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The first daily NFT podcast that's also buying an NFT every day for 365 days: NFTs 365 is hosted by Brian Fanzo aka @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Web 3 Visionary that has worked with brands like IBM, Dell, Samsung, Twitter, SAP, Adobe, Oracle, UFC, AWS and MGM just to name a few! The first DAILY NFT Podcast powered by $ADHD coin on Rally.IO and includes short educational episodes, breaking news, emerging Web 3.0, metaverse, creator coins and cryptocurrency trends and exclusive interviews. NFT365 is focused on translating the geek-speak around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency and the metaverse with the goal of helping the audience HEAR the harmony between technology and humanity empowering us to re-imagine the digital future together.

Episode Date
Avoid NFT Bro Marketing HYPE Shenanigans on Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

When it comes to marketing in the "early adoption" phase of technology and movements there is a feeling of anything goes and in many cases, it's where the "Fake it to you make it" marketers prey on innocent newbies just getting into the space.

It's no surprise to me that these tactics are alive and well on Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse within the NFT Community but I'm here to help educate all of us on how to avoid these tactics as it's a losing battle trying to stop shady people from doing shady things. 

In this episode I discuss:

  • How the bro marketers are colluding together to drive hype and "shock it's still on the floor" emotions to build their own bags.
  • I explain how and why these bro marketing tactics work and what we should do to avoid them.
  • I also share tips and tricks for making sure people are heard and seen on social audio apps twitter spaces and clubhouse
  • I explain why this is just another reason why women-led NFT projects will continue to explode up the charts.

Remember my goal isn't to shame anyone rather I just want to educate on the type of tricks, shenanigans and scams some of the bad actors are pulling so we can avoid them and rather amplify the good people doing good things. 

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Shoutout to who made me smile ear to ear as she screamed with joy minting her first NFT on stage in Clubhouse

Project shoutouts:

Playboy Rabbitars and their Cover Magazine Bot:

Giraffe Tower from Gary Henderson:


Jan 20, 2022
Full SEND NFT Community or Full STOP?

I know we hear a lot about community and the value of community in the NFT space but I feel we’ve missed a BIG mark when it comes to evaluating community and even what and how we feel a community should look or feel.

It’s very easy for us to judge or have a desire to compare community building or strategies but the truth is much like the NFT art that we love each is unique and the value is in the eye of the beholder..

The Nelk Boys are causing some waves in the NFT Community as they brought a wave of attention over the last 48 after dropping a podcast episode with GaryVee then announcing a discord that hit over 200k members in only a couple of hours only to announce their NFT would drop the next day. 

But for many, they looked at the strategy and tactics of growing the “Full Send” community not aligned with what the NFT Community looks like or should be doing… 

And they weren’t wrong but The Nelk Boys might not be wrong here either as they aren’t and don’t have to be in it for the NFT community as they have a massive community on YouTube and if what they are doing with their NFTs is best for their existing community than who are we to say that is wrong. 

I challenge everyone to listen to this episode, take a step back from needing to place or judge every project or compare every community against each other.  

Rather let's take it upon ourselves for each project we are investing in to do these two things:

  1. Define what success looks like for this project
  2. Map out goals along the way to that success that you can measure and celebrate. 

We all have different goals and views of success for projects and with that, we also have to approach each project and community through our own lens and make our own decisions…. Hence the #DYODR: Do Your Own Damn Research!! 


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Project Shoutouts:


White Rabbit One by The Gate:

Playboy Rabbitars:


Full Send Metacard:

Jan 19, 2022
Get on NFT Whitelists and Your NFT Project Noticed Using Social Currency

The mantra's and phrases aren't new and to be honest they're things I've been preaching on stages for 8 years and funny enough they still work today yet far too few people use them:

Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook - GaryVee

ShowUCare - Me

Getting people's attention online so you can get on a whitelist or they can mint your NFT project or they can promote what you're doing to their discord isn't that hard....

But most people if not 99% of them are far too lazy!  

In this episode, I share a real-world example that happened to me just the other day. that not only caught my attention but turned me into a massive fan of this NFT project.  

The project is the WildGoatGangNFT and it's minting today at .08.

Not only did the social team use their social currency correctly but replying to a tweet about my podcast but they backed up all their claims and then welcomed me into their discord audio channels where I got to FEEL the passion and HEAR the purpose that was not only driving the founders but all of those in the discord holding a Wild Goat.

After the tweet above not only did I buy a couple of WildGoatGangNFTs for myself but we included them in yesterday's #Mint365 project as day 67.

Also special shoutout to the Land DAO NFT which was day 66 and MetaWhips by West Coast Customs which was day 65. 

Jan 18, 2022
Flipping NFTs for Profiit with @ElectionDayMad1 owner of 36 BAYC

In today’s episode we have Franklin the 10th Largest wallet of Bored Ape Yacht Club with 36 apes and Also holds 6 genesis CyberKongs and IMHO one of the best follows on Twitter @ElectionDayMad1.

I talk with Franklin about his experience early on discovering BAYC and how he ended up with 30 of them on May 1st 2021. 
We also talk:

  • Flipping
  • Authenticity in the NFT space
  • Impact and pressure of being influential on Twitter in the NFT Twitter Community
  • Having no shame in doing it for the money.
  • Embracing the influence but also understanding what is best for himself… 

I mentioned his hard work researching BAYC art which you can find that tweet here:

Franklins Authenticity in replying to this post was something that also stood out to me:

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Jan 17, 2022
Why "Slow Burn" NFT Projects will WIN and Survive NFT Winter

It's NFT wildcard weekend and I'm decked out in my Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, Steelers hat and even my black and gold camo pants.  Yes I am that guy and if you want proof see my instagram photo of me wearing a beer can helmet at the Steelers Superbowl. 

But why am I sharing that in these podcast show notes??  Because I believe the art and true core values in building fans is what is missing from most NFT projects today.  Even more bodly I'm going to say that most NFT projects that sellout in minutes will struggle to ever turn their NFT holders into Fans! 

Which is why on this podcast episode 66 I made the bold prediction to say that projects that start out as "slow burn" projects that build that core group of fans that help design the culture of that NFT community will be the MOST successful projects a year from now.  

I explain why and how projects that do mint out right away can solve this problem and still empower fans but you'll have to listen to the audio or watch the video to find out those details.

Project shoutouts on Today's podcast: 

Mint 365: Day 65 "Nudie Community NFT" 

Slow Burn NFT projects I love: 

  • Expansion Punks
  • CryptoDads
  • Women Rise
  • Alpha Girls
  • Meta Whips
  • Chibi Labs

Check out our NEW YouTUBE playlist with all of the video episodes including a couple minutes of bonus footage of each episode here:

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Jan 17, 2022
Tune out the FUD, Manage the FOMO and Get Off The Twitter Hype Rollercoaster!

FUD is an abbreviation for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This abbreviation is usually used to describe a situation where fear controls the user ...

FOMO is anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

HYPE is publicity especially: promotional publicity of an extravagant or contrived kind all the hype before the boxing match.

Now that we are clear on these 3 I want to get real with you and share how it's impacting my mental health and how we must take a step back and identify things that are impacting our energy, our emotions, and our NFT decisions. 

Shoutout to Tyson Ross for suggesting this topic for today's podcast!

Use hashtag #NFT365 and tag @iSocialFanz + @NFT365Podcast on twitter/instagram so we can amplify you and hear your podcast episode suggestions! 

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Projects Mentioned on the Podcast:

  • MetaWhips by West Coast Customs:
  • CryptoDads NFT
  • Fame Ladies Squad 
  • Playboy Rabbitars

Get your #Mint365 NFTs:

  • SuperFANZ 365 NFT: 
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Jan 16, 2022
Pimped Out thru Intentional NFT Design with West Coast Customs MetaWhips NFT

When @Officialwcc slid into my DMs after listening to me share the #Mint365 story to let me know they loved and supported what I was doing and would love to jump on a call…. 

I had no clue it would turn into one of the most epic conversations around the MetaWhips NFT drop and the INTENTION the West Coast Customs team and founder have put into delivering a world-class NFT experience.  

For this episode, I sat down with Kurt and Jusup on the WestCoast Customs NFT team and man was it fun to feel such alignment with a great brand, nft drop, and humans...

This conversation goes from the story of West Coast Customs using the technology of cooling of an engine to cool GPUs of a winning server to the vision many years ago to create a virtual game to what drops today 01.14 the MetaWhips NFT.

