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By Andy Boyan

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Category: Technology

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Chainlinked is a pocket-sized podcast series looking at the many applications of Chainlink blockchain oracles across global enterprise, the blockchain industry, and emerging tech projects.

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Chainlink International: Latin America & Korea

Chainlink Labs Community Manager Marc Romero talks about his path to working in web3 and about the LatAm builders working on smart contracts. Plus, Erica Kang from KryptoSeoul shares insight into the growth of blockchain and web3 in Korea.

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Sep 24, 2021
Chainlink Keepers Deep Dive

Chainlink Keepers are a decentralized way to automate smart contracts. The Chainlink Labs product team joins me on a deep dive Chainlinked episode to explore the uses cases for Chainlink Keepers, and how its features utilize the strengths of Chainlink decentralized oracle networks to create more secure and reliable DevOps infrastructure for smart contract developers.

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Sep 17, 2021
Harmony Founder Stephen Tse & John Wolpert from Baseline

Harmony Founder Stephen Tse discusses empathy in building trustless systems, how Chainlink oracles are helping the Harmony testnet grow, and how the NFT space will need scalable solutions.

Baseline Co-founder John Wolpert explains the Baseledger L2 testnet release featuring Chainlink oracles, and dives into the problems enterprise IT are solving using blockchains.


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John Wolpert: 

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Andy Boyan:

Sep 10, 2021
Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal Shares Polygon's Scaling Strategy & Aave’s Ajit Tripathi Talks DeFi & Web3

Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal explains the Hermez merger, $1 billion in initiatives to support Polygon’s strategic focus on ZK-based scaling solutions, and how Polygon Studios is playing a role in growing Polygon as a space for digital culture.

Aave’s Ajit Tripathi discusses how financial institutions are entering DeFi and what they’re looking for when considering joining the web3 industry.


Sandeep Nailwal: 


Ajit Tripathi: 

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Andy Boyan:

Sep 03, 2021
Fantom CEO Michael Kong & Careers In Blockchain And Web3

The Fantom blockchain recently integrated native Chainlink oracles. Fantom CEO Michael Kong joins Chainlinked to talk about what this means for DeFi on Fantom and the broader DeFi and smart contract ecosystem.

Looking for a job in blockchain or web3? Ben Wu from Chainlink Labs joins to discuss the current state of the blockchain job market and how applicants can stand out to land a job building the web3 ecosystem.


Michael Kong: 

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Ben Wu: 

Marc Romero:

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Aug 27, 2021
The Smart Contract Research Forum and Reflections on SmartCon

Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) aims to bridge the gaps between academic and industry researchers, engineers, and protocol developers from a diverse set of disciplines. Co-founder Rich Brown joins Chainlinked to talk about the outsized impact that SCRF will have on long-term progress in blockchain and decentralized systems.

SmartCon emcees Mike Zacharski and Lauren Halstead join Chainlinked to discuss some of the many impactful moments from SmartCon #1 and give a backstage look at how an event like SmartCon comes to life.

SmartCon #1 Playlist:


Lauren Halstead: 

Mike Zacharski: 

Chainlink Today: 

Andy Boyan:

Aug 20, 2021
Chainlink Oracles on Avalanche

Recently, Chainlink Labs put on a Developer Bootcamp to get all types of developers with many levels of engineering experience started using Chainlink and web3 smart contracts. We brought Chainlink Labs' Harry Papacharissiou on to the podcast to talk about the event, and how it fits into a larger goal of making the world a better place with decentralized infrastructure. We also discuss Harry's path as a former winner of the Chainlink Hackathon with the Link My Ride submission.

Next, we talk to Ava Labs' Lead Smart Contracts Developer Connor Daly about the recent announcement that Chainlink Price Feeds are native and available on the Avalanche smart contracts platform. After a brief check-in on Connor's cats, we explore how many DeFi projects have been waiting for secure Chainlink oracles to jumpstart their products on Avalanche.

Did you attend the Developer Bootcamp? Are you using DeFi on Avalanche? Let me know via the Chainlink community channels or in the Twitter comments. I'd love to read some of your stories on the pod.

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Aug 13, 2021
SmartCon's Global Reach

SmartCon 2021 is right around the corner. This episode brings you Keenan Olsen and Josh Simenhoff from the Chainlink Labs team.

Keenan discusses what goes into creating a massive event like SmartCon and how the Chainlink ecosystem has come together to participate in this event.

Josh tells us about the growing international community and how the Community Advocates program is helping to teach even more people about Chainlink, blockchain, and web3.



SmartCon 2021

Chainlink Advocates

Chainlink Today

Andy Boyan

Music by Boyan the Bard

Aug 04, 2021
Chainlinked Podcast Preview

A quick preview of what to expect on Chainlinked.

Chainlinked is a pocket-sized podcast series looking at the many applications of Chainlink blockchain oracles across global enterprise, the blockchain industry, and emerging tech projects. 

We break down the news and frame Chainlink technical innovations and integrations for any listener.

Aug 04, 2021