Probably Late To Something

By Malia Schmalleger

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Probably Late To Something is a safe space for young adults all over. In these episodes we will love, laugh, cry & learn without judgment. My hopes for this podcast is that anytime you listen to my voice you learn to listen to yours as well. Growing up in a world clouded by social media leaves many of us shouting just to be heard. Many of us feel alone and confused. We are so ready to be judged that we do it to ourselves. Dancing in the rain, talking to yourself and truly just not giving a fuck seems to have disappeared but I don’t want that. I want to be weird, tell my embarrassing stories, admit my faults, laugh at my mistakes! Life doesn’t have to be so heavy and you sure as heck don’t have to go through it alone. Probably Late For Something is more than just a podcast, its our home. So please stay & join the family baby! :)

Episode Date
It Didn't Start With You

Hi beautiful! In this episode I speak on how the relationships with our parents actually shape our adult personalities. & for some of us that can be super hurtful to our progress on this self love journey.  In order to deeply reflect on our triggers and reactions we have to look back at what created them in the first place. So cheers to being traumatized but don't worry you're not alone & we are strong enough to break the cycle. I love you guys so so so much. hanks for being here again!

Oct 03, 2022
Entering My Villian Era

& if that makes me the villain so fucking be it! Hi my sexies! Welcome to another episode of Probably Late To Something. Thank you for tuning back in, your support means so much to me and I honestly forgot how much I love filming these episodes! I'll be speaking on some haters trying me and giving you the real tea on what happened between me and some Oklahoma housewives haha! Well also just talk about what it means to be the villain. If you put yourself first and respect your boundaries you'll quickly see how many people that offense. So cheers to being the FUCKING VIllian! I love you queens!

Check out our insta @probablylatetosomething I update a lot on there and respond you any questions or commentary you have. MWAH!

Sep 26, 2022
Be A Fool

Hi babies! I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for tuning into another episode! In this I speak on limiting beliefs and how they (and you inner circle) can effect your growth. Being aware of my thoughts has helped me so much on my journey. You can be your worst enemy. Love yourself the way you love others and pay attention to the way you speak to yourself. Is your inner circle (your friends) really a circle or a cage?
Love you lots! And please follow the podcast insta so I can get to know you guys more:) @probablylatetosomething

Sep 19, 2022

This is the story of how I got arrested. It's not cute or funny in all actuality. I honestly wasn't ready to talk about it but instead of having a horrific moment in my life be defined by people (that weren't even there) I'm just gonna expose myself. This is my truth and my story. I'm sorry if I've let you down. But I'm going to make this a moment for growth as I always try to do and be better. I love you guys and hope you're all doing well. Back to regular programming soon. 
Also don't forget to follow the podcasts instagram @probablylatetosomething and comment I respond to y'all there:)

Sep 16, 2022
Cutting The Bullshit

Hello my babies SURPRISE! It's been a long long time, thank you for your patience. I have a bad habit of letting my doubts stop me from my goals. I think some of you guys can relate and that is NOT what we're going to do anymore. Im so blessed to have so many beautiful kind souls look up and feel safe with me & I don't want to let you down. I hope we can continue growing in this safe space free of judgment. You're absolutely precious my love! In this episode I speak on toxic positivity, anxiety and freeing yourself from your own limitations. I hope you guys enjoy, I send so so so much love your way!

Sep 14, 2022
Finding Your Center

Hi my loves! I hope you enjoy todays episode! I defiantly rambled a bit but I think that's okay. Like I said we are on this journey together even through the confusing, weird moments haha! I love you, thank you so much for the support!

Sep 15, 2021

Hi my loves.! Thank you so much for tuning back in for another episode! Today we're going to talk about hot to turn your goals and dreams into your reality! It's easy to sit and talk about how you're going to change your life but the actual act in doing so is hard. Taking accountability for your actions always you to take control of your life. Once you accept that you are in fact the main reason you are not reaching your goals, you can change that! You can step into your power and access your ability to change your life. It's easy to sit and blame the world for our problems or failures, but today we change that. Today we take accountability and change our lives! I hope you enjoy babies, I love you!

Weekly challenge: What do you need to be held accountable for and what is your plan to change that?

