.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Mar 22, 2021
122. How to avoid marketing like an asshole

Have you ever felt like a marketing asshole? I have no shame in saying that I definitely have, and I know that this isn't how you want to feel.

Until you develop the ability to market with integrity, marketing won't feel very good.

So in today's podcast, I'm sharing how you can learn to market from your greatest strength, deepest authenticity, and love for your people. You will learn the 3 principles that guide you to marketing like a good person, and not like an asshole!

I know this is going to turn you on to your own excellence and the beautiful relationships you can have with those you serve. I did it, so I know you can too!
Get full show notes and more information here:

Mar 15, 2021
BONUS: Asshole Brain, just the song

We've received so many requests from all of you for this song, so we are thrilled to make your dreams come true today!

Please enjoy this masterpiece of a song, Asshole Brain by Jessica Heimsoth.

And make sure you check out Jessica's work at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

Mar 12, 2021
121. Asshole Brain, the Song by Jessica Heimsoth

We have a musical debut on this podcast this week!

You want to take 3 minutes out of your life today and listen to this song, written and performed by my client and fully-booked coach, Jessica.

It’ll make you laugh and love yourself through your business journey, guaranteed.

Afterwards, listen to our conversation about the importance of practicing self-love and tuning into what really lights us up individually.

I hope this episode serves as a permission slip for you to bring more creativity and playfulness into your marketing and selling, as Jessica exemplifies.

Get full show notes and more information, including the lyrics, here:

Mar 08, 2021
120. How to decide what to invest in

Join me on the podcast this week as I outline 3 things you need to know about smart investing, and the questions you need to ask yourself so you will not only make great decisions you’re thrilled with, but show up as the rockstar student and success story in any room you choose to be in. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Mar 01, 2021
119. How to sell with any niche (or no niche)

Listen in this week as I show you why your niche does not matter and what actually does instead. If you’re currently spending lots of time worrying about your niche, this may be a hard pill to swallow.

But listen in and learn how to be a coach - niche or no niche - that everyone wants to love on and buy from.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Feb 22, 2021
118. Quick-and-dirty thought work hacks

Tune in this week as I share my top three belief work hacks. I genuinely believe these tips to be effective and essential in up-leveling your thoughts, and bonus, they only take a couple of minutes to do. You will be amazed at the transformation in your self-concept when you do these steps consistently, so get busy brain hacking! 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Feb 15, 2021
117. Post-industrial feminist productivity with Kara Loewentheil

Join Kara and me this week as we share our different perspectives on what the post-industrial feminist model of productivity means to us, how the emergence of the Industrial Revolution has impacted our beliefs about productivity, and why we have to do the work of delinking our worth and value to our output.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Feb 08, 2021
116. How to self-coach for better marketing

How are you approaching your self-coaching practice? Do you even have one? You might be thinking right now that self-coaching has nothing to do with the way you market, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m here today to sell you on the importance of self-coaching effectively to market better in your business, so strap yourselves in, my friends. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Feb 01, 2021
115. Marketing ethics and responsible stewardship with Hiro Boga

This week’s podcast is not your typical business episode with actionable tips and marketing advice that you’re used to.

Instead, I’m bringing you a conversation I had with Hiro Boga with the hopes that you listen in and question your current scope of what you think is relevant to your work as a life coach. I hope you embrace the process of being challenged, provoked, and expanded.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Jan 25, 2021
114. How to get amazing testimonials

Does the thought of asking your clients for testimonials feel awkward and icky to you?

There are so many misconceptions about what testimonials are really about, and I have some strong feelings about them that I can’t wait to share with you on today’s episode to get you thinking about them in a way that serves you and your people.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Jan 18, 2021
113. Why Michelle Ward is burning it all down

Why would a successful coach choose to burn down her empire after 12 years?

If you want the privilege of hearing a high-level coach talk through the long-game perspective of being in business, Michelle is generously sharing with us how she problem solves in her business and through her own mind drama, the difficult decisions she’s making, and what committing to a life of entrepreneurship really entails.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Jan 14, 2021
112. How to not f*ck up ambitious goals

You might have already guessed this, but I’m a huge proponent of setting super ambitious goals and pursuing goals that feel just that tiny bit out of reach.

Whether the idea of an ambitious goal stresses you out and you avoid it at all costs, or you get caught up in the cycle of hustling and adding unnecessary pressure on yourself to get to a goal, this episode is for you.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Jan 11, 2021
111. Creating a 100K month with Alexander James

My client and guest today, Alexander James, has made $127,000 just in the last month of my Six Months to Fully Booked Mastermind. Yes, you read that right - 127K in 1 month!

Join us this week as I quiz Alexander on the changes that fueled his success, and the work that’s necessary to create quantum leaps in business. I know you’re going to love listening to him share his a-ha moments!

Get full show notes and more information here:

Jan 04, 2021
110. How to plan for 2021 with Eyenie Schultz

If you want to approach this New Year differently, without dreading the inevitable disappointment when you don’t hit your resolutions, Eyenie Schultz joins me today to share her infinite wisdom on curating the kind of energy that will have you living your best life in 2021. 

This work we’re sharing is not optional if you want to activate your most iconic magnetic frequency!

Get full show notes and more information here:

Dec 28, 2020
109. How to sign renewal clients

Does the thought of having a conversation with your clients about renewing their coaching contract fill you with dread and anxiety?

If you want to learn how to confidently lead your clients to say yes to another round of coaching, this episode is for you. There’s only one thing you need awareness around to have powerful conversations with your clients about re-upping their coaching, and I’m breaking it down for you.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Dec 21, 2020
108. Faith and 6-figure self-concept with April Price

If you're a person of faith building a coaching business, you can't miss this episode.

I'm talking to my mastermind client April Price, who built a nearly 6-figure business in less than a year.

Listen to our conversation as I pick her brain about how her Christian faith helped to build her self-belief, and how her thinking helps her to create extraordinary results from group coaching.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Dec 14, 2020
107. Making a million dollars Q&A

Join me on the podcast this week for my making a million dollars Q&A episode! I hope my answers today give you a deeper insight into my own mindset around creating sustainable success, and that it helps you get to a million dollars in your business too!

Get full show notes and more information here:

Dec 07, 2020
106. Making a million dollars

I’ve learned a lot in the last year, and I want to share my observations about the journey so far, the thoughts on my mind about making a million dollars, and what my plans are for the future. 

Join me today for the first part of my million-dollar experience! I hope my insights help you get aligned with your goals, to make a million dollars if that’s what you want, or frankly, to reach any other dream you have.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Nov 30, 2020
105. How to make half a million in a month with Wendy Horng Brawer

Wendy Horng Brawer and her business partner launched their company over the summer, mid-pandemic. The mere notion of trying to do something like this in 2020 is already so fearless and bold but there's more...

Join us this week as I quiz Wendy on her journey as an entrepreneur and how exactly she’s managed to make over half a million dollars in the last month. She is the perfect example of the impact energy work and being in alignment can have on your growth and momentum, so make sure to listen all the way through to the end where Wendy shares her meditation technique with us.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Nov 23, 2020
Make marketing not suck with Joyful Marketing

Does marketing feel heavy and awkward to you? Is it a part of your business-building journey that feels icky and that you dread doing?  Well, I have just the thing for you.

Doors to Joyful Marketing open today and I’m sharing everything you’re going to gain from joining! You get to stay in the community forever, keep all the tools and assets in there, and I know that with this work, marketing is going to feel just as fun, exciting, and meaningful as it is coaching your clients. 

Get ready to make marketing NOT suck, forever. The doors to Joyful Marketing are open right now:

Nov 18, 2020
104. From Corporate America to Six-Figure Coaching Business with Jill Griffin

Jill Griffin was working in corporate America as a marketing executive until she transitioned into coaching.