The framework for building out a POWERFUL and LASTING NFT Community is what we discussed and 

  • Commitment to the NFT Culture and Community
  • Collaboration with others in the space
  • Connection brand mission with purpose and passion and how to represent that in Web 3.0
  • Employing a team and trusting them 
  • Taking no shortcuts when it comes to the art and storytelling beyond the NFT
  • Focus on rewarding your Superfans and overdelivering on everything
  • Think beyond online vs offline and focus on the metaverse connecting the everything-verse of life in all aspects
  • Connect with great people so you can do great things

Beyond excited to have had the team from West Coast Customs on the show...

Make sure to follow them on social media and jump on this mint as I couldn't be more excited!! 

Also, stay tuned to my Twitter and for a Metawhips giveaway!! 

Ps. 1093 SuperPOWERED TRUE FANZ NFTs went out today which is super cool as WCC was founded in 1993 an is all about the number 93 as well.

See more on the new podcast website:

Jan 14, 2022
NFT Taxes, Tools and Accounting with @PatrickCamuso CPA

For those that are overwhelmed, confused and feel as those their heads are spinning when it comes to NFTS....  Thats how I feel when it comes to accounting and taxes.  

With so much misinformation and in many cases the wild wild west feel of the web 3.0 arena of the metaverse, cryptocurrency, creator coins and NFTs it's no wonder the haters have so much to talk about.  

For this episode I brought on Patrick Camuso, CPA who was the First CPA Firm To Accept Crypto to break down all things accounting and taxes and I really loved how open he was and his true knowledge of this space.  

Asked a wide range of questions including: 

  • Can we pay our accountant in ETH?
  • Whare the best tools to track our taxes or should we be tracking them ourselves?
  • What is a taxable event in the blockchain world?
  • What should we be factoring in when it comes to airdrops like $GAS, $SOS, and the newest $WTF?
  • What are some things we can do to make our CPAs ' lives easier during tax season?
  • How do DAO's factor into this taxable event and business case?

As we like to say on the show DYODR (Do Your Own Damn Research) I will also say Get Your Own Damn CPA but I think you will have an entirely new perspective on what to be thinking about when it comes to taxes and accounting for your crypto portfolio:

NFT Project highlight:

Tools mentioned on the Podcast:



This was recorded on Twitter spaces so make sure to follow me on Twitter so you don't miss future live interviews at:

Follow our Guest: Patrick Camuso:

Jan 13, 2022
Removing the friction of NFTs with the "Law of 62"

Do you need to own 62 NFTs before the friction and chaos of Web 3.0 and decentralization aren't overwhelming??  


But the Law of 62 is much more than that and I believe it actually starts with self-awareness

The most transformational area of focus we can have in 2022 IMHO is self-awareness.   For me, self-awareness is the key aspect of building a team, being a part of a community, and even launching a project. 

Which thankfully over the last 3 years I've spent a lot of time on self-awareness which I share on this podcast episode and by doing so it allowed me to bring on my media partner Mile62 in the fall of 2021 to embrace this web 3.0 movement. 

Funny enough I never really asked why the company was called Mile 62 but with today being episode 62 the team dropped in the origin in our discord and that's the inspiration for this episode. 

---  From the discord from team Mile 62

I’m going to take this opportunity to share a story. My biz partner at Mile62 @thenftmiyagi and I named our company after our mentor Charlie Rocket (@charlie on IG and an absolutely amazing and inspiring human being…go follow him!) who we both were working with at the time. 

And it originates from Charlie’s principal on what he called “The Law of 62”… 

This is basically the fact that it’s 62 miles from earth's surface to space. Now then, when traveling to space, the first mile, even for a rocket, is always the hardest mile! It takes the most energy to LAUNCH and generate MOMENTUM to get going. Then, as the rocket ascends and gets closer to Mile 62, it goes faster and faster as it now has momentum pushing it ever closer to space. 

To mile 62. Now once the rocket reaches mile 62, it’s smooth sailing. No more friction or gravity holding back! It can now move effortlessly! 

Charlie connected this with things he was discovering in his own journey and how anytime he did something, whether it was helping his artists like 2 Chainz sell ugly sweaters, put out EPs, etc. 62 times consecutively (or around that number) that massive breakthroughs always happened right around that special number. TL;DR 

- Things become easier after doing them 62 times. There is less friction and more momentum! Things come easily now!

Here's to 62 more straight days of NFT 365 Podcast! 

Check out Mile 62 Media:

Jan 13, 2022
How to Research NFT Founders to Avoid the Rug Pulls and Hacks

First off the recent rug pulls and scam artists taking advantage of people in the NFT space recently is very unsettling and it hurts me deeply.  

The truth is we have to remember we are all HUMAN and it doesn't mean you are dumb or should give yourself a hard time if you are rug pulled or scammed it's the bad people doing bad things we must focus on.   

In this episode, I highlight our 60 days of buying an NFT every day for 365 days and the full thread can be found here:

Project #60 we minted: @satoshibles Monsters!

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Jan 12, 2022
Brand NFTs: Think CoCreation and Amplification Instead of Ownership

It's fun to put on my brand hat as that is where I've spent most of my time in marketing working with B2B brands to embrace emerging technology such as Google Hangouts, Twitter Chats, Meerkat/Periscope and Blab Live Streaming, Social Audio and now Web 3.0.

In past brand episodes, I explained how Playboy Rabbitars set the new bar for brand projects and how impressed I've been with TimePieces NFT rollouts.  But in most cases I believe brands have dropped the ball in regards to launching NFT projects which is why I make the argument on this episode that:

Brands SHOULDN'T launch their own NFT projects... 

Rather I give them multiple other use cases and scenarios where brands can co-create, amplify and even leverage employee advocacy to embrace the NFT disruption but without the need to own the NFT project or the NFT collectors. 

Special shout outs to: 

Meta Athletes NFT: Dropping phase 1 mint on Jan 11, 2022.


Jan 10, 2022
Why we can't TRUST NFT Data in 2022

without context.... 

This is nothing new but it something massively important for us to remember in the NFT space.   Data without context or more than one data point is just numbers.   In some cases, NFT projects are using the public transparent to build trust while in other cases some projects are using the fact that we are leveraging data against us by manipulating the data with free mints, having friends or co-founders make big NFT purchases and this trend won't stop any time soon. 

So it's up to us to understand the importance of not just trusting the data or trends that we see at face-value as we must go deeper in the data and go beyond what one tool or platform is telling us about an NFT project or how many mints have happened in the last 30 minutes.  

More to come on this topic but take this as a PSA today and as Spider-man was told...  "With great DATA comes great responsibility!" 

Jan 09, 2022
NFT Success: Think Like a Poker Play Instead of a Crypto Investor

In a past life I was a sponsored semi-professional poker player based out of Talking Sticks Casino in Scottsdale Arizona playing in the WSOP and WPT for 5 years....  I was sponsored as the "young kid" yet I sucked at online poker...  Why?

My talent was reading body language and studying the other humans at the table leveraging social engineering and my hyperfocus to think differently and play mostly from my gut... Which lets face it thats much harder to do when you're multi-tabling online games on Full Tilt or Poker Stars.

In this NFT space there are many places where poker experience comes in handy and as I shared on a past episode with "reading non verbal cues on Opensea" it can show up in many different ways.  

In this episode I focus on:

  • Trusting your gut and taking action in some cases just to test your theory 
  • Study what others do and use that against them.
  • Be the one that manages your focus and works harder than everyone else.  

Projects mentioned on this episode: 

Crypto Holdem:

Typical Tigers:

Club GG Poker:

As always the podcast is SUPERPOWERED by ADHD coin on Rally.IO.

Jan 08, 2022
Empowering Athlete Led NFT Education: MetaAthletes Founder Kevin Smith

In today's episode, I sit down with MLBer Kevin Smith of the Toronto Bluejays and the founder of MetaAthletes to talk about the project and the future of athletes and NFTs.

This project stands for everything I believe in and I was excited to make this the first NFT project that I joined on as a partner and as you'll hear in the interview this is built around the foundation of building a team, speaking the love and helping each other grow.  It's also what inspired me to share this quote:

"Your NFT utility can be to simply help the industry you are in grow together and learn together" 

That is what MetaAthletes is doing with founders Kevin Smith and Drew Cohen and you will want to for sure check out all their content and their first phase mint on Jan 11, 2022. 

The mission behind MetaAthletes:

We are pfp collection set to reimagine the way athletes interact with their fanbase. Meta Athletes will serve as a digital mastermind or meta-mind community by generating a platform for professional development for high performers.

