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Tired of feeling undervalued, underpaid, and overworked by your understaffed nonprofit? You’ve been thrust into grant writing and now you can’t stop wondering - Could I possibly break into Freelance Grants Consulting AS A CHRISTIAN ENTREPRENEUR? Could I, once again, feel purpose-driven and fulfilled in my life and work while partnering with God in this process? Is your mind telling you it’s impossible because you’re “underqualified” and “inexperienced”? Do you wonder: Is anyone is actually successful at doing this? If so, they must have some serious connections in the nonprofit world. Are you struggling with how much you should charge as a grants consultant? Where do you get clients and how do you leverage that marketing and branding thing again? Six years ago when our nonprofit was $4,000 in the hole after our grant writer disappeared with our money. I thought to myself: FORGET IT! I’LL DO IT MYSELF! I too know what it’s like to be cross-eyed on page 6 of a “Grants for Business” Google search in an effort to figure this grants thing out. Like you, I fell into grant writing and it turns out, I LOVE IT! The research, the writing that connects head and heart, and the privilege of helping Visionaries advance their world-changing missions. When I first started I too was paralyzed by those questions. So paralyzed in fact that I launched my business TWICE - thinking “Maybe I should take another training!” 5 certifications on my office wall later… Then came the break-up. Between myself and fear that is. I re-launched my business and now I have the freedom to choose who I want to work with-or not! I have the flexibility to spend more time with my four growing children! And there’s no co-workers around to give me dirty looks when I’m blasting Andy Mineo while cranking out a business grant narrative at midnight. As a Grants Consultant, Freelance Coach and fellow Perfectionist I teach aspiring grants consultants how to break into freelance grant writing, grow their grant writing knowledge, and step into a purpose-filled life. Nothing for Granted is full of (tactical tips and tricks for aspiring freelancers including: 6 tactical things that are in this podcast Navigating the grants process as a solopreneur Time Management as a Freelance Grants Consultant Tools and Resources for Work-Life Balance Praying over your Business Overcoming limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome Partnering with Holy Spirit daily in entrepreneurship This podcast for you if you are D-O-N-E with living in the mundane, want to crush your limiting beliefs, and are ready to start and scale your freelance grant writing business. Divine Connections happen here > Want to Share Your Story or Have a Question? > Does your nonprofit need help securing grants to scale your impact? Know what you want to do in your business but not sure how to articulate it? Work with me! >

Episode Date
6 ways to start homeschooling in 2022 as a busy, visionary mama

Are you interested in homeschooling your littles but unsure of where to start? 

You have questions like: 

- What curriculums should you use? 

- What credentials do you need to have? 

- What are your homeschooling options?

To bring you clarity in your numerous questions I have created this episode with the resources in my blog to get you started TODAY! 

Get the resources here:

Have additional questions? DM me at:

Ready to start or grow your business using funding? Get the Funding with Foresight Matrix, created for Visionary Female Founders who are paving the way in their industries!

Aug 12, 2022
4 Ways to Overcome Toxic Money Mindset as a Latina or Minority Woman

Do you struggle with money spending? Budgeting? Or feel bashful around money conversations? 


Let’s get to the root of what’s holding you back from feeling fully in control and confident about how you spend money, your mentality, and sentiments around finances. 


Being a first-generation Latina, the cultural shock my family experienced impacted so much more than just our lifestyle, it impacted my perspective and understanding of finances. Over time I have been forced to face the toxic habits I was allowing to become a cycle. Like senseless spending, and feelings of shame. 

If you are ready to rip the root out of your toxic money mindset, this episode is for you!


Join the Funding with Foresight Matrix: 

Keep the conversation going:

Aug 05, 2022
Less is More When Running a Business as a Mom, Wife, and all the titles. 7 Things I use to stay consistent in my business as a Mompreneur of 4 Littles!

Wondering what you REALLY need to stay on top of your business as a busy Visionary Female CEO? 

Are you just starting out and not sure what's worth the investment and what you can pass on? 

In today's episode, I am sharing my top 7 tools for staying on top of my business as a crazy-busy business mom of 4. 

The thing with entrepreneurship is you are always investing, always learning, and your lifestyle is always evolving. The biggest takeaway I can share with you is to maximize on the platforms and resources you use. 

Get the tools I use to bring ease to balancing your personal responsibilities and business life here:

  • Get access to money and opportunities that will help you start or scale your business by joining the Funding with Foresight Matrix here: 

  • Join the community here: 
  • Follow me on Instagram: @sloanthebeast 


Jul 22, 2022
Struggling to close sales on your high-ticket offer? India Brown teaches women in business how to leverage video to explode their sales!

Are you struggling to demonstrate your value as a freelancer or entrepreneur? You watch the reels and tik toks but have no clue where to begin in creating your own. Much less why you need to do it in the first place. 

Guest India Brown is on the podcast today dropping major gems on how to explode your revenue sales in your female-owned business, using video! 

Today you will learn: 

  • Tactful steps on video and content creation for your small business
  • How she helped her client had a $70k sales launch using video
  • Shy in front of the camera? India shares her best camera confidence tips so you can get in front of your audience and maximize your impact 

and more!

We all know in 2022, video is king. And now it's time for you to leverage and monetize on it! 

About India: 
As a Video Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager, India empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners develop a full Social Media and Video Marketing strategy that allows them to show up confidently on camera, stand out and attract more paying clients. Being a busy entrepreneur herself, she understands the importance of making video and social simple and painless yet effective and lasting. She will leave your listeners and/or attendees with nuggets to transform their boring, blah and forgettable content.


Connect with India:


Fund your Vision Here:

Jul 15, 2022
Are You Letting Self-Doubt Stop You From Applying for Funding? HerSuite Spot Grant Recipient Kim Cross of Zhi Bath and Beauty Shares How She Overcame Imposter Syndrome and Secured The Money She Needed to Transform Her Dream Business.

Are you stopping yourself from applying for funding? 

Are you ready to stop letting that voice in your head tell you that you can’t do it? 

Could you imagine saying no to a free $500 because you didn't think you deserved it? 

If Kim Cross of Zhi Bath and Beauty disqualified herself, she would have never grown her dream business with the funding she needed. 

Kim shares with us how she overcame imposter syndrome and decided to go after the money she needed to transform her dream business with mentorship, education & network. 

To help her business go forward she shares how she invested time in applying for several grants connected to her mission. She leaves encouragement to the women in business looking for funding to do it afraid, make the time, and don’t quit!

Kim just made the decision to keep going no matter how she was feeling. Getting better with each grant application she landed one and shared much-needed advice. 


Kimberly Cross is the Happy Skin Formulator and proud Navy veteran. She served in the U.S. Navy, following the footsteps of a long line of servicemembers. Her military service took her from Chicago to Florida to Washington State and several trips overseas defending the country she so loves. 

She often speaks of how fascinating it was to experience the different types of planes and jets for the various branches of the military and how each one works together to complete the same mission. It is what inspired her to remain in the aviation industry at the end of her enlistment. 

Kim was never completely satisfied with being out of the military, so she began to follow her original passion of being a hairstylist--a trade she had been active in since middle school. Constant exposure to water and chemicals made a skin condition she developed in the Navy worsen, so she finally came from behind the stylist chair after almost 20 years in the cosmetology industry. With her skin out of control, she began her journey to entrepreneurship when finding skincare products that did not agitate her already inflamed skin became almost impossible. 

Knowing the hardship of finding skincare that is gentle, good for the skin, and smells amazing, Kim used the grit and determination learned in the military to research and formulate her own solution. Zhi Bath & Body was born from years of trial and error with formulas and testing. For almost 17 years, her goat milk skincare and soy candles have been helping people of all ages and skin types to love their skin…naturally.

Connect with Kim :



TEXT US: 704.807.3515


Offer >> The Funding with Foresight Matrix

Connect >> IG: @SloantheBeast

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Jul 08, 2022
Feeling Defeated in Your Pursuit of Funding Your Female-Founded Business? The #1 Area In Your Proposal Application You are Overlooking!

Do you feel like you’re missing the mark each and every time when submitting your grant proposal? 

Have you ever thought to yourself,  “maybe I need to sound more eloquent so that they can take me more seriously”? 

Or maybe you are just wondering what the motives are behind the essay questions? What are funders REALLY trying to get at? 

Let me reassure you that you don’t have to add words you can’t pronounce in your proposal to be seen. You just need to follow the criteria. Be concise and clear! 

That is where the proposal rubric comes in handy. 

Think back to grade school, we have a rubric that scores how well each part of the essay conveys its message. 

Now apply that process to proposal writing. There are criteria used by grant reviewers or panelists when scoring to determine whether, or not you will receive the grant award.

So, they didn’t skip over your application because they didn’t like you or your business idea. It was most likely because they had criteria you didn’t meet, to be eligible for the grant. 