Coming from a corporate world, she’s had to make shifts in how she addresses her audience, and she’s sharing some nuggets of what has helped her find the right balance and alignment to make the biggest transformations in her business.  I’m so excited for you to get a peek inside the mind of a woman who thinks about business at a really high level!

Get full show notes and more information here:

Nov 16, 2020
103. How to get fully booked as a highly sensitive person with Hannah Brooks

Many of you think you have to be loud and exuberant to make your brand attractive, but my guest today, Hannah Brooks, is the perfect example to demonstrate why this is just not true.

Hannah and I discuss the gifts and detriments of being highly sensitive, and some of the practices that Hannah integrates to try to curb her perfectionistic tendencies. We all have negative feelings, no matter what kind of person you identify as, and I can’t wait for you to discover why feeling bad occasionally doesn’t have to get in the way of your success.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Nov 09, 2020
The Fearless Marketing Bible for Life Coaches

I am delighted to announce the release my new book, The Fearless Marketing Bible for Life Coaches. It is a compilation of all the best original marketing insights I’ve shared with my community over the past two years.

Download it now and flip to any random page for a burst of inspiration, encouragement and actionable tips:

Nov 04, 2020
102. What to give away for free and what to charge for

You have so many new and brilliant ideas up your sleeve but get held back by the notion that you shouldn’t give it all away for free, or you get stuck in confusion about what to share and what not to, right?

We all want people to consume our free content, get lots of transformations, and then still want to come and pay us for more but it’s all about striking the right balance!

Listen in today to discover how I think about the concept of free versus paid, and why I don’t use payment as a determining factor as to whether I show up with my best work.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Nov 02, 2020
101. Winning results vs. bonus results

Investing in ourselves and in our businesses can be extremely scary, especially when money is tight, which, let’s be honest, is the reality for most of you if you’re just starting out.

You understandably want to get the most value out of anything you pay for, but having outlandish goals that don’t align with your progress so far could be slowing you down.

My tips today are going to help you set your goals in a way that ensures your success.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Oct 26, 2020
100. Coach brain vs. human brain

Do you ever have times where you feel like your human brain is sabotaging your ability to show up as a coach? Maybe it’s a recurring feeling of anxiety or anger, and you think that as a coach, this shouldn’t be happening.

Today, I’m diving into the concept of the coach brain versus the human brain to show you why you can have both and still let your brilliance shine.

And, oh hey, did you notice the new podcast name?  Same awesome info, new awesome title.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Oct 19, 2020
99. Three stages of growth

As I’ve helped my masterminders grow their businesses and become fully booked, I’ve noticed three distinct stages of growth that each one of them has had to navigate.

Join me this week as I show you what the three stages of growth are and where many people go wrong with their understanding of what their growth entails. There is one crucial step that so many of you are missing, and my hope is that by sharing these stages, it will help you take ownership of your results and not let it feel like any success you achieve is a fluke. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Oct 12, 2020
98. How to be a rich anticapitalist with Coco Madari

"I think when we are thinking that having a lot of money is bad, we are keeping ourselves in a place of I am only going to make as much as I need. That keeps you in a state of constant survival mode" ~ Coco Madari

Many people share the belief that the system of capitalism and making lots of money is at odds with doing good in the world and generally being a good person.

Coco has spent a lot of time intentionally thinking about the negative associations we tie to wanting to make more money, and we’re highlighting why this is a thought error, and how you can show up in abundance and authenticity instead. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

Oct 05, 2020
97. How to rock Instagram marketing with Erica Reitman

"Hashtags can be a helpful tool for you, but again, if your content is not connecting with people, if you’re not taking the time to really put in the effort and move the needle for people in your community, hashtags aren’t going to do it for you." ~ Erica Reitman

Instagram is a platform that many of us are dying to know how to best take advantage of to do just this, and I’ve got the perfect guest on the show to talk us through it today.

When it comes to social media, many of us get wrapped up in followers and what our feed looks like, but Erica’s insight on what truly matters is going to be so valuable to you in serving your people in the best possible way.   

Get full show notes and more information here:

Sep 28, 2020
96. How I created $825K in 12 months

Every time I hit a new revenue goal or milestone in my business, I like to document it by sharing it all with you here on the podcast, almost as a time capsule of where my head is at while it’s happening.

Listen in this week to discover a few fun facts about what the past 12 months have looked like for me, and the mindset I’ve developed around money, time, and success in general. You’re going to learn a lot about what has gotten me here today, and I hope you find it useful on your own journey.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Sep 21, 2020
95. How to step into fully-booked coach identity with Jacqueline Gates

"When you start mining your future for details on how to perform, when you start playing the role you want to play, instead of the one you’ve always been playing, you start thinking differently." ~ Jacqueline Gates

Trying to take that next level up can feel fake like we’re pretending to be someone we’re not.

But 6 Months to Fully Booked Masterminder — and now a fully booked coach! — Jacqueline’s take on incremental steps to becoming the next version of yourself is going to change your life.

Listen to discover how to start claiming space in your life to become the fully booked version of you.

Taking up space and rehearsing your becoming is the key to transforming into the “leading lady of your show”, as Jacqueline puts it, and she’s so generously sharing her three-question process so you can get started right now.   

Get full show notes and more information here:

Sep 14, 2020
94. The path of mastery with Karen Hawkwood

"You don’t get that just placed in your hand. You have to earn it because it’s worth a lot. And so what that earning involves is continuing to fall down and get up. Fall down and get up, and fall down and get up." - Karen Hawkwood

The path of mastery is all about feeling our way a bit at a time into what makes us uniquely us.

Especially within the realm of business and marketing, we want to invite people to experience the essence of who we are. But we’re often doing the opposite - taming our own nature.

This week, Karen walks us through her insights on what mastery means, and why it’s crucial to feel into your you-ness and find the bravery to edge towards it.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Sep 07, 2020
93. 6-Figure launch secrets

I’ve made multiple six figures off of three launches I did this year alone, and today, I want to share some of my launch secrets with you.

I investigated the one key thread in everything I did over all my launches and figured out my number one six-figure launch secret, and I’m breaking it down into three core steps so you can apply it wherever you are.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how I made my multiple six-figure launches possible, and the trifecta that will make you the most effective person in service to your clients and thus, making you an irresistible person to work with.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Aug 31, 2020
92. Money mindset for fast growth with Vikki Louise

“We’re making money decisions for comfort, and we SHOULD be be making them for discomfort.” - Vikki Louise

If you want to make more money, all you have to do is to change the way you think about money.

There are specific ways of thinking that help you make important investments for your growth... and common pitfalls to avoid.

Listen to this conversation with Vikki Louise and I to learn specific money thoughts that will put you on the fastest trajectory to create the business you want.

Get full show notes and more information here:

Aug 24, 2020
91. How to be vulnerable AND authoritative with Claire Byrne

“This is me. I’m not going to apologize. The enlightenment comes from owning yourself.” - Claire Byrne

Can you be coaching people to feel more joy... while you're feeling miserable?
Can you be coaching people on their heartbreak... while going through your own heartbreak?
Yes, you can. And it doesn't mean you have to put up a fake façade.
My colleague Claire Byrne is a multiple-6-figure life coach, and a living example of how to be "real" AND profitable. I interviewed her for the no-holds-barred take on how it's done.
Listen to find out how to show up as your true self, tell your stories honestly... and STILL come across as an expert that people can't wait to hire.


Show notes:
Find Claire's course: 

Aug 18, 2020
90. How to be an amazing client

The simple truth that I wish I knew earlier: the client that we ARE is the client we GET.

Coaches who invest big in their own coaching, are ALL IN, and take 100% responsibility for creating amazing results for themselves... sign clients who do the exact same.

