Really Inappropriate Parents

By Chance & Kate

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Category: Comedy

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Parental controls are disabled in this podcast. There's a big difference between just getting through life and actually living life to the fullest. It took our amazing daughter Eliza to learn how fragile and beautiful life really is. So come hangout with us on our Podcast and get a sneak peak into our lives.

Episode Date
R I P 4 - Only Real Men Cry

How we are feeling/doing that day. The day to day struggles of being happy versus moving on? Kate talks about her depression and the feelings associated with. Chance tells his tearful story about Eliza and his social anxiety. We talk about the upcoming wedding. Kate and Chance get to tell their own side of the most recent DISAGREEMENT.  We discuss depression and how we each are handling it. Ending advice to check in on all your friends from time to time. SEE YOU NEXT MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

Oct 18, 2021
R I P 3 - Sahara Desert Tunnel Hole

In this episode, Kate has a heavy flow and it shows! We touch on our childhoods and how our experiences growing up have impacted each of us as individuals. Truth be told, we could do a Part 2 of this episode and really dig deeper into some of the traumas we faced growing up. This episode only touches the surface of what our childhoods were really like. We discuss one of our happier memories as kids and move on to bullying, bouncing from school to school, past and present friendships, and where we are now when it comes to friends and other relationships. We open up to one another for the first time about how we each lost our virginity. Spoiler: not great experiences for either of us! But not in a sad way. A funny, pretty average way. At the end, we leave you with some insightful food for thought when it comes to trauma and moving forward. We hope you laugh with us while also getting to know a little bit more as to why and how we came to be who we are today.

Oct 11, 2021
R I P 2: Day to Day Distractions

This episode starts out REALLY innapropriate as Kate explains how she lost her voice.  We then attempt to be somewhat serious as we discuss day-to-day surviving & daily distractions.  We open up about our "coping" techniques as individuals and as a couple. As expected, we take a tangent as we talk about making big splashes in "The Midnight Hole" in Cosby, TN. Chance and I reminisce on rock collecting memories with Eliza.  We finish up this episode with why we cancelled our wedding and how Kate felt about Chance's proposal tactics. 

Oct 04, 2021
R I P 1 - One Night Stand with the Band

What to expect from this episode/future episodes. Background on who we are and how we first met. Our first date in full. I get another shot at Kate's diesel truck question. Kate's sketchy tour bus story.

Sep 27, 2021