Aeos Clubhouse: The Pokémon UNITE Podcast

By Kyle Fergusson

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Your Pokémon UNITE podcast for all of the latest news, strategies, and more.

Episode Date
Episode 10: A New Mobile Home

Welcome trainers old and new to the 10th episode of Aeos Clubhouse! Mobile release brought with it a huge pile of updates to existing Switch users and a massive influx of new players. In addition to cross-platform support, there are also new quests, events, items, holowear, a spectator mode, and a new battle pass. The menu has been redesigned and many of the in-game systems have received a fresh coat of paint. Kyle, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie are all quite impressed, particularly when it comes to the improved F2P options for the game. In-depth balance will have to wait for next week because this week is all about systems and the mobile release.

Sep 22, 2021
Episode 09: Hot Spot High Seas

We stand on the precipice of mobile release! By next week's show, this game will be in the hands of some additional 5 million plus players, so naturally, news is a little slow leading up to the big moment. Mochrie has completed the battle pass and is enjoying some Blastoise play. Kyle tried his hands at the Crustle business that's all the rage. Kiye has spent this week being the game’s target audience while traveling, calling in live from a hotel hot spot. As we approach this momentous moment, we thank everyone for downloading, reviewing, and supporting our show here.

Sep 15, 2021
Episode 08: Battle of the Bands

Blastoise has arrived and he hosts a heaping helping of hidden ability text. Kyle, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie are here to guide you through it all. Pre-registers have also crested 5 million, meaning Pokémon UNITE released some additional rewards. The first official tournament has also been announced. There was a Blissey buff (it’s hidden in our emails). Whose emails? YOUR emails!

Sep 08, 2021
Episode 07: Critical Crustle with Shot

Our first ever Aeos Clubhouse guest is the four-times Master climber and free agent Pokémon UNITE pro Shotty2Hotty. Kyle, Kiyberries, and Mochrie are eager to hear all the ranked tips, but there is a bigger story afoot: the degenerate Crustle madness that has seized the game. Backdooring with the Score Shield has become the way to play and calls to action have been made to the Pokémon UNITE devs to do something about it. On the eve of Blastoise, we got all the goods for you, making this a complete Aeos Clubhouse experience.

Aug 31, 2021
Episode 06: Follow Your Bliss

Aeos Clubhouse is back and now with more support! Kyle is a Blissey main, but Kiyberries and Mochrie aren't feeling egg-static about her. We have a release date for mobile! Pre-register for additional rewards. Two new incoming Pokémon were announced. What abilities can crit? And the gang finally tackles a bit of that mailbag. This and more! Enjoy and see you in the stadium.

Aug 24, 2021
Episode 05: Egg-cellent Balance

It’s a packed show! Kyle, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie lead you through two BIG changes happening to Pokémon UNITE tomorrow. Blissey, the second healing support, is being added to the game. This kit looks like it’s going to enable some serious hyper-carry action. In addition, the second balance patch has appeared, and thanks to some clever translating, we have some of the numberless details on the incoming shake up. Some items are also being changed around in hopes of bringing others in line with Eject Button. Get the scoop here and hit the stadium running.

Aug 17, 2021
Episode 04: Who's Bone is This?!?

An episode of discovery! Kyle, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie react to the previous patch, but this time with math on their side. The game's depth continues to be unveiled as the team discusses Score Message meanings, attack types, and the healing trick, yet the future is still uncertain. Will there be serious changes before the mobile release? What will be the preferred style of play? And will console, phone, or table reign supreme in an esports arena? All this and your emails! Stay tuned!

Aug 10, 2021
Episode 03: The First Patch

Pokémon UNITE has its first balance patch! Kyle Fergusson, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie bring you all the news, tips, and tricks for the new Pokémon-themed MOBA for the Nintendo Switch. Gardevoir enters as the first post-release Pokémon to join the roster. The late game powerhouse has several unique features, including one that can keep those Cinderaces down. But the big meat of the show is the first ever balance patch of the game full of buffs, nerfs, and quite a few bug fixes. Join us for the journey!

Aug 03, 2021
Episode 02: Tales from the Stadium

With week one under their belts, Kyle Fergusson, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie bring you all the news and happenings around the Pokémon UNITE sphere. The game launch was smooth and successful with tons of MOBA and non-MOBA players enjoying the Pokémon-themed festivities. Opinions have been created and mains have been selected! Players grow concerned about the power of Zapdos and Gengar. Is money too powerful? Are there bots? The gang also makes there way through the mailbag with some questions you might have as you dive deeper into Aeos Island. Enjoy!

Jul 29, 2021
Episode 01: Unite Tonight!

On the eve of release, join Kyle Fergusson, Kiyeberries, and Mochrie for some Pokémon UNITE hype! Whether this is your first MOBA or first Pokémon game, we’ve got a show for you! Get to know the hosts’ Pokémon experience, MOBA experience, and hopeful mains while we run though the must-know features to begin your journey—Pokémon roles, maps, objectives, and general strategy so you hit the ground running. Subscribe and join us each week for more episodes!

Jul 20, 2021