Coaches who are reluctant to invest big, second-guess the coaching they get, and don't fully show up for their desired results... find themselves surrounded by other wishy-washy people who hover around them without ever committing to a YES.

Want your marketing to work? 

BECOME your own coach's dream client.

In this episode, I explain the THREE things to focus on so that you can be an amazing client who consistently attracts and signs amazing clients.

Aug 12, 2020
89. How to market when life brings you to your knees

If you're human, it's inevitable that very  painful things will happen that feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you.

Not even life coaches with the best mind management skills can avoid being thrown into the rawest and most vulnerable aspects of the human experience once in a while.... because it's simply part of living life on Planet Earth. 

So, how are you supposed to show up and market your life coaching business in these times?

In this episode, I answer this exact question. 

My hope is that this episode equips you with the wisdom and courage to make the most loving decisions towards yourself -- which will always ALSO be the best decisions for your business. 

Aug 10, 2020
88. How to overdeliver

Overdelivering is one of my core business values.

Overdelivering just means giving the client WAY more than you receive, going above and beyond, impressing them beyond their expectations.

When you overdeliver consistently, you will never be short on clients because everyone wants to receive more than they give.

And there is a common misunderstanding about what it means to overdeliver and how to do it.

In this episode, I break down that misconception, and share THREE factors that consistently allow me to create an overdelivering experience for my clients.


Want the "questions that create overdelivering" that I listed on this episode? Join my free Facebook group to access the document, and so many more business-building resources for life coaches.

Aug 05, 2020
87. How to stop feeling like shit

Feel like shit often, building your business?

Me too. And it's not a problem.
It only becomes a problem that slows you down when you get stuck there.

Here's how NOT to get stuck there.

I will read you an excerpt from my Mastermind workbook, titled "How to stop feeling like shit."

Guaranteed you'll feel better by the end of the episode, and have a better tool for how to get yourself out of feeling bad next time.

Show notes:
Apply for the 6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind.

Jul 29, 2020
86. How to market with anxiety with Vikki Louise

You've never had anxiety explained like THIS before.

Vikki Louise is a life coach, anxiety expert, and host of the podcast F*ck Anxiety and Get Sh*t Done. She's my go-to resource when it comes to hacking your brain.

Anxiety actually plays a huge part in preventing life coaches from marketing effectively. Even if you are a coach with rockstar skills, if you clam up every time you talk about your offer, you won't be able to reach many people!

So I invited Vikki on the show so that we can all understand and manage our own brains better, so that more people can get the help they need from life coaches.

We talk about:

  • How exactly anxiety can be your superpower
  • The BEST metaphor for dealing with anxiety that I’ve ever heard 
  • Why you should expect anxiety, and create more of it on purpose in marketing… 
  • … and how to get massive growth from it
  • How to respond like a pro when your anxiety flares up in public 

... and so much more!

If you have a human brain, this is truly a must-listen episode.


Show notes: Check out Vikki's podcast F*ck Anxiety and Get Sh*t Done.

Jul 24, 2020
85. How to create a "fully booked" mindset

I run an exclusive business training program for life coaches called the 6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind.

With my mastermind students, the very first thing we work on is how to step into who they want to become NOW -- in other words, how to be in "fully booked coach" energy right away.

We do that before planning or strategizing on anything, because upgrading your own energy is the fastest way to get different results.

When you are in that energy, you carry yourself differently. You end up writing stronger copy, making more confident offers, and attracting more ideal clients who clearly see the value of your offer.

In this episode, I share the 3 most important cornerstones of the "fully booked" mindset, and share tips for how you, too, can get started creating it.


Show notes:
Apply to the 6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind.

Jul 24, 2020
84. How to make 14K in 4 weeks with Katy Arrington, Coach for Artists

This episode is a must-listen if you are a creative spirit AND a coach.

Katy Arrington is an artist and a life coach for artists, and one of my most remarkable clients. 

In my mastermind, she created well over $14K in 4 weeks, from both her original art and coaching.  It might seem like an instant success story, but behind those numbers, I know that there was so much hard work, unwavering commitment and willingness to grow through failure.

I asked her on the show so that I could take my listeners behind the scenes on her journey. 

In this conversation, we talk about: 

  • How to find your voice as an artist AND a coach (hint: it's the same process)
  •  The ONE emotion that made Katy so much money
  • Why “worst case scenario” work can change everything
  • How to create marketing excellence even when you have little experience 
  • How to build resilience AND enjoyment in the process of growth

... and so much more.


Show notes:
Follow Katy on Instagram

Apply for the 6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind

Jul 21, 2020
83. How to create a thriving business with ADHD

I've had a textbook ADHD diagnosis since I was a little girl.

For a long time, I thought it was something 'wrong' with me. I thought I had to 'overcome' my ADHD in order to be successful in business, and felt a lot of shame about the way my brain works.

Because I know that this is a common experience for so many gifted coaches with ADHD, I want to take this episode to talk about how it's possible to thrive with, not in spite of, ADHD.

I truly believe that I could not have the business that I do today without ADHD.

Yours, too, can be your superpower, co-creative partner, and source of your ingenuity. Listen to this episode for my ideas on how.


Say hello on Instagram

Jul 17, 2020
82. How to market when you have trauma with Karen C.L. Anderson

"Your trauma is not your fault, but the healing is your responsibility." - Karen C.L. Anderson

If you ever felt confused, frozen or even dissociated in showing up to market and sell, this episode is a must-listen.

I see this over and over: the impact of trauma often keeps great coaches from fully sharing their gifts with the world.

Many live with the effect of big, obvious trauma. And so many more of us are impacted by more subtle traumas. They all "count", and they all deserve caring consideration in order to heal.

I wanted to have a conversation with my colleague, author and master coach Karen C.L. Anderson, about how to recognize when this is happening, and what to do about it.

Karen brings such a wise and compassionate perspective to help you understand what's going on in your nervous system. 

We discuss:

  • A new definition of trauma that will help to dissolve feelings of shame
  • How sometimes, it's not always thoughts, but your nervous system that creates feelings
  • What’s really happening when you show up to market and “freeze”
  • How being on social media can feel like an assault, and what to do about it
  • What to do when you dissociate mid-coaching, or mid-"showing up"
  • How to create more ‘mature’ nervous systems


Show notes:

Karen C.L. Anderson's website

Karen's "How to" video on the "Voo" practice

Karen mentions Resmaa Menakem -- therapist, author, expert on conflict and violence

Coaches that specialize in trauma, whom Simone recommends:
Essence Turner
Shyla Cash

Jul 14, 2020
81. How to be a master of the "small sell"

Note: This episode is a continuation of this previous episode, Big sell vs. Small sell. Listen to that first.

If you want people to say yes to your offer, you have to help them feel safe. That's the magic of the small sell -- creating safety in the "yes".

And I've been running a "small sell challenge" in my Facebook group, which has been getting people amazing results.

But the truth is that the magic isn't in my community, or my challenge, created by me.

You can, and should, create your own small sell challenge at all times... so you can create clients at all times.

In this episode, I teach you how to THINK so that you are constantly inspiring your people to say yes to themselves, and to your offer.

Join my Facebook group, Fearless Marketing for Life Coaches.

Jul 13, 2020
80. The most profitable "woo" thing I do

There are a lot of spiritual ideas that are implicit in the marketing principles I teach. With clients who are open, we explore some of them together.

Here's one metaphysical idea that's made a huge difference for me and some of my clients: a successful CEO mindset is a lot easier to cultivate when you don't think you're doing it alone.

**This episode is an excerpt from a Facebook live**

Jul 09, 2020
79. How to NOT market like an amateur

Too many coaches market like amateurs and don't know it.

It costs them clients, revenue AND impact. It keeps them in the same cycle of oblivion, frustration and NO results. 

