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the best of the kingdom of nye 🛸 - links, playlists, tip jar

Episode Date
Animal Mutilations, ETs, Bigfoot, and More - Linda Moulton Howe - 2013-10-03 - Dark Matter

 linda joins art once again, bringing a PACKED show of reminiscing and discussion of a variety of topics, like the fukushima nuclear disaster, UFOs, bigfoot, animal mutilations, and more. great show with a JC call-in near the end

Sep 30, 2022
Mass Consciousness - Dr. Garland Landrith - 2004-01-24 - Coast to Coast AM

 dr garland landrith discusses quantum physics and the theory of mass consciousness, claiming that he's seen evidence our thoughts can affect the physical world around us

Sep 28, 2022
Abduction Enigmas - Budd Hopkins - 2004-05-09 - Coast to Coast AM

ufologist and researcher budd hopkins talks with art again about his continuing research in to the abduction phenomenon, including new reports of invisiblity and alien-human hybrids

Sep 26, 2022
Open Lines - Area 51, Tobacco, Power Outages - 1996-07-02 - Somewhere in Time
a third of the country loses power, bob dole disappoints everyone, violent extremists continue to label themselves militias and claim independence. a varied open lines - apologies work was killer this week! more shows coming
Sep 23, 2022
Close ET Encounters - Dr. Richard Boylan - 1994-09-25 - Dreamland

repost from october - thanks to u/iamtherealandy for pointing out this show features arts first time speaking with peter davenport who calls in during open lines

ufologist richard boylan calls to discuss ufos, et's, close encounters, and abductions

Sep 19, 2022
Tales from Area 51 - Glenn Campbell - Linda - Hale-Bopp Discovered - 1995-08-06 - Dreamland

  art calls up linda for a rundown on the newly identified Hale-Bopp comet, making this the first mention of it in art's shows. he would later be blamed by some for promoting potential pseudoscience that led the heaven's gate cult to mass suicide. afterwards, researcher (not musician) glenn campbell drops in to discuss various rumors about area 51, their evolving security, ufos, and secret projects

Sep 16, 2022
UFO Expert - Don Ecker - 2001-02-19 - Coast to Coast AM

art talks with nick begich about a strange haarp signal, then long-time investigator and author don ecker joins to discuss ufos, moving rocks on the moon, nasa, the space race, government secrecy, and more

Sep 15, 2022
Cosmology, EMPs Weapons, & More - Brian Greene, Peter Davenport - 1999-04-08 - Coast to Coast AM

theoretical physicist brian greene discuss cosmology, emp weapons, consciousness, quantum mechanics, string theory, nuclear reactions, a theory of everything, black holes, religion, and more! also features a spot with peter davenport delivering some new sighting reports

Sep 12, 2022
Nostradamus, Geopolitics, and Our Future - John Hogue - 2004-07-03 - Coast to Coast AM

writer john hogue joins to discuss his interpretations of various nostradamus quatrains. the topics transition deeper in to geopolitical relations, a lack of understanding in the world, polarization between cultures, imperialism, resource wars, extremism in the west, and a lot more. a great show that (hilariously) pissed off both left and right wing listeners and was seen as very controversial and anti-american

Sep 11, 2022
Streaking UFO - Peter Davenport - 1999-09-01 - Coast to Coast AM

art and peter davenport take calls on a big trail of ufo sightings stretching across several western states and seen around the same time. they're also joined by peter gersten, "the ufo lawyer", who was suing the government for documents pertaining to the phenomenon

Sep 09, 2022
Open Lines - Witch Hunt - 1997-06-03 - Coast to Coast AM

(reupload from september 2021) art holds an open lines looking for a true, "broom-riding" witch and eventually meets dr. evelyn paglini for the first time. she takes calls ranging from mental illness to old magic and advice for spells. an old favorite

Sep 06, 2022
Near Death Experiences - Dr. Melvin Morse - 2001-02-16 - Coast to Coast AM

dr. melvin morse discusses his time conducting research and interviews on near death experiences and the "returning of the drop to the pond" interpretation of the afterlife that he believes we'll meet on the other side

Sep 06, 2022
Shadow People - David Weatherly - 2015-09-16 - Midnight in the Desert
Sep 02, 2022
Time Travel - Professor Ronald Mallett - 2015-10-06 - Midnight in the Desert
Sep 02, 2022
Mandela Effect - Cynthia Larson - 2015-10-15 - Midnight in the Desert
descriptions to come l8r. happy labor day weekend
Sep 02, 2022
Open Lines - Freemen Militia & the Chupacabra - 1996-05-15 - Coast to Coast AM
another open lines with discussion on the freemen, a militant anti-government group that got in to a standoff with officials in montana in 1996. plus a lot of chupacabra calls as the crypto legend spread across the southern states
Aug 30, 2022
Men in Black - Nick Redfern - 2015-09-29 - Midnight in the Desert

 uk-based journalist and ufologist nick redfern shares stories and research on the men in black & other mysteries

Aug 29, 2022
Ancient Weapons & Stargates - William Henry - 2006-09-02 - Coast to Coast AM

(repost from november) my favorite guest! mythologist william henry joins to talk about his research in to wormholes, and how they may have played a very central role in ancient religions, mythology, and occultism. maybe just.. ignore arts reading of a weird anti-muslim rant in the first bit

you can check out a playlist of my other favourites here:

Aug 26, 2022
The Simple Life - Eric Brende - 2004-08-28 - Coast to Coast AM

eric brende and his wife left a life of technology and convenience to live with the "minimites", an amish-like anti-tech community. art is entirely unable to comprehend why anyone would do this

Aug 26, 2022
Aliens in the Bible - John Milor - 2000-03-23 - Coast to Coast AM

whitley strieber says some stuff, then peter davenport says some more interesting stuff, then john milor joins to discuss his interpretations of aliens from the bible.. better description after my coffee

Aug 25, 2022
Apollo Moon Hoax - Marcus Allen - 2002-11-27 - Coast to Coast AM

reminisce on the more innocent days of conspiracy theories with marcus allen, publisher of uk-based nexus magazine. marcus joins art to go over his research in to possible evidence that the apollo moon mission was heavily falsified

Aug 24, 2022
Open Lines - Clinically Dead - 2001-12-21 - Coast to Coast AM

(repost from feb) a riveting open lines for callers who claim to have been clinically dead for some period of time. NDEs, demons, out of body journeys, and more!

Aug 22, 2022
Open Lines - Ghost to Ghost - 1999-06-10 - Coast to Coast AM

the last ghost to ghost missing from this feed, lots of fun stories

Aug 19, 2022
Alien in the Freezer - Dr. Jonathan Reed - 2001-03-16 - Coast to Coast AM

in the first hour, art calls up investigative reporter robert steensen who breaks the identity of "it", or "project ginger" - dean kamen's secretive invention that would later be released as "The Segway". after that, dr. jonathan reed and robert raith join to retell and update the famous "alien in the freezer" story he shared on the show a few years earlier. i have another recording of him telling the story uploaded as "The Captured Alien [12-9-99]"

Aug 17, 2022
Spontaneous Human Combustion - Larry Arnold - 1996-03-10 - Dreamland

a fun report on spontaneous combustion from researcher larry arnold, plus linda holds her recorder to the phone. unfortunately there is a lot of bleed over, but its very listenable still

Aug 17, 2022
UFO Cover-ups - Robert Collins - 2007-05-27 - Coast to Coast AM
retired air force captain & ufo investigator robin collins talks about his research in to coverups, interception stories, hidden tunnels and vaults beneath wright patterson afb, and a mysterious element he thinks may be fueling alien craft
Aug 15, 2022
Open Lines - Ghost to Ghost - 2001-02-28 - Coast to Coast AM

another non-halloween ghost to ghost that i hadn't uploaded already. good stories here, i'll write a better description after work :p opens with some earthquake discussion.

i think theres one more g2g show but the recording i have cuts early so i'm on the hunt still

Aug 12, 2022
Open Lines - Possessed People & Time Travelers - 2001-05-18 - Coast to Coast AM
 in the first hour linda replays a phone call relating to the supposed underwater city sonar’d off the coast of cuba. then art opens the lines for possessed people and time travelers - featuring fun calls from elvis, a demon, a 400 year old man, a government scientist fired from a secret time travel program, and more
Aug 10, 2022
Devils Well in Washington (PARTIAL) - Robert McCallum - 1998-02-17 - Coast to Coast AM
sadly this looks like a lost episode, and the most i can find online is this 12 minute clip. if anybody has a lead on a better recording, shoot me a message on reddit @ u/oldgodkino :) i would love to upload it and give you credit. art talks with robert mccallum about a bottomless pit he found in washington, supposedly very similar to the one reported by mel waters
Aug 08, 2022
UFOs & Propulsion Systems - Mark McCandlish - 1998-02-16 - Coast to Coast AM

  art calls up aeronautics expert and conceptual artist mark mccandlish to talk about a wide range of interesting topics like ufos, propulsion technology, mysterious alloys, stealth aircraft engineering, and more!