Holders of our token will benefit from exclusive access to our partner athletes and access to their coaches/resources. We will also be providing digital and IRL events to strive for a high level of networking benefits for our holders. You might even get a signed bat or puck.
The last pillar of our brand is revolved around the shared mission spread across our community of love and growth. One of our core values will be empowering our community to be a beacon of positivity and love.. so that’s why you’ll see a lot of with our brand.

Links to check out: 





*This was recorded on Twitter spaces so if there are some audio issues I do apologize and will work to clean those up in future interview slots! 

Jan 07, 2022
GM! WAGMI, Rug-Pull, Diamond Hands, #LFG - Translating NFT Slag Vocab

In this episode we break down all the different vocab and slang and abbreviations around NFTs from WAGMI to ETH to Wallet to Rug Pull. 

It's easy to get hung up on the vernacular or debate if something is a rug-pull or not but I think its most important to keep things simple and break through the noise not letting things sound complex for complex sake.  

The podcast is SuperPOWERED by the ADHD coin on Rally which you can learn more about at 

Podcast home is 

The NFT Slag we defined on this episode can be watched in video form at

  1. LFG
  2. GM / GN
  3. Fren
  4. 1:1 Art
  5. Probably Notion
  6. NFT 
  7. Generative Art
  8. PFP
  9. Wallet: 
  10. Minting:
  11. Liquidity
  12. Floor Price
  13. Alpha
  14. DeList
  15. Roadmap
  16. Right Click Save As
  17. Rug Pull
  18. White List
  19. Gas Wars
  20. Derivative derived from another project
  21. Noob
  22. Shark
  23. Diamond Hands
    Paper Hands
  24. Ether 
  25. Ethereum 
  26. Drop 
  27. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  28. Collectible
  29. Bridge 
  30. Burning
  31. QR Code
  32. Rarities 
  33. Smart Contract
  34. Staking
  35. Tokenomics 
  36. Gas
  37. WAGMI
  38. NGMI
  39. NFA “Not financial Advice” 
  40. DYOR or DYODR
Jan 06, 2022
Value of NFTs for Non-Investors and Non-Collectors

Most of the buzz around NFTs happens around the pfp (profile photo) projects as well as the price NFT collections or pieces are sold for.  

This episode I wanted to focus on the value of NFTs for those not looking to invest a ton of money or become a massive collector of NFTs but want to embrace the other benefits and value provided by NFTs. 

NFT Project Shoutouts to:




Also PREVIEW and TEASER for upcoming project EVERYONE will want to check out in META ATHLETES:


Jan 05, 2022
How NFTs Are Exposing Our Culture and How We Can Change That

I've learned the hard way as a change evangelist and loud change agent in my life that you can't change anything if you zero influence or power...  Better said..

"We can't change the game unless we are playing the game..." 

So the question we must ask ourselves if we are playing the game..  Are we willing to take a stand, make a difference and support the project and people doing good things or are we making excuses while allowing cultural norms of the past to exist in the web 3.0 world of the future...

Love to hear your take on this you can tag me on social at @iSocialFanz and use the hashtag: #NFT365

Projects mentioned on this episode:


Fame Ladies:

Podcast SuperPOWERED by ADHD coin.

Jan 05, 2022
Reading Non-Verbal Cues on NFT Secondary Market Opensea

To beat the game you must think differently than the majority... 

In a past life I played semi-professional poker and went to a body language bootcamp for 5 days and one of my biggest takeaways was the importance of building a baseline and then testing against that baseline to hone your craft.. 

With the secondary market especially Opensea I believe there is massive value to be found around the 24 hours of art reveal with new projects.  But to do so you need to be able to read the non-verbal cues in listings, properties of collections and even whats the activity of the nft profile you are investigating... 

Projects mentioned in this episode: 

Links DAO:




Jan 04, 2022
NFT Value: Utility/Roadmap vs Projected Utility

When we look to evaluate NFT project its easy to focus on the perks and plans that the founders want to make happen in the future... aka the utility and the perks... 

But I feel we really should go beyond that to think about the personal value of that utility as well as the project value of that utility for nonholders of that NFT when that aspect of the roadmap is executed on. 

Projects I highlighted on this episode:

  • Cryptochicks
  • M101 Shelter
  • Playboy Rabbitars

As always this podcast is SUPERPOWERED by the ADHD coin!

Jan 02, 2022
Transparency is a MUST as collectors and creators

The blockchain enables a layer of transparency and chain of custody that is transforming how we exchange digitial assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.  

But that transparency is also exposing those who aren't delivering on what they claim and something has got to give.  

We as collectors must demand transparency

We as creators must embrace and understand the role of transparency or be ready to live in a world fueled by crisis management and more! 

Jan 01, 2022
Buying Your First NFT: What you need to know and how to do it!

For episode 50 I thought it would be a great time to SLOW down so that we can SPEED up.  

In this episode, I try to cover all the questions I get around the process of buying and NFT in this wild world of blockchain.

Project Spotlight: Sands Casino Club NFT & SocialoGuer NFT

I try to answer these questions on this episode:

  1. What is a wallet?
  2. How why do I need Coinbase and Metamask
  3. Is it ok to share my wallet address
  4. What should I do with my seed phrase
  5. Do I need an opensea account too?
  6. What does it mean to sign my wallet to a minting website
  7. Do my NFTs live on Opensea?
  8. How do I sell my NFT
  9. Should I use collabLand in Discord after I buy an NFT
  10. What are the types of ways to sell NFT on Opensea
  11. Who do I call when I mess up?

Spoiled the last answer isn't ghostbusters but sadly there isn't really an answer as its all on us the owners and users. 

Dec 31, 2021
Power of NFT Mission statements: Positivity and Love with The Inbetweeners

Without question the one of the hottest NFTs this week was The Inbetweeners which dropped Dec 24th but really took off once the art was revealed on the 25th.  

But this project has so many unique aspects not to mention it might be the most authentic celebrity / big name musician drop we've seen in a long time.  As Justin Bieber teamed up with artist GIANPIERO who works with Snoop Dogg and Justin on Drewhouse... 

But I feel the real magic of this drop and the rise was in the combination an integration of MANTRA + MESSAGE + EMOTION... 
"Global community focused on spreading love & positivity"

Learn more about the project and check out which ones I'm currently holding with the links below:

--- Congrats to all who joined the discord as we just hit 500 members!!  Join us at



Dec 30, 2021
Reimagining the Derivative NFT Experience with Jeremy Posvar of Expansion Punks

This is a long episode but based on the feedback we got from the live audience listening on twitter spaces.....  you will be hooked from start to finish.  

On Dec 12th I jumped into a Twitter space to have something to listen to in the background and I saw this cool "black and gold" pfp on stage for an NFT project which of course caught my eye.  

After 20 minutes of listening to the founder of this project called "Expansion Punks" I was impressed and jumped over to Opensea to check it out as I haven't in the past been a fan of derivative type NFT projects.  When I arrived on Opensea I hit refresh a couple of times because I heard mention that it was a 10k pfp project but OS was only showing 3k or so items.  It was then that I realized this project launched 4 months ago and hadn't sold out..

20 minutes later as I heard Jeremy Posvar the founder of Expansion Punks share the story about his daughters seeing his CryptoPunk and asking to see a female in a hoodie CryptoPunk and him realizing those didn't exist I was hooked...  But trust me that was just the start.... 

"Tweet I sent on Dec 12th
Went with 3 @ExpansionPunks as I love the mission of diversity and inclusiveness... 2 of our 3 are non-binary and #12469 is the rarity of 765 and it's for our Mint 365 NFT

I shared these tweets over the next 24 hours as I minted 3 (1 for Mint 365) and 2 for myself as I become a massive fan of Xpunks the community.
But the more time I spent listening to Jeremy share about his strategy and attention to detail the more I realized this project might have "amber" backgrounds but I believe it's setting the GOLD STANDARD for NFT projects from mint to mission to community experience. 

Tweet I sent on Dec 13th BULLISH

Mint 365 Xpunk #12469

Make sure to follow the project and check out the website and Xpunks across all the social channels I can promise you that you won't be disappointed! 

Expansion Punks: 

As always this podcast is SuperPOWERED by $ADHD coin! 

Dec 29, 2021
Are You Doing an NFT Check-up? Everyone Should Make This A Priority

It's time for a check-up on where we are in the NFT space and a sense of goals, strategies, and overall mental health!  