When you know the exact difference between showing up like a professional and showing up like an amateur, you can change that.

Listen to this episode for a good kick-in-the-butt... and pep talk.

Jul 07, 2020
78. How to quit your day job with Jennie and Lisa

If you dream of leaving your day job to work on your coaching business full time, this episode is for you.
Two of my clients, Jennie and Lisa, recently quit their high-powered, well-paying jobs.
Before they did so, they had understandable fears around making such a big life change, and worried about whether they'd be able to replace their salary.
But these coaches are both such amazing examples of what is possible when you make a powerful decision. Almost immediately upon quitting, they created huge successes in their businesses, and they are now happier than ever.

And I want you to listen in on their brains.
We talk about:

  • How to decide when you’re ready to quit
  • The coaching question that changed Lisa's fear around leaving her job... and how she ended up exceeding her yearly goal in just months
  • How Jennie “sold” her husband on her vision around quitting her job... immediately had a 5-figure month
  • What to do with the 'worst case scenario' so you can be unstoppable

... and so much more.
Listen in, and decide what powerful vision for the future YOU want to create.
Show notes:
Follow Jennie Juechter on Instagram
Find Lisa Drake on Instagram

Jun 29, 2020
77. The myth of "only business coaches make money"

A bit of a rant today!
There is a persistent myth in the coaching industry that "only coaches who coach other coaches make money," or "only business coaches make money."
This is 100% bullshit, un-useful, and keeps coaches from showing up for themselves and the people they serve.
In this episode, I present a robust case to debunk this myth, so we can all get back to the work of making a difference in the world.

Show Notes
In this episode, I asked a handful of my  colleagues who serve "regular people" and still have 6-figure businesses to speak to this issue. Here's how you can find them:

Melanie Childers
Leah Badertscher
Claire Byrne
Angela Mascenik

Jun 27, 2020
76. The cure to "I don't know what to say"

Coaches often tell me that, when they sit down to write or create content, they "don't know what to say."

They end up staring at the screen and passively scrolling for hours! 

It's not true that you don't know what to say, and the confusion is not necessary. 

In this episode, I share a simple reframe that will have you ALWAYS knowing exactly what to say to draw your clients in powerfully.

Jun 24, 2020
75. How to create 4 clients in 30 days with Masterminders

Can you count on yourself to create 4 clients in 30 days?

I gave all the coaches in my 6 Months to Fully Booked mastermind program this challenge... in our first full month of work together: 

In this episode, I got together 8 of the coaches who achieved the goal and asked them to share their know-how.

  • The formula for feeling in control of your results
  • How to believe without evidence
  • How to sign clients when you don't have time
  • When taking more action doesn't create clients, and what really does
  • How to create extraordinary value for your people so hiring you becomes a no-brainer 

This episode is chock full of actionable, client-creating insights. 

You'll walk away massively inspired, and confident that you, too, can learn to create 4 clients in 30 days... and do it again, and again.



Show notes

  • Follow Lilyrozenn Clement, who helps moms create the family lives they want
  • Follow Dee Frayne, who helps business owners get 6-figure results
  • Follow Paige Bowman, who helps women lose 10 lbs in 90 days with ease
  • Follow Aysin Karaduman, who helps moms feel amazing in their skin without deprivation
  • Follow Chantel Allen, coach who helps moms heal anxiety without meds or therapy
  • Follow Denise Fitzpatrick, marriage and relationship coach who helps couples stop having the same old fights for good
  • Follow Kenna Renee, dating coach for single women who are tired of dating the same man over and over
  • Follow Kerrie Blazek, human potential provocateur masquerading as a weight coach
Jun 24, 2020
74. Obedience, complicity, and life coaching with Kathryn Morrison

This is the honest conversation I've been waiting to have with another ally.

My colleague Kathryn Morrison came on my show before to talk about busting out of 'employee mindset' and stepping into CEO mode when it comes to building a 6-figure coaching business.

Now, she's back. And we're talking about how to step into CEO mode in a different way. 

What does it take to break out of complicity and take leadership when it comes to changing oppressive systems?

We talk about:

  • Breaking out of the illusion of "I'm doing enough"
  • How we are conditioned to be obedient to structures of power
  • The difference between soul shame vs. ego shame 
  • How to redirect thoughts that create complicity in our own brains
  • How the life coaching industry can be a voice of moral authority

... and so much more.

This episode is full of big ideas and big questions... and it's only the beginning of what I hope will be lifelong journeys toward conscious inquiry and moral leadership for all of us in the life coaching industry.

Show notes

Simone's (extremely non-exhaustive) list of recommended resources, and people to follow:


Follow Kathryn Morrison on Instagram.

Jun 15, 2020
73. 7 Quick Tips for Morally Responsible Marketing

In under 5 minutes, I'll share 7 simple insights from the top of my mind on how to show up as an entrepreneur during these times.

Jun 10, 2020
72. Black Coaches talk Anti-Racist Leadership

“Black Lives Matter is not a trend in the African-American community… you don’t get to take a break from being black.” - Ruth Duren

“Use your voice. Know that people who aren’t here for your message will fall away, and that’s a good thing.” - Brandy Morris

“Pain is the birthplace of epic change.” - Courtney Adams

“I’m up for the fight. And I want to dance my way through it.” - April Baskin

I invited four powerhouse black life coaches to come together speak candidly about their own anti-racist leadership.

April, Ruth, Brandy, and Courtney talk about:

  • Moving through emotional trauma to get to clarity and truth
  • Separating individual “blame” vs. systemic responsibility
  • Self-correcting as a leader
  • The tension between being compassionate and un-apologetic 
  • The future of Black Lives Matter
  • Plugging into joy and hope in the midst of it all

This conversation will not only change the way you think about social justice, it will change the way you think about coaching and human transformation.

Listen and learn.



Find April Baskin on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Connect with Brandy Morris on Instagram and subscribe to her emails.

Find Courtney Adams on her Facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram.

Connect with Ruth Duren through her website and Instagram.

Jun 10, 2020
71. The Black Coaches Directory

Find the Black Coaches Directory HERE.

To volunteer to be listed, or to recommend a coach, please use this form to Nominate a Coach.

Jun 08, 2020
70. What to say on social media in turbulent times

The world is reeling from the injustice of George Floyd’s murder, and there are a lot of charged emotions in the air. 

Whatever race you are, and wherever you are on the political spectrum, how you speak on social media matters.

I will share some ideas for knowing exactly what to say and what to do without fear or confusion so that you can be in integrity, and show up as a leader for the people you serve.

Jun 06, 2020
69. How I made $210K in 9 days

I recently finished the launch for my next mastermind group, and created $210,000 cash in just 9 days.

For context, it took me the entire last year to create $200,000.... so i learned a thing or two about how to massively fast-track results! 

I want to take you behind the scenes, tell you some stories about exactly how I pulled it off.

I also want to tell you THREE most important principles that I lived by that created this massive result, which you can also start implementing in your business today.

I want to inspire you to believe that your own multiple six-figure launch is completely possible, and start proactively setting the stage for that to happen.

It's completely realistic for you, and I'll teach you how to start working toward it today.


May 29, 2020
68. How to Become a High-End Coach with Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher, my client, is a career mindset coach.

She now easily and consistently generates new consults and signs ideal clients. But that wasn't always the case, even though she's always been an amazing coach, passionate, and hard-working... and had a huge list for a long time.

In our work together, she learned how think and market like a high-end coach... and all the results she wanted followed from that. 

Like 40K revenue in 6 months while actually doing LESS work.