There are no gray areas here - you either meet the criteria or you don’t.  

So don’t beat yourself up, it is time to figure out exactly what they are scoring from. 


Here are ways you can find that grant rubric :

> The guidelines, eligibility, and FAQ’s. Read through them! Print it out and highlight it. 

> At information webinars, If it’s not included in their presentation, you can always ask at the end during Q +A 

> Email the grants administrator 


Once you found the rubric: 

> Print it out, and follow it when writing out your proposal. 

> When you give your application to your proofreader (OR if you are proofreading it yourself) score yourself! Try and get as close to 100%.

> It’s important to be objective. Remember, no grey areas!

Feel confident when submitting your grant proposal! It’s never a waste of time because with each application submitted you're only finding areas in your vision you can improve!

Don’t despise the process! 

Need money to grow your business?
Fund Your Vision and Explode Your Impact with over 3 Million opportunities!

Peer Reviewer Episode:

Connect with me!


Jul 01, 2022
You can´t handle the truth! A godly download for the kingdom entrepreneur that´s been on the fence


You’re not really serious. 

You are aimlessly doing the things in your business that aren’t moving the needle forward for you. 

You’re not really ready to be serious about putting in the investments needed to achieve goals you've set years ago. Why are you STILL waiting? 

You’re too comfortable doing the things that seem “attainable”.

You're comparing your unique journey to everyone else’s success story, thinking if it worked for them, it must work for you too.

Can I be honest with you? 

Can I tell you what no one else is willing to say to your face?

You need to stop! 

Stop waiting, stop undervaluing yourself, and stop comparing your God-given vision! 


Ask yourself this, regarding your business:

> What do I REALLY want? 

> Why am I afraid of growing? 

> Why do I feel like I have to build my business the same way as everyone else?

Refer back to the “YOU ARE MARKED EPISODE” for the reminder that

We are not supposed to grow our businesses like anyone else!

It's time to set boundaries, invest in your business, and have a tunnel vision focus.

Let’s get to work!


Fund Your Vision!





Jun 29, 2022
Let's Create a Revenue Strategy using the Funding with Foresight Matrix Step-By-Step

Are you digging into your savings, trying to find a way to fund your God-given vision? Are you spending hours on google searching for grants, only to find out you aren’t eligible for most of them? 

Well, it's time for you cut down on the hours you spend on google and create a revenue strategy using the Funding with foresight matrix. 

The Funding with Foresight Matrix is for the visionary female founder, used to optimize the opportunities that are available for the growth of your business. 


Save your time! Meet the deadlines! Get funded! 

Here’s how you can create a revenue strategy step by step  :

1: Tools you will need include: 

> Laptop (The Funding with Foresight Matrix OR pull up your search bar if you’ll be   Googling what opportunities are available in your Google Calendar) 

 > Planner 

> Highlighters and a pen 

> Your favorite tune, drink, set the tone and intention for this process 

2: Access the category your business falls under OR the category you most identify with (minority, female-founded, women in tech, etc.) 

3: Filter the matrix by the month you are forecasting for (August, September, etc.) 

4: In your calendar, schedule your application deadline to be 2 days prior to the actual grant deadline.

5: Do this for the next 6 months of your business to fund your vision, grow your business, and expand your impact! 


Get instant access to the only matrix focused on getting women in front of money that can help them grow their business! 

Grow Your Vision through Funding >

Jun 24, 2022
Free Money to Grow Your Business with Ease? Here are 3 Reasons to implement a Funding Strategy in Your Business with an Action Plan!

You took too long to find that business grant. By the time you were ready to apply, you had already MISSED the deadline… 

You can always D.I.Y your grant research, but that is 60+ hours a month spent on research alone, not including the proposal. 

There is a better way to manage your grant search with ease by implementing a funding strategy with the Funding with Foresight Matrix.

Implementing a funding strategy allows you to meet shorter deadlines, get intimate with your business and get access to free money! 

It’s a great way to force yourself into answering questions about your business and dealing with areas of your business you have been avoiding! 


Here’s your plan of action! 


> Create a google drive or dropbox with everything you need

> Know specifically what you’re seeking funding for

> Research your opportunities and create a funding plan 


Getting Access to the Funding with Foresight Matrix means,

Over 2 MILLION dollars worth of opportunities!

⚡️ Grants, Accelerators, and Pitch Competitions

⚡️ 10+ niches including journalism, food and beverage, minority-owned, retail, and so much more

⚡️ Deadlines, eligibility, proposal links, and my expert additional tips for applying for your funding opportunities

⚡️ Monthly training to help you improve your application

⚡️Consistently updated with newly announced grants 

⚡️ You can access the database digitally and via the app 

⚡️ "Unstuck" sessions are available when you need it 

⚡️LIFETIME ACCESS - That’s right, get lifetime access… etc


Questions regarding the Matrix? Email us at

Jun 22, 2022
Getting 1 million women promoted by 2030! How IFundWomen Caress Dreams Fund Grant 2022 Awardee Jen Ngozi of Netwerk shares her story, advice, and tips to help you get funded as a female CEO

As first-generation Americans, there are cultural beliefs instilled in us by our immigrant parents that education will solve everything, but Jen shares with us how simply that isn’t true!

Jen Ngozi of Netwerk shares how she helps women navigate the workplace, and go from underpaid to promoted by equipping women with the skills and confidence to land those leadership roles!

To help fund her vision she applied for the IFundWomen Caress Dreams Fund Grant. It wasn’t her first time applying, but it was the right time! She shares advice and tips that help us understand the value of being consistent & selective of the grants we apply for as female CEOs.

She drops major gems on how the right mindset and mentorship build the confidence she needs to push her vision forward!

Clearly, it's working!

Netwerk is on a mission to get 1 million women promoted by 2030!

BIO : 

Jen Ngozi was underpaid and underemployed for years. As a first-generation immigrant from Nigeria with parents that didn’t work corporate jobs, she didn’t understand workplace etiquette and struggled early in her career.

Despite this, she was able to not only secure promotions. But have an award-winning career developing leadership programs across the country at Big 4 and Fortune 500 firms before launching NetWerk®.

Today Jen is a global speaker and has spoken at events with the United Nations Foundation and Vogue. Her career advice has been featured in Huffington Post, Business Insider, Martha Stewart, and more.

Connect with Jen :

Offer >> The Funding with Foresight Matrix

Connect >> IG: @SloantheBeast

Community >>

Contact >>>

Jun 17, 2022
She was awarded funding in the first 2 months of her business HerSuiteSpot Grants Recipient Elenor Edwards of Nannymatch shares her story on securing money as a new entrepreneur

Elenor has come to relinquish many of your limiting beliefs this morning as she shares her experience as the 2022 HerSuiteSpot Fund Recipient. 

Elenor is a Florida International University graduate, with over seven years of experience in the childcare sector. For almost a decade, Elenor has dedicated countless hours to edifying and uplifting the next generation through various leadership and mentor-based programs. Upon graduation, Elenor would move to Philadelphia to advance her studies, and further her career in the childcare industry as a professional nanny. While in this position, she was able to demonstrate her love for Christ, commitment as a believer, and passion to serve children. Thus, establishing the foundation for what we know today as Nanny Match, LLC. In sharing the word of God, her objective is to bring families closer together in order to promote spiritual growth as well as personal development.

Connect with Elenor:




Jun 10, 2022
4 Grants You Need to Apply to in June as a Female or Minority Owned Business!
Is it June already?! 

This year is flying past us, how are you doing on your goals and standards? Where can we pivot and what needs to be placed on hold so other areas can excel right now? Take inventory and make changes accordingly. 
Here are this month's lineup for Small Business Grants! 
⚡️ New Voice Power Pitch at Essence Fest!  $250,000
Deadline June 04
⚡️ Dear God, are we there yet?
June 30, 2022 
⚡️Door Dash Restaurant Disaster Relief
⚡️Monat Gratitude Goals:
**Must be a nonprofit
June 4th deadline
Get on the waitlist for Funding with Foresight database >>> 

Grants Proof Reading Rubric >>>
Jun 03, 2022
Are you tapping into your authorative power Ive been manifesting some things... 3 Ways you can active Proverbs 18-21 in your life

I've been manifesting some things. This isn't woo woo. It's for real. 

The bible says we have the power of Life and Death in our tongue. And Jesus wasn't playing! 

It seems like everything I say comes to pass - coincidence? Not quite. It's divine alignment.

Listen now for 3 ways you can activate Proverbs 18:21 in your life as a busy Kingdom Entrepreneur. 

Community >>> 

Waitlist to the Matrix >>


Contact >> 

May 27, 2022
Not Enough Hours in a Day 3 Ways to Get and Stay Productive as a busy-as-heck Female Entrepreneur



Not enough hours in your day? 

Does it feel like there are  more things that are NOT getting done than the ones that are? 

Are you being too hard on yourself? Or do you just not have the right processes to optimize on your time? 