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Sep 01, 2021
A Fresh Start

I'M BACK MY LOVIES! So excited to be recording for you all again. I have missed you so very much and always loved my podcast episodes. Thank you so much for the support you've always given me! This is the start to a brand new season and a brand new us. I really wanted to invite you deeper into my journey by sharing with you all the things I'm currently doing to become my best self. Self love is a long journey and I'm so happy to be doing it with all of you. This is more than just a podcast, it's a family. I love you guys.

This weeks challenge: 10 minutes of uninterrupted you time!
          -Set a timer on your phone and then put it down. Focus on your breathing and just be in the moment with yourself. Surround yourself in your own energy and feel your feelings  & emotions. This will unlock parts of your self you never knew you had. Enjoy!

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Aug 25, 2021

Hi babies, sorry I had to take a little break for a bit. Life can be really rough sometimes, so know you're never alone! Thank you so much for being patient, I love you all lots. I've also been working really hard on the Merch so a lot is coming for you!!!! MWAHHHH

Feb 03, 2021
IN MY FEELS| lets talk

feeling my feelings in this episode.

Jan 14, 2021

HI babies! I missed you guys so much! Thank you for being so patient with me. I needed some time to get my energy back. I was doing way too much and was putting so much stress on myself that I got burnt out! I always tell you guys to focus on yourself and your needs but was ignoring my own. Lesson learned hahah! hope you enjoy these rambles. I tend to have more fun when I can talk freely to you all. MUCH LOVE FOR YOU! Enjoy:)

Dec 30, 2020

Hi my loves! I hope all my sexy butterflies are doing well! I love you guys so much and hope ou enjoy this episode. I know it can be hard finding motivation sometimes, just focus on you and the future you want! YOU CAN DO IT BABY! Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, views every Friday:)

Dec 09, 2020

I thought I'd try a good morning pep talk! Let me know how you like it, babies! Its was so much fun to make. I know we are all gonna have such and amazing day! YAYYYYY, I LOVE YOUU!

Dec 02, 2020
Rambles with Malia LOL

This podcast episode is literally so random I don't even know how to describe it hahah. Basically I talk about my week,  horrible friendship stories and I think I try to explain my sexuality to myself! So its definantly interesting! I also answer some of the questions you all asked me on my insta, I hope you enjoy! I love you so very much!!!!! 

Nov 25, 2020
How to know your worth

I hope you enjoy my loves!

Nov 18, 2020
Be Alone, First

Hi babies! I'm so happy to be back and recording for you guys! In todays episode I mainly talk about how to be alone! I'm currently getting out of an entanglement myself so I thought it was fitting haha. Learning to be okay alone is an amazing and empowering experience. Your are enough just by yourself my love, never forget that. This weeks challenge is to take yourself out, that can be a date or just going to the beach, etc. Check in with yourself and spoil yourself, you deserve it! Love you lots!!

Nov 11, 2020

Hi babies, I hope you are all good! In today's episode we talk about sexuality! I discuss how I realized I was attracted to women and how I came out. I also speak on how that effected me and tried to answer all your questions to the best of my ability. I hope you all enjoy, much love!

Oct 28, 2020
Toxic Relationships & How to Heal

Hi my loves! This topic is super close to my heart because I, and many of you, have gone through so much. It can be really easy to stay in toxic patterns and loose yourself in relationships, we've all been there you're not alone! In this episode I talk about my own journey and give advice on how to recognize a toxic person/ relationship. It's never too late to learn how to put yourself first and how to truly love yourself!  I hope I answered all your questions, you all mean the world to me! Love you:)   

Oct 21, 2020
How To Be A Bad Bitch!

In this episode I talk about how I gained confidence in myself and how I stopped caring about other peoples opinions. Start putting yourself first and let go of all the limitations that society puts on you. Be proud of yourself and do what makes you happy! Confidence comes from within my loves. Tap into that shine within yourself and be a bad bitch;) I love you!

Oct 14, 2020
Love Yourself, First.

Welcome my loves! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I'm so excited to talk to everyone. I want this to be a safe space for you all! I will be answering a variety of questions on self love, sexuality, life, happiness and finding your individuality! This first episode is a little intro to that and I share how I took the first step to start loving myself. I hope you guys enjoy! I love you lots:)

Oct 09, 2020