In this podcast, I interview her and we spill the beans on:

  • Why selling lower-priced products isn’t easier
  • Low-end coach thinking vs. high-end coach thinking
  • How a low-end coach writes sales pages vs. high-end coach
  • How to handle when a client says "I'm good today, I don't know if I need coaching"
  • How Natalie changed her thoughts about the pandemic, upgraded her offer and started creating better results for herself and clients
  • An exact example of the kind of email that create 6 consults

If you want to get off the hamster wheel of doing a lot of work for low-end services with small price tags, and start positioning yourself as a high-end coach from integrity, this is a must-listen.

Show notes:
 Find Natalie here:

May 23, 2020
67. For fun: Interview with my husband

There's only one person who sees me work in person every single day, and that's my husband!

I took some fun questions from members of my Facebook group to ask my husband about what it's like to be married to me, how he's seen me grow over the years, and what his thoughts are about life coaching.

Enjoy! :) 

May 23, 2020
66. How to get out of a marketing rut

Many of you listened to the episode titled  “How to Evaluate When You’re Getting Crickets," and asked for more ideas on what to try differently in your marketing.

Well, here they are! 

If you think you’re working hard and are sick of doing the same things with little results, let’s get you out of that marketing rut.

There are so many things you can play with, tweak, and experiment with. 

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How to write calls-to-action that are easier to say “yes” to
  • How to tell different kinds of stories
  • How to try different voices, and still be coherent
  • How to push yourself out of the comfort zone

After you listen to this, "marketing rut" will be history!

May 19, 2020
65. How to create life-changing results in a short time

Many coaches believe that change takes a long time.

They assume that profound, long-lasting results must take months, if not years.

In this episode, I will share with you a different way of thinking about the relationship between time and results.

And I will help you build the confidence that you, too, can create life-changing results in a short time. That will change the way you show up for your current clients and market to future clients.


Show notes

6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind Info:

May 14, 2020
64. How to feel totally certain

As a life coach, how do you know anyone will want to work with you? How do you know your niche will work? Or if you'll be able to hit your first 5-figure month?

Most people know that doubting is not useful. They also know that certainty is magnetic and compelling, and hence more likely to create the exact result you want. 

At the same time, it can be really hard to wrap our logical brains around believing and feeling certainty about something that isn't 'proven'.

In this episode, I share a concept that will help you you think about "certainty in advance" in a new way. 

No crystal ball necessary.

Take a listen.

May 09, 2020
63. Big Sell vs. Small Sell

If you're not getting ideal clients responding to your offers, it's likely because you're only focusing on the "big sell" -- your coaching -- and ignoring the "small sells" in your marketing. 

And I don't mean offering more products. I mean all the IDEAS they have to 'buy into' FIRST before they can 'buy into' getting on your calendar. 

In this episode, I walk you through:

  • The difference between "big sells" and "small sells"
  • Understanding exactly what's keeping your next client from reaching out to you
  • Specific examples of "small selling" that you can implement right away

This concept alone remove so much confusion about how to market so that you're actually getting responses to your offers.

Listen now.


6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind information:
Hang out with me on Instagram: 

May 05, 2020
62. How to go from Employee to CEO with Kathryn Morrison

If you're constantly asking yourself, "What should I do next?"or "I'm doing all the things, so why am I not getting clients?" this episode is for you. 

Most of us are products of the school system, and have had 9-to-5 jobs. But what made us good students and good employees is sometimes what hurts us as entrepreneur.

Kathryn Morrison is a 6-figure coach, and an employee-to-entrepreneur transition expert. I invited her on the show to talk about the difference between employee mindset vs. entrepreneur mindset

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to get over the fear of "what will other people think?"
  • How thinking like a "good student" can hurt you
  • Why "listening to your intuition" doesn't always work (and what does)
  • The one belief that can remove your fear of failure
  • Kathryn's unique method for breaking out of rule-following patterns

Follow Kathryn on Instagram at @kathrynmorrisoncoaching.

Download her worksheet for aligning your inner CEO, Manager, and Employee.

Follow Simone on Instagram at @simone.grace.seol.

May 05, 2020
61. How to create your first 5-figure month with Jen, Jennie and Amber

If you want to hear from coaches creating revenue breakthroughs in real time, this is the MUST-LISTEN episode for you. 

THREE of my clients had their first 5-figure months in April 2020.

I got all of them all together to dissect the 'how', while the accomplishment is fresh on their minds. 

Jen Navaro talks about:

  • How she thought she was “all in” but wasn’t actually
  • How to make the switch from hustling to client-creating
  • Why learning how to say "no" to her own ideas was so important
  • The #1 thought that contributed to Jen's 5-figure month

Jennie Juechter talks about:

  • How treating coaching like therapy was sabotaging her 
  • The thought that got her out of niche drama 
  • How ONE challenge got her to "stop dicking around"
  • How to get into the energy that exploded the number of her consults

Amber Bryce reveals:

  • How she got out of feeling complacent
  • One thought that led to 2x sales for Amber
  • How to “install” new beliefs into your brain 
  • How to create repeatable results 

You'll also learn why the LONGEST-lasting mind drama doesn’t even matter, and the sneaky thought that holds women back in business.

This interview is full of gems that will inspire you, and most of all convince you that YOU, TOO, have what it takes to create your first five-figure month... and it's coming sooner than you think.


3 Questions to Find What You Are Compelled By: Mission Clarity Worksheet

Find Jennie Juechter on Instagram
Find Jen Navaro on Instagram
Check out Amber Bryce's shop

Find Simone on Instagram

6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind info:

May 05, 2020
60. Paradox Tolerance

Being your own boss, you need to be capable of nuanced thinking. That means being able to hold seemingly contradictory ideas in your mind.

On average, people cannot handle paradox, and hence have trouble making powerful decisions when things get a little complex.

For example:

  • If clients have self-agency and are 100% responsible for the results they get, what is the role of the coach? How do we talk about that in marketing?
  • How could it be true that copy is a powerful sales tool, and also that it doesn't matter at all?

If you know how to tolerate complexity, you will be problem-solving at a higher level. And that makes you a more effective coach AND entrepreneur.

In this episode, I will teach you how.



6 Months to Fully Booked Mastermind information:
Hang out with me on Instagram: 

May 01, 2020
59. Transactional Posting vs. Human Posting

Burnt out from social media marketing?
Frustrated to be pushing out content all the time, but getting no business?

Then you're doing it wrong. There is a better way.

So many coaches approach content creation and sharing with a set of thoughts and assumptions that totally sabotage their goal, and they don't even know how to be aware of it.

In this episode, I will teach you:

  • The difference between transactional posting vs. human posting
  • How to recognize if you're doing the former
  • Why transactional posting DRIVES CLIENTS AWAY
  • And how to post in a way that draws clients IN instead.

Listen now.

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Apr 28, 2020
58. A peek behind the scenes of my business

When I was starting to build my business, I had a lot of assumptions about what "successful coaches" do on a daily basis, and how they think.

As a coach with a fully-booked practice growing her business rapidly, I want to show you what it's like behind the scenes.

What my day-to-day looks like... and what occupies my brain most of the time.

What you hear will most likely surprise you, encourage you, and help you to think about your own business differently.


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Apr 26, 2020
57. How to be a genius

People tell me all the time, "Simone, you're a genius!" and "How do you have such brilliant thoughts all the time?"

Kind of weird to say about myself, but I swear, it's true.

And here's the good news. I wasn't born with it. I created this way of being on purpose.

What's more, I figured out a simple method anyone can use to bring out the brilliance within. I've tested it with my clients, and it works.. as long as you stay with it.

To learn my one-step process for claiming your genius, listen on.


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Apr 23, 2020
56. How to evaluate when you're getting crickets

When you publish a lot of copy and don't get the responses you want, it can be discouraging. But worse than that, you feel like you don't even know HOW to evaluate what you're doing. 

If there are no responses to evaluate by, how do you know what to look for? How can you tell what to begin to fix? 