I sat down with the Queen of Productivity herself,  Sara Jane, from the Productive Mum podcast! Today she's sharing her 3 strategies on how she gets her clients organized for the long-haul as busy-working- entrepreneurs! 


Listen to Sara's Podcast:



Join the Funding with Foresight Waitlist:

May 25, 2022
Wine not shake up how you fundraise for your Nonprofit or Small Business with Guest Ingrid Lucas copy

Fundraising for your organization is so full of emotion. Panic, excitement, hopefulness, and sometimes disappointment. 

Ingrid Lucas of One Hope Wine brings a juicy take to fundraising. 

She shares how to set and meet short and longterm goals, outreach, and preperation. 

Resources shared: for consultants and experts that solely help nonprofits to figure out how to fundraise better 



May 18, 2022
Be a crockpot in a world full of microwaves: 3 ways to increase your visibility as a Freelancer

Host of the Mama turned CEO podcast, Courtney Wolf joins me in today's episode. 

We deep dive into: 

- Her jump from a lofty salary job to the unpredictable waters of entepreneurship 

- Crockpot mentality as you build your business as a solopreneur

- Analytics that really matter 


Connect with Courtney:


Join the Funding with Foresight waitlist here:

May 13, 2022
Bringing Access to Female and Minority Founders - How this Brand is Evolving and bridging the funding gap

This brand is evolving! Buffalo Ambition Co. will continue serving women and minority small business owners by providing them ease and access to money they can use towards their dream business. 

Join me May 6th at 1 pm est. for the "Where to find grant money for your business" workshop. Don't miss it by getting into the community page here:


Contact >>>

May 04, 2022
Lets do this again 4 Grants your business or nonprofit may be eligible for in the month of May - 42222 10.47 PM
Here is the lineup for the month of May! These grants MUST be submitted by their deadlines in order to be considered. 

Join me May 6th at for my "Where to find Funding" LIVE workshop! 

Submit your questions to or via Instagram at


Second Chance Act community Re-Entry Program: 
-$750,000 geared towards juveniles or adults re-entering the community after incarceration
- May 19, 2022


Jobber Grant: 
-$15,000 for work-in-home programs in 3 different categories!
-May 26, 2022

Chick fil a Inspiration Awards
-$30,000 - $350,000 specifically for nonprofits
-4 Categories (4 winners)
-May 20, 2022


Mrs. T's Pierogies
-$15,000 for moms
-May 08, 2022

Apr 29, 2022
Cut through the Chaos and White noise in your workplace. Leading with Grace as an Entrepreneur. And How to Exercise Christian Business Practices through the 4 Step PACE Method with Guest Sandy Pharoan

Sandy walks us through her 4-Step P.A.C.E. Method which she personally uses in her workplace and business. 

Sandy is the owner of Abundant Wellness LLC, a community for career-driven women to achieve harmony and healing in their homes, workplaces, and faith through her proven P.A.C.E. method. Sandy holds experience working in management consulting, IT auditing, and as an IT manager for a Fortune 500 company. Sandy's passion lies in being a wellness advocate who encourages women to prevent burnout and feeling overworked to prioritize their health and well-being in a world where 24 hours never seems to be enough. 

Connect with Sandy: 

Apr 27, 2022
How to Use Grant Money! And What to do if You Didn't Use the Money the Way You Said!

What is grant money and how can you use it towards your business? 

In this short episode, we are discussing the ways you can use FREE FUNDING towards your business growth. 

As a bonus, I also share my tips on what to do if you used the money in a way contrary to what you said 😳


Join me for a LIVE workshop May 6th on Where to Find Money for your Business! 

Get involved at 


Community >>> 

Contact >>> 

Connect >>>

Apr 22, 2022
Are You a Female CEO that needs Money for Your Business? Here are 4 Grants you NEED to apply to by the end of this month!

If you could use 10,000 extra dollars towards your dream business, then this is the episode for you!

Here are 4 grants you need to apply to by the end of this month! 

4.0 Essentials and Tiny Fellowship Grant


Aveeno Skin Health Pitch Competition


You Glow GIrl


KKR Business Small Business Builder


Join me May 6th learn where to find funding opportunities for your business or organization. 

Get into the workshop here: 

Submit your questions on IG @buffaloambitionco

Contact >>>

Apr 20, 2022
From Consulting to Coaching - Diversity, Funding, and the goals of the Nonprofit Sistas Community with Guest Brittnay Hourston

Brittany is a Fundraising Consultant turned Coach and host of the Nonprofit Sistas podcast. 

She joins me in this super impromptu episode to discuss the nature of her transition into coaching (hello, burnout!), diversity in the workplace, and the mission of the Nonprofit Sistas community group. 

Brittany's Bio:
Before the Nonprofit Sistas, I was a North Carolinian living in the Chicagoland area who believed that North Carolina A&T State University is the greatest HBCU of all time, chose Southern-style biscuits over bagels any day, and loved sweet like no other person!


Connect with Brittnay here: 
Website - Email - Instagram & Twitter - @nonprofitsistas



Contact >>>hello@buffaloambitionco

Community >>>


Apr 13, 2022
She made her first million before her degree! Acquiring Funding at all Government Levels with Dr. Annie Green

Dr. Annie Green joins us for Federal Funding Friday! 

Annie encourages us to get nosy as we seek funding for our nonprofits and small businesses. She shares with us her tips on applying for Federal Grants and securing financial wealth. 

Connect with Dr. Annie at:

Youtube Channel: Green Zone Academy

Apr 08, 2022
Well this took an unexpected turn - how having the right information can completely transform your life
The right information can get you out of a toxic relationship, the right information can get you in the right rooms, and in the case of funding, it can transform your income situation.
Today we are going deep as you learn just how resourceful you already are. And how this information can take your insecurities and obstacles captive so that you can work with confidence. 
Connect >>> @buffaloambitionco
Community >>>
Contact >>>
Apr 07, 2022
Reconnecting to the Source After Grantwriting Burnout with Goddess Yoga
How do you connect to the source when you can't seem to focus, you are feeling overwhelmed with all the moving pieces in your life and business, and God and truthfully yourself, seem out of reach?
Host of the Homeschooling Entrepreneur Mom Podcast, Kawaii ah quin, shares her story of how Goddess Yoga has helped prevent burnout as a busy mompreneur.
If you are a funding professional that struggles with overworking and giving from an empty cup, this episode is for you.
Learn more about Goddess Yoga here:
Connect with Kawai:
Instagram -> @kawai_ahquin
Apr 01, 2022
Should you train your staff to be a funding expert? 3 Benefits to having these skills on your team!

Are you struggling to secure financial partners for your program or event? 

Do you lack the money to contract a Funding Professional to help in this area of your organization or business? 

Find out the 3 reasons why having these skills will benefit your business on a holistic level


Connect >>> @buffaloambitionco

Contact >>>

Community >>>

Mar 30, 2022
Worried about the blind spots in your business or organization? 4 ways that learning funding skills will help you run your business and secure the support you need to grow!
You don't need to be a funding expert, but knowing the skills will open your eyes to the parts of your business that are preventing you from securing funding.
TOMORROW in our Funding and Freelance community group - you will learn everything you need to get your organization's funding ready.
This workshop is great for those of you who are kingdom business owners and want to learn how to begin your search by first laying down the groundwork. OR if you are a freelancer who is ready to add this funding service to your arsenal toolbox. This is a skill that will only grow in demand.
Join me tomorrow at
Contact >>
Mar 23, 2022
Zoom versus Phone Calls - which method do funders and sponsorship partners respond to best so you could get the results you want
Do you wonder why your communication attempts are not converting? Should you be scheduling Zoom Meetings with potential partners and funders? And how do you get the partner to commit as a sponsor to your event?
In this episode you will learn which method is best when contacting potential partners. How do you know whether phone call of video is better?
Join the Funding Readiness Workshop here >>
Connect >> IG: @buffaloambitionco
Mar 18, 2022
Tired of Scrambling for Documents at the last minute? 3 Reasons Why You Need to Prepare before Applying for Funding

Are you tired of scrambling around last minute for documents needed to complete your grants applications? 

Are you wondering how to streamline your processes and increase your efficiency while reaching out to partners? 

Today you will learn 3 reasons WHY setting the right foundation is imperative as a founder or freelancer and HOW you can do this today! 


Join the Funding Readiness Workshop here >>>

Contact >>>

Connect >>> @buffaloambitionco

Mar 16, 2022
No Higher Degree? No Problem! The Formula on how to Showcase Your Worth as a Funding Expert to a Potential Client!
Experience trumps a college degree every time, wouldn't you agree?
Let me be clear, I am not docking the need for higher education. I applaud it and am a huge advocate for continuous learning. But not everyone has the resources, support, or desire to pursue a 4-year degree.
So, how do you showcase your worth as a Grants Professional when you don't have IVY League credentials? 