Aug 08, 2022
Open Lines - Ghost to Ghost - 1998-11-27 - Coast to Coast AM
art's second ghost to ghost show of 1998, done to make up for the first one having to share airtime. opens with some very cool stories that set the mood well. enjoy!
Aug 04, 2022
Unidentified Flying Humanoids - Ken Gerhard - 2015-11-30 - Midnight in the Desert
cryptid researcher ken gerhard shares sightings of unidentified flying humanoids (like mothman) from around the world, and their penchant for signaling coming disasters.. shoutout to the /x/ caller 😉 hope u well dawg
Aug 03, 2022
Caving - Bonnie Crystal - 1999-05-05 - Coast to Coast AM

technologist, author, & caver bonnie crystal joins art to talk about a variety of topics, and to describe what the world looks like from thousands of feet underground, through miles of winding corridors, big drops, and tight squeezes

Aug 01, 2022
Interview with an Abductee - Katarina Wilson - 1994-11-06 - Dreamland
linda holds her tape recorder to the phone, then art interviews the very strange abductee katarina wilson, who’s various messages “for humans” leads some to believe she may not be one of us..
Jul 29, 2022
UFOlogy, ETs, and MJ-12 - Dr. Michael Heiser - 2013-09-30 - Dark Matter
dr michael heiser discusses a range of topics surrounding ufology, including his testing of the Majestic 12 documents, a disputing of the ancient aliens theories, the need for critical thinking and evidence in the field, materialism, philosophy, theology, and even some good back and forth regarding race and religion with a caller. overall a very interesting show, regardless of your feelings on the guest's religious beliefs
Jul 27, 2022
Alien Experimentation on Humans - Dr. David Jacobs - 2015-12-08 - Midnight in the Desert
 dr david jacobs returns to wrap up his discussion on abduction programs that are supposedly pumping out new alien-human hybrids
Jul 25, 2022
UFOs & Paranormal Research - Tobias McGriff & James Fox - 2013-10-16 - Dark Matter
art talks with writer tobias mcgriff and director james fox about a range of paranormal topics like ghosts and ufos, as well as government coverups, the death of john mack, their careers, arts career, filmmaking, and more
Jul 23, 2022
The Bell Witch - Neal Sibley | Cosmic Deception - Dr Steven Greer | 2002-06-17 - Coast to Coast AM

steven greer shares updates on disclosure and shocking reports of government-run abduction programs. then art is joined by screenwriter neal sibley, who talks about the bell witch haunting of 1820 and the mysterious things he's been experiencing since he started documenting the case. endless "maybe you're related" jokes for art

Jul 22, 2022
Bigfoot in the Back Yard - Elaine & Sierra - 2015-09-09 - Midnight in the Desert
 art interviews elaine and her son sierra, who claim a bigfoot has lived in the woods behind their property for decades, and that it’s been terrorizing them ever since they moved in..
Jul 20, 2022
Ghost to Ghost & Utah UFOs - 2000-04-25 - Coast to Coast AM
(repost from 11/17/21) originally slated as art’s last ghost to ghost before retirement. opens with art and peter davenport discussing a series of ufo sightings over utah before callers submit their spooky stories
Jul 19, 2022
Future & Past Lives - Elaine Stevens - 1995-07-02 - Dreamland
linda talks with stanton freidman about the government cover up of roswell, art and peter davenport go over a recent cluster of sightings, and hypnotherapist elaine stevens shares her experiences with past life regression in patients, and even visions of lives to come. unfortunately the recording ends early, but the calls are quite good
Jul 19, 2022
Legal Marijuana - Sally Vander Veer - 2015-12-03 - Midnight in the Desert
another excellent cannabis discussion, this time featuring sally vander veer - ceo of the cannabis company medicine man. she talks about the business side of things, growing, genetics, terpenes, extracts, and more!
Jul 17, 2022
Roswell Crash - Tom Carey - 2007-06-30 - Coast to Coast AM

author tom carey discusses his work unraveling the roswell, new mexico incident 60 years earlier - plus an officer's surprising deathbed confession. happy friday!

Jul 15, 2022
Telephone Hacking - Captain Crunch - 1996-07-29 - Coast to Coast AM
art interviews the infamous captain crunch, aka john draper - one of the first telephone phreakers, and a pioneer of hacker culture
Jul 15, 2022
Hubrids, Part 2 - Dr. David Jacobs - 2015-10-20 - Midnight in the Desert
dr david jacobs returns to MITD to elaborate on his previous bombshell that alien-human hybrids are already on earth, training and preparing to invade at any moment (previous show was posted May 20 - Alien Hybrids & Abductions)
Jul 12, 2022
Lost Civilizations & Consciousness - Graham Hancock - 2007-09-28 - Coast to Coast AM
art welcomes back beloved guest graham hancock to talk about the possibility of technologically advanced civilizations lost to time, the plot of the first mass effect game (p much), and the divine right to explore your own consciousness
Jul 11, 2022
UFO Debate - Jim Dilettoso vs Kal Korff - 1998-03-17 - Coast to Coast AM
ufologists jim dilettoso and kal korff duke it out pointlessly over accusations of fakes and frauds and lying about credentials. unfortunately the audio skips in some spots - if you have a better recording, reach out to me on reddit at /u/oldgodkino :)
Jul 08, 2022
Archetypal Astrology - Richard Tarnas | Bigfoot & Nukes - Ed Dames | 2006-02-04 - Coast to Coast AM
dr richard tarnas presents a (slightly) more level-headed explanation of astrology as archetypal guidelines, and how to make sense of the cosmos without shaping your life around them. but first, ed dames & co remote viewed bigfoot as a carbon-converting projector obelisk floating in space, but it’s also not a projector obelisk floating in space, or aliens put the projector obelisk there/not there in space 👍 now where’s that gold at ed??
Jul 08, 2022
$95,000 Junk Mail Check - Patrick Combs - 1995-08-21 - Coast to Coast AM
author patrick combs tells the story of his "jokingly" depositing a $95,000 check he received as part of a junk mail scam, and what happened after the bank successfully deposited it in to his account. followed by caller's opinions of patricks antics
Jul 06, 2022
Hacking - Kevin Mitnick - 2015-10-08 - Midnight in the Desert
hacking legend kevin mitnick recounts the early days of his black hat education, going from stealing his teachers login password to hacking the prison phone system from solitary confinement, trying to solve his own brother’s murder, and monitoring wiretaps while on the run from the feds
Jul 05, 2022
The Growing Earth - Neal Adams - 2006-08-12 - Coast to Coast AM
 comic book legend neal adams talks with art about his research for a new model of the universe, in which he theorizes that the earth is constantly growing in size and was much smaller when the dinos roamed
Jul 04, 2022
Extraterrestrial Contact - James Gilliland - 2006-07-22 - Coast to Coast AM
 author and ufo researcher james gilliland talks about his extraterrestrial contacts, their prophetic messages for earth, and wild paranormal activity on his ranch. art even invites several witnesses on the ranch that night to describe their recent sightings
Jul 01, 2022
Astrobiology - David Grinspoon - 2010-04-09 - Coast to Coast AM
art is joined by david grinspoon who discusses the possibility of life on other planets, how it could form, and what ETs might look like
Jul 01, 2022
Psychedelic Research - Dr Dennis Mckenna - 2015-10-12 - Midnight in the Desert
the brilliant dr dennis mckenna joins art again for another show full of psychedelics and dmt and mind-bending adventure 🤟
Jun 30, 2022
The Amityville Horror Hoax - Joel Martin & Bill Birnes - 2015-10-28 - Midnight in the Desert
 joel martin & bill birnes talk about the amityville murders, a psychic frontline military unit, new orleans, colonel corso, and father malachi martin as a cia agent? a lot going on here
Jun 30, 2022
Dark Matter and Hubble - Richard Massey - 2007-06-24 - Coast to Coast AM
professor richard massey joins the show to share his research on dark matter and dark energy, their differences, their origins, and their incredible roles in building out our universe
Jun 27, 2022
Spontaneous Invisibility - Donna Good Higbee - 2002-05-23 - Coast to Coast AM
 paranormal researcher donna good higbee discusses her research in to the bizarre phenomenon of HSII, or human spontaneous involuntary invisibility
Jun 27, 2022
Past Life Regression - Bryan Jameison - 2002-05-21 - Coast to Coast AM

 past-life regression pioneer bryan jameison talks with art about about past-life therapy, souls, past lives as aliens, reincarnation, and our origins as light-beings. more info on the UFO video from the first hour:

Jun 26, 2022
Shadow People - Thunder Strikes - 2001-04-12 - Coast to Coast AM
richard hoagland talks with art about anomalous writing in mars photos from NASA, then art calls up native american elder Thunder Strikes for an interesting take on the shadow people phenomenon
Jun 20, 2022
Granite Starship - Paul Coulbeck - 2001-04-11 - Coast to Coast AM
reporter paul coulbeck calls in to recount the 1975 abduction of a canadian man, and his attempts at building a granite spacecraft using ancient knowledge after he was returned. more info & pics here:
Jun 17, 2022
Ufology & Alien Abductions - Ann Druffel - 1999-06-01 - Coast to Coast AM
art is joined by ann druffel, a long time ufo investigator who began her work with NICAP in 1957. they discuss roswell, the nature of ufos, alien genetic research, and abduction resistance techniques that she recommends
Jun 17, 2022
Moon Landing Hoax & More - Wayne Green - 1998-04-20 - Coast to Coast AM

 art calls up publisher and tech writer wayne green to discuss the potential of a faked moon landing, ham radio's decline, guardian angels, consciousness, music, epiphanies, channeling, and more

May 31, 2022
Ouija Board Prophecies - Vance Davis - 1994-06-08 - Coast to Coast AM

 art interviews vance davis, one of the six us soldiers who went AWOL in 1990 after being sent a series of prophecies via a ouija board session regarding race riots and earth changes. they ended up being arrested and quietly released, with some of the information remaining classified at the time of the show

May 31, 2022
Open Lines - Inhuman Encounters - 2015-12-04 - Midnight in the Desert
May 28, 2022
The Seres Agenda - R. Scott Lemriel - 2015-11-25 - Midnight in the Desert
r. scott lemriel claims that an ancient race of spiritual beings seeded humans here on earth - another great example of arts interview skills
May 28, 2022
Digital Simulated Reality - Jim Elvidge - 2015-11-10 - Midnight in the Desert
writer jim elvidge talks with art & callers about simulation theory and the nature of our potentially simulated reality
May 28, 2022
Remote Viewer - Joseph McMoneagle - 1998-09-23 - Coast to Coast AM
art interviews the very first remote viewer in the governments program, joseph mcmoneagle
May 27, 2022
Alien Encounters, Time Travel, & UFO Sightings - Jim Sparks - 2013-10-15 - Dark Matter

abductee jim sparks details incredible stories of being taken aboard alien ships, experimented on, having his memories wiped, communicating with robotic greys, witnessing mass abductions, meeting scaly reptilian-like entities, and a whole lot more!

May 25, 2022
Terminator Seed Technology - Pat Roy Mooney - 1999-01-26 - Coast to Coast AM
renowned agricultural activist patrick roy mooney joins art to talk about the terminator seed technology, or big company's endeavors to kill off new seeds produced by their crops, forcing farmers to pay extra money each year
May 25, 2022
Cryonics & The Alcor Foundation - Brian Shock - 1997-06-23 - Coast to Coast AM

brian shock from the ALCOR life extension foundation discusses what it takes to freeze people's heads in the hopes of eventually bringing them back to life.

May 25, 2022
Open Lines - Anything Goes & I'm Losing My Mind - 2015-09-25 - Midnight in the Desert
madness, ESP, racism, time travel, research papers, shadow people, vampirism, deja vu, obvious mental illness and much more on this whacky open lines ~ have a great friday
May 20, 2022
Alien Hybrids & Abductions - David Jacobs - 2015-09-24 - Midnight in the Desert
professor david jacobs talks about his research in to alien abductions and a hybrid program, and why he feels they’re probably not here to help us
May 20, 2022
State of the Church - Father Malachi Martin - 1998-07-13 - Coast to Coast AM
in father malachi martin’s final appearance before his death, he voices major concerns with the “less traditional” path the church has taken. plus more exorcism & possession talk
May 19, 2022
Rational Preparedness - Phillip Hoag - 1997-01-14 - Coast to Coast AM
 author and prepper phillip hoag discusses what he calls "rational preparedness", and talks about his bunker, shelter design, FEMA, a lack of government preparedness, protracted nuclear war, underground bases, radiation, water storage, and more
May 19, 2022
Roswell Interviews - John Kirby - 1997-07-10 - Coast to Coast AM

ufo investigator john kirby plays some rare interviews with people directly involved in the roswell case - sorry for the absence, been exhaustingly busy recently ~ enjoy

May 18, 2022
UFO Center - Peter Davenport - 2015-09-02 - Midnight in the Desert
peter and art reminisce on their years of ufo reporting, the phoenix lights case, the state of ufology, SETI, and more
May 08, 2022
Apollo & the Egypt Connection - Richard Hoagland - 1996-10-25 - Coast to Coast AM
 richard hoagland explains the “clear” connections he found between the egyptian gods, the sphinx, the face on mars, and the possibility of a secretive NASA agenda - (recording cuts a bit early)
May 07, 2022
Open Lines - Florida Riots & Mutated Frogs - 1996-10-24 - Coast to Coast AM
a general open lines touching on a police shooting in st. petersburg florida, news of mutated frogs found around the world, richard hoagland, & more. art’s handling of callers is great and the discussion on issues with the news cycle/making judgments too early is still important today
May 06, 2022
The Maitreya - Benjamin Creme - 1998-07-10 - Coast to Coast AM
benjamin creme says he has a voice in his head that tells him random homeless people are the shape shifting uber buddha. also jesus stopped by his flat for some supper -
May 06, 2022
UFOs & Abductions - Budd Hopkins - 1994-04-03 - Dreamland

renowned ufo researcher & abduction investigator budd hopkins joins art on dreamland for the first time to discuss all aspects of the phenomenon, from late night probing to sightings of little men walking through walls. a classic with great open lines

May 06, 2022
Best of Open Lines - 1997-08-29 - Coast to Coast AM
(repost) put together by the station as a labor day show. features early mel’s hole, the man flying over area 51, bugs, robert salas, and more
Apr 30, 2022
Church of Satan - Blanche Barton - 2015-08-01 - Midnight in the Desert
art talks with blanche barton, magistra tempil rex of the church of satan and friend of the late anton lavey. an excellent show discussing organized religion, magic, psychology & more
Apr 30, 2022
Protecting Bigfoot - Todd Standing ft. Bugs - 2007-04-08 - Coast to Coast AM
todd standing joins to posit that bigfoot may be the long extinct ape genus Gigantopithecus, and that we need to do what we can to protect them - followed by open lines and a call-in from bugs, the caller who supposedly shot & buried two bigfoot many years earlier
Apr 30, 2022
A Dire Forecast - Evelyn Paglini - 2004-11-21 - Coast to Coast AM
dr. evelyn paglini departs from her usual witchcraft talk to issue stark warnings about coming economic crashes, bitter winters, massive power outages, war, and more - all based on the rise in common trends between her clients around the country
Apr 30, 2022
Open Lines - Chupacabra - 1996-05-08 - Coast to Coast AM
art calls up hector "tito" armstrong to get the scoop on the chupacabra - plus open lines, including an awkward shouting match between charlie and a militia member
Apr 25, 2022
Nikola Tesla - JW McGinnis - 1995-03-05 - Dreamland
jw mcginnis, head of the international tesla society, joins art to discuss nikola tesla’s work, it’s supposed suppression, and it’s continuation. plus ufo reports with linda - shoutout to southwest PA :)
Apr 25, 2022
Open Lines - Scott Free Line - 2015-10-09 - Midnight in the Desert
 art opens up the "scott free" line for listener confessionals on things they shouldn’t have gotten away with - don’t eat the wafers, they’re laced!
Apr 22, 2022
Alien Computer Technology - Jack Schulman - 1998-02-11 - Coast to Coast AM
computer scientist jack schulman claims he is in possession of alien "transcapacitor" technology from roswell that would completely revolutionize the computing industry of the late 90s - plus the strange tale of a break-in at his company's corporate headquarters involving the cia
Apr 22, 2022
The Skeptic's View - Dr. Michael Shermer - 2004-10-17 - Coast to Coast AM

art is joined by dr. michael shermer, science writer, founder of Skeptic Magazine, and director of the Skeptic Society - dr. shermer talks about his work investigating and debunking various conspiracies and pseudoscientific claims like 9/11, the moon landing hoax conspiracy, and spoon-bending psychics. plus an entertaining open lines with caller questions