In this episode, I reveal:

  • How to evaluate the most powerful "ingredient" that most people ignore
  • What most people assume helps their copy, but actually hurts it
  • What to do TODAY to set yourself up for evaluation success next week
  • The exact thing you're likely missing when you make a ton of content and are great at being consistent, but are still not getting results

Listen on!


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Apr 21, 2020
55. Heart-centered marketing & 6-figure businesses with Maggie Reyes

"Love as a marketing strategy" is nice and all... but does it actually make you money?

It does, if you do it right. If you're curious about how to balance conventional marketing advice with communicating from the heart, this episode is a must-listen. 

I sat down with my colleague Maggie Reyes -- marriage expert and six-figure life coach -- to talk about this. 

In our conversation, you'll learn:

  • The magic thought that gives you confidence to make offers, even if you've been a coach for one day!
  • How to get over fear of “other people are doing the same thing”
  • The secret to making offers that feel like “love letters”
  • How to do heart-centered marketing that actually results in clients and profit

Listen on! 

Apr 14, 2020
54. How I made 385K in 12 months - Q&A Part 2

In the past 12 months, I created $385,000 from my work as a life coach.

So many people have asked me "how."

I asked friends in my Facebook group to tell me exactly what they wanted to know, I'm dedicating two episodes to answering all of their questions honestly.

And this Part 2 is the most honest episode I've ever recorded. I share personal stories about my own struggles that I haven't shared before.

In this episode, I share:

  • What “flip of the switch” created the difference
  • The highest-impact skill I learned 
  • The single most powerful thought that’s been working for me
  • The mantra I used to increase my “capacity to have”
  • What I did with the money 

Listen on. 

Mar 31, 2020
53. How I made 385K in 12 months - Q&A Part 1

In the past 12 months, I created $385,000 from my work as a life coach.

So many people have asked me "how."

I asked friends in my Facebook group to tell me exactly what they wanted to know, I'm dedicating two episodes to answering all of their questions honestly.

In Part 1, I share:

  • My daily self-coaching that led to multiple 5-figure months
  • My REAL thoughts on niches
  • The slightly-embarrassing truth on how I plan my time
  • How I had the “balls to charge so much money”
  • The breakdown of my streams of income

Listen on. 

Mar 31, 2020
52. Positive mindset vs. Effective mindset

So much of marketing is mindset.

But believing "I can build a fix-figure business!" doesn't necessarily create that result. Ever notice that?

So many coaches tell me that they have a good mindset... and all they now need is some strategy.

The fact of the matter is, if you don't have the exact business you want right now, your mindset is NOT effective.

In this episode, I explain the difference between a positive mindset and an effective mindset, some common mistakes people make, and exactly how to fix it to create the most effective mindset possible.

Mar 23, 2020
51. How to run a business that feels like a joyful miracle

It's one thing to build a profitable business... and it's another thing to build a business that you LOVE. 

In fact, so many people hustle and twist themselves into pretzels in order to succeed... and once they 'make it', they have to suffer even more just keep it afloat.

That is not a recipe for a mutually nourishing, loving relationship with your business. If you don't love building your business now, believe it or not, it won't make you happy no matter how much fame and glory it brings you. 

And in this episode, I reveal 3 ways to approach business-building so you can love the journey as much as the destination.

Mar 17, 2020
50. Pain Point Dismissal

I'm sharing a new concept that I am calling "pain point dismissal."

It's when you "dismiss" what a potential client experiences as their problem because you believe your perspective is more enlightened. It's the surest way to be an under-booked coach!

Like when a health coach dismisses someone's desire to lose weight.
Or when a relationship coach dismisses someone's desire for their partner to change.

When you don't meet people where they are, they don't trust you to help them... and don't sign with you. Period.

If you find yourself dismissing your prospective clients' pain points, I will offer you TWO strategies that will compel people to trust you and enable you to be in integrity with your coaching philosophy.

New in Simone world!

Are you a life coach who has 1-5 clients, and is dying to get fully booked? Join my mastermind to make it happen. To find out more and apply:

Mar 10, 2020
49. How to be in demand with Samantha Siffring

When no one knows who you are, how do you start to create demand? And when you've created a little trickle of demand, how do you grow it to a point where you have a waiting list?

I sat down with my colleague Samantha Siffring, a business coach and multiple-6-figure earner.

We talked about how to create, nurture and explode the demand for your business, whatever stage of growth you're in.

From this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to get people noticing you in the beginning
  • The most important belief you can have to grow demand 
  • The mindset shift that took Samantha from 40K to 210K in one year
  • Samantha's #1 tip for copywriting

Listen on!

Mar 03, 2020
48. What to do when your following is "too small"

"My list is only X people."
"I only have a small following."

I hear this a lot from my clients and colleagues.

So many life coaches have judgments about the number of people following them, and even thought it feels true, these thoughts are a sneaky thought virus holding them back.

In this episode, I will share ideas for how to think about this in a way that will actually help you grow.

I will also share two of my best tips on what exactly to do when your follower number is "too small".

Feb 28, 2020
47. How to not be an online networking jerk: what I learned from Keith Ferrazzi

Want to pick up fans and customers, wherever you show up online?

If you're not already, you might be accidentally acting like a networking jerk.

I started to read the bestselling book Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi, a classic on the topic of business networking. In one of the chapters, he gives SIX tips on how to NOT be a "networking jerk."

These lessons apply exactly to online interactions as well, and I am talking about how to take advantage of his wisdom to rock your online marketing.

If you've been finding online networking awkward, painful or ineffective, listen up. These tips will take you far.

Feb 25, 2020
46. A better way to "get" your next client

Most of us think we have to jump through all kinds of mysterious hoops to sign our next client.

It keeps us in a busy, stressful cycle of frenetic action.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

What if clients come to YOU while you stand still?

In this episode, I present a metaphor that clarifies how to do this... and why it's a better alternative to running around like a crazy chicken trying to 'find' your next client.


Feb 21, 2020
45. Three marketing shortcuts you can implement today

Make life easier for yourself. 

What if spending LESS time on marketing creates MORE results for your business?

We often follow arbitrary rules about how something has to be, or look, and we can end up spending hours, or weeks, working on something when it could have taken us minutes.

You don't need to be smarter or more experienced or more accomplished. You just need a dash of creativity and resourcefulness to get the same results in a fraction of the time.

Here are a few time-saving tips that you can immediately implement.

Feb 18, 2020
44. Should you space out your offers?

"Jab-jab-right hook."

Some marketing experts recommend that you give, give, give... then sell.
If you do too much asking, they'll get sick of being sold to.
So, the story goes, you shouldn't make "too many" offers.

In this short episode, I'm presenting a different way of thinking about offers, and why it's unnecessary to 'space them out'.

Feb 13, 2020
43. How to stop freaking out before and after hitting 'post'

Let's face it.

Posting marketing content on social media often feels like a risk.

Is it good enough?
Should I have done it differently?
Is this going too far?
What will people think?

A degree of discernment is useful, but if you often find yourself spending so much time freaking out over these questions that it's slowing you down from taking action, this episode is for you. 

I share a way of thinking that will cut through your confusion and self-doubt, and get you results faster than any alternative.

Feb 11, 2020
42. How to market with zero anxiety or burnout with Caryn Gillen

Wanna know how to SCALE without ads?

Wanna know how to make so much money with a TINY following?

Sick of feeling lonely in your entrepreneurial journey?

We got you.

I interviewed Caryn Gillen, a multiple-6-figure life coach, on how to market the human way, the slow way, the "inefficient" way.

Listen on.

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Feb 07, 2020
41. How to not be bummed out when nobody responds to your offer

You painstakingly create your offer, spend days thinking about it, pour your hopes and dreams on it, review the copy seventeen times, and you finally post it, and...

