Pump Fiction

By Harry Moore, Chris D Fellowes & Mike Carter

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Category: Fitness

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Three guys discussing the wonderful world of fitness, including all of the nonsense that surrounds it! Much of the fitness industry seems to thrive on misinformation and false promises, likely due to how marketable this content seems to be. The aim of this podcast is to bring together three experienced individuals, all from different backgrounds, to help debunk some of this nonsense and point you in a better direction. From Bodybuilding, to Powerlifting, to Crossfit, and gym ownership, we're here to help you along your fitness journey and hopefully provide a few laughs in the process!

Episode Date
13 - Spilling The Tea. Digestion, Optimising vs Intensity and Another Questionable Test Booster.

Gather round, bring some snacks, but do check if your stomach can handle it first.
The chaps convene to discuss some useful stuff, talking all things digestion and probiotics that may be of use to know. Including LIVE tasting, Harold not amused...
There's a valid conversation to be had about people who seek to optimise their training before nailing the right level of intensity to make sh*t happen, what is going on right now?
Finally, Harold takes to the soap box to talk about yet another funky new test booster on the market, what is it? Does it work? Do I need it? I need something...

All this plus the usual trash can of chaos bouncing back and forth like a whole lotta half reps.
And as always, we want you to join in! Please submit your topics, questions, confessions and random thoughts to the contact form on the PF Instagram - @pumpfitctionpod

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Jul 29, 2022
12 - Level 6 Pilots. Training intensity, Rep Ranges, Test Boosters and "The Porn Ban" - IKR WTF!?

Oh my, how we have missed you! The flying squad are back and attacking your ears with all sorts of knowledge and nonsense combined.
Three top topics - what is going on with your workout intensity, what is the biggest contributing factor to your downfall?
Also, how should you apply different rep ranges for different results? Is fitness a factor? What exercises suit certain ranges? SO MANY THINGS.
Finally, deep in supplement corner, the almighty Test Booster gets it's moment under the microscope, is it the answer to your long lost gains?!

Plus the usual carnage including rice crispy squares and pornography, at the same time?!
As always, we want you to join in! Please submit your topics, questions, confessions and random thoughts to the contact form on the PF Instagram - @pumpfitctionpod

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Jun 24, 2022
11 - Comic Conmen. Evolution of Fitness, Our Journeys, Gym Culture - Harassment Hassle.

How things have changed! Episode 11 is travelling through time looking at how fitness has evolved, the death of the expo, the demand for new training styles and more. 
Upon request, the trio dive deep into their pasts, to explain how they personally evolved physically and why they started in the first place.
AND THEN, after praising progress - a step back is delivered by a shocking listener contribution, hear this story of UNACCEPTABLE gym behaviour which has us all truly triggered and fighting back.

Shout out to Hannah and Hannah for top contributions to this Episode of PFP.
Game on! And as always, we want you to join in! Please submit your topics, questions, confessions and random thoughts to the contact form on the PF Instagram - @pumpfitctionpod

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May 02, 2022
10 - Lord of his Ring. PT Qualifications, Fitness Trackers and Macros on Menus - good or bad?

Emotional support water bottles at the ready! The boys have hit their gym, tan and laundry and ready to cover serious subjects and killer Q and A.
Episode 10 is here finally, who knew it would get this far.
Subjects include the merits of qualifications for personal trainers, and what to look out for when selecting a trainer for yourself. Chris has a fancy new fitness tracker, but is it wise? Will it help? Maybe it's not all what it seems.
And finally, a very big topic and affecting everyone nationwide, nutritional data is now on your menu, but what does that mean for disordered eating? More trouble than it's worth? Surely the government wouldn't let us down...

Enjoy! And as always, please submit your questions and confessions to the form on the PF Instagram - @pumpfitctionpod

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Apr 19, 2022
9 - Lift, Laugh, Love. Gym Etiquette, Body Dysmorphia and Workout Nutrition.