Apr 22, 2022
Industrial Hemp & Medical Marijuana - Chris Conrad - 1997-01-23 - Coast to Coast AM
art speaks with author, activist, and court-recognized expert in cannabis cultivation and use, chris conrad - an excellent show and guest full of info on medical cannabis that is still relevant today
Apr 22, 2022
Psychoactive & Healing Plants - Dr. Dennis McKenna - 2001-03-08 - Coast to Coast AM
dr. dennis mckenna talks with art about his brother terence, the amazon, shamanism, dmt, plant “behavior”, the war on drugs, and much more ~ an excellent show! happy 4/20 ~
Apr 21, 2022
Open Lines - Paranormal Stories - 2015-07-31 - Midnight in the Desert


Apr 15, 2022
Kidnapped in New York - Stanley Alpert - 2007-04-22 - Coast to Coast AM

environmental lawyer & state prosecutor stanley alpert recounts his [scary, but sometimes hilarious] experience of being kidnapped in new york city

Apr 15, 2022
Consciousness & the Brain - Dr. Stuart Hameroff - 2006-09-30 - Coast to Coast AM
a phenomenal show with anesthesiologist stuart hameroff discussing consciousness
Apr 15, 2022
Aliens, Demons, & Souls - Zeph Daniel - 2004-10-10 - Coast to Coast AM


Apr 15, 2022
Lizard People & the Underworld - Red Elk - 2002-04-17 - Coast to Coast AM

red elk discusses the concept of a hellish world within the earth home to all sorts of entities. plus in the first half dr. steven greer joins art to talk about alternative energy devices

Apr 15, 2022
MUFON & the Romanek UFO Sighting - George Zeiler - 2002-01-23 - Coast to Coast AM
art is joined by george zeiler, deputy international director & field investigator for MUFON, to discuss the stan romanek case and various aspects of the ufo phenomenon
Apr 15, 2022
Open Lines - Area 51, Earthquakes, Crop Circles - Coast to Coast AM - 2001-08-31


Apr 15, 2022
NASA UFOs - Dan Aykroyd & David Sereda - 2001-12-05 - Coast to Coast AM
 actor dan aykroyd joins art and david sereda to discuss his life & career, cloning, the NASA dropa stones ufos, and other famous ufo incidents
Apr 15, 2022
Division of Consciousness - Peter Novak - 1999-03-10 - Coast to Coast AM
peter novak shares his personal quest to unravel the afterlife, spirituality, the memory wipe, and the splitting of human souls - things he believe might be errors in a greater process
Apr 15, 2022
Open Lines - Antichrist Hotline - 1998-06-02 - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 13, 2022
Alien Abduction Phenomenon - Dr. John Mack - 2001-04-18 - Coast to Coast AM
professor john mack of harvard talks about the phenomenon of ETs, abductions, the difficulties he faced in his research, and what it takes to study something that doesn’t fit our current ideas about reality
Apr 11, 2022
Phoenix Lights 2nd Anniversary - Peter Davenport & Robert Fairfax - 1999-03-11 - Coast to Coast AM
peter davenport and mufon's robert fairfax join art to go over a reported elk abduction, plus some talk on the second anniversary of the phoenix lights sightings
Apr 11, 2022
Open Lines - Freemen - 1996-03-27 - Coast to Coast AM
an entertaining night of open lines during the montana freemen group’s prolonged standoff with federal agents in march 1996
Apr 11, 2022
ET Information - George Green - 2004-04-25 - Coast to Coast AM
(repost because someone brought it up on reddit) - arts suspension of disbelief is strained by george green, who gives a wild and hard to follow tale of inner circles, plans for world war 3, alternate earth history, ufo chases, channeling, and ted kennedy - “uh excuse me senator, that’s my daughter”
Apr 10, 2022
The Meaning of Crop Circles - Freddy Silva - 2006-08-20 - Coast to Coast AM

researcher freddy silva joins art to share his findings on crop circles, including legitimates vs fakes, famous examples, their strange properties, the varied cultural reactions to them, and more - an excellent show! and i must ask again - HAS anyone done dmt in a crop circle!?

Apr 06, 2022
Open Lines - Ghost to Ghost - 2000-02-23 - Coast to Coast AM
another non-halloween ghost to ghost show from 2000 👻
Apr 06, 2022
Rods - Jose Escamilla - 1999-05-25 - Coast to Coast AM

in the early 90s while trying to film a ufo encounter in roswell, filmmaker jose escamilia thought he instead captured evidence of an entirely new lifeform that may have existed right here alongside us all this time. commonly referred to as rods or sky fish, this phenomenon is now commonly accepted as an optical trick of cameras recording things like insects and birds - but at the time art, jose, and many others were convinced that they were on the edge of the greatest scientific discovery ever made. a fascinating story for sure.

Apr 04, 2022
Nuclear Subs - Officer X - 1997-10-22 - Coast to Coast AM

art interviews a former nuclear navy officer in the first half, who shares the frightening story of a communication blackout onboard a submarine that nearly lead to missile launches. afterwards he appears to be called in to work due to “an emergency”, leading to open lines for the remainder of the show

Apr 04, 2022
Area 51 - John Lear & Bob Lazar - 1992-12-12
RIP john lear who passed last week, march 29th - a longer & clearer recording of the classic john lear interview from 1992 on KWDN las vegas. he takes calls and talks ufology, area 51, the greys, abductions, and government conspiracy before bob lazar joins in - art mentioned a few times that these early shows with lear largely determined the strange direction he decided to take his broadcasting career in 🛸
Apr 03, 2022
Ghost Hunting & North Carolina's Brown Mountain Lights - Joshua P. Warren - Coast to Coast AM - 2001-12-04

art is joined by paranormal expert and founder of LEMUR josh warren to talk about his experiences with spirits, important ghost hunting tools, the brown mountain lights phenomenon, and more -

Mar 29, 2022
UK UFO Reports - Nick Pope - Coast to Coast AM - 1999-07-22
british author and journalist nick pope delves in to his time investigating the ufo phenomenon for the UK's ministry of defense, shares some of the knowledge he gained there, and discusses a much more open culture of ufo interest in their military -
Mar 29, 2022
NATO & the ET Presence - Robert O. Dean - Coast to Coast AM - 1998-01-07
retired command sergeant major robert o dean spills a lot of potential beans (or disinfo) discussing what he learned of ufos and the reality of an ET presence on earth during his time at NATO command with COSMIC level clearance -
Mar 29, 2022
Earth Change Prophecies - Lori Toye - Coast to Coast AM - 1997-03-21
 lori toye discusses the catastrophic earth-changing disasters that were shown to her in prophetic visions by an ascended master, and outlined on her “i am america” map. she literally sold her house for this.. why lori?
Mar 29, 2022
NIDS Investigations - Colm Kelleher - Coast to Coast AM - 2001-02-12
art is joined by then-administrator of NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science) colm kelleher, to talk about the organization's well-funded investigations in to paranormal and fringe cases reported from around the country. cryptozoologist loren coleman talks about a new skunk ape photo in the first hour as well -
Mar 25, 2022
Nephilim & the Apocalypse - Patrick Heron - Coast to Coast AM - 2005-01-30
irish author patrick heron contends that an ancient race of evil fallen angels built the pyramids and served as the inspiration for roman and greek mythology - though art isn’t so sure
Mar 25, 2022
Debunking 9/11 Myths - Ben Chertoff - Coast to Coast AM - 2005-03-05
art addresses the many 9/11 conspiracies being spread at the time with journalist benjamin chertoff, who researched and prepared a well-known debunking article for popular mechanics -
Mar 25, 2022
The Montauk Project - Preston Nichols - Coast to Coast AM - 1994-05-27
preston nichols talks with art about the montauk project: top secret research in to mind control and time travel created as an extension of the philadelphia experiment -
Mar 24, 2022
The Philadelphia Experiment - Al Bielek - Coast to Coast AM - 1993-06-20
art's first interview with al bielek, who gives a very detailed account of his involvement in a secret military project to turn a navy ship completely invisible, and the shocking time travel discoveries that he claims came with it -
Mar 23, 2022
Open Lines - Vampires - Coast to Coast AM - 1996-07-16
(accidental repost) several listeners reach out to art about a supposed vampire on irc going by claudia, prompting him to open a line looking for “serious vampires only”
Mar 15, 2022
Open Lines - Invisibility, Mirrors, & the Underworld - Coast to Coast AM - 2002-04-19
a great night of open lines with stories of spontaneous human invisibility, creepy reflections, and the inner earth - tip jar @ + new “best of open lines” playlist @
Mar 13, 2022
UFOs in the USSR - Paul Stonehill - Coast to Coast AM - 2005-05-29