Learn the formula to locking in clients regardless of your educational status. 

Funding Readiness Workshop > 
Connect >
Mar 11, 2022
Do you feel like an underdog? Have you been written off and canceled by culture? Here are a5 reasons why Grant Writing is for you!

Have you been written off by society? Do you worry that without a college degree and fancy title you will only forever reach a mediocre life? 

Here are 5 reasons why becoming a Grants Professional or Funding expert is the career for you if you feel like an underdog! 

Key takeaways:

This is one of the few careers where you can create complete freedom from the start!

This skill is always needed and there is no cap to the amount of money/flexibility you can build.  

There are no limitations to when you can learn this!


Waitlist >

Community >

Contact >

Mar 09, 2022
You Are Marked! What Your Identity as a Visionary Really Means and How to Execute Your Purpose

Webster’s definition of a Visionary is: “having or marked by foresight and imagination”

You walk around your office, wondering why you feel different. Signaled out like you just don’t fully fit in. But it is because you are Marked for Kingdom things. You are a Visionary. 
Visionaries aren’t phased by fear nor paralyzed by lack of (resources, personnel, etc.
But instead, they walk in their identity as children of a Reigning King who, because of His sacrifice for us, has made everything and anything is available to us. 
Community >>
Mar 04, 2022
The 5 Excuses you Keep Telling Yourself that are Preventing You From Living Out Your Purpose Work

I don't really believe in excuses. I believe in decisions.

Today I am calling you out. Because you keep using excuses like "I don't have the knowledge, the connections, and the money to do the thing God has called me to do." 

I am provoking you to change your mindset so that you could live out the destiny God has set before you. 


Time Management Episode:

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Mar 02, 2022
Still haven't gotten your first client? 3 reasons why people aren't committing to your services as a Freelance Grants Professional.
Your business cards are made and your branding imagery is absolute fire over your website.
So then why are you hearing crickets? Why is your phone not ringing nonstop and your inbox overflowing?

Today I am sharing with you 3 reasons why no one is saying "YES" to your offers as a freelance grants professional or funding expert. 
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Feb 10, 2022
How long does it take to gain traction as a Funding Expert in 2022? 4 Tactics to Making Money as a Freelancer.

Did you begin this new venture as a Grants Professional or Funding Expert with expectations of making money within 6 months? 12 months? 2 years?! 

Today you will learn 4 elements that impact how long it takes you to make money as a Freelance Grant Writer/Funding Professional. 

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Feb 04, 2022
THIS IS YOUR YEAR! Why 2022 is the perfect time for you to become a Funding Expert!

With rising costs all across the nation, diversifying your revenue as a founder or business owner is more important than ever.

Today I am sharing with you 4 reasons why NOW is the time for you to expand your funding skills. 

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Feb 02, 2022
Feeling Overwhelmed, Tired, and Lazy while Trying to Build your Side-Hustle as a Grants Professional, Nonprofit Founder, or Small Business Owner? 3 Ways You Can Conquer Energy Management and Finish Your Days Off Strong!

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day when it’s time to pour into your freelancing side-hustle?


Today you will learn energy manipulation and management. Which is not to be confused with time management.


You will learn how to distribute your output energy in a way that ensures you finish each day off strong. So you can continue building your business and being present with your family without dragging your feet to do it.



5 Tips and tools that help you take back your time as a Busy Boss Mama RIGHT NOW:


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Jan 26, 2022
Are you a Solo Freelance Grants Professional? Answering Your Questions on Why, How, and Where to Find Peer Reviewer.

Are you an introvert Grants Professional? Do you struggle with finding someone to look over your work? Do you shy away from the writing community out of fear of commitment, connection, or self-confidence?


Grab a pen and pad as today I am answering your questions including:

  • Why you need a peer editor
  • Benefits of having an editor
  • Do you have to PAY a peer reviewer?
  • 3 places you can an editor
  • BONUS tip






INTERESTED IN GETTING A PEER EDITOR RUBRIC?! Send me an email here to get on the list


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Jan 21, 2022
Avoid Grant Writing Burnout and Perfectionism Paralysis with These 3 Tips. Stop letting the enemy stop you from jumping all into your purpose work!

Grant writing burnout have you considering changing careers? 

Is perfectionism stopping you from asking for help? Starting your business? Or submitting an already great proposal? 

As a recovering perfectionist, I have personally used these 3 strategies to move forward, even when I don't "feel" quite ready. 

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Jan 19, 2022
The #1 Reason your Letter of Intent (LOI) isn’t getting past the Gatekeeper

Do you work for weeks on a letter of interest for a funder only to hear nothing back? 

Are you tired of spending endless hours drafting, writing, and finally submitting your hard work and getting nothing in return? 

Today I will teach you how to get past the gatekeeper. And it may not be why you think. 


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Jan 14, 2022
Ready to Begin Reaching out to Brands and Companies for your Program and Event? Write your Pitch like a pro - the 5 Parts to a Great Proposal

Is the pulsating cursor on your Google Doc making your palms sweat? 

Are you struggling to compose your message and crossing your fingers to get a response? 

Learn the 5 parts to a perfect pitch like a Funding Expert. 

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Jan 12, 2022
Does Coming Off a Busy Season Have You Feeling Like You're in a Maze? 5 Resources that Keep me Grounded When Life Gets Crazy

We just came off a heavy writing season followed by all the major holidays.

We are in full-throttle recovery mode over here! 

Here are 5 resources I use (and you can mimic) when life is busy and you need an anchor. 


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Jan 07, 2022
3 Ways to Put God at the Center of Your Business in 2022 as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you are not making a dent in the world. 

You don’t have half a million views on Tik Tok. 

And you have never been invited to speak at a large convention.

None of it matters. Your impact isn't validated by these metrics. 
Your business ministry is meant to change lives across the world. 

But it begins when you put God at the center of it all. 

Today I am sharing with you 3 ways you can transform your business in 2022. 


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Jan 06, 2022
3 Ways to Put God at the Center of Your Business in 2022 as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you are not making a dent in the world. 

You don’t have half a million views on Tik Tok. 

And you have never been invited to speak at a large convention.

None of it matters. Your impact isn't validated by these metrics. 
Your business ministry is meant to change lives across the world. 

But it begins when you put God at the center of it all. 

Today I am sharing with you 3 ways you can transform your business in 2022. 


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Jan 06, 2022
3 Ways to Put God at the Center of Your Business in 2022 as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you are not making a dent in the world. 

You don’t have half a million views on Tik Tok. 

And you have never been invited to speak at a large convention.

None of it matters. Your impact isn't validated by these metrics. 
Your business ministry is meant to change lives across the world. 

But it begins when you put God at the center of it all. 

Today I am sharing with you 3 ways you can transform your business in 2022. 


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Jan 05, 2022
2022 Funding Projections - 4 Trends You Need to be Aware of as an Organization/ Kingdom Entrepreneur/Small Business

You’ve been head down in your business this year. Focusing on growing your audience, building trust, and giving value to your audience. 

And just when you think you have it figured out, the year is over! Which means that priorities may or may not have shifted for funders!

In this episode you will learn the 4 projected trends for funding in 2022. 

And if you haven’t heard - I have 2 Spots available for Funding Research for Quarter One of 2022! Do not miss this opportunity to elevate your visionary project. Email me at for more information! 


5 Ways Your Nonprofit an Show Sustainability:

Dec 29, 2021
Level-Up Your Business and Increase Your Efficiency with This 1 Form of Support- Podmas Day 4

I know you enjoy doing all the things yourself. The marketing, the administrative work, the outreach, and the volunteer recruitment.

Wearing all these hats often leaves you burned out, stressed, and wishing for additional support in at least one area.

Today in Day 4 of Podmas you will learn how this one element can bring ease to your business and Level Up your programs for the next 6 months to 1-year! 

Subscribe and stick around for our Final Day of Podmas! 

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Dec 23, 2021
Funding Tips: What you Should know Prior to Reaching out to Sponsors/Brands & Partners - Podmas Day 3

How many times do you go straight into "I NEED" mode?
Without first doing any prior research. Knowing all the details about your program, and truly vetting your potential partners.

In Podmas Day 3 You will be learning all the "Must-Know's" before pitching a sponsorship opportunity. Regardless of the capacity of your project.

Grab a pencil and pad, you're going to want to write this information down!

Subscribe and stick around for Day 4 of Podmas as we lead up to Christmas Day!

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Dec 22, 2021
Where to find sponsors, partners, and funding for Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Wondering where you can find venue sponsors? Food partners? And vendors for your door, stationery, and even hosting?


Continuing in our 5 days of Podmas Series, today I am sharing with you where to look to find partners for your event, program, or project WITHOUT needing fancy databases or an expansive network.


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Dec 21, 2021
4 Do's and Don'ts of Securing Funding Support as an Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Organization, or Small Business.