SuperPOWERED by $ADHD get your #Mint365 NFT

Let's connect on social: 

Dec 29, 2021
Power of Fashionable NFTs with Fierce Studios NFTs

Today’s episode is a GUEST show… 

I jumped on Twitter spaces to talk to Michelle McCormack the founder of Fierce NFTs 💋 fashionable non-fungies. 

We talked about their project, the role NFTs will play in fashion, the importance of utility and community and the ways Fierce is focused on partnerships with Sacouny, a famous rapper to be named later and Bored Becky of Fame Ladies Squad. 

Give the show a listen and make sure to check out the project as we minted a Fierce Studios NFT on Day 30 of #Mint365 project which you can see here:

ABOUT OUR Guest: Michelle M. McCormack

Founder & CEO Casting Coin; Founder & Creative Director @ Fierce Studios NFT

Michelle is a digital creative executive and fashion photographer. She is building Casting Coin, a marketplace connecting brands with talents like models and photographers. She has lived in 4 countries and 5 cities and is an American and European citizen. 

Fierce Studio NFT Founders:

  • Peg Samuel
  • Marisa Skolnick

Fierce partnership with Saucony 

How Your Fierce Could Earn Revenue

Our team works with lots of global brands, most recently Saucony. We leverage those relationships to secure brand deals for Fierce NFT holders. By integrating the token art into ad campaigns and magazine spreads you may be able to use your avatar (s) to earn passive income.

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Dec 27, 2021
To Level the NFT Launch Playing Field We Must Make These Changes

NFTs might come across as sunshine and rainbows for most of the episodes of this podcast as I am extremely optimistic and positive about the transformation of web 3.0. 

But we are far from perfect and there are some major issues especially when it comes to major NFT project launches which attract many of the everyday consumers and in many cases people's first attempt at getting an NFT.  

So it's not a good sign that I was 0 for 6 attempting to get the massive hype projects during public sales these past 8 days and I like to believe I know what I'm doing.

On this episode I breakdown a handful of things and add a new segment at the end: 

  • Must choose which we care more about whales/bots or new community members
  • Fixing smart contracts and open source sharing of what is working.
  • Understanding the volatility of a project right now requires activity which means people holding more than one NFT.
  • Stop judging projects by vaniety like twitter followers or discord members. 
  • Embrace the power of influencers and thought leaders...  yes you are reading this right.
  • Block and ignore influencers that aren't authentic as continuing to follow or support them rewards the behavior that isn't good for this community.

Shoutout to CryptoDadsNFT



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Dec 27, 2021
What does a Meterverse, Cryptocurrency and NFT Future Look Like with Web 3.0?

Changing it up for this episode of the podcast as I do a weekly segment on the Clubhouse show "Breakfast with Champions" and on this weeks segment, I focused on mindset shift around the Web 3.0 future... 

Let me know if you guys like these types of changes in the content and I will continue to innovate and change things up... 

Also hope you caught that ALPHA I dropped during the intro...  Big things happening for you the podcast listeners: 

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Dec 25, 2021
What NFTs You Should Buy First in 2022

Ok....  I've changed my answer and I've really thought long on hard on this question that keeps coming up for those that are interested but stuck on where to start or discover NFTs or even what NFTs are available... 
I share these websites but I believe the advice I give is much more valuable on buying your first 3 NFTs and what types you should buy with those first 3 opportunities. 

Check out my full collection and the projects I mentioned here: 

NFT Projects I mentioned:

  • Fame Ladies NFT
  • Fierce Models
  • Playboy Rabbitars
  • Expansion Punks

NFT discovery websites mentioned on the show:


But the place I would suggest that will provide you the most value and insights is our SuperPOWERED Fanzone discord:

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Dec 24, 2021
The "Smart" Magic Powering NFT Projects Trustability

I didn't want to put "Smart contracts" in the title cause I mean it just sounds boring yet it's the foundation for what powers the value and trust of NFT projects today. 

Harvard Law explains smart contracts as:

"“Smart contracts” is a term used to describe computer code that automatically executes all or parts of an agreement and is stored on a blockchain-based platform. ... That replication also means that as each new block is added to the blockchain, the code is, in effect, executed."
I try to break it down to an understanding of these 4 key aspects: 
1. Pre-Programmed Code
2. Chain of events (If this than that statements)
3. Execution & Transfer of Value based on above
4. Secured and logged transparently on the blockchain
I give some real-world examples and some key aspects to smart contracts within the NFT projects we've minted in our Mint 365 experience on the podcast. 
Let us know questions around smart contracts that you might ave by either using the hashtag #NFT365 on Twitter or IG and or tagging Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz on your favorite social network.
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Dec 23, 2021
Love Social Good NFTs But Not When Used This Way

I got a little fired up on these episodes as I shared a little bit more about my story but also my passion for making the world a better place which has led to me buying into many NFT projects that are focused on social good. 

But I also have major issues when it comes to those using social good for bad or in a bad way or in a way that doesn't match the story and marketing they are putting out to the world...  

Let's make the world a better place together!!! 

Dec 22, 2021
NFT Investment Strategy: Listen to Kenny Rogers

It's easy to focus on all the projects that are great or the strategy that we need to develop before we mint an NFT project.  

It's even easier to Monday morning QB a project that got rug pulled that we decided not to mint or the overhyped project we missed out on the raffle but ended up a flop and pat ourselves on the back. 

But I believe one of the most valuable things you can do in this NFT space that most aren't talking about is to be ready at the right time which means Liquidity is everything! 

You'll have to listen to the end for my Kenny Rogers Gambler rendition but I promise you in many scenarios the time we don't buy or the time we prioritize saving our ETH over letting FOMO dictate what we buy will be the moment where your life can change with one NFT. 

I also share my story of missing out on a project that I love but have never owned which is the Lazy Lion project which you can check out here:


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Dec 21, 2021
Investing in NFTs: Mint vs Buy after Sellout vs Ape-in

When you are looking to invest in NFTs one of the biggest issues is you don't know where to start or what project you want to start with...  

But even if you find a project you need to then decide do you want to mint the NFT before it sells out or buy it once the art reveals and people are selling or wait a couple of months to jump in on a project once its more established.  

The focus of this episode is on making the decisions between:

  • Minting NFT 
  • Buying floor after NFT art reveal
  • Buying a rare NFT early
  • Waiting for an NFT project to be more established

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Dec 20, 2021
As NFT Owners What Role Do We Play in the Projects Success?

This is a question I've been pondering on for many weeks and I wanted to throw it out to this amazing podcast NFT community...  

If the community is the foundation of NFT projects and that each NFT holder has ownership of their NFT and a piece of the project. 

What role do we play as a holder of an NFT in the success of that project?

I will dive deeper on this in upcoming episodes and you'll for sure hear more about CRYPTO DADS NFT a community I believe deeply in yet feel I haven't played my role as an owner as well..

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Dec 19, 2021
Removing the STARVING from Starving Artists with Non Fungible Tokens

You've heard me say it 50 times on the podcast but on this episode i dive deeper in the concept of removing the "starving" from starving artists... 

This is just one of many upcoming episodes where I will focus on different industries and types of NFTs and their overall impact on the NFT community but also how it empowers creative people to do what they love most and thats create.

The art piece I mentioned in this episode is "The Secret Superalitive Society which you can check them out here:

If you wnat to see my NFT: SuperlativeSS #7425 click here:

I'll share a link to the sweatshirt and the artist I bought that from once I get that before the end of the year.



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Dec 18, 2021
Don't Listen to this episode, Send it your friends New to NFTs buying their first NFT!

I wanted this episode to be short and to the point but the episode I hope you send to your friend when they text you "Is coinbase how I buy NFTs" or "Hey I really like that CryptoDadNFT that you have I'm going to buy one!" 

I'm hearing from way too many friends on a regular basis who's first step into cryptocurrency and NFTs involves losing a bunch of money or buying something on the wrong Opensea account or worst googling for a project and buying it without going into the Discord to get the IMPORTANT LINKS.


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Dec 17, 2021
Quick Flipping NFTs Using Opensea

On this episode, we talk about a project I flipped this week that was 3 months into the mint but caught serious momentum and I leveraged that to not only cover my costs to get in but also buy one that I believe will be a 10x NFT in the next 30 days!