(repost) - writer paul stonehill discusses paranormal research in the former USSR including ufo sightings, mind control experiments, weather modification, and psi development - we've finished sorting up to 1996 on the patreon WIP feed! come check it out @

Mar 11, 2022
Ghost to Ghost 1994 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - 1994-10-28
(repost) 1994’s halloween special -
Mar 09, 2022
Open Lines - Contact Night - Coast to Coast AM - 2003-09-05

nibiru-obsessed marshall masters joins art to talk about crop circles, then a general open lines turns in to a night of interesting and wacky contact stories - we’re almost finished with 1995 @ !

Mar 09, 2022
Skycars & Vampires - Paul Moller, Nemo - Coast to Coast AM - 2003-10-25

art interviews paul moller of moller international, who at the time was developing an affordable personal VTOL vehicle. afterwards he's joined by nemo, a representative of the vampire religion who speaks on his temple's approach to immortality - tip jar, patreon, playlists, etc @ - enjoy!

Mar 08, 2022
The Zetas - Nancy Lieder - Coast to Coast AM - 2002-06-11
contactee nancy lieder gives a very detailed account of her experiences with a race from zeta reticuli that communicate telepathically, and claims that they revealed hidden knowledge about our origins -
Mar 07, 2022
JC Call Compilation - God’s Ten-Star General - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell
comedic relief via six hours of AB vs. god’s ten-star general in the war against pornography, jonathan christian webster III.  - drop us a short review on apple podcasts if you’re enjoying! one adoring listener already wrote: “report this wherever you see it for copyrighted content!!!” ~ cheers!
Mar 06, 2022
Ghost to Ghost 1993 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - 1993-10-30
(couple reposts coming up as i recover from a tooth infection and a dead laptop backlight) - the first of the annual ghost to ghost shows that art did each halloween. these feature nonstop caller-submitted ghost encounters by fax, email, and open lines -
Mar 04, 2022
Harlot the Witch - Cusco Interview - Coast to Coast AM - 1997-10-23
art interviews michael holm of cusco, then he’s joined by an especially nasty witch going by the name of harlot -
Mar 02, 2022
Sarah’s NDE - Open Lines - Truth or Trash - Coast to Coast AM - 2001-04-20
art replays a remarkable near death story from a woman who says she went to “hell” and back - plus a bit of truth or trash - drop us a review on apple podcasts by clicking the icon in the linktree!
Mar 01, 2022
Mr. Fidget - Wendy Lockwood - Atlantis & Hollow Earth - Coast to Coast AM - 1997-08-14
wendy lockwood talks about lemuria, atlantis, and the hollow earth. art then moves to open lines but mr. fidget manages to make a surprise appearance from a pay phone, eventually drawing a large crowd of fans. a very fun classic -
Mar 01, 2022
Nuclear War - Steven Starr - Midnight in the Desert - 2015-09-29
🕊 scientist and writer steven starr joins art to talk about nuclear arsenals, the effects of the warheads, post-nuclear weather, mutually assured destruction, blast mechanics, warning systems, and more - - we’re on apple podcasts, podbay, overcast, and more now! drop us a rating there if you’re enjoying the archive
Feb 28, 2022
Alien Abduction - Travis Walton - Midnight in the Desert - 2015-08-07
we’re finally on apple podcasts! please scroll down and leave us a review there if you’ve been enjoying the archive -
Feb 27, 2022
Lunar Landing Hoax Theory (Research of Ralph Rene) - Stephen Rorke - Coast to Coast AM - 2009-10-23

stephen rorke joins art to present ralph rene's research and theories on the possibility that america's moon landing was faked to demoralize the soviets. as a fierce critic and close friend of rene's, stephen was bequeathed the research to present the compelling facts in an unbiased way after rene's death (rorke repeatedly mentions in this program that he does think we went to the moon, but that he takes issue with inconsistencies in the apollo record) - -

Feb 27, 2022
More Science Talk - Charles Seife - Coast to Coast AM - 2007-01-27
charles seife returns for a variety of scientific and philosophical topics, including the beginning of the universe, immortality, genetic determinism, quantum computing, teleportation, and multiverses - -
Feb 27, 2022
Parallel Universes & Quantum Science - Charles Seife - Coast to Coast AM - 2007-01-20
author and nyu professor charles seife explains parallel universes, black holes, quantum mechanics, and how information shapes the physical universe - new ultimate archive being built @ - youtube, playlists, and more @
Feb 26, 2022
Government Disinformation Programs - Greg Bishop, Richard Doty - Coast to Coast AM - 2005-02-27
art is joined by writer greg bishop to interview former OSI spook richard doty on his role in a disinfo campaign that defined an era of alien paranoia and destroyed the life of paul bennewitz, plus talk on cattle mutilations, roswell, and the story of bill moore -
Feb 23, 2022
Past & Future Lives - Dr. Brian Weiss - Coast to Coast AM - 2004-12-11
dr. brian weiss discusses past life regression and how one patient's hypnosis sessions completely changed his mind on what happens after we pass - new ultimate collection & complete feed archive in progress @  - youtube link, playlists, and more @
Feb 23, 2022
Chemtrails - William Thomas - Coast to Coast AM - 2001-03-14
art calls peter davenport to talk about recent ufo sightings in vegas, then william thomas discusses chemtrails, contrails, and a surprising admission from officials - (we’re building an updated Art Bell archive for future release! support us to get access to the progressing rss feed while we work)
Feb 22, 2022
Time Anomalies - Starfire Tor & Whitley Strieber - Coast to Coast AM - 2009-11-20
paranormal investigator and researcher starfire tor gives her take on reality shifting, the mandela effect, manifestation, timeline changes, other dimensions, and the connection between it all. whitley also joins for a segment to discuss - - and we’re building a new complete archive! @
Feb 21, 2022
UFO Reports (2) - Peter Davenport - Coast to Coast AM [02-05-01]
peter davenport of the national ufo reporting center brings on several witnesses to tell their stories
Feb 20, 2022
Recovered UFO & Alien Bodies - Deek Richards, James Gilliland - Coast to Coast AM [04-25-01]

deek richards recounts his story of a ufo crash & recovery operation in germany -

Feb 17, 2022
Shadow People & OBEs - Dr. Albert Taylor - Coast to Coast AM [04-05-01]
art brings in frequent guest dr. albert taylor to get his take on shadow people and discuss his usual topic of out of body experiences -
Feb 17, 2022
Global Conspiracy - David Icke - Coast to Coast AM [11-11-98]

former footballer david icke talks about the secret family bloodlines that he believes run the world behind the scenes - much more @

Feb 16, 2022
The Mothman Prophecies - John Keel - Coast to Coast AM [1-24-02]

(repost from october) - a great interview with john keel about his time covering strange happenings in small towns around the united states, his observations about the phenomenon, and the mothman - guest @ 49:00 -

Feb 16, 2022
Amazing Open Lines (Good Stories & Deals with the Devil) - Coast to Coast AM [02-06-05]
(repost) - some great stories including a man who was captured by al-qaeda in the philipines, a story about a mysterious government geneticist going by roger, healthcare workers that see dead people, plus an open line for people who made pacts with the devil - roger story @ 36:40 -
Feb 15, 2022
Urban Myths, Mojave Phone Booth - Richard Roeper, Desert Chad - Somewhere in Time [03-07-00]
hoagland enjoys hearing himself talk, writer richard roeper discusses popular urban legends, and desert chad chats with art about answering the mojave phone booth and his own strange encounters - guest @ 38:25 - desert chad @ 1:57:30 -
Feb 15, 2022
Bigfoot & the Florida Panther - James McMullen - Coast to Coast AM [05-11-99]

pro tracker & conservationist james mcmullen joins to talk about his experience searching for evidence of bigfoot in the everglades -