Are you struggling with knowing what to ask?
Confused on the etiquette? And stuck when creating your proposal pitch?


If your requests are just not getting through to your ideal partners. Or if you feel sleazy and inexperienced making your asks, this episode is for you.


On Day One of our 5 days of Podmas, you will be learning the 4 Do's and Don'ts of Securing Funding Support as an Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Organization, or Small Business.


Subscribe and stick around for Day 2 of Podmas as we lead up to Christmas Day!


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Dec 20, 2021
3 Identifying Traits of a Good Partner as an Entrepreneur or Small Business: Tips from a Funding Expert

As a follow-up to Wednesday’s episode on “Asking for Support as an Organization/Entrepreneur/or Small Business, today I am sharing with you my 3 identifiers for a good partner.

When you take the time to go through my 3-line checklist, you increase your chances of securing the funds.

There are currently 2 spots available to work with me! Do you need funding, sponsors, and/or brand partners for your program or project?

Are you tired of aimlessly searching for grants opportunities on google or sifting through the website?

If you want the keys to real doors that are open specifically for you and your business, then you need to get on my radar ASAP!

Spots are limited! For more information email me now at

Dec 17, 2021

Asking feels like selling - sleazy, it feels like you’re degrading yourself and your value.
As a business, you see it as a big “I’m going bankrupt” Sign.

In this episode, we are shifting your perspective of asking for support to whatever grade you need. 

You are going to learn tactics on how to pitch a mutually beneficial collaboration. And why collaborations are the currency of the future.

I will ask you probing questions that will help you begin to simply ASK from the companies, brands, and funders you know, like, and trust.

Leave a review if you enjoyed today’s episode. And if you want to work with me, email me at

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Dec 15, 2021
Investing in Your Business When You are Making No Revenue as a Freelance Grant Writer

How do you invest in your business growth with limited revenue as a Funding Professional?

HOW to invest when you have no revenue

WHO should you invest with?

WHAT area of your business requires the most growth right now? 

WHEN is it time for you time invest

WHY should is it important to pour into yourself in the first place

With a Bonus included at the end! 






Dec 08, 2021
A Practical Approach to Leaving Your 9-5 for Self-Employment with Kawai Ah Quin

Does the thought of leaving your job from one night to the next to make you feel uneasy? 

Realistically speaking you have mortgages and childcare. There are groceries, which have gotten as expensive as your car note and credit card bills. 

It’s just not possible for you to blindly leave your job to start your own business as a grants professional. 

Kawai Ah Quin is a former RN turned entrepreneur and homeschooling mom to her 5 kids! 

On today’s podcast Kawai shares her practical approach to transitioning into entrepreneurship. From paying off $85,000 in debt in just 2 years to eliminating toxic voices and setting tangible goals. 

Kawai gets deep for my Type-A Visionaries struggling between wanting to leave their jobs they don’t totally hate, and worrying about the logistics behind leaving their stable employment. 

IG -> @kawai_ahquin
Dec 01, 2021
A Practical Approach to Leaving Your 9-5 for Self-Employment with Kawai Ah Quin

Does the thought of leaving your job from one night to the next to make you feel uneasy? 

Realistically speaking you have mortgages and childcare. There are groceries, which have gotten as expensive as your car note and credit card bills. 

It’s just not possible for you to blindly leave your job to start your own business as a grants professional. 

Kawai Ah Quin is a former RN turned entrepreneur and homeschooling mom to her 5 kids! 

On today’s podcast Kawai shares her practical approach to transitioning into entrepreneurship. From paying off $85,000 in debt in just 2 years to eliminating toxic voices and setting tangible goals. 

Kawai gets deep for my Type-A Visionaries struggling between wanting to leave their jobs they don’t totally hate, and worrying about the logistics behind leaving their stable employment. 

IG -> @kawai_ahquin
Dec 01, 2021
A Practical Approach to Leaving Your 9-5 for Self-Employment with Kawai Ah Quin

Does the thought of leaving your job from one night to the next to make you feel uneasy? 

Realistically speaking you have mortgages and childcare. There are groceries, which have gotten as expensive as your car note and credit card bills. 

It’s just not possible for you to blindly leave your job to start your own business as a grants professional. 

Kawai Ah Quin is a former RN turned entrepreneur and homeschooling mom to her 5 kids! 

On today’s podcast Kawai shares her practical approach to transitioning into entrepreneurship. From paying off $85,000 in debt in just 2 years to eliminating toxic voices and setting tangible goals. 

Kawai gets deep for my Type-A Visionaries struggling between wanting to leave their jobs they don’t totally hate, and worrying about the logistics behind leaving their stable employment. 

IG -> @kawai_ahquin
Dec 01, 2021
Copywriting as a Freelance Grants Professional and Why You Should Care

Whether you know it or not - You are writing copy. 

For your website, social media posts, blogs, and even when you're updating your Linkedin resume!

But how can you improve this skill and include it in your services toolbox as a Grants Professional? 

Today, in this short episode, I am giving you some food for thought on an additional skill you can develop to stand out as an independent funding expert. 

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Nov 26, 2021
4 Tips for Making this Your Best Giving Tuesday Campaign

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner! 
You are probably hyper-focused on the money you can bring in, but have you ever considered the other forms of resources? And of course, the various communities within your influence that you can leverage? 


My WEBINAR on How to Attract Clients in 3 Steps Goes LIVE the last week of November. Enroll in this totally FREE webinar here >>>

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Nov 24, 2021
Pros and Con’s of hiring a Grant Writer for nonprofits who are still on the fence

Are you a nonprofit who has been on the fence about hiring a freelance Grant Writer?


Is money the concern?

Do you feel like someone on your team can just “handle it” as a part of their job description?


Are you struggling with whether or not this will bring value to your organization?

Let me help you make the decision easier for you by addressing your pain points and clarifying whether or not this investment makes sense.

We’ll begin by taking into account your valuable time and financial resources. Not to mention the accounted for energy that is split amongst the numerous hats you wear.


If you enjoyed today’s episode please be sure to leave a review!


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Nov 17, 2021
4 Things You NEED to Know Before Hiring a Grant Writer

How do you make the discovery and welcome process easier for your clients and for yourself as a Freelance Grant Writer? 

Here are the 4 Things Every Small Business or Organization seeking grant funding should know before hiring a Grant Writer. 

Whether this is your first time working with a Grants Professional. Or perhaps you are tired of having the same conversations over and over with potential clients. 

This is the episode for you! 

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Nov 12, 2021
5 Lessons I have Learned from my failures in Kingdom Business

The glamour, the hustle, the pride, the failures! 

Business comes with several valleys that aren't talked about enough. But failures are nothing more than lessons for you to learn. 

Here are the 5 lessons I have taken from my many mistakes and failures in Kingdom Entrepreneurship. 


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Nov 05, 2021
The Great Resignation - Your Permission Slip to Start Your Own Independent Grant Writing Business

Doomsday or the opportunity of a lifetime? 

Today you will change your perspective on the nation's biggest employee turnover of our lifetime. While some are retiring and others are making a career shift, will you be among the many that decide to jump into entrepreneurship? 


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Nov 03, 2021
ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING THE ASSIGNMENT? How to show up boldly in your Christian Faith as an Independent Grant Writer

Do you keep your Christian Faith separate from your business? Are you struggling to show up authentically without feeling judged?

Afraid of being called a radical? Or a Jesus Freak and then not getting booked?

As a Kingdom Entrepreneurs, we must understand this business doesn’t belong to us. And that the purpose of everything we do in our lives is to advance the kingdom of God.

Today’s episode will give you a new perspective on the assignment of all assignments. You will gain the courage you need to begin to step out into your business without feeling like you need to keep your faith a secret.


Do you need prayer? Contact me at




Oct 29, 2021
Is the Instrumentl Database Worth it? My thoughts after 1 year of using it as a Freelance Grant Writer

Instrumentl has been the new and shiny thing for some time now.

Have you been considering committing to this service but unsure as to the value it provides?

After 1 year of using this database for my grants research projects, I am sharing with you my thoughts on whether or not YOU should invest the money. 

*This episode is NOT sponsored*

7 Weeks to Starting Your Business >> 

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Oct 27, 2021
Does that Grants Proposal Scare You? 3 Reasons Why You Should Take On That Project Anyway as a Freelance Grant Writer

Did your boss just ask you to take on a grant writing project that's outside of your comfort zone? 

Have you recently been approached by a client who is asking you to pursue a proposal that is larger than anything you have ever done? 

I know it's easy for you to turn the opportunity down out of fear. But in today's episode, I am sharing with you 3 reasons why you need to do it anyway! 


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Oct 22, 2021
Accused of having a cold personality? How to build empathy as a Freelance Grant Writer



Straight, savage.

These are just some of the words your peers and friends use to describe you.

Usually, you’re okay with it, until it starts to impact your business.