I also share my strategy on using the two different ways of selling NFTs on Opensea:

  • 1. Buy Now ( 1 day)
  • 2. Sell with Declining Price (3 days)

This podcast is available in over 70 podcasting apps and you can join us on Facebook or discord:

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Dec 16, 2021
Community 1st NFT Projects Success: Chibi Labs: Mat Sposta

Today’s guest is Mat Sposta Partner & Chief Executive Officer at BRAND X PARTNERS the parent company of Chibi Labs.

Back on November 12, day 2 of our buy an NFT every day for 365 days, the very first project we bought was a Chibi Galaxy. So it was only fitting to have one of the founders of that project on as our first official podcast guest.

Back on September 10th, I bought into a project called Chibi Apes because the artwork was 3D at a level that I hadn’t seen in NFTs and I loved how it was only a collection of 3k NFTs.  After a couple of weeks I got to jump in the discord and really loved the community and how humble the artist Fabs was with what he had created.  

I was then able to meet the founders of the project Mat Sposta and HBizzle in NYC at the Beetle Documentary premier which is also where I got the inspiration for this project.  So when we launched Mint 365 and I saw that the next collection from this team was dropping on Nov 12th I had to jump in and I’m so glad I did. 

In this episode, you get to hear the origin story of Chibi Labs which started with a crazy talented artist who dropped a collection of 126 3D characters in April of 2021 but then partnered with the other founders to scale the art and vision to the metaverse and beyond.  

I ask Mat about the lessons they learned along the way including the importance of running an NFT project like a business, putting community first and even how valuable communication is during a drop both one that sells out and one that drops that the start of “NFT winter” and you have to pivot on the fly.  

The theme of this episode is no doubt the intersection of running your NFT project like a business, innovating towards the metaverse, and doing so by always prioritizing community!  Enjoy this first of many interviews here on NFT 365. 

I currently own 3 Chibi Apes and 3 Chibi Galaxy’s including this rare naked yellow Chibi:

You can also check out the Chibi Galaxy we minted for our Mint 365 project:


Thanks again to our guest Mat Sposta give him a follow on twitter:

Also make sure to hit up ChibiLabs on social media:



Links mentioned on the podcast: 

Chibi Labs are 3D ready metaverse characters … but are they

Chibi Labs 2022 New Years  Party in the Metaverse:

Who's ready to break  @decentraland records on New Year's day? 10+ amazing projects + their communities = biggest party in Metaverse history! 

Did we mention @aloeblacc will be performing! Many other special guests, giveaways and surprises

Event link:


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Dec 15, 2021
11 Questions from Listeners about NFTs

Today's episode is answering the questions from the comments in the Facebook group and some comments and questions from discord...

This was fun and we will do this more often as the questions ranged from quantom computing to the basics of buying and selling of NFTS! Please keep the questions coming and stay tuned for future episodes like this one. 

The 11 questions we covered were:

  1. Who maintains and runs the Blockchain computer network and how does it scale?
  2. How will quantum computing affect Blockchain? I've heard about security concerns if QC can hack the algorithm but not sure if QCs could solve the environmental/computational problems.
  3. What is needed to get crypto and NFT's out of the early adopter phase?
  4. I read web3 and Web 3.0 are different things is that true?
  5. Where to store and how to buy easier
  6. What's up with stupid gas fees?
  7. Different ways to create NFTs, pros and cons.
  8. I’d like to understand more about the different utilities you can have with NFT's. ART? utility? Tokens? Access passes etc etc. Endless possibility
  9. The utility of all of it. I get it at a basic level, but in scrolling, through all the NFT's I don't see anything that interests me. I don't understand the appeal of auto-generated 10,000 different NFT's in a collection - of Apes or Bubble Gum Kids - and trying to figure out where to start in all of this.
  10. Isn’t it a problem that minting NFT is so expensive for small digital artists? And how we can solve this problem?
  11. I've been taking this all in like a firehose the past 5 days - I'm excited to be a part of the 365NFT project. I'd like to know how I can best step up to support the community and also market this opportunity to the thought leaders in my network. Thank you for all that you do Brian.

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Dec 14, 2021
What is the long term value of NFTs

I wanted to have an active conversation with the community around NFTs and the long-term value especially since we are minting an NFT every day for a year without selling them so for us the long-term value is what we are focused on.  

This discussion went down on Clubhouse and included Gary Henerson, Sean Specie and Kevin Sturmer and we discussed a wide range of topics including:

  • Understanding what the NFT means to you
  • Knowing when to HODL or FOLD
  • Relationship with founder and artist
  • How much time do you have to commit to a project
  • Can you trust that the brand/project will be around by 11.11.22?

We also explained how newbies can get involved with our Mint 365 project and come along on the journey buying $12k+ worth of NFTs each month by simplying buying a SuperFANZ NFT at $365 at:

I shared why I created this daily NFT 365 Podcast and the inspiration from Beeple, one37pm and GaryVee and why I believe 6 months from now people will be begging to be a part of this project. 

52% of the Mint 365 project revenue will be shared with the Mint 365 SuperFANZ and Founders NFT holders and only a limited are available as the mint opened to the public on Dec 12th. 

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Dec 14, 2021
NFTs? Do you have what it takes to go on this Journey?

We've heard phrases like "its a marathon, not a sprint" but often times that's shared in a way to really say "relax stop worrying about the short term"

But I believe the journey of life and the journey of NFTs requires us to take a clear approach to define success, mapping out our goals and celebrating our wins!!  

If you want to join us on the MINT 365 JOURNEY check out our SuperFANZ and FOUNDER NFTs now available for public mint:

Dec 13, 2021
12 Categories To Evaluate NFTs: Trust Score

It's not the 12 days of christmas or the 12 days of NFTs because we are doing 365 days of NFTs with our Mint 365 NFT project...  

On today's episode I share the 12 factors we use to evaluate NFTs that complete what I refer to as a "Nerd Fanzo Trust score" aka N.F.T.s... 

Before you focus on this list of 12 remember that you must:

  1. Define success
  2. Map out measurable goals to track your path to success
  3. Create a weighted score for each of the 12 factors based on numbers 1 & 2. 

See the full list of 12 in our discord at 

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Dec 11, 2021
Should You Launch an NFT or Social Token? Why and Where?

I've received almost a message a day since we launched this podcast that starts with "Brian I love what you are doing with________ and I want to launch my own _________ where should I start" 

You can fill in the blanks above with podcast or mint 365 then NFT or creator coins... 

So in this episode I break down my thoughts on launching your own NFT and creator coins and some of the mistakes I've made and the strategy and mindset I believe we must embrace to be successful in this space! 

I also announced the first utility for NFT Mint 365 holders that if you hold one of the SuperFANZ or FOUNDERS NFTs you'll get free access to a 2.5 hour event on Dec 20th where I will go even deeper with strategy and sharing some of my data to help you make the best decision on launching an NFT or a creator coin in 2022.

I'm still learning this space and there are plenty of people with more successful NFT launches or creator coins worth more value but if you are thinking about this space and you don't have a massive email list or are known for one thing or a best selling author but you still believe an NFT or creator coin makes sense for you... 

I was there and I've made it happen and so can you! 

Jump in our to find out more about our #Mint365 project as well as exclusive content and airdrops of $ADHDcoin.

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Dec 10, 2021
What Crypto Knowledge You Need For NFTs

Most of the confusion I've been hearing recently isn't as much about NFTs rather about the nuances of cryptocurrency:

  • Understanding why you use an exchange?
  • What's the difference between a metamask wallet and an crypto exchange?
  • Isn't blockchain and cryptocurrency the same thing?
  • Do I transfer NFTs with a crypto exchange?
  • How do I move creator coins to my wallet or do I send them to an exchange?
  • If I sell my NFT why is the crypto in my wallet not in the exchange?

On this episode, I tackle all of these questions and more as I'm not by any stretch a cryptocurrency expert or cypto influencer but I have used 12 wallets, 4 exchanges and moved crypto in every direction possible pertaining to NFTs. 

As I explain in the show I know others might have better systems or prefer other exchanges or wallets but I only share what I know and am currently using.  

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Dec 09, 2021
You Bought an NFT, Now What? Buying and Selling NFTs on Secondary Market

You finally bought your first NFT project or you were gifted an NFT by a family member... 

Now what?? 

You aren't alone feeling lost of about how you sell it or why it's worth money or how long do you hold it before its worth selling. 

I feel the answer to this question is actually done before you buy the NFT and if you are gifted it you have to ask yourself how much time do you want to commit.  