Feb 14, 2022
EVPs (3) - Barbara McBeath & Brendan Cook - Coast to Coast AM [09-20-02]

barbara and brendan of GIS return to share more EVP recordings -

Feb 14, 2022
ET Agenda - Jim Marrs - Coast to Coast AM [06-11-97]

journalist jim marrs talks with art about his time studying the phenomenon and what ufo occupants might want from us

Feb 14, 2022
UFO Reports - Peter Davenport - Coast to Coast AM [01-17-04]
peter davenport, director of the national ufo reporting center, presents several guests to discuss their sightings -
Feb 14, 2022
Open Lines (Monsters & Entities) - Coast to Coast AM [05-24-02]
art opens lines for near-term predictions, first-hand monster sightings, and “intimate” entity encounters (small warning) -
Feb 13, 2022
Cryptozoology - Loren Coleman - Coast to Coast AM [02-25-98]
cryptozoologist loren coleman talks with art about increasing animal attacks, bigfoot, panthers, footprints, and more -
Feb 13, 2022
Missing 411 - David Paulides - Coast to Coast AM [09-07-15]

writer david paulides joins to talk about what he says is an alarming amount of people mysteriously disappearing in america’s national parks -

Feb 13, 2022
Time Travel - Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - Coast to Coast AM [11-13-04]

theoretical physicist dr. fred alan wolf believes a time machine will be built within this century - here he speculates on how that might work, plus time travel paradoxes, quantum physics, parallel universes, and AI -

Feb 11, 2022
Exorcism (3) - Father Malachi Martin - Coast to Coast AM [07-11-97]
father malachi martin speaks on demonic possession, atheism, and the nature of faith -
Feb 11, 2022
Sex & the Occult - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [07-11-04]
art talks sex magick and more with parapsychologist and strega witch dr. evelyn paglini - more @
Feb 11, 2022
Open Lines (Paranoid People Hotline) - Coast to Coast AM [07-09-96]
featuring ufo sightings, weird pahrump residents, and a hotline for the highly paranoid - playlists, bumper music, radio streams, and more @
Feb 11, 2022
Open Lines (Past Lives) - Midnight in the Desert [11-06-15]
Feb 10, 2022
Area 51 Alien Tape - Victor & Sean David Morton - Coast to Coast AM [5-23-97]

psychic and remote viewer sean david morton talks about an alien interrogation video that was supposedly smuggled out of area 51 by a man going by "victor", who then joins for an interview @ 39:37 - you'll have trouble finding copies of the tape itself as the whole narrative was tied to selling copies of this classic vhs documentary: - more stuff @

Feb 10, 2022
The Billy Meier Contacts - Michael Horn - Coast to Coast AM [3-7-04]

the full billy meier story as told by his US representative in 2004, michael horn -

Feb 10, 2022
Astral Dynamics - Robert Bruce - Coast to Coast AM [2-20-02]
(repost) out-of-body adventures on the astral plane with robert bruce -
Feb 10, 2022
Aliens in the Solar System - David Darling - Coast to Coast AM [9-26-04]
new @ - long time art fan? help me build a crowdsourced essentials list! - 9/26/04 - art is joined by dr david darling who says if we're looking for aliens, we should be looking for them much closer to home - guest intro @ 44:13
Feb 09, 2022
George Carlin & Government Agents - Coast to Coast AM [11-10-99]

new stuff @

11/10/99 - art interviews legendary comedian and social critic george carlin about religion, the end of the world, not caring, a love of destruction, and more - guest intro @ 47:50   - playlists @

Feb 08, 2022
Dead Air - Halloween 2015 - Midnight in the Desert [10-30-15]
10/30/15 - midnight in the desert's first/art's final halloween special, Dead Air - features a mix of listener stories and evp recordings from the GIS - links @
Feb 08, 2022
Father Ernetti's Chronovisor - John Chambers - Coast to Coast AM [7-5-02]
7/5/02 - art is joined by reporter john chambers to talk about a time travel-like device the vatican might have used to record the crucifixion of christ - story begins @ 14:40   - links @
Feb 08, 2022
Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles - Elto Haselhoff - Coast to Coast AM [12-17-01]
12/17/01 - dr. eltjo haselhoff joins art from the netherlands to discuss complex crop circles, their potential connections to theoretical physics, and stories he's collected about their properties - guest intro @ 44:39 - links @
Feb 07, 2022
Time Control (2) - Dr. David Anderson - Coast to Coast AM [1-13-10]

1/31/10 - mysterious spacetime physicist david anderson returns 10 years later with claims of major advancements in time control, as well as a warning that governments are already using it in secret - guest intro @ 3:30 - playlists, tip jar, etc @

Feb 07, 2022
EVPs (2) - Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath - Coast to Coast AM [2-8-02]
2/8/02 - brendan cook and barbara mcbeath of Ghost Investigators Society return with upgraded audio equipment to share more electronic voice phenomena recordings - guest intro @ 44:15 - links @
Feb 07, 2022
Time Control - Dr. David Anderson - Coast to Coast AM [4-5-00]

4/5/00 - dr. david anderson shocks art with stories of his functional research in to time control technology 

- open lines (time travelers) @ 07:00
- guest intro @ 38:20
- links @ 

Feb 07, 2022
Gnostics & Archons - John Lash - Coast to Coast AM [3-19-05]
3/19/05 - john lash talks about pagan cosmology, shamans, and lost alien knowledge - whitley @ 03:30 - guest intro @ 45:27 - links @
Feb 07, 2022
Psychedelic Drugs - Daniel Pinchbeck - Coast to Coast AM [7-10-04]
7/10/04 - author daniel pinchbeck joins to discuss the war on drugs and the true purpose of psychedelics -
Feb 05, 2022
Graham Hancock - Midnight in the Desert [7-20-15]
first show of Midnight in the Desert, featuring crystal gayle, some nice open lines, and the wonderful graham hancock -
Feb 05, 2022
Fate of the Universe - Dr. Michio Kaku - Dark Matter [9-16-13]
the first broadcast of art bell's short-lived sirius xm show, dark matter -
Feb 05, 2022
Open Lines (Time Travelers & Antichrist) - Coast to Coast AM [3-23-01]
Feb 05, 2022
Rendlesham Forest UFO - John Burroughs - Midnight in the Desert [9-17-15]

9/17/15 - art is joined by john burroughs, witness to the famous rendlesham forest ufo incident -

Feb 04, 2022
Bigfoot Research - Buggs & Robert W Morgan - Coast to Coast AM [6-5-01]

6/5/01 - buggs returns to walk art and bigfoot expert robert w morgan through his story of shooting and burying 2 female bigfoots years earlier

Feb 04, 2022
Ancient Egypt - Zahi Hawass - Coast to Coast AM [1-14-98]

1/14/98 - art's interview with egyptologist and general director of antiquities zahi hawass after his visit to the pyramids in '97

a few months later, post-cruise and post-debate, graham hancock and anthony west released a statement defending mr hawass and attempting to clear his name:

Feb 04, 2022
Predictions, Evil, & Natural Magic - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [3-31-07]

3/31/07 - italian strega witch dr. evelyn paglini joins again, this time to gives a dire warning about a global rise in evil and mass arson on the west coast

Feb 04, 2022
Open Lines (Dealin' with the Devil) - Coast to Coast AM [11-19-06]

11/19/06 - art runs open lines for callers who claim to have made pacts with the devil

Feb 04, 2022
Future Technology - Dr. Michio Kaku - Coast to Coast AM [1-20-00]

(repost) 1/20/00 - dr. michio kaku dazzles art with his ideas of what the future might look like - excellent predictions!

Feb 03, 2022
Project Stargate - Dale Graff - Coast to Coast AM [3-4-98]

3/4/98 - interview with dale graff, director of project stargate - a secret army unit that investigated the potential of psi phenomenon - more stuff @

Feb 03, 2022
Exorcism (2) - Father Malachi Martin - Coast to Coast AM [4-4-97]

4/4/97 - father malachi martin joins again to discuss his background as an exorcist and church secrets -

Feb 02, 2022
Encyclopedia of Conspiracies - Robert Anton Wilson - Coast to Coast AM [7-17-97]

7/17/97 - with legendary author and discordian robert anton wilson, excellent show touching on all sorts of stuff.