For some of us, empathy is a learned skill. 

Through my personal journey from being "The Executioner" to a full glow-up. I share with you my tips on becoming more relational and why this is an important piece to your business. 

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Oct 21, 2021
Accused of having a cold personality? How to build empathy as a Freelance Grant Writer



Straight, savage.

These are just some of the words your peers and friends use to describe you.

Usually, you’re okay with it, until it starts to impact your business.

For some of us, empathy is a learned skill. 

Through my personal journey from being "The Executioner" to a full glow-up. I share with you my tips on becoming more relational and why this is an important piece to your business. 

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Oct 21, 2021
Increasing Your Profit and Building Loyalty Through Dream Client Mapping with Guest Michelle Castro

Do you ever feel like you're putting out great work but no one commits? 

Does it feel like people are not responsive to the mass information you are putting out on social media, Linkedin, and even networking events? 

And is this misalignment showing up in your bottom line?

What is a dream client, how do you know who she/he is, and how to use him/her to create content, products, and services, and totally transform your profit! 

Michelle is a wife and mama to 3 beautiful girls from Los Angeles, California.  She’s the host of a podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, Growth Against the Grain.

Michelle specializes in helping women in the network marketing space show up as the unique unicorn God made them to be…niching in to avoiding the copy/paste culture and leaning into who they are and the value they have to offer through strategy, mindset, and some healthy living for good measure. :) 

Michelle loves the network marketing / direct sales space and believes that women can grow an audacious business without looking like everyone else, being connected 24/7, while being present for those she loves most, and honor the Lord in the process!  


Connect with Michelle 




Oct 15, 2021
Don’t Know Much About the Business World? 3 Steps to Starting Scared as an Independent Grant Writer

Does your head start to spin when thinking of all the things you “need” when starting your business?


This is your first venture into entrepreneurship and it is scaring the heck out of you.


Between the stories of inadequacy you tell yourself, and the seemingly infinite list of “MUST DO’S”

It’s enough to make you call it quits.


Here are 3 simple steps you can take even when starting scared


Podcast Episodes:
Finding Your Niche as a Freelance Grants Professional

Scrappy Entrepreneurship:


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Oct 13, 2021
Resentfulness in Motherhood and Business as a Freelance Grant Writer

How often have you felt angry at your choice of getting married young?

Having children young?

Not “living up” the single life or doing the things you wanted to do Prior to having the obligations you have now.

In response to Sarah Jakes Robert's most recent podcast episode, I wanted to share my thoughts on how to prevent resentfulness as a mother with hopes and dreams but is now responsible for four little humans and a whole husband. 

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Oct 06, 2021
Follow-up Like a Boss to Build Your Business Ft. Amber Glus

How do you follow up with potential clients without feeling sleazy and salesy? 

What if the client sees you as needy? 

What's so important about reaching people after the contract is over, anyway? 

Amber Glus, host of The School of Copy and Messaging podcast spills all the tea on how follow-up has transformed her bottom line.  Time and time again! 

Amber helps women use copy, content marketing, and strategic messaging to sell their business effectively. 

More about Amber:


Entrepreneurship Course >> 

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Oct 01, 2021
Launching Your Freelance Grant Writing Business? 4 Things You Need to Prioritize in Your Business

Is your to-do list overflowing with tasks that need to get accomplished before starting your freelance grant writing business? Does it all seem super-end-of-the-world important? Do you wonder what are the things you actually need for your business?


Launching your business doesn’t have to be complicated.


Let me help you out.


Start by shifting your perspective from YOU to your client!

The 4-things I am sharing with you will give you ease in the customer experience which will take them start to finish and beyond!

And as a result - you will have a higher chance of retaining that client long-term and gaining referrals!


Struggling with your plan in starting your business?
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Sep 29, 2021
Struggling with Motivation as a Freelance Grant Writer? 3 Steps towards a Motivation Mindset

Do you struggle with motivation as a Freelance Grant Writer?


We’re going to dissect WHY motivation is holding you back from building a profitable, sustainable business as a grants professional.


Because entrepreneurship is a marathon, it is imperative you build the stamina to make it to the “end goal”.


Today you will learn:

  • why you’re losing motivation to begin with
  • how to tackle the mind and spiritual elements of motivation
  • How to stay motivated regardless of the season you are in


Leave a review if you are enjoying the podcast!


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Sep 22, 2021
How to Have "The Talk": Navigating Friendships and Business as a Freelance Grant Writer

You probably have friends, acquaintances, and friends-of-friends with smaller nonprofits that have been looking for grants and want your help or “just want to pick your brain”

And anytime you come around them they go into shark tank presentation mode - telling you all about their programs. 

But how do you have "the talk" with them without making things awkward? 

Today we will discuss why it's important for you to set boundaries as a professional and start-up entrepreneur. I will give you verbiage to help guide you through this conversation. And tell you when is the perfect time for you to drop the bomb. 

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Sep 17, 2021
3 Steps to Raising Child Entrepreneurs as a Freelance Grant Writer

According to Forbes magazine, the United States saw a 95% increase last year in new small businesses. 
I truly believe small businesses are the engine that runs our economy. 

As you raise littles, I'm sure you have thought about their future. Is college in the cards for them? Will they choose instead to become business owners and carve their own path? 

How do you raise entrepreneurs and where do you even start? 

Grab your favorite drink and notebook as we set the platform for our children's biggest accomplishments, today. 

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Sep 15, 2021

On the one hand you have security, benefits, and an ok group of colleagues. But you daydream of having a business that's scalable, flexible, and sustainable.

Today I am revealing to you the exact business model which has supported long-term growth with my clients and my revenue!
The best part is - you can adopt it and tailor it to your specific services!

Work with me to figure out your model >
Course >

Sep 10, 2021

On the one hand you have security, benefits, and an ok group of colleagues. But you daydream of having a business that's scalable, flexible, and sustainable.

Today I am revealing to you the exact business model which has supported long-term growth with my clients and my revenue!
The best part is - you can adopt it and tailor it to your specific services!

Work with me to figure out your model >
Course >

Sep 10, 2021
God and Business Success: GUEST Jeannette Birdoux's Freelance Journey

Do you wonder how to invite God into your business, pricing decisions, and client work?? 
Is there a tug at your heart that makes you wonder: Is this just the heeby-jeebies? Or is it REALLY a calling into my purpose-work. 

Jeannette Bridoux is the host of The Sisters of Christ podcast, is a Faith Activator, and Freelance Social Media Strategist. She shares with us the link between God and Business Success as a Freelancer.

Sep 03, 2021


I don’t know if right now is the best time to launch my contract grant writing business. There are already more tenured professionals doing what I’m doing…

NONSENSE! This is the perfect time for you to launch your business, and in this episode I am sharing with you why.


If you’re worried about there being “too many writers” in your profession- this is the episode for you!

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Sep 01, 2021
Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations as a Freelance Grant Writer: When the nonprofit board just won’t listen

That's awkward. The back-and-forth between yourself and a client. It's even more uncomfortable when you're not a confrontational person. I've got your back. 

Here are my tips for de-escalating tough conversations with CONFIDENCE. 

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Aug 27, 2021
4 Steps to Triggering the Impossible in Your Kingdom Business

Your back's up against the wall. You just started your business and now it seems like only a miracle can get you through.

I am sharing with you 4 Steps to provoking a move from God that will be a "drop the mic" moment each and every time!

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Contact >> @buffaloambitionco

Aug 26, 2021
How to Market Your Business and Set Yourself Apart in a Dry Industry with Patricia Sung on Fishbowl Live!

Are you struggling with how to market yourself without sound sticky and salesy? Do you wish you could figure out the secret to standing out in a “vanilla ice cream” industry? 

Host of the Motherhood in ADHD podcast, Patricia Sung joins me on Fishbowl Live! Together we discuss how marketing yourself properly affects pricing, how to create content, Business timelines, and much more.
Connect with Patricia at

Aug 18, 2021
Scrappy Entrepreneurship - Getting started as a Freelance Grant Writer on a Shoestring Budget

“BUT I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO START A BUSINESS” One of the biggest lies you can tell yourself. Today I am showing you how to start your side-hustle or all-in business as a contract grant writer on a shoe-string budget.

Let’s get scrappy, Visionary!

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Aug 11, 2021
You've got your certificate - NOW WHAT? The 3 Things They Don't Tell You When Getting Your Grant Writing Certification

Did you get your grant writing course certificate and still feel like there’s something missing?
There’s always something to be learned, skills to be sharpened, and pockets of opportunity to be filled. Today I share with you the 3 things I wish I would have known when getting (any) of my many grant writing certifications!

If you’re a grant writer that’s ready to leave your 9-5 and start your own business

Aug 06, 2021
DID YOU SET A DATE OF DEPARTURE? How to Know When it’s Time to Leave Your 9-5 and Start Your Contract Grant Writing Business

When should you quit your job and start your business? What are the indicators to look out for that signal you "IT’S TIME!"

