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By National Review

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Category: Politics

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 Nov 12, 2020

 Nov 11, 2020
Wisdom shared. Brilliant mind. Excellent podcast.

 Nov 11, 2020
It's been 8 days since the last podcast, which was published on a tumultuous and fraudulent day of voting...

 Aug 15, 2020
One of America's greatest thinkers.

 Aug 6, 2020
it's VDH; the man needs no further explanation. probably the only reason NR has a scintilla of credibility left. as he goes, so do they.


Author, historian, and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson takes to the National Review airwaves for discussions of national politics, history, and more. He is joined by NR’s vice president Jack Fowler for this weekly podcast.

Episode Date
Episode 64: Our First Woke President
Victor discusses the Joe Biden who never was, the political uses of the death of Officer Sicknick, Biden’s determination to upset the peace Trump handed him, Maxine Waters’s riot-mongering, the declining role of religion in America, the stale immigration dreams of George W. Bush, and the highs and lows of General Douglas MacArthur. 
Apr 20, 2021
Episode 63: Pigmentation Nation
Victor discusses the rationale behind the elites’ wokeness, the cannibalism of revolutions, how race trumps all, the MSM’s preference for the noble lie, and the value of the American iconoclast. This episode is sponsored by Shraga Kawior.
Apr 13, 2021
Episode 62: MLB Failing MLK
Victor takes on Joe Biden, golden-goose-strangler; the radical new rules imposed on post-America; COVID realities in the face of expert lockdown-love; Delta, Major League Baseball, and other big business virtue-signalers accommodating the Woke Police (while deal-making with Red China’s oppressors); and Young Victor meets Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965. 
Apr 06, 2021
Episode 61: The Masking Marauder
Victor takes on the latest Fauci winging-it, flip-floppery; whether America is committing suicide; the trouble of our military’s progressive “recalibration”; the bizarre morality of anti-racism racism; and reflections on pal Conrad Black’s argument that the Trump-Hate coalition is crumbling.
Mar 30, 2021
Episode 60: In a Feeble Position
Victor discusses America’s new class warfare, the foreign-policy consequences of our feeble POTUS, the Biden administration’s getting out-manipulated by Red China and Russia, how the “party of science” loves superstition and prefers ideology, and a media starting to weakly admit that Scranton Joe owns the border crisis. 
Mar 23, 2021
Episode 59: Texas Cage Match
The madness at America’s open southern border, media legendizing, the Left’s “Imaginarium,” Biden's first national address (a truth-free zone), the international consequences of domestic unrest, and gauging the likelihood of a Newsom recall in California -- all that and more get the VDH treatment. 
Mar 16, 2021
Episode 58: Discombobulator in Chief
Victor discusses an incoherent presidency, whether American has gained sufficient antibodies to fight the woke pandemic, lefty journalists who reject “free speech,” and Never Trumpers now championing Never Conservatism.
Mar 09, 2021
Episode 57: I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Conservatives
Victor discusses the neutron bomb effect of COVID, Biden and 2022, lefty Stanford profs and their Hoover Hate, Trump wows CPAC, Cancel Culture bites Dr. Seuss on Mulberry Street while Democratic congressman try to de-cable the Right.
Mar 03, 2021
Episode 56: Disappearing Books
Amazon disappears Ryan Anderson’s important 2018 book, 'When Harry Met Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,' amigo Rush Limbaugh remembered, Joe Biden’s into-war stumbling, and the race card played quickly against Senate foes of a nasty lefty nominee. 
Feb 23, 2021
Episode 55: Four Shakedowns and Several Grifts Ago . . .
Victor takes on the Lincoln Project’s muddied moralists, Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial lethality, Big Tech’s Trump-hate, the reemerged Parler and its fight to survive, the lies about Officer Brian Sicknick’s death, and their role in the Trump impeachment follies. 
Feb 16, 2021