Keep Calm and Harry's On (The Toilet Again).
The trio are bringing the heat with three big boi topics today - including the major do's and don'ts around the gym, a contentious subject.
Things get serious when everyone shares their own personal experiences with body dysmorphia - perhaps not what you were expecting.
Plus to wrap up the topics it's all about pre and post workout foods, to get the most out of your training, on all levels. Tuck in!

Add a little extra spice with your confessions and questions, shared during the show. Please contribute those via the form on our Instagram bio and the PF bros will read them out or answer your questions!


Apr 06, 2022
8 - Virgin Corner. Budget Proteins, Chiropractors and Training Splits.

We've made it this far! It's episode 8 and the boys are covering a melange of topics, can you handle so much banter laden information?
Step into the virgin corner for chats about hitting your macros on a budget, the differing benefits of chiros, physios and masseuses. Plus the three amigos discuss their personal training splits and how they affect their goals.

Let's wrestle!

Please submit any questions, confessions or topics to be featured - @pumpfictionpod


Mar 21, 2022
7 - Creatine Dreams. Machines vs Free Weights and Avoiding Overtraining.

Hey Arnold! The boys are back and there's a bit of chat about bumping into famous people, amongst a lot of important discussion on key topics. Your awesome questions are coming in and getting answered, so be sure to send in anything you want to know via the link on Instagram @pumpfictionpod.
AND your hilarious secret gym confessions are shared too - what goes on in the pod, stays in the pod...we love you people.


Mar 07, 2022
6 - Workout not working? Deathly diets, explosive pre-workouts and "Guess The Milk"

The storm chasers are here again. This week the key topics are about when you should make a change to your workout routine, do you need to? Plus the boys discuss various myths surrounding dieting and their own personal mistakes they have learned from.
Chris surprises Harry and Michael with a brand new challenge they didn't know they needed.
All that, plus your own questions, answers and 90s TV shows.

Feb 21, 2022
5 - DOMs, Deadlifts & Banana Hammocks

Do DOMs mean you had a good workout? How can you get the most out of your deadlift?
And what really happened to Harry’s banana hammock in the supermarket…
All this plus the usual random chat from Chris, Harry and Mike.

IG - @pumpfictionpod 

Feb 07, 2022
4 - Secrets and Lies (of Online Coaches, FaceApp and Bubble Tea)

The boys have online coaching on blast this week - how to spot the good ones from the fakers and money makers. There's a curious tip on how to spot people using FaceApps to digitally enhance themselves, plus all your usual Q&A including glute training, grip strength and hype songs.
Get in touch with us @pumpfictionpod!

Presented by Harry Moore, Chris D Fellowes and Michael Carter.

Jan 21, 2022
3 - We Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

2022 is here Miley Cyrus style and the resolutions are flowing. Are they destined to fail like most do?
The team discuss your personal resolutions and how best to actually achieve them, expect real science combined with absolute nonsense for another well balanced episode.
Not to mention a brand new song written by Chris to blow you away, maybe.

Presented by:
Chris D Fellowes
Harry Moore
Mike Carter

Jan 07, 2022
2 - The Ghost of Christmas Gains

The boys are back for our second instalment of the Pump Fiction podcast, just in time for Christmas! Today we're discussing how one could approach eating and training over the holiday period, including a Q&A taken from our Instagram stories. We also discover that our recording location may well be haunted by a ghost named Evelyn, who often patrols the halls in search of the anabolic window... 

Dec 21, 2021
1 - Pilot

Here it is, the first episode! In this episode, we introduce ourselves in addition to discussing a bit about our backgrounds in the wonderful world of fitness. A comparison between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting occurs which also highlights that many training disciplines seem to share a lot of underlying principles. The episode rounds off with a Q&A segment, with questions provided by the wonderful members of East Park Gym. 

P.s. We're not actually pilots. 

Dec 07, 2021