This episode is sensitive to everyone’s individual circumstances while keeping in mind the belief that your vision for your life and purpose work is part of a larger plan.

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Aug 04, 2021
No Revenue Because You Have No Clients? 3 Ways to Find Your Dream Clients and Start Making Profit as a Freelance Grant Writer

Confused with the hundreds of gig sites, job forums, and newspaper ads out there? Continuing our marketing series today you will learn where to go to find your dream clients in a way that doesn’t require you to be on all the platforms!


EPISODE 8: How to Become a Freelance Grant Writer with no Experience

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Jul 30, 2021
Should you be tithing from your business as a soloprenreur or grant writing whose just getting started

You’ve just made your first $100! Congratulations!
But now, should you give your first 10% to the Lord? You’re still in the red with your new business expenses. Shouldn’t you at least hit a certain tax bracket before you start tithing from your business?


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Jul 28, 2021
IS YOUR CLIENT A DRAG? Stop Working With the Wrong People! 5 Steps to Figuring Out Your Dream Client as Freelance Grant Writer

Do you dream of working EXCLUSIVELY with clients that are an absolute dream to work with?

A continuation to our Marketing Series, today we will map out your dream client in 5 steps!
Grab a pen and paper and let’s get into today’s episode!


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Jul 23, 2021
Eyeballs Gone Dry From Hours of Cold Emailing? Stop Chasing and Start Attracting Your Dream Clients! How to Market Your Freelance Grant Writing Business
Jul 21, 2021
“HOW DID YOU DO IT? HOW DID YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS AS A FREELANCE GRANT WRITER?” The Grant Writing Business Blueprint Course - My Exact Strategy to Launching and Growing Your Contract Grant Writing Business



Are you wishing and dreaming of working with organizations that align to your values?

Do you want to work remote? Balance your motherhood and business without compromising either?


The Grant Writing Business Blueprint is my A-Z strategy on how to launch your contract grant writing business as a side-hustle or full-blown business.

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Jul 16, 2021
Interview with Lindsay Sutherland: the mindset of transitioning from a W2 to working from home Entrepreneur

Do you cringe at the thought of spending the next 20 years at your corporate job?

Do you dream of having lunch with your kids DURING work hours?

Do you want to start your own business but have NO IDEA what you would offer?


Lindsay Sutherland from the Passive Income Examiner shares her compelling story of how she transitioned from leading a team of 30 to creating a business while juggling a full-time job, homeschooling, marriage, and self-care. She now teaches others how to build a business, step into their power, and live life on their terms with harmony and balance. Her podcast, The Passive Income Examiner, is filled with business building ideas and motivational episodes to get you started!


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Jul 14, 2021
3 Must-have resources for EVERY grant writer to go next-level to transform your profit

I GUARANTEE you have not thought of these top 3 things that actually make a difference when building your freelance grant writing business.

The 3 resources I am sharing with you today will transform your bottom line- for real!

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Jul 09, 2021

Is a potential client asking you for a writing samples portfolio? Are you on a time-crunch and wondering “Great - now where am I suppose to get a sample grant proposal?”

Today you will learn 3 Tips and a few bonuses to creating your folder of sample work over the weekend!

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Jul 07, 2021
MY CONSULTATION WENT TOTALLY WRONG! How to recover from awkward meetings as a Freelance Grant Writer

What do you do when you make a joke and the (virtual) room goes silent? How about when the kids come screaming into the room mid-presentation?


In this episode, I share with you 3 tips to go from mortified to totally fine.


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Jul 02, 2021

Do you think of staying in your current job and start to feel queasy? Are you itching to travel and work straight from your laptop and phone without returning to a hundred 9-1-1 emails? Today you are a fly-in-the-wall on my consultation with Kayla from Lee and Company! Kayla is, like you, preparing her transition out of her 9-5 job and into entrepreneurship.

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Jun 30, 2021
You’re so vain -  you probably think this business is about you! Running your grant writing business with a service mentality.

I know at times you worry about where your next $100 will come from.
Running your own business means your successes and failures are heavily dependent on YOU. But this business isn’t about you! It’s about the people you were created to serve!


As grant professionals we are behind-the-curtain people who are meant to serve. In this episode I teach you how to genuinely approach potential clients from a position of servitude. No sleezy sales tactics nor desperate money-making energy, only a heart positioned to give more than we take.



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Jun 25, 2021
SUPERWOMAN? 5 Tips on how to balance Freelance Grant Writing as a Stay-at-home-mom or Work from home Mom!

Laundry, diapers, and deadlines - how do you juggle them all as a Work from home mom?

In this episode, you will learn 5 tips that will help you navigate raising littles while growing your business.
From mindset to unconventional workflows, this episode is invaluable for moms struggling to find a balance between opposing worlds.


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Jun 23, 2021
Father's Day Special with GUEST Melia Diana! How and Why You Need to Heal as a Christian Entrepreneur

Host of the Verticle Relationship Podcast, Melia Diana provides tactful tips on HOW to heal from toxic relationships which still haunt our past. Created and curated specifically for you on behalf of Holy Spirit this Pre-Father’s Day episode will bring you the clarity you need to finally move forward into emotional freedom. 





Jun 18, 2021
How to get into grant writing remotely with no grant writing experience? Become a grant writer and work from home

So you’ve just completed a master class, you’ve got all this knowledge you’re ready to put into action and now you want to jump into grant writing as a contractor. GREAT - But where do you start?

These 5 TiPS will take you from graduating from your grant writing course to actually launching your freelance grant writing business!

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Jun 16, 2021
Daddy Issues Part I: Finding Inner Healing this Father's Day and Harnessing Your Story as a Weapon of Transformation
Jun 11, 2021
Digital Minimalism?! A Digital Declutter checklist for Freelance Grant Writers

The state of your space is the state of your mind - a quote from the minimalist world. Having a minimalist workspace has transformed the way I feel about coming to work each day and in turn the effectiveness of my workflow.


Today I am teaching you:

-What is Digital Minimalism
- How to declutter your digital gadgets (phone and laptop)

  • Why this matters and why you should implement these practices into your monthly tasks


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Jun 09, 2021
Let's Set the Record Straight! Debunking 5 Grant Writing Myths!

Grant writing is like Hogwarts, eerie, magical, and still not fully understood. I have compiled a list of the 5 most common myths I’ve come across and am here to set the record straight!


Today you’re going to learn what the 5 myths are and what the real tea is revolving around them! You may get a laugh as you reminisce on your own experience with a few of these!

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Jun 04, 2021
Is Grant Writing One of the Most Stressful Careers Around? Determining whether it's the right career choice for you!
Jun 02, 2021

Do you wonder “Where should I begin my search for clients as a Freelance Grant Writer?” Step 1: Find your Niche! Which just means to specialize in a specific field or topic! Preferably one that excites you and you know a lot about!
Today you will learn HOW to find your writing niche and WHY this strategy helps you ease into your new grant writing business!
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May 29, 2021
5 Tips to Lead an Intake Meeting with Confidence as an Inexperienced Grant Writer!

Do you freeze up during your client consultations? If you’re ready to overcome your nerves and KILL IT in your meetings- this is the episode for you!


In this episode, you will learn 5 TIPS (and a bonus at the end!) that will 10x’s your confidence and teach you how you can convert your consultations without the nerves, anxiousness, and limiting thoughts.



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May 26, 2021
LEVEL UP YOUR GRANT PROPOSAL! How to Make Your Grant application Stand Out Using Graphics

Does your own grant application put you to sleep? Set yourself apart by using photos, graphs, and sometimes even video to articulate and emphasis your message!


In this short, but resource-filled episode I discuss free and paid options for adding diagrams and pretty graphics WITHOUT being a graphic designer!



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May 21, 2021
ELEVATE YOUR WORK FROM HOME EXPERIENCE! 6 Tips on How to Work Remotely as a Freelance Grant Writer and Work from Home Mom with Kids!

Working from home with kids as a freelance Grant Writer is no easy task! These 6 Tips are sure to Level Up your work from home experience.

Working from home is often discouraging due to distractions (hello Netflix!), issues with motivation, and lack of inspiration.

With nearly 9 years under my belt working remotely, you will learn actionable ways to make working from home easier!

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Does your nonprofit need help securing grants to scale your impact? 

Know what you want to do in your business but not sure how to articulate it?

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May 19, 2021
4 Ideas for Quick Revenue When Business is Slow. Leveraging Your Scrappy Freelance Skills When You Need Money ASAP as a Grants Consultant!

What do you do as a Freelancer when business is  S L O W ? 


Do you:

A) Mop around and eat cereal out of a cup in pajamas waiting for an email from a potential client

B) Give up put your resume back on Indeed hoping your old corporate job will take you back

C) Find creative ways to bring in a cash injection


In case you’re a poor tester, let me help you out. Options A and B aren’t going to cut it in the freelance space!