Feb 02, 2022
Open Lines (Shadow People) - Midnight in the Desert [8-3-15]

8/3/15 - callers phone in to midnight in the desert to share their shadow people stories

Jan 31, 2022
Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock - Coast to Coast AM [6-18-96]

6/18/96 - art's first show with british author and researcher graham hancock. here he discusses the incredible astronomical knowledge that must have went in to building the pyramids, and what he believes many of the mysterious chambers were for. also discusses the drama w/ zahi hawass at the time - more stuff at

Jan 31, 2022
Trumbull County UFO Tapes - Kenny Young - Coast to Coast AM [2-26-99]

2/26/99 - officers from five different law enforcement agencies in trumbull county witnessed a strange ufo in 1994, but it never made the reports until ufo researcher kenny young stumbled upon the story completely on accident. in this show, kenny tells art how the old dispatch tapes came to him and then they play them & discuss - for playlists and more, go to

Jan 31, 2022
Alien Abductions - Budd Hopkins - Dreamland [8-10-97]

8/10/97 - ufologist budd hopkins discusses his extensive research in to the alien abduction phenomenon and his work with abductees - playlists and more at

Jan 31, 2022
Hurricane Katrina (Live Coverage) - Coast to Coast AM

8/28/05 - art's live coverage of hurricane katrina, the deadly category 5 storm that put new orleans underwater in 2005 - playlists and more:

Jan 29, 2022
Consciousness & The Universe - Dr. Robert Lanza - Coast to Coast AM [3-26-10]

3/26/10 - art invites dr robert lanza on for a phenomenal discussion on the nature of reality, consciousness, quantum entanglement, time, and the multiverse. followed by an open lines segment that has a lot of warm moments with art.

 playlists and more @

Jan 29, 2022
Alien Agenda & Missing Time - Timothy Good - Dark Matter [10-24-13]

10/24/13 - art talks with british ufo researcher timothy good on meeting an undercover alien, a purported human-hybrid program, secret messages to the pope, and the phenomenon of missing time. 

dark matter was art's sirius xm show, but it ended one month in after listeners repeatedly complained of technical issues. two years later the show was reborn as Midnight in the Desert 


Jan 28, 2022
The Ghost Phenomenon - Dr. Michael Lynch - Midnight in the Desert [10-26-15]
10/26/15 - art interviews dr michael lynch on ghosts
Jan 28, 2022
Near Death Experience - Pam Reynolds - Coast to Coast AM [12-6-01]
12/6/01 art interviews pam reynolds, who died momentarily during surgery in 1991 and then made several observations which the medical staff reported to be accurate  playlists and more:
Jan 27, 2022
Open Lines (Entity Attacks) - Coast to Coast AM [12-7-01]
12/7/01 art opens his lines to anyone thats been physically attacked by paranormal entities of all varieties - (the NDE interview with pam reynolds he mentions at the beginning is the next episode after this) - more stuff:
Jan 27, 2022
Exorcism - Father Malachi Martin - Coast to Coast AM [10-18-96]
10/18/96 - father malachi martin's first appearance on coast to coast am -
Jan 26, 2022
Out of Body Experiences - Robert Monroe - Dreamland [7-17-97]
7/17/97 - robert monroe of the monroe institute talks about his first out of body experiences, journeys in the astral realm, and more -
Jan 26, 2022
Building a Time Machine - Mad Man Marcum - Coast to Coast AM [4-18-95]
4/18/95 art’s first interview with “mad man marcum”, a man who made the news and went to jail in his quest to build a time machine - and he might have succeeded! more stuff:
Jan 26, 2022
Experiments with Intention - Prof. William Tiller - Coast to Coast AM [6-5-05]
professor william a tiller joins art to talk about his research on intention and consciousness, and their involvement in a theory of everything -
Jan 25, 2022
Sounds of Ghosts - Barbara McBeath & Brendan Cook - Coast to Coast AM [10-18-03]
10/18/03 more evp research with brendan cook & barbara mcbeath
Jan 25, 2022
The Phoenix Lights (2) - Coast to Coast AM [6-19-97]
(reupload) - 3 months after the sightings the governor of arizona goes from suddenly taking it seriously to ridiculing the idea of an investigation. featuring councilwoman frances barwood, bill hamilton, and whitley strieber - very fun
Jan 24, 2022
Crop Circles - Doug Ruby - Coast to Coast AM [6-12-97]
with doug ruby, a pilot who believes the key to understanding crop circles is to spin them like a disc
Jan 24, 2022
Studies of the Mind - Marilyn Schlitz - Coast to Coast AM [8-2-01]
psi research
Jan 24, 2022
Open Lines (Bizarre Stories) - Coast to Coast AM [4-16-96]

Jan 22, 2022
Open Lines (Full Moon) - Coast to Coast AM [12-6-95]
Jan 21, 2022
Open Lines (Time Travelers) - Coast to Coast AM [5-30-03]


Jan 21, 2022
Consciousness & the Supernatural - Graham Hancock - Coast to Coast AM [12-28-06]

12/28/06 - graham hancock joins for a great discussion on consciousness, links to the supernatural, dmt entities, and more -

Jan 20, 2022
Open Lines (Aliens and Immortals) - Coast to Coast AM [1-19-96]
Jan 20, 2022
Open Lines (End of the World) - Coast to Coast AM [5-30-04]
Jan 17, 2022
The God Theory - Bernard Haisch - Coast to Coast AM [12-16-06]
Jan 17, 2022
Consciousness & Quantum Entanglement - Dean Radin - Coast to Coast AM [7-23-06]
Jan 17, 2022
Civilization Space & String Theory - Dr. Michio Kaku - Coast to Coast AM [1-22-06]
warning - beginning of the program is when art opens up about ramona’s death
Jan 17, 2022
Explorations in Reincarnation - Leo Sprinkle - Coast to Coast AM [2-1-00]
Jan 17, 2022
The Captured Alien - Jonathan Reed - Coast to Coast AM [12-9-99]
Jan 11, 2022
Open Lines (Ghost Stories) - Coast to Coast AM [4-13-01]
ghost to ghost open lines but its not halloween
Jan 11, 2022
The Montauk Project - Preston Nichols - Coast to Coast AM [5-27-94]
Jan 11, 2022
Ghost to Ghost 2010 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-10]
2010 halloween special -
Jan 10, 2022
Hopi Prophecies - Robert Morningsky - Coast to Coast AM [7-12-96]
art is joined by robert morningsky, who is definitely not in hiding -
Dec 30, 2021
The Entity - Dr. Barry Taff - Coast to Coast AM [1-10-97]

dr. barry taff joins to discuss many aspects of parapsychology, psi research, and the paranormal -

Dec 30, 2021
Time Machine Inventor - Steven Gibbs - Coast to Coast AM [1-13-97]
Dec 30, 2021
Alien Abductions & the Military - Jim Sparks - Coast to Coast AM [2-25-07]

multiple time abductee jim sparks recounts his stories of the grays and talks about potential links to the grays - playlists, tip jar, etc @

Dec 30, 2021
Dreams - Dr. Katia Romanoff & Lauri Loewenberg - Coast to Coast AM [10-5-99]
dream researchers katia romanoff and lauri loewenberg talk symbology, shared dreams, and dream analysis
Dec 03, 2021
HAARP - Nick Begich - Coast to Coast AM [12-01-95]
Dec 03, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2006 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-06]
Dec 03, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2004 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-04]
Dec 03, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2005 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-05]
Dec 02, 2021
Hollow Planets - Jan Lamprecht - Coast to Coast AM [1-31-02]
Dec 01, 2021
Open Lines (Time Travel) - Coast to Coast AM [8-22-04]
Dec 01, 2021
Bizarre Open Lines - Coast to Coast AM [1-18-02]
some entertaining calls with people failing to get their pets to say hi to art
Dec 01, 2021
Parallel Universes - M.R. Franks - Coast to Coast AM [11-8-03]
Dec 01, 2021
Mysterious Sightings of East Texas - Rob Riggs - Coast to Coast AM [1-10-02]
Dec 01, 2021
Mel's Hole (Part 2) - Coast to Coast AM

part 2 of 2, this has more calls with mel from 1/29/02 and 12/20/02 - for some reason the open lines before mel comes on are at the end of the recording

