K-Drama Feuilleton

By Maksu and Celi

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Image by Maksu and Celi

Category: Drama

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 Jul 10, 2021
great Show

 Jul 10, 2021
great podcast! funny & witty! absolutely recommended 💙


Two friends casually discuss and review K-Dramas from a leftie politics and historical-societal perspective. Max is a current PhDer in Korean Studies, while Celi holds a Master's in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. They met during a field trip to St Petersburg during their history undergrad and immediately bonded over their shared interest in all things Korean and all things history. There will be much laughter and banter, some legit stanning and swooning over all the gorgeous actors and of course some serious historical, political, societal, and fashion analysis by both of them. Some episodes will feature special guests ranging from music experts giving some analysis on OST and fashion specialists to Marxist economists penetrating through the swoony superstructure. Everything will be addressed and everything will be rooted in a shared and steadfast love for K-Dramas.

Episode Date
THE K2/Of Fairy Tales, AI's, And The Privatisation Of War
Jan 26, 2023
THE GLORY 1/On Reverse Confucian Rebels And Violent Women
Jan 12, 2023
EXTRAORDINARY ATTORNEY WOO/Of Kang Tae-Oh, Killer-Whales, and Kimbap
Oct 07, 2022
FIRST SEASON FINALEEEEE/So Long And Thanks For All The Drama
Jul 24, 2022
PART 2 SKYCASTLE / Indeed We All Lie
Jun 09, 2022
PART 1 SKYCASTLE / Indeed We All Lie
May 26, 2022
TOMORROW/On Love Triangles With Ghosts And The Chaebol After Life
May 12, 2022
BUSINESS PROPOSAL/Our Good Capitalist Chaebol
Apr 29, 2022
PART 1 GWINONG/On Representation Of Women In The Korean Countryside
Mar 31, 2022
PART 2 GWINONG/On Representation Of Women In The Korean Countryside
Mar 31, 2022
LOVE AND LEASHES/Let's Talk About Sex Baby (Aaaand Politics...)!
Mar 17, 2022
DREAM HIGH/On Giraffes and Kim Soo Hyun's 3-Step-Evolution
Mar 04, 2022
✨HallyuReviewsSpecial✨/The Having-Met-Your-Love-As-A-Child-Already-Possibly-In-A-Traumatic-Context-Trope
Feb 17, 2022
OUR BELOVED SUMMER/Our Traumatic Twenties...
Feb 03, 2022
WAEGUKIN/Tales Of A Foreign Actor In Korea
Jan 20, 2022
HELLBOUND/If You Thought Covid Was Bad...
Dec 09, 2021
KINGS AFFECTION/Gender Banter With Judith
Nov 25, 2021
SQUID GAME/James On Why You Should Never P*** Off A Capitalist
Nov 11, 2021
Oct 21, 2021
HOMETOWN CHACHACHA/Who Stole Them Slippers?!
Oct 07, 2021
REPLY1997/Where is that sheep hiding?!
Sep 23, 2021
ON THE SOFT POWER OF HALLYU/Ahjussi Gramsci And BTS Walk Into A Bar...
Sep 09, 2021
THE HEIRS/On Classism, Privilege and Almonds
Sep 02, 2021
VAGABOND/The Sexy Arms Lobby and ROK vs. Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy
Aug 26, 2021
HWARANG/Park Seo-Joon the Revolutionary?!
Aug 19, 2021
Hybrid Masculinities in KDramas/Abs with a Side of Emotions
Aug 12, 2021
Descendants of the Sun/Can Koreans be Orientalist?!
Aug 05, 2021
MINE/Female Solidarity Rules And Colonialism Sucks!
Jul 29, 2021
K-Drama for Beginners/WHY ARE THERE SO MANY COATS??!
Jul 22, 2021
The Tale of Nokdu/Kings Have Daddy Issues Too
Jul 15, 2021
IOTNBO/Kim Soo-Hyun And Foucault Walk Into A Bar...
Jul 08, 2021