Slow seasons bring out the scrappy entrepreneur in you. And in today’s podcast episode I share with you 4 ways you can leverage your skills when you need money ASAP as a grants consultant. One example is to use alternative skills (bonus points if it's in high demand during a holiday!)

Think carpet cleaning or artisanal woodwork!


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May 14, 2021
BONUS! Is Your Past Paralyzing You? How to overcome unworthiness and embrace redemption

Are your past mistakes weighing you down? Do they make you second doubt your relationships and dreams? Are you constantly living in fear of falling prey to who you used?

Overcome unworthiness, get unstuck, and embrace the redemption God has extended to His people. Stop feeling less than and learn to only bring up your past, as a tool to testify His work in our lives.

May 12, 2021
The 6 things separate the good Grant Writers from the EXCEPTIONAL Ones! Apply these to your Freelance Grants Consulting business as a Christian Entrepreneur!

Do you want to stand out as a Freelance Grant Writer?  There’s more to grant writing and consulting than just the writing skills. Today I share with you 6 qualities that will take you from a good grant writer, to an exceptional grant writer organizations will want to hire time and time again.


Indigo District Graphic Design:


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Does your nonprofit need help securing grants to scale your impact? 

Know what you want to do in your business but not sure how to articulate it?
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May 07, 2021
BONUS EPISODE! Thinking of Becoming a Freelance Grant Writer? I Tell All in this Behind the Curtain Interview with Katie Mustusky from Entropy Organized!

Are you an aspiring grant writer, or aspiring Freelance writer? Do you question whether you are actually cut out for this? Are you wondering what do you even do as a grant writer on a daily basis?

If you are suffering from MAJOR imposter syndrome, finding your footing in where to get starting in freelance grant writing, and where to get clients - THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU!

In this tell-all episode alongside Katie Matusky from Entropy Organized, I share with you my journey, my tips, and resources to help you get started in Freelance Writing TODAY!

Get the encouragement (okay, and a slight kick in the tush) you need to thrust you into your future!


Connect with Katie on or via Instagram @Katiematusky


May 05, 2021
Overwhelmed with all the hats you wear as a SOLOPRENEUR? Here are 5 tips and tools that help you take back your time as a Busy Boss Mama RIGHT NOW!

Overwhelmed and feeling burned out from your to-do lists that never quite get done? Tired of checking emails at the beach when you're supposed to be building sand castles instead? 

As a busy business woman I know we wear a lot of different hats. But that doesn't mean we can't be present. Take back your time and FREEDOM! 

These 5 hacks will save you time while keeping you efficient in your freelance business. 

Apr 30, 2021
Intercessory Prayer Part II - Strategizing your Attack

Last week we talked about why intercessory prayer is important and I shared with you the impact your prayers make. 

Today I am sharing with you my strategy on how to wage war on the enemy. 

I share resources, provide a prayer layout, and approach. 

Apr 23, 2021
What is Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare? Praying for Your Business, Your Children, Your Community! Unlock the Prayer Warrior Within You!

Do you feel like your life is slipping from your hands? 

Your business isn't going the way you had expected. Your teenager isn't someone you recognize anymore and your marriage is practically falling apart. 

As a child of the promise, you are a threat to the enemy. And there is nothing that will scare the devil more than a man or woman who walks in authority.

Prayer warriors all begin somewhere and in part one of this two-part series I answer your questions including: 

What is intercessory prayer?

What does it mean to be a prayer warrior? 

How does intercessory prayer work and why should you care?

This episode is a MUST HEAR when formulating your strategy to go to war with the enemy for all that belongs to you. 

The Kingdom suffers violence and only the violent take it by force - Mat. 11:12 

Apr 16, 2021
Unsure of Whether or Not You are Truly Ready to Make the Career Change? Forward Faith Proceeds Your God-Sized Dreams! Stop Living in Complacency and Take Scary Audacious Action!

Not sure if you are ready to make that career change, lock in that masterclass, or confirm the consultation you've been thinking about? 

How big is your faith? How out-of-this-world are your dreams?  

Today I invite you to a conversation that I know will encourage you to FINALLY step into discomfort. God-sized, Audacious Dreams require us to take forward faith, crazy, kinda scary action.

By the end of this episode, you will be confident about leaping into your freelance grants consulting business, seeking out that coach, or submitting your book for publishing. 

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?!


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Apr 08, 2021
GRANT REVOKED! Can I Pay a Grant Writer a Percentage of a Grant? Is it Ethical to hire a Grant Writer on Contingency?

Need a grant writer but don't have the funds on hand? Maybe you can pay the grant writer a percentage of the grant? 

Is commission-based pay even allowed? 

In this juicy episode, we deep dive into the ethics behind contingency-based pay and the repercussions it may have for your organization. 

While it can seem attractive, it's actually frowned upon by the 

Grant Professional's Association 


Keep the conversation going with me on socials! 

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Apr 02, 2021
How I became a Freelance Grants writer and Grants Consultant.

Does fear of the unknown and lack of stability scare you?  If you are struggling with taking the leap into freelance writing this episode is for you. 

For years I thought "I could NEVER be in control of my own income- I could NEVER be an entrepreneur" 

I will help you figure out what you can freelance in and motivational tips on how to stick it out for the long run. 

If you are an aspiring grants consultant contact me at: 

Need help securing funding for your organization? 
Work with me! 



Mar 19, 2021
5 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit Can Show Sustainability. Ideas to Answer the Sustainability Question as a Freelance Grant Writer

Do you get stumped on your nonprofit sustainability plan? This question stumps nearly every grant writer at first. Creating a melting pot of revenue streams for your nonprofit demonstrate community support, attention to strategy, and longevity.

Today I share with you 5 easy ways your organization can diversify your revenue stream and answer the big sustainability question. 

Are you an aspiring freelance grant writer but don't know where to start Email me at 



Feb 26, 2021
When Growth Feels Stagnant: An Encouraging Shift for Discouraged Freelance Grant Writers

Do you feel discouraged with your business? Wondering where you are going wrong and doubting if you're made out for this entrepreneurship thing? 

It's been weeks since starting your business and the bank account is catching dust. 

Today I am going to encourage you as we shift your perspective on growth and the different types of progress that exist. 

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Feb 17, 2021
4 Habits of a Kingdom Entrepreneur for Freelance Grant Writers. Maintaining Aligned when building your Business for His Glory

How do you know you're in alignment with what God wants for your business? Building a business for His glory and to advance the Kingdom isn't always as polished as we would like it to be. 

This episode is for you if you've been struggling to shut out the noise of the world and amplify God's strategic plan for you. In this episode, you will find 4 habits that will help you build a foundation so you can stay the course until reaching your destination. 

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Does your nonprofit need help securing grants to scale your impact? 

Know what you want to do in your business but not sure how to articulate it?
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Feb 05, 2021
What's a Grant Consultation, and Why You Need One

The benefits of meeting with a Grant Writer are vast. Even if your organization isn't ready to pursue funding, this is a great investment to learn where you stand  as an organization. Get insider information and tailored strategies for your particular program. 

Let's set the record straight with what a consultation IS, what is IS NOT, and how you can get the most out of your time with a consultant! 


Share this with a friend who needs to hear it and be sure to rate today's episode if it was valuable to you! 


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Jan 28, 2021
4 Tips to Avoid Rejection and Land the Grant

Hey DIY Grant Writer! Glad to see you back here. 

Rejection in any sense can be disheartening. In today's episode I share 4 of the most common reasons your grant gets denied. If you are tired of getting denied and even worse- not understanding WHY, then this is the episode for you. 

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Jan 19, 2021
How To Have A Spirit-Led Business As a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Tired of running your business the way the world says? 
Join me in a conversation on how to have a HOLY SPIRIT LED Business. This is for my scrappy, relentless, won't-go-back-to-who-I-was-EVER-AGAIN born again believers. 

If you are ready to surrender your business into all that God has designed it to be, this podcast is for you. 


Verses mentioned to uplift you in your freelance journey:  

Eccl. 3:1 
Prov. 21:5
Psalms 127:1 
John 16:23 


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Instagram: @buffaloambitionco
Linkedin: Eliana Echavarria
Facebook: Buffalo Ambition Co. 

Jan 11, 2021
Is Grant Writing Hard? Can Anyone Write a Grant? Gain the Confidence to become a Contract Grant Writer

Can anyone write a grant?

Whether you were thrown into grant writing, decided you would do it yourself or stumbled upon it in the midst of our global situation- this episode is for you. 

Shake off the doubt and fear that tells you only the eloquent, educated and influential can enter this lucrative world. 

As always if you enjoyed this episode please consider rating, reviewing and sharing with a friend! 

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Instagram and Facebook: @Buffaloambitionco 

Jan 11, 2021