By Meggie Houle

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Category: Mental Health

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This podcast goes onto the root and the belief shifts that have motivated one to keep going in life. What had kept them from not giving up, to keep trying, without ending it all, to finally achieve the level of productivity and fulfillment they now have in their life? In each episode, we will share about the worthwhile journey, the roller coaster that did seem at times neverending, and the true secrets to overcoming the fears and blocks for one to create a life they now love, and in which they wouldn't have known if they hadn't hold on to and kept riding the waves along the way. What can Patience & beliefs teach us as we go through hardships? It is for us to discover the unique ways it shows up in our life. Do you struggle to do the things you need to do to follow your purpose and create a life of bliss?Learn how to get to the core of your motivation, productivity and drive by challenging your current state of thought and beliefs that is not working for you. When we get to this Worthwhile state, it takes us closer to our greatest achievement. One day, one step at a time, one thought, one shift, we are creating a worthwhile life. Meggie Houle is a hypnotherapist, spinal cord injury survivor, an inherited family trauma specialist, and energy medicine practitioner, she is a Qi gong and a lifelong spiritual truth seeker, and it's second nature for her to recognize patterns and share the intricate ways of holistic healing, subconscious reprogramming, true purpose and finding happiness and peace in one's life.

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Grieving Lies, Loss and Letting go with Medicinal Plants - Cyndal Wallace

This week with fellow hypnotist Cyndal Wallace, we dive into her own tumultuous journey, between not knowing her biological father, family lies, the death of her ''close'' uncle, and finally only recently finding the truth about who her father is, Cyndal has gone through many layers of facing and healing her grief.

We never truly stop grieving, we are constantly grieving what we have lost, might it be a connection, who we were, an idea, security, or safety, grieving is more than just the loss of a loved one, it's the death of the little parts of ourselves and all the expectations we had for ourselves and others. 

Everyone in this life experience grief, it's a matter if we allow it to be expressed it or not. Listen to Cyndal with her insights on how she overcame something as big as she has in her own journey, which led her to empower others in their journey.

Connect with Cyndal here:


Aug 27, 2022
About Outgrowing ADHD

Have you heard before that you can't outgrow ADHD? That you can't change a diagnosis, that it's just how your brain is and that you will have to compensate for the rest of your life? I say no to this. I have seen both sides of the coin myself, and I use to struggle with debilitating ADHD symptoms, and I have helped many clients experience huge shifts in their life and get rid of their symptoms. This is not your mainstream thinking because ADHD medication alone is a 10 billion dollar business and many will settle with workaround instead of addressing the symptoms.

I am here to challenge your way of thinking so you can start identifying with something greater than yourself, and in the same time, empower you to go through the waves of growth with self-respect and patience because, no matter what you decide to outgrow, the journey isn't linear and it isn't a one size fits all. 

Aug 20, 2022
Money Breakthrough

Do you spend your time thinking and stressing about money? How much do you pay attention to where those patterns are showing up in your life, every time you pay for something or ask for money? The story you have about money, even if you don't like this world with money, is exactly the relationship you have with money and the relationship with money dictates how it shows up in your life. 

You can have a bank full of money and be greedy, and a bank empty of money and feel abundant. At the end of the day, your external circumstances do not totally shape the way money exists in your life - but your feelings towards it. 

Aug 13, 2022
Why Flexibility is Productive

The greatest secret of all productive people - is being productive even when everything seems to be going wrong. Not because they push themselves out to burnout and overwhelmed - but because they have the key to flexibility and grace that allow them to adapt their productivity to what's really happening inside of their emotional, physical, and mental bodies. Without this awareness, most people end up hitting a constant roller coaster between bursts and depression. Are you adding flexibility to your productivity?

Aug 06, 2022
Creating Creativity

Productivity requires creativity. To achieve our goals and desires in life we need creativity, because creativity is what is going to help us adapt what we learn into a system that work for our own unique being. Creativity is so entangled with our intuition that without creativity, we struggle trusting our intuition on clear yes and nos, on the direction of life and what we want to create from it. How are you connected to your own creativity?

Jul 30, 2022
Consistency vs Motivation

People want to have consistency before having motivation - you don't need motivation to be consistent but you need to figure out how to get yourself motivated first to become consistent. If you are struggling to be consistent in what you are trying to achieve in your life you may want to listen to this week's podcast on how you can become consistent despite your motivation, and how all the pros are being consistent with their goals.

Jul 23, 2022
Fear of Failure

How often have you been unable to follow through - not because you didn't know your goal, and not because you didn't know how to create your plan, but because you couldn't get yourself to risk failure? It might feel like a lot of nonsense on our conscious level, but our subconscious has many reasons why it's safer to be fearful of a possible failure, making even the most genius stop from taking action.

Jul 16, 2022
A Worthwhile Journey

Listen to this episode for a brief synopsis of what I do and why I do it, and how I got to where I am today.

It is safe to say that we all have a catalyst in our life that propel us to seek alternative ways of being and doing. For my part, I needed to almost died and experience how the system was quick to dismiss my mental state at that moment. If you look fine, you are fine, they say. Some of us who struggle with mental health or with debilitating ADHD symptoms know too well how to mask and pretend, and I am here to change that with you!

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Jul 09, 2022