As always this episode is SuperPOWERED by

Dec 09, 2021
9 Established NFT Projects Worth Investing in This Month

"Hey Brian,  I want to jump into NFTs but I want to invest in 'established projects' not mint new ones... "

On this episode of NFT 365 I share the projects I believe are established and undervalued right now in December as well as a couple of projects I would invest in right away if I had the liquidity!

As always this isn't financial advice just rather my strategy and insights around where we are today with #NFTs and where we are going! 

Projects I haven’t owned yet but are on the top of my list:

Projects that I own and I’m HODLing for the long term:

NINJA TIP: Check out your favorite NFT collectors “Favorites” in Opensea

Fanzo’s Opensea:


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Dec 07, 2021
4 Tools To PROTECT Your NFTs From Hackers

I don't believe we could ever talk about security too much but I also have a strong conviction that many people go from no security to having too much security in place and then become too confused and even more vulnerable.  

This podcast episode was inspired by the responses I got from my Sunday night tweet which basically said: 


Sunday nights are a great time to do a

@MetaMask connection disconnection party.... Every Sunday night:  
  1. Open Metamask  
  2. Click 3 dots  
  3. Click connected sites  
  4. Click delete next to EVERY single connected site

RT & together we will protect each other! #NFTs


But I wanted to go beyond the disconnecting of connected sites and share a couple of tools I use that provide me email notifications as well as notifications on my phone so I can track every action on my blockchain.

I use: Coin Tracker.IO as I love how they can manage both my crypto and NFTS but mostly they have very detailed emails that you can setup in real-time so you are aware of not only the fact something is going on with your wallet but what exactly it is.

If you don't want to pay for Cointracker you can use the settings in to provide notifications on transactions against wallet addresses that you include for tracking. 

Lastly I will share these reminders:

  • NEVER share your seed phrase with anyone else. (You only need it when setting up new devices or accounts)
  • NEVER click on links in direct messages or randomly in your twitter or discord feed. 
  • Clear your connected sites and when you are going to make a purchase make sure you don't have a bunch of random tabs open in your browser.

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Dec 06, 2021
Trends & NFT Predictions for 2022 Non Fungible Tokens

I may have got a little preachy in this episode but I believe in what I said as I do believe we have a lot of people making predictions that are either doom and gloom or sunshine and rainbows... 

This episode is about cutting through the noise and keeping it real which I hope you'll appreciate!

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Dec 06, 2021
Why EVERY Brand Should Learn From Playboy NFT Rabbitars

Brands leveraging new technology, platforms or strategies can be frustrating for many early adopters but honestly, this is my sweet spot and the place I've spent the last 10 years of my career mainly focused on bringing b2b brands into the early adoption world. 

In this episode, I wanted to give tactical examples from a brand that I've seen really embrace the web 3.0 future and find massive success with not only their NFT launch but their transformation into the metaverse and beyond.  

The brand I selected has been around for 70 years & the current audience is 50% under the age of 34 & 80% of employees are women!

This brand is Playboy and I'll be using their launch of the PlayboyNFT Rabbitars that happened in the Fall of 2020.  In full transparency I hold multiple Rabbitars but I purchased them just like everyone else and have no ties to the brand other than I'm a massive fan of their NFT focus and their plans for the future! 

These are the 10 tactics that I highlight that IMHO has made Playboy the must-study brand for ALL BRANDS launching into the NFT space and into the Metaverse.  

  1. Brand buy-in and investment from top down and bottom up:
  2. Hire from within but also empower and promote: 
  3. High-quality art, roadmap, and vision
  4. Using public social media, video and social audio in collaboration with main brand channels
  5. Discord creativity
  6. Education for onboarding FIAT
  7. Live events and access from the start
  8. Start with reimagining from within and then re-inventing from the metaverse 
  9. Amplifying and celebrating community in and out of the discord allows holders to support holders
  10. Social cause and the innovative leader within their bigger industry 

"Every “Rabbitar” has more than 175 traits, including fur, ears, facial expressions, apparel, accessories, occupation-related characteristics, and every owner can claim to belong to the Playboy Club."

Beyond excited for where Playboy goes next in this web 3.0 and even more excited about how they transform and embrace decentralization to empower the creators in the adult and sex space to take ownership of their content, community and monetization.  

Special shoutouts to Ben Kohn CEO @plbygroupceo, Jennifer @JENFTEACH, Jamal Dauda @DJKidLightning and the entire Playboy NFT team. 

Links mentioned:

PlayboyNFT Twitter:

PlayboyNFT Instagram:

Playboy NFT Website:

My playboy Rabbitar profile photo:

Airdropped Decentraland Wearable Playboy Bunny Ears:

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Dec 04, 2021
The Most Important Conversation in NFTs That's Not Happening Enough

You're going to have to give this one a listen as that's the only show notes I'm going to give you! 

Dec 03, 2021
Tools and Tactics to Discover New NFT Projects! Part 2

In the last episode, we talked about mindset and strategic approaches to who you should listen to and how the different types of investment models will determine what tools and tactics fit you best. 

On this episode, I talked some on timing and then we got into the platforms and tools that I use: 

Flipboard to organize blog and social content in magazine form:


  • How to use notifications on desktop and mobile differently to your advantage
  • Create your own server to pull all the other discords into yours


Also mentioned the Last Raptor NFT that we minted for Mint 365 Project and the Matrix Nifty NFT that we minted yesterday. 

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Dec 02, 2021
Where Do I Find Upcoming NFTs to Invest In? Part 1

You believe in the power of NFTs but now what.....

On part 1 of this 2 part episode I tackle the most important part of this problem and that is understanding the 3 approaches I believe you can take to investing in NFTs.   I also explain why you should also factor in these things:

  1. Money to spend
  2. Time to spend in the community
  3. Goals with investing in NFTs
  4. Do I want PfP or community or art or music or NFT with utility or NFT that comes with an established reputation?

I also share at the end of this episode one of the ways I've really expanded my strategy and research in not only finding new NFTs but making sure I'm not making a decision from one perspective.  

Also as I stated please take me up on the offer in our discord at and post into the #NFT-Other-Projects channel the projects you're thinking about or the approach you want to take and I will 100% share my advice or things I would ask myself before I jumped in.  

Check out part 2 episode 21 where I will share the websites, tools and ninja tricks I use to make Discord, Twitter, Flipboard and even TikTok help me with NFT discovery and how to avoid the rug pulls.

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Dec 01, 2021
5 Things You Must Be Ok With To Survive NFT Rollercoaster

This isn't a negative episode but I wanted to call some things out that I've been sharing in private and the more I've felt the pain and pressure of others the more I realized I needed to cover some things that I did on this episode. 

This was inspired by the current buzz around "The Matrix NFT" drop by Nifty happening during the recording of this episode.  I jumped in the pre-queue line and had my DAI moved over into Palm sidechain but was awarded 44,649th in line.  

It's easy for us to be bitter when we get unlucky and it's normal for us to complain about the technology issues we see especially when we have money on the line but the question we have to ask ourselves is "What does that do for the overall community?" 

Listen to this episode as I share 5 or 6 things that I just want us to wrap our heads around in regards to NFT innovation, the future of the metaverse and what we should expect for blockchain technology over the next 6-18 months.  

If you aren't prepared or ok with these 5 or 6 things then it might not be right for you to get into NFTs and that's ok.  But for those of us that are prepared and willing to understand the risks vs rewards, I do believe we are going to be on one heck of a ride. 

Links mentioned: 

My mekaverse raffle NFT:

Matrix NFT drop by Nifty:


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Nov 30, 2021
NEWS and Trends Happening in NFTs right now!

On this episode, we talk about some of the breaking news and trends happening in the NFT space. I also wanted to share the methodology and mindset approach I use to embrace change, teaching change and help us see how to read between the lines to not only see where we might be going but most importantly allow you to plan today so you can adapt no matter where things go in the future.

Also just wanted to remind everyone: 

  • This is not financial advice
  • NOBODY in the NFT space knows exactly where we will be in a year
  • It’s important to define success and manage your own expectations which if you want help doing just that make sure you go back and listen to episode 0 of the podcast “Translating the Geek-Speak”.

Articles I referenced or mentioned on this episode: 

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Nov 29, 2021
Evaluating an NFT Project Community

There are lots of people throwing around the word community and I don't believe it is a buzzword as I believe it's THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS but I do believe many confuse community with the audience or a following.  

But on this episode, I focus on another issue with community and that is evaluating the strength of a community and all of the variables that come into play when doing just that.  