... crickets! 

Ever had this experience? Waves of disappointment, discouragement, and even shame can wash over you. You feel the sharp pang of the vulnerability hangover.

Every entrepreneur will experience this. No exceptions.

And how you navigate moments like these is critical to whether you can grow a business that succeeds in the long term.

In this episode, I share thoughts and strategies that will take you out of the zone of discouragement, back into commitment, hope and action.

Feb 04, 2020
40. Why your passion can backfire (and how to fix it)

Whenever people who are struggling to grow their businesses tell me how passionate they are about their work, I immediately see a red flag.

To be sure, passion is a beautiful thing. Passion can get you dreaming big, showing up, taking meaningful risks, and serving powerfully.

But when it comes to marketing and messaging, it could be poison.

In this episode, I talk about exactly how that works, and what you can do to make sure your passion is serving you rather than hindering you.

Jan 31, 2020
39. How to build immunity to Uncomfortable Marketing Moments

I'm running a new challenge for February 2020 in my Facebook group... and there will be prizes!

I am inviting you to join us.

See, there's a concept I came up with, called UMM.

Experiencing a lot of them is the only way to grow a business and make more money. And so many of us live in fear of them. So we're going to build immunity via intentional exposure. I am challenging everyone in my group to amass as many of UMMs as possible as possible. 

Join us in my Facebook group for the challenge, and win the opportunity to be coached by me.

Jan 28, 2020
38. How to get motivated to show up when you don't feel like it

If you don't feel like showing up and marketing on social media, it's not because you're lazy or have nothing to contribute. 

It's because you have an unquestioned thought. 

In this episode, I share the frame I use for myself to show up joyfully, on schedule, every time.

Jan 24, 2020
37. The one question that can foretell your marketing success

How do you know if you're on the right trajectory with social media marketing? How do you know it's working?

A lot of people think it's the numbers. The amount of money earned, followers gained, likes, comments, DMs. 

But what if those don't point to longer-term success?

In this episode, I have one powerful question that will reveal something more important than all of that. 

Jan 21, 2020
36. Why you shouldn't fear intimidating people

Not everyone will like the way you market. 

And that's good news.

Your offer is not for everyone.

In this episode, you will learn how to reframe the negative feedback you might get on your marketing, and how to avoid getting sidetracked by letting the wrong people shape your message. 

Jan 16, 2020
35. What to do when you tried everything and it's not working

You've been writing, recording videos, posting photos, making offers, adding the right hashtags... and still, crickets?

If you think you've been experimenting and trying everything, but still not getting the results you want, this episode is for you.

Trying things and showing up is important, but it's not enough.

I share the key question that will give you insight into what's really been going on, and reveal exactly what next step to take. 

Jan 14, 2020
34. Why buyers are always lurking

Every single successful online business owner I know knows this to be true: people who end up buying are rarely the people who were already liking and commenting on your posts. 

In other words, most of your buyers will come from lurkers.

Here's how to take advantage of all the lurkers already in your orbit, and get them ready to buy.

Jan 10, 2020
33. Quick tip: How good people lie on social media
Jan 09, 2020
32. How to leave your people spell-bound

There's marketing, then there's magic.

I have my people often telling me, "it's like you cast a spell...."

You can try to convince or cajole prospective customers ... or you can compel them so powerfully, they don't know what hit them.

In this episode, I'll teach you a simple way to do that.

Jan 07, 2020
31. How to think about vulnerability hangovers

Vulnerability hangovers are NOT fun.

But they're pretty unavoidable if you decided to take up space and market in a way that your business deserves.

In other words, if you're feeling them, it's probably a sign that you're doing something right. 

You don't have to avoid them if you know how to manage those feelings. Learning how to manage my own has made all the difference for my business.

In this episode, I share my exact "thought hacks."

Jan 02, 2020
30. 3 thoughts that sabotage your marketing (and how to override them)

As I reflect back on 2019, I can recall three thoughts that had the biggest impact on my marketing and sales.

These weren't new empowering thoughts.

Rather, they were old, sneaky thoughts I'd learned how to recognize and OVERRIDE.

They're not necessarily super 'negative' thoughts. They are subtle, they feel true, and they'll sabotage you at every turn!

In this episode, I share how I worked with them, and how you can, too.

Dec 31, 2019
29. My only regret about this podcast

I don't regret a lot, but there is one regret I have about this podcast.

And chances are, the same thing might be a problem for you, too.

Find out how you can prevent such regrets!

Dec 28, 2019
28. Why NOT to stop marketing during the holidays

Are you giving yourself a break from marketing on social media?

Because... after all, "it's the holidays"?   

Be curious about the real reasons why, because they could be sabotaging your business the rest of the year.

In this episode, I present you with ideas for how to recognize what's going on, and think differently.

Dec 24, 2019
27. How I built my social media confidence

When you're confident on social media, it's easy to do business. 

You show up consistently, and speak powerfully, which draws people to you. You make offers boldly, and often, which creates sales.

I am one of the most confident people I know. And I now have a career teaching people how to be confident on social media.

But I wasn't born this way. I worked on it intentionally over time.

In this episode, I share with you the one powerful tool I used to build my own confidence.

Dec 20, 2019
26. How to take the anxiety out of making offers

The more offers you make, the more you can sell. 
No offers made = no sale.

Obvious, right?

But no matter how awesome your product is, making offers on social media can be nerve-wracking.

But it doesn't have to be.

When you know how to actually enjoy making offers, you'll do more of it... and end up with more sales, more profit!

In this episode, I share how to think about making offers that takes a lot of the stress out of it. 

Dec 17, 2019
25. Why people don't take you up on your FREE offer

Often, the best way to start selling is to offer things for free so people can get to know the quality of your work. 

So people offer things like freebies, webinars and mini coaching calls online, free of charge.

But you might have noticed that not all of those offers actually SELL.

And it's easy to get super discouraged when no one takes you up on the offer even when it costs nothing.

If this happened to you, there's no reason to get down on yourself. Here's why nobody 'bought' your free offer, and how to fix it.

Dec 13, 2019
24. How to tell if you're hiding vs. discerning on social media
Dec 10, 2019
23. The painless way to write CTAs - Part 2

Here is one power question to make CTAs so much easier.

Dec 08, 2019
22. The painless way to write CTAs - Part 1

CTA = call to action

Writing a lot of CTAs is critical for having a successful business online.

I get so many questions about how to tack on CTAs at the end of posts or emails in a way that feels natural and inviting. 

I have learned how to approach CTAs so that they always feel fun and simple to write.
In this episode, I talk about the exact mindset that I use for my own offers.

Dec 07, 2019
21. What my wedding taught me about social media

I just got married.
How I shared the experience on social media taught me two important things.

And yes... they could change how you show up to marketing.

Take a listen.

Dec 04, 2019
20. Why you shouldn't "push on pain points"

If you've been confused and conflicted about having to understand, and market to people's 'pain points', you're not alone.

In this episode, I present an alternative that will give you a lot more clarity... and more importantly, FEEL better.

Nov 30, 2019
18. How to deal with people's projections

If you have the courage to express yourself on social media, people will project their insecurities on you.

"She's fake."
"She's too intimidating."
"He's a show-off."

But you will be able to serve your people best, leave your unique mark on the world and profit... only when you say "F%@$  THAT!" to all that.

Here's how to be immune to other people's projections.

Nov 30, 2019
19. The right way to be vulnerable on social media

Everyone talks about the importance of being vulnerable on social media. But what does that really mean?

There are a lot of ways to get it 'wrong'. We can easily be manipulative when we think we are being authentic.

Here's how to get it right.

Nov 30, 2019
17. How to get unstuck writing copy - Part 2

Most people get stuck on social media copy for all the same reasons. 