Nov 30, 2021
Mel's Hole (Part 1) - Coast to Coast AM

a compilation of the first three calls with mel waters from 2/21/97, 2/24/97, and 4/24/00 - probably the most well known coast to coast incident, mel claimed that his washington property had a mysterious bottomless pit about 9 feet wide, and that it had been there as long as anyone could remember - more stuff @

Nov 30, 2021
Intuition, PSI, & Other Realms - Dr. Laurie Nadel - Coast to Coast AM [3-25-07]
Nov 23, 2021
UFO Crashes - Ryan Wood - Coast to Coast AM [4-29-07]
Nov 23, 2021
Spooky Matter - Halloween 2013 - Dark Matter [10-31-13]
dark matter’s one halloween special, Spooky Matter -
Nov 23, 2021
Open Lines (Secret Societies) - Coast to Coast AM [10-20-99]
Nov 17, 2021
The Amityville Horror - George Lutz - Coast to Coast AM [12-27-02]
Nov 17, 2021
The Internet - Howard Rheingold - Coast to Coast AM [11-20-02]
Nov 17, 2021
Coast to Coast AM - Big Disclosure Show
Nov 17, 2021
Ancient Evidence - Graham Hancock - Coast to Coast AM [10-23-02]
Nov 17, 2021
EVPs - Barbara McBeath & Brendan Cook - Coast to Coast AM [12-18-01]
first of many shows with the folks from Ghost Investigators Society -
Nov 17, 2021
Open Lines (Y2K) - Coast to Coast AM [12-15-99]
Nov 17, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2007 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-07]
Nov 17, 2021
Aliens in Brazil - Dr. Roger Lier - Coast to Coast AM [5-22-05]
Nov 15, 2021
The Science of Intention - Lynne Mctaggart - Coast to Coast AM [1-7-07]
Nov 15, 2021
Lost Cycle of Time - Jason Martell - Dark Matter [10-28-13]
Nov 15, 2021
Open Lines - Dark Matter [10-10-13]
very short-lived show hosted by art for sirius xm. it ended after a dispute with sirius over listeners having technical difficulties with the station
Nov 08, 2021
Space Exploration - Dr. Michio Kaku - Coast to Coast AM [11-20-97]
Nov 08, 2021
Theoretical Physics - Dr. Michio Kaku - Coast to Coast AM [8-22-97]
theoretical physicist dr michio kaku’s first appearance -
Nov 08, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2003 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-03]
Nov 08, 2021
Open Lines (Alien Encounters) - Coast to Coast AM [1-2-05]
Nov 08, 2021
Open Lines (Men in Black & Time Travelers) - Coast to Coast AM [8-8-97]
more @
Nov 04, 2021
Vatican Murders - Father Malachi Martin - Coast to Coast AM [5-4-98]
Nov 04, 2021
Casebook on the Men in Black - Jim Keith - Coast to Coast AM [7-24-97]
Nov 04, 2021
The World of Witchcraft - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [7-16-97]
italian strega witch dr. evelyn paglini’s first appearance -
Nov 04, 2021
Open Lines (Truth or Trash) - Coast to Coast AM [7-4-96]
a game art played on occasion with callers telling a story and others guessing whether it was true or made up
Nov 04, 2021
Callers Respond to 9/11 - Day 4 - Coast to Coast AM [9-14-01]
Nov 01, 2021
Callers Respond to 9/11 - Day 3 - Coast to Coast AM [9-13-01]
Nov 01, 2021
Callers Respond to 9/11 - Day 2 - Coast to Coast AM [9-12-01]
Nov 01, 2021
The September 11, 2001 Show - Coast to Coast AM [9-11-01]
9/11/01 - c2c’s broadcast the day of 9/11
Nov 01, 2021
Open Lines (Area 51 Employees) - Station Outage - Coast to Coast AM [9-11-97]
the famous broadcast with a frantic area 51 employee and a mysterious station outage -
Nov 01, 2021
Signs of Martian Life - Sir Charles Shults - Coast to Coast AM [10-16-04]
Oct 28, 2021
Skinwalker Ranch & Area 51 - George Knapp & Colm Kelleher - Coast to Coast AM [2-11-07]
Oct 28, 2021
New Order of Man’s History - John Cogan - Coast to Coast AM [7-8-02]
Oct 28, 2021
Into the Hollow Earth - Dallas Thompson - Coast to Coast AM [10-4-02]
Oct 28, 2021
The Phoenix Lights UFO - Coast to Coast AM [5-21-97]
phoenix lights discussion with frances barwood and more about 2 months after the sightings. good jc call at the end as well
Oct 28, 2021
Open Lines (Immortals) - Coast to Coast AM [2-15-02]
Oct 26, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 2001 - Coast to Coast AM [10-31-01]


Oct 26, 2021
Open Lines (Monsters) - Coast to Coast AM [1-25-02]


Oct 26, 2021
Timewave Zero - Terence McKenna - Coast to Coast AM [5-22-97]

5/22/97 - more terence mckenna, this time talking about his timewave theory

Oct 15, 2021
Using the Occult - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [9-21-03]

9/21/03 - more witchcraft talk with dr evelyn paglini

Oct 15, 2021
Witchcraft & the Occult - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [9-13-02]

9/13/02 - with the wonderful dr evelyn paglini

Oct 15, 2021
Natural Magic - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Coast to Coast AM [3-15-01]


Oct 05, 2021
The Case for NASA's UFOs - David Sereda & James Oberg - Coast to Coast AM [3-12-01]


Oct 05, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 1998 - Coast to Coast AM [10-30-98]
recorded 10/30 - 10/31/98 - this is cut weird and needs reuploaded when i get time
Oct 04, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 1997 - Coast to Coast AM [10-30-97]

two nights, 10/30 - 10/31/97

Sep 28, 2021
The Day After Roswell - Col. Philip J Corso - Coast to Coast AM [7-23-97]

7/23/97 - art interviews colonel philip j corso who claims his job in the military was to take recovered technology from the roswell crashes and covertly integrate it in the civilian sector by seemingly organic technological leaps -

Sep 28, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 1996 - Coast to Coast AM [10-30-96]


Sep 27, 2021
Consciousness - Terence McKenna - Coast to Coast AM [3-19-98]

3/19/98 -

Sep 26, 2021
Psychedelic Substances - Terence McKenna - 1999-04-01 - Coast to Coast AM
art calls up the wonderful mind of terence mckenna for a show full of brain-expanding psychedelic talk amidst rolling blackouts 🤙
Sep 26, 2021
Time Travel - Fred Bell - Coast to Coast AM [3-11-97]


Sep 24, 2021
The Government and UFOs - George Knapp - Dreamland [6-11-95]
ft. george knapp - 6/11/95
Sep 24, 2021
Fire in the Sky - Travis Walton & Mike Rogers - Dreamland [4-9-95]

4/9/95 - art interviews abductee travis walton

Sep 24, 2021
Ghost to Ghost 1995 - Coast to Coast AM [10-30-95]
Sep 23, 2021
Mysteries of the Sacred Universe - Dr. Richard Thompson - Coast to Coast AM [3-10-01]


Sep 21, 2021
Area 51 - Bob Lazar - Coast to Coast AM [6-6-02]

06/06/02 - art interviews bob lazar

Sep 21, 2021
The Roswell Truth - Kevin Randle - Dreamland [8-28-94]
Sep 18, 2021
The Nature of Souls and Spirits - David Scott - Dreamland [9-18-94]
Sep 18, 2021
Past Lives and Future Lives - Dr. Bruce Goldberg - Dreamland [9-4-94]


Sep 18, 2021
The Hidden History of the Human Race - Michael Cremo - Dreamland [3-12-95]

3/12/95 art is joined by author michael cremo, who believes he has evidence that humans have been on the earth for many billions of years

playlists and more at

Sep 18, 2021
UFO Incidents - Nick Pope & Whitley Strieber - Coast to Coast AM [3-3-07]
w/ nick pope and whitley strieber - 3/3/07
Sep 18, 2021
Black Triangle Phenomenon - Colm Kelleher - Coast to Coast AM [4-24-04]

4/24/04 - colm kelleher joins art to discuss the black triangle ufo phenomenon, something art and ramona witnessed themselves years earlier -

Sep 18, 2021