Would love to hear your thoughts on community and this episode.  Send a DM to any of these social accounts below and together lets take ownership in making this NFT community the best it possibly can be! 

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Nov 28, 2021
NFT Value: Rarity vs Love of Art

What determines the value of an NFT?  Is rarirty the only thing we value in NFT space and what are the other factors that influence how valuable an NFT is?  Community? Simplicity? Favorite Properties? 

We break down that and more on this episode.

Links mentioned:

My Superlative Secret Society NFT:

Girl Dad (Kobe Jersey) CryptoDads NFT: 

Nov 27, 2021
I want to buy my first NFT, Now What?

We are slowing it down on this episode and walking through the process for buying/minting your first NFT.  

  1. The process we outline is:
  2. Bank account/cash into an exchange (Coinbase)
  3. Coinbase transfer that crypto (eth) to a wallet (Metamask) 
  4. Visit website connect wallet (Metamask) to website.
  5. Hit mint and confirm gas fees and accept total amount.
  6. NFT is now purchased go over to a marketplace (Opensea)
  7. Connect your wallet to Opensea and look under collections.

We also breakdown the difference between minting and buying an NFT available on the marketplace.  

We walk through the process if I told you to buy a Bubblegum Kids NFT and how you would do that in Opensea.  

-- Please let us know if you have any more questions and make sure to jump into the discord to keep up with your learning.  


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Nov 26, 2021
Skillsets You Need in the NFT and Web 3 World

On this episode I focus on being grateful... Grateful for the opportunities in front of us and the timing of Web 3, NFTs, Crypto and the metaverse into my life.  

I also share the skill sets I believe that are needed within the NFT space and why I believe we must embrace the unique qualifications of those that make up an NFT project while also realizing that very few people contain all the skills needed. 

I challenge you to be grateful as I recorded this episode on Thanksgiving but also I want to say THANK YOU to all those that are listening and supporting this show! 

I hope you have a great thanksgiving if you are here in the USA and for everyone else I hope you have a great regular day where you can tap into what you are grateful for as well. 

- Fanzo 

Nov 25, 2021
Authenticity with NFT Profile Photos in the Metaverse

In a world where we live in our phones and interact 99% online sounds scary and the end of mankind.   Yet I would argue we might already be there thanks to the global pandemic.  

The real question we have to ask is how are we showing up authentically online and shrink the distance between who we are online and who we are offline. 

Funny enough I believe we can do that with profile pictures (PfPs) even more so than with photos of our faces.  I also believe the metaverse is going to force transparency thanks to the blockchain in ways we haven't even imagined.  

On this episode I reference:

CryptoDads pfp:

NEW Playboy Rabbitar pfp:

---- Mint 365

Jump in the discord and don't miss your opportunity to own a percentage of the 11.11.22 NFT sale. HTTP://

Nov 24, 2021
BONUS: Q&A Rug Pull Examples and Questions NFT Culture and Community

Here is a bonus episode with the Q&A after we recorded episode 12 of the podcast. 

We discussed:

  • Examples of rug pulls
  • How we can avoid these in the future
  • What "FOMOing" in can do
  • How we can impact the culture of the NFT community
  • Should rarity tools and others be used if you don't want the rarity of a the art to be the priority of discussion
  • How do you prevent or limit the talk about the floor and flipping
  • What can we do to shift or change a culture once it's established
  • What most NFT Projects suck at doing 

Let us know if you liked these bonus Q&A episodes as we will include more in the future if you do! 

Nov 23, 2021
Avoid NFT Rug Pulls, Scams and Making the Same Mistakes I've Made

Rug pulls aka when you invest in an NFT project and your investment turns to nothing as the founders were just there for a cash grab.


Official definition: 

"The maneuver, known as a “rug pull” in cryptocurrency circles, occurs when a token's creators abandon the project by exchanging many virtual coins for real-world cash."

The thing is when it comes to NFT rug pulls and even scams it really comes down to understanding the risk vs reward and the game we are all playing right now.

We are investing our money in an idea/art that we believe is valuable and that we TRUST those behind the project in that they will deliver what they are claiming.  

When it comes to those getting scammed right now we must do our best practices and protections not only against bad actors but against ourselves making simple yet massive mistakes. 

  • - I share how I use a default wallet in my MetaMask that has nothing in it to help prevent myself from making a mistake
  • - Must use official links/announcement channels in discord to send you to the ONLY links you click on where you are connecting your wallet.
  • - Don't search Opensea for the project's name, go to the discord or website to find a direct link.
  • - Test out transferring of crypto or NFTs in a small amount first to make sure you understand the process, timing and variables.
  • - Being rug pulled or scammed doesn't mean you were stupid or not really for this space, it just means you have to do better to set yourself up for success. 

Links mentioned in this episode: 


ADHD Coins:


#Mint365 11.22


Went with Pogpunks and minted this seems to be very rare one! 

A Punks derivative at the center of the first NFT multi-chain metaverse generator platform. (edited)

Nov 23, 2021
What Does Minting an NFT mean, What's a Smart Contract and Why Does it Have Gas?

I decided to take a step back and define some of the terms and ideology that I've been sharing over the last couple of episodes as I feel I did you the audience a disservice but not doing that earlier.  

On this episode I breakdown why this all matters and how disruptive the blockchain will be for every aspect of our lives far beyond how we exchange money online. 

I define the concept of "Minting an NFT" and what is a smart contract and why the true power of the NFT isn't the JPEG or the community rather the code underneath that makes up the smart contract. 

I also tap into why most in the NFT space talk about Ethereum and what Gas prices are and how we must factor that into our NFT journey.

Lastly I do my best to paint the picture around cryptocurrency and how we must think of it so that it doesn’t feel like “funny money” as the true essence of crypto actually goes far beyond the traditional dollar. 

Remember my goal here is to provide insights and share lessons that I learn while answering your questions and bringing you on the journey with me over these 365 days…  Please reach out with any questions or topics you’d like me to discuss on a future episode at: 

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Nov 22, 2021
Creator Coins vs NFTs: Battle for Utility and Rewards for Owners

Most thought leaders in Web 3.0 like to link NFTs with cryptocurrency or even the metaverse but on this episode, I make the case for CREATOR COINS or SOCIAL TOKENS being the real gateway and sister of Non-Fungible Tokens.

When I first discovered Rally.IO and the creator coin idea I assumed it was just like Patreon or Only Fans and ultimately just a gamification way of monetizing an audience.  Wow was I wrong?  

Although there is a crypto element of creator coins leveraging blockchain technology, the economy created around the coin can be as unique as the creator..

How Rally.IO allows creators to design use-cases and benefits for those that hold the coin while also developing time-based campaigns for the community to purchase with their coin.

How simply holding the $ADHD coin over the last 3 months, there has been over 23k in $RLY coins rewarded to the community and me, the creator.

The role transparency, exclusivity, and “True fans” play within a creator economy, empowering creators such as Portugal the Man to go all-in to even their surprise. They didn’t want to ever create a fan club as they were concerned by it coming across as just monetizing the super fans or, worse, taking advantage of them.

I mention the amazing $TILT coin founded by Joe Pulizzi in this episode and you can use my affiliate link here to check it out:

I share this and more on this episode! 


I also share the ALPHA around our first NFT 365 & MINT 365 drop where I will be giving up over 50% of the revenue to the community as I want this to be a WE project not a ME one.  

I will be rolling out 365 SuperFANZ NFT passes for $365 each who will together split 30% of the revenue of Mint 365 on 11.11.22.

The SuperPOWERED Season Pass NFT will have 22 of them with each holding 1% of the revenue on 11.11.22.

More details to come at that will launch on 11.24.21. 

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Nov 22, 2021
3 Accounts You Must Have To Enter The NFT Community

In this episode we are getting to some of the "block and tackling" and breaking down some of the things that I know many are trying to wrap their head around.

  • What is a digital wallet?
  • Do I need an account on a crypto exchange?
  • Where do I see my NFTs?

I do my best to simplify the process by sharing what I use and my processes rather than giving all the different options which is what you can google and find if you need those. 

My process is: MetaMask hot wallet, Coinbase Exchange and Opensea NFT marketplace. 

Use this affiliate link to sign-up for Coinbase and we both get $10:

Stick around to the end where I share the BIGGEST mistake I made that was a simple as a copy & paste misclick but resulted in me sending 12k $RLY coins to a wallet that wasn't setup to receive them. 

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Nov 20, 2021
What and Who Influence NFT Trends and the NFT Market

On this episode, we are talking trends, best practices and the importance of doing your own damn research!