I've coached clients through them all... and I'm shedding light on some of the most common ones in this episode. 

The tips i'm sharing here will get your content (and ideas) flowing! 

Writing for social media can truly be easy when you remember just a few key things.

Listen on.

Nov 18, 2019
15. Things you DON'T need to do to make your first 100K

Don't fall into rabbit holes of things you DON'T need to do!

When I was getting started marketing on social media, I tried to spread myself too thin, listened to everyone's advice, tried to adopt all the latest hot strategies, and did things that felt out of integrity for me.

And when I actually succeeded in making my first $100,000 and more, I did so by bucking all the rules, and keeping things radically simple.

So many conventional wisdom on marketing scares you into hustling and doing things out of fear. And none of it is necessary.

In this episode, I break down exactly what is not necessary... and what is vital to do to make your first $100,000 on social media.

Nov 18, 2019
16. How to get unstuck writing copy - Part 1

"I get stuck. I just don't know what to write."

Is this you? No worries, we can solve this.

The reason you feel 'stuck' writing copy for social media is NEVER that you don't have good ideas, or you're out of ideas, or that you're a bad writer.

It's always because of how you are thinking about who you are talking to, and what you're writing about.

Luckily for us, there are a few simple tweaks we can make to your mindset that will make writing flow out of you much more easily.

In this episode, I present one tip that changes everything for so many of my clients.

Nov 18, 2019
14. The surprising reason NOT to plagiarize on social

Accidental plagiarism?

So many of us do it when we are so in love with the ideas and styles of those who taught and inspired us, we unconsciously co-opt it as our own.

Hey, I've done it too!

Being inspired and shaped by another is totally normal and awesome. Sounding exactly like them? Not so awesome. 

If you've done that without thinking, that's okay. It doesn't mean you're a bad person!

But you can start doing things differently. 

Listen to the episode to hear my suggestion on what to do instead, and why it matters.

Oct 27, 2019
13. Why people say you're "inspiring"... but don't buy from you

One of the biggest points of confusion for my students and clients is this:

"I'm so inspired when I create content, and people say I'm inspiring... and yet, why am I not getting sales?"

I was stuck in this confusion for many years myself. 

The truth is, inspiration is not what compels people to buy.

Inspiration is abundant and cheap. Think about how many people you get your inspiration from. Do you want to pay them all? I bet not!

Here's what to focus on instead that will actually create sales.

Oct 25, 2019
12. Why you have enough followers NOW


Oct 21, 2019
10. Why you'll never run out of ideas to share

If you're always inspired to share things on social media and you hold yourself back, this episode is for you.

Many friends and clients I see try to "save" their ideas for later because they worry they'll run out. But you won't.

In fact, the more you share, the more you'll come up with ideas. And the more you share, it benefits your people more, too. 

I share a brilliant, if a bit gross, metaphor that will help you to make sense of this.

Oct 18, 2019
11. You don't need a niche. Here's what you need instead.

Contrary to popular opinion, a niche is not a requirement for success.

This is just a factual truth. So many solopreneurs built multiple 5-figure, 6-figure, and multiple 6-figure businesses without a niche. Myself included! 

If you think that your niche, or lack thereof, is to blame for the fact that your business is not where you want to be, you might be focusing on the wrong problem.

But, let's face it, t is true that you can't be everything for everyone. 

You do need some specificity. So how do you achieve that without a niche?

I spill all in this episode.

Oct 18, 2019
9. Why you should be actively turning people OFF

Building a business, we try to appeal to as many people as possible. This sounds like a good idea. After, don't we want a lot of followers and buyers?

But the truth is the opposite.

You must turn off and offend as many people as possible. You're not trying to be difficult! It's just that, the more you share your edges, the more you show up with your undiluted, unedited YOU-ness, the more people will self-select out.

Because your people aren't everybody
Your people are those who are best served by the gifts that only you can bring.

How you win big is by gathering a small, but extremely enthusiastic tribe. You will do that organically when you own what makes you one-of-a-kind.

Oct 15, 2019
8. How to run a great Facebook group

I built a thriving Facebook group from scratch.

Indeed, a Facebook group is a great way to build community so you can get share your gifts with more people in a more powerful way!

But there are a few critical things that so many people get 'wrong'.

I spill all the beans in this episode.

Show notes:
Find Samantha Siffring's podcast, The Badass Mother:

Oct 02, 2019
7. How to overcome your social media past

Are you changing careers, or values?

It's never too late to be who you want to be on social media.

If how you've been so far doesn't reflect how you want to be going forward, you might be hyper-conscious of what other people might think about you.

Butt guess what? Nobody cares that much, and you don't owe anyone anything.

You can 100% build thee social media presence you want starting TODAY, and reap all the benefits of it... and you don't even need to scrub your history clean! 

All you need is a few mindset shifts. 

Sep 30, 2019
6. Why trying to get higher engagement is a mistake

A friend in my Fearless on Facebook group 10x'ed his social media engagement by implementing the advice in my free e-book of copy tips.

That's amazing, but that story only tells a part of the picture.

Engagement is cheap. It can be bought, and is vulnerable to algorithm changes.

Resonance cannot be bought, and is the true link to creating the kind of community that will follow you wherever you go. It makes you algorithm-immune. 

Listen to the episode for more.

To download the e-book of copy advice that could 10x your resonance:

Sep 29, 2019
5. How to become a content machine

"Do you secretly have an army of content producers behind you? How do you produce so much high-value content all the time?", a colleague asked.

It's true. I create multiple (long, substantive) posts a day, accompanied by original images, for my own feed as well as to different groups. I post a new video or do a live almost everyday. I write several (long, substantive) emails to my list a week. I write books... and do this podcast.

And none of it is fluff.

But I don't have an army of content producers. It's all me.
And I'm not glued to a screen all day, either. I do it all in minutes a day.

The answer is NOT a content calendar, some weird batching strategy, or witchcraft.

It's how you THINK.

I tell you all my 'secrets' in this episode.

To find me on social media:
Facebook -
Instagram -

Sep 28, 2019
3. Why there's no point trying to be 'consistent'

I never worry about how to be consistent on social media, and neither should you.

Because inconsistency is not the problem, but a symptom of the real problem. And the real problem is what you are thinking about social media. 

People who have trouble with consistency tend to have the same deflating thoughts, like, "I need to do this for my business," or "I need to get good engagement." Thoughts like these create feelings of obligation and heaviness. 

No wonder they don't want to show up! 

I make sure I have thoughts that create joy, lightness and a spirit of service. And the consistency happens automatically.

Sep 25, 2019
4. The 10-to-1 Rule of Profitability

If you want to make $1,000, make sure you first contribute $10,000 worth of value.

If you want to make $20,000, make sure you first contribute $200,000 worth of value.

This is my 10-to-1 Rule of Profitability.

You get back in profit 10% of what you give freely, 10% of the usefulness that you provide, the service you offer up purely out of the love of being helpful. 

Sep 25, 2019
2. Don't be proud of not being on social media.

"You're making a big mistake if you're not creating content for social media," says entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. 

He could be right. 

Social media works like a digital resume, or a credit score. How you show up, and for how long, matters. It is how we meet new people, get to know our existing friends better, and more importantly for business, how we create loyal fans and customers without having to pay for ads. 

In this episode, I explore why having an authentic social media presence is is one of the best investments of time and energy you can make -- even if you don't have a business.

Sep 18, 2019
1. 4 sentences that kill social media efficacy

If you don't think social media is working as well for you as it seems to for other people, the problem may not be for lack of good strategy. 

The problem might be your internal dialogue!

If you're telling yourself one of these FOUR things, you're likely holding yourself back from reaching more people and making more money.

I'll tell you what they are... and how to fix it. 

Sep 17, 2019