We also breakdown the first 7 mints we did of the 365 we will do leading up to Nov 11, 2022.

The first seven can be found at HTTP://

Day 1. ENS Domain: N3F6T5.ETH

Day 2. Chibi Galaxy

Day 3. Cubotz

Day 4. Astroheads

Day 5. ConstituionDAO

Day 6. OnigiriNFTS

Day 7. Merry Modz

We also announced that we have partnered with NFT BZL to do a live recording of the podcast at their event in Miami on Nov 30th. For those attending make sure to stop by and say hi.

We had a fun surprise with Astroheads and are excited to see what holding the $PEOPLE coin thanks to the Constitution DAO will look like November of next year.

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Nov 19, 2021
Why NFT Discord is a Must and How To Use Discord?

Answering the most popular questions we have received over the past week in regards to community and more importantly Discord. 

  • Why are all NFT projects on Discord?
  • What does Discord provide that Twitter doesn't and do we need to be on Twitter?
  • What value does discord provide?
  • How can I make Discord not suck?
  • What are best practices with Discord?
  • How can we as Discord users manage notifications and not get overwhelmed?
  • What must NFT Projects do differently to build true community within Discord.?

Links mentioned: 

Mint 365: Whitelist for Season Passes: HTTP://

Twitter lists to follow:

Fanzone Discord: HTTP://

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Nov 19, 2021
Minting NFTs Daily for 365 Days, Why?

We've got a fun episode for you today as we recorded live on Twitter Spaces and talked about NFT 365 and what the origin is for Mint 365 and how Beeple inspired the project.

We also talked about our predictions for the project and the ALPHA was dropped as the WHITELIST for NFT 365 Season Passes are available at: HTTP:// 

Lastly we discussed the importance of diversity of NFTs within this project and it's diversity in all scenarios to really provide a holistic view of all kinds of NFTS from art to music to video to fashion and much much more. 


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Nov 18, 2021
NFT Community: What projects must get right!

MANY rather EVERYONE is talking about the importance and value of community for NFT success but is anyone really saying ANYTHING????

Is anyone breaking down the core aspects of a community in regards to what that community looks like and the difference between:

  • a community vs network
  • community vs audience
  • community vs over-hyped discord?

On this episode I breakdown the difference in each of these based on my 20+ years building communities both online and offline and in many cases failing to build the foundation and core aspects I share here and only learning at the end what I should have done from the start! 

I also will be talking a lot about the community on this podcast but from different perspectives, because we can't just throw out the word "community" and believe one example works for all scenarios.  Scenarios such as: 

  • Community building for NFT project founders
  • Community evaluation for NFT investors
  • Community responsibility for active community members 
  • Community ownership and how its conveyed and shared
  • Community success: defining the purpose and passion 

On this episode, I focus on the last one and the two aspects that I feel are essential for community long-term success, not just hype pre-mint that dies soon after the art is revealed. 

1. Must define what the success of the community looks like not from the founder's eyes but the communities eyes.  (This will evolve as the community evolves)

2. Map out MEASUREABLE goals for the community that will allow you to stay on track towards that success and celebrate along the way. 

Lastly, I make a bold prediction: 

"Projects that fail to sell out their entire 10k mint but empower their core community members will be the most successful projects a year from that original mint."

And here is a clip from an essay that I live by: 

"The takeaway: 1,000 true fans is an alternative path to success other than stardom. Instead of trying to reach the narrow and unlikely peaks of platinum bestseller hits, blockbusters, and celebrity status, you can aim for direct connection with a thousand true fans. On your way, no matter how many fans you actually succeed in gaining, you’ll be surrounded not by faddish infatuation, but by genuine and true appreciation. It’s a much saner destiny to hope for. And you are much more likely to actually arrive there" from 1k fans essay written in 2008!

Don't underestimate the power of 1k true fans!  Read this to learn more as it's my guiding essay and has been for 10 years:

Links shared on this episode:

Shoutout to the Giraffe Tower NFT and the powerful community Gary Henderson is growing on Discord:

ADHD creator coin:

CryptoDadsNFT Community:



Nov 16, 2021
Getting Started with NFTs without Spending Money

Yes I know it can be exciting to have that "light bulb moment" of the value and impact NFTs will have on the future but also can lead you to the point of well....  confusion!


In this episode, we answer these questions connecting getting started with metaverse, cryptocurrency, creator coins and NFTs but I promise in an almost not confusing way!

  • Where do you start with your NFT journey?
  • Do I need a metamask wallet + opensea + gas + creator coins to buy my first NFT?
  • Are there NFTs available for free?
  • Why the Mint 365 experience was created an how you can play along
  • Why creator coins on Rally.IO might be the best entry point into Web 3.0 and the NFT marketplace without gas fees.

I answer all these questions and tease out some alpha in regards to upcoming episodes and projects while hopefully inspiring you to check out twitter as I did where I found a FREE NFT mint that I sold a week later for $800+.

I mentioned the Mint 365 Tweet during the show which we will update daily and it can be found here:

Also mentioned:

Rally NFT Marketplace:

Metamask Wallet:

Solana NFTs:

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Nov 15, 2021
Two NFT Mistakes to AVOID in your first month that I made

On this episode we kick it off with our new intro brought to you by Kevin Sturmer host of the Outermost Ring podcast and member of the community that blew my mind with this intro.  So check out Kevin and this is just another example of the crazy talent and opportunities available in our ever growing discord community.  Join the discord: 

On this episode I breakdown 2 mistakes that I've made in my NFT journey.  I share what I did, how I learned from them and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Don't buy on the secondary market without the official link

2. Don't think of lost opportunity as money you lost as our mental health must be a priority in this journey.  (Mekaverse NFT lesson learned)

As always each and every episode is powered by the SuperPOWERED $ADHD coin available at HTTP:// 

More info coming soon on how you can get involved in the NFT Mint 365 project but make sure you join our text community so you don't miss an announcement.

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Nov 14, 2021
WTF are NFTs aka Non Fungible Tokens

Another title of this episode could have been: "How to explain to your friends what NFTs are and why they have value.."

On this episode I not only breakdown what fungible and non-fungible are and why the words are so awkward to say but I also share examples, ideas and tangible stories that hopefully help you see exactly what an NFT is.  

I also breakdown the importance of understanding that NFTs are one of four entry points into the Web 3.0 / Creator Economy, the others being: Cryptocurrency, Creator Coins and Metaverse/Gaming.

After we define NFTs I share 9 real-world examples, some from many moons ago, that had NFT aspects or could have really used the blockchain to prevent big macs from being scammed. 

The 9 examples I breakdown are: 

  1. Card collecting with my Dad "certificate of authority" + rarirty + verification of quality
  2. Myspace: Top 9
  3. Monopoly Game McDonalds
  4. Foursquare
  5. UnTapped
  6. Pokemon Go
  7. Facebook badges (Rings around profile photo)
  8. Jeep Life "Jeep wave" "jeep slogan" but no Jeep digital signal or connection to the Jeep I own.
  9. Steelers season ticket holder

Finally, I wrap by answering what I believe are two of the most common questions you will get after you start talking about NFTs with your friends or family.

2 Most common questions answered:

  1. What makes these JPEGs worth money?
  2. Is this legit and for how long and if so am I too late?

More details coming soon on the Mint 365 experience where we are minting an NFT every day till 11.11.22 and how I'm going to open-up percentage of ownership on the project as well.  

Lastly here are some valuable resources to bookmark that have helped me on this NFT deep-dive.

NFT Resources:

Flipboard Magazine (Fanzo curates content daily):

One39pm " A Guide to NFTs, and How They Are About to Revolutionize Pretty Much Everything:

Verge: NFTs explained:


Nov 13, 2021
NO Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunk = No Authority in NFT Space

The title is a little clickbait and I promise that won't be the norm with this show but the theme of this episode is breaking down the noise, discussing where and who we should be listening to in this NFT space while also breaking down the importance of managing expectations and defining your own version of success.

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Nov 12, 2021
Translating the Geek-Speak with Host Brian Fanzo

Episode 0 of NFT 365 

The first DAILY NFT Podcast powered by $ADHD coin hosted by Fanzo will include short educational episodes, breaking news, emerging trends & projects as well as interviews.

Translating the geek-speak around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, crypto and the metaverse with the goal of helping the audience HEAR the harmony between technology and humanity!

Focused on: Education, Trends, Lessons Learn ed, Thought Leadership, Motivation

Nov 11, 2021